Updating UI from background thread - how do I know that my GUI is not disposed?
Perforce changing the default editor
Grep with two strings (logical AND in regex)
C++ iostream Corruption using stringstream
Member 鈥淚s-A鈥�Person or Person 鈥淗as-A鈥�Enrollment
Archived project not in Organizer; found in Finder, but file is 0 bytes
Cricket physics, a basic simulation
which database suits my application mysql or mongodb ? using Node.js , Backbone , Now.js
Recursively hydrate all related objects in Propel
How to make Emacs start in `text-mode` and get rid of LISP message?
Group data by the change of grouping column value in order
Templated function and placement new constructor parameters
DatePicker type for export to SQL Azure
Is a manifest file needed for non-managed code?
Order of LINQ extension methods does not affect performance?
How to add computed observable to knockoutjs mapping
Current view is adding on my window agan and again on tapping the custom tab bar
Is there a purely client side (javascript) photo library that can pull photos from s3?
Prevent ColdFusion from sending email
Ehcache + Hibernate Log Output
linq and string.compare/string.equals in wcf?
convert month from Aaa to xx in little script with awk
How can I make Eclipse save the state of the project tree when I quit?
Content of char pointer seems to get deleted while being passed to the catch block
Rabl, remove parent element of children
Using dynamic objects in codedom created LINQ queries
Android Activity doesn't start
Sum of cells with several possibilities
Javascript Object required error when calling value of hidden field
In Perl, how can I extract email addresses from lines in log files?
A Server for IPhone app to exchange location
jQuery .live() is not working in IE9
Symfony 1.4 (migration from 1.0): Foreign Keys and the config.yml of an admin module
Getting number from a prompt and looping
Determine if received data is PostScript or PCL
about rails plugins/engines
Can I interrupt a 鈥淐ount Rows鈥�operation in SQL Developer?
Ruby: Unexpected Results from class_exec When Defining Class Variable
Jmeter - pause when response assertion triggers?
Username or ID for keys in Redis
HTML Table Export to CSV wont export more then 50 rows
Does CDMA support concatenation (long) SMS
Customize UINavigationBar font
Trouble with ActionResult function
How to get the same $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] on both localhost and live server
Inter-App Communication
Ask a customer a series of questions and make product recomendations
Call js webscript from Java webscript in Alfresco
Enforcing element values in xml schema for a list
XCode, Storyboard, View Controller items are not being displayed
What could cause a table hierarchy to render incorrectly in IE9?
Odd Event/Sort Problems
Subversion on Ubuntu - incremental dump changed revision number
how to feed suds with an already xml-formated request message
Getting Error thrown when TCP connect lost
HTML5 PushState Regex Issue
Boost:: Dijkstra Shortest Path, how to get vertice index from path iterator?
Is it possible to have sqlite query that seraches for two keys?
How to access CoreData entities based on a to-many relationship of another entity?
How to run multiple java files at once?
Word partitions with maximum weight
Python Mechanize Module Encryption
Remove project from TFS Source Control when Collection/Team Project don't exist
Which version of fabric API is installed
Stylesheet - how to get the fields to display side by side
Join Rails to Apache Tomcat
Resume uploads using samba
Facebook comments won't accept get permalink
Trying to close window after alert
Razor: adding dynamic values together
Show variable inside text field label
How can I pass service layer validation messages back to the caller?
How can I pass service layer validation messages back to the caller?
How do you applying parent category to items in subcategory?
Get my eBay listings with PHP
How can you iterate between a letter string on the text field of a button in ASP.NET/C# enviroment?
How to get current user record in CRM plugin?
LINQ-To-Entity (The specified type member '' is not supported in LINQ to Entities)
Attach Dependency Property to User Control
unable to disable future date in jquery datepicker
jQuery object鈥�what happens in the code below?
upload multiple files and display an array
How to add a jquery animation to a single ListViewItem on bind?
compiler warnings re: references to local variables
Develop JavaScript API to expose services
Callback after the DOM was updated in Meteor.js
In elasticsearch, is there a way to show which field in a document was the 鈥渉it鈥�
pointing my blogger domain to my own webhost
how to confirm numa
COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used
If the text doesn't fit on the same row don't display all
aligning an element, inside an element
Integrating neo4j with jersey and tomcat
Can't obtain user likes in some cases using facebook graph API
PrettyFaces redirect to RESTful url after login
get all child from an parent id
How to call C# libraries from Excel?
Virtual Attribute is nil when saving via accepts_nested_attributes_for
Collecting and Processing data with PHP (Twitter Streaming API)
command line method to remove single line paragraphs from text file
OEPE auto generated EAR, Weblogic and Openfaces
release swap if enough RAM available in linux
Why am i able to check more than 1 radio button in this code
How does sql 'limit' command work under the hood?
Connecting android app with sql database?
Why does default == implementation not call Equals? [duplicate]
how to change text between <li><a> </a></li>
php shared memory and semaphore, avoid key collision
Using JNA to access a struct containing an array of structs
ASP.NET, Right way to use DataReader
jquery ui slider -reverse starting and ending position
How does an addin retrieve and process data from the AddinRoot?
Preventing SelectedIndexChanged() method being called when we call TabPages.Clear()
Joomla 2.5 content plugin
Why does scrolling a listview increase memory usage a lot?
Android error: application has stopped unexpectedly please try again
Embedding matplotlib in C++
Using a method from another class in the main form
Is it better to use multiple span objects or multiple textviews in Android?
XSD.exe missing nested properties
Is there a JavaScript alternative to isNaN()? [duplicate]
How to test if an img tag points to an existing image?
detect if a point is inside a MKPolygon overlay
Why is a return needed in the overloaded operator = for objects?
Hacks to make IE display like every other browser
Why does my antlr grammar seem to properly parse this input?
What is the fastest way to search a List<T> across multiple properties?
CoreGraphics drawRect in a cocos2d project EXEC BAD ACCESS
Multithreading / Multiprocessing in Python
In OpenRasta, is it wrong to configure potentially ambiguous URIs?
use of undeclared identifier '__bridge' [duplicate]
Should I call clearTimeout before overwriting the timeout variable?
Sorting li elements by class with jQuery
NetBeans 6.9.1 and the ruby FastDebugger
LLVM Compiler can't find symbol __bridge with ARC turned on [duplicate]
Where is the retain count stored for NSObjects in Objective C
Location detection
Cannot seek media element in silverlight
Array query and return
Using QWorkspace cascade
Functors in separate files in OCaml?
Why does my server return a 500 internal error when I do a DB query in a loop for xxxx+ times?
Load an assembly and copy it with different name and extension
What is 'backup before drop' in RTC source control?
OpenLayers : How to calculate distance between two points?
how come in VB.NET a listcontrol has no Items collection but in ASP.NET it does?
Xcode, Why are some NSLog entries omitted from the console?
How to make php code to show what I'm sending to server?
C# Deserialize XML to object: There is an error in XML document (3, 2)
Write Data from Matlab to a Text File
nuSOAP: Header Authentication on server side
Maven packaging ear finding dependency from project level but not from parent
MySql stored procedure SET command 鈥�when it errors
Unable to find an entry point when calling C++ dll in C#
Serve a complex object with an image using REST
Decorator design pattern memory diagram
FileSystemWatcher didnt invoke change event
How can I make this method more Scalalicious
how do dispatch queues work
Text input through SSRS parameter including a Field name
Accessing bash array keys (mac)
鈥淕C Overhead limit exceeded鈥�on Hadoop .20 datanode
Network Reachability with UIWebView
Installing Xcode 4.3.2 through App Store
How to optimize and clear code for parse string?
JQuery :has(), I need to select only children
While statement not stopping when it should
Merge a table and a change log into a view in PostgreSQL
What's the database's strategy to handle the intersection(finding the common set) in general?
How to bind an event before an already existing one?
How to refresh jquery mobile multipage document after deploying new software
android TabHost inside a LinearLayout
hash table - linked lists - segmentation fault
Accessing GSM 03.38 Extended Character Set using ESC character
How to populate dropdownlist dynamically in mvc3 from two tables?
TSQL to return the dates of price changes from a price history
Combination of Service, ProgressBar, Gridview (and his notifydatasetchanged) an QuickAction-Implementation goes wrong
My CollectionViewSource is not picking up changes
value temporarily unavailable, due to optimizations in stream
handling google map markers in qTip2
Computing median in map reduce
Efficiently generate all composite numbers less than N (with their factorizations)
C++, DeviL, Opengl and msvs2010 - It compiles and links, but cant load entry point in dll
T SQL - Why is AS not required here?
Objective-C Documentation Generators: HeaderDoc vs. Doxygen vs. AppleDoc
jQuery .index() change default index 0 to 1 of first element
Can I allocate more than 65535 bytes according C standards?
UINavigationController subclass - customizing Pop
Advantages of differing ways of showing a Line in imagej
Ecommerce pagination in Google SERP description
how to set width and height for stage during resize event in as3
How make file field required in symfony2
ViewBag is NULL after RedirectToAction (+ reinitialization of ViewBag)
Sorting elements in a database
How can an InfoPath form get the Claims of the user who is logged in to SharePoint?
AS3 Array Buttons Nested
How to forward signals to the last-clicked QGraphicsScene
Take time in milliseconds
xcode 4 copy resources on a device only once
Ninject 3.0.0 and Nservicebus 3.0.3 -> Help on Configuration?
In-App purchase returned with error code 1001 in iphone?
Programmatically alter a BMP file
Difficult JAXB mapping
I am having to improve my ASP.NET, should I just jump to MVC rather than Webforms? [closed]
facebook login button layering stops dropdown menu in header bar
Login to my facebook app on facebook comments
how to overwrite css height set by jquery/javascript?
OpenGL ES on iOS - glReadPixels() returns the image with a black bar on the side
What is the 鈥渞eal鈥�MVC pattern?
android page indicator for page navigation bar
Proxy the right way to go for external REST Api?
Starting aspell in email mode
ExtJS selecting certain cell from a row
Facebook - How can i post to a company using the javascript sdk?
SQL Database Deleted Flag and DeletedBy DeletedOn
Do test users' activity appear in Insights?
PHP ZipArchive::open always results in an ZIPARCHIVE::ER_READ error
C-Style strings to std::string conversion clarification
Is static code verification for potential null object references available?
Should I worry about a 鈥渟coped bookmarks agent connection interrupted鈥�log message?
JSF: error handling with <error-page> and JSF1073 error
Spotify Play Button doesn't work for the 鈥渟tarred鈥�playlist
SP2101: Method body must not contain more than 120 code lines - How can I suppress this?
Js window location relative url
Converting from Combobox double digit to int double digit
functional testing a service
Heap implementation using absurd amounts of memory - C
Where to check for foreign keys: at PHP by additional queries, or let MySQL to raise an error?
iPhone SDK Accessing what a user is typing
Array.Splice prototype
Design of auto-updating software [closed]
A ticker bar in WPF
How to change the color of a JSplitPane
How to get the nth string in any generic word or sentence with a space delimiter
Known to this context
Is this a bug in PHP's DateTime:diff?
Safari bug at textField
How can i find eigenvalue/vector on ruby [closed]
UML with lots of classes
How can I draw an open curve which is filled by a brush in Qt?
Is there a way to capture the MSDOS command prompt string?
How do i check my app's frame rate?
Write on html on load
GWT Events : what am i missing?
replacing fixed amount of text in a large file
Maybe mysql_insert_id() will return unexpected id
Adding POM Dependency in Eclipse build path
How can Rails automatically rescue from ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in development mode?
Oracle db vm on compressed drive?
How to search through a list of coordinates and display, depending on the distance between it and current location? (Windows Phone 7)
Listview control image display
Symfony 1.4 - are forms always in <table>?
Match argument with custom annotation on class - detect in runtime
'memcpy' (merging two structures)
Handling wcf Rest web service using KissXML - how should I handle namespace issue
Binding to an array
Delphi cross compiler for linux
Mathematica: Operations on list with missing values
Counting from field in table then updating to a different field in a different table
Gitolite hooks do not execute
LEFT JOIN takes too long when SORTING results with ORDER BY
Best practice for branching a branch and combining with trunk in SVN?
SpecFlow WebDriver Errors on closing or quiting the WebDriver
Flex/AIR Application Desktop Toolbar
How do I determine what's using Oracle Spatial?
Mysql query return BLOB with Union Join
How to include contents of plain HTML or classic ASP file in an ASP.net MVC 3 view?
How to reset input text values to defaults?
package.json generation / npm unused packages
MVC3 EditorFor readOnly
XmlSerialization and interfaces
Copy Constructor useless here?
is unit test approach a bad one?
Ordering of the css and js files loaded by Meteor
Dynamic Jquery Mobile Pages
adding two numbers in a session
SDL SDL_DisplayFormat c++ pointer retunes NULL on vaild images
Decoding a hash
SAS computation using double loops
Java3d. How to increase range of sight?
MySQL concurrent connections - loading text from database
UIAlertView outside app
Entity Framework Cardinality Issue on a 0鈥� Association
Remote debug Alfresco 4.0 in Tomcat as win service
4 digit password type view: number and cursor control
Keeping history of items without using a database in java
Programmatically Buying Android App From Android Play?
How to ignore 'where' and 'order by' condition if the column is null in LINQ
JSF 2 - Using a custom action-listener to reset ajax submitted values so new values are pulled from model attributes
WiX: Make component upgradable, but not uninstallable
Unorthodox String.prototype method solution. Is it 鈥渧erboten鈥�
How to create a gradient background for an HTML page
UIKeyboardWillShowNotification and Slide up when keyboard is shown
in AndEngine mEngine.setScene() function is not working
CSS: place div on the right of float:right
Use the $_POST method with PHP
Key-Value Type Coercion in iOS
NSSortDescriptor not being called
How to hydrate a custom property in DataMapper PHP constructor based on FK relationship
Validation of Viewmodel containing nested domain objects
How do I create a DESC index in MySQL?
How do i make a cell using variables? using VB script in Excel 2007
Extjs Tree Store auto sync with server
UISplitViewController selector not recognized from MasterViewController
Rails 3.2.1 - Find out template file name being rendered from layout
UIButton crashing app on touch
Retrieve decimal data from mysql and put into an array
SQL (T-SQL, SQL Server Mgmnt Studio): Creating comma delimited .txt file with commas in fields
correct way to refer enum items of `boost::date_time`
Ancestor Query with Objectify not returning results
Copying tables from Access DB to SQL Server
How to resize, organize, and align images on a wafer map using Matlab?
VBScript: WshShell.SendKeys 鈥淾{ADD}鈥�gives 鈥淚nvalid Procedure Call Code: 800A0005鈥�error
SQL query for two possible values?
Django , Advice for making models that are related with out model inheritances for a blog post type
Fluid floated div with text wrapping
Android - ListView EditText Focus Issues
Resize Canvas for Jit Graph library on window resize
Tinymce spell check implementations
I need help adding a like button
Prevent dialog from taking up whole width of screen in landscape mode - Android
Codeigniter Where clause
Resources for virtual machine programming
Neo4j Degreee of Seperation query efficiency in large DB
Pixel Count in Java
Trying to Determine Why nth Fails With Specific Input
Is it possible to get a list of printer names in Windows?
php mysql subqueries filtering
why has firebug greyed-out my area element
why does speeding up the processor lead to missed deadlines in real time systems?
Sum elements in list under condition(python)
How to access an image in the drawable folder from within an HTML file in the assets folder?
Regex in php about password field
Multiple PayPal Transactions at once
The SqlParameterCollection only accepts non-null SqlParameter type objects. Parameter name: value
smart gwt- is it possible to show an external url within a window that is part of the smart gwt app
asp.net website - Can I tell if it has been precompiled?
align image and text in <div> tag on the same top line
How to keep a fixed UITextField below UITableView ?
Is it more efficient to set the size of a vector up front?
Accessing JButton[]
How to track user browsing information on a public facing website
Generating a PDF with Prawnto That Contains Image(s)
Permission error when trying to access Report Manager URL unless UAC is disabled
Hibernate canot insert null into audit column on delete
glib, (FIFO pipe) fd leak using GMainLoop and GSource timeout
bash export command
How to read Data that include space
launch() takes time to run
How to memory profile in Java?
Display all products in Magento static block product_list
No data except fo username and email is saved
Facebook PHP SDK Migration Guide from 2.1 to 3.0
Creating a custom databound tooltip in codebehind
How to remove particular functions from os library without editing the Lua headers or the scripts
Finding Maximum route with different triangles
PHP & CURL not sending file, even with @ prepended
My facebook login button works using omniauth, but I don't get to the 鈥渁llow鈥�screen
Small cross browser compatibility CSS issue
Excel - Enormous Vlookup Concatenate required for Minor Procedure
How do I reference the main activity's onClick from within the onClick menthod of a dialog鈥�or can I?
Get child Attribute
Javascript DATE and C# date - what is the best solution?
Add a Google Map into a jquery ui tab
Hibernate:how to make entity class with all database fields automatically
update using inner query (join)
Get an argument of an asynchronous parent function
JavaScript Bug on iPad
How to position the Highcharts.StockChart's rangeSelector zoom on the right?
how to write this particular regex
Android next/back button to retrieve next/previous record
How to convert InDesign IDML to Tiff?
can't commit code after renaming a file
PHP MySQL omit result if contains phrase
UiTableCell is keeping selected
Meteor support for Windows
Is the way .NET encryption handles keys safe?
Date picker not shown on the first component click
Javascript forEach not working
Javascript and Expression Engine Tags
retrieve page ids of member without manage page permissions
AUTimePitch or AUPitch in IOS 5
JRuby script with Rubeus and Swing exiting once packaged into jar using warble
Can I stub STDERR in RSpec?
CSS Text Highlight with Irregular Borders
What is the maximum value for limit when using the Facebook Graph API?
RTC source control icons
What is the best way to find the overlap between 2 sections?
Create object on page_load and pass to JQuery
Extjs4 drag and drop zones error with IE,FF and Safari
MySQL accepting local, local network and external connections with bind-address?
jQuery trigger pinch gesture on iPad
Is there a compare function for file name sorting? [duplicate]
Make a popup that displays a random image then closes when clicked on
Excel simple formula to work only on filtered results
How to use a regex replace to correct 鈥淓quals avoid Null鈥�from checkstyle
Magento import error logs
How to implement the Android ActionBar back button?
WCF proxy server credential caching
Windows batch script with multiple dependencies and possible asych
jquery events after load page [closed]
How to force a version conflict in iCloud
Overriding JScrollPane Behavior
How to cache a PDF in the Servlet's Context, itext
How can I set and get cookies (server side) in Meteor?
Why was mongoose designed in this way?
TextBlock MouseDown URL - How get my url in my code behind?
Design pattern for ListView control having 2 states?
Create BufferedImage. Interpolate data
What leads to incomplete types? (QGraphicsItem: Source or target has incomplete type)
Can't use C2DM intent (android)
Use Proxy to run application in Android Emulator
Why is MSMQ generating a high amount of LDAP traffic?
Error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'namespace'
Trying to clear a TextWatcher every time it detects a certain string and continue reading the EditText
apiSearch method of ShopSense API using jQuery.getJSON
Embed a Google Maps API Javascript in Flex
Difference between serde2.objectinspector and typeinfo packages
Show Multiple Option Choice in Activity Diagram
SAS informat for 拢 values using 9.1.3
Reachability hangs application
SQL Azure unexpected database deletion/recreation
JPA 2.0: Embedded object exclusive to one entity
Javascript property: Built out of strings
Two way authorization
Pdf Merge/Overlap with iText
How to store small amounts of data for frequent lookup in android?
(Rails) Is there a Koala equivalent for Twitter?
vbscript, excel 8.0 password on worksheet
Crawl a website, get the links, crawl the links with PHP and XPATH
What are the issues surrounding class reloading in Tomcat
TextToSpeech:service isn't started?
How to simulate database failure to test 2-phase commit in Java
convert or figure formula which is contained parentheses
Active Directory & Windows phone 7
Is there a way to force an Android tablet to use layout-hdpi instead of layout-xlarge?
Need to split a column into two
Button Template style when selected
Run two commands during git bisect run
Is there any terminology called 鈥渉ypochecking鈥�in C/C++?
High Resolution Image IE Browser Rendering
measuring one-way packet delay: any synchronization needed?
Using external js with .php extension in Codeigniter [closed]
Which type should I use for a pointer ?ptrdiff_t or void*?
Adjust Thread.Sleep Based On Various Criterias
virtuemart 2 change language native
A way to optimise multiple .each with ajax-json request?
Sending file bytes instead of XML string concerns
MySQL autoincrement value increases even when insertion fails due to error
C#: Conversion (Recognition) a MATH formula from a TextBox
Latest News, The ObjectContext instance has been disposed
Logical indexing of fields within a structure
Convert a Java Console Program To Webapp
How can i stop jQuery mobile to apply styles to my specific form elements
jquery step by step form [closed]
Remotely Detect Connection Status of Android Phone
Shell script to create patch for selected files
Good login structure
Changing SqlConnection timeout
Serializable key value pair or tuple in silverlight
Standard specification/description language for data charting?
Saving an id to session
Using VIM's regex to convert MM/DD/YYYY to proper date (鈥淛une 4, 1999鈥� for end user consumption
Update android database
Convert data from latin1_swedish to utf-8
Windows Phone 7 - Image Color Overlay from URL
How to add items (comboBox) to a tabpage - C#
Underscore Templating - Partials (with RequireJS)
difference between image depth and channels
List specific with a single table
Want to design a printer friendly website; anything I should keep in mind? [closed]
Showing a control based on type of databound viewmodel?
Showing a control based on type of databound viewmodel?
Strings in Javascript and PHP
JPA: should I store a BLOB in the same table with fetch Lazy or should I store it to another table and fetch lazy the one to one relationship
Linq in wcf service
How to automatically save emails to ascii files?
I am having trouble determining whether two c# strings are sorted
What can cause MSIExec Error 1619 'This installation package could not be opened'
Empty xml object when using SimpleXML - Node no longer exists
App freezing upon button click
NHibernate making too much queries, about mapping using idBag correctly
Echo inside or outside the function? Call function from itself?
Special characters in Amazon S3 file name
Disable 'Prices' appearing in Magento
MySQL calculating negative value on INT UNSIGNED
Capifony database functions fail with `require': cannot load such file 鈥�FileUtils (LoadError)
OpenStreetMap Api call returns empty set
Soundcloud replying with json instead of xml as requested
Linq way to find value in DataTable
What does joining with on a table twice on column as different aliases mean?
Rails, PostgreSQL - how to count the number of tags?
touchstart blocking button listener
ReportLab - error when creating a table
BPM vs ESB - Orchestration?
iOS app is frozen for 10 seconds on launch on line 鈥渟etupAutoMigratingCoreDataStack鈥�
Command Button Wizarddoesn't start
gameplan for escaping php MySQL content
Efficiency of data:image in CSS
MySQL Dynamic Limit for Group
Axis2C memory leaks?
$.serializeArray() not including all the fields of within form
How to change NSCarbonWindow visibility?
What's the best way to put HTML tags to MySQL and later successfully take them out?
Is it possible to have a forward proxy with ssl encryption between the proxy and the user?
CakePHP 2.0 - 2.1, Query different model from controller
SQL Query returns nothing if one field is empty
How do a make a query to count which string appears the most in a certain column?
Mysql, innodb - Can't create foreign key
Why does this implementation of izip() not work?
Why do undeclared Ruby local, instance, class, & global variables have different behavior?
Removing just a set of instances of an object from the scene
writing data to a file with the result is not as expected
Dynamic Dependencies
HTML5 video capture and streaming?
Catching events DOMContentLoaded and onload using chrome plugin for each frame
Developing Mysql under Git Version Control
How to make acts-as-taggable-on work with Rails 3.2.1
android webview previous content in background
Socket operation on nonsocket
Check if cursor has results
Grails Jasper plugin, how to disable white background when export to excel?
Maven: How to run a .java file from command line passing arguments
setting the proxy?
Detecting geographic clusters
Creating patch branch from tag and merge that with trunk
PHP DOM - How to retrieve nodeValue and href of a specific element
Video recording as like talking tom app
username is null in DotNetOpenAuth2.ResourceServer.VerifyAccess
Accessing facebook for posts etc with Graph API c# unity3d
how to set the parameters in dictionary values
Maven build - include classes in projects /src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/classes
Timestamping images in Ruby on Rails
bind to property always return null
Using Python to extract JSON from a .js file also containing non-JSON declarations?
Send Complex Object FROM Flex to PHP
Finding the size of a 2D vector [closed]
Sql Server Xml to table logic
Height div 100% with a padding
Firefox jQuery form submission not working
gcc 4.7 Give me error message
Programmatically removing Exit Popup from Page?
How to programmatically create a formatted text in VBA?
undefined method `>=' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
Streamwriter issue with remote machine
jQuery UI Autocomplete Functionality
How to check if a byte array in datatable is null or not
ASP.NET EF code first: One or more validation errors were detected during model generation
Make WinForms application WinForms/Console hybrid [closed]
Put bcp inside a transaction with another tsql statement
Why are 鈥渄ictionary鈥�and 鈥渒eys鈥�not defined in python?
Python: Preventing a dict's key from being overwritten
span with percentage width
Is there a way to get application icon (by a given package) from the web?
鈥渇or鈥�loop in python-pygame does not break under an 鈥渋f鈥�statement
node.js shell environment variable conflict with cakephp
JMS MessageConsumer's messageListener makes push or pull?
Div Transparency Doesn't Work in IE8
is it possible to have local only branches in mercurial
Xcode 4.3: how to create a nib linked to a view controller
Visual Studio debug ghost cursor - program enters debug but cannot see current line nor variables
SQL Server Compact won't allow subselect but inner join with groupby not allowed on text datatype
Databases: column encoding, when is it important?
not able to change java.io.tmpdir
Converting double to unsigned char?
Concurrency in bean validation
PHP cookie time format not working
Expose an 鈥淎ndroid Library Project鈥�s included jars to Projects which reference them
HTML5 Offline issue in Opera
SQL Select Where or Having
Scroll smoothly on hover an unordered list with fixed height
UserControl DependencyProperty.Register ERROR
UserControl DependencyProperty.Register ERROR
how to use pushViewController in ReaderSample of ZBarReader project
Declare get accessors in PowerShell cmdlet parameters
mapping JSON to an Object
Programmatic authenticatication using a session variable
html5shim not loading in IE8
How to add server-side processed data from code-behind to javascript in .aspx page in asp.net using c#
Remove Website from Gmail Spam Filter [closed]
Double blow detection in iPhone
iPhone iOS NSMutableAttributedString editor example
ContactsContract.Data implicit-join columns not working?
Android ICS Activity Transition from Fade In/Out Back to Slide
Portability of C code for different memory addressing schemes
maven sub projects - should they have their own depedencies
Whats the best way to implement a 鈥淪how More鈥�button with jQuery?
Calculating IDF (as in TF-IDF) when testing?
EXCEL: Cell.Value returning preceding 鈥�鈥�
鈥淧reload鈥�apple-touch-precomposed-icon before adding to home screen?
How can i mapped two columns and store it in temporary table MVC3 app with EF?
Scaling components java
Getting day of week when binding Date object to GridView Label (DateStringFormat)
Does adding PetaPoco attributes to POCO's have any negative side effects?
Node.js reuse MongoDB reference
git-svn with strict permission
OrmLite Android, setting foreignAutoRefresh to true results in join (self join) query?
A simple Regular expression that bothers me
Entity Framework Code First : Setting up One-To-One foreign key association using Annotations
Aspx code blocks vs runat server
Is there a way to save window sizing information in wxWidgets 2.8+
sorted container that is not a priority queue
Windows phone 7 - unable to play audio under lock screen
iPhone: refresh UIViewController on applicationWillEnterForeground
Django DetailView Template show get_FIELDNAME_display() values of all fields
Save configuration parameters to the repository
Projector Orchard CMS and widget
JQuery QuickSand Plugin - Hide Slide Titles
Codeigniter character_limiter and strip_tags
Is it possible to know which camera is currently using in android?
Complicated use of Substring function
how to instanceof List<MyType>?
unhandled exception from dll - only shows up in release build
Tags friends photo
How do I get the leftNavLibrary?
How to debug an issue happening only when a (google) bot requests a page?
Menu fitting window size
passing parameters between classes
Tiles1 - passing attributes to jsp sections
Fieldsets with django-form-designer
Jquery How to push the data, using find?
GetActiveObject() vs. GetObject() 鈥�MK_E_UNAVAILABLE Error
Xquery result not correctly formatted
SQL Query - Distinct or Unique?
How can I use NS-3 to simulate some routing algorithms?
Trying to port ILColorPicker to an iPad app
Add Columns to new DataRow
Nginx/Unicorn not showing changes upon deploy
plot legends without border and with white background
Should I configure my integration tests as a continuous build or a nightly build?
reinterpret signed long as unsigned in Python
Vtune analyzer with mingw
WCF Clients performance issues
How to render a variable inside another?
Setting a variable in Twig view pre render
Capybara: exception trace in log
Ranges of floating point datatype in C?
Linq query conversion from C# To VB:NET
How can I get around IE's 'limitations' when it comes to innerHTML manipulation?
jQuery: vertical news ticker with custom scroll bar
Image manipulation program using ASP.NET
Mobile application connect to server with 鈥渧odafone鈥�sim,but not connect with 鈥淚dea鈥�sim.
Telerik Expression control
How To generate view for edmx to improve performance?
Access variable in aspx.cs file and display in text box
confirm dialog returns false immediately
Removing start and end markers from Google Maps Driving Directions
SQL Query: Retrieving records based on criteria in multiple tables
possible prefixes for bundle.getLocation()
Core Plot Bar Problems
Why SubmitChanges doesn't work?
Trying to update and ignore duplicate key, by db.XYZ.update fails
How to output a javascript variable's value inside html?
NSKeyedUnarchiver can't decode back my saved object
How to set SelectedItem on a RibbonComboBox using MVVM?
Haskell and Ord
Self-destructing application
has JSR-335 special support in JVM? Boost for functional JVM-based languages?
Check/uncheck element through link inside Google Earth
How to turn a comma-delimited list of date attributes into a MySQL date value?
How to manipulate pom.xml while creating project via archetype
Creating ViewController in landscape orientation on iPhone
Using struct timeval in Python
SQLCIPHER sqlite encrypted iphone ios converting un-encrypted database to encrypted database
Scala - passing a function - a type mess
How do I create a global JSP variable that I can access across multiple pages or inside frames/iframes?
it is not displaying the messages correctly
My Database Design skills stink. Where to seek remedy?
ASP.NET ScriptManager History url hash lost after redirect
Calling a webservice (asmx) from different language
Echoing comments returns the desired comments from ALL registered users
CDA, CCD - HL7 version 3
What MUST go inside onDestroy()? (if anything at all)
Display name in Data Entity framework
My app only displays 鈥淭est Advertisement鈥�
Fixeddocument dynamic page insersion
how to work with Word Document in the C#
Toggle Different Text Based On Clicks
Is it possible to have a second screen device launch an application on Google TV?
Perl - De- Referencing a Hash
Symbols not found for architecture i386?
App has slugging behaviour
lua - late call of class destructor
Bundle is null after setting it in Intent
How to create a layout for use with pisa (xhtml2pdf)?
Get class from a div in Click Event in Internet Explorer
receive from unix local socket and buffer size
Access Violation in VS2008, but not in VS2002
MVC Devexpress Gridview disable specific column hiding
Why autowiring is required ? can anybody explain me the concept of autowiring?
Kill SQL Server transactions after some minutes
NodeJS - any e-commerce solutions?
python: how to fetch an url? (with improper response headers)
EWS Connections Issues - 401 Unauthorized
Convert row data into columns Access 07 without using PIVOT
Codeigniter escape - unescape data from database
Java Printing in Ubuntu
iPad Retina Display Splash Screen
Mousover parent DIV to change child DIV backgrounds
How to fix InnoDB dirty pages?
Is this normal behanviour of DHCP/BOOTP
Receive Matlab/simulink UDP blocks in other software
Adding newsletter checkbox to Magento ( one page checkout
Retrieve asp.net membership security answer
RewriteRule for robots.txt [closed]
Variable in my iOS app?
Is it possible to compile class files with the Java 7 SDK which can run on Java 6 JVMs?
JavaFX 2.0 + FXML. Updating scene values from a different Task
JDO in GWT, what is PMF?
Group by clause in FQL
What is the best way to speed-up File Upload process on server?
Starting activity in FrameLayout
mysqli constructor returns null
Windows Phone 7 - How to implement a DeepZoom like control
Application is not installed
Matlab: Tempo-Alignment according to Timestamps
Ruby - html tags are not converted to formatting tags
smallest 鈥渟crabble board鈥�containing every word of a list
Primeface Panel collapses on update
Compatibility problems in deploying c# win form application
Email: how to set a name of the embedded image in C# / System.Mail?
Add character(s) to value
extracting rows or columns from a 2D-array C++
Why can't Java parse this image?
Combobox failing to focus and therefore expand
JSONP Callbacks and Closures/Scope
HTTP vs Webservices to calculate logic for file transfer
Showing presence icon with sync adapter on contacts
How do i have a background image resize in a java gui?
Update table based on row number
Date part function in SQL server
Javascript, execute function only for a certain div ID
How to use else statement in this PHP script to echo HTML table
Is there a more elegant way to find out if a list has elements than to use count?
Fetch data from a database from two different tables
Does xpath query has Limit option like mysql
Accidentally changed Task state to 'Removed', want to undo
JQGrid: line breaks/newline in textarea in IE gets lost at postback
MVC3 Edit customer with username
RestKit - Cache saved to Core Data only on second call
Android - creating a 鈥渢o next page鈥�button
method to process linq group
Does a UIView retain its view controller
How to calculate Max value using Map-Reduce in CouchDB?
Is there a way to fix wrong encoded strings?
Getting rid of form and use just button to create new record
Append content via multiple CSS :after classes
Programming Android App using Ceylon
How do I iterate and index a List of Lists in OGNL/Struts2?
Issue with TFS populating properly in MS Project
Has_many :through in Rails 3 - with an extra ID to be set in the joining model
int array sent and receive in datagram socket programming in java
git svn clone fails with HTTP path not found on moved svn trunk
python RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration
XmlPullParserException:unterminated entity
Update table-data with data from another table
ffmpeg MAMP 鈥渄yld: Library not loaded鈥�error
JSF Exception : javax.faces.event.AbortProcessingException
Run a Local file system directory as input of a Mapper in cluster
ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)
ASP.NET MVC3 Area _ViewStart.cshtml not deployed
PhoneGap and ChildBrowser on Android, Twitter doesn't load .. only splash screen
Rails 3 Full Calendar- unable to update events
array_diff() leaving empty array keys
Why does jQuery.fn display [] in the console?
Unable to capture content of drawing using getRootView
Configure xforms:select element for 'view' mode
Android RSS Reader Description Problems
Gnuplot: point size units
Extracting digits from a string five at a time in C#
Lambda expression not working with MongoDb C# Driver 1.4
How to check if there is no reference to a package in a java source
How to check if there is no reference to a package in a java source
Creating multi-dimensional arrays in javascript, error in custom function
Insert Error:Directory lookup for the file
How does std::sort implement the swap operation using iterators only?
C# UpdateResource function fails
CheckJNI Option is not Working
For ESB4, how to access the in sequence message at out seqence
6 bytes timestamp to DateTime
Get a StackPane's width
Test Backwards Compatibility of Two Maven Artifacts
Performance testing tool for web-pages
Wordpress custom metabox with multiples checkoxes
DNS lookup is giving incorrect output
password issue in cloning git repository from bitbucket
Collection item values missing in XML returned from WCF service
Negative Presentation Time in DirectShow
Renaming Files That Exist With Python
Django 1.4: No wrapping of exceptions in TEMPLATE_DEBUG mode hides exceptions
Mysql gem fail when running bundle install
how to optimize UPDATE query for better MySQL performance
what is the name this java widget?
Why doesn't this greedy regex work as expected?
How to Add Double Quotes in Shell Script
How to return file in WCF service running on Windows Azure?
Getting an accurate Facebook like count
Weird css width issue?
Serializing JSON object effectively
HL7 version 3 parsing
ASP.Net MVC: Localized texts with new line?
Paperclip gem don't shows pictures
Was it pinged successfully?
Custom iOS push notification sound
how to obfuscate spring configuration using Proguard [closed]
AutoMapper - mapping a child collection with a constructor
taking care of DB concurrency
Accessing 鈥淲hat are you up to鈥�comments on foursquare
How to programatically unzip archives in their own directories on Windows with a DOS command?
Attach client certificate to web service call based on stubs created with wsdl2java
Only one radio button selected at a time
Move multiple backgrounds infinitely using CSS
Expression Engine - How do I upload an image using SafeCracker?
How to reduce time complexity for large data set inputs in this program?
iPhone Is quartz leaking memory?
C Programming - Initializing a struct 2D array
tab colors changing when loses focus is not currently working
Profiler lib for wcf + postsharp
How to use 鈥渓ike鈥�and 鈥渘ot like鈥�in SQL MSAccess for the same field?
Opa: how does it identify server-side or client side script
Uploading to pypi, and downloading with pip
Is possible parse the DOCTYPE with Jsoup to discover HTML version?
Making a div 100% of it's container, when the div sets the height of it's parent
Indexing of array in rpy2
My project runs and connect to database (access .mbd) in net beans but jar does not connect to database, keep saying invalid USER OR PASSWORD
Only one DockContent in DockPanel
Call .Net assembly from Biztalk Orchestration: Where to put config?
Replace a word with multiple lines using sed?
Is there a way to know if ExecutorService ended successfully?
Hibernate with legacy DB schema and composite FKs and PKs
Android - Change Directory Permissions
Clearing outputcache on client side
Access denied error comes in magento admin systm/configuration page
android : how put Parcelable object to intent and use getParcelable method of bundle?
Modeless JDialog needs to be visible on top of parent
Regex for: 6 digits or 0-6 signs (digits or stars) with at least one star
JSpinner in JOptionPane?
nodejs peepcode tutorial - can't get it to work
Build errors in JDK 1.5 but not in 1.6 for Connection interface
How to create a custom drop down box?
Gradient descend algorithm
How Can I Store User's Page History Using localStorage?
Why use long[] instead of Date[]?
mvc3 entity framework - convert comma separated list of strings into list<string> in viewmodel, allow users to remove items from list
jQuery DataTables Editable - read only if empty value
Liferay: How to fetch the first 3 items from an asset publisher?
iPhone POST request is always seen as GET by $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] in PHP
apply class active to anchor tag in Zend_Navigation
php mysql query works in phpmyadmin but not on webpage
Trouble animating a button created at runtime
abstracting over type constructors
XML parsing of data java
How to scan for differences between two queries?
Expected Type and Main
Kernel Module to Ethernet Packet Echo
iOS / Flickr - Upload photos on another user album with ObjectiveFlickr
How to handle the pylint message: ID:W0612 Unused Variable
what are xllcorner and yllcorner for South America?
Distribute work load with job queue
Javascript pub/sub implementation works for functions, but not objects' methods
Mysql: What is the expected write performance on a fresh innodb table durng free server condition
Button cannot be resolved to a type
Google Docs Thumbnails link missing on upload without conversion
get transformation matrix from three known points
INSERT or UPDATE using IF-ELSE php MYSQL [closed]
I retrieving the data from DB using JSP and I want to display that data list in using senchatouch2?
Nvidia Cuda Program - is my prob appropriate for the Cuda architecture?
Update PEAR on MAMP MacOsX
Automatically updating chatbox
Salesforce doc, meaning of '-'
PHP Image cropping to square
HttpWebRequest Error: 503 server unavailable
PHP Global Array not working
char * as a reference in C
Silverlight 5 DependencyProperty PropertyChangedCallback does not fire when value is changed back to original state
Strange behavior of Logback - empty files
SCons handle conflicting options in multiple SConstruct files (OptionConflictError)
Fields not getting updated when using 'sonata_type_model' ManyToMany mapping
iOS: how to adjust positions of UI elements one by one properly by IB when some of them may change size?
Spring security - why does RoleVoter supports all classes and WebExpressionVoter only supports subclasses of FilterInvocation?
MFMessageComposeViewController and UIAppearance, apple says don't customize
How do I speed up a page transition animation?
Value for return when not specifying what to return
How to get the Lat & Long value of nearest 100 meters location to the current location
Embedding Fonts Not Displaying in Chrome/Firefox
How i can Upload large size files
Is it possible to call a VB function without the parenthesis?
Digit Recogntion using OpenCV on android [closed]
How to emulate the inputView behavior with a subView?
java moving ball across
Getting started with Facebook application Development with PHP
Why is the Comments Composer collapsed?
Efficient way to detect window.load in this case
Single Sign-on between Zend and Yii Framework applications
android incorrect subtraction from user provided input
HTML5 Boilerplate with cache handling
JMenuBar items disappearing behind panel
Javascript 鈥淣ot a Constructor鈥�Exception while creating objects
How to create id in element in template when I have passed parameter?
JPanel does not paint when scaling with Affine Trasform
solr fieldType definition for processing multi-part word field value
Adding a new line to SerializeArray output
Tesseract OCR and gImageReader didn't work
Jquery Function only firing once (used with phonegap and jquery mobile)
Adding items dynamically to Windows Explorer's context menu
Add Database: Operating System Error, The process cannot access file b/c it is being used by another process)
test a facebook post with selenium and phpunit
BB code, Not working
Grails - how to remove log4j from WAR
Preventing a Button Click's Actions
What is the difference between ITrackingPoint, ITrackingSpan, SnapshotPoint, SnapshotSpan, ITextViewLine and when to use?
Rails - How do I update multiple records via a form from the list action?
How to rewrite this as a nested query?
Web service does not invoke
Difference between php echo and return in terms of a jQuery ajax call [closed]
Different results of two addTarget:action:forControlEvent: calls
Sync folder based on Amazon s3
Conditional display pattern in NSTextField's 鈥淰alue With Pattern鈥�binding
How to measure how long is a function running?
Google App Engine & Google Storage
Android Mail API
Android Mail API
bash -x command
hyperlink around flash banner
Treeview not working with sitemap
CCLabelTTF UILineBreakModeWordWrap doesn't work for custom font
Custom error message in message.properties
Datamapper 鈥淯pdate鈥�does not update record
XCode: The document: 鈥�lt;document name>鈥�could not be saved. The file has been changed by another application
How to add strings to array from user input - Java [closed]
doLayout() and ActionListener questions
jquery ui autocomplete and json call
Stop IntelliJ 11 adding 鈥渦se strict鈥�to every nested function definition when JSLint is enabled
How to use Perl's grep to find a particular file by matching a pattern in its name
SharePoint2010 Feature activation does not act the same if manually or powershell script
do spoofed packets get dropped?
Write into database before redirecting
String comparison; finding 'like' characters
Getting an error because the query couldn't find a single instance of a value I asked for, how do I get by this?
Oracle DB: Email Trigger
How to create .swf in java by using 'ant' file & .mxml?
Get twitter user username or id from twitter url
Best Practices to encrypt sensitive information [closed]
3-States on a Submit Button
Edit a confluence page title to add its ID?
delphi webcam capture : why does it not work on laptop?
jQuery UI dialog onClick event
Changes made to HTML output (ASP.Net) using JavaScript immediately undone
jqGrid dataUrl not loading when grid is loaded
Importing CSV file into phpmyadmin that contains html
New lines in server generated report text field but not in iReport
Symfony2 - Form classes: data_class doesn't seem to work
Spree Commerce: Location of GEM file
AD LDS ValidateCredentials gives false after enabling Password Policy
Is there a way to launch Google Map form Android app just like in Iphone?
Can I get the 'line breaks' in a contenteditable div-tag that's word-wrapping?
Get name of matlab file one step up in stack
How to properly remove rvm wrapper?
Read raw data from socket
Fetch image URL from RSS feed in android
smooth-div-scroll stops on mouseover
Is it possible to have access to the image specified in CFBundleURLIconFile via URL scheme from a different iOS app?
Listadapter and database
Trim Textbox value by considering NULL
Subversion dumping last `n` revisions
HTML 5 File Api doesn't work on ie
Microsoft Sync Framework - Performance and scalability
Sending email from servlet in google web application
How to get the Current Locale in GWT using LocaleInfo
How to Inflate a view / layout into another sub layout?
Get Thread ID from Window
How to link any library in ndk application
Word Mail-Merge not showing elapsed seconds correctly
Is it possible to recover a task in TFS that's had the status set to Removed?
jquery timeline
Cron Expression to execute cron triggers on every week at 3 pm and start date from 25th April 2012
How to Compare Method ReturnType to Predefined Types
deserializing xml doc to a list of key value pairs
CodeIgniter increments/counts page views twice, not once
Modifying UIButtons layer depending on state
Strange crash, analyzing in gdb
Yii client side validation doesn't work
EmailComposer Plugin is not working with Xcode 3.2.6 and Cordova 1.5.0
how to display a loading gif when using jquery ui dialog iframe
Restkit Object Mapping with same object referenced multiple times
Are atomic variables lock-free?
Different UI's sharing same BLL and DAL
Magento Varien_Form: addField() which fields are possible?
How to get the camera object which is already open in android?
Adding cells in GridView
opengl es 2 just clrears the screen to default color value when using multiple VAOs
Jquery plugin - Pick times during week
Problems with HTTPS and SharePoint7 although page is easily found with HTTP
NullPointerExeption when using ListView inside a ViewStub
How to put background on the top for internal pages of installer
Google maps issue using App Inventor
Alert jquery function
elegant find sub-list in list
HTML - To get the div width and height before populating it with content