Rails SMTPAuthenticationError Action Mailer
Convert a webpage to an image (thumbnail) [duplicate]
Java Mapping Mixed Types
Is it possible to assign time span to background-image of DIV
Why does LIKE in SQLite3 work in this statement but = does not?
Rails nested model / JSON request construction confusion
Disable Video-Out on Galaxy Tab
For no reson my Android app stopped running.?
data driven development framework with Ruby
drop database with mongoose
Need to write Linq to SQL identity value to another field in same table
Enable and Disable array of textBoxes by check boxes
defining a template function outside the class it was declared in. linking error? [duplicate]
When is a C++ destructor called?
Is it possible to have an exported function in a DLL return a static member of an exported class?
Java - split an input stream with every 4th space
XCode - EXC_BAD_ACCESS. -[Not A Type retain]
Automated unit testing in c++ mac OS
Loops in tsql to find out number of rows in the table
Creting collection only on MongoDB
Store Sql Server Compact database within a zip file. Is this possible? [closed]
Displaying only labels that are being used?
Passing pointer to a function
Are Unrestricted unions compatible with C?
Modelling uml diagrams Use case -> Sequence?
Questions about cookies and sessions in ASP.net application
NSDateFormatter not formatting (returning nil)
symfony2 routing issue
PHP undefined query params
AndEngine GLES1 and Tiled graphical glitches
Issue with Comparing socket addresses
qsort segfault in C
How to clear a file input
Select query during transaction causes unsaved transient exception
concatenate two column values
SVG <set> tag's dur attribute does not animate
How do I get cordova/phonegap.js to compile a jquery mobile index.html into a native smartphone app
CouchDB reduce function with an array of values
Screen Capture C# ASP.NET web application [closed]
Changing context root for a web app under JBoss As 7
VERY stuck on 'No Route Matches error'
Android access to resources outside of activity
Importing/running classes in Python causes NameError
How do I go from codecademy to actual programming? Specific example included [closed]
Retrieving a Request Token from the Twitter API with Python 3
JSP not working correctly with PrintWriter
Decompressing GZip in Haskell
PhP download link with variables
Gtk treeview problems
(yet another) modify git history to add a very first commit
Showing more posts when a user clicks the show more button
Captcha is not working
Creating a Gradle plugin with a dependency on another (external) plugin
hough transform for lines
Allow modification of only non-zero elements of a sparse matrix
Install NPM into home directory with distribution nodejs package (Ubuntu)
mysql - How can I get the first result from a subquery?
PHP:JSON Decoding get a value from array by a value inside the array
Drawing Dice in a Windows C++ program?
Accessing variable values from one view in another
How to tell whether my Newsstand Atom Feed will be processed or not?
Creating objects and calling their methods based on keywords in Python
Handling state of website with JavaScript [closed]
Selection Statements in Android SQLite
backtick not working
iOS: UIStepper : Change the speed at which the value is updated?
Database Memoization? [closed]
To print the content of a file (supporting extensions like r,tex,txt,rnw) using R?
sort javascript array in object, maintaining key
jQuery and grails not working
Getting a users's groups in Active Directory
stack.peek() method- Java
Sql - Reading images from DB
Why is comparing a struct to NULL legal in C#? [duplicate]
Javascript return not working
Error when trying initialize a service ( which extends IntentService class)
control template in asp.net mvc
upload file to blobstore data store
CLGeocoder returns different result than MKReverseGeocoder
Ubuntu is killing my computations [closed]
Custom HtmlHelper (image inside an ActionLink)
'fgets' runs after 'printf'
FIPS County Code Lookup
What WPF control should i use for my window?
Mongoid, find object by searching by part of the Id?
Passing two objects to a TimerCallback
Having trouble converting a character string to hexidecimal in C
What is the hidden character causing JSON.parse to fail?
View getHeight() and getWidth() return values too large
Paperclip image.url in Backbone.js Views
Force variable pass as object
How to include the boost library in a C++ application?
Autodetect endpoint address to connect - WCF C#
Hiding an ImageButton on click using Javascript
return the largest node from a node neighborhood
jsTree drag and drop is not always working
Change a constant in Java in Debug vs. Release modes
Adding a class via jQuery
Localizing a plist with grouped data
Operator Overloading for Queue C++
Why can't I override WP's 'excerpt_more' filter via my child theme functions?
Parsing a Directory of files - Check for a String
Issue with MOUSE_MOVE and MOUSE_OUT applied to stage
Graceful termination of NSApplication with Core Data and Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
SQLAlchemy - select for update example
Cakephp 2.1.1 auth APC cache error
Weblogic - Error when accessing spring taglib
What files do I upload in a C# Web API project?
jqueryMobile: How to load external Javascripts
Updating object in core data causes app to crash
android - listview and Adapter does not show any item:(
matplotlib contourf: get Z value under cursor
Add attributes to Insert Image dialogue of Umbraco RTE or Create Custom Data type
How to create a generic method out of two similar yet different methods?
Spring mvc CommonsMultipartResolver
stopping application after some time
Disable action if textarea is empty
Objective C: updating values for key for an NSMutableDictionary?
Group numbers by numerical order in ruby
Share Wifi credentials via NFC tag without special apps
Django virtual host setup. Apache mod_wsgi
When deploying Jasper Reports getting error message
Python Regular Expressions: Capture lookahead value (capturing text without consuming it)
Raphael / CoffeeScript attempt to constrain Y coordinate when dragging
Accessing Session in Domain Object
How to change the base branch of a pull request?
What javascript command is this?
if isset PHP not working?
Pysparse installation ubuntu
MultiThreading error: There is already an open DataReader associated with this Connection which must be closed first
PHP calling a SQL stored procedure doesn't return data from a linked SQL Server
PHP Magic Quotes adding slashes to template file?
Qt: Signal while a QTableView item data is being edited instead of after edit is done?
Having troubles inheriting base class
Need Macro/Function/formula to Replace the Values of one Excel Sheet if both Email(Column) value matches
MGTwitterEngine send retweet is not working
Writing to an Open Office .ods file from Ruby [closed]
Regular Expression Guidance needed for Javascript
SDL_BlitSurface() having no effect
OutOfMemoryError in game with many small images
wxWidgets unpredictable Seg fault
Using Knockout.js with third party control libraries
Easy way to create an automatically generated grid of checkboxes?
Inline assembly performance advantage over C
Getting <divs>'s to align next to each other
SaveAll not saving associated hasOne data
PHP mail() function has stopped working
core dump when running simple std::thread code using gcc 4.6 and 4.7 on linux
Where to download Ruby MRI as zip instead of installer?
Shared Variables in different source files
Cannot load Report using Report Viewer Visual Studio 2008
How to access a computer from an Android phone
log4j additivity, category logging level and appender threshold
Complicated parsing in python
creating an alias after row's computations?
JSF and ways to remove content Iframe from an old JSP webapp
Northwind database for SQL Server CE?
get image from thumbnails query on android
C Inline Assembly label issue
Using javascript to add form fields, but what will the new name be?
When is an object 鈥渙ut of scope鈥�
how to insert into a single column of mysql I have two JCheckBox using java?
set onclick in codebehind for Anchor tag to download pdf
Using javascript to add form fields, but what will the new name be?
When is an object 鈥渙ut of scope鈥�
how to insert into a single column of mysql I have two JCheckBox using java?
set onclick in codebehind for Anchor tag to download pdf
GLKViewControllerDelegate getting blocked
R.id not resolving
Possible to have a function available for one type in generic class?
How to redirect to an other webpage onclicking on input
Apache FOP, custom fonts, kerning?
Files aren't found by commands until I ls them
Insert HTML after opening <body> tag in WordPress's admin pages
ASP.NET Control not available in CodeBehind
Creating a new class based on existing class
Adding specific parameters to a datagrid in WPF
openmp theory vs in-practice efficiency?
Are there any problems with using a static property to return DbContext
Dropbox API on iPhone: How to download and access the data
Prevent $.ajaxStart() from being executed during jquery-ui autocomplete
Sliding div panel goes back on clicking buttons inside div panel
How to pass a hash as a query with 鈥淥R-join鈥�
SOLR index size reduction
What to pass to UserType, BlobType.setPreparedStatement session parameter
How to work with sockets in C++?
Why is this Returning Zero?
Regex - Modifying strings except in specified enclosures - PHP
Java 鈥�class expected鈥�
How javascript 鈥渢his鈥�handles multiple selector returns from jquery?
Accessing variable from different methods (Java)
Custom HTML attributes in MVC3 Model
MVC 2: render HTML TextBoxFor based on a model containing a collection attribute
Using a whitelist on user input
Position relative child of an absolute positioned element
C++: do I need / can I use exception handling when doing sanity-checks in constructor>?
How to pass data to google-maps callback functions and prevent memory leaks
C++: I need some guidance in how to create dynamic sized bitmaps
Adding arguments to a vector (Yacc/Bison)
PHP class strange behaviour
Get DrawingVisual properties
What happens to other threads when one thread forks()?
Android Speex echo cancellation problems
OutOfMemory Error when running the wikipedia bayes example on mahout
What are make_shared, make_pair, etc called?
Setting up a UINavigation Controller on a UIViewController as rootView
How can I make a frame unscrollable?
Ruby - error rendering a view referencing a loop that I never wrote
Python: Strange behavior of datetime.astimezone with respect to US/Pacific and America/Los_Angeles time zones?
jQuery load function and tables
How to upload a Custom service mix feature (features.xml) to internal Archiva maven reposistory
Rubygem Executable $LOAD_PATH Issues
How to refresh/get new google adsense content?
C# Regex Error Unterminated [] set
Writing query for foreign key association
QuickSort over a field of an Object
JRuby statement in a bash script with environment variables
text customization for Infinite Scrolling Gallery
How to prevent home page from loading into itself with .load()
How to sort LDAP Result with LDAP Query?
Change http-header of linked files without explicit download script (in an own file)
Playing an external link on the Spotify player
Confused with foreach and multidimensional array - PHP
Filtering QuerySet based on captured URL parameters in Django?
Entity Framework + LINQ + 鈥淐ontains鈥�== Super Slow?
Ruby - how to use bundler on a gemfile to create an environement?
Android HTTP Connection performance
How to create UIImageViews dynamically / indefinitely based on dynamic need?
Jquery - Dynamically resize container DIV width container when another DIV is loaded inside
REST API for rabbitmq
pygame.event.Event().type == pygame.QUIT, confusion
Ruby 1.9.X combination in multicore?
Group by only for 鈥渓imit and offset鈥�in MySQL
Debugging an IE crash
How I can implement this relation between data grid rows in C#?
Error Regarding User Defined Conversion
Is it possible to dynamically select a certain option from a select menu in a JSP page?
How do you replace a string with a hash collection value in Ruby?
BOOT_COMPLETED never received
Adding ViewController as a subView in a UITableViewCell - Not showing up
REGEX: Pattern to detect <embed> tags that are not inside <object> tags?
Understanding Blacklists and Whitelists with PHP
Using GNU/Linux system call `splice` for zero-copy Socket to Socket data transfers in Haskell
Storyboard.Gettarget returned result is Null
How to set the kMDItemKind of a saved document on Mac OS X?
If f(n) 鈭�蠅(g(n)), then 2 ^ f(n) 鈭�蠅(2 ^ g(n) )
Why does my d3 force-directed graph not display edges?
Peak memory usage does not go beyond a limit
Where to put environment variables when using nginx and Passenger on Ubuntu
AppEngine: Running Python code on the fly
draw a shape with c# in silverlight in wp7
issues with splitting the screen using LinearLayout
Way to trigger multiple keypress and hold events in jQuery
Possible Reasons Why a PHP File Upload Wouldn't Work
Wordpress Pagination issues on custom template
How to manage working/open project records in mysql with more than one user?
Unexpected closure behavior
Accurate way to detect rendering speed
Multiple Font Sizes for h1 element via CSS
Local notifications and storyboards
How do I attach an action to a UIPicker change?
Is there a way to use NSString stringByFoldingWithOptions to unfold the single French '艙' character into 'oe'?
How to disable button using jquery onReady
Is there a way to use NSString stringByFoldingWithOptions to unfold the single French '艙' character into 'oe'?
How to disable button using jquery onReady
Is this a good practice to avoid popup content displayed in a new tab or window?
Special character ' u0098' read as ' u02dc' using charCodeAt()
Delphi XE2 app doesn't respond on IPAD
How to add description to columns in Entity Framework 4.3 code first using migrations?
how to enhance execution speed of large functions inside a custom URL scheme handler
What technologies are used in iPhone social networks? [closed]
Internal server error when uploading photo to server?
Entity Framework DbContext Override SaveChanges For Each Model
UI Binding updates to a ObservableCollection that gets re-assigned
Can child work items state change automatically when parent state changes
JQuery Draggable to Drag to Position Programmatically
Cannot find bug into JSF page
experiences with firebird server over the internet with multiple clients?
jQuery mouseover/hover stopped working after few overs
Workflow Foundation Service with JSON endpoint
Failed to link obj files generated by LLVM compiler using MS Linker
assembly code for 2's complement
Accessing resources using getField
using ksaop2 php in android
Weird JSON parsing behavior in js, 鈥淯nexpected token :鈥�
Facebook communication to Application
How to add append Images and Footer Information with absolute positioning to all generate pages in a Itextsharp Pdf Document
Creating an optgroup Using simple_form gem on Rails 3.2
html field for a blog content
Targeting an active link in CSS
Implementing malloc with gcc in an arm7 problems : malloc return NULL
Grouping and multiple orderings using Linq to Entities
Cant get two lines of code to work together
Javascript file modifying an html file that it is not called from? Jquery Selectors
two pairs of double quote conflict in gnu parallel
Action on Form Close? C# [closed]
ContentProvider.getWriteableDatabase throws NullPointerException
What should a Tree class contain?
Rails3 Cocoon Validate Nested Field Count
How can I use another user's display
Tools/API's/Frameworks for Java Web-Based workflow
Trying to solve a [DetailViewController setDataController:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
can i pivot this entire query to return different results?
facebook - add 鈥渦ser is using myapp鈥�
Scriptella and &AMP; in the etl.xml
Update multiple rows with radio button check
Trying to send an email in yesod using hamlet
JQuery show hide with unordered list: need to add dynamic text / hide function
The position of 'const' qualifier of a parameter which is passed by reference in template context
Android - detect small tablet vs big phone?
Why is my jQuery code not able to read an apostrophe?
Read controls used on page or usercontrol from another project
Vim multiline regex gives overlapping matches
Don't trigger WPF animation if bound value is DateTime.MinValue
in zurb foundation, can i insert one form inside 鈥渞eveal鈥�popup?
Mime type for mobile JAR download
Sparse Matrix multiplication in Java
Passing JavaScript variable to ruby-on-rails controller
jUnit and Guava, comparing list equality after transform()
Oracle JDBC web service in Apache Tomcat 5.5 can't authenticate with DB
primefaces (3.2) autocomplete pojo
CGContextDrawRadialGradient For Non-Circular Glow
Where do XCode 3 User Project Templates live?
How to build Mahout /usr/lib resource folders after build with Maven
Loop unrolling & optimization
Location of the ASP.NET Cache
From decimal degrees to x / y coordinates
JAX-RS/Jersey asynchronous response processing
better way to iterate two , multiple lists at once
Using jQuery's serializeArray with Rails forms
Listbox in other Listbox, Itemsource, Binding
WCF Service 404 error
How to format a document in Notepad++
How can I calculate dynamic default radius for map search based on population density of the area?
linking a self-registering, abstract factory
Dynamic Object in c++ doesn't work
Using execute_async_script in the Selenium WebDriver
Java ObjectInputStream - EOFException
Is there a better way to split this string using LINQ?
How to fix my TableLayout and TableRow into specific positions dynamically?
Why does validation break on partial view?
Dynamically adjust DIV width JQuery
View will appear of second view runs earlier than view will disappear of first view?
how to compare a specific part of a field between two files
How to use dummy google account with Android Emulator and Appengine Dev
__unsafe_unretained for a delegate won't build
Regarding how to add an something from a text field into a JList
Web service takes long time to run the first time
Why am I getting RuntimeError: Session collision on '鈥�
Compiler says ISR's are undefined, despite being defined?
Do we really need a separate event store with Event Sourcing and CQRS patterns?
Unexplained ClosedByInterruptException. Java FileChannel Bug?
Reflection of an array in java
Webkit input file, hides label on transform: translateX
How do I generate a level randomly?
I can't run my Rails web server
phpmyadmin privileges only working on some databases
How to write to a text file in ActionScript 3.0?
How to get good performance when writing a list of integers from 1 to 10 million to a file?
cakephp messaging system scheme/model/controller Best Practice?
How to add 鈥渓ong鈥�documents to CouchDB?
sql server login windows authentication
How can I use Javascript OO classes from VBScript, in an ASP-Classic or WSH environment?
Error building app
efficicent way to write multiple jquery functions
Active Directory for Web apps
C# Streamreader 鈥淭he type or namespace name could not be found鈥�error, but I've got the System.IO namespace
Pass more than one parameter in URL
PHP calculator with its result on a different html page
How to change the default QPushButton in a QDialogBox
Multi Page Banner Image Call on Wordpress
jQuery horizontal and vertical positioning script not working in IE8
assistance with classifying tests
Request with NSURLRequest
Is this the correct destination path below
Can I add a Jython action listener to a java program?
Parsing JSON with special characters
Round to the nearest dollar
Adding ScrollSpy to multiple Divs
Attach method to all jqgrid instances?
How can I do a column select across the entire file?
See which page loads mine in iframe
gradual GC calls
jQuery combine toggle with click
how to create a search form in php and mysql with pagination?
reading&maintaining graph in C++
ASP.NET SessionState SQLServer mode - System.Xml.XmlBoundElement is not marked as serializable
Understanding the processing pipeline
Can MvcMailer be used in a class library?
How to use current date variable to add new column in table?
Ideas for enterprise configuration
Calculate Mapping of Nearest Points of 2 matrices
Best way to model music (notes) for fast searching notes at a particular time
regex match part of an optional subgroup
select query with if in oracle
PHP: uploading text file to page, which shows new line for each text entry, and sorted alphabetically
Python: Is it possible to only test specific functions with doctest in a module?
cin and char array pointer in struct
parsing json in ruby for sorting, filtering, etc
Unable to access Berkeley Db using java
Use EE Search Module to search custom fields
Why can I assign a string to a pointer to float?
communication between content provider instances in different emulators
Rails Geocoder Displaying Users Lat Long to Use for Distance
Fill data in a PDF into iPhone
Reporting Services Data Model
Dedicated Library Folder in IntelliJ IDEA
Hibernate HQL createQuery
Android Support Package Usage
Browser Not Interpreting .css File when using AddType .css in .htaccess
xcode - 鈥渁ttempt to use a deleted function鈥�- what does that mean?
MVC3 Multiple File Upload plugin that supports IE 9?
R knn forward stepwise feature selection starting with 2 variables
How to convert Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY to BigDecimal?
VirtualAlloc address
鈥淚ndex Exceeds Matrix Dimensions鈥�neural network function error
write permissions to local file with msi installer
Eclipse: 'New Android Test Project' Window different from the one in the Tutorial
Mouseover and mouseleave trigger every time I move the mouse inside the given element
Hadoop bringing code to the data is this the only way to achieve scale?
Preserving Google Maps between page loads in jQuery Mobile
Facebook Meta tags not being used
How to convert xml file into matrix in matlab
How can I get an item in a specific row in a list from a database?
Django forum database design
Javascript is treating variables as Strings, why?
Adding more JComponents to JFrame
Best general-purpose message format for SOA?
In MySQL, is there a benefit in turning two columns that will be summed into indexes?
Example of compiler optimizations that can be 'easily' done on C++ code but not C code
How do you drag a link without its parent div attached?
Design pattern: Save private members
How to assign value to google map marker array in javascript
Regex to match specific string not enclosed by another, different specific string
Emacs Gnus Faces (Fonts)
SQL - renumbering a sequential column to be sequential again after deletion
No persistence provider found with JBoss AS 7
character 0xe28093 of encoding 鈥淯TF8鈥�has no equivalent in 鈥淟ATIN1鈥�
Export images embebbed in a Wordpress Database
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.String Format(System.String, System.Object, System.Object)'
CSS Floating Height Issues
Stable and fast configuration of Web Server to run Rails like apache + php on Windows
run shell script from within app
iReports 4.5.1 throwing error while using TABLE Report Element
How connect php and sql server 2008 R2 using wamp server
Python split semantics in Java
Updating EndDate causes 鈥淚nvalid data has been used to update the list item鈥�
Facebook like button status update
Where to store SQL code for a C++ application?
<<< Recoverable Error >>> with OPNEt
Building Ipad app and once i added a modal view my bool errors out
template function with nested type cannot be deduced
Detect when Browser Scrolls Below a Certain Point
How to register a new message processor class with WSO2 ESB
How to add a Header & Footer in TinyMCE editor?
What is The Standards-Based / Semantic Way to Do Custom Fractions in HTML 5?
Why this code is exploitable?
Updating an array and converting from varchar to integer
MPMoviePlayerController orientation bug on device but not in simulator
What is the best practice for implementing AutoSize on custom controls?
c# probability and random numbers
Data set too large to load into memory for processing
c# probability and random numbers
Data set too large to load into memory for processing
Custom MSCHART label
Reflect MySQL polymorphic association in Doctrine 2.2
Can't load images from Content folder on iis in asp mvc project
How do I use trigonometric functions?
django admin site showing with out format
Find polygon overlaps
converting a adjacency matrix to a distance or hop matrix
handling app that requires web service - dealing with EndpointNotFoundExceptions
anonymous function in script after all libraries
Test XMPP Camel route with Pidgin
Trying to display a random video on page load
jQuery not working in Chrome 18
Why are the openssl EVP_DigestInit man pages on http://linux.die.net more up to date than http://www.openssl.org/docs? [closed]
Where clause that returns values that have meet at least two of three criteria
Django URLs not matching with GET variables
Possible to achieve affect of overflow hidden without actually hiding the overflow?
Firefox CSS image box
Why do most of my jquery functions stop working after prepending a message to an existing list of messages?
WPF - Deployment Issue - Faulting Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Displaying children in a grid with Dojo 1.7
C struct memory management
Is there a way to give promo/coupon codes for people to download your app for free?
Passing Parameters From Page-to-page
return type of generic methods
Setting cache expiration inside htaccess for static resources
Linker error when connecting C to mysql
Does HID support two way data communication?
Parsing an XML document using jQuery, Is there an efficient method
ASP.Net C# Error when viewing data from database
Route celery task to specific queue
alert when not satisfying the condition should stay on the same pane in a wizard
Get gridview triggered with file uploaded details
Best password reset behavior for missing account
PHP Shorthand If Else
Using SPDY with Netty
Label in a QToolbar
CCMenuItemImage isn't showing the selected state
Giving jobs to threads - MPI
MySQL Average of two selects?
What is the rationale behind the decision to have 鈥渘ull as string鈥�return null? [closed]
htaccess rewrite executing script on server before delivering completely different script
More problems: .remove works first time, but not again
Java Slick2d - Loading tiles from spritesheet throwing exception
Voice Authentication Libraries for android
Why does this Mathematica 7 Do loop work sequentially, but generates errors in parallel (using ParallelDo)?
Change input values from select list.
What's the differeces between 鈥渰0}鈥�and 鈥�amp;鈥�in VB.NET?
Manipulation events not firing
Game rejected by AppStore [closed]
ImageMagick background image?
Trying to convert longitude/latitude to Cartesian coordinates
multiple hits in loop after the break command
Haskell parallel computation using an STArray
how can I prevent javascript from evaluating function parameters
https connection using CURL from command line
Add 鈥渁ctive鈥�class to current menu item by detecting path after hash (#)?
How do you crop an image in iOS
Password hashing compatible with Java and PHP
Passing data from an asynchronous call of one PHP file to another asynchronous PHP files
Pull Array Value matches from a SQL Database with PDO (PHP)
Ensuring projects in solution are from same TFS branch
How to export crystal report to pdf using oracle
COPY function in PostgreSQL
how to upload multiple files
Unable to get blueimp/jQuery.fileupload plugin to work
Permissions From Other Application in Android
jQuery - Cycle Plugin Pause/Play button
Rails 3 autocomplete gem with belongs_to association
icon error in createNotification in Chrome extension
About default Random by Seed, will it change in different system?
animated fade transition between views choppy or doesn't run
Asynchronously start only one Task to process a static Queue, stopping when it's done
Wrapping a display:table DIV inside another div with exact height
Using Naturalsorter gem at model in Rails
Android multi touch not working
How to set vibrate and sound on Broadcast Receiver
What is the significance of [1] in Xquery
Linq to Entities query non primitive type
Max size of stylesheet [closed]
C++ Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value of ESP was not properly saved across a function call
C++ - Inherit Virtual Function Implementation
How to call a method when binding a TextBox
Getting the next and previous elements in backbone.js
Handling alternate property names in Jackson Deserialization
Validate Int Value in JavaScript
Maintaining encapsulation with C-style struct access
Can't get Mongodb running
Problems rendering to a texture using FBO in OS X 10.7 but not Linux
Can I add a mouse over sound to this?
Reference within a ResourceDictionary
Implementing your own optimistic locking SQL Server 2008 R2
Draggable fusion Line Chart
@font-face in firefox, i thought i had it
java JTable how to track rows
Application works in debug / run from Eclipse, but .APK gives .classNotFoundException when parsing XML layout that contains a custom View
Windows Already Focused - Ignoring Focus Gain after multiple threads
Windows Phone 7, Steganography and MediaLibrary.SavePicture
My app crashed when I created autorelease object of DDXMLDocument
Application works in debug / run from Eclipse, but .APK gives .classNotFoundException when parsing XML layout that contains a custom View
Windows Already Focused - Ignoring Focus Gain after multiple threads
Windows Phone 7, Steganography and MediaLibrary.SavePicture
My app crashed when I created autorelease object of DDXMLDocument
Portable libraries with type providers
Server sent events + Java with Spring MVC
Powershell equivalent for 鈥渉ead -n-3鈥�
How to show parent and child in view with will paginate?
ant 'unless' on a macrodef
get original url during signin
django-sitetree 0.7 sitetreedump not working
Google Guava / providing functional collection-type implementations [closed]
What do the Mutex and Cache sqlite3_open_v2 flags mean?
Drupal allowed_values_function does not get called when creating a field
Calling action from jquery correctly?
get difference between two time_t into a tm with proper tm_mday
Function vs. Object Literal Notaion - is there a diifference?
Google maps V3 drag map with right mouse button?
fractional binary subtraction
Rearrange table into two flat files [closed]
how can I cross-browserize the following css3 moz snippet?
Vim loading multiple syntax files instead of just one
Passing GET variables into PHP to instantiate classes and call functions
Silverlight: Enterprise-grade push notifications
C lang, Multi-Client Server, error: Socket operation on non-socket
How can I avoid preemption of my thread in user mode
python Popen: How do I stop(kill) the subprocess that created using Popen?
libGDX: treat first color in palette as transparent color
Why does this comparison return false?
Is it good have a DatabaseManager with all of the functions from all the model objects?
jQuery-UI Autocomplete plugin AND Blackberry Autocompleter
filtered and non-filtered elements in a single pass
python3 github authorizaitons Oauth2 not working
UIActivityIndicator not animating
Obtaining ENUM description in Java based on value
avoiding to use temp strings with .c_str command?
Taskbar title for unparented PyQt dialogs in Windows
get more than five results from google map AutoComplete API
PHP mysql while not assigning variables in correspondence to the database key
How do you define custom objects in-line in actionscript?
Autocomplete text-field version of dynamic select menu?
Empty JPanel not positioning correctly in relation to other JPanels
HTML parsing using pugixml or an actual HTML parser
readv: Bad address
Using dofile and require in conjunction
Slow regexp query in MongoDB
JSF IllegalException: Component ID form: `xyz` has already been found in the view
For different IIS Applications that are under the same IIS Web Site, how to configure separate Forms Authentication?
In C# what are our options to clone an object or copy its properties? [duplicate]
Removing element node from xml file based on having specific attribute using DOM
Converting from List<float> to int
How can I take values from one table, based off the values in another?
Can't create Access Database with ADOX
Splitting a string with multiple spaces
In a windows .bat file, how do i find the path to an arbitrary file and then write this to a variable
Cannot find include file <mqueue.h> on OS X?
Update partial with Ajax in Rails 3
Oracle RAW id columns and JDBC
jQuery event.target with <a> and <p> tags
Manually calling C function with arbitrary stack data at run time
Error while building an xtext project with ant: Generation of the Grammar classes fails
On initialization of non-aggregate structures
Why do my C# and C++ dlls exhibit different behavior?
Does Parse (objective-c) Framework have a limit on channels?
How To Extract Paging [closed]
How to remove warning message in .net
PHP array each elements to each
how would I do environment reflection in webgl without using a library like three.js?
django admin site models not showing
Detecting custom url schemes from user typed in web address
Android ExpandableListView onClickListener for Group row
jquery submit input and textareas at the same time
Why don't I receive the data that is in my byte array?
Why WPF shows partially corrupted text? and how to fix it?
Why doesn't WPF ComboBox reflect properly the bound value?
what is the use of defining macros same as the identifier
Migrating Indexes from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Azure
get AM / PM from users set time on iOS
How to get the parameter values from previous method call in C#?
Javascript Object literal assignment
How to get the resize widget in the bottom right corner of my HTML input tag text box?
jquery countdown - autosubmit form upon expiration?
Are there any drawbacks to declaring variables in header files without the 鈥渆xtern鈥�keyword?
Best algorithm to sort the given values
Attempting to use Boost.Filesystem however it doesn't seem to link?
jQuery UI modal confirmation dialog with ASP.NET not firing onClick event
Overriden browser 鈥渆ncoding鈥�setting causes invalid characters to be sent in POST data
using the form helper for multilpe records
echo a javascript function with parameters in php
Android Opengl-es glAlphaBlend() remove green from picture
copying a java hashmap
How to properly query a normalized database
Add scriptable property to Cocoa application derived from NSObject <NSApplicationDelegate>?
Possible to skip validations on update_attributes?
Get the default height of a scroll bar
How to hide elements in Jquery that have been loaded in with the .load function
Why Regex CompileToAssembly giving slower performance than compiled regex and Interpreted Regex?
How Android C++ fopen fwrite and fclose works?
What can cause ambiguous symbol errors on one computer and not another?
For XMLparser in xCode, what string name do i test against?
mysql triggers issues on Update
load text property of label from datatable
changing user's profile pic on facebook after getting user's approvment
Seaching for duplicate customers with LIKE
Skip first entry in for loop in python?
how to upload photo [duplicate]
Thousands Separator in Python [duplicate]
Sending struct via socket and segfaulting when accessing that struct
How to set primary key in ruby on rails migration?
How to verify date input into 3 separate fields?
MySQL datetime comparison with previous row
which function grows faster lg( 鈭歯 ) vs. 鈭�log n
Array hierarchy for pagination
problems with Stateless session bean with EJB3.0 and websphere6.1
Object to String. How?
Reference for expression syntax in CSPROJ files
Issue with synchronous AJAX call, why does it go asyn on me?
Training Naive Bayes Classifier on ngrams
Encryption of a password
extract url part of the line
Are gls and dynlm calls technically different (not speaking of the stats sense)?
sql : how can i execute two dependents queries?
Codeigniter -> File Upload Path , Folder Create
reportlab.platypus - rendering template with a right aligned image in the template header as background
Prevent MVC 3 and Entity Framework in matchmaking between the model and database
Strange MYSQL/PHP error: inserts with now()+$i as timestamp occasionally inserts 0
fetch_access_token! in Google API 鈥�鈥淢issing authorization code.鈥�
Savon returning XML as string, not hash
鈥淚mage Metadata鈥�Component Still Needed?
Accessing a .jpg file that is in a Jar
Android 鈥渁ndroid.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table鈥�error when executing query on database
friend of template method in template class, within a template class
jQuery AJAX and JSON Performance Query
Adding an unknown amount of items to a List in a Dialog for my Android app
jquery ui datepicker format does not change
Assigning InfoWindows array elements results undefined
pymongo sort and find_one issue
Algorithm: Put y balls into x boxes where x <= y
Problems with width on header bar
Using ProcessBuilder to run ImageMagick command
SOQL Escape Characters
retrieving matching rows between two data frames using for loop
AudioQueue Output Callback only fires 3 times (nBuffers times)
Implicit int return value of C function
MVC2 HTML Linking - Is this proper, or is there a better way?
iPhone app, how to handle the back button with dynamic content
What must I do to access my own public method?
issue with c++ code skipping get line statement
QML background from QPixmap
Drawing in a button_click event makes the button disappears?
QML background from QPixmap
Drawing in a button_click event makes the button disappears?
RaphaelJS 2.1 vs. 1.5.2 getBBox Error
SOAP Response object not populated
ssis job in sql server agent
What does the (*) in (int (*)[30]) mean?
A good way to output array values from Python and then take them in through C++?
Regex - Get all words that are not wrapped with a 鈥�鈥�
Android service shutting down
String from Django template, but without returning a HTTPResponse
Browser putting spaces where there are none in code
Sorting the results of a mysql query
How can I add a UITapGestureRecognizer to a UILabel inside a table view cell?
Turn mod_rewrite rules into PHP rules
I need a sql query to group by name but return other fields based on the most recent entry
QPixmap and SVG
Unable to pull up a field value in Drupal 7. Is this a bug?
Joomla 2.5 - component development - using form
Inject dispatcher servlet using Webapplicationinitializer in Springmvc
Google Maps V3 Gecode from XML
A* Algorithm System.StackOverflowException
Calling An Array From Another Class
What is the preferred (performant and readable) way of chaining IEnumerable<T> extension methods?
How can I improve my code for euler 14?
Resize image for download client side
Using OptionParser vs sys.argv
Is it possible to bind to an private variables exposed property?
Reuse of SQL Server Product Key for installing developer tools at workstations
Multiple SPARQL 鈥淚NSERT WHERE鈥�queries in a single request
Change URL using JSP or Javascript
Opening an existing workbook from Matlab using ActiveX
Rails HTML Email Displays HTML code
CSS 鈥渘o-repeat鈥�not working in IE
pygame equivalent of settimeout? (call function after x milliseconds?)
SEO friendly routing in Play
Java/OpenGL - gluProject - X Y Z to X Y
Validating Text Areas
Insert (not overwrite) to file in C
Grouping Together CSV Data Using Python
Python3/MacOSX integration into pycharm
Best practices/performance: mixing StringBuilder.append with String.concat
How can I pull all tags and their children from an XML file?
is this method the best way to validate business objects
Viewpager pass bundles between fragments
PHP Namespaces & Referencing Classes not contained within Namespaces
json_encode works on development, but not on my product server
What is the scenario to make wsHttpBinding an alternative for netTcpBinding
CodeIgniter 鈥淭he filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed.鈥�
popup window for aspx.net usercontrol
iPhone large upload worries
How To Speed Up lein Uberjar Buid
Python adding to dictionaries .csv format
Disable widget (iframes / flash) interactivity in TinyMCE
I have a log file with RTP packets: now what?
How to initialize all the elements of an array to any specific value in java
jQuery cookie toggle
IE selection 'arrow'
Is possible to set the home screen programmatically?
Azure trying to use when accessing clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml files
Misleading Java XML validation
What is the appropriate way of drawing background in opengl es?
App.config transformation for appharbor background workers
Better way to hide titles in Sitecore/ASP.NET
Equivalent of os.getpardir()?
Accessing TextView field from XML layout using inflation?
Replace term with a variable in Prolog
Django 1.4 and timezones
Easiest way to map route in PHP
C# MVC Site Forcing Users to Re-authenticate
鈥渂in/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off鈥�error when running shellcode
HSQLDB Table not found in statement with Spring 3 jUnit test
Page is not redirecting
How do I build gevent in python under cygwin?
NSDateFormatter error converting date from string
CSS float 鈥渉ug center鈥�
How can I create a loop that reveals a certain number of labels?
Whats the best way to convert an NSString to an NSInteger based on an array of values?
What are the solutions for issues when replicating Virtual Machines? [closed]
Getting stock balance
undefined reference boost::program_options::abstract_variables_map::operator[]
Distinct Result via xQuery
Bitwise overflow checking in c
Why can I not delete list elements while iterating in an OO setting?
How do I intercept a 404 error in PHP properly?
selecta gallery with one or more images
Changing a CSS class depending on text wrap and window width (Jquery or JavaScript)
load a image, css, or js file via php
Determine is a Serial Port exists, Linux C/C++
Perl: Can you save to disk using XPath's setNodeText function?
Event Sourcing and Retroactive Events
Google Places API subway_station,?
RouteData lost on Post in a controller called by RenderAction
ImageButton: image is not displayed when button disabled
Python/Selenium - Chrome Web Driver, Click Action
What SSIS task can be used to download files from an HTTPS URL?
Accessing a constant
Performance issue with getInt within ResultSetExtractor
How can I invoke an Action and output it's result, as if it were a 鈥渦ser control鈥�
UPnP Media Server Control Point in ruby
rails, general understanding of URIs and controllers
django - loaddata error when converting db from sqlite3 to postgres
Illegal characters in email when sent via smtp with Sendgrid on Rails 3.1.3
Java - GluProject How to deal with rotation
How to Retrieve Spotify Playlist Metadata on Website?
overloading >> operator for stack list class
Stopping Save/Send document when user exits Spell Check Dialog
Selenium Javascript won't retrieve value
Inherit from existing style and add new shapes to derived style
What is the standard approach for setting up a Visual Studio 2010 solution for ASP.NET MVC 3 project
Edit the joined-date of an App Profile Page
css floats and margins problems in wordpress
Creating member object in Xcode: Program received signal: 鈥淪IGABRT鈥�
Django templates: accessing the previous and the following element of the list
What is the best jquery selector for making this change?
How to get pixel neighbors in MATLAB?
Maintaining an open Redis PubSub subscription with Booksleeve
BufferStrategy, multiple exceptions and errors in Java
How to know if a NSWindow is the front window?
Pause JS function from another function
Assert call to method using Mock python
how to round mysql column in a table output
Variables used in SendKeys do not have spaces in Python?
How to get a list of files by date order in WinRT/Windows 8
Remove hover with on()
iOS Facebook Open Graph API how to set a 鈥渞eference鈥�property type
Reverse natural order using collections.reverseOrder()
mysql: how to obtain current user for last_updated_by column?
Difference with Net::SSH::Perl on perl 5.12 and 5.14
Making sure that a final variable is initialized when a constructor throws an exception
Buffered/RingBuffer IO in Ruby + Amazon S3 non-blocking chunk reads
How to slide up or down ul elements based on selected item
UIPopoverController gesture handling in UISplitViewController for iOS 5.1 and below
Webscraper will not work
How to get a IDictionary<string, object> of the parameters previous method called in C#?
Problems with generating normal maps
How does facebook navigates to a photo(changes the window.location) but the past content remains?
New Grails Install Way Slow
In Jenkins what permissions are required for anonymous users to be able to start a job by a web hook?
Facebook reveal tab if users liked page it goes to registration form and if registered reveal another page
Singleton Design Pattern for MySQLi Connection inside static functions
Get calling/client Assembly in portable area
jquery File Upload (blueimp) - IE9 doesn't support multiple file selection?
Refreshing a jsp page periodically
Is it bad practice to use reference assignment in PHP when handling potentially undefined variables?
How to fire an img resize event in jQuery when the window opens, not on window resize
use NSOperationQueue as a LIFO stack?
Multiple Iframes loaded asynchronously
counter of served clients in a simple server using python + twisted
starting smoothdivscroll at random position
Digitally signing with the public key
Rails: use CouchDB with SQLite [closed]
MYSQL Get results assigned to multiple 鈥渃ategories鈥�maybe using JOIN?
ADO.Net and stored procedure output parameters
What is the difference between using WCF Routing (.Net 4.0) and IIS7 Load Balancing (Application Request Routing)?
Eventual consistency in plain English
Include jquery mobile in express js app correctly
Creating a Dynamic JQuery Plugin
iOS: Bold and Italic on the same word
JS Date Validation Enhancement
Spring integration testing - transaction declaration in config seems to break test
ServiceStack: Deserializing a Collection of JSON objects
Using Jmagick into an Android project
How to save a cookie after the header has been sent in Perl CGI?
What are the pros and cons for using a database to store configuration information compared to a File System
Replace text inside a div without affecting any HTML tags inside of it
How do I make sure my controller and model specs are consistent with rspec and rails?
Is there a way to grab the date and time out of a editText
Combining two integers with bit-shifting
Rails - working with scaffolding, error linking to the new resource that was made
jquerymobile split view right panel does not transition
Table rowspan issue
Max number of rows that can be fetched using WCF
Sort numpy matrix row values in ascending order
clang plugin ASTConsumer
Revealing Module Pattern Function Initialization Style
Is playing sound in Javascript performance heavy?
How to toggle checkbox selection rather than only selecting?
Mustache templating - presenting JSON collection
Access Rails Development Server From A Different Computer
iOS TextField in TableView emptied when table cells are recycled
Sliding page transitions with jquery
MVC3 Routing From an area to default
How do I do this MYSQL trigger between 2 tables?
XCode Coordinates for iPad Retina Displays
Trying to get OAuth dialog to work
Swapping array elements in Javascript
How do I create a Map Icon?
Will my Heroku app working on 1 web dyno stay active if I pay for 1 worker dyno?
Rendering box2d rectangle as a 3d rectangle in three.js
Java applet: How to make sure destroy is finished before page refresh
Fast Report Aliases x Templates
ASP.NET MVC 3 site with one page using NT auth and the rest unauthorized
Javascript Variable not defining
Chrome extension: 鈥淯ncaught Error: 鈥漡etBackgroundPage鈥�can only be used in extension processes鈥︹�
Select 2nd and 3rd element from each triplet of elements
Viewing multiple source files simultaneously using MonoDevelop
hide source of HTML page using javascript
Game - Convert pitch and yaw to XY
Using FitText jquery plugin to resize text
Detecting when Safari has launched
How to avoid sub-menu mixing when hovering too fast?
Loading integers larger than 32-bits in MIPS assembly
jQuery returns NaN
TSQL, ensure at least one character appears before @ sign
byte collection based similar with ByteBuffer from java
Google Maps Cluster Display Bubble on Marker Click
valgrind drd reports errors for a simple c++ program w/ boost::thread or pthread
Is there a tool for validating RFC-compliance of an HTTP request?
PHP if value is null, send email
JSF: javax.faces.resources is not referenced in my application
manage javascript data
IndexTank autocomplete not working in Rails 3 with the Tanker gem
How I can create a survey using VC++?
SQL Server 2008 search and replace xml node values
Ruby unexpected kEND, expecting $end
Google maps doesn't display on all phones. [closed]
Moongoose: Find name in another selection
LWP::UserAgent get(): is there a default size for the `read_size_hint` option
GridView: how to increase value of a cell by one everytime at row updating?
How to import a python file in a parent directory
Is my website possibly being hacked?
How sizeof(array) works at runtime?
Challenge for SSL champs [duplicate]
Error saving core data using UIManagedDocument
Send email, when paypal payment is made
jQuery Get Attribute Value even when it changes
How to get column value from database using query?
redirecting urls with ASCII characters in them
iPhone Cocoa Touch- Interface Builder elements are shifted at runtime
setting TabOrder inside forms and custom controls
Yii - Detach behaviour by default
Map Application : City Guide - Beginner Level [closed]
having issues with #reviewthis
SAML 2.0 with .Net 1.1
Missing Waveform Graphic in HTML5 Player
Why do you have to provide the parser twice when creating an OptionGroup?
Handling regex escape replacement text that contains the dollar character
Foreign key mapping inside Embeddable class
JS hiding a div, while showing another
CakePHP Bake - Issues with underscores in Table Names
use multiple columns as variables with sapply
play recorded sound during voice call using NDK or Third Party APIs
SQL Server 2008 Convert from GUID to Bigint and Back?
Starteam - Checking out files for a specific Change Request #
Extracting tokens from a text file?
Can't get LDAP functions to load in PHP
How to reduce billing on my AWS RDS instance
couldn't debug stored procedure manually
How is this CSS font-family displaying 鈥淓conomica鈥�properly?
Android - online vs offline parsing - Battery
bcrypt with salt how?
Link to download facebook SDK for Mac OSX?
Why do you have to write separate Programs for Windows & Linux
Encoding message format onto a buffer to send via UDP sockets?
How to return Type T in interface in C#?
Install package in buildout environment
Competing-Consumers Messaging Pattern in Azure Service Bus
How to add Groovy to an Existing Java project on Heroku
parallel task in tbb
Duplicate *.aj files created by roo
Some questions about OpenId
spine, node.js (express) and Access-Control-Allow-Origin
SQL Server - What role to use for application access?
create PHP array using fopen with append
htaccess mod_headers for no-caching
Shrink and Rotate a triangle
mysql_affected_rows gives 鈥渟upplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource鈥�error WITH VALID QUERY
Typedef with template functions
expect script write to file partial output
What books/references are recommended on the subject of planning and developing efficient web sites [closed]
Display a byte as a checkbox using a EditorTemplate?
need help on achartengine for android
CsharpCodeProvider memory leak
Ruby on Rails plural (controller) and singular (model) convention - explanation
Spree doesn't generate project files in folder
Name this Embeddable Schema
How does foursquare's nearby friends functionality work?
Navigation links pointing to custom views
Is it possible from a newly loaded page to insert an element onto a previously opened window document?
Iterate through a table finding a td by class and changing the text for that td
Software Design, readability issue, static vs instance method
Div height CSS trouble
Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed?
Count of non Null values in a Row
How to Open Two Excel Files in Multiple Monitors in Windows 7 pro excel 2010? [closed]