Accessing file outside document root - am able to zip - not able to display
using web sockets for running javascript acceptence tests
Paginate through instagram responses
Migrating MS Access 2007 db to Sql Server 2008
Setting onClickListener for a ListView item using a ViewHolder
Converting MS Access 2000 to 2010
How can I improve my search script?
Is there a real-life java example defining when it is better to use a one-dimensional array instead of an arraylist?
issues with fstream in payroll project
plot count values
I can't include while loop inside of a variable
Create a table using another table's row as inputs
SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column
Another way to loading data in Facebook using JavaScript SDK pagination?
HTML list elements won't list horizontally?
Once the server is down, this snippet is keep calling the server repeately, how to stop?
drawRect:/renderInContext: issues
How to link a library from another library in QT
Why doesn't forall (RankNTypes usage) apply by default?
Jquery infinite scrolling up plugin
Missing ] after element list error
Unable to save BufferedImage from applet using ImageIO.write
android - overdraw layout allows touch through LinearLayout
Can including one library break the functioning of another library in C++?
Issues with iOS 5.1 (9B176) SDK in xcode 4.2
Read from stdin write to stdout in C
Analysis and Design for Functional Programming [closed]
What is a tGrid?
How to do some code before get() and post() are called?
Inheriting from IO::File
Invalid Argument Error with SlickGrid
Can a statically-loaded shared library conflict with itself?
Google Earth API: How to prevent high jump when changing camera location?
httpclient api for java project
Replace old content with new in PHP
Converting Excel Column with To SSRS (inch or pt)
How is Linux CRunTime library handled compared to Microsoft
Why won't bundle install railties 3.2.3 on my server?
backbone.js: what is the significance of a slash at the end of a url?
Relating map positions
HTTP Status 404 - The requested resource is not available
Change selected text color of individual element
Textarea default value
Git with Xcode, no such file or directory
Why does strict complain about variables from a required other script?
Aligning text over a div element
Parsing XSD w/XDocument
Accessing Elements from Other Processes
Custom Fonts on Opera Mobile Emulator
in jsFiddle, <ol> don't display leading number, why?
Why is my blender model giving weights errors in my XNA project?
How to do Bulk Insert using MySQL (like SqlBulkCopy) with Linq to Entities
How to create an immutable class
How to place cursor in NetBeans Java file templates?
Possible to rake db:schema:load without wiping the database
Returning page numbers for a set of elements (optimisation for XSLT 1.0/msxsl)
Why is strong versioning not being honored in a mixed mode assembly?
Compare two XML files or two DataSets and get differences
jQuery id stacking fail
Temporary burst of speed with chipmunk
Verify an email address is a paypal user
Travis for personal repository
IE throws JavaScript Error: The value of the property 'googleMapsQuery' is null or undefined, not a Function object (works in other browsers) BKS not found
CSS style not applied on content replaced with jQuery
I want to run the cygwin bash shell from native windows emacs app
SQL prestashop stats order total by customers group
How to write a caption under an image?
How to show an image appearing on JPanel in PDF
Richfaces 4.1 with JSF 2.1.7: resources are all in the body instead of head of the html document
android audiomanager change gain
For each X find the average Y of that X. 4 Queries
Trying to use AWK to remove a glob of text inside an html file
Inserting Variable into DIV within a Javascript Function
Displaying User HTML - Alternatives to using iframe
Calling Google API after having access Token to fetch profiledata
MVC: Repopulate filters form's fields without using Model
XML to MYSQL Using Python
XML to MYSQL Using Python
Solr boost based on live_date, title and keywords
Get Number of frames in an android video
How to post json to Django
very simple multidimensional array program opens Visual studio JIT?
Need some explanation regarding BaseCommentAbstractModel of django comment app
Using Google Maps InfoBox for Points Stored in an Array
Supporting both Mtom and Text as MessageEncoding in WCF
footer expanding color css
API for Google Docs Viewer
Dynamically creating a SQL table from an XML file
JavaScript mouseover
Writing back a function through Response.Write()
Fly-out menu over iframe
GIT - entire set of changes reversed at an unknown point
Flash CS5 not responding when saving
How to center the content in DataGrid without resizing edit box in the editable cells?
Open ImageView with Zoom and Scroll
Django get method is yielding an error
Difference between prototype function and json notation function?
SVN related, in relation to the 鈥渢runk / branches鈥�concept
Android: create TextView from template file and append to existing TextView
How to let a method accept two types of data as argument?
What is the fastest way to convert a string into an array of 1 item
is there a program to simulate a graphics card [closed]
sorting integer columns in mootools sortable table
How Guice behaves differently as injection types change
Center Navbar in Twitter Bootstrap 2.0
Where to physically store a VisualSvn branch or trunk to compile
Javascript: Alert a number with a hyphen in it
Jquery IE7 Id append issue
Formview.ChangeMode is not working
Chrome app losing localStorage
FB.ui - Send dialog reappears after submitting
Getting part of URL after redirect
Performing unit testing with nested dependencies and Factory classes
Why do same query on couchdb takes different amount of time ?
multi-view, how to change property in one view from 2nd view
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded Spring Hibernate Tomcat 6
What does 鈥溾�鈥�mean when next to a parameter in a go function declaration?
How can Meteor apps be tested?
Ext.get and update not working in IE
HTMLEditorKit insertHTML adds a newline tag to the string
How to draw a deflected 2D beam in Matlab?
Codeigniter - Integrating tank_auth - issues loading libraries
Meteor JS, running in a debugger?
awk: catch `exit' in the END block
Symfony2 Warning: file_put_contents(): Exclusive locks are not supported for this stream
Logging into sql server 2008 and/or reporting services using a windows login
Merge columns cut & cat
Symfony2 Warning: file_put_contents(): Exclusive locks are not supported for this stream
Logging into sql server 2008 and/or reporting services using a windows login
Merge columns cut & cat
How can I draw individual pixels in Java without using graphics classes?
OR operation in WHERE clause
Is it possible to specify a directory/folder for mongodump?
Fluent nHibernate Mapping with Ternary Mapping Table
Simple Design of friends list database
iOS - How to selectively delete files older than a month in Documents Directory
How to change a launching image to landscape?
GXT Registry Update
Unable to deploy xulrunner 9 and above in mac Osx
How to preserve formatting from rstudio when copy/pasting to Word?
How do I test if a HTML link element (a) containing a link href exists at DOM?
How does this piece of code function?
.NET - Passing Enum with Attribute Through WCF
Backbone Javascript - Function not Found?
SQL - for each (if鈥�then鈥�else鈥�
ASP.NET MVC3 Physical Location of View from controller
How does HTTP download work?
PHP: html_entity_decode removing/not showing character
How to use Git in my workflow
How to implement a custom local DNS service in Java?
Android app data security
Variable is 鈥渦ndefined鈥�when used in a different method?
jQuery jPlayer not showing duration on iPad [duplicate]
Get a variable from a url String in PHP
jquery-ui broken
Getting XCode to include, compile and link existing (C++) codebase in XCode 4.3(.1)
Cannot convert lambda expression
Integration tests in Continuous Integration environment: Database and filesystem state
fire jquery .animate oninput only once
How to open email by x-gm-msgid in Gmail with Javascript
error after adding a new field in Django Models
Test if characters in string in R
Interprocess communication in windows xp
when I am selecting multiple checkbox for deletion鈥nly last one checkbox is deleted ! means it can delete 1 data from a database
Working with HwndSource from BackgroundWorker
Cannot set parameter using Perl CGI->param()
Time series forecasting
Integer encoder decoder for Netty
SSRS Dynamic Returning Dataset Collection Field in Expression
Jquery adding events
How do I change the timespan in a splunk timechart report?
Beautifully Autoscrolling the Page, Plus the 鈥淪pring鈥�Effect
Access all User Session in Struts 2
Pack array of namedtuples in PYTHON
Loading 3d model into OpenGL scene
Using XSDs with includes
Sorcery Gem - Custom user_info_mapping for external providers
What qualifier should I use to declare a block as an ivar?
What is the timeout for SignalR persistence connection?
Set Text property of asp:label in Javascript PROPER way
Creating a new column for date info with specific date format
Magento - Put an image next to top category menu name
I want to create a nav list in the base bundle. How can I allow other bundles to add to that list?
Executing 7-zip from VB
It fails to compile a c++ map structure as map<A, pair<B, C> >
Display a variable when a select box option is selected
Simplest way to insert data into a fresh Cassandra database using the Hector API?
Odd behavior for replacing newlines in PHP
Sinatra with a Pure Ruby database
Accidentally deleted /usr/bin/vim on my computer. Need help please? [closed]
Need a Proper Data Structure for Handling Message from Multiple Clients
Text-based browser chat examples
C++ pointer to a class method call
Could not load file or assembly App_Web_ * with a precompiled ASP.NET website project
HTTP download in IIS from network attached virtual directory
Call function with (unknown) variable number of parameters?
Form Validation using ErrorProvider and Validating Events
How can I skip commits in git?
Delete a Google document permanently
ApplicationContextaware works
I got a EXC_BAD_ACCESS and I cannot seem to find out why
Website has too much Padding when on Firefox Browser
Quick way to save a python TempFile?
OperationalError: foreign key mismatch
CFWheels - Record not being inserted
setNeedsDisplayInMapRect doesn't trigger new drawMapRect: call
Is it possible to compile C++ sources with Clang 3.1 plus VC11 Beta headers?
ORDER BY giving wrong order
Best view count strategy
Permission denied trying HTTP Post with multiple files with Threaded Queue
Transfer files from filehosting with a web-base script
passing cookies in http request from classic asp page
Documentation or code details on Meteor's DDP pub/sub protocol?
Copy sheets and point its links to itself?
iOS app legalities, questions, considerations from new developer [closed]
ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap with android SimpleExpandableListAdapter
Div on the bottom of fancybox popup
Java project unable to refer to another project
Connect to MySQL using JBDC with Java EE applying MVC design pattern
About > Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection
jQuery/Javascript - Check whether an element exists in an iframe
Emacs 鈥淢-x term鈥�Prompt
What's different from using UploadProgress with Lighttpd vs Upload Progress module in Nginx?
How to get the most recent of a set of date variables in java
Caching generated QR Code
Efficient insertion of complex data mysql
Optimizing Sqlite query: grouping in subqueries
Efficient insertion of complex data mysql
Optimizing Sqlite query: grouping in subqueries
How to marshal a class in Jruby which contains an array
Difference 鈥渄ecimal鈥�and 鈥渄ecimal?鈥�types, when to use either of them
Does Meteor use SockJS as it's main browser-server communications mechanism?
Can a window be presented (as its own window, not as a sheet) modally for just one other window?
How to get the position of the screen in a picturebox
Shared Object Library and MPI
Is there a jQuery event that can trigger *after* an anchor click completes?
Symfony2 SonataAdmin error saving Entity with many to many relation with Media. Message: Entity Was not configured to cascade persist
Find indexes on two lists based on items condition
How to disable inertia with Surface SDK?
Android - Change position of android action bar
Lazy vs Eager loading with JPA
Sharing dynamic URLS
Any alternative to a (very slow) deepcopy in a DFS?
Triple drop down menu with the Dewey Decimal Classification
How to a synchronize tasks?
How to get Google Calendar event startime using Zend_Gdata?
Visual Studio link error when including headers from another directory
Random JavaScript Errors in CRM 2011 Outlook Client
convert css to jquery
Open an external URL and continue with my own webpages
how to open Word Document in browser?
Lync availability for users who are not contacts
Generate Iron Python UnitTest results
Using GUI for console input and outputin java
Special behavior of MultiBinding vs Binding when specifying an ImageSource
Objective-C: Get the UITouch for which the UIEvent was triggered
2way cache associative ? how many bytes do I read from memory?
Raphael icon size
Where do I put my resque-retry failure backend code?
mysqldump on a merge table
ReportViewer 10 renders a blank screen when used in ASP.NET application
VB.NET Difference between Focus() and BringToFront()
Index Creation Failing for ShardedDocumentStore and Sharded Linq Queries Not Supported
Should I clear() containers passed in as a parameter, or swap in a new object? [closed]
C# RSA Decryption using Bouncy Castle
Uri encode everything, including unreserved characters
cocos2d create a circle shape and use it as a sprite
PHP Cookie destruction not working, what am I doing wrong?
Requirement management in Enterprise Architect and Excel
back to home automatically every 30 seconds
Trying to string.Join an IList and outputting the results to console
FTP_DELETE not working?
jQuery replace attr scource with var
Python indifference to serial / Ethernet
Jackson2 custom deserializer factory
Subversion stuck due to 鈥減revious operation has not finished鈥�
Design pattern for mouse interaction
Application alarm causing a weird error until I press the back button
To run batch jobs one after the other
Include sys.databases name as column in dynamic SQL UNION
In Django is it better to get a list of objects from self and use related names or from the object itself and use filter?
Choose weights that minimize portfolio variance
using JMock to write unit test for a simple spring JDBC DAO
Code inside .ajaxStop repeats continuosly
Rails commands on windows have a delay before execution
Visual Studio 2010 suddenly stops displaying Debug output
Displaying Stats with arrays in Java
CSS3 Box Shadow
How do I run a command with string formatting?
Handling merge requests in gitorious and pull from remote ref
iframe content not appear
Unable to figure how to store 鈥淪ave As鈥�text in a string and use it
Ruby console/terminal display an image to the best possible way
Removal of TestFlight apps?
multiple occurences of jquery dialog boxes on table rows in rails 3 - how do I do this?
Pass an array as template type
displaying downloaded images in my phone galery
Formula for creating identity column in Excel
Is this solvable in polynomial (or pseudo-polynomial) time?
How to call MessageBox with GetProcAddress function?
C# - Issues Selecting XML with Linq
Index of a class using jQuery
Jquery is not firing on Listview tr click event
how to give the url of a jsp page to open pop up which is in WEB-INF folder while using springs frame work
A better way to handle NullReferenceExceptions in C#
how to get all UILabels within a UIView
鈥渃lick鈥�after a 鈥渇adeOut鈥�fires immediately?
Trying to Split the filename so that I can put it into 3 separate Strings
Android - Back button not functioning. I think it has something to do with the cursor not closed properly
align decimal point vim
Why do these 2 (similar?) MySQL queries vary so much in their execution times?
Is there a way to short-circuit a ternary operation?
Obtaining a list of words from a GNU aspell dictionary
Checkout just one file from SVN using Team City
Java library to generate and work with generated decision trees
Android layout bugs with Theme.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen
JPA @Id and insertable = false, updatable = false throws exception
Play framework - slow csv transfer rate
Execute a jar with an external properties file
How do I read multiple binary files in in different folders in R?
Are there any good hosted issue tracking / project management systems out there? [closed]
ViewState, Session and StateServer
Yii - how to deal with extending CFormModel and CFormModel
echo php output in html file
Detecting WM_KEYUP and WM_KEYDOWN events in C++
Calculate maximum sum of values over any 30 days period
Query results that have less than X characters in MySQL
UIPIckerView showing images and strings
JTable - Selected Row click event
SharePoint: register css file out of language specific folder
Creating a Football Betting System [PHP & WordPress] [closed]
Is there a way to pass variables into templates in Meteor?
iOS 5: How do I link a UITableView from Storyboard to a custom subclass UIViewTableController?
Bit fields struct assignment unexpected behaviour
Text to Speech with Meteor?
Combining hashes for an ordered set
add up widths of elements until a ceiling is meet
print the content type name on the page tpl
Customizing django settings file original template
Page layout pattern for PHP pages
Proper way to maintain client http client-server connection?
Unable to add jsp page to xhtml page?
MySQL and Autoincrement Consistency
Forward Engineering ERD to Mysql
Custom view refresh: postInvalidate vs drawableStateChanged: which one should I use?
Pixel Perfect HTML to PDF w/Embedded Fonts?
Exception classes organization in Java
Example app request (Rails+MonogDB+Elasticsearch+Tire)
jQueryMobile pageinit and ajax
Make UserControl fullscreen
How to put an image on a click in Swing?
DoD CAC PDF417 Compression
Normalizing Unicode strings in Perl
Why is name mangling not standardized
Jump if zero relative 1
Extracting text from webpage, processing with Perl/Python, then rebuilding the page with links added
Elasticsearch mapping for object with dynamic keys
How to prevent global objects being compiled out in a free-standing environment
Marshalling a structure in a call to an external C library
SA_OAuthTwitterEngine and MGTwitterEngine retweet doesn't works
Move all contrls inside form tag to div
How to quickly determine Visual Studio 2010 Fonts & Colors Display Item name?
Erratic behaviour when scaling a centred div with CSS animation
Detecting duplicates in an array using divide and conquer
In memory object creation, but not deletion
Saving Visual Studio's Configuration Manager Settings Locally
Jquery Carousel - trying to add custom scrollbar
DataGrid Tabbing goes from cell to content
Youtube Gdata for android
I need help about TPL practice
Calling a page's webmethod from javascript on a different page
Multiple Source Folder within a single eclipse project using MAVEN
OpenLayers : Can I give marker a name, description?
calls to sign_up utility test method in utility.rb fail
Is passing an EventArg around event handlers potentially dangerous?
PHP- How to assign class variable & value from string contents?
I always got 鈥減ermission denied鈥�when I try to send email by on Android
awk behaves differently on command-line than from script
Streaming audio over HTTP
How can I prevent performance degradation for Canvas inside of WebView on an Android Xoom?
if an element is found in a selector, why can't I add a classname in Jquery?
what is difference between 'SCRIPT_FILENAME' and 'REQUEST_FILENAME' on RewriteModule?
Bind parameter to variable in Oracle report PL/SQL
How to force view creation with MySQL?
Test function (ParseToXML,PostMethod) with Junit
MySQL multiple items linked to one ID
UITapGestureRecognizer timeout?
Rails 3.2 PDFKit routing error after moving app into subURI
NoClassDefFoundError trying to use OpenCyc, what could be wrong?
Why in C++ is stack space allocated for local variable declarations never encountered by the thread of execution?
how get the row state of a row in QSqlTableModel?
Find string rule in PHP_CodeSniffer
How can I read image pixels' values as RGB into 2d array?
Change the image on UITabBar
Link to Statistics of the app not appearing on Developer Console?
MYSQL & Shell Scripting: Reference individual row attributes from table results?
Row Count Combined with Field in Group
JS generated geocode search on top of maps
Drop Down Division
What is the preferred way of returning an immutable map from a locally built mutable one?
Java irc library
Trouble installing spim on OS X
How do I change the color of an active link in a ul using jQuery?
JPA default fetch type
Accessing parent properties when generating a module from a Maven archetype
CSS Best Practice - Color Palette
Dynamic row background datagrid Silverlight
symfony 1.4: how to know the if a column of a model is a foreign key?
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host under Git bash
Store NSString to NSArray
One mysql connection available for all forms in C#
GWT/Gin Presenter instantiation
Assembly - Some problems in the macro
Playing a audio clip when my application starts.
Access MAC address from sk_buff
slidetoggle open only 1 div
CRM 2011 Ribbon Enable Rule on grid does not fire for each change of line
Cannot read Request.Content in ASP.NET WebApi controller
MVC 3 changing /Register/Event/1?name=channel-news-asia to /Register/Event?name=channel-news-asia
String to a Store in Sencha Touch 2
Facebook like plugin, comment box and send box is pop-ups under layer
CakePHP 2.0 -> Should I use CustomAuthorization or write the logic in Controller
UITableView cell selection with progress bar
Possible to get Eclipse CDT to force build of a CMake generated project, disregarding freshness of resources?
sql query that involves OR won't return results if one of the tables empty
CSS Image Hover Weird Effect in Chrome Browser Only
TFS merging files that haven't changed, aren't even in the changeset
sql query that involves OR won't return results if one of the tables empty
CSS Image Hover Weird Effect in Chrome Browser Only
TFS merging files that haven't changed, aren't even in the changeset
Style sheet is not working as supposed to
What is the horizontal scrolling effect in WPF/Silverlight called?
Handling a form with multiple actions
Vaadin Calendar: How to display another atrribute on Event cell
Subtract the holidays between two dates
Jquery add time to date field
How and what is the best method to load the GoDaddy SSL Seal script asynchronously with jQuery
Update data using Entity Framework
How to query a single Uri, then get a Cursor object that point at the Uri item?
ZendFramework fetching data from database going wrong
Call parent function from iframe created with jquery
How to mask a password in a VSTO backstage view?
How to compare value or keys in the hash table?
Multiple values in custom variables for visitor lifetime
SQL Return Row ID if a field matches my search term grouped by my Row ID
WP Query always limiting posts to 5
How to load a bean defined without id, name in spring?
How to affect child control properties from a style
ie 9 cross domain loading javascript file
On JBoss 4.2.3.GA - JSP response header transfer-encoding:chunked makes it so I can't cache jsp content on load balancer
C# Adding '[' ']' to variable for TableName Usage
How do I convert a nullable int to a string that will be safe for computers in different locales?
Windows Azure CDN using https - connection reset
Change highlighted tab as scrolling in Bootstrap effect
Format column in a template using rowdatabound
Writing inside Mac application package/folder with Java
Best strategies to protect Query String in membership site?
AsyncTask Crashing App
passing a parameter to an sql file in powershell (sqlcmd)
NSDateFormatter Daylight Savings Time
writing an 鈥渋f鈥�statement in Android
Property value in multithread program
Keep login across systems
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Git saying 鈥淎lready Up-To-Date鈥�
How can I check if ports 465 and 587 are open with PHP?
XSLT How to trim space before and after an element, when the element says to?
How can I use an action to determine a control's visibility?
Selecting initial item in ListView to change style
Parsing a RESTful XML response and displaying in JTable
Looping Google searches with PHP
TurboPower LockBox how can one use AES with a byte array as key
formula for conditions
php variable in sql query
Date comparion/consecutive date grouping
Path defined in controller and action is getting ignored, Ruby on Rails
Handling exceptions in MDI forms
Commit a String with JGit
inheritance types in classes chain
Backbone Collection - Filtering and Rendering the Collection loses reference to the original unfiltered Collection
Upload multiple files in MVC3 with model binding
jquery code working on localhost but not on remote server
Android Quiz logic/coding
Sign or decrypt document with user ID
Rails nested set with overridden attributes and associations?
Dynamically set value of input box
How to assign values to JSON object
How to define a region within a property in prism
How can i to determine a file or filegroup for storing table data?
github: how should I work out this issue
How can I toggle a div to reveal content with CSS
Trying to display DIV from URL parameters in Rails
Permissions error when uploading/writing file outside of ColdFusion webroot
DirectShowLib IMediaEventEx.GetEvent on 64-bit returning 0
How can I enable DELETE verb in IIS7?
passing value from jquery function to another
Show a Dialog inside a thread that it isn't GUI thread
Why does reallocating a vector copy instead of moving the elements? [duplicate]
In CSS, When I scroll the scroll bar, the background-color of <li> disappeared
Empty drop down lists in ssrs report
CellEditor that uses JXDatePicker as editor
Nil object using generic fields_for
Jasmine what tests to write for a filter form
Error Validating and uploading App to iTunes Connect
pass current instance of web page via InjectionConstructor
Convert Direct3D C++ function to Delphi
Looking for IOS framework for one off tweets in kiosk setting (ie no O/XAuth)
Spine.js & rails - Spine.js doesn't use plural form of model name for the routes
Xcode 4.3.2 unable to find its own include files
JSP taglibs use same objects
PYZMQ - 鈥淩esource temporarily unavailable鈥�error when using ioloop and multiprocessing
Carrying an ID with strings to a next page
deploy java maven project to ec2 with pallet?
removing a div element with coffeescript
Segmentation fault and mysterious loop behavior
Stored procedure disconnecting codeigniter from mysql database
Use alpha or opacity on a table row using CSS
Check if two single linked lists contain the same data
Debugging a For-loop; Fast-Forward
Flatnotebook ignores all styles
Qt-Designer forces lower case 鈥�include <filename>鈥� preventing Linux builds
android unable to click button after return
how to retrieve the size of a CCSprite that contains other CCSprites
How to get rid of YSOD but keep the standard logging functionality?
Google apps API giving 鈥淒omain cannot use API.鈥�Error
Keylisteners/Actionlisteners with Timer not working properly
Java inheritance queston
jQuery code refactoring of basic toggle functionality
YUI Datatable to JS object
AD HOC SQL Query region within APEX Web App
fscanf() equivalent in c# functionality
Creating Checkboxes for Asp.Net Roles in Razor with MVC4
What happens when Npgsql connection pool reaches Max
Capturing cancel event on input type=file
How to publish my MVC 3 web application onto IIS7
Downloading Android Kernel for iptables
How to find corner coordinates of a rectangle in an image
Servlet filter: very simple rate-limiting filter allowing bursts
FFmpeg: bitrate change dynamically
RewriteRule causing 500 Internal Server Error
Is this bad database design?
Does APNS add the device token to feedback server if the device is unreachable for a long time?
Find all images in folder with Javascript
AJAX not working consistently
how to validate cell number
Java Array Bulk Flush on Disk
Adjusting TextBox contents with ScrollBar WPF
Displaying an icon from the database
How to disable the filesystem cache on the root device?
Is there a way to apply different CSS when a page is loaded in the Firefox sidebar?
Upshot.js and LINQ to XML
how to retrieve a list of domains hosted within a server
Is C# Decimal Rounding Inconsistent?
How do I get contents of UserControl from server using Jquery Ajax?
Left Join Show All Rows
Powershell select AD member properties + extra column
iOS: get Accurate Reverse Geocoding using CLLocationManager?
Dynamic textfields does not retain data on postback
Bar chart with negative values
How can I increase a number by activating a button to be able to access a function each time the button is increased?
Where is the odb file?
Save values before close the app?
What's wrong when my matrix is 鈥渘ot positive definite鈥�
Why use 鈥渟elf鈥�to access ActiveRecord/Rails model properties?
Lock Select Box Size In Excel
Automatic AWeber Authentication? How do I access one user's data programmatically without them having to log in?
Java Generic class backed by Generic ArrayList
How can I change the color property of a hyperlink on mouse over of an image map?
Saving AS3 data to XML file
RTL support for wysiwyg editor
What does 鈥淢鈥�mean when used as a class name prefix?
How should i handle my redis connections inside celery Tasks?
What's the correct way to query a many to many relationship in a MVC ViewModel and display it in a View while using EF code first?
Avoid entering text search vim command history
How to use ST_DWithin to find near point?
c++: finding pid of process started with system()
CSS/HTML - Centering Absolute Positioned Image
UIAlertViews: Where do they live?
How do I store heroku config variables for use with foreman?
GCC 4.6.2: Compiling problems on LFS 7.1 Stable book
nginx flask gunicorn python 鈥�where to start?
Strange name of files creating in android
Combining discriminated unions with record types
Nested accordions - how do you keep the parent open when clicking on the child
The ideal web server for PHP to handle large file uploads?
Make icon in the vertical middle no matter if div expand
Use LINQ to select from, and sort a 2D array
Missing class for indicator field value - EclipseLink exception
linq query syntax, how to produce a combination of two list up a criterion
arrays and pointers
Where does SqlMembershipProvider store access roles?
how to use a php variable from other php script in a function()
Run a jQuery function when an element is viewed
Elmah errorfilter
QRunnable - how to use it, examples
ormlite createTableIfNotExists fails if table has index
PHPExcel import file from url
WSO2ESB - Add Complex SOAP Header to Request
Point-wise image processing - Histogram Equalization (Processing)
Tracking server push messages from web inspectors
Overlay imshow plots in matplotlib
Make TestNG @Factory test cases run in same order as provided
C# datetime.tryparse can process error date
Hex-encode ISO-8859-1 characters (outside of ASCII) in string?
replace innerhtml along with events
Why doesnt this Web Application Project compile on change to config?
Does install4j have a built-in Action/API for dealing with Windows short (8.3) file-names?
Dragging image onto webpage and showing a preview immediately while uploading
SimpleModal (jQuery) loses CSS formatting when called by Javascript
Laplacian of Gaussian (LOG) edge detector in MATLAB
When to implement javascript MVC framework
Counting the occurrence of each number in prime factors of an integer
how to debug Sencha Touch 2 apps?
How to build boost library with pdb files through b2
Float a Div over an Embedded Pdf/Applet a Solution for Safari
ttf2eot - What is the input path on Mac OS X?
How to display all the available methods of some class(java) [duplicate]
OpenMP and Functions
How to manipulate a DOM element while running a perl mechanize script?
Display a flash message on the same view after submit
C# Outlook Interop. Outlook Not Shutting Down
Make one exe for more than target in PowerBuilder
How to pass parameters with testAction in CakePHP2.0
Getting the OS theme color values in PyQt
Dictionary of dictionaries loses its value
What web browsers are supported by meteor web framework?
SDL.framework and Xcode are not playing nice
Convert one list to the other list type
Receiving key states from Direct Input and GetDeviceState() (C++)
Access element, which contains current <script>
Web-based conversion shp to json
PHP for loop running more than it should [closed]
Accessing colorbox Iframe content with jquery
PNCTL not enabled in php even after compiling
Facebook C# SDK with MVC
Configuration - locked calls / threads on TomCat - Vendor says restart
How to create 3D joint density plot MATLAB?
ArrayAdapter causing crash
How to print all the links of a given url on a html file using django
Symfony2: Prohibit resent form
Create tab on click in
get directions about 50meters out
Calculating speed in Windows Phone
How to use a typo3 fluid template on multiple pages?
Managing git branches
Use of option helper in Play Framework 2.0 templates
Autorotating only some of the tabs inside a UITabBar? (ios 5)
Zend_Test_PHPUnit how to print exception/output?
UISegmentedControl width in SplitView
c_str() of an rvalue - unsafe?
Getting syntax error in JSP code.
UI Freeze using external Process
How to htmlfontify buffer with line number?
Why do object responses undefined?
Why removes String.Trim Tabulator?
best method for creating a print style sheet
Android datepicker
DLL method needs to wait for form to send back reference variables before continuing
What is the smallest unit of work that is sensible to parallelize with actors?
Local variable with same name as instance variable = unexpected results
How does Google Geocoding API usage limits apply to [Sales]
MVC3 ActionLink with search function
Secure user authentication frameworks, libraries
Non-static Expression<Func<X>> with access to 'this'
combine two OCG filters in Openlayers
Representing a String object as a point in a 2D Euclidean Graph [closed]
Can't get to custom rightBarButtonItem
Cannot get Quicktime to Play in IE 9
spring security - why to not use the 'spring-security-redirect' parameter in login forms to redirect to a particular page
Recursivity in methods, Algorithm and NSValue issue
Algorithm to print the reversed number given by user?
Intent to play sound from raw folder
How can we load an object anytime we want?
Select all text in edit contol by clicking Ctrl+A
How to programmatically execute a test suite using JUnit4?
When subclassing a model field, __init__'s arguments are not processed
How do I convert a COM assembly to a CLR Assembly?
Single quotes in SQL in a Query Object inside of cfscript in a ColdFusion component
Does MVC-3 include a library for composing rich (HTML) emails quickly and automatically?
NTFS Files Permissions in Java 6
Changing a version in iTunes connect before it goes live
x86 addl vs subl
bundle install fails with 'ERROR: Gem bundler not installed'
Method 'slice' in IE8
Interaction between jQuery .ready() and <script defer>
Display recapacha after 3 invalid login attempts?
how to write a relation with three parameters
Filter a map with complex nested structure
NDepend CQL queries returning N/A for LOC
List comprehension on dictionary of tuples
How do I close a connection to a Cassandra cluster in the Hector API?
Volume Controls
SoundManager2 onplay event configuration does not work
Access method of jquery/coffeescript plugin from outside the plugin
Use of menu to go to another class in android
Binding true / false to radio buttons in Knockout JS
tagit autocomplete not working on IE9
How to re-write this jquery Checkbox code more efficiently [closed]
Can data be updated through the Index View using buttons?
PHP assigning a condition statement to a variable?
Flatten a list in python
Java.nio.files - Copying files
Where is the 鈥減assword=鈥�method being called in my aplication?
IE 8 Update Panel & progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient Issue
IE6 Performance issue with source code above 10k lines
Migrating project from NBAndroid (NetBeans) to Eclipse for Android dev
Why am I getting a null pointer exception here?
Call Command from Code Behind
How to get jenkins to deploy .war file to tomcat6 not localhost
BouncyCastle encrypt and sign files with Cyrillik(Russian) letters in filename
jQuery code causing memory leak
Capture value out of query string with regex?
MEDIA_ROOT MEDIA_URL : Rendering static server pages via Django
Background-image not showing when border-image is applied in Safari and Opera
Magento number of sites limit
To track style changes in Excel 2007/2010 using VBA
Text templates (as EF 4.x Generator) and validation attributes on pocos?
Missing method exception
remote jQuery validation with MVC 4, dynamically validate all inputs starting with loc?
solr/lucene: possible to add term vectors after indexing?
Bizarre SimpleMODAL OSX actions in Foreach Loop
Saving product custom options values to a js file
Run 32bit application from a mapped drive under 64bit Windows?
How to tell System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer to only serialize base class?
Retrieve value of enum given description of enum [duplicate]
Closing one form and opening another
Showing and hiding elements on an interactive map using jQuery
Javascript: Replace characters after _
POSTing forms to external URLs fails w/RoutingError when testing
Tell UITableView to not release cell when not visible
no match for operator*
clientX, clientY javascript not working as expected in Internet Explorer
Testlink and Selenium 2
Creating Tilted Div and Object using JavaScript
jQPlot - remove vertical grid lines
iText table misaligned rows
Constructing multi-arch rpm packages with Open Build Service
weblogic: debug ActiveDirectory authenticator
Google Analytics Active Page
jQuery prevent stop() from giving fixed height to element
Omniture data reporting on a 301 redirecting page
HtmlAgility Pack is having difficulties to get information from the nested table
C# TreeView Collapse/Expand on parent select
Entity Framework - Generating Classes
How to make an if statement change a text field in xcode?
Optimize drawing for paint application c#
Codeigniter. RSS parser to add data to db
How to create a custom dialog with embedded WebBrowser control for web authentication in installer using WiX
Memory leak with AJAX requests + jQuery
MVC4 Web Api doesn't serialize my class
How to guarantee Spring bean order? PropertyPlaceHolder issue
Generate Code from a Visual Studio Extension
Handle screen rotation without losing data - Android
CakePHP: Overwrite existing duplicate data
How to use pivot to generate weekly TimeTable
How can I reduce memory consumption of lists I no longer need?
mysql_result is defined but mysql_free_result warns it expected a resource [duplicate]
Rich Textbox and Data binding in C#
xCode - Help trying to add an undo/redo function to a UIBezier Path
Custom ecommerce solution (similar to development price
How can I unit test a Symfony2 controller?
Executing an action at a specific time in C
Show google map in web view on monodroid
Do I need to restart the server everytime I edit my JS code? - Meteor
ASP.NET MVC getting auth redirect no matter what
genetic algorithm for class schedule composition
Knockout.js get dom object associated with data
Creating a repository with errors?
How to hold on to a Simple XML object Variable
DOMXPath->evaluate not finding the div i need
WPF Context Menus in Caliburn Micro
Getting word combinations from group of letters
JSF - implementing filter for restricted pages
Databinding within ComboBox: Use Usercontrol to display each item
MonoTouch.Dialog - RootElement's Group is null or not a RadioGroup
Where can I find ui.core and ui.tabs js files?
Does the usage of String.Intern() have any meaning in this use case?
bash compound commands with pipes
Where can I find ui.core and ui.tabs js files?
Does the usage of String.Intern() have any meaning in this use case?
bash compound commands with pipes
Silverlight app as a service provider
Difference between full-range (420f) and video range (420v) for YCrCb pixel formats on iOS
Z3 compilation option
Where is the syntax error in this python code?
Endianness - How to convert a c# integer into a big-endian byte (no byte array, just a single byte)?
Type.GetType() dynamic string return null
Loading a page but not into a container div using jQuery
Allow access to a folder using htaccess
Internet Explorer doesn't encode url parameters
Is there a way to assign a ContextMenuStrip to a ListViewItem?
readTimeout on httpURLConnection.getOutputStream()?
Dynamically create JSON Object
Ubuntu Chrome: How to read a cookie from a python script
Is it possible to construct a wstring without coping its input buffer?
How to combine drawn pixels in a UIView with the image in a UIImageView and save it as a new image?
index.php 301 Redirect not working for Joomla site
DBNULL assignment to a 鈥淣UMBER鈥�field in Oracle
Why form destroy event is called more than once?
@font-face does not work in IE8, works in IE9
How to encode a video file for real time streaming and deliver it through UDP datagrams
Getting specific value from url query string
Python - neat way of creating multiple objects?
New line with jquery text()
Autocomplete Jquery alternatives
Issue with phantom popup using Colorbox in IE8
Adding output messages to deploy hooks
How to draw a tree (Swing / AWT / SWT / JFace)?
Why doesn't ReSharper natively support Xunit with the test runner?
boost::spirit permutations
how to set and check a boolean flag in python
Make a work item field read only when in a state but not when transitioning to it in TFS 2010
Kung foo invocations strike multiple times, how to know what called the method from a test?
onclick function to insert data into input field with toggle
how to limit the number of characters
Can I override a C++ virtual function within Python with Cython?
Manipulate json into an object with a different structure automatically
Change TinyMCE background by jQuery
Applescript: How to open a file with the default program?
Storing data for comparing two directory structures
How to get a picture from phonegap to a remote XPage?
work with array passed by jquery to actioncontroller mvc 3
Always get state SKPaymentTransactionStatePurchasing of In_app on iOS
How can I tell the dimensions of a bitmap before loading it? Can I load just a 鈥減review鈥�or 鈥渢humbnail鈥�version?
Auto-generated methods with related models
Apply cache manifest only in production mode
Delete method in WCF
Jenkins redirect / to /jenkins on standalone installation
ArrayDeque be not empty but return null for the poll method
apex default amount of rows per page option
Subversion post-commit with different user
How do I change the way Log4Net rolling file appender creates new names?
Integrating Fiddle Code Into Layout [closed]
UIDocument openWithCompletionHandler not completing on iOS device
Pattern to do a wix upgrade without messing with the desktop icons of the users
Creating a 2x2 Button Grid with Centered Buttons?
Converting VBscript to VB Error (checking for right characters)
Windows 2008 Remote Desktop will not copy+paste
To close or not to close an Oracle Connection?
Adding elements of different arrays together
i am confused in oops,i am confused in term abstract class extends and interface implements in oops [closed]
Change http status 404 to 503 when serving app_offline.htm
Avoid google oauth2 client secret in code
How to display related data from dataset in wpf datagrid
StackOverflow with TryValidateObject if the object is valid
Transparency issue with png images
How to defeat this Connection already established in Android
Animated lines in Java Swing
How to manipulate the speed of the thread during sorting algorithms simulation
How to include dates with zero messages into the resultset anyway?
.net mvc3 mysql table without primary keys
Little issue with escaping a whole string
Commit/Flush transactions during unit test?
Bash/AWK/SED Match and ReWrite a string of numbers (date) in a line
How to integrate KNET payment gateway with php
Capturing stdout from an imported module in wxpython and sending it to a textctrl, without blocking the GUI
How can I enforce SQLite foreign keys in python using pysqlite2?
Calling Templated Function Overload of a Parent class with a Derived Class
Use ContentEditable to Save Into DB With ASP.NET?
htaccess for the url
LWJGL Tutorials [closed]
Matlab: strange file was created when I color cell in excel
Git/Redmine commit requirements
Matlab - Poor video quality [closed]
VBA Property Let, not accepting value passed
php the_content executes incorrectly if placed after script in html body
Using asp objects in .NET - Max compatibility
slideDown forces display:block
How to define a Spring bean using annotation instead of XML?
Single Instance in Silverlight Application
Why won't ProgressDialog show properly?
SWIG and C++ shared library
Pass data serialized with library to the View and bind it with knockout
Building bigrams and trigrams in PHP for spellchecking in Sphinx
timer animation in monotouch
How retrieve distinct values in RavenDb from a property of type IList<string>?
Typecasting and assigning a void pointer variable to an Integer variable in VC++.
Access session variables in rails console
How retrieve distinct values in RavenDb from a property of type IList<string>?
Typecasting and assigning a void pointer variable to an Integer variable in VC++.
Access session variables in rails console
Error when I try to create array of object
NVDA Screen reader issue
Sublime video player not resizing in IE9
Windows batch file, save contents of file dowloaded by wget to a variable
Calling mlogit() from inside another function
What is the idiomatic scala way of finding, if a given string contains a given substring?
A Weird One involving IIS and Windows Authentication with ASP.Net
Data from h2 imported into img title attribute
apply all transform matrices
Applying a xalan java tranformation to an axis2 object?
Using Rhino and JSR-223 to read a JSON file
detailsview > on insert > password field should save md5 hash of it instead
How can I improve this endless query?
Getting error while compiling a simple class program
Count months from datetime in MySQL with years
RoR link_to and assets paths
Java Real-time debugging (gaming)
Disable copy on jquery mobile button over PhoneGap
How do I pass a value out of the index controller in MVC3?
why in this simple test the speed of method relates to the order of triggering?
Cross-domain XMLHttpRequest from an essentially domainless mobile app?
How to realize System.Linq.Expressions.Expression.Like
How to handle N-N relationship in Entity Framework .NET 3.5
Require re-enter password before transaction
Spotify Apps - 'Add as Playlist' button for playlist created within app
How to shield a HTML tag from CSS?
get number of updates since a timestamps in facebook
Silverlight 5 validation issue
How can I resize an iframe with an external source and offset the contents?
In gradle, how can I generate the ivy.xml and pom.xml files?
Countifs to match OR conditions?
Could not create the JVM: JVM log location
PreparedStatement performance tuning
MySql overlapping dates can't get it right
VBA number formatting
How do you simulate an Erlang(k) variable using a programming language?
How to fix the File or path too long exception in
Some UI elements don't acquire UIAppearance traits
Calculate distance between two points directly in SQLite
GeckoFX - WinForms - javascript:print()
Duplicate Pinterest Facebook invite functionality
Show mysql query using Smarty php
How to JQuery clone() and change id
how can i get the values separated by a comma to a array? using java script
Use string variable content as label ID to update label.Text, I get error - 'string' does not contain a definition for 'Text'
PrimeFaces and browser compatibility
open a foreign URL & then continue with my own webpages
Why does github keep asking me for repo credentials?
Accessing all vertices in a draw call from hlsl in SM4+
not validating special character 鈥淿鈥�in javascript
Using Http Live Streaming to Concatenate Videos to Form a Gapless Playlist
RavenDB Saving to disk query
Android unit test using ant with library project R18
Java regex String.matches working inconsistently
VC++ sending message between two application
Serial communication not working. Readfile goes wrong
Do Heroku accept apps with Paperclip uploads now?
Ruby on Rails - can not install SystemTimer
Multithreading in C
Linking OAuthConsumer to Xcode Project
UITextfield's clear button hides keyboard when its inside UIScrollView
CheckInGatedChanges Activity Location In Build Workflow
Code completion for CodeIgniter with zend studio not working
Fetch objects upon pagination, rather than beforehand? (Rails + Kaminari)
how to comment javascript functions? [closed]
Option countries html with mysql
Styling Issue with IE8
Populating First Column of a JTable
SQL DELETE hits constraints
Setting up a background process with Threading to handle work in Android
Data duplicated in datatable
Jquery change class
Generating integers in ascending order using a set of prime numbers
Error using BCP to export data from SQL Server 2008
Calling a code-behind function from JavaScript that may return another JavaScript function
Global variable isn't global or doesn't contain the value I expected it to contain?
encrypt data in T-SQL using DES (not triple) algorithm
howto fire a event when someone click anywhere on the screen in a android app?
Creating A Grid Layout For IPhone App
App using saxonHE ( api to process XSLT (v2.0) against multiple XML files
Jquery .submit not working on chrome
Find occurrence of dates day between two dates [closed]
Where can I find a Java implementation of an ISO Schematron validator?
Insert a break <br /> with mootools
C# british summer time (BST) timezone abbreviation
Jquery Submit not work
When do Java generics use casting at runtime?
OleDbConnection to Excel File in MOSS 2007 Shared Documents
Reading output with telnetlib in realtime
Creating a saved state in SWI-Prolog
JS node-mysql bools acting weird
How do I deploy app visibility settings from profiles in a sandbox to a production org?
Javascript: Jumping into a specific part of an overflowing environment?
Grouping in ListView in Virtual mode
jQuery animate affected by window.print() in Chrome?
compare two datetime by Date and Time in dynamic query
Writing from text file to word document without using interop or object classes
Issue of quicklisp with clisp on Windows 7
key listeners without focusing app's window
controlled async exit from phantomjs
Date change detection on application start up - Android
AVPlayer layer inside a view does not resize when UIView frame changes
How to optimize this Delphi function with SSE2?
Postgis reorder mixed up linestring chunks / max_segment_length(linestring)?
Trying to Fix Slightly Different Rendering in IE8 of Same Page
IFrames make my page scrolls To The Bottom Of The Page
Eclipse doesn't show warning and error on xml files in android project
Get xml nodes, with a certain attribute, using javascript
DtdProcessing.Ignore in .net 3.5
Jade thinking mixin is undefined, but it's not
error with partial declaration of 'BitmapSource.main page'must not specify different base classes
mp4 and m4v files are not getting bundled in iOS 5.1
Avoiding static analyzer leak warnings when using objc_msgSend?
JSP and Tomcat webpage running issues
How can maven build a war from a project imported from a war file?
Why am I getting a nullpointerexception when adding a linearlayout (Android)?
Generic web service for CRUD operation using Java
Can i read the htop output in my java code?