Passing variables in PHP Zend Framework
Facebook Graph API - Retrieving friends belonging to specific list
php file upload unsuccessful
Basic models, understanding the fundamentals of classes (Ruby on Rails)
Why does everyauth crash with 'undefined is not a function'?
SD Card and Configuration Settings
WPF Sliding Window
Security SessionFixationProtectionStrategy interfering with session scoped beans
about the Linux Shell 'While' command
How to compile all open files (or selected files from Notepad++ Explorer) in Notepad++
Let each run of a sproc process its share of rows
Sencha Touch 2 Standard Themes?
WPF style triggers on a TreeView?
Cropping two transparent png images using Imagick gives different results
android: How to implement hardware accelerated image eraser?
remove and rebinding li tags to ul is not working
Trouble with map()
Twitter Bootstrap btn-primary Size IE8
Deploying Javadocs via the Maven Wagon WebDAV provider to an NTLM-authenticated server
Use system PIN dialog in Android application
Cocoa app with only NSSavePanel
How call the user define mysql function in Hibernate
Java date calucation truncates decimal place at result
Delphi text parsing to a Crystal XI R2 report
Nested While Loops php
how to contruct HttpSendRequest method of WININET
How to use wsclient++ in Android
Confusion about references and pointers [duplicate]
How to choose SQL DDL type parameters?
how is hashCode() implemented in Java
Getting all combinations of values from many lists
Loading a CSV file and creating new class Instances from the values
Emacs: why does keybinding with M-S-[letter] set mark?
Resize image by pixel amount
Printing EMF from a Windows service
window.location is not woking
How to replace href url with other url in html document using erlang?
Magento Backendgrid: Click on a data entry and display its data
VS 11 Beta - possible Razor bug
JPA 2.0 unique constraint as XML
Datagridview cellcontentclick event not getting time to complete
python plot doesn't display a window
Plotting a 3d sphere in Python and using a jpg 鈥渂umpmap鈥�
Encrypt a string using openssl command line
Pagination of text in GUI
NHibernate merge associations
An Error Was Encountered
Is my bad code causing Paypal to show misleading generic 鈥淢essage 3005鈥�
VAADIN client component logic
How I can find MouseClick or GotFocus event in PivotItem.?
Possible shortcomings for using JIT with R?
javac -cp : cannot find symbol
Passing a string argument to a function - why isn't it working?
Operand Error creating a Graph using reportlab
Radiobutton with text on top
Send keys without SendMessage and PostMessage
Transforming from a XML Schema type to an other with XQuery
LINQ to JSon response
Drag and Drop Elements in a List in blackberry
Javascript - Line total
How to replace one field of table with another?
Getting notified when a list box has an item removed?
Doctrine2 Paginator
Stored procedure mapped to Entity ok, but getting additional columns?
mysql_connect() always denies access
C#, Entity framework, TPH
Determined dynamically column to update in stored procedure
Mongoose asynchronous defaults
put c# datatable to extjs grid
Is there an equivalent statement to 'continue' when using node.js async forEachSeries?
C#, User Control, Events - User Control's Control Event Overriding?
Desktop notifications about shell command completed
Convert long to int, keep positive/negative/0
Need Magento Help - Title tags not working
Custom Django RSS not working
Processing events from Event Log and react on a certain pattern (Rx?)
javascript using variables for object keys and values
CSS Background not displaying
Javascript function to remove leading dot
windows 8 - where is the session?
Need help understanding Twitter's open sourced Mysql changes/updates [closed]
Get click position on a canvas in a handler of a context-menu
escape HTML string in Redmine
Validations for Importing CSV data into MySql database in Rails 3.1?
.htaccess directory redirect
Datatable - totals at change of a property/column value
why does OpenOffice Calc interpret 鈥�411 08:55鈥�as 鈥�11:08:55鈥�in CSV file and what to do about it?
Fill preformatted text file to send email - MessageFormat alternative
jQuery isotope not working with my layout
T-SQL to LINQ conversion
Checking for NSRunLoop and using appropriate NSURLConnection method
SQLite + SQLCipher + FMDatabase on iOS
Visual Web Developer 2010 localhost formatting
htaccess rewrite rule for a part of URL [SOLVED]
User Interface Language for Browsers/Desktops/Android [closed]
Updating an ActionLink on my page
Creating an interactive Google Earth Tour (multiple tours)
Retrieve all Columns of a row in Cassandra using Hector Client
Is it necessary to close StringIO in ruby?
how to retrieve COD file from ALX file?
How to calculate a total of values from other tables in a column of the select statement
How to use GraphicsEnvironment to detect display mirroring?
Ideal example of a Use Case diagram [closed]
File Reader doesn't read all the data until the end
Draw objects at a minimum of one pixel wide
Seperating Common Code In Symfony2 Within my Bundles?
Separator control in .net Compact Framework
Server-Client Model Issue
How to dynamically add a property to an instance in groovy
C# - CsGL invalid enumerant
What is the purpose of an ODBC driver when connecting to a MySQL server?
Really simple Nginx rewrite to index.php needed, unable to find the solution [closed]
How to get the order of dynamically created DropDownLists
facebook graph api upload photo to user's profile
What error message to return in a REST API with HTTP status code 405?
Linux/CentOS: How to force FTP/SSH to use a particular ethernet adapter
Why can't I delete the file from a php script?
How can i extend data type in java
Generate custom steps with behat
How to get response using return in PHP and use it in jquery
How to change date format?
How to change date format?
Android, updating view in realtime overlapping old view
Can i close an alert dialog on list click?
lvalue required as left operand of assignment in ios
Select highest Age where Age is closest to a number
how to find a dangling namespace or preprocessor directive in an enormous codebase
clBuild Options, passing OpenCL extensions
Can you create several projective textures in OpenGL?
Convert MySQL timestamp field to SQL Server 2005 Date field
How to set up Selenium WebDriver without using Maven?
Excel column number from column name
Display Features on OpenLayers Vector only with certain zoom level
'pageshow' is not received when pressing 鈥渂ack鈥�button on Safari on *IPad
Simulating CTRL+V
Using JAXB annotated class for a JAXWS service
Does appending arbitrary data to an ELF file violate the ELF spec?
ajax call to login.php , response failed
Integration test rails not working login
Inserting values into a grid - php, sql
member or class variables in python
WCF RESTful Service Cross Domain Access from Web Site Client Side Scripts
Write a limited number of characters then return to the line in Perl and do not cut the last word [closed]
How to post push notifications in APNS and how to show the notifications in iPhone?
beautifulSoup filter some data
ListView selected item drawable
How to print Linkedin client as human readable in rails?
Is there a way to separate the mercury code from all the bundled third party libraries?
How to echo a DOMNodeList Object and a DOMElement Object?
Should the if((int val = getvalue()) == x) form work
go through an array in C
sencha touch 2 stick device orientation to portrait except landscape for 1 view
High CPU usage with WPF
More efficient way of displaying querying a db, based on input from user
Cron not working
How to center text output by drawString in Java
How to dynamically edit VBO's on the fly
Calling Drillthrough report in rdlc
Meteor: Integration with Mongoose?
Qt Creator build error with under Windows
simplePie can't get specific RDF field from a RSS
Is IEnumerable a good return type for data that allows filtering?
Web service that calls SQL won't work outside of Visual Studio
NSURL with special characters (氓盲枚)
Python read UDP C# stream
CSS selector engine clarification?
How to check which week and month days given interval consist of?
Best way to remove duplicate value from an int array without using an extra array?
how to get the short codes?
m2e: convert project to maven project
quantifier elimination over bit vectors produces overly complicated results
How to use facebook php sdk in codeigniter?
Basic MVC3 UnitTest fails to UpdateModel()
Twitter Bootstrap vs 鈥淢obile First鈥�
Drawing a model from obj file
Uploadify open browse dialog when click on a custom picture
Javascript array doesn't notice new images in folder
How to tanslate a JSP InputStream into a ServletResponse?
Using Boost::Test for parallel code
How do I change the CollectionType on a service proxy generated with svcutil.exe?
Select query, need extra where clause?
checkbox gets auto selected from my previous page load
Is normalisation possible with the existing database?
Bash: how to use sed to replace only the last occurence in a file?
how to reset mongodb cache
PCL: Visualise a point cloud
how to send sms via a dual sim mobile using serial port
URL relativity and codeigniter
Pass argument without method PHP MVC
Display 庐 registered trademark symbol in Android v4.0 WebView?
Is it possible to send windows logon credentials in XmlHttpRequest?
Get IDs based corresponding value pairs uniquely
calling event that implements at other thread in C#
WebRequest SecurityException
Find C++ small netcat
Open source projects in groovy?
Deserialization soap response C#
Passing parameters to a VB.NET WS hosted on Windows Azure from an Android client
How to upload image on web server?
Call an IBAction existing from a remote server
JSF: using onclick + actionListener together
Is there a way to get code-hints for gtk3 and python working on aptana?
Bundle in Symfony2 to import contact from Yahoo and Gmail
How would I return an object or multiple values from PowerShell to executing C# code
SQL add new columns ignoring duplicates
SQL query issue in Inner join
About wcf rest return list
Javascript - Repeated Characters
Is using S3 Metadata Request to get ETag possible?
How to cleanup CommitLog files using Cassandra in Unit Tests
stack generic class not working [duplicate]
Symfony 2: Dependency injection (DI) of Controllers
Sum-of-Product of subsets
OpenJDK's LinkedBlockingQueue implementation: Node class and GC
framework best for migrating an existing donation website to a php framework?
Is there support for XML code hinting/completion in Sublime Text 2?
Can I generate all substrings in complexity < O(n^2)
Find equal columns in data.frames
how to send variable length pdfs through connect direct with fixed LRECL
Encoding of file names in Java
Scalable URL Rewrite Rule
How to create a jquery slider with next and previous button
jQuery create new div
Android SQL Database - rawQuery() Source not Found
regular expression search in VS not working
Work-around for a Joda Time bug in PeriodFormat?
Outputting PHP into an HTML table
Error On Postback While Uploading a File
How to load the data from a .sqlite3 file to a Ruby on Rails Application
How to display product options on category view?
AutoCompleteTextView doesn't suggest for just FIRST SEARCH
NHibernate, get rowcount when criteria have a group by
Include in an xsd schema complex type defined in a different assembly
Nhibernate session per conversation example
Implementing A Debug Flag
summation of collumn value till the current record
How can I change a TextView from a custom view
rails 3.1 Assets:precompile rake aborted! Permission denied?
Installed rails with RubyGems but ran my first rails new blog command with errors
NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=256
Creating a triangle of numbers from user-input
JS: What's wrong with this? Trying to click a link to bring up a window.prompt
Combobox show text properly
Mimic video chapter menu from Videos app using MPMoviePlayerController
How to save an object inside mongodb
Disassmbly in emacs [closed]
UML, Java and ArrayList
Creating a for each loop on multitple letters using jquery
replace multiple placeholders with php?
Verbose exception with service operation
Working with windows applications remotely
Add php nature to project
Add onclick event to specific button with page-mod (Firefox Addon)
Read shared preference when context is changed
Sort multidimentional array in PHP [duplicate]
how to prevent an Gated Check-In to put the Keyword ***NO_CI*** in the Comment
Map color to co-ordinates in html5 canvas dynamically
issues to change the height and width of swf in as3?
iphone+hide tabbar when any view is pushed
gwt beginner- how to open url in another window, and control flow in this window
Failed to establish a backside connection
Creating multiple git branches using a bashrc sh alias
MVC3 and Ajax error 鈥淭he parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter 鈥︹�
Code being reused over and over again, a more manageable way?
How to retrieve DataTable value to <div> in ASP.NET
How to expand Jquery Slider Panel programatically?
Update binary datatype based on presence of a string in another table
Arrayadapter is not getting modified upon calling notifydatasetchanged()
zipping/merging two sorted lists
zipping/merging two sorted lists
tomcat startup script error
How to populate dropdownlist with hours in c#
Extracting values of elements in a list of dictionaries with unicode strings [duplicate]
Difference between Of android
Android: Timer in BackgroundService for Location
JTable and JButton
Retrieving Reviews from Amazon using JSoup
How to display form labels with more than one element per line? jsfiddle
How to persistant store twitter iOS5 ACAccount for use in mutiple view controllers
Android exclude file from build in eclipse
How to get value of editable field in Gridview
Drawing a line as a graph c# windowsphone
How to easily generate unique strings in XSLT?
link to custom taxonomy by id
Android Game Java removing a Bitmap from a linked list
MGTwitterEngine error adding code to the project
Sorting a CSV file from greatest to least based a number appearing in a column
How to convert a int value to string in go?
save a variable to file which name defined by user - matlab
Programmatically select a specific TreeViewItem into an unbound TreeView
HTML editor for iOS [closed]
Routing a url to fetch content from another site
Call to a member function userdata() on a non-object
Extjs calling function from object declaration
Android EditText & Dialogbox
using awk to assign a value to a variable doesn't work with cron
Trying to access the correct directory
Display Status Only to group members in P2 theme in wordpress
EmguCV FindFundamentalMat - input params
CDC::DrawText doesn't work?
Cross Domain IFRAME resize
Populate widgets from a cursor in onLoadFinished()
Add UIBarButtonItem to UINavigationController on iphone sdk
XMLStreamReader parser affects MuleEventContext
saving some selected flows in a separate pcap file using wireshark
Ringtone set as silent on android 2.3, but works on 4.0.3
Perl print shows leading spaces for every element
Write image data in dispatch_async
Why cant i sys_write from a register?
SSIS ScriptTask change Value property of Variable
crystal report in - missing parameter value
how to edit android build configuration files
Introduce Generics into legacy code and iteration over parameterized instances
Error linking armv7 not run IOS DEVICE
Array_unshift like function that returns the array
how to test project using Android Test Project
Multiple Asymetric key pairs for one user?
when do you use Object.defineProperty()
how to integrate wurfl in our jar file
Truncate a string inside an Excel cell if the char count is greater than than a value
Apache SSL Virtual Host 404
Apache 2 - LDAP/Active Directory - Automatic login/authentication process
Optimize MongoDB Query or Index
C++/Qt FFmpeg library error: program has unexpectedly finished
How I get the html all source?
configure-like for CMake
Bitwise Operations in a Steganography Program (C)
Utility method for wrapping an object in a collection
Jquery ui dialog input text as title not working
dictionary data extraction issue
Why tail recursive function fails for a input for which normal recursive function execute successfully?
Tombstoning working, but does my app need it?
is there anyway in azure to know instances for some other role have started or not?
Jquery form validation - pop up to specific checkbox
How to dedect android in asp .net mvc2 controller
Newbie to Javascript, jQuery and Ajax
Want to create c# .net installer
Date strptime returns invalid date
How to iterate List of List items of Mapped objects in JSP?
How to select a price range with jQuery (mobile)
Add Custom Header Parameters to Http Header
Visual basic radio buttons
How can I use a single variables to track all of my tests
Resize body according to screen resolution using HTML5 and CSS3
Android SDK r18 export release error
Rename the table header
Issue while deploying app on tomcat 6.0.28
Can not create java virtual machine popup message in eclipse
Drupal 7 Views: Which type of output to use for re-render of link
How to remove element from web.config file?
can't access C# method using jquery
DLL in platform builder
Converting SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure
Which InitialContextFactory should I use?
error message in simple .vimrc file
Tab on focus or Tab on click Image size to be increased
PHP script to get cell based on first column cell of mysql table [closed]
Could not find RubyGem bundler only by cap
Django Haystack order by distance by Elasticsearch backend, not a geo_point field error
Blackberry batch import for zip file for submission with app world gives invalid binary error
To build a shared assembly, does it require overhead of signing? [duplicate]
DragDrop a UserControl to a different form
Login Control with reCAPTCHA
Using category feeds for Yahoo Pipes
DisplayTag in Struts2 for pagination
Clearing the terminal screen?
I keep getting an undefined index notice [duplicate]
compile error: expected expression before 鈥榹鈥�token [closed]
WP 7 - HttpWebRequest Encoding ISO-8859-2
WP 7 - HttpWebRequest Encoding ISO-8859-2
PHP Code Editor for Windows [closed]
combine vector to data frame by rownames filling gaps with zeros
What am I missing on this javascript loan calculator?
trying to position a caption
links not woking in horizontal menus
Parameter to system() func?
JSF 2.0; 鈥渁rgument type mismatch鈥�from custom data type class?
How can query ALL iTunes store fronts of all countries?
How to pass GridView as a ConverterParameter
Custom designing of inbuilt Scroll bar or Scroll Viewer of Datagrid in Silverlight
How do I navigatin nested json data
Basic Query about Spinner INVALID_POSITION
What is this regular expression's name?
how to disable uikeyboard of textview ,if the editing mode enabled
Apply decorator to context processor
The driver NHibernate.Driver.OracleDataClientDriver does not support multiple queries
how to use Selenium to create an automatic tool to check mail status?
Creating SSRS style expressions (functions) in a .Net server application
Why does Chrome audit recommend me to minimize cookie size?
Mobile network generations and bandwidth
Using Controller to Attach Events (sencha touch / extjs)
How to write a controller for validation of multipaged form?
Manually delete facebook cookie in FOSFacebookBundle
Extracting values of elements in a list of dictionaries
How to delete the border in android when an input text field is selected?
Is it possible to use an std::string for read()?
How to add hyperlinkbuttons dynamically from c# codebehind to a stackpanel present in the listbox?
RegEx in javascript. Allow only letters, comma and punctuation
Pros and Cons of Rich Text Editing using Iframe and TextArea
Autofac is not filling action filter property
How to search text in UIWebView Consists of number of pages and the text should be highlighted in iPhone?
Current Directory Window Title
I can't get all the data from an xml file with php
Perl Script removing words from one file to an output file
How to turn date into timestamp
UIButton being affected by gestures
The http connection freeze when using mobile netwotk
javascript setInterval json request
How to change calendar language in wordpress?
Crossdomain issue when loading video thumbnails (Flash)
Centering usercontrol in panel with anchor removes scrollbar?
Program Counter?
DataGridView cells type
Google Apps Script Find function caller id
How can I show unique date and count() records MySQL?
MSVC 2010 templated map in class crashing compiler
How to change the contrast and brightness of an image stored as pixel values
Calling SHGetFileInfo in thread to avoid UI freeze
How to create a propper working project with Zend Framework and Wamp 2.2
Including a JPA-Project in a JAX-RS REST-Service Application
RSS on the Windows Phone 7
How to open iba (iBooks Author) books in a iOS app?
Apache Commons Math SpearmansCorrelation - How to use
How to Find fine differences between two Objects in Objective C
how to position two elements next to each other regardless of page size
Server does not respond directly to my commands
Renaming a folder and not losing the link between the branch and the trunk
How to clone a test database from a production one in one single action?
Export Functions of DLL's as seen by depends
RubyMine error: Unable to run gem 'rails'. Cannot find 'rails'
How to close the socket from client side?
Show JSF error page for exceptions when user tampers with form submits
COPY command in Postgresql Inquiry
Unable to serialize the session state. In 'StateServer' and 'SQLServer' mode
Determine if action bar is split
Delay in getting response from web service while calling from ajax using jQuery
Embed JFreeChart into Java Servlet
c# get framework / runtime version from application with Assembly
dictionary values in python adding values
Duplicating Meta Description when using get_meta_tags function, only want the description
Tomcat Freezes just one application
iPad 2 Image appear to be rotated 90 degree
Using IPNAT API under winCE 6
GestureOverlayView not working
鈥渁utoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking鈥�only on iOS 4.3
Callback function for dictionary search results in python
it can not access popup.js file after creating a chrome extension
how to capture events from dynamically added layouts in Android
track Facebook Share traffic
How to create tabs - Jquery or JSF
bubble apear when tap and hold tableview cell like taping song in ipod in iphone
How to limit maximum items on a multiple input (<input type=鈥渇ile鈥�multiple />)
What is good to do with exception when logging?
How can I Give css style to the current menu?
Remove the content in a UIScrollView Programmatically?
multilanguage script adapting to database connection
Hibernate error when creating session
Given an Automation Element how do i simulate a single left click on it
Attachment order sent by SmtpClient is incorrect when using 'Name' property
Mouse events disappearing / being ignored for non-Qt window on windows
How to escape hash symbol in a string in php
How to improve the query with huge volume of data
xpath - select a node value if another node value exists
Custom Action with VBScript
Manually Dispatching Google Analytics for Android
Embedding Affero GPL v3 applet in my web app, do I need to release the full web app source?
Adobe Acrobat Active x pro Javascript from external application
Declaring subclasses variable in superclass
what does reserved unresolvable URI mean?
Can I make a valid entity that consists *only* of relationships? (No attributes)
Enable/Disable control accordingly to Command.CanExecute
close titanium application
Are there any Java client libraries for OpenSocial?
VLSM assistance
regex groups to find a range
TypeMock 7 and Build Server Configuration
Defining custom tags in XSLT transformation
Choosing whether or not to display a module in sublinks of a Joomla component
Which regexp is faster
How to release a variable using automatic reference counting? I do not want to set something to nil since it will create dangling pointers?
Sqlite data saving error
Tapestry 5: how to get the referring page class?
Java JITC native code generation/execution example?
iOS5 Pages like view
Use jQuery to count the number of div's inside a div
Application runs slow when DB logging info is applied to each Crystal Reports Sections
Insert/update multiple objects
Android create fragment more than one time
Enabling SSL on specific pages. IIS Express and VS 2010
how to update existing date and insert new date in php MYSQL
NSIS WriteIniStr
iPhone: fb://鈥�URL opening the Premier Inn app, not Facebook
Swarming in AS2
Is Cloneable needed here?
NSDate Units and Calculations
Creating Navigation Property for Nullable Foreign Key
Boost libraries in netbeans 7.1.1
Windows - what happens to file, locked over the network, when locker process crash
yield return when appending values on to the end of an existing IEnumerable
How to define a reachability timeout on ios
Spring Bootstrap Context for dropping Tables should they exist
About send a picture on posting an event
Get instance name in ColdFusion 10
How to find out oldest file from a directory??? (PHP)
How to use PHP's DOMDocument to alter only certain parts of a HTML Document?
WF4 entity status handling, entities batch processing
how to sort a dictionary in a dictionary in python
Dojo: dojox.grid.LazyTreeGrid + QueryReadStore - errors when paginating children
NoClassDefFoundError when accessing libraray project's classes
Why does MiniProfiler load jquery-1.7.1 even though I've already loaded that on the page?
C/C++ Puzzle: To print values from 1..15 15..1 with a single for loop [closed]
Actionscript 3 simple image slider
ORACLE SQL Returning most recently added record detail
Using PreferenceActivity and PreferenceFragment without creating a hierarchy
Why isn't my XML file being saved, even though the program sees the updated values next time I start it?
Get the List of all Flikr PhotoSets using API
DDD model to EF
Merging of columns in text file
Best way to store a small key-value list in Redis
Best way to store a small key-value list in Redis
Retrieve the contents of DataSource from the ComboBox
How can I limit the cache used by copying so there is still memory available for other cache?
Copy tooltip to clipboard
Dialogs must be user-initiated. Silverlight
Creating/updating an xml file from a mysql database table with php [duplicate]
Java: IndentingXMLStreamWriter alternative?
How to concatenate result strings in a MS Access Query obtained by GROUP BY
Creating different logs based on logging level in log4j
How to resolve dyld and localtime leaks when profiling a project?
JQuery add class during resize event. Remove class after resize event
view data and manipulate date from json using jquery or ajax
What's the proper way to access fields from methods
Can I override Magento Varien classes?
xe:objectData - Object has been removed or recycled
Facebook iFrame canvas app PHP sessions issue
uibarbuttonitem not working
How to remove return url in membership
create a scroll bar in a sidebar
JBoss 5.1: Spring @Resource annotation not working
How to use predicate search with Linq-to-SQL
Unhandled win32 Exception in a C application
How do I avoid the OnDocumentComplete event for embedded iframe elements?
Copy Column over, delete original column using Excel VBA
What is the replacement for SslSocketConnector setPort() in jetty http client?
LDAP cache without network connection
Generating random sublist from ordered list that maintains ordering
.load a <div id='slider'> into empty div works fine, but creates a <div id='slider'> at bottom of the page, not sure why
Identifying the current HEC for a function in Haskell
objectiveC autorelease issue, what is wrong with code?
eval-when-compile not being honored?
DateTime Parse from String with specified format
How to send parameter on function calling in 鈥渏Query Ui Draggable Helper鈥�
split string using java
PyQt4 - setWindowIcon from external website
How to map dynamic dynamoDB columns in EMR Hive
debugging multi-source (asm and c) program with gdb (target arm) via openocd
In XCode 4 change output path and run mutiple targets
FB Wall post without showing Feed Dialog
ZXing still has a memory leak. Even after releasing the Global Alloc
Videos for web page
Service Oriented Architecture suggestions
Video element in HTML5
i want to include jquery file into cakephp ctp file
Logging GC information in the application
Android: Scoreloop vs OpenFeint
Joomla! Populate List Box on Registration Form by calling DB
How do I remove the time from this code?
merge changes to git repo as if they had happened in the past
Which code is better programming style
JQuery: Fade in after fading out multiple objects results in flicker
After setting the region in MKMap,the span in region changed to twice automatically
SVN Export Command not Working
How to play a notification sound on websites?
Microsoft Sync framework, filtering based on many tables (joins ..)
PHP: htmlspecialchars
Add additional x axes in core-plot
Managed dll file loading issue
How to concatenate string from list in one string and show in textarea in template
Getting data from IMDB with json
Silverlight application does not shows Message Box
Possible disadvantages of using cookieless forms authentication ticket in Asp.Net
Randomize table rows with JS while displaying one table row at a time
Dynamic templates in Play Framework 2.0
Jquery ajax loading status message
XForms relation of 'constraint' and 'required' properties
Saving data iphone
How to Create 'how to use' screen (like Go launcher) for the first launch of app (android)
User registration in a web application using Xpages
how to solve Failed to transmit class in 8520 simulator
Why doesn't Factory Girl let me create a sequence with a block in braces?
iphone app is existed in our device or not? is not working on iPod / iPhone devies, works only on simulator.
IndexError: narray: index out of range (While working with Ocropus)
Can't access php file from other domain
Generate json array of directory in Ruby?
Simple search engine issues
javascript onmouseover hide a div block
Need help in retrieving date format with am/pm in codeignitor
Connect to MySQL via PHP script tunnel
Intercommunication between TCPServers in Java
Strange issues with view switcher after object animator animations
how to hide keyboard of textview even though if the editing mode enabled [duplicate]
Android listview array adapter selected
HTML Tag for the full current URL - IonCube
Ruby on Rails Decryption
Expression Blend 4 (Beta for Studio 11) + .net 4.5 - No design editor
Typecasting or accessing char array to integer array in Python
Setting tab order for NSTextFields of an NSView
timeout parameter does not make any effect on Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient
Update page view
Return an Object in Java
Nhibernate generating OUTER JOIN for a fetch
Get recent tags in wordpress
Mapping Queue collections in JPA Hibernate
What is the best way to charge for software and infrastructure support? [closed]
How to access the text field that do not have id property in selenium
More interactive Grails app (like Sproutcore)
accessing the scriptlet variable in the struts2 <s:if> tag
jqm change select menu to basic list?
I am trying to align three elements, on the left, the right, and the center. Center element = dynamic width, containing element = width of browser
I am trying to align three elements, on the left, the right, and the center. Center element = dynamic width, containing element = width of browser
How do I change active build configuration in Delphi?
Share Cache Timeout
CComPtr pass by reference
HTTPClient::ConnectTimeoutError while using 'fb_graph' gem
Why doesn't my DOM get updated when I change the HTML with jQuery?
IIS7 Rewrite Map Regex?
Format date in websql
Jade templating in Meteor
Call Java code from C#
Error in update array list query in php
Test complete. Run test from a specific point
xslt to Replace an xml attribute with another and a value with some other
How to set a fixed width for CheckboxModel column in GridPanel?
opencv mouse handling on windows form application vc++
Ghost requests in Tomcat
Record Name field in DNS responce
Java class to downlaod file
Best practices for debugging the Rails asset pipeline
Entity Framework - passing different object sets as a parameter in a function
Regular Expressions in Using Pattern java
The 鈥淪ystem Roots鈥�keychain cannot be modified
use Ajax for page linking in Express js and JQuery mobile
HttpClient How to set Connection Timeout in individual GetMethod
Can application generate radio signal
Compare two XML files with same structure and find differences
Border in autocomplete dropdown menu
character encoding issue in converting csv data using fileInputStream class in java
Implementing slideToggle in jQuery
Pure JavaScript workaround for localStorage issue after 5.1 IOS update?
ASP.NET (VB) - Close an opened SQL connection inside Function
Zend search lucene DOCX date range query causes error 鈥淩ange query boundary terms must be non-multiple word terms鈥�
Is it possible to have Castle Windsor resolve property dependancies when you dont have a reference to the container?
VBA ADO Screen Scrape Web Page
MSAccess: select N records from each category
How to use UINavigationController outside the AppDelegate?
Python 2to3 windows CMD
Problems when setting a integer-value by PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer in my hazelcastconfig
HTML iframe , Page is not loaded in iframe , but replaces whole webpage .
Equivalent of pthread_mutex_lock and pthread_cond_wait in the linux kernel
LiveCycle: How to get absolute position of table row on page
making scrolling text
How to specify maximum download size?
Replace a part of string using jQuery/JavaScript
Android : onRetainNonConfigurationInstance is not called on Screen orientation change
Date Time Format Change in flex custom component
how i can Convert $_POST in a array?
Twitter Acess Token error - Authorize 鈥溾� to use your account?
Reading .mat file in android
How to pass 2 bytes string without being garbled in Groovy Script Engine?
get_bookmarks() object doesn't return link_category
set column width in word automation throws an exception
string validation in Jquery
Java Applet or Unity3D for Cross-Platform 3D Surveying App on Android
Setup Connection pooling in jsp/servlets application based on MVC?
How to change Java Compilance Level to Java 1.7 from Java 1.6 for all plugins created in Java 1.6
display data saved in array on clicking a 鈥渧iew more鈥�button
Populating associated models with nested JSON
GWT app deployed in App engine does not render properly with Chome and IE but in Firefox its ok.
jQuery UI: Droppable ('drop' event, tolerance: touch )bug in safari (mac)
Converting linq result set to data table
Dump MySQL database into a new database on another server
Adding Gridview new row on client side
Writing String to a file is generating unexpected content
Converting C# event implementation to VB.NET
How to export WPF MS Chart to PNG
present modal form sheet over modal page sheet
ie7 standards mode and JSON
java swing : Notifying clients on server restart or shutdown
Generating a random turtle function in python [closed]
Xcode setup recursive path issue
Nhibernate: invoke stored procedure with CreateSqlQuery using already defined mapping
How to set NetworkX edge labels offset? (to avoid label overlap)
Xcode 4.3.1 organizer error
javaee, Weblogic, LDAP authenticator
Advance Python Scheduler and SQLAlchemyJobStore
how to apply sql query with a range of dates on crystal report
How do I do a pristine checkout with mercurial?
Hide or Mask query parameters of a URL in javascript
extend and figure special treated formula
Hiding scanner progress bar window
Is there UID datatype in SQLITE if Yes then how to generate value for that
insert into mysql db with php while loop
UnitOfWork doesn't update all items based on a condition
Simple java class to download the file
MusicPlayer Pause and Start from it the start
Rail 3: instance variable not available after redirection
Guiding to a different UI through Hyperlink
UITextView with corner radius: White background of the input itself overlaps the round corners
Search and replace a multiline pattern inside Vim
Creating / generating a '.eml' file from SQL Server dbmail
Grant access to action to role
How to convert 00B0 (degree sign) unicode character?
Adding a .xib file to a UIViewController subclass?
VS2010 failing build with unexpected exit code
how to display data from a sql table into a JComboBox?
Comparing The android action bar compat, pager and tabs sample to ActionBarSherlock
Posting to a third party from code behind
Using Same Controller for Multiple View in MVC 3
Replaced HTML doesn't get executed after replace with JS
What does struts 1 do when passed null values?
GWT client - server SimpleDateFormat changes timezone to default
Switching between viewControllers in Xcode
Android: Can I take a photo out of a web site and the automatically upload it?
How to create back button in my android application
Loading data at the end of my table with ajax
Access violation when using Qt with Visual C++ 2008
jQuery cookie read/write for forms
Java - Running 7zip
Is it possible to make C++ autohinting in emacs cc-mode?
Android listview with navigate button鈥�help needed
OSMDroid PathOverlay
Android : How to share photo with CAPTION via Android share intent on Facebook?
Java calendar date logical error
Swapping list items between two lists in python?
Sencha touch 2.0 : Custom model validation with stores
Django: Adding values globally to admin context
How to pass a url as string parameter to a form post action
Idiomatic way to filter None in Scala
StringBuffer does not read completely
how to show dynamic chart based on user selection
How to iterate through list of hashmap data
Java - Socket.writeObject() is really slow
.load script is not working on IE
how to use akka's scheduler in play 2.0 application?
Lambda Expression for Latest Date
Java Foreach with a condition
iOS - FMDB database insert
Disadvantages and limitations of ETags
How to convert string to uppercase in windows textbox?
How should I design my desktop app so I can remotly follow if they are 'alive'
Jenkins install on Mac OS X
class cocos2d::CCTouch has no member named 'view' [closed]
What are some options for generating chart and table based report documents?
How to access Android Service Mode from your application source code
Why isn't the LayoutUpdated event fired when the layout is updated? WP7
Why does my Server ignore Umlauts from Http Post?
Response.Write Base64 string
how to catch a streaming video from url?
Get listed files with .PDF of raw folder in resuorce
What's different between using WebView and Browser for YouTube Video api?
$(document).ready and running javascript after submitting form with invalid entries [closed]
Code coverage files not being generated on OSX Lion
Capturing text between square brackets in PHP
one menu for all tabs in tablayout?
Selecting programmatically a cell on a tableview doesn't perform associated segue
Checkbox for column header in jsp
browser does not cache resources after restart
How to inject method into java tested class?
Importing pre-ADT17 Android project to Eclipse with ADT17
How to put a image in div that image is larger than div?
encapsulation of a sub-namespace in c#
sonar findbugs heap size
How to remove jQuery dialog title on a Dynamic Dialog
how to capture screenshot on Motorola Xoom (android)? [closed]
Pausing a HTML5 Audio element causes the entire file to be downloaded
Is it possible to pass a condition to an Oracle user-defined function?
how to update arraylist in mysql database in android
RPC 1.0 vs deRPC GWT-RPC
Context menu on wxTreeCtrl
assignment operator within function parameter C++
How to pass data from one page to another in jquery mobile without using query string?
PHP : instantiate a Class and using methods of another Class
send JSON request c# mvc3
Insert a Google Map inside a Jquery Tab
Extract a row from a table object
The Drawable doesn't change its position on touch in mapView in Android. How to do that?
Limit size of the jSonArray in JS/jQuery
Database query in Drupal
Correct way of attaching/removing of UIGestureRecognizers
How to Pass PDF as Input to Printer
Updating circle pack layout via keyboard
Testing with Spring and Maven: applicationContext
GORM, one-to-many saving whole object graph at once do not work, where is bug?
Create a UIbutton and UIImageview in UITextView
How to implement comment notification?
RDBMS web service
Javascript - wait images to be loaded
-[CALayer release]: message sent to deallocated instance 0xc60a690
How to access a value in a TextBlock?
scribe with gwt- trying to go to twitter for auth and then come back to my gwt app
Hiding the last item in case of overflow via CSS
Process terminated when signaling a pthread waiting on 鈥渏oin鈥�
Testing a lambda
visiops automatic diagram building from xml file
Ipad css strange div height issue
How to run my app when the user clicks on call log button of the phone?
Unicode character in database using hibernate
Cronjob script fails but manually runs fine
HLS streaming video URL Need for testing
How to grant rights properly to a folder on IIS 7.5 Express
please suggest the best way to do a large sortable grid with php/jQuery
iframe width to 100% in bootstrap for phones and tablets
How to set HTTP header img-type jpeg/png in AJAX when updating captcha?
Global objects or not?
BizTalk BAM Portal 鈥淩elated Documents鈥�Missing
Change the content of a div using Jquery (Jquery dialog with parameters)
passenger-install-nginx-module install error
passenger-install-nginx-module install error
fpdf : when using multicell for wrapping text, how to get proper align?
Microsoft .NET Framework logo image [closed]
access to ASP.NET session when using Activator.CreateInstance to execute a class method
Using Fluent NHibernate in MVC to map an object in a Create View
list of subclasses of one of my classes
android number format exception
Android WebView - Javascript doesn't fire the call back function
Framework for paint program
How to use autoincrement-IDs in Sqoop export
Prevent jqGrid from entering edit cell using beforeCellEdit event?
Code::Blocks cannot find function declarations or definitions
How to do partial carriage return
Combining an array using Python and NumPy
opening-local-html-file-with-android-browser in android 3.x
Tomcat created directory have different owner and group on server
Bluetooth hardware info
Eclipse: How can I execute a launch configuration programmatically?
link to nested ressource in each
Android Logcat files on Hudson/Jenkins
Global.cs Error Handling using System.Net.Mail
Not able to show the events against same time one after other in horizontal manager in Blackberry
Getting Exception 'NSRangeException'
Xcode settings: architecture vs valid architecture
Load object only when necessary
Unit testing for void methods and threads in jUnit
How to custom tabcontrol like preference of Dropbox in Windows Form?
iOS Distribution Certificate expiration - Ad Hoc apps
Using a DTD to Specify an xml file with an element with free form
3-Party api's or sources for Pollution related stats
C++ alignment of multidimensional array structure
Number of touchmove events severely reduced on Android 2.3.3
How to sort hash entries by keys when formatting Perl source code?
Access the base class method with derived class objects
How do I draw a line in a LinearLayout containing other views?
UrlRewrite using Tuckey
Genuine solution need in .net ..with math equations
Recursively Generate Combination Of Every Item in the list
Annotation title cannot be shown after change the pincolor
Set default subject when click on email address
Execute Python files in windows 7 CMD
Webview works for iphone but not for ipad
Compiler errors using boost::asio/windows7/visual studio 2010
Where do I find the ApplicationContext needed to initialize ORMLite?
how to get the 鈥渘ext row鈥�and 鈥減revious row鈥�in a resultset, without selecting the entire resultset?
C++/Win32 Tutorial Reccomendation? [closed]
Javascript: Count visible characters in div
Checking a RSS Feeds List Periodically Into the iOS Background
JQuery list / link manipulation error in IE7 only
how to rewrite linux command to CMD syntax
Cannot index minified ExtJS files in Eclipse or Aptana
How to Fix Multi-Character Constant Warning
implementation of LZ77 and Direct2 encoding algorithm
Finding SQLite version linked to a binary in Linux
Add button column to datatable
C# WPF: Fire SelectionChanged Event First Before others Events
Pending intent always make new activity
Sending HTTP POST in curl format with C#
Activate the Num Lock indicator in the Status Bar [closed]
jsTree not populated in Browser like IE, Google chrome
Hide and show divID with Javascript - Hide when new title is opened
How do you override .NET's Dictionary<K,V> Array lookup '[]'?
Simple process bar for copy file server to servera
How to use prepared statements in Zend Framework
MSBuild ExtensionPack Iis6VirtualDirectory create multiple ScriptMaps
WebKitErrorDomain while integrating facebook ios sdk in my ios application. Using Dialog Feed to post on wall
Get long number code for high code point characters in js?
uncaught handler: tread main exiting due to uncaught exception ( basically a NULL pointer exception)
Is Microsoft right to be performing multiple asserts per test in this example?
How to spawn a map task at a specific IP address in Hadoop?
Is it possible to create multi keys generator in Ehcache
Eclipse Java syntax coloring doesn't fully apply to SVN's checked-out code
PHP - Generating Titles and descriptions without parent part (technical SEO)
jQuery Autocomplete multiple field
Openerp delete records
php IF function based on a specific div id css property
DirectoryNotFoundException when accessing ProgramData on Vista - Could not find a part of the path - WinIOError
Does a 302 Redirect requires a GET request?
Android progressbar not spinning
Saving data, how to apply data to all records?
Export ExpressionEngine members to WordPress
Starting a thread in a Windows CE 6.0 service
Android: addHeader to ListView
Is this a correct child spec ?
Access .Net Webservice running with local Visual Studio in LAN
iOS - Sqlite read and write simultaneously
When the device language changes, backgrounded apps quit themselves
fancyBox autosize IFrame
Add navigation buttons to an AbstractCell
set compilation level for aspectj weaver in intellij idea
Only replicate DDL in MySQL
How to convert a big set of SQL queries into a single stored procedure that uses a variable?
Subclassing Q(Double)SpinBox: reimplement valueFormText() and validate()
Menu with Image in Joomla [closed]
My C# app always queried data from a SQL database, now suddenly it doesn't return data anymore [closed]
Strategies for dealing with Persistent Store load failure
XSLT (XML to XML) output contains non-matching data from source
Pagination in Marklogic while using Search API
Pagination in Marklogic while using Search API
manipulating MFCC file
Does accessing values in a foreach loop by reference work with custom Iterators, too?
UISplitViewController iOS 5.1 causes popover arrow direction error
How do I display Symfony 2 form errors using the Symfony 2 validation component within a silex app?
HTML5 Offline not working in Opera Mobile(with Turbo ON) & Web SQL not working with Turbo OFF
CSS Dropdown not working on hover
About tbb tasks
C: Pointer to a type of specified length
Prevent socket.getaddrinfo 'resolving' non-existent numeric hostnames?
FB Automatic Wall Post
.htaccess to redirect homepage to 鈥渁bout鈥�page for desktop users
How to change a background of a single tab item header in WPF?
How to find all Common substrings which is 3 chars or longer
Scrum - How should part time developer's progress be visualized in the burndown chart
Detect device visiting web-page,
How to secure a Java EE web application code when deployed at customer's servers?
How To detect Image Orientation & skew In ObjectiveC
jQuery pagination鈥�does this mean the entire page is not loaded at once?
.htaccess file rewrite
Gnome 3 always show ALT+x keyboard shortcuts
C++ Win32 window background not redrawing
Security component from Symfony 2.0 as standalone
Symfony2 & PdoSessionStorage : how to add fields in database session table?
BackboneJS test with jasmine if parameters are passed to fetch
Traverse through directory of html files using jQuery?
How to get round shape in Android
how to make correct histogram using existing pixel of image?
Using Silverlight controls from an WP7 XNA project
How to build RestKit and facebook-ios-sdk together?
Any way to show/compare object references in watch window?
Getting only the main name part of the log file
Extracting data from JsonArray using JS/jQuery
git log <since> <until> shows all log instead of specified
Execute Windows Run Command or Some Windows Batch Process from Android
Stop InfoWindow on Google Maps showing on load
Reference parameters (&$a) in functions, good ir bad?
Windows Phone 7 - I want to get daylight savings offset via programming
how to get running application path on linux?
How to tell what request a form submit will/has sent?
Adding files to ZIP file
why java.lang.IllegalStateException: no transaction pending and how to solve
connecting and putty
Merge the common rows in SQL
php pdo with native mysql driver ( mysqlnd ) - fetch data retaining native column type
Animation on button using images
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _Direct3DCreate9Ex@8 referenced in function 鈥減rotected: XYX()鈥�
Validating a POCO object in Entity Framework
Static Pages >> sh.exe ; subl: command not found
Merge Two fields in jqgrid
Java - merge sort using linked list pointers
Problems to run examples in Meteor
Cast with variable assigned of some type
Send email when user changes password
How to get the smallest Integers not yet in a database column
How to slide html pages automatically using Sencha Touch and javascript?
Powershell: Save file to standing directory
background not accessible with javascript
How can I drag an image from linearlayout to surfaceview in a single Frame Layout
How to fill a form after successful login
Maximum number of arguments that a stored procedure should receive
Ajax call works in chrome/safari but fails in ff and ie
No new request for a new Image with the same URL
Use Visual Studio exception in C
jquery autocomplete, multiple values, minLength ignored
How to select a cell in a tableview to open a new view controller?
Spring : order of <map> tag
How to refresh Google map.
Concurrency-Issue using ExecuteNonQuery
whats the pblm with the following c# code for storing date n time into sql server?
remove characters in string after specific occurrence
Ajax sucess function not called (returning data)
Zend_Db does not delete table row
Setting an alpha channel when constructing an ImagickPixel
Is it possible to use variables inside PostgreSQL stored procedures that are using SQL language?
Creating a custom form in active admin
Rails + tinymce-rails weird error
Falling back maven dependency to more general classifier
Change background image of a button (button is in super class) in Xcode