Generalised Two-Egg Puzzle
CakePHP 2 Shell Arguments help / example
Injecting JQuery into pages using PhantomJS causes problems with JQuery
JQUERY - How to write a jquery function to populate textarea field w/addresses based on dropdown option selected
How to inspect java bytecode generated by Clojure from the repl?
Mock Concrete FileInfo Object
How can I run calculate and look after calculating process to remote Hadoop cluster?
NSStatusItem with NSPopover and NSTextField
knockout foreach data bind on grouped data
Scrolling - creating thumbnails from images
how to extend complexType but have no children elements in subtype?
how remove a class after an ajax load using jquery?
Need a client side solution (JavaScript) for validating twitter username
Understanding poorly written code, 2nd year CS past paper [closed]
Why is weight vector orthogonal to decision plane in neural networks
Android Root ICS for Panda Board
LocationListener Alert Dialog Multiple Pop Up
Returning XML data parsed via jQuery
PHP: Replace Double Quotes in String But Not Those Within HTML Tag
Error In Tables Dispaly And Alternate Row Colouring Not Applying to Tables After The First Table
Use jqueryui effects with spinejs
How can i tune my Jersey deployment on embedded Grizzly instance in terms of threading policy and parameters
How to get width and height of the bounding box of a rotated rectangle [duplicate]
Aligning Google Plus One and Facebook Like buttons properly
winsock error Protocol family not supported in C++
How to install jstl.jar and standard.jar in netbeans 7.1.1 & how to solve uri of taglib
How can I avoid in-page Javascript and use external Javascript files, if all of my pages are different?
SuperCSV quote every exported cell
How to determine if a Maven artifact is in my repo from command line?
Need help getting jQuery ScrollTo plugin to run DataGrid and forcing it to work with my existing structure
Do all applications under an IIS website have access to each others cookies?
XSLT: Parent stylesheet imports child stylesheet, but child cannot see parent's variable
requirejs: shorten dependency list
InfoPath Display Contents of Specific SharePoint Folder
How to make sure a view is not clicked programmatically?
Pyparsing setParseAction function is getting no arguments
E-Commerce on Facebook Apps/Canvas Page
Is there a way to use `exec` in a where clause?
Changing click / toggle script to add additional buttons
MFC program crashes opening files with Japanese characters in their names
IE does not recognize href buttons
Touch events in UIViewController instead of UIView
MFC program crashes opening files with Japanese characters in their names
IE does not recognize href buttons
Touch events in UIViewController instead of UIView
How to obtain info from raise_application_error()?
image editing on windows phone 7
Richface 4.2 DragandDrop not working
How Does Facebook's profile.php?=id Work? [closed]
How to get the current permissions for an MSMQ private queue?
superscript leaving space in the html email
JavascriptMVC - validation error when saving a model
Pass the details of Multiple rows from JSP to Servlet
z-index is not working with fancybox in google chrome
mongoimport is not showing the collection after import has run successfully
search a text using xmlread in xml file
Infragistics - how to get value of embedded webdropdown in webdatagrid
App Engine Built-ins Python 2.7
Jquery Mobile Dialog don't close with chrome
Start Date - End Date validation using Compare Validator Misfires
how to send image using htmnl tags in iPhone 4S?
pthread mutex vs atomic ops in Solaris
Composite in GWT
Cannot access the file because it is being use by another process
Parse table into array
Update a column value, replacing part of a string
鈥淐GImageBlock's rowbytes doesn't match the CGImage rowbytes!鈥�warning message
SVG dynamically added to iframe does not render correctly
what is exclude regexp pattern in vim
asset precompilation error from blueprint css - ActionView::Template::Error (blueprint/screen.css isn't precompiled) - Internal Server Error 500
check and get parameter from url of current page
Java :Add scroll into text area
How to Sum a Row Within A Certain Date Range in PHP / MySQL
Pull to refresh
SmartGWT DateTimeItem: accept 12 hour format
Finding a span with specific content using xpath
In Checkstyle, is it possible to warn at one value and error at another?
SQL Server index reorganization artefacts on SSRS report
How to download the data from the server discontinuously锛�
mysql if in where clause
Javascript alert in chrome
jquery ajax post url encryption
JOIN on Subquery
Dymo Label Printer from QWebview?
How to remove duplicates from a list based on a custom java object not a primitive type?
Using multiple database tables in CakePHP
Calculating discounts by rounding up and not giving more than intended
How to resolve Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
How to make a web crawler which visits the links obtained as search results on user queried information?
Missing push notifications when one in the batch is rejected
does the facebook fql application insights table work?
SCORM - Report failure
switch classes depending on value
Issue when centering two-lines text in a RadioButton
Uploading iPad app with the same iPhone app name to the Appstore
VideoView Documentation (Issue only in 2.2/2.1)
Create new thread in for loop inside public void method()
Jena NoClassDefFoundError with Maven
Remove duplicate entry in undefined level in XML using XSLT
Single Sign On not working on one ASP.NET
Binding a table view to an array of dictionaries
jQuery Mobile Searchable List with dividers which are also collapsable?
how should i use transactions to prevent out of memory exceptions?
Mocking expectations in Kiwi (iOS) for a delegate
netty mutliple query on single server Postback disabled after validation failed
Android radar 鈥渂eep sound鈥�design suggestions [closed]
Can different App Store publishers of an iOS App publish the same App with the same name in different territories?
limiting the network bandwidth of a java process
Conditionally set an attribute within JSF component tag
鈥淚llegal instruction: 4鈥�shows up in OS X Lion
Oracle path has been changed,Toad unable to locate oracle
Why do I get an access violation when I call Microsoft Communicator 2007's IMessengerContacts.Count method?
script for getting extensions of a file
Monodevelop: How to find the cause of a malloc 鈥渄ouble free鈥�error?
jQuery plugin how to handle button events
Open source or otherwise pgp/gpg library for Android/iphone/ipad
SQL UPDATE statement to update a table with values from another table with no unique identifer
Finding relationships in the rdf for SparQL
soapUI Xpath junit fails when try Property Transfer
How to get rid of 'GLIBCXX_3.4.9 not found error'?
Soap query with jQuery / Phonegap always fail on Android
ASP MVC 3: Authentication lost sometimes in production
XmlPullParserException parsing attribute that contains entity
How do I retrieve a node from an array using simplexmlelement or other XML function?
How to set a socket read timeout in IOManager
keychain prompt dialog when building in xcode
Google Maps autocomplete but only for street address names
Text from webpage
how to skip lines in txt file
Example of OOP concepts in Android
0x80131515 thrown when initiating camera
Play classpath in usable form?
access Oracle sql server remotely
debugging web pages (Firebug, IE F12 tools)
Java using JDBC - Too many connections?
Symfony2 double db connection with unpredictable parameters
How to clear status 401 HttpServletResponse.SC_UNAUTHORIZED?
Fill Visible Area of Eclipse RCP Editor Without Scrolling
Shorter timeout on connect
ASP.NET ASCX Use of Instance Variable
PostgreSQL libpq: PQNumber and column aliases
How to host a JSP website on a webserver?
local vars in gcc assembly
CKeditor : Configure plugin through CKeditor's configuration dynamic data web site : passing default value while inserting/updating records
Is it safe to call LoadLibrary from main()?
Do not include repeated data in facets with MarkLogic
Accessing to a checkbox inside an ArrayAdapter returns NULL
Smarty With Zend Framework cannot find the index.tpl but clearlu displays other views
Ruby on Rails integrated with Wordpress site
Looping through two std::vectors using the same iterator
A function that only permits N concurrent threads
format date in php returned from mysqli
parameter passing issue
Is Dynamic LINQ still in use and suitable for narrowing-down search results?
setTimeout() loop issue with the delay and rotate3d page flickering issue while resizing browser window in google chrome
Building Spring 3.0.1 - Failing Tests
NullPointerException with view.getLocationOnScreen
CompareAttribute error taking precedence from RequiredAttribute one
iPhone - Showing Images from Server in Cover Flow
Add .gitignore to gitignore
Detecting PageLoad Changes in Iframe?
Nhibernate producing proxy despite HQL fetch
Access dropping SQL connection
Grails : how to customize order with a sql function?
How can i copy only header files in an entire nested directory to another directory keeping the same heirarchy after copying to new folder
Using PHP to write a CSV file with Spanish characters
C# - How to detect whether a website has a Shared or Dedicated IP Address?
App force closing on ViewPager?
HTML-Mail: Some links not working in Outlook 2007
Using Boolean True/False with JOptionPane.YES_NO_OPTION
Put image in Sort Order MVC WebGrid
javascript replace not workings
verify form is filled out, HTML jQuery
CSS properties for StyleableTextField htmlText
sharpsvn how to monitor upload progress on commit
permuting columns of a matrix with replacement and clustering
PayPal Encrypt cart data
How to check if user has publish_stream permission synchrounously?
How do i upgrade Xcode from 4.2.1 to 4.3.2?
facebook like box count likes
Converting Rails 2 app with ActiveMessaging to Rails 3, have a few questions
Change class depending on window and page size.
.vimrc TAGS command errors
django - how do i access the child's Meta from the parent?
andengine: Add a view containing UI controls on top of andengine using addContentView
Free .NET library to play flash content without Internet exlorer needed
How to disable the ListItems without disabling the CheckBoxes embedded on them?
Add multiples user controls in the delegate control 鈥淎dditionalPageHead鈥�
How do I debug cucumber tests?
User-defined Activity themes in Android
HttpServletRequest.getCookies(): Array, Why The isHttpOnly() function always return false?
What is the syntax for increasing the size of a BLOB datatype in Oracle?
Validating XHTML inside $.queue
Reference MMDevice API in C# project
Android : I/O Exception and could not transition from WiFi to 3G for some specific WiFis
Is there any tips for opencv library configuration in VS2010?
jQuery and mulitple selection options
Delete Anonymous Objects in C++
Pari/GP compare integer with real
Object equality behaves different in .NET
SubSonic configuration error
C++ Updating a data member using a struct pointer
WkHtmlToPDF displays a tiny pdf if text is too long
Is there a way to do an INSERT INTO SELECT statement while specifying a commit count?
Searching for files for which we know part of the word, but too many files for wildcard in the Korn Shell
Programmatically disable 鈥渢rap unhandled exceptions鈥�mode in winpdb
Is POST and URL automatically populated for HttpParameters? [closed]
.NET project with native dependencies. How to set build configuration?
Getting Distinct Data from Every Column
Android: Shifting array one position to make a dynamic graph
Augmented Reality 3D animation on iOS / Android
what is the git command so as to open a repository
MKAnnotation doesn麓t trigger pin point draw method
Using custom logger service in AuthenticationHandler class in Symfony2
System.Threading Timer
Using LESS in the Padrino Ruby framework
How to fix the position of the tableFooterView
mvc3 get full path using HttpPostedFileBase
Facebook SDK: How to i get the photo properties after posting an image?
Connection string error: 鈥淎n exception occurred while initializing the database鈥�
constructing url dynamically
FireFox buttons not linking
Is the a specific webkit feature I can detect to check if a user is using a webkit browser
XPath count() function
Creating buttons in google docs spreadsheet like EXCEL
Running the same SQL code against a number of tables sequentially
Java Checkbox List in Netbeans
Ember statemanager vs sproutcore-statechart in emberjs add-ons
jquery mobile call javascript twice
facebook: what limits are there for inviting users to an event via graph API?
How set RowFilter in DataView for Null value Columns
How can i prevent explorer.exe from loading at startup? [closed]
Converting an image to text via Javascript or PHP? [duplicate]
where Jcomments data stored?
How to show recursive parentID in a single column in SQL
How to avoid execution delay race condition when dynamically loading JavaScript class files with jQuery?
jQuery: bind namespaces events
Background noise removal from audio signals using FFT Python
How to keep an Eclipse installation in sync between multiple platforms with Dropbox?
git diff file against its last change
jQuery: bind namespaces events
Background noise removal from audio signals using FFT Python
How to keep an Eclipse installation in sync between multiple platforms with Dropbox?
git diff file against its last change
Are maven project better to work with in NetBeans than Eclipse?
How to calculate the likelihood for an element in a route that traverses a probability graph is correct?
How to compile Apple's securityd package?
Count values of data-attribute with jQuery
Android Logging in eclipse
Liferay 6 : Liferay Login page JSP name
POST request and nginx
jacocoData missing with EclEmma & AbstractTransactionalJUnit4SpringContextTests
Java formatter in Eclipse - change java.lang.Object references to Object, add import statement as necessary [duplicate]
Android gallery onItemClick show larger image
How to replace the string and put new values using php regex
Embed form (has many) with activeadmin
Run javascript in C# WPF Form
Sql Server 2005 - SSIS statistics per component per run
Getting the name of an Exchange mailbox to connect to it programmatically
Android system stops application when launching Media Intent
Implementing exits in a text adventure
Interpolating Function as PDF in Mathematica
Bootstrap Pill with Dropdown not working
How to turn off TextDidChange Event in iOS?
How to keep a specific row as the first result of a query (T-SQL)?
FTP to a subfolder
Add behaviors to Drupal AJAX button
c# multithreading method name expected
Number of results without 1 condition
ArgumentNullException was unhandled
SIFT keypoint detection in Matlab
function works (boot.stepAIC ) but throws an error inside another function - environment issue?
Replace Android library project by JAR library?
CodeIgniter pagination url page number
Is there a way I can use OperationContextScope without messing up persist and unload on idle?
Access external .jar resources from java
Dynamically populating textArea in Flashbuilder
How can I host a isapi extension on windows azure
ios methods becoming zombies
Create google maps polyline from multiple mysql points
Global process spawn limit in PHP?
How to specify include and lib directories when locally installing RODBC?
With Spring do you still need a java application server and when?
SQL Query Multiple Joins
Why is a cast needed here?
Iterate each character in Word documents
How do I use Rails as purely a JSON application server with a Backbone UI?
Is it possible to convert a boost::system::error_code to a std:error_code?
how to run plot of R into C/C++?
Hadoop MapReduce 1.0.2 eclipse-plugin build fails鈥 don't get it
Oomph MacMapKit Drawing Wrong
Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to I-phone in blackberry application
Subtracting two 4x4 Matrices - is this possible?
Large amount text fields for form, solutions needed
After logging out I am unable to log back in, Keep getting redirected to 鈥渕ysite/remove-group-member.icepush鈥� Why?
Changing the Panels of a JFrame 鈥渄isable鈥�the inputMap of the new Panel inserted
Customizing an OFfice 365 Sharepoint website with CSS
Libsvm in Java: exits after 0 iterations, no result
Returning constructor-less object as output parameter
Orchard CMS display image from MediaPicker using Projector
Understanding Pyramid numbers in Java
PowerShell Script to query and delete print jobs older than 鈥渪鈥�days
node.js + express error: cannot read property 'url' of undefined
How to make OnTouch() react to a single view
Python error: could not convert string to float
RVM not able to install different versions of Ruby
How to pass a string as a WHERE clause in MYSQL
jQuery post() apostrophe how is apostrophe automatically converted to html numeric entity?
Is there a way to go programatically go to different home screens?
Does this work? C++ multiple inheritance and constructor chaining
Filemaker Pro 11 Script - Add fields dynamically?
read from a file written in c with java
How to insert only new ( not duplicate ) row to the existing table - in proc sql - sas?
CodeIgniter multilanguage database
How to intercept update requests in Hibernate
Git: undo a merge (that has been pushed)
Windows Phone: Targets, Branding
PHP organize uploaded photos
Removing escaped quotes in SQLite3
Incomplete implementation Error
Default Option and returning NULL
MongoDB unexpected token? when using $gte
how to set proxy parameters (host, username, host and password) in .net webbrowser component?
System.ArgumentException: String value can not be converted to a date
Export data to textfile from 'bcp' (xp_cmdshell) - how to get it to work dynamic in a trigger?
WebService not found facescontext in jsf
Connect outlet of a Cell Prototype in a storyboard
Odd behavior when saving a product model that has tier pricing from a script in Magento
WPF/XAML - ValidationRule on GroupBox?
SUM data from other table when joining some tables with conditions
Node.js: Invoke different behavior via cluster.fork()
Checking Pixels Vertically in Matlab
Dynamically set Func<> types
Fix for cfloop adding unwanted white-space to a table in IE6?
Params not passing to methods in Sinatra
handle condition in select statement
navigation on jquery-tools scrollable always disable
how to know whether key exists in Json string [duplicate]
.htaccess for SSL?
MySQL Get results from multiple tables based on a date
How to print an ArrayList of ArrayLists so that each inner list is printed on one row?
Exclusive mysql select query, two tables
Get a list of all registerd MemoryMapFiles in c#?
Parallelize tasks but preserving input order in output
PHP-FPM returns different result from command line
Dynamically change a link in Jquery Mobile via Ajax
strange Date formatter issue in iPhone device
Redirecting with javascript after adding googlemap location to sql database
How to unload DOTS
Field nameSpan has no corresponding field in template file Login.ui.xml
How do i use a shell script output as input for perl script (to delete files with permissions)?
How do I add an include path for kernel module makefile
Hexa String to Int java
Do all 404 pages share something in common?/Are 404 page distinguishable from regular pages?
Convert IQueryable<T> to IQueryable<Y>
How to pass extra arguments to python decorator?
WebDAV Word Upload Failed (but works)鈥�Does MS Word Require WebDAV Microsoft Extension Properties (e.g. office:modifiedby)
SQLite 3 in Symfony2
javascript this object
(linux) Kernel with Real-Time Preemption鈥�not found
Why isn't drop down changing based on other value?
android application doing force close
New offline_access token implementation Facebook App with javascript
Full Text Search with LINQ, decrease results with each keyword
Python syntax: using loops inside a timeit statement
Where to put the database sensitive information [duplicate]
ActiveRecord with different Date/Time format
Cocos2d : scale layer to a sprite
With OpenCV, try to extract a region of a picture described by ArrayOfArrays
NullReference Exception when assigning to a Class Integer[]
Add COM library reference in MonoDevelop
QTP dll library - Parameters
Is it possible to select a div inside another that contains a specific child in CSS
cgicc: uploading large files?
delete 鈧�symbol from span tag using jquery
Finding the start and end of a sequence in a data.frame
Generalized Hough R-Table
tableview refresh json feed
Encoding issues with XMLWriter (PHP)
Very simple WPF program locks up (hangs) on keyboard layout change
How To Set UIColor Value To CGContextSetRGBStrokeColor
Multiple graphs with same x-axis in Google Charts
Decoupling date pattern in file name and rolling frequency
MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails.getThumbnail performance issue in android
Finding unique pairs of samples with minimum distance
Meta_query date issue
Get Log of ARB Payment Process in using curl Request API?
Does the service layer sit between the controller and the model (mapper)?
Bean validation on JBoss seam and JPA (Hibernate)
How do I call C library functions from assembly language in MSVC 2008?
Get Log of ARB Payment Process in using curl Request API?
Does the service layer sit between the controller and the model (mapper)?
Bean validation on JBoss seam and JPA (Hibernate)
How do I call C library functions from assembly language in MSVC 2008?
Use regexp in Matlab to return the value of a variable from a text file
Android: in-process broadcast
java xgettext extract keys inside quoted text
Can thread creation within OS internals run concurrently?
Getting User Certificates with KeyStore.saw(String prefix)
IO.Directory.CreateDirectory() error
Prevent user from opening two same child windows?
Best way to write arbitrary NSData into an NSXMLElement
How to include JSTL / EL footers inside a .jsp?
How to print a wikipedia page with the style retained?
label for[鈥 not recognised by IE8
Difference between class variables within braces and those declared with @property annotation
How to Embed the perl interpreter in a C# Program
Using acts-as-taggable-on with rails3-jquery-autocomplete?
When do I add new folders in Convention over Configuration?
boost::program_options 鈥減olymorphic鈥�argument
Collating data from a different column per row of a data.table, depending on the text of another column
Far away objects overlap near ones. Why is that and how can I fix it?
MKPinAnnotationView custom image
HTML acting like style isn't referenced only in IE7 or IE Compatibility Mode
Python 鈥渟et鈥�with duplicate/repeated elements
C# MciSendString Recording, Works in debug, not deployed
C# and crystalreport
Checking if Entity exists in google app engine datastore.
Calling Shell Script from xquery module in MarkLogic
Display distance between 2 locations on a ListView
how to take picture from camera using iphone app
Modify Javascript Variable Using Greasemonkey
Android: UI: using bounderies
Removing doublettes
Metro UI as a XPages theme
Assembly binding and redirect
Regular expression excluding sequences of same(predefined) char
Does Yield/Join release monitor lock? [duplicate]
removing field in form dynamically sencha 2
EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) On Application Startup
Constrain nvarchar columns in entity framework codefirst?
Best way to hide a popup menu?
iptables 1.4.11 on Android
jQuery - unable to update hidden input attribute
Python Property, How do I get this to work correctly
Ruby on Rails application won鈥檛 start using Passenger when there are non-ASCII characters in the app path
SQL Server speed: left outer join vs inner join
prevent beforeSelectRow event, when a user doubleClick any Row in jqgrid
Proper way to call servlet from Facelets?
Assembly MIPS %call16(printf)
How to save a shell script's echo output within Java
The use of c3p0.idle_test_period.
Memory Error during frame animation in Android application
Facebook Application request
Loading information from a text file in Delphi 7
Multipe managed beans with multiple xpages
Submit form using only PHP? Without JavaScript?
Android Design Theory [closed]
Render jQuery template on server
Construct chain of links from list
What's the cartoon speech bubble coming from the notification area called, and how do I create one?
Resize the images on the client side in Drupal 7?
HTML syntax unknown to display a javascript binary string containing a jpeg image
LinkedList equivalence in J2ME
MVC3 - Get info from DB & populate in layout.cshtml
im trying to add an if else statement for when the form is posted and wether or not the user include files or not?
Undefined namespace windows phone 7
CUDA reduction using thrust inside kernel
Can't exit Salesforce Development Mode
Twitter Bootstrap online loader? [duplicate]
Can't copy files to UNC Destinations if BAT file is called via scheduled task
way to use moles for windows phone 7 projects
PHP Function Error [duplicate]
ASP.NET / VS2010 Finding unused files in project
Phonegap beep/sound iOS Error
Stacking GWT layouts on top of one another
Cross-thread violation on rb_gc()
How to host a WCF service from one project in another project?
RestKit & Core Data - Reloading data in table view nested in a view container
Error Submitting My App to the App Store
How to get current month in webdriver using java
Changing Jquery vertical tabs to menu
Visual Studio 2010 loses JS formatting rules
How can I submit unchecked html checkboxes without Stripes tags?
how to assign functions in javascript?
Null pointer exception - iterating over FastMap values
Applying css to a php table
Listening click TabWidget
How to open a new Internet explorer from command prompt with no ToolBar ,AdressBar and Standard Buttons?
Matlab char to double vector
Facebook invite
How to force a click on a embedded flash file?
Eclipse tooling for Blueprint XML
Best practice for testing return value of indexOf
How to build a self-signed certificate with openssl?
deep copy of vector in AS3
android download zip file from url and unzip
Downscaling/resizing a video during upload to a remote website
How to avoid a lot of if else conditions
.htaccess redirect root to index.php
MySQL Selecting data from multiple different tables in a single query
Bidirectional data structure for this situation
Observer pattern or some other pattern
How can I see what preprocessor macro expands to using /P?
Converting hexadecimal string in Oracle
Would it be good C++ style to mimic the C# / D difference between struct / class? [closed]
How can I change my INNER JOIN to an OUTER JOIN?
fb:registration possible to set date range or select future date?
Getimagesize() - read error
jQuery - stop animation in progress (fadeOut) and show again when mouse enters/leaves quickly
Ctypes catching exception
Running Tomcat with JRockit
How can I make clicking a link populate a value of an input element that appears before it?
How to allowing scaling for tablet, but not mobile
Defining connection string for mongoose in environments
How to use Ajax in Facebook's canvas app?
stream audio from ios to REST server via POST command
DQL many to many and count
Why does my web service response XML contain escape characters and how should they be handled?
Dynamic template for a ComboBox in ListBox
VM to Connect full screen for Hyper-V on Boot
Calculate distance between two points in bing maps
LDAP Queries using Pattern Matching
Importing ant path-like structures from a build file in another directory
Xcode: data from one view to another [duplicate]
Check XMM register for all zeroes
How to add MVC3 controller from database first EF model?
Reorganize & rebuild for indexes on SQL Server 2008
My JSON isn't being decoded by PHP
How to construct different-type-ones-to-many relationship?
How to use encrypted configuration data in Grails application?
Shared memory - need for synchronization
List Item is not clickable in Android
Meaning of the expression
Send a JSON string to a RESTful WS from Classic ASP
XSL-FO Table with repeating headers
PHP: move_uploaded_file Issues. What's wrong here?
Obtaining information about other processes on Windows
WkHtmlToXSharp - System.AccessViolationException
VB.NET include .exe in project and attach to main process
Is there a simple way to get the language code from a country code in PHP 4.0 Menu control word wrap
How to create an update method for an android 3D game framework?
RestTemplate and Cookie
Presenting a website locally and offline in iOS
Textile error: using url's results in compilation error
Remove CSS effect from individual elements
How to 'Stream' large data using WCF 4.5 WebSockets
Running AJAX query to refresh div with php file
Determining file size in VB.NET
How does the popup functionality of JQuery's datepicker work?
How do I see source or javadocs for a library dependency in an Android package in Eclipse?
Rails - Cannot Access Table Field
How to clear spinner listener
Filtering information with dropdown selection
JDBC setMaxRows database usage
regex_replace doesn't replace the hyphen/dash
Multiple checking at one time accesoryType
Programatically undeploy web application from server
add boxplot to other graph in python
Content not being displayed in the correct language
Terminate a process by Cocoa
Is there an easier way of representing conditions in C++?
JqGrid on mobile device
How to get the response data length in an Apache2 custom module?
Get access token without user intervention C# SDK
Initializing root view controller with myViewController / Using split view(sliding navigation) controller
run a scheduled task in Windows XP without log in
Mod_rewrite rules from root
Regular Expressions To Extract All Images And HTML
How to solve the method missing error in rails console
Conditional INNER JOIN returning undesired results
Regex extraction of one letter inside html chunk
Adding table layout to AlertDialog
Video Source issue with Open Graph Embedding
Java Code to Implement a hash table using only arrays [closed]
PL/SQL Static cursor variable as ref cursor
404 error when i try open my app
XCode, TableView with Appdelegate returning previous data
Restarting a timer in the onResume() method?
Mercurial: enforce 鈥渉g pull -u鈥�before 鈥渉g commit鈥�
display in table format from mysql
Why is this sql line not working
Should I use a Marker Interface or not?
Automatically apply tinymce validation to all drupal pages
What level does mongodb write lock take place?
c# compiler ILSpy on WP7
Copy cursor object in Python
mod_rewrite in vhosts configuration
When grid enters edit mode DateTime picker clears value
Javascript & Google Maps Circle
How to call serverside function with button click in jQuery uidialogbox?
How can I include a strong name assembly file in my installer
Maximum (shared memory per block) / (threads per block) in CUDA with 100% MP load
Bundle install error with rbenv
Ruby EOFError with open-uri and loop
preg_match: What if there're html entities?
Mysql: allow query on an otherwise inaccesible column?
Converting Unicode back to JavaScript escapes
Change text backgroundcolor in Word
How to calculate physical address in computer architecture?
Can we set 鈥�fno-jump-tables鈥�as 鈥淥ther Cflags鈥�in XCode?
Rails - best_in_place jQuery conflict
CodeIgniter deleting with db doesnt work
JNLP should use a specific Java version but error results
How to simulate multi developer scenario with RTC source control
MySQL: How to perform an action if a unique field is already used with INSERT INTO
Load page on selection from dropdown form
calling a method within CFC Failing, but creating it as an object is working fine
How to save an Emgu `Image<Bgr, Byte> frame` in a memory stream as JPEG?
MATLAB date number too short - how to get MATLAB to stop shortening my Serial Date Number
Clang linker and i686
What does this regular expression do and what does the function do with it?
Rails file_field helper doesn't return anything
sql runs fast in ssms slow in
?+* follows nothing in regexp
NotSerializableException when saving an ArrayList to a text file
Change Dynamically Loaded Control During PostBack
Jsch: Is there way to send Control Character
PHPUnit @dataProvider simply doesn't work
Gstreamer : Development and Code Committing [closed]
Getting header column names in Cell table on click in GWT
How to get a isapi dll physical path from a program in release mode
Getting a server control property value via Java Script
Follow move/resize events with HTML5 video?
Maintain TextBox scroll position while adding line
In Doctrine 1.2, how do I access glue object properties in a many-to-many relationship?
CRM 2011 - Decreasing 鈥淢aximum Length鈥�of the Subject field in Appointment Gives an error
access 2007 deadlock with internal query
鈥淚nvalid Postback鈥�exception on custom GridView with custom row events
android Reflection on NdefMessage Construction fails
ListView's Item Layout error
Pathfinding: How to create path data for the pathfiding algorithm?
Best practices for component based design using only html and javascript/jquery
Javascript passed param is not expected. Why?
Primefaces p:calendar with p:ajax value not updated (one step delay)
boost shared_ptr interface/object
Youtube API event on a specified time
C# Creating and using Functions
How to transform this link into jquery.load()?
Enable a button when user mark a checkbox inside a list item
Advice needed with items in a customised list view
LSOpenURLsWithRole fails when opening App from command line
HTML5 valid itemscope
Manipulating images at pixel level in c# to decode it in to text info if it contains? [closed]
How to create HBase columns / table for related but separated entities
Testing the transmission of DatagramSockets
No rounded edges in IE in Bootstrap
Disable <div> on buttonclick
Error while compiling java file with GCC
Manipulating images at pixel level in c# to decode it in to text info if it contains? [closed]
How to create HBase columns / table for related but separated entities
Testing the transmission of DatagramSockets
No rounded edges in IE in Bootstrap
Disable <div> on buttonclick
Error while compiling java file with GCC
Symfony 2.0 adding multiple entries
invisible button that works android xml
Receving http network response code in app
Create iphone interface from psd
Unable to connect to any URL starting with https in simulator
W3wp hih cpu usage and non-existent web pages
Where is the pseudo-distributed template for HBase?
Bug in php function to replace line breaks with paragraph tags
Find values from one excel sheet in another
Error while re building and running the android program in device with updated Android version(androidapi 15 rev1 to api 15 rev2)
Reading from a text file; how do I determine how many fields each line holds?
Display image in pop-up window from c# class library
AJAX Gallery Loading
reloading tableview after a segue
jTemplates does not work in ie8
How to convert two column .csv file to xml document
Google Maps markers not showing on Internet Explorer
Open JPA how do I get back results from foreign key relations
Is it possible to get looggedin user email id from linkedin rails?
Is there a way to define a common alias to different paths for different computers in the Z-shell?
Explorer code works but Firefox and Chrome code not working [duplicate]
How to stop browser back button showing a page I have left
Change permissions of folders
Hibernate 鈥淚nvalid column name鈥�error when using a NamedNativeQuery
Sending text/form from jQuery SVG? Possible? [closed]
Get DateTime on querystring
Regex capture group flows into second match set
Enum to string : return the enum integer value if invalid / not found
Alternative to @ModelAttribute
GWT upgrade from 2.1 to 2.4
Reading file into types - Haskell
Android: When is it appropriate to store images in the assets rather than the drawable folders?
How to use EasyRec in my webPage
Diff between LoadViewState and TrackViewState Event in ASP.Net Page Life-cycle
Logging to syslog vs filesystem: pros and cons
how can I add imaging handling got this script effectively
Code Issue with Java
PHP Return by Reference Clarification
Ruby on Rails - Routes - taking a step out of the URL
Any possible best alternative to this messy explode?
$_SESSION being destroyed by json_decode
Sorting Win Form CheckListbox [closed]
How to route a .aspx page in mvc 3 project?
SEO friendly link in codeigniter
jQuery validation: Show/hide custom elements besides the default elements
return view, but also jump to div
Best option for a CSV upload in rails?
Xcode bug? VoiceOver with TableView
css bottom border not working properly?
NetworkManager dispatcher script
Notice: Undefined offset: 0 - for error message
Use Socket for received File in windows phone
Access php array variable (from ajax call) in javascript
Verifying download box pop up using selenium
How can I make my Java program pause until a specific button has been pressed?
Evalute code block in a function parameter in lua
How to determine the process is done in python
Zend Framework Delete Cascade
Adding items to PopupMenu
To match a variable containing metacharacters using regular expressions in perl
Last Modified of file downloaded does not match its HTTP header
Audio Stream from PC/Mac to Android/iPhone
Unable to invoke action method of commandbutton
Run time error -2145320931 Object referenced by other objects
How can i detect what link is the mouse cursor is currently hovering on when the user is surfing with his Web Browser?
HABTM relationships in ExpressionEngine
JQuery Spinner Issue
how can I get cell td into controller?
Perl: Is there a DBI function similar to statistics_info, to retrieve FK references and constraints?
Knockout is not mapping the properties of an object in an array
jQuery Mobile Filtered List - only match beginning of string
Replace character in C#
Resharper search with pattern
URL Rewrite Rule using .htaccess not working as expected
Back button event capturing in 鈥淎sk Question鈥�
Set 鈥渁uto鈥�Range for an XYAreaChart
Cast List to Collection
Sharepoint Ribbon: Circumventing Context sensitivity
Restrict/Enumerate xml:lang values in XSD
Binary Tree array iteration
Knockout Javascript any strategies for making a foreach checkbox section with a bound observable array
Javascripts conflict in Joomla
Database efficiency/structure issue
Calcualte number of rows affected by batch query in PostgreSQL
Select data at a particular level from a MultiIndex
Read chunked HTTP in .Net
I'm having problems adding numbers in an array 鈥�x86 MASM assembly
OpenLayers get position of newly created point
How do I use CCode attributes in Vala?
mongo db , node express , extract an element from output returned by mongodb
When passing data between Activities with Intent Extra I keep getting the same value
Changing font colors after certain time duration
I'm getting an error in VS2010 from the Report Wizard
How to draw 3D surface from function
OpenLayers get position of newly created point
How do I use CCode attributes in Vala?
mongo db , node express , extract an element from output returned by mongodb
When passing data between Activities with Intent Extra I keep getting the same value
Changing font colors after certain time duration
I'm getting an error in VS2010 from the Report Wizard
How to draw 3D surface from function
Index browser (UI tool) for Lucene .NET index
hide the logout link [closed]
form.SchemaEditForm with ignoreContext
Android animated ShapeDrawable
Can static arrays be safely accessed from multiple threads?
Python to PHP transcodeing for game rcon
Combobox dynamic data display with itemsource option. How to select a particular item?
Why does adding 鈥渁nd鈥�disrupt how the line of code works?
Update user information in web app using c#
Query in SQLite with String
How to enable MacBook to recognize android devices
ASP to PHP translate - string concatenation
mysql query to count white spaces or words from entire row
How to build a pep8 like static analysis tool for Django?
Open Graph working for Google+ and LinkedIn but not Facebook
htaccess mod_rewrite - subfolder type to long urls
.NET Response.Filter does not call Write() with IIS7
sample example which explain how to use filesystem resolver
ODBC driver for Oracle: Syntax error or access violation
Footer won't center on the bottom of the page
Tailoring AutoCompleteTextView to fit my needs?
Enable a button after open jquery dialog with modal true
Explode an EAR file
AccessDB. Table. Creation or modification time?
How to pull branches from remote source
How to avoid flickering with uncleared framebuffers (iOS)?
Union initialisation in a struct
crystal reports export to excel cutting off rows
Hibernate custom typeto avoid 'Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Stream has already been closed'
How to get row index of listview from custom list adapter?
Java 'this' keyword
Autoplay function on Nivo Slider ( not wp version )
MySQL query to perform pattern matching
Java subclass constructor from superclass
Relationship of node.js / Express / Connect /
Facebook like button issue image, title, description
RDF databases on Android
pointer to static member function is 鈥渋nvalid鈥�as a template argument for g++
Image stitching SimpleCV: colorspace changes after warping
Is there a way to uncompress .Z files using php?
Open file in Firefox by clicking on a file path within Notepad++ editor
How can I get this function to work after a navigation menu bar link has been clicked?
jqgrid background color when editing
Creating Figures in GEF eclipse
Filter query by key ID on Google App Engine
Editing the row for duplicates using NSAlerts in NSTableView
How to check whether a given string is valid JSON in Java
Trying to rotate a layout in android, canvas does not appear to rotate
Extended Application class - Force Close on Restart Android
How to redraw only a portion of the presenting framebuffer?
how to add a factor to a sequence?
How to access the phone contact list and display it in tableview?
Session timeout ajax call redirect to login page
I need a html helper for my view but not too sure what one to use
parallelization with openMP - stack or heap variables
Problems with mailman configuration based on postfix(dropmail)
should be a socket closed ALWAYS if read() or send() returns <0?
java right double click mouse event behaves same as left double click mouse event on Mac OS X
Using a sieve to find number of divisors but only for n^2
Image with Buttons - just above the Google Map
urldecode wordpress menus
How can I convert SQL datetime to DD/MM/YYYY 22:00
Blackberry Tab bar control
Azure endpoints - different deployments
Jackson ResourceAccessException: I/O error: Unrecognized field
Using a paged list on model first approach?
Start application when file is revived via Bluetooth
Delete inside foreach with linq where
MYSQL string replace on column PHP
EJB 2.1 Vs EJB 3.1
displaying values from arrays
IIS 7 Classic ASP application running in Integrated mode
How to find the minimum cost of linking two sets of points
NSTask waitUntilExit is not working as expected
How to change Liferay Flag drop down values?
write to stdout with win32 gui app
rails css class=鈥渃urrent鈥�
box whisker plot in python
Double parentheses of a function call锛�
Simple server/client C networking exercise
one-to-many relationship saves foreign key as NULL in
Some of the following errors I found in my google app engine. Could anybody suggest some solutions for this??
Number of neighbours KNN algorithm
Remove element from multidimensional array
Need Suggestion for form field handling with multiple input methods
Changing the start day of week from 'monday' to 'tuesday' in Php
jquery setInterval and setTimeout not working
Advice needed with back button on the device how to get POST parameter and GET parameter?
c# check if a string starts and ends with a char, by using its ascii code
ftp plugin for netbeans 7.1.1 mac
Add RadioGroup to AlertDialog in Android
How can I inspect and tweak :before and :after pseudo-elements in-browser?
Android gallery: stretching and overlapping thumbnails
jQuery price slider
HTML5 history: how can I see the URL that was popped (ie, the page we were on when we hit the back button)
Unwanted margin on float
linux ftp mget using ftp MULTI-FETCHING or cURL
ExtJS4 - Store per panel instance?
Read in file contents to Arrays
Permalinks in conflict
Horizontal Scrollbar on IE8
Invert a non filled Geometry
Want to switch on calendar date doing some calculation
Unique entry verification using MySQL and PHP
WCF LINQ query fails intermittently with null reference in lambda expression
jquery conflict while adding jquery slideshow in wordpress site
How can I send facebook application requests using a customized popup?
WSO2 support on IBM Power system
Kongregate 鈥淎dd to Favorites鈥�button callback
performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: - a way to do this to pass something other than an object?
How to restore the string in AutoCompleteTextView
C# format a string
Updating Product Quantity
Property injection in custom membership provider using Castle
To check that value in a textbox is inputted only from autocomplete values.
Android Eclipse Linear Layout with multiple text views not wrapping
Stop select box from changing selected option color
How to use Using Response.Transmit()
VBA skipping If statements in Access 2010
How to get the list of zipcodes/theaterid of theaters listed in
MediaPlayer not stoped when using device back button
Bugzilla without requiring user accounts
On what parameter '==' decides equality?
can't access helper file
weird Issue in using the page layout analysis of tesseract 3.01
NSFetchedResultsController not displaying correct sort until after saveContext saves?
add new_foo_path manually in rails
jquery plugin's chainability with each and ready
What's the best implementation of safe navigation operator
Convert a hex string into base64?
Setting ACE slow for folder with many files
Working with string and replace
Textarea value in cookie - PHP
How to get integer value from Sqlite Database?
Import ExcelSheet into MySql with PHP
Making transactional calls to the DB when using UserDetailsService
MySQL licence when developping a website? [closed]
Sync two MySQL tables
Lightbox JS Error on Magento in IE9 - Unable to get value of the property '0': object is null or undefined
Cache-Control IIS 7.5
subtract two dates
X11 Compositor / Layer manager
Timeout for synchronus connections in
Using OleDbDataAdapter to update a DataTable C#
Microsoft (TFS) Build server - The type or namespace name '鈥� does not exist in the namespace '鈥� (are you missing an assembly reference?)
Resolving Maven circular dependencies between test, testhelper, and project-under-test
Quickly generating ViewModel properties in wpf?
iPhone/OS X LION: How to retrieve the decoded data from the CC_SHA256 encrypted data?
Windows Drives - Access & Manipilate Entries
TCP Slow start window size
One App for 7.1 and 7.0
Generating appointments (date)
How can I use attributes on a property defined in the other half of a partial class?
has_many :through association in the url/view?
HTML5 video - playing only a portion of a video
How to make my text render higher up on the page?
xcode 4.2 (build 4D199) crash on build with Cocos2D
JAXB afterUnmarshall not called when using extended class
Wininet InternetGetCookie gets empty cookie data
Is Google indexing HTML custom data attributes?
part of the image
using ruby for admin-script: bunder / gem / rvm confusion
Specific piece of code for inserting a 2D vector inside a 1D vector?
DLNA PROTOCOL in Client Torrent
java heap memory issue
g++ integer to to string assignment without an error/warning
AutoParallaxBackground vertically in GLES2, AndEngine
Routes - how to display in url ID and the name of article?
CakePHP: why aren't validation errors showing up?
Are there semantically identical alternatives for getaddrinfo on Win8 Metro?
How to send and read binary data in TinyXML?
Instantiating WPF objects and making them available
Using a selective @Entity
Check whether an element is a parent of a given element
A server or scripting issue
Tivoli Access Manager with Grails spring security
NSSet takes just the last value from my for set
How to read params object[] items passed from C# in Javascript?
Alternatives to Curl in CentOS
Excel - Is it possible to declare variables for specific words?
Android 3.2 Strange view issues
Grouping and getting the most popular item in a table
Parse an iframe using lxml
Why can't I reference System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations?
IfElse or regex
Print php table with Print function via Printer
Drop down menu in Ruby on Rails
How to validate multiple dropdown list using jquery?
It keeps displaying undefined for file name
How to compare the name of a Person in different representation using C#
What is Ingram micro API service integration, have any document for Ingram micro API services? [closed]
How can I write a Drawable resource to a File?
It keeps displaying undefined for file name
How to compare the name of a Person in different representation using C#
What is Ingram micro API service integration, have any document for Ingram micro API services? [closed]
How can I write a Drawable resource to a File?
How to compare a varchar field having 鈥�鈥�character
Cake php 2.1 form error
Remote server with pre-installed software and GUI
Looking for algorithm: Clustering by 'similarity'
Ruby Rails - save vs update where method
Two or more CSS styles are being used when displaying the web page
File Transfer with Maximum Speed on LAN
NullPointerException in Apache MINA on Android 2.2
Force empty space betweek two links?
Acces token from facebook is not retrived for sign up? access_token (trying to get propert of non object )
SVN Update at Server side using ASP.Net Web Application
Service and telecom requirements
Clearing SSL exceptions in Mobile Safari
Member not replaced as expected, why?
How to set the message ID and time stamp for incoming messages
Button Back in Browser with Frames (history forward don't work)
Incorrect GROUP BY usage
How to insert BSONObj into another BSONObj in C++ (Mongo)
openMP - parallel for with collapse clause
Getting JNotify into Maven/Archiva
XCode/Cocoa Mac Changing Views
CUDA kernel gives different result even though input is the same
How to use Pry within Factory Girl Rails?
JQuery Onchange Event Not Working
Saving excel file to html format generates many sheetXXX.htm
what's the meaning of the brackets in Property definition?
How to use MSBuild.ExtensionPack
Drupal 7 - Show Text on Image Hover
Can Eclipse have multiple output folders just like multiple source folders
Geocoder failed due to: ZERO_RESULTS error in google map reverse geocoding example
Url Rewriting of once controller - cake 2.0
Enabling debug logs on JAIN SIP (NIST implementation)
crossing axes with ultrachart from infragistics?
https and http combined .htaccess
Creating a frame animation in android
the apk file working in emulator but not in android device
Can I execute a String something like a language command? [closed]
How to get Absolute path for a video using ALAssets Library?
get photo from iphone photo library and show in table view
document.getElementById coming back with null for a known element - why?
Default Splash Screen fails to get with region format
C++ Multitype object idea
Need some clarification in loading database in android
Type definition issue
C, read file and split [closed]
Global asax and application_endrequest
Access main form from child unit in Delphi
TimeZoneInfo on MonoTouch and .NET do not match
jquery UI: Datepicker does not appear
Saving int values to Array when app closes
Why am I getting error message 鈥淐annot use object of type stdClass as array鈥�
DRM client to test the openipmp server on windows
Address Space Overflow