how read to the end of /proc file
How to display GPS signal strength and accuracy? Android
sagepay curl request
ActionScript3: Inheriting constructor arguments from parents
Url.Action does not use desired route for output
Capturing keyboard combinations globally on the entire application to show hidden JDialog in Java
Android - switching from an activity to a list activity
Adding more childs to a script
Counting results from a search string MVC 3?
How to verify that server calls are being made from the app?
Python Lambda Count/Loop Function
jQuery UI buttonset - setting button state to active
In Drupal 7, how do I make a block visible on the user view page, but invisible on the user edit page?
Python ValueError: not allowed to raise maximum limit
320 and Up Framework - What's the 600 size for?
Sync files between Windows Phone and Skydrive
Using the MVP pattern
Setting the location / margin of first node in winfroms treeview
Monotouch/iOS: which place is the best one to unsubscribe the delegate
insertNewObject seque to detailViewController with newManagedObject
Java - Modulus - Adding from one table to another
How to set Xcode 4.3 to not start the simulator when 鈥淯nitTesting鈥�
GetElementsByTagName not returning elements in webbrowser control
Parse Unknown Length Text from file using Regular Expression REGEX
looking for algorithm to find boundary of color region
HashSet my class doesn't contain issue
Returning the sum of elements in an array in php [closed]
Performance of nodejs filesystem vs .net System.IO?
Retrieve text files in iOS app
template string representation of vector of objects
display all elements in a nested cell array (with integer entries)
generate case classes from CSV in Scala
ONENDED event doesn't work for HTML5 Flash Videos Playing
Convert all relative path to absolute path in ant build.xml for each project to run whole project from Hudson
When to load database in php
Emotiv Epoc Data Acquisition
Win32 code anomaly
UIViewController view -> loadView vs viewWillAppear
virtual vs non-virtual multiple inheritance in c++
How to search with whole word in iPhone?
Files download queue on php
Get the number of users with a certain usermeta value in Wordpress DB
Undefined Offset in Array PHP (inside a for iteration)
Beside ADO model generator
moz transition of text when hover on image
Webbrowser: sequencing activites when no DocumentCompleted is fired by a link on hosted webpage
Set Image Inline With First
Switching View Controllers
Android Emulator is not starting
How to get website redirection target url (end-user-link)
Display all snippets of yasnippet
How to get vim's setting into a bash variable?
Read data from file and store values in C
AJAX Call not working on some 3G providers
UIWebView and javascript popup not capturing touch event
Is there a way to get Django's default string for date and time from Python's datetime?
Firefox : DOM Mutation Events for disconnected nodes?
Can't compile C++ in gnustep projectcenter
Rails 3.1.3 getting error in staging server while compiling assets using compass+sussy+haml+scss
Factories/Fixtures vs simple Model.create(鈥�?
How to scroll to a selected item in a ScrolledListBox in python?
running an AfterPublish command in Visual Studio 2010
Solr and SolrNet questions and guidance
In Perl, how can I use regular expressions to skip input lines containing digits?
Establishing Android network connectivity after a long period of device inactivity
Running a Java Project without using IDE or CommandPrompt
cannot retrieve the id of dynamically created div
How to change tooltip colour?
Image resize or new file performance
Nested static class cannot return its static fields
Dos Command if exist does not work properly
Styling tabs of ActionBar Sherlock
Is it possible to ensure unique messages are in a rabbitmq queue?
What MUST go inside 'onPause()' (releasing resources)
C - segfault in simple hash table
detect CAShapeLayer touch
Input button script conflicting with other buttons - How to make unique?
c++, FFMPEG, H264, creating zero-delay stream
Will settings stored via SharedPreference be included when we export the app (for release)
UIGestureRecognizer in storyboard can use multiple views?
Two way binding on a DataGrid
How do I convert image to 2-bit per pixel?
s-function direct feedthrough
how to reload the namepace in the python? [duplicate]
My visual studio 10,11 not working?
PHP __destruct is causing net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET register_shutdown_function is not. What's the difference?
Wordpress in Code Igniter
Multiple data structures over the same objects
Passing Data from Javascript to PHP [duplicate]
Objectify Add entity to root within transaction
Testing Ray Triangle Intersections
Plot correlations between 2 Y axes
Getting and sending HTTP request with Python
Relationship between orders, customers and products?
Show flash video inline on Google+ and LinkedIn
Banding on ICS Holo Theme
Mootols:How to bind click function to programatically generated elements
Why doesn't static main work in C++?
MySQL column defaults -advantages/disadvantages and should I use for all columns?
socket.error: [Errno 10061] No connection could be made because the target machi ne actively refused it
Basic design pattern in simple games
Differences between Eclipse and Ant build on Android
Syntax highlighting of dynamically generated snippet in web page using Prettify
Spotify Play Button and Google Analytics
MD5 Hash- Keystore no longer at ~/.android/debug.keystore
Having trouble re-sizing JButton in Java
Running a Django 1.4-based app on Google App Engine
How did turbo pascal overlays work?
Mutual words in files using hadoop mapreduce
TextView setGravity() doesn't work in java
Speed of cos() and sin() function in GLSL shaders?
Call action method and return new View using Javascript in MVC3
Determine if an SQLite 3 database is read-only - without using sqlite3_db_readonly()
c++ vector with inheritance
Create method which checks if x + y will overflow using bitwise operations
Reference to previous matched groups within a regex
jQuery How to trigger a function after multiple, random drop events?
Can't run Unicorn on Ubuntu 10.4 with Nginx and MongoDB
Need help in tcl/tk programming
r-value reference return type semantics?
C how to measure time correctly?
Looking for a method for flipping bidi (Hebrew) text so it would be displayed correctly in AndEngine
Caliper @Param not working
iOS : How to detect Shake motion?
Load java premain-class from jar library with ANT
Counting to Scalar Value
Avoid database corrupted if android kills while creating
SQL issue when merging two databases with foreign keys
Height of outer div not expanding with inner div
How can this function be an overloaded operator?
Force multiple users to remove their appcache [duplicate]
uploading multiple images to db with 2 text fields
What event does the Kindle's鈥淗ome鈥�button kick off?
isProviderEnabled(LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER) return false
Pass a php function instead of a file to jquery $post method
Using renderbuffer only (without framebuffer) to draw offscreen content?
Pass a php function instead of a file to jquery $post method
Using renderbuffer only (without framebuffer) to draw offscreen content?
Pow, RVM and ZSH not working together
MVC3 Razor Code Soup - Templating?
What is the difference between the OpenCL functions length() and fast_length()?
Remote validation with additionalfields >> one more POST?
Constrained Linear Regression in Python
Integrating Ember.js with Node.js (Express+Tower.js)
php script optimisation
How to uniquely identify an OS on a computer?
How to automatically get thread dumps from tomcat
String comparison returns false. Strange javascript behaviour with jQuery mobile. [code included]
Android - Broadcast Receiver works on Emulator Not on Phone
Arrays Stack Overflow [closed]
How to make titles with background?
Encrypting strings in PHP
Save video from WPF animation / storyboard
Storing non-negative floating point values
Use Field Values For Filepath
Delphi HID in Delphi7 and Delphi XE2
how run a script file from mac?
Passing integers with constructors
ios remote notification not beeing marked as read
php adds backslash when printing quoted value but i dont want it to do that
Rails Cells with Devise and accessing the request and session
How to query work items with too many changesets
How to connect to SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 with a type provider in F#?
How to detect if livestreaming is sending any data
changing table name and column name in linq-to-sql
How to find the winner of a modified othello/reversi game?
iPhone- Send JSON Object to PHP server in POST and get response from server
Cyclic Dependency Issue
Contoso mvc3 system, many to many relationship
How can I convert record to string in Mozart OZ
can i search for the photo_id in photo_src table using the photo url?
notable image quality loss when importing from iOS library
Swing menu item selection not setting content in the contentpane
Android - How to join two videos
Content not showing in dynamically created android TableLayout
Custom php.ini per-directory (for testing sites)
JQuery trigger event when page loads
Android source code debugging in Eclipse - Location service
switch stylesheet flicker
Colorbox popup not working in javascript
Displaying part of commandcolumn based on role
Overflow hidden doesn't seem to work
Ruby on Rails undefined method `discussions_path' - nested resource, one-to-many relationship
Strange Error with Omniauth/Rake
Is there anything in core Perl to auto-chomp lines from 鈥�lt;>鈥�operator?
Making a matrix for a smuge/wobble effet ( see pictures ) in Android
Unique Ordered Data Structure
Width and length price calculator help ( adding options ) using javascript / jquery
django Query set
C shared memory using fork()
Catching close event of form from another form on Qt4
How to share class methods between multiple data models in Rails?
C Import issue Node Rs232
NSURL URLWithString to a relative url
What would you call a class that is never intended to be instantiated in C#?
How to play a live UDP video stream in MATLAB
How to convert string type (java) and store in date data type in mysql?
Fade Animation Abruptly Stops
How far can I go with Google Chrome? [closed]
Solr - trouble getting java to run
Authlogic - how to redirect after login on a different page, when is that the first time?
Android DefaultHttpClient REST api
How to check for existing records
Difference in order of start and join for multiple threads?
Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) - ClaimsAuthenticationManager
Box2d Collision issue
clique based on ant colony
jQuery Validate Plugin: both required and minlength depending on another field
Error creating Javadoc, Could not launch Javadoc command
PHP / CakePHP datetime compare
XSLT templates not working
CSS Bootstrap buttons
iPhone HTML link to that opens page in Mobile Safari, not Maps App
What is a Windows 8 'Child Session'?
Android: detect scale gesture for Android 2.1
WCF DataServices : Entities Deriven from other Entities are inaccessible
Android Idea with some special effects [closed]
How to prevent too frequent request in Ajax
GitHub pages isn't applying my template
Upload ByteArray image on Facebook with Javascript SDK
How to map an arbitrary URL in JSF
Android - Library Issue
backbone.js collection with overridden toJSON method
refreshing a php page with a new url, drawn from a curl output
'system cannot find the path specified' when running `rake test_app` with Spree 1.1.0
Links to other pages in JSF
choosing random numbers N time in a day with sum M [duplicate]
JQuery UI Range Slider Update Values
鈥淭he modifier public is not valid for this item鈥�on an Interface Method
Eclipse Prolog - Unexpected behaviour of 'nonvar/1'
Facebook SDK : sometimes email field return null ( with 鈥渆mail鈥�permission set )
How to break out of .each() by index number
Edit Text Values in CustomList
Android Authentication
regular expression with css properties
Removing limit from Binary column for PostgreSQL in datamapper
Edit Text Values in CustomList
Android Authentication
regular expression with css properties
Removing limit from Binary column for PostgreSQL in datamapper
PHP, indentation width of 4, and CodeSniffer: is 鈥�鈥�a de-facto standard?
Load CSV data into MySQL in Python
Is 鈥淯ser.Identity.Name鈥�safe?
Update (Ubuntu) VPS from github repository?
Cast content of variable to pointer results in NULL after printf
Reading .arc file in Java [closed]
Vala read file line by line
Comparing images with different resolutions
How can I set timeout for redirected or for new opened page on other server?
C++ error: expected a '{'
JSONException in android?
Java: accessing grandparent's state
MySQL - How to paginate through specific number of rows?
JavaScript pass variable to inner click function not working
Easy virtualization method
Using a variable in a selector in LESS
Check if all fields in the table are empty
Ant: How do you get it to print out your errors nicely?
Error in my first JSF program. Tomcat and Eclipse
Oracle select statement
tcp client and server do not receive data from each other
Postpone code for later execution in python (like setTimeout in javascript)
Flash AS2 - Webpage crashes when using LoadVars()
Dropdown and datetime field working together
CSS Float Alignment
Spring Security Handling Concurrency Exception
Django and jQuery Coundown for Synced counting down
Opening webpage in default browser with double-quotes ( ) inside url
What is wrong in this javascript code?
Why AJAX POST type is so slow in Symfony2?
Android crashes when connecting to WLAN network
Retrieve data with a form using WHERE for multiple checkboxes
Nutch doesn't get UTF-8 characters
Incorrect decrement of reference count for retained property
鈥渦nterminated string literal鈥�
Code First Fluent API and Navigation Properties in a Join Table
ID value from MySql is lost in while loop
Best/efficient way to split a Base64 String to same length chunks to transfer over http in Android
Using base64-bytestring with lazy ByteStrings
editText view not minding layout_width
Is it possible to obtain user's facebook id and profile picture without asking him to log-in?
android game surfaceview with framelayout slow
Gravity Forms: User-created field not posting data
How to get a faster speed when using multi-threading in python
jQuery fadeIn after grouped toggle
How do I delete the Kind entity, itself in Google App Engine?
How to get Object from HttpResponse?
ActionBarCompat - how to use it
Wait until command queue done all enqueued jobs
Invoke form and freeze
unhiding asp button onclick of the html button
MySQL Is there a limit to InnerJoin?
Updating an entity group in Google App Engine
tts application force closes
According a div size to its content
Webkit component for Android
Getting standard errors for estimated parameters via bootstrap method
phonegap,html5,jquery-mobile, Canvas - animation of circle movement to tap coordinates
Is it possible to progressively enhance image quality while zooming in safari mobile
JavaScript string with new line - but not using n
Convert duration PT01H00M to a Period with Jodatime
Possible to log Django development server using cmd 鈥�gt;>鈥�
making arrays from tab-delimited text file column
Javascript register event listeners
Selecting in arrays the elements from a column of a datagridview
How to make autotest only run integration tests when I press ^C
what is the proper way to backup/restore a mnesia database?
JAVA - Filtering through a linked list
Check the time difference between two times? [duplicate]
Large MySQL Table - Index Breaking Down
Access sqlite database through network stream
drop file into area - styleing
How to add icons to windows form top bar (next to the minimize maximize buttons)
MYSQL avoid inserting same row twice
Testing for null and something else on the same line of code
CSS drop down menu keep constant background
Adding to a controller with code allready inside it
Bruteforce protection with authlogic, Rails3.0.10
Updating Mako with Ajax
Count rows matching different intervals of a unix time stamp (MYSQL)
Breadth first search implementation in Python
Quit reading an erb
How to associate an item from a combobox with a Win32 API hotkey?
Remove borders from a particular window
How can i fetch (select then delete) from a database table?
How can I add a navigation controller to my own container view controller in iOS5?
Accessing a variable declared within a function within a class (PHP)
Return count using raw query, using Entity Framework and MVC
Java field hiding
Best OS portable thread pool library [closed]
JavaScript in Apex: Popup Window to Perform Procedure Once Popup Window Button is Clicked
Is SQLAlchemy saves order in adding objects to session?
Java SQL: Error before result set
knockoutjs checkbox property value does not change
Lion Server, Profilemanager, RVM and Rails not work together
Generating 鈥渙wn鈥�Fibonacci sequence
Lion Server, Profilemanager, RVM and Rails not work together
Generating 鈥渙wn鈥�Fibonacci sequence
Information about JDT index format
Ports and Cells in Oz
Can't read saved html page
CSS Formatting Issue
Android: keep GPS active during stand-by?
Codeigniter $this->lang->line(errors) without paragraph tags for tank auth error messages
Java: Checking equality of arrays (order doesnt matter)
Can't install rvm-capistrano gem
Sending an image from client to server in
how to set state_pressed color of a listView programmatically
geom_rect failure: Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'variable' not found
Restricting Access by IP, cookies? - Any better solution?
Use BeautifulSoup to extract text before the first child tag
How To Create a paragraph in Text View?
Excuting the rest of my programme around glutMainLoop?
Cannot get fields of child nested class who have abstract parent
jquery UI Autocomplete equivalent liblary
How to get rss feeds for live soccer gamecast in developing an android app
error in parsing xml file
Ruby - rails - split string & print in reverse order
Making a Ruby block return an array?
Jquery .toggle only showing not hiding in Drupal view
Algorithms , majority element
Form to iframe submission - how do you reset the form after file upload?
Do convenience constructor increase the size of the app鈥�
Unable to use Gson library in Android project
Unique validation attribute does not work for editing an existing element
Scroll part of content in fixed position container
HTML background-image unwanted indentation
Where is in the Django source code?
need regex to match any combination of <br> <br /> <p> appearing at beginning of a line
Custom _id for GridFS using java driver
Django ORM, group by day
Terrible MongoCursor::getNext performance on a VPS
jQuery not working within Wordpress
Delete From All Tables in SQLite
How do I do security in JSF?
Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception
Node.js prototypal inheritance
convert html to xml checkboxes input and textareas
perform function when page loads in webOS
how to disable the Jqueryui dialogbox when the page load at secondtime
Complex Query in Cake Php
Rails 3 session resets when redirecting to custom domain page but session stays for heroku default domain
Bootstrap Font Awesome and IE8
Dummy push technology?
How to Display Multiple Dynamic Data table using JSF
display a view controller from appDelegate based on custom URL schema
Is using jquery makes the webpage to take long time when loading
Symfony 2 - multiple forms
Non-blocking HTTP GET query on Android
Sencha Touch, JSONP, ASP.NET WCF REST and User Sessions
Doctrine: loose relation between two entities
Scraping data from the entire web
Java is there a way to see if a key was press without blocking?
How to store comments in NoSQL (MongoDB)?
How do I design this?
default html character when load tinyMCE
Prevent Activity from restarting on rotating the screen
UITextField canBecomeFirstResponder returns NO
Listen to volume buttons in background service?
How do I use snakeyaml as a function that returns something?
Url regex for preg_replace but without matching the urls within the bbcode [url]
JQuery Full Calendar with Spring MVC .. Can't call the controller to get JSON object
GWT Editor bound to a POJO with a Map
Get the new url after Post by CURL
How to upload a file with a different file name
Regex to split by ' ', ';' and ' n' [closed]
How do use Xcode to list all files changed for a commit and see each file's changes?
JavaScript file precedence on Safari
Can I make font-weight:bold if user has a special font?
Android get JSON key value
what is different between entityset with objectset
Strange compilation error for a move constructor
how to make a program play music or sounds in background C#
Why alert function not working when loading with ajax
How to fetch one specific line efficiently from a whole cURL response in php?
Is there a Weebly for mobile apps?
When i reload the page, the countdown reload to
MySQL - Group by multiple rows
FancyBox v2.0 script confusion>jquery.fancybox.pack.js OR jquery.fancybox.js
Avoiding half pixels using OpenGL ES on iOS
iPhone App connection with server for downloading content
Making text input in XNA (for entering names, chatting)
Looking for a C# TDD framework? [closed]
Need an explanation on Lifetime of Objects Created in a Thread
Select records from start of month to current date using Doctrine
unicode string in file contain different
Silverlight Blend Behaviors do not get attached at design time
Assign a whole struct at once in an array
Cocos2d apps crash on device but run on simulator just fine
Using JQuery to access/propagate selectors to new input fields after a dynamic page change that doesn't involve a full page refresh
Perl $strings to hash tables conversion
Integrate Facebook sql table
Sublime Text 2 - View whitespace characters
How do I make it only landscape for tablets and only portrait for phones?
Backbone.js updating models in-place from server
CSS multi level drop down menu position next level
Commenting Code AS3 - Not being an API [closed]
Changing inner ASPX code of a PlaceHolder?
Layout Design Ideas [closed]
deleteActiveSheet() works to delete multiple sheets, but results only show when I reload browser window
jquery mobile replace just the content div
Argument not posted with Ajax request
Java - JTable selecting first column by default
Ignore warnings from framework headers on OS X
Set with custom rule
Strange behavior when deleting object property after copying object
Paging a DataGridView bound to a DataSet?
JavaScript grab OAuth token from URL?
Highlight <area>
Android Google Maps
How to translate object in 2D with arrows?
iterating over PagedListHolder in jsp
Load balancing of tomcats is done, but still the application is slows? [closed]
How to cancel a file upload by clicking on a 'Cancel' button
Using blur with text fields
Getting 401 Unauthorized from Google API Resumable Update
Python framework for a beginner [closed]
How to convert string to JSON Object
DataAdapter does not need to make db connection open?
Getting 404 on my app
How to implement my code in MVC Java?
Who does decoding for URLencoding?
How do I use _com_ptr_t?
Tables with mapping not being created at the database
Cocoa binding programmatically + not updating value?
jquery ajax call
Continuous drawing with Quartz? frame by frame possible?
MFC: how to create Skinnied Dialog with transparent PNG as backrownd (and instead of window chrome)?
Postgres 9.1 Type of SETOF record
How to retrieve database data by disabling the Ruby on Rails cache system only for one case?
SQL Find & Replace part of a string
Android UDP socket sends data only once?
Sorting an Array of Objects by two Properties
How to override model's constructor correctly in CakePHP
Can't use PSQL with a Heroku shared database
NSString parsing of continuous data
Copies of nested arrays and references in javascript
SQL pulling random images from database
Interface constraint on generic method arguments
Converting an object in a loop to element and add it to the existing result
Unable to write into files
Redefine nil in smalltalk to respond any message
run web application in netbeans
How can I instantiate class with Member function pointer as template arg
Android development - SQLite storing float
Regex split without a group returned
Converting an iPhone IOS Video File Uploader to work with a file stored in document directory
How can I 鈥渃apture鈥�System.exit(-1) from different thread?
Accessing resources within a JAR file
PyCharm 2.5 TestRunner cannot import specific module
Method must have a return type [closed]
Provide library from Eclipse plugin to workspace
I can't manage to copy files from assets to external storage
Best way to write common code for Objective-C and Java?
ASP.NET - User control filed value changes at every pageload
Maven errors when building the project for transitive dependencies
UIScrollView with a UIButton and UITapGestureRecognizer
Edit an incorrect commit message in Git that has already been pushed
How to pick a record by using only date in a timestamp field?
Jquery making Selecters in a MVC Foreach
How to display a message if file already exists
Printf somehow changes something?
How should I implement ExecuteAsync with RestSharp on Windows Phone 7?
ASP.NET MVC change model data type in before send to view
Tool That Convert mySQL Query To Zend FrameWork Query
Mac OS X Defaults How to pass the current date?
Does Parallel.ForEach Block?
RBF Neural Networks C#
Google Guava's CacheLoader loadAll() vs reload() semantics
Adding and removing User control from Placeholder
Need to parse image src from HTML page then display it
Inserting array data to mysql table
Outputting ListView exception: File from xml type layout resource ID #0x102000a
Pivoting help needed
JPanel ActionMethod when it is shown
How to pass value from session bean into JSF inputText?
NSThread thread-safe implementation of initialize.?
Paperclip upload to S3 on Heroku stopped working
Is it possible to throw an Exception when accessing unloaded Navigation properties in Entity Framework?
How to use Invoke in c# 4.0 service class
scaling bitmaps to fit 854 wide screen
Adding new posts to my site
open a facebook using iframe in phonegap
What are forbidden names for directories in Android's res directory?
Microsoft rewriting module - Force www on url Or remove www from url
How to debug CUDA kernels in Visual studio or Parallel Nsight
How best to remove list items in a loop in C#
Restart a TCP Server
Add this plugin鈥�brain-jam
temporary object in range-based for
C++ Derived class array Reallocation
Correct use of transactions in SQL Server 2008
Work/Task Stealing ThreadPoolExecutor
Maintaining historical data in a shop database
Why using 鈥渃onst鈥�construction in JavaScript is a bad practice?
when i set the background color of the button it's edges is disappeared
Uploading binary files using dropbox java api
Android ArrayAdapter getView issue to avoid multiple calls
ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock doesnt find my function ASP.NET
Why is the same single result looping multiple times?
Actionscript load external sound file from php and find out the actual filename from the php response?
How to retrive a List objects from HashMap and iterate in free marker template?
Quartz.Net Cron Expression for Monthly,Weekly and Daily
Can't install downloaded package in virtualenv
Interface Builder Will Not Open
place image button over the image background on android
C-x remapping in Vim
Android - Scaling ImageView so that it's always 100 dip in width
Network Sniffer for Windows that attaches to a process
multiple rightbar buttons in navigationbar in xcode4.2
jquery tablesorter How to add class to second td only?
Adding 鈥渋f鈥�condition in the script toggle menu (jquery)
different page direct depending on if field is empty
Magento Product Creation error鈥QLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry?
Udp Connection IP problems
Previous drawing is lost after super.paintComponent(g) called in JPanel
MKMapView addOverlays Thread Error
SQL Server CE: Update statement using DateTime in Where clause
android - hide point inside Image onTouch Event
php select input checkbox from a mysql query
What is the alternative way to insert bulk records into oracle DB?
Hibernate save relational table
Why Windows output redirection does not work in ant <exec>
Dynamic object array
rearrange the list according to the selection of the order
is this the way BindingList should work?
loop loading pairs of files
Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead gon gem and passing data from model into JS - in json format
How can you make Android 2.2 emulator display different language font such as Hindi/Marathi?
Add sound to android system sound list
jpa query for arithmetic operation on columns
jquery input validation+background color
How to get a search ranking based on multiple factors in sphinx?
static size array of different struct's
Emoji on MySQL and PHP: why some symbol yes other not?
Access jstl variable in servlet
How to get 鈥渙nTouchEnd鈥�event in Android?
How to include DLL from another directory
While click the layout xml files eclipse get closes?
Is there a 鈥渙nFinishedSpeeking鈥�option for html5 x-webkit-speech?
errors working with database coding
ServiceStack.Text json deserialization creates wrong object instead of throwing on invalid json input string
How to upload large file(s) on FTP server using php?
App crashing due to missing Microsoft.VC80.CRT v8.0.50727.6195
HTML 5 - Input type date formatting on iOS
How to delete the last n commit on Github and locally?
Best practice for database dictionary in java
Write sitemap using PHP
Git: simple deployment, how can I avoid 'pull not possible because you have unmerged files'
htaccess Rewrite/Redirect a directory to a url
Transform File Names based on a simple rule
Forcing edges on one side of a graph in DOT
Cursor stays on left of text box
Reference Elements in multiple lists together
input type buttons to get the object in left, middle and right position
invalidOperationException while using delegate in thread
how to make the content of wcm 7 searchable
C++ template operator overloading with different types
JavaScript: How do I add an attribute?
C# regex replace text using its content
jQuery form submit event not working
Regex Numerical Range 1 - 1 million
HTML5 & jQuery: Use audioplayer as a timer for if statements?
Tic Tac Toe resetting the board after the 3rd move
Bad value in function returning string and const char*
How to escape string while matching pattern in PostgreSQL
keep terminal from clearing when closing an ssh session
I need the prototype for calling RtlQueryProcessHeapInformation
how to extend django views/templates in a forward looking way
Does slicing a large Android project into Android libraries improve build time?
Textbox border is dissappearing in windows phone mango c#
How to load HTML with Flash using WebKitGTK?
Pulling data from database in CodeIgniter ( or any MVC platform)?
install .apk file programatically
Ruby on Rails - Association issue :(
iPad HTML audio detect `load`
Assigining different font-size per each font in one font-family
MS-Exchange Management Tool on Linux
Mergesort - Is Bottom-Up faster than Top-Down?
CUDA program is slower than CPU program, but the kernel is faster?
Div refresh does not work - jquery
finding the longest prefix contained in a dictionary
Code before setContentView trouble
Securing sensitive information in PhoneGap?
iOS: detailViewConroller not actualized
Xcode: Allocation and Leak when uiwebview is loading its content?
How to make tastypie give the url of a file instead of its path?
Not nested double integral java library
Can a Visual Basic 6 Class Property Type be an Enum
Including ObjectiveGit library in iOS app
Show/Hide Checkbox in ASP.NET Datalist (nested)
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iPhone Core Data Fetch Primary Key
ssh into aws EC2 instance when ssh is blocked by admin
Console Application exception
How to add overlay to UIImage in a UIButton
Cannot install bcrypt node.js module on Centos Server
Panning multiple images simultaniosly
How to return a line when searching for text in that line
Formatted XML output in CXF?
what does 'o' means in the instance method argument?
perl - replace every nth (and multiples) occurrences of a character with another character
Issue in designing an application for reading large excel files in java
add crossdomain in html
Invalid structure size when marshalling c structure to .NET
JAVA: gmt to local time conversion
Rationale behind storing XML in a relational Database
Sin city effect [closed]
How do I start an android activity if I want to know when it's over but I don't need a result or care if it was cancelled?
need to change TextBox.Text inside TextChanged, something forces form close
How to learn OpenGL 3.x using C? [closed]
Create a ProgressBar without xml in Android
Iterating the json response
Actionscript 3.0 - Tween a Movie Clip randomly and change it's font family over time
SDL - FPS problems with LoopTimer in c++
How to invoke methods after the user has successfully logged in?
Mysqli DELETE QUERY not working in PHP Script
How can I 鈥渟afely鈥�change UIWindow frame?
Crashing threads with *(int*)NULL = 1; problematic?
mysql index merge issue
A good guide for jquery and ajax requests [closed]
Re-render a bar graph using the same function, but different data in ExtJS
Class cast exception while using WindowManager in Android
Just display notification without start the activity
The type or namespace name 'DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
preg_replace: How to not remove the whole part?
Page_load filling data after loading UserControl plugin hides left menu behind table in IE
Using Informatica to upload a file into database table in base64 format
XPathNavigator.Evaluate returning incorrect value?
html email send using copy paste from IE browser
how to clear a radiobutton list after successful data insertion?
Create Textfield in multiple position on view with button tap in iphone
Placing the where condition
Intranet planning / what do i need
Polar transform in CSS3?
User class - 'load' data
Orchard cms is not run when change permission in root folder of Plesk hosting
JSmooth Java 1.4 or above not found error
How to send app requests to friends through Facebook Android SDK
Set environment variable in shell script/access in Tomcat Application
MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE is too fast and not getting correct X & Y Coordinates
How do you you add an onClick event to <xp:panel>
Java multithreading and files
Solr / Lucene test query agains doc without indexing
Visual Basic Excel Macro
XNA Music mixing real-time
Multiple Elements.xml in feature.xml in sharepoint 2007
Write raw struct contents (bytes) to a file in C. Confused about actual size written
DB administration site for Spring + JPA project
Test phonegap/android application on a smartphone
Look and feel in windows 7 with wxWidgets
Basic HTML Internal Link not working in IE8
GWT - Create something like MobileWebApp using GWTP
Custom accessor method in Core Data, why using KVO?
jQuery with Rails issue - datepicker()
C++: Having unicode console title..?
NSThread issue how to resolve?
Ruby - more accurate timestamp than
Posting a Photo ( with caption ) to a FanPage Wall as a User using JavaScript SDK or Php SDK
Suspend/resume processes as PsSuspend does
ActiveAdmin forms (new/edit) belongs_to association?
ANTLR Parse Grammar -> Tree Grammar
String Encoding doesn't ouput all characters
Equivalent of ps -A , grep -c process in Windows?
Get an yerror plot without a line in Octave
syntax region: start with a group
CSS select input where parent isn't 'classname'
Changing an object which is used as a Map key
jqgrid fixed column header and fixed footers
Plotting time-series in Matlab with 鈥渓abel grouping鈥�
How to add extra delimiters to the end of a CSV file is some are found to be missing?
Add new tab after file -> new
checking is username exists on two tables PHP PDO?
Writing makefile for source files across different directories
Numeric formatting in SQL report (local, rdlc)
Converting jar file to exe [duplicate]
Stop Devise from clearing session
Algorithm behind PhotoPaint's 鈥淪ubtract鈥�overlay mode?
validates_inclusion_of Rails 3 with a query not working as expected
View overlapping each other
Compress files and directories
How to run a JavaScript code after selecting a text using the Firefox Add-On SDK?
How to display the placeholder attribute in HTML5 textarea when CKEditor is activated?
Facebook Javascript - High Score API - Score is found but not able to return it
Manage multiple Jlabel's events
find ORF with minimal size of 45 bases using perl regular expression - why this regex doesn't work
Get transaction history with PayPal API
Is it possible to build SMS games using PlayN?
pause jquery jPlayer when another video is clicked on page
Is a ul allowed inslide an inline li in html or xhtml?
call a function with a specific index value of nodelist
is it possible to access one class file to access its methods or variable by a service and another by an activity AT THE SAME TIME?
return type of overloading assignment operator in c++ [duplicate]
How Upload file using Mojolicious?
Many share buttons for social networks on one page
How to setup view in UIViewController
Path/File name backslash in C#
ImportError (djangobook chapter 3, part1, python version 2.7.2)
Undefined error in JavaScript
Detecting gestures on overlapping screen areas in iOS5
How do I post comment in dark background [closed]
Syntax error near 0
Pl/PgSQL fuzzy Interval
CakePHP: Users and Profiles in separate tables
generic 'data container' / namespace provider in .net
WCF: how to create a large number of classes in the contract?
HTC Face Unlock Training
How can I set the limit number of the posts of a specify category into a page of that category?
php multidimensional array get values
How can I cancel a paypal recurring payment from my website?
How to calculate width of an line of text in Jquery?
Encode flv video with no audio with ffmpeg
How to remove Tabcontrol borders in VB 2010
Why isn't an Adapter with cached buttons working as expected in Android?
Best way to do Async server communications from multiple Activities
Dependent selectbox issue
unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset
Repeated Animated Custom Control while scrolling listview in android
Execute two local socket servers simultaneously in C
close EntityManagerFactory on ending of debugging session
PHP replacing special characters like 脿->a, 猫->e
How to set the position of a button after animation?
Is it possible to use `or` in `when` section of `case` statement?
Query not working fine in while loop
Strange time results when measuring performance of binary and linear searches
which one is a better solution?
this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key view
List view with image and two item?
EF usage from thread spawned from Role.OnStart()
Count The Number of Sundays Till Today for the current Year and current month?
Getting huge lags when downloading files via Service
Android and slf4j : 鈥渏ava.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.slf4j.LoggerFactory鈥�
Font detection browser add-on
< and quotation change to HTML entities in tinyMCE
Protection from SQL injection in ColdFusion
Approach for primary key generation
Pages with UITableView
JavaFX 2 Automatic Column Width
Netbeans GUI wont display
Windows phone 7 Page Navigation [closed]
Reuse an XML layout file to show different information (Android Application)
Rails POST params empty after submit?
SSAS Cube Process in Job fails
Drupal 7 and Addthis
Error installing Google AppEngine plugin in Eclipse Juno (4.2)
matlab: how do create a projection
How to Lazy Load device gallery images?
Always save specific file type in windows to one location?
powershell: setting the time of a System.DateTime object
Search a contact using phone number
Cakephp 2.1 beforeSave not working
Is there a tool to convert Java, JavaScript or Python to PHP?
How to store the empty value in arraylist in android?
How can i shows added person ? JQuery after inserting to db
How can I make menu shortcuts work when the program is in background?
Best way to create categories
Matrix with given numbers in random places in python/numpy
optimize tables for search using LIKE clause in MySQL
Redirecting network traffic in real time
Having problems connecting to a database in PHP
Creating mac os x software bundle with java processing and python
Google Calendar API - No constructor found
Open source to generate HTML page with T4 [closed]
What happens if from JS I call SWF which already is busy handling another call from JS?
Python: last element of tuple
Best way to get machine id on linux?
Sending Mail without User intervention in Android Application
about gui menu items
return text from other activity
mandatory field error
Mongoid embedded query
Differentiating between the data packets in TCP IP
how to run sencha touch code in eclipse
Display array in XUL
SQL queries are pulling everything?
Error trying to run migrations in heroku with app using rolify gem, uninitialzed constant Rolify::Roles
How do I create a thread-safe write-once read-many Map in Java?
WHILE loop issue not working in SQL Server 2005 [duplicate]
Android Widget not working after reboot [duplicate]
Flask framework for a small and medium size projects
Adding shadow to textbox onFocus
Is there a Maven Plugin that supports P2P mode?
gwt beginner- are session variables preserved across different modules of a gwt app+across redirection to 3rd party site and back to our site
Best matching in a bipartite graph (e.g.associating labels with points on a plot)
SSO, the unknown [closed]
Extracting the url variable from an iFrame
heroku redirect uri false
What is the practical difference between 鈥淎rrayList<A>鈥�and 鈥淎rrayList<? extends A>鈥�
Dynamic and fixed div heights
Reminder functionlity in windows phone 7?
How can I implement a 鈥渓og in automatically鈥�feature securely for desktop applications?
_PublishedWebsites dont include webfonts?
Send Ajax data to PHP
Random Number Generator with a Seed
unable to run hello world program in c# console application
Benchmarking HTTP server, reference tests
allow a minimum selection in a checkboxes limiting script
NSStringWithFormat Crash
Stack - Frame - Heap in Objective-C
Images do not display in wordpress visual editor
Strange blue underline for text?
Installing Apache Struts2 on OS X
Coding japanese characters in a google API search string in Ruby
javascript - match regular expression against the array of items
iOS how load a viewController in a tab Bar Controller [closed]
Fetching data from multiple table of MS Access into datagrid view in
JQuery distinct descendants (filter out all parents in result set)
How can I touch and drag an animated image? here's my animation code:
ora-30926 error [duplicate]
Chrome & Expires Header - Image Caching
How to end the session when browser closes
Zip and Retrieve the ArrayList on the fly
Multi-threading concept and lock in c#
Importing CSV data into MySQL table
Authlogic password is not valid only in Test mode
Xcode - setting limit for NSDate CountDown timer
Suhosin changes
Radio Group not getting Focus in Android
JavaScript: open window with browser
Which message is used on authenticated ip packets using HMAC-MD5?
WebSockets - Switch between ws/wss after connection?
Virtual foldersystem in MySql, with 鈥渢emplates鈥�
Uploadify - How to capture the newly created ID for scriptdata?
<a href onClick=鈥渞eturn false;鈥�gt; not working in Safari/iOS?
remove a class from a tag and add it to another
CATextLayer blurry text after rotation
Passing value from modal iframe to parent iframe
Create xamdatachart using linq
Modernizr+html5shiv VS ie9.js
Template parameter menu Joomla 2.5
error_reporting not work correctly to show fatal errors
Allow user resize WPF TreeView node by dragging
Android Reminder app [closed]
Hide elements with jQuery - let other elements slide to their new place?
JBoss AS 7 : how to make independant deployment of EJB and dependent WAR?
Protobuf-net serialization/deserialization
Issues With Afreechart - LineChart Horizontal scrolling - Android
Setting a related entity on an object when editing overwrites the previous related entity
Knockout.js how do I build up a string from a binding
What's the cause of this exception in Windows Phone
How does Apples's own ASLR implementation work?
Find missing number in unsorted input with memory constraints
Undefined property , Error when using two classes
Socket communication failing in eclipse
External dependencies (like bootstrap) in Meteor
What does 鈥� 2鈥�mean at the end of a regular expression
Website seems to be fine on everything but iphone
Channel API Presence not triggering
Android : what Strategics or steps to connect my android app to SQL server
To add a new cell at bottom of uitableview on clicking add button
Slow threading performance on Linux on ARM9
identifier not being set in initWithtFrame method in custom NSView
Including Lilypond in LaTeX
Inconsistent geolocation query results in SQL
How to make a long connection with http.Client?
How this DAG topological restructuring can be called?
Is there a command line tool for all the incoming traffic in different protocol?
ASP.NET MVC3 dynamic routing
Bitmap inPurgable behavior in android
codeigniter load a model which has a constructor with a parameter
RSpec and Capybara: Test position of content on page
Template for display fields in two columns instead of one columns in MVC 3 Razor
display block causing problems in firefox
How to put two buttons in same line
Weird Erasure in Java Generics
Is it possible in iOS to have one model/view and create a second view that replicates first view automatically on second screen?
How to include configuration in multiple sinatra application
maximum number of cycles in a directed graph with verices=,V, and edges =,E,
Progress dialog doesn't update on an AsyncTask onProgressUpdate
HTML with XML using jQuery
Is there a way for me to check if a string starts with the words 鈥渆rror鈥�using javascript?
Attaching a .png file to an email sent by satchmo
Where does meteor install on Mac?
Nested If Statements Not Working
Add Rows to a DataTable without losing the previous rows
Count number of different ip's in a query in sql server
fetching by foreign key elements in appengine datastore
CheckBox event not triggered in mobile browser but works OK on desktop
vim scrolling slow on tmux over ssh
Excel 2010 VBA running in all opened files
Dynamically arrange some elements around a circle
call javascript function by c#
At least one of the following architecture(s) must be present: armv7 (-19033) Unable to validate your application. - (null)
Capturing input without n
Why does my JavaScript object not see the following method?
Alternative use patterns for python multiprocessing avoiding proliferation of global state?
Not Able to Make HTTPConnection
how to add QuickBase a CodeIgniter
In Objective-C, why does the variable's type has to be repeated for @property?
Can titanium android module read the database created using Ti.Database?
How can i use method SetPageViewport of PDFWriter in itextsharp 5.1.2
Access workflow ExectionProperties from Activity
ASP.NET Timer: call JS before tick
error due to xml signature
extracting variable from multiple matlab files into one file
How to create and use DLL modules in C#? Not DLL assembles
Error on deleting subkey from registry using C#
How to check if users are in their Yahoo! / Gmail account
Javascript or PHP to get location and send it to me? [duplicate]
Facebook like button reacts on all posts
Launching a Shell Script using a Global Shortcut on OSX Snow Leopard
XSLT parameter is always empty <xsl:param name=鈥渕ediaFolderId鈥�select=鈥�macro/mediaFolderId鈥�/>
Downloading and running a JAR from memory in .NET
how to modify values in config file in MFC/C++
Exchange token js api or php multi query
Is there any framework for rich web clients on top of html/css/js?
How to call a phone number using gsm & python
PHP SCRIPT issue with passing the uploaded image to facebook->api function
How to give a click function for center , focus image in roudabout carousel?
Seem to be making valid JSONarray object but how to get php to process it?
multiple argument subs vba
Rails: devise override create method and rendering errors
installing facebook sdk
How to implement this Lyrics API in PHP?
Javascript Calculation Issue in some Formulas
cron command with server configration not working at all
python websocket handshake (RFC 6455)
Custom authentication: login helper for request specs
How to remove toolbar in .emacs in windows WITHOUT losing windows maximized state?
How can i improve this javascript, for attaching events to all elements in page?
php simplexml find value of a specific field
Parallel code with Task.Factory slower than linear
developing cross platform games for android and iPhone?
jQuery event live click not functioning
ruby: `read': Invalid argument -(Errno::EINVAL) at
Add listener to SpanElement
How to lazy load while obeying Law of Demeter?
Android Emulator - Intent.createChooser says 鈥淣o application can perform this action鈥�while opening it for pdf type documents
Create a custom project type in Visual Studio 2010
Multiple radio button using php javascript ajax
Login with SQL authentication in Java
detect if an ASIHTTPReuquest is working
Append hidden type of input tag within ASPX?
Log for an application's activity when it is created and test using Visual Studio C++
Dynamically increasing the number of elements in a listview
Time in Rails console, MySQL and application.rb is correct, but wrong in timestamp
Setting the rows to variables in Tkinter
A custom string implementation to overload operators << and >> for a binary shift of string characters in c#
Another unexpected result from Graphics.DrawImage
Assembly - Bubble Sort Algorithm for Array of String Pointers
C Functions not executing in order
Can't draw in wpf using graphsharp unless I call the method before the InitializeComponent method
application deployed on jboss doesn't update db schema
trying to save an image with its name intact php
OrientDB PHP/Gremlin Bridge
Some questions about using Code First, Repository Pattern and n-Tier?
How to determine which style a control has been assigned
c++: inheritance and templates performance trade offs
Why doesn't my JPanel change when I call repaint()?
Google Maps and DART
How can I get a noob slide for full page width?
Python: Cross-platform solution to detect physical non-HT CPUs?
Is validation of user input part of functional requirements?
external accessory and NSlog statements
HTMLUNIT 2.9 jar posting comments
Segfault due to name collision from third party library
Specify HTML method in Formtastic action link