How to specify iperf client port
Rails 3 - link_to() - need multiple text segments with separate HTML/CSS classes in a single link
Godaddy nameservers [closed]
Java Server Hanging on Startup in Centos 5
is it possible to build and new a structure in a loop?
Xml file reading by its node c#
Set landscape image to uinavegationBar with iOS5
Sources for large datasets [duplicate]
Sources for large datasets [duplicate]
Get values from joined tables using SqlDataReader
iOS Detecting Whether Tab is Changed (solved)
Putting two arrays together
Is it possible to install website made in php fox on localhost?
CDialog *m_pages[6]; vs CDialog *m_pages = new CDialog[6];?
Flow Panel in a Dock Layout Panel issue
HTMLCollection.namedItem() behavior difference between Forefox and Chrome?
SQL - Selecting max of indivdual field instead of all
How to collect and store tellp(), tellg() return types?
JScrollPane doesn't work.. Why?
Hadoop Combiner Class for Text
Passing a boost::bimap between functions
Getting primefaces p:fileUpload to work under google appengine
Need to get most recent date of category change (post addtion, modification) for 10000 categories
Updating spring security user's password field?
jQuery Ui button font-size
Dropdownlist in MVC
Gail Maven - OSGI Bundle as a Dependency - Resolution Issue
How to 鈥渁lign鈥�2 strings?
error: no type named 鈥榲alue_type鈥�in 鈥榗lass
Head.js- when to use for improving performance(reducing load times)?
Why is ushort + ushort equal to int?
Bash parameter expansion and array index operations
How to append data in JTextArea in Java?
Gcc inlines function body but does not optimize the load/stores in the loops
Using spatial locator for Oracle
What's the best way for a web server to maintain a copy of a specific div in the client's DOM as it is manipulated by jquery?
Paperclip - Save image dimensions to database from already uploaded images to S3
Is there a way of checking what type of authentication a website is using?
How to count run-lengths of NULL runs in MySQL?
GitHub: How to fork a public repository as a subdirectory in a private repository?
Connection string for MySQL database on webserver having shared IP address - C#
c++, Redefining Dynamic Array and Memory Leak [closed]
cakephp 2.1 black hole in google chrome
How to get MMS id Android Application
Null value matching in mySql
part of information of my customers are inserted in the database , while some are not
mysql count total
stuck with geany on linux
Strange behavior with reduce and fold on identical code block
Remove ./ from output
std::list in struct resulting in memory violation errors
Two links for one menu item in wordpress?
jquery: stopwatch
Javascript - 鈥渢his鈥�is empty
monkey patching in php
Getting NullPointer when adding image in Android
jQuery halt execution until an event is dispatched
How to show directlabels after geom_smooth and not after geom_line?
static class member gets 鈥渦ndefined reference鈥� Don't know why
Is there an easy way to make a .exe file from C source files on a Mac?
migrating mysql datetime fields from django 1.3 to django 1.4
PHP str_replace Error
convert f(x,y) to a 2-D matrix
jQuery Isotope - How to disable clickable content in expanded .item?
a:hover not working
Linux file names & file globbing
Kohana 3.1 Module Captcha. How it works?
How to send mouse up to div using VBScript
Double Dispatch [duplicate]
More CPU/time-efficient way to get N quasi random numbers than using N rand() calls?
converting size_t into long, Is there any disadvantage?
How do I make my MySQL query with joins more concise?
Is there a way to see Core Graphics drawings in Interface Builder?
How to display jQuery Validate error message after Bootstrap's add-on?
Ruby Regex Odd Error, What is going on?
set position of layout dynamically
Include Adorner in ScrollViewer scrollable region
Make Struts2 form use setId(Long) instead of setId(String)
JDBC + postgres connection problems
Human-Machine Readable - Structured Data Storage in files
Simple android application with roboguice throwing exceptions
NSMatrix in ScrollView; origin settings are locked. Why?
Winforms Non-Modal notifications
Min / Max Chars
p-values of mu parameter in gamlss
Replace unwanted values of factor level with NA
How to disregard numbers when reading from a text file?
Set Call to PHP Function, with POST Variables as Parameters, as HTML Form Action
android ExpandableListView - NullPointerException
Error in Java or Netbeans?
what is the need of cloning a object in Java
Need to update my single user app database to allow multiple users, how to modify database schema?
eBay App-like Loading Animation
php retrieve multiple data from mysql
centering variable width span on top fixed size image with jquery
C# MultiThreading Loop entire DataTable while limiting threads to 4
How Vtable of Virtual functions work
Customize TableViewCell Moving Grabber
Link error: QtCore.framework/Versions/4/QtCore for architecture x86_64
an elegant way to handle returning strpos 0 as TRUE
% (mod) explanation
Rotating the whole level
Modules, Assemblies, Headers in CLR
Standard conventions or good practices when naming local/remote interfaces of EJBs?
jsFiddle - logic with select
Creating a term document matrix in java for LSI implementation
SQL Server: row_number partitioned by timeout
Why is std::list bigger on c++11?
My C# Settings method, not working to well
python-pandas and databases like mysql
The import com.mockobjects.sql cannot be resolved
Calculating salary after in array and returning answer
POST not working inside click function
set size and position for button
TWTeetComposeViewController execute custom code after posting a new tweet
Read multiple vcards from one file using cardme
Forever.js starting and restarting multiple scripts
Ruby on Rails SOA Design Resources and Examples
c++, minify dynamic array by delete [] x[i]
Why is my canvas never drawing?
FactoryGirl passing 'nil' instead of values
how access localstorage using chrome extension
After editing Parent, update an association with parent columns attributes?
Display a single row in a listview (one listview-entry for every column)
Strange behavior in java
Using funcarg value in pytest_generate_tests function
Using arrays in listview adapter declaring the number of elements
Jackson - serialization of entities with birectional relationships (avoiding cycles)
Running long tasks without freezing the UI
Alert not appearing in popup.html of chrome extension
ContextLoader: Context initialization failed
How manage multiple DB with MongoLab and Heroku?
Fragment switching with AsyncTask
Use of undeclared identifier 鈥淔lurryAPI鈥�
SAS BI Content - Prompts
mustache.js date formating
PHP Dependency Injection
Print output in quotations linux
Variables inside Regexp
Failure method of validation in Jquery
Jquery Mouse Over Movement conflicting with other animate function
Add one every time. Beginner
Is there a standard for storing and parsing strings for calendar date recurrence?
How to ensure complete handoff of my Magento site from third-party developer
Is it against TOS to create two versions of app - free for members, paid for non-members (iPhone and Android)
Getting jar not in the pom.xml
EXPECT script, how to handle multiple pages of output
Retrieving a value from GUI
How to run an infinite while loop in pygtk?
Specify the 'origin/master' part in a git push
Traversal of Complex Data Structure in a Rails Application
C - modify stack base pointer address
UITableView with multidimensional array data from server
c# how the make datagridview.selectRow = bindingsource.position?
First occurrence of one item from given string array
How can I 'index' SQLAlchemy model attributes that are primary keys and relationships
鈥淯nable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'Payroll.EIR'鈥�
How do I view the database that EntityFramework created for me?
How strings are created and managed in CLR?
Php Mailer gives error Insufficient system space(Error code:4.3.1)
Regex split by character and capture
Counting unique login using Map Reduce
C# Method Name Expected error, using ParameterizedThreadStart
Scheme : precision of decimal numbers
CreateSimpleReBar in WTL vista/7 native look and feel
How to create a webservice which listens to tfs 2010 event alerts?
How to submit a valid user request to Liferay Default Landing Page
Adding a search bar to iPhone application that uses alphabetical sections?
How to validate form in jQuery and PHP
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01745: invalid host/bind variable name in managed bean
sqlzoo joinII exercise - movie databases 4a
onItemClickListener on PreferenceActivity
Activity Feed Structure
concurrent_unordered_map in c++
Read textfile into list in Applescript
How to use fb connect in Android app?
difference between django.test.TestCase vs unittest vs django.utils.unittest.TestCase
Find index of array object in array object
How to change default Epoch time for Ruby?
Searching a distance around a point (Using MBRcontains)
android core library compilation
remove items from a combobox
How to load an OCX using an .INF configuration file
How to make a final attribute in a PHP class?
How to make a random list using IO in Haskell
Default data in Webapp?
Mixing canvas and CSS3 elements
Remove Binary data from PHP debug backtrace
Annotating REST web service in Java EE 6
passing string read from text file to writeObject() in java?
object reference not set to an instance of an object, cannot figure out why
Java LWJGL Slick UnicodeFont acting up
Git Failing to remove with clean
Facebook iFrame APP not working in IE, works on every other browser
Can you make a python script behave differently when imported than when run directly?
Memory leak - debugger and memory analyzer disagreeing
Primitive type decimal in Java - User Entry
How to change the css class=鈥渃urrent鈥�when using page jumping (single page website)?
Line Text with Nav Bar in HTML
Embed MS Access Form To Website Oline
android system class compilation
innerhtml not working on blogger
Incrementing an integer in xslt
PHP include doesn't work
Identifying IMAP mail folders (spam,sent鈥�, folder names vary with servers
MVC application cannot load assemblies
Multiple jenkins/gerrit projects
How to set max length of a draw line?(Corona SDK)
How to set max length of a draw line?(Corona SDK)
application crash when in ad-hoc mode throw Test-flight - worked just fine
Counting frequencies of enum values
I need pop up a window on button click [duplicate]
PHP code execution sequence
fstream's getline() works for a little bit鈥nd then breaks
DropDownList and ViewData
Variable names in extending Maple code generation
How to see control in extjs window iframe?
hibernate range query
Insert multiple text inputs with same name, into one cell in MySql
Running profile startup files in an embedded IPython instance
Failover strategy for database application
Revert a remote merge
How can I display data for the current view from a different table
Generate key pair on iphone and print to log as NSString
Is parsec an alternative of ANTLR?
UITableViewCell curve line anomaly- left side. What's causing this? Image included
Opacity FadeIn/FadeOut GWT Query Internet Explorer
Limit number of posts in WP Carrington JAM framework
Typing accented characters in JavaFX 2 applications not working?
Drupal CCK-Views like features in another CMS with MSSQL (SQL Server) support
Can't access parent member variable in Python
I want to create a series of covariance matrices in my worksheet through VBA
How can I use the DataTemplateKey in a metro app
Split by Caps in Javascript
what is the use of stringsByAppendingPaths
Compress small string
ActionbarSherlock and android:targetSdkVersion>13
Pre-insert/update trigger in SQL Server
making a request using AFXMLRequestOperation in AFNetworking
Triggering javascript setTimeOut events prematurely
Undeclared variable error when using a LIMIT variable with PREPARE in MySQL
MVC Strongly typed IQueryable<IGrouping<TKey, TElement>> model
jQuery Show/Hide Repeat Dance
C++ send/recv detouring and getpeername()
Most efficient way to LIMIT results in a JOIN?
How to force ViewController to unload?
Codeigniter db class truncating text on insert
Sms Wakeup App is not working properly
Which is more robust and scalable method?
How to build a javascript object with key/value format
C# 2D Animation - From slow to fast
Why my plain http request to poke my friend in fb failed?
sqlite android query (cursor)
Why is a RichEditableText control losing focus when clicking inside it?
MVC 3 - access for specific user only
How can I access my localhost server from other computers?
Hide Navigation Bar but not the back button
Magento: neither front-end not admin opening up
document is an alias name?
Distributed algorithm for storing synchronized data
sql - Nested select on SQL compact
Place text and image in different line
.htaccess redirect to language subfolder
Frustum intersection code returns bad value
How to stuff duplicate records in SQL server? [duplicate]
is it possible to avoid segmentation fault error by increasing the amount of memory that compiler gives for array?
wordpress php help - the_author_meta('display_name')
Apache ignore missing DocumentRoot
GitHub - getting started creating a repo
WCF Service Library hosted as a Windows Service using Castle.Windsor 3.0 issue
鈥渏ava.lang.InstantiationException鈥�when running an Android app
How can I eliminate slow resolving/loading of localhost/virtualhost (a 2-3 second lag) on Mac OS X Lion?
Can't seem to get sample code to replace check boxes working
Change app window form on Mac
Case insensitive Restriction.IN
iOS MasterDetail app inside TabController - where to start?
how to compile a python .app from ubuntu or windows
Composer does not fetch dependencies from local repository
Generate N quasi random numbers in less than O(N)
What version of DirectX should I use to make a 2D desktop GUI application?
How to set maximum number of reducers per node in Hadoop streaming?
Adding Routes to Rails' Spree E-Commerce
The order of a SQL Select statement without Order By clause
Detecting New SMS/MMS message Android application
Create a SharePoint Calendar with C#
FOSUserBundle Entity constuct
FTP Archiving/Versions
Using a HTTP Connection within an Android View Pager
Create symbolic function
What is fault tolerance in JMS?
JSF 2.0: <f:ajax>'s listener is not triggered
Windows Phone TextBox validation
Facebook Open Graph configure actions
threads reagarding notification
How can I either end the program, or start the program over in a Visual basic console application, based upon user input?
PHP: normalize path of not existing directories to prevent directory traversals?
iPhone - Global Variable In A Storyboard
Serialize vector in C++ to send over UDP Socket?
Is an Extension method similar to having 鈥渘ew鈥�keyword method in c#?
Android classloader error - how to debug these?
HtmlUnit first steps
Restrictions while kernel is running an ISR routine
Node.js with ZeroMQ + + scoping per client
Statefull Server why not possible in Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP.NET,鈥�
Jquery image gallery does not display correctly in internet explorer 9 but works fine in Chrome?
How to call setServiceInfo Dynamically in AccessibilityService
redefinition of typedef errors in unofficial opengl sdk
Is polling in jQuery expensive, and are there alternatives?
Can I auto-fit the width of Graphviz nodes using dot?
Can we create GUI for standalone application using html and javascript?
Coffeescript and problems with encodings of Ruby 1.9
sending two arrays to PHP in jquery
Class cannot find Internally Defined C++ Class inside Template
Is there a neater way for AutoMapper to convert from null to empty GUID than an explicit CreateMap?
Updating DataGridViews source programmatically?
how to set windows-1251 in csv file generated in django
how do doctored image exploits for image viewers work? can they be defeated with managed code and random pixel alterations?
NET Remoting and MarshalByRefObject is really dead?
Clear JPanel or JFrame
Java On-Memory Efficient Key-Value Store
android - How to draw only the sprite from an image on the canvas
Writing a cross platform backup script
Change ActionBarSherlock background color
Convert UNIX time to normal Date & Time C#
In Vim, LaTeX inline equation completion
Android - Cursor index out of bounds exception
ASP.NET MVC varybycustom caching
Using CSS, Can I specify a background-image outside that object?
How is onActivityResult used?
Order by last usage
generator object into tab delimited text
rsa 2048 implementation using swing
Adding data to a hashmap in parallel
Switch User in Awesome WM menu
how to make https request using php Http_Request2()
How does boost implement lists of types as 鈥渙ptions鈥�for classes?
How to stop scanning through .resources.dll
Confused with different types of Transaction
How to remove projects from the Recent Projects list in the Start Page?
Way to implement handling duration of a keypress
Java Eclipse, export jar. Using imported files
Algorithm for generating random numbers from a discrete distribution?
Do something with ajax-loaded iframe content?
How to access the base namespace in Ruby?
Compass fallback for IE
Database design advice in Rails, The Pizza, Topping and Order
What happens when you give NULL to a PHP function that expects string? [closed]
How can I fix this max-height Javascript Issue or use CSS to get the same results?
Which kind of key I need?
Rsync limit transfer speed not working
how to reposition layers on rotation
Task Parallel Library and PLINQ Alternatives in C# [closed]
Is it possible to use NSArray, NSDictionary, and NSNumber 鈥渓iterals鈥�in Xcode 4.3? (LLVM 4.0)
Zend Framework dispatching frontcontroller or run Zend Application?
Rails routes related to a search form
FMODex pitch shifting problems with DSP
Check whether shift key is pressed
how to select multiple names in a single query
Using UpdateLayeredWindow on a region of a window
Get FreeTDS working on Heroku Cedar Stack
Swing components resizing themselves when out of keyboard focus
Rails mailer has issues with session persistence and with sending email
ACCESS SQL: Nz() Function executed From VBD [duplicate]
How to tell Rails to stop using Rspec?
In LightSwitch, how to fill choice list of query parameter from a table
Reading XML file in Iphone
jQuery Sortable get cursor coordinates while dragging
Accessing self within decorator function within a Python class
Is there any possible way of having an object and an array of objects with the same name and with the same class definition?
'service postgresql start' fails to start postgres service on Fedora
Paperclip and Amazon S3. Styled images can't be displayed, only downloaded. Original image is blank
Files protection
Experiencing An Issue With Localizable.strings in an iOS iPad App
Build graph given coordinates of adjacent nodes
SSMS add-in warning
Queries with special characters not fetching data (Objective C)
Published App 3 days go, not showing in market/play, is it a Proguard.cfg issue?
How to ensure destruction of singleton in IOS 5 with ARC?
Xcode 4.3.2 - missing iOS controls
options library like Google GFlags for Haskell
Umbraco 5 ask if user has permission to node
C++ force stack unwinding inside function
mySQL - How can I query the multiple id, status pairs that indicate errors?
VBScript - how to append new line after line specified
javascript doesn't work in firefox
Data at the root level is invalid - at the end of file that I'm creating
How to silence the last warning when compiling Android apps?
Undefined on live server, but WORKS on localhost
How does android send SMS and MMS?
Counting the number of child records in a one-to-many relationship with SQL only
Verifying existance of a node in xml through java
Error handling with CXF interceptors - changing the response message
Making a pattern finger GUI in android [closed]
Multiple assignments from a python dictionary
waf - build works, custom build targets fail
How do I use an IF statement in an MySQL join query?
Url rewrite issue with non-Ascii characters after upgrade IIS from 7.0 to 7.5
Problems with hover in wordpress hover in chrome
Android application limiting features to support backwards compatibility
How to run Java programs over ssh?
Appending data to xml file with DOM document
How To Isolate a div from public CSS styles?
Generating AST from ANTLR Grammar: arrays inside structs
Highlight current category in wordpress
Convert my Site to Facebook Graph Object
VBA Update Statement - Missing Operator in Query Expression
A UIDatePicker Bug锛�
Need Tutorial of UAmodalPanel
A UIDatePicker Bug锛�
Need Tutorial of UAmodalPanel
troubles with displaying image in window
Basic SQL : Check Constraint Returning Error Upon Creation of Tables
Structured Property accessing Parent
Digits after the decimal QTableView delegate
Crash on iterating over an image using Mat::at
C Program: matching array of strings when length is known at compile time versus when it's not known
Mysql query with multiple conditions
Same entity class for table and view
Intelligent JavaScript contextMenu
TTPhotoViewController Crash on iPad local images
How to allow the 鈥渃ontributor鈥�to upload only featued image in wordpress
Nested vertical and horizontal lists?
xcode - Extracting text from html code
How can I parse from an online xml currency feed to wp7 app
Is it a good pratice to implement Array methods on Object.prototype for NodeList objects?
Limit included file options
Grails dependency error when running app on Ubuntu
Convert NIB Files to XIB Files
R Programming Return Positions [closed]
Is it possible to determine the JVM version in C#?
MVC: why controller is the strategy for the view
Trouble with inserting new elements into a vector while running a recursional function
wicket: Checkbox inside the DropdownChoice
How iteration ordering in LinkHashMap/LinkedHashSet leads to a bit low performance than HashMap
Plot relative frequencies with dodged bar plots in ggplot2
loading respond.js async via modernizr.load is slow?
Wordpress submit button not showing in Dolphin
jQuery - extended menu
runtime error while using invert() or inv() to invert a matrix in opencv
Using a bitwise & inside an if statement
Linux I/O Redirection
Rails mailer has issues with session persistence and with sending email
How set Eastern Standard Time to Datepicker (jquery ui) - with javascript
How to automatically fill in form fields in django
What datastructure to use for find intersection of 2 tree
Url leading to google search in Mozilla Firefox
Synchronize hash map with jcombobox
Cannot redirect to a php page after login
virtual files such as /proc/uptime in java
iOS- Draw Circle with Center and radius
Is a compiler inline better than a manual inline?
ZipFile.extractall throws ZipFile instance has no attribute 'extractall'
Unix Shell Script to search directory for all media files (audio and video)
how to make it display like that is in Chrome?
Java - Native library issue
Entire PHP Code Running Twice
Perl: Get the current cursor icon/type
Perl: Get the current cursor icon/type
Building a general DynamoDBMarshalling for enums
MYSQL multi argument search
How to set up a personal server using java programming language and jsp
Removing Readmore functionality in Joomla 2.5 Blog
C# /Javascript /ASP.NET - Changing DIV Contents From A Child Page
Does Chrome incorrectly display this SVG pattern?
Android TCP Socket
jQuery confirm like effect on input text
Login Authentication using ADO.NET in C#
mySql and .net desktop applications
how to check if 3 characters are in consecutive alpha order
XmlSerializer: Deserialize string array
Is it possible to convert description (String representation) of some object to an object of some class?
Posting from AS3 to Twitter
Spring AOP - advise super class method not overridden in subclass
Cant refresh to bottom of page with javascript function containing url variables
regarding scheduler code
buffer size changed
Problems increasing text size in my app
How to convert a string in PHP using different formats ( xliff segments )
what's the difference between import and include in Objective-C? [duplicate]
API 3.8: After dragging a marker, if marker.setMap(null) then it doesn't appear more
Google Plus Button counter acts differently with URL's that includes https
Struts2 js to action class passing of variable
getting parent element's index in xml and php?
How to calculate time for a cilk_spawn
Import and export data from gae datadtore in high replication
Binding Datasets to Parameter
hashchange only when not from click
C++ sizeof different result for the same value
How do I add Markdown formatting in a code / pre block?
PHP & Cron - chdir not working
Problems when overriding scrollViewDidScroll, but not all the other methods of UIScrollViewDelegate
CSS line-height alignment issues
Calling an event after a jquery tab load
why i cannot use the auto keyword in the last version of gcc
Failure initializing default SSL context
preg_replace + UTF-8 doesn't work on one server but works on another
Checking if exists subObject in JSON
How to access remote private Msmq on workgroup windows 7
How do I make a variable permanent in a Jinja2 template?
mysql join incorrect results
Why is Process.MainWindowTitle always empty for all but one window?
jQuery: Create a loop that takes one time interval at first and then changes to another afterwards
How to align the ads with the menu?
adjusting my code to take the user to the search results if there is any
Understanding the splitting in Swi-prolog
use 鈥渇rom鈥�property in the linq
GAE Datastore results to FlexTable using JDO
What build servers can function with workers behind NAT?
Localization support in JSR validation API for messages upon failed validation
2d array in javascript post to the server via ajax
HTML5Boilerplate build script CSS reference in PHP file
Remove values with digit only from array - PHP
Send Email from C# using Outlook's
multiplying a string with a number
Unobtrusive javascript and dynamic html
Understanding a to-many relationship in Core Data
Saving textfield input
Options Menu Layout in Android App
Providing A Failover URL When A Custom URL Scheme Cannot Be Handled
Using json_encode to send html returns 鈥渘ull鈥�string at the end
Doctrine 2 association without foreign key constraints
Media Queries min-width not firing correctly in Opera, FF and IE
Simulating MIPS processor on FPGA using Verilog
Removing element from te array function
Android ICS Unlock Screen - View
PHP: Select child from array
Why .NET String.EqualsHelper seems to use half sized integers and longs
How to add a new row to datagridview programmatically
How do you check an email server (gmail) for a certain address and run something based on that address?
set app background from gallery
Making mysql query to tables based on the values from another table
WP7 - hide keyboard on enter press in autocomplete box
Simple .HTACCESS Passing Variables [closed]
what is pros and cons of using Socket for IPC between java and c++?
How to export assets from an .SWF container?
Android:How to start Android Market (Play Store) and get know about closing from my own app
Automatically arranging divs top-to-bottom and left-to-right within container
Applying style EditText elements
Use java.nio to raise create/move/delete events on file changes
How to 鈥淎uto Run鈥�a program w/o having the admin rights?
How to interface Paypal with Flash for games
row id of jsf datatable
LeJOS extension for NetLogo
Get variable name from InArgument
vs2010 XAML Find highlight is very fade
add 鈥渂ookmarks鈥�in Dreamweaver CS4?
When to programmatically create custom Django permissions?
Has anyone successfully converted an Android app using GPS over to Blackberry PlayBook using the Eclipse plugin
Create JSON from jQuery each loop
Powreshell: I want to remove 鈥渓ocalhost鈥�from [string[]]$Servers
Grid Permutation Algorithm - Fixed Row Order
Visibility of TextView in Dialog
DFT in Python taking significantly longer than C
How to rotate the axis labels in ggplot2?
Why does m2e add dependency always zero
Async Task Crashing my App
Why is will_paginate gem returning all results to one page but showing next and previous links?
groupBy on multiple columns using my innerClass [closed]
Directed graph nodes: Keep track of successors and predecessors
T2KFontFactory exception when JavaFX project starts through jar/jnpl
sampsize error in Random Forests
PHP Cryptography Good Practices?
NSWindowController window?
size attribute ignored in layer-list
Shifting a specific matching key-value pair from Ruby hash
How to set inner HTML of a span element using jQuery
Commons Fileupload Security manager enabled
Copying a audio file(mp3)?
PHP transform array 'a', 'b', 'c' to 'a/b/c', 'a/b', 'a'
Problems with an if statement in my MVC3 razor view
how to resize an image according to size of JLabel?
Simple jquery Animation either doesn't work or flickers in Firefox only
AFNetworking EXC_BAD_ACCESS in setCompletionBlock
Why do I see a heavily reduced public JBoss Maven repository in Eclipse?
iOS Simulator for iPad not working since upgrade to Xcode 4.3.2
how can i use database datas in the layout.cshtml
Configuring Lightspeed for use in MVC3 Web project
Ogre game programming using TDD
how to start new activity from list activity within tabview
After createwindow(鈥�, how to give the window a color?
Upload swf files using php?
iOS/UIFont - reducing font width
Zend Framework - Jquery tabs & autocomplete
JQuery cross domain basic auth call
MIPS return value from memory address
WinForm: multiple keys pressed
Change default capacity/load factor of scala mutable.HashMap
How would I compare two fields in an SQL SELECT statement to then select other fields based on this result?
Search inside word docs and across other websites
Remove namespace from Savon SOAP request
Assigning UIPickerView value issue on device
linq-to-sql getting sequence contains more than one element
Dropdownmenu in Android(2.3.3)
JQuery limit Images inside div
I want to create a menu to select any one of a number of C# programs
Using PopupWindow in android
Measure message transmission speed'none' is not working
Setup Apache reverse-proxy for rails app running at port 3000
Modulo for negative dividends in Python
WCF RESTful Service Configuration Getting 404
How can I force the position of an element in a ListView
Task Asynchronous Pattern and error/exception/cancellation handling
how to make jqgrid advanced search dialog keyboard accessible
Search based on URL varibles
Java - Library path error
Multiple actions from a single submit on a web form
Search based on URL varibles
Java - Library path error
Multiple actions from a single submit on a web form
Python script terminates unexpectedly with Windows Scheduler
list length, inserting element
SQL Error when I use distinct order by upper/lower
How to convert alphabetic input in wx.TextCtrl to all capital letters?
Regarding ternary operator..! [closed]
google chrome iframe body onLoad not working?
Flexslider not working properly on ipad/iphone
Selecting data from mySQL with jQuery and PHP
Batch mode SSH gives error 鈥淭ERM environment variable not set鈥�
Browser document mode issues
Why changing value of SO_RCVBUF doesn't work?
Android Canvas.drawLine not smooth, not consistent
Displaying a Blank JQGrid with Column Headers
Javascript to rewrite all external links on mousedown?
How to add a .mm file into the project?
What's the best way for developing a large amount of data in a Table View?
Retrieve image and show it without exposing its path in web container
JLabel.setImage transparent png
Running code in javascript to make a PHP and HTML file run from an ONLOAD event
Javascript/AJAX Only Works When Debugging
ArrayList comparing and get shared Values
File handling with pyQT
When do 铿俹ors and ceilings matter while solving recurrences?
Additional fixes on my logout.jsp code
Error on mysql updateing in Yii
Displaying total duration using Timespan
Converting UNIX (UTC) timestamp to EST (UTC-5) datestring
How to deal with code modification in events handlers with Event Sourcing pattern [closed]
Do not want to have close button on my dialog
How can I get html <option> tag's content with jQuery
C# with Gridview, Access, DateTime and converting
Appropriate pattern for given scenario
MySQL query value + 1
What's the point of the cataloginventory_stock_status_idx table?
Escaping square brackets in element's name when using the Attribute Equals Selector
Assembly MIPS TAl instructions
VS2010 i am missing a reference
What is good user login concept in php?
USB 3G Modem for embedded linux
How do I create a database in marklogic from a script
jsTree create_node callback function not working
How do I add an internal command to bash?
Objective C frontend- Java/C# backend
Silverlight Binding issue in a Style
Could not find generator theme
Is it possible to separate minibuffer and echo area in Emacs?
What this cast and assignment is all about?
Git log output log file
C++ datastructure (standard library) dump (like the python print function)
Android org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException while parsing XML
How to draw a cubic B茅zier curve in wxWidgets?
Matplotlib: plot differences between two images
Android non activated Development Phone Upgrade [closed]
Displaying altered mysql table contents in JTable in java using Vector
MySQL select from multiple tables that have different columns number
Javascript smooth scroll WITHOUT the use of jQuery
WPF MVVM dynamic collection of user controls in a wrap panel
Stored Procedure in Code First with different tables
T-SQL code for converting nvarchar string to UTF-8 (for URL percent-encoding)
php require relative path
Spring WebFlow2 fronting with Apache2 SSL produce http urls instead of https
How can I expand this <input> tag?
Perl: Create index for tab file with two columns
Does MSBuild need Visual Studio to be installed?
Two-dimensional array of different types
python, how to incrementally create Threads
How to enlarge java swing panel
Return value in a recursive function JAVA
Access translated i18n messages from Scala templates (Play! Internationalization)
Which is the difference between ADO.NET data services and data source controls
Save data offline in a database
Is there a way to always execute some code before Exit Function in VBScript
How use transaction in sql alchemy while using db session?
Web Services Port {}p1 not found
in emacs how to control which windows to show compile result?
Best program to analyze data from cycle tests [closed]
Solr autocomplete based on edismax type error
How to populate asp:LinkButton from Json data response
Load all the cell's content inserted by the user in JTable, and store these as objects in a LinkedList
Having trouble testing RadioGroup with RoboGuice + Robolectric
change soap:address location from http to https
Windows Phone Not Showing Image
Denormalizing chat messages in Azure Tables
Perl debugger for locating a subroutine call
Rotating Two UIImageView in X Direction
Find a local minimum in a 2-D array [duplicate]
Could not install PEAR on Windows 7 with WAMP
Image displayed with black background OPENGL ES Android
How can I get an swf file to play automatically?
Can TRegistry write REG_NONE values?
Sending emails with attachments through AppleScript
Sending SOAP messages Using KSOAP2 With Android
Appcelerator Titanium Mobile showTimePickerDialog not showing
how to remove last char from string
Using random generator with probability using matlab
can I safely cast a pointer to const member to the same type but non-const?
The Search button is not working in elasticsearch using Tire
how to delete dynamic textbox created in c#
Youtube video, view doesn't change orientation when in full screen view
How can i get the minimal value for each foreign key
Whats the best method for outputting data to an excel spreadsheet using php
Programmatically zoom out web page
IOS https authentication
Understanding indentation in Python
Freeing strings in C
Trying to login to a website clicking a button (Httpwebrequest - cookies)
MPMusicPlayerController pause while in background and resume when app enters foreground
Border around DIVs
Would C/C++/Pascal/etc. be substantially slower if it was a stackless language? [closed]
How to return end-node of a relationship in Cypher-query?
Vim: Completion menu item colors
I Almost have a Unified searchbar in iOS xcode 4.3 but for only one word?
Why is not up-to-date a fetched request when this request is launched inside observeValueForKeyPath?
database hosting for desktop applications
Displaying the value of a textbox in other parts of a report
Replace item in association list in elisp
I'm using PyInstaller to turn a .py file into a .exe file, but I'm having difficulty?
.htaccess rewrite rule doesn't wan't to work what so ever
LuaInterface: Access objects properties
How to implement jquery-ui autocomplete with and json?
searching a list for objects with same date
Stacking actions in Play Framework 2.0
ASP.NET Web API: OAuth service provider
JSP: Is this a proper MySQL class? mvc EF navigation property same name in code first
How to show a subtitle for each <li> in magento menu
What is the purpose of redo and retry statements in Ruby?
How to download many xml files with ruby
ListBox & Two dimensional array
How to arrange html footer elements to break automatically
Setting up XDebug on MAMP PRO with PHPStorm and Virtual Hosts
Prebuild event Copy command exits with code 1
Java's Application Context in Django
Using Azure table storage for ASP.NET session
debian: Can't login connect to MySQL server
Using simple_form to set data-content
Where should I add a Rack module (a class to be exact) I wrote? (Rails)
i wrote a generic ordered array class , and there is null pointer error occurring with the insert method when comparing the elements
ProcessMaker Installation Error
What's the correct format for empty GUIDs for JSON.NET to be deserialized?
In my VS2010 i am missing a reference
Fix all issues or warnings in resharper at one step in VS 2010
Update jQueryUI progress bar with
SciTE: ClassNotFoundException in Java when using a newly added library (but not in command prompt)
Accessing server controls from different pages
How to declare a list inside a Scheme function?
How to call properly HTTP client from HTTP server request handler in netty?
Django extract string from unicode encoding
struts action class and business service layer
Android Market issue with manifest file
Require UTF-8 php file
How can I fix this RelativeLayout?
How to make doxygen create 鈥淚nclude dependency graph for 鈥︹� only for web pages (not for tex/PDF)?
Are there any file sharing services with a web API?
Domino 8.5.3 regression with Date time
Localizing HTML files / Parallel file editing
rxtx error 0x3e3 IO operation aborted and invalid setparameters
Why NullPointerException occured in WebView?
Html canvas scroll
Ruby Mysql - load .sql file and execute
Access images, create contacts and restore images
Rewrite an object as an array?
Setting hotkey with variable
How to find how many users are browsing your webpage at the same time?
How to create Custom Button with animation similar to Path in Android
triangular float
Bundle can't install RMagick gem on Mac OSX 10.7
NPAPI plugin does not show in about:plugins in google chrome
Converting timestamp on server gives different result in PHP and MySQL
MPICH - strange error?
Mysql mutliple joins and count
unordered_set storing elements as pointers
Objective C Array init throwing EXEC_BAD
Changing between landscape and portrait views in JQuery Mobile
Cannot insert data into a table in db using jdbc
jQuery horizontal ui scroll not calculating outerWidth in Chrome
sharir kosaraju algorithm and vertices
Bash - How to count C source file functions calls
A form with 3 submits; how to keep data for final submit?
jquery ui layout height is too short
how to track revoked tasks in across multiple celeryd processes
difference between and
extract information from xml file as RDF triples
How to create a script to add sed command into a file (bash script)
Usage of 'use' or 'using' in programming languages
Background Worker reports busy despite been cancelled and no longer present
Playframework 2 - set session variable for any Action
rgb of an image
HTML5 Range dynamic creation via javascript
Adjust the label, text-field & button size
Clojure's equivalent to Python's encode('hex') and decode('hex')
Rectangle does not contain a constructor that takes 4 arguments
Modify and open options menu inside a SurfaceView
Name comparison in java.lang.reflect.Method.equals(Object obj)
JQuery filter(string selector) does not work in combination with find()
ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()
Passing values between page and to GA server using JavaScript
Firefox pref is destroying JSON
join two lists under condition
Make li to cover ul completely without fixed width of li
How to setScale in Android WebView
url change forgery mvc3
MATLAB: Determine the exact solution using dsolve
Categorizing bank transactions in Excel
Content-Based WCF Router
How do I add and remove items from a multivalue HashMap?
I don't have offline access to fb user - should I store friends list in session? RoR, Devise, Omniauth & FBGraph
How to change the Windows Search Index location using powershell?
Checking if part of a bundle exists in Android
Move along a path of points with even speed
What are these notations in class diagrams?
Retrieve a range of records from SQL query Oracle
PHP generated javascript not executing
xsl file using properties.xml file in order to transform an xml file into the xml file with custom tags defined in properties.xml file
Generate repeating hexagonal pattern with CSS3
error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'if'
C#, User defined formula
How do I programmatically detect errors like IllegalArgumentException: No configs match configSpec?
Maintaining a timer in java
Algorithm: Compressing symbols into bitstrings by expected frequencies?
double call 'click' events in jquery
Post Input Values With KeyBoard
html 5 canvas text
How display failure on undescribed example in RSpec?
Link shorthand application in Sinatra
uploading derby db to the web server
OCR scanning from complex document
using a function of a plugin in wordpress template or widget
Calling a 3rd party .NET DLL using JNI
Using static method vs. object method
Monotouch/WCF: why cannot override the wcf binding timeout setting
How to restrict a session to a directory only in PHP?
How to send serialized object from Android Client to Google App Engine Servlet?
Round an Int to the Nearest in 5X Table?
Core Data: find entities filtered by attribute with unique second attribute
Understanding C++ code for shortest paths
C++ standard library: initialize a container by using standard input
what has changed on the web in past months that broke Firefox 3.5 compatibility with many javascript heavy websites? [closed]
Even length path algorithm -DFS
height div based on percentage-based width?
C# ComboBox with Text and Value [duplicate]
i can't read file in C
Issue with passing data with segue to another DetailTableViewController
Formtastic :country yield an erro
Error: 'wcsncasecmp' was not declared in this scope
Word generator algorithm?
Result of query is a resource URI
i update djang1.3.1 to djang1.4 , error: MOD_PYTHON ERROR
When XML is empty, xcode crashes - Possible to insert dummy object?
Customize UITabBar with Images and Transparency [closed]
Preserving HTML entities with libxml
Property group in custom control
access to array defined in Master View Controller from Detail View Controller [closed]
Split QString from returned line of QFile
Calculating animation time Qt
Uncaught Type Error: Can not read property latitude
What is the difference between these two statements?
Why is my javascript function sometimes not working
Need help about Drag a sprite with Animation (Cocos2d)
How to add 2 rows dynamically in a table
Call C++(C) from D language
How do I make a photo Dashboard list activity?
Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in index.php on line 2
Asterisk and recording incoming and outgoing calls
Saving A Table Permanently in SQLite
what javascript will simulate selection from the google maps api 3 places autocomplete dropdown?
Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in index.php on line 1
Replacing storyboard with XIB
Comparing multiple field values 鈥嬧�together
Count share numbers of product in Redis
PHP & MySQL : What's Wrong with Code to Add to a Database & Retrieve
cURL through OpenVPN or PPTP
big endian vs little endian
FragmentTabPager not working at all
svn: is 'trunk' simply a directory?
Python convert Tuple to Integer
Advice on hunting for PHP errors on a live page
DataSnapXE2 on Windows 7 Disconnected Gracefully
How to make youtube embed code HTML valid for w3c validator?
Converting NSNumber to NSInteger
ICE Faces - sending filename param to bean from ice:outputResource
Zend Framework - Correct way of defining navigation menu
How do i allocate memory for a 2d array?
is Yii CFormModel rules deals with arrays
Make paste option come up when long click text entry box in webview?
Redirect current tab to a new URL
XML to TeX or how to get a beautiful PDF from XHTML-like source
Doctrine Full outer join
Downloading from URL causes binary response
Unknown column 'locals_id' in 'where clause'
A new way of software distribution using virtual machine?
Play Framework: how to resolve failure to download a JSON-LIB dependent library?
Google Map V3 : Only some markers are displayed
501 HTTP error when trying to use php OpenID with Google
Difficulty in understanding variable-length arrays in C
Why does this code cause a Segmentation Fault?
Xcode - UIImageView stop at edge
Using a multi check box to add various items with the same id to a table
C++ HBITMAP from binary data
SimpleDateFormat - Unparseable date
Where does HTML DOM start? window? document? document.defaultView?
unexpected 'array' text appear in my site's feed
Git is in a very bad place - cannot reset conflicted file
Using canvas-based iconset
following-sibling::text() only if contains needle
how to calculate width and height of mobile device
Private members in Javascript. Can they be non-static?
How to wait till callback function returns?
Lithium: How to call one validation filter from inside another
Authlogic - how to set password_confirmation only for update?
load c++ dll in ironpython
jQuery UI datepicker: Displaying 1969 although I use strtotime
Generic way to use SQL Server WITH NO LOCK
jQuery.parseJSON won't work on a given string
how to execute javascipt on <s:property> struts tag
Tiled background for UITableViewCells whose height is not known in advance
Spree has no access to database from a partial?
Cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'System.Data.Entity.DynamicProxies
Managing user input's case in Python
Determining Proper Class Scope PHP
Default Django 1.5 admin css not working
File Input filling with data from URL
no matching function error using template template parameters in a function
Running Java RMI
How can I create a list of .aspx pages?
boost:spirit::qi parser using multiple grammars and phoenix::construct
if statement in VHDL
Is Topological Sorting trying to sort vertices or edges?
Chef server will not start - Starting chef-server In 16011 Fail
BASH Install Of Wordpress, Without Visiting wp-admin/install.php
Is is possible to have two virtual paths for one web application in c#
mobile atlas creator for ios
Facebook Login Displaying as Text
One to one join Not fast enough in SQL Server
given an offset how can i convert the current time to UTC time in javascript
Exception while executing a query
grouping string with linq to xml
Duplicate file in Amazon S3
The number of rows to be shown in datatable get lost when page reloads
AsyncTask returing a Bundle from my doInBackground
trouble when send and recv buffer size are different
Can I include URL characters in an MSpec test name when testing routing?
Java Application on OSX: Any convention for licensing [closed]
Wpf application variable not changing
Warning while downloading setup.exe builded by visual setup project
JApplet not connecting to internet issue - How to make trusted?
Firebug page speed warning: enable compression
Convert numpad key input to his int value
Heroku's db:pull/push seems to ignore sequences?
import excel output sound?
Urllib2 raises 403 error while the same request in curl works fine
How to convert a List(List[String]) into a Map[String, Int]?
Grabbing tweets using PHP [closed]
Is Credentials a must to use WMI to remotely uninstall applications?
innerHTML not recive his cookie title
Controller and View for creating one-to-many object, both 鈥渃ontainer鈥�and unlimited number of 鈥渃ontent鈥�objects?
Pass multi-word arguments to a bash function
Direct2D refuses to draw a bitmap onto a window, fails silently
Codeigniter search with pagination
Is it possible to style the drop-down suggestions when using html5 datalist?
twisted self.transport.write() - Python - Appended output
Smallest way to expand a list by n
Simple Acts_as_tree with nested_resources
Image button in PHP doesn't work properly
How to choose brush in XAML based on binding
eclipse unable to generate design view from java source
Symfony2 Mongodb Doctrine Error spl_object_hash()
window scope in spring?
Can I get handle of the process by executable name?
Creating SolidColorBrush from hex color value
Different return value of an overridden class [duplicate]
Regex stops after first line matched
Interpreter and Datastructure for parsing (String) Equation
Using an ordered list in IndexedDB
Storing TextArea data with line breaks in database and displaying in same format with line breaks
How can I use C# code in html? [closed]
Syncronise Server Seconds with JS Clients
How to call a servlet from jQuery and assign that value to a textbox or dropdown on pageload?
JavaFX CSS effect help (screenshots)
subclass the ui.autocomplete jquery
Maven project with Spring Social framework and Jersey
Hide Dialog from inside in LWUIT
Sequence vs identity
Redis Sorted Sets: How do I get the first intersecting element?
google location search Map API not giving complete results iPhone
Google OpenId: No OpenID endpoint found (intermittent)
How to install python packages in virtual environment only with virtualenv bootstrap script?
DataBinding does not work with inherited DependencyProperty
Iterating through an object hashtable