Show the user who made the last modification on a document in Plone
jquery validation word count integration
Get the real adapter information only using WMI query?
How to add my application to app store with two different versions (free and paid)
PHP OOP with Javascript
Form not showing error messages (Rails 3 project)
2 questions regarding Rack::Timeout (rspec + thread-safety)
Showing a new mail in INBOX using IMAP in Pantomime Framework
Webcenter Portal and Content Management
Webdriver 2.20 and Firefox 11 (Unable to bind to locking port 7054)
How to check current tag element in javascript?
How is write PHP mcrypt_ecb decrypt in Ruby?
Disable backspace with DOM Level 3 Listeners
Android static function call throws NullPointerException
Webdriver 2.20 and Firefox 11 (Unable to bind to locking port 7054)
How to check current tag element in javascript?
How is write PHP mcrypt_ecb decrypt in Ruby?
Disable backspace with DOM Level 3 Listeners
Android static function call throws NullPointerException
Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'Alticore' is undefined
Can we able to create two instance of log4j
Manage the memory of objects calling a delegate callback block
How to highlight a UIButton subclass?
Struts 2 CSV file upload
Is it good to implement OAuth in JS and exposing Consumer Secret and Key?
Python Factorial Calculator Error?
Yii - call an action method from another action method
UILocalNotification Object in DidFinishLaunching always nil?
How to rotate a CALayer on touch?
Signature method in xml signature
Twitter integration with rails 3 app
MVC3 shopping cart with dynamic value
How to automap 芦value object禄s (components) that encapsulates one value with Fluent NHibernate?
sql in clause doesn't work
get Mimetype and encoding charset of text?
Use GoogleAnalyticsTracker in Android to track application version [closed]
Enumerating a list in a thread-safe way
MKOverlayView drawMapRect:zoomScale:inContext: when is it called?
How to increase the size of a link?
Granting a third party the right to distribute GPL binary
A program that will loop under the conditions of an operator
Get ID for a lazy many-to-one object withot database acces?
Django FileFields Using Values of DB Model
Is this a bug when Constraint from one textfield applies to others on other form
Django: method call in django models
Android Button border shadow
鈥淓rror validating verification code.鈥�when requesting access_token
Unsuscribe to WP7 notification for uninstalled application
How can i added my on barcode and decode it using zxing?
Setting a class in the stylesheet instead of the markup
sqlite database for gps location
Rails: a singular resource nested on the index of another resource
Difference between OR operator ,, and , in Java? [duplicate]
xml_data plugin used by jsTree not working in IE9?
How do I remove a range (subsection) of a list in Python?
make items from checkboxlist links to other pages
How to Query this in MongoDB?
What's the return value of the ternary operation 鈥�:鈥�
Socket receiving no data. Why?
static members and multithreading
tableview is crashing on clicking on cell or on scrolling in ios 5
Cannot understand SQLException exception in clojure
Compiling a PHP extension as non-thread-safe
Pack uri in wpf
Dynamically creating an element and trying to pass its value as a parameter in a function onkeyup
How to create and execute procedures in MySQL workbench
Stage multiple files in gitg
Organizing settings in Django
how to add license key for blackberry application? [closed]
Can we use JMX in VM configuration like Heap size?
Cakephp 2.1 and Jquery UI autocomplete
Pass An ArrayList<CustomObject> to a function that accepts as parameter an ArrayList<Object> in Java
How to return a value from .ashx file to javascript in a variable
When does wcf msmq service goes to fault state
Generating evenly distributed multiples/samples within a range
javascript validation php email using information added in fields
In C, importance and usage of extern storage class specifier [duplicate]
jquery ui button crashes on click in IE8(only)
Update issues in SQLIte table
Doesn't Enter my constructor
Strange issue with Bitmap transparency while saving as BLOB
Is this possible to get total number of rows count with offset limit
iPad can't find current location
Javascript detection not working anymore
How to count the number of columns in a table using SQL? [duplicate]
Are HATEOAS link clickable
Android:Retrieve size of amr audio file
Generate ER diagrams from Oracle db (with missing foreign keys)
Is it allowed to POST empty data?
Get a List instead of a Simple Field Property
How to play full screen video using fancybox
Python 2.5.6 build error on Mac Lion
Delay when refreshing UITableView custom cell
Highcharts customization PHP/MySQL
Fix jqgrid height dynamically
Java Internationalization (i18n) Libraries/Frameworks
How to display data from Database in Java Application [closed]
how to get all values of editext in custom listview editext from mysql database in android
eager loading and lazy loading in rails
C++ function pointer casting
Add an inner join to mySQL GROUP_CONCAT statement
curved bordered CSS for IE8
How to fix Property overflow-y doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1?
using regex to get the variable value of html tags
generating anchor and image tags for fancybox image gallery
How to mark a read mail as Unread in IMAP using objective c
C++ Integer [?]
Can antlr do type-dependent parsing?
MS SQL 2008R2 - Monthly statistic
cakephp query with subquery style
Have Mercurial use a custom merge tool for its own merges
sdf file not showing in App_Data (using MVC application)
Write Reserved Keywords into a file in Windows batch file
Xcode refuses to acknowledge well-written code [duplicate]
MS SQL 2008R2 - Monthly statistic
cakephp query with subquery style
Have Mercurial use a custom merge tool for its own merges
sdf file not showing in App_Data (using MVC application)
Write Reserved Keywords into a file in Windows batch file
Xcode refuses to acknowledge well-written code [duplicate]
how to make live click event on new added DOM
Extracting parameters from a Lua function callback (C api) using variadic templates
How to use Hotswap in Netbeans?
Using the internal Storage from a non activity class in Android
How can i change the color of dropdownlist arrow?
Missing result in Google Places API
send an array in javascript to phpscript
Load all the effect of storyboard until it's finish
How to add a div to popup window in javascript?
how the server identifies the viewstate for the button control is change
Change file name while uploading using Zend_From
SSPI Schannel API - Can credential handles be re-used?
How do i make a simple view-based NSOutlineView?
Calling get_post_custom outputs 38 on screen
Mysql table or query optimisation
Convert Array to string and back to array in coffee script
Formatting month and year using NSDateFormatter returns invalid date
Slide expand animation
Chained exceptions in doctests
How to parse multi dimensional JSON data through Javascript
Issue in jquery while making table row clickable which contain Link in table data
Parse data from Excel to IE using VBA
how do we test the return values from the scanf() function?
Complexity of BigO notation
how we configure that only 10 users access the website
Static code analysis tool for Java EE project
PHP Redis Error: Uncaught exception 鈥楻edisException鈥�
Searching history using opengrok
How we can play private Youtube videos in android using password?
How to Create Directory in Phone Memory in android Emulator in Android
How to suppress UI exceptions in wpf?
how to implement a relative timer in a game
Xcode 4.3 Open Safari from Tableview
how to download source code from
How to compress multiple images and upload in FTP server from iPhone app?
How can i inflate a listView dynamically in android [closed]
How to Sanitize the SQL in Rails?
how to test multipart post with RSPEC
New Uri preserving escaped characters
Disable UAC win7 & Vista by
How to handle memory Leaks while continuous insertion in a LinkedList?
Shopify Add Text To Product Title If Color Variation Available
How to edit only their own data in CakePHP 2?
How to click on a certain button when I press the Enter key
Jfree chart XY plot : how can we set the space between horizontal lines to 0.3 and vertical lines to 0.4?
XSD extend a complex type
Add custom fields in review form
Simple login with PHP check against Microsoft Access
Making a 鈥淭ransactionAction鈥�inner class
Concerns with WCF Data Services and outdated references
nginx alias+location directive
Can I use any HTML or JavaScript API to get the file's path in input[type=file]?
Why UIImage View showing wrong Size of Image
Generate XML reports with Ant, but how to?
How do I show the Alert Box first and then redirect to any page with query strings?
how do i define the $db? Notice: Undefined variable: db
change the datatable outputText to inputText when clicked on Edit Button
How after_update_save works in activescaffold rails?
Html heading and link in the same line
SQL Server 2008 R2 - How to rename multiple columns name?
Tweet button not displayed properly in IE7 but working fine in mozilla, chrome and IE 8
Using mysql with php and ajax, I want to print out a string (rather than a 0/1) for this query
Safari Mac OSX Backspace Issues
ApplicationBar is a type but is used as a variable in Panorama view
Need to remove the count from the output when using 鈥渦niq -c鈥�command
Using ASP MVC without Annotations
ASP.NET - Adding items to dropdownlist during construction
Creating a Cocoa Framework & using it from another Cocoa project
unable to execute shell script
Invalid option file options: pad=oper
Diffrence requestScope and request.getParameter?
How to recode while loop to optimize performance for large simulation in R?
Groovy Using Single Quote
Is it okay to code high traffic API's in PHP? [closed]
How to properly join on a column in MYSQL which potentially has no matching results?
Subdomains. How do you do development with subdomains?
Multiple records from database in ASP.NET(C#)
How calculate average time in Excel (if sum of hours more, than 24)
How to extract content from facebook using R
Perl OpenOffice::OODoc Modifying header/footer style text
鈥渋nvalid label鈥�when using JSONP?
Is Result variable defined from first line in a function?
JS:Redirector-NL [Trj] - How to remove this trojan?
itextsharp insert text in pdf file with C#
Applet SQL INSERT not working in browser
Get total number of rows when using LIMIT
Symfonian way to store custom utilities and helpers in symfony 2
How to set category based on items in a group-by clause in Transact-sql?
How can I get calendar's add/remove-reminder like functionality in my android application? [closed]
How do I change the line color for a part of scatterPlot by using core plot?
java servlet 3.0 null pointer forwarding jena query
ICMP echo requests are not sent while receiving 鈥淒estination Unreachable鈥�packets
PHP/JSON: $_POST array is received incomplete
issue in while render the views using html in ruby on rails 3
How to sort NSArray with dictionary objects alphabetically?
Setting HttpOnly flag in Classic ASP
Call function in document.ready
Why use nodejs upload exception
Redirecting to another page and passing variables after clicking a submit button
issue with installing wcf library as a windows service
Methods to prevent overwriting the internal functions provided
A GPS based application DESIGN
How to skip field serialization at JSON marshalling in DataSnap?
Onclick function with CSS
Can Apache Aries Managed JPA be used with iPOJO instead of Blueprint?
Looking for an open source, data file driven, fuzzy rules engine in C or C++ [closed]
Adding event to Google Calendar
How to do a @Html.DropDownListFor with this code?
Track the changes done in database Schema
streaming api with tweepy only returns second last tweet and NOT the immediately last tweet
Javascript variable / 'NaN' behaving weirdly
Improving regex in sed to replace values that matches string=value
overhead in loading model if only using one function codeigniter/php
Location services issue iPhone.?
how to check if user has MS outlook installed before launching a calendar sync using devexpress xtrascheduler
Why form does not load the second time i visit the user control
Why does the path based similarity or any similarity for that matter in wordnet give a nan for some senses?
How to rotate text with Graphics2D in Java?
How to display certain image for different gender
Compass not displayed in iphone
NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest setting delegate for cache policy
what is 鈥渇unction()鈥�in javascript?
how to put a progress bar for jquery file upload plugin?
How to cancel touchesMoved:withEvent:
Sync Document to iCloud
android application lunching time issue
Dynamic Field Handling Using Selenium RC + Java
Forcing app to launch Safari
Setting Qmail bounce [closed]
Preventing Additional Touches in Webapp
Creating search engine in different tables
Notification manager is not working in count down timer class in android
SQL Grouping by data
store all processes list into a file with UID
Passing NON-POD type to Variadic function is undefined behavior?
How to display query in a TextView
Sql select group by and string concat [duplicate]
int to string, char*itoa
ajax result div refresh in struts2
Is there any open source project using graphviz c++ library?
How to add .NET 4.0 Chart controls to XBAP/ WPF Application
Taking screenshot of windows phone7.5 and sending over through TCP
How to get the year information as string value?
How to make an application look the same on another computer using WAMP
Is there a support for c++11 in netbeans ide 7.1.1
youtube mobile style navigation with jquery mobile
Efficent way to generate a summery table in SQL. Please see explanation
Creating universal app for Xcode 4.3?
Google nexus one Macbook pro mismatch
Play sound file when image is clicked
Is it ok to submit application with following issue?
Using ObjectContext / DbContext inside T4 Text Template
Slide expand animation
Python Script vs Cron Job
python numpy sort eigenvalues
How to get data of a column of a sheet by c#
CSS: overflow-y: scroll; overflow-x: visible
Random.Next() gives me the same value
Increase or decrease volume in blackberry programmatically [closed]
Can not run wkhtmltoimage, shared library missing
Getting the caret position in a RichTextBox
How can I do Select like this
PostgreSQL: Selecting distinct values on single column while sorting on another
c: use 32bit pointers in 64bit application?
Dynamic programming with Data.Map in Haskell?
Autohotkey conditional event consume
Proving That an E-mail Comes from a Website Owner - How? PGP Key?
Pull data using only associated key in mongodb and php
Creating Repeative Fields inside my Form Symfony2
Objective-C, C, or C++ Calculus Frameworks/Libraries?
How to protect a servlet from external users?
Why assigned to variable constant is updated
wcf service hosting on windows service installation error
SQLite Issue when inserting large number of records
Obj-class-ref error when compiling for an iPhone
How to create controller using command prompt in zend framework
PHP MySQL DB query error
jsTree issues in IE 8,9
Tomcat7 in eclipse as WTP project not starting
Adobe Mobile Reader SDK in android [closed]
How to zoom two Images placed side by side, together?
Error in safari/IE Error x[i].getElementsByTagName(鈥渋mage鈥�[1] is undefined
How to get software & hardware information from windows (like dxdiag)?
What's the difference between external sorting and internal sorting? [closed]
ruby on rails, has_many, define class name for polymorphic relationship
how to align left UIImage in objective c
(BOOL)windowShouldClose:(id)sender doesn't work in view that i set as contentview of mainmenu's window
Android WebView injected element do not always appear
Using a for loop
What is a suitable replacement for android ActionBar?
Giving path of a file in C#
X509Certificate2.Verify() method, validating against revocation list and performance implications of it
How to get my facebook application user's other application list?
select QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem by mouseclick in qt
Is there a way to quickly/easily create symbolic link to existing website folder?
Installing ClojureScript with Lein
Import Wifi settings in my iOS device programmatically
How to get user profiles in linkedin using ROR+omniauth?
using sister inheritance
Call a function written on VB from a JScript code (classic ASP)
jquery.masonry. imagesLoaded plugin dont running in <head>
preg_match_all function for getting images(with specific exitension & width-height) from url
regular expression for matching a word
Not gettting connection after 8 hrs in Hibernate 3.0
Flex multiple spark lists with scrolling synced
Submit CGridView Checked values using a form
Cannot download a file using HttpServletResponse
Playing video from Sd card
Getting NULL when trying to get value from app.config file , WPF , c#
How to Fix Error UnsatisfiedLinkError: C: Program Files dtSearch Developer bin dtsjava.dll: The operating system cannot run %1
UIWebView verticalAlign = 'middle' does not work
Javascript/CSS drag-and-drop Upload
LinkedList: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
MSMQ WCF, time to be received
How to set an image as a background of a graph? [duplicate]
Exchange Server on local system with Exchange Server 2007 issue with connectivity through window application
Enumerate Keys in a dictionary?
Could someone explain me how this simple function works redirection defect
Design Datatabase tables structure
Disable specific IE9 Addon in IE using c# and add-in Express
linked list MutableString homework inheriting vs delegation
Android ICS Camera behaviour
Calling a function when the application is in background
How to solve the Name Conflict Error occured in MSAccess 2007 Reports (VB6)
My app crashes with 鈥淧rogram received EXC_BAD_ACCESS鈥�error iphone
Where to code inorder to override backbone.sync
Proper way to start ActorSystem with AKKA Java API
Rails Controller is ignoring queries
Send email in android using JavaMail API with smtp but without SSL
How to read data from a text file if the file location is not known in c#?
How to override navigator.plugins in javascript or how to set it null?
Summary for each page of Report
Is it possible to match, and negate, a single control character with POSIX basic regex?
How to have PHP display errors? (I've added ini_set and error_reporting, but just gives 500 on errors)
Convert xmlstring into XmlNode
jQuery image uploading, how do I validate image dimensions before upload
qHD Android App screen compatibility
maven dependency for google checkout cannot be found
Windows Service acts two different way based on the machine
Adding transparent Gif images to list view in c#
Websphere AS Servername WAS_SERVER_NAME in Logfile Name (Log4j)
GLSL 鈥渙ut鈥�4.2 to 1.2
The command 'find' inside awk does not work
how to get oauth access token for facebook using ruby
Concept of Object, class and member function
multidimensional Array in php
Bash Script to convert all flv file in a directory to mp3
Wordpress SQL_CALC fix causes PHP error
how to make the two class fields(not referring any other table) as composite key in hibernate?
notice in Jquery Autocomplete
JQuery Ajax Updating MySQL Database, But Not Running Success Function
commons-logging-1.1.jar; cannot read zip file entry
How to style parent li elements of headers using CSS?
Do i need to write testcase for util classes used by testcase
how to changed editext values from first to last in customise listview in android
newline character on text area
Restlet Framework. Serialization. Don't understand how send and receive object
one to optional many Relationship
Passing a pointer to a pointer variable from Fortran 77 to C
TRttiMethod.Invoke function doesn't work in overloaded methods?
Selecting Folder Destination in Java?
Replace a character inside a string using C# Regex
Deploy Android applications for internal company users
how to search for a particular paragrah in a text file using java
Apache wildcard SSL cert for wildcard vhost and specifically named vhost
(Python) Converting a dictionary to a list?
Remove php extension from URL on Windows hosting account using web.config
How to insert and retrieve data from database with Web Service in java using JAX - RS and tomcat in eclipse [duplicate]
Combine two Redis instances into a single instance with two dbs
GWT: RequestFactory and ListDataProvider type error
Can Cmake generate a single makefile that supports both debug and release
How to retrieve information of people who committed code into SVN repository?
Sheet for printing in Qt
How to make Magento to get prices as per user group?
What鈥檚 the simplest way (in PHP) to grab a remote HTTP resource into a string?
Random length string with random characters
Add AfterBuild target on multiple projects in a solution
Is there any way to link to VSTS 2010 from Delphi XE2?
mysql, query of two linked tables returning id from first based the seconds details meeting a this but not this criteria
Change iframe attribute with jquery
Pointers, arrays, and structs (and allocating memory)?
C++ Dynamic object construction
Alter php.ini include path, Zend Framework
Backbone.js template files in Rails 3.2
Are there any color specifications to follow while designing UI of an android app
How to include parent class fields in json response using struts 2 json plugin
A language that satisfies this criteria?
MySQL syntax error in PHP [duplicate]
Python PDF thumbnail preview generation
Python Matplotlib pyplot colorbar indices
UITapGestureRecognizer recognizing tap after scaling UIView
How to simply convert animated GIF to canvas?
How to simply convert animated GIF to canvas?
Algorithm to Differentiate between water and land
Why does Dajaxice and Dajax uses MEDIAL_URL?
Java Applet AccessControlException: access denied (SocketPermission) - WHERE do I put the fix?
Rails Routes Mappings
facebook OpenID
Pass Parameters to JavaScript Function From Generated HTML
Splash screen not coming
PHP Creating a file on the server via controller
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'format' of undefined
Prevent Windows Application (VB.Net)Termination
Android:Bug in build path
Why won't my checked list box sorting code work?
Detect which childwindow of the foreground window has been clicked?
how does the number in javascript store in memory
iOS Animated Logo 鈥�Low memory alternatives
Objective-c: AppDelegate NSString
Encrypting data in Python -
How to select all list icons in jQuery Mobile?
Retrieving a public spreadsheet document with cfhttp
Class and Member Function (beginner)
DATEDIFF function in SQL Server - executes differently in different cases
How to convert/read word file using jquery/ajax
Displaying toast messages
Doesn't search any discoverable devices
Display multiple pdf on single web page
Android-Installing to device using eclipse install two instance of same app at once-error
How to print a string with a backward slash in Ruby
Why PHP keeps resetting the array pointer?
How to know which class is used when having 2 classes in c++? [duplicate]
nHibernate stored procedure call
Wordpress Content Adjusting Itself Based On Content Type
How to get object's type in UserType nullSafeGet
how to display the alert box if there is no internet connection using Phonegap?
jQuery fullCalendar eventSource
jquery ajax cakephp: change event for input text box displays all fields except city dropdown box
Python and git, best way to know when a file has changed from a sync
Trying to JSON.parse a file
Path-finding algorithm in C
D programming : interface at component boundaries
Certain anomalies in binary search runtime
How to download the image from server and display on listview?
Python ordinary dictionary to ordered dictionary conversion
copyWithZone issue
Invalid authorization specification and Invalid connection string attribute
How to bind list inside a list to a GridView in ASP.NET
Not Getting Alarm on Boot Completed
Adding Subviews to NSView show up, but can not be removed
How to do a virus scan before post attachments in application
How to merge two php Doctrine 2 ArrayCollection()
Clojure iOS Development
Switch Statement Not Working with Click event
R Language: Error in read.table(file.path(data.dir, file_name1)) : no lines available in input
difference in mathematica between Inverse[_] and (_)^(-1) for WishartDistribution
C++ Word-Number to int
Custom field doesn't appear in sugarCRM
Can I get the the UID of a given PID using C
Semaphores: Critical Section with priorities
What is the correct way to deal with DB migration while using South, Django and Git?
Get OpenGraph to POST OnLoad
What will be the java equivalant code for the following code?
jquery mobile, pgaechange and pageload not work
Porting OpenGL ES 2 to OpenGL
fusiontable query for where
data not insert into database in sqlite?
How to get the schema name when we component source XML directly
Cannot create an ADO.NET entity data model through wizard
didReceiveData Over write in subclass
What does '[A' do in a print command?
JS: Loop & search through ALL items in localStorage
I am trying to write some file in binary, where I need to overwrite the file contents, how to over write instead of inserting
Design listbox in codebehind
NodeJS + SocketIO pushing to Mobile App
issue with pushing to navigation bar
Hosting the same instance of a control in different windows in wpf using ContentPresenter
Sql Query to group the data from two tables
trouble with addClass to ui-dialog button
Fancybox - unbinding thumbnails from launching slideshow
MYSQL/PHP update field on login
Sound plays multiple times at once
Create an eclipse plugin with dependency on a maven project
Ctrl-S moves the cursor near the top of the document in Eclipse
Why doesnt this give me the last character in the string? MIPS
Flash object covering facebook elements (nav, chat) on Facebook page tab app (Timeline)
What's happening when I use for(i in object) in AS3?
Are the Flex API's needed to use haXe with FDT5
Append text at starting of file [duplicate]
Magento Static Block is at a Different Place on Internet Explorer than on Chrome, Firefox
How do I programmatically remove a mask that was defined in Flash Professional?
Hibernate, force get objects from Database
Is there a way to revert eclipse android ADT from r17 to r16 since javadoc and source attachment is broken?
Not able to display the output after regular interval using sleep
Video format usage in videoview
Porting MySQL app to MongoDB and the _id field
jquery append does not work for duplicate image object refernce
Float vs Double
Can we use two separate log4j for one application [duplicate]
How to Filter Properties
Adding padding to the bottom
Unable to attach SQL Server CE 3.5 database to LLBLGen Pro
Unable to attach SQL Server CE 3.5 database to LLBLGen Pro
Calling a method for current_user when logging in using authlogic
Getting Error 430: Automation error
Datagrid hang/ freezes when scroll
PYTHON : Simple random generation driving if/else
Z-index of Marker higher than that of Infobox
Log a web page's dynamically-created, DOM elements with a userscript
Do I need Dajaxice fully configured to use Dajax in Django?
A script that uses data from another file to edit an xml file
Form with two tables as source
Can a separate mouse object be used for AutoIt scripts than the actual cursor itself
How to get dimensions of div with overflow hidden in jQuery?
How to refactor the method of `IsAuthenticated` to provide a better api
How to access a method from all classes inside a package without creating object in java
TopLinks getting stripped in Magento
What exactly is a python sub message object if is_multipart is true and how does python organize them?
Pass JSON into jQuery plugin
reading data from filesystem vs compiling the data directly into program
warning: initialisation from incompatible pointer type
Upgraded xcode 4.3.2, compiling issues, lost developer folder
Scan for form fields and build array with jQuery
How to quote this parameter in perl module
Android Facebook SDK : post message without showing facebook page
Appengine JPA level 2 cache fails to persist
How to load resources with the same name from different locations in multiple ClassLoader?
How to make an object move towards the mouse indicates?
Create contact table from JSON data
Restreaming with red5
Joining every four strings in a list
Relation between components of tornado.httpserver.HTTPServer
Passing JavaScript data to page, best practices? [closed]
Use of Emma for JUnit in ant build.xml
Retrieve excel row value by checking if value within range of 2 columns
How to make leg movements, OpenGL?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError error in android
Are there similar android methods of java getData().getPixels()?
On Mouseover make text arc
How do I float a DIV over the NAV element?
Select Xml Node using Linq to XML
Apple Accelerate framework produce cepstrum unexpected results
can't pass mouse coordinates from content_script to popup (chrome extension)
Is jquery a dynamic redefinition of javascript? [closed]
How can i have a linq result set returned as a custom type
Lazy loading of social buttons
Dapper Deadlock issue
Resetting Specific Form Fields
Where to find EcmaPublicKey.snk for a dll?
JSF and Jquery AJAX - How can I make them work together?
JSF 2.0 RenderResponse and ResponseComplete
define multiple jQuery variables for Datatable columns
Sharing session with just the 鈥渨ww鈥�subdomain
Javascript Object Calling other Object crushing Iterator
Obtaining kerning information
reportProgress in backgroundWorker not work until opration completed
Some questions about linking the math library
Rails - Soft Delete or Archive for active and non active data
How do I programmatically find the user's logging directory?
How to write own LocationService for Android?
How to setup an Xcode Project to produce a static library + sample code for easy building and distribution
How to keep track of historical changes to reference table?
Rails+Cucumber+Capybara: Compare expected table with HTML table
Where has this memory gone?
String creation of file pathin char format with Qt (VC++)
How can I get a hostname from an IPv4 address in C?
How to make the form non scrollable in sencha?
html form - automatic button focus when pressing enter
Move an object in outside area with pointer
Is there a low overhead way to hook a mouse doubleclick using Delphi?
No Suitable Constructor, and an incompatible declaration error
Ajax function to fill table with images but cannot select with live
Is it ok to save JavaVM * and JNIEnv * as a global variable and use it elsewhere?
Get title of the latest record on a group
SWIG, Python and Pointers
Why enter (new line) will not exit from scanf?
Binary tree variable type issue
Custom speech input button?
setting superclass fields in subclass
Storing a multiple choice quiz in a database - deciding the schema
sorting integers with restrictions
HTML input within a asp:UpdatePanel
Can I have a less validating StAX parser in Java?
Disabling CSS Validation in Aptana Studio
MATLAB Tree Construction
Why is the videoview so slow?
How do I change seed/database settings in PlayMorphia between dev and prod?
How do I select an element with class A which is under another element with class B?
MVC SQL cyclical cascade paths
as3 TouchEvent vs MouseEvent
how to write notepad++ auto-complete plugin
Daisy chaining dependent AJAX requests in Backbone.js
data frame column name from array value
Avoiding code duplication in websites [closed]
How to make a QLabel turn to be a combobox or edit control, when you clicked this label
Python 3.2 tkinter reading checkbutton values added through a for loop
Wrap unwrapped text in <span>
while loop not executing
Making a scheduled method Thread safe
Runtime error when using startActivity()
jQuery $.post not returning JSON data
Streaming program using different platforms [closed]
How to remove characters from end of field in MySql database
What UML diff tools exist?
Displaytag:column add button(icon) to title
Web 2.0/Ajax Format HTML in server or in browser
Cannot open connection if the server is not local
C++ include header file
Can't seem to change default editor in OSX Lion terminal
How can I store a graph and run page rank like analytics on it hbase?
Consuming .NET web service via Android
Day and month are being swapped on date property when saving entity on production server
Finding the buffer file name in Emacs when compiling
How do I clear the console in Objective-C
Struct.Error, Must Be a Bytes Object?
How do Java method annotations work in conjunction with method overriding?
Facebook batch calls with JSONP
Can't get column types from database
Java / Eclipse (WindowBuilder plugin) - how do I effectively use Swing Actionlisteners?
PHP: how to create a search form that will link to my search script
Java : Components position
Handling fragment menus options
Segfault After Registering Callback Functions
How to use an API level 8 class when possible, and do nothing otherwise
Coding a function to copy a linked-list in C++
Send a message to a friend, I wonder Javascript API
PHP throws a Fatal Error when trying to include/require a script that includes/requires another script
How to pack a 64bit integer with PHP32?
Is it necessary to check cursor is null before closing
hello to boost multi index
MousePressEvent in view and items in Qt
Can't figure out hexadecimal conversion with pointers in C
how to differentiate xml from html links in java
Why does setting the `right` CSS attribute push an element to the left?
Definition of 'application environment' , 'Framework' , 'API'
How to make center alignment for a wxScrolledWindow?
How to statically compile gerbv for Heroku
Build JSON For Google Calendar API V3 Using VBA
hover effect with css
How to run SSH commands using Net::SSH::Perl?
How to build an Object from XML, modify, then write to File in Ruby
Looking for a WinForms control that can represent time values
In Meteor, how do I show newly inserted data as greyed out until it's been confirmed by the server?
Dojo internationalization via markup outside of widgets
how to connect and send a message to multiple devicesthrough blue tooth in android?
What is thecode for getting a refreshed Facebook token in an Android app?
Quaternion Camera Representation in 6DOF - fending off inherent rolling
How does the textbox + button actually do the searching in
Java: what is JITC's reflection inflation?
.Net MVC 3 Adding Javascript
How can I use Py3k-style string formatting within Mako templates?
simplest tool to measure C program cache hit/miss and cpu time in linux?
.Net MVC 3 Adding Javascript
How can I use Py3k-style string formatting within Mako templates?
simplest tool to measure C program cache hit/miss and cpu time in linux?
C Shell Script Print Path name with Colon
git ls-tree output of working directory?
drawString with Rectangle border
Is it a good idea to collect data from devices into a message queue?
Button with two event functions. How to stop the second during the first function?
Change image source by text detection
scala map / type instantiation
Design issue in C++: code reuse in interface centric design
Zoom Search Engine-like search engine, but for Linux/UNIX
How to test if only 1 out of 8 fields is equal to 1
managedObjectContext is nil
expected class name before '{' token. C++ inheritance
Fabric.js: Image controls behind an overlay image
C++ class constructor using a pointer to same class object
Detect fail of chrome.extension.sendRequest
Grouping nodes efficiently?
How to convert line breaks into codes?
App replacement even after change app name and apk file name?
IntelliJ productivity tips running tomcat
Insert two arrays into one mysql row
Web Application - How to scroll a div styled with absolute position and scroll overflow-y on Android
jquery issue with click when firering .on
Drupal and CodeIgniter
Trouble with a very simple regex
mappedBy and inverse attributes are same?
PHP echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] with added variable?
how to maintain a plist so you dont lose your values
Grails multiple select
How to convert control.background(brush) to bitmap?
ExpandableListView with an EditText
Don't understand why I'm receiving EXC_BAD_ACCESS in xCode
Heroku can't find local module on heroku (Node.js)
How to use django-filebrowser rename a file before uploading it to a folder
Block for UIAlertViewDelegate
Android: FC when querying sqlite opened database
How to update sql database during deployment, not create new
Jscript access to clientside files above local directory
static BufferedReader with
facebook Log In Button
split the code with big variable names over two lines in python
Tokens skip whitespace?
jOrgChart Configuration options (where do I put these to make them work?)
Extracting specific columns from a data frame
Getting 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
鈥淛VM creation failed鈥�in netbeans 7.1
What is different about Python class dictionaries?
Grails JBOSSAS Plugin 鈥�How To get it To Work?
Adding layout to another layout at specific place defined earlier
Eclipse - trouble with Import
dynamically create bootstrap alerts box through javascript
SOLR finding exact field(s) information
How to see whether 鈥渋nclude inheritable permissions鈥�is unchecked for a file or folder?
Android 4.0.3 emulator will not display on-screen keyboard
Android app , Launching a tabActivity from menu Item
Is AudioQueueEnqueueBufferWithParameters implemented in Monotouch?
SQLPLUS Doesn't print number of rows affected
When a subclass is instantiated, is only one object created?
nhibernate map a category contains top n product
QVBoxLayout: How to vertically align widgets to the top instead of the center
iphone, setting up application tests error _OBJC_CLASS_$_MyClass undefined symbols
Creating a simple jQuery sliding effect when hovering over an image
MVC3 Routes with areas鈥�a little confusion
Get sum from nested arrays
How to implement software registration for domain users?
Return multiple list statuses from twitter api
Rails 3 DateTime and Time beginning_of_day end_of_day format incorrect
How to enumerate an ActiveRecord object without knowing its attributes
How are iOS games set up? [closed]
Loading images in listview
MVC iTextSharp Header and Footer c#
how to display selected horizontal menu
PHP File Uploading Error
['; shows instead of 脜脛脰 in text fields
Twisted (Python) - what is the difference between cooperate and coiterate?
Java: Cannot Find Symbol - Inheriting Methods
Git local developer live version how to?
Logo Won't Slide Down (HTML, CSS, jQuery)
Accepting Credit Cards for the First Time. What do I need to do?
Iphone UDID and google analystics
strange g++ compiler errors from c++ header files
JPanel adding matter
External Javascript - Function not defined when it is?
Used git checkout to revert a file - anyway to restore it?
How to get a python function's dependencies for pickling?
how to rewrite image url using Intelligencia.UrlRewriter
Define class methods inside Active Record class
Properly extending EditText class for Mono Android
Is there a way to address a single bit in C?
Must a child of a template class also be a template class?
+[PayPal getPayPalInst]: unrecognized selector sent to class error
To what extent is it permissible to combine C and C++?
Make Custom UI Element not scroll in TableViewController
PHP Make GET understand 0
Return SCOPE_IDENTITY() without using CreateParam
What is the best way to escape HTML-specific characters in a string (PowerShell)?
Table Row Click - Two Destinations
how can I implement fast barrier?
Representing Work Hours/Schedule in Relational Database
Setting div height 100% that is floating inside another div
Importing effects error
Fresh OS X Ruby on Rails Install Failing To Connect To Database
Add a newline only if it doesnt exist
Changing prices in OpenCart according to script
regex that returns false and true
How do I optimize an ORDER condition to prevent filesort?
Posting a form to rails in a different view
Android: How do you send data to a website securely
jQuery/ Javascript cancelling (or overwriting?)
Convert a set of months into days using Java
MediaElement WP plugin doesn't work IE9
Need help hiding some code
rsync script works, but not when scheduled via cron
Distinct Values in DropDownList's from one SqlDataSource
Entity Framework Non-nullable column is mapped to a nullable entity property
Actionbarsherlock + tabs + multi fragments?
(Mac) Creating Xcode app that executes shell scripts
Android: can I save a Drawable or Bitmap via onRetainNonConfigurationInstance
How to filter out unwanted tokens using ParseKit?
Easiest way to use GPU for parallel for loop
Disable mouse event (click) whilst actions are peformed
C Programming - Checking all valid solutions of a game board
FieldError with keyword 'username' when trying to create a user with Django
How to attach debugger to script
Heap sort using only insert and remove?
C Program: newbie trying to pass 2D string array into a function
BASH Arithmetic Issues
Using Comparator to order ArrayList Java
API for travel times including traffic?
UITextField cuts/hidden from the half first row - until touching
UITextField int data type xcode
Remove scrollbar from iframe
Using data from C# DataReceived thread in a parent class (NO UI, can't Invoke)
Prohibiting external files in git
Error with jni (java6) and X25 native code (C language) when code uses system call 鈥渃onnect()鈥�on Solaris 5.9
Download from the tree node within a folder
How do I use packages I created in java in javascript?
JPanel adding issue
strings.xml disappearing from my eclipse workspace
Assembly.ExecutingAssembly() GetType() doesn't return anything
Generate all possible passwords based on character mapping 鈥�possible in 3 lines of python?
Reverse list of lists
How to fix/reinstall SQL Express for Visual Studio 2010?
create session for user login VB.NET
Google Calendar API V3 - Default or Primary Calendar
time taken by forked child process
Responsive Web Design and Adwords Quality Score?
MKNetworkKit file upload not working in iOS
Integrating Jetty with RESTEasy
JavaScript Mocking Libraries for Browser Object and HTML DOM Objects
Drawing a polygon when the mouse is clicked
inital connection to TFS very slow
Receiving an error based on template class and it's child class's function calls
I need help deciphering this stacktrace
Why use jQuery on() instead of click()
How to Add a Button or other widget in QTreeWidget Header?
Fetching set of keys?
Enum type set to an int array
Preserving the state of ActivityGroup's child activities on screen rotation [duplicate]
When to start using the selection set in a Back Propagation Neural Network?
Android AlertDialog clicking Positive and Negative just dismiss
Can only click jQuery element once before it stops working
Is it possible to run a cron job randomly between 3-6 minutes?
Is it possible to pass parameters to a jQuery UI slider
NSURLConnection in its own thread not working without spin loop
generate next color randomly if the color is still available
C: Pass array in place of variable argument list
Most efficient way to detect a set of words in a text without regex
PHP Post variable not working
JSessionID not changing after user logs out - Is this a security issue?
Change log level for single controller or action in rails
Visible and Invisible Layouts
Jquery/Ajax working in Safari but not Firefox
jQuery wait for if statement to finish
OpenCV: Fast way to compare frames for similarity
Android: get back String matrix from Message object
How do you use mysql join to filter out an entire row?
Resynthesize intermediate values with boost::spirit::qi
How to only use a certain dict from a get request with Backbone?
Display record between today's date and 6 months before
Python: Writing a program to simulate 1D wave motion along a string
Changing StreamReader file extension in c#
How to define a static variable inside a __construct with an array from outside the class?
Java Calculator Stack
Invalid IL code in System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.AssociatedMetadataTypeTypeDescriptionProvider:.ctor (System.Type): method body is empty
Documenting a web application
open-uri Ruby Errors
iOS: How to save text from UITextBox to file
In C# how can I prepare a string to be valid for windows directory name
How to debug Google Chrome background script?
Which Windows IDE to write, execute and debug single-file C# programs?
Way to speed up .obj file loader for HalfEdge Mesh?
What is the order of event handling for the spill function in Reactive-Banana?
Zend framework Nesting controllers
why is jasmine-node not picking up my helper script?
Flexible HTML map in a browser
C++ Compilation Error -Unknown Type Name
Flash Client AS3 Sockets, C++ Server
How to write a WHERE statement based on the value of a CASE statement?
jQuery and selectors in use with specific span tags
Forcing a UIVIew to lay itself out for the current device orientation
What's the use of 'get controller/action' in routes.rb in rails 3.1?
Unable to push NdefMessage with 4.x Android NFC API
Seriously, overriding the DefaultDataPath in the sqlcmdvars for a SQL Database project deployment
How to auto create radiobutton and groupbox names in VC++?
static lib with many modules
Issue with position:fixed and hash tags (details in body)
Cannot install sonar 2.14
Classifying the Data
How do I precompile assets in rails in development environment?
printing elements of array in arraylist in java
How to set a regular expression for amount
MySQL GROUP BY YEARWEEK get first and last doesn't work
delegate/on with hover [duplicate]
Flash of default font before @fontface shows in IE
Why does a local image in a UIWebView take forever to load on an iPad?
Weird :hover bug with z-index and img
Syntax for C# class definition
Javascript Scroll event
How to create the wizard-like ui in .net
Choosing a data structure to store the words in a sentence and their starting position
Search for a packages by a particular author
iOS: NSObject call and detecting which UIVIewController made the call
Why won't my code to detect ctrl key state work?
Why am I getting a nullpointerexception (Android)?
Null Pointer Exception in Silverlight Business Application
How do you create a GUI button in Java that creates a text field?
Trouble with linked lists
c++ merge sort won't merge?
php / styling / of date issue
Jmeter: Understanding correlation between throughput and KB/sec
C++ MoveFile error (2) on windows 7
Placing content at end of data elements - how to select for that with data elements
BNF Grammar for python style structures
javascript onblur function
What is wrong with my pattern?
Regular Expression - Not Followed By - Chaining?
Different form is loaded depending on user input
How to query database for last radio button selected?
How to convert '锛�銆�o '[' use python
Set an image to either 100% width or height, whichever comes first
iTextSharp: Regenerate PDF file trailer
How to call Type's nullSafeSet (where to get type instances)
Using child classes polymorphically with differing return types
Image wrap on div only works if the number of lines >1
add request header on backbone
Why does HttpWebRequest throw an exception instead returning HttpStatusCode.NotFound?
Javascript packer have a bad behaviour
Ajax with submit form and php
PHP MySQL table uniting values from rows in a single table
how to sort results from a simple SQL query
Script returns same value multiple times
LESS css class hierarchy
jqGrid how to center the Delete dialog when using formatter actions
鈥渁 && not b鈥�gives syntax error?
Inspect Element option for IE?
Could not load file or assembly 'JSNet, Version=, Culture=neutral
C++ references, addresses, pointers
Chrome Extension - Don't load certain parts of a webpage
Will deleting a structure's pointer also delete pointers within the structure?
HTML: onload for non-body elements
Import Flex Project as a component?
git subtree push changes back to subtree project
Getting a compilation error when implement interface comparable
Spring Security 3.0.5 Concurrency is not working
Dot product implementation in C++
How do you observe JavaScript hashtables in Knockout?
compiling clutter gui on linux with code blocks: Compiles, but doesn't load images etc, same code working fine on visual studio
What is value__ defined in Enum in C#
How to raise a large number of events consecutively without being a resource hog
What operator can return the median of close pixels?
RegEx: How to extract a value/number from a pattern and replace it with something else?
Connecting to FTP via VPN
Size doesn't work with HTML5 Input tag
Measuring average transfer rate for data through Node.js socket
Segmentation fault while trying to print contents of char*
Only set CGPoint of the frame
CGAL mesh optimization
Update Android UI Without Leaking Memory
Updating a given SESSION's info
Using ' displaymath' directives in docstrings formulas
android cursor.moveToNext()?
Spring 3.5 Security
Heroku app doesn't have any jascript files included, asset pipeline has no errors css has compiled fine
sqlalchemy access parent class attribute
Save ios smiley in database mysql
How to eliminate /usr/local from pre compiler and linker paths?
PHP redirect to another page and pass value?
Sort Matrix in OpenCV
Quit hidden attribute to many files in a directory once in UNIX
ImageView in Android with Multiple Threads
mongoose schema creation
Issues with flushing cout after getting file data
Grails wrong alias causing error ORA-00904
How can I analyze a Slow Query log for a WordPress install?
Are named functions or anonymous functions preferred in JavaScript? [duplicate]
IE 7 bug div in nested list is breaking layout
Handling BSTRs on MacOSX in C
Are named functions or anonymous functions preferred in JavaScript? [duplicate]
IE 7 bug div in nested list is breaking layout
Handling BSTRs on MacOSX in C
Qt: monitor global cursor click event with X11?
In android, is it possible to get the current http url when the youtube app is playing video?
When does this all start to come together? [closed]
Facebook connect slow
SVN Server with single repo and no root path
Can't add SQL Server CE database using SQL Server Management Studio 2008
Getting the next element of the same type
How to make a synchronous chat program to send and receive messages synchronously?
Windows 8 Metro Equivalent to System.Windows.Media.DrawingGroup and ImageDrawing?
insert incremental values in an insert 鈥�select statement mysql
Possible to replace sscanf arguments with array
Does mysql index modify on update?
How to check is a character is an apostrophe?
A unix user seems to be usurping www-data when PHP executes curtain functions
How do I get FullCalendar to display information from my JSON feed?
How do I make spaces between paragraphs in my Python script?
Using selenium webdriver to find the label text
Settings.bundle - Removing it?
How to access an column with special characters using DataTable.Select()?
RestKit Beginners Guide
How to switch between keyboards ( from emoticon to qwerty and vice-versa)
fast SVD algorithm
Countdown Timer in Javascript won't run in Internet Explorer
C# There is already an open DataReader associated with this Connection which must be closed first [duplicate]
C# dynamic keyword and thread safety
Drupal Taxonomy Architecture Design for World Geography
MySQL char & varchar character sets & storage sizes
How do I create a honeycomb div grid rather than the standard grid?
Inserting/Deleting Exception using Core Data
VBA function to analyze format of alpha-numeric string
Java Unnamed Objects
MySQL update if value is greater than that current value
Solving for the inverse of a function in R