How to create this constraint in Oracle WITHOUT PL/SQL
AFNetworking for Image Downloads, Unresponsive UI
write a new line text file python every 4 tabs
how to send multiple data with $.ajax() jquery
Using python to add a list to a postion in a csv file
C# XSLT remove node
iTunesConnect Version Control
problems with tr1/regex. Prints opposite result
Android CoverFlow display text instead of images
creating new svn project with eclipse
how to evaluate variables [closed]
How can I use the same Login Session in a Multithreaded Application
Detect bluetooth connection (android sdk ICS)
How to find the route that matches a url?
How to make two processes with two threads recieve, send to each other in MPI?
Is there a way to change the default color of a selected html listbox item?
Listing data using find statement and join table
Triggering the select 鈥渄rum鈥�in iOS through Javascript
Inject HTML source into an iframe to avoid cross site scripting issue [closed]
Eclipse can't resolve transitive dependency projects?
How to keep old date and time when updating android db?
How to decrypt a file in Objective C/IOS that is encrypted in php?
Language plugin for wordpress
Copying ManyToMany fields from one model instance to another
Javascript Object Extension
Resource : Single location to multiple mappings
glib: valgrind reporting 'still reachable' blocks after g_strsplit
QML gradients with an orientation
Sign git commits with GPG
Visual Studio 2010: Name of document tab context menu
Upgraded from VS 2008 to VS 2010, checked into SVN, still prompting to upgrade
How to get selected list view item for context menu click event
Making join with Criteria
closeEvent not called for QWidget from plugin
Uploading and loading images through jquery ajax
Using ZURB Foundation for tooltips 鈥�Newly-created DOM elements are not bound to tooltip 'hover' event
Why won't macvim always use ruby 1.9.3?
Backbone View event getting the proper target
Andengine Sprites appear as black boxes
How would I search text in a textview using gtk# and mono?
sqlite sorting SUM column values
How to create a winform with buttons that will never attract keyboard focus
Telerik TreeView for ASP.NET MVC ajax woes
Rails/Ruby: Is there a backbone gem in that doesn't generate coffeescript files?
Using AtomicInteger as a static shared counter
Comparing rows/vectors for identity in R using BY or APPLY?
x-code 3.2.6: expected expression before @-token
scrape contents from site pages
C Lib Design - Struct and Memory Mgmt [Best Practices]
User Error Messages , HTML data vs JavaScript
Delphi grid with a different data type in each row, displayed dynamically
convert ereg_replace to preg_replace in PHP [duplicate]
nullpointerexception thread main exiting due to error
How do I pass SaveAsDialog's result to RelayCommand?
Override Power button just like Home button
Get a random record from database/entity using CI2 + Doctrine2
Adding .jar's to classpath (Scala)
Invalid gemspec error while running compass in ruby
Legacy VB 6 Remote Debugging desktop application
Eclipse won't recognize Android Compatibility Javadoc
How can I change the URL of an object serverd by Dexterity in Plone
How do you render super smooth fonts with DirectX9?
Legacy VB 6 Remote Debugging desktop application
Eclipse won't recognize Android Compatibility Javadoc
How can I change the URL of an object serverd by Dexterity in Plone
How do you render super smooth fonts with DirectX9?
Keeping jquery scripts alive after third party ajax
powershell writing to a log file
Pass product variables by user selection
numeric error in batch
How to create complex datatype for column with spaces in the name?
Having trouble figuring out my issue with Circle class
I'm extending User model in django and I'm not able to authenticate because of raw password
resize images in python
Android WebView 302 Redirect - Honeycomb
Adding a Java unfinished project to SBT dependencies
difference between two arrays
Android Dev: Android Layout not being drawn in time
Best approach to load huge data into the UI
How to prevent form's action to occur in
BSON serialization in C# driver for MongoDB
MVC + jQuery - Load a Table with large number of rows without blocking the Browser UI [closed]
Unable to reproduce TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
LION OS: Run Mac app in the background
Is destroying the user session enough during logout?
Disable null on form:input field
LC3 Assembly Bitwise Right Shift
How to video out java through DVI/HDMI?
How to find the HtmlInputCheckBox of a repeater control in code behind file without using runat =鈥渟erver鈥�tag
Changing view for selected in view-based NSTableView
xcode does not stop at breakpoint if there is no code change
Error when trying to update Extensions in Visual Studio [closed]
Slowly initialized components that cause lack of user experience
How do I filter values out of a TSQL UNPIVOT?
facebook like button website description
Python/BeautifulSoup: Scrape Data from Web Pages
What is the correct way to deal with medium-sized byte arrays in modern C++?
Can I use the output of gperf in a non-open source program?
ADFS 2.0 with SharePoint not recognized as trusted application and throwing
jsf 2.0 and welcome-files
WriteableBitmap.SaveJpeg renders a black image (WP7)
having trouble setting default initial year in jQuery date widget
Parse XML with same tag names using libxml on iOS
TwistedWeb on multicore/multiprocessor
Setting multiple rows in one table equal to multiple rows in another table based on multiple column values being equal
How to multiply This matrix in matlab
read a list from a file and sort them using xcode NSMutableArray arrayWithContentsOfFile
Populating a chart control and a datagrid using the same datareader
MYSQL datetime format
how to embed lat and longitude in google places url
How can I identify the creator of an entry in a 'edited' collaborative list?
How to find CPU intensive class on Mac?
Django - DatabaseError: No such table
How do I write custom binding for WCF Service using code?
W3C Geolocation API extremely inaccurate
currentTimeMillis() not returning expected result
Adding certificate to keystore using java code
How do I submit a message then add it to the top of a message list without page refresh in ruby on rails?
read child class variables in parent class
Positioning views so that each one of them takes the same space
Dynamicly displayed DropDownList if multiple entry exists in table
Pattern for executing common code before a property is accessed
How can i override css property
Error installing Ruby with RVM (fails installing RubyGems)
Visual Studio - setting version number of .EXE console application
R CMD on Windows 7 Error - 鈥淩鈥�is not recognized as an internal or external command,
android button in a class that extends ListActivity
How do I make this expand/collapse FAQ list to work?
KineticJS. draw image with onClick event
Getting text stored within a PNG Image in Java
Disable Home Button in Android ICS (4.0)
How can I execute a Perl script from my Java program?
Having Android EditText.onDraw() woes
Named entities as a feature in text categorization?
Creating Custom Route in MVC3 Razor for Views with in Areas
Simple jQuery/JSON to HTML Output
Python display text w/ font & color?
JavaScript/ Scriptlet in a JSP
How can I change the templating framework in Django?
Implements a custom CellEditor for a JTable with 2 columns (String, Integer) and n Rows
JavaScript SlideUp/SlideDown making my footer jumpy after slide
Build 鈥渘ative code + wrapper + managed code鈥�projects
Error while configuring concurrency in Spring Security 3.05
How to set the classpath in an ant file to execute a Java program and include external jars?
what data type to store my list in c#
how to organize ajax search in drupal 7
Problems with expanding parent from child height. Body will not 100% height. Multiple columns
Typing utf-8 characters in python in interactive mode on OS-X
Check if Geolocation was allowed and get Lat Lon
Rails 3.2 with many stylesheet assets in dev mode => error with IE HTC-behaviours
Calling invoke-wmimethod via Powershell PSSession without being admin on Remote Machine?
How do I post a photo to a Facebook group?
Populate Html.DropDownList with jquery or JS
Is Portable C# Express Edition available? [closed]
extended GridViewAdapter
Keeping reference of Controller in View or using listener
typesafe stack sbt is stuck trying to download scala-compiler.jar on windows
date format in php for Date.parse
Liferay : How to Redirect to Public page using RequestDispatcher in Liferay
Entity Framework, WCF, Clients, and Object Context questions
precautions to take to prevent memory leaks due to added event handles
Trying to define a select_tag
Diff tool that excludes previous diffs? [closed]
WEEKOFYEAR() not a valid partitioning function
Trying to add AdView in android game
generate a Gaussian dataset in MATLAB
PHP: sessions not consistent between directories
Installing Big Integer libraries for C++?
Problems in thread order execution
What's the difference in using <?php 鈥�?> and <? 鈥�?> [duplicate]
How to update all items in a dictionary ? iphone [closed]
HTML form submission - basic premise
Run Jython and Python in one File
Eclipse not recognising numberPassword when set to Android 4.0?
Why can't `Table` member implement underlying interface `ITable` member?
Finding strongly connected components - no recursion
MySQL PDO Error: 'Data too long for column' when passing a boolean parameter for a BIT column
File explorer tool in visual studio?
Show Drawing.Image in WPF
Very Basic JS Coding, and SoundManager2 or not?
Reduce database writes with memached
Android Custom marker icon
display confirmation message on submit in zend php
load another html into div with jquery
Need an explanation for the output of the
Is it okay to add id/class to <link> tag?
Errors using multiprocessing.pool map when reading from an immutable object
How do I post a picture/image using the IO Codenameone
Run process with multiprocessing and serve its state with django
NetFx40_PInvokeStackResilience doesnt seem to work
Jquery Mobile links stopped working for pages
Hungarian characters gone when loading from database
How to custom the json send using postObject with RestKit?
HOW TO: use thrust::sort_by_key where the key is a compund key zip_iterator with a custom comparison predicate?
How to make a background from 3 parts on website
Failure 1 (near 鈥淣ULLenergy_rates鈥� syntax error) on 0x2d7a30
replace html content - keep an element
PostgreSQL : deadlock detected
Pressing tab for word completion in command line mode switches to search mode in Vim
unable to print more than 20 records using mPDF (timeout/memory issue?)
MATLAB: Write strings and numbers of variables in files
Making text and a right-floated div appear on one line inside their flexible container--without more HTML
using System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting and Custom ScaleView/Zoom
Failed to load DevAppEngineWebAppContext (App Engine)
Assert Some with FsUnit
Run Multiple Instance of application in ASP.NET
How to make array from different value in jQuery
jQuery Positioning and Animation
Trigger lazy loading of images after images have been resized
Replacing NAs in R with nearest value
How do I use JMockit with Gradle on the IBM J9 JVM?
hidding elements in a layout page mvc3
Trigger lazy loading of images after images have been resized
Replacing NAs in R with nearest value
How do I use JMockit with Gradle on the IBM J9 JVM?
hidding elements in a layout page mvc3
Can I use Jquery UI datepicker to change format of a keyboard-entered date?
What statups are expecting while asking to solve a programming challenge before hand? [closed]
Is there something like Expression Design's skeleton strokes in Silverlight?
Android php service connection on apache 2.2 - index.php not respond after some successfull connections
Can some one brifely explain what are recurrent neural networks?
Build Flash Project with ANT
How to select a static value/string with SQL?
PHPUnit not continuing with tests after fatal error when using --process-isolation
How to lock div to the top of the page
Problems with scope and packages in Java
inserting links in mysql database table cell
How to display the :after content outside element
Can sqlite3 handle 30 concurrent update requests gracefully?
Get just the female or male friends
How would I add a 1 second delay to the hide JavaScript function
Records Not Looping In Exported RTF Document
Does it make sense for an ASP.NET Web API method to return IQueryable<T>?
How do I equalise a set of DOM element heights after rendering a template using a knockout data-binding?
Non-breaking breakpoints (trace points) in Javascript?
Fortran: Possible change of value
how to get the data bound to an instance of a user control
Weirdness when data POST to PHP script
removeAllViews() not removing TableRow children in a TableLayout
loop through json, make Multidimensional array
How could you get a following button to display 鈥淔ollow <@username>鈥�in Rails?
Rendering validation messages RichFaces
How to automatically create and populate an sqlite database in android from arrays (or other form) of data
java XML response design improvement
Type providers are not available for .net 2.0/3.x?
GAE GWT JDO persistent List<Element> does not save/load correctly
Load different subviews
How to check if value in array is not NULL?
How to get FB Like to display message
How to remove href tag from CDATA
How do windows phone app orientation work?
OSX/Cocoa : adding objects on the Dock
Find the smallest set group to cover all combinatory possibilities
winsock socket as file handle
One-To-Many Example in NDB
How to store checked list state in listview android?
x = y =1 in Scala?
WCF Activation exception - Base address for service not provided
My images take forever to load
Using Jquery eq() to get specific DIV?
How can I write a program that transforms letters to upper or lower case depending on command line arguments? [closed]
Erlang accepting SSL connection is really slow (comparing to C++)
Should SVG contents be visible outside an embedded <svg> by default? [closed]
Auto complete property in c#
Howto debug double deletes in C++?
What to use for public key certificate validation, Certificate Depository via LDAP or an OCSP responder?
Google Docs python gdata 2.0.16 upload file to existing collection
Printing Lists in python [closed]
declaring struct inside of a class
Why images not displayed in Drupal7?
CSS/Jquery Layout: make two columns same height
HttpClient authentication header not getting sent
Php echo where both and ' are used in the string?
When does sprint planning occur?
Doctrine: Get a random name from a table of names
How can I create a map of mongo::BSONObjBuilder using mongo C++ API?
Is usage of DISTINCT redundant in a simple query with an aggregate function
Download image from URL in C#
SQL Join -Always return data from first table for each row in the second table
ddply for transforming data
Modifying pointer value in function
What's the max limit for messages in WCF?
Get out of memory error when fetch 3000 record of data
Copy part of table with jQuery
Remove inactive class items
Objective c:Place irregular shaped images adjacently
SQL Developer Select Max Record and Entire Row For Each ID
Backbone.js - Should nested Views maintain references to each other?
WP7 SystemTray Text
Global variables in SSJS script library not working as expected
JIRA: Associating a project with a team
How to display the image in a template where the source is a TemplateBinding in design view WPF?
Why should I fix E_NOTICE errors? Pros and cons
Can Selenium Library / Selenium RC be used to spam online forms which lack human authentication tests?
Make use_trans_sid work (Append Session ID to URL)
How to add Done button to the keyboard?
Eclipse: Web Services Option is missing
Getting starting with github - out of VIM window
Extract a number from a string in Python
Is it possible to set a custom ListView in a ListFragment?
Integration testing with PHPUnit (Checking DB values)
Couchbase: is it better to retrieve a list object or each object individually?
PHP_SELF vs url of same page
HttpRequest PUT content in poco library
accessing parameters of multipart json
html/css div positioning issues with ie
Datacontract exception. Cannot be serialized
where to add printk.time ?
Smart way to make all UI elements firing their initial values?
EXTjs Panels collapse and expand methods
ActionMailer - Send email based on date condition in rails
ActionMailer - Send email based on date condition in rails
Content alignment and positioning in templated wpf control
Google Chrome Wrong Flash Object Size
simulate the cursor keys (left,right,down,up arrows) in a content editable div?
Single Sign-on in Rails 3 without any extra work on the users part?
Updating/Creating a ListView from multiple HTTP messages
Create GUI for JInternalFrame using class method instead of constructor
Upgrading iPhone App
How do I transfer my Pickerview selection to an output Label on a second View Controller?
org.hibernate.annotations.Entity not being picked up by Hibernate 3.6
Multi lined Multi styled button
Change DIV background color for all inputs in form
VBA: Deleting Rows with a Specific Value
scaling svg paths in Raphael 2.1
Spring non singleton controller
append div to webpage - using ajax to post data
iPhone Table View List File Names?
Reload UIWebView when a new push notification arrives
Error installing openCV 2.3.0 / 2.3.1 on mac os X 10.6.8
nodejs - dependencies (very basic one) - express - > it is a part of nodejs or a plugin
Relation between 'N' of make -jN with the CPU core?
Create exe file from tar.gz in linux
Prevent MySQL-Python from inserting quotes around database name parameter
Pushing data to android application from server using WCF REST
How to distinguish between two multidimensional arrays in PHP?
Repeat background with clip?
Positioning <img> nicely with rest of text in <h1>
#ifndef syntax for include guards in C++
PhoneGap + JqueryMobile on Xcode
TSQL top 1 parameter assignment issue
Error when in maintenance mode
best way to use proguard with dwr
generating distanced matrix for an n-dimensional hypercube
need to save contents of table view as txt file and the reload it later
how to sort records with limit clause
error when installing xdebug with phpize
The best way to create a scoreboard
Two columns text block with an image
Pros/cons with requiring users to login to a site with Facebook [closed]
Sorting Java Multidimensional Array
cant set values in swing components in another class
deploy exe to server
Django Model Manager for Default Options
Importing an XML into MySQL, Can't get all children tags
Dynamic Type Creation with a Constructor that reference its dependencies
How to ensure the user is logged into the system at the controller level?
CSS issue in IE 9 - boxes collapsing left to right
How to parse arabic pdf with Tika
Open source map
c++ char arrays : a[i] = b[i] fails
can't create foreign key constraint
MVC3 Telerik Batch Editing Update Updates Client But Not DB Tables
How to check whether the received message is an address, a number or a simple text in android programmatically
moving boxes plugin callback function
jQuery validate - two required fields with one error message
How to get a value in <td> tag
Compute subform total
Why is my initializeMap function not executing completely?
Enterprise iOS provisioning profile renewal error: 鈥淴code could not determine the profile's team鈥�
Stack structure after function call with parameters
FB Php-SDK api(鈥�me鈥� return array with 鈥淎n unknown error occurred鈥�
Consuming Custom Request Methods with iOS5
Trying to update OR insert in Symfony2 controller with a form
How to define Global Arrays?
Move Android Status Bar in Ice Cream Sandwich
iPhone: Properly scaling lines / circle drawn in drawRect
Java programmatically compile jar
Searching Google Spreadsheets with Ruby
Does libcurl abort download if file size exceeds Content-Length?
reference valueobject collection from entity
create my own permission in drupal [closed]
PHP Multiple User Login Form - Navigation to Different Pages Based on Login Credentials
Can't get string from XML parsing class in c++?
PHP Syntax Error With jQuery
Positioning of Content Relative to Background
Best practice for 鈥済lobal鈥�variables in JavaScript?
Multi-line regex in Vim: filtering out blocks of text in a file
Using data from two separate lists in one function? [closed]
Make 3 levels of difficulties in a quiz app
Running an application over ASP.NET
Why displaying my DateTime in a Textbox result to something different than displaying it directly into html?
print zipped generator results
Combine multiple tables into one table
CMake Pkg-Config Library Link Path
Unit testing a Func<Delegate> with Rhino Mocks throwing InvalidCastException with second Expect() invocation
Handling large Input data in a Java Application
Creating animated gif in Java
java patterns to maintain consistent the indexes on data in a collection
Does writing program using global variables is safer?
Upload Document to Sharepoint Library using low-level web services
Android show 鈥渘ew鈥�image only the first time
Generating online books
Error: a url property or function must be specified
Image negative distortion on iOS 4.3
how to display the database in a listview android
post XML data from Android and get back in PHP
Javascript : add string to iframe with window.opener form popup
How to determine direction of UIPickerView rotation?
Creating an array & outputting its code definition for preloading
iOS - Changing NSDate format makes all dates January
How to determine direction of UIPickerView rotation?
Creating an array & outputting its code definition for preloading
iOS - Changing NSDate format makes all dates January
Re-Loading JQuery ans CSS
How does Tomcat locate the webapps directory?
NUnit won't release lock on custom class library dll 鈥�Unable to compile class library after running NUnit
How to redirect standard input and output with Bash
Setting up a Server-side interpreter
DisplayStateBehavior not initially applying state transition in listbox item template
Can Richfaces components be inserted into rich:editor component?
Jqgrid use afterSubmit event to get the ID of newly added record
Creating a copy of an object in c++
Using (DLNA) Coherence as a library in project
Printing field input data live with Javascript
data communication between threads in java
Composer.phar cannot install dependencies
Ruby IMAP 鈥渃hanges鈥�since last check
c++ styleguide: why to have non-lvalues on the left side?
Computer Algorithm for Solving Determinants [closed]
Application crashing after launch (on smartphone and emulator)
artisteer wp-theme metadata (date, category) lost
Unload Plugin in Qt
Autocomplete from database
Changing a line in a text file if it exists
overwrite parent .resizable property for grandchild elements, maybe using css?
What is 鈥渢h-ruby-include=鈥�directory in rails app root ?
Globally declare UIColor in project [duplicate]
Trigger and even when a nicedit toolbar button has finished executing or has been clicked
Edit pop up box for a grid design
EF Fluent Define Foreign primary key
DSN settings in pdo does not work
UDP datagram code for server client application in C#
How can I configure network access for the Windows Phone emulator?
Relation between Foreground Services and PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK
Where to place authentication check in ASP.NET
Unable to authenticate through JQuery
Symbols outputting as a question mark '?'
Android ExpandableListView get group number when closing group
Where are the files downloaded using pip stored in virtualenv?
How to show WSDL for a web service that was build with Perl
How does a '.class' property work?
What is the fastest way to write a large amount of data from memory to a file?
jQuery 1.7.1 slider not working except on homepage
How to change bitrate mode: VBR to CBR with MPEG4 of H264 file?
XPath to find ancestor node containing CSS class
Alternatives for Javascript Synchronous XMLHttpRequest (as timing out in Safari)
Pass an array from controller to model - codeigniter
Linux Eclipse CDT profiler
Implementing simple business model in Haskell
How to fix intermittent/jerky android paint updates
No output when object is pushed to vector
Movieclip width changes instead of height
creating two tables in sqlite/android and showing their contents
Using RaphaelJS; Create 'paper' at global level - I can create multiple papers, but can't .remove them
variable hidden within a text
String concatenation vs. interpolation in Ruby
python: sorting a dict of dicts on a key
How do you tell InstallShield LE which project in the solution to install?
jquery + instagram + image montage
can access to standard java libraries be blocked by prohibiting import statements and java.* strings?
jQuery Validate form - onsubmit fire fancybox window
Sencha touch 2/ app workflow with navigation view
Eclipse Logcat filter plus sign not visible
how to fire a Mysql trigger on an specific date and time
Run Swing app from Tomcat; can't connect to X11 with DISPLAY=:0:0
How to use a c:set assigned variable
Implementing Dijkstra's algorithm using min-heap but failed
Loop thru a nested collection in a repeater control
鈥淣o API environment is registered for this thread鈥�error when persisting object to app engine
regular expression search - find original class/struct name of a typedef'd value
Java applet project 鈥渏 access denied鈥�error
Show Twitter Follower Count on Website?
C# Xml Doc Comments - only create documentation for specific C# modules not the entire assembly [duplicate]
Remove escapes from a string, or, 鈥渉ow can I get out of the way?鈥�
default languages for items and folders in sitecore
GCC template errors
WSDL UNKNOWN for input/output
Why is the WPF Border鈥檚 鈥淏order鈥�visible in design mode, but not in the application?
What to change the variable below to?
Uploading a file using NSUrlRequest results in Zero Bytes filesize
Can't run my program on XP, because it says that can't load a dll(written by me), but on Windows 7 it runs
Linux: How to output directory size as a number excluding directory path
Load functions using a case switch statement
copy property and Block_copy(myBlock) / [myBlock copy]
How to target elements of a SimpleModal popup post
Confirm dialog with ok/cancel
OO pattern for dividing a collection into groups
Pause CCAction cocos2d
Check if ViewData is null before setting DropDownList to it
Is it possible to manipulate some text with an user-defined I/O manipulator?
Semantic analysis for C language
WPF 3rd-party grid
Symfony2: How to hide the seconds in my datetime form input?
String Builder vs Lists
Pass some checkbox values from one JSP to another
Decoding base64 file contents between PHP and C#
Does it exist UISlider with value displayed natively? [closed]
Autosize text to fit the width of a button
What does '#type' mean in Haskell Foreign Function Interface?
Access token Facebook graph api?
Facebook Page status not displaying when created with Graph API
How does non blocking IO work in javascript
How to define a function in SMT 2.0 which returns the minimal value of 4 parameters [closed]
Fixed background with CSS?
how can I display data into my Jtextarea from my data base Mysql
is there any sort of tool that will return response times for each method called in an operation? [duplicate]
Correct Approach to Populating a Table View Using An Array?
get inner xml from xml node in chrome using jquery
Extjs4 RESTful CRUD grid with Spring Controllers
Hooking up multiple NSViewControllers to a nib
Trying to figure out what {s: ;} tags mean and where they come from
using methods of objects stored in stacks (javafx)
Solr is not showing result after indexing table records
Image Uploader + HTML editor [closed]
How to prevent a program from being copied, using Delphi
HTML5 Canvas rotate in Google Chrome - Terrible rendering
YUM complains about PyYAML and libyaml in CentOS 5.8
Problems installing RMagick
Click on element which is dynamically generated using watir-webdriver
XSLT - Select Node WITHOUT an attribute
Is there jQuery Mobile's equivalent to the Android's ViewPager?
Sorting comments with nested replies
How to declare a global variable from within a class?
Unexpected semi-colons in conditional
MVC Pattern: Does The View should has reference to The Model
How to draw a graph of a mathematical function, on an Android canvas
RegisterExpandoAttribute - Throwing Error
can we use core data to store a real estate property?
counting number of characters in a string but want to skip the comments
Python: Using sympy.sympify to perform a safe eval() on mathematical functions
Ruby - writing a basic controller
Identifying why a GUI program consumes CPU cycles when idle
Find pair within vector of maps
assignment operator overloading in c++
How to handle several infowindows?
Profiling web apps on iPhone
Google Charts: get rid of line offset?
Need urgent help getting Java Hashmap to work [closed]
iOS Incompatible block pointer types issue
Implementing simple symmetric encryption using java sockets
Unsafe method to get pointer to byte array
C - Build dynamically allocated array of pointers to structures filled with input from file
How to determine if a point lies within a kml or shape
PHP - clone an object that contains references to itself?
Variable Length Array C++ Wrapper Container
SAX, XML file parsing error
Project Building Exception
How to properly implement the Strategy Pattern with two interfaces?
Detaching objects that have collections
php grouped table sorting 1 off
Detaching objects that have collections
php grouped table sorting 1 off
How to create a new session in spring?
How to generate different HTML based on the device that access the page?
Prefilled p:inputText component
reusing the same table across several views in rails
ASP:GridView BoundField with custom objects?
Using static instead of parcelable/serialize 鈥�is this bad?
Ordering following recursive foreignkey
error with Submenu in XML file
scipy: significance of the return values of spearmanr (correlation)
Order of arithmetic expansion
need to check the whole domain instead of the single url
Invalid Managed/Unmanaged Type Combination With Embedded, Dynamically-Allocated Array
Android: shutting down the phone programmatically
Prevent Simple Injector to throw an exception when resolving an unregistered service
Request Object becomes null in Jetty Handler
Keeping the parent DialogButton open after the child DialogButton is closed
<applet> vs <object>
iOS and twitter integration - getting multiple users' statuses
sed regex replace with quotes
Socket_read returning '1' ..?
Nokogiri recursively get all children
iPhone/OS X: Convert UTC format date&time value Calendar required format
Getting custom HTTP request headers in
Method to recursively delete any directory that has no files, my solution seems to work but trying to find ways it can break
Jquery , Function inside same function. It bad practice?
Content flash when selecting an item in an isotope container
Native library not loading under Android 4.0.3 (MIUI ROM)
How to set the Organiser of a meeting from a .net application accessing Exchange Web Service
What is the Difference between Web.config and global.asax? [closed]
Auto redirect http site url to https in cpanel
Do I need to mutex or lock when calling ResetEvent()?
Library to encode (no decoding) QR code
know udp packet size with poll select or epoll
How do I retrieve photos from a Facebook group using the graph API?
Publishing a Split Access 2010 Database to Sharepoint
Preventing deadlock in a mock banking database
Python: switching from optparse to argparse
EXTJS fireEvent
Spotify - Skip to next/previous song buttons are greyed out
Selecting a specific access FORM from two combo boxes
live traffic information for android
fitnesse csv file
PhoneGap: Is there a way to stop the keyboard from resizing the view?
Adding field from another table to a complex query
MySQL, Glassfish and JPA in EC2 works in localhost but not it production
Are Custom Push notifications possible on iOS
Run google visualisation (javascript) loaded via ajax DataTable select statement
Run google visualisation (javascript) loaded via ajax DataTable select statement
How to open a link in android?
jQuery - css active
Validating XML against XSD java
can not call $wpdb in functions.php in wordpress
How to use the OnPaint event in C#?
How can I display an error that occurs when using a .bat to install SQL 2008?
How to Databind Multiple Layers of Collections?
how to implement applicationWillTerminate in appDelegate.m
Java Swing - On a Mac, listening for Quit event
NGINX - rewriting certain URLs to serve Wordpress
Symfony2 / Doctrine2: catch QueryException and output query
How to retrieve a value from ListView to ASP code at the aspx page
Can JQuery detect new classes as they appear? E.G. new comment that has just been posted
how to update a column of DataGrid when another column is changed on the same row
Anyone try knockoutJS with Coldbox Coldfusion? Is it even possible?
concurrent, networked access to a python list
Luabind: Derived class as parameter
Trouble getting contents of resource text file into StreamReader
How can I convert/format a value returned from a jquery to a razor?
How to extract the data from a pdf File using iText
Connecting iSCSI target to my vSphere client
Licensing Adobe AIR app - how to
member of Javascript class is undefined after definition
Call a method just after a view from nib is loaded and shown on the screen
Addition of custom emoticons on Soft Keyboard
ASP MVC3 design pattern for persisting collection of items in a View while adding a new item to it from another View
map keeps getting force closed
Workaround For Browser Redraw Bug When Using JQuery RemoveClass
Do some operations after insert into List
Don't send nulls on JSON response
IFRAMES on mobile devices problematic
index file smaller than expected
Why does a comment give a html_safe error when it's at the end of the page?
Perl - Search and replace a hash value in another file
naturalHeight and naturalWidth property new or deprecated?
How to install PLV8 on Windows?
mysql match against wildcard
Order Alphabetically and Display By Group
Django count object calls
can isolation levels prevent duplicate insert?
Overflow: a*a mod n
Draggable Extjs Ext.grid.Panel in Ext.container.Viewport
AS3 Trigger event with object on top only
Using VBA to set the parameters of a query
Closing a Web Browser for a specific URL from the java program
Upgrading Node.js to latest version
Iterate through iOS Core Data relationship
RegEx to match a specific URL
How to store form data before redirecting to another page
How to queue reloadGrid requests in jqGrid? Or how to disable the GET on load?
JavaScript/PHP query for Maps Markers
Set a 0 result for LEFT JOIN that is blank?
Javascript encryption library (client side encrypt , server side decrypt)
inverse of a matrix
Problems installing express using npm.
Using the Replace method in VBA leaves numbers stored as strings
Why does this left join evaluate to a cross join?
jQuery call PHP method ajax
Facebook friends list for JSONArray to JSONObjects
adding the same thing in tablerow causes fc
SQL Server Sum by 5 days periods
Delete or clear ALL data objects in UITableView with alert button?
Powershell pass variable to start-job
Saiku displays no result and does not display right numbers
Cache miss & Cache Hit
MVC 3: how to update checkboxlist when dropdownlistitem is selected?
Getting Media file attributes in Windows 8 c#
How to get rid of adding new record at the end of a subform?
One more char 鈥�gt;鈥�was added to the last
Send data from controller to view - Viewdata is still not set
How to set the loudness of HTML5 audio?
iOS - Friendly NSDate format
Cold boot code in C [closed]
jQuery variable within a selector
Sql query performance difference between limit row count
Tabbed website in ASP.NET, want to print all of them, recommendations ?
How to create universal .htaccess file?
Add product to cart in observer
Multiple like buttons on blog page acting as one button despite separate anchor names
getUniform fails on structure's field
.NET/Silverlight Missing DLL
How to map complex models
Excel 2010 Macro to load all text files to one worksheet?
How to call an instance method of a different class from AppDelegate?
Trouble Getting OpenLayers Examples (with jQuery) Working in jsFiddle
Access of undefined property CONFIG::
How to compare the NSTimeInterval(NSNumber Objects) inside a NSMutableArray?
Can't toggle breakpoint in Eclipse while remote debugging
What are getters/setters good for? [duplicate]
shared expressions in scriptlet
SQL Query giving error
Are these 2 statments equivalent? [closed]
How to hide the controls of HTMLEditor?
JAVA Mouse Event [closed]
iPhone - Sending comments, images, and/or video to website using JSON
cuda program kernel code in device memory space
I am trying to deploy my fusioncharts chart on an actual web server
Java - Iterating over a Map which contains a List
I am trying to deploy my fusioncharts chart on an actual web server
Java - Iterating over a Map which contains a List
75% + 25% doesn't make 100% 鈥�apparently! CSS issue
MVC 3 Visual Studio 2010 Razor Model intellisense not working
Message Queue vs Task Queue difference
Why do I get an error when I try to use Perl's DBD::mysql?
Transmission parameters in to the function in openCL
Why does my use of System.Threading.Timer not work?
gnuplot-iostream not linking to boost
How to prevent JScrollPane from automatically scrolling down?
javascript regexp find particular sentence
Delaunay triangulation with restrictions
Java compile error with generics
Specifying width of gravatar img in Rails
JQuery Dialog slower and slower after each open
php - Database driven PHP navigation
How to refresh a UITableView in iphone?
Where am I supposed to catch it
Two divs in a column, both with dynamic widths. Can I force the bottom div to have the same width as the above one?
Get jpg color model using WIA ImageFile
javascript single quotes being escaped
Module Separation
attr_reader in Python
How do PowerVR GPUs provide a depth buffer?
Jquery how to shuffle the array value? when toggleClass?
Is Corona SDK 30 days only? [closed]
How does the .ToString() method work?
preg_replace_callback regex match all urls and avoid images
How to stop Ruby WEBrick app from Terminal in Xubuntu
Moving Hibernate app to JBoss - Position beyond number of declared ordinal parameters
android sqlite database already closed error
How to properly code this generic without needing a @SuppressWarnings
How to create an Object of List<Integer> type
Maven 2.2.1 repository order seems arbitrary
one big view or multiple views?
Android - Launch Intent as new app
Using model data in a form in a partial view
Java: Sorting a 2D array based on the second column's values
JSF converter does not work after validation in PrimeFaces form
JavaScript - Check for unique values in select boxes
Wordpress Hook - External Db Connect
Get url directed/from with Codeigniter
How to configure Eclipse RCP with Spring
Android app crashing when adding TabSpec to TabHost - 鈥淩esource ID not valid鈥�
Make Rails App Template CD to root and run bundle commands?
jQuery Add Class on Click but only allowed once.
Leaving XMPPRoom
.NET MVC 4 Routing [closed]
Chrome API: how to use the current empty 鈥淣ew Tab鈥�instead of creating another one?
Android: Force Close opening Spinner with ArrayList
How to make multidimensional array from database query
Custom Media Types Used In Request's Body Content Type When Designing A REST Service?
How check mouseover on two elements ?
NPE when using MOXy's meta data with a class that implements java.util.Map
VIM: Perform two actions at once
How to fetch only a few table columns from Database through Hibernate and marshal using JAXB?
Emulator will not show APP
Chrome extension to modify page's script includes and JS
connect lines from Canny algorithm
Java: Accessing pointers
Programming language grammar
jQuery Accordion from $(鈥渄iv id= 鈥漚ccordion >
iOS - How to reclaim the top 20px in storyboard w/ translucent black status bar
Is it possible to replace one marker using gmaps4rails?
Which is the best way to create custom tabs in Android 2.2
Creating a reference to a UIImageView from a string
I get the wrong Line error while using Sass in cygwin in Win 7, how do I fix this? [closed]
form field validation
Mysql - How to replace 0s in my columns with a hyphen
Facebook mobile web returns 'Your link could not be found' when sharing a URL
Syntax Error Creating a table with TEXT columns
symfony 1.4 FORMS - how to replace default (related) dropdown field by code generated in module / component?
What programming languages are 'general purpose' and 'domain specific'? [closed]
An HtmlSelect cannot have multiple items selected when Multiple is false
special character in snippet Shortcut
Catching Failed Synchronous HTTP Request
I want to understand spring framework source [closed]
How can I create the Route in Kohana 3.2 for this directory structure: /application/my_use_case/classes/
Hibernate one-to-one mapping
Accounting for colour difference across monitors
Razor at-sign variables usage
GridView: Can't insert values into another database from gridview
how to setup valid SSL on JBoss 7
How to develop a simple UI designer using dojo?
UIimage from server through JSON loads slow in uitableview
Firing callback after multiple ajax requests are complete
UIScrollView will not accept subviews until view will appear
sizing div based on window width
Calling Nt function from ntdll.dll in Win32 environment, C++
Reading Excel file using POI EventModel
What does JavaScript Routing buy you?
Silverlight layout - one panel at a time
Excel VBA form lag
Can you save enums using an integer value instead of the EnumType.STRING or ORDINAL?
Add or Update an entity without knowing if its exists
How to change package information thru Java code?
t:datatable row expantion and detail using ajax
Averaging TIFF images in Matlab?
Update multiple table rows with Ajax
Google Calendar Sample app not showing events
Update multiple table rows with Ajax
Google Calendar Sample app not showing events
@2x.png require non-@2x.png sizes as well?
URL not working in facebook like box
Displaying Multiple Columns Mysql
Android Relative Layout can't make image on center
What is the convention for instantiating collections of user defined types?
How to find in Eclipse which classes implement multiple interfaces?
How do I add an extension to a file when downloading it?
The Jar of this class file belongs to container 'Android Dependencies' which does not allow modifications to source attachments on its entries
Change the site(file) but not the link
How to shrink one area if another grows with CSS?
Method in SSIS to transform flat file data (based upon scalar sql functions)
Insert data into database isnt working
arraylist: comparing an object with a string
Android. dp's don't do their job
Intercepting DataGrid's Adding Event
Issue when I am running sonar for my solution. Coverage report is not created by NCover from gallio using sonar
Read online json file in faster way php
Windows Live Messenger connection via Javascript
Bluetooth on wp7
tower.js Install error on windows xp x86
Google Maps API v3: Change Map Type Event
How to insert html code section into a particular place using codebehind on page load
php Parse user input
Disable USB transfer from code Android
Listpicker and return value
What is an icon file (.ico) that I can rely on every Windows user having?
How do deploy aggregated javadocs to github
Sencha touch 2 : getting item index in itemTpl
Does Eclipse really need Git to check Java class files? [closed]
SQL query: selecting records and checking sum in joined table
Joda time DateTime incorrectly stores in database
OpenSSL encrypting with public pem in objective-c
Record Duplication: Access 2003, VBA. Server Filter stuck
Radio grouop layout (Android)?
Add <li> widths to parent <ul>
How to test the data displayed on the webpage is the same from the data feed(microsoft excel sheet) using selenium ide
parallel_invoke same method in tbb
Private REST API
Receiving MMS in android and show it in my application as ListView
When to log into the windows event log?
dismiss modal view by tapping outside
Is there any limit in wrapper function arguments in Unix?
How to find out two lists with same structure in python?
Mysql query syntax
Set focus on the same control where validation fails on blur event, JQuery
Automatic population of std::map with function pointers
jQuery-validate breaks jEditable
Peer to Peer Live Streaming in Java?
jQuery-validate breaks jEditable
Peer to Peer Live Streaming in Java?
objective C - How to connect to a Time Server
To-Many relationship between object types
Working of Feed Readers in Web Applications
Extending an ArrayCollection causes remoting to fail
Redirecting fprintf and disp output of different parfor workers/threads to separate windows
Dynamcially sizing buttons iphone
What `body!= body` in Jade template means?
How to enable Package creation of Azure project on TFS Build Server
How to access bitlocker recovery tab programmatically to backup recovery passwords
GAE DataStore referenceProperty relationship
Nginx fails to load css files
How do i deal with SSL using sockets in C#
converting string to a double variable in C
Simulating the string split function
vehicle's obstacle avoidance sensor
Drawing a signal-flow diagram as in SICP
Share zend module controllers for use in another module
Using Mysql to do multiple INSERT on linked tables
when i click it's the last possible value
Prevent screen scrolling up when soft keyboard is shown in WP7?
Can't display private posts
Javascript Selected Formatting not working in browser while in dreamweaver it does
Change file and folder permissions in Sublime Text 2
Use a rectangle shape as a clip in XAML
PHP, Javascript, Ajax passing parameters
How to pass a comma separated list in jsp?
Invalid Security Header when adding SSL to Web Service
Accessing a property from a ^block causes silly behaviour
How can I change value in field using datatables plugin and jQuery?
mongodb database design (product suggestion)
Best View subclass for a newsfeed, is it WebView?
Symfony 1.4 & Mongo DB
MVVM and asynchronous data access
Recursive web download following links according to DOM criteria
access denied to local intranet page for only 1 user
Libdgx Box2D - Detecting collisions
Complex custom button states in Android
Stream video to an RTMP based Media Server (Red5) using C#
How to display dynamic tooltip?
Fortran get_environment_variable intrinsic returns nothing
How to store NSTimeInterval values into a NSMutableArray?
TestNG ant task fails on Mac OS X with error: No test suite found
Mysql join query retrieving profile images of users with ids from other table
PHP smarty variable error
ZF 1.11 Form don't show my whitespaces
Combining yaw and pitch together
How to change dojo content tab focus when closing a tab to focus on previous tab instead of first tab?
Custom Control in Windows Phone: Creating Numeric PasswordBox
Python native library to read metadata from videos?
Rails and class variables: will this persist across users and server calls?
Prevent CSS classes from being overridden
Database abstraction layer for AIR? (AS3)
How to handle single and double quotes in XSLX spreadsheet when converted to csv for phpMyAdmin import
How to use TextAction
jQuery ajax cross domain call
Ruby analog of Java ScheduledExecutorService
jquery object, how to apply top level value to children?
How can I use JavaScript to parse Ruby JSON string
Android background image
Ordering clustered points using Kmeans and R
Code First Database Initializer is never called after upgrading to MVC 4
silverlight animated UI
ember js view error Uncaught TypeError: string is not a function
Call exiftool from a python script?
DropDownList event within Accordian and GridView
ObjectListView doesn't word-wrap
Disable div click on Ajax start and re-enable it on Ajax complete
How can I create a custom interface in Google Maps
detect iPhone and Android devices by inspecting the navigator.userAgent property
How to clear image cache in WindowsPhone 7. Setting UriSource to null does not work! What other variants to clear image cache in WP7?
What's the best PHP array function to use when intersecting nested arrays?
DIV is centered fine in Chrome/Firefox but not Safari
How to delete the words with the pattern in text file
RestKit - Undeclared identifier 'DISPATCH_QUEUE_SERIAL' inside RKObjectManager?
Hibernate Slow to Acquire Postgres Connection
Can a C struct be defined multiple times?
3-Way SQL Join Returning Bad Data
How to generate a file from C-hexvalues?
How to control the image of an object in AS3
Issues extracting exif data for exif 2.3 using PHP Version 5.2.9
Compute hash of only the core image data (excluding metadata) for an image
Converting from double to float in Java
How to read from assets folder into DOM xml parser?
Magento, addAttributeToSelect, alias
Creating a stopwatch in MS Access
Find last and next item in mutlidimentional array
ExpressionEngine Crop and Resize, keep proportions
Can anyone explain what this batch file is doing [closed]
DIV-Grid that can grow and shrink?
Can freetype functions accept Unicode filenames?
eucalyptus image format, instance-clonning and auto-scaling
Running query in event procedure in Access?
Setting up ELMAH on console apps for XML files
How the JSP taglib find the .tld?
XHTML5 and custom namespaces not passing validation
Onclick select then off
jquery 鈥�:input鈥�selector difficulties
How to integrate FuelPHP with Behat?
jquery 鈥�:input鈥�selector difficulties
How to integrate FuelPHP with Behat?
Where should the following visual basic code be inserted in a Windows Form?
iPhone html 5 video IIS
Display JPEG, fit an image larger than the control so it just exactly fits in the Timage control bounds
IIS Not Displaying ASPX Pages
NullReferenceException when ComboBox style is StaticResource
Asynctask with webservices in android
Get-ChildItem using variable for -Include Not Working
Multiple filters for Markers created using Google Fusion
Could someone point me to the normal score transform and its use in R?
How to to a top bar in objective c
Is 300ms for encrypting and then decrypting a single 8 * 1K message an acceptable RSA performance? [closed]
ebadf bad file descriptor
How to work with fixed positioning in CSS?
Combining data from multiple records into a single field [duplicate]
Not able to activate a config option in the kernel. How to know its dependencies? [closed]
CoreGraphics isn't drawing as expected when given gradient
android class path exception
How does DataContractJsonSerializer behave on WP7?
Get Attachment from documentProperties in couchCocoa
Font size adjusting function in Android Webview
What i need to install on client pc for my .mdf database to work?
Controlling Multiple Text Boxes with same event Type
ie7 css rules works in ie developer tool but not in the code.
Use single ResourceDictionary for multiple themes WPF
EF Code First not lazy loading just on property after data import
Why I can't perform mouse move using Selenium WebDriver for C# and PageFactory in initialization
How do I reformat an Excel list into matrix form automagically?
a database schema-free/less like mongodb but with acid transaction support
CakePHP Elements not updating table
ruby fastercsv, pre- and append identical text to every cell in file
Find next Friday at 5pm from one time zone to another
Android Remote Service without aidl?
Using Apple's Jar Bundler on a .jar that accesses files
Eclipse PHP editor suddenly broken
rand() %4000000000UL giving only small values
How to convert ActiveX to Jquery/AJAX