Background picture is 鈥渂linking鈥�when the screen orientation is changed
Frameworks for Unittests for Multithreading in Java
JavaScript in AJAX Response
How can I access a SQlite entry by its 'Primary Key'?
Multiple markers with infowindow
End-user scripting
Return HTML or JSON for a readonly table in ASP.Net MVC?
Google Charts (GeoChart) - Zoom in closer
What assemblies do need to add/change to deploy silverlight web application to Windows Azure [Error]?
overflow-x: scroll; width: 95%?
finding reminder of (x^n divide p) in O(nlogn)
Block direct access to subfolders with .htaccess or other methods
Locking SQL Server tables or rows between methods
TouchEvent in a Dialog Android
web.config and app.config machine-specific settings in git
Select rows within a certain range
Wrong conversion from double to QString in Qt on ARM
Why doesn't Cherrypy example application run on Chrome, but on other browsers
apache common configuration library: corrupted property file
How do I use graphics2D in paint or is there a better way to do this?
Arranging template related code in different headers
ConnectionStrings in app.config with characters that the .config file doesn't like
JBoss - server.xml connector not properly configurated for certificate recognition
IE8 can't download pdf file
solr: undefined field ------------------------------4566bce013ce
Using multiple scale_colour_gradient scales for different ranges of the data in one plot
Why OnClick event of a button inside usercontrol not happening
Preserving read push notifications
Any way to do a reverse XPath query?
Any alternatives to the RedBean/Fuse Model naming convention?
Best way to pass through an interface in C++?
How to insert and extract image or object from cxRichEdit
WorkflowTheme UnauthorizedAccessException (Registry Exception)
Windows 7 using symlinks in cmd
Get line-through around text with fluid width
issue involving serialized object and eclipse
Programmatically creating a User Control in a Web Application project
Django Rosetta - translate by user permission rather than 鈥渢ranslators鈥�group
jQuery Jcarousel stopped continuous scroll
add scrollpanel inside formpanel
Retrieving Mysql data to the JTable in Netbeans
GPS icon is still blinking after locationManager.removeUpdates() and by setting locationManager to null
facebook graph api limit parameter
append all forms checkbox data with single submit
How to list *all* users and *all* authorities in a Spring Security application
Entity Framework: Select all entities whose sub entities have a certain flag set
Error when using <Scrollviewer> xaml
Unit Testing XAML in Silverlight using MVVM/CSLA
How to make a scroll list inside text field
Style for wrapped text with spreadsheetml
Add TableRow dynamically to linearlayout android
How to change WebView scale programatically?
How do i fix the error that says 鈥渟yntax error OnClickListener, delete this token鈥�
Having Clause issue - returning wrong data
Inaccurate value while using for with double [duplicate]
how to load all supporting jar in classpath in build.xml of apache ant
Does verite Timeline perform well with huge data sets?
Java: How do I shift the cases of a switch statement to separate file?
Creating Excel-formatted XML
sqlalchemyon relationship on delete set the foreign key to a default value?
Java Operators : ,= bitwise OR and assign example
How to display dynamically textfields and checkboxes and filling them with database data
Differentiating between a file and a directory in a Collection
django - best way to get a datetime object from separate date and time picker jquery tools on a template?
How to properly encode UTF-8 for JavaScript and JSON?
How does one populate a displayed form using data from an associated database entry that is selected via a drop-down
Flex DateSpinner empty
JAVAFX_HOME path doesn't work
Custom SSL Certificate Authority?
Setting a string property via reflection removes leading zeros if the value can be casted as number
Java only allow two drawn circles to be selected at a time, how to unselect
Is there any way to update whole Entity in MongoDB?
Cloning a div resets all selected items of the destination div
Safely overriding document.cookie in Google Chrome extension
sorting array containing arrays ios
Janus Grid: setting a value in the parent row for a column that is grouped sets child rows to Nothing
concatenating 2 strings issue in Oracle
Why am I getting a nullReferenceException when creating a new DotNetNuke user via c#?
Can named arguments be used with the params modifier?
Is it possible to see which apps are currently on a users home screen?
C++ program: map in which key is name and three other parameters
Can named arguments be used with the params modifier?
Is it possible to see which apps are currently on a users home screen?
C++ program: map in which key is name and three other parameters
Executing Excel Macro From ColdFusion Server
disableAutoPan not working with Google Maps API v3
How do I get my site to show up on
Oracle SQL merge statement with only 1 table and a bunch of values
Include boost in xcode
Cordova fileupload errors in xcode - 鈥淲ebKit discarded an uncaught exception鈥�
What ecommerce platforms support decimal product quantities?
Why are CLR Types derived from generics not supported in SQL Server 2008 and later?
SSAS - Sum of Top or Bottom
OAuthConsumer framework
Guice: bootstrapping and dependency graph resolution
Session cookie keeps getting overwritten
How far should one trust hardware counter profiling using VsPerfCmd.exe?
extracting data from a file and appending to the target file in linux using sed
TDD Scenario: Looking for advice
How to add iAd in UIAlertview?
How can I limit records in CanCan based on an association truth?
Setting property value with no setter using PrivateObject
@font-face not working on windows server?
Enlarging images with CSS (or jQuery) without moving everything else on the page
init a spring bean from web.xml
Why isn't this possible in Python?
Unity Game Programming
unserializing multiple attachments data
Give Dojo TabContainer an ID
Mono 鈥�Making a DataView object visible
Perform an action when near the bottom of the page
Does urllib2 support threading to servers requiring basic auth?
Waiting for a single Shell script in a series of scripts to run to completion before continuing (Java, MySQL, JUnit)
checking for empty json in Titanium
How to return the list values from this haskell snippet
How can I replace multiple tables into Divs?
Multiple File Upload using struts2 and Jquery plugin
Is there any way to FORCIBLY allow the usage of '<' and/or '>' in XML files?
Clicking on JavaScript/jQuery link with Applescript
iOS NSDateFormatter formats incorrectly when Calendar is Japanese or Buddhist
How to create a D-Cocoa Port?
Difference between std::set and std::priority_queue
gsub not working throughout code snippet
how to define event below
JPA Constraint for date year
Android Browser PhoneGap no Caret (cursor) inside form
How can I submit a form multiple times according to a for-loop?
Lost a Control on a WinForm
download file using a button in extjs
Modal View prevents other views from rotating
Understanding Core Data and Saving an NSManagedObjectContext after a deletion
PHP Script problems in posting on the the wall of my facebook fan page and permanent value for $access_token [duplicate]
Google Search by Image API?
Original 'this' context with Socket.IO
How to get the Objects of TabBar Tabs in Android?
Spring beans property binding error
Index check behavior [closed]
change textarea height depend on text on DOM load
Mootools errors help please [closed]
Formatting large methods [closed]
listener like and unlike button out from iframe application
How to make an efficient notification generator using php jquery
Remapping properties in inheritance map class
ASP.NET and IIS7 Winsock Error
SSRS Cascading Parameters Select All Default Values
cURL and domDocument to parse html
ASP.NET MVC 2: Using duplicate input partial views without duplicate validation
I call dispatch_async with a selector and target. Selector gets called but interface doesn't update until I click home button
How can I slice a string within Diazo?
How to view current schema search path in a h2 database?
Javascript Validation allow dot also at last third position
jqgrid paging in edit form
KVO on my UIView CGRect property in iOS5 isn't working
Can a generic version of a derived class override a base method using the generic type?
How to save trace info into a file
error while updating arraylist to the mysql database to php
Dynamically List Fields from a Database Table
How to post xml data to a xml page
How to lock android phone progamtically?
What is the difference between Sub and Function in VB6?
C# Linq filter DataTable using array elements
How to store simple arrays in Redis
eclipse java editor method proposal
Animations during pushing view controllers to nav. controller sometimes stop working
Navigation bar for hierarchical navigation in wpf
Why cant a pipe created using pipe() be used as a bi-directional pipe?
relative font size
How do you close a window in javascript?
Nested Mixins with LESS CSS
How can I use user uploaded files in my templates? (django)
Ninject Cascading Constructor Arguments
Embedding a custom font in a screensaver
Scala immutable map, when to go mutable?
Trim string at first punctuation character excluding white space
Concurrent JUnit Tests with Parameters
Guice: class- or instance-level binding annotations
Django Crispy Forms - Add Button via Helper
Using DBDeploy.Net with Rake
Best way to check if IPv6 is available
ASP.NET MVC EF Calling MySQL Stored Procedure with Out Parameters
Kohana 2.3.4 + LINUX - ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Class not found
WrongFileLengthExeption when installing Windows Azure Plugin in MyEclipse, No error when Installing into Eclipse Indigo. Suggestions?
How to display two annotations with the same coordinates on the map?
Changing private methods to protected for testing
jQuery - sending data and taking the datas in php side
In C# how can I deserialize this json when one field might be a string or an array of strings?
How to get the enable / disable a scheduled task using C#?
Find and replace logic in Python
How to negate in Prolog
How to get Jetty to use JVM scoped JNDI?
Soundcloud API error 401 when i use a token later than just after i get it
Taking in a Triangle as an input in Python
C++: Optimizing speed with vector/array?
C# - Variable does not exists in current context
cfthrow is this how you use it? (from Adobe's doc)
Jquery to change background of <TD>
Sitecore Content Editor HTML Code Formatting
How to edit a long text in the WPF DataGrid (like memo-edit with drop-down)
openmp reduce technique
java : Error in Enum Declaration Saying Misplaced Constructors
Value Does not fall within the expected range. (Runtime Error)
Android fragments when to introduce them into the application
Load Image From Dyamic Folders In PHP
installing mysql & phpmyadmin
JPA transactions with less pain without Guice/Spring
A queueing system for Perl
Guice: requesting instances, not types
Can MOXy serialize POJO with getters only without need to explicitly put annotation at each getter?
Query array elements instead of documents
PHP reading files in a loop
SRSPlus Alternatives?
Special Characters in VB.NET
use conditional tags / if / else on a custom function in Wordpress?
AudioOutputUnitStart very slow
In Twisted what's the difference between processExited and processEnded?
How to start debugging numerical code, when NaN's appear only when compiled with optimizations?
JQuery UI Dialog dialog.('close'); not working
How to print this hash Table data in java script [closed]
Integrating my ecommerce store with FB
Time delay before redirect
compress java strings (urls)
Specifiy minimum number of join points in SQL
Oracle function based indexes
scope in javascript (why at the scope of $.post() method array is local?)
Scan a webpage for an API
Close a dialog by clicking the modal iframe?
Publish Building using ClickOnce Stalls forever
Writing a stream cipher for DCPU-16, which should I focus on given it's limitations?
How to deny the Client to unbind the RMI Registry?
Problems updating new ruby version
Design a Product entity with two user-dependent properties
Disable specific event for browser page
Open a excel file and Add cell value
urllib2 returns HTTP 404 from web service that is up
clien-server application. Always opened socket
linq order by Month Name and Year (MMM yyyy string)
Sending an array of json objects to action with ajax in mvc 3
At least the first 31 or 63 characters of an internal name are significant? [closed]
Objective-C - Adding items from NSDictionary to NSMutableDictionary
Call parent widget function
.htaccess rewrites one url, not the other
Drawing lines/points in cocos2d for iPhone is very slow
How does JavaScript infer instance types at runtime?
How to fade in element after scrolled to
JUnit just log failures?
Using conditions from another model inside a model method using CakePHP
jQuery(document).width() that doesn't include 鈥渨hite space鈥�
Scrabble - the best move [closed]
Xcode Thread 1:Program received signal: 鈥淪IGABRT鈥�[closed]
JQuery LT Selector Working but GT Is Not
Safely prepare comma delimited list for query [duplicate]
PHP CURL issue - Error 400 Bad Request with more than one curl request
How do I chain properties with Code First entity framework?
memory crash when i try to stopAnimating UIActivityIndicatorView
read and write blobs by mapping them to binary data
Jquery change function after replacing select boxes with twitter bootstrap
Correct syntax to copy and overwrite a file in a post build event
Reading a C file, read an extra line, why?
Powershell Invoke-Item no longer works to open directories in Explorer
NSData to NSString encoding
Magento 1.4.2 + APC: Clearing cache has no effect on changing settings
how to get data from activity class to the PhoneStateListener class?
Word 2010 integration with Visual Studio 2010
Working with an array and ajax
Ajax Success event does not fire when calling service
Loading XML into JS variable with jQuery without JS alert
how to use Xcode 4.2.1 with ifort?
MSXML.DOMDocument.4.0 loadXML with Chinese Unicode characters
HTML5: why should I use section or article instead of div [duplicate]
The constness of a variable and its lifetime
How to convert UUID value to string
Ultimate way to find phone numbers in PHP string with preg_replace
Error handling VBA : when no errors?
thousands separator in DevExpress GridView
is header file path reference in .c file included in object file (.o)
WCF to WCF communication 401, HttpClient
How to write a Linux Driver, that only forwards file operations?
Client side chart export library
conflict between jQuery Mobile page navigation slash
Issue with Chrome - jquery/javascript not working after Ajax
Overwriting entities from another bundle in Symfony2
Are there any open-source check-in / check-out systems? [closed]
Android: getAssets().openFd() and FileNotFoundException
How to log and analyze certain user actions on my website
Qt: performing an action (scroll) after a widget has been added
Android: Please explain how to properly move a view
typedef enum input
How to keep track of selections from UIPickerView in UITextView?
Spring dependency injection @Autowired without setter
Filter a set of bad words out of a PHP array
Act on image loading without loading twice
postgreSQL optimisation
How to get the page name from which the script is called
How-to create index on multiple documents with reducing
EXC_BAD_ACCESS in statement block in Switch impact on imageViewPoistion
xsl:sort inhomogeneous elements in xsl:for-each
Image serving from the high performance blobstore without direct access to get_serving_url()
Installed Hibernate Tools plugin for Eclipse but no access to code generation feature
Magento site keeps crashing inconsistently
NSArray: Why is SIGABRT sent instead of an 'index out of bounds' kind of error?
How to pass value to master pages user control
Tomcat request age
Is there anything like RadWindo in Dojo?
usort error in php 5.2
How to approach microdata markup in an product offers aggregation page
mysql Slow query to get post and tags
Getting duplicate count when executing INSERT IGNORE via JDBC
java : I need to display the integers as String value without adding those?
Debug webservice from android app in the same network
Android - Collapsible LinearLayout with multiple items
Draw types of signals with changing amplitude and frequency on-the-fly
Best way to prevent a class from being Instantiated?
Threads are facing deadlock in socket program
Xmpp chat invisible presence
CSS: Two column Div layout misaligns when Zoom changes
Stub Not Generated using Sun Wireless toolkit 2.5.2 on Windows xp
C# Extract text from PDF using PdfSharp
Spring MVC session not cleared on server restart ( Tomcat )
Hibernate Lock table
Framelayout call new activity when click button
Adding wsse:security element to soap header
Any difference between First Class Function and High Order Function
Spring security intercept-url root and login
Error in Login while retrieving
Flex Blaze DS and JPA - lazy-loading issues
Testing Database Connectivity in C# Console Application
Maven, Vaadin and the resources folder
Background fill shape with text on top using CSS
Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String' [duplicate]
How to display custom dialog in android [closed]
How to merge PDF file and HTML Text while generating PDF file dynamically using ITextPDF Java?
Understanding Crockford's Object.create shim
How do I split classes with inheritance up into different .h/.cpp files?
Why does not seekg(0) clear the eof state of stream?
How to Monitor the UDP Buffers in Windows XP
Running apps in background or active?
error in update array list in mysql database using php
Offline application in sencha touch 2 not working
Safe templates (Ruby on Rails)
Twitter statistics of my own application
Android views not scaling on different sized devices
Data Compression : Arithmetic coding unclear
Adding parameters in jsp file
Is there a way to code html pages with includes that is SEO friendly?
django signals on user create
jquery splitter change to vertical splitter on button click
Adding several input boxes based by a select box value
Android dialog layout
How/Where I do to override the app.config ConnectionString at runtime?
Group By List<Item>
Tabbar is not showing OR screen does not reconize touches
RedirectMatch in mod_rewrite doesn't work as expected
Jquery - Vertical centering using the parent height works. Sort of
mySQL Trigger returns error
Ordering JSON with Javascript
Preventing shift key from setting map into zoom mode
Aggregate results based on where clause using SQLite
Make pdf editable in C# [closed]
Formatting Drupal Views RSS feed for chrome
SVN: Can you merge a single check-in into another branch?
CSV with comma or semicolon?
Subversion server and client?
Call not returning properly [X86_ASM]
Can you let RoundhousE generate a script rather than executing it
Strings manipulation
Facebook retrieves wrong (old) image from the page to create its preview (wall story)
What do I need to fill at 鈥�/ callback code鈥�to get Mailcheck working? (jquery usage)
How to get Paypal transaction Id after getting paykey in paypal integration in iphone?
LNK2005: already defined error
Augmenting properties/methods to an array?
how to update form panel record in controller in sencha touch 2 using mvc?
Jquery target non child elements
How to pass a custom jar file to maven jarsigner plugin for signing
How to Load Webview in DetailViewController using URL Sent by MasterViewController using Apple Master-Detail Template
Embedded and no-embedded document in the same time
Using Cocoa class names with Cappuccino
Check distinct value ignoring other columns data
Lossless image rotation
Insert shape in Worksheet with ClosedXML
How can I use capybara to test view functionality based on USER_AGENTs
C server and a java client. How to read the full string?
C server and a java client. How to read the full string?
type or namespace name does not exist in the namespace
How to normalise Levenshtein distance for maximum alignment length rather than for string length?
Persist performance gradually decreasing
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTime::
How to get Symfony2 connected with SQL Azure?
How to select Notes documents of a specific type?
Take a screenshot using code
With TortoiseHg, how do I exclude a file from checkins/pushs, but still get updates to it? [duplicate]
How to add the answers
Access from xml to other xml?
under what circumstances (if any) can I continue to run 鈥渙ut of date鈥�GWT clients when I update my GAEJ version?
100% minus a textnode
Android multi color in one TextView [duplicate]
Unable to pass string from one process to another
Sorting neo4js lucene index queries in Cypher
Alert doesn't appear when I click on the 鈥淯pload鈥�button
how do I re-enable a JButton
Login via email + set_own_login_name + pas.plugins.sqlalchemy = change address fail
android - How to use startActivityForResult() in tabs
Managing layout runtime android
Lucene IndexSearcher always return 20 ScoreDocs
Rails Search [params] error
Class Instantiation Java [closed]
PyCrypto Sign Message and Veryfy Signature in .NET RSACryptoServiceProvider
iOS Push notification distribution certificate
C++ Server, System.10014 error, using Boost
xpath search php
send/channelise HTTP response back to browser
Why to add JPanel to a JLabel, under what circumstance, this situation can arise?
Using Directives
Function with arguments (prime numbers)
Padrino + sinatra-assetpack not working
Stringbuilder and arrays
wrong html template rendered by django view on jquery ajax get call
How do you dynamically create Backbone view elements?
OpenCV for Windows 8(metro style apps) [closed]
Looking for java projects with computationally intensive tests
Automated database tracking of Undelivr email in ColdFusion?
Migrating ASP.NET Membership Database to SQL Azure
Returning a value IEnumerator c#
Count() returns different number of entries than var_dump()
Need to reload CKEditor Style Combo dynamically
input button to resize shape
c++: Eigen Library newbie sort
Which monitor is active?
CTRL-C not working when running delayed_job (Windows)
Collision Detection of Sprites in Actionscript 3.0 Flash
Php Array chunk: echo something different for first chunk
Error with parsing Android sdk content and initializing java tooling in eclipse
Django+backbone+tastypie: handling relationship [duplicate]
templated function with an argument that is a templated class
Populate a String Array dynamically
How to nearby hotels using google places api based on driving distance
Automatic word generator
Different UnitTest executions in one MSTest settings file
Kernel Module keeps getting stuck?
Java and Javascript
Getting data from a Datagrid back into SQL Server Database
Adding foreign key constraints to existing columns
Is it possible to have an html link that links to a different html page without clicking?
How to add accent in text to speech in android
How to display HTML in RichTextField on blackberry?
loop for + zendFramework
How to prevent rendering the back window when popup panel is rendered or shown?
How to update two MySQL tables with PHP?
gender count join query
Enable checkboxes using Javascript
Prevent focus on field when it fails validation
Howto get Redis running on Azure? [closed]
slickgrid row sorting and deleting works not properly after adding new rows
how to handle cron response in google web toolkit, running on google app engine
Sticky Note Gadget - Preserve Text Through Log-Out
System Threading: Cross-thread operation not valid
How can I do a Query/Retrieve in JAVA?
JavaScript onchange()
Is this the way proper to create jar file with multiple packages?
MVC Where condition with search function
inheritance between edmx files
What is the meaning of __paging_token query parameter which is returned in the Facebook paging urls?
How best to store game config variables in java
xml parsing in iphone for whether location using google api
assining a menu for each type of users with jsf
iPhone iOS how to generate multi page report from a tracker like app?
Map the screen cooridanates(X,Y) to bitmap coordinates (X,Y)
Passing variables over from basket to Paypal for Payment - VAT charge
Finding maximal elements of a poset's subset
Error after integrating facebook API in ios App in xcode4.3.2
Setting up Coordinates system in OpenGL
Fastest hypotenuse in javascript?
Performance regarding selecting last n records from a table
jquery pop up gallery from xml data
How to create an array that will store form input inside a session variable using ColdFusion?
Force JPA to load database changes in background
htmlHelper.RouteLink not generating the URL I want
Running mapreduce on Cassandra data using Hector
Standard way to specify filename with HTTP PUT
javax.naming.NotContextException for Custom LdapContextSource implementation on tomcat
How to prevent the dreaded KSOAP2 Connection Time Out in Android
what the best documented python friendly GUI builder like GLADE [closed]
what the best documented python friendly GUI builder like GLADE [closed]
How many objects does Facebook return by default?
crypto++ strangely crashes
Inserting data in database reverse way
How do I setup my application name in 鈥淪aveAs鈥�option when downloading file from e-mail
The content of my tabs doesn't fill the whole space
Checkbox State Behavior on Reload in Firefox vs Chrome
Loading xml as string and using in jsp and javascript
Display Locations on UITableview
moving from C# WinService to WinForms - removing a form
Is it possible to take a screenshot of the rendered DOM on the server side?
Hadoop memory limit exceeded
How can i capture the input and output to a file when running a program?
DatastoreService Batch Delete. What happens if an exception occurs
Clock-pro cache - java implementation
Junit: Testing for an exception of certain type
MySQLI Problems
spring-security - where can I find the list of ALL security filters registered when I use the <http> element?
iPhone - Switching orientation to Landscape Mode
Need inputs to write a SQL query
Get part of url in php
Redis on Heroku Sharding
How do you set up Derelict 3 on DMD 2?
C# clipboard direct copy paste
java Array : How to deal with an array condition in java
Trim character from String
using clEnqueueNativeKernel in OpenCL
how to add the already created keychain key to provisioning profiles
Bind Datagridview to StringCollection
Extracting value from MongoDB DBObject using Scala/Casbah
Android map performance with > 800 overlays of KML data
How to create folder on disk like timestamp using Javascript
Isssue with spring-beans.dtd file
RTC source control displaying a pending change when no change has been made
How to break/pause reading of an image?
how can get the mutual friend of google plus in iphone sdk
HTA monitoring CPU Usage Percentage with WMI - not accurate
Mysql query and php echo - How to clean up after an SQL Injection Attack?
Why doesn't the CSS kick in for max-device-width: 480px?
Will HTML5 completely remove the use of backend languages?
symfony2 forms - check if user wants to change his uploaded file
How can I combine an image slider with scaling images?
return randomised mysql function from an array?
How to untar a file which is downloaded through FTP protocol? [closed]
Weird issue with create table
django-haystack won't index my data
How to do a shorthand if-then in jQuery? Are these chainable?
Core Data and iCloud adding Pre-Populated sqlite file
Max-filter in matlab?
adsense ads not showing up on site
Is an AA tree stable over insertion order?
Java: Error when save file in Resource after Deployment
i am not able to create a collection in ravendb, if i do not have any document in it
Handling common parts of exceptions together
Read a file places in same dir as class?
Is it possible to configure RubyMine to use double quotes in intentions?
Customize field names in validation messages using Spring MVC
Kepler Memory Usage
Multiple conditions in NSPredicate
Security issues regarding links in PHPBB2
php workaround for query limit Google Maps Directions v3
Method name suggestion for clone-like method
Cakephp Countercache - Logical issue
Repository and db specific business logic
casting an object array to a JPA entity array?
jQuery + Fancybox trigger error on Internet Explorer 8
NUnit: how to run only tests that have specific property (priority or type)
How to perform String Operations in ios? [closed]
AppleScript - System Events Error : Access for assistive devices is disabled
android: declare huge string in strings.xml
Setting the background picture position
Opencsv import cannot be resolved
The colors.xml file does not work in eclipse
Reducing color depth in an image is not reducin the file size?
NSComboBox With File Selection
xe:objectData and global variables
Group policy in RDP connections
Zend - populate combobox with database returned data
c++ mysql stored procedure error code 1327
A HashMap's traverse, I get NullPointerException [duplicate]
How to open another user control from the view model class of a user control in silverlight?
Calling JavaScript function from C# UserControl
jquery form check, if value is empty, unbind submit click
Sparx EA reverse engineering and inferring relationships?
How to find out whether a file is at its `eof`?
What is 鈥渁ds not by facebook鈥�[closed]
Android:Support for unicode characters?
Rest service with WCF and wsdl definition
Background time issue for Bluetooth LE app for Iphone 4s
Identifying different versions in the registry using WIX 3.5
Need for software solution to set expiry dates for requests
Metro Style Hybrid Apps - C# + WebViews vs. JavaScript + WinRT C++ - What's the best choice?
How can I setup a development enviroment to use subdomains in the Azure emulator like on localhost(IIS) using hosts file?
Iterartion starts with 0
Table Structure for IVR Menu(DTMF keys)
Store SecIdentityRef into NSUserDefaults
Finding out the two nearest numbers to any float out of a list
getHibernateTemplate().find() over many-to-many association
Using conditional knockout templates with IE8
Using conditional knockout templates with IE8
Catastrophic failure when upgrading to Silverlight 5
TreeSet ordering error
LEFT JOINreturning empty result set
How to send an empty URI with an HTTP PUT request using curl
Using enable_if to optionally add a struct member
MYSQL Query to get date difference
Linq to SQL searching
How to replace the image of UIImageView with another imageView [closed]
geting around null char from scanf
bash substitute first character in every line
Do something when all deferreds are resolved
GPS Coordinate lastknowlocation is null so no onchange event execution
Disable controller based on compiler switch by build configuration
Run an identical macro from another workbook
Computed column date from nvarchar field
Python debugger (pdb) stopped handlying up/down arrows, shows ^[[A instead
disable form field saving in browser, autocomplete
Developing Simple Chat App in ADF
Set environment variable in shell script/access in Java program
Store checked checkbox value in javascript
Handling large output values from reduce step in Hadoop
JBoss 5.1: Hibernate with JPA
Couldn't find any page with the nodeId = 1245. This is most likely caused by the page isn't published! Parameter name: nodeId
How to save a file (mp4 & pdf) loaded with StageWebView to iPhone directory?
How do i recursively count the number of todos in XSLT 1.0
SQL is case insensitive iam having table where there is a column with lastname
Use twice postive lookahead not work on .Net 1.1
JodaTime PeriodFormat, Elapsed time with only 1 Field
MATLAB undo a command
Shopping carts and concurrency in ASP.NET MVC
PhoneGap API elements on other platforms, using PhoneGap Build
Code does not work with sh -c, but works on sh directly
Android: Issues with images downloading
Xna GameEngine for crossplatform
JavaScript variable assignment not working
Capture Copy/Paste/Select in Javascript
MySQL, given default value is not taking to the desired column
CQL: filter row with empty columns
Why does my xcodeproj directory appear as a file and how do I stop it from doing that?
Using MD5/SHA1 to compare XML instances
Translating column values in a view control
Do not return value after catching exception while using Spring AOP
PostgreSQL 9.1 timezones
XPath query to get child's child of nth instance of an element
Is it possible to dynamically set the timeout in jcarousellite?
What in the world is a Zen Simulator? [closed]
Bounding box using MATLAB for the image Payment in Magento does not show credit card form when selected
jsTree : How to get IDs of selected nodes to root node in jsTree?
How can you compute a shortest addition chain for an arbitrary n <= 600 within one second?
commons-compress 鈥渨ill not fit in octal鈥�
How to debug the Magento's block caches
Is there a Google Adsense widget that can display ads based on site search?
How to disable required attributes MVC model?
When is WebSphere temp directory deleted?
Wifi Connect To Access Point
use socket in android but throw exception
creating javascript objects with unique names depending on counter in loop
Layout XML inside an empty RelativeLayout
How to determine quickly which sheets have macros in Excel Workbook?
Convert Latitude / Longitude in Degree/Radians?
When traverse a HashMap, I get NullPointerException [closed]
How we can compare the drawing on a canvas with predefined image in Android?
Query a TreeNodeCollection
For loop for second items in list of lists only. (python)
Is mocking functionality available for Microsoft Fakes?
How can I match Korean characters in a Ruby regular expression?
please advice simple javascript file upload for using in ASP.NET mvc project
How to load balance and deploy on a web farm
barcode scanner zxing and neoreader in my app
How to pass and GET session through URL?
Getting to the inner object
SQL query in jreviews pages, joomla 2.5
VIM: has('macunix') or has('mac') do not work
please help me with HQL Join query
Connecting to SQL Server over network using ADO from Excel VBA
How to Color List-items (Strings) in a ListActivity without using XMLs
SlimDX screen capture in C# Windows Service
Button inside asp:panel is not working properly
Hudson - Windows Batch Script -Build
CreateMutex 鈥�鈥淎ccess is denied鈥�
Does has_secure_password use any form of salting?
UITabBarController with UITableView
How to add filter to all business unit in order in admin panel in magento 1.6.2
How to change Selected Index when I only have the name?
Regexp to mysql
sit sentences on background lines [closed]
robots.txt - exclude any URL that contains 鈥�node/鈥�
Dynamically Generate simple Views from ViewModels in WPF?
ExtJs : One column header for multiple columns
How can I set the color of a docked form in a tab sheet to the correct color?
counting duplicates and put the unique entries in to new array in array [c++]
Symfony2 & Doctrine2 PDOException without description 2 buttons return same page with different data
Non-recursive way to list files in directory and subdirectories without using stack/queue [closed]
shorthand variable assignment
Grep vs Filter in jQuery?
Error Loading Simple XML
Signed_request lost in ASP.NET session, confusing my website
Signed_request lost in ASP.NET session, confusing my website
Binding a select box to a Collection (with Spring)
Skipping a line and reading another line in shell script while loop
in playgame button Game Get freezed
java - powermock whenNew doesnt seem to work, calls the actual constructor
Post increment in C code giving unexpected answer [duplicate]
protect tomcat 6 apr SSL against BEAST attack
Cannot bind JSON to ASP.NET Model in multi part post
C preprocessor macro: concatenation (example for Fortan90)
Backbone JS / Jasmine / Sinon : test if model has changed after event
How to prevent hide debug tool bar based on IP in Symfony2
how to pass value when popToRoot
Running SQL Server queries from remote computer [closed]
How to capture packets
Application not installed error in android 4.0
htaccess for swf file
Hiding Sub report in SSRS based on Parameter (and not executing the Stored Procedure)
Calling variable defined inside one function from another function. PYTHON 3.2.3
GCC weird linker errors.. works on Visual Studio 2010
PHP date returning wrong time
ASP.NET Web API with DotNetOpenAuth
NetBeans not showing GIT in the right-click menu
HQL JOIN QUERY: could not resolve property:
Sending an UIImage to multiplayer through GameCenter
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID Error: 8000401a
Adding Colours (Colors) Together like Paint (Blue + Yellow = Green, etc)
Windows Azure basic authentication doesn't work in the cloud?
Array of NSViews in Cocoa?
Rewrite URL containing a period symbol with htaccess
Draw photo in pdf using Objective-C
Database Design: Transactional design approach
C# - Catching Database error code to handle
Performance of Matrix Multiplication varying across different R installations
dynamically add imagebutton programatically android
Why does the CloudWatch API getMetricStatisticsInRegion used with jclouds throw an UndeclaredThrowableException?
An application is not working correctly after Java update from 6.21 to 6.31
get specific value from array
Handling GET with htaccess [duplicate]
How to do a if-else operation in ksh command from parsing
jquery ajax file upload with Django
NHibernate 3.2 and Paging Oracle
Why in Objective-C, we use self = [super init] instead of just [super init]?
auto scroll: stop jumps back to top of page
In drupal7 what should be the path to filter nodes with taxonomy terms
Windows Phone7 Development: Selecting target SDK(OS) version
this.setMap() not working in a custom overlay
Recommended DVCS mechanism for hosting many independent patches
Setting the Inactive Highlight Colour of a WPF ListBox to the Active Highlight Colour
Creating an Attribute to check for Exceptions
Android AVD install chrome and firefox
Access user profile from cron
Server Real Path
How to force Internet Explorer to open it's current running instance rather than creating a new one?
Simple lightweight service layer
JS Permission denied when trying to reload parent for https pages
Code Anlysis Rule CA2000 / CA2202
report is working but can't able to get output of the report
Horizontal custom scroller - not working - div#news1 total width not set by browser
Realbasic: How to create a file in a specific folder?
Should I implement my own JCA adapter to access file system? Or use an existing one?
Allowed port numbers for BroadCast Receivers?
ASP.NET Web Api as a standalone project in one solution
Cross Domain SSO with DotenetOpenAuth
webkit framework missing in lion
Freemarker, list index and count condition
Moving an item to the middle of a carousel when it's clicked in jquery/javascript
Why does the following code return an error when consuming multiple endpoints of a WCF service?
Time Corrected Verlet Integration and too big timesteps
heroku deployment with play framework 1.2.4 with own secure module
Easy Bit-Level Serialiation
SQL query to find the top rows in SQL Server
Byte of junk data from USB hub
Join condition retrieving undesired answer
How to get the twitter feeds of my app only?
Group-documenting a group of enum mebers
Limit Thumb to elliptic area
How to make a shadow between two table views?
Prolog successor notation yields incomplete result and infinite loop
Adding Users to Asterisk pbx
How do I correctly timing out an observable?
ASP.NET MVC 4 WEBAPI Entity Framework 4.3: What is the best way to save 鈥渕any to many鈥�from Collection
Concatenation of date time with a string in php
Is it a bad idea to build integration tests purely with Javascript and run in the browser? [closed]
Add a bookmark to a pdf using itextsharp
Using Facebook FQL to return comment with the most likes
java replaceAll(regex, replacement) regex command
Different color markers on Google Maps
Integrating java class to be used in application
Put find word count result into a variable
How to add standart settings from choice field in new custom field based on Choice Type
Full width Carousel/Slider focused on center items
Assigning Created Joomla User to the Current User
SQL report error on where
Stylesheet for printing, background-color ignored
not show alert again
passphrase issues in public key authentication with ssh2
Importing a MySQL InnoDB dump without locking tables
Check for false
Testing controller on CakePHP2.0 which calls model functions
Minim library in Eclipse
How is this list index out of range? (Fibonacci numbers exercice)
Get columns values from dataGridView and append them to the hosts file?
Calculate the number of html element with js
Dynamic Update MySql Table
Executing multiple jobs in Map/Reduce program of Hadoop
In Xcode how to suppress 鈥渋ncomplete implementation鈥�(inheritance)
Pull out records from 3 tables in Linq2Sql
jQuery 鈥�contains()鈥�analog for pure JS
image from gallery to image in bytes.. also data in bytes.. for facebook upload in android
data binding in Kendo mobile
Inserting Binary data into MySQL (without PreparedStatement's)
No value given for one or more required parameters.()
Using a callback function with parameters when using P/Invoke
Getting trouble in installing tag lib in Apache tomcat7
How to place a text to the right
Validation Functionality within SQLCLR and its Performance [closed]
GWT HTML Widget XSS security
How to call a spark library from a code igniter library
Named Queries in Doctrine
How can i attach multiple images with email in Blackberry?
Looking up a location from, then acting on the user's country
Regular expression to retrieve words from files
DependencyProperties: PropertyChangedCallBack only called once
Downloading a research paper using command line/terminal
Cache coherence issues in a DMA context
Mysql select query using REGEX
Program that read file and send it to parent process with pipe
Google search on customer entered keyword in PHP
modify stroke and fill of svg image with javascript
Is there any benefit in semantic HTML besides for the coders (ie: for users, for SEO, etc)? [closed]
Stop CSS styles to be applied in particular sections of the code
Changing DIV colors using hover and click in JQuery
How to create chromeless window?
Strange thing in memory management for ios development
building static version of Poco C++ libraries [closed]
returning values from MySQL stored procedure
jQuery-Mobile Meteor sample integration and/or integration guidelines
Should I implement a Dispose for a User Control that has event handlers?
get same value issue in list view from String Array in Android
MySQL and PhpMyAdmin Password issue on MAMP
Invalid cell coordinate phpExcel
Validating a Website
C# cross class enum visibility - Possible?
Working with Matlab functions in C++ (for matrix searching)
Change the execution directory of a cxf-codegen-plugin
Suggest a MySQL Query
re methods in python to append string
db_input in postinst doesn't work
Passing variable through 3 pages - PHP
Alternative for OR condition after where clause in select statement Cassandra
Passing variable through 3 pages - PHP
Alternative for OR condition after where clause in select statement Cassandra
using empty with php SESSION - 0 case
How to change variables in a running program?
setting min date in jquery datepicker
Usage of trap command in shell
OpenLayers save a feature
New class with arrays and a dictionary
IE always sending the same jsessionid over time (using Java Wicket)
if statement on images
should I avoid static method as it's hard for testing? [closed]
Android HTTP authentication on Lotus Domino server
Define isUnder method who compare to another Point
Handling an undefined template variable in Tornado
Passing message between two html pages using javascript
Dynamically decide which class to inject in Guice
jQuery, change image src with loading image
How to remove a commit
Embedded documents
Failed to resolve artifact. Missing: -------鈥�1) org.codehaus.mojo:gwt-maven-plugin:jar:1.3-SNAPSHOT
PHP: Reading a string within placeholder
Need help to load the page content on button click
How do I create anonymous email addresses (e.g. for users in a Rails 3 app?
How do i retrieve google analytics data into my android application?
WCF webHttpBinding out parameters support
2 separate magento stores on one server, url rewrite issues
double sum reduction opencl tutorial
after using glBlendEquationOES(GL_MAX_EXT) how can i disable it?
Capture input from barcode scanner, write to a browser window
can I make this query easier?
Image Slider in Umbraco 5 jupiter
Cocoa - changing the value of an XML node
how to touch on two buttons at the same time in Android
How to create a search result page using php and mysql?
Set NA to 0 in R
Tridion 2009 SP1: Is it possible to publish a .htaccess file?
how to know which checkbox was clicked on?
How can I make this query run faster?
Link to a PDF from XML
Missing gem after changing shell to ksh
301 redirect two domains pointing to the same IP - need to retain google rankings
Process Start Event Using WMI - Not All Process Starts Being Detected
Android Webview index.html from server loading xxx.jpg from local
Run a specific script from a file containing multiple scripts (shell/perl)
Converting image files to source code for encryption
Reason why IPv6 IP adresses have a size of 128 bits and not 256?
Install Team Foundation Server with Remote SQL Server Database
How to use scope in AR request with joins?
How can I load an updated component package without restarting the IDE?
Shared Queue in C++
Shared Queue in C++
Flex mobile: Zoom and scroll in bar chart
How to solve the 鈥淐an't mass-assign protected attributes: translations_attributes鈥�error?
Automatically insert empty base method bodies
MATLAB: extracting groups of columns into a submatrix?
ExtJS 4 extending
Running my java code works in debugger but not in run
Java Scheduler Quartz Cron Trigger Time Setting
Interacting with avatar using Kinect and Unity 3d
Dealing with the 鈥渄eadspace鈥�when an submit button is styled using sliding doors
No output from xpath using nokogiri
PHP upload file, save file url to MySQL
To get the values in responseText in an AJAX call
Listview custom paging with datapager
How to get a single screen shot from photo camera using microcontroller
C# WinForms showing a control as a dropdown
Enable disable buttons html5/css/javascript
What does % mean in C#?
Possible to make CSS3 dynamic for a number of classes?
Play! framework 1.2.4 Root Context issue
Passenger process already running? but its not
Rails 3 - how to use an environment-specific configuration in haml partial
Extract maximum value with object name in Access using SQL - handle identical values
Ant task to compile PHP templating files into static HTML pages
change php search url to short url using php and mod_rewrite
Updating Form Values Only If Not Existing In Database
How to insert a NSString into a NSMutableString?
Symfony2 FOSUserBundle and groups error
Why does F# compiler generates IL NOP even in release builds?
Multiple implode (PHP)
Adding a Google Calendar to a view in Xcode
SQLite database file was locked
How to avoid opacity of an img placed in a DIV with opacity?
Display problems with a two columns accordion menu
Is it possible to change the content/mime type of ajax results?
vectorizing a script with cellfun
javascript: how to manage a div with no ID
Error while uploading image to flickr in iphone(Xcode 4.2)
Sort DB data and display in list view
MySQL Connector/C++ Example code is not working
Client to server connection only sending not receiving
SmartGWT: Checkbox Tree - the proper way to get selected checkbox value
How to reset 鈥淒ELETE鈥�param to False in django's custom formset's clean method
Is there a way to get only month or only year from dateTime objects which are sent using json from database to javascript?
how to get data from json?
Making to make a web crawler and a link tree purely in Javascript
UIDatePicker issue on 31st December
Creating and extending a list in one line
Can I deserialize an XML element which is an array of arrays in C#? [duplicate]
SQL file generated by Visual Studio Database project require to Enable SQLCMD mode in SQL Server Management Studio
Map positioning to the user's position on MapKit
android locale randomly changes back to default
salesforce - update error - Artifact
Convert a bytea column to OID column with retained values (PostgreSQL)
IIS Application Pool crashes when using Context.Server.Execute
NSUserDefaults not loading string array
Why Not factory Pattern For Sorting [closed]
Render a page in a rendered page
Fetch only Name, Email and timestamp using Gmail APIs
Launching a YouTube iframe player via (outer) javascript on iOS
The compilation of my Web.config section 'assemblies' cannot be read
Keep Navbar on Top of Website Content
htaccess subdomain redirect changes address
Error in applying UPGRADE lock in criteria in HIbernate
Combine several mb_ereg_replace()-calls
Jquery FancyBox doesn't send POST data in FireFox when using serialize()
鈥淢IME multipart stream. MIME multipart message is not complete鈥�error on webapi upload
ROR + Execute CMD Prompt at Windows platform using RUBY
WHERE clause is returning result without taking subquery in account
WPF canvas adding to background
Magento remove block only works with cache disabled
Selenium WebDriverBackedSelenium Internet explorer error
Does MySQL delete references?
Python forked processes won't die
assembly crashing my 4.0
Construct a List from a series of expressions in Scala
EF properties cannot be converted 'System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Web.Mvc.SelectListItem>' to 'int?
How to get some of 2 fields from a table
How to reproduce the pareto.chart plot from the qcc package using ggplot2?
Segmentation fault and getter issue
MySQL How do I partially order a result set?
What is the fastest way in Java to get the amount of factors a number has
Convert list of ints to sql binary(8) list
what is 鈥渢his instanceof fNOP ? this鈥�doing?
How to kill a process and release its resource in module?
returning result from an extra thread
HTML Table always at new line?
POST vars genarate general error with codeigniter
Android webview remove blue link border
easiest and costless way to send friend's birthday reminder email via facebook api
Jquery date picker working on firefox but not on chrome and safari
Information on RS232 interface commands for Motorola's RS507
Create Path from PointF array
I need next and previous for my dynamic content
How to print multiple WPF pages in one document
How do clear cache (cassini)
SCRIPT1014: Invalid character
How to stop all running threads except the current thread?
How to Generate JSON object with a header?
About the global keyword in python
I need next and previous for my dynamic content
How to print multiple WPF pages in one document
How do clear cache (cassini)
SCRIPT1014: Invalid character
How to stop all running threads except the current thread?
How to Generate JSON object with a header?
About the global keyword in python
Basecontrol Page.LoadComplete -= Page_LoadComplete raises Object ref error if child control is loaded more than once
I am getting this following errror in my website
Static vs. dynamic event attachments on HTML elements
stop ant if a class returns -1 calling System.exit(-1) in its main
FB Connect - popup goes blank after login for the second time
Consuming a SOAP based web service in a Mule flow
Copying two array into one larger array?
Can Pylint error checking be customized?
Update data from server periodically design
How can I make an ajax call using jQuery every second?
uncaught exception : -[WebDataSource onGeomagneticModel:]: unrecognized selector