Scale profile picture to fit
How is memory managed in Python [closed]
prefix to infix in php [closed]
internal relocation not fixed up
Bing Maps LoadMap() function zoom parameter
Django forms date validation failing on localization
Google places not shwing results when passing the latitude and longitude dynamically
When to use ValueCommit event of Flex [closed]
Symfony 1.4 (FORMS) is it possible to set value attribute by sfWidgetFormInputText
WPF MVVM Opening one View from another
Subclass FilterInputStream to filter a sequence of numbers in ByteArrayInputStream
Update an asp:Label while a class is processing
Javascript stringed array into an actual array
how to use two same ViewController.xib in tabBarController
subscribing takes too long for users to wait on webpage for confirmation鈥�solutions?
Undeleting file in Cornerstone
CakePHP Cancel button does not fire
Sanitisation on user input using whitelist
Starting a Thin cluster on Windows
An error occured in TCMEventLog.NTEventLog.1: ReportEvent failed
How do I implement Request throttling in a Java EE environment?
How do I create a function for plyr
How do I check if a Visual C++ argument is a valid drive letter?
Are text inputs submitting the form when the return key is pressed a guaranteed behavior?
Getting and serializing the state of dynamically created python instances to a relational model
value of pointer to a char array vs plain char pointer
Play multiple YouTube videos and have sound go out through different channels
Facebook canvas iframe and security
No errors - still no write
Insert to MySQL using HTML form
Spread sheet view of a database in android
How can I use the TFS Power Tools Backup/Restore feature to restore an entire TFS installation from one server to another
CUDA , OpenCV , GPU Module , How to access an element on cv::gpu::GpuMat matrix
WPF window throws TypeInitializationException at start up
How to convert pixels into dip(Density Independent Pixels) in Android
How to save UIImage to file with NSFileManager?
cuda on integrated gpu + external device
How can I position an image in a box such that it fits exaclty in width or heigth, whichever is smaller?
Windows network IOCP scalability over multiple cores
How do I wrap an image in an ActionLink in MVC3?
TRIGGER and inserting values from one table to another
Kalman, least squares, or
Android multiple-screen qualifiers definitions
Deleting from database, unsuccessful
Mongoose.js: Save with a empty ObjectId [closed]
JQuery Mobile can't hold a session
Could not find RubyGem rake
Web servers supporting FastCGI Filters
Method getEl() not working
How to anchor rotated TextBlock to the top?
absolute position for dynamic content
Directly pass parameters to pbs script
One session per user in Rails 3 with Thoughtbot Clearance?
Is sizeof char ** pointer dependent on the architecture of machine?
Activity side-by-side lifecycle
How to write the T-SQL code for a query
Can I use git-svn to clone a specific branch of a remote SVN repo and commit back to it?
Converting from XMLSchema datatype to Java int
selecting 鈥渇riends鈥�with mySQL JOIN CASE
How to send a parameter over http request using an anchor tag
How get the meaning of a word in all language using google translate?
Displaying a message box or notification bar in java apps?
How to get the visitor's IP address from the DNS request?
pjax titles not working
How to set the center of an array of points in Google Maps API v3
C++ Forward declaration error - Lvalue cannont be binded
mod_rewrite one url string
Setting up play 2.0 tagging using only 2 model objects?
Clean Conditional Code
Delay mail delivery in exchange server
From Database language to PHP
How to unbox a C# object to dynamic type
addition of two numbers using textfield
Possible to open two persistent connections to different remote MySQL servers using JAVA sql?
Nested if else statements to append labels to values
Android - Creating your own calendar
Why does firefox keep highlighting my drop down menu links? Possibly CSS/JQuery related
Link 2 observable arrays together with knockout js
SQL protect submitted data from SQL injections
Saving Arrays Between Classes
SetPixelFormat returns 0, but no error is set?
Django Project/Apps Layout - Correct way?
Actionbarsherlock switch Actionbar Overlay Mode programmatic
PRISM: RegisterType with name and ContainerControlledLifeTimeManager
Get linkedin public status updates
Select all data from multiple table and multiple data [closed]
Rails: Modeling Straightforward Data Using has_many :through
tabIndex and Javascript popup window
Menu item shortcut
Java Concurrency in Practice: race condition in BoundedExecutor?
facebook connect user information in DB
Once clicking the select button of a row, a gridview appears between that row and the rest of the gridview. Possible?
Why is renderInContext so much slower than drawing to the screen?
Android getSpeed from location
php magic method to catch array_push
Mysterious error in Python Urlobject called from Django Rest Framework
How to copy text within a Table Cell then find and replace strings keeping formatting
Doctrine2 and ZendFramework2 - Loading Doctrine on service layers
WCF installer class - Could not find default endpoint element that references contract
Select folder control for ASP.NET
Running .sh files with Java's exec in a different directory?
Create folder hierarchy from spreadsheet data
Mail gem determine whether plaintext or html
Buttons become mis-aligned when window is resized
android - How to create xml's id?
Passing parameters to another class
Using jQuery to display input TITLE as VALUE (jsfiddle included)
MySql JDBC call to stored procedure return too many rows
There is an error in calling mysql stored procedure from [closed]
find highest value within factor levels
std::getline removes whitespaces?
Why use a semaphore for each processor in a spooling simulation
JavaScript regex test if string contains specific word (with variable)
Google Maps - Remove Address
How to edit CellTemplate in Expression Blend 4
Can't keep running totals - ASP.NET / VB
Django how to deal with foreign keys in child tables
New line when using fopen to write text
Ignore formula on brew upgrade
Does temporarily storing sensitive data in an iVar pose a security threat?
Difference between DirectoryCatalog and AssemblyCatalog
Signal handling in C - interrupt in interrupt
Re-use variables/objects in callbacks
Pointers to cloud service which supports JBoss, Apache and Mysql
Process scheduler and thread scheduler
Get image src from a image in a slideshow
Opening a file in C++ outside of the working directory
Flex 3 - Copy MS Word Text to Flex application
Lucene tika indexing failure
More trouble with prolog list building
Using referential-transparency to pre-compute values in haskell
WCF service error when called from jQuery
Using parameters with for loop in verilog for bit selection
wxPython GUI - can it be compared to Java GUI or Visual Studio GUI?
How to remove zeroes to the right
Emacs 256 colors not working using PuTTY and screen
ReflectionTypeLoadException with null LoaderExceptions and null InnerException
Java creating byte type
virtual derivation & conversion ambiguous
Orchard - custom module not showing up
Compiling Java hardware API to run in Android.
Does F# have Seq.Single: seq<'a> -> 'a? [duplicate]
iphone iOS5 how to render a draw a large UIView as PDF?
3-d Model on google maps
Reverse Auth and Twitter SSO in iOS5
Android Digital Clock time change using TimePicker
coffeescript Class not accessible in main javascript
Android: error while trying to show a progressbar in asynctask
Sanitising drop down options with a whitelist
Compatibility Test and other testing method to use while building software
Gridview column header set by textbox input?
getting xmlhttp status 401 in forefox while making ajax call to windows authenticated WCF service from javascript
Process.Kill() is not logged in Event Viewer
Order rows according to which condition is met?
Solr 3.5 connectException
ZXing - FATAL EXCEPTION: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo{..CaptureActivity}
Multiplying SVD components of a matrix in OpenCV
include sql query in function
how to solve double quotes issue in facebook og title property
How to see contents of /proc/[pid]/status after process finishes execution?
How to post a sticky (highlighted) status to page wall programmatically?
AJAX refresh based on IF statement and HTML
Facet pivots on Solr 3.5
blur() google map to not hear key events
Rounding error in Python with non-odd number?
Organize MVC with Tree structure in Ember.js
Spring MVC InternalResourceViewResolver - Not able to display my page
MySQL - Finding Close Matches
opencv with firewire camera under linux
SQL Update Where Statement
JPA: is it possible to save a derived class in its own table whereby the referenced field is the MappedSuperclass?
jQuery script to validate number on entering
PHP equivalent of nth-child
ClassNotFoundException from Java Applet being served from IIS 7.5 under HTTPS
UPDATE updates first line every time
How to add shape drawable as integer?
Opencart & vqmod - Search multiple lines - doesn't seem to find what I am looking for, is it due to tabs/whitespace?
Android, upload a file in the tomcat server
Where is the flash message in Rails?
Concepts I need to learn to make a simple search box [closed]
ArrayList sorting in java
Get original copies of objects in LINQ-to-SQL changeset
how do I specify nested CanCan authorizations with non-standard relationship names?
JPA: MySQL says table don't exist, but it exist actually mvc setting session values with thread safety
Bind Button Content to DatePicker SelectedDate
Unzip uploaded file failes because of multipart information
Windows Mobile 6.5 GPS Device - WaitForMultipleObjects returns 258 (timeout)
Why is this JSONP feed throwing 鈥淯nexpected Token鈥�error?
C# Lidgren Library - Address already in use?
Creating a custom Image format in java
CSS Font Size .5 Increments
Create a blur like windows 7 taskbar with css? [closed]
Node.js cannot find module - interfering with cygwin on Windows
Can OpenNLP use HTML tags as part of the training?
Relationship Between :aot Directive and Warning: *delimiter* not declared dynamic
jQuery CyclePluging next prev click event when keyboard press
How to make table row to work as hyperlink in Ruby on Rails?
final variable assignment: at declaration or in constructor?
referencing a .jpg file in a KMZ is not currently working
Efficient histogram computation from image ROIs
Trying to reflect a method which accepts a generic type
How can I prevent page from being added to browser's history using JSP/Java?
Thor YAML.load_file invalid subclass (TypeError)
Get the SUM of one column when grouped by another column in SQL
how to get php session array to javasript array
java swing - paint jcomponent
How to create distro-specific conditional qmake project
return a range of values from an array in underscore.js
How to prevent Facet Terms from tokenizing
How to style a GridView cell dynamically?
Wowza Live Stream - How get Name of Current Video
Automated Tasks for a c# .net website
TinyMCE: How to get rid of some buttons
If div id 鈥渁rrow鈥�exists, make its table row have class 鈥渙dd0鈥�
Convert a string containing a roman numeral to integer equivalent
How to create distro-specific conditional qmake project
return a range of values from an array in underscore.js
How to prevent Facet Terms from tokenizing
How to style a GridView cell dynamically?
Wowza Live Stream - How get Name of Current Video
Automated Tasks for a c# .net website
TinyMCE: How to get rid of some buttons
If div id 鈥渁rrow鈥�exists, make its table row have class 鈥渙dd0鈥�
Convert a string containing a roman numeral to integer equivalent
Optimising code to find the lowest number divisible by all integers between 1-20
Ended up with an Object, how do I work with this?
String Reversal in LC3
Add List to c# TreeView
Multiple rows and column checkboxes php
How to click javascript confirm dialogue box with selenium webdriver in C#
Serving HTML content with GAE JAVA
Generics Declaration differences in Java
Where can I find the OFFICIAL Java Coding/Style Standards?
Should i copy all the foreign keys from the main fact table to other related table?
How to find the child nodes of an node of an infragistics web navigator?
stackoverflow exception with htmlagility pack
How do I validate a field type in a trigger?
Querying and adding rows
Changing CollectionViewSource Source in a MVVM world
File or database
Abiword on heroku
How to reassign a boost shared_ptr
Magento - Customizing a page?
Jquery Load Content Slide In/Out from Right
Jquery Cycle navigation won't show up in IE7
I need an example of how to use a Javascript timer to find out when a user has created a new facebook event.
How to alter HTML file's text form a Java class
my php if statement doesn't work
Hand-coded GUI - Java [closed]
UIImage in UITableViewCell
Spring + Maven: The matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be found for element 'jdbc:embedded-database'
C++ GUI testing of wizard installation
Looping through a multiple value parameter array
How does Wicket setResponsePage() method work?
Closing Active Accordion panel on click鈥�there seems to be one panel open at all times
How is Neural Networks Implemented in OpenCv?
jquery: live(click) ajax with one(click) event
Eclipse bad indentation warning
Shared/exclusive lock mechanism for iPhone & Objective-C?
How to set RequestBody for Http Delete method.
$.ajax not working when called from onclick
C character values arithmetic
How can I get the name of a file in a directory on unix based on grep, sed, or awk in unix or linux?
XML data not appearing in HTML page
jQuery doesn't fire error callback with cross-domain script
On android how would I go about creating a prompt for an app that requires a user to enter a username before fully launching the app?
$.ajaxSetup does not set content type for Get requests
Group properties in custom control
add animation to layer's path in cocos2d
Android camera stuck - can't catch the picture
How to target this HTML in CSS?
Test the language of input data [duplicate]
In rails let the logged in user edit part of the database record for them
The maximum message size quota for incoming messages has been exceeded >> set to 900000
MonoTouch DialogViewController is Empty Until Touched
Load Page and Execute Async Method
Ruby Script running on local machine but not running on server - Version issues?
get exact words with Query template OpenSearchServer
How can the width of a SELECT dropdown be controlled?
curl FTP access denied
Java: How to draw non-scrolling overlay over ScrollPane Viewport?
HTML Checkbox Alignment
InvalidCastException was unhandled by usercode
Facebook Comments: Hide All Comments
Firefox plugin for silverlight is getting crashed frequently at the time of debugging
CSS Padding Right
INotifyPropertyChanged on Custom DataContext Base Type doesn't fire
Saving a double value to Access Database From C# [closed]
Concatenating a String and a null-Integer
Redirect to another page and change div content of these page
How to consume an xml web service in a metro app?
What does (iRed = Icolor Mod 256) mean?
How can I put a string and an integer into the same array?
Android: How do I set TextView for each item in a ListView?
Uploading images with the help of arrays and fetch errors
Path Manipulation (security vulnerability)
Comparing dates in query using LINQ
How can I ensure that only one KeyBinding command is executed when a keyboard shortcut is used?
Dynamically adding components to JPanel
How to query SQL-database how many times an item has been purchased between two dates?
Get the name of the variable which has the highest/biggest value with PHP
The best way to come up with the desired result in this query
Some pointers for creating a singly linked list in C++
Getting started with Restful web service
MSBuild copy web project references without building
ZXing Library not providing Intent result
Detecting controls of a winform
Why does this JS-created SVG <animate> not work in Chrome?
Scriptaculous: Multiple autocompleter fields
jQuery returned through AJAX not showing any effect
Excel, lookup between values, groups
TortiseSVN over LAN?
Handler call to notifyDataSetChanged() not executing
MYSQL IF Function
Did gmaps4rails ver 1.4.6 break the auto_adjust option?
Is there a Python equivalent of range(n) for multidimensional ranges?
Run a .java file using ProcessBuilder
matlab plot dollar symbol on axis
How can I optimize this custom dojo 1.7.2 build
Querying Fusion-Table from PHP
Combining duplicate assoc array values into an appended key
parse xml file (xcode)
jQuery is not changing the next form on the page?
NSDate results from -(NSDate *)dateFromComponents:(NSDateComponents *)comps
PHP code displayed in browser
Load session_start() only if session does not exist?
Write custom translation allocation in Pyramid
When querying large data sets, prevent script timeout
Extending Custom Backbone View
How to use a custom blur event with jQuery UI autocomplete?
Annotate m:n relationship with helper class (2 foreign keys + additional attributes) with JPA 2.0
OpenGL ES 2.0 Program Flow
Multiple Radio Buttons that change Submit onclick location.href鈥ossible syntax error
Sort all FB comment count for last 24 hours
How to execute the results of a pipe in csh?
disassemble output :mov edx,DWORD PTR [ebp-28]
CSS line-height smaller than font-size results in odd overflow within a div
What is the best YAML parser in elisp?
Authorisation framework for GAE Java
Is there a way to generate a login token for a Magento admin_user?
ORM - Linked Table Error
Is there a easy way to profile a java program in eclipse?
Merging $.get and $.ready
removing string based on start index and end index
MSBuild - Perform all config transforms at once - and transform other files
ObservableObject or INotifyPropertyChanged on ViewModels
Change encoding of existing file with Java?
java.lang.SecurityException: sealing violation:
Database with a table containing 700 million records [duplicate]
Zooming with mouse: marquee color
FOSUserBundle Unique validator in controller
Linux command to get current value of
Set the time of the DatePicker
Why isn't the callback function called in IE ($.getJSON)?
jQuery UI Slider - disable sliding on track/enable on handle mousedown
ScrollView Positioning in Xcode 4
How to copy and paste the value or text from Google search box to's search box in the same windows form?
AlertDialog is not rendering correctly
Return false not working
Inverted vertical volume bar jquery
javascript/php simple drop down menu logout
How to centre the Buttons in my JFrame?
How can I find an <acronym> tag with watir-webdriver without taking a huge performance hit?
Cocos2D - Particles follow the emitter instead of staying at the position they were released
Java Easymock complains with 鈥渏ava.lang.IllegalStateException: void method cannot return a value鈥�or 鈥渘o last call on a mock available鈥�
How can I find an <acronym> tag with watir-webdriver without taking a huge performance hit?
Cocos2D - Particles follow the emitter instead of staying at the position they were released
Java Easymock complains with 鈥渏ava.lang.IllegalStateException: void method cannot return a value鈥�or 鈥渘o last call on a mock available鈥�
which one is better from performance point of view..arraylist or array?
How to set a including path in the Gjs code?
In vim, how can I modify all existing indents to be 2?
Finding classpath of class invoking a library
Displaying data in the gridview from the database and adding extra column to it
How do I programmatically add an image to Android PopupMenu()?
C++ Derived class is abstract error
Is cross-validation used to find the best model/architecture OR the best parameters of a model/architecture?
Unloading Clojure vars from JVM thread-local space
Is MySQL FULLTEXT best solution for partial words?
Are 4-float colors faster than 4-byte colors?
404 when displaying background image in CSS with rails 3.2
Django using url to get only the url part of a named view with parameters
headMap of JDBM
Add Header in AJAX Request with jQuery
VS 2008 Dataset not viewable with GUI designer mode
Jquery get label of OPTGROUP of select option
Developing from a previous version or build using Team Foundation Server
Update class which has another class
how to get description of youtube video details [closed]
using jquery select specific element
Choosing Select Columns in Oracle INSERT ALL Statement
VC++ Express 2010 errors out on the self-assignment test of overloaded assignment operator of templated class
Rails 3.1 Submit form without refresh
instant download file from filehosting directly into client
Why dont my Divs span 100% of the width?
Web service: update on svn commit
Remove/Edit word office builtindocumentproperties in c#
DataGrid's rows appear minisized when the application is run
How concise should I make my ruby? [closed]
Can anyone recommend a good PHP ORM with compatibility for MongoDB? [closed]
Bad request for field slot 0,-1. numRows = 1, numColumns = 1
Center and hide image, fitting div size
Is there any issue with resending a message back to the Azure queue
Show some text when a link is clicked
How can I review 'git diff' of staging change in git eclipse
Is GlassFish redeploy supposed to work?
Can I do addView in onDraw of MyLayout?
Maven missing project required libraries after cloning repo
Auto-complete text view with customize suggestion list in android?
How to clear a log file programatically?
How to include the image from the relative Directory to a root Directory in php
SCons dependency on files generated at compile-time
XPath not working in JQuery selector (JQuery version 1.7.1)
php/mysql better option in updating very huge tables
Verifying sequence of private method calls in unit testing
DirectX 10/11 Constant buffer contents not coming through
How to handle Node/MongoDB connection management?
When to free memory in a PHP extension?
ASP.NET MVC2: 鈥淪ystem.MissingMethodException: No parameterless constructor defined for this object.鈥�
Force browser of Sony PRS-T1 to download .epub files
Applescript: GUI Programming for recursively printing to PDF for Appleworks
Add a additional <li> tag to the end of rails3-jquery-autocomplete plugin
ASP.NET MVC Selectable Tree/Grid/Search Data View
Excel if statement / Sum of Column
jQuery highlighting of HTML which includes text formatting tags
Encode a string into character codes
Multiple accessors for same value in c#
how to get the current user roles from spring security 3.1
Does the gmaps4rails gem for Rails 3.1 allow use of a Google Maps API Key?
Can I pass column name as input parameter in SQL stored Procedure
Pulling/Pushing/Merging changes up a branch with Bazaar
How to place a relative element after an absolute element and cause parent div to expand to fit children?
Drupal completion hooks (og)
binary search tree using rand
Adding dynamic generic html control to page destroys bound dropdownlist
Sorting a list of tuples, where each tuple consists of a string and a set [closed]
Update javascript variable in .Net Codebehind
EquivalentC# coding for Dim dataTable As DataTable = CType(sender, GridView).DataSource
Android shoot-em-up game. Robust enemy patterns for complex group behaviour
Shopping Cart Page title change in Magento
How does infinispan know that it have to take the changes from delta aware object
Why is ToArray() used when using string.Join with a List<string>?
NoSuchBeanDefinitionException for dependencies of mocked beans
Scraping a web page after javascript excecution in c#
Convert SQL Time using PHP?
jQuery UI slide ease sibling push
access the bootstrap-wysihtml5 editor object
Difficulty querying two tables in Database using SQL in PHP document
spring/hibernate integration in java
jQuery Mobile Detect Home Screen Bookmark
WP7 - regarding submission policies - confidential user details
connecting to sql server from classic asp
YUI - remove select options
DependencyResolutionException when upgrading from Maven 2.2.1 to Maven 3.0.4
MVC Fundamentals: Passing work along to the view?
Haskell: Numerically integrating using recursion
MySQL: LIKE and First character
dynamically filter rows of a HTML table using JavaScript
Why should $.click() be enclosed within $(document).ready()?
Confused with Quicksort algorithm
Does Babel work with Matlab and how do I do it?
GORM (grails) - cache blob image or something else
What is the purpose of this code segment from glibc
Turning commands into a Makefile
Launching CYGWIN-built executable from Java on Windows 7 fails with 鈥渆rror while loading shared libraries: ?: No such file or directory鈥�
Embedded derby multiple connections issue
What is the purpose of this code segment from glibc
Turning commands into a Makefile
Launching CYGWIN-built executable from Java on Windows 7 fails with 鈥渆rror while loading shared libraries: ?: No such file or directory鈥�
Embedded derby multiple connections issue
Relaunch application when the screen is unlocked
QoS trough UPnP for improved VoIP quality on wireless lans
Data initialization and data members change in Haskell
Reg Ex JS match content inside a style tag
PHP ldap_error reports nothing
Link to a page within Facebook iframe
Invoke the application to play a music on receiving a push in iOS
getting ID of activerecord model
Clojure CLR with multiple namespaces
鈥渞esult is null鈥�error when working around _blank deficiency in Selenium IDE
How can I make timeout = 1 second for wait_event_timeout function?
Finding a childs row and column in UniformGrid based on Index in WPF
Xcode C reading in user Text file
Getting the full path of the DLLs from a PE import table
I wish to reload a table view when the user clicks a 'save' button in the navigation view
Changing from Collection to SortedSet
Mac vs. iOS safari src path requirements for playing html5 videos?
How to custom imbricated forms with sf2
C Bit Counting (similar to bit twiddling hack)
Dynamic positioned hover popup
LWUIT Label: Creating a Custom Label
Haskell: How does TVar work?
How to focus and select part of content in a textarea
microsoft sql server management studio express store db in memory?
ExtJS checking value of a cell before submitting
How do you start a java servlet over https?
Trying to pass data between viewControllers
Does Babel work with haskell and how do I do it?
How to redirect a user to a new webpage after a Javascript Alert/confrim box
Symfony2 presenting an array value as a translated text
Async Loading of Facebook Javascript SDK? Placement of channel.php?
How can I filter on a nullable DateTime field using EF4.1?
Paginate using with_exclusive_scope
Sql Server Compact Edition. OleDb crashes when insert into table
GridView How to update a value of current editing row with a new one?
Precise explanation of JavaScript <-> DOM circular reference issue
C++ Composition program error(xcor undeclared )
Is there a good way to tell if HandBrakeCLI actually encoded anything?
linkedin to dynamics crm integration
Java compareTo (Object obj)
gnuplot: including simulation parameters in a box at the top right corner
How can i download and parse portion of web page?
iOS - get programatically queue of items currently playing
different sign-in view depending on route
Error when calling requestWindowFeature in an AIDL method
How in xCode can you store block methods in a variable?
Stop form from submitting , Using Jquery
Opera certificate from Trusted Authority on localhost
Forcing fwrite to use n instead of r n in PHP
Does a session cookie on different subdomain count as 3rd-party?
jquery slider ui change value on hover?
Force MessageBox to be on top of application window in .net/WPF
Back button breaks page css in Chrome
deleting class file when program is running?
Javascript and checkbox compatibility with mobile devices
MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails appears to be empty
Add a comment to subversion without changing a file?
How to ignore line breaks?
Custom mysql MembershipProvider
Find Strict and Lose RegExp pattern
Making 2d tile editor with picturebox or similar control
mysql: checking order of data
How to redirect npgsql log output to a log4net logger?
Why doesn't Internet Explorer display a correct XML transform when returning to a page via the back button?
Listbox horizontal scrollbar not updating properly
Proximity feature in Android
JavaScript module pattern: default values
PHP Get Meta tags, URL's in Arrays = Not Working [closed]
Unexpected invocation: __mock_proxy() when running rspec specs that include mock_model
.ajax() JSONP Unterminated Regular Expression Literal
Query 1 table twice with filters with one result stream without a join?
How do you generate a random date in objective-c?
Plotting an Extrapolation Curve in SQL Server Reporting Services
Production And Development Project Environments
use Builder pattern from the constructor in a subclass
Libraries for work with Axis2 Web-service for .NET
AutoFixture: Configuring an Open Generics Specimen Builder
Omniauth : retrieve the name of the strategy that has failed in /auth/failure callback
how can i rotate a Texture2D in XNA game studio?
Apache Directory Studio
Are any 'dot files' read when a system restarts and programs are started via an rc.d script when using Ubuntu? [closed]
Button event not firing in update panel
Sending an EMF file to a specific printer / tray in WPF application
Little Perl XOR decode script porting to Ruby
Print an array of List
Split two-dimensional array by column in PHP
Cannot install the Rubygem 鈥淟ink Parser鈥�
Issue with List<Overlay> method
Date Calculation Issue
Optimal way to DELETE specified rows from Oracle
PUT, DELETE with JS Application (spine.js)
Is it reasonable to use SEH to protect my code from exceptions thrown by third party COM objects
Parse complex string with one regular expression
chaging directory saved in sd card
App review process - Adding a video [closed]
Get attr when known class [closed]
addSubView and removeSuperView
Testing RabbitMQ and Spring Integration
Excel MATCH + COUNTIF function: retrieving the nth value in an array
Issues Claiming A Business On Foursquare
Passing parameters to nested function in coffeescript
what attribute can open a controller's action to require no authentication?
Cause of assertion failure
2x COUNT in HAVING clause
Parse a string to date of the form 鈥測yyy鈥�
R arules - subset of transactions that match a rule
using hibernate to generate one to many relation through annotation
Cassette.AssetReferenceException being fired when removing a file from folder
How to run a exe Asynchronously with two arguments in ruby?
Odd output from modulo division in Python
Java: Disable all JToggleButtons after Submission 鈥�setEnabled(false);
WCF querying an array of objects
AdMob in all my view controllers?
Is there a slick way to deploy my silverlight app and change settings programmatically?
ASP.NET MVC 3 authentication on the root directory, without redirect (Ajax)
GIT naming my repository
Resize the Table cell height as per downloaded image height
Using Python's replace() method to implement stopword functionality
Set DateTime Format for UpdateModel
Two forms (one in layout and one in Page) how to handle in mvc3
Django: Copy FileFields
Java scrollToReference causes exception in JEditorPane
Bash: how to check and insert a string within a block in a file
how to automatically install emacs packages by specifying a list of package names?
Reference parent query column in subquery (Oracle)
Ruby on Rails Decryption mcrypt_decrypt
Handling Advantage Database Server by Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVP3
GWT development and Design Patterns [closed]
Orientation Change of UIView based on two points
Core Data model Design - Inverse relationship
C Compilation With missing function definitions
UITableView lazy loading cell data
Looking for effiicient way to pull data from facebook graph api
How SQL/sqlite wildcars work? LIKE operator
Batch script to build a Python package using the Windows SDK
Zend Framework ACL for Admin section of site
Saving Files to MongoDB GridFS with Node.JS
Can I use the router to load models and views in backbone.js?
Really confused about C++ multithreading
OOP design for video files conversion engine
Why the added view does not appears on the screen?
shutil not storing path for random select/copy of files?
jQuery Animation and Resizing Images in IE7
Connect to WCF Using Certificate Authentication in Classic ASP
GUI Input with in Python
How do I generate a PayPal Request Payment and send an invoice?
How do I generate a PayPal Request Payment and send an invoice?
JSF multiple forms and multiple request scoped beans
Should parent paths for HTTP resources always have a resource themselves?
Creating dynamic number of threads concurrently
Add image button in draggable DIV & toggle image source on click
Can't find only one word using regular expressions
Launching an installer (setup.exe) within another installer, program will not appear on installed programs list
how to pass parameters from view to controller in Spring 3
Using JavaScript, how do I perform a binary search that will return multiple values?
Move expander when an other expander is contracted and expanded using XAML
pecl/oauth vs pecl/oauthprovider signature mismatch
Is Client-side JavaScript / jQuery form validation useless? [duplicate]
Zend - Generate Speaking URL from Modulel/Controller/View Logic
Confirmation delete modal in bootstrap
how to construct a class diagram
How to use Command.CanExecute from a child control
Preserving C++ / CLI handles to .NET objects in C library calls
Pex raises NullReferenceException when exploring
SlickUpload alternative
App Store testers use an actual test environment?
Objective C Dependency Management w/ Static Libs
How to multitask with Git
Selenium WebDriver executeScript not working
Rails BLOB/TEXT column used in key specification without a key length
How to decrypt PGP encrypted file with Ruby gpgme
TSQL, How to find timespan in milliseconds between two times?
how to mock local object with powermock and easymock
Django: TypeError: 'str' object is not callable, referer: http://xxx
How to get the parent and only the first child of a related table
How to detect read errors in FileCopying in java?
How to select text by word instead of characters?
PropertyGrid doesn't notice properties changed in code?
Is to possible to auto redirect the browser to a specified website if the entered address is not available?
How to get the published timestamp of a page or component using SDL Tridion TOM.NET API
Add to homescreen on mobile phone
Varnish not processing ESI includes
Open carousel using modal
slideUp where the top of the div is revealed last
Unbound version of bindAttr in emberjs handlebars template
BroadcastReceiver, IntentService and GPS callbacks
Polymorphism, why can't I do this?
Custom Font Does Not Work
Android Chain Animations
Wicket 鈥渘o application attached鈥�when trying to access Hibernate entities
Python displaying same value within a looped list.
Using stringbuilder put time into string (class) C#
JQuery Mobile Loses All Styles After Navigating Pages
Change Rectangle Background to Reflect State of Boolean in DataContext in WPF
not complete connection in a simple server/socket program
Zend Framework $this->_request->isXmlHttpRequest() IE7/8
How to perform cross-site scripting attack testing that has actionable feedback?
Is it possible to run Oracle on Windows XP without admin rights?
Read pcap header length field with python
C# WinForms get value from quote text
Database testing with CakePHP 2.0
Does C++11 std::function limit the number of arguments a function pointer can have?
how to protect an epub file from copying and printing? [closed]
Splash Screen, playing an mp4 [closed]
Java JVM HotSwap behaviour
Entry point was not found mv3 and sharp architecture
extract data between two expression in unix shell script
DB constraint violation details from EJBException
JSF 2.0 encodeAll() invoked prior to sessionCreated()
Error compiling Audacity MSB4023 item metadata cannot be applied with MSVC 2010
Abstract layer for database
XAMPP Mail sending on Mac
OpenMP: parallel program not faster (or not very faster) then serial. What am I doing wrong?
Logical explanation of PHP background processes
Open GL ES texture: Set a transparent color ,, alpha of a color to zero
Generating Java GUI code from basic HTML/Javascript
Bubbling issue with delegated event on parent node with JavaScript
Bulk insert of MySQL related tables from bash
Extracting the total number of seconds from an interval data-type
php concatenating string to classconstant in array assignment
What data does AVAssetWriter metadata expect?
codeigniter output cache doesn't work?
Rails Devise 2.0 own Log-out action
Why is my app giving this error relating to spring-form.tld
ruby get param of current dir in url
Web.Config of silverlight application vs Web.Config of Silverlight hosting application
Why does the compiler not reserve enough space on the stack?
jQuery validation plugin - Don't show required messages
Access Google Affiliate Network product feed via the Google Search API for Shopping
objective-c synthesizeing leads to error?
How to use UIActivityIndicatorView when ASIHTTPRequest load data?
android: Is it possible to put multiple layouts in listview items
jquery colorbox - open popup on popup
Getting Website Category Against Keywords Using Google Search API
Creating a Save-able 鈥淧roject鈥�for C#
Rails: How to parse date-time string into a specific time zone
how to get parent class name in python
How to add hashmap into ArrayList in c++?
YUV420P to JPEG by ffmpeg
Get value from read only input with c# web browser
Building a web site with photo uploading possibilities with node.js
Is it possible to install existing private key and ssl certificate in a new keystore?
Is it possible to save a memory address to a string?
reorder List starting at given position
jsTree display flaw in IE8
GridView layout like Android 4.0 Gallery
Is it possible to save a memory address to a string?
reorder List starting at given position
jsTree display flaw in IE8
GridView layout like Android 4.0 Gallery
Is the Lucene query language hack proof
List.Where passing in object of different type (Predicates)
How do I make a service get the updated value of a static variable instead of the default value SqlDataSource FilterExpression empty string logic
EXC_BAD_ACCESS when trying to print
How do i populate a div in parent html/php from an ajax loaded child php
android subtract one input from another
Pass specific touch events in UIView/UIWindow to the next responder (sendEvent:/hitTest: doesn't work )
How to lock, text file open for reading?
Haskell: Why is there no type mismatch (and why does this compile)?
Where should I place the code with roles in Yii framework?
Where should I store Logger code to reduce dependencies?
convertemptystringtonull not working in gridview
Controlling theJqGrid Parameters While Making an Ajax Post in MVC2
Why is Heroku returning 'devise/sessions.js isn't precompiled'?
Git merge between two folders, not branches
with JPA, is there still a need to use EJB session beans?
Compare dates from different years in mySQL
Ajax requests not working on particular Android SDK
Adobe Air and Canvas not working
JTable appearing as box when printing
how to clear gridview without reloading the page
SQL Server 2005 Database Mail Failures
Facebook Apprequest from Phonegap
php formatting reduced date in German
What is the best way in rails to build a version of time ago in words with but with different formatting
How to update or refresh the contents of a ComboBox in a WiX dialog?
android app working on simulator but not on the phone (connection issue)
Django admin change_list view get ChangeList queryset - better solution than my monkey patch
How can I implement the code display style in StackOverflow?
session state variables and singleton class
How to check my data in SQL Server have carriage return and line feed?
constant pointer vs pointer on a constant value
create a thread over a toat message
How to measure word/caret position in Google Docs?
NSFileSystemFreeSize: translating result into user friendly display of mb/gb?
Do received UDP packets queued in LwIP stack?
How to override back button press when virtual keyboard is shown?
Relative Path being changed when executing from a Thread
wxPython error message - clicking button for a small image to appear on the canvas within my frame
Using NSUserDefaults too much
Why doesn't Java include the time/space complexity of each function in the javadoc?
Will SQL update affect its subquery during the update run?
IOS: add a device in provisioning profile
.xcodeproj not added with git add . command
Query a paginated table of items #fixnum items at a time, using PHP and MySQL
What are the column names in wincachegrind?
Delphi: how to pass a list as a parameter to a SQL query?
UILabel scroll possible?
FaceBook Interests field with [closed]
c# Stored Procedures
Editor for any markup language with table generation
php how to dynamic attendance based system
Exchange 2010 - run command on mail receive
Exchange Web Services Attachment load is slow
Taking latest details of a colum with different column type in mysql
dynamic programming: coin change
MSSQL-Server/ruby-gem sequel: How to read UTF-8 values?
How to send values to from android to a html page in webview
tags with unicode in names, and lxml
Django website loads slowely, hosted on apache, using mod_wsgi, any way to make it faster?
Creating a local database from a script file?
JQuery Textarea val - created dynamic
Packing many bounded integers into a large single integer
Jquery dialog show close button after certain time
dynamically changing html text before loading- possible?
Named Pipe Blocking
How to pass a command with spaces and quotes as a single parameter to CScript?
GridView BoundField long string in Edit mode
How to use Ninject to create instances in child classes?
DIV randomly cutting off in IE
Ambiguous plpgsql query error with insert with select
Issue with xml attributes count in coldfusion
mvc3 async controller
Android layouts: fit View under Action Bar
SQL Windows Auth
memory leak in NSArray, trace for long time
JS: Image onLoad resize鈥�How to?
Streaming data from web-server, trying to use and cgi
error: 'ccc4' was not declared in this scope
Tomcat misteriously loses application-scoped objects after a few days of running
TSQL DateTime to DateKey Int
What actually happens to CSS in high contrast mode?
Why do I get a configure error when installing Ruby 1.9.3?
System Requirements to Develop Android [closed]
Android: ExpandAnimation With Fragment
How can I get HTML source code from TWebBrowser
Using the RhinoScriptEngine, how do I change what javascript keyword 鈥渢his鈥�refers to?
How do you do a mandatory checkbox in a form?
Change in Max Flow if every edge capacity is increased
ant scp hangs after authentication
Gather inserted text values from multiple rows in a report
Ghostscript PDF to PNG: output is always 595x842 (A4)
easy way to create global (JVM) maximum weight for caches?
Animate TranslateTransform.Y to a control's height (purpose is to slide element off sight)
using a parameter without retaining it?
How do I store a set of queries inside PostgreSQL so I can easily run it again?
FindRow with text values inside span attributes
Sinatra + omniauth + Android, advice sought
Compiler Construction for Formal Requirement Specification Language using JFlex and CUP
bitmap scaling anomaly
How to perform a OUTER JOIN on two complex SQL queries?
REST API Design for Updating Object Graph
Android Json HTTP Post, Unable to parse data
Google maps v3 boundary hightlight
My Android application has stopped unexpectedly
Powershell to find the principal/mirror in SQL servers
what is the exact time that FileSystemWatcher raise Changed event
looking for a simple .net animation library
Using SOAP in java
Where is an error? [closed]
Oracle local timezone
dotCMS edit a menu
strange output in chrome for Drupal
鈥淣o unexpired provisioning profiles found that contain any of the keychain's signing certificates鈥�Horror
android - return to app from service or notification
Refer custom class in the Auto generated class?
CSS - change link color on rollover of the div that contains it
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 58 [closed]
CSS3 Browser compatibility
Push Notification Second Tile (closed)
In Microsoft's Toolkit DataForm, Is there any feature Prompting the User to Save When Leaving a Page
How can we get time statistics about our printing in windows?
Ant task to build Mac OS X Package
Visual Studio Web Browser [duplicate]
Fetch request with multiple predicates?
Knockout.js how do i bind to a sub property
Java get Session Cookies
Why 2 NULL pointers do not evaluate to false?
Symfony2: URLs with trailing slash and an optional parameter
reusing business logic in a test class to save time
Get range of records from SQL query Oracle
Why is Java deserialization CPU-bound?
Linq-To-SQL GroupBy: How to calculate percentage column
IDEA hangs on remote debugging port
How to retrieve data from database using webservices (JAX - RS) in eclipse using Java
NSDate off while calculating last monday's date
Printing the hex representation of an array of values
X++ Coming Out Of QueryRun In Fetch Method
Index.html in IIS
Javascript, Could you check my syntax please? [closed]
How do you print the address of an object in C++?
showing password characters on some event for passwordbox
Changing contents of a file - Python
Cleaning a Listview for data
Most efficient way to draw 2d tiles in OpenGL
Modelling clients - Thread interleaving Java
Debugging BinaryFormatter serialization
EF: one-to-many mapping code first
php - drop down from database
Improved design of selecting from large list of employees
Calling Java Script Alert Function when entire ASP.Net Page gets load
how to show html content inside html page
Calling opencv through Emgucv
Strange output about jQuery
Can I verify an XMLDSIG signature in .NET without requiring the root certificate be installed?
how to use complex object to insert data in more than one table related 鈥淓ntity Framework 4.1鈥�
Usage of Connection object in java
Curl doesn't recognize expires value in cookie correctly
open new TCPDF after form post
Converting UTC to local
java function that finds graph with minimal edge crossings
How to refresh aspx page from sql server
delete items that are checked without $_POST php
How to delete duplicate/aggregate rows faster in a file using Java (no DB)
WPF control that fades out any overflowing text to transparent, rather than clipping it or wrapping?
protocol buffers : no notation for fixed size buffers?
SAS macros: using macros in proc sql
How can a make a sproc execute without a transaction?
android editText keyboard changed after setText()
Custom ImageViews missing when running app in API 7 and below
ScheduledExecutorService schedule is not working
Iterate through each item in accordion block with Selenium & Python
How to detect dirtyness when removing item from a store?
ThinkingSphinx returning empty result in console
Why overloaded member not being called from thread?
Redirect all requests to a 鈥渟ite offline鈥�page
Runtime xml/json generation of directory content
PostgreSQL row to string
How to get the pure raw HTML of a page in HTMLUnit while ignoring JavaScript and CSS?
JavaScript Form Validation Not working properly
Highlight the Rectangular Area while Dragging it
How to detect a prohibited file download?
C# : Where can I find the entire C# coding functions with their definitions,how to use,when to use etc [closed]
Ajax in Dojo with Perl
Why put custom action does not work in rails 3.1?
Dalvik VM gives error while using org.apache.commons.collections.CollectionUtils
Propel: test existing object for matching the criteria
How can I make several Elements when extending a DIV-Element?
Update table with SUM from another table
Wordpress: Custom Contact Forms popover [closed]
Perl odd behaviour, in-script declared variable and <STDIN> fetched variable difference
Why is my specific page tpl.php not being used?
tsql conditions vs c# conditions performance
read.csv appends/modifies column headings with date values
Is rails reporting its own action as deprecated?
Rails gsub fails to show symbol for u20B9 (Rupee Symbol)
Here's how to auto-increment the build number in Xcode [closed]
Is there anyway to do something in all exception cases in pl sql?
How to get android device directory from Python? in Windows
Data Warehouse and Django
MPMoviePlayerController leaves App in incorrect orientation after fullscreen mode
Is it possible to build calendar with Tumblr?
How can I increase height of a textbox without Multiline = 鈥渢rue鈥�or incrementing font size?
How can I implement a simple web server using Python without using any libraries?
GWT treeItem ClickHandler
How to overlay rows of Android Listview
Framework for Image, drawing and manipulation in Java?
cargo java api to start tomcat; the container is not coming up
Insert into Multiple Tables using PHP with LAST_INSERT_ID()
Modal View reappearing + crashing: 鈥淎ttempting to transition while a transition is in progress鈥�
Creating Objects from SQL Server (not using an ORM framework)
Java getPeerCertificates() perfomance
How to find Facebook group id by name
Best way to automate loop in Selenium
VarStringToOleStr in _vararrayput. Why?
PHP Image display using POST URL
setting up dsn for a sql server express database
Is it possible to programmatically prevent a game from pausing when its window loses focus?
JSON object as php string [duplicate]
Change output folder for Android in Eclipse when using Maven
Regarding how to use external libraries in eclipse (java)
Loading plug-in DLL files, 鈥淭he invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly.鈥�
Specify a binding in an application-level style resource?
Sudden Weird Eclipse Behaviour
ButtonX.Visible = false; Hangs the browser
DDMS Screen capture does not work
How to unit test ASP.NET MVC Controller without Using Repository Pattern
Using Unique Key in SQL with or without try/catch as a valid way to verify integrity of data
Gnuplot: plotting the differences between two matrices
CSS dropdown menu Relative to a TD in a table
Parsing floating point number from Radix number
General Python regex to extract dates (d,m,y) in different formats
Piping, Composition, and Currying
How to Use CONTAINS keyword in Sqlite Database
Android camera null pointer
Set element height equal to body height minus 170px
Group by with JPA and PostgreSQL 9.0
How to use prefix queries on fields in Lucene?
Distorting and scale an image
Ruby initialize and self
What is the best approach to plot graphs?
PayPal adaptive payment success function
g++/gcc cannot find header file named String.hpp
Block/Unblock Ports using Python for Windows Possible? How?
Packing two 8-bit values
Why does string interpolation work in Ruby when there are no curly braces?
PHP AJAX file upload
Jquery Height issue
Variable word matching in python
Where clause affecting join
Sanitising include file before having them executed using a whitelist
jquery mouseover and mouseenter calling no.of times - how to fix this?
How to write an Android Method that displays 3 columns of same row in 3 different textviews?
Binding Text Descriptions to TextBoxes
Storing SOAP response as hash
Error When Using Symfony Forms / Silex & Twig
Do I really need cmake for build automation?
cross-fade transition in Firefox
Using a global variable to control a while loop in a separate thread
databinding in XAML based on MVVM patern
Sorting custom class array-list string using Collections.sort
Best way to inform user of an SQL Table Update?
Java repainting when pushing a button
How to pass socket value between intent
Publishing MVC3 app to IIS error - The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory
C# class organisation / structure - generalising a class performing a looping linear interpolation
Postgres: variable saying from which schema I select
Pass EXEC statement to APPLY as a parameter
Generating bimaps with the instance title different everytime?
How to set an auto minimum width on column with css?
C++ leaks in case of exception even by using smart pointers
Why is Android lint showing 鈥渘ested weights are bad for performance鈥�when none are nested?
JQuery $.ajax output data format
Showing / scrolling to top of page in jQuery
How to return multiple values from a query
WCF Data Service - client proxy Compression
Can't animate rotation and height simultaneously on two elements in Safari
Forward declare a inner class type, is it possible?