uploading large files (mp4) to IIS 7.5 gives 500 Internal Server Error
UPDATE table with information from 2 other tables
Running a function when loading more notes in Tumblr
Can't start new activity in android app
How to not let setText crash/freeze my whole application? Even using SwingUtilities and Threads?
why schema.rb file differently between development and production environment?
Should I create one db table or two?
How to paste multiple strings into .net .resx files?
how to import facebook comments to disqus?
Update json data without refreshing the page?
kernel crash when trying to free the skb with `nlmsg_free(skb_out)`
Java DNS Lookup for SRV records
EF dynamic proxies issues when Azure Appfabric Cache service is used as session state provider
JPQL Date between interval
I can't find my htc android device attached to my PC.
Eclipse RCP drop file from external explorer not accepted
Java Regular Expression
Convert an in query to join
Is it possible to only build certain models?
WinAPI's ::WaitMessage stops WM_TIMER from coming
Don't understand the crash log?
C# Constructor base keyword
jquery click() + load() doesn't work with Opera?
Client side scripting is not working after Response.end() method while downloading zipfiles
sending data from appcontroller to default.ctp - CakePHP
WPF prevent event bubbling outside of a control
php writing to file change the string look
Why the pointer lose its reference when I pass an array as a function argument? C
Magento - Solr - broken index
Duplicate GridViews are generated inside UpdatePanel
session is null in wcf service after several calls
How can I redirect to the homepage using JSOUP having POST request?
Parenthesis highlighting in Eclipse like in Pharo
DataGrid header should be Unchecked even if one of it's child items are Unchecked
Groovy each method/closure
Android, Intent , PutExtra doesn't work on the retriever side
Magento get products from a specific category with name, image and description
Cant handle UIBarButtonItem events
Could not find default endpoint element .NET 4.0
NullPointerException at java.awt.Window.access$700(Window.java:132) while painting JPanel
Does sscanf modify the string passed to it?
how to replace Facebook app image with profile pic using graph API?
How get the value of multiple checkboxes in javascript
'*{}' seems to be a valid Perl5 dereferencing operator (perldoc: overload). What does it dereferences to?
What does the Amazon ELB automatic health check do and what does it expect?
Style for odd displayed children
Cometchat install into third subfolder for social engine 3?
Convert int to const char *
Objects binding in Spring MVC form
last frame oddity while reading/ writing AVIs with OpenCV
Port -v self update can't find cc
Query from another database in wordpress at the same server
windows phone emulator IE version
Github: Permission denied (publickey)
Replicating IsNullable(of T) Value accessing
Testing all the elements in collection fulfil predicate
FLOW3 Restcontroller
Display an Image in DetailViewController Sent by MasterViewController using Apple SplitView Template
Refactoring for-loop Linq query into a single query
Collection cannot be null on SaveOrUpdate()
Where to increase attachment size of Email in IIS 6.0 or in SMTP service? [closed]
Getting the thumbnail URL from getChildrenCategories()
Thread allocation per CPU cores (Windows only)
How to display multiple lines of text with scrolling in android?
How to call UrlHelper when writing extension for HtmlHelper
How to remove CSS and JS from a certain content-type in Drupal 7
Rails 3.2.1 assets precompile not working on windows
XNA -Install on non admin PC
IOS: draw an image in a view
How to get correct latitude and longitude while I am indoor on a Windows Phone?
Subversion adding messages without committing
What is the fastest way to store huge amount of unique strings?
Guice binding two different class to same interface with annotation
Java Method override with the parameter 鈥淐lass<? extends Object>鈥�
pgmm from plm package summary error
鈥淪how More鈥�option in TabHost (Android) like in iOs
Jacob - Word file correctly opened in 32bit and not in 64bit
List files without 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�.鈥�
UIWebView. Badaccess when reloading in viewDidDisappear
Dynamic control in MVC3 only accessible in IE and not in Mozilla and Chrome [closed]
Is it possible to control Cache-Control headers in IIS for different static file types?
How can i stay on the same page?
How can I stop the last image in my jQuery Infinite Carousel from disappearing?
2 instances of fckeditor in firefox11
how to ignore redirection errors in php
RTSP Stream in VideoView in Android Application
How to get all permissions for web service in android?
How to set DataGrid's BindingSource via XAML?
How to update a custom control bar with MPMoviePlayer for IOS?
SASS/ SCSS custom css sheets for @import
Converting the code written in windows threads to wxwidgets threads
Money fractional divide between people and fractions of penny? [closed]
how to shorten jquery syntax if-else statement?
randomly display divs on page with collage effect using jquery and asp.net [closed]
Is it possible to collect information about a running .jar file when it exits?
Json() in MVC converts datetime to UTC automatically
Howto add another test source folder to Maven and compile it to a separate folder?
Can I create an 'everyone can post' style site with wordpress?
time not properly returned
How to get Location object in android
iOS - How to access custom cell when handle button event in that cell?
How to run a RCP Maven/Tycho Application
WebView scrolling issue in android?
android tablet UI designing issue
how to avoid application not responding while net is disconnected in android
HTML Editor for ASP.NET
Multidimensional array iteration in objective-c
How to run a command on a remote machine using perl?
slow loading images in phonegap + iphone device
With tinymce, the formatting seems to change when I copy content from a <div>
Handlebars - substring
menu asp.net renders fine offline but online have problems
Plot igraph data in C++ or C?
How can I set the outgoing IPv6 address in Perl's LWP::UserAgent?
Is there any posibility for SharpPcap to block or limit packets?
android type mismatch on string sqlite view
Symfony2 - Validation not working for embedded Form Type
Exporting Spring components as OSGi services
autocompletetextview list dipslay from database and onitemclicklister
how to pass from an entrypoint to another with GWT?
encodeURI in ajax url not working in case of & in parameter value
C# / accdb: Getting error 鈥淥peration must use an updateable query.鈥�
CMake generates too long pathnames on Makefile generation
Save in Continue of CSV or Xlsx File
How to include an enum value in a const string?
Best way to save varibles between postbacks asp.net?
Wordpress wp query to retreive and echo featured image from first post in category
Replace characters where certain character does not follow a comma?
Improving data access class
Objective C : Cocoa : 2 sets of variable arguments?
Make tests dependent and fail together in googletest?
How to use X11 Pixmap as a OpenGL texture using GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap in C?
What is the best practice of updating entities in Linq2SQL?
Facebook app doesn't work when Third-Party Cookie is disabled in browser
Java: use URL object for File object
Transcoding wmv file to mp4 using Jave
Keep track of download progress in PHP
error : remote gerrit already exists
how to get file size in javascript or jquery with rails
How to bind to the 'Master' row in a DataGrid RowDetailsTemplate
Changes should be reflect in only tablet devices
Region of Interest using OpenCV
error C2614: 'ChildClass' : illegal member initialization: 'var1' is not a base or member
intellisense menu crash in visual studio 2008
Autorotate not working after reload view controller
how to remove the 1sec delay of performTaskWithPathArgumentsTimeout
select min values of time for each date in a range and getting the average in oracle
Shell script, parse XML snippet
RSpec - how to test module in the module
Location of Database?
Increment href value by one (Javascript)
MYSQL Selection from two tables [closed]
Retrieve XML WP7
Validate date range with jquery datepicker
Call Java method from GWT app via SWT Browser / SWT BrowserFunction
This fade effect, how? [closed]
Heroku deployment issue - can you help me find the error?
ASPXGridView (devexpress) Hyperlink column sorting
IIS pool threads are blocked on malloc and free, COM+
NHiberante NonUniqueObjectException or How to disable caching
Error while attaching mdf file
ASP.Net C# Ajax Form Validation and Submit button status
compiling glibc from source with debug symbols
Localized file paths hard coded in XCode 4 - disappear when project moved to new folder
Invoking Java web service from C# client using JKS and/or PFX certificates
tomcat war deployment
JSR-303 Bean Validation - Custom Constraint Multiple Annotations to One Validator
CLGeocoder Multiple Adresses?
how to read geolitecity file path from linux server?
Script to change basename with without changing extension in linux
Starting service automatically failed
Eventbrite api for recommending events
Force CMake to use C++ compiler for C files with Visual Studio
How to get SendBytes in SharpPcap OnPcapStatistics event?
W3C geolocation backend implementations and extensions
How to update IntelliJ IDEA's cached information on projects when they are moved to other location?
Issues with the type of double related to regional settings
Does LINQ work on Index?
Extract data lists from Mongo Documents
android Mediaplayer not playing too fast
Best way to create python web service and c# client application
Selecting number of threads in a multiprocess multiprocessor environment
ios: String to Date conversion
Gwt-query doesn't work for my MVP.
how to find php.ini in php5.3
IBM-MQ's .NET XMS鈥�and Mono?
update,refresh or uninstall bundle in osgi platform,why the perm gen just goes up,never goes down
PHP, javascript, jquery, setting hour only
Acceleo service
How to push data from server to client without using open sockets?
Telerik RadListBox dont want to drag
How to drag & drop an image over html page in android ?
Closing of TCP-socket and tcp_fin() in linux kernel/
Actionscript, Need help in loaderInfo.url for special characters
fill a list of objects with linq
Is there JSR for DataSource deploy from war?
Activity not getting called via AlarmManager.
How to add a new contact to contacts using phone gap?
Adding numbers of the type String? [closed]
jQuery applying css opacity
LibreOffice Spreadsheet: Select random cell with specific filter
Google maps height only 30px
How do I make a form reappear after hiding it to display a successful AJAX message?
HTML onmouseover doesn't work to show up text
How to create a Report Library?
Java: Lazy loading Singleton and reflection attack?
LongListSelector with TextBlock and Checkbox - How to change checked status of Checkbox
Android Huawei Ideos X3 (U8510) : Restoring static boot logo and animation from ClockWorkMod backup?
Stopping PHP script putting URL's in address bar?
Setting the contents of a ScrollViewer to that of another ScrollViewer (using C# on Windows Phone)
HTML/CSS: Child element wider than relatively positioned parent
How to draw text with a shadow like Windows XP does on Desktop icons?
Suggestions on designing an algorithm are needed
Malloc the size of file buffer base on an existing file
Is it possible invoke a function only when I start the scroll? [duplicate]
better way for mapping classes to views using Adapters
Chaining Authentication with LDAP
Dynamically select tests to run with webdriver
While loop iteration for specified times
How to substitute element contents with DOM-manipulation-functions in JavaScript?
Returning data on POST in django-tastypie
What is the best way to send Usage log to server without waiting for the respond
Can you have iOS 2 different targets with the same product name in Xcode 4.3.2?
SPARQL INSERT using password
set drawable listview background per item
How to implement a multi-vpn dynamic route table NDIS miniport driver?
Task Parallel library to query Active Directory (using DirectoryServices)
what is the best way to store a lot of markers in database?
excel data splitting/assigning
Issue with 鈥�鈥�in perl
How to determine XML type in Powershell?
Null reference exception error on VS2010 [closed]
TreeStore expand function unable to load data from server
Can't get Perl web service running using WSDL::Generator
JWplayer transparent screencolor parameter
How to create border around div element on mouseover
Altering column size in SQL Server
Is there a way to persist application data between application installs and uninstalls in iOS
Frequency-wavenumber domain and fft2 command in numpy
HTML & CSS Layout Flow Issue
How to receive messages from ActiveMQ with JMSTemplate and a selector?
What's the default cache expiration time for NSURLRequests?
Measure power consumption related to particular app
python pylab plot normal distribution
Which plugin is required to use hudson with svn?
Rails nested attribute - wrong last output
What's 鈥淓ntity key鈥�in edmx file?
XSLT - Filter single words from text
Why is my of Common Lisp Web program execution can not
R-language on a GWT web application [closed]
Convert arguments of a bash script to a JSON array for a web service
Is it possible to declare in the same XML file , the same field , in a different table ?
What is the link between the LESS language and the Less framework?
C++ Play MP3 Cycle Buffer with any library
Generating PDF/A using EvoPDF is not valid PDF/A
cxf - parsing soap messages element's attribute
Import a system function (windows - ntsystem.dll)for use in inline assembly
OpenGL - attempt to use VBO causes an error
How to detect properly Windows, Linux & Mac operating systems
Silverlight Sharepoint 2010 web part windows authentication
How to create solution with multiple projects programmatically?
How do I import a coverage report from dotcover to ndepend using teamcity?
GetEntryAssembly returns null鈥ow to avoid it?
Word XML to HTML (with styling)
The nested query is not supported. Operation1='UnionAll' Operation2='MultiStreamNest'
Javascript html editor cursor focus following mouse
embedding .jar file to webpage/website
Unloading Mono domains in multithreaded context
Mono c# TextRenderingHint.SingleBitPerPixelGridFit Windows vs. Linux
How to change android Activity label
How to interpret ALL_TAB_COLS.DATA_LENGTH = 4000 for Oracle's CLOB types?
Formatting Datetime field in a Symfony2 form to display full months
Filter a DataGridView
from underscore template to mustache.js
The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object 'Sheet1$'
XJC Java class generation for <xs:choice> element which is not unbounded
How to update a date/time stamp?
How to compact/strip multiple blank lines in source-code-preview
Can i export a jmeter test as a script?
What is word boundary while using regex in python
How to compact/strip multiple blank lines in source-code-preview
Can i export a jmeter test as a script?
What is word boundary while using regex in python
Class index table columns doxygen
sms content provider in android?
Firefox scrollbar not appearing when div height is small
Merge DLL into EXE?
Methods not working
when i delete package name it run fine from command promt but when i include package name it give me error
Boost.Asio throws 'No such device' exception when trying to join multicast group
OData $filter substringof applied to a list of strings
Array size less than the no. of elements stored in it
Will exception be thrown when @@Error is set?
How to post in twitter with ios5?
Why doesn't Opera throw a click event when you partially mark text?
VisualStudio 2010 MyProjectName.application file
Simultaneous fitting to N datasets in Python
Need Help : 32 bit / 64 bit check for Linux
Delete All row from DataTable in DataSet
find measurement which fits corresponds to same variable at other locations
How To Create A Decryption Function For This RC4 Algorithm
Why socket file transferring is slower than windows copy?
Play! 2.0 performance metrics
NavigationService.Navigate Throwing NullReferenceException WP7?
Start Embedded jetty Server with separate JVM attached to it
How to allow only a valid floating point number into a text field in android
Is Redis just a cache
Autoselect region for google geochart
setting MySQL auto_increment to be dependent on two other primary keys
generic method to validate int, double. How to use GetType()?
Internet Explorer Like button madness
View Controller Animation in Xcode
Listening around Handlebars render
JNDI Resource Definition in Apache Tomcat 6
Several similar apps in one apple developer account
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. please review my code
split a string PHP
Counting Null records not working
How to hide body of gridpanel?
ScrollViewer scrolls back on WP7
Running an executable in virtual machine through base machine
php get html source code from https
problems in migrating 32bit application on 64 bit
ExpressionEngine - some channels not outputting content
How to fix error 502 status
PHP and MongoDB - Adavanced Query
Total amount tax for a product
Symfony2: Setting entity value from parent
Get Latitude and Longitude values of placemark - Google Earth
No info window is showing on Google Fusion map
how to voice frequency detect?
Is it possible create a copy of only those files that were not committed to SVN?
Down key behaviour when tabbing in Komodo Edit 7
Display paging control with white dots on the top android
Adding autocomplete to dynamic textbox
VOIP implementation in iPhone app
Copying Region of an Image to another Region in another Image
MVC3 Validation with ComponentModel.DataAnnotations for UK date format (also using jquery ui datepicker)
Naming polymorphic relationships well
Adding attribute on object during run time not happening
Grails application on Heroku with ssl
Load 1000 images smartly
xPages application load times are slow even after using XPagesPreload
Internationalization (i18n) with Apache HTTP Server
Creating android app to remotely control my computer
Apple Push Notification Service is not working after submission, but all good in sandbox
OmniAuth 1.1: undefined method `info' for nil:NilClass
How can i stop running exe in C# to start a new instance?
object not initiating as intended PHP OOP
How to deal with a Chrome 18 small-canvas limit?
iPhone: disable multi touch for App
How to Refresh my Telrik grid or page before or after Response.END
Handling multiple routes with waypoints in Google Maps v3
Close Thread Before Exit application
how an user can attach a list of images which changes onclick in android
How to get Resource Name from Resource id
Hosted CMS - Based On Drupal
Storing values in code rather than web.config
How to call NTDLL.DLL function from kernel mode (x64, WIN7)
how to update tracking number in interspire shopping cart
Check if array element exists in string
Ajax removes entire HTML table instead of refreshing it
sending a mp3 file over bluetooth?
My json request will not fire a beforeSend request.. Can't seem to figure out why
Develop Google Chrome Plugin (no Extensions !)
OnClickListener issues after ImageButton moved after TranslateAnimation
Capture audio to file ExtAudioFileWrite
iconv() or utf8_encode how would I make my script UTF8 friendly?
How to implement this C++ source in python?
VC++ belongs to Managed or unmanaged category?
Need Sencha Touch 2.0 MVC tutorials
File not found error in ios 5?
Map reduce storing 'Nan' while counting on large objects
how to get access to network-setting page in iphone
Querying portal_catalog using typed uuids instead of string uuids
Why the checkbox is unchecked?
How can I get the users Twitter profile information with the Twitter framework in iOS 5?
Using a CASE statement in a SQL Server WHERE clause
ora-00942 i created a connection with sys as user. but any of the tables created by me when used give this error
use case for FacesConverter
Eclipse Java Deployment: how to add auto-generate file to Jar file
Create installer for Mac OS X in Xcode
How to highlight the menu item in menu
Displaying Revit model in WPF
Change uploads to a different document library in SharePoint 2010
changing color of google map api v2
Unresolved import: webbrowser
Jquery Form Wizard - mandatory radio button groups
Python Get MAC address
Getting move events from embedded Java applet
UIScrollView does not scroll on device
Symfony2 - Form is trying to validate an unused field
Route an error caused by middleware?
MKStoreKit4.1 Buy Feature does nothing?
mPDF doesn't convert php functions
Inconsistent occurrence of 'System.InvalidOperationException' - How to log/trace what happens?
How do I design my method's return type and stored procedure's return value?
Arrange windows after change resolution
viewWillDisappear is called twice
How to display a defined value
How to add 鈥渟hare鈥�button to posts by App?
Filter in Sparql query not working
picker will only display 3 objects
Finding objects which contains at least one element from subset using RavenDB and LINQ
Design of PrimeFaces web application
Center div in Microsoft Outlook
fatal error: sys/dpli_common.h no such file
How to make imageview properly center inside another view to make a border?
Using ordinary least squares (OLS)
SQLSTATE[00000] [1040] Too many connections with Max_used_connections of 1001
CSS - fixed width span/div
Email address tld regex
How did they program the very first IDE? [closed]
Pass function name and then use in event handler
Parse SQL file with PL/SQL and DML/DDL using cx_Oracle in python
Can I list source for already defined bash functions?
Symfony2 validator, NotBlank but allow null
Neatest way to 'reset' all static variables in a .NET application
Configuring self hosted wcf service endpoints
Scala REPL: find where given class / trait is defined
Sitecore XSL cache
strtok() seg fault
Not escaping characters in Spring WS SOAP body
Why cant const references be returned in the same way as pointers?
Watch directory and sub directory changed
MVC business logic to access model
How to display an activity inside FrameLayout in android
SolrNet Fuzzy Search More Than One Word
Generic Confusion on Inheritence 鈥�Java
Phpmyadmin freezes on query, db too big?
SolrNet Fuzzy Search More Than One Word
Generic Confusion on Inheritence 鈥�Java
Phpmyadmin freezes on query, db too big?
How to run long running php process
Rotation of UIPageViewController in Container View Controller
Get new values of textbox from a listview
Problems using javascript with XML & XSLT
Convert XmlElement to XElement with Elements(鈥淓lementName鈥� Returns No Results
Activator.CreateInstance and Generic method in C#
openMP license information
Basic SQL update trigger
Update of xPages application removes sessions variables on Domino server 鈥�what to do with this?
setting decimal places to a float value
batch script print the command that would be executed rather than executing
How do I perform a dynamic where lambda on T in C# 4?
.bat file to loop through folder and append text files
SWFTools' pdf2swf: No text converted if started from IIS-hosted website
Error with apr-util while installing httpd 2.4.1 on centos
Fastest way to find first uppercase character in a string
Debug not stopping after form closing in Visual Studio
Specify a javascript method in an html attribute?
Datepicker is always displayed in Simplified Chinese?
Jingle video stream in a web browser
bizarre yet predictable triple and interleaved call to servlet when using GWT devmode
SetTimeZoneInformation does not update DateTime.Now for another .NET Application
SQL Server: running every sql script in a directory
ANDROID - While loop inside Thread
Assembler segmentation fault on dereference register address
Boost.Spirit with Boost.Variant and C++11: Expecting a zero-argument constructor
how to detect touch on a sprite in windows phone 7?
Group by in Rails View
javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException when request rest json service with jersey client
Android: Why is it not possible to install the a second apk with same packagename on one phone?
MySQL table index optimization
Dynamic button display programatically android
Facebook not pulling my og:image images, though it is finding it
What is the best way to setup a view plugin in Zend Framework 2?
Restricting the number of characters entered in UiTextfield by user
LINQ - 'The type of one of the expressions in the join clause is incorrect. Type inference failed in the call to 'GroupJoin'.'
how to use property ant?
HTML: text, headlines, sublines
Status of Oberon readiness for application programming
Why does TestComplete keep changing status image name
how to kill a ViewModel Instance from the ViewModelLocator (mvvmlight-toolkit)
Splitting a string from a specific point in C#
Have VS2010 use IE9 to open XBAPs even though Chrome is my default browser
Image distorted on a hotmail account only
SC.oEmbed returns null in Internet Explorer
Set text on choosen ListPicker value in WP7
Different Launch orientations for iPad and iPhone?
How to create a quick seach-as-you-type mechanism for a very large Core Data database?
Codeigniter - form validation and form dropdown issue
Privacy policy on Facebook tab
Linq to Entities Inner Join to datagrid
How can I find which VIM plugin is guilty for overloading my CPU
How to upgrade Entity framework to get system.data.EntityClient.dl?
Reading checkboxes values with jQuery
wsHTTPBinding over HTTPS causes Error 400 'Bad Request'
Port-forwarded and used sendto and recvfrom, yet no result
小orrectly implement the blocks in the drawing view
Is there an XML Form Generator out there in .NET?
Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
Print listview with paging
Outputting user input - preventing for xss
How to get CDMA Pilot PN of android phone?
Storing the pointer to a class in a reference
nested structure simplification
Hibernate hbm2ddl schema creation and Maven tests
How could I render to a string a JSON representation of a JBuilder view?
Feature Detection from an image using MATLAB
Models bleeding together in models.py?
how to write a CSS rule that only applies if position:fixed is not supported or Jquery-test for position:fixed?
Can the Jquery Cookie plugin only read cookies that it sets?
Selenium IDE testing all links
Android OpenCV List<KeyPoint> to Mat
PHP preg_repalce Replace %var% with text
Securing Oracle External table data file
Backbone routers and compatibility with web server controller
table xyz has no column named pqr
uninitialized constant AWS::S3::Base via AWS-SDK
How to remove the highlight from a search inside an `operator-pending` mapping in vim ?
How to set textfield when the parameter list more than one
Jersey Test Framework - define default error response for all unknown paths in grizzly
Android RealViewSwitcher : How to start on second page?
JSF calendar select whole week
send image from websocket server .NET to client (HTML5)
How get next (previous) element in std::list without incrementing (decrementing) iterator?
How to set save the variable in a PHP file?
X509Certificate2.Verify() method always return false for the valid certificate
Touch Location gets messy after ZOOM In and ZOOM out in Cocos 2D
C# ASP.net, storing and writing HTML with string variables
How to get a List composed of Hyperlinks onto an excel or word file?
How I can use IBM's swidgets (com.ibm.rcp.swt.swidgets) on my SWT application?
Setup Velocity in Eclipse
Download database table column fields as CSV in Zend Framwework
strange mysql error
Can I set the response without any data in fuelPHP?
Does webkitgtk support flash?
Maven 3 is looking for maven-metadata.xml in the wrong folder (Artifactory
GLSL GPU skinning with 3rd party shader
GLSL GPU skinning with 3rd party shader
How to use gallery in blackberry [closed]
JSF richfaces getElementById
How to use DATENAME in WHERE clause
java at server-side attached with html
How to catch textchange event in textbox on mobile
Recovering saved password in Filezilla [closed]
Post Photo Facebook iOS
Upgrade from Rails 3.0 to 3.1 and then to 3.2 - but keep 3.0 working
Is there any way to make powershell script work by double clicking .ps1 file?
Unidentified Error in Program: Unfriendly Numbers
understanding vps v shared hosting [closed]
Matlab: reverse of eps? Accuracy on positive weight?
mysql query order ASC starting from 1 then show all with zero
how to read .pdf file in assets folder
How to tackle machine-dependant configuration with SVN and VS2010?
Reason to use Spring Dependency Injection [closed]
How to do full outer join to combine two tables in mysql?
(+) function in PLSQL
Mysql string check on equals is false for the same values
Placing a Dictionary inside Viewbag
Delphi component or library to display mathematical expressions
How to install red5 on windows server 2008 with plesk
chrome extension doesn't load
Compile Opengazer-0.1.2 and get vnl_cholesky.h error
How to apply permission at user level in opencart
apple ios app icon issue
REST API design - querying mail data - which poison to choose?
why send_keys can't work after right click in chrome and ie, but firefox is fine?
Cannot get a good jQuery ajax code for this
Android: use res/values with String[]
Restricting Entries (no. of rows) in a SQLiteDatabase and Retrieving records from a database to create a ListView
Flex: stacked bar chart with date as x-axis and names as y-axis
LOOP update with column size
what to do for voice application for ios?
Inline assembly error: unknown register name 鈥�%ebx鈥�in 鈥榓sm鈥�
How to send deliver_sm request add user_message_reference TLV from node.js SMPP
PHP library to ease creation of processes (fork)
How do I resize a b2CircleShape on cocos2d iPhone with Box2D
c# program to call Google+ API and Custom Search API from Google
extern declaration and function definition both in the same file
which is better delete database or delete tables?
error on eclipse Invalid location of tag (b)
split strings to dictionary(Table)
MySQL, accidently deleted the root users
unable to locate the text file
Could not load file or assembly 'log4net'
How to set Datetimepicker to Month and Year only format?
Why do I declare a @property when I can use an inline variable instead?
How do I get a list of all the assemblies I can reference on my machine?
Transform this AABB after i have rotated a mesh so it fits it again
C#: Get a user access token
Saving core data model interrupted by power failure: Persistent store migration failed, missing mapping model
How to extract data into associative array from HTML table using jQuery?
how to chage the button title dynamically in iphone
mapping 2 directories linux-server
Transform (convert) embedded image to linked image
MySql view/procedure to list all the week of a year by months
How to typedef for call CreateThread, LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE, lpStartAddress, ThreadProc
why are move constructor and move assignment operator called and not copy? [duplicate]
how to catch internet error when its not available
Copy SQLite db to Storage device for backup purpose
REST Web Service for ResKit
file load in a jar
Magento Credit card number mismatch with credit card type exception
why doesn't my query work
git-cvsimport cannot import tag containing an asterisk in it's name (*)
RabbitMQ: routing on multiple criteria but hitting only one consumer
What is List[String~Int]?
Android JNI call
Is ZeroMQ ready for production use?
How can I do a call in ios?
How to do output audio level metering and pitch changing together in iphone sdk
iPhone: Manage frameworks according to ios versions
Get controls from another process using C#
How to export svg or eps from Flash at runtime with actionscript3
How to make random unlimited terrain in a pyglet side scroller?
How to undo a 301 redirect?
CLojure sax parser examples
Finding the list of items for particular XSLT file in sitecore 6.2
setting pop up div at the center of the screen
What is 鈥渕ethod's object鈥�and 鈥渃lass's object鈥�
Apps with different themes [duplicate]
css3 animation pushing another li
componentsSeparatedByString returns nil for array
*** glibc detected *** Project/Debug/Project: free():
HtmlUnit 2.9 jar execute JavaScript
Auto shutdown of MySQL
for FILE in Permission denied & ambiguous redirect
How non-blocking loop {while( QMutex::trylock() );} works?
what is the proper syntax for including a variable in this javascript code?
Creating menu for NSSegmentedControl using XIB
How to restore MySQL backup .sql on server
VBA: Output 鈥渂lank鈥�from empty array element rather than zero
How to override .toString method for ordered-set
HTML in WordPress Title Displays Extra Characters
iOS: Passing data(array value or string) between views?
How to handle multiple error pages for different exceptions in Spring
Coherent read-only view of a database
Page doesn't load with images for Reportlab
Elapsed event v Tick event?
SqlBulkCopy: What is the difference between passing SqlBulkCopyOptions.UseInternalTransaction and not passing it?
OSX + Terminal.app + Emacs + make command key operate as meta
Compile error in hidden module : This document
how to pass arguments to .jsp file when using javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher.include()?
How to count total of leaves(fetching from database) of each userseparately in MVC-3?
Where can I get gcc.exe (compiled) version 4.7.0?
Validations for rows and columns in the csv file matching with mysql databse fields
Problems in saving sessions with some vim plugins
Limiting the number of characters in a JTextField
Fatal error: Uncaught OAuthException: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user [duplicate]
linq to xml with namespace prefix
How to calculate QTableView row height. QHeaderView::ResizeToContents for invisible rows/columns
Converting pixels to points (Flex to PHP)
howto change a value in a TimerTask wichout crashing because of a other thread in android?
JPQL Join Query using getter method
Why saveOrUpdateAll is deprecated in spring HibernateOperations
Database session support in nodejs/express
Liferay Security PermissionsURL: Preventing page refresh on save
Scala: Implementation of a Seq.distinctOn function
JQuery-UI radio buttons update after F5
examples of sencha touch 2 are not working separately
How to make a custom converter for fields in WPF?
when is the case to use ccache?
how to convert image to base64 in silverlight
Intent in ListActivity not working
Is it possible to add Extra Fields Under Create User in Liferay
How to use a preexisting unix library in java
Custom Shape in android
Filling counting 'buckets' in CUDA threads
full screen zoom pan use UIScrollView in iphone
Using 鈥淎llow From鈥�in the .htaccess file - what IP to enter?
how to get default video control of native video player in lwuit?
php mysql timestamp works only on update
WCF service with webHttpBinding not working when configurations are added in web.config
Checking for Reboot
HTML5 how to bind local database to asp gridview
In raphaeljs, is there a way to place text within an object to keep rollover state
Website with HTML5 (Stepcarousel) slow in IE?
Removing [] around column in SQL Server 2005
how to get information of an object instance from ID number
Gridview: Sql Update statement 鈥淲here RowID=Current editing row number鈥�, how to set it in update statment?
Check if a Outlook Mail (*.msg) is Digitaly Signed or Encrypted
Android maps not loading
How to update NSMenu while it's open?
Rails non-blocking post
After creating new instance in collection, don't do a GET request on the endpoint (backbone)
How to unit test a class that uses HttpClient in Android using the built-in framework?
minimize Tomcat 鈥減er connection鈥�memory footprint
Play youtube videos in blackberry application
System.Data.SqlDbType.Structured is not part of System.Data.SqlDbType
Order of execution of LINQ methods returning same results but different SQL in this code. What exactly is going on inside?
task scheduler to run in Apache Felix?
wordpress creating a form with some different features
NSDateFormatter Bug : incorrect string to date conversion
Iteration of NSMutableArray of UITextView causes app to crash
Iphone> Uploading UIImage object to server via ASIHTTPRequest, photo name?
Test suite to generate page faults and LLC miss events
SendKeys strange behaviour on Windows XP in C#
Bhai Log.. I want to Find Client's Systems Physical Identity Through PHP.. is That Possible? [closed]
What is an easy but reliable way to parse parameters in C?
how to change something in a new TimerTask action in android?
Patterns for propagating changes to nested objects
android: how to add Underline in the String
Exit from a thread
How do bson arrays compare (in mongodb/pymongo)?
Backup routine from a Windows 7 machine
iOS, check if the app crashes because of lack of memory
java JQGrid TreeGrid - expand node after reloadgrid
Silent exporting of globals using %GOF in Cach茅
RIJNDAEL encryption with Java
Can not access vector from MFC
Fetch Tag Element value of XML from CLOB in DB2 database
How to solve the error in uploading an image in level 2 deeper model
JSF bean access failing
Specifying join conditions in hibernate using criteria
XL2TP hello delay value
How to show two Partials view data on Index.cshtml MVC3?
EOF exception for readObject
codeigniter wont redirect a url
Marker on top of OverlayView , GoogleMaps API V3 JavaScript
How can I make this regex for a URL more specific?
EF Object entity State moves to Unchanged when attached to new Context
Generics and explicit/implicit operators
how to access all the array of dictionary contents
鈥渘o test history available鈥�error when running cal
Lua memcached binary protocol
why TTS engine is not getting started very first time?
Appropriate image sizes to support various android phones & tablets
Implement Login and Register form Animation in Silverlight
Transitioning svg text opacity
Make Slide Through in Fragment (Like Facebook) for different Activities
how to disable a button for a specific time in php
How to automatically create model from database using PetaPoco library?
CGContextSetRGBFillColor is not setting fill color
Single servlet for application
Validation with regular expression and jQuery Plugin
how to make a select query on all weekdays/ all month / all hours and showing 0 when values don't exist
.htaccess url rewritting omitting last character of the parameter
Is there someting like TimeSpan in android development?
how to make a select query on all weekdays/ all month / all hours and showing 0 when values don't exist
.htaccess url rewritting omitting last character of the parameter
Is there someting like TimeSpan in android development?
HTML grid paging in jQuery
Get Time Difference between two datetime in Oracle
Better way to check for RMI connectivity
Alternate for System.loadlibrary() on vista
Grid View Pager Style issue
Upload Image though PHP, save Image path to MySQL
How to post data in SOAP web service
XML Schema rcase-NameAndTypeOK.3.2.5 invalid
Running a thread for some seconds
Get phone number of present incoming and outgoing call
how to set windows phone system's wallpaper in code?
How to style buttons in Ruby on Rails
Go webserver how is the performance stability, in terms of long run stability compared to Tomcat, Apache? [closed]
HTML images are missing while printing a webpage from browser chrome
How to get exact outgoing call receiving time?
Setting Heading for Silverlight Bing Maps Control in WP7?
Examples and tutorials for TopLink
Unsupervised clustering with unknown number of clusters
mootools. Can't get DOM elements within iframe
using hudson and ant create datewise folder for each day where concern builds will be there
When debugging using GWT devmode, how do I redirect to URLs on my own server?
SubmitChanges internally adds all the fields as where clause, how to get rid of it
How can Block direct access to drupal 6 site
Redirecting SEO rewritten url
Very Simple Use of decorator pattern to generate numbers
Muliple Joins sum values based on two different critiea with sort
How to run ASP site?
Algorithm to determine someones age given only a drivers license number?
constructing a maze
Hudson integration for Maven projects
How to create a SQLite database I got a error
Symfony 1.4 Cross APplication link fail
Selective string operation
How to determine if a file is IBM1047 encoded
How to translate the plane towards the point for X distance?
need help on update statement using if
Can't read value from textbox into javascript variable
Keep running android service continuously [closed]
Using DOM events to print the count of document.createElement calls in javascript
How to call one function in every activity of android project?
Plotting two y's on the same x with different colors?
ZendFramework-1.11.11 and doctrine2-2.2.0-BETA2 issues
Can dmidecode command be invoked successfully by SUID program in Linux?
ajax response while VPN disconnected [closed]
How do I update a UITextView in my view controller?
Display HTML file in uiwebview from SQLite database?
wxWidgets in c++ on windows
WCF file upload - How to wrap the file into a specific class?
opencsv CSVWriter using utf-8 doesn't seem to work for multiple languages
Perform validation on hidden fields
Efficient way to parse HTML dump found in the form of string
using OpenMP in a Qt/C++ program
Need help to setup svn along with xcode 4.2
checkbox image form with jquery
passworded exit from the app
PSCP copy files from godaddy to my windows machine
ANTLR lexer rule consumes characters even if not matched?
Executing Javascript from Python
How to have multiple outgoing connections over bluetooth in Android
Postgres 9.0 + translate function and ascii codes
How to use Ruby mixins as patches to classes
Count li elements that are visible with jQuery
Using native C static libraries in Delphi Firemonkey iOS development
How can I fire a key press event on a keyboard when a user presses enter button wpf
SignalR and load balancing
Access to folders on Ubuntu-based Rails server (keep getting 鈥淣o such file..鈥�
How to get coordinates of a path from svg file into R
How to use Springboard framework in xcode 4.3.1
Need help implementing logic in an Android app with an Arduino website button.
Session with cross page postback asp.net
Update a java thread's stack size at runtime
The zen way of convert params[:date] to Date?
Google Latitude API - Backend Error
System.FormatException when trying to convert String to Double
Scrapping: How to fetch an attribute in a <abbr> tag
ActiveRecord Objects created in Cucumber not showing in Rails web app
Java - Split by delimiters
How can i retrieve datas of my checkboxes
Updating new version to app store with different sqlite db structure
Coordinates/Region from Country Name
jQuery - getting the class of a dynamic div by clicking another div
How can I integrate Jenkins with Redmine?
Django app_cache_ready method returns True on Dev and False on production
If statement only runs fully onresume()
When is Enforced Rate reduced below queue.xml rate?
Memory usage profiled in task manager and memory profiler tools
MIXED_DML_OPERATION error in Salesforce Apex Trigger when updating User objects
Using Javascript/jquery to access picture content for a frame in a video
issue with ajax call on success
鈥淒ependent optional鈥�data in Haskell
Error running makepkg on yaourt from the Aur
Need to create a custom class in JAVA
Cannot execute Context.Entity.SqlQuery Entity framework
dojo dynamic datagrid without element id
Mainpage in Doxygen documentation [duplicate]
Insert Data from form to Access database
Some clarification needed in the struct pointers
Change my input into an other format
Indoor map in android
Facebook Share using shareKit only displays blank screen?
.NET Windows Service crashes in ntdll.dll
using variables stored in a file to trigger events
Dynamic Changing of Android Language
How to get second parent with recursive query in Common Table
How to accelerate a C++ code using CUDA
Using awk within bash
I can't select the correct row while using CheckedTextView in ListView
Lines to support selection of cells
Java OutOfMemory Exception When Clipboard
How to use a javascript variable in scriptlet code.
Making the logo interchangeable. Should I do it through the scss.erb or in the applications layout?
Error while upgrading a custom workflow activity assembly in CRM 2011
javascript - change script to enter text in a div, not textarea
Cocoa - Errors with XML [closed]
Overriding module method on Django start
Android, custom views don't fill the screen in a Gallery
QScrollArea derivative is empty if it's created from an .ui file
How to build custom sonar web plugins [closed]
jplayer-preload issue
adding a view to UISplitViewController in Storyboard, Xcode
Simple code to fill application login form
Does NSValue free its value when freed?
Getting Location Update only when app is in Background
sorting of string with numbers in perl [closed]
user entered data not updated in managed bean
How to call UINavigation controllerin objective c
imagemapster plugin: howto programmtically make area nolonger selectable?
Lazily asking for Location Services
T-SQL XML Value function + Case/When Is there something like a 鈥淭HIS鈥�operator in the select statement?
myString.replace( VARIABLE, 鈥溾�) 鈥�but globally
how to iterate through an Icollection In MVC3 nhibernate
In TV Browser Cannot Post Message
C-Troubleshoot with gets()
Perl crypt seemingly not working
Fetch ip address of pc on android emulator through code android
LocationListener and updates to webservice in an interval of time as background proocess
Understanding Ajax crawling of search site [closed]
Transfering value from php array to jquery
Python natural language processing for named entities
How to do facebook login integration in magento website? [closed]
Bluetooth connectivity in windows mobile 6.5
Meteor Step by Step my first app guide? [closed]
Normal close for modeless forms and open modal forms in using block. Enough?
File management best practices
Get selected rows from a html table using Servlets and JSP
How an Edit Text can be created dynamically in Android
Deserialize JSON object to C# object
Which advantages give to developer ROOT access on android ?
Check boxes Value Manipulation
java : upload files to HTTP server using POST, server code issue?
How change 鈥淢ediaLinkPrefix鈥�Programmatically in sitecore?
lucene join query
executing a program from another program in C
How can I tell which method in my protocol is not implemented?
how to pass and retrieve the value object while making them hidden field?
WPF Xaml Image from Converter
Sql server issue dealing with huge volume of data
How to set MVC default page?
Windows Phone 7 Dynamic ListBox Template
Why can't paintComponent accept a Graphics2D object?
joining 4 tables
PHP errors aren't displayed
don't have apk in Bin and cannot build app in monodevelop when update Mono for Android 4.1
How to Get the 鈥淐ode39鈥�Barcode Information?
Accessing Function on MovieClip from Document Class
SQL server connection pooling in java exceeds 600, cause database to crash?
OutputStream getting reset
Showing UILabel on iPhone video application
Which is the best way to add the two document element's array into one?
Sending 120 mails by Javamail using Gmail account, but got exception after 80/90 mails
Lock file/content while being edited in browser.
Rails - Group option values under option in Line Item Model
100% width image
How to create a Hashcash in PHP
How to filtering date with date format (dd.MM.yyyy) in grid infragistic jquery?
gerrit error : Nonetype object has no attribute split
Is there a constructor associated with nested classes
Select Value From Combobox And Add to Sql Database using VB in VS 2010 [closed]
Yii ClientScript
JIT Optimizations at their finest
Retrieving ALL emails for ALL accounts from exchange server
file read from and file written to are not same
pagination in codeigniter not working as expected
Function creation at runtime in Python
ISO 8583 Mobile Banking
Why is my NetworkStream.Write() slow when writing back received data to browser?
C# type casting to a generic interface
How to extend or prototype a HTML table
WordPress Theme Displaying Incorrectly in IE 8 and below
jQuery button container widget
UIScrollView isn't detect UITouch Events
Is it possible to have a display only fieldtype in Symfony2?
How do I ScrollIntoView after changing the filter on a ListView in a MVVM (WPF) App?
DataGridView.SelectedItem[0] to GenericType
acceleration of theta function evaluation for Newton's method fractal generation
Incude command prompt in Java panel
Postback upon clicking a row in a gridview
acceleration of theta function evaluation for Newton's method fractal generation
Incude command prompt in Java panel
Postback upon clicking a row in a gridview
java: why a char cost so many memories?
UITapGestureRecognizer only detects a control tapped if tapped in the top half of the control
php redirect error [duplicate]
Image sitemap. Image with multiple locations tags are valid?
How to perpetually execute a function while the mouse is down, until the mouse is up?
Maximum size of Hard cache of an ImageDownloader
CouchDB replication from per-user databases to master database
MaximizePartAction class in not there in package org.eclipse.ui.internal of eclipse indigo
JavaScript Communicating With Applet [duplicate]
May prepared statements be shared across threads?
textview and button to contract when the keyboard is shown
updating data several times trough webservice
unable to fill listbox from datatable (AutoComplete TextBox)
Animate text from right to left in UITextField
How do I change the output filename of cuda_compile_ptx in CMake?
How to remove a CSS class from a Wicket component?
java : How to see web service description which is easy to understand not WSDL?
how to redirect to particular report based on parameter selected in dropdown in SSRS?
Get Action name from Route Data
How to retrieve the requesting domain URL in rest?
How to get the difference between files Line by LIne in Ruby on Rails?
javascript inside titanium studio: 'new' in objects
publishing paid apps on google play
Can I use a file as a pattern for awk to remove from a list of other files?
data transfer speed variation on baud rate
Insert data that stored in a table , into XMLspy? (for running diagnostics on the data ,later on)
Ribbon interfacefor gtk and qt
AppendChild and for loop issue
Script to add class=鈥渢ransition鈥�to all links on website
C, unix and overwriting a char with write(), open() and lseek()
How to make a foreign key with a constraint on the referenced table in PostgreSQL
SCSS/SASS @mixin $list @each iteration issue
Reading log files as they're updated in Go
nokia device vibration in a game using j2me
How to Make Web Service Thread Safe?
Oauth refresh token salesforce process simplification
How do I write this coffee script in javascript or jquery?
toggle background-position TWICE
What's difference of solr full import & full import with clean?
Confusing behavior of extension method with new object creation in method
Display a random image when a button is clicked
Call a function if userinteraction is nil for 3 seconds
jquery addclass to the clicked radio button span
Binary reader skips instructions
301 redirect from URL with query string to new domain with different query string
Objective c - How do you use the resume function in Mac OSX lion
Add a selected class to a list when scrolling past the offset of set of divs
Zooming to point of interest
regex to parse any css font
How to change tr color on mouse over when there is already implemented?
linking to boost libraries fails during compilation
How to use p:ajax oncomplete event on p:fileUpload. Getting error when using
Meteor examples cannot run on OS X: browser just download a file
How short do you keep your Perl files? [closed]
Space in div using z-index
How to take input from Touch screen and save into Bitmap format? [closed]
Insert PHP array into two MySQL tables
how to make a circle hover on an image
Better alternatives to know whether a control is valid in javascript?
鈥渦ndefined reference鈥�error with namespace across multiple files
Designing Relational Survey Questionnaires Database
Trouble using South with Django and Heroku
Could not cancel the notifications in android
Python - execute an instance?
PHP avoiding a long POST