Error 鈥渧oid value not ignored as it ought to be鈥�in C programming
JasperReport - condition in TextElement
using pointer to work on single linked list
C++ char array scope
Getting Every Possible Combination Of Columns
Is it OK to have so many deprecated methods in backward-compatible code?
splitting a string in between some characters and escape sequences using a regex expression
Checking for incoming data type from file
How do I use the value of a variable to do things in my code?
Entity Framework foreign key null remained as entity entered
How can I reverse an XOR operation in Assembler?
creating custom templates in visual studio & resharper
how to make jqgrid accessible in android if it is bigger than viewport
Matlab - Watershed to extract lines - lost information
using same jquery on two different article tags on same page
How to build table structure in relatively simple CRUD Models in PHP?
Store But Don't Save NSManagedObject to CoreData?
Accessibility by Layer not by Assembly
creating an interactive page (videos, photos) for sharing on iOS device
Autorenewable In-app using MKstorekit?
Regarding hashcode() and equals()
Wrong hover area with @font-face?
Checking Prime Numbers using Sieve of Eratosthenes
Can I consolidate these two jQuery on() events with a toggle()?
Equivalent of -viewDidAppear for CCLayer?
Ant include external .jar
C++ - compilation error
MySQL user permissions issue
Query the database using a non-id column
TCPDF - how to add a font to pdf (solved) [closed]
NSString drawInRect: and drop shadows on iOS
Unity Error: The given assembly name or codebase was invalid
WebView specs not honored. Showing address bar
postscript scaling
Using Linq building a Search query dealing with String.Empty
cross browser resizable button glitch
wordpress custom field output after the_content
Declaring a method to accept an unknown case class as argument to use it in pattern matching in Scala
fulltext: this query very slow
PhoneGap cordova external hosts issue
Return varchars containing numbers in numerical order
PostgreSQL regex to validate email addresses
can I delete stale entries from mysql.user table?
force close application
plist and Resouce folder missing
How to remove everything from tweet but plain text with php?
Get JSONArray without array name?
Thread multiple JSON requests using JRUBY
spring mvc using json instead of ${variable}
Facebook photos : orphan photos & photos in album
How can I speed up my A* Pathfinding?
QtCreator: appearance of included subprojects (.pri)
Date picker select a specific range of date in Jquery UI / Jquery Easy UI
Mac App Package Identity Not Installed
Windows Registry, how to add your Native-Program for boot-exectuing?
Any tips to improve MySQL query?
Working with API (page w/ two jQuery versions and cross-domain)
Find windows user name within R
toggle function with ! in jquery
Does FluentSecurity replaces Asp.Net membership provider or it's supposed to complement/work together with it?
Issues with running php after page part is loaded with jquery
Implementing Visitor Pattern while allowing different return types of functions
Is /data/data always writable?
getting adb for samsung galaxy nexus to work
Are datasources other than Mongo available with Meteor?
Unable to pass this-> pointer to a sub object
Chrome extensions: background viewing page like an mail checker
Tricky situation involving conversion functions?
Meteor Template, where does it come from?
Trying to Reload Javascript after Ajax call
Accessing from an Abstract Class
Does editing razor chtml file require recompiling?
TextView wrap text after changing typeface
Filtering Data by User's access rights
Android create new Activity on Top despite 鈥渟ingleTop鈥�
Why is Haskell so large? [closed]
IOS App hangs then crashes on launch due to didEnterBackground
Liferay 6: Can the Liferay Friendly URL can be modified in my case
Using Mercurial patch queue repository on BitBucket for many users and patches
Quicksort Algorithm throws StackOverflowException
Using explicit value passed to implicit parameter as new implicit value
How come this regex is not greedy?
exchange web service error - the remote server returned an error 405 method not allowed
Formatted .net web service (for .asmx solution)
how to merge two android apps with each running on seperate tabs of merged app
Live video by MATLAB
Declaring an empty class in OWL
NSManagedObject NSNumber properties convert booleans to integers?
Use win8 simulator for developing Win8 apps on Win7?
How do you count cardinality of very large datasets efficiently in Python?
Proguard - unresolved references to program class members
Hardware Reserved Memory - Windows 7 32-bit (Bootcamp)
How to get AppHarbor application URL including scheme?
About TBB thread local storage
How would you implement tail efficiently?
Best way to write text on an image?
configuring frame size of UIImagePickerController
Post the new events to the backend controller
Communication between server-side Ruby process and client Javascript
How do I call a another class from a class in java
Is it advisable to use USER_NAME as the object_id in user details collection?
Cannot cast class A to class B
HTML - Styling a Form Button
SQL Statement Giving me an error?
How to click on all links from fetched using Selenium Ruby
Datatable to Excel Interop VS other approaches; required popup with Save As / Open
correct implementation of hashcode()
Particle Swarm Optimization - Updating Particle Position
How do I import dart:html & dart:io in the same class?
Change boolean field via click link
Load ads after page with jQuery
UITapGestureRecognizer cancels out didSelectRowAtIndexPath in UITableViewController
Is using Serialization a good idea?
One xml and several xsl (several views)
munal connection database CodeIgniter
cxf-codegen-plugin doesn't generate sources
Installing Open CV 2.3.1 for Visual C ++ 2010 express Windows 7 x 64
Paypal - Redirect with PHP?
Indy TCP communications and line breaks
MySql: How to update a single row occurrence from a table that has rows with duplicate fields?
Calculations in Core Data Managed Objects
Microsoft Surface pairing with Iphone
Facebook comments box shows Warning:URL is unreachable for 7-8 hours
An 'easy' way to capture video
Having a user input the name of a button on Android
add images to myPanel using
active admin display time only and text-alignment for default_actions
Ajax form submission with jquery.validate.js and jquery.form.js?
adding dependency breaks maven project
Using Autosizing is causing my items to shift wrongly 20 pixels to the left
How to serve MS office documents inline instead of as attachment?
Parsing poorl structured HTML document with Ruby Mechanize
Change the EditText's suggestions language
regarding cfmail
ImageIO Exception
Jenkins build fails because can't clone git repo
properties in obj-c
URL Rewrite rule based on certain conditions
Find UILocalNotification in scheduledLocalNotifications array without for loop?
active admin display time only and text-alignment for default_actions
Ajax form submission with jquery.validate.js and jquery.form.js?
adding dependency breaks maven project
Using Autosizing is causing my items to shift wrongly 20 pixels to the left
How to serve MS office documents inline instead of as attachment?
Parsing poorl structured HTML document with Ruby Mechanize
Change the EditText's suggestions language
regarding cfmail
ImageIO Exception
Jenkins build fails because can't clone git repo
properties in obj-c
URL Rewrite rule based on certain conditions
Find UILocalNotification in scheduledLocalNotifications array without for loop?
Using on() to attach an event handler to an element that will be dynamically created
Standard C library support in custom language
Simple Multi-threading help? C++, WaitForSingleObject and Synchronization
in JTable remove space between images
efficient updating of variables
format and display a phone number on a report page in PHP
How do I grab the saved value in rails?
NSURLConnection sendAsynchronousRequest: Long run on https
How to solve a system of vertical ellipses sharing the same center?
Rules sends email to node author when a node referencing it is created?
Is there a way to access IE Developer Tools in IE Tab on Firefox?
WSO2 sourcecode of identity server ( is always built with errors
How do I insert a line break into text loaded from yaml?
jQuery IE Error with wordpress: Line: 3 Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: nth-of-type
How To Parse HTML to Find youtube or Vimeo Videos on page with Jquery
Emacs: (Almost) random crashes about 2-3 times a day on Mac OS X
Creating a Google Doc with MySQL to Make a Resume Template
Basic interaction between two buttons and a label using Qt
iOS, How to determine word length in a list of strings in plist using NSArray
in codeigniter, I need to use count in such a way that
regex ?: performance
Jumping into an inner link without changing the address bar?
Practical example of how properties are used in objective-c?
Trouble querying List<String> child field in GAE JDO
Why can not an Explicitly implemented member can not be public? [duplicate]
Ruby:: analog of call_user_func_array()
how to get all items of has_many through association
add Facebook to app Xcode
Post to Facebook Profile Wall + + Python + App Engine
Use border image only for bottom border? Our CSS seems to replicate the image across the whole div instead
How to refactor a Django site so that it can scale
mySQL fails to update certain columns
Is iCloud Backup issue will arise for applications build in lowers iOS SDK versions
Last Name 鈥淚ndexOutOfRangeException was unhandled鈥�
HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found when trying to access wcf locally
New parser generator [closed]
Segfault while using mmap in C for reading binary files
Designing a table with a column need to stored in four different languages
WP7 DatePicker, TimePicker data binding
Python: run a process inside a windows host
Facebook iframe is showing up in the middle of my Joomla article
how to read duplicate nodes from XML
Java Servlet Returns Remote Port of 0?
Cross platform C++ filesystem watcher
How to use Finalize with managed resources?
What Kinds Of Mathematics Are Required For A Data Compressor? [closed]
Erlang process mesage suppresion
How to create anchor links using the id from each blog post?
How to lay divs horizontally without overflowing to new line?
using bash to automate answering of prompts for django sync for graphite install
Python : Problems getting past the login page of an .aspx site
Weird bug in Qt application
Jquery Autocomplete after space press
accessing VMware through java code
Node.js + express.js + passport.js : stay authenticated between server restart
using LARGE_INTEGER gives me back error error C2679: '=' binary no operator found which takes a right-hand operand
Get height of DIV and its content with JQuery
Weighted random selection using Walker's Alias Method
Foreach PHP Error
Is it OK to recursively parse the args in a va_list?
How to target different type of controls in WPF styles?
Android unit test fails because i extend from org.opencv.highgui.VideoCapture
How to obtain a minimal key from functional dependencies?
how to remove error text from the email format checker code?
Fetching by key vs fetching by filter in Google App Engine
WordPermalink not working after server tran
Best Way To Create Multi Column Page on CakePhp
c99: 63 characters of an internal name are significant? [duplicate]
How can I set the Jbuttons in a preferred order?
How to include multiple where conditions using Icriteria in nhibernate
How to upload to dropbox using an android intent
fwrite() and file corruption
what does the arguments of startelement() method in SAX parser refer to
how to pass two dimensional array of an unknown size to a function
Cannot get HTML of page
Making menu links that connect to each other
Autofac. Base Class properties resolved without specific injection
Rubinius: how to generate enumerator as the official way?
movement not working as expected after rotation
Multiple use of a form before it is submitted
Is this kind of chaining possible in JavaScript?
Special case of sparse matrices multiplication
Is there a difference in these javascript include definitions
Error when I use a relational callback in a method
How works the EhCache's renew (timeToLive) policy?
Android rtsp client compiled with NDK cannot receive any UDP packets
Creating a custom lookup with Javascript
Android rtsp client compiled with NDK cannot receive any UDP packets
Creating a custom lookup with Javascript
Can I change the name of the main-Activity or not?
Ajax html Domparser
How to cache output? (like ob_start() in php)
DOMXPath get first value of query
difference between $this->data and $this->request->data?
Trying to automate htpasswd from command line
Installing sphinx on Dreamhost
Expander header text alignment
#1064 error message
Good sources on general program layout (preferably Python or C++)
Possible to handle all MouseMove events in WP7.1?
Regarding Map as user defined base
JSON Autocomplete ASP.NET Jquery UI
ajax call fails to load php script that updates column information
Backbone not responding to routes
mysql order-by original 鈥渨here order鈥�
PHP echo function is not working as expected
CSS3 3D webkit issue
Open WPF form from a VSTO outlook addin
Regular expression to match function name and all arguments in Python
C Node Native Extension calls method twice
How to adjust SVN settings to convert line endlings on Windows?
Select div children
Getting error while parsing xml through sax
How to limit record time with AudioRecord as MediaRecorder with setMaxDuration
MYSQL, Subquery Reference in Union
Scala defining a function and call it on left side of parameter
C++print container
passing arguments to a function for fitting
Securing database keys for client-side processing
send users activation Email for the new accounts
How can I reduce the size of an image
dismissviewcontrolleranimated completion not calling completion on uiimagepickercontroller
Reading parts of a file and writing it to single unsigned char
What does the vertical pipe ( , ) mean in C++?
Configuring android to work on appcelerator titanium
Remove Attributes/Points D3.js JQuery
Android exception handling
Remoting powershell from server
Using PHP how can I ping a server output its status? [duplicate]
iPhone is ignoring body margin on Responsive Layout
match words that have numbers in it while ignore words that don't
using python and lxml to crawl a page - (<type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>, UnicodeEncodeError('ascii',
Having a difficulty with EF Fluent API
Regex.CompileToAssembly how to set .dll file location
XML::Compile::SOAP and calling a web service with WSDL
How to find specific row in MySQL query result?
Cassandra not working with php
ip based content based on country [duplicate]
Ajax request giving error in rails aplication
Creating a new div during a while Loop
Click on <div> to focus <input>
JIT and Hibernate
Mobclix banner NullPointerException?
Doesn't seem to be posting
Lucene - How to access the documents are a hit in the search?
Best way to sync iOS application with ALAssetsLibrary when app comes to foreground
How do you locate django template errors?
Setting string to ' 0'
analyzing a txt file in python by jumping the n_th element of a list
Importing XML in to phpmyadmin database
Use python to execute javascript on a given list of websites and output result to a csv
Get scanner to include but ignore quoted text?
Can we create instance of typed class, by calling class#newInstance()
Where is the best place to build a data structure in Apache module?
boost::lambda std::map
Efficiently blocking function execution while persistent QThread workers complete a round of work
jqGrid Subgrid with 鈥渓ocal鈥�Data
Terminology C++ - Members
OpenSSL: Unable to create SSL_CTX * using SSL_CTX_new()
CheckedListbox weird behavior in winforms
Get a string out of a string? Explode?
AS3 Importing Class on Another Frame
what is the work of below code? [closed]
HTML: Margin-top related to div height
Using URL REWRITE to redirect secondary domain to a folder on a hosting account
Multiplying two matrices with different dimensions
Gradually Slowing Down 2D Objects Approach
Starting an aniamtion over again with diffrent image
How fast can iPhone to be programmed take 2 pictures at one time? [closed]
How do I enable the 6000 series warnings (code analysis warnings) in MSVC++?
Running Google App Engine test server on iPhone
Running an executable created by Xcode
C++ static anonymous class type data member
Do I need attach renderbuffer to a framebuffer that has a texture attached already?
Java GUI with NetBeans
Can I share Paint instance among views?
layoutAnimation works only one time
Android: Handling GPS from multiple activities
Text Editor Unable to delete last new line character
Android Market Licensing (LVL) always returns RETRY
Changing mime-type for .xml.gz in Tomcat
interface ambiguous method parameters
Eclipse with Android layout's main.xml? [duplicate]
Can't Set MediaPlayer.Volume
JavaScript Synch Function before AJAX / jQuery / etc. library - Can't recall implementation, any advice
Why I don't get the right result
One line if-then without else clause
Why I don't get the right result
One line if-then without else clause
Patterns: Populate instance from Parameters and export it to XML
Explain this R regex
Easiest/most efficient way to constantly check & read PHP file for database changes in Java?
Ways to improve UIWebView scrolling performance?
Move file to another directory once it is done transferring
Passing this to an object within an object during the constructor call
jQuery sub-plugin loading before jQuery in Grails
why did I get this error? [duplicate]
wrong color channels, pygame cairo rsvg drawing
Binding error with ListView, UserControl, DependencyProperty, ObservableCollection, INotifyPropertyChanged
var = input(鈥淧ress any key to continue鈥� - Why does this not work?
how to remove an element from a selection using Jquery/Javascript before appending to another element?
eglGetError() reporting success for errors
Implementing Facebook iOS SDK - no 鈥渇bDidLogin鈥�callback
C++ Dynamic arrays of templated classes (i.e. vector)
I need to down size my jQuery Code it to repetitive [duplicate]
C++ 鈥渨arning: returning reference to temporary 鈥�- But it isn't
put a string in condition (c++)
Display items from a List 10 string items at a time
Python: simple ctypes dll load yields error
render page title using jsf 2
How to compose a complex query using resultset from another query in Mongodb?
How can I pass connection information to a runnable?
How can I position my icons top right inside table cell?
appending to array A with array B (being a reference to array A??)
Entity framework query for MVC
how to get tot pages found in Google News (user agent from Curl doesn't work)?
insert in unordered_set a new element: should the hint be end()?
Preventing parent window redirection from child
Is there a more elegant way of doing this?
Facebook Apps User last login to my Apps
Simplest way to print (with a real-life printer) in C++?
One DataAdapter, two different tables
rails ajax request
android insert into activity stack
Is there a jQuery library that can fit images to a div in a collage-like format?
How do I process only checked rows in table?
AysncTask cancelling itself still calls onPostExecute()
Creating two HTML elements and nesting one in the other with jQuery
How to return an enumerable object when using repository pattern?
Adding entitlement file
How do I assign a random colour to links?
Time_tag in rails 3
Monodevelope Nunit project data driven test
Accessing a hardcoded response xml through Java axis webservice client code
Check if is an attribute is a valid DOM attribute
CKFinder integration in CKEditor and basepath?
Why do I get an InvalidDocument exception when saving an object into MongoDB in Django for the first time?
What is the reason for Broken Pipe on Unix Domain Sockets?
PyOpenCL: What is Event.wait() for?
Get user information on the Facebook profile page
Shifting rows of matrix in matlab
PHP validate input to be an integer [duplicate]
Hibernate/Spring: Illegal attempt to associate a collection with two open sessions in unit test
Placing ListView DataItem Property into UserControl Template
jquery Isotope option for auto height on element
Any LINQ alternative for loop in reflection?
Mocking django's database save
TextView is returning null
UTF-8 support in Spring 3 MVC application
assembly return address not working
Regexp find and replace with the found value
Remote validation MVC 3.0 : multiple fields validation
ptrace PTRACE_ATTACH failure - Linux permissions of user owned process
Wait the user for 2 secs before submitting the form
Merge XML files in PHP
Are C functions slower in .m files than in the .c files?
What are the main differences between CoffeeScript鈥檚 and Dart鈥檚 improvements upon JavaScript?
BradLarsons GPUImage Example / IOS 4.1 Building problems / Compile is OK but nothing builds on iphone [closed]
Streamwriter returning Null in Unity3d
Slow 鈥渓ookup鈥�time for Glassfish
Difference between 鈥淓MV鈥�and 鈥淕lobal Platform鈥�
Finding a NSString inside a NSArray
in our code quick method is implemented as below? what is the benefit for implementing quick method?
Clarity between Pointer-to-Pointer, Value-of-Pointed address and 2D-Array access
OnChange event fires too soon in dropdown / select input?
Format SQL Output
Android Ndk crash in Help interpreting crashlog
Sum of the four 32bits elements of a _m128 vector
Do you need to use Entity Framework for MVC 4 Single Page Applications?
Is my JSF PrimeFaces application HTML5?
Pointer-to-global-instance-of-template-class as template-parameter?
how to access semantic configuration in a controller with symfony2?
Is there a way to force always show mnemonics in menus?
Extremly High Mysql/http load on CentOS Running PHPBB3 forum
MySQL order by number of matching columns
javascript/svg submit form or input button
Debugging line by line in c#
How to reduce duplication in the build-depends fields of a .cabal file?
facebook: why are users not notified when they are invited to an event via API?
Updating 鈥渓eft鈥�attribute of a div while hover continueously
DB performance with large set of data
Attempting to format json data with PHP to use with Polymaps
How to return promise that will resolve with the result of several functions?
non-STL function object callback usage
How do I strip attributes (except the style attribute) from HTML using regular expressions?
Resetting UIStepper
Rails 3.1+, routes - can't add new route with parameter
Resetting UIStepper
Rails 3.1+, routes - can't add new route with parameter
about output logic for simple FSM
UI Status Bar Fade in-out Time iOS
how to put image location in javascript code in a django template
Plotting network / relationship / connection type graphs in Python
App Engine preview does not work in Eclipse
Android Battery widget updates sometimes
How do i do an inline if statement in haml
How to make JTextField and JComboBox roundcorner borderless and background image?
Add a vector to a vector [duplicate]
How to find the best matching key in a PHP array
Skip column when inserting into MySQL
Applescript - List all hidden Window in the dock - miniaturized
simple search results page: if/else issues using localStorage variables and document.write
What's the use-case for this Responsive Web Design script?
c++ string subscript out of range
intermediate service implementation with security
MongoDB + Ruby. How to access document properties?
MySql If Exists Set Value?
why would you assign this to another variable?
laying out components in GridBagLayout not as expected
modular with Zend Router doesn't work
Add number of hours to a stored date
How to send message asynchronously in Objective C
Check presence of an element with jquery
passing char arrays from c++ to fortran
Setting ListView Adaptor: Null pointer exception
Change the Dialog style using a theme
Building a node.js chat
AVFoundation - Get grayscale image from Y plane (kCVPixelFormatType_420YpCbCr8BiPlanarFullRange)
Passing arguments like in MVC
Locked up waiting for @synchronized
Order ofQuery with AJAX PHP and MySQL
Strategies for bandwidth detection and serving up multiple videos for mobile
ASP.Net C# Web Config: MembershipPrivider schema added to existing DB
Masking color android
Java references. Does Java make a special check with string literals?
Why is DropDownListFor not recognizing the selected value in my editor template?
Adding More Javascript = Stops From Working
Is there an ASP.NET ListView control for Windows Forms?
Grails sortableColumn with multiple fields
How can a the extension of the PCR value be replicated with e.g. sha1sum?
How do I determine the average scene brightness in WebGL?
Why do some coding guidelines change the order of conditions in PHPs if/else?
Suggest a good image upload-and-crop tool
Keyboard typing: perform request with delay between symbols
get last element of array in input tag with jquery
IP tracing functions in django
Remove Rows in JIDE - Group Table
populate a jquery page with javascript - how to refresh a list
How to understand the Anorm parser?
Umbraco - working with document types
Jquery Mobile: code to select list of friends (Select list with filter)
Convert generic JSON files to MySQL
.htaccess Redirect Change URL
How to join/merge xml files into a single file and return it?
Pass vector<char>* to function getnameinfo
Why cant I expose an implemented interface method?
Cannot Display localstorage Array in <a> Tags
WebDriver unable to locate element (link/Java)
generate data from formatted string
Bluetooth protocol and implementing a position system with four devices
How to use history.js?
adding native iphone camera zoom slider and youtube player controller to my app
Desiging Websites for Retina style devices: What dimensions should you use when designing?
Throwing an object of a class defined within a class
SocketException - 'Socket is closed' even when isConnected() returns true
Put ads on Orchard web site
What container should I use for Bitmaps?
cannot get the id of every row's last column in the table
Java Circle Shape (6 segments)
Storyboard vs. iOS Simulator WYSIWYG
Getting desired data from a CVPixelBuffer Reference
JSF + Primefaces galleria not working IE 6-9
Is it possible in C# to produce Pivot output on column as in Excel? [duplicate]
UIImagePickerViewController dismiss slow
iOS get the view of a UITableViewCellAccessoryDetail
echo partial text
Is there a difference between LDAP and CRL?
TI-84 Multiple Menu Program
Android scaling javascript
SQL using lookup table to create a supplier quote
How can I make an element on a webpage fixed BUT relative to another element?
Are there tools available for Python source code analysis?
create div dynamically on click of a hyperlink in mvc
I want to display .swf file on html page but it is not displaying on webpage
Lisp macro (or function) for nested loops
Facebook not loading @font-face
How to emulate a streaming API?
Having 2 images of diffrent sizes depending on screen size with fancybox
jQuery each() returns only first found value
Pretty format of XML generated by Simple (Java Lib)
Two expanders beside each other wont expand the latter
Making two classes work together in Java
How can I create an account resource with default parameters at the same time as creating a user resource?
How to set up tortoisegit to not require password using ssh
.htaccess rewrite for Wordpress host hosted on Bitnami/EC2
Looking for a non linear optimizer/solver
How to set up tortoisegit to not require password using ssh
.htaccess rewrite for Wordpress host hosted on Bitnami/EC2
Looking for a non linear optimizer/solver
jQuery set var where n is ID for tabindex order?
Is there a better way to run this mysql update?
Prevent local caching of responses in HTTP streaming
Minimum length of virus signatures
Can one display rich text formating in a QListWidget?
FancyBox with video on iPad-video plays but is black???-(doesn't appear)
How to define a Label class in MyEclipse?
Correctly send user to 404 if dynamic content is not found (ASP.NET MVC)
ASP.NET MVC3 dropdown JQuery change event wire up gone wrong
How to execute .sql file into android?
Disable scrolling on mousedown-mousemove (Jquery / javascript)
strange effect/flicker in jQuery stop() in rollover menu
Get NHibernate QueryOver .SelectList(x) from Function
Dynamic ExpandableList Android - Populated with values from Web
How to handle assets (css, js, etc) with Django?
Primefaces printer print div
Raw image in RESTeasy
How to display a progress bar during loading another table view with a table view
Creating a custom OrderByDescending() for an IQueryable<T>
c read authentication from url and favicon.ico
Require attribute as soon as there's more than one element
How does compiler handle line number in runtime error message
Include GitHub files into a remote website
How do I remove the divider from a listview on android? [duplicate]
Can i break Adobe PDF password encryption with RC4/AES 128bits?
Abstraction in Python?
Android - ListActivity, add Header and Footer view
Why URL.openStream() method produce IOException?
ASP.NET Page Fragment
C and bison: pointers to struct in %union definition
Visual basic LINQ error
Using remote host as working directory, git extensions
Android - How can I prevent view focus changes?
How to invoke one hotkey from another?
Greasemonkey script to replace jQuery plugin function?
Offsets don't work when using 'row-fluid' in Twitter's Bootstrap
Best way to wait async to complete on WP7
Use of simple-prefs (SDK API) with external script and postMessage
C# Simple GUI Panel
Android post image using intent and html with phonegap
How to make div scalable by using percentage in CSS
Android Class Cast Exception when extending DialogPreference
In tornado database module does execute_lastrowid(鈥� work fine with concurrency?
How to make Detail View for each of elements in .plist file
What is an efficient way of doing URL matching and tag extraction?
jQuery check all checkboxes in datatable
Android: change Checkbox background Color without changing the text color
The type or namespace name 'Game1' could not be found
AirPrint Connection Refused Error
security policy files and jar
Google App Engine fetching based on values in list
Parse method for the custom class C#
Custom File Extension in C++
Redirect to custom error page when a duplicate entry is made in MySQL
Persisting Salesforce OAuth Token
Externally activate non-.NET application from Service Broker
PHP Simple Login System - 500 Error
Take picture with android camera (intent) out of memory error
Refresh Activity with startActivity and finish - tabs are not shown
Socket left in TIME_WAIT after file transfer via netcat
How to show Indices in lwuit?
Is there a default windows path for vb?
Zend Framework Default Value Form
Change UINavigationBar background image to default - iOS 4.3
Rails 3 - getand sort objects of model from related model
Creating points on a website that I could scroll to using keyboard arrows
foreach statement not returning all values within an Array?
Activities and Intents
Wrong default markers Google Maps v3
Java sudoku solver not changing empty cells
Adding filter expressions dynamically to an array
How to scrap a particular part of a HTML page using regular expression or HTMLAgilityPack in visual studio 2010 using C#?
Jar get image as resource
image change function and if block error
Inserting Data into multiple tables
Android: Stop sound files playing at once
XML parsing in MIT App Inventor
Activity Layout: Fragment class: vs android:name attributes
How does this recursive C code work?
No JFrame Title after exporting to JAR
TextView Superscript not showing correctly
How to include colorwheel in online text editor to edit css file
AWK - print lines in the loop?
How to declare the KeyEventArgs from different HeaderFile Class?
How can I find all the DLLs to include in an MFC VS project?
cordova/phonegap 1.6 crash at second launch
Java - Updating JTable with fireTableDataChanged();
What programming language is used for iPhone apps?
Spring ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource configuration
Trigger action when file download actually completes
observable array length is always zero
automatically log in user after password reset
How to access RequestContext in class-based generic views?
Database Normalization using composite key?
Converting a string to a datetime
Modify a jQuery script to remove a function (without breaking it鈥�
Does anyone know if AIR supports local multiplayer on iOS or Android?
How can I render a new property in an HTML Input from a Custom ServerControl in ASP.Net
Administrator search query
C struct written in file, open with Java
about guest in the kvm to handle the external interrupt and external interrupt
build boost with mingw from QtSDK
Stop collection from sorting itself but still able to sort i
Java errors when trying to compile a Red5 server sample
Change expander arrow
Downloading multimedia files of a directory into my local machine using java code
split values in arraylist and store in different array list
Thread suspend and resume inside run()
What is 鈥渟elf鈥�in a classmethod [duplicate]
Android SDK info about XML Layout tag attributes
handling duplicate records in mysql Insert statement
How to 鈥渟often鈥�the edges of a polyline?
Setting imageView background issue with selector
C# application using a Local database with stored procedures
Spring unable to locate OSGi namespace handler
design of online student grade result [closed]
Trying to display HTML text in a textarea control
What is your Ext.Direct data caching strategy?
If I Use a BLL should I still access the DAL?
passing attributes to ActionLink
why can't I cast a pointer to Derived class member function to the same but of class Base?
How to move image in javascript
Create instance of a class with arguments composed via MEF
Join two related tables into a single entity using Entity Framework
Checking Pixels in Matlab
Advanced Menu on AsideFirst is cut off
See if two object have the same type
Receiving large amount of data effectively in Java Servlets
Disable the use of multiple rows in FlowLayout?
Windows Phone multiple instances of app
Django can't find can't find packages in virtualenv
Enhancing OpenJPA entity in runtime in jboss
Call Swing Java appliation from PHP script
Listview showing lot of content from database
Is passed data to a php page using .load method of ajax can be used by $_REQUEST method only
Animating a view & its subview seperately
cmd.executeNonQuery() Update
(delphi application) wrong location spotted
Creating a GZipped tar file and dynamically streaming it via PHP?
C++ array interpolation, strange results
multiple where clauses in redbeanphp
Why cannot take address to a nested local function in 64 bit Delphi?
Parsing Wikipedia List and Storing Result into 2D Array [closed]
Should 鈥減ython sql polls鈥�or 鈥減ython syncdb鈥�return an error when the code has errors?
how to draw a image reflection by using OpenGL ES 2.0?
android aapt in eclipse
atoi is a standard function. But itoa is not. Why?
how to draw a image reflection by using OpenGL ES 2.0?
android aapt in eclipse
atoi is a standard function. But itoa is not. Why?
OnClick Functions Not Working For HTML Buttons
Writing data to the file on device and reading it back from the device (Iphone)
How to detect the file size of a video before you upload it?
object HTMLLIElement getting outputted instead of expected value
GAE tasks and execution rate
About Googles PubSubHubbub drawback
checkbox javascript
Concurrency management in WCF
How to close IPython Notebook properly?
Non Fetch Request and managedObjectContext Error When Loading A TableViewController
Strange CSS Footer Bug
Git pre-commit hook: getting list of changed files
Viewing vector overlay in an OpenLayers Map
Confusion on universal app/iPad target
What should I do if I would like to convert such a php system to C#?
Solr: how to map a boolean field into 1 and 2 for boosting
Python: delete element from heap
Dice roll with images [closed]
Multithreaded search of single collection for duplicates
zend navigation issue with Zend_Config_Xml
Browser processing images
How can I decode SIP/TLS (non default SIPS port) packets through Wireshark?
Memory leak when declaring NSString from ABRecordCopyValue
SVN Reintegrate same branch to trunk multiple times
What is exception breakpoint in Xcode 4
OpenGL matrix math utilities for Python?
Should a bad USB device be able to crash a bug free Linux kernel?
Making StatET work with R 2.15.0
Work with one array row at a time with displaying next on submission
Dynamic Cursors
transitionFromView not working
create hyperlink with unique id while iterating a model in mvc
What to do with *.h.cmake file
How to create index on column to increase execution of query
Database output makes php commented
Android change language
Losing data while writing with BufferedWriter
How to programmatically apply CSS definitions to the whole page?
Complicated Analytics+Website Optimizer tracking
Calculate value of symbolic equation in MATLAB
BeautifulSoup error in google appengine
Inter-thread messaging implementation
Raphael blur plugin [duplicate]
An Underdetermined Linear System for GPS
Input string was not in a correct format
Change backgroundcolor of a layout after starting an other activity
Braille printing
Java Language Null Pointer Exception Error
A method/property in a parent class returning an object from a child class
Are native JavaScript functions something 鈥渟uperglobals鈥�like?
Security Issue: when using jQuery with json to request from service
Is there a shorter way to check to allow all video formats?
Mutually Dependent class declarations
Writing Android application using GPS data with Python
Wordpress using 'www-data' as user in updates - how do I change this to another user?
How to run a function on load in phonegap/jquery mobile iOS app
SQlite database [closed]
How could I display a checked checkbox based on it's value in the database?
How to perform several calculations in MySQL?
Web service instantiate object C#.NET
Suggestions joomla/wordpress [closed]
Why skb_transport_header does not calculate correctly?
Comparing values in XML using C#
Inserting class into array results in weird access error
Git commiting and pushing
WP7 populate listbox from WCF, then save back to Service
Retrieve POST data back AJAX / jQuery
Lazy vals and implicit parameters in Scala
Contenteditable div vs. iframe in making a rich-text/wysiwyg editor
Constructor-local variables in Scala
recursively rename files and remove a character
doctrine orm count 1:n relationship on join
Activity ends on HOME button
ScheduledExecutorService stops when USB not connected
Hide div with jQuery (length option) not working
GSP-page can't be found
In Django what is the smarter way to dynamically load some JavaScript based on view name if exists?
Memory leak from Apple CameraUI code
In CSS what is the difference between using ul#test and #test ul
How to get JavaScript function on a div which has multiple ids
Issues with Anchor Cloud Jquery plugin
OCR - Recognizing pricetags with iphone (openCV/Tesseract/Other methods?)
How to generate clean URLs with mod_rewrite
AppEngine id/key/from_path is quite confusing what should I use
PHP euro symbol htmlentities
How do I format and add files to hadoop after it crashed?
Java - Cannot assign a value to final variable query. It is final String
RSS feeds for other stackexchange pages
Copy many columns from one data.frame to another
WPF Dispatcher.Run throws null exception on Win 7 64
How apply padding in HTML without increasing the div size?
Double module definition error
intent activity is not working properly . Android
Matrix Multiplication In C
What do you look for in a web app authentication library? [closed]
implicit declaration of function is invalid in c99
MySql doesn't use index with ORDER BY
python custom excepions: where? [closed]
Attempting to exectue SQL script but can't find how to connect it to my SQL Server CE database
How to implement IPX/SPX transport protocol from scratch on Windows 7?
Java: Fastest way to change brightness of an image
Ruby 1.9.3 and mac stack size issue
Visual Studio 2010 - Does not copy folder on deployment to 鈥淥ut鈥�directory
std::function constructor not found when calling a function
What rails relationship am I looking for here?
Convert string variable to date
stacklesssocket affects other socket based module
Scheduled task on windows to run a PHP file
Access the session in my API spec
Selecting and grouping on ranges
Can I serve with a custom protocol using PHP?
JSF 2 - How to destroy a session-scoped bean
Link Intent Android
Begin downloading file after ajax call completed
Detecting if a user is coming from a subdomain in Smarty PHP
Creating .htaccess to remove extensions
How do I log russian text or non-latin?
bootstrap modal how to load http file inside
PHP puts random numbers in directroy names. Why?
How to pass a string argument from HTML (using JavaScript) to a Java executable Jar?
select under condition in sql
Can there be a collision if two threads are writing to the same serial port?
Minimum IOS version for Adobe Air App
How to cancel a file upload when clicking on a button
ContextMenu binding
Xcode sketch on map
Div at the top of the page before other top divs
Excel: Find k and m in 鈥渒x + m鈥�text string
MySQL not updating on duplicate key
Android: How to add a canvas into a FrameLayout?
Where do I put the $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg(); to disable all jQuery Mobile loading messages?
Trying to use Python script to add strings to file
Access current item in a DataTemplate
is it a way to make jQuery Mobile header list dividers fixed at top?
Display possible chord continuations in Visual Studio
java: words extract the capital letter out
Cant' change an object variable from an outer event
php get the root of the file
Working with DQL in Doctrine (ORM Tool)
Calculating Geometric median of 2D points
Can't get jdbcRealm to work
how to pass this structure array to the function ,whats wrong with my code?
Android: rebuild now requires compiler compliance level 5.0 or 6.0. Found '1.7' instead. Why remove of @Override? [duplicate]
Separating text from .txt into colums in listview ( mobile)
crawling multiple webpages from a website
CAPTCHA checking fail no matter i input correctly
How user can (safely) programme their own filter in Java
crawling multiple webpages from a website
CAPTCHA checking fail no matter i input correctly
How user can (safely) programme their own filter in Java
best practice including javascript in django template
smtp error on sending email : sender address must contain a domain
how can I check if a string is a positive integer?
date validation javascript (please help)
Add Mime Type to a virtual directory
Android XML Parser isnt working
Applescript or Automator to save Mandelbrot image from website progressivly
Should I worry about the load on a MySQL database?
How to excetute a SQL BETWEEN command in Entity Framework
Record Paper.js path object and redraw again later
VB.NET RowUpdating event doesn't work
C++ Menu. Unlimited loop in menu
Edittext background image
How to pair and connect a device programmatically using bluetooth in Android?
AssemblyInfo file got corrupted VS2010
Python add data to post body
MATCH (somefeald) AGAINST ('+鈥�$_GET['search'].鈥� IN BOOLEAN MODE) not work
advantage of IControllerActivator over DefaultControllerFactory.CreateController
Arduino + Bluetooth module + Android
鈥渆lse鈥�completes even if 鈥渋f鈥�is true
Java 7 installer for Mac/Windows
iPhone: How to find string in a complete string
Use Httpcontext in data Access Layer
string fields in a C struct, how to work with?
Will this VBA code execute Asynchronously
CSS3 move then animate
Cross-platform way to invoke Python 3.x command
Making user defined Map
UpdateProgress with Trigger not working
How to match similar products for a price comparison website
mysql SUM(column) won't sum elements on column union
Limit how deep TreeView would go when expanding TreeNode in WPF
Ruby arrays slice, can't understand this simple code snippet [duplicate]
Using __unicode__ of a model as a search field in admin form
Windows 8 XAML multi-column text
Mysql query failure laying me
Disable Printscreen by jQuery or Js
How to specify mySQL host when creating the database locally?
Implementing both OnTouchListener and LongPressListener to a view
System.Windows.Forms.Keys.HasFlag behaving weirdly
Galaxy Tab Emulator for Android
Adding a google map in my rails app- need help getting started without using a Gem - would like to write custom code
Rails routes for models with ancestry
Error when debugging Android app on Eclipse
rails service management in development? ( foreman does not start all services )
What is the difference between arrayAdapter and baseAdapter in this code
jQuery background color animation on page load
rails service management in development? ( foreman does not start all services )
What is the difference between arrayAdapter and baseAdapter in this code
jQuery background color animation on page load
Updating only one instance of AppWidget
Define abstract class with abstract methods in pattern design style
IBM DB2 administration server already active , but says not
Search by arabic word in facebook usig facebook Graph API
Facebook publish message to wall with dialog box
.Net ReportViewer change textbox location runtime
Every third post pull from excluded category. WordPress
1st unnecessary null row in JTable. How to remove it?
Bullet Physics on Smartphone? (Android / iPhone)
php deprecation magic_quotes error won't go away
Linq 鈥淪equence operators not supported for type鈥�Exception
Searching XML items PHP XPath
DataGridView + DataTable, best way of handling huge lists?
rdf:collection in sparql
Unable to use a variable in a jQuery selector
How to remove some css properties without the paticular one using regular expression?
android mapping using osmDroid mapping api
Loading assets in a noscript element
Eclipselink with RCP plugin and Derby database
Tap gesture recognizer Not working for UIWebiew inside UIScrollView,which is inside UIView
input buttons to allow different options of resizing a shape
Convert some UIImages into a GIF file image
tbb concurrent containers performance
Is sending a message in Objective C actually asynchronous?
HTML5 offline google map access
Is it possible to perform live detection of text typed into textarea in JQuery?
Changing boolean value in class function in java
setProgressDrawable fills the entire seekBar
Does the ' 0' at the end of the string also get included here?
TVirtualStringTree: Scrolling to the bottom two times causes toggling
Why overload copy assignment operator for a singleton class in C++?
Improving performance of Racket Code and error when trying to byte compile
Perl regular expression to match an IP address
Check 32-bit through code with different environment?
How can i pass or keep my cheched checkbox when the page is changed in gridview?
jQuery UI Sortable Window Scroll
How to recover crashed Symfony App due to PHP error? PHP 5.3.1 / Apache 2.2.14
Phusion Passenger v. WEBrick
Does Twitter bootstrap buttons works on iPad?
How to remove specific characters in a particular element
Javascript, check multiple arrays for number
Different fundamental matrix from the same projection matrices
jQuery function not working on AJAX loaded content
cant pass php variables to javascript [duplicate]
regex to replace a string from the inner html of a div
How to scale and set coordinates of MediaView?
Android : How to set same drawable selector xml for more than 2 views
HashMap printing just the last entry
Why does my #define macro appear to be a global?
Getting Azure Logs from role process
DSPack: how to connect PushSource to videocap?
changing name of uploaded images
Replace elements of a list in Prolog
How to set environment variables in makefile recipe?
parallel pipelined table function in database
Push XMM register to the stack
Debugging Rails Spree. Might be database related
Yii framework deployment
MonthCalendar control - need help using if statement
What is the real example of SetSessionStateBehavior method in ASP.NET 4.0?
Div background change when hovering another div with jQuery
adding a response header to 302 response using perl
Using recursive pattern loop with node.js
How to assign images in file browser?
Using DISTINCT to filter duplicates?
Clustered indexes SQL Server
RAISE NOTICE not appearing on screen
How to get other application icon from process pid on iOS system?
How to generate a unique digital id in PHP? [duplicate]
CSS HTML: Text Wraps in Chome: Works fine in Firefox and IE
is a secured web service; Tester feature is not supported for secured services
TreeMap with own comparator implementation
Why does ASP MVC create a JSON format Android doesn't like?
i can not understand how this is working x => x.Id == _purchase.Centre.Id?
Export ssh key from Github servers
How to detect TreeNode expansion in WPF?
how to control MPMoviePlayerController play time?
Select every other row as male/female from mysql table
htaccess file in custom mvc application [closed]
Why does crossvalind fail?
System.StackOverflowException too much recursion
Actionscript click on background/stage
Average of a two dimensional array
Change name of a package after if it is created and have classes in Eclipse. Possible?
How to get current string of search bar while typing
how to add textfield in tableview cell(each row) and set tag to each textfield to access it's text
Playing a sequence of audio files in background
Automatic heroku daily postgres database duplication
Qt: KeyPressEvent While Dragging an item from a listView
Netbeans PHP/javascript highlighting
Why I can't call a function inside a linq query?
Trying to debug issue with logback syslog appender not updating syslog
Reshape in the middle
Can't pass parameters to Servlet via jQuery POST
How to implement closures into a LISP interpreter
Android - how to change the name of the app when it appears on peoples downloaded app lists
How many users Nodejs & can support?
How to implement closures into a LISP interpreter
Android - how to change the name of the app when it appears on peoples downloaded app lists
How many users Nodejs & can support?
Getting the GPU connection type in Windows XP?
date validation JavaScript
getting code in new line
migrate database schema on update of Java EE application
Fuzzy String Comparison - Detecting shorthand names
Print all possibles Longest Decreasing Subsequence
How to use else statement with ajax in jquery
How to get current user status and presence when login? SMACK XMPP