Any simple way to list the contents of a directory in a web server if the http server does not have directory listing enabled?
PartialViews - Not Using Shared Site.css in Editor/Display Templates - ASP.NET MVC 3
accessing a member in a class as a string PHP
Is there some standard effecient way to log data written to stream in Java
is pointer to base always <= pointer to derived class?
JAVA: Opening an application when the user starts their computer
Neo4 Example does not work - Class not found
Android url Concatenation
How can I get STDERR and STDOUT of a command executed on a remote machine through SSH in Perl?
Flash error 1084: 鈥淪yntax error鈥�
Query to determine if Backup Exec is taking backups
html form button link to url
What is the best way to use vertex buffers when rendering different objects with Stage3D
state object with Observable.FromAsyncPattern<WebResponse>
How to target a file (a path to it) in Java/JavaFX
Initializing a View Controller
Reducing iOS Background Location Battery Usage
Fatal Error has been detected by java runtime environment鈥�cannot understand why?
Using map created in res folder
IntelliJ Idea: Configuring Artifacts to contain different web.xml and
why is my content showing outside the div?
Airplay: Mirror subview on external window
What are type quantifiers?
the JAR file C: Program Files (x86)Android android-sdk android15 android.jar
Parsing date string in Python
Permutation of N lists
jquery change event returns null when manually fired on $(document).ready();
Internal server error after VPS upgrade to the latest php
Django EC2 Deployment of context_processors
Do nothing if the same function is already running
Localization with ASP.NET MVC3 Razor
How to access controls in Main Master page from content page in Nested Master Page
Where can i get complete-function-declaration offline help file for android..?
javascript not ouputting response from php
GWT editor onPropertyChange
Access to core data database in other class
error with com class factory
No sound in android emulator which is launched from snap shot
Looping Through a ForEach Multidimentional array 5 times only
CABasicAnimation how to get current angle of rotation
Spring AOP: 鈥渘o declaration can be found for element 'aop:config' 鈥�
How do I encode an input to json for the jquery ui autocomplete? [closed]
Using the JS Formwizard
How to display query results from SQL server in VB?
What is the correct way to include GLEW in a Mac OS X .framework?
Confused about language environment and encoding
How can select first 3 item of list<>
Scope of evaluation of array bound of static data member
Connection aborted while running the Node.js 鈥渉ello world鈥�on Windows 7
RaisePropertyChanged is not working
Ruby on rails difference between Integration and Functional testing
Using normal or retina image in tabbaritem
Node.js + CoffeeScript - modules/class confusion
Creating a base class for customizing the view and let other (UIViews) inherit from that class
Issue with formulating a url php / html
Traversing which object type is the fastest in java
Calculate the Price automatically in invoice
Decorator Pattern; Decorating concrete components under two abstract classes
Find the maximum no. of edges in the graph
Pulling requests from multiple clients with ZMQ
change values in mysql trigger with php?
mongoose find by id and email
Android: How to access different layouts depending of screen density in XML
Doxygen: how to create documentation a chapter (for pdf) and how it would look in html?
Wicket human-readable URLs
svn on ubuntu: SSLhandshake failed
how to design an interface for different object to using them in a builder design pattern?
How to use urllib2 when users only have a API token?
Creating a leave absence system using Excel?
Datetime / string format in IOS
Detecting iOS devices that browse to rails site through an App (ie. Twitter)
ASP.NET refer a control from .aspx file
an objc syntax highlighting library that supports multiple language?
fix color and arrow image on sidebar when a link is clicked css
How to implement a loading screen or multithreading in iOS?
ruby - heroku: command not found
Controller not being found - Magento
Is possible to replace an expression with a text in PHP? [closed]
Find out the SHA1 of a file from the index
jQuery and last-child not working in IE8
column chart click event in mvc3
Sublist Implementation
EJB 2.1 Entity how to get List not Collection?
rails 3.1 partial_updates doesn't seem to work with password
From database to application, - preferred approach to 鈥渄ata centric鈥�application [closed]
trigger and procedure issue in mySQL
OSX - Service does not show the localized Menu Title string
Youtube javascript API (& ASP) with multiple videos
What is the point of having both points to and dot operator? [closed]
How to determine the human-readable type of a cv::Mat?
Getting the user's username - MyBB
How to retrieve data from a jsp page to my store using Sencha touch 2?
styling ActionbarSherlock: textColor of the action-items
IOS 5.1 using TableView
Create custom form in Joomla
webservice sessionless-authentication like amazon s3 more strong with rsa?
Minimising cumulative floating point arithmetic error
using git plugin on netbean
Encrypting Data with RSA in .NET
MySQLdb for Python 2.7 (Ubuntu)
Getting only one div performing an jQuery.ajax
Can't manage to check if a Ruby Hash contains a value
Missing annotations.jar
User and associated Post
htaccess with questionmark
User and associated Post
htaccess with questionmark
MySQL query 0 rows affected
Small icon app list view osx
Printable content in Rails
email header 鈥渇rom鈥�containing first and last names, not sender's email
ollydbg Plugins
How to access the data of each cell in a JTable
How to use table data using DisplayTag
Streaming audio issue on ICS
How to change color of new cmd window (together with a custom prompt) created via running a batch script
Why too much memory and CPU used by x509 wcf?
Celery truncates log messages
How do I get the value of a selected option in Jquery
Xcode xml parsing issue
Regarding audio file reading
What is the right collation to be for a PostgreSQL database which may be used in different languages?
Database path not been used by application - Logic issue
calling classes in /lib from controller actions
Tool to generate C# DTO Class for SQL Table AND DTO Instances for each Row in Table
Set MaxLength for dynamic <p>
php how to remove from an array [duplicate]
Android Receive Email (event)
Application Architecture in practice - Uncle Bob
System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException when copying WPF application to an other computer
Where to escape the string to prevent mysql injection?
How to deploy Django on share host?
WebSocket Traffic Encoding (GZip)
Interpreting the body of a mail in cocoa using the scripting bridge
Passing variable between pages and get result based on it in
Zend framework SQL select query construction (WHERE CLAUSE)
TextToSpeech show Null Pointer Exception?
load external files using ajax/query
Bind Flag enums to listbox containing checkboxes
Creating an animation sequence with images in android (SlideShow)
GWT or JavaFX webpage dilemma
Home button for every activity
mysql insert a value by adding previous value
Hadoop jar or /bin/hadoop jar
How to deploy Eclipse RCP app with secure properties
Calling SetNeedsDisplay Trashes Gradents
unix - executing output using 鈥渃at foo鈥�command
efficient way to find unique divisors [duplicate]
What does the symbol ^ represent in Objective-C? [duplicate]
alter table if model changes in Entity Framework
jquery fade slide panel
Reading individual pixels into matrix from an Image
How to convert Linux cron jobs to 鈥渢he Amazon way鈥�
how to set django and mysql work with UTF-8
Catching errors in Global.asax
Recomend Field Validator for Java [closed]
Allocating two Layout/TableRow Dynamically in One Activity
Rails 3.1 assets not resolving
what's differences and relation with SOAP and Restfull
Add default value for unknown
I get the following warnings 'architecture i386'
How to fabricate and test has_and_belongs_to_many (HABTM) associations using Fabrication and RSpec?
Java - Program which remembers/saves entered fields
Need some help pseudo random number generator
Javascript alert window - how to set len
how to get a random element in an array and how to get a random row from mysql?
Django throws NoReverseMatch error when the urlconf is not empty?
Passenger showing index of folder, rather than rendering site with Rails
How to send 鈥淐TRL+C/SIGINT鈥�to a remote host using Net::Ping in Perl?
zero copy mechanism and libpcap
Free tourist attractions API - need sugestions for a good one
How to show the PopupWindow alway above the button(view)?
Which classes cannot be subclassed?
Javascript popup errors
bash - syntax error near unexpected token `<'
Knowing which animated object is touched in the code
Sort Magento Product Collection by Category
How-to change the title of the new window?
compare new CGPoint value to a CGPoint value in Array
How can I create a P2P game that works across networks?
Who computed gl_FragColor for points inside a triangle?
Fix div height in right of div
help for sorting by order and displaying order
how to get number of days from the first day of the month using datediff
Copy or clone rows from SQL Server table
C# code to XAML
Most Efficient Way to Handle MySQL Data Set
process.exec() in node.js
Error when I use HttpUrlConnection to download info from a specific url
Uploading a file to GAE with Play! Framework
Integrate DTCoreText with xcode project
Type datetime for input parameter in procedure
Using an instance of PHPExcel_Worksheet_Drawing several times in one document
IE8 Anchor Text Shadow on Hover
Different Jquery value for Different Browsers
How to bind datasource to Report Viewer Table
How to store Matrix or Table like data in Java and efficiently retrieve from them?
Implementing @RequestParam in CDI/WELD using Qualifier and InjectionPoint as @HttpParam
White background resize image
GWT data grid isn't presented
Android Testing using Robotium - OpenGL screenshot
Cannot get the return values of stored procedure mysql
How to format a number into standard currency format (comma seperated digits)
Message length restriction in RSA
removeClass() doesn't remove class
Suppress embedded Jetty server version
how I can get html source from webview without not page load on webview.?
How do I turn a Java SQL query into a Java Object [][]?
How do I find a process and kill it in a single bash script
Where to control permission-style viewing in Django? In the url (via generic views), template, or view?
Submit main form without submitting an inner form
About same-origin limitation on XMLHttpRequest
why isn't the pointer incrementing
combine tables (9M records) and remove duplicates
Why does Apache execute php file on calling file without extension
Basic side-by-side nested <div> positioning
Creating materialized view that refreshes every 5 min
How can I find the number that occurs most number of times using JavaScript?
Apparent HTML handling error in iPad/iPhone Safari?
codeigniter csrf protection error with ajax
jQuery Popup position with different window size
How to know a certain row exists MySQL
Achieving a Fade Effect on an Object - OpenGL ES - iPhone
Facebook Javascript SDK getLoginStatus Returning Unknown (completely inconsistently)
Cannot create new Grails project in STS
Responsive layout tutorial? [closed]
regular expression to remove all tags with content and html code from a string
Kohonen package: Error in sample(1:nd, ng, replace = FALSE)
How to use localeCompare when sorting strings in Chrome browser?
What is the right syntax to enable logging in screen using a separate screenrc file?
Error in Insert Statement with Mysql
Java Tree parser output for ANTLR
how to remove a string from a text file if the text contains a certain word
reading some content from a web page read in python
Why chose SHA512 over SHA384?
Sqlite sorted rows within group by
UNIX 'ls' command exclude wildcard
How to reopen a TextWriter object? Ist this posible?
MySQL with LIMIT does work
C++ 鈥�reading dynamically allocated vectors from a binary file
Recursion and Returning a list in Scheme
Erlang command test failed to write 鈥渃overlog鈥�
Authorization using Web.config Vs Manual Authorization
python re halt while running the code inside import statement
Python wrong class inheritance with self.__class__?
Android getAssets in Common class gives 鈥淭he method getAsssets() is undefined for the type Context鈥�error
Android - 3D 鈥渟tacked鈥�Gallery images
sencha touch 2.0 : How to apply conditional background color to list item
Perform an action after jQuery .load
how to get the beginning of a day using Gregorian Calendar and Date in java
Difference between gdb addresses and 鈥渞eal鈥�addresses?
Where is stored an app path on an android device?
MVC tutorials for MVP
How to set a contact's number in an auto complete textview in android?
Android - Bluetooth find device error
How to set a contact's number in an auto complete textview in android?
Android - Bluetooth find device error
How to find sum in a many-to-many for certain condition?
Should I use a private function as the best way to return a value from a case statement?
how to localize button tooltips in jqgrid advanced search dialog
Saving text and checkbox state in custom list
Web-Service: How to authenticate users with the SQL Server database table using VB
Surrounding DIV background-color and inline-block
parameter with <f:viewParam> and FacesConverter from CDI
send and recv on socket
Applying SVD to YCbCr image in OpenCV
Changing width property of a :before css selector using JQuery
Access: update a crosstab form
parsing json array in django
Textarea content messed up after retreving from database
How to do a people detection and counting using JavaCV
Simple auth proxy using Windows Auth
Create Dynamic Directory on Remote Server with multiple files in them
Canvas does not update after clicking a button which tells it to repaint
javascript equivalent of php call_user_func
What does an Object variable type mean?
Rails before_filter for specific actions in controller
UIPicker won't set text field
CakePHP 2.0 Installation Error, How can I fix it
How do I embed my GUI in Windows explorer?
Remove images from html the same as gmail would do for emails without images enabled
Euclidean recursive algorithm
How to call EJB in PhaseListener
How do I align text to the middle of an element with CSS in Twitter Bootstrap?
matlab error: Function 'subsindex' is not defined for values of class 'struct'
Good java resources for learning Java and Solr
How to create a role in web.config file using my query ?
Ruby on Rails 2.3 populating and validating non-AR models from form params
C++: Asterisks, Ampersand and Star?
Insert multiple inputs with same name, into one array [row] (sepparated by 鈥淾鈥�
How to write a C function invoked from assembly code
Dwolla API - request money does not link with send money?
JComponents inside JTable cell occupying cell size
Console Error: failed to find PDF header: `%PDF' not found
Jekyll is ignoring Liquid tags within posts
Ignore br, b, strong and i html tags in regex
MySQL connection in ASP.NET and C# not executing queries
XCode 4 IB: Can't see bounds or geometry. Dragging = Guessing
Java profiling Permgen: how to unload enum inside java class
Looking for an API to employ the wonderful powers of the GPU from .NET
Should use both AppDomain.UnhandledException and Application.DispatcherUnhandledException?
2-Dimension array of List in C#?
implementing a basic search engine with prefix tree
Why should we prefer negated character classes to .* in regexes?
Symfony 2 - how to disable querying user at every page load?
developing iOS and Android native apps [closed]
startActivityForResult() on selecting Notification
Can the WCF WebInvoke attribute take GET as a method
How to check if mysql connection its in a transaction
How to create tap devices using virsh?
touchesBegan not called in a UIView subclass
what does FOO stands for? [duplicate]
uninstall android application from inside the application?
What technology is 'Draw Somthing' using?
Android + saxParser + storing objects into ArrayList
How GWT-platform's Dispatch to indicate my service's endpoint URL in DispathcAsync interface?
login form using Membership API in ASP.NET
Rails/ Recaptcha - How do I get the Recaptcha to appear only AFTER the submit button has been clicked?
Getting Response From Jquery JSON page adjustment when browser page is minimized/restored down state
Why can't I get JavaScript yield to work?
Creating active areas (hot spots) in image with JavaScript and PHP
Ways to check for division by zero [duplicate]
How to override base style control template in derived style in WPF?
how to add nginx.exe as system service like apache?
Android Sqlite - update multiple rows with multiple values
C Directory and Subdirectory Recursion
Android: have each side of the screen have independent onTouchEvent actions
How does Emacs select which minor modes to list in the mode line?
pass the selected checkbox id to a popup window using javascript
Removing duplicates from foreach
How to make this Spring Injection work
Two primefaces panel in the same form cannot be closed via javascript successively
Are common examples of SQL injection misguided? [closed]
Launching add contacts activity with website information
XTEA fragment: Which is better layout?
How to Programmatically Enable/Disable Accessibility Service in Android
JTextArea - How to set text at a specified offset?
Database first Entity Framework mapping unique foreign keys as one to many
Android : Intent twitter uri
how to rasterize rotated rectangle (in 2d by setpixel)
Displaying XML Attributes in HTML Page
Running unix commands from Django
how to raise event if method was not called in last 5 seconds?
how to edit listview row with a combo
using openstreetmap to generate offline map for ios app
plpgsql associative array argumnent
TcpClient isn't available in Blend
Configure Maven to have two output artifacts OR extract specific folder from JAR during web-application assembly
mongodb BSON size
Closes when sms is received?
Use derived class's static method as function callback in C++
Sound issue in Xcode 4.3.2
optimal algorithm for finding unique divisors
what function is being called?
Why index seek and not a scan for the following setup in SQL Server 2005
Why is my NSNumber always nil?
Automatic payouts via Paypal
How do I create new instances of an object in ios?
Python - Placing a string that looks like json on a remote server but quotes are being stripped
remove zero occurrence in array
How can I support Farsi (Persian) text in Android?
MVVM Execute Command on ViewModel from other ViewModel
Multi level combox box?
what is acting as the delegate? A view controller?[closed]
Detect keypress combination series with Javascript
Dynamically loading jar file into Java program
How to handle JSON with XStream in Java?
Why the difference in displaying my webcam image across browsers?
Iterating through argument list using for loop in shell script?
MySQL: How do I pad out table to fill missing rows with existing data
Hibernate in Eclipse Plugin Development Project
Jquery conflict between fancydropdown menu and fancybox gallery
How do I add a dependency via grape?
Substitute certain characters but not the one found in matches
Passing multiple parameters and allocating strings in C using Swig/Python
CLR GC's Generations Budget?
Unique rows in oracle 11g
property text not found on object of type nstextfield
calling a method twice from different classes causes an out of memory error
ImportError: No module named pip.log 鈥�in installation using pip
ClearCacheInterceptor in struts2
Getting 500 internal server error with Auth component in Cakephp 2.1.1 stable version
Java - Generating strings of length x
How to make bmp image from pixel byte array in java
iSight Ambient Sensor
checking if a current time falls in a particular interval in javascript
getting numbers from stdin to an array in C
Android timer how to?
How do I access OpenSearchServer database fields?
Generating all n-tuples from a string
how to store list in a database, without using many-to-many/one-to-many?
Apache POI 鈥渁ddPicture鈥�method not working for me
accessing array of strings in C
backgroundTouched not working in uitableviewcontroller iphone
getElementsByTagName('head') returns one head even if more are defined in the page
Why does c++ ifstream read the file with duplicate records [duplicate]
What is boost good for? [closed]
Custom listview in Android with an image at top
Button action-Android app
Adding two alists by values in elisp
EF 4.1 Code First Error - IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF
how to fix the error 鈥減ackage weka does not exist鈥�in netbeans?
jagged array of classes (install script for Nexus Mod Manager)
EF 4.1 Code First Error - IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF
how to fix the error 鈥減ackage weka does not exist鈥�in netbeans?
jagged array of classes (install script for Nexus Mod Manager)
Having trouble IntelliJ IDE's auto-completion completing with a spacebar instead of a Tab
How to do this gradual hover effect
Is there some kind of equivalent to .NET's BackgroundWorker in Vala?
Adding objects to custom reusable cell
Passing GPUArray to feval
slf4j loging in separate file
Autocomplete for PyroCMS in NetBeans IDE
php select statement doesn't give answer display LoginStatus in masterpage by checking Session
MultiCrops in same image
How to know which app has virus on my Android?
Using regexes in ruby with a need to match lots of * and / mvc dataannotions attaching attribute
Perl: How to emulate Ruby's 鈥渋nclude/extend鈥�mechanism?
What is correct way to load zlib via LDFLAGS in a Makefile under LLVM?
Acessing string parameter data from a List of Type Class
jquery autocomplete using '@'
Permission about apache files
android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException in a Service in a separate process
How to send commands using ServiceStack?
Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) authentication failed
CALayer not rendering contents
How to check a proper file in android phone's memory?
Matching a substring within string
Design of notifying about model changes in iOS game
ms access pivot column names
Add harmonic to a signal
Consuming a WCF service by a WPF client
How to truncate text from MySQL database with PHP? (Add '鈥� after characters limited)
returning a constant reference
ALU-n Procedure in Scheme
sts/eclipse lock the versioned jar and hence ivy does not resolve dependency
How to use RegexQuery with
Rails 3 / Recaptcha installation - Undefined local variable or method `recaptcha_tags'
Need help deleting from Arraylist with remove
Paging with large dataset- Linq2Sql, Repeater
How can I grab the current timestamp and add minutes to it in CakePHP?
Number of Multiplications in nested loops: Big O
Is it possible to achieve dynamic scoping in JavaScript without resorting to eval?
Always use local version of file when git merging (even if there are no changes on one side of the merge)
Passing an int to the controller
ExtJs 4 How to change the header's height of Accordion Web Api custom authentication requirement for mobile client
Zend Framework how to add path
Send one subdomain to subdirectory, everything else to file with parameter
Regarding arrayList
python - Selective handling of exception traceback
Conversion of OLE Object into field BLOB of Oracle Table
SimpleCv - IOError(鈥渃annot identify image file鈥� - from JpegStreamCamera() - IP Webcam for Android
How to plot a chart with both primary and secondary axis in c#
Is there a wayprevent to put duplicates?
Does the technique for setting third-party cookies in iframes in Safari still work?
jQuery div on the fly with background color
Liferay 6 : How to display all our developed Portlets page once the user logs in?
How to test web apps on multiple browsers with Coded UI Test (CUIT)?
Sending email: Devise, Heroku and Rails 3
How request xml via PHP-cURL POST request
how to check if string contains '+' character
send request to a servlet from JSP on loading the JSP without user input(like button)
How can I select two fields from two different tables in a Django join?
Recognize when user close a window (when click on close button)
How do you 鈥渟tart server鈥�in JavaDB even if I close the netbeans?
MySQL query works fine on local server but gives error in live
aes encryption implementation
Web-Based Video Player with Translatable Subtitles?
Dimension Mismatch MatLab; cant figure out why it is mismatching
why does an iOS universal app need to have two different xib files?
How can I get the scanned frame (scanned data) value from zxing?
Notepad++ Tab bar icons for different file types
QxOrm giving 鈥渃ould not be resolved鈥�error
What Does the & (ampersand) symbol mean in this circumstance?
Handling Routes in ASP.NET MVC 3
HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE header not passed to Rails app (Nginx, Passenger)
Create Python EXE without MSVCP90.dll
Unable to send multiple attachements with mail [duplicate]
Image Not Resizing Properly in Minimized Firefox Window
Send Sub-Domain to Different IP Using PHP - Not DNS
Set a for loop to loop through untill null byte is detected
Does Python respect symlinks?
How do I use OAuth2 in a command line tool to access an application hosted on Google Appengine?
Intercepting mouse events in windows
Make file Linking issue Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64
Access token from devise+omniauth-facebook authentication for using in fb-graph
What is the equivalent of a Java ArrayList<E> in Golang?
PDO MySQL: Insert multiple rows in one query
Is vala a cross platform language?
What are the necessary steps for deploying application on micro-cloud-foundry?
Create an alert every page load with Chrome extension
How to minimize duplication code in Android without creating Objects
Difference between various forms of declarations in java
Trouble executing SQL stored procedure from C#
Using a String for an instance object name
Cannot find ContentTypeReader
How to allocate a new TLS area with clone system call
getting operation not supported when adding or removing from List<String>?
Mongoid returns _id field only in has_many relation when identity map enabled
Run JavaScript in Java
Using a String for an instance object name
Cannot find ContentTypeReader
How to allocate a new TLS area with clone system call
getting operation not supported when adding or removing from List<String>?
Mongoid returns _id field only in has_many relation when identity map enabled
Run JavaScript in Java
How can I get an id from a simplepie post which can be used to look it up later?
Using a DIV to mask another DIV
I can't run JAR file?
How to pass parameterized statements with values and table names to Psycopg2?
How to make a Thought Bubble using core graphic in iPhone
Ready to use paint library
IOS Image memory usage
Html select tag issue
Sun explaining interposing
File Permissions in Java Applet - AccessControlException
monitor (follow) and grep a syslog file
Executing VACUUM FULL on postgresql db which is stopped/down
Simple iOS Segue Not Occuring
Transferring buffers with multidimensional arrays [duplicate]
Saving ink from a MathInputControl
Bug with logout with Facebook
How do Enable/Disable linkbutton in javascript?
How to sort Associative Arrays?
og:image take php variable
How can I automatically set certain entity properties. using EF Code First whenever an entity is saved to the database?
C++ vector and segmentation faults
What is an alternative to eval in this situation?
wsgi django not working
GKSession sendDataToAllPeers getting invalid parameter
How Can I Read A Web Browser Hidden Document Value Using IWebBrowser2 In LabVIEW?
PHP MySQL: Update a Join table?
Getting object reference error in my MVP application
Why does the read() in FileInputStream return an integer?
Java package path same as class path in eclipse
Search a List inside another with IQueryable
Any way to edit a URI based on User Input?
Why am I getting a MySQL error?
UILocalNotification fires immediately instead of at scheduled time
Change div backgroung color base on result from servlet using jquery
Php regular expression issue
Java ExecutorService heap space problems
All is working except if($_POST['submit']=='Update')
Android-SQLite: How to Count specific value from Column?
open source code for extracting API call sequences and control flow graphs from assembly code
Backbone.js - Using new() in Model defaults - circular reference
CCSprite runAction: crash.
how much more efficient is Java Google App Engine in threadsafe mode?
PHP Tidy: Breaks textareas
How do I emulate objdump --dwarf=decodedline in .bundle files?
Devise on rails 3 how can I trigger a custom code to run as soon as a user sign up?
How to make modal scroll with main page
Triggers aren't supported in Windows 8 XAML?
jquery autocomplete @mention
Regarding scanner class
What command do I use to see what the ECDSA key fingerprint of my server is?
Pass an Interface to a different process
moving image to bounce or rotate in a circle
Using external Jar dependency in Eclipse with Non-Runnable Jar
Troubles with text encoding
do i need to load jpg file for flex air mobile projects like as3?
Vim syntax file. match 'foo' and 'bar' independently in 'foobar'
Why is my word frequency counter example written in Perl failing to produce useful output?
JFrame title not changing until focus is lost
bash: How to evaluate PS1, PS2, 鈥� [duplicate]
perror: No such file or directory
Ruby installation problems
Graph/Chart suggestions. Using PHP, jQuery - silverlight?
Do I need to use this many indexes in my SQL Server 2008 database?
How to backup browser state after Watir automation
ruby rails - save method
2d WebGL library and porting to IOS/Android
How to reduce font size/command area in lwuit?
MySQL logic count operation
Django: associating a user with model instance
Android draw circle around Text
Jquery adding row to table
Java if() not working
CodeIgniter routes map all URI segments to one controller/method
how can i find where syscall ( some number ) routine?
RedirectToAction returns to calling Action
Is it possible to pass/compare a variable to an SQL database from within a javascript if statement?
Why does jQuery remove body and head tags when populating an iframe with a style tag but not without?
Compressing text files with bzlib library using C++ [closed]
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'from_col' of undefined (I've read all stackoverflow posts about this)
controlling serialization
multidimensional arrays and transferring buffers
Forums with API for threads
late static binding in PHP
call selector in parent from UITableView delegate class
reset my checked radiogroup when the radiogroup is used again in the same activity
is the mime type detection the best way to detect a kind of file?
What is the meaning of !# (bang-pound) in a sh / Bash shell script?
Python - Firefox Headless
Java Bit Shift Left Returns Wrong Value
jboss-common-core maven dependencies
Where is user-private temporary storage on various platforms?
byte string vs. unicode string. Python
Change DIV background when INPUT filed has data. How?
SQL Server 2008 change data capture vs triggers in audit trail
How to draw using a bitmap context
Software architecture for accessing database records through an authenticator from an android app [closed]
MS Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X Lion - Automator 鈥淐reate new Outlook Message鈥�goes to 鈥淒rafts鈥�
Building an iPad App with HTML5 content using Xcode 4.3.2
MVC JSON Data Object
Two way multiway merge sort
How to locate SubView in MainView for iOS? [closed]
File upload works in my development environment, but not when deployed
Advantage of Using backtracking and branch and bound
How to use Scala varargs from Java code
[Windows Driver Development]How to Disable F8 during the boot process of Windows?
CodeIgniter: Constants.php constant pulled from DB
Can't find the MVC 3 Html.BeginForm Expression overload
Color specific columns in a gridview
How to make my app support retina display
Parallel algorithm to compute Prefix Sum
Inserting check boxes next to MySQL database output in the form of HTML table
Hibernate: Mapping multiple classes to same table with different primary keys
MVC3 Code First, Cannot find Metadata
mysql query join/inner join
Vertically Align texts with different sizes in <a>
R: Why is it not advisable to use attach()
Passing PHP array to Javascript array using implode(), join() or json_encode()
Proxy Server that supports Javascript Injection
How to show Loading Screen in Browser with Sencha Touch 2
Javascript Function that validates exponent equations
Export Sphinx index data to SQL
Batch File Downloader: Name Generator
Regex to match text longer than x characters between html tags?
Static Method/Function of Class in PHP
How to initialize static member array in class with template [duplicate]
What is a LAMP stack?
Symfony2 register bundle and its routes at runtime
xcode page-based application
Liferay - Getting localized name in javascript
Jquery selectable scrollable
Performance tweaks and optimizations for ASMX web service on IIS7
Split byte array in bit arrays
Attach event handler to element inside google maps info bubble
How can I identify the time after user update?
Android:Broadcast demo not working
Sequelize: how to import definitions from an existing database
Make Alt_R an Alt (A-) modifier key (instead of a Meta (M-) modifier key)
How do I get Java to use my Security provider?
mysql select / create unique id based on row name
JPanel undesirable positions and/or sizes
What does protected[session] mean in Scala?
How to solve: the attachable property triggers was not found in style in a Grid Application
HTML5 Canvas globalCompositeOperation for overlaying gradients not adding up to higher intensity?
Multiplication of a matrix by a vector using multithreaded algorithm
issue of recorder in moto-razr
Need help working with footer in IE
Locking row for two updates
change css style based on xmlhttp.responseText
Configuring Notepad++ for ruby on rails
Converting from a const user-defined class to a builtin type in C++
Callback to a non-static C++ Member Function
Peer to Peer linux authentication in C
C# Concurrent Dictionary not saving my List<string> value between page loads
How to Animate an Element Back to Its Original Position with CSS3 @keyframes
How to post checked radio buttons
Too many members in structure?? (Program runs fine but exits with error)
Android: View Flipper View
Can not debug using QT Creator in windows
Why html not showing in the email i sent using php mail() function?
Repeating SYNCDB produces different outcomes?
Backbone js model / controller assigning json data to variable
Wrapping C function in Cython and NumPy
GAE SDK 1.6.4 dev_appserver datastore flush
How to publish ASMX web service
How to define Array[] style initializer?
Is 鈥渁smlinkage鈥�required for a c function to be called from assembly?
Android - MediaPlayer Buffer Size in ICS 4.0
Set all BigDecimal operations to a certain precision?
Which method is fast perfomance stand point to load image?
Executing a PHP script using objective-c
Python: How to replace N random string occurrences in text?
Counting the number of edges traversed in a Breadth First Search?
C programming linked-list and remove
How do I make a Github project show up on two profiles? [closed]
having problems with with resizing an image to fit in a label
Using atoi and error :unresolved external symbol
What is wrong with my javascript/jquery code here?
Android app crashing when trying to save the state of my webview
Scorm 鈥淐ourse import error鈥�
How to locate specific XSS hole?
How does gtest compare the values in two arrays?
Accessing non-static member variables from static methods
Using DFSORT, writing multiple rows into one, based on a criteria
how to save contents of a listview to a text file in android?
Getting only response header from HTTP POST using curl
Resize DIV but maintain aspect ratio when window is resized
array_unique not working with filename strings imported from text file
Special characters like @ and & in cURL POST data
php statement page from mySQL table
JXTA Getting Started
Java Two-Dimensional Array of Objects 鈥�How to check if a certain index exists?
strict search of string to validate month in javascript
Graphing in Fortran, Algorithm Assistance Needed
Safely extract zip or tar using Python
how to get matlab's output which appeared in command window
Loading a page without changing URL and keep relative paths working
Croping an Image in Equal parts using MATLAB
Paypal PDT - unable to get transaction ID
S3 randomly giving me 鈥淏adDigest鈥�errors
How can I do 鈥渞ake routes鈥�equivalent with ASP.NET MVC
Android + saxParser endElement finished looping?
Need Help in implementing total Hours, minutes, and seconds in PHP
Only including data that has been entered [closed]
Windows phone append a border to an image
Which is more performant, passing a method the entire object, or a property of that object?
鈥渟vn: Syntax error in revision argument鈥�for date formats
Drawing lines with Bresenham's Line Algorithm
Why isn't my password hashing?
what would I add to my java script to make the fades alternate.
How to implement the timestamp scroll panel like latest FriendCaster app?
How to match url pattern in tornado such as
Get touch position on ScrollView
RewriteRule to remove extraneous URL parts for pretty URLs
Not all components showing
Drupal 7 Ubercart 3 simple limits on checkout
Can SurfaceView be reused after MediaPlayer.release()?
Why -[NSString stringWithFormat:] don't need a nil to indicate the end of arguments? [duplicate]
Issue using common blocks in Fortran
PHP ,, and && logical optimization
How can I put my overlay div *above* the facebook Like button?
tabs in Windows console
Get count of complex query
Django EC2 mod_wsgi configuration with Apache not working
Is it possible to create a type alias to a generic class in Delphi
delay 鈥渃reation鈥�of div, not just showing of div
Posting a variable that is unique to a row, how do i do this?
Why does Eclipse warn me to add a serialVersionUID? [duplicate]
Drupal.attachBehaviors not effect to returned ajax form
jquery date/time picker issue (timepicker not a function)
Xcode 4.3.2 - One project on two Macs, errors on one, builds on another
JavaFX Animation Error When Transitioning Control
gdb not displaying hex values for stack
onchange won't print out error for empty input
How to get post-call parameters of hooked winapi function?
In jQuery Mobile Select Menu, can I force the LI element have the same class as the underlining option element?
how to save keyboard operation time in compiling with emacs for erlang?
TDD behavior testing with no getters/setters
How can a Gravity Grid be created?
Find and delete a string in a vector of strings in C++
How to refer to Enclosing class from Inner class?
How to Insert / Update a Row in MySQL / PHP At The Same Time
How to implement a messaging feature in android application to other android devices and to computers
Cannot install MySQL server in WIndows XP
get a random number when merging 2 array
Cannot install MySQL server in WIndows XP
get a random number when merging 2 array
Set imageview from array reference?
For Loop Assistance
Storing Google Map Markers and Selecting a specific marker from it
how to add to an arraylist
Does Minecraft use any open source Java libraries apart from the JDK?
detect if string contains pattern
Client server communication trouble
File Permissions error in Java Applet
Moving text from a textfield to textarea with a button
Insert text to link_to in Rails
Can I delete the modifier of a method with Javassist?
Need assistance with my support ticket system
representing the addi $s1, $0, 4 instruction: write down the value of the control signals
Echoing javascript with events and function calls with parameters in PHP
How do to get specific data from a webpage using PHP
Android SDK can't fetch XML and ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception in Project Run
Uploading files and storing them into a folder?
Rope and Yasnippet in Emacs
Detect when Scroll reaches the BOTTOM of the page [ without jQuery ]
How do I pass keyword arguments to reactor.callLater
Converting a JFrame to a JApplet
Programming Multiple Walls in Flash CS5/Actionscript 3 for Flash Game
MonoGame iPhone iPad Setup
Two different functions one works one calls a non-object
How to use VBOs in GLKit for iOS?
Does Javascript have geometric primitives like point, rectangle, etc.?
How do i make a class as such that it could be assigned a value using an equal sign [closed]
PyQt program startup is very slow on Ubuntu
WebView outlet mysteriously not available in XIB
create google analytics code through API
How does Facebook scrape my website and how can I manually change this information?
Inner button with `position: absolute` will be placed outside a table
ajax call works in Chrome, Firefox but not in IE?
jquery tools overlay rel alternative
Changing colors of an image using HTML5/CSS/JS?
C: string manipulations and Arduino
Extracting Specific Value out of XML
error C2679 template class
It doesn't stop uploading a file
cURL returning with data from last requests
Do I need to include #!/usr/bin/perl line in Perl script on Windows?
Undefined function or method 'int' for input arguments of type 'double'
Keeping a Java ActionListener running once it's handled an event?
POST request to UPDATE rows
Losing left quote mark when converting from ascii to hex and back again
How to periodically call a Method in an Activity?
Mixing typed matches with sequence matcher gives out strange behaviour in Scala
css image with background image
Why does the DropDownListFor helper fail after a validation error?
How to make a update informing page when store is updating products in Asp.NET MVC 3
Concatenate two QuerySets
Why do functions inside ready(), not execute systematically when I refresh the page?
What is window.localStorage
Using PDO to get a list of how many instances of an item are in a MySQL database column
Correct way to load libxml via Makefile when compiling for iOS
compile error using protocol
How to use LWUIT NetworkManager
Selecting Multiple Elements In A UIPickerView
MongoDB: insert on duplicate key update
QOMX_COLOR_FormatYUV420PackedSemiPlanar64x32Tile2m8ka color format
Global variable extend application class
Upgrade Android Project
Data mashups in R: 鈥渟ubscript out of bounds鈥�
Has anyone built a recurring events UI for jquery full calendar?
rails: backbone-on-rails gem-
PyCharm and integrating with Java
Qt QStateMachine Sync Problems: Initial State not set on Started Signal
Linking to an ajax div
php apostrophe and quotations
prototype confusion: parent prototype property affected by child prototype
Expression Engine - Where do I install EE2 Countdown Plugin?
Paperclip gives an error, possibly due to wrong path variable?
Simple PROLOG issue: How do you test multiple queries against your Prolog database?
Same TextBox in EasyGUI
How to write two OneToMany relation to same table in ActiveObjects
about Java EE's framework and layer,
Joining two tables with using value from left table
Communication security in client-server based iPhone applications
Mouse Event for NSRect
Is STD::Set what I should use to organize objects into a hierarchy?
Named regular expression group 鈥�?P<group_name>regexp)鈥� what does 鈥淧鈥�stand for?
how to make Java use all CPU power on a machine?
Htaccess: Dir to PHP files, with exceptions
Why Neo4j is faster than SQL
Arrays within arrays in a plist
Calling an external PHP file within a local JavaScript file?
what is a good way of setting up ranges on a number line? [closed]
Best way to store a time of a week
JFrame or Class Object?
matching two fields in a form from two functions in javascript
-bash: command not found (Django Installation)
In jQuery, how to define a function with a selector as a parameter?
Good way to save multiple elements in one SQL Comlumn?
Using a text field and a button to initialize a variable
Generate x number of html elements based on PHP/MySQL
a string in C++ with a null byte [closed]
Google App Engine DataStore - How to select parent entities from keys of a child table in Java in an efficient way?
Error in Gemfile with heroku deploy
sizing DOM elements with HTML & CSS [closed]
Commenting JavaScript for Google Closure Compiler for Singlton
Rendering Error On My Spaceships
XNA Rotation Help(Interesting鈥�
load image in different browsers
Error in starting hadoop Job Tracker
jquery ui draggable table by single row dynamic rooms
What *exactly* is AJAX? [closed]
A simple explanation of Naive Bayes Classification
How to make a List<string> {get;set;} per thread,
Create custom view for Spotify playlist
ForgotYourPassword using form and code [closed]
customer lifetime value with mysql php
rebar unable to get dependency from github
Medium-term temporary tables - creating tables on the fly to last 15-30 days?
Why isn't my UILabel centered?
android build: add jar to endstate via command-line builds
Changing the speed limits when asking for Route or Route Matrix in MapQuest / OpenStreetMap?
ELMAH and API controller in MVC4 not logging errors
Javascript/Jquery array searching
Stack overflow(!) when trying to set up user-defined message-handler
Type Family Type Hackery
Obtaining the title or header information and url of a webpage in android
inserting characters at the start and end of a string
Drupal view with Jquery in the head of node-tpl.php using only the first $node->nid variable
how does rails differentiate the method for the same url
Calculating the transform-origin X,Y values
Must I retain a reference to EventHandler delegate object to unsubscribe later? [duplicate]
Android garbage collection run amok
compiling vim with python support on Ubuntu
Flowplayer: How to unbind an event?
How do you sort a list by an element inside the object the list uses?
JavaScript MIME type is application/octet-stream nodejs
jQuery Match Special Entity Character
Passive socket not accepting ftp
Calling different activities from listview?
Date range and discrete dates schedules using quartz scheduler
JSF @ManagedProperty doesn't work
Runnable Function Depending on Constructor
Vim regex match bar following foo
How to compile and run a simple C program with Sublime Text 2?
using jquery clone to create div elements, how can I then set the ID tag?
ruby on rails redirect_to parameter passage not working
how can i respond a 426 Upgrade Required http status code with apache2.2/php?
preg_match_all getting weird
Server requests / JSON parsing
How to use SQLite 3 type affinity?
URL-based redirect with Htaccess
In Python 3.2 how would I dynamically open and compile a class from a specified file?
URL-based redirect with Htaccess
In Python 3.2 how would I dynamically open and compile a class from a specified file?
Youtube javascript API (with ASP) functions not working
Get requests do not work after .htaccess is enabled
Solr Search Facets: How do i make them count products and NOT product varieties
How to get the key value of a JSON object matching another given value?
How to get access to underlying POJO from GWT Editor class
How to create an algorithm for Log-Euclidean in python?
How to pre select a state in Rails Carmen state_select
Shade designer Program help having trouble with both approaches of this gui program
How to make the dropdown in the top menu to appear without delay/animation?
mysql: replace (backslash) in strings
ExtJS 4: How to auto scale an image? (no clipping)
Cannot add buttons to table view toolbar
Android: Implementing an image slider like the Sportscenter App
Grid in Canvas, last cells' sizes are not the same as the others
Using getElementsByTagName from xml.dom.minidom
I need to add background music to the Mainview of my application
How to replace many symbols with a single word in Lua?
iOS; Is It Possible To Set An Animated Icon As A UITabController Icon?
Removing a duplicate phrase
How to convert day/month/year date to .NET style 100ns ticks since Jan 1, 0001?
communcation between racket program and python program - 2
Should a calendar by represented using a table? Why does Google Calendar only use a table for the columns?
amateur with arrays
I am unable to add an element to a list? UnsupportedOperationException
Rails 3.2.2 + jquery mobile :method :delete not working
How to do something everytime a certain element is in view using jQuery?
An algorithm where the final output is randomly selected between y and x but chances of getting something high are lower
Mobile Safari not accepting HTML5 Meter input value
Java .jar uses too much memory
CouchDB on Virtual Server
how do programs communicate - micro kernel monolithic kernel exo kernel
Command system for an RTS game
produce the same form for a number of elements in the same page
BroadCast Admin message to Each Session User
Reading user input in python 2.4, putting it into a queue
Call matlab from netbeans using matlabcontrol
From hardcoded to user selectable variable value [duplicate]
Cucumber fails with uninitialized constant Factory::Syntax (NameError)
how user uploaded images & files are handled for their viewing in a Multiuser web application?
鈥淗TTP 405鈥�when creating Servlet? (doPost and doGet implemented)
sqlalchemy unique across multiple columns
Android repeating task does not work
Tracking last viewed items of visitors
Problems with cloning of the dataVector of DefaultTableModel
Accessing client's state in a client-server environment
sitemesh with multiple decorator files
Retrieving 鈥渋nt鈥�from NSMutableArray?
mysqladmin to set initial root password fails in script but works in shell
ASP.NET Web API PUT with catch-all route
Pass user's session across activities
Cookies deletion, can someone help to rectify code below?
How to calculate the UDP transfer rate (kbps) in C#?
Globalize3: 鈥淢ysql2::Error: Unknown database鈥�when running the 'rake db:seed' task
Dynamically loaded php, .load(), is not working with jquery already on the page
git repositories. unable to find. error
Construct and render backbone view with respect to elements clicked
Design a REST resource to manage a list
Observing count in NSMutableArray
jQuery: How can I reliably fire a plugin after loading AJAX content?
Best practices for Apple Developer signup
Python admin only decorators
async lazy loading with tasks
How to move all datastore Blobs to blobstore with GAE/J?
iOS 5.0 GLKit GLKTextureLoader- where does glBindTexture happen?
Bundling RMagick with Ocra
Apache: possible to define a script outside the webroot as the start page?
Custom UITableView does not display
jQuery to PHP to Highcharts
Lucene Index: Exclude certain terms
Using SQL Server 鈥淔OR XML鈥� Convert Result to text
Java - Retrieving data from a website
GCC's behaviour with std::async(std::launch::async) vs. Clang's behaviour
How to abandon part of webpage with Jsoup?
NullPointerException and IllegalArgumentException
Copying array of NSNumber
Extracting content from external website with authentication.
Regex groups not working
basic_string<TCHAR> doesn't allow definition outside the place it's declared
SELECT rows as columns in MySQL?
Passing variables to $.ajax().done()
Can't get class list to deserialize [closed]
Use scanf() for first letter
Break when new variable is defined/created in browser
How do I fix undefined reference to _imp__*?
Send a SecureString to a remote server - Is this possible?
z-index, position relative and absolute make css bug
.htaccess mod_rewrite URL query
d2: strange lowering of protection and possible misbehavior in static imports
prevent UIWebView inputs from displaying UIKeyboard without disabling user interaction
FQL Unable to get zip code of friend
Why is `&` (ampersand) put in front of some method parameters?