Do While loop is not working? [closed]
'Compile Sources' not updated while dragging files to a project in Xcode 4.3.2
Importing Confusion Pandas
XCode/Cocoa Objective-C - A couple questions
xCode draw - Trying to maintain color choice in CGRect
characters versus arrays in c
Why would pip install python packages outside of my current virtualenv?
Adding Textbox to a Gridview
ios what does a delegate default to
How to get bash to ignore file-not-founds
git: how to 鈥渃onsolidate鈥�the local commits
Should website backend and mobile service layer consume the same API?
Checkboxes checked if values exists on the mysql table
Android: Create fragment toolbar
How to securely pass username/password and auth tokens between Android and Rails/Apache
Converting String to Pointer for JNA
Message box with image and text input
restrict users with sessions
htaccess image redirection
Android SQL Math with integer
Android: passing data back and forth using intent setResults
Combine array elements into single string
Using different Thread.sleep() duration to control Player speed?
how to put a image as a background in tkinter in python
Changing table cell background color
What is the true method for JFrame, to minimize it in Linux
Possible to change these 2 SQL queries into 1?
axWrapper want麓s NpapiPluginModule::Default = module 鈥�Where is 鈥�:Default鈥�gone?
Mail TabBarItem dismissModalViewControllerAnimated
Unix Processes Diagram confusion
Appcelerator Titanium - How do I place an image at the bottom of the screen
value in input field to remain as user types
Dynamic SQL queries with F# 3.0?
lose vim colorscheme in tmux mode
How to move a carousel item to the middle when it's clicked in jquery
vb and Outlook - show only messages from contact using vb code(from access)
JAVA - How to enter values to table string from anther string?
JAVA - How to enter values to table string from anther string?
Editing A Label By Tag iOS
Vararg initialization with paramters from array (Java)
Python List, how to split it up in django template
Proper RESTful way to handle a request that is not really creating or getting something?
Persist DataContext changes after back button in Win8 Metro app
NSArray only changed if class is passed
How do I use switch statement inside function to change variables in PHP?
Load image to a polygon and draw using texture size
MVVM and ORM tools
Implement Linq search query for n number of keywords and AND / OR option
How does the key form the cipher?
How do I fix a long-polling outstanding connections error
How can I return large strings from a Service via AIDL?
How Do You Change an Existing File Via a NuGet Package Install?
ruby: representing binary string as Bignum
How to check if matching text is found in a string in Lua?
Changing -webkit-animation-play-state with javascript
BASH Accessing the next 'field' in command line without a loop
Dynamic layout inflator within a loop
Retrieving system calls with Ptrace, stopping after first one
Whats wrong with this code? [MySQL request cell info] [closed]
Java 7 URL connection hangs
Compile .java file from within a java program?
Preventing a resizable parent widget from being resized by child widgets
How do I find the intersection of a vector and the side of a triangle?
Javascript condition not working in AJAX callback
Place pointer on div or other page element in javascript
iOS TableView Hierarchy using NSArray with ARC, how to repopulate array?
Android Audio - Streaming sine-tone generator odd behaviour
'Javascript' is an unexpected token. The expected token is ' ' or '''. Line 5, position 18
Monte Carlo Simulation in Ruby
Swapping array values with for and yield scala
Python regex for Python function signatures
append to div one time
Create fixed height horizontal div with a fluid one
Why does mysql_connect sometimes fail in remote connection with ubuntu mysql server but mysql_pconnect never fails?
C++ DLL Unload Destructor?
Width in box layout
Ruby 1.9.3 rational class causing problems
CodeIgniter- form warning messages?
Trigger a function with jQuery after a single letter was typed in an input box
Setting Actions for PopUpButton
How to get latitude and longitude from address on Android?
WP7 for loop to limit number of items added to listbox
How do I use Chrome Web Developer to examine tipsy hover overs?
Omniauth redirection working only in certain cases (with ports)
Open a ModalPopupExtender on an UpdatePanel using javascript
Toggling two events on one button
cocos2d CCTableView example
Open a ModalPopupExtender on an UpdatePanel using javascript
Toggling two events on one button
cocos2d CCTableView example
IOS Core data fetch-request - sorting
How to make a linux command-line program work in windows?
How can integrate SharpArchitecture and NHibernate.Search via Fluent.NHibernate.Search?
Javascript pass parameters to onclick function in loop
Java-How do I Call a Method With A Return Type
Create a Folder (bundle) in Cocoa
Where can I learn how to do live queries?
Python module import fails for unknown reason
expected initializer before 'extern' when using math.h
GLSL blending modes, creating additive transparency
GDB inferior quit
How do I combine an anchor tag AND a pased variable in an HTML HREF?
How to map a filter for welcome-file in web.xml for Tomcat?
Sorting the results of a DirectorySearcher query by DateTime
Using instance of 1 Applet in 2 or more HTML pages
solving equations simultaneously
install numpy and matplotlib to locally installed python2.7 in linux
How to Minimize App Store Approval Time
Random circular movement like when fairy flies? [closed]
Error checking on many function calls
Named query when property is an object?
Servicestack client outside of .NET framework, implementation?
Silverlight hangs on Prism's EventAggregator Subscribe method
Keypress with delay, how to limit to only one execution of function call?
Should I code with no servlets?
Bash parameters array manipulation issue
Why is my array.length returning such a high number?
Java string interpreted wrongly in SQL
refactoring javascript event handlers - is this a reasonable thing to do?
waveOutWrite compatible with ASIO?
Insert into another database only inserting 1 record
Different colors for shapes through iterations in Python / Pygame?
What happened to deepMacroExpandUntil
CUDA counter letter
Add CSS class based on ID
Blackberry Webwork sdk error: Invalid application archive - resource name is not valid
BufferStrategy Illegal State Exception
What does the `close()` method of the Mysqli Statement?
cin.getline() equivalent when getting a char from a function.
MVC 4 iframe embedded in desktop page showing mobile view
How to set cursor at the end in a TEXTAREA? (by not using jQuery)
ondblclick function to cancel onclick [closed]
Category subcategory recursion
Replacing whitespace with sed in a CSV (to use w/ postgres copy command)
Should .htaccess be versioned in source control?
Mysql cluster 7.2.2 ignored settings and TABLE IS FULL error
How do I convert a Bitmap with black pixels to another color in Android?
Writing list's first elements
Extraction from string - Ruby
Javascript in Drupal 7: conflict when using JMpress.js
TChromiumFMX - Create at runtime
PHP 5.4.0 - Register Globals Deprecated
When do I have to declare session_start();?
How can I unit test a PHP class method that executes a command-line program?
Cannot redirect to Nil in CommentsController#destroy (Polymorphic association)
rails 3: custom routes in routes.rb
Singleton in python, closure not working inside decorator
SQL Server : whitespaces in rows
get_symbol function in C
Android creating a Spotify like slider menu
Android 4 ICS and Foursquare API
Trying to display the contents of a textbox within a dynamic table ONLY after the enter key has been pressed
passing ruby arrays to javascript code (jquery) in a haml view in Ruby on Rails
STL algorithm function templates
Is it possible to manually build Flash Builder using plain Eclipse
Nginx: Speeding up Image Upload?
Is there any sort of import for Android layout files?
Matlab number of rows in excel file
Submit javascript dynamically added elements to controller method like Stackoverflow
Why is using Tipsy breaking my force-directed graph produced by d3?
object caught by the handler is copy of the original?
C++ std::iterator without using std::vector or std::list internally
Blocking version of delay in Celery?
Embedding NSOpenGlViews in a ScrollView does not produce expected scrolling behavior
Declarative Authorization - how to set acces for all actions in controller?
Can not handle string copy in ANSI C
view function in cakePHP not working with a variable other than $id
How to create high low open close chart with pandas
Adding UIBarButtonItem to all Navigation View Controllers inside a UITabBarController programmatically
Jquery code that got broken after upgrading to 1.7.1 from 1.3.2
How can I add a title above the first row using Prototype cells?
Returning the Connection from JDBC into a main method of Java?
How to access a Textbox in Form3 from Form1?
Incorrect display with JSF, JBOSS
FullCalendar Events Not Showing After 8pm in basicDay view
python-read file names and build a namelist
Boolean arrays used to prevent duplicates and syntax error problems?
eval in Objective-C [duplicate]
WAMP Server icon not turning green [closed]
Drawing shapes with JavaScript and Canvas
Getting error: Uncaught TypeError: Object .thumbnail has no method 'hover'
C string functions work, but then fail after malloc called many times
Scale image with css to both width and height to scale
Quickest way to write to file in java
MVC 3 Passing Variables Between Actions
Using Ninjects InRequestScope() when selfhosting Web API
Unresolved external symbols __RTC_* in Windows programming tutorial
Unresolved external symbols __RTC_* in Windows programming tutorial
Login system using database
Deploy on external tomcat and SAP connect
How to setup SVN server on a VPS with Centos 6.2 and WHM already installed
Rails 3.1.3: Evaluate ruby code before JavaScript
scipy.weave.inline not working as expected with math library
How can I get the borders the tabs on this site to display rounded in ie?
how to compare character against set of given characters in C?
Adding an x axis label with 2 y axis labels
Haskell read type inferences
Error when starting HTTPS on Node.js on Mac OSX using StartSSL cert
Javascript: Does not change the div innerHTML
Designing Fluent interface methods
In my custom UIButton class, why is my highlight layer not vanishing?
In linux, how can an user space program uses the kernel function? I really need some inspiration
RCurl: HTTP Authentication When Site Responds With HTTP 401 Code Without WWW-Authenticate
FInding ID of checked Radio Button, How to strip string form ID
How can you tell if a UIPrintInteractionController is showing?
Java swing setMaximumSize not working [duplicate]
Is it proper to reference your project name inside your Django project?
How to notify client applications from a service on a Windows system with WinAPI and C++?
Can't get the html code for the like button on my webpage
What NoSQL DB to use for sparse Time Series like data?
input masking to show single character place - 鈥�_ _ _ 鈥�
Better way to read last portion of URL
Need help creating a word ladder between many one letter different pairs of words (java)
How to dynamically determine and compare the type of an objects ivars, using ivar_getTypeEncoding & @encode?
Javascript - use of indexOf to search for strings
MVC Routing Engine routes same formatted route to different controller actions
Phonegap - I have the basic hello world windows phone app. How do I deploy it to android?
How to make libusb library visible to another program?
Eclipse + Egit - adding a new Java project to a remote repository
draw usning wxPython, how fast fill alll pixels?
How do I add an image to an HTML input widget?
PHP installed but not working on a custom server
jquery validate conflict with jquery tools
How can I calculate camera position by comparing two photographs?
Storing lots of small web pages on Android
Redirect any url containing /foo/
keep latest n entries in table
createSQLQuery in Hibernate
Can't get results from a JSON API
DataSnap XE2 , Disconnecting with second connection in the same client
xcode print folded regions as folded
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: (Mac OS X 10.7)
div not positioning correctly in chrome and safari
How do I write a template that will be used on every page and then include sub-templates?
Wordpress admin unresponsive in local dev environment
Ruby: undefined method `<<' for nil:NilClass
Xkb: How to convert a keycode to keysym
Where do you put your dependencies?
404 Not Found error on inserting record to [app]
Updating a document in Google Docs using the API?
Are there any fast alternatives to SURF and SIFT for scale-invariant feature extraction?
PHP to show ISO DVD image on local server
Checking if point set triangle subdivision is a triangulation
Creating Terms and Conditions link
java was started but returned exit code = -805306369
Haxe & NME: fastest method for per pixel bitmap manipulation
Event loads with jQuery and YouTube API
Python List sorting, sorting dictionaries within a list
Why some people don't check for NULL after calling malloc?
What are the actions a system can take when a deadlock is detected?
Incompatible types error Java between short and int. Unsure of cause
Batch retrieval of friend profile photos
Style Point vector as Marker in Openlayers?
How do I add another object to my singleton code?
Linux C++ ptrace 鈥�Map all cells of a child processes memorys
Using play and restlet together
Qt persistent QNetworkCookieJar
Python - Replace a Number in Multiple Files
I have defined a vector according to a certain rule. How do I define a function that outputs the vector?
Clear HTML5 Filesystem API
How do I define website's width only in iPhone's landscape mode (viewport metatag)?
Register com dll for use by vba
Multiple Render Targets in DirectX9
read from a file with blank spaces
using round corners with jquery in ie
Transferring audio file
How to list all the elements of an application?
How do I get the visitor's current timezone then convert to string of the local time in Django 1.4?
CSS Framework Issues [closed]
Making Haskell functions point-free
Why std.RedBlackTree as a map breaks?
Visualforce -> Can 鈥淎pex:column鈥�s value attribute call a function to reformat what is being displayed?
Escaping HTML attributes
How to change gap in swing label
Why am I creating a pointless merge commit?
multilangual webapp in ruby on rails
how to display xml atribute with jquery (within zRSSFeed script)
How can I get gcc to add a prefix to all symbol names
Setting up TkHtml (a Tk widget) with Python
Is there anyway to do port discover from Javascript in an intranet web application?
about error recovery from bison2.4.1
How to go back to original Sub Procedure from Key Down Event (VB.NET)
How to populate dynamically a grid on WP7?
navigator.userAgent to detect for mobile device?
Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting
MYSQL (with php) Find if 50% of column in row are equally with some text
How to start a new activity when screen orientation changes? Android
Akka Logging outside Actor
Weird: Variables keep unsetting themselves
Executable cgi and image/javascript-files in lighty
Html/Css - How to get an image to stretch 100% width of a container then display another image over it?
create a user login to comment in a blog
populating items into a Select using jQuery ajax json, php
How can request the locks and deadlocks of a thread at runtime with C#?
htaccess rewrite for clean image url
MarkLogic Join Query
rails- devise - can't log out
Button with a custom Background
How to update meta tags using jQuery [closed]
Liferay 6: Portlet View in MAXIMIZED State
How to do an OR query in Google App Engine
How To Create Libraries for Dart?
Which Javax.awt layout use?
Get URL Parameters Using Javascript or PHP? [closed]
why is it uploading image when it shouldn't do?
Update values from MYSQL table without reloading the page?
Is there a point setting a priority for intent filters on unordered broadcasts?
Deleting NSManagedObject how? Possible by key value match?
Mootools Request getting 鈥�01 Unsupported method ('OPTIONS')鈥�response
Android consume WebService ksoap2
mySQL: Bulk insert records from search result
Installing Rails 3.2/Ruby 1.9.2 on Ubuntu Server
MFC: how to minimize window on button click?
Wrong item selected in list
android microphone intent
Can't import ml.h in android opencv 2.3
What are the different target types in EDE?
Which JPA providers are supported by Apache Aries Managed JPA?
Computing time-weighted moving average
Google Maps API Usage in Commercial App with Both Fee and Login
Normalize glTranslatef()
Ruby Rails 2.3.x What is the theory behind pagination?
Track events iOS app's
How to dynamically change the openURL implementation in my app?
How should I handle composite keys in .NET objects
How to create a new ALAsset from downloaded image
OnMouse event Tooltip for @Html.Grid
Performing perspective transform without corner points
Heroku RoR app not working after adding activeadmin gem
How do I register a class for use by quartz scheduler in an eclipse web project?
How to change the size of the button of an android checkbox?
Ack 鈥渦nmatched ( in regex鈥�error
How to Add Eclipse TODOs to JSPs
C#, Index was outside the bounds of the array
Chrome radial css gradient smoothness
Using a char array as Hashtable key
C#, Index was outside the bounds of the array
Chrome radial css gradient smoothness
Using a char array as Hashtable key
Components.interfaces.nsIProcess truncates a URL argument which contains 鈥�amp;鈥�
Javascript Make Sure Inputs all Have Unique Values
How to submit a dunamically added form via AJAX
What is the purpose of instance variables?
SQL Query replace UNION ALL with JOINS or something
How to display just the time and change to 24hr clock
how to send Message from Session bean to MessageDrivenBean indirectly
Google Maps v3 Markers not Stacking/Plotting Properly on Zoom Out
C/C++: different prototyping with typedef and #define
meteor cannot observe queries with skip or limit
How do I create a json in clojurescript
Symfony 2 StofDoctrineExtensionBundle timestampable with odm (MongoDB)
Multiline regex replace if more than two
Return distinct on a table
Putting images as an Array to store data when they are clicked
Pathfinding with negative nodes
NullPointerException - I don't see how it's null [closed]
Geographical information management with GAE datastore and objectify
LLVM/Clang-Based Symbol Lookup Tool
In Xcode's Interface Builder, isn't outlet the same as properties, and action the same as event handler?
Error: class template has already been defined
Move the random object when mouse reaches the position of the point
Path finding algorithm difficulty
Jslint missing semicolon error
You are not authorized to view this page 401 error on all websites
nsarray was mutated while being enumerated
Remote Access to MySql DB (Hosting Options)
parsing a string to extract values in php
Sending multiple SOAP requests in one packet
group records which contain string
Can't find Control in LinqDataSource Where Control Parameter
Set MenuItem click event to call logout function
How to create a dynamic number of possibly children objects using partial views?
Slick2D Fonts don't work
Why does selectAnnotation not work in this scenario?
grails ui autocomplete: how to pass other fields?
Solver Foundation Optimization - 1D Bin Packing
my app get stuck when I call performFetch some times
xampp change document root
Scrollable container in webpage
Liferay 6: Unable to redirect to JSP from MVCPortlet
PostgreSQL Function TEMP TABLE Alternative Solution
Grabbing the first paragraph from a text unit with RoR?
Center ASP Master Page
yii disable onclick behaviour in CGridView when clicking a row
Grab any string starting with http up until first whitespace character in php
Retrieving a complete list of Windows processes in C
I have a repeating div id in Magento each time I post an article. Check my PHP code please
Design of array for storing and retrieving notifications data
how to reference a typedef within a class with an instance of such class?
Changing a Javascript variable in objective-C
Templated Class with argument - Error during use
PHP - How to find user level based on their username?
Unable to use xdebug for netbeans
Google Maps inside a Spotify App
403 Error when building local application for Azure with PHP
viewport resize event
How to make a square rotate in a Windows Program?
Blackberry Simulator and authentication
jQuery - showing the added row
Hibernate annotatons and JPA
Is there a PHP equivalient to Hibernate Validator?
Preload images using an array of objects
Invalid conversion from 鈥榲oid*鈥�to 鈥榰nsigned char*鈥�
preg_match youtube id and remove url
How can I assign widget objects created with Gtk.Builder to my class attributes using widget IDs as names?
How do I disable a JPanel so that it can't change size in Java
rgb image convert binary image in java bufferedImage
Forcing element to be of a particular type, but any name, in XML Schema
Using PHP to store json via Instagram API
Retrieve phone number or IMEI of a smartphone
ArrayList(Collection c) VS HashSet(Collection c)
Error Importing Jar to Android Project
jQuery UI buttons - keep active state, ignore hover state
jquery tools validator issue
Enabling Xdebug on Mac OS X Lion
how to loop several CABasicAnimations contained in a CATransaction block?
The eval function
Why can't you use margins or padding for vertical centering?
in which situations anonymous enum should be used?
Track file request referrer
Trouble printing Map/Filter/Reduce functions in C
Django Coding Style: Should I be using class decorators here?
Is there a limit to the number of tasks?
some practical uses of mem_fn & bind
How to prevent page from scrolling when a JQuery button is focused and space-bar is pressed
UITableView cell labels moving around when scrolling
useing 2 tables mysql [closed]
Progress bar Visbility
Auth Component not working on CakePHP 2.0
Call a method from the helper class on the page that is calling the helper method
How do I remove the 7th and 8th to last characters in a string with PHP?
Limiting results returned from the database
Xcode IOS Connect to a specific wireless network using SSID and Password
Gradle won't run, java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/lang/GroovyObject
NetBeans auto-completion from included file not working?
internal BGP routing through two AS with the same routing policy
How to find out what is causing a slow down of the application?
NSFetchRequest canot fetch entity present in context
Distance between header and page list blogger
Matching characters in Java regex
need a std::vector with O(1) erase
How can I open a magnet link in a console app?
Display a message that counts no of search results? [closed]
picking up gallery image
Streaming from vlc to html5 video
How to dynamically convert any Java object into another?
Fill devepxress DXTreeList with data
Under what circumstances does DirectX not paint over child windows of the window whose handle was passed to CreateDevice()?
Youtube channel embed sizes
Efficiency with JavaScript Callbacks
Looking for an explanation of different Bootstrap apps for Django
How Insert if not exists with parameters?
Custom Text Bar
Deleting a pointer to this from class?
Need to make this recursive algorithm iterative due to stack overflow
Limit slideDown function in jquery?
How to display selector in ListView
Alternative to iframe for giving purchaser information and allowing purchaser to input whether item was bought on another website?
Publishing WebServices and IIS
trying to connect to socket using xmlsockets cause 鈥淥bject #<Object> has no method 'SetVariable'鈥�
just got done with an image upload php mysql
Put the class containing the main method into a sub-package
How can i get the names that i search for, and add a pagination to the results that are present
In Objective-C, if @property and @synthesize will add getter and setter, why not just make an instance variable public?
How to make my activity indicator view cover all screen?
how to `focus` to `tabpage` when close another `form`
INotifyPropertyChanged causes cross-thread error
What does the * mean when in a C++ method signature?
yii - variable available to each controller
UTF-8 conversion?
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 comma separated values
Issue with gmaps4rails for user geolocation via browser
Cannot implicitly convert type 'decimal' to 'string'
Relation between OpenCL memory architecture and GPU's physical memory/caches (L1/L2鈥�?
Select all where [first letter starts with B]
Rails Rspec - part of form doesn't appear in integration test (not rendering fields_for)
how to show a 'looks good' message in jquery validator?
How can I continue a gem install process
How can I know if a specific user, not the current requesting user, is logged in Django?
How do I stop one line segment from intersecting another?
Handle regular expression in ruby
Best way to uniquely identify a type
About VPS Server Linux
Using Toggle Buttons in place of Check boxes (Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Simple_form)
Logging which keys have been pressed and in which order javascript?
Mac show/delete custom URL schemes
Using Toggle Buttons in place of Check boxes (Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Simple_form)
Logging which keys have been pressed and in which order javascript?
Mac show/delete custom URL schemes
get count results of the complicated query
Controlling Network Settings in IOS 5
customization of the camera overlay
nesting depth error in 23.2 (function & variable of same name)
Syntax error when running Rails scaffolding on OS X
Using xlsread in MATLAB to read number and string data
Overloading in Ruby
Proxy servlet hangs on HttpClient.execute()
Reading a register of nonstandard size (IDTR) in inline assembly (easy?)
How do I get the number of posts on each day with annotation in Django?
Mercurial: 鈥渦ndoing鈥�two or more commits
css - scrollable child of fixed element
Retrieve list of notifications received while app was in background
Why is there (void*) in front of malloc?
php website and Jquery $.ajax()
Implementing RequestWrapper for RESTful WCF service
c#: get CNAME & MX record from domain?
Android: How to send message from a DialogFagment to a Fragment?
CSS Media Queries not loading correctly on IPhone 4
How to use both windows and forms auth with a single custom role provider
Set width of Android Drawable item?
Open static analysis framework for .NET, similar to Crystal for Eclipse?
How can I raise a custom Routed Event from a DataTemplate?
should redirect to www cause a one second delay?
how to tell gradle to download all the source jars
Twitter like follow system with CodeIgniter and Ajax
how to avoid Form Re submission in php
howto get the selectionChanged signal
Pitfalls of IIS 7.5, thread agility and static variables
Trouble in Java TimerTask Interval
How to populate html input from server side
how to prevent gradle from downloading dependencies
Android - how to set background color of all screens?
How to refer to the words of a text file?
UIButton ControlState not responding as wanted
Apple Mach-O Linker Warnings and Errors
Microsoft Outlook Create Rule Run Application/Script Python
Setting up custom UILabel
Netbeans 7.x syntax highlighting for .sass files?
How to dynamic update the adapter for activities?
C++ Pointers and Object Instantiation
Is it possible in Rails to validate input through javascript
Questions on sample 鈥淎ctionBarCompat鈥�
converting lines of imported text file to arrays and printing arrays to make graph in Netbeans and Swing
Python: Why do int.numerator and int.denominator exist?
Which gem to use: emberjs-rails vs rasputin vs ember-rails?
Java error: java.lang.NullPointerException
Find matching partial string
Fill UIImage request objective-c for iphone
apache reverse proxy: how to forward proxy server's HTTP_HOST
Javascript: Could not really understand the function return
ASP.NET URL rewrites based on membership
MySQL Update Where Field is Different
ASP.NET Loading Data into Table with Navigation Property
C code translates into MIPS assembly
SQL Server Date Formats (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS.MMM)
node.js /, cookies only working locally
A Bizzare Java IO failure, explained
How do I make a visit counter that displays an image for every visit the web page has had? Creating a collage of images
Syntax error with select in select in vb to access SQL
Triangle and sparse matrixes in C++
SQL Query needed to get information from TWO separate tables
OOP javascript and Simple Class Instantiation
fgets() not waiting for input
Which is the proper way of creating REST web services?
cloud-init per-boot script on ubuntu ec2-instance
UAC in mixed C# and VB.NET projects
Languages where 卢(a = b) and (a 鈮�b) can be different
In PlayN, is there a cross-platform constant for something like max integer value?
Microsoft.Speech Reference Missing C++/cli
Const correctness warnings c++
BitmapFactory.decodeStream() returns a Bitmap ~100 times more than original
Proguard retrace stack variants, Facebook and other's not picking up images properly for site, how to correct?
SimpleTest - Web Browser - Transfer Authentication to Client
Need helping converting some method from C# to (Windows Phone 7)
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.String get_Item (System.String)',
How do I declare static variables before constructors, and how do I refer to a class in its body?
GUI for a python script [closed]
x86 assembly programmer converting to MIPS, what should I know?
Google Maps CSS don't show map
How to get complex soap response using java web-service?
How to make div bottom align?
Development of browser extension questions
How to check if given class have a field and it was initialized?
Mongoose.js callback not firing
update custom field if blank
Padding MYSQL data with missing dates when comparing year over year stats?
What drawColor(-1) means in android
Heroku rails app crash on first http request but then works
How do I enable warning C6244 in MSVC++?
call a program from local terminal while in an ssh session
on click show div getting error Triggering immediate client side scripts during an image rendering
Can't deploy a simple Flask application on Webfaction
Avoiding duplicates when storing NSUserDefaults (Xcode)
XCode for Code Separation
Can't deploy a simple Flask application on Webfaction
Avoiding duplicates when storing NSUserDefaults (Xcode)
XCode for Code Separation
Using map in Haskell
Overlapping semi-transparent elements?
iOS app url scheme list
clang iostream - symbol not found
Having trouble using pdfkit in rails app
Slide & Fade in and out of Center with Jquery
Trouble with populating JTable and JTextFields
Destructing Glib::RefPtr causes failed assertions in the GTK 3 core
openMP - need for atomic or reduction clauses
How to check and write to different lineparts using Stream Writer
Jquery uniform wont design input type=text elements
adjustOHLC - need solution to loop through character vector of tickers
Input string was not in a correct format
Data ordering issue in MYSQL
Java and database: on using multiple ResultSets and Cursors
Configuring Virtual Machine Acceleration for Android
Python: read output script twice and write two columns to csv
How to access Javascript Object after two JSON requests and find matches
Deleting and Renaming File in Java Programming
Unable to read text file in Eclipse using Ubuntu
Fallback Page In Mongrel2 When Proxy Service Unavailable?
Communicating Data Between PHP and JS
Back-Connect Server and SMTP Troubles
Find the Longest Increasing Subsequence with the Maximum Sum
android Tasks and BackStack
Java Generics & Set of Sets
Set random position to ImageView at start
Change Terminal Colors without changing vim colors?
How do you 鈥渆xtend鈥�BLAS subroutines?
Why do I need a USB VID/PID if I am using a class driver?
Weird insertion from Vim on mouse click
Can I use .htaccess on Cloud Files Rackspace?
EASTL vector-design on size() method
load a tab content from independent file in web page
$ function not working (missing?)
Dynamically adding #anchors to links via css media queries and generated content
javascript calling a function on window object
IE9: Div within a Div, where the inside div has a bigger width
jQuery UI DatePicker IE Javascript Issue
How to use Qt Test output in Bamboo?
iTunes connect - stuck in infinite for Add New App
Replacing first occurance of each word in list with a link
Share the session between two websites
Need Solution on NicEditor - How can I add a custom select options?
audio jack server: can't get buffer
Saving state of WebView and restoring in ANDROID
What is the usage of the row class from Bootstrap?
Parsing words into (prefix, root, suffix) in Python
Ecommerce database design?
PHP PDO Exception - Only when run from terminal
web development: encrypting loginid in charlie miller's persistent cookie recipe
How I can patch a private method of a delphi class?
Subversion cannot find my repository
Single mystery character before a <table>
Hiding the visibility of a class to other classes
what's the best way to integrate dataTables with cakePhp using the MVC approach
multiple inheritance - virtual modifier
Subscripts in plots in R
DJANGO order_by before pagination
Clearing element cache in CakePHP
Convert hex string (char []) to int?
vector in C++ not responding to one method but fine with others
How to make images stay on one long line?
InjectTouchInput Windows 8 C# not working (returns false)
Why are so many methods in Windows COM programming in C++ resolved to the global namespace explicitly?
Weird NSMutable Array error
Making a generic jQuery 鈥渁ddListener鈥�
What are the alternatives to ZeroMQ for moving protocol buffer payloads around?
IDLE won't highlight my syntax
Inconsistency from Graph API
Is this the correct use of the `section` html5 tag?
Android: Design expand to width
CSS error while loading [closed]
Android application with syncadapter using REST client server communication and google oauth
silverlight not working when surrounded with iframe tag not working on heroku
What license should be used to allow viewable source but nothing else? [closed]
Chrome: setting window.location.hash causes 'find in page' search box to go away
Android send/receive bytes from headphone/usb jack?
Subclassing EDIT control
GitHub -> 'The remote end hung up unexpectedly'
Obtaining element position relative to the nth parent
MVC SPA w/o EF: You must write an attribute 'type'='object' after writing the attribute with local name '__type'
Changing one single marker in a series in ExtJS charts
Check if point belongs to the plot
How to Authorize the service object for a specific user
How to insert these values correctly in the database
Finding MAX value for a certain month
Working with DatabaseHelper while recreating activity on Android
How can I read a general html form fields send by POST method to my xPage?
PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser: How to remove <font> tags from script output?
Optimize Google Maps API Polygone like Route Planner
Error: [object Object] on Javascript
Inserting a node in an xml file
How do I install a python package that contains connections to sqllite3 database?
get frenquencies in Processing with Minim
Using the result of a sub-select in the WHERE clause in a MySQL query
Html classname attribute is appended with a space character [closed]
Detect user's mouse click and enter key press
Why is MongoDB unable to create a user on Ubuntu 11.10 when installing?
Can an APK be repacked after a minor text edit?
compiling in bluej?
how to insert bulk records over 20000 into the db instead using the CURSOR?
PHP/MYSQL Update Statement advice
Optimizing replacement snippet
Haskell data type error
How to convert a mixed PHP String into the number only
Upload a remote Video on facebook through a Android application
CodeIgniter controller gives 404 or it can't load the view file
syntax of function Explicit specialization
Sharing Access Tokens Across Apps
Calling multiple kernels, global memory performances - CUDA
Django RelatedManager converts tuple to Unicode string?
Populate the data field of all the nodes of the tree
Is there any Java tool to communicate with an external CLI?
FluentNHibernate - cascade inserting
Jquery/JavaScript code binding to collection
jsp and servlet problems
Get all pictures and related comments from a Facebook Group page
Win CE: Creating Named Shared Memory
Shrink a URL in HTML
associate temporary values with appengine model querysets
Automatically unindent 鈥渆nd鈥�in ruby-mode after typing it?
Animation changes location as it goes
Move UITableViewController Back to Top by a UIButton
Android - sending action that change current truck in audio player
Lua string.gsub() by '%s' or ' n' pattern
<div>s wont go inline
Java Array Hole Using Regex
iOS5 CGAffineTransformMakeRotation doesn't work the second time I do it?
OAuth2Parameters could not be found
Real Life Examples For CountDownLatch and CyclicBarrier
Exposing variables from PhantomJS call to injectJS
How to access to Data key Row in gridview
inner dictionary parsing of a json object in python
how to find a jquery or pure javascript associated with a class or div or any other elements in webpage
How to add emulator for tablet(7inch,800x480) in Eclipse?
file compression to handle intermediary output in c++
Taking the signal from close event of terminal in Python
Download database file
need help on reset/clear jcombobox values
Framework for merging business entities
How to change row number in a FOR loop鈥�(MATLAB newbie)
import R forecast library JAR files into java
.net MVC international dates Model validation from posted form
Getting broker started with django-celery
Determining if user login already exists in database?
updating an input dictionary in python
how to initialize List in java of an abstract type so I can add sub types to the list later
FB.ui dialog for apprequest hangs forever in iframe mode
file_get_contents ported from drupal_http_request
What would be a good way to implement an automatic updater (a bot)
remove special character from string in
Add counter to social medias like twitter and google plus
Java: Download always stalls
What should I store as my index in client code?
Displaying images from outside of java application context.
Linq-to-SQL (dbml) with Local database cache (C#+VS2010)
Facebook always reauthorizing on each app launch?
are there uses for '>&0' (redirect to stdin)?
Liferay 6: For every Method do i need to have a seperate actionURL
Recursion Vs Iteration
Rails routing acts weirdly
Recommend way to use a large C++ library in a Cocoa application?
OK to use private constructor in Activity so I can use final modifier on variables?
CodeIgniter how to connect multi database
Python client-server script hangs until I press [enter]
mod_rewrite with external redirect and internal rewrite
How do I detect if a file is encoded using UTF-8?
Android Client and PC Server communication using sockets
jQuery with 鈥渙nkeypress鈥�lag to make a change
Should I use several glDrawArrays() or gather all the vertices to one big glDrawArrays-call?
Multiline Listview Items with jQuery Mobile
Android connectivity with Desktop app
Should I think about GUI at beginning of project?
HTML that will render correctly in Outlook 2007/2010
How can I split parts of a bash variable separated with tabs?
flash as3 publish for xbox and other game console
clipChilren set to false still clipping
How (else) can I make an SVG clickable for linking?
C# GetHashCode with two Int16, also returns only up to Int32?
How to use business validations in DbDataController ?
Facebook API Not returning all of a public pages wall posts with access token
Calling windowClosed on an EXIT_ON_CLOSE JFrame
OpenCV: Getting the total of Mat values
Transform collections to client side in GWT
Location Count issue in Java program
how to send an array to a procedure
Java search String(kmp)
Error Adding Multiple FK Relationship in SQL Server 2008
using Jsoup to sign in and crawl data
SWT List with NO selected item
ImaginePlugin for CakePHP and Mac
Resume UIView animation when app is resumed
Software to document code?
Extended Precision Floating Point Library C/C++
PHP Email to customer
How to handle charset discrepancy in Java
Methods from different classes twice
ANT - How do I get list of available tasks from ant library using Java
To pass parameters to Result handler function in javascript
form enctype=鈥渕ultipart/form-data鈥�is resulting in an ajax partial-response of validationFailed
鈥淎n active access token must be used to query information about the current user鈥�facebook error
HTTP request not going through proxy
Using OpenGL in Visual Studio 2010 - error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16 referenced in function ___tmainCRTStartup
WiFly shield + Arduino + auto-connect issue
Why can't I kill an Activity I started using killBackgroundProcesses?
draggable rect in svg drags only diagnolly on the screen
Firefox text gradient
error when try to send second query to mysql in my class
Deploying C-dependent Perl libraries
Flex 4: Part of the content in a Scroller not showing up
What is the difference between slice assignment that slices the whole list and direct assignment?
Copying a table into another table but preserving the same auto increment key
PHP PDO Transactions?
PCRE regular expression with exponential running time
search item on value's localStorage
Cure for 'The string 鈥�-鈥�is not permitted within comments.' exception?
Reading HTML source from android app
Java JSON Returning NULL Values
How to convert a string to array in php?
View localhost site on iPhone on OSX
How to cross domain get data from Google Search
htaccess rewrite index folder to php file
Set, Get and Constructors in Java
UITableView loading thumbnail images asynchronously with cache
Scala getClass match on super class/trait
jQuery Mobile fixed footer
How to format nested JSON in Rails?
Where should Meteor.methods() be defined?
speed or acceleration of motion event android
Custom Reporting from Log
Landscape keyboard obscures view
Processing forms in PHP on the same page
How do I fix Admob crashing my android app?
android java run activity without restarting it
Adding a Like button to my web site
鈥�04鈥�for PUT method to WCF web service?
1D vector - 3D indices
Using a JS variable (from an HTML form) throughout a page
Search through SQLite database on Android Search
OpenCV Sum of squared differences speed
Referring to Dumped LinkedIn API data
Lucene: how do I assign weights to the different search terms at query time?
Dynamic typing design : is recursivity for dealing with lists a good design?
MYSQL CASE THEN statement with multiple values
Unchecked or unsafe operations error in java compile?
Setting system properties with 鈥渟bt run鈥�
making wysiwyg text editor
Access first responder of MFMessageComposeViewController
ASP.NET MVC JQuery data-val-regex-pattern security
C++ DLL in C# and allocating memory
HTML5 Video Player Active Title
Problems with xdebug and CentOS
What's the best approach to send collection of item from jsp to a servlet in a Java EE application?
WPF Application freezes on moving
Add current timestamp at a fixture on CakePHP 2.0
Does putting a whole class definition in a 鈥�h鈥�make the executable larger?
Need a good method to change (SQLite) column data type
Why can't perl locate mod_perl when I try to use SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache?
JTDS issues with SQL Server
Determining whether a length of time should be in minutes, hours, days
Using remove or hide function
How to call receiver one a hour?
Prevent hover over active state
How to identify which cell(s)/column(s) have Filters set?
Android and Eclipse: I can't able to find my device LG-E720 from Run/Debug Configuration/Android Device
Changes to Form.Size do not take effect when form is being moved
Pentaho reports + JSF
Android - xml ampersand conversion
HTML5 cache manifest exception
Counting occurrences of strings in an Array
H5BP & 1140 Grid scripts
Java - How to read user input from BeanShell's JConsole?
CoreData -to many relationships
CSS File Absolute URL not working on local machine
Unexpected List Duplication using Sort with Common Lisp
@font-face not working in IE?
Multiple worker threads working on the same database - how to make it work properly?
Where I can use + and > in CSS?
What does 鈥�>&1鈥�here mean? [duplicate]
Replace characters in string from dictionary mapping
Why are my lists not rendering in PHP?
Is there any way to have an image on an html page default to another image if the original source isn't there? [duplicate]
Any specifications/docs around optimization of Google Apps Script, to avoid timeouts and 鈥渉angs鈥�
vagrant box add: where does .box file get downloaded to?
Changing the show hide events
JTable multiple instances
Random Number using Beans
call python with system() in R to run a python script emulating the python console
Django: How to check admin widget of FilePathField to be file browser?
Java: Why is BorderLayout calling setSize() followed by setBounds()?
Custom Extension not showing up within experimental instance
Applescript - Get status of windows ( Visible or in the dock )
Neccessity of push and pop operands on CPUs
Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit ListPicker throws XamlParseException
Add entry to list and remove first one in Python
JQuery Resizable function only works for part of the selector
FancyBox, navigation arrows outside the IFrames and SWFs
create 10000 files with size 4k by using bash? [closed]
SQLite DB error?
Why WebApi when we have WCF RESTful services as well as ASP.Net MVC? [duplicate]
Leak caused by fread
Backbone.js and leading hash
How to embed a grid layout inside a border layout in java
PHP - How to modify multi-dimensional array item from within a function?
Multiple File Upload in Grails
trim() function giving warning [duplicate]
Disabling animation when changing layer/view properties?
Dynamic ListView headers
Advice: USB Monitoring Programming
Uncaught Error while fetching Image in exported jar
EJB Spec 3.1 stateful conversional state
Update a Text-widget real time (Python and Tkinter)
ACRA - How to implement it into an existing project
How do I get PDO to work on WAMP with PHP 5.4?
Send tweet using 'enter' key (Greasemonkey)
Grand sum of distinct values in xslt1.0
jQuery UI effects and/or setInterval with 'live' removing class
Make sure Facebook user 鈥渞egister鈥�before login
Loading tableview with results displaying bottom to top Xcode?
How to achieve the recessed text style as in Apple's Messages for Mac?
How to use CompressionCodec in Hadoop
Android managing activity from custom state machine
GAE datastore - count records between one minute ago and two minutes ago?
Permission Denied for jQuery script
numberOfRowsInSection not being called for UITableView
WebApp: How to Use Icons, Colors 鈥�of the Native User Interface
Add complete contact object from Facebook to SqLite
CSS floatimages side by side
How may I set up nginx to let it create files and dirs on /home/user folders?
C vs OpenCL, how to compare results of time measurement?
conditional nsarray count
GCC-4.7 Compilation error
Insert to database into two tables
BlackBerry TreeField: Setting different height for each row
How to I prevent widgets in a QGridLayout from overlapping?
Javascript OR jQuery display random element on page refresh
Playing flash (.flv) videos on the web in a way that portable devices can view them
Incorrect console output
AOP Caching with Castle Windsor
How to check is the MediaStore.Audio.Media.ARTIST field empty?
Different section headers in UITableView of a nested NSArray
Delete all documents in a CouchDB database *except* the design documents
Deciding input values to DBSCAN algorithm
Inserting data from one table to another leads to duplicates
webservice or script to convert an iCal feed to XML
webservice or script to convert an iCal feed to XML
How can I get the screen size?
Why can't I make this function inline?
JavaScript/Bookmarklet to click all 鈥渁dd to friends鈥�buttons on Facebook (mass/bulk befriend)
Why some queries can be queried again and others not?
Android: compare calendar dates
How to populate Content Provider without a DB
repository pattern vs ORM
how to prepend nested elements using Jquery/Javascript?
Android NoSuchMethodError with APK file (Apache HTTPUtils core)
How to grow a list to fit a given capacity in Python
NHibernate : Store VARBINARY to MAX
Opensource / free iOS Enterprise store
Use the same header/footer in all jQuery Mobile pages
jquery having issue with global variable inside function ajax function
opencl synchronization
FileReader Error when I read a text file
Merging two VB.Net Projects
onCreateOptionsMenu hit multiples times with fragments
Problems with running Eclipse on my mac at home [closed]
What does -431602080.000000 value in GLMmodel vertex means?
What happens when running this code?
How can I 鈥渞emove鈥�the disabled attribute on click?
how to update sql table with a variable number of fields in the form php
Is it possible to change Eclipse's window color (grey to something else)?
c++ multiple inheritance
java - find out the type of class which implements of other classes
Are there any rules regarding the use of arbitrary integer id's for android controls?
onclick to open a colorbox with preset html
Can each Iteration of a for loop/for_each be done in parallel? (C++11)
Cleaning up text? 鈥淭he Beatles鈥�to 鈥淏eatles, The鈥�
'syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING' Adding google event tracking to button in Wordpress Plugin
Class diagram code-generators for ANSI-C in Eclipse
Lambda function variables in C++11
godaddy - htaccess condition not working
Create Debian package for a dolphin service menu
Using memcached per user's querys
Joining Google and a Facebook contact on Android
MVC3 custom validation attribute for an 鈥渁t least one is required鈥�situation
Why the touch event on the child of my ViewGroup does'nt work?
recursive move command on windows
Customizing the appearance of a file input in an HTML form
I want my DotNetNuke modules to work under as many versions as possible while avoiding assembly binding redirection
How to do multiple boxplots with Octave?
C++ sending array to function by value, not by reference
Display dialog box in landscape
鈥淲rong number of indices inside []鈥� Why?
Flash8 Button to make screen fully blank
Firefox acts weird when toggling an element while in chrome it works fine
Getting multiple key values from Redis
Facebook Connect woks offline, but not online 鈥淭his webpage has a redirect loop鈥�
Sending email in django.
Difference between 'super' and 'this' [duplicate]
ios in app purchases - validating receipt data
Why is this pointer not being assigned to a new object?
Which container should I use?
Algorithm for grouping names
Auto height div with overflow and scroll when needed
empty string in D programing language
How do I disable a submit button by default until it's text area has 1 character or more typed into it?
Prevent PHP script from being flooded
Incorrect values getting to GLSL Frag Shader
ToolTip in ZedGraph refreshes continuously and uses a significant amount of CPU