'was not declared in this scope' error
Nested Datagrid in ListBox
JPA does not persist children
Can a Mac OS X application prevent dlopen from loading a library?
ActionBarSherlock animation moves position
Can a Mac OS X application prevent dlopen from loading a library?
ActionBarSherlock animation moves position
How to fetch data from Plesk10 with asp.net webpage
Android graphics Color in xml
var_dump or print_r and html encoding
Extract resources from dll in c# on wp7
Time manipulation in ruby
for loop not executing properly?
How to return source table name when using a UNION?
Get upload file count
What is a proper way to upgrade fromFlash CS4 project to Flash CS5?
Where is the Sqlite file in Android
How to set time of choice in a Calendar object?
Portals in OpenGL using Stencil Buffer - how to avoid drawing things in front of the portal?
How to Remove or add 2 rows in a table
How to set table view footer color to be the same as navigation?
How to reload tableView after dismissing a UIViewController
PHP Transaction-like sql required?
Android number of exact downloads
RSpec. How to check if the object method is called?
Rails Time.zone parsing doesn't work as expected
Using TextBoxFor in nested collection Models in MVC3?
Trying to compile with codelite
Add $_POST value to cart
Adding an object to an NSSet in a Core Data with many-to-many relationships
Proper using of Facelet templates & Composite Components
select text from Jlist component
JPA something wrong with ID generation
cut exact time range from mp3/ogg
Android passing image to a ListView containing an ImageView
Slow collision detection using bounding box
How safe is it to update base?
building s-expression with boost::proto
Async NSURLConnection performance issues
PHP Yii Relations: Movies & cinemas & showtimes
Why can't I bind a defrecord in clojure?
Upgrading httpd.conf from version 2.2 to 2.4
Translating a 鈥渟tory鈥�into a MSpec specification
Placeholder Plugin should workable in IE8
Sort a list of pairs using sort Haskell
C Program: newbie confusion on working with character string arrays
Gingerbread not loading manifest file
Rails 3 Caching - Possible to Expire Page/Action Cache Based on Specific Model Changes?
Switching mouse buttons at mousePressEvent() of QGraphicsPixmapItem
Is it true that RDF lacks precisely described meaning?
Weak-memoizing result of multi-parameter function in OCaml
MediaWiki - tables not showing
Cannot override library's xml resource with png resource in application?
Are these steps enough to secure a site?
鈥渞eturn false;鈥�for form submission is not working
error with function pointers usage in C
Why can't I override existing pseudo-elements?
jQuery + JSON how to define key from variable
How do I create 'remove tag' links with Acts_As_Taggable_On in Rails?
Why does Aptana 3 (OS X) not find the django settings module in an imported project?
set timeout for socket receive
Java JFileChooser with Filter to supposedly display ONLY directories fail to show just directories
How to do Java String matching using Boolean Search Syntax?
Assembly and Registers
$.cookie('name') is not a function?
Trying to create a top ten list in ruby
Where to put the code to trigger marking notification as seen
InstantiationException while extending the Abstract class on Android
What's going on with Apple and Java? [closed]
Process full content of git blame
How do I debug a segue from TableViewCell in Xcode?
Preventing shapes scaling in a LayeredList without using Bitmap
How to test for a valid application with NSWorkspace launchapplication in Cocoa/X-Code/OBJ-C
async CTP: I am doing something wrong, the GUI is blocked
This regex line exceeds my understanding 鈥�?=(?: d{3})++(?! d))鈥�
How can I shrink a Drawable to match the width a TextView?
Memory assignment to arrays
Retrieving images from servlet to Midlet(J2ME)
What is causing the mapping failure in this Spring MVC app?
Verify user's private key for website login
ANTLR reports error and I think it should be able to resolve input with backtracking
Opening IOS settings preferences
PHP mail() function goes to junk @ Outlook
Java Access Enum specific methods?
Input string was not in the correct format
How to create Multipolygon from Polygons table
PHP ping Minecraft Server using cURL
Facebook App Wall Posting issue
Concurrent C++11 - Which toolchains can be used?
About the subject predicate object triplet in RDF
find two elements so sum is equal to given value
Solid backgrounds for PNG 24 in IE8
jQuery : get html source of selected text in div
OpenCL gives different values from serial execution
C# Simple Game architecture
Flash CS5 font is largest part of the SWF
Convert dict to string
ASP C# in a QWebview ReferenceError: Can't find variable: __doPostBack
Creating a New Instance of a Subclass from within a Baseclass
How to solve xib file's merge conflict?
Where to start with a JSON dictionary returned from an api?
Double quote in JavaScript string
CakePHP and linker tables
How to get last value from database (postgre) and show it in Qt
Design HTML5 website layout [closed]
Android Intent Creation
Haskell: Why this would lead to empty list exception?
MPI-2 on CPU vs GPU
no window animations accross app - android
Doctrine - count records from different tables
Auto-rotate screen not honoured when turned off
SELECT border in Chrome renders 3D
iOS : comparing the two images
Creating a has_one type relationship in knockout.js
How do you decode a begin 鈥�vault 鈥渃ode鈥�or hack?
update records in php my sql
Create inline formset from a JQuery sidebar with object id
Spine.js Model: Only first .save() should create new resource, all following should update
regarding calling a javascript function in asp.net
iOS - Why is init necessary and other init questions
how to know 'Pending Requests' for my facebook app
Preventing Line Breaks Before and After a text field in JQuery Mobile
Automate Web Browser via Server
How do you back up an android app?
CSS style on link tag
How to Quit Qapplication (PyQt) with python or Shell code
Error Caused by: org.hibernate.HibernateException: Could not instantiate connection provider [org.connection.C3P0ConnectionProvider]
Elements in Layouts in Java all in same position
bash_profile not working as it should
Gmail bouncing my mails from my VM [closed]
How to decide the H cost in A* Search Algorithm for cities connected with roads
Comma separated string to symbols
CoreData 'Name must begin with lower case letter' - can I get around this?
ObjC is a 鈥渞un-time language鈥� [closed]
Get minimum property value from array of objects
UITableVIew reloadSections:withAnimation:withoutHassle
Referencing a 3rd party assembly which is not located in the root location
If a regular language only contains Kleene star, then is it possible that it comes from the concatenation of two non-regular languages?
Android Missile sprite
Is there any way to continue the Nutch Crawl task which has been killed unexpected?
How to find files in a folder in an ASP.NET application using C#?
Android: Radio Buttons for Navigation
XML and RDF for semantic web
Jquery multiple sliders interconnected
backup android sms to gmail?
Check what link did the user go to?
Determine bit depth of a video file
How can I change percentage of the viewport in browser?
I have some really huge string data to ship with my android app?
Is AIR's database encryption secure enough for this use case?
how do i insert spaces into a string using the range function?
Onclick functions working with doubleclick?
R - Limit output of summary.princomp
select max 10 values in sql server 2008 [closed]
Is it possible to run java (jdk-windows) , Eclipse (indigo) and Android-sdk FOR android app development from external flash drive
select max 10 values in sql server 2008 [closed]
Is it possible to run java (jdk-windows) , Eclipse (indigo) and Android-sdk FOR android app development from external flash drive
Framework for enterprise application
Element has a different type than an attribute?
When using CoTaskMemAlloc, should I always call CoTaskMemFree?
ARToolKit on ubuntu
Wrapping base R reshape for ease-of-use
App crashes when using UIImagePickerController to access album
simple Jquery draggable isn't working for me?
google image search by image file(Not URL , From Endcorded Code )
Use Sonar with Objective-C language definition
Ember 0.9.6 performances update - Significant?
ASP.NET MVC 3 - detect if dirty for multiple checkboxes on multiple pages
How do I convert from CSpDynamicString to `char *` with ATL?
Rails 3 and rspec - select from select list
Joining two mysql queries together
Visual C++ 2010 slow at freeing array pointers
Ruby on Rails, pass Image from one object to another or from NEW to CREATE
Why does this regex capture produce 2 matches?
How Do I Access This Variable?
Adding info to a database with php
Rails 301 Redirection
NSDate and SQLite3
Django changing the default object manager
Public static variables accessed and modified from other instantiated classes without the use of getters or setters
IplImage inside IplImage
SQLBulkCopy.WriteToServer DataTable way to write portions of data to the tables?
鈥淪ELECT field as x鈥︹� with Django ORM
python RegOpenKeyEx() HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE not defined error
closed property of window?
Prevent link <a> without href from clicking [duplicate]
How do I set a field value with the field API?
Scheduling tasks with 'schtasks' without admin privileges C#
Modern ER-Digram generator vs. traditional diagrams demand
How to change the background image on the caption div underneath, when an image on image div above is being hovered?
PHP while-loop gone wrong
can't get alert to work after AsyncTask
How do you run 鈥淩ails Runner鈥�in heroku?
Android Database
Android create subclass for OverlayItem
Support for Carousel view in Android 2.2
Understanding transactionscope timeouts
Setting a minimum width and height for BODY
What is the best way to use netlink from C++?
wp_query in infinite loop
my links to my external .css fail in aptana but work on the live web server; how can i fix this?
Does chaining jQuery selectors have any negative effects?
Android ListView with CheckBox can distinguish the click
PHP script excruciatingly slow
Grails - Unable to set the inbuilt database to 鈥渦pdate鈥�
Android AlarmManager - Cancel from another Activity
FBML and FBJS deprecated?
Ajax beforeSend works only once on Rails
Detecting Favicon Dimensions for Responsive Favicons
web2py doesn't connect to mysql
Passing a variable to PHP with jQuery .load
How to make a JFrame really fullscreen?
Swtich between text with each click
Problems with connecting to mysql
Java RMI - jar on NetBeans
GWT. Create primitive (no- referencable) Integer variable
PHP Regular Expression preg_grep
With QClipboard, how can I copy rich text and have it downgrade to plain text for text editors?
GridView for Android?
How to create login and password fields same as in facebook app for iOS
小++ and currying
Installing virtualenvwrapper on mac osx 10.7.3
Underscore in rename command (Perl and Unix shell)
Swing not repainting when I run the .jar except in command prompt
Simple store connected list for dojo
plotting high dimensional data in java
Alternative to Objective-C objects in structs (ARC)
How to set focus to grid after delete in jqgrid
Visual Studio 2010 can't find iostream
scaling the testing data for LIBSVM: MATLAB implementation
using django grappelli dashboard with dotcloud
How to Avoid Duplicate copies of Base Class Members in Derived Class in C++
Extract text from HTML Table
MFC controlling an edit box in a nested dialog get assertion error
Playfair cipher random key (C#)
registering controller plugins with front controller in zend framework
Implementation of two-type version of boost `less_than`
LICENSE and AUTHORS Maintenance
How to secure custom Web service with VB.NET?
Disable fading between dialog and main activity
Tab-Movable Tabcontrol - Get selected tab's item width
Caching Data Returned From a WebService MVC
How to save records in sqlite in android of date type?
How to send commands to 3rd party application on Windows
STConvexHull() polygon from group of polygons
jQuery.BlackAndWhite.js erratic on mobile?
Cant insert dynamic cron using php
After changing `use` to `require`, how do I deal with imports?
In sqlite3 reference(foreign key) a column of a table by join of two columns in other two tables
How to remove a single objects stored on Java FileOutputStream
Command history in emacs shell mode
JTabbedPane: show task progress in a tab
Stress test our store's checkout process
Issue updating values in Database from mySQL query on PHP site
Automation of Unix server by SSH using ASP.NET
Are alternate nested styles possible in CSS?
How can I run a test on 20+ sites from a single console?
some error in WHERE clause
Middleware & SOA by Example
Why is it necessary to explicitly call Myclass::operator string() with std::string::operator+()?
How can i test data source connections configured in Tomcat
SQL FileStream + Entity Framework store large files
What's the name of # and % in clojure?
Css3 picture animation with appearing text
Create a copy of an object rather that reinitialising inside of a new multiprocessing process
Find sibling node after specified node is found
How can I select the child of the third previous DOM element?
ActionbarSherlock - tabs unresponsive in landscape orientation
Python 2.7 on System, PIP and Virtualenv still using 2.6 - How do I switch them to use 2.7
Space at edges in all browsers, HTML?
swfmill import swf in library with parameters
Sqlite3 operational error when trying to configure Django
What is Interaction class?
Are random Numbers really unPredictable in Java?
C# .net Combobox displays valuemember not displaymember when bound to dataset
Cannot add edges, Invalid vertex ID in IGraph
mysql query, nested where clauses
Image not coming in UIImageView
Is Downloader Library required for Android expansion files?
.htaccess for rewriting a personal system
Different php versions in VPS for every account. How?
Recursive named captures: Parsing a RESTful URI
Random contraction algorithm for finding Min Cuts in a graph
Is it the right way to output more information about tests that are going to be run?
PHP: Database cache ( with sqlite in-memory )
How to block double click in overridden WndProc function in Windows Forms?
set content type response in ext.data.store
Coding Generating functions [closed]
Android: Handling screens that are the same dpi level but different
how to change the contents of TextView in realtime
changing the contents of an open jquery UI dialog
need one solution for sql query using pivot
Dropdown predefined default value
Build a list of constants variable from other constants
Search dynamic term twice in Regex
iPhone webapp unable to parse JSON
How to fix CurrentUICulture when creating Threads
C# Reporting anchor to bottom
Cannot find method getComponent()
Performance of jQuery selectors vs local variables
Connection to mysql server in SYN_SENT
retrieve the records from the table which contains the character or string
onmouseover javascript
Set cURL address via POST variable
Is there a JSON Web Token (JWT) example in C#?
retrieve the records from the table which contains the character or string
onmouseover javascript
Set cURL address via POST variable
Is there a JSON Web Token (JWT) example in C#?
php preg_match characters
sscanf & newlines
How to localize AppBar buttons
unable to find htdoc folder in windows vista for apache7.0.25
Nested associates the rails way
Json Gson binding not working (Exception object / String)
Extract embed font in CSS to TTF file?
Not firing self.viewcontroller.webview.delegate = self+PhoneGap+secondtime
Better way to extend data members of C++ class / struct
failed to send the qLaunchSuccess packet
Cant insert into table PHP MySQL
Adobe Air - Database vs XML for large static data
ssis dataflow buffer
I'm having problems with Regex patterns
WCF Saving EF 4.1 item throws exception An item cannot be added to a fixed size Array of type
phpflickr : photos_search doesn't find photos just after upload
getting error with learn python the hard way exercise 14
php strtotime first day of next month returns nothing
PHP foreach loop to do something once instead of multiple times
How to make the blue dot more accurate
Drag and Drop downlad from GXT grid to Desktop
How to create Template based files in Java?
Gitolite forked repo
Unable to detach onsubmit event when unbinding a validation form
How to implement a simple chat client in Android?
Good minimum size for single background image
Exposing an Obj-C const NSString via a MonoTouch binding
As a Backend developer, how do you approach HTML Mockups?
How to give entries in hash table of matrix button and its background images genrated in random form [duplicate]
Number of arguments in function
Difference between build /clean & build in a c++ project in netbeans IDE,test and debug test
Python good programming practice for enumerating lists
Is it a good idea to run `鈥ar.map(` on large lists directly?
Need help on Animation in Android
providing user input for a java class
To find all the repeating substring in a given string
java comparing two Pattern objects
unable to open stack trace file '/data/anr/traces.txt' permission denied
Django form.fileField validation
first time web hosting [closed]
How to mark a certain S3 file as Make Public
How to get elements with custom name from rss?
How to draw an image over another image?
Group by two columns
How much java knowledge do i really need in order to grasp the concepts of struts and hibernate? [closed]
Android: AutoCompleteTextView as Collabsible ActionItem Keyboard not shown on Focus
linq-to-sql orderby and select null entries
Powerpoint Ribbon: Text boxes for margins
HTML5 canvas socket.io 鈥渕ultiplayer鈥�
how to GET the SINGLE ROWwith cursor in android?
How to delete files recursively from an S3 bucket
Method for addind script in footer of Joomla (Using my plugin)
mysql: exporting table to xml without concrete column
Calling Servlet from HTML
inserting variables within my awk statement
Run method with BackgroundWorker on second Form
Oracle Stored Procedure 鈥淓ncountered the symbol鈥�鈥�error
Redisplay a form with updated data
Nginx, exception in rewrite rule
how to line break if the equation not fits in the width?
displaying Blob (image) in jsp page using struts 2 and hibernate
Make code work for multiple links
RewriteCond redirect a domain to another except for one script, do the opposite
Why does the ticketee app from the Rails 3 in Action book use Sinatra?
Minimum Methods for Ordering with Duck Typing in Python 3.1
Jquery Cycle Plugin and IE - Preloading and re-sizing but, intermittently, image not rendering/re-sizing correctly in IE
How to create checkbox for toolbar?
Iterating in Python lists - does it copy or use iterator?
How does the random number generator work in C?
how to efficiently debug processess created by fork()
Table columns overlapping with table-layout fixed
Inserting dynamic form data to database. PHP
Using v8cgi/mysql, can I connect to a non default port?
how an overloaded function is internally represented during compilation process in c++ [duplicate]
How to split a long list of email address using Python 3.2.2
ECB: tag file prompts?
Visual Studio cannot process a dimension
How to track user response to confirm box, generated at runtime from c# code?
google image search by image file(Not URL)
do pre-roll ads appear on embedded youtube videos on iOS?
font: .81em/150% Arial; why is it 0.81?
Resize image using mini_magick, but no file in /tmp directory
Should I generate new SSH key pair for every workstation or reuse a single one?
time limited ios feature
Facebook api for posted users
Debugger for debugging my OS
How to deny choose same file with JFileChooser
how I can display Flash animations in Swing components?
How to delay code execution (draw the path) for few seconds?
How to init UIButton's type after using alloc?
pygame.camera not working?
How do I get the full DN, distinguishedName of an user with python ldap?
When a child element overflows horizontally, why is the right padding of the parent ignored?
Java Program that requires sale and commission earnt
.Net CLR Unloading vs shutdown?
Trying to add 3rd tab to tabBarController
Do AFJsonRequest and AFHttpClient work together?
Rails, devise and Haml: syntax error, unexpected kELSE
How to set expectation to params passed to void methods using EasyMock
Low level keyboard Hook not at UI thread
MySQL: what's the most efficient way to select multiple random rows
Android tabbed Activity
CDT Eclipse: Undefined Variables even the .h file included
Convert accented characters to their plain ascii equivalents
VS2010 Can't find assembly after it is renamed
Simple PHP login script [closed]
add function to keep div.pop-up on hover
Where can I use drawInRect for strings?
Polymorphism and array of pointers (C++)
class not found error in rmic compile
jQuery popup but able to treat like new page?
Fetch a list of all tables at Alias location
ReportViewer Table with list of inherited objects
Incorporating a custom Word Dictionary in iOS App
Jquery Position absolute validator plugin wont work online
appengine memcache setting different expiration for different object
Handling Static Collections in Java
Rails 3 - Factory girl and sequence for belongs_to table
Which problems do I have to expect when using Reflection to interface with java.math.BigInteger?
LinkedIn Skills & expertise [closed]
HTML element keyboard shortcut without alt key
How do you install Python Xlib with pip? [closed]
How to set the android:configChanges from manifest in the activity code
Create a dynamic proxy for an abstract class with an internal constructor
How to show a Default Message if Cross Tab contains no data
Create a random permutation of 1..N in constant space
Linux software for comparison of tarballs, SRPMs, and source code files
Only the loader images are being exported in frame 1 but the loader still only shows up at 100%
How do I create a customized search-box for my application?
dllmain function and exported function runs as threads or as a separate processes?
How to dynamically create groups and childs in expandable listview from json in android?
Multiway tree comparable interface issue
Play sound from microphone to speaker directly Android
how to identifying Iphone incoming call and display notification? [closed]
Cannot change UIButton text color in a delegate method
How to select Linq elements using FROM..SELECT based on conditions?
how to create smooth image animation
Options to profile server side execution times in python code
How to set a JTable column as String and sort as Double?
MaxMind GEO_IP Redirect
MVC3 Routing: Match to any string
CapsLock, NumLock, Insert, how to show keyboard status on screen when keyboard has no LED
finding the maximum number of 1's in a row
embed CSS inside servlets
autocomplete apostrophe AND injection attack
Shapes are not drawn on canvas
CapsLock, NumLock, Insert, how to show keyboard status on screen when keyboard has no LED
finding the maximum number of 1's in a row
embed CSS inside servlets
autocomplete apostrophe AND injection attack
Shapes are not drawn on canvas
I want to do an SQL query for every member in the members table
Image replacement in Firefox does not hide text
How can I learn about the Win32 API?
Getting java.lang.NullPointerException
Saving picture on the server side SilverLight
how to start rails app on nginx on port 80
how to inform user about upgrade version of software in windows phone 'mango' programmatically
Giving error when open child form
CSS3 animations not working in IE or Opera
is there WPF XAML regions?
Insert array into MySQL database with PHP
AJAX continual load on page, but with filters which also apply to not yet loaded items
Google Places Api subway and train station search in Russia stopped working
RESTful GET with image
Read bitmaps and video from a USB camera onto an Android 4.0 device?
parse.json of authenticated play request
Expression Engine - Why don't 鈥渋ncludes鈥�show on Segment_3 + templates?
Correct includes to use the new C++ API in opencv 2.3
jQuery setInterval Internet Explorer 8
C++:Use user-defined generic functions
How to push new (rewritten) history to remote repository
json parsing error because of datas in different lines
Sending Server side updates to Browser without polling or piggybacking
Google Docs API with Python
How can I make the user confirm their current password when using has_secure_password?
refresh dynamic php div using jquery
How do Repositories fit with CQRS?
A fixed div with Javascript to scroll when a window is too small. DOC TYPE issue
appengine secure URLs and certificates
Advantage Database Server 10 error 5211 - There is an error converting Unicode string
How do I set the position of a vertical scrollbar in VB.NET?
Monotouch/WCF: How to consume the wcf service without svcutil
How to save hash values into a CSV
Kohana Authlite - not allow two users logged in ith the same credentials the same session
MapKit: Is There A Guide on Getting The Marker Location Precise?
Convert a WPF dispatcher to Winforms BGworker?
How BusinessEntityContact is mapped with BusinessEntity, Contact and Person in AdventureWorks2008R2 database
How to GET list based on a string input
Bypass conditional formatting limitations?
How to to manage & develop big TYPO3 projects?
jquery sortable serialize returns empty string
Disable tap on current Tab (UITabBarController) iPhone App
How to simulate a Keyboard/Mouse key press?
Anyone know of Java event listener frameworks
How to install a directory recursively with waf
Change the selected text on iframe cross browsers
htmlentities and htmlspecialchars refuse to process string
Android app: where to send user for Market app rating?
How to verify if GDT is set properly?
cmake + sdl - disable sdlmain
Android: radio button background strange issue
JQuery Mobile - Layout is not aligned properly
Unable to load image in canvas( using Excanvas in ie8)
Knockout and DataTables
C# how to do method after login in other form
Effectiveness of stripslashes against SQL Injection? [duplicate]
Matlab fill shapes by white
flash is not playing in android 2.2 and also not able to run flash file?
Troubles with a pipe and a fork
CoreData One-to-One Relationship
Android GtalkService port 5228 blocked but Market worked
C++ arrays [from:to]
XSL. To display text according format specified in data text
Android: How to apply .psd (Photoshop Template) in android App [closed]
c# avoiding variable declaration
Looking for an interactive javascript map solution that allows zooming in, markers and works with bitmap image (not SVG))
Error with torch app Android 4.0.4 Nexus S i9020
Emacs dired and bazaar
save output to text file without overwriting & Printing N entries in a matrix [matlab]
Where to put templates in Django 1.4?
SQLite to work on xbox 360?
Template class specialization to handle its own type
Perl and MongoDB find misconfiguration?
Count of Facets in Solr?
WCF service selfhosting
Connection refused using FTP local passive mode in Android
High Concurrency Write in database
c++ compile fail with error: no member named 'snprintf' in namespace 'std'
Rails server does not start by command 鈥淩ails s鈥�
camera black out issue on screen?
Java: design interface to force impls to override toString
How to change specific button value after ajax call
Table Name Display
JPA: @OrderColumn and visible state of an entity?
Loop through the rows of a two column WPF datagrid and form a list collection with the elements
Visual Studio std::stringstream pubsetbuf does not work
Extending MKPolylines or create multiple MKPolylines?
Lose access to my app on dashboard in Django
MySQL join two tables with multiple entry on same date on the second table
Simulate a memory space in C#
Java implementation of Google Custom Search API
Error while trying to deploy a Spring project
when request a js file ,why need the cookie information(sessionid)
How do I get the the index of a 2D array (jlabel) through mouselisteners in java?
Issues in storing and retrieving data from sqlite in android
Is the code C or C++?
How do you programmatically end a call on 2.3+?
Android service not stopping
Colon operator in PHP
efficient way to find unequal partitions of an integer
Trouble connecting to MySQL Zend Framework
MySQL left join with one ordered result from another table
How to handle wrong constructor arguments in Javascript?
how communequer between a mobile application and a PC application and what i use as data base?
Resize StringElement value in MonoTouch Dialog
Getting the location of somone if the sms content matches
First steps with Selenium RC
Textview overflow
Customizing upload file functionality in SharePoint picture library
How to provide username and password when run 鈥済it clone git@remote.git鈥�
Creating database link in posgresSQL to connect to SQL Server 2008
Unpacking hex-encoded floats
Python - displaying non-Latin characters in console window correctly without Unicode
Final 2 errors of code need to be solved. _CGRectIntersectsRect
Update an array using MongoDB
Can JPA2.0 work without any provider?
is assignment of variables legal inside an Interface in Java?
Heroku Deployment - Model Error
clearInterval and pausing a game
Executing method from object, where method name is passed as string?
external process making Java consume lot of CPU
Reading kernel information in Linux with C/C++
Vector_push back not populating the vector (c++)
Popup for form fields in zend application
VS2010 Tabcontrol can not select when on designer mode
Difference between char* and char[] in C [duplicate]
PHP - Perl compatible regexp [closed]
How to run a service only when the user/phone is active?
Android ADV not working after I cleaned the code
Play 2.0 templating - working with a string and then presenting it as HTML
Checking if result is newly created in MongoMapper
Optimizing getting absolute rectangle of Widget?
Face book Apps Post on the wall
Error retrieving bash value into PHP variable using cron
Trying to use Rhino, getEngineByName(鈥淛avaScript鈥� returns null in OpenJDK 7
Resque: time-critical jobs that are executed sequentially per user
cant debug using __asm int 3 or DebugBreak or __debugbreak() on win7 64 bit
Jcarousel initialization in wordpress
android Fetching contacts name and number using SimpleCursorAdapter
extacted data from one column to another i ms access
Google Docs web UI warns automatic document upgrade (from Writely to KIX) will soon be done. Is it safe and well prepared for developers?
varnish vcl purging cache selectively
How the server side identifies button click event
SDL + emacs + Mac OS X
c++ combinatorics
Google Docs web UI warns automatic document upgrade (from Writely to KIX) will soon be done. Is it safe and well prepared for developers?
varnish vcl purging cache selectively
How the server side identifies button click event
SDL + emacs + Mac OS X
c++ combinatorics
Polygon-Line Collision Detection
CSS issue with floating images wrapped in anchor
Google Sitemaps Puzzle
how to obtain height of treeview/treeviewcolumn?
Rails 3 - correct test for PUT method via rspec
Building app for Cydia with Apple Code Signing
Smooth transition of Images when swiping
undefined method `paginate' for
How to set a background image in graph?
How to generate a dict of column values from an SQLAlchemy ORM class?
Cascading deletion of Images in JPA models
Can you use XSL to transform line-separated lists into proper xhtml lists?
Which jQuery UI modules are necessary for animate to work correctly?
Twisted: number of client connections to TCP server limited?
Understanding the nature of #define
Css div styling
How to get boolean value from JSON?
How do I replace the GLUT title bar icon when using pyopengl?
php array manipulation to reduce redundancy
Passing an array or separate variables to a function - PHP?
how can i get the row index when i click linkbutton in gridview
Execute C/C++/Objective-C code file via BASH script (on Mac OS X)
window.onload Not Working correclty
Is there any major change in xcode 3 and xcode 4.3.2, Is ideveloper.tv tutorials are useless/less useful now?
Adding Script to ASPX page
WHERE not work in sql query?
Mixing different Program3Ds results in some objects not rendering
Why endUpdates crashes on array out of bounds when I don't have any array?
Get bitmap file name
How to prevent old URL's and a ? being included in a 301 redirected URL via htaccess
CakePHP gives me Fatal Error for exhausted memory
How to use a function's class between 2 projects through a web service.?
Why are namespaces considered bad practice in JavaScript? [closed]
ValueError: zero length field name in format python [duplicate]
Upload a track to Soundcloud via Flash without FileReference
How to split the large HAML template
Save as project
Configuring ACS
How do I make 鈥渁pple-mobile-web-app-capable鈥�not lose its session?
Why I cannot see the open graph action in my news feed in Facebook?
validates_uniqueness_of by two fields
Android: Open PPT from my app
zend_form decorator content
ICACLS behaving weird when executed from batch file
How collect onclick return value from javascript function
android: pause (close) app so that it is re-opened on the same state
Emacs: is there a way I can get a list of custom tags - and navigate thru them?
Work of form action ./login and onsubmit keyword
How to compare two strings with conditions?
Why does XCode 4 always copies all resource files on my iPhone after building?
How to join a database user to the db_owner role using a T-SQL script?
Failed with exit Code 245 xCode [closed]
jsdom hashchange event
Find location on screen of a BufferedImage?
SQL Query for SUM Function
identified multi touch pointer in action_move
Optimizing this MySQL Query
how to POST two strings?
Gnuplot python with 2 list
Android Google Analytics EasyTracker
Recording audio from many source/microphones
Java2D: if statement doesn`t work with java.awt.Color
Getting a value of a site
git submodule not pulling files in submodules
cannot set a variable to base on user input post method
encoding issue with CSV.parse
Google Chrome throws -Invalid Server Certificate- for any SSL
Cheapest way of binding local variable to closure
how to program some 鈥渄ynamic鈥�graphic image like most seen in movie
How to model relationships changing one to one relationships with Hibernate
Hibernate @email validation failed
gap on left when button set to null for radio button in android
change C++ code from Win32 platform to WinCE
How can I create custom page for django admin?
Number of buttons and event should be in single clicks or method
Rails - Format number as currency format in the Getter
Java Drag and drop
Running XPages Extension Library on local machine
Use sun-codemodel to generate expression like b().c()
mysqli bind_param giving error: (1210) Incorrect arguments to mysql_stmt_execute
How to reload the tabs in jquery easyui plugin?
PHP MySQL dynamic search issue
Groovy: Deep comparison of Java beans without equals() as in Unitils assertReflectionEquals?
Shortest path from single source to single destination in a graph
Do double slash in XPath predicate work the same as in the path itself
I dont see any Provisioning Profile on my code sign part of configuration XCODE 4.3.1
Is it possible to query past events with the Facebook Graph API?
Storing information as serialized data in Mysql or as individual fields
A system of linear equations such that matlab backslash and numpy.linalg.solve produce different solutions
2 way SSL :: SSL Handshake Failure Error
Copy an application data folder to external memory
Can I run a rake task inside a generator?
Change Fill Color of CALayer
Python Importing object that originates in one module from a different module into a third module
WPF 鈥渢ooltip鈥�popup flickers
Change Fill Color of CALayer
Python Importing object that originates in one module from a different module into a third module
WPF 鈥渢ooltip鈥�popup flickers
Query on SQL using JAVA - nothing happens
Disecting a group of words from an XML file and storing them in an array in Javascript
How to eliminate the blue focus on ToolStripDropDownButton when mouse is above the control
C strcpy into an array of strings in shared memory
getline won't let me type,c++
Concatenate variable names in c#
php - use of preg_match or preg_match_all
perl global variable calculation [closed]
Heart Rate Monitor Simulator
Find keys from both the Linked HashMap and store it in a list alternatively
Prevent screen shot after closing the application
CSS: Body border doesn't expand as middle div does?
How does designer create a Line widget?
Change Font dynamically in console
Nuking off the xib cache
How to poll for current time in a Service?
Checking a checkbox node programmatically with jsTree
efficient and safe resource management
subdomain with php and htaccess redirection
How to use a generic type parameter in a Javadoc link?
Issue with deleteAll in cakephp..
Cannot create new database diagram in SQL Server 2008
extracting data from xml file using xmllint
How to get Google Plus's post data ( likes - shares - comments )?
Place a button in UITableView footer and make the UITableViewCell not be under the footer
MultyQuery is working in phpmyadmin, is not working in Mysqli, did work on an other server
How can I extract td from html in bash?
implicit declaration of function usleep
How to set a visibility of TextBlock bound to a ListBox?
How to compile Discount C-library?
Multiple instances of this carousel on a single page - can't get it to work
Backtracking with recursion
How to add <ul> tag before <li> tag in jquery
C# change the sorting algorithm of a list
Preferable way to manage data, classes or arrays?
Why is DOCTYPE line red in firefox?
Python unicode search not giving correct answer
Qt Which signal is emitted when the DOM changed due to ajax
Concatenative languages and concurrency - is there a difficulty in principle?
Force domain with frame
How to use GLKMatrixStack?
#1064 mysql error - DOUBLE NOT NULL
How to build a binary tree without using the 'L' and 'R' direction array
Why does 鈥渨aiting鈥�or 鈥渨aitFor鈥�dissapear in my code?
Get value of input in jQuery
Display 鈥渘o map data for this scale鈥�instead of changing zoom when switching map type
How to use more than two 鈥淲HERE鈥�clause? MYSQL ERROR
Reading coordinates from xml file
Custom post type & custom taxonomy 'add new' warnings
Get custom itemsAdapter id using cursor android
Display only one column in JTable
ASP.NET MVC: Is it good to access HttpContext in a controller?
How do I set ActiveRecord model attribute when using .build method with Rails 3.2 (many-to-many)
How to avoid the '&' operator in strings
C# GDI+ DrawString() with StringBuilder?
Rails 鈥減lease wait鈥�page
How can I add an HTML jQuery table to display a database?
Spotify App API memory leak
nlog doesn't work with wp7 emulator
How to encode the image into string format?
* in sscanf , * inside a []
Does file file_get_contents do a auto url_decode
Escaping characters in bash (for JSON)
Finding out SIM card opreator
Search three columns
JavaScript regex to extract text and number
How to inter link three mysql tables using Codeigniter
How can I search an application by specifying its name?
how to encode php code so that anyone cannot use it [duplicate]
Dynamic syntax highlighting
How do I call Dajax / Dajaxice functions from my Django template
Special characters in WCF REST post method?
Force JDialog to get visible before proccessing data?
Obtain the pixels belonging to a shape
Unable to find location updates when an application is running in the background
How in COnvert JSON webservice values into a HTML page using Java Script
Can WIFI Direct and 3G Data Session Concurrently Work?
Wrong shortdate format when delphi application is run as service
Retrievng related posts by tags
Parallel prefix sum - fastest Implementation
WPF - Grid lines in datagrid (also passing through header)
How to read Doubles from a csv-file in Ruby
Random gsub string n-times
Any suggestions on how start development of mobile site in adobe cq 5.4
apache mysql - 鈥減ackets out of order鈥�on 3306
c++ how does copy constructor work?
Adding title + buttons to UINavigationController
AFHTTPClient multiple file download
Integrating JS scrollbar with CSS overflow property inside a DIV
Java - Observing pattern - Observing one class but getting access to what is being observed in another class
Defining a word in php
How do I Post Data in Android?
Terminate calls in Lync 2010
Android Textview content size
Java, how to use substring to get out my data?
Which Logback Appender to use to send new events to splunk via REST reciever endpoint?
How to refer to the application context from a broadcast receiver
using com.sun.media.sound.javasoundaudioclip classes in Ubuntu?
Android ICS Dialog Title Color
How to use create classes using third party interface java
apache jmeter connection error
How to setup / use WPF use-controls with parameters?
Comma separated search in mysql query
Redirect from /news to /news/
how to plot estimates through model in R
How to access page controls from user control?
Finding the Maximum Route in a given input [closed]
write a bash renaming script
best practice for initializing class members in php
PHP code to Insert / Update / Delete entries in a SQL database
C# WinForms transparent click-through control to paint on
How do I make ANT verbose?
Something about Visual studio express 2010 for windows phone
How do I hide/close a div using jquery when $(document) is clicked?
filter postgresql query result
jsp redirect error from java class
Servlet 3.0 and resources
鈥淲atchdog has expired鈥�when I debug app with iPhone in Xcode
Reading a specifig value in a config.ini file and write it to a variable in C++ [closed]
Error in R.java
read proc not displaying data properly
Where to find WIFI Direct technical materials?
Blackberry Development-eclipse plugin
Cannot replay sound in J2ME
A php plugin architecture
What is the equivalent of reactive-web's flatMap in Haskell's reactive-banana?
Secure strategy for staying logged-in when using OpenID
who can tell me 鈥�this pointer鈥�in details?
how to start, developing swing based application with few panels with next buttons for each
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection
Pagination on multiple searches
Applying an hightlight effect (jQuery) on my table
need .htaccess redirect help ASAP please
Android Emulator SQLite Database in Eclipse(Questoid)
Convert multi-rows values into Collection(List) in LINQ
Change sections name in QHeaderView
Hiding row on dropdown selected index change
Extract numbers from String
wpf button click as keyboard output
Accessing iPhone and android phonebook in as3
Errors::SignatureDoesNotMatch, AWS-SDK gem for S3 support on paperclip 3.0.1 and rails 3.2
mktime VS time PHP4 VS PHP5
How to run php code in smarty template file?
Adding dynamic id in the url using codeigniter
Android RSSFeed image issue
jQuery change original-title text on click?
Run an Action in change of DropDownListFor with pass parameters in ASP.NET MVC3 with Razor View Engine
Run an application as Administrator with predefined username and password
Mock Objects in Play[2.0]
Google geolocalization
How to use POI SXSSF to read a large spreadsheet
How to change the default homescreen
how to deserialize jqgrid multiple group search criteria in asp .net mvc2
Neural network tool in Matlab
An Internet browser Qt4 widget?
Images clicked today
alpha channel in ggplot2 does not work after installing 2.15
Ajax response to load dynamically the returning javascript in a specific div
OSGI, Servlets and JPA hello world / tutorial / example
Error in deserializing body of reply message for operation
Have multi-column QTreeWidget root items
Fbconnect gives white blank screen at ios
how to get each Device's Ip Address in WIFI Direct Scenario
Passing of changed variables only in C++
Android : Bluetooth accept() failed error
SSIS Package: differences between OnTaskFailed and OnError events?
Send Sms through Python
I need help to analyze this programming technique to compress an array
ArrayBufferView Uncaught Error: INDEX_SIZE_ERR: DOM Exception 1
Issue:401 - Unauthorized: Access is Denied Due to Invalid Credentials
how to set an integer and a string value in android sqlite 'execSQL' statement
Measuring the distance between two coordinates in PHP
Using stored procedure to retrieve data
PHP - MySQL - Search date, count rows that have that date
open source, multi-platform, browser-based screen capture extension?
Amazing behaviour of simple code with accelerometer and orientation meter
Contract was not found in the implemented contracts in this service host
java how to write ip [closed]
after getting access_token from facebook graph
Using AdDuplex in a XNA - Silverlight WP7 hybrid application
Getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception?
Is it possible to detect whether file actually downloaded
Write a java client to test spring mvc multipart request
Hiding the middle cell in the tableview animated
Is Windows Phone Isolated storage permanent when I close my emulator?
PHPDoc: Is is possible to reference the object property descriptions from factory method docblock?
Need help understanding this way of animating sprites
How to use pagination in Codeigniter
How do you get a string from inside an actionListener?
ScrollView causes the App to crash
Beginner in Arduino, what materials are needed?
Ninject, injecting Membership.Provider in RegisterServices of ninject initialization
while loop not working (only once round) with sockets/ multi-threaded (java)
int([x[, base]]). Square brackets in functions in Python documentation?
nhibernate deleted object would be re-saved by cascade on merging
How to make modifications to JSON Formatted file?
Does a Maven module have to be a subdirectory of a parent project?
How can I enable or disable an AD user account with an LDAP request?
SQL Server 2008 write TSQL to run in earlier versions
How to find the type of a place using google api
jquery library not work in external php files
Rails/Ruby Over ride to_s for array object
How to rotate line using mouse events [closed]
Unable to insert data in database in java after adding current date time logic
jQuery: My shapes stay hidden after fadeOut, but they shouldn't
How can I detect in my app if the device it's running on is Sony Xperia Play?
Python newbie generate random strings
How to setup a CRON JOB in MAGENTO?
Edit and Delete a Text File's Row on GridView (VB .Net)
@ sign in python method call
Expected a 鈥渰鈥�but found a 鈥�鈥� Block statements must be enclosed in 鈥渰鈥�and 鈥渳鈥�
How can i refer to fields of an inherited class using GNU C++?
MySQL ordering is lying to me
Casting subentities between each other
ASP.NET MVC Model Binder Fails with Strings that look like version numbers?
incompatible types, expected hashmap found String
how to animate a set of images?
Forcing file-creation in public directory?
How to setup eclipse-ide work on the playframework 2.0
How to capture image without displaying preview in iOS
What is operator鈥溾� that I saw in GoingNative2012
How to get Pose matrix from matched points of Open SURF
CouchDB attachment manipulation before document update
how do i round a number to 6 significant figures in java?
background image not showing?
The nature of Amazon EC2 instances and other AWS services
get model instance based on its m2m relation to a list of objects
Using Django as a map source for openlayer UI
Non encoded percent in URL
Reusing NSpec specifications
unexpected token error: in bookmarklet
MVC Dropdown list persting for each requests
AS#3 Game Development
running your programe on a cluster in ubuntu
Is it possible to avoid explicit casts for composite types in plpgsql functions?
Exceptions in J2ME
How to avoid to launch firefox gui during a scraping of web page with javascript
Rails Gem Client Side Validations html struct
sencha button stop
iOS : Detect user location when App is back from Background
Jquery Ajax post using .serialize() throws 500 Internal Error
How to do proper testing in Weka and how to get desired results ?
MD5 decode with known length and values [closed]
How can remove Nginx from http response header?
jQuery slider affecting WordPress menu
How to make .scrollTop not jumpy when making an .ajax call
Is C++11's long long really at least 64 bits?
How to make .scrollTop not jumpy when making an .ajax call
Is C++11's long long really at least 64 bits?
Add new node with attribiutes to xml file
Why array.push() is used to make an object?
Ruby on Rails with chargify
Color entire row based on the value of 2nd cell in that row?
Can't show popover controller with UIBarButtonItem
jQuery serialize() throws empty string in Rails
ArrayList - How to modify a member of an object?
NodeJS wait for callback to finish on event emit
Grails 2.0 depedencies NoClassDefFound issue
Sequence of steps browser will follow to read the cached image/content
performing phone number validation on textfield depending on regular expression in iphone
In Responsive Web Design, how can I use Javascript or jQuery to stop a function and reset when the users downsizes their window?
Why is Solr so much faster than Postgres?
Postgres 9.0 and pgpool replication : single point of failure?
Is it worth making a CMS from scratch? [closed]
Soap web service and android client using ksoap protocal mismatch
Gtk::ToolButton's on_clicked() not working
In a responsive layout how can I get divs to shrink uniformly?
C# - SELECT Query number of rows affected is always -1
AS3 event listener in custom class
How to get Location for certain time interval
My if statement doesn't work
Problems with GreyBox showing images
OOP abstraction with CodeIgniter Models
Portal : Do I really need a Portal [closed]
Grant change password privilege in microsoft access
Tool to transform C# XML doc and info from assemblies into easier-to-parse XML (instead of actual documentation)
Loading Fact Tables with SQL Server
MediaPlayer.start() dies from too much clicking
Image uploading with flash uploader
Efficiency of finding nearest X locations to decimal degree coordinates using MySQL
Counting Child Rows As a Condition in a Query
Using List<>.Contains() with different type
Plotting Logscale in R's curve()
How to track a single marker in multiple calibrated cameras in opencv
How does data synchronization work and how do I use it in server-client applications?
To SOAP or not to SOAP? What is best for my webservice?
namespace & __autoload
Is creating new Wordpress post with custom post type and custom fields possible via XML-RPC?
How do I access a repository from the bundle class in symfony2?
How to render json using :includes in it?
Downloading a file from URL to disk in C++
GUI C++ Qt with Visual Studio 2010