Error 11007: Entity type 'tableName' is not mapped. Is it because the primary key of tha table is a identity column?
Android camera screen size
Propose please an open data for graphs [closed]
QProcess, QEventLoop - of any use for parallel-processing
regular expression on replace method of js not working
Convert date to another timezone in javascript
Changing updated_at in a rails record
how to read data from data table row wise in c#
How to avoid Form Authentication for 2 pages
Boost Unit Test and OpenCV Pointers
jQuery Validate - add class to another element apart from the one being validated
Batch (.bat): get the name of the first script, not the current one
C# remote (exchange)powershell
Mongodb access through sql like syntax
How to debug 'Stack smashing detected'? [closed]
convert a to a long
How to send JSON request to service with parameters in Objective-C
java Android reflection
Encryption/Decryption equivalents in Java for C# constructs
How to design a remote controller for an android application?
Using Django's Paginator class with a MongoDB cursor
How to load an image in matlab from java
Error: Specified cast is not valid. (SqlManagerUI)
Memory leak in AFNetworking Cache images in IOS
Mongoid - Array assignment
How to protect or hide backend data while using SQL server as Database?
Howto get 'real' single quotes
BAD_ACCESS while landscape orientation
how to get the image overlay on the Camera preview
how debug javascript and php script in the one file together with eclipse
CGridView filter dropdown from array
File download x-server
ActiveAdmin Error: no superclass method `buttons'
Windows Azure Service Bus Topics Billing
jquery UI sortable sliders
Trace Flag 1211 Not Working - SQL Server 2008 R2
How to add new filed by type data to existing documents Mongodb?
Emacs: mediawiki save error
Python - Comparing two CSV documents from the same python script from an update to another one
T-SQL Re-order rows in table
How do I underline parent menu item but not children?
Asyncsocket connection success in one wifi but not in another one
Submitting ASP form from Java application
GCC function name conflict
command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1 (installing psyco)
Goldbach theory in C
getting value from the combobox and textbox inside listview
Improve MySQL basic update performance using MyISAM tables with 36 Million records
NSPredicate to-many relationships
Mysql comma count from field value
How to handle multiple submits before response is rendered?
getXml(id) - Resource not found exception
kill oracle session using loop within PL/SQL or SQL
Complex Mysql string not returning row
How to get SMO application working on another Machine
active admin and inner joins
Asp.NET MVC Windows Login in a cross-domain
What are these services created when i install oracle?
How can I create a copy of an Sybase table with data?
How to communicate between two different WPF application over LAN?
Get Excel row index [closed]
Why are there different associativities among operators in C?
How can I create a plot like this in Matlab?
What is the difference between jquery.fancybox.js and jquery.fancybox.pack.js?
How can I provide *immediate* confirmation of an app's execution when the main activity is transparent?
JQuery show DIV on another DIV on mouseover
Merging two XML files in Java and also adding extra information
Is there a way to update the status of a login when we go backward in an application
Error when remove a view from superview
Javascript - Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
MSTest fails with error message 'Results file does not exist. Publish failed'
Running code until button is pressed
How do I use cfhttp to automatically post to facebook's graph api?
showing a progress bar and then hiding it when I resume the activity
SQL: How to force the relational operator to consider NULL values
Get all dates with a week interval given a start date and end date
How do I insert a select all checkbox in mydevexpress gridview?
Hiding column in a DataGridView causes HeaderRow to also hide?
C++ data conversion of user defined object
MIPS returned value not correct
Get BOOT_COMPLETED from inside the emulator
application-defined exception
files folders appear twice in Aptana Studio's Project Explorer [closed]
jquery issue copying data from div to input text
Is there any tool which can help me to convert the data from the Java Swing code to a Template file?
Archive::Zip duplicating added files - How do i update files inside a zip correctly?
appending one div in another div before last div jquery
SEO, should I manipulate the URI showed in my website for SEO purposes?
given two directory trees how to find which files are the same?
When defining content type in Drupal
Can't add new MySQL dataconnection VS2010
UIManagedDocument nested Contexts
Interation of all pages in Pages Library
jqgrid custom sorting with duplicates
Easiest SOLR install for a non coder? Is it a CMS? Low budget
Algorithm for remainder operation in verilog that executes in a single clock cycle
How to get notification from printer when physical page/job is complete
MP4 video format Not Playing in Blackberry
Changing the 3D Coordinate System in LibGDX : Performance Tuning
Mysql query to find highest and lowest among 2 tables
removing duplicate rows from a table in DB2 in a single query
Is memory usage dependent on iOS version(s)
ListView looses the current selection when using nested setOnItemClickListener
How to ping server?
JSON to JSON transformation (preferably inside Apache Camel)
Android - Overlaying images for different resolutions
Android - sync sms/calls on web
Android preferences issue
How can I send a string to a specific port using PHP?
The magic number in GZip header is not correct. Make sure you are passing in a GZip stream
How to add <b> tag in HTML helper
How to properly return an array (class member) in C++?
Take automated Screenshot of emulator
Rails + Flex via sockets?
How to ping server?
JSON to JSON transformation (preferably inside Apache Camel)
Android - Overlaying images for different resolutions
Android - sync sms/calls on web
Android preferences issue
How can I send a string to a specific port using PHP?
The magic number in GZip header is not correct. Make sure you are passing in a GZip stream
How to add <b> tag in HTML helper
How to properly return an array (class member) in C++?
Take automated Screenshot of emulator
Rails + Flex via sockets?
checking one checkbox checks all the checkbox in an array
unable to set keymap for key Ctrl-;
Clear cookie via jquery?
Sort date in sqlite
MonoTouch UIWebView and EvaluateJavascript
xpath in java to extract all the xml elements
XML parsing using kasoap2-Android
How to get only first level divs?
In WP7, data is not saved immediately after writing to IsolatedStorage
MongoDB c# driver override Default value of string from null to string.empty
Passing annotation properties to meta-annotations
How to configure CruiseControl to trigger a build automatically on code check in
How to make my code creating dump file befor crash ?
PHP - newline and BR removal
Init field after constructor execution
CSS alignment differs per page, cant find reason
Video player give Error (EXC_BAD_ACCESS)
dialog/oauth response with curl
Return Succes Message After Delete/Update/create
C client server tcp/ip chat room application
Retrieving refresh token using oauth2 on Google Contacts API version 3.0
Prevent application cache from extracting files on iOS
How to give html tags in javascript for Facebook.ui?
how can i get pixel of an image in UIimageView by calling a touchEvent on an imageView? [closed]
jcifs.smb.SmbException: The network name cannot be found
How to dynamically check CheckBoxes?
Getting the RunNotifier of a JUnitCore
Spring Injection & Globally initialized objects
Substitute all non matching characters between certain columns
Custom Insert/Update on Entity Framework and ASP.NET Dynamic Data
improve performance union all+group by+order by+count
Is it possible to pass windows/network credentials to be used by WebRequest to access local folder instead of remote FTP in unit test?
i want to make view Like in i carousel View [closed]
mqtt mosquitto linux connection limit
Referencing an object in an array of objects in javascript
java order arraylist string[]聽by number
PHP converting date without a year
Screen BlackOut in PreferenceScreen
CSS: Why is the indentation of these list elements not lining up?
Query to find data between particular row number in Mongo
How can i sort fieldsets via jquery?
How to close jquery dialogue box for mobile application
Unit Testing functions within repository interfaces - MVC3 & Moq
Setting eclipse default workspace location on startup based upon user name
Trouble with color datagridview
Invites on timelines using XFBML
How to apply Font color to specific cells on JTable that uses DefaultTableModel
How to activate caps lock by default on surface keyboard in WPF
Creating a cursor, Is the data being copied?
How to generate code samples from a grammar?
Custom TCP service vs HTTP IOS
PySide imports not recognized by Pydev code analysis with Python 3.2 [closed]
how to create a custom indexing [closed]
How to increase an ipv6 address based on prefix in java? [closed]
I need faster SQL query to find expired subscribers
In iOS, is it possible to obtain waveform or spectrum data of the current track? eg: equalizer
Workarounds for massive performance penalty for DISTINCT on SQL Server?
DataTables - Adding filtering function to a column
Use 404 ErrorDocument that is in a sub directory
Spreading image inside a shape in html5 canvas
SQL - SELECT max(someDate) and another field -> returning something incoherent
How to get Highcharts X-Axis Categories starting at the left most point
SQL: how do you look for missing ids?
鈥淩esource not available鈥�message for an applicarion created with spring roo
UI thread waiting for other threads to execute - Not working
mysql: special use of concat
Can't save negative decimal values
Codebase attribute appears in <Applet> tag
Defining lists in prolog scripts
Attribute not geting set through function
Parsing JSON on google app engine (java)
Multi-thread C# queue in .Net 4
JMS temporary queue discards first message
C++ Indexing TCHAR string
SQL - Using a Subselect
How to get back the Spotlight For Help menu item
Android app crashes during changing views
MySQL weekly report with given start date and end date
Can the same origin policy be breached virtual network tests
Lua 5.2 LUA_GLOBALSINDEX Alternative
Need help entering an ArrayList into my WordSearchPuzzle program
File format need for inverted indexing
Web.config Forms Auth > protect root but allow access to subdirectory
Removing paypal express checkout radio button from checkout page
Django admin error
context menu does not appears
locate byte in pdf file and read line
JsonResult with numbers as field names
Not getting action when pressing UIButton inside a custom static cell
Custom Toolbar With Images
changing complete layout in spree
NullPointerException by finding TextView
Documenting a C++ concept using doxygen?
How to add breadcrumb?
Is it possible to call Java methods (or invoke objects) using .NET on cross platform?
Can I use DBCC CHECKIDENT for resseding identity column in a table variable?
Make cygwin home directory to Windows' User Profile
Is it possible to have PayPal standard expand the 'Guest Payments' tab by default?
MATLAB - Add Value at the first column of a matrix
A practical way of formatting explicit content
Instance creation for private functions in a class in javascript
jsp include function in html5?
JAVA - Go game algorithm
Autoellipsis not working on content which is faded in
Is there a working distribution of sqlite available for OpenVMS?
Using a class within it's own declaration
Prestashop: url to get parents categories
Hibernate LazyInitializationExceptioin in a 鈥渘on-web鈥�Spring application
How many levels of pointers can we have?
Dynamic popup menu for all views
System.load for library loading
Change Color of Div Dynamically - Javascript
Custom GUI design in linux
Is there a standard file naming convetion for key-value pairs in filename?
Setting environment variables from Text File
Merge and replace table id with string of two table SQL
Preferred validations in ASP .NET
Invoice printing to A5 page using WPF
How to get user profiles using ROR+linkedin
how to re-launch an Activity to re-load a static library?
VS 2010, SAP Crystal Reports, Windows Server 2008
Post values from table in mvc
Run a java class file from a webpage on the visitor computer?
What constitutes a nonzero value in tsql?
How can we access to 鈥渟erver response鈥�of 鈥渏qXHR鈥�of ajaxSubmit function? [closed]
How to analyze JVM crash file hs_err_pidXYZ.log
Automatic project references update in VS2010
Search query in XML datatype
JQuery easySlider not working in Chrome/Safari
Auto log in to different domain without entering username and password
Hql or Criteria for selecting row with max value from groups
how should you handle file open error in a thread without cancellation?
input/output for a file in c++
Magento: Customer Comment on order page required field
multiple records within a single div tag
How to debug BOOT_COMPLETE broadcast receiver's 鈥淔orce Close鈥�crashes?
webview not loading images
syntax error @ casting new.value in table trigger
.htaccess file to allow access to images folder to view pictures?
Assigning unlisted shortcut keys / key binding
Diagnosis on 鈥淨uota Exceeded鈥�Win32Exception
date matching using python regex
How to use services created in WSO2 Governance Registry?
Speech recognition for android [closed]
One Resource belongs to two parent resources
Is this SELECT and ORDER BY query the most efficient way I could have done it?
post on users wall using graph api?
UIPageViewController curling effect required in iOS-4 [duplicate]
i want to send email with multiple database values
how to solve SQL syntax error?
CSS3 glowing menu
How does the NNTP peering protocol works?
android - eclipse helio's to indigo with android sdk
How can I show a ProgressDialog while creating an AlertDialog?
Opencart meta title include store name
Java - adding components to JFrame
Extjs 4 basic templating
int to char* and memory allocation
Play remote sound using QT
Slider with multiple intervals
zoom in zoom out on an image
Loop a System.Data.Objects.DataClasses.EntityCollection
Error with locales and 鈥uthlogic?
Add drop down lists in partial view with dynamic content mvc3
DataGrid data bindings with Entity Data Model
Why is <table> not allowed inside <p>
Send SMS from Emulator
QtConcurrent - grouped calls to same function in a thread
Google Maps - Fusion Tables with Overlapping Polygons
Working separately on different values of a variable in R
How to write an own capture filter?
BrowserCache Removal Not working
Is Titanium support ARC?
.htaccess for 301 rewrite for www/non www canonical, with exceptions for subfolder (another domain)
How to get the sheet name from a cell when using a function such as SUM or ArrayFormula?
Who can help me install and get RubyGems working on Mac OS X Lion?
Internals of SELECT FROM view WHERE
How is this font face in CSS3 embedded into a css file?
Required property in Web service
Is there a reason why Visual Studio puts every project output in a separate folder?
Remove placeholder after type (and not after focus)
Customize a dojo's ComboBox
objective c importing images from twitter to iphone app
Why is my OpacityMask causing render errors?
DelphiXE2 vs Delphi7. dll behaviour depends on calling process
ASP.NET - Accesing the controls in child page
What resources mean in ACL in zend framework
Using curl or file_get_contents for getting a text file from the same domain
Entity Framework Error: Could not find the conceptual model type for X
Best PHP Data Grid [closed]
I can not do any modify after Octopress installed
C# Timeouts on Asynchronous calls
Create parent object with child collection - 鈥淔ramework 4.1 MVC 3.0鈥�
jquery passing value of input to fancybox [closed]
GMF Editor - Phantom Nodes
MDX Query with running total across crossjoined dimensions
Multithreading and events
C++ better way to handle function overloading
How to refresh a part of a webpage using javascript or using jQuery?
System shutdown without password in ubuntu 11.04
better sub-level ul classes with jquery?
Python Module for Distance between UK postcodes
C : How to pause sigaction Timer
Authentication in zend framework 2
How to configure email accounts in android account manager programatically?
SQL Server: issues with field length control
ASIHTTPRequest with iPhone 3G
Program terminates if I use scanf
How to create a a master slave server system? [closed]
IBM WESB/WAS JCA security configuration
How to create a calendar object within an Object within an ArrayList
Filtering input text using jQuery
NSMutableString and (character)-encoding issue: getting U00fc in case of 眉
Sonar Java Web Client: Authors by line null
DataAnnotationsExtensionsMVC3 validation not working on Integer value
How do you allocate memory at a predetermined location?
Core-Plot iOS - Adding multiple charts to a screen only every second chart displays
Wix - how to prevent overwrite entire directory?
Which Red Gate tool should I use?
SqLite database won't close when in unicode and PRAGMA journal_mode is set
TFS Build Agent stopped
Test If Property of type System.Collections.Generic.List(of T)
Facebook search for app redirect
PayPal - subscribe button with credit card
How to use Entity Framework with an Oracle database
IndexOutOfRangeException - Windows Phone (C#)
jquery resize on div element
jQuery grid dialog overlay
To find a particular string using telnet through a server side C# Console
Library/API for development of SNMP manager
Best strategies when working with micro ORM?
Is ST_GeomFromText better than providing direct geometry?
overlapping of panels (ascx) in IE7
Updating a UITextView with contents of NSMutableArray
mobile image does not appear in mainpage.xaml
How to handle a click on a <tr> but not on the child elements?
jquery conflict prototype.js and jquery.js
Python/PIL os.listdir permission error
Is this Normal map correct
To find a particular string using telnet through a server side C# Console
Library/API for development of SNMP manager
Best strategies when working with micro ORM?
Is ST_GeomFromText better than providing direct geometry?
overlapping of panels (ascx) in IE7
Updating a UITextView with contents of NSMutableArray
mobile image does not appear in mainpage.xaml
How to handle a click on a <tr> but not on the child elements?
jquery conflict prototype.js and jquery.js
Python/PIL os.listdir permission error
Is this Normal map correct
WPF 4.0 EdgeMode.Aliased drawing inexplicably slow to display on canvas
dayClick and eventClick function not working in fullcalendar
Display set amount of items from XML - Jquery
RestKit Object Mapping did not mapping my object
Sitecore Web Forms For Marketers language versioning
MYSQL to SQL - Limit in Update
Sort serial data with buffer
val converting to int value [closed]
Reading/writing ELMAH log information from/into a custom table
How to get a Carousel look in EXTJS 4.0 for images?
What is 鈥�load鈥�in .load sos?
How to iterate complex type of array in android
Windows Service Project Maintains Another Executable?
Facebook SSO not working without Facebook app
Html Mail Not Working With SMTP In PHP
draw X letter shape using asterisk(*)
Ideal design pattern for contact list/roster download/synchronization in a Messenger library
CMake CPack debian packages
R reading Excel files with carriage returns
Creating my own makefile [Error 255]
Android: Async Task, how to handle efficiently?
Best way to use R in Ruby
Release connection into c3p0 connection pool
Android:TextToSpeech Not Working
Mojo::UserAgent get() with userdefined callback
Create multiple versions of a project in Visual Studio using Build Configurations
Fortumo In-App payment for Android
How to call powershell function properly?
Migration number not taking timestamp
accessing bytes of an integer in c
Pointing to XML entity declaration with relative path
How to model 'toggle' table in sql
can't push/pull from mercurial repository - abort: error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Set log4j file path param in execution time
ip address validation in python using regex
failing to display array entered from keyboard in c
How to fill a Jquery multicolumn selectbox from code behind ASP.NET?
replace traditional event call with javascript event listener
NSXMLParser to create nodes and NSMutableArray
BOOL not setting correctly, debug output is confusing
Effective clustering of a similarity matrix
Distributed web scraping framework[closed]
JavaScript Pop up : Invoking in JQuery
Twig is not loading in Silex
Any good tips for App-book library? [closed]
clicking right mouse button on upper-left corner crashes application while protection is on
WebPage coming as blank in browser, in the view source code is available
How can I convert all columns in my database to case insensitive
Programming a one-to-many relationship
How to synchronize two methods
How to insert text with DOM-Methods at the position of the JavaScript-call
Python decompiler for Eclipse PyDev?
add chat feature in sipdroid using openfire
Calculating optimal count of splines from set of points
Command to list all sourced files in TCL
Debug in Eclipse : inspect variable -> errors durring evaluation
How do I insert 2 questions onto a single X axis
How to make tooltip in JQuery for a textbox?
code works on emulator but not on Phone
Extend Activity with MapActivity and ActivityGroup
How do I add EJB capabilities to an Eclipse dynamic web project?
Regex: Parse specific string with one 18-digit number
Jquery Fullcalender: add Datepick in Fullcalender
Enter url code javascript player? [closed]
1 simultaneous download + force waiting time + Amazon S3
boost serialization save to multiple archive types and prevent construction of new object when loading with pointer
How to get vendor id of an android-powered device via adb?
Update partial with Ajax in Rails 3 too Slow
Creating an object using static members from a class
console error trying to install mapping software for ios app
Change the order in a jquery populated form select
Call function from an object?
Unsatisfied Link Error
fetch host value based on NULL value or number from other table
Check the correct answer
What is transactional replication used for?
Running SQL based on a query stored within a field?
How to support more than one CommandParameter Binding for MVVM on Silverlight
Using fitnesse, fitsharp and slim with c#
What is the exact difference between currentTarget property and target property in javascript
stat() in mingw works incorrectly
The ZipInputStream can't read all information of zip file
Regular expression to get base url
Testing query string unicode handling in Perl
Cocos2D Game Crashes in Old Ipad
Implementing c++ Callback using Qt Signal and Slot
Calling a function n times with two parameters
Get Requesting User's IP Address Within Apache XMLRPC environment?
Problem with ebay AddItem API call
Calling a function n times with two parameters
Get Requesting User's IP Address Within Apache XMLRPC environment?
Problem with ebay AddItem API call
How to reset staged changes on the remote after a push?
To color the image using flood fill algorithm in javascript
JSON api on Ruby on Rails
spring integration: 鈥渘o output-channel or replyChannel header available鈥�
How to test the Apple Push Notification from iPhone app?
How to zoom normal views in Android
How to get Latitude and Longitude from mobile device Android
save image with UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum after rotation of the image
Perfect object to be recognized with OpenCV
Multiple Profile forms with FOSUserBundle
android:theme=鈥淍android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen鈥�works on Application level but not at the activity level. Any clue?
GWT Google Maps V3 overlay widgets
Variable column lines changed when ode45 function process?
Adding External jar files in Eclipse for EAR Project
change the color of a cell in a full calendar
No data when running SELECT from C# OracleDB
Issue for facebook comments iframe for vertical scrolling in IE browser
Build a maven product with components from a different git repository
Download this form data to XML
Accesing post title and URL from Blogger gadget
SVG element not receiving events in Opera and IE
Package catalog of MEF in silverlight
multiple node.js + always = Error: watch EMFILE
Duplicate a javascript prototype instance?
Levenshtein distance in regular expression
Phonegap Android Webview Video plays only audio
Calling a variable from another method
How to integrate log-in credential
Character replacing in XCode - Objective-C
Bloomberg VBA API: How can I replace a BDS call with VBA and the BLPAPI?
Launch home screen chooser
Cannot connect Solaris 10 to Windows 7
Points on a line in jfreechart
C application error on run
create a regex pattern
SFINAE not working on Visual Studio 2010 for std::is_pointer
How to upload my own wordpress theme to my blog
Coreplot on iOS - How to remove the default padding so the chart fills the view completely without axis labels
[file-get-contents]: failed to open stream
returning multiple values in web service
compare two successive rows - group by
Embedding issuu
Maven dependency: exclude one class
AsyncTask alternative for simple cases
Can MultiselectList be used in MVVM style(bind its IsSelected property to viewmodel)?
Facebook upload photo from computer
Cannot open http://localhost:8080/ when Tomcat is running in Eclipse
Placeholder text runs out of the textarea in Safari?
Access to TeamCity build comments
Integer as key for Map Reduce in Mongodb
Why is numpy.abs so much slower on complex64 than complex128 under windows 32-bit?
javascript how to open a exe on server
CodeIgniter and DataMapper ORM
xstream serialize heap space
Why eval is not working in this snippet?
鈥淿OBJC_CLASS_$_ATReachability鈥� referenced from errors
How can I display a UIBarButtonItem without a border?
Spring JSP Binding a Map
Cross-domain AJAX
dart, editor, breakpoints, debug dynamic webpage
Can I change the web.config connection string due to a Request parameter?
MySQL error on CREATE TABLE for many-to-many relationship
Optional parameter in the function of c#
Association of User and Post [duplicate]
Displaying information/advertise between transition of two forms in lwuit
Performing Trigonometry in Javascript
Dynamic http re-login function and module import python/django
How to calculate LSA Word score as seen in 鈥淟SA Intro AI Seminar鈥�
Nvidia Cuda video encoder - output frame size
Performance of positioning voxels in an octree/quadtree
iOS sending parameter to selector using NSTimers
RestKit: requeue RKRequest in RKRequestQueue
Passing values between pages
How to increase the volume in the OSX PlaySoftMidi example.
Add a private reference to an object
Error installing rails, failed to build gem native extension
D3 - how to deal with JSON data structures?
iReport dynamic parameter passing or triming space between two row [duplicate]
Where this CSS menu fails?
File upload is not working properly in
Having trouble testing CanCan views with RSpec
Issue with <s:hidden /> in Struts 2
How to include queues into CRM solution?
GROUP_CONCAT with JOINLEFT in Zend Db Select
How to parse web service respnse in android [duplicate]
running Add-mailboxpermission from aspx page with impersonation
Datagrid's hyperlink linkin a child table's column
Redirecting into a pipe
Formset header only?
Wordpress is cut off when linking to pages using /index.php/page-name
Function definition does not declare parameters error in a template
What is causing the line break?
Set expandLevel for xe:navigator using a theme
Gallery fo bcms 3.3.3 error - ruby on rails
C++ Read Access violation error
Splitting a tweet into separate strings [closed]
move my Object with certain speed
How to restore selected path in FolderBrowserDialog
trying to get rid of cursor for update
PHP script connecting TCP/IP server?
undefined variable php updating mysql data [duplicate]
How to update a component inside of dataTable from outside of it
Jinja2 template support in Eclipse
utf8 not supporting for other languages why?
iOS In-App Purchase - internal or external content?
Android and crowdsourcing
How to get the bin folder in eclipse
How to parse XML with prefixes?
Rendering a big file with pystache
Trigger websocket error event
SQL Query - Multiple Joins on Same field
Flash streaming is not playable in Firefox
Comparing hours in java
PHP ODBC connection returning correct value types
OpenErp and Dynamics Ax: how is programmable and customizable OpenErp?
Not Null validation for JSON Response iPhone App
Node.js without a template engine
titanium: fallback for split window on android
tags on an element's children
functionality of facebook like button
Unwanted Form modifications when using VS designer
Converting char* string to lowercase using tolower() causes SIGSEGV - what's wrong?
what is MSVC -L equivalent?
slickgrid: visibility field in row
How to make a dynamic breadcrumb CakePHP?
CSS: 3 column height 100%
how to add the node value in an XML file?
Query to display Propernoun using SPARQL over dbpedia
Unhandled error in WCF about serviceHostingEnvironment
Shutdown socketserver serve_forver() in one-thread Python application
Using ant to access a third property when concatenating 2 existing ones?
Performance difference between Views and Temporary tables [closed]
will the memory overflow if python processing too many bigtext
How to get System/Disk Informations using Lotus script?
Why is it a bad practice to return DataTables from WCF service operations?
Comparing DateTime for .NET Application
Curl not working for hellotxt API
Android alarm driver
iPhone+Highlight Star when rated Accordingly
how to avoid changing value of const in C
Twistd socket ownership
Scala ~> (tilde greater than) operator
cmake cflags cxxflags modification
wordpress htaccess rewriterule
How come this alarm isn't going off?
How to change the selected item of a dynamicly created dropdownlist on ButtonClick
Need a better solution for the app development issue
how to override page_limit of query.php file of wp-includes in wordpress?
Display mixed HTML content without WebBrowser? (issues with ScrollViewer)
email with approval link
UIImagePickerController with the saved Video files
how to fix this issue on ie7 with menu and iphone?
JavaScript / SVG
Running the Sort example on Hadoop (single-node cluster)?
Passing arguments to setInterval is causing strange behaviour
How do I edit the below jQuery to return the hover logo change to original state?
Using Smarty {strip} how does this affect performance?
Setting up a Websocket Server without running a Daemon
Random MalformedJsonException
XSLT 2.0 produces error: 鈥渢he context item is undefined鈥�
My NSSavePanel is not saving the file. (OSX 10.5)
Grails 2.0 Externalized Config in Production, cannot access application - HTTP 404
c# Call Workflow Service by HttpRequest without Add Service Reference
how to plot Daily Report of a month using bar chart in iReport 4.5.1?
Regular expression for retrieving tags
Solr documents composed of both JSON and XML?
jqGrid get current rowid
ASP.NET Generating .pdf files, UnauthorizedAccessException on Save()
鈥渙nchange鈥�not working for selectOneMenu in PrimeFaces 3.2
How do I get the initial configuration of my Azure role?
MySQL phpmyadmin alternatives (mySQL workbench like)
How to set credentials on log4net RollingFileAppender to impersonate?
Java Mail Exception Error;
facebook add friend using ajax call
In GWT, how can I serialize/unserialize a Place using JSON in its tokenizer?
ResulSet - Cursor : Taking lot of time
How to abort unit test from another thread?
.htaccess regex redirect by file type
Heap allocation and suitable hardware
Difference between Latency and Jitter in Operating-Systems
Async data loading with WCF service with UI capabilities
Error setting property values (Spring 3+mybatis 3)
How to Deploy a Rails 3 Website
SimpleCursorAdapter in ICS
jboss tools installation error in eclipse
URL Rewriting in Apache Not Working For Me
Exception when creating WPF window in a different thread
TextBox.Text Doesn't Right Justify
How can i limit the angle of roation of a div
Mysql CREATE FUNCTION syntax error
Sencha Windows SDK Tool 2.0.0. Maven integration
Trouble with libgsl and wxwidget
Facebook application - time spend at FB [duplicate]
Grails - using Spring el expressions in Spring 3.1's @Cacheable
display live image from an usb PC camera in windows application
Trouble with libgsl and wxwidget
Facebook application - time spend at FB [duplicate]
Grails - using Spring el expressions in Spring 3.1's @Cacheable
display live image from an usb PC camera in windows application
ICommunicationObject.State do not work?
How to run database program outside the Netbeans IDE?
is it possible to customize bugzilla fields ( text fields, text area etc)?
Running ksh script inside a perl code is not working
Jquery tooltip that stays open on hover
jQueryMobile - unable to link to PDF documents
Spring TransactionManager - commit does not work
Am I mocking this helper function right in my Django test?
How to delete an existing worksheet in excel file using xlutils, xlwt, xlrd with python
How to add custom repository in pom while I'm using nexus for proxing?
App crash on clicking select box in webview
How to send newsletters from different IPs?
Why does a horizontal scroll appear in mobile browser(iPhone)?
How to send csv file as attachment in android?
Are there other ways to display information?
Build website application using automated build TFS 2010
Python's sys.exit behavior when a non-daemon thread is waiting indefinitely on a lock
Is there any way that I can restrict a child class from inheriting some of its parent's methods?
Good PDF to HTML Converter for Mobiles
Can I please get some help getting this popunder java script to open
Save form parameters on hash change event
Twitter Bootstrap - add top space between rows
HTML5 Notifications in a Chrome extension - Can the close button be disabled?
Javascript in Android webView
Windows - preventing console window from closing if errors occured
fluentnhibernate: default_schema and Formula
how to do Page Scrolling in ipad website
Table-splitting of an inherited entity type?
Display rows that are inside a table to <p> with a textarea under it with Jquery
Load balancer scalability and max #tcp ports
.apk Application stopping unexpectedly when installed to emulator or phone
CRM 2011 - Sharepoint 2010 Integration - Create all folders
How to create a context sensitive help in a Java application
Facebook FB.ui apprequest not showing on mobile
Best way to persist lot of data into an object
Simple search in Mongoid using mongoid_search gem
Ranges without video in AVMutableCompositionTrack and AVMutableVideoComposition issues
customizing arraylist display in display tag
Barcode scanner with ZXing library
Finding nearest point with lower-bound鈥�but data is not sorted
Efficient way to read xml feeds from a server, serialize and process them in the database
Invalid system id - Liferay Portal - Java Server Faces
How to include dependencies into an EAR without version in the file name
Generic parameter in c#
how to read from excel row wise and store it in some tempoary variables in c#
Move two or more objects randomly around the screen
select multiple items in a listview and change background color of selected item
Users upload view
How to create a MVVM for a user control without exposing all the internals to the consumer?
PhoneGap / Cordova 1.5 iOS 鈥渄o not back up鈥�file attribute
ASP.NET Razor View Html.TextBox size/width
How to react properly on fetched data in spinejs
Implement unix 'file' command for HDFS files in java?
improve application performance and intelligence
PhoneGap 1.4 wrapping Sencha Touch 2.X - What about performance?
Check position with Jquery
Best way to mix polymorphic association and hierarchies?
iPhone App gets Hang/Blocks the UI for few seconds while coming in foreground from background
passing url with space in GET parameter from Java servlet to Perl
Issue with encryptig password using Crypt::RC4
Sort By Post title regardless of category in wordpress
How to scale custom drawings inside drawRect:
How to change the default permissions in Androidmanifest.xml
VB Scripting for reading a text file and executing query
Set the width of the SectionIndex displaying on the right side of the UITableView?
AjaxControlToolkit ReorderList doesn't work
How to catch a System.TimeoutException if it's thrown by an unknown thread in external code?
bxSlider plugin not loading the classes
How to concatenate strings with C preprocessor with dots in them?
Get session from outside service class in GWT
how to integrate SMS & EMAIL Reminders in my play2.0 framework web application.
How to make empty list in initial attr of class?
how can let two windows(a window is opened by another) communicate
What is the syntax for a CSS media query that applies to more than one property (AND operator)?
fancybox IFrame print
work with listbox in windows form
Why does a push_back on an std::list change a reverse iterator initialized with rbegin?
slices to immutable strings by reference and not copy
link error, how it happens?
ViewBinder cast error with android 4.0
How to implement Context menu for custom view in ListView?
Set percentage width for span element
Libtool version mismatch
Accessing the url of a remote window in Javascript
Integration forum framework on own site
In xmlunit, can the Diff.identical() return TRUE for (xml1,xml2) pair and FALSE for (xml2,xml1)?
Convert type a to char
solr-index from multiple folders
host name wrong exception
Check if given strftime format matches a date
Is there anything wrong with this sql code? [duplicate]
Java bean class
adding + before using %2b using url encoding in iphone
Is it necessary for the service layer in a Java EE project to talk to the Entities through a DAO layer?
bandwidth overheads for mail with ssl
Playing media files using JAVA
Java bean class
adding + before using %2b using url encoding in iphone
Is it necessary for the service layer in a Java EE project to talk to the Entities through a DAO layer?
bandwidth overheads for mail with ssl
Playing media files using JAVA
How to run processing.js using jQuery's getScript
redirect remote domain through my domain
Resize an ALAsset Photo takes a long time. Any way around this?
Two things I'd like to know about how static locals are implemented by the compiler
tree structure in view file
Handling Array returned from c++ dll to C#
App crash after '
how to keep alive my ID without Hiddenfor in mvc 3?
ggplot2 add a legend for several stat_functions
Update binded datagridview
What is the best way to encode 1mb of data into a decodable analog image?
Disable fetching of p2 repository indexes
Is there an actionscript open source library that implements photo effects like
Microsoft AdCenter V7 to V8 API
My interpretation of the MVVM-concept in WPF (In relation to presenters)
python re string starting with
Deploy phantomJS to node.js app?
Symptom checker with php-mysql
MATLAB Undefined function error
Java method reference
Failure Starting Android Virtual Device
Keep track changes of DbContext with ObservableCollection in code first
JPA Entity use index hint
Qtip's arrow doesn't display in IE
Difference between IwGx, Iw2D and s3e
How to use System.IO.Packaging in MonoTouch
Programmatically blocking all connections between a process and particular host in C#/Windows
Install ELCImagePickerController
Rails 2.2.2: find_by_sql returns result set with all columns value as object of String
Entity Framework Issue鈥ata context can not be converted to IDisposable
Powershell: Saving file to root
Composition in c++
Passing a self-reference down to an instantiated class
how to call a function after calling next function jQuery galleria plugin?
Auto rotate screen feature issue in android
PHP Propel groupBy two columns
MAMP (mysql) over LAN [closed]
Set current display title from the $views object
sharekit ios5 shows linker error with existing code
How to detect if autohidden taskbar is visible or not?
Visual C# Express Edition command line arguments from the IDE
Find element which has specific child element, but no text nodes
how to Read and write ini file
Get Tweets without links
Set default User Agent in Android?
Log a web page's dynamically-created tag attributes with a userscript
Camel: Is it Possible to Implement Request/Reply & Competing Consumers with the Help of Asynchronous Processor?
Setting object by value instead of reference
Java parametrized method return value type
Repeated SQL Error: 2006: MySQL server has gone away
Determine facebook's users clicked LIKE button on the app
CakePHP Fatal Error class 'L18n' not found
generate class diagram in visio
how to show jpg images using cr 10.5 with visual studio 2008
How to extend a template in CrudGeneratorBundle skeleton views?
Why not extending from Enum<E extends Enum<E>>
Android activity intent
Java RMI connection-pooling details
Finding mean in cell with condition
how to handle parse error for eval function in php
I am confused, because I don't know which search engine library to use. [closed]
Wpf rotating window? [duplicate]
creating elearning system with mvc for small school [closed]
Profiling time spent in I/O C++
MySQL: Using a string in a 鈥淲HERE <column_name> IN <values>鈥�Query
PHP5 calculate IPv6 range from cidr prefix?
How to update one cell using the onChange Event from another cell?
Insert Query giving Error [closed]
string_dec and string in Ocaml library
Haskell throws a parse error in a strange place
Is it faster to reset a collection of properties or create a new instance?
Sending data from server (java) to android client
Getting displayed value of select tag
How to draw Shape exclusively inside Canvas
Android: Show progress indicator of parse while downloading a XML
How to apply css styles in embed widget
Fetching different language's HTML data from multilingual website
Combine these two mySQL queries
Why shouldn't we use Select * in a mysql query on a production server?
DOSBox Exit to error: CPU_SetSegGeneral: Stack segment zero
MySQL Workbench EER Diagramm - how to change storage engine?
Facebook Cover Photo API using PHP
Android GIS - Reverse Geocode using Shapefile (.shp)
What are the differences between [Serializable] and [Serializable()] [duplicate]
How to perform the CRUD operations on the datatable?
how to solve this uninitialized constant UsersController::LinkedIn?
Why the JVM's Runtime max memory is smaller than the value specified in command line -Xmx?
Lazy Initialization Hibernate in Struts Spring Hibernate
PDF Attachments in Azure, use memory or temporary directory?
How to get the return value from matlab in bash script?
How to implement manually JPA relation OneToMany
Execute multiple functions in parfor
Accessing SOAP service in Java
Using Castle Windsor WcfFacility to create client endpoints
Sub groups within Group By query in mysql
How to implement manually JPA relation OneToMany
Execute multiple functions in parfor
Accessing SOAP service in Java
Using Castle Windsor WcfFacility to create client endpoints
Sub groups within Group By query in mysql
Do we need to have 64 bits OS to run Android CTS and Monkey test for Android ICS version ?
Convert Byte stream into PDF, html, css files in IOS
Allowed memory size exhausted error exporting from mongodb
NSString as a resources in Xcode project
What is the best way to upload files to another domain from a browser? [closed]
Setting DefaultDataPath and DefaultLogPath on Deploy in VS2010 Database Project
Manipulate SVG viewbox with JavaScript (no libraries)
FileNotFoundException with Assembly.LoadFile on Windows 7 64 bit
How to get/set current location in windows?
When should one use .innerHTML and when document.write in JavaScript
Opening Visual Studio 2005 C# project with CrystalDecisions
Password is not checking case sensitivity
Scanning classpath with ant build yields different results
C#Activex event not fire
Jackson annotations being ignored in Spring
node http proxy SSL transparent
JAVA to Perl - port XOR encryptor class
polar coordinates of a vector in three-dimensional space
IIS 7 URL rewrite on WCF Service
jQuery - how to get string value of selector without the prefix
Jquery-Cycle Is hovering above my fixed nav bar, how would I make it go behind it like everything else?
Auto-increment column in SQL Server does not always start at 1?
Is a templated function that supports different levels of indirection possible in C++11?
Error when try to add Service Reference
How to keep position of nodes in Igraph + R
maven build failure: cannot read zip file entry
PostgreSql 'PDOException' with message 'could not find driver' [closed]
wordpress website display wrong in IE
PHPUnit is no longer running after ArrayCollection (Doctrine 2) initialization in Netbeans
Android - WebView font looks different on every device
what to do with tomcat PermGen space
create Url in yii with element name with # [closed]
Does NoSQL databases use or need indexes?
creating all combination in PHP
RequestDispatcher .forward(req, res) in Servlet doesn't have any effect
creating a form for deleting uploads that belongs to products
Buttons in LinearLayout issue
Custom print page for each excel/google spreadsheet row
Can AvocadoDB scale like MongoDB or CouchDB
Can I show 鈥渟mall鈥�320x50 iAd banners on the iPad?
Getting line number of an error from minified JavaScript files
Google links opens wrong pages
How to show PDF's table on HTML
How can i pass configuration variable values into the pyodbc connect command?
JavaScript regex is not working in Java
JavaScript regex is not working in Java
Is Oracle's CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function really a function?
Peer Channel File Transfer
why am I getting an 鈥渋mplicit declaration of function 'ndo_get_stats' 鈥�error?
Check the response of ajax in jquery is json or not
Issue i am facing with dateFormat.parse(string)?
JQuery - How to submit dynamically created form?
Nokia Maps (v2.2): mousedown/mouseup issue
Iphone Game, Full/Lite or in-app?
Passing different parameter to a method call depending on a condition in Ruby
javascript fails on Firefox browser
How can I upload an entire folder, that contains other folders, using sftp on linux?
Dynamic object allocation and propery access
How to create new console in separate view
How to display gradient effect from top to bottom in android
How to get the .po file from .pot files
unable to return arraylist from backing bean method
which SQL Server Product I shall install? [closed]
Error in FF - c[Db] is not a function
UriMapper not working
Read json and parse [closed]
In Powershell, is it a good practice to write multiple functions in a single script file?
Submit animation issues in IE
.net mvc form login url redirecting
Font-face don't display well
How to upload a single image to a folder?
Matching pattern across multiple files: perl or grep?
consuming webservice in android
Does AFNetworking have reconnect method after connection failed
Keyboard issue while focusing on bottom edit text in Android
To set delay on a button click in java?
Mapping hbm for inheritance as @mappedclass annotation
How to design Crystal report with Dynamic Data
Access view of included xml layout
How can i improve the readablility of nested if and for statements
jQuery ajax (with rails): specify dataType at runtime
Is there away to compile node.js in eclipse + mingw on windows?
how safe is the 256 bit encryption used in bank transactions [closed]
how to map two tables having pojos but relationship between them is defined in third table which does not have pojo
How to judge certain type of files(suce as csv file) exist using powershell?
Temporary table record limit in Sql server
DataTable array into DataSet
Can't search for all generated terms in lucene index
ASP.NET MVC - updating foreign keys
delay mouseenter event and raise event if mouse inside the element
how to get android 4.0.3 source [closed]
Android SDK 18.0.0 causing Eclipse Errors
First GUI version of Emacs
a bunch of requests with gcd
XPath query to select element by certain implementation
I have an iPad app that plays audio in background but app icon is not appear with ipod controls
Create character with Images in Box2D on iOS
Custom Context menu in jquery
Linux SUID config cause binary file fail to execute
Ensure only one setTimeout runs (is active) at a time?
MPI_Scatter allocation for float - MPI,C
howto read a stacktrace from c# like my example?
Displaying an ImageIcon
Abort Windows log off from Java
Swipe between Activities by touch in android
Extarcting image of words from a scaned paper
What is the difference between sequence diagram and communication diagram?
Competitors to SharePoint [closed]
How do i link third party libraries in a makefile on ubuntu (g++)
ListView selection change doesn't remove an old item
iOS: How to navigate from DetailView to DetailView? fails to emit messages to Node server on Chrome & Firefox
Special characters xml parsing issue in iphone
Wpf Server/client logon. Problems with events
Will Google Analytics track traffic if cookies are disabled in my browser?
How to fetch data from a table created in Sencha MVC approach?
The way to programatically distinguish between system process and the process launched by the user(for example,game process)
Shift the origin from (0,0) to (0,50) in JFreeChart
Retrieve Facebook users information by date
mapping string values with corresponding formats
Unable to send a mail using perl Mime::Lite
What's the effect of 鈥渋nt a(); 鈥�in C++? [duplicate]
How to get Value from DropDownList inside a ListView?
why is .innerHTML changed before and .send()?
How to detect integer values from the Image in android using image processing?
AndEngine Update Thread Works Slowly for Large sprites
Close a form from an external thread using the Invoke method
Writing plugins to TortoiseSVN
Passing javascript variable to PHP function
how do i prevent an extjs model/proxy from saving the empty primary id on create