How to malloc an array of string in ANSI C?
Is it better to do object.add or repository.add?
ActiveMQ shared file system master slave on NTFS
map abstract class value object hierarchy with fluent nhibernate
Heavy processes in SQL Server 2008
could epoll totally replace select/poll when it is available?
Do I install the Wordpress theme to Softaculous before I purchase the premium Wordpress theme?
php syntax, the operator =&
ListPreference's summary text is not updated automatically whenever there is change in selection
Why can't I have 120,000x120,000 px BitmapData in Flash Player 11 on OS X Lion x64? safeunicode function bugs?
jQuery animation not fluid
Adding up hours from mysql db and then adding them to HTML table via PHP
sell content (movies, songs) in ios app
Google image search API
Using multiple databases in one application
Extracting form data from PDF (library or utlity)
Deploy to Azure from command prompt
File.Move images from a ListView control
Get an image of google maps
Functions to be run in parallel with common list to be used in both
subpixel library for webcam in linux
iFrame twitter follow button callback
Get back generated QR code from zxing encode
How does CUDA compiler know the divergence behaviour of warps?
Get back generated QR code from zxing encode
How does CUDA compiler know the divergence behaviour of warps?
Why does Firefox react differently from Webkit and IE to 鈥渃lick鈥�event on 鈥渟elect鈥�tag?
Removing CDATA tags from rss (xml) feed
How to move files in directory, using QlikView
Optimistic Locking in Hibernate by default
How to count total dates?
rails 3.1 Reload a page with a different locale?
fetch the first date of the week
which mouse key is pressed in mousemove() event handler?
How to bind a SelectionChanged event of ComboBox in silverlight 4 using MVVM?
Can I mount another route handler through
iOS: Passing objects into a ASIHTTPRequest Block?
Knockout firing click binding on applyBindings
Ecplise's jar export error: output container is not accessible
Apply CSS if date older than today in php file
custom font and font-smooth
how to combine foreach uploading files
Save files in wp7 in a location other than IsolatedStorage
Using of Entity Framework T4 POCO
Ruby on Rails deployment on Heroku - bootstrap-sass
How to implement MapReduce in C# using PLINQ?
How can I make accessing any data from a class throw an exception?
Embedding Simple Facebook Connect login button to sidebar
sql tutorial script error [duplicate]
DXChart WPF export PDF
I am working on an event calander i want to fetch data from mysql
Regex class [.] doesn't match '(' ')' or '$'
Good practice for generating complex reports (MySQL/PHP)
How do I count the number of occurrences of a string in an entire file?
Echo php array value
is there a markup language for graphs?
Core data: fetch from category (extension of core class)
How to get mach-o uuid of a running process?
鈥渟3cmd get鈥�rewrites local files
Are there any recipes to get rid of text ouput of binary files in between human content?
Add multiple row in jqgrid
Error when showing a jpeg image with GD library inside a webpage
Dynamic column generation in WPF DataGrid
How algorithm ofstrtotime(PHP Date function) Works?
How to abort the installation of a deb package if the disk space is not enough
Checking if data exists in database
Find the real Parent Element
How can a Flash / Server have 2 way communication?
Ruby on Rails hosting: how do dynos and workers of Heroku compare to RAM of VPS?
Error: no taglibrary exists for that namespace
Dropdowns for menu & search autocomplete not working in IE
android- adding new activity in android settings menu
Showing additional info using overlapping divs. JQuery
Explaining nodejs style of development to a PHP developer in a specific circumstance
Chord Implementation in Android+Java
hiding and showing java desktop app with action listener
How to index CouchDB with Elastic Search River: In plain english
cancelling or killing a pthread
JBoss - How to have a fixed name for exploded war directory?
How can get the data information about the sensors and there values and send them to the DataBase?
How to change default WAS liberty server port 9080 to other port number in RAD?
Use MRUnit and AVRO together
how to set file permissions on files in my deployment?
Is it possible to specify value of property as property in ant?
Strategy or Factor pattern for sorting logic
jquery flash and dynamic variables
Getting coordinates of image in IOS [duplicate]
Facebook javascript sdk integration not working properly
Symfony 2 default action for controller with ability to send response
Why isn't the length of a second correct?
How to include nice Facebook, Twitter, G+ share buttons? [closed]
Slow scrolling in JScrollPane
Query in volterra kernel
After let(:user) { create(:user) } # => RecordNotFound
HTML5 photoshop like polygonal lasso selection
How should I test a complex method?
Selecting a custom QGraphicsItem by its outline
connection establishment between client and server
UIToolBar weird display issue on IOS 5.0.1
sharing variables in between php and javascript
Starting a UIActivityIndicator after a delay on ios
Passing data from mobile app (iPhone, Android) to ASP.NET web application
Where can I find the arquillian xml configuration documentation?
How to implement ShouldChangeCharacters in Monotouch?
How to draw shape element faster and make them scale in wpf?
postNotification trigger the function correctly , but userinfo(NSDictionary) has nothing
how to create a .mat file with current time stamp in matlab?
Display tag table header column disappear
Techniques for business process modeling
g++, static initialization and -nostdlib
How to render an element whose id is automatically generated in JSF?
HTML5 Drag & Drop Change icon/cursor while dragging
Sanitize user-given URLs to prevent XSS (with ASP.NET MVC)
Creating a automatic login javascript for logging into web application
Query Collection contents in Python client for Google Docs API
One Select instead of UnionAll
Library for web application oriented smartphones and tablets
Array value not getting updated in shell script
Can we know if a Python script is launched from Windows or a textual terminal?
Phonegap MobileJQuery AJAX Posts Twice while debugging
PHP on Apache 2.2 won't work
Yii gridview rows onclick to expand and show detailview below the row in grid
How do I symbolically integrate functions in matlab where I know the output must contain bessel functions?
Phonegap MobileJQuery AJAX Posts Twice while debugging
PHP on Apache 2.2 won't work
Yii gridview rows onclick to expand and show detailview below the row in grid
How do I symbolically integrate functions in matlab where I know the output must contain bessel functions?
calculating Lat and Long from Bearing and Distance
Choosing Entity framework as default implementation ORM against Nhibernate, cons and pros?
Magento backend - manage products - move qty field in the general tab [closed]
create a whitelabel website and point domains to it
Can I replace an image tag鈥檚 image with CSS?
Measure Hadoop job time using JobControl
Hadoop userlogs 鈥渘ot found鈥�via a browser
What does this regex match? php regex from mediawiki sourcecode
How to save phone number in 111-111-1111 format [closed]
Ajax request has invalid characters
Rails/Heroku : db:push runs correctly but does not create the DB
Adding appwidget of application just after its installation
Orientation Support for iPhone apps
break down the large number of rows in CSV and process them as a batch wise php
Numpy bincount() with floats
Ruby: How do I get attribute values from XML with Nokogiri?
showing wrong current time
Telnet Client using PHP
How to retrieve contents of COD files?
Why does my android app read 氓盲枚 but my java app doesn't(when getting data from GAE)?
ASIHTTPRequest appendPostData not working
Secure some Mysql tables from writing with chmod?
How Can I Stop the 360 in Boot Complete?
Facebook Like box with scroll-bar - Can it be styled?
database design with variable columns (mysql)
Need help for explaination
Piping unix commands
How to embed an site in a windows service (or vice versa)
Reference of two arrayList to same objects
Best practices/preferences for passing hierarchical data to views?
Why isn't file_put_contents overwriting?
phpMailer check if field is empty
Laout of the Row of the List
How to scroll listview by pressing buttons
How i get form value using multiactioncontroller instead fo simpleformcontroller in spring
Titanium Android Tabs
Eventual System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 鈥�denied
Spock test cases doesn't make a relationship of domain classes in Grails?
store procedure do not returns values
How can I load files from httpdocs on the https side of the website
mail header issue in sendmail in CentOs 6
DataReader: Specified cast is not valid (Int32)
Codeigniter Database Forge with multiple DB connections
Oracle drop and create index
Using AWK to get text and looping in csv
Apple Mach-O Linker (Id) Error using gSOAP
Why are id's from nested route switched around?
In a zoomable scrollview, how to determine the location of the content wrt the window?
ajax autocomplete for multiple textbox
QDoubleValidator is not working?
UIImage in UITableviewcell layout
getting data with as3 from c# web service
Automatically sum of new added Excel Sheet in Total Sheet
Emulate github service hooks wih curl
Android: How to collect sensor values for a fixed period of time?
jquery: Create hidden element + slideToggle
confusion in mysql limit when used with offset
How to add panels in android using cocos2d
Why is the database of a Meteor app that has been run once (and never loaded) taking up nearly 3GB?
passing dropdown's selected value from view to controller in mvc3?
sum of numbers returns odd low decimals?
Rails returns error 500. Log writes full error message
UILocalnotification not getting alert on set time?
Static Name for the Unintall Registry Key instead of a random GUID (Windows Installer)
Still Image using AVCaptureDevice with overlay image
Accessing local apache server from virtual box
Multiple inheritance in C++: What is the good way to express the diagram in C++ with multiple inheritance?
Android - default target additional emulator command line options
softlinks atime and mtime modification
Adding Reachability class fails when I am trying to build
Draw Route on google Map in iphone
Python - appending to class-level lists in derived class definitions
Gradient Stroke on UIButton
unable to start regionservers in HBase
run the spring project from command line
vkontakte call api method fails
Expression on two integer type columns of datatable
Selenium WebDriver wire protocol: example where 鈥渆quals鈥�returns true for different element IDs?
Matlab Plotting Tools in C# Application
ggplot2 clips data in stat_density (density plot)
Merging two tables with a relationship
MySQL Complicated Contacts Table
How to delete same sms that was captured on onReceive method
matalb: drawing rectangle when using tabpanel
Why does it take longer to toggle graphics after a selection is made from a combo box?
Changing the log message in log4j log message with no change in pattern
JTabbedPane perform action above and below
Realted to Telerik Rad Grid design
How to change db for whole block of code
Error during building cocos 2d x game code?
How can i get the running server URL
Updating/generating new .p12/.jks from .der
How the code gets to the next step only when i press the enter key in c++ (Thread)
How to populate listview adapter from outside Activity in a TabActivity
Configuring IIS Express to use default ports for http and https for debugging
jQuery form error checking
Creating a view that display all records that belongs_to an association
Reloading UITableView without animation
Empty space between listview header and first item
Android ListView crashes while scrolling
NSArrayController + NSTableView : automatically save changes without Core Data
Retrieve element with same name with where condition using xml linq
No paginator instance provided or incorrect type in zend?
Why is Perl system call failing to invoke internal Windows command?
Best algorithm on checking a node in a tree path?
Sencha Touch Filter List for values greater than a given one
How to make source folders visible in eclipse for PHP project?
Android Application Update Notification
Recommendation on building web services on Linux with minimal dependencies
Call phone from Java EE application
How can I keep space, tab, CR and LF?
Chinese characters in form submission
Repaint JPanel doesn't work in JApplet
How to tackle the jquery conflict in jquery mobile and jquery
Creating Gridview column Header by loading data from database
Deleting files on sdcard?
C# streamwriter invoke
JavaScript - Can we set javascript objects in cookies?
Java: InternetAddress
Increment Record Position in Database (via LINQ or TSQL)
Is there a way to intercept all http, https traffic
Image interpolation - nearest neighbor (Processing)
Create csv file from array of data in iOS
what is the difference between Sleep mode and Deep sleep mode?
Text not appearing in UITextView in IOS 5.0 and later
Java BigInteger vs Mono .net BigInteger
Setting default sort-by when selecting a particular Shopping Option in the layered navigation
Clojure Map 2 Elem Code Golf
Button inside of an input field Sencha Touch 2.0
User analysis based on their facebook profile?
Is POCO the right choice when working with entity framework?
How to add editor to the textarea in my custom component in joomla 2.5?
Restore multiple SQL Server .bak Files
IIS 7 Serves GET request correctly to browser but throws timeout exception for API request
Display a random integer in an EditText box (or another box if I am mistaken)
How can I print organized ngrams from my email?
On INSERT to a table INSERT data in connected tables
Localization in sencha
How can I program python with XCode 3?
GPS arrow could not disappear at iPhone's status bar in our released app version
DBMS LOB.SUBSTR Throwing ORA-00904: Invalid Identifier Error
Where does the Version DWORD come from in the Uninstall Registry Key (Windows Installer)?
draw vertical lines using jquery
oracle - to_Date format
What's the difference between initialize and constructor on a backbone model
Why does my user control library not have its own tab anymore?
Reformat the post array
C# How to make webbrowser clickable
want to make master buil.xml file which call all project's build.xml file
Converting half-with and full-with CJK latin-like characters to ASCII in Java
How can I debug 鈥淓rrors occurred during the build鈥�in Eclipse?
Don't show older post in wordpress programmatically
How to Identify the new iPad
Populating entites in Nhibernate
How do I create a tableview with multiple rows and multiple columns?
Number format in ZKOSS label
Creating our own crop rect in camera overlay
Find out what App stores in Cache
Xml parse issue in JAXB
something about how to draw the topological diagram dynamically in winform
Can I and is there a need to avoid singleton pattern?
Getting 鈥淭ransport endpoint is not connected鈥�in UDP socket programming in C++
How do I read an arraylist from C# and write it to java script objects
Alpha channel in DeviceContext (HDC)
Any other option to deploy in jboss server ither than hot deployment?
How to Load data from hdfs to hbase?
mapping filters and servlet in Sling
Google Map API Implementation with variable calling
Call an action using javascript and cause a post back
How to check if the same ID get the same grade for different subjects?
Datediff function of DQL is not returning results as expected
XPath function to convert multiple text nodes into a single one
Coffee script - preserve the class context and the event context
How to identify device to make separate css for iPad and Galaxy Tab?
Why does Windows phone 7 UDP receiving fail?
blackberry advertising issue
Embedding a Google Map in the a jQuery Mobile page
RHEL linker error
OpenSSL connection issue when installing scrapy on CentOS
OpenGL Vertex Array, Matrix Pointer?
Log4j XML Configuration for CategoryFactory?
How to use Ajax within Sonata Admin forms?
How to igone an attribute of an XML tag while comparing in XML Unit?
How can I create a AVD for tablet testing?
PHP Timestamp display seconds [duplicate]
how to assign a unique identifier to multiple data frame entries
Consume web service through JSF application
LWP::UserAgent `:content_cb`: does additional code in the callback slow down the downlaod?
Is Wifi direct available in the iPhone 4 or in iOS 5?
use apply function to 2 separate lists in R
Plotting World Bank data: the condition has length > 1
Facebook FQL get list of users and include installed parameter
Change Sprite Position onAccelerometerChanged
I want to show facebook status update feeds on my website by the logged-in user
What am I missing from this jQuery Masonry implementation?
parsing one-row json with jquery
parsing one-row json with jquery
Getting and setting defalut property value in c#
like button on mobile site redirects to PC login page when a user is not logged in
Storing credit card information for recurring usage and retrieve it when it necessary?
sql count with inner join
MVVM Wait Cursor how to set the.wait cursor during invocation of a command?
Tap gesture is not working on UIimageview
Connecting to a specific IP address in C?
How to show multiple font colors inside the Text Field
Why we prefer to use 鈥淐CFollow鈥�instead of 鈥淐CCamera鈥�in cocos2d?
Adding Date and time to current date and time in GWT
Best way to store user preferences for a website in MySQL - BINARY or INT
Python numpy sort 1D array
Changing element height depending on a selection of combobox
why doesn't download window appear in browser for long when I export data
Getting the grasp of Couchbase using memcached buckets
Reading from XML based on multiple attributes
How to create new file or append file on Ubuntu 10.04 using C#
Using Cassandra with rails app
(Re)formatting PHP code in Vim
Append a specific object (but same type) to a filtered object in Django
How to handle InputBinding Commands and ToggleButtons?
How do I pick random unique lines from a text file in shell?
Getting wrong playback state in MP Music Player Controller in ios 5
How to STOP iOS Safari web page from loading cached pages after adding to home screen?
Auto Position and Scale Embed iFrame
Transforming xml using XmlDataSource conrol in 2.0
How to set active form for all time?
Setting a custom onClick on one of the widgets in a GWT DisclosurePanel's caption
Use C# to save photos to directory that user has no access to
Xcode how to replace quotation from a text?
Can you execute an ANT task from within a custom ANT task?
blank div on ie but not blank
Rake routes giving false information
How to specify :path and :url to save img in Paperclip, Rails 3.0.12
seeking a better way to code and compress numbers
appengine jpa cache level 2 performance is bad
comparing Scala lists with Java lists
Open external links in phone gap 1.6.0
How do I change 鈥淰ersion Release Control鈥�after submitting an app to the Apple app store
Why does eclipse require multiple imports? [closed]
jxls forEach tag : how to define local variables?
Digital Signature in SOAP message
phonegap notification in ios not working
SELECT TOP 1 result from table ordered by field
wso2GadgetServer: How to use a proxy?
RFX equivalent data type for INT8 type in IBM Informix database
What to use in DB2 for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP?
Getting an error when using replaceOccuranceOfString function
Removing Layout on a button clilck
LINQ Take syntax
How do I compile a Java class which uses another Java class as an Object?
DOM xml parsing from file res/xml in Android
how to get ip address of pc in android emulator through code
Find which ranges in a set that has a nonempty intersection with some specified range
How do I store and retrieve an NSMutableDictionary to and from NSUserDefaults?
How to make an authenticated request from a script to appengine?
check to see if xml exists (not working)
袪ow to get 2 to 4 of the object element
Time Complexity
retrieving transaction details from google checkout for insert into database table
Distributing SSH keys with iPhone app
node.js+plates scrambled output
How to add CSV data to already available XML using XQuery file used in eXist Database
How to accept the GET request in Python socket application?
boost::any typeid optimization for C++11 [duplicate]
unexpected token length error in css using netbeans`
How expensive is comparing two unordered sets for equality?
Dynamic object from either from two class in java
PDF view in IPhone?
Download pdf from High Charts
exception while reverse engineering the java code using STAR UML
regular expression for validating url with sub-domain
iOS: Posting a photo to Facebook and small html as caption
When does the Meteor server restart?
add to cart button should prompt log in screen
matplotlib, savefig: DPI setting is ignored
Android how to make a widget on the top / over others
How to delete all lines containing more than a certain number of letters?
I am installing Microsoft Biztalk Adapter Pack on Windows 64bit
jquery on method not working
Unable to check a checkbox inside a <div> but works perfectly well outside
How to get text filed value in JavaScript and php to insert in SQL
WCF OperationContract with loosely typed parameter
How can I use form files(.number/.exl/.scv) as Datasource for my iOS app
Objective-C and component programming
Program states that i can not do operations after transaction is closed
Get table details whose name is there in other table
How does this code generate the proper sequence of characters?
Footer in excel gets distorted when exported to excel from SSRS
How to share feed into the Facebook using GraphAPI?
PHP force reset counter to 0
what do microsoft interviewers mean by this [closed]
Better way to check condition instead of repeated Case When
How to restrict grep to search only the one column within a CSV file, but to output matching lines in their entirety?
EmberJS: Good separation of concerns for Models, Stores, Controllers, Views in a rather complex application?
Jstree lazyloading and expand all issue
Hibernate: implement POP method
Facebook iOS SDK cant work with iOS5 and storyboard
How can I move TabItem of TabControl?
Hibernate exception. QuerySyntaxException: unexpected token: HAVING
Find all the item that is using a common Sublayout in sitecore 6.2.0
MPMoviePlayerController current playing item details?
Programming with Java jpcap on Eclipse Indigo IDE on Windows 7 platform
Struts2 Filter stating issue
Error while using a g729 codec in SipDroid
Using fseek and fread
Can java import text methods
unable to auto slide html pages using sencha
@Url.Content changes after publishing
When declaration of property is unavoidable 鈥�Objective C 2.0
Does twitter_bootstrap_form_for work with
JQGrid, Edit Url
Get error for undefined local variable or method `scopes' on rails with Typus gem
How to auto start capturing of picture using native camera
Capturing the data in context on exceptions using log4net
Find related facebook interests using graph API
Change button's background from inside element on listview, Android
鈥淚nvalid Handle鈥�Create CGBitmapContext
Twisted not working for all users?
SQLException: This ResultSet is closed when trying to loop through three resultsets
Bash script to automatically test program output - C
Dynamic Compiling Without Create Physical File
Alarm clock code: mContext variable cant be resolved
How to convert 32 bit PNG to RGB565?
Filtering by property value using neography
NSRegularExpression not working
a localhost https java application with servlets
How to get user input value from Ext window textfield?
Apache Commons Email encode attach with base64
Resolving JSP Session Logout
Formating Ruby on Rails text fields
Command line arguments in wxWidgets
Copy a non exe File to a Remote Machine
Addition and Subtraction of Dates in Java
How to check if a variable is Array or Object?
Hoe to cut texture into two equal pieces in wp7 xna
Socket not work after refresh page
Split an NSArray in smaller key value coded arrays using a common key-value pair between objects
select more field within one select abap sap
java: how to implement a TreeSet
How to fix the line endings in checked out files after changing the autoclrf setting for a git repository?
Android - ViewRootImpl$CalledFromWrongThreadException
gluPerspective not seeing all the objects im drawing
String Encryption in Linux [closed]
jquery show hide for edit in tabs
Understanding Mini-Kanren's Execution Model
remove unused tag library (prize tag) from Eclipse Java project
CSS Library for Mobile Web Apps
Google Places returns wrong city
Google Places returns wrong city
PHP string to JSON
Most efficient way to tail/poll a log file in Java
R:More than 52 levels in a predicting factor, truncated for printout
configuring UART as FIQ
How RSS readers treats output from .php file
Converting Text To Hexadecimal Flash CS5
Keeping track of sms sent in Android
python extract n-columns
Access NSWindow's Element via Child NSView/ViewController
Shared Collection VB.NET
Crash application in iPad but not in iPhone
How to make android status bar background TRANSLUCENT in Launcher interface
Toggleable radio buttons
Check if DAY_OF_WEEK is between Monday and Friday
How to convert public key to BigInteger
Server GET json in jersey, JAVA
How to prevent data binding in flex datagrid?
How to use find('all') in Views - CakePHP
Using an Analyzer within a custom FieldBridge
Issue with Android TranslateAnimation
How can I install my program in iPad 2 when I use Xcode 4.2 with iOS SDK version 5.0?
How to implement row-wise versioning using mysql + java?
How can I add javascript object to another object in dynamic
How do I make a function run when a view appears, but not when an alert box is closed?
How to use ServiceRegistry
Session time-out before due
Is there internal layout with icon and text?
jQuery HTML editor
Using fread to store data into a char buffer
Click on image javascript
Unable to run Testng tests by Invoking browser specific node using selenium grid2
Setting DIV width and height in JavaScript
How to add editText.addTextChangedListener in TableLayout
Inserting Jquery script file
How to read web.config settings in .html page?
parsing a large file for some information in a single parse [closed]
Jasper Reports: How can I print multiple pages in one page
Beautifulsoup, maximum recursion depth reached
jquery how to decrease number of cols in textarea based on content
How to convert CSV to Excel?
Auto selection issue with onLoad() in extjs
how to handle soap response in different language like Chinese in android
android facebook authorization onActivityResult() always getting called with data as null and resultCode is 0 (zero/RESULT_CANCELED)
payroll : adding multiple array values
Fast n choose k mod p for large n?
SQLException: This ResultSet is closed
Change options for a field in crud or sqlform on basis of another
tabbar issue with navigation controller
user name and password are not working
Javascript Objects / Geolocation API
Pasting CJK characters to a RichTextBox adds an unwanted second font
.ajax() form submission error
WP nav menu bug
Animating background-position throws error in IE 8
change image on translateanimation on android
How to find uncoupled integer in an array? [duplicate]
Set timeout on Django View Execution
What does it mean when a Collection insert results in a 404?
What's the reason for error message? I am using VS 2010 professional edition
Package catalog to download .xap file in MEF in silverlight
SVN database corruption
Number of digits from floating point values in a mysql query?
Sliding Selection View in android
Getting url data by curl method giving unexpected results in symbols
Pickleable Image Object
How to search through VBA code files
Getting trimmed video file size from UIImagePickerController
Strange behavior with preventDefault() and radio buttons
How can I style an Android Switch?
Windows CreateFileMapping : different file-mapping objects with same backed file
best way to check variable to be a number
Modify Model structure without changing existing EF 4.x Generated Model in Database First Approach
Getting Invalid cursor state(SQL exception)
CQRS/EventStore - how do you manage a large tree if command should not fail?
how to disable jquery mobile markup tag in form
Can you place an instance of a member of a list within a regex to match in python?
open browser from java desktop application and hide url line
How to automate selection of a particular date from calendar in selenium using java
How to sort associated table data?
Spotify Play Button width and height locked to arbitrary aspect ratio
How do I call a function in a C++ Dll from C# that has void* callback and object parameter
how to popup video player window while click on image
TCP server test
Crash while downloading video via ASIHTTPRequest?
Tree based distribution datastructure
Mongo db add new field to a collection and update if field already exists
Merge two ArrayList in java
get content from all dbs in a single query
Updating two columns in a table containing millions of rows
How to kill a process in C when pid is know
Dynamic matrix in C++
How can I set up a download link to a pdf in rails 3.2?
compiling errors - numeric constant
JSF ajax update behaviour
Determining whether a rails server is running from a rake task
MySQL Function eat too much CPU
UIButtons display differently on UIImageView when created at design time vs. run time
Accessing json object when property information is dynamic
Remove line breaks after a certain span or div ends
Why would Haskell infer a specific type (apparently) inconsistently?
Java List Nodes Can't Find Index Of Added Items
Where and how (practically) will you use Closure interface in PHP?
Signing the assembly in Visual Studio
How do I keep previous form entry when the user attaches a file
How to Invalidate() a control in GTK#
What is the good way of setting JAVA_HOME system wide in Linux? /etc/profile or /etc/profile.d/
Will moving data from EBS to ephemeral storage improve MySQL query performance?
How to insert images into the SqLite DB [duplicate]
export object with nested properties and values to csv
Rangy and InsertNode issue
Performance when make Pagination on category with losts of records
Is deep copy possible in flex?
Place tab bar at top/or vertically right of the iPad
overridePendingTransition shows second activity too quickly
Cannot create images in a canvas with for loop
how to discard a nested object in Grails web flow
Mysql: Insert performance INNODB vs MYISAM
About the method setDisplayZoomControls() in WebSetting
php cakephp: how to count elements of a nested array
python, urllib2, crashes on 404 error
how to extract all images from a .ppt file using Android? [duplicate]
Why do local variable?
Flex, Putting SQLite result into a ItemRenderer
EXC_BAD_ACCESS in iPhone Development
How to find or match two characher in NSString in iPhone
Sending email with PHP mail()
Switch case in MustacheJs
Serial Port Async Read (non blocking) + Threads
Looking for developers plugin for IE [duplicate]
How to set a permissions on Opportunities in salesforce to see own created opportunity not other user opportunities
Javascript click function not working
How to put time delay in COCOS2D Android
cancel ASIHTTP request
Visualforce apex:inlineEditSuport on Lookup/Reference Field
java with hibernate
Restrict users from entering special characters and numbers
display drop down values using javascript or jquery
Only ASPX (HTML) file run through virtual directory but when connect to database it doesn't find web.config connection
'An error occurred. Please try later' message on Facebook authentication dialog
$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors in HH R
change in aspx page does not reflect change in resx file.(resource file does not updated.)
Doesn't work MasterPage event when fireing the Required validation in child page
how to avoid the hyphen entered in the textfield using regular expression
NullPointerException JApplet with getClass().getResource
Whirr: Cannot connect to Hadoop cluster on EC2 after lauch-cluster
How to setup commons-logging to use logback?
Jquery + CSS default BG color
How to merge two single column csv files with linux commands
How to setup commons-logging to use logback?
Jquery + CSS default BG color
How to merge two single column csv files with linux commands
How can I store preferences for a Google Chrome extension?
Ajax or not : which is harder/longer to code using zend framework
Can someone explain the CALayer contentsRect property's coordinate system to me?
Java Linear Algebra / Convex Optimization Libraries
How do i create a grid of randomised labelled buttons
The parentId do not set to the child entity automatically by cascade
How to seperate Latitude and Logitude Values From the JSON Output?
Removing an Item From a Priority Queue Based on a Linked List
Regular Expression to match more than 1 decimal point
Sum multi dimensional array based on a key in php
fetching the drawing done on canvas using getRootView
What are the uses of ruby's Hash.replace or Array.replace?
C - Trouble inputting doubles to array
At what index I have to add --select name鈥�in dropdownlist
Getting parse error while installing the application in android 4.0.4
Bison token value overwritten - c memory issues?
How is exponentiation by squaring faster?
Can pdf kit save images from a url?
Android createNewFile returns false
Where can I find this jar: commons-csv 0.1-524170
Display dynamic title in mapview android
How does MySQL handle huge databases?
Running Python script from .BAT file, taking .BAT Filename as input
Send command to all connected clients
How to connect jsp to cassandra 1.0.8?
JBoss AS 7 Cannot inject RESOURCE_LOCAL container managed EntityManagers using @PersistenceContext
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'Int32 ToInt32(System.Object)' method, and this method cannot be translated into a store expression
Can't Display SQL Query Result
Webdriver. Click on Canvas element by coordinates
Having trouble with a method call and getting a correct value back
Auto-change drop down menu, html
tiff lzw compression 10 times larger than the original jpeg compression
How can I use server side file to track users who must interact with one another? ASP.NET/C#
json parsing with listview in android? searching
Single line create file with content
How to say a DropDownChoice to update it list of choices?
Two buttons that toggle with background-position changes with a result in an Input
Why does my HTTP response using Python Sockets fail?
json array v json objects - pros cons [closed]
Like Box 鈥渟how more鈥�button opens another Like Box in another tab
What does 鈥渪00000x0000x000x鈥�signify in Verliog?
Iphone app archive - No such file or directory
Cases when its better to use parantheses over square brackets in regular expressions?
Viewing Part of a figure
how to make web search in grails
How can i add Autocomplete textbox changed event in MVC3
How can you send an entire search request to the GoogleTV or launch an app into a particular view?
How to update a table column based on it's relation to another table?
How to write a JOIN when the second table has an ON match but not a WHERE match
Array of unknown size base on the input file
鈥淭ypeError: CreateText() takes exactly 8 arguments (5 given)鈥�with default arguments
notification in iphone and android using as3
How can I solve these FX Composer errors?
GPS is not enabled but isProviderEnabled() is returning true
redirecting to some other page
Converting from DateTime to SqlDateTime is inaccurate
How to access an abstract protected function in Zend
maven classpath order between dependency jars and src/main/resources?
Using a C++ union, when which member you want is unknown
How to get dynamic map in a page according to postcode in
Fatal error on 鈥済it add submodule鈥�
Implementing a foreign key relationship in Hibernate
In-app populating of UITableView with Xcode? (iPhone)
Drawing 2 lines
How do I check if an object exists at a certain index of an NSMutableArray?
How to set boundaries for image move in android
Scroll bar for dynamic content inside a div block in jquery
How can I automatically create a backup of a user?
How to use ' ' in the regular expression extjs
jQuery UI Dialog + ASP.NET user control
Issue with processing XSLT having multiple conditions
how to validate a record in table before saving in ruby on rails
Node.js concurrency of 10000
how to increase the gesture time out time
how to load iscroll for dynamic div in android phonegap
software design - tools and tips on how to develop api's and such [closed]
GAE: Does execution continue after hitting 鈥淓xceeded soft private memory limit鈥�
Google Maps APIv3 about handling multiple markers
Reagarding the titanium framework
Why is C source code sometimes wrapped with a do鈥hile(0) loop? [duplicate]
jQuery-UI resizable disabled is true but handles still shows up
Reloading Page Data after PHP Submit
How to Sign my Blackberry App using LWUIT 1.5 GUIBuilder
Update earliest row in group
iReport: How to hide line with text fields without data line contains different kind of data
how to change checkbox size in datagridview winform
How to insert data into table
select index of listView is not working in ASP.NET
how to transfer 2 dimensional pointer outside a function so that the memory pointed by the pointer can be accessed?
How to suppress SSL error when AJAX request to the server with invalid certificate
Add Bookmark functionality to bar button item
Spring Context Event
Which database to use for storing key value (array) pairs [closed]
resize jquery function
Send Twitter using Twitter SDK in IOS5
Please help me out how to submit button value only on button click not on page refresh
Possible to have a global object with synchronized access in Google App Engine?
Process List - more processes listed in my program than task manager
Client Server File Transfer Java
Difference between Frame buffer object, Render buffer object and texture?
how to chat between 2 ubuntu machines in network? [closed]
Getting rid of the third margin on li items when displaying in columns of 3 so it aligns with edge of page? [closed]
Facebook Javascript SDK not working on Page
Trouble fitting depth image to RGB image using Kinect 1.0 SDK
How do you add a stroke to text?
delete icon in tabbar, sencha touch 2
Mysql from two tables into 1 array
Copying directories in HDFS using the JAVA API
from a list of strings, how do you get the strangest word/string in python
Android - page does not scroll
How do you pass data between models in Ruby on Rails
Find Successive words in Article B available from A
Are these the main differences between RestSharp and ServiceStack's Client Code? [closed]
Using the command prompt from java
Ant - continue the target execution ,even if one target completes for selenium automation
Trying to get update progressbar with file upload control on button click?
how to get the most accurate location using GPS and AGPS with given time in android?
Generate thumbnail of powerpoint documents
ModalView presented from MasterViewController is no longer Full Screen in iOS 5.1
Full-width slider in jquery mobile?
xml error : Call to a member function xpath() on a non-object
Can i decide how much memory to allocate in LSF queue
how to give curlup effect on splitview application
php exec does not work as expected
Really simple linear animation formula
Server Sided Proxy on Blogger
How to move a sprite without using actions?
Android, drawable editor doesn't show anything, How to activate it?
Cannot find MobileCoreServices framework to import
why do i get scroll bars when using google line chart?
primefaces growl with poll
How to take video with automatic watermark (PNG) and save it to video libray?
using boost::serialize declared in struct into another struct
glibc fnmatch vulnerability: how to expose the vulnerability?
creating a button inside onclick listener?
Is there a way to match such pattern with shell or sed?
Jeditable, PHP + MySQL
colResizable plugin doesn't works inside jQuery tabs
How to prevent double clicks on MVC Html.SubmitButton
Map with overlay is not moving after zoom
Having to call .ToList() in entity framework 4.1 before .Skip() and .Take() on large table
How do I read from a public fixed byte in IronPython?
Formatting JEditorPane's cursor, tooltips, links
putting a condition on an includes
Trying to make multilevel dynamic menu in PHP using RecursiveIteratorIterator
joining tables in mySQL to get a particular column
Collaborative or structured recommendation?
Sort MySQL query result by a alphanumeric field
setBackgroundDrawable works correctly; until another button is pressed, why?
What is C++ preamble, and pre-post condition for get function
jQuery replace removes line breaks in IE
System Calls - How to find a character within a string, if he character exists
How to clear adapter of all listView in Different TabHost from one Tab Host in Android?
Rename file using regular expression
Proxy can not be resolved
ImageMagick Draw translate coordinates
Delay on PIC18F
Trying to decrypt a FormsAuthentication ticket always unable to validate data
Transferring Data Between Pages on a Website
#500 Internal Server Error when trying to add PDF to Solr index with extraction
ios xcode header search path meaning
Undefined reference to MySQL libraries using g++
Let IsMouseOver=鈥淭rue鈥�Trigger effect stays for a moment even after mouse is left off
Php javascript conflict with passing javascript to php
git multiple indexes
symfony 2 unique constraint validation with association
pass params between JSF beans for a single view.xhtml
Google Analytics Server Side
Android WebView JQuery Mobile Horizontal Scroll
javascript slideshow array
order list in html
Parsing multi-form request (iframe)
Can麓t access Joomla admin panel with administrator account
Email sent! But not received on inbox. PHP -> localhost -> XAMPP -> Web Server
I need help getting Javascript to read an HTML form, and assign it to a specific array
.Net Thread vs ThreadPool vs Task for SerialPort Communication
Controller - Where to connect views and models in Backbone?
Why does Math.round() return 0 for NaN arguments?
Read image data from COM7 port in Java
Query or Expression for excluding certain values from DAL selection
autosize textarea width (cols)?
how to use 鈥渞epo鈥�to clone minimal android source?
Traversing a Binary Tree Recursively
Timepicker Addon with DatePicker
i don't know why this table view code crashes
Proper way to upload to s3 in php (uploadify)?
Add $LOAD_PATH eternally
What is the most efficient way to include many javascript functions (with PHP in them) in a PHP page?
Can you create a migration to change data with a 鈥渨here鈥�condition in Rails 3
Does Session variables get affected with Concurrent access?
How to make a TextView Text vertical
Prevent browser scrolling to :target
From NSArray of NSDictionary objects, how to get an NSArray of uniques
Update values in SQL from PHP
Giving image as background of a button control
Passing arrays as method parameters in Java
NetBeans: Android project to use external jar?
How to call a method asynchronously
Portable PHP Debug
how to use initializer to set up my multiprocess pool?
How to keep track of UILocalNotifications currently scheduled
mySQL stick with fulltext search or go with alternative?
how to save the array data into mysql database
Writing to a binary file from a struct part of a linked list
Get only email address from contact list Android
On iOS is there a way to make all actions on a certain singleton object happen in its own dedicated thread?
Overriding Devise Registration Create Method
How to avoid the Black box appeared when hidden the navigationbar?
Reading multiple files from a directory, R
Change the click event in jquery
Is it possible to control the order of EventHandlers that fire for events in MonoTouch.Dialog?
Virtual keyboard in WPF: emulate real input device?
.classpath file in the Project Deliverables
Escape Quotes in Objective-C
getting getElementByID to work html5
Convert Iterator to ArrayList
javascript code - include php
Linux Device Driver - How to receive notification of added device when exporting GPIO?
C2086: 'int WINGDIAPI' : redefinition errors in Open Scene Graph?
need to call session_start() before <!DOCTYPE HTML 鈥tc
Database Parent-Child Relationship & php
What's a clean and efficient way to generate and append HTML with JavaScript or JQuery?
.NET 4.5 Beta DbGeography NotImplementedException
Using In_set Constraint
Permission issue when uploading photo to album with privacy setting as 鈥淔riends of Friends鈥�
LINQ: Updating an independent grid
Python, Lists + Dictionaries, Classes?
Javascript/html help! Should be simple
鈥淲eekly Top 10鈥�Database Design Issue [closed]
New Zealand Phone Form Validation
Hibernate configuration error - one to many relation using annotation
service architecture - webservies , soa
System.ArgumentException: [net_WebHeaderInvalidControlChars] in Windoows Phone
Can you explain the HttpURLConnection connection process?
uninitialized constant CarrierWave
Load Bitmap success but width and height is 0?
Returning clean, timezone free dates in JS
how to store a value from a specific point in an array to a register and vice versa in assembly
How to use an array in the condition as a filter - Ruby Rails
ArrayOutofBound Exception not caught
How to reference to an image in attachment
Python--read files, save the file names and access to these files
How Wicket models works with generic?
Big-Bang and Dialog Application (Racket/Scheme)
Serial Port Buffer / Baud Rate / Lost data
Javascript API fb_dtsg variable curious
How Wicket models works with generic?
Big-Bang and Dialog Application (Racket/Scheme)
Serial Port Buffer / Baud Rate / Lost data
Javascript API fb_dtsg variable curious
Matlab: How can I read the number including decimal using `sscanf`?
Initialize Array of Structs Using Pointer - C++鈥�
wildcard git error
Best solution for 鈥淣o Scheme鈥�issue in Xcode 4 after defected merging git branches
Making an automatic reply?
jdom performance
include/require once in php
iOS - UIScrollView content size set to zero
Changing password of Unix remote server through PHP SSH
Javascript exiting Loop Early
Leaving Game Center out of 'lite' version of app?
How to make a text have a <a ref> tag in business layer in ASP
cruisecontrol show ant error message and it solve by itself
Python CGI Cookies
Bing Map Search by Id
Database driven template context with MPTT: how to represent lists vs dictionaries?
How to use Ninject in an ASP.NET MVC Application for non-MVC objects
How to Create a Full Length Navigation Menu that has Drop Down Menu
Rails 3 noob questions using partials correctly
Dojo Dialog not loading with style
Any smart HTML5/CSS3 method to get a div to expand to fill the 鈥渃lient area鈥�
wpf fixeddocument dynamic data
Video recording codec/muxer pack
Backend server provider for mobile apps
how to notify users his Windows Phone OS doesn't support the app
wierd compile time error: method push_back could not be resolved
Is there a way to pass an initialization function to an Orbit slideshow?
How Java and NodeJS communicate in backend?
Debug only Server Code in VS 2010
Syncing multiple sliders using jQuery Cycle
Groovy Eclipse plugin not working
鈥渇atal error鈥�when running simple Qt Quick Project on Android?
How do I back up one standalone server to another in real-time?
What is the difference between a 鈥淧rocessing Directive鈥�and a 鈥淒eclarative Statement鈥�in XML?
Adding a static file directory to override CSS in Django
How to make CustomLink touchable in OHAttributedLabel
Checking each argument in a method?
Styling Issues w/ IE9. CSS3 Input not recognized
Curl not getting an xml response with https url?
SQLite query that converts Unix epoch date/time and works with DST in C#
Altering table using the Symfony2 Doctrine2 console/generate feature?
How to return 'own' 404 custom page?
ATL Link Warnings
Pattern matching in lists that contain case classes
How can I save multiple files from an NSData object?
Uploadify in MVC3 does not work
A simple C program to play mp3 using libvlc
Statistics (& money transfers) with mongoDB
unsure of correct syntax for before_filter
SimpleCov with Selenium/Rails
Set IDENTITY_INSERT OFF for all tables
User Access management in mysql/php web page
gnuplot 2-D plotting from arrays - realtime
not able to access program entered values in ms access 2007
Handling lots of JavaScript code with Aptana Studio
Load comment for a picture on windows phone 7
Can thinking-sphinx ransack work together?
Pushing a new viewcontroller from a tableview in a tab bar app
How to parse XML sent to Ruby on Rails via POST?
Programmatically setting .eps files to CMYK (as opposed to RGB)
Clang OS X Lion, cannot find cstdint
Android: Run asynctask once per session
C++ HW Help using stack
Collision and movements not working as expected
Problems with displaying list items inline
Can I control the order in which javascript / jQuery events fire?
Can't get anything but $0 from a call to a method to calculate a taxAmount
How to make logo interchangeable, Ruby on Rails
Dojo Charting MoveSlice, change event from hover to onclick
Array of pointers to an abstract class
How to create shadow table in Informix
Segmentation Fault C++
Popup AllowTransparency is killing WebBrowser child
Android: Make a Service check something periodically
Is there a env variables for slave node home in JENKINS?
My tokens seem to be skipping over the leading whitespace of a text file
Group JSON by data?
culture of datatable [closed]
HQL - how to query data from one-to-many relationship and condition on second entity field
ListView's onScroll event spamming
Switch Background Image on success() jQuery
In Perl, how can I replace sequences of duplicates with one element in an array?
Call a PHP function after onClick HTML event
IMAP SEARCH of Gmail not finding all messages
TypeError on CodeType creation in Python 3
Can I run a MySQL cluster using Amazon EC2 鈥淪mall鈥�instances that have just 1.7GB of RAM?
How to save fragment's state across fragment transactions
Mootools 1.4.3 Background Fade Effect
ASP.Net Mvc3 Edit Order Form Producing Error When Saving OrderItems
Background Image Cut Off in Mobile Safari
Many different UITableViewCells in one TableView
鈥淥bject reference not set鈥�error when creating a form
Modifying ProfileBase ConnectionString dynamically
python column split
How can I create a feed to display my recent projects in wordpress?
Error:android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near 鈥淲HERE鈥� syntax error: , while compiling:
YouTube Playlist 鈥淣ot Found鈥�
Android: Sqlite on ListView
Linked Lists: Reading in txt file, nodes dont save
Its against facebook rules to save user info after he used facebook connect?
Apache VirtualDocumentRoot statement
cmake error while running on a mounted directory
What is the performance overhead of Popen in python
Do OAuth 2 auth scopes 'stack' upon successive grants for a user?
Multiple JavaScript Buttons (Variables)
How to set up Elmah with ASP.NET Web API
Action Listener
preg_match to get mp3 and mp4 filenames in file extension order then in filename order from an external webpage?
MSVC error C2371 鈥渞edefinition; different basic types鈥� except I don't see where I'm redefining anything
Disposing of SQL Connection
CSS terminology: what's this called in a property value?
How can I build an ANTLR Works style parse tree?
Git upstream branch on remote repo on Github
Preferred method for generating an IObservable<String> from a Stream
Form markup; getting a line break after a label when using display: table-cell, table-row
No interrupts being triggered in UART Receive on PIC18F2680
WPF imaging problems
SEO advice for MVC 3 regarding routing and partial views
Converting this scheduling information
Connecting Remotely with Java Web Services
How to deal with Git-svn when have to use both Git and Subversion