Making a custom build in dojo 1.7.2
News Pages from Wordpress JSON in jQuery Mobile
ORA-06532: Subscript outside of limit error
Why am not getting collision detection with CGRectIntersectsRect in IOS?
HTML: Controlling the number of characters per line in <pre> environment
DbUpdateException with entities that do not expose foreign key properties
404 page not found
Java: How to implement a queue system to play audioclips?
accessing html select element which is inside table td
NOW() for DATETIME InnoDB Transaction guaranteed?
Looping If And Until Result Found and Then Exiting
Debugging NSArrayController bound to NSManagedObjectContext
svn repository layout - opinions needed
Array in for loop, C99
In CouchDB, how to do database permissions affect replication?
how to find a class and apply a style with jquery?
Getting text between first occurance of two strings [Shell]
Use AppDomain.Load(byte[]) without loading from file?
Noun Project CSS wrapper?
JBoss 5 scheduling background tasks. Executed one after another which breaks the schedule
Oracle Pro*C Precompiler error PCC-S-02201
python string list to list ast.listeral_eval
DataGridView filter data based on Radio Buttons
Is there only one transport type for MojoX::Session?
Output escaping in Symfony
Reversing integer array
Customizing options_for_select output?
Execution Time Slower with each Iteration of the same SPROC
Metamorphic Code Examples
How can I fix a Navbar at top of page and have it remain there while page scrolls
install wordpress locally on OS X without MAMP (permission error)
pyparsing one query format to another one
Why use ICollection and not IEnumerable or List<T> on many-many/one-many relationships?
Culture specific DateTime string is inconsistent between platforms
django - confused about how to tailor datetime template presentation to local user time
Sorting Core Data results into NSFetchedResultsController
Crystal reports not getting data from sqlite append xml item
How do I make a static TitleBar in my Sencha Touch application?
Save Matched Perl Regex as Variable
Having a window, a sub-window and a sub-sub window?
sorl.thumbnail and s3 are adding port 80 to the url and encoding it also even with ,safe
How to decide when to wrap/port/write-from-scratch
C++: Is it safe to compare a 64bit integer with a 32bit integer?
Ajax Bing Maps version 7 - move and delete push pin - beginner's tutorial
Are apps developed for iOS 4.3 compatible with 5.1?
.NET Windows Forms: How to get other running applications information?
Un-nest collection elements in XML from WCF service
Why does Spring Data JPA break previously working persistence.xml file?
How can i make a program to read packets sent from a site?
Is there a compiler directive to replace part of a constant
Selecting data from mysql table and related data from another to join them
Objective C Syntax XCODE 4.3.2 Iphone sdk
Facebook oauth javascript redirect resulting in endless loop
CSS Rounded Corner and Shadow Does not Work in IE or Chrome
RODBC - multiple tables in one sqlQuery() call
Emulator crashes with GPS lookup in service
Unpacking RGB values in a Point Cloud Data Set
HTTP Response-> Getting an exact number of bytes, then closing the connection
Boosting boolean fields in Solr
Own a subdomain on
Calling a server side function in the java script of on click event of a div ASP.NET
Optimization on for loops with ArrayLists
Query car price with min and max selection
Variable content in random order
Sort data in column from least to greatest or alphabetically
TCPDF split page is as large as whole PDF
How do you update a JDialog with new information?
Using the module pattern? / A default starting point?
Hibernate + Derby: Comparisons between 'BOOLEAN' and 'INTEGER' are not supported
Need to get specific information from database
Issue with JQuery Image Bubbles in IE
R mapping equivalent?
Issue with JQuery Image Bubbles in IE
R mapping equivalent?
Oracle 10 recursion with manager ID and employee ID
passing a php array to javascript
XSS triggering trouble
How can I move to an anchor on a page when I'm using Sammy.js? [duplicate]
Event System: How to know if editor clicked Save or Save & Close?
How to return new value from jEditable
Invalid Pointer Operation - Delphi XE
Binding ItemsControl with WrapPanel?
Auto email notifications in c# dotnet using sql server 2005
Best way to parse a URL query string
How to put two rows of data together from MySQL in RSS feed
Forms 3 or 4 Random Password Chars from password PHP
Best practices regarding allowing many different types to constructors?
Diagnosing rails app asset precompilation errors
Oracle performance on Connect/Disconnect for each transaction
Java - Why no OutOfMemoryError?
removing xml attributes with php - abnormal xml
creating BitmapDrawable from path
Spring MVC attach file to message
QTableModel does not seem to show on a QMainWindow
How do I monkeypatch Express view lookup?
C++ Nested Loop dynamic array size
Error messages configuring php
Compatibility in the text format between DOS and windows
JavaFx 2.0: get TreeItems or Nodes currently visible on screen
Regular Expression for numbers?
Multiple Line String Formatting
Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch error for `char` variable
PHP XHTML Strict form is not working
How should I start making a FCFS Scheduling Program in C or C++?
Return rows even if record does not exist when using left outer join
Setting the MSVC runtime in CMake
Reading a line from MULTI_SZ registry key in Wix
vim sub-replace expression with more text
Issue with ldap_bind() with blank user name and password
Calling a view function after view model update in Knockout.JS
Is it possible to assign the same BitmapDrawable to multiple Objects?
How to bound a Button placed on Telerik's RowDetailsTemplate to a ICommand in view's ViewModel
How to use !.equals with strings?
Transform objects independently in OpenGL ES 2.0
Multiple models into a view
Buffer overflow using snprintf
Foursquare checkins api - trying to get checkins between dates
encoding and storage of IVs
StringOutOfBoundException in BluetoothChat Example
Click command doesn't work on a element
Check is current CGPoint in CMenu
Can active record migrations be used for an existing database?
Check is current CGPoint in CMenu
Can active record migrations be used for an existing database?
Download an Image from Server (cUrl, however taking suggestions) C++
Dispatcher update of a CollectionViewSource.Source throws wrong thread exception while on same thread
Publishing to RTMP server without Flash
Different library like ASIHTTPRequest which support ARC
Apppool keeps stopping (login Failed for user 'NT Authority anonymous logon' using service account)
How do you define a function for partial in a controller to work in all of the views? Ruby on Rails
Configure Commons Logging to use a specific Log4J properties file
Nice way to merge/copy attributes between two ActiveRecord classes?
Count number of 'coin'p coins in a 鈥渕achine鈥�
鈥淟ogin Required鈥�401 Unauthorized message when calling the v3 Google Calendar API using a Service Account via OAuth 2.0
How to calculate gravitation center of a planar distribution?
Return java.lang.Object using SWIG %native function
IIS URL Rewrite 301 Redirect for urls with parameters doesn't work
Setting simple events in meteor
Flex chart: Access series items at run time
Responding to AJAX request from a Java Socket
Dynamically add PHP/MySQL code with JavaScript (or AJAX?)
Objective-C NSMutableArray replaceObjectAtIndex: withObject: Not Working
PHP Round in 3s
Should a JFrame be launched always in the EDT
PHP data is endless loading, jquery, phonegap
How to pass a dynamic ID to a function in JQuery
C# Image is lost during convertion to bin
Include Virtual Columns in toArray() Call with PropelORM
Is it possible to hook Chrome DOM Breakpoint events manually in the console?
What will happen,when mongodb db size will be times > then RAM?
bugzilla mail format when Edited bug is sent
Reasonable valid start address for mmap address hint so as to be gauranteed that things work
How to improve on 鈥済etting鈥�DOM elements by id? [closed]
ksoap2 crashing app
Change kill-line to delete-line function
Crash when reading nested Parcelable
Example of Director, Stage, Group, Actor, Box2D and GestureDector LibGdx
How to create a 鈥渟lopegraph鈥�in d3.js
Update a column from another matrix
How do you compile just a .h file in a makefile?
Databases for natural language query processing
NullPointerException with while loop using compareTo
sitefinity 5: How do I link to another blog post
autofilling a cell with the formatting and not just the contents of another cell
How to INSERT only new relation and DELETE a Existing relation - many to many Entity Framework 4.0
Unbelievable CSS div jump
Reattaching to spawned process via nodejs
Multiple relations to one table in CakePHP downloading incomplete tiff image from a url
Android actionbar tabs compatibility with 2.2
Is it possible to create a Custom Editor for Birthdate that doesn't necessarily override the one for Date?
is it possible create two 鈥渁sterisk鈥�instances with 鈥渁sterisk java鈥�
Access surrounding HTML elements through JavaScript with no context
How would I configure REST uri to respond to this uri
Video frames pauses on clicking the title bar of windows form
JQuery & Internet Explorer
Log exceptions thrown by WCF service constructor?
Resource 1 works, 2 doesn't
Proper way of defining packages using asdf:defsystem and quickproject
Mapping an Array of custom objects using fluent nhibernate
Handling char* in C# (strlen function?)
maven run maven install from inside pom
Dyanmic structure error, pointers conversion
Android Minimum Button Height: 48dp = 9mm?
Converting and OPC (Open Packaging Convention) file to and flat XML file in JAVA
Can I make a date picker limited to 3 days only?
double boost::bind cause compile-time error
Android Padding Color
using getline and strtok together in a loop
Insert into table with foreign keys?
Responsive Design: Allow user to also view Full Site
Google Maps API and Fusion Tables query with CONTAINS
Python: is the iteration of the multidimensional array super slow?
Apache configuration broken after software update
Haskell - simple constructor comparison (?) function
Zip, Encrypted, Gziped files with Python
Get Posted Data From Form
Codeigniter -> Image Uploading Part 3 -> Image Validation
Packet is received on TCP level but not able to read
merge two lists and join them accordingly with a seperator in python
MySQL output masking (i.e. phone number, SSN, etc. display formatting)
How to implement IAsyncOperationWithProgress
Memoizing a function with two inputs in C++
TransactionFlowAttribute attribute set to Mandatory but the channel's binding is not configured with a TransactionFlowBindingElement
tool to observe the .NET Remoting communication between applications?
Displaying a message after successful uninstall in a VS2010 deployment project?
PyArg_ParseTuple default argument
What does the parameter 'classwt' in RandomForest function in RandomForestpackage in R stand for?
Bouncing Ball With Gravity In Java [duplicate]
DCPU-16 DIV instruction
When are JavaScript objects destroyed?
can I use the tinyMCE cleanup algorithms without using the editor?
home directory and .emacs file in Windows 7
Checking if array contains a number (Issue with 0)
Count number of commas within a string except for commas between double quotes
If count(data) is below or same as 4, print one or else print two - not working
Clear style on input
In AS2, Blocking clicks in an external SWF
Is there a git command that will output the contents of a file as it is in the index?
RSS Feed not displaying PHP variables
Hibernate getCurrentSession behavior with async servlet
Sub-menu exceeds the available height of a page, possible solutions?
How to use the new GPU accelerated avd?
environment variable as partial path in app.config
Python multiline string - $ for variables
How to know if you are on the first record in a PHP/MySQL mysql_fetch_array()
Cannot find 'HttpRequest' even when ext installed
Sum Column B based on Column A using Excel VBA Macro
How to make scripts auto-delete at the end of execution?
Only half a triangle shows when rotating in OpenGL ES 2.0
Checkbox not working before using script
Creating a resizable calendar (html/css/jquery) [closed]
Regular expressions in R: finding multiple occurrences of patterns in character vectors [duplicate]
RE: Alignment of numbers on the individual bars with ggplot2
Inserting data into my database isn't working
How to prevent command line windows from closing after errors
How to evaluate potentially undeclared variable's properties?
Pass json object from one HTML page to another
Populate dropdown list in MVC
create countdown timer in milliseconds
Differences in reading file using ifstream in g++ and msvc
ISerializable - Serializing singletons
How can I call an initialization function on a Grails service?
What is the best approach to working out if I have retweeted a tweet from another user, via the Twitter API?
why my CSS file is not loading?
Calculate age from datebirth sql field [duplicate]
Rails query chokes on includes
Monotouch with Newtonsoft not working
I need to write a url that is 301'd to a session variable
Check isPlaying() on another activity
I need some help to choose database type for my windows phone 7.5 application?
Restricting users from pushing change sets to default (Mercurial)
CommunicationState listener?
Running mapreduce jobs on google app engine
list comprehension and lambda expression in python 2.6 vr. python 2.7
Reading a text file with jQuery [duplicate]
Use jQuery UI Selectable to select only following elements
Implementing alternative forms of LDA
Get PrimeFaces JSF working on Tomcat
Click on a link with phantom.js and retrieve the document html
Is it possible to use one layout page for every view, including area views?
Android SMS Manager Source
passing facebook login details to database
How to use LoadImage and DeleteObject properly?
How to send DOM tree from a PHP server to a client?
iPhone alert view exclude a view controller
Simple php .. not working鈥mm Looks very simple
Is it preferrable to use character codes in html for special characters or the character itself?
Blobstore - how to save data from a servlet
how to get day of the year in shell?
Clear a form that remembers values
Valid SQL without JOIN?
Clear a form that remembers values
Valid SQL without JOIN?
how to get last inserted date in php MYSQL
UIScrollView scrolling lags
Percent-encode URL Twice
Namespaces not found by the compiler
Event handler not working in Internet Explorer
Fluid grid with automatically adjusting number of columns
Add class into last li of first level
How do I run the leaderboard example on my ubuntu VPS?
php if first instance of variable int
How to get additional parameter in GridView RowDataBound
Title bar apeared again after coming back in my application
Side effects on other resources
use hide/show in jquery each
maven dependency or jar for oracle.forms.handler.IHandler?
Will GetProcessMemoryInfo modify the in/out struct on error?
Entity Framework Column Type for Base64 String
Registry setting for virtual wifi max number of connections / clients?
Trying to string.Join an IList
Function is not a function after change from JQuery 1.4.2 to latest 1.7.2
Constructor/Destructor involving a class and a struct
How to consume OData service with Html/Javascript?
Pure AppleScript and Unix with differing results
Can P-Linq switch threads during the delegate execution?
How do I get text to stay in the upper-left corner of a td ALWAYS?
404 not found when I try to DELETE from my service
Composite Pattern Reuse For Different Types
saving data points coordinates in database
Modify URL with PHP
part of list in div
trying to read quadratic program in cplex, get error
Add table in word using Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word C#
jboss seems to load my war file but gives a 404 page, and how can I fix this?
Create Change from a given denomination list and target value [closed]
How to check for a language of balanced delimiters [closed]
Using sqldb rawQuery with question marks (?) params
jquery: How to pass form element info to another function?
Triangles seem to be fighting/jumping while rendering in OpenGL
Normalize or denormalize for storing revision histories in a RDBMS?
Copying an XML document with Xslt without any changes to the XML
UITextFields Overlapping After UITableView Scroll
Django: How to serialize a custom field into a fixture and load it back
Is Entity Framework useful when the customer can modify the database?
Objects within objects in OCaml
Word macro to find profanity, and create a list of occurences
Sql Server - Alternative of doing a RTRIM/LTRIM in the where clause
How to save an entity with a collection of related entities using WCF data services
Checking if function exists
Solr Fuzzy Queries on Short words with length less than four
Downcasting and polymorphism without using instanceof? (Java)
How to do this calculation in java/groovy? [closed]
NullReferenceException on combo box object - C#
Overwrite functions in ALV ABAP
Knowing if a twitter user has location enabled
Entity insert appears to succeed, but doesn't show up in queries
random 鈥淰alueError: list.remove(x): x not in list鈥�error in pygame
I'm trying to .Find() a TextArea inside a Div
Heroku log for Resque worker
Convert plain text to PDF in Python
SVN: get file properties from post-commit hook
Returning 'other than HTML' formatted errors for AJAX calls to Web API
xmlhttprequest and php
What is the next best thing after VARCHAR(255)
jQuery menu not working properly
Can the whenevergem preserve existing lines in a crontab file?
Getting totals from sub-report to main report using Jasper Reports / iReport?
SyndicationFeed output is not recognized by Internet Explorer 8 rss
PHP directory structure confusion
how to set the style of a nested control?
How to preg_replace a html (A) tag? [duplicate]
Accessing instance of one module from inside of several other modules? (verilog)
How to fork both a fork and its origin?
dynamically adjusting the size of multiple DIVs
When to use Hadoop, when to use ElasticSearch for group by/facets?
RSA and BigInteger in Java
Why does scintilla auto-complete leave start of word
Generate .net projects through T4
can't convert Pathname into String when using Facebook api in Rails
Add mysql table functionality
Shared library in Fortran, minimal example does not work
Compiling .dll into the executable
Github Services / Ruby Gem 鈥渆ventmachine鈥�Mac installation woes
Differences between and websockets
how to count distinct entries within a column of a data.frame
Create object templates (for e.g. EditorFor, etc) for MVC using code, not views
How to add Image icon on certain buttons?
How to choose the test DB cakePHP testing
Post on a company facebook page wall on behalf of a user
Inner classes: Android vs Java
Terminal command-line debug of iOS Simulator apps?
SAS - Generate Variable File Name Correctly
How to disable debug optimization in eclipse cdt
Cast from ConcurrentDictionary to IDictionary
Dynamically loading multiple versions of an assembly
error with zoo package, data too long?
Ganglia and Amazon Elastic Map Reduce - install issues
Force Close Error Dialog with moving Images between Activities android app
How to implement e-mail autocompletion with Twitter's bootstrap typeahead?
Select top n records based on ordinal and attribute data
Cast from ConcurrentDictionary to IDictionary
Dynamically loading multiple versions of an assembly
error with zoo package, data too long?
Ganglia and Amazon Elastic Map Reduce - install issues
Force Close Error Dialog with moving Images between Activities android app
How to implement e-mail autocompletion with Twitter's bootstrap typeahead?
Select top n records based on ordinal and attribute data
Understanding LAPACK calls in C++ with a simple example
XML / XSD 'extension' of an element always has undefined complexType
How to make button grid resize to fit screen?
Change URL with JS or Flash
Changing a drawable and set it as drawableLeft
Reading a .java file in Java
Setting paging to 10 of Default JPA CRUD (List.jsp)
Tomcat virtual hosting under Amazon EC2 instance behing ELB: Which host gets the ELB HTTP health check query?
NoClassDefFoundError: AdWhirlLayout
AllowHtml attribute on EntityFramework class
Java HttpURLConnection class Program
If I localize my iPhone App, (Description Language) But don't change my app, will it be rejected?
List all bit names from a flag Enum
How to remove all the beginning numeric characters in a column? [duplicate]
How to retrieve SAMAccountName from Active Directory
How to delete a single record from multiple records in a table using CakePHP and AJAX
How do I turn debug logging off, in log4j, for docx4j
Settings the ImageUrl in an ImageButton on a master page with an AppSettings key
C++ compile time macros to detect windows os
Canvas is getting jerk and behaves improperly when Image Panning/Dragging limit is added
echo Javascript window.location.href not working
How can i achieve this query in MySQL [closed]
Prolog Count divisors
Parsing commands shell-like in C
Gettign the last <li> element to work the way I want it to
Pass a URL Parameter to repopulate page
Does calling a scalar function in a select statement multiple times run the function multiple times, and how to get around that if so
Dimension attribute with duplicate values allowed in SSAS 2008, gets error in 2005
Adding listeners to spring batch deciders
Is it possible to get a reference to the raw image buffer for class?
Internationalization and Localization in CakePHP 2.1
What's the Google MapTypeId for the 8-bit April Fools day?
SSIS tab delimited export for mainframe consumption issue
What is the proper way to change the UINavigationController transition effect
Combining vectors with analogous names
Get record count Jquery from json return
Xcode Build error, arm-apple-darwin11-gcc-4.2.1 execvp: No such file or directory
Does the expect command work after an su is executed in the script?
Xstream: How to deserialize Xml with array
How To Load Images From NSHomeDirectory
Join two tables with same # of row but sorted for NULL
Create Range of Hours in Python
Display results from MySQL query into table using PHP
DwmEnableComposition not enabling Aero
How to use unsigned ints in Assembly
What is forcing the android service here to shut down?
Std::string get assigned by a function returning a char *
making a copy for a variable
How to stop UIWebView loading immediately
Facebook API posts are not visible from a mobile device?
How to focus invalid fields with jQuery validate?
Automatically Detecting IP and displaying appropriate city using Geocoder and Ruby on Rails
Calling a method in my HomeController from my Masterpage
Remove self-closing tags (e.g. />) in an XmlDocument
undefined method in ActionView (rspec)
Cannot create test suite for Django
Choosing the fastest template plugin for data table
playframework 2.0 - exceeded max_user_connections on database evolutions?
Controlling the drop down list width in IE8 on select
Need help figuring out why I'm getting this segmentation fault
Using jQuery to insert Javascript code into a DIV
Is there a way to check if the user who installed my app has really installed my app?
Dumping select GPUView events
Jquery setTimeout not working in Firefox 11.0
How To InvalidateRect With GDIPlus
time an ajax request
Should I use atomic or volatile for pointers?
Dojo Require not working
Rails 3.2 ActiveRecord Session Store Not Working
Why is the usercontrol on the toolbox grayed out when the usercontrol and form are the same name but different namespace?
How to Change Style(Color,Font) of a single node of JTree permanently
Opening spotify app from my iphone app
Most commonly used tools for view development on SQL Server
Why is mix() not working with my colors in LESSC?
CKEditor auto-formats (screws up) HTML5 tags
guibas stolfi delaunay triangulation distorted output
DllImport how to get single values by reference
Unity3d: how to detect click within an area
PHP simple file upload
Creating cab file for Windows Mobile Occasionally Connected Application
flex yacc (bison) segmentation fault while building the parsing tree
Android: Mapping from preview image to image displayed in SurfaceView
When is a JavaScript small enough to be worth inlining (for best performance)?
Is there a plugin to make ActiveX Code cross browser compatible
How to extract all URLs from a long string in a textbox and paste into another?
Trouble passing a value from HTML5 SELECT object to JS script
Sockets and threads
Get image resolution from image file
Matching multiple values against an array
RDLC Dynamic Subreport Definition
Spring java code form post and redirection to a different server
How to show confirm message on close of child window in javascript?
Ubuntu instance in Amazon WS EC2: How to upgrade Ubuntu to the next version, so it will work after restating it?
Incorrect number of columns displayed in jQuery masonry page
Sorting array list containing objects in java
the asset cannot be uploaded Error in QTP
Is there a limit in the number of processes that can be forked in perl?
Simple Python Web Server trouble
How to install .apk file using android AVD.? [duplicate]
linq query syntax: how to produce a combination of two list up a criterion
Tastypie, add element to a many to many relationship
Wordpress to Drupal - Keeping Facebook Comments?
Dealing with open async web requests when UIViewController is popped (AFNetworking)
Log in and delay second activity until results are posted
How come I cannot import my protocol in a class in my iOS project? [closed]
Swing GUI - Creating a 'Settings' Window (Properly)
combine enums in different modules
Data Matrix + WPF - How can I bind to non-static data set
When I try to execute the stored procedure in ColdFusion, then not all of the information is returned
How to support restoring complex dependencies in a rdb
How to check user authentification in sugarcrm custom script
Hide division when focus is lost
how to display an error message in an array
Trouble using SFML with GCC and OS X
Authentication Fails when enabling 鈥淔orce Change Password on Next Login鈥�using OpenDJ/OpenAM
Internet Explorer 8 and below issues
How to get MAX int but exclude specific int?
Find all elements whose id begins with a common string
GLSL 4.2 Image load and store & memoryBarrier
window.location open in new tab
How to convert literal u sequences into UTF-8? [duplicate]
android test fixtures
Android app crashing (shared preferences)
How to set environment variables from sub-Makefiles to its root Makefile or my current shell?
what does slash(/) do in prolog?
Sendmail not parsing tabs
Null result in LINQ
.NET 4.0 LDAP bind fails after patch install
registering a dll, in visual foxpro 7, windows 7
Is there a simple tool or a library for 鈥渞olling up鈥�a set of events with timestamps into a count of events in each time window of a given span?
Concatenation of strings in a default argument
How to change the query of a crystal report file (.rpt)?
progress circle UIControll iPhone
Present UIViewController modally within a UIViewController that does not cover full screen
What is the smallest URL friendly encoding?
IOException: Can't read input file. I couldn't find solution using different paths, even manually
iphone UIView how to render a layer at a specific point?
Have days display with commas except for the last one
import trusted to cocoa http server on mac os
Reading serial port from JS code
Rails Novice Struggling to Start Server
Receiving Corrupted Info From Server
Using StringFormat with XAML Binding to inject folder into image path
Upload UIDocument to iCloud on entering background
Core-Plot: Wrong date on x-Axis
Classical Inheritance Divergence
Handling exponential numbers and formatting when exporting excel data via VBA to text file
iPad web app freezes after opening a link in Safari
need some help in android game developing?
Max size of uploaded files to IIs 6 server
IIS6 windows authentication only working when site is accessed by DNS name (not IP address)
javascript accordion / css not working properly
Looking for missed IDs in SQL Server 2008
Getting correct time from Oracle date in Solr DataImportHandler
PostgreSQL combinations without repetitions
ASP.NET Charting Control only working on some servers
How I can traverse the HTML tree using Jsoup?
SQL respect order rows in IN clause
ifstream operator >> and error handling
Overloaded constructor passing the same reference multiple times XML to objects
I'm having trouble installing missing gems in Rails
Soap does not cast response fields to into typed objects
Install gwt 2.1 over 2.4
additional property in class with entityframework
Do all bindings require setting URLACL?
TimerTask that gets system date and time stops running when System date is changed
excel vba - only enable cell edits through code
Switch views - UIViewController to UITabBarController
Django and reverse relations from foreign keys
node-serialport O/S requirements
I can't access http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
Eclipse layout editor not working after project import
Combining flash swf files into one
passport: different redirect for login and account registration
Is there a way to automatically update nuget.exe in the .nuget folder when using package restore?
How can I implement the following?
Multiple-file uploader with a file number limit through jQuery or Ajax
String concatenation or HtmlGenericControl html controls?
4-way Venn Diagram in R?
bitarray package for Python 2.7 on Windows?
What the heck is Firefox doing to my nav?
Figure out what version of R a function was introduced in
Powershell using file? 鈥渂eing used by another process鈥�
Java Servlets - Storing a list of values in web.xml (multiple param-value's for single param-name)
Active links don't show the class name added when the page is refreshed or when the same link is clicked from another page
Problems binding property on control to controls in a tooltip
UnityContainer configured in web.config
How to create REST authentication for iOS and Android mobile apps
Add Static Links to Top Navigation Menu in Magento
Understanding JSF as a MVC framework
Why php-fpm warning respawning children?
iFrame with Https
Invoking a Remote .bat file over http
Not submitting form
Is it possible to build dynamic custom object in Javascript
Javascript function execution order
Do the methods in Apache's FileUtils peform synchronous (blocking) i/o?
how can I troubleshoot meteor just hanging?
Unknown class ZBarReaderView in Interface Builder file
Why do the margins of the p tag disappear when placed in a td?
Getting an xpath value of an node with out iterating in java
Error 鈥淣ot allowed to return a result set from a trigger鈥�
MVC3 : how to incorporate @Html.DisplayFor in a iframe src?
Android - Delete point inside Rect
Best way to import 4000 rows from csv file to sqlite database in rails app
Is there any research/data that shows DIV (with CSS) is faster than TABLE? [closed]
How can I add JQuery commands in cssLess?
How to best organize an SVN repository for multiple versions of SQL Server?
OData Library RTM DateTime Inconsistencies
How do you pass a variable from a click function to another function's parameters in jQuery?
PyroCMS how to call codeigniter helper in template?
Extjs4 radiogroup in tabpanel, loads fine on first tab, but not others
Code Contract C# ensure value is in array
Prevent hotlinking from harassing domain by showing an image or iframe? .htaccess
match only once but not more
How to way load the next image before the previous one fades out totally in jquery slideshow?
How to read data from Excel spreadsheet and store into MySQL database [closed]
Is there a widget for 鈥渇riends using this app鈥�
Store IIS logs in Windows Azure
cotext dialog to delete files in sd card
How to avoid cyclic reference annotating with JPA?
How to erase characters in a string?
possible to use backbone.js with dynamic/wildcard subdomain routing?
Variable without value inside callback function
Exclude Terms from custom Taxonomy?
sql : calculate the total birthday moth based on month
AJAX login: check password, how to get it to work with md5
Getting undefined reference error to stdout, stderr while compiling using x86 tool chain of Android NDK
Error reading from webservices xml file
How do I create a proper new local and remote branch combination in EGit?
How can I fill out blank spaces in a text file with the word from the line above?
How to make Jade stop HTML encoding element attributes, and produce a literal string value?
How to assign/set attribute in JQuery
NULLs Returned from Client Side Web Service
Some objects set by @Autowired always null, others are OK
How to create hundreds of radiobuttons using For loop?
mysql database insert is changing all IDs to 4294967295
android how to parse json
Get a textarea in java using JFrame
Immutable dictionary in Python 3: how to make keys(), items(), and values() dictionary views immutable
CSS to border <tr> entirely doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer
How to start developing encryption software [closed]
CSS to border <tr> entirely doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer
How to start developing encryption software [closed]
Is it possible to view data stored in Core Data on a development iphone?
Testing GWT Overlay types
Does ldstr internally implement newobj?
Get and parse JSON in Actionscript
Redirect to html from javascript request not working (Rails)
Jquery/Javascript to allow a specific webpage in a specific time of the day in the week
display barcode in a editext box
Solr 3.5 indexing taking very long
Is there a way to leech information from a Program i don't control?
Building Razor with MvcBuildViews=true failing
Efficient way of populating 300+ DIVs with HTML data from a JSON callback?
GWT: Pros and Cons of using EventBus with Cells
Select bottom results in MYSQL
How can I rotate the content of a cell without changing the layout of the table
Access Migrations via console in Ruby on Rails
How to allow Width=鈥淎uto鈥�in a custom WPF control
Get all rows from SQLite
In node.JS how can I get the path of a module I have loaded via require that is *not* mine (i.e. in some node_module)
Measure code speed in .net in milliseconds
Issue with MySqlBulkLoader from C# app
UIPageViewController and off screen orientation changes
Mysql Where 鈥�In 鈥�AND where 鈥�in 鈥�should only match on same index
Suddenly all HttpResponseRedirect( reverse() ) are giving syntax errors
Linq issue not returning students
Is StorageFolder thread safe
Different DB and front end for Meteor
Getting portion of an html string with jQuery
JSF 2. How to get a directory path?
How to add padding inbetween items in a WPF ListView?
Flex Air: Read 鈥淎ctionScript object鈥�from file then cast?
Android phonegap login using local html and remote php
New Open Source Project - Namespace and License
Calling Close on SqlConnection that might not be open or closed
Using Javamail and Gmail
Initialising Instance Variables
understanding operator overload in C++
How to get a Bitmap from a drawable defined in a xml?
How can I get 鈥淯se packet data鈥�Settings in ICS Android
Netty, update sample code HttpStaticFileServerHandler to also return directory listing when a directory URL is specified
Custom Camelization
Find String & Replace Decimal Value After It
Android: Starting intent service within fragments
Is there a more elegant solution to this chunk of code? [closed]
SQL Server with MAMP
random numbers not so random
Wrap overloaded function via std::function
fast shell find
How to validate form fields with javascript objects?
fast shell find
How to validate form fields with javascript objects?
403 forbidden resource error [closed]
jQuery: alternate row color except 'no-alternate-color' class
Is smaller eden space causing tenure space to increase constantly?
Disable/Change Firefox Safe Mode Hotkey (Shift)
Can't use rhc after installation , for openshift
How to convert multiple textboxes to one value
Comparing combo box selected item to XML element value - C#
how to configure Eclipse Quick Fix for misspelled words?
Locking user to browser window (using .dll files)
How to compile BNF Converter?
iPhone iOS large UIView gets clipped to 320x460 when displayed. How to prevent?
uninitialized constant ApplicationController::Bitly
Why can't won't ecilpse connect to my Android device?
Hibernate executeUpdate performance
Registration form - Checking if data entered ($_SERVER['PHP_SELFf'])
How to install .NET Framework only when it's not already installed?
Does ActionLink take into account Global.asax routes?
Is there a significant difference between closures and the visitor pattern?
Facebook event subscribe comment.create response url
Slow down or pause NSAnimationContext
JQueryUI Sortable sortchange event across connected Sortables
ActivityNotFoundException invoking an inner-class activity
Android C2DM 200 Error
Explicit recursion in Haskell
Android dynamic RelativeLayout
how to zoom in and out a part of the screen on mouse move in jQuery?
How can I use a member function pointer in libcurl
In Chrome, focusing an HTML text input field selects the contents. How to unselect? [duplicate]
More Efficient Way To Split a Balanced String C#
Multiprocessing / Multithreading in Python..?
ruby DateTime#strptime cannot handle '%6N'?
php how to represent a multilevel array in a string form
How do I resolve two nodes which have the same name but under different parents?
Disable Dialog Notification in Shared Preference in android
A few questions regarding overloading stream operators in c++
How in the world can you Get a CSV dump of a 10.1b Progress database?
Check to see if CallResponder is processing system beep sound on XP
Simple wave generator with SDL in c++
Facebook share link content
C# HttpRequest - Accessing hashtags in url
Mysql Stored Procedure isn't there?
Memory leak returning QIcon
PHPUnit 3.6.10 + ZendFramework 1.11.11 + NetBeans 7.1
MonoDevelop: Changing Symbol Usage Highlighting color
Loading an html files to a web view
鈥淢issing screenshots鈥�After uploading an app to the appstore?
GCD implementation on a UITableView
c# list<int> how to insert a new value in between two values
YUI 2 Rich text editor bugs on firefox within specific case
How to notify all connected users?
Get the value of an attribute Jquery
BxSlider stop issue
Why is blogger showing an image of gears before the page loads? [closed]
Checking corrected entries of the form, when entered wrong, show div for a few seconds
Issue with sending an email to only the users being deleted from the database
How do I create/login to a Spotify developer account?
Why does this Razor syntax gives compilation errors?
Looking to call a SSRS report with a parameter from VB.Net code
Does the 鈥渦sing鈥�directive provide any benefit?
Click just one button through an overlaying div
CakePHP 2.0 : Accessing unassociated models from a model or its controller?
Running fill.js in Rhino?
Multiple binding targets using a single source but different binding modes
Merging two XML files into one XML file using Java
What is meant by the 'context' of an operation in JavaScript
Is 'Ctrl' key pressed?
htaccess restrict sub dir to my IP not working
PHP & HTML Form with javascript onsubmit not executed
data.tables and sweep function
Adding a view to EF4 model in 1:1 relationship
CakePHP belongsTo multiple Models?
Did you forget about ActiveRecordStarter.Initialize
htaccess permanent redirect of shared host subdomain
JQuery post JSON object to a server
Spring does not autowire beans with JAX-WS webservice end points
Spring controller forwarding to another controller correctly, but view is not rendered
Unable to compile Lex and Yacc programs
Showing multiple images one by one in WP7?
What is the optimal string format for converting to an array?
custom model method calling mailer
Self modifying code, copy/jump in the heap failed
Custom Members and role database?
divs are horizontally displayed in Firefox but are (incorrectly) vertically stacked in IE9
Custom .NET Attribute to Check Method Return Type
Prevent div from taking the place of another div
jQuery - divs not fading out completely before next starts fading in
Building relational tables from different individual tables
Accessing to DB at client side as in server side with meteor
temporary TEMPLATE_DIRS override for testing does not work
Does anyone know of a good tool to back up a single database from xampp running on a local computer?
Media player control works only in IE (not FF/Chrome)
How do you automatically tab ALL the selected text when using a SurroundsWith SnippetType?
How is it possible to parse the URL of the desired popup to the popup-form AND show hints/tooltips in the WebKit-Component?
unrecognized selector sent to instance on deviceOrientationDidChange
Bookmarklet Loading jQuery and running function once it is fully loaded?
Cannot load assembly at runtime
GMainContext have ref_count > 0 after unref
Formatting strings in a text field in Crystal Reports XI
Javascript regular expression matching prior and trailing characters
ipython upgrade to 0.12 kills tab completion
Implement a calender with Ruby and Javascript in Rails
Implementing Comparable with a generic doubly linked list
Maven add source directory in eclipse
how to submit data in django's database
Python Adds An Extra CR At The End Of The Received Lines
Looking for solution to avoid eval()
Access denied by copying
Can not get FileNameExtensionFilter to work
HelloWorld App Engine Tutorial gives me error 500
dm365 mpeg4 encoder P-Frames
Scanning from a file into an array in C
Upload jar to nexus sonatype repo by using ivy and ant
get kendo grid filters to post with a button using KendoGridBinder
EF Code First Find vs SingleOrDefault (Eager Loading)
error in running docx4j file
File upload css
Misunderstanding the difference between single-threading and multi-threading programming
Programmatically get GPU percent usage in OS X
PHP Redirect after posting to Database
Facebook debugger tool showing 302 error for Url.
How to structure mysql table to avoid extra rows
How to select which search form to use?
Applying Visual Effect to Images using OpenGL ES
Coding a jQuery rolodex-style clock flip animation?
Centos yum crashes and can't install anything
Can I recover from this git error? 鈥渇atal: Duplicated ref, and SHA1s don't match: refs/heads/BranchName鈥� - Can't Change Visibility of Panel After Downloading File
RedHat yum subversion installation [closed]
Code loops optimization in PHP
Throw away first and last n rows
An insert exec statement cannot be nested
universal array in objective C
How do I impersonate using aspnet_personalization Windows Authentication
Learning ASP.NET Webforms with an MVC and Win Forms Background
django admin many-to-many intermediary models using through= and filter_horizontal
Spring: How do I construct this command object through a GET HTTP request?
Should I keep a socket open during a long running process?
My Accumulator is not working in VB (Visual Studio 2010)
How to round off x-ticklabels to the nearest 50
The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'requires a model item of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`
Using codefile in web application project
Decode <e8> <e9> etc. characters in R
Eclipse JFace FieldEditor for Dates?
Regular expressions that removes only first 鈥�鈥�
iphone Timer countdown in background
Video player on android (develop)
PHP First occurance of string before and after index
Video player on android (develop)
PHP First occurance of string before and after index
Testing PHP CURL file uploads on laptop (blocked by Norton)
I need some guidance and help from pros to host my new app .(please read everything)
Android Program Launch Failure
How to mix CGLIB and JDK proxies in Spring configuration files?
What is the time complexity of retrieving an element from LinkedHashMap in case of collision?
Using the reference to an object in the member initialzation list of its constructor
Class to define result of 2 joined objects
How can i get Keywords used in a Search Engine in
I want to increment a counter by one in a while loop c++
PHP: Cancel running script using POST/AJAX?
IE7 IE8 IE9 color:transparent property
web2py: encrypt uploaded files
opening file externally from matlab using command
SOAP PHP Client returns missing params but soapUI works fine
jQuery accordion, minimalistic style - no margin and 1px or no borders
Displaying MSQL with PHP. Want to move selected rows to another sql table and delete from existing table
android binding to a service from an activityto get hold of a populated hashmap
Android: Can't load default values from a preferences xml file using sharedpreferences
Change background based on text in TextView in Android
How do you upload an image to Amazon S3 using wideimage
ant javadoc does not build
underscore.js - Determine if all values in an array of arrays match
PHP / RegEx - Convert URLs to links by detecting .com/.net/.org/.edu etc
Set a folder indestructible in Win7 using C#
C# to MS Access - double values saving
Same method called with different objects as parameter
SQL Server update statement using a join on multiple columns
c# Image Coordinates Processing
ASP.NET MVC 3 - posting complex JSON model to action
Popup on touch of annotation iphone
Upload a video file by chunks
Pagination of search form results returns nothing for subsequent pages (Kaminari + Rails)
Window's content disappears when minimized
AS3 reference buttons
JPA and Spring MVC wrong configuration?
Scala DRYing try/catch
Sencha Touch 2: How do you use a button on the homepage to navigate to other views?
Access html table with htmlunit
Jquery Mobile MVC3 iPad Web App Linking
What do you do when your page displays incorrectly on your server, but correctly in jsFiddle?
How to get console.log() outputs from a BlackBerry device?
in winsock, how do i connect to a server via a domain name?
Can SSMS be replaced by VS2010 Express for SQL Development?
How to fire following command from vc++?
How is this CSS menu created?
Can we obtain LRU (least recently used) page replacement algorithm in O(1)?
Android sms link with a body parameter
wygwam / ckeditor nested divs
Android sms link with a body parameter
wygwam / ckeditor nested divs
How to override jQuery validate text color?
Why does this recursive copy function copy all files into every directory above the correct one?
UIPopoverController fails to appear on presentPopoverFrom
HTML Position Issue in Firefox (Works in IE and Chrome)
node.js How to emit to a particular client?
Java pattern for configuring models in a data mining system
Why doesn't GIT clean up when aborting a merge triggered from pulling in changes?
Setting IFrame size from within the IFrame
Objective C - UIWebview - Convert javascript text range to objective c object and vice versa
JQGrid Filter Toolbar not filtering rows when using a Formatter on a column
C - memset segfault for statically allocated char array
How to build pgmagick on linux (CentOS)?
How to set an Item of a ListBox to the top?
Strange Java for loop format
PreAuthorize doesn't work
Conditional statement using rexep with bash
Java tablemodel for multiple sets of data
DNS: Forward domain to another host
Install plone front-page content from setup profile of site policy product add-on
How to tell where a Javascript is taking the most time?
update part of model
How to Set Exchange Body When Using Apache Camel JXPath Expression Language
Group records by time
What's the difference in this condition : STRING.equals(鈥渕yValue鈥� vs STRING == 鈥渕yValue鈥�
jQuery Mobile: page transitions cannot be set to none on Android
Need Regex Expression Advice
mvc3 multistep form (wizard) [closed]
In insert statement of SQL i have an error?
android passive location provide
AS3 Flash Builder Dialog Text Showing
How to merge two mysql queries efficiently to return matching records?
Programmatically hit functional keys using jQuery [duplicate]
IndexError from calling an Integer
Joomla 1.6 showing blue error message front end 鈥測ou must login first鈥� Should not be showing
why jquery GET is not caching results when it is supposed to?
Assistance refining search results from if loop?
RavenDB Replication Setup Basics
Recommended application(s) to test SQL server 2008 Queries for application?
.DBF File Cannot Open in Shared Mode
Loop through tables and columns of an Entity framework object
Using php code to track the page by Google analytics
jquery: vertically expand div when using contained draggable
colorscheme problems with terminal
Page broke on webservice url but work on host:port
form inside a div is not properly aligning
Why can't I comment out an updatepanel in
How to execute two threads Sequentially in a class
jQuery ajax cross domain post to WCF rest service
Qt Connect to WebSockets server
How to inject an JDK Proxied class in Spring which has protected methods?
Is there a way to get pyPortMidi working on Win7-64?
Removal of FBML
Spring 3.1, Aspect, Tomcat - circularity error
Git with Gerrit on ubuntu 11.04
Fetch unread mails from gmail apps
How to check if one vector is a subset of another?
Refresh viewData object in renderPartial
Is there anything missing in this file upload script? [closed]
iOS - local notification - custom vibration or vibrate for longer duration
How to search from sqlite w.r.t a string with single quote and double quotes in android
CSS hover does NOT work after KEYUP function executes
there's got to be a way to make this PHP faster [closed]
Read Dock Information OSX?
Rotating triangle in OpenGL ES 2.0
When display PPT slides on WebBrowser controls in .NET framework, how do I disable all user interaction via mouse / keyboard?
Loop on Union process [ArcGis10/Python]
Howto configure jks certificate in webservice client in websphere 5
Howto encode/decode arbitrary data with OpenSSL?
jQuery How to get the selected value of the radiobutton with set select group?
Separate each description for each div
how access a gridview inside a repeater which is inside a repeater (Nested Repeater)
How to automatically set ValidatesOnExceptions, ValidatesOnDataErrors and NotifyOnValidationError in all TextBoxes?
How does SelectedListViewItemCollection implement IList but not have Add()?
How can I get all @Entity classes from a Persistence Unit?
rails server not working
How to pass a string containing extended ascii chracters to an unmanaged C++ dll
Run Maven - Spring webapp through Eclipse
How to access the facebook smart list?
Why are the EDIT buttons missing from the Orchard Zones (when logged in as Admin)? [duplicate]
How do I resolve 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object鈥�error?
Ordering database resultset first by users, then by date
How to get UNIX 'cp' command to recognize OS X alias?
Best approach for designing F# libraries for use from both F# and C#
Symfony2: Session Global variable in PHP template
Devart dotConnect For Oracle and Enterprise Library Custom Provider Mappings
Program location in the memory and static/shared libraries
RestKit many-to-many with Core Data: it works, but am I doing it right?
onKeyPress of input box(in html) call servlet without changing url in address bar of browser
How to read custom SOAP header from response using WCF client
Download source code from Apple's website
Dynamically Create Update SQL In Stored Procedure
I have 30 or so items in a .txt file which I would like to display in a listbox in wp7
LuaSocket - attempt to call field 'try' (a nil value)
Border Radius only rounding the top of my divs?
RadDatePicker SetDate() not working
Create real-time anaglyph video matlab
KnockoutJS How to databind a set of drop down lists to an observable array
Storing products with images in MongoDbB GridFS
LuaSocket - attempt to call field 'try' (a nil value)
Border Radius only rounding the top of my divs?
RadDatePicker SetDate() not working
Create real-time anaglyph video matlab
KnockoutJS How to databind a set of drop down lists to an observable array
Storing products with images in MongoDbB GridFS
rsync copies local file structure onto remote box
Javascript Custom Resize Event
How to Serve static contents in Spring Container independent way?
how do I tell backbone that the model is not new
C++ Object Block Allocation vs Individual Allocation
Cannot install gunicorn on Ubuntu
鈥渃ategorisation engine鈥�
Delete selected rows from DataGridView and Database
AS3 Button reference in an array
Convert wiki text to html in python for displaying in a website
Adding a const qualifier to a member function
Using primitives or wrapper class in Hibernate?
DNS Resolver result from multiple nameservers
MVC3 URL parameters - avoiding malicious attacks/security flaws
Bug? Jquery Mobile Event only fires once using live() and pageshow events
in keydown event get charecter in different language
My javascript variable is becoming undefined between function calls
Counting rows from second table
GWTTestCase with RequestFactory Returning 404
How to register a custom control on ATL/WTL dialog?
JavaFX 2.0 memory leak on creating multiple scenes