SQL Update with join - cant specify TABLE_NAME in from clause
Import Data into a Java program on different platforms?
Allow and Prevent postback in javascript in asp.net
Regex not stripping periods
Set space between divs
How to install Xcode 3.2.x on Lion?
How to get my datasource only once for combobox?
Automatic adding of elements to an array
Check if array is null or empty?
How to improve SEO while using MVC with AJAX
How to sort dictionaries of objects by attribute value in python?
How to put the selected Date of Calendar into a textfield in LWUIT 1.4 of J2ME
In-App Purchase hold game loop
How to hyerlink in a jquery function
Apple FFT Accelerate Framework Inverse FFT from Array of Real Numbers
twitter/social data mining - Ruby or Django? [closed]
Transform a parse tree of a polynomial to a parse tree of its evaluation according to Horner's scheme
block incoming alerts on iphone springboard
How to animate the opening and closing of collapsible objects with jquery mobile?
Loader hanging issue
Delegate behaviour while being passed as reference
Python double while loop not working, can't figure why
String tokenization in java (LARGE text)
Is there such a HTML DOM event?
Generate a rand time
Tomcat active threads pile up and stalls the server
Sequential and parallel versions give different results - Why?
Get associated file extensions for an Eclipse editor
MVC Styling the tabs
Semantic Issue: Incompatible pointer warning
How can I decorate form input elements with jQuery?
Fancybox box isn't working after I upload it to webhost but works on localhost
Scala flatMap.toMap analogues in C#
Calculating no. of transactions placed within an hour in php
php check if a image file name end is not .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif.
how to pause a backgroundworker thread in case of exception and resume it if exception occurs
What conditions are required for running loop in parallel in C#?
rake task and cron in rails 3 with rvm
How can I make a webpage to be shown when a icon/image is clicked in a GridView?
repeat text in script
Facebook friend selector with in in a text box
How to write a Django model iterator?
Cron Based Google Analytics API Requests using PHP
getting the url of the page where the user is trying to go back to
has_friendly_id not working with acts_as_paranoid model
insert data from gridview through for loop
PHP SQLite fetchAll returning empty array
asp.net url generation with name and id
difference display website in same browser and same version
How can I access nested arrays item php
Launch timeout has expired
Append text to memo using Win API
Is there any way to read a file locally on client's pc as filereader does?
Toggling image border color on click
How can I access nested arrays item php
Launch timeout has expired
Append text to memo using Win API
Is there any way to read a file locally on client's pc as filereader does?
Toggling image border color on click
How Can I upload file on Selenium 2.20 and java?
Can a MozBackup backup file be converted into a FEBE file?
Must set dist.jar
System service display error at the time of start
Algorithm to Aggregate points
Refer to Parent selector using 'this' in jQuery
GLKit: Drawing Points using GL_POINTS
nsarraycontroller and bindings: how to debug?
Is there any room for JQuery in a JSF based web architecture?
Character issue while sending it to the database
extract a token with cURL and generate url using token
Export the data to excel sheet column wise using apache poi?
Devise + Omniauth + fb_graph + Rails 3 Tutorial
Prevent user from browsing internet
Need <br/> tag before Continue reading 鈫�inside every <p> tag where i have that text Continue reading 鈫�
Change size of image button dynamically
Web Forms Authentication from code-behind
Vertex representation of a weighted unidirectional graph
Select model according to brand drop down
How to properly turn the page of a UIPageViewController from a DataViewController?
how do you create a private property as an array in a class within php ext
Android, Can we have repeated ids in different xml file for views?
Python C++ extension with SWIG - calling a function by importing module
PHP PDO + copy out Array
Manage Activex .NET Event by Javascript
What does an exclamation mark before a function really mean in PHP
Collection.shuffle not working - GWT
After an ajax post, I have problems for displaying results
'li' mouseover event being prevented by child 'a' element display block
How do I store results of a computation in Python so my program doesn't compute the same thing twice?
Ruby gem to change irb output font-size and color?
Play Framework : REST url with a form parameter
Login only prestashop catalog
Count right word from a specific variable
NSPoint as dictionary index
asample code about the concept 鈥�Interface as a contract 鈥�that describes the state and the role of the terms caller and the callee?
Emacs + R: too long buffer name */usr/local/bin/R* for R buffers
Need an alternative to using StringBuilder when calling ExecuteXmlReader to return a very large XML file
Can the changes feed be limited to changes within a specific collection?
How to configure openMP for nested loops to keep the inner loop not parallelized?
How can I run .php, .aspx on same site ubuntu 10.04
Nested content place holders
Related to Exception Handling
Integer vs. String decision making in Java
How do I get the old permssion page for Facebook applications
How to implement a uitableviewcell who's value is derived from another uitableviewcell
How do i enable media option on android emulator with command line
Asp.net WebApi multipart/form-data with id from route definition
NSBox Focus Ring?
Catch errors from an object in JS
iOS UIScrollView requireGestureToFail
Adding a scrollbar to JList , JList being added to a JPanel
Cocos2d Mac ccDrawLine color
Not able to see video from this code?
DDD: modelling aggregate entities' unique global/local id in PostgreSQL
algorithm for ant based text document clustering
How do you configure a Facebook app to send the user directly to the website?
MEF Error when add item to list in constructor method
Xcode - update ViewController label text from different view
what is minium api level for android tablets?
Referring .htc file from CSS in ASP.NET
How to use pointers to point to vector of a struct?
MSI installer calling another MSI installer in silent mode using WiX
Is it possible to define custom interval numbers for jQuery UI slider?
openid ax fetch_request generalize ext1_value and ax_value
C# WinForms TreeView remove Horizontal Scrollbar
How to write a program that reads a sequence of integers into an array and that computes the alternating sum of all elements in the array?
Is it possible to convert a member function such as bool T::operator < (const T& right) to a binary_function?
How to deploy EJB directly on specific cluster of glassfish from NetBeans
getting blank page after replacing eregi() with preg_match()
What kind of datatype will hold 3000000^2 in C++?
Point in Polygon Algorithm in Programming Contests
How do I create/open a database in Android?
How to create table from Hibernate POJO class ? How to implement reverse enginnering strategies in Hibernate?
listView.addHeaderView() giving 鈥渘ull pointer exception鈥�
how to call next page from ArrayAdapter class in android
Having trouble with writing a method using NSDictionary to convert variables to numbers
Multiple select using listpicker in windowsphone 7.5
Leaving & alone in regex
Box2D XNA or FarseerPhysicsEngine [closed]
Highlight country flag on blank world map when hovered on specific country
FTP with Clojure
submit without page refresh problems in jquery
Making a simple one-page website ready for browsing on iPhone
Cant Head section contain any tags?
How to know if a Kohana request is an internal one?
Converting a function from AND, NOT and OR gates to just NOR
Part of URL value tracking in JavaScript
Javascript RegExp Curly Brace and test Issue
jqueryMobile and phonegap pageinit and ajax accordion
How can I show print statements in debug mode of OPNET Modeler?
JAXB unmarshalling non wrapped elements
Concatenating rows into single column when taking value from two different tables [duplicate]
Adding string Elements in NSArray
Logical container in WPF to bind data
How can I show print statements in debug mode of OPNET Modeler?
JAXB unmarshalling non wrapped elements
Concatenating rows into single column when taking value from two different tables [duplicate]
Adding string Elements in NSArray
Logical container in WPF to bind data
ruby rails - redirect to original request url
Generate Parity digit in php
Accurate browser detection/redirect possible using JavaScript?
How to exclude particular axis from accelerometer code?
Scraping javascript-generated data using Python
difference between dynamic loading and dynamic linking?
GWT:not able to call a javascript method which is in mymain.html class from my onmoduleload
Can solr serve individual documents like a CMS would?
c beginner rand()
How to find x2 and y2 [closed]
How to make queries and send them to solr
Is there any Operating System that do not support threading?
How does application:didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken: work
proguard warning library class android.webkit.WebView depends on program class android.webkit.WebViewClien
Javascript mouseover function
How to do Tukey's HSD post-hoc test after 1-way RM ANOVA in SAS?
XML result of SOLR
Android textView how show full text?
What are the ways to skip the use of && in for condition statement?
Image task for centering some text
Running AppleScript from Python (to click a menu item)
how to remove browser history in codeigniter?
Tkinter Button does not appear on TopLevel?
MongoDB and update-in-place
Preventing computer from sleeping
Is there a way to batch change the time?
PHP + Unique an Array
Google Map API query for location
configure autoMapper.Mapping once in application
TextBox keypress event not fires inside Google map infowindow
Java: Kill all subprocesses on unix
error on include the fstream.h header
How to debug: ravendb index is alway stale [closed]
C# function that takes pointer to function as an in parameter without declaring any specific delegate types?
Android web service access
Creating objects and calling their methods based on keywords in Ada
Two ArrayList manipulation
Trying to get xauth to work with Ruby and the Readability API
How to set focus on different element while click on an anchor tag with href
URL rewriting with .htaccess not passing parameter
ANDROID: Adding items from an arraylist to an AlertDialog
Display Outline on Layer in photoshop
Tracking values using JavaScript
MiniDumpWriteDump segfault?
Python Classes and Collections
solr multivalued filed and term frequency strange behavior
How to convert array into 64bit Double Mac Absolute Time using Ruby?
Can a component replace it's owner form's event (OnClose) with it's own handler?
How to play Video Using Url In Android
Show only latest tweet and add links to results from JSON Array / Twitter Stream code
Foreach: Get All The Keys That Have The Value 鈥淴鈥�
I want to have number sequence as IDs in Spring Data MongoDB persistence layer. How to configure this behavior?
java.lang.classcastException android.content.pm.ResolveInfo
Separating audit and logging from response time - Design
SQLite: Retrieve record by passing two values [closed]
Retaining tab-to-tab-stop with Emacs replace-regexp
MVC Telerik Chart Export to PDF using SVG
Wix catch Windows Installer error message by INSTALLUILEVEL_FULL mode
Cant set Limit values in query
Within a (BOOL)webView: How to open a URL clicked in UIWebView that opens a Modal UIWebView
Accessing global object from content script in chrome extension
Sum of a string of one-digit numbers in javascript?
Internal and external backlinks
Updating related entities DDD
Get sum of field in SQL UNION
How do I specify query result caching in a symfony2 repository?
Google Maps API with MySQL, PHP and UK postcodes
Tokyo Cabinet - Memory Tuning
Protobuf vs binary plists for network trafficking in a iOS game
Idea working in types
Android SMS Service that run in background and get instant updated
How to print the string without formatting in python?
Setting reminders in iPhone and android using AS3
MIPS, Recursion
how to change this regex for preg_match()
Advantages to using URLField over TextField?
making HTML5 AssetLoader, do browsers always cache images?
Android ArrayList, stopped unexpectedly
onclick event on List of buttons is not working using JQuery
Garbage characters being store in the array
Access denied for user 'root'
SQL Query on TClientDataSet (CDS file) in Delphi XE?
javascript, selection option using for loop that return the selected value
RegisterHotkey Fn Modifier?
Why this simple javascript code does not work
First page request on website very slow
Get html image tag from string in PHP
Reading a big chunk from stdin - want to go faster
product with multiple prices in prestahop
regex to capture multiple groups seperated by an initial delimiter
Gridview Doesn't Refresh After CheckedChanged?
Joomla. Where article is outputed?
Handling multiple clients in Socket
Not able to run gem command and build ruby with zlib support
Why rails app is redirecting unexpectedly instead of matching the route?
Gridview Doesn't Refresh After CheckedChanged?
Joomla. Where article is outputed?
Handling multiple clients in Socket
Not able to run gem command and build ruby with zlib support
Why rails app is redirecting unexpectedly instead of matching the route?
Getting dependent records in $dataProvider variable
Screwed list padding from Firefox or IE
expected identifier before string constant
Writing to the screen from the screen using BitBlt
how to protect classify sent emails as spam in asp.net [duplicate]
NodeJS session variables won't stick
Why Datagrid is not showing data?
jQuery detect hover over left or right of a single div
CakePHP 2.1 validating multiple select boxes
How to get selected radio button text in datalist ?
How to kill stack activity
How optimize BK-Tree
How to Linq2Xml a webservice?
Reachability class error
jquery,javascript change text with @ to link
Validating email address in java
pass values from one activity to another [duplicate]
how to remover [,] brackets while inserting into mysql database using php
Can Flash do low-latency audio synthesis?
AddRunningClient starting device on non-zero client count in iphone? [closed]
Stop onfocus event from firing in javascript
[NodeJS]Is my backend code secured?
Check whether a point is inside a rectangle by bit operator
why limit to number of posts downloadable?
Type Checking In Pascal
How to link to the mobile version of Google Plus
SOAP create JSON from hash and decode from client
Deprecated functions is deprecated ereg_replace() and eregi()
Foursquare categories inclusion
behavior of <> to filter null values
Looking for SQL Server table design sanity check for profile tables with dynamic columns
How to list library dependencies of a non-native binary?
Error while executing (.exe ) from windows command script (.cmd) file
Android - updating a list adapter creates a NullPointException
MySQL some columns Distinct
Knowing which page opened using javascript
Regex pattern that does not match certain extensions?
cakephp pagination toggle
how to remove more than two spaces in word document [closed]
How can I get awk input from a file and add my own text to the data?
ASP.NET MVC3 Role Authentication with Cookie and No SQL?
Getting xml data where attribute equals number
Android accesing soap service
Writing script inside head tag in javascript is best option, Why?
Select multiple values in a multiple select box with Jquery
JQUERY: IE9 unable to detect empty value?
Telerik Silverlight RadComboBox Selected Item
Changing a forms font color from another form
How can i display image from mysql to table using php
How do I add 鈥渧ia my company name鈥� company logo, and a link to my website to a Facebook share using AddThis buttons and Javascript
POST in java is different from that in android?
XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Why aren't these strings equal? [closed]
Fragment design: Adapting to multiple screen layouts by showing/hiding fragments within a single Activity?
fprintf debug assertion fail
best option to create simple website mockup with navigation
How can I pass data from nested JSON parsed in an each function within an each function?
Core Data object linked to other object
How to disable a menu item from redirecting or loading
How to flatten axes of a multidimensional without making copies in NumPy?
HTTP response code: 403 when sending a url address from client to server
How do I mock a custom field that is deleted so that south migrations run?
Printing filenames in a directory in Bash
Pick RGB Color Pixel from an Image In Windows Phone
How to install custom font in android device
must have class/struct/union
delete local images from Three20
create apk file from eclipse with text files folder
xml schema validation problems
Proper web programming environment [closed]
simple javascript AJAX post function not working
How to combine two PHP arrays and display results according to index number?
How to insert a 鈥渂utton鈥�to any windows form? [duplicate]
Find MIN price/row in MySQL
Storing values in the DataValueField and DataTextField of a dropdownlist using a linq query
jQuery plugin methods
Java Byte Array conversion Issue
setPlaceholder for select element
Android tab layout error
Hmailserver cannot receive Email when the windows firewall is on [closed]
How to import php my admin .sql file into SQL Server 2008?
JQGrid Advance Search - Could we use 鈥淎ND鈥�and 鈥淥R鈥�operators at the same time?
Having trouble with ssh and authorized_keys
How to mockup a WCF service with a WSDL?
How to create dynamic database in entity framework with specified path?
Checking Logged in status with Chrome Extension
How to properly message a session timeout in JSP?
how to create 7incs avd emulator in android?
How to integrate yahoo mail service in my Android application?
Burmese speech to text conversion in android?
Android adding to an arraylist
C++ 鈥�reading a binary file wrong or compiler bug?
Error While Deploying BlackBerry Application in to Device
Ruby rails - form is invalid
Load encrypt media file from dvd on player without copy on hard disk in c#
Filter is getting lost in WebGrid + Paging + Sorting + Filtering in .NET 4.0
How to pretend to be a Printer on iOS like the Apps Save2PDF or Adobe庐 CreatePDF?
Javascript Multidimensional Array/Hashtable
Can I rely on nil UIView returning CGRectZero for its frame?
Array overflow (why does this work?)
How do I draw a line between ListBoxItems
How do I set up a Google App Engine project with IDEA?
AppDelegate Access
Postfix and CentOS - Not Starting Multiple Instances on Boot [closed]
How to encode parameters with spaces when deleting a table entity in Azure using REST API's
Scaling NinePatch image horizontally (without children, in a RelativeLayout)
To run a background process that should keep running while moving from one activity to another
Create Custom List using Lambda Expression
Wordpress Premium Plugin
an unexpected result on html5 canvas arcTo
Android webservice access error
Add Class to Image On Click
Facebook Comments - Force user to login to site?
Zoom a webview in android programmatically
portlet:renderURL not working
error while copying std::map defined in a class
How to print tree in an inorder traversal (java)? [closed]
What is a 鈥渧iew鈥�table inside a mysql database?
Exception with Regular Expression for WordPress
Create a jquery / html5 canvas graph
How to fetch the entry text on a different window?
Is it ok to derive a salt from a password, and then hash the password + derived salt?
Product middle alignment with divs?
Removing unused variables from jQuery
Javascript date format issues
In Couchbase 2.0, how do I get a list of views?
Slickgrid in the Android Browser (inner-div scrolling)
Using a fade-out div as a splash screen through jQuery?
Basic C++ code for multiplication of 2 matrix or vectors (C++ beginner)
how do I test controller method using rspec?
Backbone.js collection.models not showing, but there
Exception when trying to start a program when a file already exists
URL folder hierarchy changes using mod_rewrite in .htacess file
C++ Tokenize String
Git's Version of Update to HEAD
USB code for Android 2.3.4
Uncaught TypeError: Object #<an Object> has no method 'click'
In XPages Mobile App / Mobile Control, how to make picklist
Unable to Determine Parse Mode
getting elapsed time of video with media recorder in android
Java: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to change position of rectangle
Minimize jQuery Function
#define syntax with L identifier
C++11: Nonmember rbegin()/rend() Functions
WCF: submitting to service twice
MVC Full Screen
Cannot get two background images extending entirety of page?
A simple lisp program
2D Dynamic Array Allocation and Passing by Reference in C
Can HTML5 meter value accept setAttribute?
Updating an image contained in a JLabel - problems
Test a view from a test project without mocking?
How to add 5 buttons into the applicationbar WP7.?
How to resize view according to keyboard show/hide if keyboard is already shown
Is there any bug inducing feature when reading and writing using the same fstream object in c++
When I compile my program for Debugging the Lua runs fine but why I compile it for release I get a c0000005 error
how to insert arraylist in single coloumn one by one using php
Unable to restore the postgresql data through command prompt
How properly initialize a model to use the `get` function?
How to access the string data outside the function and class
QDataStream on external memory?
PHP Globals and Reference Difference Confusion
margin:auto not working in IE7
Android - transfer data via TCP/IP
Programmatic auto attendant on an Android device
Node.js / Express ignores iOS JSON POST
How to log out showing the proper status?
How can I set file permissions for all users from Haskell
MVC json vs. ActionLink
PHP trimming and SQL query with LIKE and sorting
Replace old div content with new in PHP
django basic user validation in views.py
Spurious Game Center player disconnect messages
Stretch jMonkey texture without anti-aliasing/blurring
Which Unicode encoding does the Linux kernel use?
Eclipse plugin for auto import java classes
Installing jboss jsf 3.3 tools (no others) for Eclipse 3.7 breaks my block comment shortcut ctrl+shift+L in the jsf 2 xhtml file
How can I show today's date in an android activity?
Wrap a word without spaces in a div
Java BufferedReader returning weird characters
Prev() and next() while looping through a collection of objects in PHP
C# How to setup presets with a context menu using windows forms?
How do I cycle through several sounds using one action?
Using webservices in android
SendGrid on Heroku fails
AWS EC2 Elastic IPs bandwidth usage and charges
ByteBuffer as static final fields within classes
What is the correct way to dealloc a lock in objective-c
How can I append a form and its file input in each table row?
Android - Looping Activity to Repeat MediaPlayer
How to install calendar_date_picker in rails 3.2?
Loading HTML from jQuery Ajax POST
PHP Regular Expression validation
How can I insert a subview below the other subviews
How to write a code to read .fla file?
Playing songs with button in UITableView
Sharding and Transactions with MySQL
xstream, how to serialize a list to xml
How to test whether a row in an array matches a sequence, row-wise, in R
Is it bad style to create overly simple functions? [closed]
query from two tables
How to add data to SQL Azure through GSM Modem? [closed]
OAuth nonce value
sqlite database protection for app upgrades [closed]
How to change precedence of logical OR in jquery?
Unique Array Values Using Foreach
Bring up/back the location permission dialog?
How to populate a Backbone.js collection's _byId array so that I can use `get` on it?
Online database Engine for SQL Server 2008?
SQLite Select mix column, I can't do it
Java Sort multiple arrays based of another array
How to tell if datagram packet arrived without calling receive?
How to use echo in php array to return as a string
MPI Odd/Even Compare-Split Deadlock
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension (mysql2 on rails 3.2.3)
How can I suspend appstats for a single request on App Engine/Java?
Cocos2d moving nodes is choppy
Setting the last element of an array to a separate String and then removing said element
Is there a way to create a non-stop spinning square using html and css?
resizing a UIControl in an animated fashion
Similar function peek( ); (from C++) in Ruby
SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services issue
N-Dimensional Grid Vertices Calculation
Create partial views as tabs with MVC3
Disable a widget from showing if app isn't licensed?
Show/hide div on page scroll
Introducing a custom class in the field_default.html template for django bootstrap
How To Clear a Value From a Dropdown after its been selected
Umbraco 5 - type or namespace 'AssemblyContainsPlugins' could not be found
how to create a variable in subclass in PHP5
keyboard not responding to resignFirstResponder
java variables and parameters
404 page for an ASP.NET MVC application
QResource::registerResource fails on Mac version
type or namespace name '鈥� could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
Getting this Error: Server:: Write Abort: java.io.WriteAbortedException: writing aborted; java.io.NotSerializableException: QueryClass
Most efficient Java threading technique?
Get current system datetime by click button [closed]
Best JUNG Graph for Modeling Routes on an ESB
What operations on enumeration types are legal in C++? [closed]
C or Objective-C equivalent of Java's Integer.toOctalString()?
Find if a String is Contained in Delimiters in PHP
How to combine 1 or more values of a column with GROUP BY
Is kCVPixelFormatType_420YpCbCr8BiPlanarVideoRange the same as NV12?
jquery: How to stop html anchors moving the document?
Is it thread safe when one thread add timer to boost::asio::io_service and the other is running io_service::run at the same time?
Javascript scrolling text
Large Numbers Requiring More than 64 bit Representation
JavaScript not porting into Joomla
Remove using statements and resolve each reference in Visual Studio 2010 (C#)
indexOf() function to return a -1 value
inserting an array
ASP.NET C# Button OnClick No Response, No Value Change
bash programming STDIN redirect
What is wrong with my MIPS code (arrays)?
Get Accuracy of myLocationOverlay
XCode iOS - Need help on Compiling C Error
Inline-block element's background extends to max-width, and not with the content 鈥�in IE7 (Internet Explorer 7)
Is there a way to get Tomcat 7 to display the servlet mappings?
Passing an array to a web method in Javascript
MySQL server has gone away in CakePHP bake Console
In PlayN, what size should I set for the screen to my game?
Override Dialog's OnBackPressed
Redirect network traffict through different gateway depending on the file type
Nested expanding div tag creating scrollbars in Opera - I don't want that
C++ window (winapi, not console), closes instantly [closed]
Lexicographic sorting in F#
How to determine which checkboxes are checked in an HTML form?
Eclipse won't allow app to be tried in emulator or on phone
Wrangling up XMPP
Collision Timing Detecting in Tron Game
Where is this fill function defined?
Broadcast Receiver not receiving [closed]
Are Pointers stable?
muxing into MPEG-TS: wrong parameters for audio stream
OpenGL ES 1.1 Combine two textures into one reusable texture
How do I set the Navigation Bar Title as a editable text field?
How can I obtain the hash of a .Net assembly used for Strong Names?
Java nested classes- under the hood?
Clean error handling approach in C
ReflectionException, Class Name Subname does not exist
how to parse HTML tags to plain text鈥�I wanna achive something like facebook or twitter
Why do the comments for tomcat Bootstrap main function indicate it is for test only
PHP - FFMPEG - Unable to apply multiple regular expressions on media output
How to set IsReadOnly / IsEnabled on entire container like Panel or GroupBox using XAML?
is it possible to use ExtJS with backbone.js?
Lear Gist Descriptor C code used with C++
AudioUnit tone generator is giving me a chirp at the end of each tone generated
Accessing APK expansion file with URI (with Google Zip Expansion Library) causes a crash if expansion file version is different from apk versioncode
group by oracle
Where does Android 2.3.6 do the certificate hostname verification?
testing void method with EasyMock
CVOpenGLESTextureCacheCreateTextureFromImage failed
Using a for loop to find the difference between two time strings (hh:mm:ss)
UITableView NSInternalInconsistencyException Error Thrown; Two animations for one cell
How do I use Do Until with a previous Try Catch Exception to avoid running the code twice
Should I use CUDA here?
Google analytics with a Chrome Web store packaged app
Missing results in my array
How can I provide an alternate init arg for an attribute in Moose?
CSS Help: Image renders correctly in FF and Chrome, not IE9
Is there ever any need for multiple Box2D worlds?
Listening/Handling JPanel events
Game State Tree for Golf Solitaire
No infinite type error for records
What assembly(s) contain all the MonoTouch binding attributes used by btouch
Rails: A subform that when submitted updates a field in parent form
Get all site product ID in magento
HTML iOS libraries?
Does any one know the 'top' command 's result's meaning in android?
Multiform data send to server using iPhone sdk
Define a 鈥渘ested鈥�object constructor in JavaScript?
Verify Android in-app purchases with Google Checkout?
Playing a recorded game replay
SQLite throws 鈥渦ndefined function sqlite_open()鈥�
What is wrong with my web harvest authentication config?
Capistrano Rails app SQLite3 Cannot open Database
Can't get setNeedsDisplay not working with my custom view to show changes
CTRL+D (EOF) not detected in trivial program with getchar()?
Support for Hadoop 1.0.1 jobs on Amazon EMR
is there anything like 鈥渙ncall鈥�javascript method?
Better to implement object graph by composition or indexing?
Working on interpreters text 鈥�how do I manage code dependencies between exercises?
鈥淏IGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range鈥�on an UPDATE?
How do you detect the Windows XPe shutdown reason in Delphi?
Android Menu not showing up
Show a color gradient in a SAS graph
how to truncate text,android
python 3 - assigning the value in function
regarding pthread mutex usage
Java swing timer problems
Android:Contacts Phone.TYPE
Format numbers to two decimal places with KVC?
Ubuntu 11.10 java.awt.Desktop not supported
In jQuery, can I use slideDown() as a scroll down feature for a div with large content?
MySQL: Display customers who purchased in Month1 and either Month2 or Month3 but not both
Batch queries in twitter api?
How to have a terminal emulator send click drag messages?
rand() function does not work properly in C++
How do I bind new elements using knockout?
iPad 3 and NSUserDefaults problems
fade out and show jquery buttons work in normal index.html but not in wordpress
Best way to get a constructor function for its namespaced, string representation in JavaScript
How to make the program relinquish control of the terminal?
Give NSTextField focus -?
How to drop the buffer of inputstream with buffer?
Create an object and have it wait until it's created
Strange typedef definition C++ [duplicate]
AJAX form (using simple_form) with preserved error validation
Making a file in C++ with permissions that only the user can see the file and edit it
How can I configure Upshot to make partial updates of a ViewModel back to the server?
Multiple Asyncronous jQuery AJAX POSTs returning at the same time
Application Icons in Mono for cross-platform application
Insert POINT using CodeIgniter? (Prevent quotes from being added around POINT value?)
Processing.js 鈥渄raw()鈥�is executed inconsistently?
Ignore missing elements in list with sapply
Magento SOAP C# login issue in Visual Studio 11 (Metro)
place link inside dropdown list in Yii Framework
DirectX CreateOverlay function library?
How to find which node was clicked and remove its parent using jquery
make PHP variable provide link
Java Swing JEditorPane and Screen Readers
鈥渦ndefined reference to PrintArgv鈥� why?
How do I change (old-fashioned Mac OS) File Type on some files in git working tree?
Codeigniter -> Simple select all query
鈥淥penGL.h not found鈥�when building GLV on OS X?
Confused about how Controllers actually map to views in this case
targeting form fields at once(JavaScript shorthand kinda?)
How do I get the Graphics Debugger working in Visual Studio 11?
Django - CSRF token missing or incorrect
Why does this event happen twice?
haskell removes all occurrences of a given value from within a list of lists
Reference Abstract Model in Join Table for Many-to-Many in django
Technical name for path elements
mapping English words to their singular forms
Change date Format in jQuery DatePicker to English dd/mm/yy?
Sound effect stops midway when multiple sounds are being played?
Lite Content Slider issues event.layerX and event.layerY deprecated
Auto-save textarea every so many seconds
RVM refusing to install - curl SSL certificate verification failed
Using CodeFirst.DontDropDbJustCreateTablesIfModelChanged causes attachment issues to the ObjectStateManager in EF 4.3
how to insert arraylist into single column in mysql database using php
show paragraph on image mouseover
Hide Nav Bar when Presenting a New Controller
Kernighan & Ritchie word count example program in a functional language
Selecting columns that have values in Excel Macro (range object in VBA)
Looking for control icons. / user as button's C#
Debugging a Custom Windows.Forms.ComboBox
Javascript does not correctly change the inner html
iPhone SDK make buttons unclickable/touchable
Hide 鈥渨ww鈥�text in URL bar (firefox)
Configure Hibernate with Vaadin JPAContainer2.0
Is it possible ? 鈥淛avascript Subclass鈥�
How to determine note frequencies?
Hide 鈥渨ww鈥�text in URL bar (firefox)
Configure Hibernate with Vaadin JPAContainer2.0
Is it possible ? 鈥淛avascript Subclass鈥�
How to determine note frequencies?
How do i adb pull ALL files of a folder present in SD Card
how can i access some javaScript file from java in GWT
searching over a huge database
How to get String length [closed]
How to select a list of tables from another list using a column name in R?
RSS app in iOS: Detecting the existence of a feed through UIWebView
how to handle a command-line input like 鈥渏ava.exe program < s1.in鈥�
Put DIV ID into a PHP Variable
MKMapView - Centre location not updating, puts me in the middle of the ocean?
How to allocate 16GB of memory in Go?
php comparing 2 co-ords
Java: How to pass a class to a function for instantiation
Mouse position is relative window, not content
Embedding Mono in Objective-c project: How to handle returned List<>
URL: Username with @
Sharepoint 2010 not searching content across files
Java Swing: Running GUI Update methods from separate Class methods
Scope resolution operator
Go back in history to an undamaged version?
Project points using intrinsic and transformational matrices
SignalR - Dont proceess notifications from current caller in javascript
Python PDF integrity checking
Good design pattern for dialogs in Android
find the matching items given in an array
Use duplicate class name on an element?
passing data from an activity to BROADCAST receiver
Increment Range using Fenwick Tree
PHPExcel based function RATE() returning NAN()
Java Graph and Graph Search APIs
Connection to gmail with imap error
Display different view if visitor is from Google search
Do I have any control over the log format of java logs that show up in jsvc stderr output?
Create new table using implode
How to detect whether css floated items overflows to the next line?
configure wsgi python
log4j, additivity and logging level
jQuery CSS opacity overriding
Is it possible to get the line number that threw an error?
Subsetting a data.frame given some criteria
android bulletproof toast method
Socket.IO Websocket Send message not working with Firefox and Chrome
Rails error: Can't mass-assign protected attributes
Can i configure a Facebook app with multiple domains?
How to change from polyop to meshop & Is the angle between two faces inside or outside of an object?
inserting multiple values for an entity at once
Firefox, iOS Safari not changing img src more that once with jquery
Nested resources has many : through relationship issue
How can I implement VERP (Variable envelope return path) in .NET?
ActionScript isnt creating the text box. How can I fix it?
jQuery $('head:first').prepend('<link rel=鈥渟tylesheet鈥�type=鈥渢ext/css鈥�href=鈥� + absUrl + '鈥�/>') does not work in IE
Heroku Push - Error with Git Push to Heroku
Java/Selenium RemoteWebDriver/Maven/JUnit - Get null session id while trying to invoke browser
Android 4.0 unpacks the wrong eabi for included library
C++ std::map compare method
How to restrict a find and replace to only one column within a CSV?
PHP header(鈥淟ocation: $url鈥�; [duplicate]
While reading a text file it only reads some of it
Accessing properties of objects in a numpy array
nothing to do when use zf configure db-adapter
Switching xib views without carrying commands from previous screen
Finding out related data from tables
Loop Through Records, Update one Record, and Exit
'app' level imports with django 1.4?
SSIS Excel -Retrieving minimum date value and storing it into a variable
Securing a php contact form
JavaScript - Input a date then autopopulate next field with difference
Why is my own app incompatible with my phone?
Can't change soft keyboard enter to 鈥渄one鈥�button after upgrading to gingerbread
Why doesn't OpenCL support recursion?
Basic understanding of the Adaboost algorithm
regex code to extract html between 2 comments in vb.net not working
Is Xcode 4 required to continue iPhone development? [closed]
Optimized Averaging of Large Array?
WCF Windows Service and non responsive UI
Silverlight Toolkit chart: Multiple series with bar and line
UITableViewCell Accessory Repeating?
iPhone iOS5 How can I present a font type, size, color and alignment widget to the user?
Qpixmap image not loading in pyqt4 4.9 python
Having trouble with asp.net and Java HttpComponents post request
Why does the after pseudo element move an extra pixel when positioned absolutely in firefox?
How to create like Nike+ KM counter?
Increasing graphics detail through script in Mathematica
Difference between rendered and visible attributes of <p:dialog>
LWJGL Cylinder Texture Mapping
SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Serve 2008 Express not playing ball
Perform highly customized sort based on multiple columns of a CSV file?
Oauth login PHP to show Fusion Table
How to make my own GUI widget toolkit with C for Windows? [closed]
Java - polymorphism with collection attributes
loudness of sound decreases AsyncPlayer( ) android
android: what settings are required to upgrade an app from android to 4.04?
Saving Images In iOS
Accessing property of a class without inherting the class
problems with parsing a text file in Java
How can I search Stackoverflow with Stack.PHP?
Open-XML saving word document produces corrupted file
How can I search Stackoverflow with Stack.PHP?
Open-XML saving word document produces corrupted file
Loading images gracefully
How to implement a singleton per element?
Error require: cannot load such file 鈥�mongomapper (LoadError) and no idea where to start
Using Click event and Dragend event
Can't reset pointer to point back to the beginning of the list in sort linkedlist function [closed]
Prevent 3rd party classloader from loading a class
YAML output from rails console
Custom font not showing on device, but does on simulator
Working with lots of data and lots of rasters in R?
How can I compute a sorted list of preferred terminal types?
How to use two different dynamic cells with a Table view in Objective-C (iPhone)?
Processing audio file with python or php
301 redirect 鈥�Tumblr to Wordpress
AWS Scalable Architecture Design
simplifying Tuple schemas
Stored Procedure to a Table with Variable Number of columns
QNetworkRequest not working
ProgressDialog does not show up right away
Cannot figure out how to add a method to a string
Android spinner item long click/touch
Flex MXML Layout Issue
How do I unbox an object from RadListViewItemEventArgs?
Is it advised to combine: JSF 2.0 + Facelets + HTML5/CCS3/JavaScript?
Using the Rally API to create an artifact at the bottom of the backlog
each() function. Can someone advise me how to shorten this code
How do you define a protocol with a property in Objective-C?
I am trying to center UIActivityIndicatorView over a UITableView but it has top margin
IE9 Developer Toolbar unpins when I hit 鈥淪tart Debugging鈥�
ChangePassword control
Calling actionscript function from JS
How is the string representation of a MongoDB ObjectID generated? (In the shell)
asp.net contact form suddenly stopped working externally
setting up ssh for Jenkins to use at runtime
php - Creating a file by running a script via cron
Robot Motion in Python
FOSUserBundle/Symfony2: Validation Constraints not being checked against at all for the User entity
Rewrite this jQuery find selector?
Why does getContextPath() under a proxy return the internal path inside HttpServlet but not inside Filter?
Adding Attributes to Global Variables in Javascript
Playing with fonts in Wordpress
Eclipse RenameParticipant offset handling
Magento custom Shipping module description not showing on email template
Bold Largest Value - Comparing Values
Google Maps API v3 does not find it's own suggested location (with autocompletion)
Scala Modifiers and Type parametrization
PHP Query for Counting by Date
running OS on bochs returned error
Latest version of Chrome crashing with iframe code? [closed]
Overwriting Core Symfony2 Components
How to get auto increment number if database is empty?
Java Text tag replacer code
flashsocket on socketio and nodejs not working
Extra button keeps appearing
How can I fix my corrupt app?
Perl - New definition of myprint() or Overload print command
No rule to make target makefile [duplicate]
running code on BeagleBone using Cloud9 IDE
Error: field 鈥榬wsem鈥�has incomplete type
Set a javascript breakpoint in code - in chrome?
How do I get coverage for view specs with rspec, rails, and simplecov?
Validate against only a part of the defined constraints
debugging a Yii web application using Zend Debugger in Eclipse
How to maintain B-tree invariants when elements vary in size?
Wordpress plugin shortcodes in page html
OGNL and wildcards working in tiles definitions with struts2-tiles-plugin?
Replacing Strings in Java
using css -top value to move a div position
Form submission with div
unable to display(echo) image even image has been saved to database
How to load a view controller using a segmentControl value change event?
Current filetypes which are cached by current browsers
How to transfer File Ownership for a Document which admin doesn't own?
Aborting execution of algorithm when memory requirements exceed predefined limit?
Kernel goes in infinite loop after intercepting write() system call in linux kernel [closed]
jquery run functions
user login by user type in php mysql [closed]
Repeating libs on libtool command line
Coldfusion - error when making SOAP request to Neolane
Java decrease stack size to save memory
Can't put the output of two functions in a single row? [closed]
Why this python line is not an error?
How to use __bridge for ARC correctly
How to get permanent access token in graph API
Sendmail issue: successfully sent but never arrives
Session issue in php
Executing Multiple MySQL Queries in a PHP/HTML Webpage: only first query runs
Placing an icon beside the text of an H1 tag by using a span
awk - checking timecode
PHP loading / including files only if class is used
iOS get file size on disk
segmented reduction with scattered segments
OpenCV: how to apply rainbow gradient map on an image?
Inserting a string in a cell reference [closed]
Building argv and argc
Adding and sorting a linked list in C
Bash script to insert code from one file at a specific location in another file?
Remove hash (#) from url in Ajax navigation without refresh
Integrated celery beat within Django?
Bash script to insert code from one file at a specific location in another file?
Remove hash (#) from url in Ajax navigation without refresh
Integrated celery beat within Django?
Google Maps , Code only runs localhost
c++ new and delete
Android/Java Variables out of scope possibly
Elegant way to map an DTO object graph back to an Entity Framework object graph in a Client/Server app
How to get the direct url of a binary file in the Google Blobstore?
Regex string format check
How to disable a TextView
What event should I use to hide context menu in jquery?
How do people prove the correctness of Computer Vision methods?
Click HTML except one element, without using jQuery
Get the day from a very simple date
Android : why does native_start fails in startNavigating() on Android 2.3.1 emulator?
Passing PHP variables through functions?
Counting messages per day (after 17:00 counts for next day)
PHP: No match when using exclamation mark in regular expression
Amazon SES attachment error for ICS files
Get start and end time of current playing song
Joomla: Using more than one JHTML::calendar in the backend?
Storing records in a dropdownlist from DB without using LINQ Data source
C++ char array null terminator location
regex to match and <a href>?
WP7 Button inside ListBox only 鈥渃licks鈥�every other press
Grouping a query with php
WCF Transport Security and Session Required
Java - Search and Replace part of a String
replicating cached data between multiple servers
GLSL: Changing more than twovertex dimensions crashes shader
Are there any code coverage analysis tools for Intersystems Cache object script?
Check if a url parameter exists and render approprietly in Rails
operator new[] definition breakdown
Capturing a user's 鈥渆nter鈥�keystroke in C
Is it possible to tell emacs on Windows to use the IE http proxy settings?
What is the AudioImporter for a song?
the type of the expression must be an array type but is resolved to char
Need explanation on this Java syntax
error when running play framework 2.0 on my mac (NoSuchMethodError)
WCF basic256 message encryption over HTTPS
Moq, abstract class and virtual properties
Spotify: How to prevent it remembers listening more then 1 song? (Solved)
Packaging a .NET Application So It Will Run On A Computer Without .NET
Using HttpPostRequestDecoder with Netty 3.x
JPA many to many cascading delete
WinInet - can't remove Content-Length from headers to manually chunk an upload
Encrypt a string and prevent reverse engineering in iOS
match in rails routes.rb is redirecting too many times
refactor this javascript code
how do i loop through each readlistviewitem, check the value, and set it to bold?
how do i loop through each readlistviewitem, check the value, and set it to bold?
g++ error using -flto option
How to create with Java swing a dynamic list where for each element must be specified multiple parameters
Application to download video from youtube
No definition for add in linq syntax?
How to get other celDiv Data from first celDiv radio button?
JavaScript windows.onload or referencing new elements?
Save controls at runtime in asp page?
connecting signal in matplotlib + gtk
newbie: activerecord joins ? some help converting sql to activerecord
Git branch with the same name as a remote is created differently
plotting streamlines with stream functions
Eject USB when files are open in C#
Design Pattern For Using Google Maps API in Rails
Android AutocompleteTextView using ArrayAdapter and Filter
NSWindow won't display in OSStatus event handler method
Submitting form with view model with child collections
Opening a file from within a function [closed]
C++ Programming: Navigating to user files to save my application data for each user
What is hive's equivalent of 鈥渟elect 鈥�into outfile鈥�
How to link more than one object at a time in Xcode 4.2?
Adding event listener to a movieclip that is inside a movie clip
how to convert array to char, so that I can to return this char value from a function in c. then, calling it in Python.
sas coding issue with if statement
My ASP classic site is rendering the code instead of the output, how can I fix it? [duplicate]
programmatically printing a Simulink diagram to SVG
InfoPath 2010 + SP2010 : Will my design work?
PayPal Parameters for Item Detail, Sales Tax and Shipping in Adaptive Payments
Need help implementing an array in MIPS
Convert CGcolorRef to UIColor
ColdFusion: Variable CHRIS3 is undefined. But the page still works, except with the initial error message
Node.js won't run files anymore in Mac Terminal
word counter for Textarea in Django Form
Android Accelerometer setup: can I get it to run only when button it pressed.
I can't get Facebook to scrape links I post to my blog
Reflecting over assemblies causes Unity to require Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation
Regex to match string of format DigitOperandDigit
For- looping in smarty
generating non repeating random number in java
render using a custom json method
PHP creating/merging array by unique values
Tomcat : Filter object crashes when starting tomcat instance
Outputting values of array
What is the proper use of strpos and or stripos? (Is this a bug?)
CSS and the toils of developing for IE8
Detect closing of the 'print' action in a browser [duplicate]
cakephp checkbox multiple select just sends the value of last selected checkbox
How do I authenticate a login on two different servers?
Suds array of arrays not nesting
Magento create 鈥淣ewest Products鈥�collection
Why GCC keeps empty functions?
tr1's bind on map container with a member function (yikes!)
C++ : array of coordinates? [closed]
Rss in a WebView - iOS
Android: Enable Haptic Feedback and Sound on Key Click
WebSocket Connection Drops before onmessage
Fatal exception in my andengine project
making sure no requests are through GET method in the application
Is there a Java library that implements one of the tests for the normality of a sample distribution?
When is it safe to delete the local Maven repository?
how can I group json data together with javascript
How to sum up a fetched result's number property based on the object's category?
Service Locator, Dependency Injection (and Container) and Inversion of Control
Removing Specific Lines From Contents of a Memo field
Weird Rails 3.2 Apache Passenger 500 Error
Ruby execute code in class getting inherited to
passing an unknown number of Arguments to a ruby function
How to select with jquery, similar elements from different DOM levels?
Any merit to a lazy-ish juxt function?
cakephp checkbox is showing extra hidden field
How to make margin be relative to the center of the UIElement and not its top-left corner in a Grid?
Handling validation in MVC3 - one checkbox must be selected per checkbox group
Reading this C++ Marshalled Data in C# over UDP connection
I need help defining a variable from a joined table in mysql
Can i use UIPageViewControllers at the same time?
HTML Purifier - allowing links?
jQuery: Detect XHR() delay
Over-scroll y filling up remaining space?
How to hide pager in asp.net
Can't use hirb rails gem [closed]
WSGI: making each request truly unique
LINQ: Why can't I declare new objects in returned object?
Why won't my canvas display (Android)?
only one record displayed in my report
Why is relative positioning changing the order of my page?
Does the compact framework 3.5 support System.Runtime.Serialization?
jQuery - change image on click for many div's
Proper database structure for storing orders which contain products with different attributes
Working with long Strings
Use HTML editor in WordPress theme options
Core Location newLocation can't assign to property
Arrays in Heap in CLR
MATLAB table of TeX characters?
Insert <?php echo in <?php if
Hide CSS Dropdown Menu On Click
tried valid URL with no result