How to keep multiple database in synchronized state
Why am I getting a Port error after running this? [closed]
How can I determine the type of object that is allowed to call specific method?
find all id with a specific string
Creating a Search and Highlighting Found Item
Mongo $and query never returns any records
How to use git with android libraries?
XCode 4.3.1 download apps but does not run them
Launching background threads in C with a single statement
How to determine if a type is of type HashSet and how to cast it?
Enable Youtube's JS API after the movie was loaded
The 鈥淔rom鈥�tag of a sms sent via
MS Word - Creating Template Text
Linq and ListView and Contains
ClassNotFoundException thrown by RecommenderJob (Apache Mahout on Hadoop)
List of remotes for a git repository?
Is it possible to use a cell value as a workbook/worksheet reference in an excel formula?
CSS: Making Background Image fade slowly
How to make a JLabel clickable?
Java/JDBC Not Connecting to DB
Magento: Headers already sent, Am Debugging, trying to understand output
How to configure multiple datasource in jasper report server
what's the difference of setting up a 鈥渇ield鈥�and setting 鈥渇acet=true鈥�in in haystack?
Encountering errors when 鈥渓ein new鈥�is executed (on windows)
What did you do to solve gmock you mentioned (link enclosed)?
How to connect SSRS into ReportViewer 2010 at Runtime?
Icon not shown at runtime in derived Windows form
Force download of file from another server in MVC using File Result
How to Update the 鈥淎dditional Clocks鈥�Setting with Windows SDK
Mysql limit with group data
Cabybara and Route Parameter s
How to connect JSP to MS access database?
Can 2 threads run concurrently? Or just 1? (given the possibility of hyperthreading)
PHP converting utf8 脝 (195 134) to 198
How can I use signal and slots to get an id from a qt form, then search for it in a linked list and display the result using another form?
Comparing destination addresses on linux (kernel 3.2.6)
Remove selected event from the Calendar
ASP.NET Web API and MonoDroid
User authentication in tests with Django factory_boy
Rails - correct way to refer to current model instance inside of methods?
UIAlertViewDelegate class 鈥渟elf鈥�instance gets dealloc'd before button gets pressed
enable transitions on java image change
jQuery: Toggle Dropdown Menu Possibility
return columns vertically
Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object (Need help please)
custom images using Yahoo Weather feed
Errors on validating a custom Form with an optional argument in a POST request in Django
Showing message from php action script in form
Extending Facebook Page Access Token
XML complex Pattern-Matching expressions
How to determine if a Type is of RunTimeType?
Need to interact with foreign IVR
Cannot read property 'length' of null in javascript for loop
find two or more similar characters in nvarchar column
Using int Instead Of String: public static void main (int[] args)
List of inherited objects - C++
What format is the LVM config file?
'Echo' ing an image in php in a div fails
google maps api v3 in an 4 page
Dynamically create rows and columns
Translucent White Looks Gray (OpenGL ES 2.0)
Jquery fadeOut/fadeIn callback not working
Rails routes: resourcing from the root path 鈥�鈥�
UIPanGestureRecognizer on UITableViewCell overrides UITableView's scroll view gesture recognizer
What's the difference between string.split(鈥�鈥� -1) and string.split(鈥�鈥�-4) in ruby?
Triple stars: What's the difference between char* (*arr)[] and char*** arr (in C)?
JQuery Adding and removing a slash
How to interpret 鈥渕arked-content鈥�operators MP, PD, BMC, BDC and EMC
How to use callbacks in Actionscript
partial refreshing for viewmodel collection in MVC3
Rails - Facebook with Omniauth and Koala: How to renew an expired token
Sandboxing turned on and is there a more Objective-C way to go about opening a com port?
VB Date and Datetimepicker
SQL - Copy LEFT 300 characters from one field insert in to new field
Mongoid same embedded documents types for different fields
Strange behavior with FileStreams
Pub Sub implementation zero mq 3.xx
Memory problems when using HtmlAgilityPack?
How to know the memory usage in C++
Is this the correct way to insert data into database with PHP?
How To Validate User Login with WindowsForm + SqlServer
MYSQL - SELECT row with lowest value and other conditions, or a fallback with highest
jquery how to combine two selectors to second function of single toggle event
Z-Index Now Allowing Link
.DLL library not-found
FLTK display image
How do I document my JavaScript code
Typecasting (or deference) void * to struct foo*
Library for rapid development of dynamic programming solutions for board games
i want to echo text if this for each loop is not empty
jQuery: digesting quick events smartly
What does the code below mean? [closed]
How to run multiple servlets execution in parallel for Tomcat?
InflateException: Binary XML file line #60: Error inflating class
Pulling Instagram information with php 鈥�decode and then what?
Pulling Instagram information with php 鈥�decode and then what?
Is there a better (faster) way to divide a number to digits?
error with nTwitter while using nodejs
Is this the best way to sum decimal value types in queries?
Link on current Visualforce page to render as PDF
Java: Am I responsible for only painting the visible region of (JScrollPane) Viewport View?
Return sums of multiples of nth
xslt - selecting an attribute value from an xml file
PHP - How to handle unicode received from HTTP POST in order to show them in HTML
How do I grab the nth value from this SimpleXMLObject in PHP?
Adding a ' n' to the end of my dictionary when writing it to file
Is it possible to generate two different IPAs on Xcode 4 using the same project? One for iPhone and one for iPad?
database update sql not affecting database
Tricky SQL Query
Convert iOS app from NSCoding to Core Data
When to Assign Types?
QT Modal Window and Disabling parents toolbar
Counting how many objects are being used from a class
Console is undefined error in IE9
compared two parameters using 鈥�lt;鈥�in shell
Dynamic Element not responding to .Live() function
How do I read an HTML file in a JEditorPane?
Quickly get a list of all svn:externals for a remote svn repository
Fastest way to compare Strings in C [closed]
MATLAB Saving and Loading Feature Vectors
Facebook Login Button with show-faces=鈥渢rue鈥�ignores registration-url
Is spawning new threads via a LINQ Select call bad code?
Handling multiple expressions, and having those expressions in a DB
Process communication with signals
Android Inception (A thread within a thread)
Adobe AIR Scrolling Performance on iPad (2) - What Can I Expect?
Is there a difference between SQL Server Express (2012) and LocalDB?
Scope of the rails find_by_id method
What's the difference between Ruby's dup and clone methods?
Desktop java application alternatives
鈥淭his verison of ADT requires Android SDK Tools in revision 17 or above.鈥�I can't get this error to go away.
Playing video on the background of an IOS device
Exponents in Genetic Programming
Use live() with focus() in JQUERY
PHP Passing by reference
Implementing Dependency injection confusion
google app engine task queue don't complete in production but complete in devserver
How to find whole complete number with ruby regex
Excecuting script running ssh commands in the background
How to run a setInterval that loops and tries a max of 10 times before breaking?
Why does the POSIX 鈥減rintable characters鈥�class not match a simple string?
Azure Service bus queues topics vs queues for web/worker roles
jQuery active state
Working with enums in C/C++
Permission denied error while running embedded pig in Java on Hadoop
OpenGL blending function to elminate primitive overlap but maintain overall opacity
Creating Mongoid embedded documents
How to call properties inside of a script runat at server
php & sum attribute values in xml
ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error: Can't mass-assign protected attributes:
Time complexity : Insertion sort with unique key
How to detect what direction the user is walking in?
WinRT GridView But No GridViewColumn
How can I remove empty factors from ggplot2 facets?
How to get the full url in express.js?
Opening a blank Excel file in and corresponding functionalities
MVC 3 Routing Confusion
VirtualTreeView Finalize in C++ Builder for UnicodeString
Apache server does not connect to Django
C programming. Why does 'this' code work but not 'that' code?
Issue retrieving JSON in Android
How to retrieve full category list with products or items from taobao with taobao API [closed]
Is the following operation atomic or not?
find the minimum of a set of results stored in an array C#
C++ Inheritance and virtual keyword on base_class with derived class
What is a decent xml cms for actionscript?
UITableView with UISegmented control and checkmark accessory
Android App: Sharing data between users
accessing nth element in array
Efficiently deploy multiple instances of same WAR ( different contexts, same container )
Oracle SQL Merge Query Works in GUI, Fails in PHP Script
Processing commands with inaccurate natural language strings
Apache 2.0.61 not starting missing, but it exists
Standard method names, why is the l in println not capital? [closed]
segues: what happens to the controller instance that calls the seque?
Ui does not come to foreground on Ice Cream Sandwitch
Zoom in on a Youtube video on iPhone?
How to know if jQuery is totally loaded?
Trouble calculating the distance function in bezier clipping
Why (or when) would my app get reset by iOS?
QMainWindow flashes and disappears when called from another QMainWindow
Ardor3D AwtTextureSource not working with a SkyBox鈥�
hiding tablerows depended on data in td (numbers) with jquery
I'm trying to rebuild the indexes on a Progress database after a huge binary load, getting this error
How to log to a text file when a button is pressed?
button_to custom named route returns routing error
Better Query to Select Count Where
view custom properties on entity framework edmx designer
iOS App Submission Cheat Sheet
How to secure data transfer between Rails App on Heroku and a remote IIS Server?
summing column in SQL from two tables
鈥�:: 鈥�before a variable name c++
Chrome rendering odd CSS layout (Firefox and IE are good)
VSX: Custom project types
Async calls chaining in Metro app
Chrome rendering odd CSS layout (Firefox and IE are good)
VSX: Custom project types
Async calls chaining in Metro app
How can I serialize an object array server side using c#?
Determine cache read/write/hit/miss by memory access trace file
How to implement rate limiting based on a client token in Spring?
Writing a txt file after using pylast - encoding error
Creating normal map from height map in webGL
jquery XML not working
C# - How to PostMessage to a flash window embedded in a WebBrowser?
Installing (build) matplotlib in mac osx lion
Eclipse shows compile error for every line in .asm file
Compiz-Snow Plug-In
My Android Scrollview in a tabhost is consuming way too much memory
Change value of label and hide imagebutton in asp repeater
TWRequest Caching
Convert DOM elements to HTML Code and display in an on-page textarea?
what are the advantages of defining a foreign key
Is it possible to tell the names of the $_GET variables the page is waiting for?
LibGDX - Last thing that gets called
How does linux protect memory?
Amazon EC2 Permission denied (publickey) 鈥�console vs commandline
SVG text cut off in Firefox, independent of CSS/HTML structure
acts-as-taggable-on with simple text input
Security of generating hash salts using PHP's mt_rand()?
javascript get href when link clicked
Should I/Could I use multiple databases?
how to compute every combination of every iteration in R
How should I write simple sequential GETs?
Insertion Sort assembly code (Translated from C)
Dynamically turning on NSLogs
database tips for 30,000,000 rows [closed]
How do I influence the size of a modal view presented with a partial page curl?
Maximum open ports for C# Application
Recommendations on sharing validation rules between Javascript and PHP?
Trouble calling a JavaScript Function?
access parent form's cleaned_data from inline form clean()
Tk DSL lose access to instance methods and variables?
MySQL Permissions Over User
PL/SQL Cursor for loop
as3 movie clip dynamic name from array is null
Do until populating string with comma separated values
AVRO Validation
How do I hide panels when there is no default extender id
Open SSMS automatically from C#
file was built for unsupported file format which is not the architecture being linked (x86_64)
Implementing OnClickListener in Android project with Ormlite mvc with a single client. Worth it? [closed]
How do I stop Django from adding path before links?
OAuth and Basic Auth together
Lucene index inside of a database
Would like my students to watch movie that links to external html for test
php: failed email (鈥�Wrong headers and message content 鈥�
Regex double character entrance in Ruby
Splitting large txt file into small ones based on specific content
substitute nested foreachs with lambdas c#
how can i redirect all files in one directory to another directory?
UISearchDisplayController tableView doesn't fire prepareForSegue
Microchip C18 naked function
PCA and KNN algorithm
Unobtrusive Fast-filter Dropdown <optgroup> implementaion
Asp.Net development server file path
Is it possible to use diff in an Android app?
Zend_Db_Table Select missing data, straight PHP query ok
Using different styles for categories in tumblr?
File not fond exception when trying to download apk file
Cin has no operand >>
Rails 3.1 and AJAX - how to implement it?
DataTemplate duplication across different DataGrid rows
R function for a vector
Script conflict with focusing first input
additional fields in existing mysql table OR separate table/s
Writing a for loop in assembly from scratch
How to see what exact events are bound to DOM elements?
clang error '-I-' not supported, archiving, cocos2d
wp query to display one random post from each month in DSC order
Can't get template portion to render in Ember.js
Switching multiple buttons visibility
Qt, multiple inheritance, wrappers or event filters
out of memory at starting, only on 64 bit
Trying to merge two arrays together
Change devise route - id to username
Safari Extension Popover Links
PartialView ViewBag data not available in the parent View when using Html.Action()
How to transfer an image obtained from a windows phone to a c# picturebox image
CanCan + Factory_Girl - strange behavior
search multiple cores and merge results
Exclude entire QuerySet from results
retrieve a @Named managed bean from session scope
How do I log SQL statements from JDBC calls without mySQL server running?
How to retrieve entities from a join using QueryOver in NHibernate
Cannot make converter work
Visual Studio Local IIS Web Server Project Url With Multiple Subdomains
C# How to add an image on button array buttons
Which one to use, utf8 or Ascii
How to create a custom scaffold generator in Rails 3?
python with sqlite3
custom bootstrap button color background erroneous onclick
rails and jquery autocomplete multiple fields
fbDidLogin or fbDidNotLogin not called
Heroku Project with rails and mongoLAB
tinysort jquery sort on two items
perl mockmodule fork
Can I keep the speech recognizer listening indefinitely?
ZendFramework images not loading
Copy an image preserve its EXIF/IPTC data with PHP imageCreateFromJpeg?
Python re-connecting to MySQLdb
WaIISHost flatlining web-role
Verification header bad idea for encryption?
Twitter Bootstrap dropdown menu - onclick puts 'open' class on ancestor ul instead of child ul
How to make infinite polyline in google directions and fit draggable markers to the line?
Fade out on load with Jquery. Then, fade in on hover, and out on unhover, with CSS
How do I get a traditional visual studio solution out of old SourceSafe nonsense?
WPF Image with Remote Path
Getting error message with spring 鈥渃vc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'beans'.鈥�
Video Playlist generator (HTML5 or Flash)
Sending email on behalf of Google Apps user
Non-superuser access to Django Admin
cron and wget: how to prevent cron from cluttering syslog with 鈥済randchild failed鈥�messages?
Two-dimensional vs. One-dimensional dictionary efficiency in Python
Android : countdown
Grouping multiple conditions in IF statements C#
Django: versus copying directory
New Deploy to Production, Rake db:migrate fails
Parsing unknown POST args in PHP
MVC C# calling stored procedure with parameters the first parameter is not being recognised
URL Replacement in PHP
Sharing Memcache on Gae with Go and Java
Using the glmulti package in R for exhaustive search multiple regression for akaike weights
Magento admin category page fails on PHP 5.4
Why are ports below 1024 privileged? [closed]
C++ precise garbage collector using clang/llvm?
Do a 'soft-refresh' (only JS and CSS) of a WebSocket/AJAX application
How do I save an object's field to a string
Passing field value and tablename in a hyperlink field
storing a number and incrementing it ever time the method is called
Windows Wireless-ADHOC API
Edit XML value based on Key
Network Traffic in AMQP QPID
Server Client send/receive simple text
ASP.NET default authorization database?
XPath expression (in XSLT) to match siblings of node, up to a sibling fulfilling condition based on its children
appending and removing content with jquery
Python import internals difference
Prevent update to non-existent rows
How to host many SNI certificates in Nginx
Is it possible to configure Oracle session/connection to automatically uppercase strings?
How can I detect if the user is walking/running with his device?
Serve html file with fs.readFileSync() fails
setInterval only runs once?
How can I detect if the user is walking/running with his device?
Serve html file with fs.readFileSync() fails
setInterval only runs once?
Android - Connecting to wamp = server greeting error
Ajax in .NET doesn't want to to load images as it should
Add parent tags with beautiful soup
how to change a key in an array while maintaining the order?
How to query based on a Date field in the latest version of Mongoose?
Scope/order of evaluation of nested `let .. in ..` in OCaml
How to check if a user is logged_in in a Drupal site via JavaScript?
How to reduce the number of vertical lines in a KendoUI line graph?
Error while compiling protobuf-net generated codecode
Submitting multi-stage form using .load method
Check for camel case in Python
is there any way to prevent illegitimate locations on android/ios?
Can't install gem rmagick [Windows 7 64 bit]
Does iOS watchdog monitor process while debugger is attached?
Different uses of $(document).ready [closed]
Multiple shortcuts for one action in GTK
AWS Crashing Application
Group Values Together in PHP / MySQL and Add the Value of one of the columns up into the group
How do you keep Title Bar tabs active in the Application Layout Control?
Use groupdict to parse string to dict
crash loading images in scrollview xcode
Is there a shorthand for creating a String constant in Spring context XML file?
How to call a stored procedure from MVC that requires a list of ids
Set CSS of words enclosed in double quotes
what's the fastest way to copy a folder over the network to multiple servers(Python)
randomly fill 2d array with arrayList words
Strange issue: Some classes don't get their styles from CSS file
How to set up a Facebook Page to receive automated updates?
BFS traversal using cypher
Programmatically add a new file to TFS
Ruby on Rails Console Error
How to use Snappy in Hadoop in Container format
Extracting text in between nodes through XPath
Getting Album Art From Music (Windows Phone 7)
Completely weird font rendering on iPhone
Getting size of UITextField inputAccessoryView programmatically
MSAccess via ODBC - squirrely behavior - DSN settings
Weird behavior PHP vs MySQL
Using memcpy to read two integers from a memory block
Should I use an ObservableCollection for Images
Jar and Android
Ruby followers query
Is there anything wrong with having a return type of IEnumerable<T> or ICollection<T> but returning a List<T>? [duplicate]
Changing a specific Instance without ID
What software can I use to automate diffing data in MySQL databases?
Create a New thread in
How to calculate Amadahl's Law for threading effectiveness
Discrepancy between C# MD5 and Objective C MD5
Install older version of cygwin
How to set request parameter to be avaiable within a session if the session is reset for some other reason
JSF 2.0 WebApp not rendering Template
Import conflict in Python? [duplicate]
Efficient query to split a delimited column into a separate table
鈥済rab鈥�Post form response with php (response is a txt file)
How to set the size/location of a central widget in QT
custom ThreadPoolExecutor with delays
Parsing XML with apostrophe
Distribute iphone app for external beta - sign on behalf of customer
how to log binary data in linux
How do I download only unread attachments from a specific gmail label?
Rails UJS (jQuery) not wiring up data-remote Links
How to automatically copy the sqlite3 db file to /current in rails Capistrano deployment on ubuntu?
Writing an object-oriented MySQLdb connection
homepage not rendered correctly for visitors coming from google/bing
Reason for using intermediate variable insteading of just returning result of expression?
Piping email to PHP - Missing actual email address
Can I replace to something like @/images/? tcp client fast incoming data
Forking threads is not speeding up my program, am I correctly using it in my situation?
Updating the value of a subItem in a ListViewItem inside a listview c# (Winforms)
Java Multiple Array Sorting
Android: get stored video from database
Use JDOM to query an XML file? Like SQL but with XML?
C++ Optimal way of returning multidimensional array from function, pointers?
Mocking an abstract class with a mocked constructor argument?
Convert MemoryStream to FileStream with C#? [closed]
Why doesn't List.Contains work with my code?
Does Gmagick have a method like Imagick::thresholdImage?
Printing an Array in a Queue
Twitter Bootstrap with MVC padding between inputs
Checkerboard indexing in CUDA
How to always call a function from a JavaScript object literal, not only when the object is created
Creating a Django callable object for Field.default - newbie Q
Flex-BISON: how to define a sentence?
Count all matched fields in mysql query
How to find device position change using accelerometer?
Most reliable and lightweight Twitter API for .NET [closed]
How to call a stored procedure from MVC that requires datetimes
Can't see 鈥淩un Pex鈥�in VS2010 after installation
How to generate call-graphs for given javascript? [closed]
How to handle closing apps with multitasking with Objective C?
Mootools event causes infinite loop in IE7/IE8
Trouble sending an uploaded file using the Python requests library
Flask with Backbone.js REST API
How to stop auto-population in helper EditorFor?
Trying to figure out the correct loop for processing multiple lines into a dictionary
Effective for loop in assembly
UnwantedTokenException(found=., expected 80) JPA on Spring Web Project
How to Target all Textbox's within a Groupbox on a Window - WPF
Generating simple statistics from live streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5
stopPropagation() for only one element
Prevent emails from Python from being flagged as spam
Text cropping when using overflow: hidden
Way to turn this poorly formed HTML into well-formed XHTML?
Scala NodeSeq reduce/foldLeft with newlines
document.onkeypress not working
How to escape quotes in solr nested query syntax?
Lightswitch lambda use
Use form input to build url with php.
Build string from array omitting empty or NULL values in PHP
Applying a regex search on each file in a folder
Update a value by jQuery
Android generating a hash string sha256
creating a simple report in Apple Pages using OpenXML or other format
git pull to branch_1 and merge into current branch simultaneously
CSS block positioning at end of paragraph
mplayerctrl process screen issue
Issue implementing public interface in C#
select an img which does not contain word in src
VB.Net and VS 2010 Append a variable to an URL
C# web service response arrays
Does onCompletion() order matter in camel DSL?
Saving info on a server, and getting it back
Changing font color of string in vb
use external function while set variables in class
Difference between texture alias and spritesheet
Memory Management Confusion C++
how to protect against Null Byte Injection in a java webapp
jQuery - animation doesn't work with z-index
Cancelling a webservice at client and server end
Programmatic dijit creation causes dojo event chain to break
GCDAsyncUdpSocket Multicast Gets HTTP 412 Response
Best practice: submit a form to (javascript?)
Haskell - Add tuples within a list together?
How to use classes from the .jar lib added to netbeans project?
calculate candidate keys given functional dependencies
How to convert a String into a JSONArray?
The OpenCV lib with c++ - in Detail cv::Mat::at causes SIGSEGV on large images
Wicket & CSS resources
Ruby on Rails - possible error in naming convention throughout a route
Google Chrome Extension and Application Development
Syntax Error when searching Database for an entry
Rejecting extra url parameters from params hash in rails
Perl Catalyst; configuring session expire time and flash behaviour
Apache mod_rewrite not treating a rewritten url?
Rewrite: Apache to Nginx
Java Bank Account Synchronization example. Fail to see how solution works
Java Bank Account Synchronization example. Fail to see how solution works
Run latex within Emacs
jquery select option now working (by name)
Does the data(鈥渒ey鈥� value) method set data- attributes?
Permission Denied on jQuery script with Fancybox
Django 鈥�add model to database without losing data
Adding an adjustable rotating image to the knob of a Jslider.
Jquery Show/Hide Multiple Table Rows [closed]
Using Linq, how to parse Xml to C# objects which only accept paramaters in the constructor?
Tag MP3 downloaded From Internet?
Listening for AUX connection
Scrollable list of buttons and images slowdown
Google guava singleton Eventbus fires multiple times
Haskell graphics program closing too early
Can't create foreign key using individual columns against multiple-column primary key
Java JMenu - Selected and Deselected feature
Getting data from a HashMap into SQLite database
How to publish my C++ application?
Retrieve Tenured Generation memory pool from JVM
Please help me find bug [closed]
Is 'yield' in Scala equivalent to map function?
Customize Select's Source Image Admin Template
Generating an array of random points in java with no duplicates
Menu size and position
How to handle/debug HttpExceptions properly?
Clearing Check Box on New Record, MS Access
Blinking a UILabel issue using core animation
Kendo Grid Insert Record Using WCF with JSONP
Android Holo Theme not working in Emulator
HTML5 Browser Validation - 1 form, 2 buttons, need to change validation
Can I keep my submitted iOS app in a holding area, by setting the release date after the approval date? [closed]
Potential memory leak after CFSocketCreateWithNative
Why is setting my UINavigationBar's background image affecting the size of the navigation bar?
going back an activity
An application loader with threads
glColor4f() - effect of alpha value
SurfDescriptorExtractor doesn't create the descriptor matrix
Scala getResourceAsStream() fails silently while loading keystore
Perform large operations in PHP without running out of memory?
Like button error - but not all pages
How to make selection content an attribute for a Rails model
PHP sent email subject - Hotmail/Outlook show 拢 as 脗拢
Grails hasOne unidirectional
NullPointerException when using XML file in res/raw with Proguard
valueChangeListener method is called on selectOneMenu even though I have not changed the value
ElasticSearch doesn't appear in Eclipse project explorer
Navigation Bar animation turning white
Wordpress NextGen Slider in Post
NSMutableArray or NSMutableDictionary : which is best for this scenario?
Yum client configuration: How to use basic authentication with a port other than 80?
JS-loaded Twitter share button doesn't render properly
Administration interface for wlan-routers
SQL Server database or database on SQL Server
Removing top margin from first element using modern CSS
Django cache different content for same page
Android Layouts - layout-normal vs layout
PHP MySQL Search Combined Columns
Learning C++ need help on a program assignment
How to get current time in Google spreadsheet using script editor?
learning ACID-compliant transactions
how can i make django file upload work with valums/file-uploader
jQuery Rollover
Zend Framework 2 for a Zend Framework Newbie [closed]
Create a hyperlink within an Excel cell?
Android Cursor Displays Columns but no Rows
dojox.image.Gallery, undefined image source
jQuery selector, .hide() UL and LI elements
Web app won't join Infinispan cluster
Showing Images based on database field
@HtmlActionLink can it be applied to this situation or do I need to use somthing else?
Trying to find a faster way than RegEX to find URL's in an NSString鈥�Any ideas?
jQuery preventDefault stopping serialize and subsequent ajax call
Error in copy-pasted code: type or namespace could not be found
How can I override the containing dimensions of a Google Visualization?
Cannot get Python to run from SPSS syntax
Merge and sort lists
Form items poitioning issue
Control.Visibility Does Not Always Work
Not able to link to shared library of OpenCV (Linux)
Conflicts between different JavaScripts and jQuery
Show diferent part of a table with select - javascript
bash script with array works on linux not on mac os x
Multiple sockets cause ConnectException: Connection refused: connect
get correct value from multiple arrays [duplicate]
random.choice always same
Controller other than Home will not pass MvcIntegrationTesting tests
php gd text break on image
Qt with Visual Studio - cannot compile moved project
Rails dependent: :destroy causes ArgumentError
batch file variable sandwich
Launching Android Widget List from activity
best way to reference event arguments in
qemu launch with the seabios
Accessing browser history in Silverlight
Unit Testing Routed Events in WPF
Implementing an responseHandler interface
Set an exception handler for all exceptions thrown inside class?
Reuse a UITableView that was created programmatically?
Switch between fragments
Perform a segue when HTML link is touched
Perform a segue when HTML link is touched
interesting t-sql exercise
Zooming and directions services
Bootstrap navbar on the iPad
Removeallobjects in array from another view? Xcode iOS
Lowest Spec VPS to run Ruby on Rails
Packaging a twistd plugin using pyinstaller
jQuery .ajax call returning error when accessing Java Spring service via domain name based URL
Wicket Application, Serialization and Java Timers
Ruby Activerecord IN clause
Adding table in Javascript returns null [closed]
eclipse error - javascript translation for intentionally not implemented
define defaults for plugin
How to reliably convert local time to UTC on a Windows machine using C++ WinAPI
NSWindow not resizing to fit NSView - SOMETIMES?
How to change placement of Twitter-Bootstrap tooltip placement after initialization?
how can store attributes in cocoa touch
Jquery Flot 鈥減lothover鈥�event not working
BASH regexp matching - including brackets in a bracketed list of characters to match against?
Regex: match after colon in H1 tag?
Using a feature as Input vs. using it to build Several Machines on SVM
Android sometimes lags
one symbol found and for other 鈥渦nresolved external symbol鈥�
How do I grab the value from this SimpleXMLElement as a string in PHP
Threads from GCD reading old value
Android : Making Lockscreen Opaque
Include two files one by one with a ratio of 4 :1
Open Graph Metadata for Foursquare
XML Casting Type
Spring 3.1 + Hibernate 4.1 Propagation.Supports issue
IntelliSense: identifier 鈥淸blank]鈥�is undefined for each of the variables used in my function
How to simulate Ctrl + Shift + f1 in swing application and write to log file
Best practice to export core data entities
Need to parse a string to date without padded 0's
Java Web Service Client issue - HTTP Header - Host Field
How can I run a C++ program as a Simulink block?
Network service to provide checking informations on Unix/Linux
Triggering onClick jQuery function?
Access rights to an Excel file created with Java
MySQL PHP while loop - one record less than expected returned
SVN merge revision ranges: how does svn merge know which revisions it needs to merge?
Trying to hide HTML page before javascript animation loads(super newb edition)
Anyone know of a good web debugging tool? [closed]
Magento Error on Product Page
Mono gives me this error, on an Intel Mac: 鈥淧owerPc architecture no longer supported.鈥�[closed]
Protobuf-Net InvalidOperationException w/out error message
Xcode header inclusion conflict
How do I make an image stay at the bottom of the screen no matter the screen height/width?
MySQL - Selecting the most recent post by each of the 10 most recent authors
Submit Contact Form without using PHP
replace variable by string
Are there any free or low cost alternatives to WebWorks ePublisher?
Working with a global singleton in Flask (WSGI), do I have to worry about race conditions?
datetime display issue from webservice
Importing script files into ASP.NET page: intellisense shows the methods, but trying to call one errors. Any ideas?
how to bind to jquery-mobile pagebeforeload event?
Game server gateway design
What is happening? Three different types for the same stuff in four lines of code?
OneToMany Composite Primary key scenario
Random generator
Getting selected row from a button in a view based tableview
Rails Validation of a Group of Objects
MFMailComposeViewController won't open after picking an email from the contact list
powershell regex replace between quotes
How to efficiently download large csv file using java
Selected Field in PHP
inserting image along with text
How to handle character sets properly in conjunction with a database, text areas etc etc
Test fails when adding 鈥�remember_token鈥�
List all sub categories in collection select
WebRequest enter URL [duplicate]
Convert iso timestamp to date format with Javascript?
Quantum cryptography application source code?
Why worry about minifying JS and CSS when images are typically the largest sized HTTP request?
Stand alone jython JMX client for WebSphere Application Server 7.0 using SOAP
Perl: Merging Hash elements
send using smtp both name and email through body of letter
Why Session is a disaster in ASP.NET MVC application?
Does https make this any more secure?
Keyboard shortcut for hyperlink (jQuery)
How do I test if a variable in Javascript is initialized?
md5decrypter API
Are JSON transfers automatically encrypted when the server is on Heroku?
Activate Current Content Part in jQuery UI Accordion Menu
Is it possible to enable debug for specific hosts in django?
What is the difference between module and distribution on CPAN?
Aligning header and data with scrollable html tables for large data sets
MVC C# view is not allowing if statement in tag
Most occurred within a list
How do I get to a UINavigationController sibling view?
Changing Datatype from int to bigint for tables containing billions of rows
Highcharts - best way to handle and display zero (or negative) values in a line chart series with logarithmic Y axis
How to avoid LazyInitializationException in Hibernate?
How to implement 'Select All' for TinyMCE?
Pyserial: could not configure port: (5, 'Input/output error)
Mahalanobis distance in Matlab
ASP MVC: Sending an E-mail and return Message (No Json)
How to change global background color in bash
Adding Play Stop Pause icons to iPhone Media player app
Mahalanobis distance in Matlab
ASP MVC: Sending an E-mail and return Message (No Json)
How to change global background color in bash
Adding Play Stop Pause icons to iPhone Media player app
Converting month name to month number using JavaScript [closed]
Media queries and Opera mini - where the mistake (min-width 鈥�
list results from mysql on a listview in android
Is there a way for me to make a screen similar to the ICS voice typing screen with the flashing red glow in my Android app?
Svg rendering in WebView is pixelated on iPad3
Get related information MySQL Query
??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals. Using findpeaks in MatLab
get file size created with file_put_contents
Replace WPF Storyboard with custom While loop
CUDA Programming - Shared memory configuration
Data Racing in Reading form openMP shared memory
What did it mean these symbols (& ~ ,) when use font class
Objective C - HTTP/0.9 response from GET using ASIHTTPRequest
Maven assembly, how to include parent's sources
Entity Framework overwrites data when 2 two people save data simultaneously
Stars for scrolling shooter with CCParticleSystemQuad?
generate tables from entities - synchronized
Convert a char * to char [closed]
Where do I put this conditional comment for a gradient background on IE?
Javascript ReferenceError: Undefined variable: FormData
Use as image for bottom border: possible to repeat image in the 鈥渁fter鈥�pseudo element and control background size?
How to pass member function as argument in python?
Append text to static resource
Android: support package Fragment
Selecting specific elements from IGrouping using LINQ
How to free a pSDL_Surface copied explicitly as a parameter with IMG_LOAD(path)?
how to set the radius of a shape to bigger or smaller by pressing buttons in javascript/svg
jQuery load used to submit form
How to map the result from a query to a custom object in sqlalchemy?
How do I apply unit testing to C# function which requires user input dynamically?
Change column values where it's zero at mySQL [closed]
custom backgrounds not animating on view change
How do I invoke Windows Explorer to allow program users to navigate to files?
Table-valued function, table variable and 鈥淢ust declare scalar variable鈥�error message
Prolog logic flow
If you know how to get JSON working with Rails 3.2, can you figure this out?
Setting Track Levels on AVMutableComposition
Apache POI (poi-ooxml) for Excel 2007 and Spring MVC DocumentBuilderFactory cannot be found
PHP CURL function to handle GET OR POST actions against JSONWireProtocol
Regex to isolate a specific substring
Using a thread to continuously check for changes to a value
Using AndroidManifest.xml version code in ant
Defining a Jenkins Build Job Based on a Kiln Mercurial Repository
How to link my buttons to the correct place
iOS - Access web service running on computer from iPad
yui date time schedule
msvcp100.dll missing
Can I call operations on Entities within an Aggregate Root?
Threading in Visual Studio requires Join to work properly
Optimizing render of content in Html5 canvas
Public key encryption demo in Ruby
How to detect a timeout in a .net application that is not resulting in an error, just an 8 second delay?
Reference to Object not working in PHPUnit, but does in normal PHP execution
Webview doesn't return his place after typing in input field
Windows Phone 7.1 Light/Dark themes management
How to insert UIImageView in UITextView in the same way that iphone default message (SMS) app uses to insert multimedia content in the UITextView
mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1045, 鈥淎ccess denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)鈥�
User Control with Public Property in FormView
SSRS 2008 R2 Create/Modify Role
Django: Grouping and ordering across foreign keys with conditions
how to re-save image after cropping with php and zend?
display variable with highest rank
Validating a Radio Box
NHibernate Configuration Error - Connection String?
Async task, BufferedReader
2 billion distinct values per column limitation
Any open-source file-viewer available on the net?
Strange, Unexpected change in a literal value (of type double)
Creation of Simple Spring Hibernate Utility Project with Template: app-context file in error
Choosing Layout Control for WPF Item
Pass drop down list value to jquery in Grails
Localizable.strings corrupted?
C# Nested generics treated differently when using constraints
itext filling table
Why do these HTML5 images render (or not!) depending on how fast I refresh?
JAX-WS: Using NodeList so that Excel Web Services Toolkit can use web service
Best (most security conscious) way to package a MSSQL database for 3rd party use?
SQL Server trigger update(col) true or false if inserted value equals original?
Drag + Rotation using UIPanGestureRecognizer touch getting off track
C# String.Format with '{' character
How can I animate the Margin of a Stackpanel with a storyboard?
Correct approach to using JPA 2
How do I use git to manage a codebase with separate client assets?
Loading multiple properties files
How to bind a list of objects from a form in the View to the Controller in Spring 3
Why does PHP 5.3.10 (fcgi) choke on this line? [closed]
jQuery UI DropShadow - How to put drop shadow around div
Static Call Graph from binary executables
What's a clean way to allow a block to handle a variable number of arguments?
Price calculator help ( Trying to add drop down list options ) using javascript / jquery
Should I store longitude/latitude in database if I'm doing a 鈥渇ind close to me鈥�option?
Removing Directions from Google Maps
PHP str_replace Difficulty with Double Quotes
Create a .war file that includes a jar-with-dependencies.jar for JNLP using Maven
heap and stack in eclipse
Best practices for creating a reusable javascript web-app
Best practices for creating a reusable javascript web-app
Custom Scroll view in cocos2d without using uikit
OpenGL Light changes : Ambient to Diffuse or Specular works but not the opposite
Highslide zoom crashes on i.e. 8?
Using AWK to read line from file and create a variable
PHP (mcrypt_encrypt) Ruby (AES-256-CBC) Encryption Different Results
I need help programatically changing my combobox in WinForms
Custom Animations with UIViewController
Jena: How to infer data / performance issues
Activity permission Denial
Fetching data's usingindexed column vs MySQL range criteriawhich is best?
Subclassing SimpleAdapter and overwriting getView causing trouble with bindView()
Failed to fetch URL, reason: Connection to refused
Why am I getting ClassCastException when sub-classing GridView?
How can I fix 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�on ftp_put() in php?
nested type provider
Global RegEx search and replace to fix HTML in an XML export file?
Generate file name on file upload that contains file's username
javascript/jquery/mootools/other js lib- can i write text over a css3 gradient
OAuth2Client #import 鈥淣XOAuth2.h鈥�File Not Found
Segmentation Fault in a multi-threaded server
How to increment a 'score' during fast enumeration
trying to get reasonable values from scipy powerlaw fit
C++ Walkthrough cout.setf(ios::fixed); and cout.precision();
Windows Phone Facebook (OAuthException) (#1) An unknown error occurred
Can't compile GTK+ program on Windows with MinGW
Trouble understanding why I'm getting this SEH exception
javascript/jquery/mootools/other js lib- can i save a css3 gradient as a image?
Java Calendar.add gives wrong year
Grab text from the DOM using jquery?
jQuery UI Draggable with revert:true and droppable with greedy:true
Retrieving playlist videos and their thumbnails from youtube in android
SQL query to get data from one table based upon a column from another table?
cast discards qualifiers from pointer target type?
Crazy Div:hover sequence flickering/not working in all browsers
F#'s 鈥淗ello, world鈥�with 2 fs files
Will allocations with short lifetimes cause heap fragmentation?
Monitor.TryEnter with Generic Class
Bash Script not executing command
crm 2011 switch between multiple forms within single entity
How to use xml database in xampp
$(xml).find('someElement') :pulling values with jquery from xml with Namespaces
Form select method in Kohana includes 鈥渕ultiple鈥�attribute in HTML if not NULL
Windows Phone button style
How to get a list of matched ID's using Linq?
php mail() functions executed in wrong order
Java: Looking to ignore certain lines that are out of bounds
Format a variable in iReport in a string with multiple fields
No XML content. Please add a root view or layout to your document
JqueryMobile - My Page Appears Before transition
Format a variable in iReport in a string with multiple fields
No XML content. Please add a root view or layout to your document
JqueryMobile - My Page Appears Before transition
InsertMenu/AppendMenu - How to add Icons to menu and submenus using C++ and win32
SignalR not calling client-side function when handling an event in NServiceBus
Protecting shared isostorage data between app and background agent
GIT: Unlink of file failed
php function arguments
Process CSV Into Array With Column Headings For Key
Why to use PortletURL?
WinRT Loading an Image into a Byte array
Setting a selected value of an html select based on cookie in Razor view engine
Android phone filters multicast
Utilizing rails helper and controller methods
Remove Django tests using bdist_rpm
SendKeys not working (3rd party software blocks it). Is there any keyboard driver emulator?
How to add a html statement inside a html variable using php?
Raise DataGrid ItemCommand event from Javascript
Inject JS variable into a haml template
Windows Mobile hide Task Bar and Menu Bar
transform a page form into a modal dialog form
most efficient way to get, modify and put a batch of entities with ndb
Connection Pooling and Auditing
iPhone how to add a view controller's view to another view controller's view?
Integrating command-line SFTP and pgp into a delphi 2010 solution, what are the options? [closed]
jQuery Validate Plugin - Error messages not removed immediately after field becomes valid
How to tombstone windows phone apps in c#
How to deal with VBOs when rendering mesh's that may or may not be displayed?
awk cartesian product
Sorting an Array of Objects
Git grep: Somtimes empty result even when the word exists in a file
Async with Rotation Support
vsprintf_s() does not work when va_list has length set by local variable
Android OpenGL ES Textures Not Showing On Samsung Phones
How to handle Spanish character in my App?
Any way to prevent iOS Enterprise app from fully terminating after crash?
Posting to a form based on what HttpGet returns with Apache's HttpClient
get name of failed constraints
A good JFace tutorial
mapping to the max a variable number of lists
ImageList capacity bug in .NET ImageList implementation?
Validate many objects at the same time
CUDA programming - L1 and L2 caches
Delegate And Observer Design for Updating Data throughout an App
Using MacPorts-installed Python packages with Enthought(or some other) Python on OS X?
how to set DeleteOnTermination in aws php sdk?
Keeps getting Class Not Found Exception for Postgres driver in eclipse plugin
Exc_Bad_Access on main function and unable to pass instance variables through classes open new webform on click of button
Backbone.js Model validate method
Backbone.js Model validate method
Custom RoleProvider failing when AuthorizeAttribute applied with role
Installing Tomcat 6 on STS 2.9.1
Multiple requests to the google translator API make website TOO slow
use python urllib2 and regex to get similar named remote file
Is dependency on a symlink possible in a Makefile?
Parsing functions with functions as parameters in flex and bison
How can find I out how much memory of the heap my android 2.3 app is using?
How can I center the menu? CSS
LINQ Anonymous Type to ObservableCollection in Custom Class
Show most recent search terms in wordpress threading.thread addressof passing variables
How to enable A2DP sink functionality in Android?
How do I run a SQL Agent job with different parameters using SMO and without having to alter the JobStep definition?
SEO optimization and DNS [closed]
When to use the keywords INNER and OUTER in MySQL?
Rendering a variable number of text-field/input pairs with django templates
T-SQL Query: Flattening out a table
Android: float - get rid of trailing point zeros
converting byte array to string not working in c#
Rails form posting to /new instead of /create?
How to use webservices in a dot NET application? [closed]
Google Analytics sidebar not loading in Chrome
Is it possible to capture a click on item of jstree's contextmenu?
Using ItemDataBound I only get every other row. Why?
How to get all messages in Amazon SQS queue using boto library in Python?
How can we make sure that a 3rd party library doesn't send out user data in my iOS app?
create tag around my html tag
MSTest Projects in Visual Studio: which files to commit to version control?
FQL Multi query multiple SELECT statements in the IN clause
AWK - how to end this command after 60 seconds?
Netbeans GUI Builder: Let components handle layout
How can I use django-tracking package
how can I run an SQL script from local drive on server?
Multiple entries for a specific content type in MODx?
A good start to learn multi-thread Java crawler
Search in array and insert values
PHP pass and receive two dimensional array from form
Array of UILabels
Perforce Changelist Summary
tfs workitem field customization
In Drupal 7, how can I add a search term filter to my views using the 鈥淪earch views鈥�module?
Regex IPv6 validation and optional square brackets?
SQL group by on a repetitive value in a column
How to make text appear on top of the image when hovering?
Table View Cell error when Identifier is set
jQuery resize() using browser maximise button
Choosing commits for separate branches of one repository
Python/ElementTree: Parsing inline elements w/ respect to surrounding text?
Printing Barcodes on RuggedJet printer
Left Join Working in CMD Prompt, not PHP
Detect if a string is in a multi-dimensional array in PHP
Count files by timestamp
Read text into C. Get a bad exec error
iOS - White screen when testing on iPad
Ruby on Rails: Basic parameterized queries and URL formation
How easy is it to write code against a normal sql db using EF Code First 4.3 and then switch to azure?
open file with a unicode filename?
Django auth/login problems
Error when trying to create mysql table on XAMPP
List merge commits affecting a file
RewriteCond for public directory
.Net WebBrowser Control using IE10
How do I add new columns at runtime? [closed]
Best way to insert loader icon if images has not been fully loaded?
Why won't my Custom Control's Text property show up in the Properties window?
How to declare gridview control var as an object
Splitting string containing letters and numbers not separated by any particular delimiter in PHP
switching from auto-renewable to renewable subscription
Lose keyNavigation in ExtJs4 after editing element
Button states persist through clicking?
creating a model class
RelativeLayout not showing items to the left
JSF : Elements of ArrayList are not rendered properly?
Generic method execute with a runtime type [duplicate]
Is it even useful to write my own Vector3D and Matrix 3D classes in XNA?
Find the user which repeats and match condition in MySQL
how to save a value from pointer into a char array?
What does 'MM' means when I run a svn diff?
How many outer **this** will have this inner class?
App specific volume
Update with expression instead of value
SharePoint/JavaScript: Conditionally hide page element based upon boolean value
ActivationException When Using Ninject To Access Multiple Cores In SolrNet
x86 hw: String declaration, $ on numbers between -1000 & 1000?
Retrieve Latest 5 Facebook Wall Posts using Javascript
No input file specified apache
Why is lock captured to a local variable
Is there a MySQL command drop all indexes except PRIMARY index?
Basic Booksleeve plus Protobuf-net plus Lists/SortedSets, implementations?
Convert a string to number without using any java conversion functions/utility classes
How to get my view to look like a schedule
Dependent Add-on APK's
PrestaShop - Reload CMS page with aditional parameters
C++ casting a class instance to another instance throws: No suitable defined conversion from class to class2
Bivariate Poisson Regression in R?
Why this handler doesnt works on Chrome?
How to create Android Test Project programmatically?
PHP serialization error with ' counts as two characters
mysql select product wich is in both categoreis
How do I deploy a grails application built on hudson to JbossAS 7?
Visual Studio 2008 - Unhandled Exception straight to Form Dispose
AWK date to epoch
Function pointers, design
mix awk command in shell script while loop and the variables doensn't keep their values after the loop?