Can I Install 4.0.3 apk file in android phone with 2.2.1
getElementById doesn't find results
PHP and MySQL ORDER BY date_time error
Replace images source for all images
Char to Hex not showing string's ASCII value
Retaining the values of an array saved using NSUserDefaults
how to set column as readonly in gridview
Liferay Hooks: For overriding Liferay default can we specify as shown below?
Facebook OGP meta tags are not working in MVC
KeyListeners for Maze: java
Detection of pattern of circles using opencv
PHPUnit Fatal Error with Selenium/Ubuntu
How to make expect command in expect program script to wait for exact string matching
Tire/Elasticsearch search for association
need to transform an xml file into another xml using xslt whose xsl file uses a Properties.xml file
Yii::app()->request did not get $_POST values
php rename swap file names doesnt reload image
Routes for a 'Contact Us'-like formular using devise
Can we search content(text) within images using plone 4.1?
Need some help in creating XML log in Adobe Air
Intermediate code generator for Java
Xna collision detection 2d
how to stop attacking website with (cmd curl) in php files
Post XML value with form
Deleting 2d array in c++
Changing requestscoped to sessionscoped gives an error
MEL: Traverse through hierarchy
Customizing All errors symfony 1.4
Oracle SYSDATE input data type
Replace java operators by methods in bytecode using javassist
Push to github from EC2 ubuntu
how to get total items having date difference of more than 7
Timing out pure functions
Is there any compare operator in c# like SQL's IN statement
How to serve ads on different urls?
jQuery remote validation not working on keypress, only working on focus change
Form submit via Ajax
Basic XML parsing in jQuery [duplicate]
WP7 Database and Casting error
Titanium memory leak in master/detail demo application
Using generated image as link to be used in forums?
Issue calling ABAddressBookGetPersonWithRecordID
How to clear canvas in a surface view?
Splitting Text up in python?
Convert char to int?
why does CAT command is not working in android device?
Wordpress post editor ommits line break?
get query from Zend Request object
Populate a drop down box with values from database using php and sql
What is the mistake in this singleton object creation code
Building a webapp with Javascript MVC and no server side technologies. What to use?
Saving associated model data that needs to be unique
How do I test what port 8443 does on Tomcat 7.0, on Windows 7?
Facebook Javascript SDK - Friends List with Picture who has not installed my app
Read & writing arrays of Parcelable objects
TabController Example Object creating errors
Ofstream adds extra characters to my output
Received memory warning. Level=1
Integrating Gigya's login to My application login(using shiro appache)
c++ QObject's Child Management [closed]
pyvlfeat error during installation: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lboost_python-mt-py26
Adding a view as menu item using in web2py
NoSuchBeanDefinitionException when add @PreAuthorize annotation
Need to take item from rss and open it in WebView
Like layout-sw600dp,alternative for drawable
Disable Remember-Me in Spring Security & Tomcat
how to use the operator of parent class? [duplicate]
jquery xml multilingual idea
In HTTP 1.1, Content-Length = 鈥淐ontent-Length鈥�鈥�鈥�1*DIGIT
How to create an update on iOS
invisbile submit button on form
Get records from database using background process in c#?
How to dynamic bind html.DropDownList() in MVC
don't present camera in full screen
Qt Application crashes X session (QDialog) under Gnome/Fedora
Apply onClick to Iframe
How to Disable Particular Cells in Telerik GridView Row
Create a vector of occurrences the same size as an input string
UNION in sql statement
SQL Between operation in android sqlite date is not working?
When writing a internet browser in java
Activity in dialog
how to get frames of video file in android
Create Fitnesse pages without using Camel-Case
how to send messages using
Replace directory name in url with another name
Convert array to hash with custom format
How do I import nodes into the Facebook wall?
Is there a way to see that a browser window is minimized while the user is switching to the other window on iphone?
System Calls to block incoming calls in iphone 4
Validating a XAML TextBox/RichTextBox to accept an email address?
How to upload Image files from Android to .Net C# ( IIS )?
NodeJS and
Can database tables be resource entities in REST?
Multiresolutional wavelet decomposition code
RSS Reader not displaying selected Cell in WebView
Coloring only the median in the boxplot
click on one Specific button using capybara in rails
How to store a permanent value using javascript to create a trial application
Deleting/Inserting values from PHP codes to microsoft ACCESS?
Using chrome.browserAction.setPopup per tab
Android TextToSpeech just spells short words instead of pronounces them
How filter points in WMS?
Wordpress Multiple Loops in Action - navigation duplicates
mapView overlay items from mysql database
Python-How to write blocks of data in columns?
Sending a postback programmatically
.net mvc session timeout even after adding sessionstate
Array Initialization ways
mapView overlay items from mysql database
Python-How to write blocks of data in columns?
Sending a postback programmatically
.net mvc session timeout even after adding sessionstate
Array Initialization ways
raise a signal inside bash script
Two ListFragment inside one Fragment
java: how to write a server with apache or lighttpd?
How to eliminate PropertyPageSchema warnings in VC++ 2010 build with YASM?
include a list view in quick action
Image taken in Portrait is distorted when viewed in Landscape
Mercurial and subrepos with multiple sibling folders
how to save sql command results into file(postgresql)
Learn JavaScript before learning JQuery? [closed]
divisors of divisors of a number
Max programs in GLSL ES
What is this style of syntax in C?
How to create a batch file which work for both Program Files and Program Files(x86)?
how replace text in ckeditor
pass object from one process to another
ioctl is not called if cmd = 2
Python regex for Java annotations
xml to json one item array issue
Javascript change Div style
Expandable view on checkbox click Android
Extracting data values - jQuery
uses-permission android
How to shift a database field entry to the right
read file binary in xna?
Import java.awt.* errors
Java equivalent of if (edgeTable[cubeindex] & 256) in c++ [duplicate]
JPA - when to use relationships?
From command line tool to cocoa application
Reflective Language for Symbolical Computations
How can i move html5 range slider handle using keyboard arrow keys
Is it possible to support non-english comments while using mercurial with hgsubversion?
press enter means it cannot fous last editext in custoimzed listview in android
iOS : Drawer applicaiton [closed]
MVC for Wizard-Like Application
Core Plot:Memory Issue Core animation failed to allocate so many bytes
How to transfer pictures from android device to Matlab and vice-versa
Setting the default behaviour of JQuery Dialog
backgroundworker class in WPF
PHP crop image in shape other than square like oval shape or round
Something wrong with some batch file stuff, doesn't do what it should do, cant spot syntax errors
Salesforce image download
鈥淎gile web development with rails鈥�book: CSS not applied
Android-Ndk vs Cross-Compile? Both work ,What was the need of Android NDK then ?
Compare two arrays and merging in PHP
Does a time-based GPL license already exist?
CATextLayer + NSAttributtedString + CTParagraphStyleRef
Unable to run Kundera Sample application
Check if data in a custom class has changed using C#
Select Many in Rx
Function with unknown number of parameters in C
FastMM4, how to read the log file?
Calling FormsAuthentication.SignOut() method using jquery
DevExpress Date Picker Without Day
Silverlight : During uploading files to a URL, how to bypass the in-browser trusted application restriction?
SQL Server T-SQL - Convert INT e.g. 201211 value to Nov 2012 during select
Matching all URL variants using preg_replace
Character encoding in Geolocation with file_get_contents() / PHP
python: about url encode and decode
java.lang.VerifyError: MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter, what jackson version do I need?
3D Animation - CABasicAnimation and CATransform3D giving gap between views
Appending a new line in a file(log file) in c++
Growing eXist database
Unable to connect to HSQLDB after running a couple of tests (which worked before)
Node.js and npm pg for postgres error
ExtJS extending the height of a row in a certain view
Would return null?
Random set of columns from a database
net_device get_stats function, how to use?
WebBrowser control session sharing?
Rebinding a port to datagram socket on a difftent IP
WebDriver Get element from elements block
Textfield in webservice
CPU clock setting and setting timer [closed]
Binary SVM classifier failed with two classes: one is big, other one is small
Why is NotificationCompat needed?
R: Calling table() on multiple variables Invalid keystore format on tomcat 7
What is the best answer for finding the maximum sum possible in an array [closed]
moving button image from first button pressed to second button pressed
getting partial response for one single call
android NullPointerException when executing query on SQLite database
Balloon in Chatting Android Application
Multitask gestures not working with alert
Getting all instances of a class [duplicate]
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.String ToString()' method and this method cannot be translated into a store expression
Check given string in file using shell script
Getting XmlPullParserException for consuming SOAP service using KSOAP2 API
Python, simple error handling pattern
Adding a JNI library to the local Maven Repository
Tomcat taking too much time to start
the height of tableview cell according to Content of UITextView
JSF 2. How do I force close a popup window before continuing navigation?
Internet explorer automation busy v/s readystate property
How to filter a string
How to make JSONArray empty or delete it
VIM php omnicomplete - multi level object hierarchy
Enumerable.Repeat has some memory issues?
Shell script to email CPU utilization by email
Merge Two Video files in iPhone Application
How to edit a specific attribute in file?
Get detail about coloumn in particular table in sql server
google codejam : how to submit answer [closed]
android How to limit list items display in ListView and a button show more
Execute oracle statement using jsp
Access XML documents in C++ [duplicate]
How do i Send POST method with the JSON data (java)?
Features of 4.0 [duplicate]
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'str' in suds
Delay function to postpone IObservable values dynamically
No module named filterspecs
Facebook. How to get list of all users of my app?
JSF validation messages
How to self-defined rank like this In Mongodb By PHP
Call octave from python via subprocess module
How to enable bold fonts in sublime text2 in linux?
Frame with 50 png in iPhone
How to Pass Drawable using Parcelable
How to adding scroll bar and it work in Composite
Photoshop created button won't fill entire background of Android button widget
need to delete the entire line except the matching strings
Update sql database with multiple WHERE clauses in java
Should I cast char arrays to pointers explicitly when passing them to printf?
Select values based on multiple keys
Cancelling pthreads in a loop
Error deserializing JSON that's been converted from XML first
Cross-browser method to prevent all methods of text copying from a textarea?
Headers in static middleware
Undestanding conditional SQL join , please see explanation
JAXB and @XmlType propOrder attribute
SharePoint 2010: formula that counts number of months till end of year
Give a hint to user at the time of installation time only
Handling Core apps of android in phonegap
how tosend unlimited json data from jquery ajax to mvc razor controller
i have to iframe one parent and other child, i want to get child iframe value using jquery, how can i get?
ANDROID - Launch other application from a BroadcastReceiver
Is it good practice to use pointers in every place possible? [duplicate]
ASIFormDataRequest PUT does not working
SELECT * Returns no rows but, SELECT Count(*) returns non zero value
Trying to display Display an Index of Admin Users in Ruby on RailsError
Will runloop block GCD?
A sample enterprise standard Spring application with tutotrial
navigation bar image hiding custom navigation bar button
Unable to run app on iPhone simulator suddenly
NoSQL FREE alternative (alternative to ravendb) for C# development [closed]
When to use render vs redirect_to when handling error validations
How to get the username of the last svn commit using ant?
C# program using up too much CPU?
How To Move While Loop Values Outside of the Loop
Linux kernel exported symbols
Load frame on select
Sorting and grouping rows according to timestamps in different columns
How do I add character padding to a string?
Set the width of an grouped cell in Xcode
why an accessor method in an ARC environment cannot have a name that begins with 'new'?
How risky is publishing your App Id when using feed dialog?
JSP not able to connect to mysql database on tomcat7
Adding Android jars to Eclipse Build Path
How is it possible to get the coordinates of a Swing components, irrespective to its parent?
Rails3, Devise: login as any user without pass
How to detect where JavaScript alert is coming from?
Deploying Struts2 application on another machine
'gem install bundle' get something wrong
Wordpress showing div that does not exist in theme files?
Send Email after Phone shut down - Android
how to change the values of table view on UISegment Button click
Binding Textblock with Property having text 鈥淎udit鈥�displays text 鈥淎udi鈥�
Asset Pipleline include jQuery from View?
Unable to Goto the Second Step of Scheduling on Jasper Server
How can SQL create duplicate records?
can not send jsp param when using HttpServletRequestWrapper?
Insert 8 rows into 8 columns [closed]
set time for close colorbox after submit iframe
Delphi from bytes to struct
how to set the forms authentication cookie path
How do I 'correct' this matplotlib plotting routine?
NoClassDefFondError in Android鈥�but the Class is in one jar included in the Classpath
Rails 3 Validation :presence => false
Not to drop database or tables with EF4.1?
How to check socket server is open?
undefined method `has_many' for Formtastic
Characters with ASCII > 128 are not correctly read in Javascript
Why doesn't this PHP PDO snippet work?
stored procedure dynamic sql in entity framework 4.1
WPF or ASP.NET MVC for UI for an expert business application?
Cannot understand this MATLAB syntax?
Android RSS Image issue
Behavior MBeanServerForwarder
XML Schema for attribute or subnode
How do you extend the menu css class for multi colors?
syntax for late attendance query
How to get selected text from edittext in android?
HTML5 database site for Android, which way is best?
Ask for explain of some code of UNIX V6
Set the text value of a node using xpath
Open IE browser in Firefox/Chrome page
Finding A - B from two arrays using underscore.js
Date Conversion in MySQL [duplicate]
How to use Toast notification as reminder in WP7 using C#?
How can i make views with this 3 table?
What's the best way to send data from user control to the page?
how to bind ajaxStart/ajaxStop to a form?
Dependency injection using EJB annotation
LocationManager getProviders(true) not returning providers
matlab: displacement calculation for multiple trajectories
protobuf-net: Possible recursion detected
Android - ToggleButton setChecked and setSelected not working
WSO2 ESB applying security policies at binding hierarchy
can we use java code in web2py application code?
member names cannot be the same as their enclosing type C#
java local upload and download file
Select data from 2 tables in mySQL, join it
Pruning a AbstractTableModel without getValueAt() complications
svn diff without checkout
breaking proc entry from user into smaller strings
Mysql slow query logs queries using indexes
HTTP Cookie expire time (average, maximum, 鈥�
send sms in java
c# best practice to raise event
How map single entity with multiple table
Get youtube embeds from Facebook group
will statuses/followers twitter api fetch followers list from a 'Protect my Tweets' account?
Searching Algorithms
jquery/javascript finding the value within a dynamically created element id
Adding text to web browser document redirects to about:blank
Character mapping / search and replace character by character in SQL Server 2008 R2
How to give a user ionice level permission? [closed]
Converting llvm .bc file to human readable .ll file
Optimizing Zend framework routes
Android WebView - detect whether a JS function is defined
using the pt_regs struct
Joomla with
HTML Button Tag Style On Hover
How to reduce data redundancy of text field in database
Extjs - validation of dependent fields
Why and where to use reference and pointers in c++ [duplicate]
How can i export nested gridview data to word?
Conditional Coloring of Datatable in PF or var vs binding tags in a datatable
How to make an editText look and feel like image shown below in android? [closed]
PhP with GAE and Google Cloud SQL
ServiceReferences.ClientConfig Missing - WCF with Silverlight on Azure
How to continue the chain?
how to troubleshoot: why I can't obtain a lock?
Using MIN in WordPress custom SELECT query
CSS Opacity inheritance issue [duplicate]
PHP ini directive per directory depending of request_uri
How to continue the chain?
how to troubleshoot: why I can't obtain a lock?
Using MIN in WordPress custom SELECT query
CSS Opacity inheritance issue [duplicate]
PHP ini directive per directory depending of request_uri
DbContext ChangeTracker issue with relationships
Automatically pass a class by value or by reference depending on its size
Map heap memory to shared memory (Windows)
mod_rewrite and SEO friendly with redirect 301
how many ways to reduce the number of TIME_WAIT as soon as possible in client
User defined shape of buttons for GUI using MFC
Does saveAll() in cakephp saves the data with just a single io operation on the database?
How to trim 鈥�a b c 鈥�into 鈥渁 b c鈥�[duplicate]
Scrolling the list view to the desired result position [closed]
How can get the session factory in my class using spring with hibernate
Cannot Upload Video in SwfUpload flash uploader in PHP
update query not working in cake php
Open local file from a web page using link in gridview c#
SQLite LIKE & ORDER BY Match query
MATLAB my code doesn't work
Joomla 2.5 custom html module for only public users
HBase connection reject
Compare java Date to sql TIMESTAMP in the same timezone
How to allow installation only to a specific folder?
XMPP chat client using phonegap tool in Windows Phone 7.1
Page break on print property (orphan) not supported in FireFox
<button> submit IE
How to add a returned NSArray to a NSArray
New database or new table for analytics?
Max Value in DropDownList - ASP.NET
jQuery UI positioning via another element
Lambdas inside list comprehensions
Getting Burnup Chart For Whole Project
How does PyQt do its magic? In particular, how it allows us to implement slots in Python?
Php Allowable uploaded file extension [duplicate]
Invoke Escape key press event by jquery
How to create a webform node while creating a page content type node?
xul:panel position on multiple monitors
Getting images from resources and/or documents dir with speed
how to bring custom window form on top of setup project window?
django url view configuration
Barcode generating algorithm for android or java
Row wise operations in octave
Is it possible to make @Formula annotation lazily loaded?
Java heap space error when creating TIFF image
How do I insert a space after a certain amount of characters in a string using python?
How can I get clientId of parent encloser in Tapestry 5 component?
File encoded as UCS-2 Little Endian reports 2x too many lines to Java
Javascript not implemented error in Internet Explorer
iTunes Connect upload error 鈥渋con must be in PNG format鈥�
iTunes Connect upload error 鈥渋con must be in PNG format鈥�
need jquery .load suggestions?
WP7 Accessing phone files and folders
Convert first letter of given file to lower case
CSRF Middleware causing trouble Node.JS + Express
Touch Chart 2 - How to 鈥淕roupBy鈥�in month of type 鈥淭ime鈥�
How to store Query Result in variable using mysql
mysql root password forgotten
Difference in outputs between C# and java
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {000209FF-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 80070005
groovyPagesTemplateEngine failing in quartz job with error
terminal error in between connecting SSL certificate and private key to set up a secure connection:
How do I add a LinearLayout inside a RelativeLayout, programmatically?
Declarative spring transactions not being committed
How to create a custom callback function in cakephp after saveAll()
SmartFoxServer unable to connect to server
Executed database method in new thread
RavenDB.Client.Embedded disappears after I try to build it
spritebatch setting something that's causing backwards face culling or w/e
Write referrer URL as incoming search term using javascript
Setting pop-window at middle based on window.innerWidth
hide a portion of button under textedit
Android: How to to set imageView as a marker in google map API android?
Undo changes in an arrayList
what does hooking of Dom objects mean
MapPageRoute additional parameters in URL
JSF multiple calls to getter causing service timeout
using acs to authenticate wp7 app and a wcf service
Runtime performance of Public vs Private in Java [closed]
Pdf page brightness increase & decrease
Porting Plib In OpenGL-ES
How to get all user and render to widget?
convert french character in to string in php
OpenSearchServer: Why am I getting this error Error (java.lang.NullPointerException)
Change All values in specific column in Datatable [closed]
Browser does not apply the new css after save, restart and clearing all cookies
C# : How to calculate aspect ratio
Choosing a hash function for best performance
How can I use webdriver to let user choose different browser
Show activity that runing in background
Accessing a Process's Memory Region
How to Disconnect dialled call after some time automatically in blackberry?
Difference b/w llvm-ld and llvm-link
Knockout Complex variables not binding
Why do we have username rules? [closed]
Object copying in Java
Progressive page loading in ASP.NET MV3?
feedburner url turns to question marks
android nGPS: get location based on magnetic field instead of gps or cell triangulation
Invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x2) in making PDF from WS answer XML
Flash CS5 AS3 Can not get Flashvars
400 Bad Request while pulling instances with amazon
I fail to correctly modify ICMP traffic in a kernel module
Why can't JavascriptObject's runtime null pointer be detected?
How to get list object by using only List<T> for 2 Entity?
Android - Can PushLink do silent updates?
Is it possible to create a partition by range / partition per day using timestamp
Django 1.4 tests not working on sqlite3
Easy string switch and case function not working
SWFobject embedded swf, ExternalInterface.Call returns null
how to make a cell of table hyperlink
iOS make a request locally
How to show the selected user is admin in php
Is there any way to get the content from doc file php
Operand Size Conflict in x86 Assembly
read file with ip range and see if supplied IP matches any range in file
using Javascript in Objective-C
Optimize JBPM5 engine's performance
How to fit a JTable into a JPanel and make it auto resizeable?
Java Swing Matte Border with Linear Gradient?
Use a modified XPages Theme for IBM Connections?
arm, Programming PL111 controller and printing characters on the LCD
How do I stop GC_CONCURRENT running so frequently?
List out all the certified compliant Java EE servers [closed]
how do I disable the cache on for a single image (a single page)?
I want to change the Color of Rows of Table using JQuery or CSS
receive soap exception while calling SAP webservice(HTTPS) in BizTalk 2010 using WSBasicHTTPBinding
Finding mean of selected entries only
Selenium Grid with Ant sequential + parallel execution
php webservices with android
Tastypie obj_create - how to use newly created object?
Java, set ID for JButton
How to replace entire dir to destination dir and sub-dirs?
After Touch and hold on Scrollview than scrolling is not working
Drools: Having trouble with drools event processing
how to create a spinner with radio buttons
jquery - happy clicker - looking for callback on bound event
Getting Node-http-proxy to work with
data security from android to web server?
MySql : Order by and Group By combining not giving the latest record
Custom drawing background in Canvas
xmpppy. filedescriptor out of range in select
Android : PSS (Proportional Set Size) Calculation
Liferay : can we use Liferay Hooks for Modfying Liferay Login pre and Post events
AFNetworking - only load from cache if server responded http header status 304?
Pdf Viewer using mupdf library [closed]
Placing button on top of image control
images is not showing up in under maintenance page
Accordion Menu issues
Test Case for Trigger(before insert, before update) in Apex
Integrating google analytics without using xcode for ios and Android?
how to set the click event for dynamic generated button
Can I cancel previous Toast when i want to show an other Toast?
I want to convert vb this code [closed]
mysqldumpslow: What does these fields indicate..?
checking suds version in python
What style assembly is this (intel, att鈥tc?) and how can I produce it?
java generic objects how to store in data structure
Lightweight JSON call to get all POSTS from WORDPRESS Blog
Ubuntu command to restart OpenERP6.1 server after modifying a particular module
How to move images in particular path in cocoa 2d
How to retrive the entire va_list input
Is it a good idea to use REST webservice to upload files?
I need to know what happening behind the screen while executing the following code
Checking if form element exist
Ndef.getType() return the string as 'org.nfcforum.ndef.type2', but i want in this type 'NFC_FORUM_TYPE_2'
iPhone EXIF data will not read from documents folder
How can I place a pre set array of a struct in a different struct?
Unable to install Ruby 1.9.3
Simple C Program dealing with decimals [duplicate]
Unit Test Adapter threw exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Draw a vertical line down table view
How do I set the label for JTextField?
How to get line number from an AST node (Jison)
How to open a marker from outside the map in openstreetmap?
getting php array values into a javascript array
Android/Eclipse Installation on MacOSX - adb is not working
how to use ajax in rails for a private messaging
Replace 0xC0<byte> with 0xC000 to 鈥渞eset鈥�MIDI instrument?
How to open a .swf to view contents
I need to pass an ifstream into a function so i can add it to a vector
StaxEventItemWriter eliminating the <root> added by start/end Document methods
State of the art in spam prevention
C++ operator== overloading [duplicate]
Android, screen support issue between tablet and smart phone
Check if certificate is wildcard certificate
Reading from PF_PACKET SOCK_RAW with read() misses packets
how to select data from mysql data base for current date and tommorrows date
How to integrate Google calendar by jquery mobile.?
Database creation taking time
using jquery fullcalendar in django app
How to get current date in C#?
Rails filtering array of objects by attribute value
scheduling r functions after every particular time interval
How to get our own suggested values in a combobox according to our requirement in extjs?
IndexOutOfBound exception while inserting and element in HasHMap
Ajax POST not working while GET is working fine in phonegap
How to convert strings $foo$ to (foo ) and $$bar$$ to [bar ]
Image getting stretched
Creating Schemas with field constraints in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 using Core Service
Creating Schemas with field constraints in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 using Core Service
How to detect variable changes/assignments in ruby
Need help forming mod_rewrite rule
Product/Service Comparison Plugin with JQuery
Packaging pyOpenSSL into a windows executable using PyInstaller
Set UILocal notification sound set large size Music file
animate image to bring it out of dialog box
EF Code First(existing database) Relate single entity with two table [duplicate]
Exe doesn't work on older versions of Windows when it should
How to validate whether the given email address belongs to a corporate company?
jstree check parent nodes
Access Android's dictionary for autocompletion
How to re-enable a disabled Android Lint warning on file level
Generate embed code for images in wordpress
deleting elements in an array by using a list of indexes
How can I access the number of errors that my App Engine app is returning per hour/day/week?
How can I set scheduledtask without prompting for a password
Full-text index on a view or a table?
How to assign current geo-coordinates to draw path from current location to target location?
Whats wrong with my mouseup code?
Struts 1 Tomcat not working in windows 7
mongo db querying array values with greater and less than
Write a method just once and access it in 鈥渁ndroid:onClick鈥�everywhere in the application
find a control by id from Dynamically added Template field in GridView
SimpleXML enum case-sensitivity
How can a PHP class that extends another inherit a private function?
How to insert data from database with Web Service in java using JAX - RS
Hadoop set supergroup does not work
Hierarchical modeling or realational modeling?
How to make add breakafter paragraph in jasper reports
My website displays weird in Internet Explorer [closed]
Cakephp 2.1 - AjaxHelper
Android ExpandableListView group position always 0
uploading a txt file using ASIHTTPRequest
How to show the full name in a ManyToManyField with choices (tuples)?
Generating Sitemap.xml file for Dynamic sites in PHP
What is the best way to open and read an excell file from a Flex Application
Storing List data in Hbase?
javascript inheritance pattern comparison
Zimra - How I can handleHTML forms in zimlets?
Blocking REST API calls
Heroku and Django with 405 error
Getting facet count 0 in solr
The given path's format is not supported
Trouble interpolating RSA signatures between Python and Java/Scala
Join SQL the book_list with recursive my book_category with PHP MYSQL
CakePHP Admin Login
Invoking acceleo template from java app
Apply xaml style for FolderBrowserDialog in WPF
Display AJAX Loader on submitting a from
Workflow Service Error
shell >& operator?
Android getting the clicked value from an alert box
Can I change English numbers to Arabic/Persian representations when a control is being rendered?
Android and website synchronization
How to Left Join A to B on X, then join B to C on Y
Android Default Map App Issue
Bug in basic Ajax library
canvas.scale(mScaleFactor,mScaleFactor,detector.getFocusX(),detector.getFocusY()) dragging limit messing up?
monitoring unix resources from inside a process
findViewById(; returning 鈥渘ull鈥�
Android : How to sale some image on android application (Coding) [closed]
Post Data to PHP script from Android app
Can I use HTTP::Server::Simple as a download http server?
jquery ajax with cakephp: change event is firing but dropdown box is not getting populated
API Monitoring on a specific process
Eclipse PDT Intellisense for PHP functions
SVN restore dump is not successfully saved
Is ServerSocket a good idea to implement android push notification?
XSLT 1.0: Get the list of dates between two dates using XSLT
java HttpClient-4.1.2 jar
Is there a good alternative to Play that I can use with DynamoDB for a web application on AWS?
Load a pre-completed word document on html/php
SQL Server Query for employee wise monthly attendance report
How can I check which Facebook users 鈥渁llowed鈥�my app?
How to create Telerik grid in Windows Phone7
shell script to run sql query
get specific words from string , ORACLE
Firefox vs. Chrome CSS lining up issue
MySQL: CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection
Updating Components using the Core Service in SDL Tridion 2011
Displaying strings in different ways
Expression that contains 8 alpha and numeric characters
Core Plot graph does not resize sometime
Sending data with radio buttons
writing stored procedure pattern and error reporting
Make WPF Trigger use any Property
UNDEFINED mako templating error
file fetching approach
How to put background after anchor tag throw css?
Unable to Block Outgoing calls on Particular Number
Parsing a text log file to extract some fields of data from log messages
Use htmlhelper to get action in BeginForm() Method of ASP.NET MVC 3
Analyze a video's pixel data in Flash
Spyder plotting blocks console commands
What's wrong with my XSD XML Schema?
How to use msiexec.exe to remove a Windows installer
My .on() is acting like .bind(), not .live()
how to call an activity when getting incoming call.
Error in regular expresssion
Error in regular expresssion
Can't copy and paste directories from Eclipse(Helios) to Windows
In which case I need to call finish() method on click back button..?
My partials doesn't working
how to implement join using LINQ and EntityFramework
Mail not receiving using PHP
Command names present in Quick access toolbar
change Text to speech - TTS to ringer volume
foreach variable causing 鈥�lt;identifier> expected鈥�error on compile
How can I open several pages in Chrome in the background and scrape from them?
Implementing a wrapping check box list or a tag list in Android
How to hide PHP if database is empty
Select amount for given year
MySQL for averaging missing dates
CSS Stylesheet not showing effects
Realtime Server-Side Script Controlling External Variables and Values
Setting cookies from a different-domain-src iframe
Find First 4 words and Last 4 words from database after particular keywords?
SQL query by record number
How to apply binary search in an array of object in java?
Pass data from one activity to another, BUT go to the other activity later
How to build winform application including Process Diagram composed by module as Rapidminer did in its software based on Java
how to connect sql server 2008 on vmware with local machine sql server 2008 client [closed]
How to implement auto-updating iOS Apps from App Store?
suggest a good practice for developing zend application for mobile device [duplicate]
Use of not in command with find in set
Regarding vsnprintf (Interview)
Session Handling in Chrome and Firefox
How to retain the values of an array
How to read 鈥渢arget鈥�html attribute in BrowserField of BlackBerry Application
Merge two sql queries with if condition
create iis application via java
Storing Complex Formulas in Ruby on Rails
HDFS Home Directory
finding the login form based on content
Strange Xcode signing issue
Using JNI in linux, mac and windows
How to assert video present on website?
how to detect if client is alive for callback in wcf?
How do I identify a node as being a root node?
fastboot getvar from batch file
Inconsistent accessibility
C# dyanmic type and conditionals
JBoss RESTEasy Client and Servlet
Can i store incoming message on server in android?
how to open a link in a view for phonegap?
Why is 鈥淧rogram Files鈥�two words? [closed]
Error declaring a Javascript variable in Rails 3
Is it possible to use Android AudioRecord class to record audio which is outside human hearing frequency?
custom_require.rb:36: in `gem_original_require'
Objective-C:Method name changes with different actions
ASP.NET - Giving Session object a value by its index raises error
How to know which app is opened?
How can I make jquery .hover work for hovering over text while having other contents appear in a box next to it? [closed]
How to manually build an Android project containing a Android library project using Ant?
I am having trouble creating a method to scan an Entire binary Tree, can you help me?(Still need help) [closed]
How to constrain the width and height of <Border> element to be equal to its inner contents?
Insert array in mongodb using php
WPF Window Title binding base on Information Class?
Triggering an event after a specified number of clicks
Database Management source code for study
history API in HTML 5
Is it possible to update a user's facebook status without having them install an application?
X11 layer manager
IE8 Support with media queries using respond.js
Text mining of emails
eclipse not responding when code proposals dropdown opened
Cannot remove Icon from app drawer and open my app
PHP forwarding post data to the login page after registration
What is pure C++
Fuzzy k-means - without association, how are the centroids calculated in the next iteration?
my output [menu1,menu2,menu3] arraylist store in database i want remove[,] in php
send sms in java web application by fetching data from database
Auto scaling using cloud formation according to Request count
iOS - Storing a reference to an object inside a variable
Visual Studio XNA 4.0 Refresh - Problems creating new projects and opening existing ones
Can you assign a variable in a SELECT, and then using it later in the same SELECT?
Splitting lines of a text file into part of a tuple-Python
Pygame issuse on mac os x 10.7.3
In IOS mail app, How to Display mail attachments after mail body?
Rotating & Scaling a Sprite image in COCOS2D Android
How To display HTML Content in MVC 3 using Extenson Methods [closed]
PHP While Loop Help- 鈥淲arning: mysqli_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result鈥︹�
Is this for of session management correct?
Linq to SQL create table
Why is this global counter variable not working with setTimeout?
errors while using shareKit on iPhone application?
Disable Shrink-to-Fit in IE
CakePHP HTML Helper
syntax error in python script
hg revert or update to browse commits and then change back to newest?
Enter PEM pass phrase just once
pass the values in the baselayout.jsp
How to start an Android activity from a Unity Application?
Security Issues of App
How to receive Youtube video status notification every N seconds
Steps to implement node js with another programming language
Magento Apache Mod Rewrite URL
how to get device calendar event list in android device?
cakephp generateTreeList Limit depth
show Toolbar on html page on mouse hover.(Similar to twitter when hovered over tweet)
Preparing computer to learn System Calls and Linux kernel modules
MySQL joins - combining category table with data table
when i ping server RTO but my site loads on using URL
Async AJAX calls using jQuery ASP.NET not working
jquery - queue event until ajax call finishes
Add user to application
.NET System._ComObject AutoCAD event interface
Observer? design pattern
App crashes with error AppName[5811] was suspended with locked system files:AddressBook.sqlitedb
Creating DB issue, Visual Studio 2010
onmousemove event not working in Chrome
Java Socket Closes After Connection?
Trying to get Code::Blocks working on Mac, running Lion. Can't get the compiler set up properly
How to add g729 codec in Android application?
PHP hack files found - help decoding and identifying
W3C validation for Twitter widget
matlab: average group size of the same numbers
display original image color with UIBarButtonItem
Web fonts not rendering in IE 9 on live server, but fine when viewed locally
Windows Phone browser background agent
App.Config file in console application C#
javascript not working in MS visual studio2010 for windows phone
Scrolling background example?
select time part
How to get title of a link using php Domdocument
special symbol in href value of anchor tag
How to export Wordpress with complete settings?
Prevent jQueryUI Tabs from Showing Unmodified HTML
How to detect the first occurrence of palindrome
Javascript left and top nav active current states
Android Application Specific Video File Protection
Rolling an evolution back
Nesting of #/% in clojure macros
Caching service call
How to send a string data to java webservice?
Function declarations inside if/else statements?
combine subquery result as text
working with php decbin function
whenever cron is not working with rails-3
In Delphi: Linking two Independant MDB (access database) files, not tables
How can I keep the replacement character from turning into an html entity in PHP?
Return in a for loop not evaluating all the entries in Iterator
External SMTP Server/Service with Google Apps Engine
Need tutorial on implementing a JSF ResourceHandler
Liquibase and migrating from HSQL 1.8.0.x to HSQL 2.2.8 can't drop column
How to compile 64-bit file linking with 32-bit library
Canvas - Change colors of an image using HTML5/CSS/JS?
Android canvas freezes
Passwords being stored as sha1 and pbkdf2_sha256
Passwords being stored as sha1 and pbkdf2_sha256
join() PHP function removes duplicated values?
How to set first Image after Some Text in Email body?
php form validation with javascript
Show Success message is not Working in JavaScript
Is it valid to include view code in Model?
How to understand the 鈥淎vailability鈥�of the CAP theorem?
how to check if the edit box is empty or not in VC++
Where do people make their backgrounds?
Escape character for in ValidationExpression in ASP.NET
Setting width to all divs
java.awt.Robot.keyPress for continuous keystrokes
updating child's record,inserts a new record in master table
Does Xcode 3.2.3 supports core Utillity functions?
no network in Android x86 on VirtualBox 4.1.2
Session, PHP Incomplete Class
how to use array variables inside action in controller
How to embed an application (.exe etc) into a jsp page
Network Selection
Ruby Enumerator-based lazy flatten method
Android SeekBar - Change ScrollBar value independently of progress bar
What is the use of Public Key in Android developer console?
Spinner in Android crashing when visibilty changes while handling OnClick in a button
RAILS 3.2 - Nested resources has many : through relationship
How to edit list item on another page
Central HTML templates to prevent duplicate presentation code in ASP.NET MVC
Potential leak of an object allocated in iphone
Objective C - iPhone simulator path is not found in MAC LION
SAXParser catch nothing with minimized XML document
Creation of Schema using Core Service in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1
How can I display a twitter feed In Android programmatically?
OpenGL ES Overlay Blend Mode with Point Sprites
Unable to customize user-service in Spring Security 3.05
how to get all edit text values in array list in customized listview using base adapter in android
jQuery cant find custom attribute
JPanels inside a Gridlayout causing transparency issues
Detecting keystrokes without textboxes?
sql return blank string when there's a non-numeric value involved in function?
how to get real path of root directory for glassfish using servlet
Automapper: Missing TypeMap configuration or unsupported mapping
Actionscript-3: TCP sockets
Is it possible to run a socket server and socket client on the same machine?
HTTPS post using Appache Commons client 3.0.1
Function mt_rand maximum range of values?
WSDL connection throws an ADBException
How can I insert the date into the table enter by the user if it is not in that table in Android
Download File inside WebView
Publishing a website in changes the spacing/size of the controls in the master page
Cause of seg fault in C
Disable Subview of UITableview from Scrolling
Building coverage tool for chrome developer tools
How to convert a text file from Windows to Unix
Iterating through multiple URLs from .txt file with Python/BeautifulSoup
Why do we use radians in programming?
Don't add var when compiling Coffeescript
How to get last 鈥減articular (Ex. March)鈥�month in PHP?
When to use bind() when programming with sockets?
Using Cursor with AsyncTask
Calling a class's constructor inside another class
Ninject 3.0 MVC kernel scan not working
Unable to view a file using win32 dir command and Python subprocess
c++ struct not recognized
CSS: How can I move an object one layer up?
How to send objects over tcp efficiently
WebView with NSShadow slowdown
How to change Visual Studio 2012 install directory?
How to use VS lightswitch with an MS access database
Why does this program run normally and not quit?
What does setTimeout return?
Request Exchange Web Services 2007/2010 with SOAP+XML over HTTPS in Android
Twitter 4j with Netbeans
Integrate Smartfox + heroku
call & execute the shell script within expect script
Downloading an excel issue from page?
How to Parse XML Cross-domain in jQuery?
Need script to change div background via input.. Not working
Does Tokyo Cabinet support in-memory B+ Tree implementation?
How to turn a URL into text (Xcode)
Sending emails using
Why does Intent.createChooser() need a BroadcastReceiver and how to implement?
Update STL Priority Queue when modifying references to internal data
jquery mobile footer text vertical alignment
PHP Array for Weighted Array Result
screen scrape and ajax
alternative of java.math.BigInteger.bitCount()? required or not?
Which files to include in source control or while sharing a visual studio project with others?
Qt color picking dialog , like gcolor2
Does the ordering and incorrect individual source formats affect playing html5 videos on iOS safari?
How to end a file scanner while loop with undetermined length correctly in java
How to correctly use C++ strongly typed enumerations?
How to create friend structure in c++ builder
How to resize image displayed in a table using php
Connection string for azure table storage for local connection
Ajax calls and variable scope/closure
(Jersey + Jackson) XmlAdapter
How to store greater value than that of decimal(7.9*10 power 28) data types can hold in c#
Setting Rating controls CurrentValue in ASP.NET script instead of code behind
Response.Redirect cannot be called in a Page callback
What is a good pattern for storing implementations of an interface and retrieving specific implementations?
Scheduled Batchable process in salesforce
What is a good pattern for storing implementations of an interface and retrieving specific implementations?
Bash - for i in cat?
Scheduled Batchable process in salesforce
array of pointers to objects in c++ using templates
Expect script not sending new line correctly
How to get Remote File info using AJAX?
How to get layout from another package in android?鈥渪path=//*[@id='seriesNwsHldr']/div[2]/p[1]/a鈥� is not working
How to compare two files in Objective-C to avoid downloading it twice?
Php not printing correct value when changing value from javascript
form button won't submit with backbone.js form
Executable jar file won't run after doing some updates
How to use an XML data from an URL link?
xml, xsd validation problems
How do I get the correct modified datetime of a FAT32 file, regardless of timezone in .NET?
Android: Keeping track of checked values in multi select dialog
Is a preemptive multitasking OS possible on the interruptless DCPU-16?
JSF2 <h:selectOneMenu and <f:ajax listeners not called after PrettyFaces Filter Navigation
blockdelegate methods of class in iphone
Android Voice Recognition (in Search Widget) using given word list
send PHP string to C++
Get java program ready for release
R using apply/plyr with RQuantlib function
Accesing soap service from android
iPhone app crash when call self.addChild in CCSprite subclass ..?
How to optimize pixel editing in canvas
How to upgrade cakephp from 1.3 to 2.1?
Trying to call functions from class
Extracting XML Attributes in Java(ISBNDB)
CSS issue with a table
>>Project management [closed]
SignalR error using high level hub api with MVC4 - 鈥�echo/negotiate 404 Not Found Error鈥�
Why does Scala query return as unit?
pysqlite and python : wont insert data into table but code executes fine
Could not initialize repository鈥�Unknown repository format 鈥渘ull鈥� expected 鈥�鈥�
PHP Losing values in an 2-diminational associative array after they have been modified
Unusual Javascript Behaviour in ASP.NET
What does the JavaScript pseudo protocol actually do? [duplicate]
How to change color of a pic in destination?
Smarter Native Dependency Handling with Maven
CSS: vertical align the text in li item , doesn't work
PL/PgSQL calling a function inside a loop giving error
Zoom in and Out through a NSView or Magnify
selenium testing in c# UnexpectedJavaScriptError
Which font can I use to support all scripts (latin, kanji, cyrillic etc), for iPhone?
should mongodb nodes in replicaset need to be time synchronized?
Alert Dialog Box
Parsing NOAAPORT feed with RegEx
target_id always null
Undefined index whereas the index exists
JavaScript - Convert Long Number to String
How Do I Load A TableView With PPT Stored In MainBundle?
Formtastic radio button issue
Minimum sum from a dictionary of lists in Python
Google Maps ClusterManager on API V3 not working on reload / initial load
Problems accessing WCF using nettcp binding
How to get Node.JS Express to listen only on localhost?
string to list of char
How to find proper LDFLAG of a library in a Makefile?
Why does iphone simulator in xcode 4.3.2 come up with a blank white screen?
iOS: Image sizes in custom UISlider
Stored Procedure doesn't work properly on Windows Azure? [closed]
Comparing 2 columns in excel
Questions when customize the header of a pivotitem
Simple Fancybox 2 Keys Options - how to use?
Regarding Yii CMarkdown Class
Rails - DRY in Cucumber scenarios. What is a good balance?
return data from a Modal View Storyboard iOS 5
JavaScripting .sort()'ing a Multidimensional Array of Scores to Order the Player Names
Mod Rewrite to create a short direct link
Entering the text in TinyMCE through C#
Symfony2 bindrequest error
Converting xml to domain object in Grails
Rails simple_form association
Returning image with threading in iOS
Getting output from busybox commands within Android app
Separate compilation in C++
upload video to facebook page with graph api?
How might I take two random records from a list using Linq?
jqgrid setColProp not working
Azure tables, blobs
Git error on git pull (unable to update local ref)
Circular References in RavenDB
popuppanel show up beneath the widget
Unable to run Linphone-android source code on actual device
Questions about CVOpenGLESTextureCacheCreateTextureFromImage
JavaScript Timers
surface plot - too many connections
Gridview dropdownlist item to a textbox upon selected
Android, assigning value to variables in onActivityResult method?