Get id using query
How Confirm in-app Billing Info with Google Play Market
Sorted array in Java: how can I implemnted? [closed]
What's the idiomatic Clojure for 鈥渇oo = bar ,, baz鈥�
How to Test For Both Null and Not Null Columns in MySQL
SQL Server 2008 R2 Express refuses to save records
How to get campaign details using MMC and python ad-words library given ClientID
How do I index the 3 highest values in a list?
Any built-in function to change a hexadecimal number to its string equivalent in Java
j2me importing external jar: what classpath?
i have a exception when deleting entity framework object
Ctrl+End behavior of TVirtualStringTree
Using Checkboxes with PHP/MySQL Data
Web-Service vs Client-Server Distributed Computing Technology
My dropdown only shows first words of my selected element (occurred with IE only)
Zepto load function interupts hide show
Code works fine on win7, but there are problems on OSX
Adding a node to a linked list stack in C
PHP embed html image as a link
Make client send disconnect event on tab close node.js
Get information from multiple web services using single data type of data object
visual studio crashed when open a .aspx
how to detect if user click 鈥測es or no鈥�on set homepage model window in IE?
multiple DNS queries in one web page request
Save or free memory by reducing use of variable?
uncloseable Jquery UI modal form
Using more than one color for CSS box shadow
Getting parent key in a nested array
CF - ORM Data Source - Declared After Login?
jQuery .html() doesn't set value of text area
Custom Radio button
Getting font character spacing in Android
Why does MonoTouch.Dialog use public fields for some Element options, and public properties for others
is it possible to add sound effect to the Kinect Paint buttons?
Seeding data in custom Db Initializer won't work / EF, Code First
unable to add a js/css file to www folder in phonegap in xcode4
iOS External Accessory Disconnects when Application goes to Background
Getting a piece of information from development GAE server to local filesystem
wrong argument type String (expected Array)
Plaintext decoded by CCCrypt has wrong length
DataBinding list view
Purpose of Utility tree in ATAM
git nested projects
Two (seemingly) identical queries, one is faster, why?
Merge Rows in Sql
PHP/ADODB/MySQL: is it possible to use named placeholders in prepared statements?
PrimeFaces icons
Convert french to english when upload as a csv file in php
How to align Html module title to right in DotNetNuke?
Update pixel on windows phone 7
Building ranking with genetic algorithm,
Best App to Minify Javascript code and css code [closed]
MYSQL sorting content by rating logic and opinion?
Set variable Style on create / show form in Delphi XE2
NullReferenceException in HtmlAgilityPack
REST how to pass empty path parameter?
C#- Updating just updated column(s)
insert today's date in json
Handle json in ruby
call PyErr_SetString twice without clearing
Android: findViewById gives me wrong pointer?
Creating SEO friendly URLs with URL rewriting
How to integrate mobile application (restaurant menu) with micros pos developed using flash builder 4.6 and actionscript?
How to remove login dialog box when user logged in?
Variable amount of function arguments in C++
Object Embed not working with Node Express routes
JQuery prevendDefault [disable a link] within a list but not those in a child list
limiting the checking condition while uploading swf files
wp-clear theme functions are not working in single.php?
Tabhost in Android eclipse
MSBuild copy specific files and folders
Is it necessary to escape slashes in strings in Windows Registry?
Refresh Simple Captcha
Store an object created by the exception when it is raised, Python
Creating record type in F#
Display blob image in MYSQL with ASP/C#
Is there a way to make the Div width be as wide as the content that is contained within it?
Real time address completion
Cakephp Change default language on the fly
What is the equivalent R function to GAMMA.INV(probability,alpha,beta) Excel function?
How to call a console command in web application action in Yii?
MVC Razor quirks mode - umbraco
how to skip use of extra variable for python operation?
How to cancel all the div when the form is created CakePHP 2?
Error message for required field always showing
sql query that went it runs it repeats the same result by the number of users
Getting values from arraylists and saving
Plist won't write to file
Trouble with STL map and pointers
Error response in json format for Spring interceptor
Listing all instances of a document model that belongs to user through group relationship
CSS - 1140px Grid - IE 7,8 issues - Media Queries
write better code instead of 2 for loops
Where to store user uploaded files with exact iOS 5.0? There is no 鈥淒o Not backup鈥�flag
Span disappearing on submit
iOS Coloring Transparent Image
Submit Jade form
Why can't I static_cast between char * and unsigned char *?
Garbage values when transfering a string from client to server
Issue in Adding property to string object
Camera image processing
Error archiving two arrays in objective-c
String Encoding in java
Is there some easy use image processing/editing library for Cocoa?
How can the contents of a url with a pdf extension be converted to text for parsing in PHP without downloading?
hibernate groupby
How to use a specific controller action on 鈥渙nchange鈥�for Select_tag in ruby on rails
__getitem__ method with tuple argument using Python C-API
Javascript replace for equal symbol
How to fill a web form using Java (Don't want to submit it, but just want to fill up the fields from database)
How do you cache a compiled class made by Groovy Script Engine?
Sharing Java library with Android Apps
Android MediaPlayer seek bar current position thread issues
Obtaining deepest file path with PHP
Adding data to CoreData datastore after release
Invalid pointer to forcefully crash the application
how to let WCF service to send messages to the client without calling its method from the service?
Predictive input/type-ahead for email address input, based on user's contacts?
fatal error on NSArray.h
Access denied when creating registry key in C#
Repro needed : 'picture' graph field not working for posted links
How can i deploy ios application on user's device without knowing UDID?
Sorting the properties of the object
How to implement Idle time backup feature in android
TWAIN and ImageEN dont detect my scanner
How to create a LINQ or Entity SQL query to get record from a Table where Table Name is achieved at runtime
How can I access multi-item string values?
javascript function that accepts (#id).val() returns wrong value
segmentation fault when setting up shared memory for a set
Magento site showing error
How to show checkbox at the first column of gridview on mousehover
PHP GD drawing pixel data from array stops mid loop
How can a Google Chrome extension exit its own background process?
SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 error on ALL Magento MySQL setup files after migration
jQuery.complete not working in .live
How to show checkbox at the first column of gridview on mousehover
PHP GD drawing pixel data from array stops mid loop
How can a Google Chrome extension exit its own background process?
SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 error on ALL Magento MySQL setup files after migration
jQuery.complete not working in .live
Ruby - nokogiri - parse only specific html table
Sorting values from values from another table php
upload video to facebook in android
How to see local traffic sent by a program to a local mySQL database?
Scroll view issue
creating a window in onPostExecute() of AsyncTask in android
How can I prevent spam while letting users email content to their friends?
Change level of python fileConfig logger
Plug-in was unable to load class android
Array to an unordered list
MYSQL Triggers - how to store the result of a calculated field
Android popupwindow outsidetouchable and ontouch listener
Upload file on ftp
The Time it takes to search database
Why is the taskbar button context menu of my Delphi 2006 application incomplete?
PHP ftp_put and remote paths
How do I create a div in html which is absolutely positioned, which will push other elements to the side like in Apple's Pages?
Error in access to Entity Framework data from WCF service in web and win form application?
Magento: Display all images on the product page (view.phtml)
ext js 4.0 hbox with list and form?
Error when using xmlstream reader
show/hide div on mouseover not working
in winsock, how would i stop a accept function from blocking from another thread?
Code Modification of Existing Access 2007 Macro - Aim to Create & Open (from Access) a New Excel Work-Sheet in Existing Excel 2007 Work-book?
ios: Listing out wifi devices using bonjour
setInterval to loop animation not working
Using Twitter Bootstrap, how can you 鈥渞emember鈥�user actions?
C# For each loop count
How to use facebook login openid?
Exception after adding JAX-RS facet to Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse
How to get an smth like EOF symbol from file in java
Caret postioning affected by glyphs usage in Internet explorer in designmode
Determine whether a view controller has been popped or pushed [closed]
Django Jquery mysterious error
jQuery animation&google map combatibility issue
Get Current Date time of the server on which my website is hosted
Showing the keyboard in a Microsoft Surface application
How to identify and make a link out of '@' in user comments like they do on Youtube
@Background and screen rotation when using AndroidAnnotations, how to make sure that the callbacks are received?
jquery mobile reverse style on mouse up
Sqlite pending operation occuring while fetching data from database
iPhone UIPickerView issue
Separating 2 elements of a key of a dictionary into 2 lists?
Flash AS2 - Accessing a loadVariable variables with a number on the end of it
MySQL Connector/NET check for new changes in table
How to recover the Ajax extension tab in visual studio 2008 sp1 toolkit?
what is the difference between jolokia & jmxtrans ? When to choose one over the other? [closed]
md5 salt hash can't find equal entry in DB
Select Spring MVC layout based on URL
php file_get_contents() error on new vps
Can item/view styles be set on an Android listview item from the data in the list?
Manage framework and two projects code
jquery autocomplete not working inside an ajax loaded form in rails
Value after decimal Place not being calculated in Javascript
200ok but parsererror error in jquery ajax call
Does my application require .NET framework 3.5?
Saving text data in android app as numerous listviews
How to increse php file size upload size limit
SQL Server 2008 need just like crosstab query on XML column?
Specifying default parameters C++
define include page in colorbox iframe
鈥淛UMP鈥�in a java 2d game
routing NoSQL and SQL backed fields in a single django Model
Draw Lines Load From Plist in iphone sdk
dynamic/custom properties
Building complete application folder with maven
AS3 FLVPlayback fullscreen mode displays black screen
Error While JNDI Connection Pooling
How I can install .xap into my WP7.?
how to connect to web site with domain user ID via intranet [closed]
Isinstance() doesn't work
Check if scheduled local agents can run in Notes client
Java Unchecked exceptions thrown out of main
Reorder format of string for i18n
In WPF which is better, to use images for icons or XAML paths? Why?
adslot overlay-automatic inserting into page
Getting list of contacts with Gnome-Shell JS interface
detecting if User pressed Go or hide keyboard button UITextField
Creating application for iOS 4.1 With XCODE Version 4.3.2 (4E2002)
Indexing a 3 dimensional array using a single contiguous block of memory
PHP automatically download file
DbNotProvisioned Exception
Google Places API wnd Windows 8 Metro Style App
Using a SharedPreferences class in Android?
http compression for post data
Hibernate inheritance made simple?? Three class hierarchy, one concrete table - how?
Quick date formatting thing
Java EE EJB keeps trying to add new entry to database from one request
Sandbox account posted to live gamecenter boards! Any way to delete score?
MySql multiple table download with PHP
Rails3 Whenever not working from cron, but perfectly from terminal
size of an array - iOS
os x-lion: Programmatically launch my app when built-in iCal mac app is launched?
Why am i getting the wrong output
Generating unique URLs for each date in the Codeigniter Calendar
Rails3 Whenever not working from cron, but perfectly from terminal
size of an array - iOS
os x-lion: Programmatically launch my app when built-in iCal mac app is launched?
Why am i getting the wrong output
Generating unique URLs for each date in the Codeigniter Calendar
Entity Framework Multiplicity Constraint
jcr sorting and pagination based on name, file size,etc
Source Lookup Path is correct but debugger can't find file (Eclipse EE IDE)?
Accessing JS elements that loaded dynamically
How to create a .tmx file 鈥渄ata鈥�
iPhone app loses internet connectivity (NSURLConnection not returning)
Check positive integer (not include zero ) in jquery validate plugin
number formatter : I need 01 not 1 [duplicate]
Read an Excel (.xlsx) file in Sharepoint C# to a gridview
How to optimally render large amounts of DOM elements using javascript?
How to perform an action on clicking a custom context menu created in excel using Excel Add-In created with visual studio 2010
How to create a file directory and contained files from a File array
Use multiple jQuery versions in one HTML document?
Find arbitary patterns common to a group of strings
C# RX (System.Reactive) - Async - Publish an IEnumerable<DataRow> to multiple observing data handers
transfer object from one class to another with .getSerializableExtra .
how to pass value between user control in ASP.NET C#
how to update the value of one table when the value is inserted in another table using mysql?
How can I give a graph nodes fixed position in graphviz and how can i make the edges not overlapped?
Expand the %system% directories to full path
37Signals OAuth C# example
Rounded Rectangle shape to image retrieving from server in android
Multithreaded Batch Processing (SELECT and UPDATE) [.NET][DB2]
Can't import Flask while using Google App Engine
Recursive Notifications
Openlayer drupal module zipcode error
javascript i18n with gettext and .po files
Learn Emacs/Slime the Hard way (from 10 years of Vim) [closed]
saving image from a webpage + saving its name too using PHP
Get all descendants types of base class
Redirecting new tab OR browser on button click.(Response.Redirect) in C#
Showing error off focus - Validation jQuery
Returning a struct from a class method
What should lowest supported resolution be for website?
Is there any Limitation on loading native google map in android?
CoreData Model Objects for API
module in zend framework not loading index controller
treating json like an array
How to take picture from camera in blackberry without user interaction? [closed]
Why does the following code not initialize my JavaScript object?
jQuery plugin: character count for textareas
How do I get a non-unicode string from the database with Django?
ROR accepts_nested_attributes_for one to many relationship with selection
synchronously load html content in UIWebView
Memory dont decreases When releasing objects
Moving from web to native applications
Passing Object From Controller to JavaScript JQuery
How do I convert string into integers in this dictionary then loop through it?
Querying Android AudioEffect Equalizer for bands before attaching to audio session
Ember.js routing
Insert from another sister table with one extra field
Find out what writes to this address
How to query mongodb with 鈥渓ike鈥�using the java api without using Pattern Matching?
Sort order for jquery datatable
running Hadoop software on office computers (when they are idle)
When I use float left content jumps out of the block
from a list of strings, how do you get a tuple/list of words which contain 3 or more characters and are evenly spaced in python [duplicate]
using local audio driver for external jainsip stack on android
Forming an insert statement with single quotes in Python with Postgres
How to create many folders in subfolder 鈥�
How I create dialog only for (e.g) 5sn?
javascript loop not working?
Distributed Database
how to send email from my phonegap application(cross-platform)? [duplicate]
Get a root domain on
C# KeyPress event on textbox [closed]
SCRIPT 600: Invalid target element for this operation. (IE Only)
How to store the values dynamically in string in java android?
How to find out my dependency property changed ?
How to specify columns in facet_grid OR how to change labels in facet_wrap
Mirah Android Cast HowTo?
SAX parser newline
Datastructure choices for highspeed and memory efficient detection of duplicate of strings
How to mark IMAP message as fetched?
Silverlight horizontal stretch and get position issue
Regular expression for java.util.regex.Pattern
Subversion radio button is not available in Hudson
Can Spring's @Cacheable annotation have the same scope as the annotated method's bean?
How to terminate/remove a job flow in Amazon EMR?
Minify Javascript with namespace
How to check file size before uploading file using Java in IE 7,IE 8?(no using flash and serverlet)
My method needs to use fewer operators
Pointer from one class to outer class?
how to properly use % to resize div dynamically?
Jquery clone() doesn't seem to work with Mustaches
How to get PHP CURL to format an array of arguments according to PHP's own specification?
Getting gpgkeys host error while installing cookbook of mongodb via Opscode Chef client
form submitting in jquery tab
The immutable object in python
How to find out the cost of our Android App or project before developing?
Generics Java and Shadowing of type parameters
facebook openid provider
Lightweight database (SQL or NoSQL)
Zoom in to MapView Path
Hangman GUI receiving a null pointer exception and cannot find where
Prevent Overflow content from taking up space
Python and C file read/write simultaneously
MembershipUser IsOnline always returns false
How should I make a bool thread safe for this example of a web service constructor that does auto login?
How can I set cookie value in one page and read it from another page in a website
Storage space of the phone [closed]
Ruby: Enumerator Chain
Default list model and generics JAVA
Why is Arrayfun much faster than a for-loop when using GPU?
Get databind value of selected template field
How to access silent/vibrate mode for windows phone 7 using C#?
Java automated testing tools [closed]
Saving a Django form submission for later use
iphone sdk how to take a picture from camera and show the image in same view? [closed]
Is there any way to specify Database level default values in EF CodeFirst?
looping through checkboxes and inserting checkbox values to DB
Data Compression and Image Compression
Comparing Two Times: jQuery and database
ExecuteNonQuery silently failed without any errors
setLinearVelocity() not working as expected
ValueConveter or DataTemplate
MD5 Post Data in sql query
How to redirect your 鈥淕o to app鈥�button to lead users to your website
Django: How to access Group subclass from User?
How to display date in next page?
C: sscanf assignment suppression and the return value
Converting PHP/MySQL Request into jQuery AJAX Request
Not able to decrypt encrypted string containing null character ( x00) using openssl
Mongoid - how to get second record?
Encrypted PayPal buttons on AppEngine python for PayPay web payments standard?
Parse Error in C [closed]
xml into html using javascript or jquery
Why does this function accept a `const char*` as a parameter instead just `char*`?
Stored Procedure causing problems with mysqli when used with fetch_all
Zend Framework 2 DI alias, same controller name in different modules
Make DIV Scrollbar Main Page Scrollbar?
Error when using SqlDataSource and Parameters
How to implement a queue that can be processed by multiple threads?
Formatting Expect Script Inside of User Command in Bash Script
Array equal two different values and change a variable dynamically
Rails 3: Escape string in the view but not all in Applet
Java: validating if input is a certain number
Loop through dictionary with a math function
Unwanted line between labels and radio group in Java
Backend for Web Development using Clojure/ClojureScript
Using BASE64 Encoder to encode a string containing raw characters
Struts Plugin for Eclipse Indigo
Is it possible to assign return value from two higher order functions to the same variable in Python?[see details]
Scale Entire Site [closed]
Can't import qnx.fuse
WP7 WCF The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly
MVC Wiring; View and Model
Change build output directory when building via terminal
RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate application
MySQL - trying to get unique key on a long-ish text field
Why is python so much slower on windows?
allowing input only for float number
Dynmic Query not working when declared with variables
Jquery - updating Background css
Unable To Remap Modifier Keys With Ukulele
PHP server not found upon inclusion of array?
How to convert strings in any language and character set to valid filenames in Java?
HLSL Passing a single float to PS?
Least expensive way to insert unique rows in MySQL?
Converting C-types to Objective-C objects
Can I use a number as the shape icon used to display points on an XYPlot in JFreeChart?
How to get newest one of friend's wall at once with FQL
PlayN, point [x,y] location with scaled layer
Write JSON to text file from JQuery
iOS - Core Data - before successful creation / opening
Zero-count bins in simulating binomial fluctuations of histograms in R
Paypal IPN returns INVALID response
Display data from the documents folder into UITableView and go to the selection in Objective C
error: pasting 鈥渙perator鈥�and 鈥�鈥�does not give a valid preprocessing token
Unable to launch SOS.dll using VS 2010
Play MP3 file from app
Copy properties of one object to another object with same base
How should I add a preprocessor to a flex+bison assembler?
Rails: How to validate password from input if there is not password field in database
About ANSI/VT100 terminal control escape sequences in telnet on windows xp
Using XmlTextReader
matplotlib bar plot errbar
Split string into two columns (SQL or PL/SQL)
Can a jquery mobile site be a desktop browser site as well?
MySQL rotational ad system, stored procedure or php processing?
Purpose of a single case discriminated union
How to restrict object types which can be added in user personal folders in Plone 4.1?
MVC create SQL database using SMOLite
Adding values to XML instead of Overwriting it (XML + VB.NET)
Error while updating avd manager
OpenGL - Drawing a square with glDrawArrays()
php is_dir wont work sometimes
is it possible to create a static object in a static method using Java
Converting JSON array of [object, Object], [object, Object] to actual values?
When using xml signatures the whole xml document is jumbled
Gaussian Filter without using ConvolveOp
Nested LinearLayouts Not Working
Google App Engine optimistic concurrency
How to get all the facts used to get an query solution in Prolog?
Beginner Issue (Python) - How do I remove words from a list under a certain length
Use a variable with 鈥淟IKE %鈥�(e.g. 鈥渧ariable%鈥� in PL/SQL?
Treating last element specially while iterating a sequence
Output last 5 rows in database [CakePHP] [closed]
C - reading binary file, validating checksum
vba for matching row data records for specific fields with the main column field that has data to be transfered to another sheet
Recode variable based on partial match in R
Using ffmpeg with Flash Media Server and HDS
Letter Frequency: get frequencies to print in order from most to least used
button click event inside in external method?
svn+ssh with Subclipse or TortoiseSVN
Zend Framework Migration to Live Server
How do you Calculate Multiple Pages to a Grand Total in LiveCycle?
Domain or binding name for azure compute emulator
Problems with C# lists, and ArgumentOutOfRangeException
Android: Precise timing to play audio
win forms app crashing on the server
Building count dictionary from statistics file
CSS shortcut classes
Soap query database
VIM: Don't underline leading whitespace in HTML links [duplicate]
What algorithm would you use for clustering based on people attributes?
Printing to stdout causes blocked goroutine to run?
window.localStorage not working as expected
Android: Video cannot be played from non hard-coded URL
Draw text in circular view?
What does it mean to 鈥渞ecompile dlls鈥�from source code in Visual Studio?
Does it 鈥渟ave memory鈥�to put methods in one Big class? (Many objects)
How to remove numbers from TokenStream in Lucene?
Spring 3 MVC, multipart form and controller mapping issue
How to add a cover photo above a table view (like path or everyme app)
Resolving errors in Arduino
Raw Image display on screen
Improving Indy HTTP client performance on older systems, especially laptops (Delphi 6)?
C: Creating a game, but I'm getting an off by one error and an infinite loop error in certain cases
How to display an alert if none of the case statements match? [closed]
Developing iPad Application [closed]
How do you change optionality and cardinality on BOTH ENDS in Visio 2010?
Bat and Com, file. Init Error trying to start a exe file
Mysql Removing last 2 char from string if char matches
Using Sparkfun's MP3 player shield with an Arduino Ethernet Pro - SPI problems
iPad - dont hide the keyboard for text field
rails coffeescript RESTful edit form submission not called
Adding a column to a data.frame
open object in PowerBuilder by API function
Jump through search results in UIWebView with Javascript
Trouble with bootstrap responsive nav collapse
User Interface Design for Complex, Inter-Dependent Data
Not showing user during iteration if user already belongs to 鈥済roup鈥�relationship
Empty Destructor Crashing Program: C++
Adding a column to a data.frame
open object in PowerBuilder by API function
Jump through search results in UIWebView with Javascript
Trouble with bootstrap responsive nav collapse
User Interface Design for Complex, Inter-Dependent Data
Not showing user during iteration if user already belongs to 鈥済roup鈥�relationship
Empty Destructor Crashing Program: C++
C2DM registration failed because same auth_key
EInvalidCast exception is raised when assign a procedure of object, via TRttiProperty.SetValue
Redefining droppable area after current item is removed
Python function accepting an object as a parameter?
Destructor called on assignment between (stack) variables?
How to suppress the output of return value in IRB/Rails Console?
Java-Cancelling a Delayed Task When Another Task Is Created
How to expose a RESTful Web Service using Meteor
SQL Server Compact 4.0 does not show in Visual Studio 2010
Getting an error while trying to use converted IplImage objects from Mat objects in OpenCv
how to shorten this piece of C# object Oriented code?
Trying to send mail in C# but it doesn't seem to be working
Unset specific value in an array on mysql table
Confirm Link Appearing after Clicking Like Button
LINQ sort not working
maven profile for OS version range
How can i get default template/layout for whole project in codeigniter?
Trying to get my CoreData to display in my app
What are the storage classes in D?
HCL three input odd parity
How does emit() knows which SLOT to use in PyQT?
Crystal Report: Display Text according to Array Index on Different Page
How To Automatically Click a Sign-in Image Link
How to concatenate PHP and JavaScript strings with quotes to evaluate properly
Losing input hints after clearing inout fields鈥�any work around?
pip install readline on Mac OS X (10.7.3) fails
Python 3: QString on PyQt4
Multithreaded application does not reach 100% of processor usage
Icon Composer not available with Xcode 4.3?
extract the first fully formed sentence from a html dump of a webpage
registerOnSharedPreferenceChangeListener not working for changes made in different process [duplicate]
unable to convert U+0416 from UTF-8 to US-ASCII for
How to redirect cin and cout to files?
About implementation of json in java
Class 'AMQPConnection' not found
How to approach the simplification of expression(and, or, not) in Scala?
WP7 NullReferenceException on navigation back
Sort by Time using SQL
How do I force new users to fill out their User: page when they create a new account on a MediaWiki wiki?
Android - Continue Music Playing onPause
copy dictionary containing object to an array of objects c#
Connecting Android device to multiple Bluetooth serial embedded peers
Using time in php mysql database [closed]
Inserting dynamic variables into an HTML template鈥HP? ASP? ColdFusion? MySQL?
pointer increment and dereference (lvalue required error)
Program that calculates square roots of a number.
NULL Pointer Call Fail Immediatley
can do this with JPA / Hibernate
installation wxPython on Ubuntu 11.10
Using lm-sensors to get temperature
return a specific type when Object is the return type in a method in Java
Can't use a class as template type in another class?
jQuery function that loads chunks of images in array
(viewConroller.view removeFromSuperview) Thread:1 EXC_BAD_ACCESS (Code=1, address = 0x6000000008)
Jquery validate custom rules: When a checkbox click, a textbox required
UIImage stretchableImageWithLeftCapWidth
Why my Storyboard can't initiate on simulator?
using paper trail, getting the difference with object_changes?
Unboxing Values Types from Objects
Should EF's DbContext contains all tables?
xsl:apply-templates not iterating over each node given by select
Named Parameter not working in my script
How to use ruby to access and write contents of Azure blobs using Secure Access Signatures?
Refresh page after clearing all form fields (jquery)
grails asynchronous file upload
update from google play
Why is piping output of subprocess so unreliable with Python?
PHP script to insert parsed email data while maintaining key relationships
String Not Displaying In Edit Text
Why am I getting a nullpointerexception, probably a class error (Android)?
Scope issue in Javascript with setTimeout
how to get text from clipboard in python and paste in utf-8?
App launch and focus recovery
Packaging python programs with a command line script
Custom BroadcastReceiver not working
How do I getLong() from the SharedPreference in a preference setting
Make sure internal link URL parameters for statistical tracking are not seen as different pages
Converting unformatted Excel to XML
what's the practice to send 鈥渒eepalive packet鈥�
curl in php, iframe and forms
How to Conditionally Load @Font-Faces based on class presence?
Removing Null Properties from Json in MVC Web Api 4 Beta
Regexp MySQL matching word within a set of characters
Lotus Notes web application on safari Browser
Printing Objects in Django
Ruby array, removing everything after > within subarrays
Model has no attribute _committed
Can't make custom session save handler work(no registered method called) in centOS
Optimize code for efficiency
How can I use Marching Squares to generate a polygonal mesh of a bitmap?
The same rows in LinkedList<LinkedList> [duplicate]
Cant search with a different record of a database
The same rows in LinkedList<LinkedList> [duplicate]
Cant search with a different record of a database
How to configure FS database in playframework 2.0?
Entering Array's into table PHP
How can GPU's shared memory be used in Matlab?
Overriding bootstrap header border-bottom
convert android mac address hexstring into byte[] in java
Html, auth. Getting cookies
use Broadcast Receiver to catch incoming call, onReceive not triggered?
PHP MySQLi Finding an Unclosed Prepared Statement
JAXB Annotations - How do I make a list of XmlIDRef elements have the id value as an attribute instead of element body text?
Pulled top 5 rows from multiple SQL tables, how do I display data from each row into a label, VB.NET?
Passing JQuery Object And Using it in Controller
Python reversing slice of a list
Is there a shortcut to open the directory where Xcode installs apps on the simulator?
Commenting Event Handlers params
WinSock2 Error 10093 on recv
how to count rows by first letter?
How to manipulate the XML data using XPath
What does this sort of method signature mean -> public partial class Entities : Entity.ObjectContext<Entities>
Unicorn/Nginx process missing, socket open
How to make a div popout in the middle of the screen and making the rest of the site dark [closed]
How to detect when UINavigationController animation has finished?
Is there a key command to open suggestion menu (see image) in ReSharper
Updating Textbox's info upon selecting listbox item using javascript
Recieving 鈥淒eployment Role Instances Not In Started State After 30 seconds鈥�Azure PHP
How to sort a collection of objects, which has to be sorted based on some constantly changing parameters
Can't install setuptools on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
Modifying instance variables from inner function in a prototype method
Java Networking - Client / Server
CMake compiler settings specific to the local working copy
(Java) Eliminating redundancy in multiple constructors
A fixed width block in a fluid layout
Clojure Lein Classpath Woes
Getting a radio button immediately by clicking a label with jQuery
Ranking/numbering in php
SqlDataAdapter.Update or SqlCommandBuilder not working
UIViewController shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation
C++ How Do I Export Address Table Hooking (EAT)?
Java equivalents of DBL_MIN_10_EXP, FLT_RADIX and others from float.h
PingFederate - How to authenticate Salted MD5 Hash Password?
Rudimentary issue: basic PL/SQL console output?
ADF : Scaling image to button size
Ordering 1:17 by perfect square pairs
Android SoundPool logs info as error
Multiple ajax calls at same time
Cross-Casting To Get Another Interface Considered Bad Design?
extjs get height of viewport panel
Suse Linux - make test for mpfr says can't be found
C++ STL container set&multiset:the insert operation with different return types
Can JBoss RESTEasy Web Services Use x509 Certificates for Security?
How to parse the attributes value inside {{}} (curly braces) inside a infobox
Go: goroutine channels - the value of send statement
How to disable loopback in a Windows PGM socket?
Why won't my canvas show up (Android)?
ORDER BY breaking mysql query
Using variables in JQuery functions
Bash - renaming multiple file extensions
finding all checkboxes that are NOT checked
Can't find sqlite3 library under Xcode 4.3.2 & iPhone Simulator 5.1
Multiple before_filter statements for correct_user and admin
Google play android market publish and save buttons have no effect
Flex Custom Component with More Inside
android thread and handler best practices
Create borders on a android view in drawable xml, on 3 sides?
Trying to pass an array to a function and find the sum
Facebook.ui method: 'apprequests' hangs only on local development environment but not on anything else
I can't see the custom thumbnail image in Wordpress 3.3.1
android ui widget init causing errors
How do I replace the image of a specific class name?
Allocation and Deallocation of objects on different threads causing memory leaks.
JSONException in android
How to implement partial refresh like facebook like/comments?
division operator in tcl code not producing any results
Accessing the Movies and iTunes U videos on the iPad
Camping with a Pure Ruby database
Python 3.2 tkinter create a results frame to display output The handle is invalid
Update Interface dynamically
is it possible to take a google static map api and convert it to a jpg
How do I properly evaluate an elements visibility opacity hiddeness for an 鈥渋f鈥�statement
How do I start from a specified value in an array? working on the context object's Concrete Type(assuming implicit implementation)
Finding an item in a list
delayed_job hooks not executing on Heroku
Degrading jquery gracefullly in drupal when no javascript available. Ideas?
:hover { cursor: pointer } on circle created via borderradius will make it a pointer even outside the circle
With python, How to read the 鈥渄ate created鈥�of a file?
I need help on ---> If statement: after the page loads, then do this
Why does friendly_id default to two dashes?
Cycle over colors while plotting in MATLAB
LINQ Select First
Trying to insert a string into a x position of another string
Controlling how often an Entity Framework ObjectContext is created
I don't want to step out to the newline after using std::cin
how do i make a div with inline contents?
How to add values from multiple MySQL databases
How do I find records based on attributes of a many-to-many-related model?
adding event listener cross browser [closed]
How do I post unicode characters using httplib?
adding event listener cross browser [closed]
How do I post unicode characters using httplib?
Using == operator in Java to compare wrapper objects
Passing selected item in listbox to javascript function
How to display a huge amount of data in a grid view without crashing the page?
Auto hiding navigation at bottom of browser window
Doctrine 2 in Symfony 2 - Filtering a QueryBuilder by an association
How do you call the main launcher activity from another activity?
Mysql with Django Setup
trouble obtaining variable info from another JFrame
Ouput loop contents twice in one loop?
Why do we have non-static functions/methods? [closed]
In Box2D / Cocos2D for iPhone, how can you tell whether a given touchjoint / mousejoint is touching a given body?
how to create a custom drop down menu in android
Use Powershell to save a datatable as a csv
Set MaxReceivedMessageSize (The remote server returned an unexpected response: (400) Bad Request.) web.config doesn't work
How to make a Splash Screen wait a few seconds before start fading out?
using php twitterOAuth API is working great on one machine but not the other
Can't find tools.jar after installing JDK 7u3
Can I display 2 items at a time using the onload function -Javascript ?
i am trying to overload an operator<<
Infinite scroll breaks flash
GAE Go and long polling?
C library for graphs
The initialization of 2-dimensional array in python
Android app POST request to Apache sending Expect 100 header
DirectShow video quality issue
Get JSON from another (php) file using pure javascript?
Jquery Mobile Autocomplete using JSONP
Binary hashing - what is it?
Does operational transformation work on structured documents such as HTML if simply treated as plain text?
Optimize WCF CAll
Python giving UnicodeWarning when calling remove() on a list containing unicode strings
Combine Fields From Two Related Models Into Display Field Cake PHP 2.0
Creating intellisense in a editor - how? tips?
Slick2d shape contains another shape
C++ Arrays and make_unique
Moving one file at a time as part of a Win7 command-line batch file
Emacs: How to specify the F3 key to Emacs 24's 鈥渟croll-down-line鈥�
Java web Start application does not use JRE specified in jnlp file
Looking for a light-weight spring 3.x based CMS/Blog Engine
I'm having trouble getting this addition subroutine to work
Return characters
Using Ehcache to cache objects from Amazon S3
Why does NSURLConnection fail to reach the backend?
Truncate/round whole number in JavaScript?
How TDD is related to extreme-programming?
Is it possible to determine which keyboard sent a keypress?
WP7 Applying Style to Multiple Buttons
PHP round to nearest 5 minutes
Clear All and Remove Style
OSX Eclipse CDT - root style includes
Nothing happens when I click on the 鈥淯pload鈥�button
Possible to restore MSSQL Backup to different database name using PHP PDO?
Matlab: modifying array a based on array b
How to achieve this category output using concat or any similar function
Heroku + Django + Piston
Get HTML5 local storage items from Objective C on the startPage method
Is there an ActiveRecord framework for node.js and PostgreSQL?
A lot of MXML components in Flex project
add button from javascript with an onclick function that takes multiple parameters
AND/OR in Python?
Global array for malloc
iOS - Empty blocks
Don't understand forking
Function prototyping in C
ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique (PG::Error: ERROR
IE & Chrome ignoring jQuery call prior to ajax post
mySQL 'invalid column' error
Django template outliner
Why is git not pushing contents of a folder?
In MSBuild, why isn't Item Metadata, within a property, being resolved?
Dynamic type in Generics
How to set up Pit settings against Heroku?
Transparency of ModelVisual3D with DiffuseMaterial
Preventing buttons posting back
Reading from SQLite Database Android
See MySQL db traffic via PHP
traverse container with multikey
Ruby - everything evaluates to true
Rename directories based on number of files within in Linux
How to form a LIKE statement in SQLITE with a parameter in iphone iOS?
Resource interpreted as Font but transferred with MIME type application/octet-stream
loading local file using javascript
convert the first 10 items in a list to an image, then convert subsequent groups on click with jQuery
First WCF connection made in new AppDomain is very slow
Mouse Position weirdness [closed]
PHP IF statements clashing for multiple rules
Where can I find system call source code?
Absolute positioned element position not relative to parent container in Chrome
How can I return a vector4 from a pixel shader XNA 4.0
Bounded buffer program introduces data races: Where are they? How do I fix them?
iterate through treeset of integers and store value from next() to an Integer variable
SQL: Sorting a GROUP by Time and LIMIT the results
UART and FSK implementation of C8051F996
Regex to match any of the following - 鈥渁鈥�鈥減鈥�鈥�am鈥�鈥�pm鈥� etc
iOS: Conditionally load a view controller
Transmitting Float Values Across Xbee Network
C# Application doesn't seem to run on a similar computer to mine
How do I force/enable vertical scrolling in this html5/css3 page?
C# Application doesn't seem to run on a similar computer to mine
How do I force/enable vertical scrolling in this html5/css3 page?
Reset background color in a ListView
How can I make an float have a specific range in python 3 (or can I at all)?
query parameter passing to internal/embedded pages using jQuery Mobile
A way to always dodge a histogram?
A simple method for a 鈥渕aster鈥�thread to monitor 鈥渟lave鈥�threads
Why does adding to a list do different things?
FB-api: The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action
jquery fancybox not showing overlay correctly [closed]
Play! Framework 1.2.4 鈥�C3P0 settings to avoid Communications link failure do to idle time
Customizing Bugzilla 4.0.2 Bug ID numbers
Are there any PHP implementations of scrypt? [closed]
how to paste a link in google chrome or other web browser using ?
Conditional configuration in maven pom.xml
Convert one delphi code line to c++
num_rows is 0 when it should be >0 for php mysqli code
how do I show the loading animation when pulling dynamic ajax content? > jquerymobile
Returning Multiple Null Values Using Outer Join
Generate a combination of numbers
Is there a default limit on request message size in NuSoap?
Glut and Using Texture Atlas
MySQL: Conditional INSERT 鈥�SELECT for multiple rows with constant values
Replace character between strings
How to create a file with UNICODE path on Windows with C++
Putting a scrollbar outside padded region
How can I average a DateTime field with a LINQ query?
R plot expot with actual size
jquery with php loading file [closed]
ambiguous grammer Dangling-Else
What is the purpose of SAML 2 Subject Name Identifier?
Photoshop 鈥淧ucker Tool鈥�algorithm
AnimationDrawable programmatically without animation-list xml
Logout redirection
How can I build up an ActiveRecord query incrementally, line by line?
LR(0) or SLR(1) or LALR(1)
Can ruby be rendered in markdown? Ruby on Rails app
How to implement my code in a hierarchy method?
Creating a folder inside Mac OS App
JAR file: Could not find main class
HTML(5) with meteor
Measure number of times users connect with Twitter
iOS file downloading library
How can these regular expressions be written more concisely?
Drupal Commerce 2CheckOut module - Step by step integration/configuration?
Java date is not preserving milliseconds in conversion with simple date format
What is the best C# Data Structure(s) For the Following Situation
Get latest records for a table that stores the delta of data?
Remove controller name from codeigniter 2 url path
Accessing tuples in dictionary
How to inject all properties from Spring into a bean?
Numpy modify array in place?
Determine extension type using image stream
Mobile Safari Jailbreak Tweak Development
write file to sd card and not usb storage
Image scaling/zooming not working in Chrome but works in Firefox
Removing the default <a href> action
Can we add new elements to a list using Parallel.ForEach()?
Firefox trying to download json from grails
How to make a C++ boost::signal be caught from an object which encapsulates the object which emits it?
EditText with a ListView
RE: autorotating, scrolling, bulleted, indented UIScrollView with attributed strings
Find bit position without using Log()
intercept response header with jquery ajax request
Remove multiple duplicate characters from string
how to detect non empty last cell location using excel macros
Android code for Setting Wallpaper taking too long
How to return the smallest average within a nested loop
how to communicate with a web application on another server?
How do I remove the end of an NSMutableString?
How to Display data from SQlite into Table views to iPhone app
Populating an IKImageBrowserView
Add additional product price with mangento base product price
How can I nest multiple groupbox's inside a tab control tab?
References to a private field using Guava Reflection
Missing routes in rails after using resource keyword
Python: Generic getters and setters
Creating area chart coloring the part of overflowed values with other color
Force Non-Monospace Font into Fixed Width Using CSS
in sybase i need to convert rows values into single column of varchar type
Why is the selectedIndex in jList bigger than the collection size?
Can't find size 57 x 57 in icon composer of Xcode 4.3.1?
Sencha Touch Horizontally Center Search Field in Navigation Bar
Intensity map using GWT
How to make a SCHEDULED and DEADLINE'd todo only show up once in agenda-view in emacs org-mode
Selecting more than one element from an xml file, and displaying in more than one label
VPN blocking incoming reads CFReadStreamRef iOS
IndexTank - Faceted Search on Nested Attributes
send custom type to wcf service
Javascript to determine what page I'm on
How can I detect when an iAd has been dismissed?
鈥淯ndefined reference to鈥�
Extract a part of the filepath (a directory) in python
Force Download of .mp3 or .zip files on Ajax success
Why is TomEE Java EE6 certified but TomEE+ not?
How can I format my Stream Writer to write to my text file?
Check if CSS pseudoElement after/before exist on an element using JS
Issue when attempting to get WPF combo box to bind to List<T>
KnockoutJS and mapping plugin specific logic on data update using template afterrender
Set initial height of div based on how much space is left inside of parent div
Set initial height of div based on how much space is left inside of parent div
Javascript/PHP can I get GPS location and send it to me?
While loop code keeps running
Override openAboutPanel: NSDictionary key/value length limit?
PHP entity class generator
Insert rows in UITableView from code
Whats the correct syntax to increment a sequence?
sinatra + mongoid
How to refresh a select menu in JQUERY MOBILE (halp!)
primefaces p:selectOneMenu truncating long options (when selected)
Facebook Graph API - Get ID from Facebook Page URL
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: MDB2_Driver_MYSQL::getAll()
shell command/script to delete files whose names are in a text file
RDFa Vs. Microdata
How to get jQuery ajax data in the compete function?
How can I block the keyup() event for a second in jQuery?
What is equivalent of onDraw in iOS
WPF - Use control inheritance for standard-styled controls?
Something like a function/method in batch files?
UIWebView youtube video responding to UIAppearance
Complex RBAC Codeigniter Library (for fine grained users permissions and group based limits)
Intellij IdeaVim change keys
Java Applet not loading without internet
How to do delayed postbacks?
Philosophically, why can't markup be binary data? i.e. Why can't we compile HTML for the web? [closed]
Compare and remove same characters in two Strings in java then output the remaining characters as numbers
How to cancel this file upload below
PayPal IPN subscription
How to do Pub/Sub on WSO2 Message Broker with WCF
UIImage decompression causing scrolling lag
How can I schedule a background thread to play sounds in my app?
Combobox bullet goes up
ASP.NET adding / in links before query string
subprocess popen stdout locking up?
different encryptions with crypt. what format should the salt be etc
Mono: is it possible co create xaml based chromeless window that would run on Mac Win and Linux from same code base?
Can I launch one app from other app on iPhone
Form does not save! rails
Load and return data with AJAX to use later
Most efficient way to obtain data from a list of objects?
Java generic type arguments
Requesting Google Contacts in Ruby using Omniauth
Executing nested loops+foreach+csh
Q on NSRegularExpression
Office Communicator 2007: Open conversation window via link in tab
Converting DOMString to String in javascript
PHP: Delete a file with any extension?
required field validation in html5 form using javascript
JPA 1.2 createQuery Where Clause Criteria
Easiest way of showing load progress of file uploading with html input tag
JPA 1.2 createQuery Where Clause Criteria
Easiest way of showing load progress of file uploading with html input tag
browser requesting for images after text
No Errors but no speed increase using sunspot gems
How do I get Lua Lanes to work with my game server? [closed]
Find Expire Time for an access token
How to improve setting and getting temp variables around a block of code?
Animation destroyed in jQuery >1.4.x
No match for 'operator==' C++ compile error
Unit testing decorators in Python
How to grab and drag an element around a circle?
Instantiating WinForm2 From WinForm1 that is adding WinForm1 throws an undefined class error when instantiating
Faster NSArray lookup using NSDictionary storing indices as values
Code first example of SOA with REST [closed]
Setting defaults for number_format in Symfony 2
Make NHibernate overwrite data in collection
How to automatically set optimal frame width of Emacs?
Java - Storing a string in Mongo as a object without any type
Why do I get a Some instead of a String in Scala
Div Cannot Wrap Alternating Images
What is a good way of profiling a webpage? [closed]
Big fonts not smooth in firefox on windows
C++ Timer, Thread, periodic calls
Relative path handling in SDL Tridion
Enum Type 2Darray maze
Split a period of time into multiple time periods
Python: DNS Query: Pydns? Dig? Socket?
Why are curl_multi_select and curl_multi_info_read contradicting each other?
Tab bar still highlighted
How do I customize dialog signal/slot in pyQT?
ADO.NET proper INSERT of data
while($array = mysql_fetch_array($queryresults) && $i <= '9' ){ echo 鈥渟tuff鈥�}
NSOutlineView grouping via bindings
Can a WCF client become faulted without a triggering event?
How to cache user credentials for mvc3 mobile application
Sending commands to a list of TidTCPClients
Entity Framework 4.3, using joins
required field error not appearing
Recurring Events in Calendar - Rails
How do I test to see if <DIV> contents have changed before displaying them
How to find the next SQL Server Replication Statement
Repeating and putting in a word on a PHP variable
display all elements in a nested cell array (with character entries)
Debugging a rehosted workflow
Multiple Exception Handling in one if statement [closed]
Method for Calculating Autocorrelation Function of an Array
loading magento cart block to a drop down panel
Creating new relationship so that only certain users can edit a document
What is Android's equivalent for NSURLProtocol from the iOS SDK?
Code consolidation vs complexity [closed]
IE 8 and text fading
UISearchBar - Show all rows when no search text
Simple reusable javascript averaging function for multiple forms on same page
Force PayPal to always request credit card information instead of login form?
Selecting InfoWindow Text Causing Bad Scrolling
json_decode thinks a normal string is valid
Safari font-color
Node.js expressjs sessions don't stick in Firefox
SPARQL 1.1 support in 4store?
Is there a runtime penalty associated with typeclasses?
How to read HTML tag values in C# Razor View
why is this cURL request working on the command line, but not in PHP?
C# Plugin for xCode 4.3
How can I set the SVN password with Emacs 23.1 built-in integration?
Selecting TOP 4 records from multiple SQL Server tables. Using