Objective-C NSMutableArray: Organize array of photos by date key
Is it possible to dump and import views using mysqldump?
iPhone iOS how to extract photo metadata and geotagging info from a camera roll image? [duplicate]
Java IDE 7.1 to MS SQL 2005 Using PreparedStatement鈥heres the return?
I'm getting Key error in python
How i can assign the data of a UITextField to a variable?
Go: transfer var into anonymous function
PHP RegEx won't pick up question mark
Java threading optimization at 100% CPU usage
JPA/Hiberante don't generate join sql for FetchType.EAGER while Spring @Transactional annotated
API to get current weather conditions for any point on Earth
Powershell http post with .cer for auth
Flex List custom color for rows
jQuery: `:eq(i) ` Selection
How to use superscript in XML for android, without using java
Access geocode (lat/lon) metadata from photo taken with camera and/or chosen from camera roll [duplicate]
Rails hidden_field_tag integer auto converts to string?
How to use arbitrary length sequences of values as map keys in Go?
Changing input type after event
Qt opening another window when first one has closed
Abstraction and Encapsulation
converting a decimal/hex value in a register to ascii
List of Lists in Type Declaration in Haskell
How do I allow certain gestures to go through a superview to a view below it?
List of Lists in Type Declaration in Haskell
How do I allow certain gestures to go through a superview to a view below it?
WebView: is performFindPanelAction still not implemented?
Image binding works in Image not in ItemsControl
MVC 4: Multiple Controller action parameters
CSS and Cross Browser Rounded Corners
Setting the date of a DatePicker using the updateDate() method
Fetching textures using CUDA driver API - color formats confusion
Automating interaction with a closed-sourced Windows XP GUI-based Program
IAd bannerViewActionDidFinish: didn't execute after the test running view confirmation was closed
ffmpeg stream offset command (-itsoffset) not working
Apple Mach-O-Linker (ID) Error
Django json single and double quotes?
Adding Websphere portal server 6.1 in RAD 8
Srsly, why use get and set on mutators?
Schedule R script using cron
removing elements from xml with php - unorthodox xml
Variable In Link Redirect JavaScript
mysql order by with limit
Script Error when linking from ASP.Net Application to Linkedin
Powerbuilder Datawindow Password Encrypt
On Post, a drop down list SelectList.SelectedValue is null
How to create user control groupbox object in VC++?
Using UIScrollview to access 4 different views
combine js array's
Get menu group id
Git Push ERROR: Repository not found
How to merge the applicationSettings of a class library into the host executable's config file
Heap allocate a 2D array (not array of pointers)
Options for free (and preferably open source) speech to text library [closed]
Magento - Create Shared Cookies to another URL
How to display the output of a Linux command on stdout and also pipe it to another command? [duplicate]
Ways to programmatically determine the likely sharpness of a digital photograph?
Empty Application on Xcode instead of other code generated templates
Local Variable Declaration Issue
How to serialize controls
MongoDB - How to do queries on multiple attributes within an object and group the results
Is it possible to gather the number of bluetooth devices around Android device
PHP script not firing when aliased to by Postfix - I'm at wits' end
iPhone init method issue
Translate HTML module from Joomla
UDK GameReplicationInfo relating to GetPC()
Disable/enable jQuery click event to avoid multiple POST requests
Shorthand notation for class member initialization [duplicate]
Can LCP and IPCP packets have different framing and byte-stuffing in PPP?
Jquery UI autocomplete IE 7 issue
Zend Auth - Using two tables
Using a generic style as base vs custom user control
Progress bar not showing when using join() on thread
JS inserting substr(1) into a var
Why is this loop crashing?
Derby: Referencing Multiple Foreign Keys From Different Tables
Google Maps API for Time and Distance Data (Access/VBA)
Tool to convert Java source to C++ source [duplicate]
Under IOS5, using ARC while creating my own delegate, error regarding using _weak
Objective-c Byte[] and Java byte[]
zsh create a command line within a script but do not execute it
How to automatically log out user when browser closes?
Programatically adding a route in Play2.0
Why isn't my paintComponent() method getting called?
TextView on LazyAdapter display wrong data
Suggestion of UML diagram
How to update a specific div with ajax and jquery
ASP.NET MVC3: can Action accept mulitple model parameters?
Popup window in Java when a USB port scans some input
php xml url's with multiple words
webservice DateTime unexpected value?
Convert InputStreamReader to InputStream
IIS 7 URL Rewrite - 403 Error
The Reversal Game - Scoring permutations using prefix reversals in order to generate only the highest scoring permutations
How to resolve the situation that malloc() corrupts the pointer?
Free SQLite GUI tool? [closed]
FFMPEG Undefined Reference to 'avcodoec_open2' in C++
Passing Variable to Google Piechart
CI 2 - Language class and models
Find and replace operation
Google Chrome Extension: How can I view a background page via an iframe on the popup page?
Can I code a Unity extension to get effect of applying Dependency attribute to all public properties?
Print Version CSS for CommonSpot
How to dial a call on Cisco VOIP 7940 from my PC?
Twitter Bootstrap calls them 鈥淏adges鈥� is there another broadly established description for this UI pattern?
Issue setting instance variables
From SQLite to JSON Array
Insert values in Binary Search Trees
How can I get all locations in a list that are not equal to a value(without using a for loop)?
How can I determine why a git merge deleted some lines of code?
Unobtrusive validation for numbered (repeated) fields
PHP generated HTML is closing an HTML tag on it's own
Creating variables and reusing within a mysql update query? possible?
TinyXML2 query text if attribute matches
How to bind a function to Element loaded via Ajax
How do I generate document excerpts using Sphinx and the Sphinx PHP API?
Mystery .x and .y form fields - where do these come from?
Sidebar with CSS
How do I Include a file in a release package that is not part of the project
How To Display Wordpress Custom Field in Sidebar?
Store Checkbox value to array list
GWT ValueListBox, Renderer and ProvidesKey
command line tool to check music/video urls, my browser connected to
Understanding OpenGL boiler-plate
Understanding OpenGL boiler-plate
JavaScript Reload Page Script
Backbone model save triggers error callback on Chrome/FF
Fragment.onCreateView has null container
Okay to store an exception in a variable to throw later?
How do I get a css triangle that crosses the top right corner?
Visual Studio 2010, C++, 鈥渧ector iterators Incompatible鈥�during vector.clear()
Better source and more recent documentation for zc.buildout?
mongo query fetching embedded document
unordered_multimap usage and operator overwriting
Keeping variable value while making async call to FB.api
JavaScript crash after removing any trivial statement
Encoding json data as x-www-form-urlencoded
Custom query methods in NSManagedObejct
prolog facts and variables
RMI java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: <class name> (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)
Installing Git on a Debian Lenny server
Turing Machine to accept strings of prime lengths [closed]
Facebook C# SDK list of friends orderby name
Unable to find freeTDS version
jQuery is changing my HTML
How to test a void method returns if condition satisfied
How to start a resque queue in production (EC2 / Ubuntu)?
iOS enterprise OTA distribution problems
Serializing a List of objects containing a List of objects in Android
having trouble formatting if-else statement in python
Crystal Report in Visual studio 2010 via linq
A jquery chart with horizontal and vertical lines
Entity Framework: Context Not Ready In Time for Request at Seemingly Random Times, Production Environment Only
How to select all div from body and not from the header?
How to grab string between two keywords in PHP
Appropriate place to deselect a row
How to code for moving/removing an mvc route 鈥渇orever鈥�
Making PHP var_dump() values display one line per value
analysis of variance in R
Nivo Slider not showing images in Drupal site
Visitor Pattern Explanation
One form, two buttons?
How to get specific resource string regardless of current culture in c# .net web app
Iterate through variables which are not present in an array in C
xml to php not parsing info correctly
How to get YUI editor to pass its contents
Best way to parse user input using getline?
Using TOP (1) in SQL Server for getting the most number of occurrences of a string in a column
Heap Memory and Slab allocation
Is there anyone used the denclue algorithm?
Standard visibility for abstract methods
Most efficient way to store values from a UITableView where the accessory view is turned on
Stream file as RTSP using VLC
Filter the input of a textarea [closed]
How to process jquery ajax requests in the order they were reqested
convert NSDictionary to NSString
autoload_paths change naming convention
Animating a div with CSS on hover
Windows 8 storage file
oracle package trouble
Selecting MYSQL data from PHP array
PHP If not between numbers 1-6
CodeFirstMembership - Entity Members marked as virtual.
Licensing Research Code [closed]
Creating a JavaScript Search of Arrays
Order by number of duplicates from several tables mysql
Users can't add product to cart in Magento
Brainstorm: How would you hide text within an email? [closed]
Django: ManyToManyField, add object if it doesn't already exist
Jquery ajax call - collecting response details remotely
Response.AddHeader attachment doesn't work
Is there a WMA spi for javasound?
Dealloc not being called
MonoTouch.Dialog: Setting Image of StyledStringElement in Background
Application Error when Quitting - Objective-C
My rspec test won't pass
Large parameters and errorlevels in old-style MS-DOS assembly programs?
What's the most memory efficient way to generate the combinations of a set in python?
Undefined method opts_from_validator_args
Strategy for vast number of potential duplicate rows upon INSERT in MySQL
Dynamically adding fields to form Rails
Symfony2: JavaScript doesn't work on Prod environment
Printing Issue: Google Maps w/ Directions
jquery popup window won't close with keypress but will onclick
Embed native Google Maps into a mobile application
Program to print numbers in stdout
assembly, storing ascii values into a register
Switching from one Meteor workspace to another
Correct way to pass Model data to the View in ASP.NET MVC
How to prevent a Rect from moving from its position when decreasing width
Cannot import Pycurl: 鈥渓ibcurl link-time version is older than compile-time version鈥�[closed]
iReport returns no data how to display static message
Pull variable name from $_GET[] array
Toolbar won't show above keyboard
getting first child of xml through php
Unresolved external when method defined in cpp file, but not when in header
Calling method from different class
activerecord flag on creation but doesn't get saved to database
Unique Panel Combinations with Blocks 鈥�Code in Java
php constructor not getting called? or something?
Architecture for maintaining groups of people?
4 different scenarios of 'this'. What's the correct interpretation?
SQL Query Join Same Column Twice
Using a usb webcam as the source for the emulated camera device on the android emulator
Java Thread notify( ) vs. notifyAll()
MySQL Queries in PHP not returning true results
How to: simulate an (IPP) printer
CSS: Clearing the Content after a 3-Column Div Layout
html title encoding [closed]
Need to define a workflow/process that integrates SW dev. all the way through Conf. Management [closed]
TabControl to take the size of one of its items
java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field com.google.api.client.googleapis.GoogleHeaders.userAgent
Calling c++ clr dll in c# silverlight
Getting started with Urban Airship in iOS
Custom Field in Order
iOS5: When I set the region of a MKMapView it just shows a blue box
iPHone ATMHud - Update text
Semaphore WaitOne not operating correctly
Preserving formatting on empty HTML lines in JEditorPane
Using Ninject 3.0 for a given code
Auto width on nested list
Java Eclipse--.txt File Not Found When Exported To .jar
rake assets:precompile error: File to import not found or unreadable
How to concatenate strings in a loop?
FragmentPagerAdapter with an ArrayListFragment
Can protection mode be turned off with inline assembly?
Is possible to get the server and language information from a web server?
Using browser back button in triggers flash message in CakePHP again
Translucent or Transparent Image created in Java does not display in Android OpenGL ES
Find longest word in a sentence recursively
Update Push Notification badge number within the app
PostgreSQL Function PERFORM
Sliding 鈥渃ards鈥�effect 鈥�slides out, but not in
Set up DNS based URL forwarding in Amazon Route53
using SqlParameterCollectionExtensions
Ajax jquery not work on IE6
Populating a Html.Listbox with all ASP.NET users
Function called once, but firing multiple times
Row expansion component submitting form on expansion when roweditor is present
Something similar to C# .NET Generic List in java
using for loop value from javascript with php variable
Can I run these nested queries as one query, and how do I work with the returned information?
Android - AsyncTask Socket Write Timeout
How can I prevent two Jenkins projects/builds from running concurrently?
Haskell concurrency using simple IORef?
How to override sys.programGroup.linkDir?
Unpacking a .tgz file in maven
How to make this path finding C++ code into dynamic so that agent can search the path on its own
Most efficient way to store large arrays of integers in localStorage with Javascript
Optimized pseudo code for D*Lite
PHP variables in email body
How to prevent cart wipe when BACK pressed?
Is there any way to get absolute positioning in CSS to be based off the entire page instead of the viewable window?
List<T>.FindAll() delegate issue with WCF based class
AVFoundation capture UIImage
Drupal 7: Contact Form Not Visible, Despite Permissions
Ada program on Linux: SIGSEGV due to missing file?
Asset overloading on Rails engines: requiring a secondary gem asset file fails
innerHTML causing ul to self-close
Extending a SortedMap in Scala
Android inter-activity communication
The access to a SQL Table Duplicate it's slower than the original. Table with 1 million rows [closed]
oauth token for sinatra oauth2-provider
Jquery slideViewer not displaying correctly
changing a php variable name throughout for loop
CSS/HTML Opacity
What is the effect on SEO with a Meteor application?
What is a bit pattern?
Explain RestEasy providers, resources and singletons in relation to classes vs instances?
Animation in codebehind for loop, using RenderTransform
mysql syntax errors in php, Works fine when input into phpmyadmin
php add to time
jQuery toggleClass with direction and animation
PCA project and backproject in Opencv
Windows 8 /WP7 . IsolatedStorageSettings vs XML
loading non-existing .xib at run-time
How do you directly access the Omniauth facebook image url?
Accessing members of a custom data type in Haskell
asp.net mvc logging framework
In Android's Renderscript, using the rs_script_call structure to restrict the range of the allocation that is operated upon during a rsForEach call
DataAnnotations appear to not function correctly on value types using a Validator
PyBrain: When creating network from ground up how and where do you create a bias?
Jquery - How to affect just one node in drupal view
Check if a filename is a folder or a file
Configuration file for .Net COM when invoked from old ASP
What is the difference between field, variable, attribute, and property in Java POJOs?
size of javascript elements not working properly
Where is a starting place to learn how to encrypt a password in php and mysql? [closed]
Getting values of checked checkboxes in a form to separate strings (dynamic naming)
Multiple BroadcastReceivers that handle the BOOT_COMPLETED action?
IOS socket programming, writing error, bad file descriptor
Final Part of Cursor inserting twice into MYSQL Using Trigger
JTable load values on change, display progressbar while loading
changing anotations from JBoss Seam to CDI (JEE6)
Writing an add method for an implementation of a doubly linked list that sorts as I add objects to it
python class variable lookup by value
How to repeat a fixed size table on each page in SSRS 2008
Why does xcode 4.3.2 hang when archiving?
How to generate a 3-digit random number in xCode for iPhone
MySQL performance; large data table or multiple data tables?
gdb split view with code
Protobuf net not serializing when using WCF
ThreadLocal vs local variable in Runnable
trying format json a certain way in PHP using array from mysql
Freeing memory issue causing my c program to crash but it doesn't crash while debugging?
how to getSystemService within a ContentProvider in android?
Does PayPal recycle PayerIds? I'm linking private information to PayerIds
Memory Error when calculating pairwise distances in scipy
checkstyle maximum method length not working on groovy
JSON child object with dojo/data/ObjectStore
Using unix & php get subfolders' names to put into a .csv
Allow leading and trailing blanks for each email address in comma delimited lis
Determining the length of sections of code
related to threads of services in android
Sonar uses oracle as the database connection
Can't access object's parameters from the other class's func
Resizing row height of list widget
How to search objects to see if they contain a specific value?
How do I use mock_models with RSpec outside of Rails?
server push for millions of concurrent connections
Default Attachment For Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird [closed]
Updating a databound dropdownlist control when another databound dropdownlist changes
Injecting a concrete implementation of a WCF ServiceContract based off value in a config file dymamically
find_commentable returning undefined method `comments' for nil:NilClass
How come my function does not run in my AppDelegate?
Buttons in message box in Visual Basic .NET
Viewing blobs in an ASP page
Cannot seem to get JQuery to work in MVC3
Unity game not running in Fancybox iframe
java error when launching newly installed Eclipse on Fedora 16
Need help formulating regular expression to parse data
Binary Search Trees C++
Search result pagination, best practice
Tomcat + OSGi : No Catalina Service found
varchar and composite primary keys in mysql?
Is there any better way of doing this? - android text color change
Converting memory addresses
Box2d dynamic bullet body sinking into static bodies
Access 2007: Insert query
php + facebook graph search in friends list
How can I convert a string to a BigInt in an action parameter?
Mercurial manual merge does not launch meld
Toggle classes from different divs issue
ProgressDialog while load Activity
Glassfish application not working with maven library (gf-client)
Thready safety of Maps, used privately inside application scoped bean & only for ready purposes after once building
How to test if an attribute exists in some XML
word-wrap error in firefox, works in safari and chrome
Reacting to multi-buttons wired headphones
Safely limiting the number of Class calls within a Parallel,Foreach Loop
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index 0, size is 0
Segmentation Fault C++
Is 鈥渦se strict鈥�Safe for Live Sites?
PHP MySQL filtering results
A String to int conversion returning 156112 instead of 1 in objective c
php photo -> invalid request
namespacing large javascript like jquery
What's the thought behind Children and Controls properties in WPF?
Inverse Kinematics with OpenGL/Eigen3 : unstable jacobian pseudoinverse
Getting unevaluated tcl arguments
Add device driver to Windows CE 6.0 through Platform Builder
iPhone app, navigationcontroller not functioning?
AspectJ works with Java 7?
Having custom controls still apply when go fullscreen on a HTML5 video?
CakePHP Expire Post after X days
PHP/MySQL Limit Characters
Setup an SSL certificate on an EC2 instance
MongoDB/doctrine: can't nest $or in $and
how to know if a function was called from an specific function c++
SharedPreference in android(Tell friend + Disable Dialog notification)
C2DM register frequency
JAAS + authentification from database
Session Won't Stay on Redirection
How do I get the number of points a user earned on a Foursquare Checkin?
What is the difference between version.myappid.appspot.com and version.latest.myappid.appspot.com?
How do I verify the validity of a Foursquare Checkin?
skip a mongo capped collection
How can I get the number of logical CPUs on WinRT?
New/strange Java 鈥渢ry()鈥�syntax?
Adding two timestamps in SQL
Save NSWindow Size on Resize & Close For User
Checking for XML NODE null
writing to multiple open textstreams
Matlab paint an excel cell
Sometimes Cassette doesn't rewrite a background-image rule
Correct way of adding Page Method to ASP MVC project?
mysql: change all columns of a table from varchar to decimal
using the UIPageViewController in a storyboard
UITabBar setSelectionIndicatorImage in iOS 4
jquery easing with css classes on an old menu
facebook photo/ image vertical align?
Compare 2 Columns and Delete non-matching
I need to create a Microsoft Word Macro to automatically resize images to a pixel width
Parameter list with double quotes does not pass through properly in Bash
How do I print Arrays?
After ASyncTask.execute() do x() from Activity
nested push animation can result in corrupted navigation bar
Play A Random Sound onTouch
application.conf for Scala SBT Akka Actors
How to make a loading/intro animation popup while waiting for program to start up clutter/GTK+
Store all the things that got printed to windows CMD in a file
How to create a 2D grid in webpage?
Android developer references 鈥渕ethod deprecated鈥�labels in error for older APIs?
plist values being lost
Offset wrong position
R using a while loop to find number of timesteps
Error: Undefined function or method 'svmtrain' for input arguments of type 'double'
NHibernate ignoring GeneratedBy.Identity()
UIAlertView open when UIWebView loads for more than a specific time
Can you build a Windows 8 Live Tile that Launches A Website Instead of a Metro App?
MD5 password sent to a mysql field of INT
ruby 'mikel/mail' reply-to field
Checking change in form field before executing AJAX store with Javascript OnBlur OnFocus? How?
What exactly does the Memcached size limit represent with file system entitystore?
jquery tokenInput with has_many that isn't stored in DB
What would the uri(s) pointing to these methods look like
Unit test for Ping / PingReply - Mocking?
How to dynamically set source of DataGridView in C#?
Why are scrollTop, pageYOffset, and height all not working?
Book suggestion for Spring framework [closed]
Problems with mouseover and mouseout
Custom notification when app in background or close
sql foreign keys
Indexes on PostgreSQL hstore array columns
Deserializing json string into an object - Silverlight
what is the best source to buy pictures for 鈥渞etina鈥�applications? [closed]
Benchmarking the time / latency of files
will deadlock occur in these situations?
Safely writing to remote database from Android app
Web API cannot resolve symbol Http in System.Web.Http, what is missing?
In the Django admin, is there a way to show a list of actual links to a model's one-to-many objects?
How to refresh a view calling RedirectToAction?
How to check/query active rdp connections to an ec2 machine?
Python-Requests close http connection
JButton does not take action's name when preferredSize is non-default
Pass non reference value to Task
Determining if a graph is K-vertex-connected
Flattr API for Java?
JSTL SQL Update rowCount?
SQL Alchemy return list of ids
Get rid of useless scroll bars on fancybox iframe
Is there a java function that can change the mouse coordinates to the center of a screen when the mouse enters the screen?
Inserts and Updates in SQL Server for a stored procedure
Find RadListBox item by value, server-side
Any value to 鈥淭ableB鈥�in 鈥淟EFT JOIN TableB ON TableA.name = TableB.name鈥�
In ExtJS, callParent() versus initConfig versus superclass
Amazon cloud confusion, which product for my ubuntu instance? [closed]
What is a 鈥渟lider interrupt鈥�on Android
Hiding (Not Removing) all HTML tags - Jquery
Confused about custom data types in Haskell
Reverting to last commit in Xcode 4 using Git
How do you get the row returned by a SQL query that includes PREPARE and EXECUTE in PHP?
Extracting and executing an arbitrary sequence of Java bytecodes
Template Member Function Pointers
Extracting and executing an arbitrary sequence of Java bytecodes
Template Member Function Pointers
How do you secure the client side MongoDB API?
Service injection into Controller (Spring MVC)
Migrating from Sitemesh to Apache Tiles
Passing datetime with http request
Android webview and browser crash on simple paragraphs
Best way to switch behavior based on type [duplicate]
Stop android app from closing
Adding CSS to JQuery Validation error messages
Inline Gnu Assembly, Looping Multi-Dimensional Array
`inspect.trace()` vs `traceback`
Installshield Installation Requirements (Best Way To Search For An Installed Application)
JOGL texture not working
Set value for dynamically created form elements in dynamic JQuery UI dialog using JQuery
How do I make sure the rapidly changing data from my MySQL DB is accurately represented in php scripts?
How to create an Exchange mailbox?
Stream Large File to Web Service
ConcurrentIdentityWeakKeyHashMap and Integer keys
Parse xml into ObservableCollection using Linq. Data bind to datagrid using wpf c#
C++ Missing Initializer error
in ExtJS, is it better to call Model.save() or Store.Sync()?
Which version control tool is best suited for storing only last 'N' commits? [closed]
want to compare a stored column values to some string
How to pass JSON-formatted data from a WebView to a HTML page
Sencha Touch 2: Background CSS changes by panel
C ENUM Not Recognizing In Xcode iOS Dev Project
Application tool to perform cross browser testing within localhost
Cannot upgrade/Install plugins on Eclipse for OS X
Stop Event Propagation for a Specific Handler
Merge two Graph entries into one - about one website
how do i fixed divs from overlapping centered, static div on browser resize?
how to set initial labels in opencv kmeans with KMEANS_USE_INITIAL_LABELS
Packing an Actionscript (Flash Builder) application for iPhone
XamDataGrid and validating a cell item against an entire collection
Search a vector of boost::tuple
SimpleModal Foreach Loop Dynamic Content
PHP Apostrophe issue
NSFetchRequest not seeing changes to relationships in NSManagedObjectContext
Is it necessary to validate column names when submitting an SQL Query?
mediaPlayer.release() causes onPause() to timeout - Motorola Xoom Family Edition
concat multiple record in one column
Rails 3.1 How do I create an API route for 鈥渕e鈥�that points to the user resource
How to sort by date and then by time using Javascript
Wordpress Post in Multiple Divs
RSS and PHP merging
PhantomJS doesn't send authentication header
Insert query in php not working with ajax
Difference between == and .Equals() with Interfaces and LINQ
Design Document of Text2Onto
Nested UL Columns will not float left unless I set container width explicitly
Restarting Prolog engine from Java using JPL
PHP Deleting a full folder
Generate Scripts to copy views
What can I do to get jquery.address working in Opera when using iframe?
Loop Through all tables in Mysql database and get Average of identical colums from each table in php
HTML5 Audio Player Delete Buffer after played
What is the best design to run the same task in different tomcat cluster nodes?
check textbox on NULL
How to interact with different android browser (get url)
PHP quiz script answer highlight
Auto blank spacer program or application
VBA borderless print
How to add a javascript variable to this php line?
How can I get a vertical list to load PDF's into an iFrame
Generating and distributing unique usernames with PHP
Could mysql_insert_id() get a value from another script's query
Understanding CSS grid columns better - columns, using floats
Send php response to ajax
How to create dynamic lambda based Linq expression from a string in C#?
Executor cannot be shutdown from the Thread acquired from itself
Filtering images by category, RSS reader
Prevent another event from firing before a previous one is complete in jQuery?
Is using JSON a good choice for uploading File metadata to server via HTTP?
HTTP & HTTPS Endpoints for a Web Service - HTTP not listening
C++ Equation for adding hours worked in days of the week
Multiple ajaxified rating forms on a single page in rails 3.2
Accessing JSON Data in Objective C
get google chrome to view an rss feed
Getting 鈥渏ava.io.EOFException: JSON error鈥�using the clojure twitter-api
QGraphicsScene::itemAt() - how to recognize custom classes
How do I grab data from a many-to-many relationship? (razor)
SQL Server 2008 R2 HASHBYTES SHA2 returns null
getExternalFilesDir() returns null (not a permissions issue)
Mysql php multiple select ,sorting
Trying to get text on same line
asp.net FindControl on unbound gridview or repeater
How to register FOSUserBundle in KnpRadBundle
Get Gps location(long,lat) and time in this Android application
Batch scripting: exclude files from set
Loading XML from a file on Google App Engine
PostgresSQL - how to set up manually the next value of auto_increment?
Having a perl script make use of one among several secondary scripts
CakePHP Not understanding the request object
Magento - multiple setup models needed for custom module
How would I write this in IEEE standards?
Given cube of size n^3, find no of smaller cubes on surface [closed]
Where in the process is a file open?
Is shadowing 3rd party namespaces dangerous?
what are the tools to parse/analyze IIS logs - ideally free/open source?
what are the tools to parse/analyze IIS logs - ideally free/open source?
Dynamic variable names with Javascript and constructor: cloning an image with EaselJS dynamically to multiple canvases
Outputting a SESSION following user input - protect against xss
Excel Userform Textbox Behavior
pcap_open_dead to simulate full UDP packets capture
Hide some charts and show other in one report
Property/fields thread synchronization
Unescape _xHHHH_ XML escape sequences in JAVA ( SOAPMessage)
Highlight Full Duplicate Rows (Not Individual Values)
Absolute positioning and float left/right
Updating a row of data with MySQL
Need xpath to locate 2 buttons with almost same properties for using in Selenium automation script
Sending SQLite db to web service
what happens when an xml file tries to be read while it is being written?
Security in Windows Registry
Jquery Image Bubble diplay: inline-block Issue
How can I wrap qrsh?
Mimicking the behavior of HTML5 pattern attributes for inputs using web2py?
Symfony 2 Form not saving data from select (on joined table)
Verbosity of MSBuild Copy Command
Log the reason for process termination with C++ on Linux
How to keep a C++ class name unmodified with Cython?
Creating a Slider Like This?
How do I draw a shape on an HTML5 video using SVG?
Move constructors and multiple inheritance
How to solve this thread blocking issue
Why is an item in the ViewBag not propagated to the _Layout page?
how do i prevent extjs from refreshing a model after a save operation when the server does not return data
Loop through widths of elements and show elements until a certain width is meet
JQuery get height of each previous element
Dynamic populated drop down list won't trigger index changed event in asp.net
segmentation fault, lists in C
Merge arrays from a function that calls it self
mac excel 2011 mangling 鈥渘estl茅鈥�when importing text file
MySql Linq-Entities Date Comparison
android: My software does not work in a linear manner
Accessing internal assemblies from another project [duplicate]
jQuery Sliding Panels - Positioning Divs side by side.
Clone a list in Haskell
Only seeing 1 object out of an array of 3 in XNA
Web application using Ajax with Java based server- Security related
shorten javascript/jquery function [closed]
requirements for arbitrary types in boost.odeint
GMT Time to Real Time
DOMDocument->saveHTML() converting &nbsp; to space
How to create in instance of an enumerated type using the node-java module
Java Class Cast Exception
Point on a straight line specific distance away in C
NSNumber doubleValue method returns null in objective C (IOS)
Perl: Programmatically drop PostgreSQL table index then re-create after COPY using DBD::Pg
Find data near to user location with split data in Xcode
Jscript runtime error trying to use jquery datatables in ASP.Net
Lawnchair code executing twice
Auto add items to cart upon login: default behavior?
Deserialize xml to object with Symfony2
Rails - creating a database entry
WindowsForm control as a parameter
(History Of) Best Practices for ASP.NET MVC Internationalization
Modeling a to many relationship in Core Data
Why does a seccomp process always get killed?
Create an GET in jQuery
Print the values of the parameters up the stack trace
A method for indexing triangles from a loaded heightmap?
Setting points with no data to white with Matplotlib imshow
Fast(er) method for wildcard searching of 250K+ strings
how to inject IBk(knn) inside j48 algorithm? (weka, java)
ActiveMQ message propagation in a network of brokers
POST array to LWP: only first entry getting posted
Facebook timeline embedded fullscreen not centered
Why does the file async API block
Remove certain tags and the html between them - Jquery
Unity 3D C# code, overloads computer no error
Format data to JSON like format
Adding CakePHP folder to existing domain
Consuming wcf service with webrequest getmethod giving 404 error
Custom Button Receives Border When Form NOT Focused
How to build a Meteor smart package
Decrease FB Comments Characters length
How to pass JSON data to WCF method when setting source for jquery autocomplete
jQuery page slider, based on JSON data source
Laggy UI with frequently updating background
Get a list of invalid drive letters
Using JavaScript for basic HTML layout [closed]
Use of 鈥渋s_numeric鈥�to safely read file that only contains a zero (鈥�鈥�?
MSBuild, TeamCity, SVN: Best practice for reliable targetting of test/dev/live builds/configs
PHP PDO prepared insert - does not insert data and show no errors
Having trouble using SpeedTracer for Google Chrome
What's the replacement for REBASE.EXE?
CXF web service with multiple parameters
How to get a subimage of a subimage using getImageData in HTML5 canvas
setprop doesn't set the property on rooted Android phone
Is it possible to data-bind visible to the negation (鈥�鈥� of a boolean ViewModel property?
Exception Outlook 2010 add in
CXF Web service proxy configuration issues in Mule
Silverlight 5 printing garbled Reports
Compare 2 Mysql Columns in different tables and delete
Impossible to get a root submodule working on Git
405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed for IIS7
Determine Network Adapter Type via WMI
405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed for IIS7
C++: How can I use memcpy to copy data from two integers to an array of characters?
Can you wrap the RolePrincipal in a custom IPrincipal object?
How to use the same array on different processors using MPI
excel VBA break execution when there's no break key on keyboard
Can something be done about visibility of the 鈥淚tem鈥�reflected class?
Distributed write job crashes remote machine with MongoDB server
method name part of same singleton class?
Preventing SQL Injection in non-executed SQL
how to use variables when setting CSS properties in Jquery?
Applying ColorFilter to ImageView with ShapedDrawable
insert and remove fragments into viewpager properly
Error in 鈥渂undle install鈥�
Can't animate rotation simultaneously with other properties, only in Safari (not Chrome) [duplicate]
Java: Guide to write a custom video codec
JTable erratic behavior
java random number generator - lottery
Seam framework storing active user in session scobe
Pandas: simple 'join' not working?
Step inside foreach
Remove a net.msmq binding from IIS using Powershell
jQuery - How Do I Assign Unique Functions To Multiple Events Bound To The Same Object?
How to loop through data sets to graph particular columns only?
Monodroid Visual Studio Android App Not Copying to device
How do you display data from a database to a textbox
Handling a Webservice stream in PHP
NServiceBus retrying message even though no exception
javascript drop down to display content
Make duplicates in varchar field not duplicate by adding an incrementing number
Using the Google Translate API v2 via a proxy server
Delete one side of one-to-one relationship and null out its reference from the other side
Do you need a different query when using a string as a parameter to search
How to pass argument to Mongo Script
How do I combine CatchAll and EndsWith in an MVC route?
after inserting to a linked list, the value head value is the last value entered. why?
Why does IIS generate asp.net pages so slowly?
Programatically Prioritise Disk I/O in Win7
How to prevent keyboard navigation?
How do you initialize an array with 鈥渘ew鈥�on a separate line?
Return two dimentional array of all the pairwise products
Show DialogFragment from onActivityResult
Auto-fixing pmd errors. Is it possible?
asp.net dynamic controls wierd values issue
SyndicationItem Content < > is encoded to &lt; &gt
Is there a way to view a function's source code from within the Racket REPL?
need gcc 4.1.2 on fedora
Java annotation for enforcing static variables or static methods?
GA strange behavior
Customizing ruby gem install
How to use HTML5 Placeholder with Symfony 1.4
Accepting both TCP and UDP connections?
Add table to frame in swing
What does Apple use to detect memory leaks?
Code Vectorization that works on different array elements?
Repository pattern and how to manage dependencies between entities
Change the Ajax databinding parameters via JQuery in Telerik MVC?
F# piping a quadruple to a function
.NET compiler and 鈥淣ot all code paths return a value鈥�
Mongoose: How can I update documents with array values matching one item in the array?
Select the largest number of records based on a date range. (that have dates within 6 months of eachother)
Using LINQ to project a list to a key / count 2-dimensional array
Web app: wild card subdomains and custom domains
Knockoutjs: Order of the bindings evaluation when using click and checked bindings in the same time
In TeamBuild 2010, is it possible to do Gated Check-ins in a .NET/VB6 build environment?
is there a liberally licensed json corpus available?
How do I make a direct link to execute an .hta file?
Is there an inbuilt jquery method to open a pop up within a page? [closed]
Delete all instances from list - Haskell
How to properly send HTTP response with Python using socket library only?
How to use this function to take multiple fields from and HTML form and copy it?
How to fire selectionchanged before button's click?
add element to a combo box created with zend_form with element from ajax response
Chrome extension to replace text DOM nodes鈥�doesn't
Mercurial and SVN workflow issue
HTML Table nesting , Alignment - 2 x <td> on the same line
Command Line Input to modify and XML
In bootstrap, how make the thumbnails fluid resize well
backbone model save issue
How to structure types of people in a database
C++ program behaving differently with and without breakpoints (XCode)
iPhone style listViews for Cocoa/Monomac
Access CSS values with jQuery when scraped with node.js
Inserting only once
tool to stress test a classic asp web app
Variation of the Chinese Postman Problem_
Facebook custom tab not visible for everyone?
why doesn't modelform_factory use my model field attributes
String processing error: UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode
Can I force compass to compile CSS with hex codes?
Explicit configuration needed to support ICS?
How to put one image at bottom in a tabhost
Why won't this PHP/SQL create the table?
Switching between Compiled and rvm versions of Ruby
How to convert RDF to string
Set UINavigationBar Height
Preserving a RenderScript instance through screen rotation
Which infinite loop is preferable to use [duplicate]
Perl: Does the time taken to dereference an array reference depend on the size of the array?
Autoscroll to selected item in ListBox
Refresh Issue on the form when the dialog closes
Autoscroll to selected item in ListBox
sql query/ procedure for finding six degrees of Kevin Bacon Numbers
Best practice to optimize javascript loading
Custom Conditionals in Handlebars
Changing ActionBar and SearchView backgrounds
Override Bootstrap CSS
Best practice to design a small view, e.g. for background information
boost::xpressive to see the beginning of sequence
Circular Dependency with forward declaration error
On variable naming as part of Unit tests
Mapping GPS Location after pending intent
Translating a SELECT / IN SQL query to cake find
Insert Error:Cannot open database 鈥渪xxx鈥�requested by the login
Choose/Discover signature for extern function call at compile-time
Store PHP errors in a log file
Passing a style down to the child of a UserControl
Scoreboard system, php and mysql
C++ functor library for evaluating mathematical/arithmetic expressions
Override field name deserialization in ServiceStack
Automatically open a local file from webpage with given id
Fancybox - Integrating jQuery Ui Accordion
How does the module pattern know how to call the constructor here?
Stop javascript event propogation
Counting frequency of a sequence within a vector
Why does my program work with a .py extension but not with a .pyw extension?
Jquery adding href to link which includes javascript function
Reference-counted object is used after it is release? NSXMLParser
Routing - why permalink 鈥渏ohn.green鈥�doesn't work?
Mac OS LION 10.7 In-App Purchase
jQuery append does not work ( consistently ) on IE?
Changing the text color of individual elements in a dynamically bound list
joomla2.5.4 new template installation
Mobile Device Management of Hardware Components?
Tomcat config for no-cache media
Refactoring Form_for Create Method for Comments in a Polymorphic Association
python tests using nosgae running very slow since 1.6.3
Recording to AAC from RemoteIO: data is getting written but file unplayable
cascading dropdown boxes pulling from db
XML/XSLT Transform Logic / If Statement / Hide Certain Line
add security to unsecure PHP mysql script semi automatically
Want to open Shadowbox gallery directly through Wordpress Navigation Menu
MVCSiteMapProvider - recently added keywords and now they're populating in the link for the MenuHelper
How to set Html id based on Model item id
Generic Type to Interface Implicit Conversion
Add Code to the EnvironmentEvents module
How to check if each element in a vector is integer or not in R?
How can I avoid responding to a select list onchange event when the user is still trying to select?
JAVA game controller driver
split and indexOf problems with different string encodings
How to optimized a big size jpeg on AIR IOS? (AS3)
Sending authorization headers with jquery and ajax
Using self in database field updates in ruby on rails
Old I/O thread per client model or NIO reactor pattern?
Is there a field in django that will deal with html? [closed]
On delete method
semantics of __module__
Necessary component while delivering the Ant based Java Project
Why my IMEI number is always 0000000000000 in the simulator?
How to graciously tackle fxCop warning 鈥淐atch specific Exception than type System.Exception鈥�
Is it possible to make a C++ type that mimics the constructor semantics of fundamental types?
Different boost values for different indexes
Initiating Serial Connection with a Gameboy printer .Net Gadgeteer
Variation on knapsack algorithm
Linq into object
SVN development practice - How to go from branches, to a combined branch to trunk
append digits to a number - Matlab
Muti-Combobox error C# - i get the same value for all three
How to handle sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler: requests that are no longer relevant when user changes screens
How do I use Play Framework 2.0 in netbeans
android create google plus like profile image
CanCan abilities via Database and load_resource
how to plot markers for same addresses but different suites in google map
MySQL Trigger to update count after insert
Django remote deployment with buildout and Fabric
AttributeError at /accounts/login/ 'User' object has no attribute 'user'
windowbuilder textfield not working with combobox
Debugging file handle leaks in iOS
Including images in MBunit report exports
Converter not setting value when state_saving_method is set to client
What is the easiest way to convert ActiveX to something compatible in all browsers
ASP.NET Web API IQueryable<T> challenge
Using PHP to generate an XML file
SVGs rendering strangely with Raphael?
Change a label over a time increment
What is the 2nd normal form?
Why use `AS` in MySQL queries instead of writing the name of the table?
Perl: Using a conditional with an array
Using iteration dynamically build Criteria Block
Fetch block from external ctp file
JavaScript: list not displaying
Why is Code Signing Not Available in XCode 4.3.2 File-New?
Click on OpenLayers Map through layer
iOS : Looping over the pixels of an Image
put all elements of html page into the center of page
Can a lambda allow another object to inject an action
Do VB6 declarations work like Arrays?
mod_proxy: when proxying tomcat from apache on 8443, is tomcat certificate needed
passing a splited value from js to a Django view
Start a Task thread from another Task when a certain time frame passed by
Changing the action on submiting a form
Binding to ContextMenu with an ItemSource
Finding the optimal 3D box sizes for a group of 3D rectangular items
Morphing Critter in GridWorld?
Getting number of rows affected by an UPDATE in PostgreSQL
How to find all text inside <p> elements in an HTML page using BeautifulSoup
splitting a complex line into an array
SSRS Report called from ReportViewer control displays no data in the report when called with a parameter
How to transfer focus a custom component when traversal keys are disabled?
Where should I begin for Android Audio Programming?
Native ComboBox not displaying choices correctly
Preventing Index Out of Range Error
How do you watch for changes in the least significant bit?
Managing content in anchor navigation web
Xcode 4.3.2 gives error 鈥渃annot use super because it is a root class鈥�
IOMMU test with software or visualization
jQuery ajax call to domain that redirects to another domain (isn't followed)
If a program that should encrypt information on exit crashes
Android-opening an application widget in home screen
Creating a pcap file
How to add border to image on hover?
Unsolvable memory leak IPhone
How can I create the OK button of keyboard in a UIWebview form?
Android - Intent that open widget context menu
ClassNotFoundException In shared Object between Project
Java JTextArea not populating correctly. Help please
Exact string match for query purposes
Conditional method invocation from strings
linq to entities - how to query dates that are stored as char?
Django Hidden Foreign Key in form using Meta model
Salesforce SOAP vs REST
Facebook API: user allows permissions, then shares a pre-existing photo to their wall
Assign div colour based on MySQL output
My app has multiple windows, I want to do something when the mouse is outside of all of them for a specified time
How can this recursive function return true?
What to do when there is no error present?
Div inside another div incorrectly takes parent div width
irrelevant and not useful [closed]
dynamically adding smaller Views on a large zoomable ImageView?
Import class file from specific jar
How to fill an array-struct with class objects?
How can I parse macros in C++ code, using CLANG as the parser and Python as the scripting language?
Compare PropertyInfo from Type.GetProperties() and lambda expressions
Having trouble extracting textarea value with jquery
rSpec destroy files after suite finishes
Does passing containers by value invalidate iterators?
GITKit PHP login attempt returns error code 400: This API does not support parsing form-encoded input
Show Number of Live Page Viewers [duplicate]
Remove and Add new array into the JSON object using MongoDB
Build my personal 鈥渉eroku鈥�or 鈥渇luxflex鈥�like?
Remove and Add new array into the JSON object using MongoDB
Build my personal 鈥渉eroku鈥�or 鈥渇luxflex鈥�like?
XSLT for Selenium Results for TeamCity
can I install cruisecontrol.rb in heroku?
How to implement countdown timer based function calling in php?
Modify a CSV file server side and save as a new CSV?
Scaling a range of numbers in PHP?
How do I fix the Visual Studio compile error, 鈥渕ismatch between processor architecture鈥�
Saving and loading large array in c++
Sending Hex Values through UDP or TCP socket via parameter passing to script
sonar maven plugin fail to download the file: http://localhost:9000/deploy/jdbc-driver.jar
callback for jquery animation for multiple elements
Checking if elements are already in a Java array
how can I use class variables outside of a parsing statement wp7
How can I trigger a method on property change?
How do you expire an action for all formats in Rails? (expire_action)
jquery issue on checkboxes in multi column in table
XPages onComplete event and visibility in the UI
readValue and readTree in Jackson: when to use which?
Is it always better to use integers when possible to represent data in a MySQL table?
Manual login user with devise
Return all columns with bad data SQL Server 2005 Query
Webservice with different datatype?
JSF: FacesMessage(s) not displayed back, instead enqueued
DOM child tagname
DateTime error Subtracting from 0 hour
loading a sprite in javascript
Java, Hibernate getList not working
Expanding a pivot function
Google App Engine: Spinning While Scanning for JSPs During Deploy
cache 1 file for multi domains
Collision detection Objective-C (cocos2d)
Mootools class binds with element as parameter
Android SQLiteDatabase returning null (blank) rows
Autogrow WPF RichTextBox
cant get maximum date in listing users php MYSQL
Can I use other node.js libraries in Meteor?
ObjectOutputStream and PrintWriter Conflict
Spotify Play button [closed]
Find Skipped Number [closed]
How do I use mod_deflate in Apache 2.4.1 with Haproxy?
Backprojection from projection matrix using MATLAB
Scala HashMap: iterate in insertion order?
matlab functions
Twig instanceof for inheritance objects
Wordpress: Custom loop to sort posts by month鈥�Need help extracting post_content.. wpdb
Twitter Widget behind proxy
JS files not referenced in the application
CSS 2 div size auto same height
LDAP add entry above base dn
javascript <div id> or <img id>
501 Method Not Found error on a javascript file - change name and it then works - why?
Xauth 401 Error When Authenticating with Tumblr with Objective-C
Apache Unexpected subelement exception while generating a webservice client
How do I parse current page path dynamically from an external Javascript config hosted on AWS?
Java Concurrency spec ?: Is an update to a field inside a synchronized block visible to all threads?
鈥渁ssignment discards 'const' qualifier鈥�error on non-const pointer
Detach an anonymous EventHandler [duplicate]
Handle circular dependencies in Python modules?
Get random value without creating `Random` object
Including header file in class that is a friend
PHP: String as code/ array?
Evaluate vb.net rdlc report expression in c#
IE9 Rendering Left-To-Right mark
Load jQuery with Javascript and use jQuery
How do I change the default branch for a large number of github repositories? [closed]
Lazy loading navigation properties
div within another div (css positioning)
why 'object' class doesn't have user set attributes
How to connect coordinates of touch with game board on different screens
Share Android Play Store app link with my app
Correct PHP method to store special chars in MySQL DB
could not figure out the error in this teradata script
Subquery inside 鈥淚N鈥�Clause
Deallocating the callback listener object in boost bind when notifier/signal goes out of scope
how to programatically set showCheckbox on childnodes within a asp.net treeview control