Storing directory as a variable for later use in linux script
How to pass multiple named parameters to Spring JdbcTemplate?
Using vector iterators with in a template class
Dojo 1.7 localImage Plugin Issue
Why My JComponent is not displayed on top of backgound JFrame?
How to access child class's datamember when both base and child class have same object name but different types. in C++
Setting up of text instead on Radio buttons instead of buttons in android
How to detect if Refresh button(F5) is pressed
Cocos2d Changing Scenes: BAD_ACCESS Exception
what are the benefits of setting a name and thread group for one thread?
hasattr with functions
Can Meteor app work offline?
Array.Sort() doesn't correctly order target array
Java's built-in libraries implementation
Embedding a Gallery into a ListView?
How to slice ArrayIterator into two?
find_or_create_by_provider_and_uid yelling about ActiveRecord owning 鈥渃reate鈥�
Tomcat not working in eclipse
How to index on grandchild element when both its parent and itself are an array in MongoDB?
NSURLConnection, login successfull with wrong credentials
How to use NStimer in a game application
Debugging broken connection with EC2, Ubuntu, & Django
JasperReports: The error during running report on WebApp build on Spring [closed]
confusion with c2dm messaging in android
Using & Creating threads in wxwdigets in c++ on windows
How to reload the page without losing variables value
not a proper naming convention but it's working fine, How and what is need of naming conventions if it works?
When the Facebook Token expired?
OnLocationChanged is not called
populating second drop down box from contents of first
Add C pointer to NSMutableArray
Method is not accessible
SQL Query That Should Return Least two days record
Monthly subscription using IAP
Data-Format javascript library propblem in IE
Really big permutation list
Always add trailing / to urls
Android checkbox style
How to add Multiple overlays to Map?
How to override libraries in Rails and django
Defining zsh functions in a loop reassigns pre
How can I split a string in perl, keeping the delimiters, and having the split be between the delimiters?
Import contact list from, Hotmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, MySpace API'S in iphone SDK
What is the formal definition of Inversion of Control? [duplicate]
How can I avoid code duplication when configuring widgets I build using JavaScript object literals?
Android SDK Alternative Builds
domain without www not working, but with www is working
Symfony 2 security always return Bad Credentials error
OracleCommand parameters added but exception is thrown
Can not add `System.Windows.Forms` reference to my WCF service library
鈥済it did not exit cleanly (exit code 128)鈥�error on TortoiseGit
Lein Clojure 1.3 vs Clojure 1.2.1
Storing Struct Variable Calculated in Parfor Loops - MATLAB
Guava Eventbus not working
Should I use JPG or PNG for a tile-able background (background-repeat)?
Protocol Chaining
How to list and rank associated records through a converging association in Rails?
UPDATE : Most Samsung Androids have 鈥淪ettings鈥�button too in soft keyboard. How to intercept or disable that?
NServiceBus processing message later
C++ .exe ignores classes, only running main (beginner)
check if twitter is connected for iOS 5
Jboss 5 debug mode goes in continuous listening mode and doing nothing
Regular expression for this?
An installed program's 鈥渨indows Installer鈥�comes out when I launch a different application
Cannot find report invalid id error while calling Oracle Reports using Oracle Forms
What is the meaning of (front-end nodes) in a cluster?
How does memcache with MySQL work?
Standard practices for graphing large datasets in android
Yet another image preloading issue
`which python` in screws up in arch linux
Negative Edge Triggered D master slave flip flop
HOW TO use Enterprise Architect(EA) to generate the class diagram of a QT project?
How to deny EF update model from database for certain tables?
Is there any standard visual studio 2008 plugin avialable for to trace/log constructor and destructor calls of C++ project
Using gzip compression with mysqldump
convert data in to ToList()
What does caching or not-Caching mean when talking about URL parameters (Matrix, Request or Path)
When may we need to use runOnUiThread in android applciation?
Is it possible to compile v8 as a managed assembly?
What is wrong with my code so it can't play wav file?
HOW TO use Enterprise Architect(EA) to generate the class diagram of a QT project?
How to deny EF update model from database for certain tables?
Is there any standard visual studio 2008 plugin avialable for to trace/log constructor and destructor calls of C++ project
Using gzip compression with mysqldump
convert data in to ToList()
What does caching or not-Caching mean when talking about URL parameters (Matrix, Request or Path)
When may we need to use runOnUiThread in android applciation?
Is it possible to compile v8 as a managed assembly?
What is wrong with my code so it can't play wav file?
How to stop validation on constraint failure in Symfony2
Django giving problems
Large Html Content Failed to Recieve Mails Using SMTP [duplicate]
I am trying to copy an array, but the new (mutable) array is not populating
GAE Java Facebook server authentication double call
Ajax slideshow does not show anything
Get value of a custom attribute in Java Code
Racket Interactive vs Compiled Performance
facebook open graph meta property og:type of 'website'. The property 'object-name' requires an object of og:type 'object-name'
Randomly accessing a file from a folder using Matlab
How to print from web browser without print dialog?
How to get all files from Gallery without using s3eImagePicker in Marmalade?
logging out old session and and continuing in new session with same user ID and Password in Java Web Apps
How to display multiple Tiles dynamically Android
Python cgi on apache server
Jquery Slide show not working with more than 15 Images
Recursive function analysis
Trigger hudson/cloudbees build from Atlassian Jira?
update query not working in array [closed]
get pixel color in instance
Is it possible to have a SQLDataSource with a parameter that is based only upon the GridView that is binding to it?
How to speed up (or memoize) a series of mutually recursive functions
Session Regenerate ID Exceeding Maximum Execution Time?
Open multiple webview from single activity
Error with Joda DateTime Formatter
How to load more(Eg: 50) jpg images to animating quickly by using NSTimer?(Ipad)
Rotating an image around another?
SUN RPC (ONC/RPC): Calculating round trip time (or pinging) using null procedure in C
Accept cookies using cURL?
Possible BUG in Android ImageDownloader class : sHardBitmapCache NOT static when it should be? [closed]
iPhone iOS 5 SDK in app SMS error
About Memory Layout of application and the logical address of some variable
Crash in MapVIew
Jquery radio button value when it is hovered
Arrange the payment options in checkout
highcharts correct json input
C++ error: expected unqualified-id
console.log is not working when used in a Firefox, Greasemonkey script
How to use the iabr register on the powerpc (e300 core)
Android listview with sectionHeader and index both
Profile Link Sharing in FB and Twitter
ATK4 - autocomplete display field
Replace instances of excessive periods to a single … entity
How do you use Split() on a hyphen?
Stopping a python program
In a hash, how do you add two values for the same key instead of overwriting?
Add Breakline to jQuery each result
I'm really confused about time compexity
Git: merge branch and accept HEAD for all conflicts
Git - did init bare in wrong directory
What's needed for a browser, Safari and Opera in particular to understand an HTTP response?
Why does this method fail to instrument ActionView::Template :render?
How can we temporarily turn off the running website & give a message 鈥淭his site is Temprorary unavailable鈥�
MySQL - generate a list of most 'popular' records
How to link_to a page and activate a tab content on that page?
How can I turn data from MySQL to a jQuery variable?
Build Error - Receiver type 鈥淰iewController鈥�for instance messages is a forward declaration
Why am I getting an 鈥渦ninitialized constant RefineryPage鈥�when trying to seed after adding Refinery CMS
How do you setup shared access signature with more than 1 year expiration at Azure blob storage
access wcf service response in perl
Binding input model in partial view help needed
How can I redirect output in Bash
Add items to listview programmatically with dynamic layout
Go to wrksplf after exit from DSPF?
How to compare an image stored in the device with the scanned frame value using camera?
Authenticating HMAC in MVC3
How to pass struct array into a function and correctly store value in it?
How to remove onclick and insert rel=鈥渓ightbox鈥�with javascript (magento go)
How come I can enter values freely with foreign key constraint
exploring ios diractory using using phonegap
Do you use Photoshop to make your gui for android [closed]
Always running process with IISNode
How to set cursor position for UITextView on user input?
Is there a way to add a conditional string in Python's advance string formatting 鈥渇oo {}鈥�format(bar)?
footer not displaying properly when browser window width is decreased
sfDoctrineGuard default_from_email
Download file from HTTPS server using Java
MySQL Normalization - Structuring a multi-table Real Estate Listing database?
java: readLine method put string into string literal pool?
Thread object in event method: use class member or create local object?
Where to find viterbi algorithm transition values for natural language processing?
How to read data from an application which is running
PHP Auto-click catch/stop
How can I apply android's ImageButton style to my own button?
EF 4.3 code first - How to set default value
Layout_weight is not working as desired when using a nested LinearLayout
How is a pointer distinguished from a normal variable in C , under the hood
prerequisites for EJB 3
Client-Side ajaxComplete Call Generating Infinite iframes
importing classes global name not defined
mysql sort order manipulation
Rails 3 Named Route with Segment Key 鈥淣o route matches鈥�Search Form
using expect to loop over output and send to file
Converting Linq2SQL simple queries to CompiledQueries to increase app performance
How can I optimize the SELECT statement running on an Oracle database?
override method in javascript
write to IIS log from an ASP.NET application
Need to figure out where WebKit is spending its time
add image to button in javascript
unique_ptr in structure inside vector doesn't compile when resize used on vector
Having trouble getting anything back but what the default constructor is giving
Adding Servlet Filter to existing deployed applicaton on WebLogic
Related list on vf page to show the history of the custom object
JQuery Show/Hide All (FAQ page)
NullReferenceException was unhandled by usercode- Object reference not set to an instance of an object
need to know multiple SIM and Network supported modem
How can I find the page height AFTER Ajax extends the content beyond the screen?
How to select the file depending on the browser language?
how to add custom column using loop in aspxgridview (VB)
Can't install Google App Engine tools for Android
insert current timestamp into mysql with php?
How can I prevent XSS for an keyup() jQuery event?
Plotting Positional Data to show smoothness
JSP page is 鈥渢rashed鈥�if Tomcat port is changed from 80
Detecting if there are duplicates in a string in O(n) time and O(1) memory and no data structures
Trying to work with a multi-value array in LotusScript and sort of stuck
Systems Analysis Diagram Practice Problems
Kohana - passing variables to a view
Prevent page scrolling after postback
Bluetooth connection between Android and another phone over the Handsfree profile
Calling a function from another C file
In simple gtk key press event example, GDK_SHIFT_MASK seems to be ignored
User friendly URLS .htaccess
How can I create fillable input forms inside a pdf?
Swap a view's model?
Weird CSS3 Transition (flickering)
Playing song in jPlayer that was uploaded via Paperclip - Ruby on Rails - jQuery - jPlayer
Using Moles to override to System.Configuration, not as a Unit Test
How do I troubleshoot mustache blocks?
Django IntegrityError signup_simplesubscriber.date_created may not be NULL
How to remove extra p tags in wordpress pages or posts content
Hibernate: how do I code the mapping for a composite, unique key that isn't the primary key?
How to change the Drupal 7 Image-Field title textfield to textarea?
Ruby on Rails + mongoid: Validator not found
SQL - Percentage count
Why sudo cat gives a Permission denied but sudo vim works fine?
Rails 3 app model how ensure only one boolean field set to true at a time
How to convert an arbitrary hash into an html table
new people about cyanogenmod [closed]
CSS not working in a dynamically created page
Is that possible to find files reside several level down in awk
why rails generate controller is not working?
have this puzzling PHP 5 OOP query
Start one thread per each Method in Java
How to get album images from an image hosting website and automatically display it in a website [closed]
z-index issue in Internet explorer 7
Java DB: No Suitable Driver Found
MYSQL - server quits midway through a script
ical4j causes Java Heap Size Error on Android Project
When using Unity RegisterType with a name the Interceptor doesn't work
Modifying the Codeigniter calendar to generate unique URLs for each date
Javafx 2.0 How-to Application.getParameters() in a file
jquery php assign css values dynamically
how to override delete-event in pygtk?
How do I replace this Singleton?
boost library in Inheritance
Optimal use of CPLEX Java for high-throughput
Android - Add Lines to Textview
Assertion failure in -[UITableView _endCellAnimationsWithContext:]
MYSQL Code Not Pulling Info
Complexity of std::list::splice and other list containers
What is the point of casting an instance to a certain type?
Installing Uploader Plugin for CakePHP 2.x
how to interpret keyeventargs in windows8 consumer preview
When running syncdb on Django-mssql SQLInsertCompiler error
Can't get Div to affect Divs below it
Sorting/Ordering MySQL with two fields
clojure/lein: Can I specify a project file for lein other than project.clj?
xcode ios files not recognized in bundle
Is it safe to replace single class file in a jar file?
Conditional sum across columns
How to get FFT from audio tag in HTML5
Bitwise rotate left function
Internal Server Error with Cakephp 2.1.1 happens extremely often
getting a custom error error message and redirect url from jqXhR in grails and ajax
In Dajaxice (Django), how do you specify a GET vs a POST?
How can I run a Greasemonkey function after an AJAX update?
Maven don't download the latest jar from my repository
Understanding an Error Trail from Spin Modelchecker
webkit hide content overflowing from border-radius
Event/Method triggered when call triggered from WebView ends in IPhone?
UIButton swizzling causing issue with UITableViewCellAccessoryType's
How to assign action for earch button in Yii?
Execute a function without blocking the application android?
what's the difference between *zoom and zoom?
Is there a way to disable calls to Runtime.checkRestricted on the GAE Java development server under Eclipse?
User-arrangeable Android GridView
Java paint() Only Called Once From paintAll()
Why isn't Google Chrome showing the proper encoding?
Anyone using HyperDex in production?
Getting Things Done In Activities Using Async Tasks Vs. Calling Service
webkit hide content overflowing from border-radius
Event/Method triggered when call triggered from WebView ends in IPhone?
UIButton swizzling causing issue with UITableViewCellAccessoryType's
How to assign action for earch button in Yii?
Execute a function without blocking the application android?
what's the difference between *zoom and zoom?
Is there a way to disable calls to Runtime.checkRestricted on the GAE Java development server under Eclipse?
User-arrangeable Android GridView
Java paint() Only Called Once From paintAll()
Why isn't Google Chrome showing the proper encoding?
Anyone using HyperDex in production?
Getting Things Done In Activities Using Async Tasks Vs. Calling Service
About the apple Enhanced notification format
How to delete polygon coordinate/vertex/node (Google Maps V3)
how to calculate the shortest path between two nodes in a graph where the source and target are the same?
Changing CSS dynamically according to its inner elements
Android playback recorded audio
Attaching a number to the end of variable php
(Is there any) VB .NET component which bind every event happened on a table in SQL SERVER
Can't get the login routes to work in Symfony 2
Merge in h2 database, how to use it?
How does rc-prefix work in SuSE?
Resize ACE editor based on browser's size
How to get an explain for a MongoDB count?
Max default length xsd string
QDataStream and quint16 serialization weirdness
Multiple Labels in a single Model - Yii
HTML: sanitize a set of tags but allow all tags in <code> blocks
GRANT Database Permissions for specific tables and the validity of this as a security practice?
Using Requests python library to connect Django app failed on authentication
jquery show fancy box on page load
Simple select method (lambdaj) gets Exception
Update css with jquery in ajax?
how to prevent or handle 鈥� AUD鈥�when playing audio files in j2me
Limits of integration
What does 'MyApps application' mean? 鈥�Android in-app billing
How to do an array of timers in java
How to set default compiler options for XE2?
Why is my Cronjob giving me this error?
Android: Mina Client ClassNotFoundException
Concurrent modification error when adding elements to LinkedList
Encoding Line Feed Characters in the value of a NSXMLElement's attribute
Huh? Why doesn't playEarcon() produce onUtteranceCompleted()?
Wordpress `wp_mail` fails with an HTTP error 500
Call jQuery function from Rails link_to
Valgrind hanging to profile a multi threaded program
What are the strengths and weaknesses of PHP's array type as a data structure?
The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed. WCF REST Service
Extending functionality of existing program I don't have source for
how to add filter to EF by Dependency Injection
Is there a theme for Holo, full screen but with Action Bar?
String manipulation weirdness when incrementing trailing digit
PUT service method example?
is PYTHON Gearman Worker accept multi-tasks
as3 Adobe Air access iPad device camera
Getting last 5 char of string with mysql query
Create unique index with filter expression having IS NULL or OR
Selection algorithm to find the median, elements to the left and to the right
How do I use Active Record to get these records via the associations in rails?
Center ItemizedOverlayItem to screen Center
How to trigger events upon the completion of a best_in_place edit?
Google Charts & JQuery Mobile: setOnLoadCallback and ajax transitions?
Sudden slowdown with lazy sequence
Covariant return type in Java
Get click from button on every row in listview
Can I constantly send network request by updating location when application is entering background?
Node gets deleted when author is set to blank in Drupal 7
Trying to use Arduino's HardwareSerial via Eclipse-AVR
Working with large (tens of millions of rows) datasets
How can an index in MongoDB render a query slower?
Allow User to create and view HTML files in Objective C?
Redirect From Partial View - PUBLISHED not working but DEVELOPING is OK
Remove attributes from a Javascript object
Windows.UserIdentity.Name is empty after <assemblies><clear />
Null pointer errors with Static methods
How can I copy an array by value in Java? [duplicate]
Android UI not updating
Open next month if selectable date falls in the next month
C program - error: type mismatch with previous external decl of 鈥榗har line []鈥�[-fpermissive]
Xcode: sizeWithFont:constrainedToSize:lineBreakMode: iPad issue with system text color?
How can I create a 鈥渕odern looking鈥�Java desktop application?
Why is this regex failing when adding anchors?
jquery: i'm unable to get either $.get or $('#idOfElement').load to work in even the most simple example.
Writing chars as a byte in C++
How can I extend a line from two points to the edges of the plot area using Core Plot?
Titanium - Webview is not rendered when is loaded by async callback
prolog puzzle, can't find error
How to remove square ratio cropping for images on IOS
is there any relation between setOutputFormat and setAudioEncoder
Passing by Reference in JavaScript(Call Method)
Getting decimal values from SQL Server database
Problems With MouseListener
flipping div from flipping content demo not working in IE9
How to remove part of the webpage in Jsoup?
Same Time Web Service Access Testing
Can I use IronPython in Linqpad?
CakePHP2 file upload plugin
Can Visual Studio Automatically Attach to my Azure Virtual Applications?
jquery $.get with recaptcha issue
How to merge multiple arrays that are depending on a function in PHP?
adding multiple sublayers in Xcode 4? only one displays
How do I select the highest value of one column and one of the repeats in a table using t-sql
Set background for item in list view
Remove 鈥�鈥�at end of foreach loop
matlab automatically save excel file using activex interface
Unable to access the value of QueryString outside the OnNavigatedTo method
Something about telnet's TRANSMIT-BINARY option
boost::bind with overloaded functions?
Insert/Remove item in listbox bound to database
Android returning 鈥渘ull鈥�for Bluetooth RSSI
getting .index() position from whole document?
C language, How to include a file from 鈥淴XX.h鈥�to <XXX.h> , maybe using Makefile? [duplicate]
jQuery Forum Submission By Hitting Enter
WordPress Dropdown Not Displaying Correctly and Black Borders in Internet Explorer
Why is there need for an explicit Dispose() method in MVC Controllers? Can anyone explain its intricacies? ( specific)
Backbone.js Router dynamic first parameter
Dragabale text to a RadEditor
Good Windows 7 IDE for node.js devlopment over SSH [closed]
Python - function setting external variable to user input as side effect
Generate HTML background from sprite
globalize3 configuration I18n.locale variable
Flex drop element when too big
Install ImageMagick on Ubuntu with most filetype support
Get a list of names which start with certain letters [closed]
using jquerymobile dialogbox in backbone.js
How to access the SPSite object from a separate thread in Sharepoint 2010 Sandbox
Async serial communication in non-canonical (raw) mode and generating SIGIO in linux/osx
Last loop in for()?
call async asihttp in different view controller
Overriding the << operator using two methods
NoSuchMetodError Exception when Access Custom Library
Dynamically converting XML name value pairs into object attributes
Exception while reading contact list
If you remove() an img tag w/ jquery, will the browser still try and retrieve it?
Using SeekBar to Control Volume in android?
How do I implement swiping between tabs on Android?
How to load sqlite3 console in ubuntu for rails 3.1.3 app?
Inno Setup: Read modified time from one file and use it to set the time for files in a whole directory
Choose 1 from each of 11 ArrayLists is too slow
Aside from using a timer in c# [closed]
jquery mobile error: object has no method 'on'
what compiler does internally for initializing a variable and assigning a variable while constructing object? [duplicate]
Pass data from library to controller and then to view in CodeIgniter 2
Is there any algorithm which can solve this number group sequence?
How to cancel a Task in await?
ThreadPool and Threading.Timer?
Sorting an array using two different criteria
Htaccess rule to turn /home/index/2 into /page/2?
JS function no longer applies
How to add a column grouping in a tablix?
.NET Socket.BeginReceive: number of bytes read
Asynchronous image loading into ListBox
Forcing users to use SSL on main domain and sub domain. WHMCS
Draw a Stretched Arc on HTML5 Canvas
Can I use stdin in conjunction with argv when using one python file piped into another?
Copy File in eclipse copies file name (String) instead of file to clipboard
video chat on Android [closed]
Daemonize a php file on remote machine
Javascript Random Integer Between two Numbers
Working around segmentation faults using parfor loops in MATLAB
My java servcer will no longer accept new connections after running for a long time
How do I create a highlight on mouseover?
Problems deploying web application
How to get the original Type of a Nullable object? [duplicate]
table-layout: fixed issue with column widths
Calculating the mid point of a rotated rectangle in javascript
what does the $ld$add$os10.4$ prefix mean when I use nm to look at a symbol list on a Mac?
Remove all files with different extensions and keep only one using bash regexp
PyBonjour error in Windows - Cannot load library
Does a table that stores a subset of primary keys from another table increase the efficiency of selective SELECT queries?
Class method troubles - Python
Checking for a New Version (Update Check)
Tidying up a query using ARel
Trouble integrating BouncyCastle Jar
Find a string in XML
vertically ordered inputs from JSON object in html/css
EmberJS binding does not work
After resetting Internet explorer 9 can't get proper result
Eclipse marketplace update issue
PHP Smarty money_format and a non double string
libpng warning: Ignoring bad adaptive filter type
Finding an div in JQuery
My SQL query gets cut off
how to parse XML on android
how to test if TWO input fields are empty?
Nothing drawn when drawing in a JPanel
How to add a kill method to an existing jQuery plugin?
Why re-merging a branch ignores some changes?
Generic shell/bash method to parse string for possibly quoted fields?
Python: Download Image From Link Without Picture Extension [closed]
Do variables have to be defined in Python before use?
Java: KeyListener
Get an attributes value from within the attribute
How to use openssl to emulate the Java Signature sign method?
Are there any search engine scripts that don't require a pdf-to-text plugin to be installed on the server?
Another automagic date field like created and updated in CakePHP
Displaying fields from MySQL table but no field with quotes being printed
What is the EOL (End of Life) for Rails 2.3?
PyQt how to add link to QTextBrowser
Another automagic date field like created and updated in CakePHP
Displaying fields from MySQL table but no field with quotes being printed
What is the EOL (End of Life) for Rails 2.3?
PyQt how to add link to QTextBrowser
How to write makefile for C program in UNIX
Capture frames with time delay - iPhone camera
GPS Emulator for Flash Builder
Reorganizing a formula containing Modulo
Ninject and Generic
iOS - Setting UISwitch on/off state on a Modal View Controller
Java Change Button Background Color
How to mousout after mouseover wavy text
how do i place this ruby code correctly?
Which jpcap library to use?
Code templates - unit name clash between Delphi versions
working on overloaded package 鈥淔ailed to resolve object details鈥�
Htaccess rule to make urls like this ?page=1 look like /page/1 in Codeigniter
iOS Unit testing universal application
hasChildNodes vs firstChild
mysql stored procedure executing SHOW CREATE TABLE
How do I get the path of a view from my business layer assembly?
Can you send an electrical signal to open/close a switch via iphone jack?
Unable to complete Git Push : PHP Memory Exhausted?
Python optimisations in this code?
How to change the css to affect only id or class instead of input[type=鈥溾�]
Disable submit button if checkbox is not checked in jquery
IIS content-type wrong for compressed CSS
where do i place function below for validation
Passing mysqli connection to a PHP function - out of synch
special characters break mysql insert
move_uploaded_file() not working with valid ['tmp_name']
OutOfMemory Exception when loading lots of Images from Isolated storage
Error with Array getting Empty Set
Rounding Error?
Model won't display in GE Plugin Tour Player
Python UnboundLocalError 鈥淣eed help鈥�
CakePHP (2.1) Media Plugin - Multi File Upload
鈥淯ndefined Index鈥�error
getElementsByTagName specific links only
Centering Image
How to Intercept the keyguard(software menu) clicks for eg 鈥淪ettings鈥�menu option click?
Database design suggestions for large, multi-part questionaire [closed]
(jQuery) Find and Replace specific text
Jenkins failed to start in linux
I'm using AsyncTask to do a long running task but it seems to still be doing it in the main ui
Convert triangleindices to Point3d, then display as lines
Signed angle between two vectors without a reference plane
why does xmllint return this as invalid
Editing has_one objects with form_for in Rails
DataGridView does not refresh after dataset update
Search Elements in div
How to pass a variable to an inherited class in Python/Django?
UIButton that changes its containing UIView
uninitialized constant Formtastic::SemanticFormBuilder (NameError) when starting rails server
Fastest way to detect major color(s) in an image?
Fixing toggle with two buttons
Is it possible to iterate through two lists at the same time in Underscore.js?
Copying an object javascript in order to pass by value
Trying to save variables to a MYSQL database table using images
Regarding try-catch
Rails update has broken uniq?
Looping background in cocos2d iPhone
Python and mechanize login script
Logging with log4j in a mysql database using connection pool
Wildcard for WHERE?
GDataXML, namespaces, and xpath
Adjusting UIITabBar properties?
How can I make a grid of objects in a UIView subclass?
Google Analytics: Track two domains as one
JQuery: looping over multidimensional array of form input elements
memory leak of ahocorasick C module with Python 2.6
Input validation from redirected stdin in C
Find start/end character index of animation in a textbox within powerpoint
how to log into a unix account with php [closed]
How to add an image in Tkinter (Python 2.7)
wordpress query_posts in archive issue
ASP.NET MVC query deployed Application Server Address while not in request
How do i start up Snort software?
jQuery: getting the value of a input field
Load an external page into overlay
out of range random number generation in C++ using tr1
Is it possible to determine whose code (according to `git blame`) was affected by each hunk output by `git diff`?
How to catch server failure in the client?
Is there any documentation for omitting zeroes in dot-decimal notation of IPV4 addresses?
Script CDN usage, privacy and costs
Python:How do I use 鈥渙r鈥�in a regular expression?
How to read lines from stdin whenever available (block otherwise)?
Using SelectByText (partial) with C# Selenium WebDriver bindings doesn't seem to work
How do i output the string associated with the selected index鈥y output is the selected index integer(i dont want this)
How can I change cols of textarea in twitter-bootstrap?
XCheckWindowEvent doesn't return ClientMessage events
Does mbunit gallio ignore Test Order when using Parallelizable?
MySQL - How to return multiple results for each GROUP BY set?
Passing multidimensional arrays to functions?
Ambiguous between methods or properties in C# .NET
JavaScript: Any plans to implement threading in future version? [closed]
Oracle database: DBMS_ALERT usage with java application
Execute method from a different thread than the one it's called from
Change GridView's 鈥淐hecked Out鈥�column from a button to a label based on whether cardNumber is null or not
Getting menu item to animate
Oracle database: DBMS_ALERT usage with java application
Execute method from a different thread than the one it's called from
Change GridView's 鈥淐hecked Out鈥�column from a button to a label based on whether cardNumber is null or not
Getting menu item to animate
Implementing ActionListener in the Following Code Inside
What is wrong with my .ctags file?
Lining up input elements, off by one in Firefox
LINQ - NHibernate: one list items contains all other list items
How to Center three Div's inside another Div
Force Close when pressing back button
MVC Razor view make image invisible based on model item condition
Apache HTTPD/mod_proxy/Tomcat and SSL with client auth
How to check whether domdocument has items
Lag on Chat Machine, threads, timer
Setting up Uber development mode in Emacs for Clojure
Strict violation when using 'this' in declared function, no violation with function expression
CUDA - do I have to allocate and free memory each time?
Jquery Return value is a bool but how to test the condition
How can I use String Builder format my text file with StreamWriter?
PHP to send smtp emails with pear mail module
Using RegularExpressionAttribute in a Custom ModelValidatorProvider
Why is testing if a key exists in a hash not working for ref to hash?
Object has no method 鈥渃harAt鈥�
What are the differences between streampos and pos_type, streamoff and off_type?
Does resize() to a smaller size discard the reservation made by earlier reserve()?
Qt QFileSystemModel - Multiple directory trees under the root index
How can I retrieve integer values for integer columns in CakePHP?
How to get a property with get/set to serialize with JSON.stringify()
pdo - prepared statement loses data?
How to add JDBC connectors jar files to a portable Eclipse installation?
Composite query
How to extract everything between two keywords in perl
Retain authentication via JavaScript client?
Bootstrap Multilevel Dropdown Menu
Using custom markers in fusion-tables with address already geocoded locations
How to write a log or text file to the file system in Metro Style App
index error with lists while using del, cant figure it out
Dependencies for PHPUnit 3.4.17
php mysql search through 26 tables
CLLocationManager not start on iPhone simulator
My accumulator and calculations are not working in VB 2010
Why won't UIDocumentInteractionController present a preview?
Reading all of today's events using CalendarContract - Android 4.0+
HTML Table align images and text
Using smart pointers in a struct or class
Android SQLite Update Query - What Am I Missing
Why is Collections.frequency not working as expected on converted list?
W3C validation for server-side form tag
How to make a basic thread in C++
Using php and mysql to take user generated data that needs to be approved before being published
availableProcessors() returns 1 for dualcore phones
Injecting into NSData (Generated from NSCoding) from External Source?
infine loop - related to NSTimer
JSF 2.0 cannot find component id in view
How to control a <label> with CSS?
fireEvent from iframe to top.document.body
Analysing English Text Sentences To Detect Rhymes in PHP
coding a tie in tic tac toe [duplicate]
how to send a message from client web page to 0mq server
AJAX call unsuccessful ..aspx page locked up by session
I want to know how can I build platforms to do SPARQLqueries on RDF, especially what programming tools do I need
Using MIT Licensed product in iPhone application
Meaning of blinking red border in emulator
How to find longest palindrome [duplicate]
ant fileset dir exclude certain directory
PHP+MYSQL: How to download all images in my images table by clicking an export button
Open new dialog from a dialog in qt
Trouble placing int matrix array in a C++ Object
Accessing a UIWindow's rootViewController?
Complex select change on another select.. not asked before
what functions are called when i do vi
Running Qt Creator on CentOS release 5.8 - Cannot resolve 'dbus_get_version' in your libdbus-1
CORS withCredentials XHR preflight not posting Cookies in Firefox
jquery ajax: doctype syntax error and $ is not defined error on remote server
Wrapping text in pads using ncurses. (In C)
Files got overwritten in maven project when building a war
How can I duplicate a table to another database in Rails using ActiveRecord?
CakePHP: navigating away from homepage to use other controllers
How to programmatically select pan/zoom in pyqt/matplotlib navigation
Is there such built-in control in silverlight?
Running a program programmatically through command line
Autocomplete - how to make it query when clicked upon. Currently shows all the options displayed in the list
Phantom warning: Unsupported configuration minimum font size is greater than current font size
Rails - how do you access a foreign key object in a html.erb template? Works in console
A combination of hist and sum:is there a function for that?
How can I insert data into a checkboxlist as a hyperlink?
Parsing an HREF from an HTML string using a regular expression
Array vs List for interoperability purposes with WCF
How to use PHP string in mySQL LIKE query?
Simple thread in C++ Error - 'Lib' has not been declared
Exceptions in Yesod
Is my heuristic algorithm correct? (Sudoku solver)
How to validate a file input on client side (Javascript)
How to save extra field in has_many_through relation
mock php's resource type for unittesting
Unnamed passed arguments not included in the 'arguments' object
On Android Context.getCacheDir() seems to return a directory I cannot create subdirectories in
How to add support for a new file format in Visual Studio 11
Upgraded Xcode 4.3.2 Showing Error
write with my buttons
Is there a limit of the size of data using replaceWIth in jQuery?
PyBrain: Loading data with numpy.loadtxt?
PHP REGEX: Help needed with PREG_SPLIT() for zip code
VIM: TODO highlight makes text disappear
Switched from shared library to dll, now getting an error that it can't find pow()
Detecting a duplicate customer
Simultaneously write text from one Textarea to another Textarea
Struts 2 : 鈥淭he requested ressource is not available鈥�
Animate scrolling divs won't display correctly
send inkcanvas strokes via sockets
How to clear JTextField when mouse clicks the JTextField
Add facebook login to an existing login system
Effective Way to Count Distance on a Combination Lock
Haskell replace element in list
Subsetting matrices
Inheritance and methods
JQuery Cycle Prev/Next not working
How do I scrape data from a javascript page for iOS?
Transfer data from desktop to android device
Java How to prevent user edits of file name in FileChooser OpenFileDialog
clojure: for loop contents not invoked
Can a Matlab PARFOR loop be programmatically switched on/off?
OAuth2 Authentication for 鈥淕oogle Service鈥�returns 鈥渋nvalid_request鈥�
QSpinBox enter NaN as a valid value
Point-of-sale scanning API [closed]
first common ancestor of a binary tree
Jquery ScrollTo 100% width 100% height li
MigLayout and JTables within JScrollPanes within tabbed pages
Fastest way of removing unicode codes from a string
Object has no method 'indexOf'
Deferring computation in paginated lists with knockoutjs
Tables created by sonar in the database [duplicate]
Removing an ArrayList's elements [closed]
Java Multithreaded Client/Server Communication Trouble
Android Live Wallpaper Animation
Facebook not recoginizing OG meta and returning redirct could not be followed
What is more convenient resource-wise: generate values at runtime or save generated values to the database?
Issue with <select> tag on Android web browser
execute python script multiple times
Random Trailer app in Django [closed]
Can't change Prerendered Icon Flag when uploading binary to iTunes Connect
How can I view output of tshark -V via Wireshark or similar?
javascript equivalent of union in c
django - Howto inject a message in
Receive email notifications in android app
How to run C++ application in Android SHELL
Redis SET command
Hashing and Linear Probing
is it ever appropriate to localize a single ascii character
How can I view output of tshark -V via Wireshark or similar?
javascript equivalent of union in c
django - Howto inject a message in
Receive email notifications in android app
How to run C++ application in Android SHELL
Redis SET command
Hashing and Linear Probing
is it ever appropriate to localize a single ascii character
Why I keep getting the same random values? [duplicate]
whats faster, more efficient, loading a js file with arrays or populating arrays from tables [closed]
Loader is not bringing variables from php [closed]
JQuery DataTables link item
How do I make this JQuery code more efficient
Parameterized constructor in view model not working
PHP Function Inside of An Array?
JavaScript - Loop over all a tags, add an onclick to each one
Load local SWF in AIR
I want to create a simple APK that only copies its contents to SD card
How to handle HTML5 Canvas consuming pinch-to-zoom on tablet?
Uri String not Caching in android
Cancel tasks started by applicationDidEnterBackground when application restarts
Output text file to screen
Reverse Modulus Operator
php not redirecting
Update Action Trouble
mysql bug database error
Problems while returning RSSI value of a Bluetooth device
What does SyntaxNode+[Node] mean in treetop? (Ruby)
integrating a freemind map into the web application
JS: How long does it take to call a function?
Post form on select with JQuery Datepick
Parser description with repetition 鈥渕eta-token鈥�
Alter Git prompt on Windows
Rails: Attr accessor undefined method in the setter
UIBarButtonItem Custom using 20x20 and 40x40 white on transparent icon not using retina @2x
Ruby on Rails - where to write business logic while processing a request? (newbie)
Why inserting an {{#if}} handlebars tag in meteor template causes rendering empty page?
How do I use chrome.tabs.executeScript in chrome extensions?
Convert arrays with values/keys in common to a hash
LinearLayout fading effect contents
What does $@ mean in a bash script?
Prettifying/Formatting output in SimpleXML
How do I add a counter total to my user model based on another table?
If A Server Response to a JSONP request isn't properly wrapping the response in a function, is there any way to override the 鈥渋nvalid label鈥�error?
magento product view page error
iCalendarDateFormat.format is changing the date
fprintf() within a subprogram
Zombie.js not playing nice with Backbone form submissions
limite sqlite database entries [closed]
Android setTextSize TextView moves baseline and cuts off text height
Clojure: why is aget so slow?
getting teamcity to recognize truly new failed test cases when using the yield generator in nose
Can I embed Swing components in Jogl?
Correct the view exhibition on android
How to send message to one view of many
Escape all special characters in a string that is sent by jquery ajax
Setting up Android support package v7 for eclipse - GridLayout
How to make facebook like button display minimum count as 0 in box count?
How do I compile to Flash Player 11.2 to use the new features like Stage3D?
MySQL Grouping Forums & its subForums into same group before doing greatest-n-per-group
RAils 3.1 Why does this query work in development but not in production?
What is The Mac equivalent of iOS's CALayer 鈥渨illMoveToSuperview鈥�
Return object tags as a list
A custom button on Navigation
Having two scales in chart using d3
quickSort modification with insertionSort
Lambda expression and join
How do I load a html file into a Dojo dialog in XPages
Shared GAE datastore, Go <-> Java, regexp.FindStringIndex index shifting (byte-index vs utf-8-char-index)
How can I put a muzzle on the ErrorProvider component?
faceted search using node-solr
create UIImageView from delegate in a Tab Bar Controller
Odd SVG scaling with -webkit-transform in Mobile Safari / Android Browser
multiple form submission with one submit
Multiindex from array in Pandas with non unique data
Interesting algorithm challenge of converting a array of 1D matrices into a master 1D matrix, need efficient solution
stop capture data with libpcap and save it in a file
Replace this Hex chars from string in PHP
How to overloading constructors if using multiple classes in one file
How to store a Java byte array in an Oracle database?
Django custom validate_unique method works for saving new object in admin site, but not in views and templates (`self` doesn't exist yet)
Android C2DM Device Registration giving a 401 error
print values one by one in tcl
Validating dropdown
How can I draw my character in the middle of my mouse click coordinates, not to the upper left?
Stop Excel mouse cursor from flickering over button
Using WebClient to download a zip file who's name can change monthly
How to resolve 鈥減rocedure has an unresolved reference to object dbo.sysssislog鈥�
Matlab: button callback for 鈥淗old down 鈥�event
Thin doesn't start rails server
volume calculation from surface difference
How to make On Item Selected not automatically choose the first entry
How to Enumerate SQL Server Instances
Dynamic CheckBoxFor with some disables
CakePhp 2.0 .htaccess
XMLDP query with string array parameter - Report Builder
Finding the gem root
NSURLConnection with NSRunLoopCommonModes
What C# feature allows the use of an 鈥渙bject literal鈥�type notation?
Manually Implementing HTTP GET in python
HTML/Javascript: how to draw a dynamic graph
Run TeX-command-master without querying in emacs
How to add items from an XML file to an already filled List<> thats bound to an ListBox
Ajax Call to fetch new data
Is there to refer to a user without stating in a filter queryset?
Customising url for solritas solr + velocity templates
Draw line connector for Raphael shapes
Qbservable implementation
Lua table variables the same even for new objects
Jquery custom validation non numeric
Matlab - a command to sort variables into groups and output the group indices
replace byte in 32 bit number
When compiling programs to run inside a VM, what should march and mtune be set to?
Expression Templates in D
jQuery Validate - digits of min length of 10 or 13?
AppStore: App downloadable only for 3GS and above?
nested select statements taking too long to load on SQL server
What event to hook to redirect on 404 errors? Symfony 1.4
Debugging method for changing class of a tag
Building an activity from button click
Optimising Androidplot
Getting the path of %AppData% in PowerShell
How to pass command line arguments from one python module to another
Code Generation in a Silverlight WCF RIA Services Project
my sql else if and length of a last name as an number
NullPointerException when passing a MediaPlayer object between classes
Will iPhone enterprise program allow me to beta test with more than 100 devices?
Reminder email for applicants
JQuery UI Draggable - Change html of dropped helper element
Is there a way to get rid of vertical scrollbar in dijit.form.multiselect?
a way to get the secondlevel domain of a website?
rails app use postgresql shows PG::Error
Best solution for accessing images, css, js, etc
JLabel setText is not working
How to see progress of running SQL stored procedures?
How to export chart from WPF Toolkit (MS Chart) to PNG. It doesn't work, it creates only a black PNG
Plotting border dissapears when changing FaceAlpha
jquery .change function on ie
how can I rotate an opengl 3d object to point to a GPS position (lat, long)?
Opening links in a new tab and only the new tab
Cannot load /admin after migrating SilverStripe install to a new server
setInterval not processing properly
Indesign Server Scripting Textarea.Contents
Load data from sqlite database to GAE datastore from AppEngine
Is there a way to 鈥渓ogoff鈥�a Rails user authenticated via X509 cert?
App that syncs to the network
database connection on local machine
Which is the PSD size for supporting normal and large screen size?
C# tooltip reporting mouse coordinates on 3d party window
log4net multiple adonetappender
database connection on local machine
Which is the PSD size for supporting normal and large screen size?
C# tooltip reporting mouse coordinates on 3d party window
log4net multiple adonetappender
Does node.js have any libraries for talking to SignalR Hubs?
Is it good that 鈥渆verything is an object鈥�
Where should I put my Javascript in Wordpress?
How to use ASP.Net Web API to send a list of keys and return a list of key/values?
query action with php
htmlBox inserting
Which Python template engine is safe to be used by untrusted users?
Detect mouse back/forward button clicks
Build path from nodejs request.url pathname
Cassandra/NoSQL newbie: the right way to model?
JQuery animate left and scale
Dereferencing a pointer at lower level in C
How can a dynamic be used as a generic?
How to host a Rails application as an API that is only accessible locally?
Cross-browser solution for replacing the use of event.layerX and event.layerY
How integrate facebook in c#
How do I get User object to Serialize for storing in a StateServer
How can I replace the reportviewer's refresh button?
jQuery fade in div for repeating classes
Java RandomAccessFile vs. DataInputStream for byte operations
Strange Blank Space at Top of Page 鈥撀燞TML, CSS, and PHP
Passing record id via Link to Visualforce detail page
Objective C Class instance properties deallocating in UITableViewController
Jquery works in Safari but not in Firefox 11
Why can't I force one of my Views to render in software?
Output in HTML page a mySQL query with PHP
Play! framework 2.0 scala - ClassCastException: models.MyModel cannot be cast to models.MyModel
Passing NSDictionary value to an NSString
jQuery Validate Not Working
Run code if any of the 鈥渋f鈥lse if鈥�was executed?
Tempo js - Rendering an array of strings or simple objects, referring to 鈥渢his鈥�in the template
Unable to hide a Flash SWF object embedded in an iframe
Root.plist setting.bundle old editor, where is it?
Need help extracting text from a URL
RedirectToAction and Routing not passing parameter correctly
retrieve byte from 32 bit integer using bitwise operators
Channel.messageReceived event in Netty
How to get to the Mongo shell history file or all history on Windows
setting value for array object via index sets all array items
Parsing data from string in PHP
is there a way to use multiple strings in the jquery :contains() selector?
Unique Folder Identifier
JSON API to show Advanced Custom Fields - WordPress
postMessage - ben alman postMessage plugin trouble
How do I dynamically add mixins as base classes without getting MRO errors?
Warning: 鈥淢in Font Size greater than current font size鈥�
Generic carrier for iphone app screen shots [duplicate]
sound on/off in an app using radio button
How do you take screenshots of a multipage pdf file?
JBossAS 7 not accepting remote connections
How to clear a remote form in Rails 3 using Coffeescript after submission?
How can I tell whether Apache is using my .htaccess as intended?
Timeit, NameError: global name is not defined. But I didn't use a global variable
PHP Making Application Compatible With Other Language Characters
Channel.channelInterestChanged in Netty
A way of globalising the mysql function to avoid sql injection
Callback when VLC done on command line
How do you prevent sortedArrayUsingSelector from removing duplicate entries (ios)?
Calculation of minimum distance between coordinate points
Google maps marker and Sencha touch 2
rails, user signing out after editing profile?
Set-up memcached on EC2 instance to listen on external IP
How to handle Facebook's deprecation of offline_access when you use token both in both iOS app and a server
Cocos2D: CCLabelTTF won't preserve ending whitespace.
If a radio value is ==1 then request ajax
Is there a way to evaluate a string as operation on xslt?
ios gesture recognizers in overlapping views
Generate 鈥渞andom鈥�matrix of certain rank over a fixed set of elements
PreparedStatement does not work with Google SQL cloud
NSManagedContext takes very long time to persist
How to get the list of lists
Ruby/Sinatra Projects on GitHub for Beginner to Learn Good Practices [closed]
C++ boost thread delay
How To Turn a Reduce-Realized Sequence Back Into Lazy Vector Sequence
Published application cannot start, but release/debug version starts well
How to start a Skype call from an Android app?
using HTML5 session storage in mvc3
Oracle database: Group tables in folders, like Postgres Schemas?
SELECT * FROM $_POST[] - PHP mySQL formatting
How to get a substring of a node in an Xpath expression
Why does my Backbone View button click event not fire
Taking Items from an Array and putting them into a database
Replace tags in CMS formated content
privacy issue - login external website via facebook id
How do I randomly pick an item from one of the lists inside a dictionary, and also get the key for the list?
Nonempty Array Has .length of 0
What is the ZeroMQ eqivillent of RabbitMQ's 鈥渪-expires鈥�argument?
Can SELECT use the results of a query to form the table expression in PostgreSQL?
WCF Webapi UriTemplate with file extension works local but not on IIS7
Symbolicating crash logs in XCode 4.3.2
WHERE clause in SSRS expression
Different answer based on the arithmetic type used (no overflow occuring)
CSS-Confusion: Website has a lot of blank space on right side
Filter items from two table. mysql normalization
What does Object reference not set to an instance of an object.mean
Android PreferenceScreen set title
Error Messages Without Line Numbers
PHP Cartesian Product of two associative arrays while combining keys and labels
Mixing MIDI audio channels using CoreAudio in Objective C
Repository pattern mvc3
CakePHP 2.1 URL Language Parameter
How to Install Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Express in Parallel
How do you set different height/width for iframe in fancybox V2?
Right hand maze traversal in C
mysql two tables with same entry name adding values
Detect touch and hold with UITableViewCell, what are my options?
Database method works fine the first time then not thereafter [SOLVED]
TestFlight checkpoints not appearing in SDK Debugger (PhoneGap)
How do I use an image transition filter in Xcode?
Force page to reload from server instead of load the cached version
Library import issues
Locating a program in a Phing build file
Why isn't my Session Variable working?
UINavigationBar hidding subviews
Grails - Where to store properties related to domains
What is the advantage of using the native C++ Qt over PyQt [closed]