Traverse a graph, but only n levels deep
Create Folder after profile.php/
Is this a functional syncing algorithm?
Get the rank of an entry in mysql
paypal alternative that supports simple shopping cart passing and IPN [closed]
How can I reverse an array in JavaScript without using libraries?
how can I launch textmate from Mac Finder based on a directory I see in finder?
Unsure when to use 'base' in C#
One of my activities exits prematurely when SDK > 10, works properly if SDK <= 10
Alternatives to loading core data on tabBar didSelectItem? Or speeding it up?
Android: Serialization IO exception on startActivity
Is this a good use case of the Strategy Pattern?
Performance Impact on Elastic Map reduce for Scale Up vs Scale Out scenario's
iOS : Icon occassionally fails to transfer to device
SSAS - Attribute Relationships in Natural Hierarchy
JQuery/JavaScript not working for API results
DVCS with Central Build/ automatic push to server feature?
is there any plugin for complicated searching with mongoid (like meta_search for ActiveRecord)?
How to use a function pointer in different class?
Smarty template, document expired issue
converting php switch to javascript?
Java: Any Simple Way to Play Audio Files on Mac?
sql incorporating c++
HTML5 Rackspace Access-Control-Allow-Origin Not Working
Generic serialization of lists in C#
PHP populate drop down list with SQL data
Rails shows 鈥淲ARNING: Can't verify CSRF token authenticity鈥�from a RestKit POST
About Validation and the AJAX Tab Container/Tab Panel
IIS rewrites .html URL to ColdFusion - how do I get a query string?
Add and Subtract buttons on a JSP page aren't working
Batch file command to select user's path (user input) and create a folder quoted in command
turn clicked on object id into a variable with jquery to optimize
Using emacs for large multi-file JavaScript project
Reading bytes from a file with fileinputstream to find lost images
Maximum and minimum points of a dataset in MatLab
some error with javascript using WebDriver
Rails3 Kaminari &Mobile Devices
Oracle Coherence: How to set the timeout on an invoke call in a replicated cache?
How to set the response header's Cache-Control in Sitecore?
How does quicksort in Haskell work?
Why doesn't anything happen when I click this submit button?
(@Context HttpServletResponse response not work in resteasy
Why is the PHP constructor a method? [closed]
VBScript / Classic ASP - How do I Check If a Property Exists in An Object Without Throwing an Error
Building a User Script for Chrome using ClojureScript, how can I get the UserScript comment block to exist in compiled output?
How to kill audiodg.exe process by programming ways?
PHP Redirect / Get URL and Query String
Adding Image to JPanel directly
iphone animation from image set
PHP Hyperlink/Pop-up table
jqTransform Cancel Button
Deterministic generation of RSA encryption key pairs
Java/Android: Error adding items from generated TextView to ArrayList
Distinction between typeclasses MonadPlus, Alternative, and Monoid?
Comparing strings is 鈥�鈥�lt;鈥渟even鈥�[closed]
Do websites that rely on user contents use CMS? [closed]
header() simply does nothing
rake assets:precomplie is slow (over half an hour)
Haskell: Bound variables within where clause
jquery ajax cache false but issues with ie bassed browser
Memcached parameter checking
C++ code using stack
Dealing with massive number of Rules (conditions and constraints) CEP systems
C++ mapping a function over an iterable using an iterator
Facebook IOS SDK requestWithGraph not posting message
How to draw points into google maps on android?
TClientDataset in OS X Firemonkey App
Can you disable web exceptions?
Prevent JFace TableColumn from being resized to 0 width
Is logical AND between Twitter streaming API filter parameters possible?
can collections.deque be extended to build a 鈥渇ile buffer鈥�
Codeigniter AutoLoad DB, But have ability to check if connection exists
How to decorate the json response with Resteasy
How to display name of file after file is uploaded
Can't send funny chars to SLIME
EC2 build with Fabric requires starting Twisted server at least 3x
create hyperlink to database record in servlet
Why are Universal Binaries/FatElf not part of Linux kernel? [closed]
Is it possible to redirect raw input to a specific window?
Android geopoint from location/locality
Django S3 [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer
TWTweetComposeViewController - preventing editing
Need help logging in to a website using python
WCF - 'The service certificate is not provided for target' error for WCF client calling a WCF service
Nodejs express server goes down when some error occur
Defining a class in python in python
Ignore a previous version of boost C++
let pthread finish without the function waiting for it?
gdb 鈥淒uring startup program exited with code 126.鈥�
Aggregating code coverage from several executions of phpunit
ajax call does not display the new data
Dpkg-deb: don't show output
java syncrhonized static methods
Append index.html to root directory
Android: Manipulating multiple (button) objects based on onClick of one object
What is android opengl equivalent to surfaceHolder.lockCanvas()
Using the website can you link the math library?
Which structure is better for searching inventory in elasticsearch?
Using shoes ask() to do math?
Model-View-Controller for this App (Matrix Manipulation)
Android SQLiteCursor - getString returned value from a null valued column
How to get start address of the current process and other process's heap from pid?
HTML SWF embed settings
what is 'undefined reference to `pow'' [duplicate]
I am trying to delete a string from list then write it back to a file [closed]
Get response from call using Page.ClientScript
single quote JS encodeuri vs PHP rawurlencode
iOS viewDidLoad for uiView
Add certificate to trusted certificates
Calling native functions from Android Java - alternative to JNI
Which way of removing elements from an ArrayList is more efficient?
scope and classes in android
Start tracking directory and all contained files with git
Create a List of a certain type in Boo
Java Swing: Waiting for Mouse Clicked event before returning an Int
Switches with identical cases
Best way to add attributes to User Model in Ruby on Rails
New kind of rollover where the anchor is smaller than the image, using CSS?
Add to associative array 鈥�but no duplicates
Checking whether a large CSV file (1m rows) has the same data as a MySQL table
Youtube upload - how to limit upload speed
Single product web shop
Jquery - radio button controls whether the textbox is to hide/show
Selector :first Error with For Loop
FB Like button on iphone browser - How to check if the user is already logged in on the FB native iphone app
Restrict column in listview from being greater than X (NotifyPropertyChanged not working)
Interrup Signal in C
check a given string match one of the prefixes in a file
SQL Plus Subquery
Android - custom sort Listview / SAX xml
Use an Inheritable Form Amongst Multiple Projects
Aptana error when committing to git repository
Java - MVC patterns 鈥�Paint and Overcoming a Null Pointer Exception
can't get graph to resize with window (Java)--ANSWERED
Is it safe to use constant x/y co-ordinates in iPhone production code
Reading data from a file into an array of class objects
Javascript AMD Modules: How to get Visual Studio intellisense across modules
Interesting algorithm to find small matrix inside a big matrix
Seam Mail inline image issues
How can I add a two column unique id to the mongodb in a meteor app?
Emberjs doesn't give jQuery a handle if the tag is generated from tagName
Forcing the browser to reload css when it has been updated
Select a row in GridView and pass the record id to the redirected page
adobe air ipad first load up screen AS3
User Authentication: Correct ruby syntax for determining the correct user?
How to do the route mapping for this case
What does Apple program Xcode in? [closed]
MySQL Query - How to multiply number values in rows in a singular column for multiple customers and show as price?
Javascript (jQuery) events failing. How can I fix this?
Instance counts from list of text tags
Javascript listener for video play - send to database
SIMD array add for arbitrary array lengths
Looking for a C++ library or some techniques for develop a class to parse a binary file using template and/or rules
How do I fade between songs in IOS?
Variable inside of a variable batch
Why is HashMap size different than the number of lines in the file?
Change src with javascript only one in a group of images
UITableview Section Header not showing text
Code crawler to crawl Asynchronous GA Code
Simple pointer arithmetic problems
How to make a html a href link change a php value. Or something that will do something like that
how to get local ip and port in unix socket programming
make_heap using function object
how to find out what type of a Mat object is with Mat::type() in OpenCV
Use Visual C++ Environment and 鈥淎sm鈥�keyword as alternative for Assembler IDE?
Is using an object instantiation as an enum entry's value good practice?
Pretty date js is not working on firefox
paging with listview vs paging with sql server
Application with monthly subscription
Why do variables live longer (have bigger scopes) in Python than in C?
Jersey restful service communication (IncompatibleClassChangeError)
streamWriter escapes some lines
jquery change hidden form value not working
Servlet under Apache tomcat + eclipselink
How to Create Subarray Efficiently in VBA?
How to update a Listbox's Values using ViewData
How does one wrap errors when calling COM in C++?
RestKit RKObjectMapping nested json
How to simulate the UITableviewCell section on a UIView?
why can't step into a function in gdb?
Cant get symbolic link to work (windows 7) cmd
Second Select in Joomla 1.5 custom component
how to debug node.js causing 100% cpu usage?
Turning string date 鈥淭hursday 19th April 2012鈥�into datetime for manipulation
How to initialise WL with jquerymobile
JQuery hide/show playlist on hover
Is there a way to link directly to specific content on this JS/CSS page?
Accessing variables (of some class) inside a PHP class
Meteor - rendering template with a document from a Collection
Moving many sprites the same distance at the same time with pyglet
CRC-ITU calculation in c#
I get an undefine error in iframe
How to sort a view based table?
LinkedList Java traverse and print
Building a scatterplot class
Using ValueInjecter to flatten objects including nullable types
Java - creating logging context for multiple threads
What's a good way to require a whole directory tree in Rails?
wxPython, creating bit map
What's the Xcode 鈥渘o such file or directory error鈥�
how to have archives for specific categories in wordpress
Accessing kernel memory from within the kernel given a pointer
Using node.js http proxy inside a Redis callback
Python Array Indices Switch - What's Going On?
iPhone - Facebook connect
class extending GCanvas won't do as told by addComponentListener
Vectorising a for-loop in Matlab, getting different result for seemingly equivalent code
Change TabPageIndicator footer and text colors (ViewPagerIndicator)
How to stop till an action is done to perfrom the next action?
Inject ConStr to Linq to SQL Class in DAL
dynamically allocate memory for a string in a linked list node
IF, THEN syntax in MySQL with multiple statements
Java Select Query String with parameter
How can I attach a listener to multiple radio buttons?
How to get spinner value to post form
SQL - Query to find the number of entries in a given category
Html5, JavaScript, Canvas Animations?
boost::filesystem get relative path
PHP Looping INSERTS based upon three times. start_time, end_time and length
INterfacingAccelerometer MMA7455L WITH Arduino MEGA ADK?
jsconcpp linker problems
Taking data from RSS and inserting into MYSQL
Weirdest java issue I've encountered, NoClassDefFoundError due to an Annotation?
Any difference between t<'a> and 'a t in F#?
Stop embedded video playback when hiding parent element
Running jQuery on a custom page in Drupal 7
Predefining class to avoid 鈥淐lass undefined鈥�in Visual C++/Cli throws error LNK2020
How to use inequalities in 鈥渋if鈥�within a query in access
row-level trigger vs statement-level trigger
php delete multiple images from directory
DBImage does not Refresh programmatically
Can't add polyline on map after pushing its coordinates which were obtained via separate AJAX query?
(Android) Java get value from SQLDatabase
firefox addons only display in safe mode
Change the position of the origin in PyGame coordinate system
Unit testing a Java method
RegExp.exec() returns null when called repeatedly in Firefox?
MongoDB - $unwind - how to unwind more than one array in a $group aggregation
Zend Framework Script Tag <?=
Grouping rows in SQL Server
Android check EditText
Sort table entries then divide into groups
install numpy.exe silently with batch file in windows
Unable to access methods of multimap iterator?
Returning a pointer back from a dll/shared-library causes seg-fault
Remove hyphens from a filename in Bash
fetch json data based on data-identity
Java sorting and HashMap
How can you prevent Google Chrome from hitting the server when setting background image css?
Making an indirect call in assembler
iOS app release delay [closed]
how to set cornerRadius for only top-left and top-right corner of a UIView?
Invalid cross-thread access
Uploadify returns HTTP 500 error and doesn't hit the back-end at all
IOS Multi-Image Solution
Displaying an icon in a database using ViewBinder
How to Convert RGB to HEX ( for Gradients )
$this->Auth->allow(array('index','view')) not working, but $this->Auth->allow('*') does [cakephp]
Controlling Location of Popover
Difference between .irb_history and .irb-history
Rails: how to model a Vehicle and all of its types
Has anyone implemented jQuery Mobile Add (+/-) Button Number Incrementers?
How to populate a listView with jsonObject from mysql database in android
How do I create a .wsgi file?
how to return the word 鈥渂y鈥�+ link_to?
using the fb graph api, image upload to an album from android app
Validation to ensure uniqueness of but ignoring empty values?
iOS detect if user is on an iPad
Which browsers are supported by HTML5-based dynamic scaffolding UI in Grails 2.x?
UInt64 and 鈥淭he operation overflows at compile time in checked mode鈥�
Finally block not working in JAVA Stored procedure for Oracle
tcl clock function manipulation
Javascript's default event prevention not working
Chat Server Architecture for a Customer Service Software
Reserved keywords in programming language [closed]
Count specific words in a text using jQuery
Redis Pub-Sub or Socket.IO's broadcast
TextBox.IsLoaded returns False after it is visible
URI path navigation issue
Leave desicion of creating an object to constructor in C#
HTTP over TCP creating new connection when changing directory
MySQL - What's the the total cost in price for each person's total number of courses?
css few links on a menu steps to a new line
Polynomial Solver for iOS?
How to efficiently compute the average 鈥渄irection鈥�of pixels in a grayscale image?
Get filename and/or folder contents in JS
FlashVars & AS3
An array that can deal with up to N elements in Java?
Building both managed and unmanaged C++ applications with CMake?
Insert button in XTemplate Sencha Touch 2
Entity Framework Code First's code generation creates both int-based FK and complex object, why?
onNavigationItemSelected in ActionBar is being called at startup how can avoid it?
How can I control where the error message div is displayed in CakePHP forms?
Chrome Extension - Request Optional Permissions for current tab
Compiling Ruby C++ Extension
Visual Studio installer project sets my database to require admin privileges to write when installed with elevated permissions
MATLAB sort and column number
Re-allocate released objects
referencing dynamically loaded things from a previously loaded jquery script
Copy a title attribute to the next 3 anchor tags
Sort array by value from sub-array item
GIT Rebase Fatal on Multiple 0.5GB Binary Files
Watermark on Password text input using GWT
Find what versions of iOS an app can run on?
Android, Eclipse 鈥淪ource not found鈥�when using 鈥淒efaultRequestDirector鈥�and 鈥淒efualtHttpCLient鈥�classes
Output tags jsf expression language
How to make a jQuery GET/AJAX request to a private/custom URL protocol?
JQuery - Reading an array of form values and displaying it?
Finding Maximum Page Table Size
Cost of Polymorphic calls - C++
Select specific tab on form submit
C++ Template class/type to choose between max and min
how to use CFURLCreateCopyAppendingPathComponent properly with ARC enabled?
For Loop help In a Hash Cracker Homework
Android: Detect if View can be drawn
Java Program Compiles and Runs, but doesn't work
Rails: RESTful Find, Initialize, or Create
PhoneGap 1.5 (Cordova) + ChildBrowser Whitelist Issue
Access DoCmd.OpenForm Not Working
Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform
PHP Count the lenght of each value in a array/string (tags)
Adding a line to Textbox causes huge CPU load: how to optimize?
Structuremap Configuration with generics
Google play(market) notifications of new ratings comments
Java Application Crashes After Playing Sounds
Saving iOS Application Scene State
Using errno with assertRaises in Unit Test
Javascript - element.madeUpAttribute is the same as element.getAttribute('madeUpAttribute') in IE8-
How to connect to an Access 2003 database located on a web server via HTTP?
If statement within If statement's else
Custom bindings with boost::python [duplicate]
Downloading Jetty source and Javadoc jars with maven and linking them to binary jars in Eclipse
Hello World bootloader hanging after first character
Stored procedure error in SQL Server [closed]
deserialize json to object c# on windows phone
How can you make a mobile app cross platform and minimize writing redundant code?
PGError: ERROR: relation 鈥渦sers鈥�does not exist - Rails Tutorial 2nd Edition Chapter 9 Heroku
Mercurial's showconfig with the proper encoding?
python / sets / dictionary / initialization
Stored procedure error in SQL Server [closed]
deserialize json to object c# on windows phone
How can you make a mobile app cross platform and minimize writing redundant code?
PGError: ERROR: relation 鈥渦sers鈥�does not exist - Rails Tutorial 2nd Edition Chapter 9 Heroku
Mercurial's showconfig with the proper encoding?
python / sets / dictionary / initialization
Clearing memory in different languges for security
Communication between Model and Controller - iOS
selectively copying from an input file
How to convert Java Collection[Int] to Array[Int] in Scala
How To Use In Python List
How to use a C callback from C#?
VS2010 C# missing project dll during build
LINQ query syntax with comparator
rounding corners on the background?
Creating a nested dictionary python
How do I perform 'WHERE' on groups of rows?
How to Incorporate External Design Elements in a WordPress Site
麓No data to display麓 Using Fusioncharts with Tcl
How can I Secure a JSON file with REST API or other methods?
Backbone.js with Rails, @collection is 'undefined'?
Running prolog in Android
Is Unity3Da good choice for creating an interactive human avatar?
How do I make the quotations in this script clickable link?
How to proper test appwidget?
Class Templates - Undefined reference to my Node class' deconstructor.
I am unable process a Less CSS file without .css extension
How to remove one line from a file using Perl?
how to add shadow to only the bottom and right side of a uiview?
No operator 鈥�鈥�matches these operands - Iterators from the Standard Template Library
Virtual multiple inheritance - final overrider
Data queries and computation happen in MySQL server or Rails server?
How to stop upload in background?
Semaphore deadlock
IE9 Does not execute $.post in jQuery?
Changing the color of the whitespace indicator in Visual Studio?
List records in alphabetical order with headers in CakePHP
Does parsing an uploaded JSON with ActiveRecord::Serialization.from_json() in RoR open up any security loophole?
advanced mode for errors displaying during development right in browser (Ruby-on-Rails)
ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor
Ruby/Rails, appending hash to array which belongs to a hash
Horizontal scaling of JSF 2.0 application
Can someone explain to me in detail the use of 'this'?
How to figure out remaining stack in Linux while using C
Javascript submit-function with button won't work
jquery Wookmark Plugin Infinite Load/Scoll
Ruby Rails Lib Folder Naming Convention
writing c++ operator- overload?
advice on writing sql delete statement
Alternative to singleton for unique resources
writing c++ operator- overload?
advice on writing sql delete statement
Alternative to singleton for unique resources
Passing and retrieving a URL variable
Printable Stylesheet with DIV
What is the correct way to add new generated model file? in VS 2010 EF
How can I create a if statement as part of a MySQL php echo loop?
javascript optimisation and minification vs. gzipping
Sass: Iterate link selector via variables
New programmer C# - How to add multiple numericUpDown values?
What control can be used to display txt files as well as pfd and .doc
Drawing/Graphics Libraries for Mono Android and MonoTouch
text input value greater than.. jQuery
server request method using vb,net? [closed]
sessionStorage not working
stacktrace of a bound function
Specifying multiple cancel options on jquery draggable elements
renderInContext: producing an image with blurry text
Weird Qt SSL issue 鈥�error 鈥淣o Error鈥�shows up, nothing else, and if I ignore it, everything works
Adding another link inside a list of links expanded to fill the whole li
How do I match 鈥渙bj.foo鈥�in a function declaration string
How to force Groovy Script Engine to output compiled classes in files?
Virtual << operator
How do i log something in meteor?
2 ACE Editors on single page in IE9 and Safari 5
how to extract a substring from a string, if the length of string is unknown
PHP / C++ space calculations for parcel packing
Ignoring spaces while counting String tokens
Change Tabs title style like Play store
Rank of languages used in my Github commits
Provisioning iPhone on Snow Leopard, XCode 4 and iOS5.1
Literature on how to implement ASCII command protocol for uC using sequence numbers and XOR error correction?
Different results for the floating point operations
Sending email via libCURL
Writing an EXT4 file system in C?
Multi-Modules maven pom
How can I store sequence in an array in MIPS?
Metro/JS Template for VS11 in WPF?
Multiplying 2 numbers, represented by 2 linked lists of digits
PHP Yii - ActiveDropDownList() default selected
Export Opengl ES video
Add subview to another view
Find all topics related to a post id using CakePHP
When and why to use mustache templates [closed]
Capturing output of process invoked through debugger
C programming - How to print numbers with a decimal component using only loops?
limit on mysqli to php data
Android: SoundPool not working after App gets terminated
is there a way to not show the rounded corner for the top and bottom cell of each section in grouped UITableView?
Set New tab/window URL in Safari Extension
Show section header of UITableView even when it's empty
$().load() instead of loading whole page, but need to keep menu on all pages
how do I exit program in try except
What's the proper way to link to a CSS file within my GitHub?
What is the meaning of (marker, i) in this Google Maps APIv3 code?
Multiple character inputs for single physical press
CoreLocation get latitude and longitude at a certain distance and direction from coordinate
How can I sort arrays alphabetically by using the second element in PHP
Phonegap/Cordova 1.6.0 WP7 writing to files in www folder
jQuery UI Resizable creates Blue Highlighting in Chrome
jQuery effects not working after load more
WP Settings API save to multiple options
Hibernate swap out embeddable class for migrating existing data
OpenCV - Counting number of black pixels
Ms Access how to get the day name in ms access sql query ie. Tuesday
Haskell: Why was `par` defined the way it was?
Access Android APK Asset data directly in c++ without Asset Manager and copying
How to find specific string constant in line and copy the following
Twitter bootstrap modal inside of dropdown
Play local mp3 with HTML5. How could save file reference to create a playlist?
Apply several aggregate functions with one enumeration
Recommended TCP buffer size? Recommended to break it up?
Android app using Google calendar - Sync issue
Type Erasure rears its ugly head, how to circumvent?
Entity FrameWork Many to Many relationship using Asp.Net
Publish Android App With No Company [closed]
Wait until page loads in webbrowser control
Mongodb installation failure to run mongod
Launching a web server inside ruby tests
WAMP server Online Mode issue
Algorithm/Recursion tree challenge
Inheritance in jsf
forms-mode in Emacs, what is its purpose, has anyone used it?
Open page in new tab using javascript in anchor tag
Can you send email from a custom subdomain on Google App Engine?
Implementing fold in simple purely functional language without lazy evaluation
Create an NSManagedObject Without Saving? [duplicate]
Mootools: Add input text field
parse a svg xml with asp
gridcontrol syncfusion with a 24hr time format
Cannot delete a cookie with explicit domain when it has been created with default domain
How do I set column names to lower case for multiple dataframes?
Control proximity sensor on Galaxy SII
Installing Ruby 1.9.3
MATLAB NaN Replacement
Photo taken with camera does not contain any ALAsset metadata
How to synchronize database access in a WCF Service?
Simple CSS formatting issue
processbuilder in Java to run a seqence of commands
Ruby on Rails - Mass assignment issue
Simple CSS formatting issue
processbuilder in Java to run a seqence of commands
Ruby on Rails - Mass assignment issue
Can't access an object's attribute within an event
How can i disable to submit form with default text in input fields?
get value from 2 dropdown lists
C++ multiple string grabber(regex)
Excel macro to replace missing data with average
Overriding single YUI dialog button style
How do I edit the MainWindow constructor of a WPF application?
403 Forbidden when Deploying 4.0 MVC 3 site to IIS 7
MYSQL number sorting
zend framework and PHP include('');
The final local variable cannot be assigned
What is the exact meaning of the PhysicalBytesPerSectorForPerformance returned in the FILE_STORAGE_INFO struct?
How to slide an entire page on load with jquery
Pass Index Number between UITableView List segue
How to convert an XML elements value to an int using linq- c#
is there a way to run 2 NSAnimation objects simultaneously?
C# equivalent of jQuery.parents(Type)
Facebook's Hackbook integration in an iOS5 app
Remove a:hover on a media stylesheet?
Adding image from a database in a ListView
How to change the value of a custom attribute
Best way to sanitize callback for jsonp? [closed]
Are there any third party pixel solutions to track time on site, conversion, etc?
javafx drag-and-drop default icons
How to switch between jQuery versions on two pages
Segmentation fault executing method
Drawing a circle using Andengine
using multiple tables and conditioning tds
How to save something to the desktop without hard-coding the directory?
MySQL Query: Select Most
Repeating part of texture over another texture
how do i use everyauth for simple (single step) authentication?
How can I get the time a particular window is open?
Corona SDK custom physics bodies
Two String variables of equal value are not comparing to be equal (android)
how to use the shared library from haskell without a header file?
Read last line of STDOUT
Connecting to MySQL database with C#
How to link against msvcrt.dll instead of msvcr100.dll in VC++ 10.0?
How to know if a command given to execlp() exists?
Call by reference of a string with double pointer
How do I create a session variable in Python?
uiwebviewdelegate not called from non-visible uiwebview
Scrapy and XPath to extract comments from Amazon
No-operation scope in Ruby?
Difference between Dbgeng.dll distrubuted with windows 7 and debugging tools for windows package
Pinch to Zoom iPhone
Update Google Chart in real time with comet
User opting in/out of receiving email
Collection for storing potentially equal elements sorted?
how to detect Frame_Enter events from a class module
Dreamweaver utf-8 encoded php page displays wrong chinese character in IE and Chrome, correct in FF
Amazon Web Service Usage for Zend Framework 1.11.11
VB.NET Case Insensitive Web Reference enumeration Issue
How do I get YAML in Ruby as of 1.9.3 to dump ASCII-8Bit strings as strings?
Using an older font in WPF
FTP error while downloading/uploading with ftp4j library in java application
get index of the closed frame
Sending XML to a server via jQuery ajax method + processData property
Advice needed with EditText fields
Are the alert and confirm functions built into JavaScript, or are they part of the DOM?
Appending NSMutableArray
Overloading type cast operator, to cast to a pointer to function
XNA Vector2 path contained inside rectangle
How to include nodejs modules in html files?
Inject the same bean instance into two other beans
operator== and list::remove()
Indy idftp client 鈥淚nvalid argument to time encode鈥�
mixture of virtual and non-virtual inheritance
Google Maps V3 Icons Trimmed
Method don't update UI after AsynkTask
How can I tag friends in uploaded photo using facebook php SDK
Identifying 'undefined' in JavaScript
MySQL tricky double / triple JOIN (?)
How to disable a button more elegantly
PhpMyAdmin Error 2002
Error in gwt-rpc
Parsing a string manually
proxy http request with node
Abstruse #define macro encountered in Linux kernel source
MVC getting null parameter error when posting to controller
Can I post a viewmodel dynamically?
Apache Shiro + Guice - can't get the annotations to work
Javascript: Converting between number ranges, keeping the correct ratio
getrusage issues
Foreign key error after alter table, and now can't recreate table nor delete it nor restore schema
Convert Python code to PHP but keep it 鈥渘ice, clean and optimized鈥�
Creating a border like this using :before And :after Pseudo-Elements In CSS?
F statistics and p-values [closed]
ruby string method
Error Jsp Adding Subtracting Numbers
Execute python on a java google app engine application
is this the right way to do login logic in meteor to display a simple 鈥渋nvalid login鈥�message?
How to call javascript function from a controller in MVC3
update linq to sql with variable names?
backbone: relationship between models and views
Can you link to a FB page from an iOS app and have it go to the FB App if it exists?
F statistics and p-values [closed]
ruby string method
Error Jsp Adding Subtracting Numbers
Execute python on a java google app engine application
is this the right way to do login logic in meteor to display a simple 鈥渋nvalid login鈥�message?
How to call javascript function from a controller in MVC3
update linq to sql with variable names?
backbone: relationship between models and views
Can you link to a FB page from an iOS app and have it go to the FB App if it exists?
WP7 MVVM how do I call me.setfocus() from the ViewModel?
Haskell/GHC: Polymorphic character literals
FFmpeg screencast recording: which codecs to use?
XPath not returning results - YouTube feed
How do I let a user pick where a chart should go using JQPlot?
Cannot call methods on nvarchar
How do I set the Allow Nulls property in table designer of SSMS to be always false?
Set up backend server for Rails app on Heroku
How to disable or hide acrobat reader bookmarks panel in winform?
Rails 3 render layout in action causes error with Twitter Bootstrap
Loop in two lists
CodeIgniter - Live site only loads index method for default controller
Rails does not serve some images after replacing them in assets
Git server's host key not cached in registry -
friendly url with htaccess
Conditional rules for HTML5 form validation
Getting 2 divs on the same line
Kinect and C# - Keybinding
finding the number of elements in a defaultdict(list) python
How to sort a grocery list automagically? (Naive machine learning)
Check if entire array of characters in C are only numbers, return true if yes?
ajax background process after submit button
Mapkit annotation image resolution
Why do we use the 鈥渃lass << self鈥�expression?
Showing confirmation box not working
Overlapping UITableViewCell content views
Ruby on Rails - Carrierwave, Can't upload multiple images
Test appwidget using robotium
WP7.1 (7.5) Application Bar icons are a 鈥淴鈥�
How to redirect a link with multiple parameters to a simple .html link
zlib: Differences Between the `deflate` and `compress` Functions
None type object is not iterable
UDP Multiple Client Chat App
Unable to find assembly 'Microsoft.IdentityModel error on azure
What is the preferred way to store state between init and update for custom knockout binding?
MVC 3 Drop Down List Not Binding to Model
Missing ) in argument lit [closed]
TinyMCE bug via jquery load
WCF Trace and Message Logging don't write log files on service host (server) side
Paging and grouping
Getting JSON Object Result from $.post()
Mongo DB for rails
Good examples of PHP code for an intermediate PHPer? [closed]
Two separate login pages in Symfony 2
Fail to install ADT Plugin
Return 鈥淭rue鈥�on Empty jQuery Selector Array?
apply shadow to outermost section?
PHP Binding PDO arrays
Access denied errors when embedding Youtube into Modal
Python win32com and 2-dimensional arrays
Geocoordinate speed returns nan on emulator
Leak found SQL database never closed
Codeigniter routing issues
ViewPagerIndicator inside a Fragment: NullPointer with Adapter
In joomla, how do I use a form to return dynamic content in an article via ajax
android google map onTap
Android WebView No-internet page: strange text
Getting Infinite Scroll and link_to_next_page working with Kaminari on Rails 3.2
How to know if some sprite is running any action in cocos2d?
Using vosao with Android
Android: Fill Gallery with TextViews
eclipse servlet debugging
css not displaying same between browsers <a> tag
Spring MVC Portlet Liferay - Context initialization failed org.springframework.beans.factory.CannotLoadBeanClassException: Cannot find class
In Objective-C, if addObjectAtIndex is called to built the array, then will initWithCapacity need to be called?
JSTL functions is not found in JSF
How to use java.nio.channels.FileChannel to write a byte[] to a file - Basics
SQL Performance - Views vs Stored Procedure
C++, (GLUT) - maintaining a global vector of booleans in the display loop - crashes program
rails 3.1 - How to fix this query filter?
Eclipse (probably) doesn't compile external jars
objective-c merge two arrays of dictionaries
MonoTouch: Localization from a Common Project
Allowing a user to select only a certain amount of checkboxes
How does relying on type inference affect code maintainability?
Wordpress plugins_url function doesn't seem to be working
xmdp:http-get and xdmp:insert-document
Netbeans, Symfony and hinting driving me mad
How to get user entered data from datagridview to windows forms diagram?
How do we or can we use node modules via npm with Meteor?
I can't decompress file correctly with C#
Android MediaPlayer: prepared video takes 250ms to start playing
How to draw multiple centric circles in R
How to get facebook offline_access token?
Android FingerPaint Undo/Redo implementation
Extracting portion of the HTML page
z-index is causing an issue
how to intentionally corrupt a file in java
CaptureScreen() works, verified, but event PrintPage doesn't, am I missing something?
Centering HTML Elements in the Middle of the Page
Android trying to put image as a ByteArray into sqlite database, getting error on put method
extracting unicode string with preg_match_all()
How to collapse jUnit output to summary, using ANT?
Using an Array list to navigate screens Android
Write byte to ofstream in C++
RhodeCode commit dont work with tortoisehg
Properly rendering multiple layouts per controller in Rails
How to manually link libraries in g++ on Ubuntu
How to declare an enum value as being deprecated in ObjectiveC (2.0)
Getting data from database from different tables
Dynamic URL 301 redirect in Apache
Get number of clicked page in DataPager control
HTML 5 difference input id and input name? [duplicate]
Creating a Pegboard in Python
How do i compare a Long variable to null
How to check if an object implements an interface?
Express JS create coffeescript scaffold
Reactive updates not received in other browsertabs
Kannel configuration for Android
Objective C - Not releasing memory when popping UITableViewController scene
Setting web.config for deployment - .Net
$facebook->getUser() return 0 in only one url
xPath - Can you remove commas from node?
Can I delete the default application_controller installed with Rails?
Writing data to MYSQL database from python not persistent
How to get actual photo from instagram real-time post data?
How do I make a deep copy of a dynamically created element in jQuery?
Datatime format is not working how the Oracle instructor said
Google Analytics - Keeping pages active
Is this a correct use of multithreading design? (C#)
Using WakefulIntentService for managing asynch GPS updates
Get text position in Microsoft Word from VBA or C# Interop
PHPUnit Mock Change the expectations later
Is there a way to create a c++ gui game without win32 api, openGL, direct X and stuff? [closed]
schema fields ordering on a rails migration
How do I get the TOP 1 value from a UNION of 2 columns?
Ext JS Feed Viewer-like feature
print a PDF Iframe in firefox
MKV, MP4, or FLV for web video streaming
Trying a query using an int and a string
StaticMatic setup: error with Compass integration
android: updating media storage
Bash: Use single quotes inside a variable
C++ Socket recv() reads the same string twice (WinSock2)
How can I improve security between Flash and PHP with URLRequests?
counting numbers beginning with 1,2, etc python 2.7
In Objective-C, why doesn't arrayWithObjects add a nil to the end of list automatically? [duplicate]
Parameter of OfType<????> when used in a method with C#
Sanitizing strings for procedually generated java in RoR
How to change the background image of UITableView cell on a button click
Getting the HTML tags under a mouse cursor
Javascript not working on development server
Lining up terrain chunks (Diamond-square algorithm)
Trap key violation
Accessing self from outside of a class
MATLAB: How to NOT export data outside plot axis to SVG
Java Can't connect to X11 window server using 'localhost:10.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable
Problems with SQL query finding three names with the most records [closed]
Storing the contents of a file in an immutable Map in scala
html parsing with lxml when there's no root tag
Haskell - please help me simplify these two functions
Sencha Touch 2 list background change
Showing a UIWebView in Cocos2d 2.x project
QProgressBar hanging at 98%
rails rack cache - how to manually clear all the cache
Char * that points to an array of chars = 鈥渓s 0鈥�does not equal the string equivalent 鈥渓s 0鈥�
Apache + Nginx reverse proxy not serving index.php by default
Add Data to 3 Dim Array
parameterized query not working in VB
Get linked objects to MS Project tasks by custom Add-In
Load an assembly at run time that references the calling assembly
How do I design a program that does completely different tasks concurrently?
stl map performance?
Setting the params:id issue
Eclipse cannot load SWT libraries
mysql query to count and sum
How I can apply a vcl style to a TPopupmenu?
Is there a way in .NET Framework to populate City name using RegionInfo or CultureInfo classes?
jQuery Ajax Call - delete cached values
Mac Ports Update Failing
Parallel delaunay triangulation
Using Tornado, how do I serve static files and serve a favicon.ico from a different directory than the static path?
Icon specified in info.plist not found under the top level app wrapper
setInterval stops without any reason when browser tab is background
Filtering the object of a type with OfType in C#
Why is my managedObjectContext coming back nill?
referring to a cousin namespace
String Concatenation -
Java - calling this.function() from composition object
Javascript: replace all in string issue
Apache Pig: OutOfMemory exception with simple GROUP BY in local mode
how do i get the text from a nested <p> tag in an external html using html agility pack?
iOS Simulator Console?
Unexpected IQueryable<> Value After ForEach Iteration
Django isn't serving static files, getting 404 errors
android re-launching application as home button
Converting phone number range list to prefix list
how to assign two dimensional array to **pointer ?
window.scrollBy fires before hash/anchor scroll in Chrome and Safari
Create Language Service for VisualStudio 2010
SMS Logger: method getContentResolver() is undefined for the type
Where does the code of WP7 Silverlight start from?
Should my Akka actors' properties be marked @volatile?
SWF Upload and jquery
Pixel Shader model > 2.0 in FireMonkey
Syntax Error on Token while doing the Android Time Picker Tutorial
Draw clickable rectangles and I do not know how set params before onDraw method
How do I generate a HTML table from a two-dimensional list?
How to use diffuse color's alpha as opacity for textured triangles?
SQL - Subtract 2 rows in same table using common key
NoClassDefFoundError: Problems with linking my own jar to Android project
Liferay 6.1 : Themes are not reflected in Website
System bar size on android tablets
rewrite condition redirects instead of rewriting
dynamically determine the type of integer based on the system (c++)
$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] as one variable
How to use CURL to see if a webpage has specific text on it?
Hadoop WordCount example stuck at map 100% reduce 0%
Google Maps API - Custom Marker, NOT an image
Serial version slower than parallel with MKL_DYNAMIC=TRUE
How to display a ProgressDialog after the main view has been drawn. Android
AJAX Response Size Limit
C# search in a textfile words to a listbox
Shifted image in video
Div next other, width are percents, paddings breaks the lines
defining and looping through arrays tcl
IDA - positive sp value has been found error
Fields in a Dojo TabContainer will not switch to edit mode [closed]
Hikari: background animation
tumblr audio/video players + Masonry with infinite scroll
Fetching part of a webpage with urllib
Checking char with if [duplicate]
maybe about memory garbage collect of iOS
porting to Android: why am I getting 鈥淐an't create default XMLReader; is system property org.xml.sax.driver set?鈥�
JSF View Scoped bean survives redirect to JSP
Android application using libgdx crashes since update to ADT 17
What UI element is best to use to show Terms and Conditions?
Looping through the index of an array
How fast should my Mysql LIKE statement be?
How i can popup a context menu in a treeview but just in some particular treenodes?
What is L[L[3]] in a list?
Distinction between passing i and &i to a function
ASP.NET Gridview to hanlde Delete, Sorting and Paging of records
How to set Phone number with extension in iPhone Webapp?
AjaXplorer connect to database
Does (or should) this exist: Js storage API to Cloud (Dropbox, etc), fallback to local (localStorage, cookies, etc)
How to get serial number for all of computer's hardware via C#.Net?
How to see the rest of screen visual studio phone
Android - is it error-prone to use SharedPreferences for managing the user as being logged in?
Reformatting PHP Array decoded from Facebook Open Graph
How secure are PHP sessions?
Creating a Workbook with a custom name without saving it to disk
Show upload transfer time using Jquery?
Compiler says every constructor and function is being redefined and won't compile. Am I using the #IFNDEF wrong? - C++
How to apply -webkit-gradient to IE?
System Programming - Fork() Method
How to update or refresh DataGridView after inserting a row
Get latest occurence of a date by some interval with a specific original date in history?
Trying to subclass but getting object.__init__() takes no parameters
Wordpress browse by taxonomy returns 404
unknown number of built sources with automake
Disable Silverlight, for a single page, using Greasemonkey or similar?
Controller Receiving Errors
How to get the sum of the volume of highest and lowest priced items in linq
CSS Dropdown Menubar & Header flickers only on Safari
How can I hide the app name?
Go AppEngine repeating partial execution of http.handler
jquery ui star rating doesn't style radio box
if else route on ajax data not working
learning phase of Viola Jones / AdaBoost
How do you discriminate a cancelled from a retriggered boost deadline_timer
Hibernate Criteria does not work in SQLite
Buildout and zc.recipe.egg - specifying egg download URL directly?
Android error on reading text file on remote server
What is the type in this template?
Can CMake specify the base SDK on Mac OS X?
onclick event handler doesn't fire
simplest http server that supports SSI? [closed]
jQuery: Bind an element to show / hide when its contents are changed
In Objective-C and Cocoa, is there a function debug_print(foobar) that will print out variable's name as well as dumping out it value?
It seems it is not possible to increase audio recording volume on Android. So is it possible to modify the audio file afterwards?
Microsoft.Synchronization SyncAgent crashing after upgrade to VS2010
Page_Load event fires only once
C# loops not looping an if statement
why is an option set inside a Jquery plugin 鈥淣ull or no object鈥�in IE8?
Dialog to pick image from gallery or from camera
Does implementing Interface both implicit and explicit make sense?
Unable to update DoDataExchange method : VS 2000 Project converted to Visual Studio 2008 or VS 2010 Options
Best way to stop specific JavaScript function on mobile devices
Publishesettings tells that location is reserved system name or disk not writeable?
My computer thinks that signed int is smaller then -1?
RegEx with JavaScript matches more that it should
Stop Script Execution after set time
Facebook API works fine for /feed, but not for /photos
ListView is not populating, yet getView() is called
best way to write jQuery's replaceWith() in natural JavaScript
How to give a jar file classes it needs?
Setting Max length of string/.text
Grails - Searchable plugin: Can I stop it from relying just on Lucene index?
PHP header not working for server but works perfectly fine on local host
MKMapView not properly removing annotation?
Java - KeyListener Events not firing
How to add an Insert row to a GridView which is databound to a SQL server table?
Partial file reading and writing with iOS SDK
Clarification of JavaScript variable scope
Real-time display of results in Python
how to use union in matlab to get the disjunction of closed intervals?
Drupal 6: Show Flags for Node Translations
Wildcard Match Against Query causes score to = 0 ( php / sql )
Play framework Image.resize on png losing transparency
Convert variable into array in perl
Cordova: Upload file to an external Drupal site
android adMob could not find class
How to use Perl Storable, changing a hash value
How to put char sign as a character of action math?
Working with modules inside codeigniter
Calculate angle while rotating rectangle
Pygame Font.render() cropping uppercase letters with acute accents, tilde or circunflex
PDF displayed incorrectly in iOS 4.3 but works in iOS 5.0 and above
Best way to stream audio and video from an Android phone to a RTMP server
Installing/Setting cakePHP on Server
Grabbing users with no orders with mysql & php, simplifying this
JPA updating model with subset of fields
CustomValidationAttribute specifed method not being called
jQuery .on() and .delegate() doesn't work on iPad
why my ball is blurry when I started the game in xna 4.0?
Does Android store data on SQLite permanently or is it temporary storage?
valueUpdate: 'afterkeydown' for input type=鈥渘umeric鈥�in Knockoutjs 2.0
jQuery Button fade loop until another button is pressed
android layout on different screen sizes
Ace editor, inaccurate horizontal scroll, how to fix?
How do I specify multiple X-EBAY-SOA-GLOBAL-ID while searching ebay products?
Rails app won't remember users and allow then to re-sign in
Best way to request tiles from client?
Finding good websites written in lisp to learn from?
Make login form from iframe
Android: prevent display from turning off
synchronizing on DropBox data between all app users
NSCoding - initWithCoder and missing properties of object previously coded
How do I get a regular expression to recognize non-ASCII characters as letters?
Jena TDB: Nested Transactions
TinyMCE in a popup with jquery load
Stop submitting from javascript ajax request
What's the best way of encapsulating CUDA kernels?
Iterate over JsonObject properties
popularity among C language standards? [closed]
Weird subtraction issue with PHP 5.3.10
What's the equivalent to initWithNibName: on OSX?
Android emulator 鈥渓aunch from snapshot鈥�for Froyo
Nodejs removing event listeners
MS VC++ Compiler equivocation
Jena TDB: Nested Transactions
TinyMCE in a popup with jquery load
Stop submitting from javascript ajax request
What's the best way of encapsulating CUDA kernels?
Iterate over JsonObject properties
popularity among C language standards? [closed]
Weird subtraction issue with PHP 5.3.10
What's the equivalent to initWithNibName: on OSX?
Android emulator 鈥渓aunch from snapshot鈥�for Froyo
Nodejs removing event listeners
MS VC++ Compiler equivocation
zend framework images from database
Using characterAtindex with objective C NSPredicate class
Which Java CLI library with currently active community is more feature-rich?
Java this.classProperty versus classProperty incase argument variable name clashes?
鈥淐ould not find the main class鈥�error
django: add form field to generated form from another table
ANT, run all jUnit tests
Crash in MFMailComposeView
How can I move the caret between contenteditable list items (of varying indents) while maintaining caret x offset?
Delete all information of an entry from the database (MySQL)
issues in adding compression to unix filesystem
C/C++ strcpy unhandled read violation
ASP.NET Membership database and performance
How to add action to the sprite using Cocos2d
Creating two WHERE clauses in a MERGE UPDATE in Oracle 11
Creating a looping batch file with command line parameters?
Accessing the contents of a selected subclasses UITableViewCell
Calling another method to get resultset and closing the connection correctly?
Query POJOs from MySQL XML dump
Avoiding cast when using CImage
CSS preprocessor with modules and sane scope?
ListBoxItem absolute position, Windows Phone 7
Ruby Parse PDF file having text and images
Unwanted warning message with g++
Minimum required version management
short-circuiting behavior of conditonal OR operator(,,)
stackpanel triggers and storyboard
stb_image doesn't work on iPhone
CVOpenGLESTextureCache missing in monotouch sample GLCameraRippleSample
How to read a 鈥渓ong鈥�number of bytes from file with RandomAccessFile in java
I'm overwhelmed with authenticating users for my first simple web app. I'm using JSF2.0 + Tomcat
Alternative to pcap (Linux)
Custom ListView with Separator gets crazy
jQuery validation and ajaxForm needs submit button to be clicked twice [duplicate]
Failed to integrate Maven in eclipse Helios
How to detect object by changing color of the lines
Entity Framework 4.1: how to work with per call life time data context?
jQueryUI Drag: Ensure mouse is at center of object
Why does malloc seem to not be creating a new variable?
UITableView async image load shutters through multiple images
Android adding geopoints with delay on google map
xlwt can't parse IF statement in formula
Emacs disable *Messages* buffer
Which one are the supported iOS versions for development
Code generation and make rule expansion
Windows batch programing check passed argument value
java 3D render distance
Esoteric C program behavior while running - Code is not running sequentially
javax.naming.NamingException: Lookup failed