jpa 2.0 many to many cannot merge
Deploy ASP MVC website to sharepoint server
How can i remove the errors? This is a application in android I am making for generating random text [closed]
C++ Visual Studio 2010 C4717 compiler warning in one part of code but not in another
Core Data Unresolved error (null), (null)
@Entity with JSF, persist 鈥渉ello world鈥�with JPA
Design advice JMS or Webservices
Android SDK not installing on win 7 64-bit
How to point TCL procedure to a different directory
Is it possible to post data to ssl script from php?
Call and receive output from Python script in Java?
Can the keyboard be dismissed by touching outside of the cell in MonoTouch.Dialog? [duplicate]
Xcode linking failure message - what does it mean?
how to conditionally disable server side includes
Java - If you can extend any class then what is the point of some being abstract? [closed]
python JSON array newlines
make a specific song in the Notification
Where to put audio files when Exporting a Application for Mac OSX?
How to calculate point 'along' unit circle radian [closed]
Button doesn't work when invisible
Easiest way to add row border when there are rowspans present?
Splitter.js won't work with new versions of jQuery
drupal 7 triggers: email when a specific node type is viewed
BInary tree representation using array
Django 1.4: Get a field in a foreign key object (null=True), get None or field value
How can I use WIF to secure access to static files?
Designing web application: Session or Sessionless
How can I get the HTML output from pycurl when there's a 500 error?
Making a Hibernate @ManyToOne association a Scala Option type
How to set the SelectedNode and Set the Focus of the selected node in Telerik RadTreeView?
SQL Server 2008 R2 If/ else syntax
Website does not render properly in IE9 / Comino and iPad / iPhone browsers - sidebar drops to the bottom, below content
How do I create an Autoscrolling TextBox
ASP.NET Non-Static Class Within a Static Class Thread-Safety
Is it legal to obtain the global IP address and get the country within an iOS app?
How can I determine the extent (in bytes) of page 1 in a linearized PDF file?
Can i do this with Spock?
HashMap key hashcode may fail?
how do i set a mock db for testing in sinatra?
C++ ampersand receiving object from function
Does Pascal support passing parameters to functions?
Is it possible to CreateInstance of object with protected constructor?
MATLAB variable contour LevelStep
Sort objects with duplicate keys
Words before and after selected text using javascript and jquery [closed]
How to re-size inputs for a <%= form_for %> form in Ruby on Rails
Marshal parameter in JAXB
Qtip2 Modal, firing event when closing modal
How to pass something with apostrophe to json
Telnet. Android, hanging on send
Can I change the location of the deployment script for VS2010 database project from TFS CI Build
rails: using associated model's columns in :where
Creating forms for Multiple Nested Resources in Rails 3
Yii accessRules expression not working
td class, very confused, larger number makes width smaller?
java single writer and multiple reader
Web development for iPad: how to make safari view non-draggable
Why does Disqus not use global CDN for it's comment code?
Regex works in test file, not in program (HTTP raw response)
jQuery UI Slider Not Appearing
WPF Button Style Doesn't Show Text
jQuery cycle plugin how to add an active class
Why does sqrt(4) - 2 equal -8.1648465955514287168521180122928e-39 when using the windows calculator? [duplicate]
IE8 table row gradient filter doesn't show in table cell
Ukkonen suffix tree: procedure 'canonize' unclear
specify window layout in emacs on commandline
How to avoid initialization of a large array in Java
get list from based on another list
get list from based on another list
Windows 7. Git public key configuration
Problems with PRE tag Line Breaks in IE9
jQuery - Alert Box display only once?
error message when trying to install jquery with node.js
Splay tree rotation algorithm: Why use zig-zig and zig-zag instead of simpler rotations?
How many times is a local variable created when instantiating a function object? ( advanced )
MVC MS Chart Export to PNG C#
Cross-thread operation not valid: Control 'richtxtStatus' accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on [duplicate]
Give ul a class for image gallery, so that other uls on page aren't affected
Object with a +0 retain count returned to caller where a +1 (owning) retain count is expected
Android Notification using alarm manager not working
Actionmailer Emails seem to be sent in the console and logs but they never arrive
Finding the index when using a vector<>::iterator
heroku db:push Error: time zone displacement out of range
SimpleInjector does not inject property using Implicit Property Injection
MySQL tag search
QSslError: The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted
DB Structure - Storage of relationships
No data nodes are started
Bitbucket obtain information about all commits of a repository
How to sort results by column in associated table in Grails?
error parsing json to string
How to use LinQ to increase performance
Rails generic form for with Braintree form builder
Optimal WebView Settings for HTML5 Support?
Interactive Graph display using TA-Lib
multiple inheritance ambiguity errors
Fancybox v2: Facebook Login Not Showing Up inside Fancybox
Jquery HTML5 CSS3 Help Needed
Setting Boost regex locale?
C Wininet File Upload With Http Post
What is the best way to write a loop with no body
Python: formatting dictionary having tuple as keys
How do I run a Select Statement in C# from an Access database with a variable?
鈥淟ike鈥�button not working, (iframe) version
How to increase the speed of adjacency list allocation?
Javadoc @see or {@link}?
How to get the number of 鈥渓ikes鈥�by your friends for a given place
Error in make command makefile:18: *** missing separator. Stop
How to change entire copyright notice template for Xcode?
Scala - Iterator over all the lines in the files in a directory
Should I use a unique constraint in a table even though it isn't necessarily required?
How can I get the values I set for custom properties in AddressBook to persist?
Extra instance variable in controller is nil in view?
Makefiles in eclipse and their path
Maven assembly plugin not creating tar files with directory entries?
Send and Read from a socket simultaneously
WPF-application out of memory when deployed on Win7 x64
deadlock with socket
Send and Read from a socket simultaneously
WPF-application out of memory when deployed on Win7 x64
deadlock with socket
Issue with 鈥渘ew鈥�routing when upgrading from rails 3.2.0 to 3.2.2
What are top 3 providers of CDN and Cloud servers [closed]
Possible to stream live video without using RTSP?
Get rid of duplicate entries in autocomplete
Create Keyword Object Perl Microsoft::AdCenter
Select first record from duplicated values in SQL Server
PHP Memory Shortage? Or?
MFC: How does a FrameWnd know when a docked pane is resized?
What is the distinction in indent behavior after a function and after a condition
Multidimensional boolean array checking if all true in Javascript
junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: No tests found in register
R brew select statement
Grab image from database and then write file in url
django get list of distinct 'children' of ForeignKey related model (and do this in template?)
Facebook - Heroku - Tab Issues
Android - Show live video frames on ImageView object - Thread, AsyncTask?
Getting a video from S3 and Uploading to YouTube in PHP
Editing Time Field in a Spotify App Playlist
Adding records via check boxes in a nested form
Is it possible to thread a subclass within a class?
Rails development server, PDFKit and multithread
OSworkflow jar file not getting deploy on Jboss 5.1
List iteration issue in Python
Create check box form from rendered members to send email - Ruby on Rails
Difficulty loading MySQL data from select box using jQuery ajax.
DataContext being executed multiple times
jQuery close button effect/style
Yii Active Record adding multiple conditions in named scopes from different tables
Finding and consuming the user's timezone in JavaScript's Date constructor
NSTableView and hover over a column
Fatal error after GitHub automatic merge
xCode ios5: How to fade out a label text after an interval?
Generate Excel 2010 Pivot Table from Java
MVC3, turn off field validation for a field not in a ViewModel
What is the quickest way to hash a large arbitrary object?
Array element differerences using a for loop
Image Map with Icons Placed in Hotspots
boost python wrappers for nested classes - restoring global scope
Mouse Movement in Windows 7 - Left Click and Drag
How to search for documents where a number falls between 2 values?
Does PIPE_BUF apply to named pipes aka FIFOs?
skip over closing parentheses in vim
render form through jquery disables :remote => true
Scrollbar in easygui?
Arrange list of <span>s in rows and columns using CSS and/or JavaScript/jQuery
Line Detection on a Musical Sheet Image in Android
Substitute data in createReadStream in Node.js
getting a value from a callback function
How to utilize inheritance in a multi-module maven project so each sub-module can be deployed seperately?
Instantiate C++ function using wstring instead of wchar_t
Custom inputView for UITextField , how do I direct input back to the text field?
php - get most recently passed saturday (last saturday) [duplicate]
how to check if the file field is empty?
PHP: mysql query gives a boolean
How do I perform a simple string mapping as part of a t-sql select?
Function defined in the header and called from the cpp file error
Change the icon of an image list created with bbui.js (data-bb-img)
How can I port a custom OS to EC2?
Android read and write to gallery
How can I invoke a custom model binder in MVC4?
How to set focus to a goog.ui.Component or goog.ui.Control subclass component just after page load?
Very Tricky ADO.Net situation that does not throw an ERROR but should
How to install PL/php on Potgresql with Windows?
How to host content of a folder using only shell [terminal]? [closed]
How do I know if two line segments are near collinear
Switching from one video player to another has inexplicably broken Facebook sharing
Cannot implement tetris move methods
Changing path/directory broke SSL certificate?
Check if character is letter in Delphi (Unicode)
Adding a comment to a cell in an Excel file with Java using jxl library
Wrap C++ template class with boost python
Ruby key & Value?
Upgrading Tapestry application from 5.0.18 to 5.3.2
Canvas.Top not rendering
Best way to match all patterns in a string?
updating event handling to new class with toggleClass
Android OnGestureListener onScroll MotionEvent
N-Tier questions
Django -jquery popup window only gets assinged to one button (of 6)
focus not working on tab navigation
R6034 - Already have a manifest
Resize div to a div inside it
What are some good smartphone emulators for web development on mac os x?
How to access its values in a AsyncTask class?
How can I analyze make output for compiler warnings?
How to gather code into one variable
where does Silverlight app's executable/assembly/whatever actually get installed on my hard drive?
Lazarus Listview from form1 that can be added to by form2
javascript each - autodetect name of val in (key,val)
Need Help Writing SQL Trigger
MySQL insert into with subquery (on a junction table)
How can i create a circle which has a number in?
CSS hover doesn't work
CSS Div Element Height Issue
Heroku NoMethodError- Paperclip
Heroku NoMethodError- Paperclip
HTML checkbox is always checked on pageload
TextView throws designer error displaying string resource
Does a pop3 connection timeout?
Is there a UI for GDB that connects to a device?
Resolving type in referenced .NET assembly
Why does GE Plugin ( Crash on Refresh while executing fetchKml but only in ie9
Is it possible to use the slider step form Element Without the Slider?
get elements from list based on another list
SQL Query - How to compare date range(s) in 'Where' clause? (with proper illustrated example)
Merging results from MySQL Query
Need help using VPDexpress.exe to build Windows Phone 7 from command line
Hide Div when YouTube Video Ends
Coding DRY how to combine common functionality in these two objects?
Android - Number of extra arguments in bundle for activity/fragment
How to Replicate jQuery live() stopPropagation overrides with on()
Jquery UI slider showing error
xcode new class that inherits from UIView does not create a XIB file
URL rewritting - work only with digit
How to display open graph objects in gallery view in news feed?
Set Property in PowerShell Module
Android phone won't scale site at all (despite all viewport settings)
Best Way to Setup Solr (Ant vs Maven)?
Race condition in c# static constructor
How to send binary data from AS3 through Java to a filesystem?
Datanucleus, JDO and executable jar - how to do it?
In Spring can same page be rendered using JSP tiles and Velocity tiles
Why does :dependent => :restrict throw an error?
MySQL Select FROM 3 tables AND put that in PHP array
How to hide email signup forms after a user joins the email list?
Is subsonic dead?
Crash in CFRelease when removing a range of objects from a mutable array
What is wrong with this line of java code?
How do I fix this weird entity framework error?
Django / Jquery Form Submission
Database Move Resulting in Blocked IPs?
How to use local storage to retain checkbox states for filtering items
Puzzle Solving: Finding All Words Within a Larger Word in PHP
Hacking Solr DataImportHandler full-import
How do you do multiple transactions in one I-Descriptor?
Merging components of DateTime fields
Making a css rule override jQuery .css changes
Get Netbeans to Auto-suggest Zend Framework components
How to Specify Active Folder for ExternalBuildToolExecution on Xcode 4?
Google Docs API without Authentication
maven - How to build uberjars with dependencies
Splitting filename, updating date, joining filename back together, python
Mapping Collection of generic objects nHibernate
ActiveMQ configuration and Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
ASP.NET MVC - Preserve POST data after Authorize attribute login redirect
maven - How to build uberjars with dependencies
Splitting filename, updating date, joining filename back together, python
Mapping Collection of generic objects nHibernate
ActiveMQ configuration and Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
ASP.NET MVC - Preserve POST data after Authorize attribute login redirect
child and parent both event handler. possible?
Inherit from Seq
Using matlab how can I use data from an input dialogue to play certain sections of an audio file?
Writing ICS Android apps which are backwards compatible
Facebook not able to scrape my url
UIWindow's root view controller does not rotate to landscape at app launch
Chrome back button: only giving cached version of initial page, without any Ajaxed content
jQuery Superfish menu and SEO
Projecting new item that contains lists
CRUD - using 鈥渃all_user_func_array鈥�to create new (php-activerecord)record?
unpredictable behaviour with python subprocess calls
Common elements from two Perl arrays [duplicate]
Twitter bootstrap topbar rtl
How do I delay onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu)?
Name URL not working for Facebook Attachment
RavenDB ForEach ExtensionMethod abstraction
Object reference not set to an instance of an object - webservices
How to apply CSS styles to links that appear in table headers?
Handling Action Bars with two fragments
Reference to Raphael object
Change default_character_set while connected to mysql
WPF Drop Shadow Trigger
Submit single language iOS application
Create a grouped array from another list of array items
How do you create a settings function in codeigniter?
How to do history.js in Rails the right way?
With MVC3, how can I change the controller/action based on the 鈥渁ccept鈥�header?
Bitwise operations equivalent of greater than operator
Acces SQLite database with C++ on iOS?
jQuery animate only when slider div active
Have Route 53 point to an instance instead of an IP or CNAME?
Capistrano doesn't use sudo despite :use_sudo, true
Convert Json array of objects to most suitable .Net collection
How to implement 2-way binding between TextBox and double value?
How to save passwords in PL/SQL Developer?
InstallShield 2012 hangs when calling Oracle SQL script
Java desktop application can not run from folder that has Russian name
Record what user has clicked
How to get X and Y values when click on item in gridView
1 Comprehensive timer vs. multiple, a timer per object
Faces Servlet threw exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException
How to approach deletion anomalies?
Unable to get an SQL Pivot to work
Understanding procs in ruby
rsyntaxtextarea component add netbeans
This database URL structure?
Understanding Java Inheritance
New transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session LINQ To Entity
How many instructions execute for a O(1) operation on a list with n elements?
Scope of JavaScript variables (XUL-related)
Two cases while trying to print NULL, one works, other SegFaults
passing data between pages correctly
JavaScript DOM access for returns from a web service URL
What's using all my storage? [__MutationMarker__]
wp7 PhoneCallTask result
Google Maps and GeoCoding Slowing Down App
Convert a Datagrid Cell to a hyperlink dynamically
Is ThreadLocal preferable to HttpServletRequest.setAttribute(鈥渒ey鈥� 鈥渧alue鈥�?
Renaming field in Doctrine 2 without losing data
ABAddressBookRegisterExternalChangeCallback called several times
ObtainContentsRichTextBox() has the wrong return type
Jsp adding numbers
Static variable isn't set although visible
Setting up a git web development environment
render controls in div at run time?
Mysql blob image has no dimensions when downloaded
Handling WinRT StreamSocket disconnects (both server and client side)
jQuery/CSS descendent selector selecting too much
Cocos2D. Endless background in all directions
code to auto detect machines
Dynamic openrowset in T-Sql Function or viable alternative?
invalid literal for int() with base 10
Cross Domain jQuery Ajax Request & WCF REST Service
How to Verify Tab Names in JTabbedPane
What is the algorithm to determine optimal work group size and number of workgroup
PagerAdapter.instantiateItem called periodically in ICS
how to create a single column content-first layout
Private APIs for iOS music library
ruby regular expressions
Proper way to declare binding in Ember.js
Django Best Practices: How to clean and render a form
How to close automatically a opened vtk's window?
python/bottle and returning a dict
鈥淐onnection closed by [HOST IP]鈥�using dsa key authentication
DataGridViewComboBoxColumn Autosizes Incorrectly or Correctly-Only-on-Selection
Converting Pixels to Polygons
Can I programmatically determine if ldap_bind fails because of a network issue?
Relating two database tables (associating an employee with an activity)
UILabel pointSize always returning 0
Migrate from Jam to CMake
Invalid use of void expression; copying info from array pointed to by void pointer; into array pointed to by char-pointer
How to attach jQuery UI datepicker to dynamically inserted formfield?
ffmpeg avformat_open_input not working in device
Is it possible to send data to two different scripts?
How do I get a GPS location on a button click?
DEPRECATION WARNING: You have Rails 2.3-style plugins in vendor/plugins! Support will be removed in Rails 4.0 [duplicate]
jQuery onChange prop a value to inputs
Problems with redirection while implementing oAuth2 for blackberry using webworks
Weird gallery + broadcast receiver behavior
Jquery Tabs auto scroll/rotate
python webkit signals
Zend Framework Table Relationships - select from multiple tables within app
MySQL: only one thread is used
Grails Quartz2 plugin on Cloudfoundry with multiple instances?
Is it possible to merge a django model class with a ManyToMany relation?
Advice on creating a custom gridview
How to write an 鈥渆xclusive鈥�query in SQL?
Integer Linear Programming formulation for Test Cover?
How can I add <br /> label after every enter/new line in a form
Custom font in android project
Powershell's Invoke-Command won't take in a variable for -ComputerName parameter?
Replacing an entire XML tag using ANT
HTML/CSS3 Border-Radius Issue in jQuery Slider
Overwriting 鈥淧rint Screen鈥�actions in linux without administrative rights [closed]
Finding the roots of an implicit function with Python
Ruby WriteExcel number_format with the Euro Sign
Async DoInBackground Crashing under Listview
Database build process management
Data in loop from belongs_to relationship
HttpWebRequest.BeginGetResponse results in System.NotSupportedException on Windows Phone
Combining LazyLoad and Jquery Masonry
cocos2d - CCActionTween doesn't work
Using objects instead of GET
Filling up an output vector with stata loop
Can some explain the performance behavior of the following memory allocating C program?
Rapidxml causing weird problems
NSMutableArray Overwriting Previously Stored Elements
Very large zip file (> 50GB) --> ZipException: invalid CEN header
Regex in C# - remove quotes and escaped quotes from a value after another value
Can I deploy an web forms application to a Windows 7 laptop computer?
Git removing deleted files from tracking
Securing data in the google app engine datastore
SQLite Query Sorting
Aligning floats of different heights
(OAuthException - #2500) An active access token must be used to query information about the current user
Red Gate MySQL Compare showing similar objects shown in the differences group
Number of Instructions Flushed? [closed]
Core Data Relationships - Two entities to one entitiy
How do I specify which kind of version of soap do I use with webServiceTemplate?
Database design for bus reservation
Binding a user click to instantiating an object [closed]
auto generate Rest service in node.js
HTTP Escape Characters, PHP, CALDAV
Creating Ad Hoc Query using mysql and Php
Adding transition effect between different pages using HTML5 history API
Creating Ad Hoc Query using mysql and Php
Adding transition effect between different pages using HTML5 history API
optirun No - error: [XORG] (EE) Failed to load module 鈥渧oid鈥�
Git - Gitolite - Cloning
Ajax doesn't return until another php script completes
Android in Eclipse, Merge / Include nested XML non-layout resources
On which condition will IllegalStateException be thrown?
SQL Cast from int to decimal
[solved]load collection from entity object in nhibernate
How to get the value with key in pyramid_beaker for memcached?
Can't Over write on a specific location on a file. Over write on a specific location deletes all the contents before it and moves the value after it
DrawToBitmap not taking screenshots of all items
Square root in Ruby with more precision than BigDecimal.sqrt?
what type of XML file is this?
How do you determine if an XFS filesystem is frozen programmatically?
Html Agility Pack - how to select correct span class
TDSE.GetObject doesn't resolve a WebDAV URL with dots in it
Need to Hide the edge of the card but transparent to see the background?
How come I can't use toLowerCase() after using a StringBuffer?
PRISM: Using MVVM, how to resolve or inject in a constructor objects?
Is a single thread guaranteed to execute a Servlet and its Filters?
Iframe opens in new window once wrapped in Phonegap
How to stream the contents of a gnome window
How to reference layout with two onClickListeners in different classes
php: empty line from nowhere
Cross-browser javascript to get and replace exact HTML from a user's selection?
Inputting a character from the keyboard in C
PHPExcel write-on-the-fly?
How to represent directed cyclic graph in Prolog with direct access to neighbour verticies
i need assistance with some TAB code, Jquery
fake estimation of download time
Add carriage return to a string
How do we mock in this kind of situation?
jQuery Tabbed Ajax content
Toast message doesn't appear on time
C: code duplication example
Moving Drupal 7 Site from Host to Host
How to handle duplicate imports in XSLT?
QtWebKit - Userscript/Javascript Injection
Submit form and get redirect url
What would be an ideal way to list existing objects to read and alter their properties?
How to create a scope that compares association?
MouseMotionListener not Firing correctly in Java
Putting PHP/MySql Results into Javascript
CSS How to get floating achors next to eachother horizantal
How can I fix this JQuery Multiselect race condition?
increase height of jQuery Mobile buttons
Getting select option text based on value
VB6 Object and data types
Building a webapp with jersey
Jasper Reports path issues, cannot find .jasper files when running on App server
php array_push() -> How not to push if the array already contains the value
Not able to set meta data on a resque-status hash
Select multiple data from 2 tables and button will disable after clicked
S3 SDK Breaking my site
Break long words in html email in outlook 2010
Getting oracle database connectivity error
Transform mouse co-ordinates according to scale factor - java swing
explicity chain dependency in Makefile
How to prevent has_and_belongs_to_many delete option from deleting records that are being used in Rails?
active admin overwrite controller action create styles
floating popup.html div
Getting memory permission details in Linux
Custom Model Method, setting scope for automatic sending of mail
what's the best way to add a class to the div with a class of post every 4 seconds using jquery?
Rolling out a web authentication system
Facebook canvas app and Safari 5 - trick with post to iframe does not work
Send current gps coordinates to mySQL database using google maps api
EF code first, model properties types to db data types
d3 click and drag event nesting
Why DataGridView.AutoGenerateColumns has a Browsable(false) attribute applied?
SQL to Linq-to-SQL Conversion
SQL Server Buffer cache content
Password digest method functioning on localhost but not Heroku? (Hartl RubyOnRails Tutorial Chapter 7)
intel fortran compiler crushed on triple precision
Is it possibly to impose type constraints on a generic member of a class in an inheritance hierarchy?
WAMP not displaying embedded .swf file
How to manage no of node in taxonomy page?
Is it possible to call controller method from a scriptlet in Spring
parSapply not finding objects in global environment
Sub-selection based on function
Android Text is wrapped in button - why?
Go back N protocol
鈥淭ell Friend鈥�example which allow selection multiple contact
How can i make a SQL query from actionscript?
making a div start mid page, but as user scrolls down the page, it remains at the top?
Best practice in dealing with xpages extensions dialog box?
Akka Actor 鈥渁sk鈥�and 鈥淎wait鈥�with TimeoutException
Sunspot, Solr, order_by, encoding
Zend Framework multi-step form generator
Can't delete cookie in ASP.NET C#
Cross Domain Ajax Call Not Working with document.write
Simple Linq to XML query not working on MSTest file (*.trx)
Inject javascript on every controller action - mvc
JAX-WS: Place a wrapper around an ArrayList being returned
How do I save checkbox values from Custom module in Drupal?
onCreate wasn't called by the main class
Android - Very strange behavior on progressbar
Hit & Miss using 4-Way associative cache
Android - Very strange behavior on progressbar
Hit & Miss using 4-Way associative cache
Using Automapper with Metro Application
Change text output color on windows for stderr
Standard solution for SQL Views in Rails3 and Amazon RDS
Windows Authentication over XMLHttpRequest
Getting started on modeling magnetic field lines in C++
How to Invoke anonymous javascript function on object in 1 line?
C++. multi-threaded bottle necking into a single threaded applicatin with lists
Does a binary search require random access?
Overloading operator new such that a part of the code uses the overloaded operator while the rest uses the default
Dictionary with array of different data types as value
changing property of a link
Change value of slider after knob is dragged
Data type mismatch in criteria expression when changing
JQuery UI dialog external css
How to change the Devexpress TextEdit current text on focus
Null reference when switching between forms
Parsing XML Response from SOAP API
How to display 鈥渨indow鈥�inside website with JS? [duplicate]
Os x terminal, ssh , and too many open files
argv having issues reading in * character from console input in C
SSRS group total by grand total
c++ SDL draw text and figures together
An approach towards achieving non-linear interpolation?
Why is `main` called twice here?
Up/down sorting doesn't work on wicket - AjaxFallBackTable
how to embed XHTML in XML without DOCTYPE, CDATA or escapes?
Android NameValuePair send values
Understanding goroutines
Inserting into a Tree
Convert to Lower and Hold in Str - C++
Is there a Hibernate annotation that can screen for invalid MySQL dates?
Android Development: Implementing a drag and drop in API 8
Getting IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory?
Missing a step in setting up my database Visual Studio 2010
Use @Html.EditorForModel() without polluting my domain entities with mvc assembly
Access properties in anonymous type collection - C#
Linux C++: deadlock in select or send
Low performance with tiles-based game with OpenGL and GLKit
How to remove invalid XML charactes from document with PHP
python django can't get any views to work
cast back from supertype to child
Drop down list from MySQL in HTML page
Pass directories not files to hadoop-streaming?
C++ binary doesn't work on windows XP
Change URL on first and second clicks
Filtering a Query by custom field first letter - Wordpress
JUnit 4 result to XML transformation
JUnit 4 result to XML transformation
Rewriting URL that contains question mark
Declaring callable variables in a for loop in python
Getting a Leads 鈥淪tatus鈥�from a Leads 鈥淪tatus Reason鈥�
Android App from Go programming language
How to add a click event to Axis labels in Flex
Remove TinyMCE control and re-add
ErrorProvider for WPF
MySql: if value exists UPDATE else INSERT
OpenSSL reasonable default for trusted CA certificates?
Again about paging in MVC (Razor)
does using 鈥渇rom鈥�more than once is equivalent to have join?
Is there any way to clear the Voicemail notification that was added by my app in ICS?
Where to put node folder for node.js instal?
Issue with retrieving Magento Frontend Session
How to change HTTP header for a specific content type?
ComImport in Windows Store App
How to parse JET/ACE SQL
Making input and output command in programming language
Can't return the answer
Periodically check an element of a web page
adding an additional item to a listbox
Twitterizer2 1.2.4 Streaming API exception - Unexpected end when deserializing object
Python History and Design: Why issubclass() instead of rich comparisons?
Empty, guarded mixin is zeroing out other mixins under the same rule in LESS
What java.util.concurrent classes would allow me to organize my reads/writes?
Scope of menu shortcut key
connecting to google talk through a bosh server using php
CherryPy index path
How to getting the page number or correct posi in an Android ScrollView
Enable exceptions in the Arduino environment
Chatting Application SMS bubble ( android )
jQuery change() fires on Page Load
android simple listview with colors
Canvas items not rendering properly
Eclipse: keep getting 鈥淓RROR: Application requires API version 15. Device API version is 14 (Android 4.0.2).鈥�
jQuery .pdf function not running in Joomla
How to get long running report current status?
Adding an instance of NFData for MongoDB Document
How can I override or add to the XPages NotesXspDocument events?
adding static attribute to constructor attribute
jQuery - Click one div, close all others issue
Can I listen for events from Notepad++ when making plugin
Table and floating
Can I query a DateTime in a SQL Server view using timezone?
C++ template param as base class
App Engine URLFetch service called from Clojure gives AccessControlException
Techniques for controlling program order of execution
Camcorder activity not working with example code
Migrate app from iPhone to iPad - Not the same viewcontroller hierarchy
Magento - Custom options of configurable product do not show in admin
ES5: Returning parent function once all items have called back with a forEach
grails .removeFrom when object exists elsewhere in class
Documenting two S3 methods in the same file with Roxygen
FUEL CMS / CodeIgniter issue with jQuery Accordion - Not Working @ all
Strongly Cast a Reflection .GetValue() Object to a Generic DbSet
Normalize a vector?
Coldfusion CFC Return JSON display in Jquery, how do I handle multiple records from CFC and display in Jquery?
Get user account password
NSURLConnection is not calling didFailWithError.
Oracle SQL: Returning a Record even when a specific value doesn't exist
Do something in hover if the right button of the mouse is down (pressed)
How to let a uint8_t const* point at the same address as a char*?
pulling data from date field in google app engine form
CFLOOP Duplication
replacing string in python
UIControl to create a popup in an ios ipad application
mysql derived tables, performance, alternative
How do you get the values of their textboxes and transfer them to richtextbox?
Global variable for the server instance in C++
Set background color of cells based on MySQL query output
Inserting a javascript var as markup with YUI2 insertAfter()
Where should non-interface function prototypes be placed?
How can I get an intrinsic for the exp() function in x64 code?
How do I ignore specific files in a Git repository? [closed]
Visual Studio Windows Installer with MYSQL check and Install
[__NSCFNumber length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6d21350
PHP's mail() function doesn't work on GoDaddy dedicated server
rails 3.1.3 app on Heroku doesn't find (or precompile) vendor/assets
changes not upadated in eclipse
Supporting copies, references, pointers, and smart pointers in functions and objects
Mercurial precommit script to change a file
Technique for iterating through variables and finding Instances of a specific Type
What's the best way to reference code over and over?
Recommend jQuery 1.6.4 ajax PHP form mail scripts
Event handler memory leak using ChildWindows
Sitecore RTE inside custom form
i cant get this AJAX jquery tutorial to work. wont load page
AppSettings vs project-specific settings in Web.Config
class method returns wrong number in Python 2.7.1
How to get a Common object from a table id?
Is multicasting possible with Wi-Fi direct?
This action is not allowed to set a user message because this property was not requested for approval
Understanding variable capture by closures in Javascript/Node
Replace only up to N matches on a line
Wait for result from another activity
MiniProfiler with mvc 3 and ef 4.3
How to fix 鈥淎pplication has too many object types鈥�error on Open Graph Dashboard?
Icefaces 3.0.1 FileEntry: FileEntryListener is never called
Accurate (azimuth) compass direction Android 3.2 tablet
how to get data of maximum date in php
how I get the html source with utf-8 format?
what is the best way to close a ByteArrayOutputStream?
Splash Screen Image's orientation is not correct
Showing an image in listview from datatable
To Find the maximum consecutive sum of integers in an array
Object creation in loop broken; unrolled works
Submit to store fails with 鈥渇ailed validation鈥�
How do I add another where clause on this foreach?
Mongoose and MongoHQ
Free GeoData (Capitals, POIs, 鈥� database
How to create always-top fullscreen overlay activity in Android
Reading a known number of variable from a file when one of the variables are missing in input file, FORTRAN
floats pushed down [closed]
Is there a tool that will implement an interface by wrapping a member field or property?
Unknown column 'xxx' in 'field list', Codeigniter
How can I detect if a dependent is missing from an EF entity?
Android link in dialog
How to get started with ASP.Net MVC 4 / Azure and MonoDevelop?
Using 2 UIPinchGestureRecognizers on the same UIImageView
iScroll4 doesn't work in IE7 and IE8
using try catch when declaring variables
I have an andengine program that works on one development machine but not another?
integer assigning in java
Delphi5 DirectoryExists()
Multiple IBActions for a single UI event
White borders around image
Use Wordpress Template in c# project
Can鈥檛 fix pyparsing error鈥�
mod_rewrite conditions in apache to remove .php not working as expected
Why can't Codan find size_t
jCarousel initializing/refreshing/reloading each time clicked on image
Multiple array JS
Stuttering when moving a single sprite in an XNA application
Generating all 'data dictionary' reports under each 'object' in postgres
What is the purpose of the extra braces in Switch case?
extract title, description and h1 form a url using jsoup
Convert.Int64 Is Not Reconized LINQ To Entities
How to combine different AddHandler?
Server-side copy/move of a Perforce folder - without local sync of files
Android SharedPreference storing
Managing number of brackets in clojure Return value of method. System.__Com.object
Vimeo API Integration
Missing Model in Returned Results from CakePHP 2.1 on new server
how do you modify executable jar classes in eclipse?
Android back button should behave as an UP button
Blur (unfocus) window
Explore for files in Access
phonegap filewriter
Explore for files in Access
phonegap filewriter
HTML5 vs. XFBML? On an HTML5 page?
How to read multiple files into a multi-dimensional array
C/C++ Binary copy array function doesn't work
Tracking Individual Users with Google Analytics Custom Variables
Font-face font quality issue( Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
iOS Modal Segue drops source ViewController?
How to test nginx subdomains on localhost
setFrame not working with a subview
How to make gitk show only local branches?
UPDATE all rows after 2nd row,by ADDING 1 to these rows
what are the coordinates of Berkeley DB JE 5.0.x in Maven Central?
Where'd padding go, when setting background Drawable?
Finding label text when id does not exist
WPF Lists and ObservableCollections
Domino Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Error: nHTTP.EXE
Why is RAII so named? [closed]
What are the BusinessBase and BusinessListBase classes in the CSLA framework?
How to remove unnecessary black background after resizing the image to a fixed resolution?
Video, flash or鈥�videos for HTML [closed]
ubuntu - how do install software as this user, not with sudo. Getting error 鈥淐ould not open lock file 鈥�[closed]
Uploading Any File To Google Docs Using GData
git: merge two branches: what are the correct steps?
Facebook Graph API call only sends to first person specified
MySQL - insert into with foreign key index
How to go to new line in a text document using VB.Net
Django templates: formatting control structures that should not contain spaces
Is there a better way to encode a (MS) DateTime as an Int? linker errors in Linux
Change node/attribute name of a converted dictionary (c#) to XML
CSS bug in Safari but not Chrome/Firefox
Maven SAR packaging: how to change package structure?
Bind a property to a custom control
How do I upgrade Enterprise Library to the latest version?
How to fail Jenkins build when Mercurial Update fails
Firefox Bookmarklet in Chrome
How to count the most common value in SQL?
printing the scroll height during a jQuery scrollTop animation
C#-friendly alternatives to WMI for iterating remote processes by Owner?
Cookies not setting in IE or Chrome
ExtJS4 - how to get parent grid on selectionchange?
Calculate one side of a triangle (Law of Cosines) in javascript or jquery [closed]
Why is there no here document syntax in .Net?
Yi failed to install
How to run thread in ServletContextListener? java
Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid [duplicate]
How to use Hamcrest matchers with jUnit on Android
Flex 4 skinning 鈥渓ibrary鈥�
Running Standard ML on Windows
simple 2D collision detection c++
Preserve external changes in CouchDB with CouchRest Model
Cannot import ndb
SAX Parser not reading after newline
How to write a software to sync files to ipad
It seems setlocale() doesn't work in a linked library
Adding image icon on buttons?
converting string to array of integers fast
Are the angle brackets (< or >) special in a regular expression?
Why use sys.path.append(path) instead of sys.path.insert(1, path)?
run time error while executing sqlite
Trouble to get Backbone.Router to work with coffeescript
Order of Recursion (SQL Server CTE)
How to hide columns (G-AZ) when cell value is #N/A
Using php config file to connect to database instead of PDO connection line
Command to send swap to memory again
Integration tests design
Using MultiSelect List in MVC 3
EPL Issue on CentOS 5.8
Pascal passing a listview from mainform to a nonmodal form
fitting an ODE with python leastsq gives a cast error when initial conditions is passed as parameter
1004 Error - Dynamically Assigning Formula to a Range of Cells
generate signatures of *.cma archives and / or easier ways to link with OCaml archive files
Tap location in a UIImage
Basic Tree Concept: Defining ancestors
What is the equivalent of TT's RETURN directive in the Mojolicious renderer?
How to compare rows in source and destination tables dynamically in SQL Server
jquery plugin to quickly layout form?
Add mask to tabpanel on grid sort (extjs)
Simple Jquery Css style calls
Animate an object through multiple waypoints/destinations?
How to store ids with selections in AutoComplete AjaxControlToolkit ASP.NET?
UIView two animations coexisting
SQL transpose? [duplicate]
HTML5 deep zoom and moving objects
PHP File Upload (files not written to temp directory with mode 777)
What is does expression<T> do?
checkbox non boolean value?
MySQL Query only grabbing one row instead of multiple. Why?
passing html information through javascript to php
Continuous parsing and processing of text
Using 鈥淶xing's barcode scanner鈥�App on Android
MySQL Group By Date Clusters
How to have a program screenshot itself when ran as a windows service? [duplicate]
Ajax/jquery login form failing
Extract Text from Array - perl
Structure large jQuery Mobile web apps: use iFrames as pages? Backbone, Spine, Underscore, and other frameworks?
Rendering Errors on Comment Form Nested in Post
Regex to match part of an optional substring including newlines
Parsing a user uploaded CSV file from ASP.NET into MySQL DB. Security Issues
XPath element/object is undefined when using document.evaluate
Exchange 2010 EWS cannot access 2007 MailBox - AutoDiscover?
ExtAudioFileCreateWithURL: what are the valid audio formats to use?
How can I find groups of records that match other groups of records (relational division?)
Event is not occuring after adding the UIDatePicker on UIActionSheet
Flex: Children components disapear when SkinnableContainer is skinned
What's a better approach to reach to another node that has a common grandparent as the current node?
Index page best practice
Android tabhost with onTabChangedListener not firing
How can I set a variable on a _Layout page?
Can I use simplexml_load_file($url) without the automatic escaping of $url?
Bind an array of strings to a column of a datagridview
Perfmon won't create a new data collector set based on custom template (Win7 & WinServer 2008)
How do I classify Linux process states as either running, runnable, not runnable or invalid? [closed]
FCKEditorAPI not defined until the page loads
Cannot populate spinner from remote database
How to iteratively add Components to a Swing GroupLayout ParallelGroup?
Cannot use external assembly in service code
Is there a way to prevent code contracts from crashing Visual Studio 2010 SP1?
Restricting keyboard strokes to single process
jquerymobile dynamically changing text for button issue
Big-O Notation: Encryption Algorithms
The for loop again
How to change application context
PHP: If/Else Statement: Conditional Terms
How to make IntelliJ IDEA recognize the Grails database migration plugin's DSL?
Change the output of the facebook like button
Modeling a to-many relationship Core Data
Why can I access asp:TextBox in javascript, but not asp:Label?
Resizing and centering an image using CSS
-webkit-border-radius acts differently from -moz-border-radius
Spring JDBC template sorting
Microsoft still seems to have a bug with Forms Authentication on WebFarm
MATLAB - combine several matrices into one matrix
Surround a string with 2 chars in C
Explain the behaviour of 1-bit bit-fields
Description url not being decoded
how to add and remove a class in jquery every 4 seconds
How to install PMD plugin in MyEclipse without using software update?
Find the position nth element of a rectangular tiled spiral?
Reduce array of DOM elements to the ones with the deepest level in JavaScript
.certSigningRequest is lost. what should I do?
How to tell whether value is NaN without using isNaN, which has false positives? [duplicate]
Bluetooth Android SPP, send commands in series to device?
How to access request.user while testing?
Defining specific lengths with HTML5 input pattern attributes
Is glib thread safe?
How to get to the odata service of the list in SharePoint 2010
W3C validator returns HTTP 500, despite it works in browser
Speeding up maven clean
Speeding up maven clean
tcl string replacement
Scaling and performance SQL or NoSQL [closed]
Speech Recognition Loop
How to access a single css file in Rails 3.1?
openCV error : undefined reference to `cvLoadImage' Ubuntu
Programmatically determining Controller of a particular drive on Linux
Robust distance comparing predicate
PHP Redirect with Custom Headers
How to do Initial Caps With Javascript/jQuery
JQuery $.get() not calling remote URL
MVC controller injection with custom base controller not working
iPhone motion data blocked by Compass Calibration setting
Run WiX EXE CustomAction from TempFolder
Excluding Empty Records When Using PHP to Insert into MySQL DB
Flex, using navigateToURL to send an AMF object and open the response in a new window
Visual Studio doesn't save ASP.Net form project. Reverts back to unfinished version
Silverlight chart, change binding property at run time?
Facebook C# SDK Get Current User
How to apply a whitelist to an input that has a drop down menu
Image centered on window
Custom Multi Select Tool in jQuery with Checkboxes
Get module ID in default.php file
Upload file to another remote file server
accesing functions from external files bash
4x4 matrix last element significance?
silverlight putting item to listbox and view only some part of that object
2 count of Illegal Annotation Exception
Is ECMAScript 5 available yet in any of the browsers?
How to get the load event for images in a piece of html content?
Remove leading and trailing spaces in object keys and values
<a4j:comandbutton> action is only invoked on second click
Error Deploying Spring app to JBoss - NoSuchMethodError
android getting all user's friend profile pictures quicly
django table is cutoff half at the last row
How do I copy symbolic links between servers?
Erlang Web framework and SSL?
Can I compile Google's protobuf under Visual Studio 11?
Input Fields not Vertically Aligning in IE
Display splash/loading screen longer on iPhone
Presenting/dismissing modal view controller with custom animations does not display presenting view controller underneath
Alternative to NSFetchedResultsController?
jQuery has conditional
Fill a Word 2010 form drop-down without using code?
Checking answers using uitextfield
How can I create an embedded Google Calendar widget that is logged in as a specified user?
Use MongoDB array as stack
css height 100% does not honor the background color on slide/show in jquery
JSF 2.0 - Myfaces have problems rendering composite components
Oracle ODP.Net and EF CodeFirst - edm.decimal error
Java: Multiple Bookings System
When I save image to file the orientation that save is wrong
What's the difference between local and global basis functions in a regression?
How to download a password protected URL using C++ in Linux?
uncaught error type: Object (object Object) has no method 'superfish'
Using Regex OR operator to solve 2 conditions
Calling Location Data Type within JSON File
Querying across multiple fields with different boosts in Solr
SelectedListIndex property of a databound ListBox cannot be set, why?
Inheriting System.Windows.PresentationFrameworkCollection<T> in Silverlight library new page on button click
How can I fill a combobox with values in a database?
Android Detecting Atom Processor at runtime to select right NDK compiled library?
LWJGL advanced lighting systems
MonoTouch: Using ServiceStack caused JIT error?
Facebook graph API can_upload doesn't always work
How to add Jquery ajax to an existing form with Javascript submit
ffmpeg avio_open() failed to open output file for writing encoded streams
Strange C++ behaviour involving iostream and wstring
Sending an array to php through ajax
Prevent menu from collapsing in 768px display CSS media query
How to maintain backwards compatibility while utilising Android API Level 15?
isalnum equivalent using #define
Glassfish + Spring
Android in app billing - usage of enums
Systemtap script to C code conversion and compilation
Writing Text To A Specific Point In A Text File C#
Dust.js escape characters
jOrgChart (why is the drag and drop feature only working once)
Difference between a 鈥渃omponent鈥�and a 鈥減lugin鈥�in cakephp 2.1?
Android Intent putExtra(String, Serializable)
Python ,how to link a progress bar to distutils.dir_util.copy_tree
Can not organize data in input collection
how to subclass an ExtJS proxy - using MVC?
application is not working correctly when it is in background
using php SOAPclient and getting error: 鈥渢his page must be viewed over secure channel鈥�
webHttpBinding security does not contain message node?
strcmp() giving Segmentation fault: 11 and pointer from integer warning
C# - Unexpected authentication method mysql_native_password exception
mongodb-wrapper and ObjectId of an entry
custom facebook role (developer application)
Authentication and authorization using REST and ASP.NET Web Api from cross-platform mobile applications
Java Sockets work over LAN but not Internet?
eclipse emulator keeps relaunching intead of using the one already lauched
convert C executable file to SIS format
RMIServiceExporter not working, does not connect to RMI localhost at port 1099
LINQ Select New to create one table from super-type sub-type relationship
C# Regular expression
What does ~~ do in JavaScript/node.js? [duplicate]
Delphi XE2 styles painting
convert C executable file to SIS format
RMIServiceExporter not working, does not connect to RMI localhost at port 1099
LINQ Select New to create one table from super-type sub-type relationship
C# Regular expression
What does ~~ do in JavaScript/node.js? [duplicate]
Delphi XE2 styles painting
Can Racket macros take keyword arguments?
Displaying multiple data in a list view
Symfony 1.4 sfGuardAuth and session storage in a shared hosting environment executing php as a cgi process
Count the number of ways to combine LEGO bricks [closed]
how to store NULL into the node?
Video.js + AJAX + Chrome bug
Catching Assembly Resolution Errors
Server-side microphone capture in ASP.NET/ C#
Possible to control positioning in Android precisely using XML
How does Java circumvent the windows MAX_PATH WinAPI limitation
@synchronized vs. NSLock Instance vs. pthread_mutex_t
How to improve deletion times in Oracle for a self-referencing table
C++ winsock recvfrom() and sendto()
Concurrent connections with Apache coming from same client
Warning: File for type '[Insert class here]' created in the last round will not be subject to annotation processing
Vim, TextMate, git, and newlines
How to bind a text domain to a local folder for gettext under GTK3
JQuery onclick nav hide and show [closed]
Redirecting Pages: Names to Standard Address
F# - Can I use type name as a function which acts as the default constructor?
how to get a node value in Xpath - Java
inserting element into a list, if condition is met with C#
Configure a Proxy Array Consisting of 3 Squid Proxy Servers
Call Delegate methods from another class
NoClassDefFoundError JsonAutoDetect while parsing JSON object
Google Chrome HTML Form Select