About PHP Sessions
make an 鈥渁lways relative to current module鈥�file path?
Design pattern for RootController and multiple ViewController's
Dynamic name to structure variable in C
PHP - replace a string with elements of an array?
Chrome floped image background stuck issue
Rails Module issue - undefined method 'validates_email' for User:class
WPF Binding and Resource Lookup Complexities
Creating a mysql table with a PHP variable
Flash going back to normal size after exiting fullscreen mode?
Indicator to see from which function a search string comes
Jquery pass wrong value to page
Ecore file's dialect
how to get page width on Android on orientationchange event in Jquery/Javascript?
Open file with associated application
Android onTouch event only being called first time
Why is using a Func<> so much faster than using the new() constraint on a generic sequence creator
What is good way to limit the amount of comments shown to a user until they choose to view all?
bash parameter substitution with newline
ImportError: cannot import name saxexts
Stanford NER: extracting separate lists of entities?
Mapping a component in Mapping By Convention NHibernate 3.3
File upload in ASP.NET MVC3 via Ajax not working
How do I get the TOP 1 appearing value by count and name desc from a UNION of 2 columns
Memory Banks in Intel 8086 and 8088
how to save a captured image in a retained variable and create a new variable to resize and edit the image on iOS?
Loading a BigInteger with a large, positive, number
loading js function from another file
What happens when connections to MongoDB are not closed?
build deployment project in command prompt
Vb.net equivalent query for c# linq query
Fortran Function explanation
method to add custom cell
print page in asp.net without master page's controls
What is jQuery version of this code? [closed]
Powershell window preventing shutdown
exponentiation in an arithmetic constant expression
confirm() JavaScript popup within Greasemonkey scripts don't work properly
Resolve users group membership in AssignedTo on work-item-queries
Where does `[UIImage imageNamed:]` load images from and how can I, at runtime, insert images into there?
Sqlite replace and foreign keys in Android
Complete Adding Row in DataGridView
Paging Control in DotNetNuke
cannot assign value to 鈥渇inal鈥�variable in java
Custom theme of a layout in android
Can the asp.net mvc 4.0 AjaxLogin.js dialog be re-used
How to display several MKPinAnnotation with same Latitude / Longitude?
Developing Android 2.3.3 app, works in emulator, APK claims it is installed on phone, nothing is installed
autocomplete in android (limit results or disabled scroll)
NSString to UIImage
Is memcpy() unsafe in Mac OS X?
Update DataSet in VB.Net As Table is Changed in SQL Server
Using /MD library with /MDd application
Specify XPath to count the value of a set of child-nodes?
Jquery/JavaScript Time Calculation [duplicate]
How to use one HttpClient per application?
Why isn't CURL JS loading my CSS file?
Content Observer onChange method called twice after 1 change in cursor
Rails 3 how do I get ActiveRecord::Relation from an array?
POST data into a modelform in the formwizard (django)
Rewriting a URL in Yii
read return value from delegate
Covariance, delegates and generic type constraints [duplicate]
Xcode Application sandbox folder doesn't show
UnsupportedOperationException in GLES20Canvas.clipPath with hardware acceleration disabled on view
How to hide TreeListView error message about a row with missing column details?
Submit Button that activates a PHP function
what is the best way to run Sql Agent job using C#?
How to use array as key in Javascript?
foreach() not 鈥渇or eaching鈥�items in array PHP
Regular expression= tabspace+STRING+tabspace
ASP.NET MVC hits outputcache for every action
Trying to Run js on firefox - it works fine on linux but not on windows
Looping html5 video in Chrome?
Client side validation Without Using Javascript Or VB Script
Different betweens copy /a and copy /b
Web API concurrency and scalability
Perl Encoding - Saving File to UTF8
Properties in RDF file
Delete Session files automatically in PHP
How to make InfoWindow pointer always point to the marker and the window never leave the screen?
SimpleModal not working in IE7
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'push' of undefined
Bind iList to DataGridView, DGV not updating
how to add sliding drawer controller in android
PHP xDebug graph interpretation
AdBannerView on iPad scrolls view offscreen when animating for dismissal
Not able to get query string
MVC3 shopping cart to order
Regular expression to parse word structure
how to display camera on Android phone by using phonegap
jQuery ajax on multi-step form
MVC3 shopping cart to order
Regular expression to parse word structure
how to display camera on Android phone by using phonegap
jQuery ajax on multi-step form
Dynamic DNS references
iOS - Application delegate - Calling didBecomeActive with CLLocationManager
MySql Source via PHP
Which browsers support 鈥�/鈥�instead of 鈥渉ttp://鈥�and 鈥渉ttps://鈥� [duplicate]
ECSlidingViewController loading from XIB
EF entity without a public key
Google Search Results in TXT file
ShareKit lose focus when actionsheet is closed
Detecting how random a online english nickname is [duplicate]
asp.net compare validator
how to determine which apps are background and which app is foreground on iOS
matching an array with another array
Get current user in FormsAuthentification
High traffic solution for simple data graph website
How can i test the correct setup of a queryset with randomly ordered elements?
How to check empty value in cmd file?
alert() method not resulting in window.focus on modern browsers
Is continuation passing style any different to pipes?
How to connect two paired bluetooth devices
How to change from binding ObervableCollection to a TabControl to a ContentControl
Devise/Omniauth failure: How to debug it?
java rmi -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=localhost still opens a socket listening on
launching tomcat7 at local host has an error
insert data from csv
Drag and drop file upload library for Internet Explorer
Converting from 1Mbyte to Hex
How to invoke parent class method without creating object of it
'java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError' in a native method on renaming package
How to connect to a remote server using nsISocketTransportService in a firefox extension?
Questions on GWT and other 鈥淲eb Application Frameworks鈥�
optimize heap size on android
Authentication between apps on host MVC3
How to test for iOS app compatibility for iPhone 3G/3GS and iOS 3/4 on Lion?
error and succes callback in jQuery ajax request
Cookie value is not changing. Each time getting the previous value
Passing data from one User Control to another in WPF [closed]
windows 2008 server R2 - remote desktop crashed after recent update
Messages app - Conversation lastMessage
Get 'highestCommittedUSN' attribute of a Domain Controller via LDAP
Secondary Axis Chart Order [closed]
Complex Roots of equation in Python [closed]
How does Varnish know how long to cache each response for?
How to pause SFTP Connector in Mule ESB CE
Reset Application setting in wp7
Generating docs from UML model with Rational Tools?
Sorting 2^30 number of 32 bit integers. Best solutions
how to do pause after paragraph while textToSpeech
ActiveRecord relation with nested objects to JSON
Map TTViewController as root with xib
Using iTextSharp htmlparser error
dspack, pushsource how to use it?
How to generate and compile C++ code while the program is running?
moving an ellipse in pygame
Designing a method/class to support configurable number of queries with variable number of arguments
Using htaccess to bundle a bunch of files into a single one
Where to put static data in wpf?
Share variables between two MATLAB m-files executing separately
Entity framework cannot connect to the database
Sending attachments in Windows Phone
Reading a large number of BitSet Objects from a file in Java
Building a native app to uniquely identify, track and lock a smartphone handset
Find and Replace special chracters in a string
Could not obtain native oracle connection
Generalizing LINQ Model
Getting -> Origin * is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
Sending tweet on twitter using as3 without navigating to url
Mass replacement on a plain text file
Google Docs api for android
Tomcat 7 installation on windows 7
Facebook access token expiration
.render is not a function, working with templates in jquery
Facebook integration with website using facebook login button plugin and store user crenditials to database
how to pass the input value from one php page to another php page
class template, expected constructor, destructor
Display Specific Line Of Source Code in Popup
Which Use Of Hardware's Character for generate Software Lock?
Server side listener for rich:dataScroller (RF 4.1)
Override operators for an existing class
apply this css style to gridview
Which linux file system is more suitable to serve for video file streaming?
jQuery - check proper time format
Confusion over the value of a variable after running a PHP program
How to fix 鈥淭he operation timed out鈥�exception?
My JMeter script stops execution after while loop
xhtml call to servlet not returning response, not calling servlet
In C#, how can I pass typed array into generic function?
Errors Using Nested Select MySQL Statements
Delete blank lines at end of text
How to change the size of a Switch Widget
how to build short code in asp.net [closed]
IE7, JQuery UI Dialog
How to use Soap extensions at client application
Arduino returning more responses than queries have been sent
Telling MoveIT a powershell task was successful
missing explanation from haystack document
Creating A Program in JCreator
Need help counting characters in an arrayList
selecting grandchild onclick event
How to pull Facebook news feeds onto website using ASP.NET
Custom Dialog in full screen?
External config file for part of configuration section
Error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object enterprise architect and visual studio
How to use page-mod to modify element loaded by JavaScript
Template function messed up
common android sdk platform
c# Flowchart from buttons while the program is running
how to avoid reflection errors after obfuscation with Proguard (Spring)
(EC2) Launch Windows instance programmatically via command line
Confusion in understanding/ following this website for Default Landing page
How to avoid installing a gem in Windows?
How to get started with SoftHSM
Measure data transfer rate (bandwidth) between 2 apps across network using C++, how to get unbiased and accurate result?
How to send an HTTP request from a Mac app to a Django server?
BlurEffect has a long delay before the effect is applied
Dojo dialog close event on X (top-right)
How can i test an Add function on CakePHP2.0
SQL query need nulls to appear
Getting an element using HtmlAgilityPack
jquery click function and 鈥渘ew page鈥�
Limit number of pages in will_paginate
crreation of folders 4 diff users and open files present on server through web page
How to tell Qt Network to change outgoing network interface? [duplicate]
TeeChart ScrollPager tool doesn鈥檛 work in WPF project
invalidOperationException in isolatedStrorageSettings
Requesting the stream_tag table
Change image on imagebutton click android
Error in Android KeyedVector.h file [duplicate]
Regular expression include and exclude special characters
Controlling keyboard position in QTextEdit
Weird Google Maps V2 Marker issue
Showing just some part of a div
Azure WCF Service + Sharepoint 2010 Sandbox Visual Web Part = error
How to write a JNI dll bridge
Modifying UINavigationController stack with modal view controllers
Highlight specific dates in Jquery UI Datepicker
clarification in the connection string for accessing database over lan
cross-gcc doesn't search for target as and ld in path?
Encoding ship data with AIS
Cross-domain requests using PhoneGap and jQuery doesn't work
Macosx, C and embedded lua
check whether osx menu bar is translucent?
Stringbuilder adding % to end of URL
Similar to getifaddrs on old glibc version
Build EAR in Eclipse Indigo
oauth facebook within page tab
How content assist works in Eclipse and how to mimic that functionality for my application
Stringbuilder adding % to end of URL
Similar to getifaddrs on old glibc version
Build EAR in Eclipse Indigo
oauth facebook within page tab
How content assist works in Eclipse and how to mimic that functionality for my application
how to iterate a dictionary<string,string> in reverse order(from last to first) in C#?
How to simulate mouse text selection?
jQuery .change() doesnt work
PHP nested ternary issue
Find rows with same some_attribute but two different values for user_id
how set default value of db in ruby on rails
Does Hashmap use random access?
How to add Save and Cancel Button to the above of keyboard in android
jQuery post call with codeigniter fails
Rotating animation
getting wrong CropBox rect in this PDF i will get like (-396,-306,792,612)?
pagination first link disabled codeigniter
Intellij IDEA: wrapping certain widget in a container in XML file
What is the suitable way of storing game data?
How to avoid perceived flicker during scrolling in Qt?
Overriding a synchronized method
Unable to clear row content
General or specific DAO to record delivery with information from multiple tables?
Garbage character displayed while printing web fonts from Google Chrome
JavaHelp video viewer
Tips on file import
How do I bundle only a range of changesets?
showing progress bar while uploading a video
How Does TFS 2010 Build Logging send data to data warehouse
Does a smart pointer support invoking a member function via a pointer?
Confirm pop up and pass php value to js with input image as submit
WPF Dispatchertimer delayed reaction / freeze
Algorithm in finding valid and non-duplicate entries in php
Ruby: Split hash to folder names
asp.net c# is checkbox checked?
xcode load tabContent before its selection
class diagram for accessing & storing logs
wxWidgets multiline in wxlistctrl header
An address bar similar to the one in facebook iPhone app?
Filter array using predicate
Close an Activity
鈥淓nter鈥�key calls a javascript function when textbox is active
how to access repeater label value in javascript
Using multiple SSL certificates in single tomcat instance
Best method to scale HTML elements
How to get object from session with unknown type and id?
How to create a textevariable Label (ttk) with Python
playing images sequentially in ios
jQuery $(document).ready half working (I think)
gpg with powershell - passphrase security
What is the 鈥�gt;鈥�operator in a Meteor Handlebars.js template?
window.innerHeight ie8 alternative
Loops in HTML5 Canvas Animations
How can I flatten a dictionary of dictionaries and sum the values of the inner dictionary with LINQ?
PHP for loop not iterating fully inside HTML email
E4x delete node where something in the node equals something
jQuery value for 'right' on fixed element without 'px'
Which is the best Web UI Framework to work with Database/ORM (Play / Grails / RoR / Wicket..)? [closed]
How to write code in javascript library?
MyEclipse 7.5 SVN Plugin Installation not working
Are there any real benefits of gTLD's in the domain name system? [closed]
Chaning the overlap in wp7 panorma control
Confusion regarding name hiding and virtual functions
Matlab number of cols in excel file
Not able to get proper filepath using ActiveDocument.Path
How to Calculate cosine similarity with tf-idf using Lucene and Java
How to horizontally center the buttons in a fixed sized div?
BroadCast Receiver calling intent after some time android
GTK+ (2.0) - signal 鈥渃licked鈥�on GtkEntry?
What is the best way to bind PhoneGap events (like backbutton) to views in ember.js
How to test for secure SMTP mail service on a mail server
WeakReferences are not freed in embedded OS
mysql UNIX_TIMESTAMP returns incorrect value
Window opened from DataGrid is placed in background
Webview Strange behaviour
NoClassDefFoundError at runtime in java project using maven
Render facebook open graph preview in page
Orchard CMS - Settings.txt exclude webdeploy
ZF2 Dependancy Injection Alias and multiple instances
how to animate stick arms
PHP - How to append array with some conditions
CSS centered text
iOS Webkit readonly inputs selectable?
Android custom theme: different theme for landscape and portrait mode
Eclipse hangs while changing properties [duplicate]
deviceReady Called everytime i do a changePage() in Blackberry
To check status of Tomcat server in Linux
Is placing script tag before </body> tag equivalent to jQuery's document.ready method
Is there a way to make XmlDocument parsing less strict
Easiest way to change font and font size with visual C#
ActionView::MissingTemplate in rails 3
android 4 hilight selected button in WebView
Find the language of the user computer (web) [duplicate]
Subclassing UITableviewController to make template for Core Data
Empty/blank namespace declarations being generated within result-document
javax.faces.FacesException: Error decode resource data while loading JSF page
Createa a Form over a handle (from another, unmanaged process)
ios kmlviewer load remote url instead of local file
Create tables using joinColumns?
Use default OS console rather than eclipse console?
Create tables using joinColumns?
Use default OS console rather than eclipse console?
Why does jQuery ajax (post method) show encoded URL in the browser?
Rails - RSpec - Difference between 鈥渓et鈥�and 鈥渓et!鈥�
How Proxy server works with tcp/http connections?
Randomize two arrays the same way, javascript
Duplicate key issue with Hibernate
Video thumbnails in WP7
How to clear filtering on selection of a value from the combobox in ms access 2007?
Google Places API - How to retrieve only places added through my app?
form mysql queries [closed]
Serving static content under umbraco (via IIS)
WCF: better per call o per session in this sceneario?
My App not shown in market using ice cream sandwich
How to use a Skin file (.asz) file in resource file in Delphi 7
javascript: moving an image
MSBuild output in a runtime created directory same as my build label version number
get value from query array of id's ruby
Find properties of images in WP
How to detect changes to Eclipse classpath container contents?
How MySQL Can Show People's Descendent Without PHP Looping
Filtering Facebook users Profile feeds by updated_time
PHP imap_search based on message UID
Drupal 7 - Search From
How to make httppost on a Tomcat server
setup deployment: How to give permissions to the C: directory application folder database?
Fetch own mobile number in android
Most power efficient location tracking implementation? Intent/BroadcastReciever/LocationListener/Service/IntentService/AlarmManager?
JSON RPC Formatting
having error while declaring multiple entities in solr
Reinitialize OpenGL ES 2 window on NativeActivity resume
Improper Table structure after Binding DataSource to DataGrid in C#
APNS stop a notification when is received
jdbc drivers -naming convention not understantable
Reduce number of files in doxygen documentation
why sometime my queries does not execute simply with table name
Mono or .NET Serialport frequent reads result in high cpu
HTML/CSS: IE8 padding / background-position problems
UmbrellaException when button is clicked
Appcelerator Titanium Android soft keyboard
Clear MAMP (postfix?) Mail Queue on Mac OS X 10.6 / PHP Mail() Loop Failure
using linux auto tools
Cocoa and OpenGL: fastest way to draw array of rectangles
Calculate n-dimensional arc path
Sunspot: to return nothing when keyword is empty
Inspect data stored on elements using data() method
Select an FXG file at the runtime - by its name
Multi-dimensional Arraylist Java
javascript to rotate an image
What's the difference between xorg.conf, xset and xinput set?
SQL join on two tables that are not related or have primary keys
PHP Fatal error: Class 'Facebook' not found in
Touch Event in blackberry
How to get a slide transition in phonegap?
Gallery calls onItemSelected after orientation change
How to change HTML link's href property dynamically
Indicate more than one ID on JSON url
Ajax doesn't trigger server action
pass byte array in webservice
How do I lock map boundaries to a specific location?
How to compile .bat file using Qt Creator
how to change the marker on OnItemSelected Listener of gallery in android
Logic of adding double values
How to transfer large file (File size > Heap Size) over the network?
Hibernate : delete parent not referenced by children
JQuery - Dynamic Text Trimming - Iphone issue
Drawing a map fast with thousands of lines in WPF
Setting title tag's string attribute clears string attribute of another tag in BeautifulSoup
Execute functions in order
Proper way to store authentication in a Phonegap application
Get mailitem's completion datetime
Comparing Model in Razor C#
whats the difference between (App.Current as App).myValue and static myValue of App class?
SQLite Field definitions
Analog stopwatch in android?
Refresh content external .txt file in PHP page
Linux script to parse telnet message and exit
Erlang add element to same list
android WebView: Handle arrow keys in javacript
how to set php session with jquery/ajax?
How to get logged in user's complete profile information using gem 'linkedin', :git => 鈥済it://github.com/pengwynn/linkedin.git鈥�
using selection in graph api with ids and fields to together
Create a landscape timetable view
How to PopUp a keyboard on runtime
Get location details using WiFi
LINQ QUERY when having one primary key related to many foreign keys
Is it possible to create an object for an interface in java?
MySql .Net connector issue - MonoDevelop on Linux
How to make a search engine? [closed]
QImage and QPixmap image display incorrect
How to make the decimals superscript, or subscript, in PHP?
how to use one class variables into another class
EF4 mvc .net 4 medium trust MetadataException
Is there a standard class to represent a 鈥渞ange鈥�in .net?
WaitForMultipleObjects crashes on 64bit windows
ColorBox malfunctioning in IE and Firefox
Jquery + PHP Function called by $_GET that need $_POST
Ajax based web crawler [closed]
Enabling Logging for JpaTransactionManager
How to check if any other flash application in same browser is already using the camera?
Cast base instance to derived class (downcast) in C#
Triple even-sized windows in Emacs on startup
adding variables in a regular expression to make it dynamic in java
JSF: When to add ClientBehavior to own component
exceptions across module boundaries, needs -fPIC?
DDD and batch processing (e.g. using Spring batch)
Ws binding with encoded value vs Basic Http Binding over https
How can I change the way I see the page behind when I open a Twitter Bootstrap modal?
Removing specific text from string before entrance into MYSQL
How to cast/convert pointer to reference in C++
Google Weather API Request doesn't work.Gives Request Timed out
Expandable divs
I'm unable to position NSTextField correctly in NSBezierPath-drawn diagram
Nhibernate - Passing more than one parameter into load-collection
How should i return an object from a conversion function if the class of the returned object is defined later?
Jquery .show() - Divs below the shown divs are not sliding down
ListBox Displaying Horizontal Images WPF
Retrieve json data from a server without using jsonp?
How to stroke a line in ios with increasing stroke size?
Eclipse: can't save file - 'negative time' error
How to check if a SQL script is compatible with sql server 2000
Escaping asterisk in shell script when Java program is invoked
Facebook verbs not updating
objective c compare range intersect
Rewrite rule depending on optional parts of the parser rule in ANTLR3
how to use strtol with a char instead of a string whist comparing the char in an if statment
Can I use Regex for this purpose?
StringCollection changeson Settings.Default.Reload()
Flat file data source
Entity is not targeting the right bundle
Post Message on Friends Facebook Wall post
Postgres / Rails - Group by issues on Heroku deployment
GKTurnBasedParticipant information
How to Get Device Height and Width at Runtime?
Most efficient way to store and retrieve a map data in AS3?
Soundmanager 2 does not play mp4 files - when using PHP script for output
Nhibernate type and Id get form session
Secure offline html5/js-application?
Unable to find instrumentation target package: com.xyz
simple_form and grouped select from array
Submitting an action to Open Graph doesn't work - any way around it?
How to retrieve direction of movement in highway with Google Maps API
Jsoup: Replace a tag with new line => new line begins with space
How to create a UserControl with property capable of binding to collections?
In Azure, Where should I store physical files that need to be accessed by a Worker Role?
How to add Ksoap2 Jar file on Netbeans for my android projects
openMP - parallelization with for loop and private
How To Redirect at same location where form was, after submitted?
How to create create/update .json file using EXTJS 4?
Layout problems
Ef code first with existing database
How to show the value of FOR LOOP every second C#
Wordpress: get posts with zero comments and specific tags?
MSSQL based bar and line graph
How integrate active directory and sql azure for authenticating users to access the application running on azure
How to insert a field of data in mysql from another table, based from user input from a form?
Drag mutiple buttons at a time on touch event in Android?
How to get a value on my jsf page using another value in my backing bean
Linkbutton href url
Android: maximum length of url
Call a DLL with 'pointer' and structure (C++ -> VB.NET)
Windows Phone 7 - Hiccups on the start of an audio stream
Disable Gallery until popup is displayed
php cron job issue?
Return Type incompatible: Mutators & Method Chaining
what is the difference between the & and : in PL/SQL in oracle?
program get stuck in getenv()
Convert physical Ubuntu from dual boot to Virtual machine [closed]
Convert UID string to hex array and base64 string ItemId in EWS from Android
Where do I start making a web service for wp7 to windows azure db
Getting information about remote device in blackberry bluetooth
Why does another DocumentRoot works but the one defined in /etc/apache2/httpd.con does not?
How to write on a friend's wall using facebook API
difference in execution of a script in bash and korn
Adding a custom field to Plone groups
CakePHP 2.0 Determine which submit button has been clicked
Camera application for all Android devices
Writing PHP date inside a div tag
Detect change in Treeview
How to get pixel's index from image in javasript
asmx to WCF or Web API
Email sending not working using Apache James
Query with parameter [closed]
mailto using javascript
.NET 2010 Error: 'GetDate' is not a member of 'Corelib.Data.SafeReader'
Foreign keys in Entity Framework not updating correctly
How to obtain axis-angle from rotation matrix?
Cannot read input file in the program to read QR Code
Implementing SCORM package viewer in ASP.NET application
Javascript on loaded page not executed
use_outer_join option (true) in hibernate config file doesn't generate outer joins
Can I cancel the keyword 鈥渦sing鈥�
How to stream video on Air android with flex 4.6 mobile project?
Optimizing postgres query
Traverse to the second table using dom parser
Start new activity when user click 鈥淏ack鈥�from another activity
jquery tooltip Getting undefined value
SQLite Database opening issues With Blackberry Simulator?
Loop through all Nodes and update values in Java
JPA2.0 & EE6 keeping my entities in sync
Pushing/committing with the Jenkins git plugin: #Not on any branch (GitHub repo)
Create Vaadin form using Binding form to data
How to show current time in magento admin panel?
How load data in datagrid in WPF Application
Why do we use dummy@google.com in C2DM
C++ error on Ms Visual Studio: 鈥淲indows has triggered a breakpoint in javaw.exe鈥�
python ascii codes to utf
HTML Parsing and Mapping
Status access overflow while accessing array of chars
How can i pass parametersfrom a windows batch script to java
What's the quickest quicksort - League table for sorting algorithms?
UI design in javascript ot html in webview Android
How to generate targets in a Makefile by iterating over a list?
Why Can't I draw line On JFrame
Join two mysql tables with php
How to implement 50M key-value pair memcache with 4 M qps?
Event delegation issue in Sencha / ExtJS
How do I recursively assign each item in a list an unique ID?
CustomValidator ServerValidate method does not fire
Transferring data over JSON securely
datetime datatype not working in soap php
Zend_Validate_Regex, cannot set customerror message
AS3 - Adjust image colors
Which release to use on toll free bridged data types?
Cannot create mySQL database
Easy way to detect if I am using framework not available to older iOS
How to document a Require.js (AMD) Modul with jsdoc 3 or jsdoc?
How to Get Element By Class and add/remove attribute in JavaScript?
Shortcut for opening Windows 7 taskbar jumplist [closed]
Creating a table from a schema? Using Ruby Sequel gem
Refinery asset_helpers not resolved in production/heroku
How to display Russian characters using Unicodes?
Pulling values from nested maps
dynamics ax workflow in iOS
Setting Parameter fields dynamically for a SqlDataSource
Spatial clustering with ruby and mongodb
How to integrate WebWorks ePublisher with a Continuous Integration server?
Restrict number of selections and insert selected data into an array
Open Stream Error in FTP File upload using sim iPhone
Does the parameter type of the setter match the return type of the getter?
Django MongoDB Engine DebugCursor 鈥渘ot JSON serializable鈥�
What jquery selectbox plugin is used in trulia.com?
Custom Django admin panel
mongodump by date / find() in dumped data
how to create a custom splash page in salesforce?
Static Method Accessed by Multiple Threads With Pass By Reference
How can I install themes on XCode 4.3.2?
Unspecified error when truncating large dbf
linux curl save as utf-8
merging two files using perl keeping the copy of original file in other file
AccessViolationException (or SEHException or ExecutionEngineException) when running App from inside Visual Studio
Datetime in ruby
setTimeout doesn't work after using clearTimeout
Is 64-bit version of Valgrind able to dig the memory issue of 32-bit program?
When is JMXBean initialised
Android Bluetooth l2cap socket bind()
How come I can't get the exactly result to *pip install* by manually *python setup.py install*?
Get sum of php array
jQuery: trigger <asp:LinkButton> click
Why do I have to import R class when I use resource in a non-root package?
webkit-touch-callout by default not working
ontouch and onclick on a textview not working
Android prob to show pdf in webview
foreach count does not get updated after array_splice
To avoid memory leak in corona sdk
How can I implement a given bnf grammer?
Which takes more memory, string value or long value?
How to read in special keys with Win32::Console?
Submit Javascript variable PLUS form data to ASP.NET
some queries regarding log4j settings?
only execute script when url does not contain anchor sign
Jqgrid + JQuery Autocomplete multiple input
how to get all products between two dates?
How to set the height of UINavigationBar according to the length of the text in TitleView?
Boost Locking with try_lock
I want to know how calculate that start date(datefield) is less than always from end date(datefield) in flex?
iOS read files from external accessory
How to move many files in multiple different directories (on Linux)
How to persuade that test users give their UDIDs for Ad Hoc Distribution?
What code is better to use for operator overloading [duplicate]
ScrollIntoView of itemlistbox does not scroll WP7
How to debug JavaScript asynchronously? (many scripts are loading)
Error With c Macro expansion
Java webservice client, change client certificate dynamically
x86 assembly - how to show the integer 2, not the second ASCII character
Will the slope change for a line change if we change the origin from top-left to bottom-left?
powershell send-mailmessage smtp error: Denied by policy
Control Enabled/Disabled behaviour in Silverlight
Undefined symbols for architecture i386 when adding FaceBook Connect
Can I change APN settings from within app?
Paypal SetExpressCheckout Soap
Annotation accepting n parameters
jQuery UI autocomplete jsonp mapping response
2D Engines for Javascript
How does MongoDB journaling work
Android resources subdirectories - any changes? [closed]
Open graph meta tags
FON font not rendinging in Chrome
count on SQL only when the price is not 0,00
How set 0 with MAX function when it is NULL?
Selector file for button background [closed]
MATCH (somefeald) AGAINST ('+鈥�$_GET['search'].鈥� IN BOOLEAN MODE) not work [duplicate]
How can I create a hierarchical datagrid in asp.net (.net 2.0) using VB.net
SWT performance issue in Drawing vs Swing
Android NFC: other RFID tags
Filter number in a DataView using RowFilter in C#4.0
How can I structure a Backbone.View based plugin so that its nested views can be extended individually?
Using grep in while loop
Javascript static method in class defined inside global object
401.2 Error in ASP.Net 2.0 on IIS 7.0 on Windows 2008
TFS as interactive process does not work
How to disable autoscrolling in richTextBox?
Get current location using wifi?
Paginating collections of data using Backbone.js in todos.js web-app
how to retrieve value from json data in sencha touch 2
How to run cron job on time and success?
LWUIT: Adding GIF Image to a label
Changing TextBlock Foreground using VSM when mouse over?
digital signature schemes today
Different image checkbox with jquery and foreach
making REST kinds of urls in simple servlet like {resource}/<id>
iOS : Memory Leakage on View Controller page change
Query if certain POST variables are set
Nokogiri sax parsing the root attributes
Nancy : Razor View Engine: Is the _ViewStart file supported?
Query is too Complex exception in access?
how to Retrieve the parameters of document.write using userscript
Sync Framework Select Changes Stored Procedure - Performance/Scalability/Improvement
How to preserve old content when setting content of ContentPane
Running windows phone application on phone event (like call ended / reejected)
How to get object from many-to-many related tables using Cursor
Can I use Google API for finding nearest cities?
unlink() from an array
How to create inheritance on ORACLE Data Modeler
Google Chrome Javascript debugging issue
Get all files except .zip
sub report doesn't display when overflow
Replacing Special Characters With Regular Alphabet in .Net / XSL?
How to change background of textview in pygobject 鈥済tk3鈥�
Schema name with dash/hyphen i HyperSQL
Crashing when using DBI Schedule gantt chart
Automatically advance to next field in HTML form without changing tab behaviour
Anonymous FTP Write Risk
Returning n number of rows in datatable format from datatable object
JFace Treeviewer refresh produces duplicate rows?
Saving to session table in codeigniter
How to determine what index was created
How to reference the inner text of a drop down box
How to sort a JSONArray of JSONObjects alphabetic based on a field in the JSONObject
Starting new Activity using Intent. NPE at android.content.ContextWrapper.getPackageName
JFace Treeviewer refresh produces duplicate rows?
Saving to session table in codeigniter
How to determine what index was created
How to reference the inner text of a drop down box
How to sort a JSONArray of JSONObjects alphabetic based on a field in the JSONObject
Starting new Activity using Intent. NPE at android.content.ContextWrapper.getPackageName
Symfony2 Assetic issue
Not able to access any mothod with the attribute [WebInvoke] in WCF Restful services
Updating TextBox text from another process
Compiled Objective C running in Web Application
Custom Calendar Converter not picking up calendar attributes
Dynamically configure exclude_matches for content scripts in chrome extensions
Flex sdk integration with eclipse
How to configure multiple channel for Spring Integration?
A form with labels over the inputs but also label and input inline using Bootstrap?
jquery div slider when postback div close
Test if all values in given set are turned on in SET type field for MySQL query
ZedGraph custom graph
How to get ruby file result in php page?
Nuget packages.config website project
Ienumerable null after accessing it through iteration
How to display the contents of expect_out(buffer) in expect
Attribute Setter of ActiveRecord Model is never called
Redmine: error in user profile view [mysql]
Access gmail account through cmd prompt in linux
How to make good use of stack trace (from kernel or core dump)?
Check if a constant is already defined
Using Memcached with YII's Query Builder
Adding tables to UITextView, whats the best approach?
Wordpress Custom Post - Reading Back Into Page
Ease Out Cubic - Function Arguments Explanation
KCFinder + TinyMCE Integration
Windows 7 Visual C++ 2008 Strange Seg Fault and Null Pointer behavior
SQL query to retrieve the single line of data with desired values for the columns
Correlation between ICMP error messages and IP packets that generated them
jQuery Autocomplete to Show `No Results` only when `Enter` is pressed
Need help understanding why select{} isn't blocking forever
Instagram API responds with code 400 (Bad Request)
Jquery datatables - Dropdown filter for server side processing from INNER JOIN
Not able to see the FxCop Report embeded in the Email usign CruiseControl.Net
Concurrency : Handling multiple submits in a web application
onkeypress event not firing
xsl copy-of with substring
unable to send mail usign codeigniter & gmail though ssl enabled in php.ini
nhttp does not show the proper status
What function invoke when swip the UITableView
Update Interval for Location Service Android
fadein or fadeout in JQuery
Support for wildcard characters in list of ejabberd domains [closed]
Building android source code
java light-weight debugger [closed]
JSON RPC Serializing Lists of Objects in c#
Redirect using .htaccess? [closed]
SharePoint 2010 approval workflow customization for stage level approvals?
include cakephp plugin output in my app controller
Facebook Graph API does response any data when limit is set to 20
why this drag and drop simulation not working?
Detect if a user is on a subdomain, and then add a variable using PHP?
Errors running grails application
detect usb(s) attachment/deattachment and send email
Find and assign a unique IP address to a device
permissions for location 3G
datarow filter value to datatable
why to use session.beginTransaction & transaction.commit
Fire click event on a href through an li click
Java: replaceAll doesn't work well with backslash?
iTunes API: get 100x100 px icon of an App
Breadth First Traversal for a Tree, Python
How to prevent name caching and detect bluetooth name changes on discovery
KDB/Q memory consumption
combobx is not displaying data from ext.data.arraystore
Flex deserialization issue with List of Maps
What happens if you delete a file in PHP while the web server is serving the file to the website visitor
javascript .click() no work in chrome driver
console view in eclipse rcp development锛�
Preserve element order when shredding XML data into SQL rows
Android: How to prevent the back button from cancelling a FragmentDialog
Get all tags with usage weight
A way to minimize my sql queries
jQuery mobile button stretching too far
Converting std::pair of iterators to boost::iterator_range
Validator function IE6 in extjs combobox not working
How to use a fetch in CakePHP 2?
PHP, Changing DIV using Ajax
Backend process VS scheduled task
CakePHP Acl auto checking
How to force an MS Word download to a particular location
Should not visit the same url
MySQL to Redis on a huge table, how to speed things up?
How to list the articles users have read on my Opengraph integrated application
Syntax error at or near / while using lower()
PHP how to join to records from array
jQuery challenge in IE with is(:hover)?
Log JBoss Logins
How do I get a UISwitch or UITextField to respond to a UITapGestureRecognizer without switching/going into edit mode respectively?
Qt. undefined reference to '_time32'
How to Extract HTML from Content Fetched with Ajax using jQuery
How can I use netty to build reliable UDP?
What is the best way to load web resources [js, css, images] when changed
How to read the bash standard error in C++?
Maths - clustering of points
How to give same URL for one html website and one Android website? [closed]
I am trying to add image in this list view
What is the most grammatically correct sentence for a warning message for a date comparison? [closed]
Where to abstract Cucumber step data properly?
Replace a line in a file using '+' File IO modes in Ruby
Flex Slider - How to add same controls for two sliders
JQuery changing element's predefined style by changing attribute doesn't work in ie
How to get accelerometer data in IOS?
web.xml. filter or listener is called right after the user authenticates successfully
htaccess redirect based on url
How to make a derived method, which takes different arguments than overriden function in C#?
How can I trigger a link when using jQuery TreeView Plugin?
how to avoid oom killer for coding with python
Best place (and time) to insert ACLs/ACEs in n-tiers architecture
File upload/download between salesforce and another server through sftp
Extract words between parentheses
how to make Ant Properties File for all build.xml files of project
Ordering OpenCv contours in C++
Cascaded Branching in TFS or : How to Branch into a Branch?
How to access default Rails sqlite db?
Android - implement a custom timer/clock
How to repeat AsyncTask after itself complete
Waiting for Function to return value
how we stop sending mail in spam folder (sending over 30000 mails) [closed]
Lose EF Code First Migration when working on different TFS branches?
how to create a dynamic Message dialog and how to apply over a picture
ComboBox like a button?
Compare years in Cognos RS - Outer join not working
Adding a SVN post-commit hook to Atlassian OnDemand/Crucible
Compilation error dbus-ping-pong
UserControl's Resources as UserControl's DataContext?
Live id authendication for Sharepoint 2010
Changing plot scale by a factor in matplotlib
SQL trigger throws error
Serializing Related Entities
message.ID of peeked MSMQ message somehow gets lost
pubsub affiliation set to member is not working in openfire
configure Tomcat to support SSL or https
Multi-level jQuery tabs: secondary level links not opening associated tab section
Download text file from server using cron job and php
Effect of subdatasheet property in Access database on the performance
Android : widget size for all screen
How can i print this 2d array?
know the methods and classes running in a complicated java project
Share an Apple individual Dev. Account with team members
pair two bluetooth devices programaticaly
No update of jquery styling after ajax update of list
Find missing number from 4 billion (again)
MySQL insert on duplicate key update PK AI
know the methods and classes running in a complicated java project
Share an Apple individual Dev. Account with team members
pair two bluetooth devices programaticaly
No update of jquery styling after ajax update of list
Find missing number from 4 billion (again)
MySQL insert on duplicate key update PK AI
How to read email body in a CRM 2011 plugin
C# Window service OnStop not getting called
User defined Windows shortcut for menu in pages
CSS. 小hanging image visited link
Vim code completion menu
Can we record sound sent to speakers using C#
RTSP RTP client streaming, timestamp, live555
On second click; jQuery
Selecting multiple counts grouped by time from same table
How to make Doxygen copy 鈥�/鈥�without processing it
twitter bootstrap-modal.js - end of a statement semi colons
NSData encoding to Unicode returning nil
How can one make a variadic-based chained-indexing function?
How to set System EnvVar when UAC is active (Windows Script Host)
A few sharepoint concepts I can't seem to grasp
istream_iterator behaviour
How to prevent Richfaces popupPanel from being moved in JavaScript?
What are the best chart/graph js plugins? [closed]
In App Purchase: Application is Live and still showing [Environment: Sandbox]
How to change a google spreadsheet row color, when a cell in the row is edited?
Calculate CPU usage for an application
In Jquery, how can I make a div smoothly slide down from A to B so that another div fades in A?
Generate Tomcat web.xml configuration from UML digram
What is the logic behind file version numbering in build and configuration management?
Validating multiple optional form fields with Zend Framework
execute query in zend framework
reading textfile contents [closed]
Open file in C#
ASP.NET MVC - Having a confirmation button with a Form
How to create fragments using setArguments/getArguments
HttpWebRequest Send File with multipart/form-data for Windows Phone
What storage should I use for a outlook plugin?
making multiple incoming calls from PSTN
Payflow Pro Not Working
Schedule task depending on its response
Why is my Miniprofiler with other people is not the same
Coaxial Switch Using Arduino and Multiplexers
Disable ipad fully [closed]
How can I change the default behavior of redirects in Devise
Show CVS annotations by default in Eclipse
Cannot open Database MyDB requested by the login.The login failed.Login failed for user 鈥渕yUser鈥�
is there a way to sync repositories using nexus?
Magento 1.6.2 Remove Paypal order statuses
Use css id to animate a div
How to submit a form and then redirect to a personalized thank you page?
using '.' when passing parameters to java binary with -D does not parse well
Front camera and flash in Red laser SDK
Post request to server
Ext.window not hiding in IE after iframe load
Insert PHP to mySQL database not working online (via flash application)
Why does SELECT results differ between mysql and sqlite?
Is Energy Usage Level shown with 4th generation iPodTouch?
Why there are so few browser extensions developed by npapi?
paypal IPN returns pending_reason: unilateral
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE for file_exists call [closed]
JavaScript Documentation from VSDoc
Eclipse Scala interpreter (REPL) - proper use and debugging
Remove all but the three word from a sentence and add three dots after that three sentence using jquery
UISlider slider stops sliding while implementing UITouch events
Clickable area of buttons with touch-events bound to them follow the scroll. [Webapp, Phonegap(Cordova), jQuery]
What design pattern used in the edmx file generated by Entity Framwork?
File created in android cannot be seen in Windows Explorer [duplicate]
How to get error report from remote database?
Is there any large scale commercial software developed base on OSGi specification?
importing modules from packages in python, such a basic issue I guess I can't even find the answer anyhwere
Intellij IDEA: renaming like in Visual Studio / C#
How to set argv[0] name for ps when spawning program from Java's getRuntime().exec()?
If a game uses the MVC pattern (on iOS), there are 3 classes: MVC, but why use an extra class ComputerPlayer?
finger draw not working in landscape mode
weirdest function with PHP
adding a LDAP attribute with PHP
GAE's webapp2 i18n doesn't recognize django templates {% trans %} tag
How i can sort data in Datagridview by Column name
Import an excel file as a resource in Talend
Accessing Android crash reports
How can i get the 3d curve of the picture? [closed]
List of C++ libraries for Graph Theory [closed]
A servlet that displays time in AM/PM format
Having only one instance of the application at a time
HSQLDB primary key violation error in JUnit tests
How to update LG c-900 Windows phone from 7.0 to 7.5?
unable to run rspec test with firefox
Scala guarded pattern with or matching
Some questions about Gallery widget
boost mpl integral type accumulate
jQuery focusout event doesn't trigger on table element
Cannot create an object of type:oracle.jbo.domain.Date from type:java.lang.String with value:adf.currentDate
how to display records in dataprovider of yii?
Android Notification
Decompile JAVA DLL
Config mailer in Symfony 1.4 - how in admin panel, not factories.yml?
ICMP traceroute in Python
How to launch GUI Emacs from command line in OSX?
Debugging in C/C++: cost of calling an empty function
ICMP traceroute in Python
How to launch GUI Emacs from command line in OSX?
Debugging in C/C++: cost of calling an empty function
How can I create an on hover border/outline on floated images in a gallery?
How to add ComboBox.SelectedIndex as FK
How to undo C-s C-x in ViM?
Many to many Relationship with in an entity
Selection of muiltiple images from gallery view
how to pass multiple parameters in a single Ajax function
How do I use a local folder as an ivy repository?
Check is the downloaded mp4 file is proparly downloaded to play. - iphone sdk
Two lines of text in a single grid row
Jquery how can i grab the current url and change a query parameter
Why can't I use variable of parent class that is template class?
Frombinding on null object: RuntimeException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
OpenLayers features array is empty
FMDatabase: is it safe to leave failing inserts (unique PK key violated)?
Does XMLConfiguration in Apache common support CDATA?
How do I get my InputMethodService
Reusing StringBuffer
SQL Insert data from .sql file to the table with CMD
function to convert to gmt date in java script
JQuery Hide Function Doesn't work in Safari
Strange Behavior Binding DataContext & IsEnabled-Property on UserControl
PHP library to generate user friendly relative timestamps
$_POST variable doesen麓t work in php Titanium
Prelaunch (Coming Soon) Page with Admin Access in Rails 3.2
IP address mask using TextInput
Cache collection and filter it without modify original cached collection in ASP.NET
jScrollPane is not working
What are the ways to get more local storage space (than standard 5M limit or so) for your HTML5 app?
How to inject string properties containing < character into Spring beans?
How to run different web apps on different port in same server?
Need help for Spring transaction for Huge date manipulation
How can I control NHibernate's datetime formatting?
removing html tags before printing the output
program not printing
How do I use LINQ to return the first item from each set of Grouped data (In VB.Net)
how to access the array declared in codebehind from javascript
How can I retrieve TCM URI of the currently logged in user in JavaScript code?
Animation of UIButton
Stream audio over network in MP3
SQLite under Android: constraint fails on insert/replace on empty database [solved]
How can I change the UIActivityIndicatorView to set a custom image?
Jenkins - Watching for SVN Branches
Can I add/toggle Google maps over a GE plugin?
Vs 2008 Win Forms Designer Issue
how to run ipad phone gap app on device and send it to others
Where can I get the device profile for Xperia Active so that I can use it within Flash Builder?
Django raw sql produces a queryset I can't iterate - CLOSED
Unable to open the physical file 鈥溾�. Operating system error 32: 鈥�2 (failed to retrieve text for this error. Reason: 15105)鈥�
What do I need to use the DatePicker class in Wicket 1.4.10?
Vim Regex to replace tags
How to run the code without the GUI
Date range in ruby/rails
Building activemq-cpp library fail on AIX6.1
Drag&Drop in a WPF TreeView on the Scrollbar
How to pass an element to jQuery post inside a loop