DJANGO: ManyToManyField blank select option missing in form
Magento Buy 3, Get 2 Free Shopping Custom Cart rule
JQuery bing slider implementation
JQuery bing slider implementation
Add values of 02:12, 03:45鈥�from a list together to make a format time = hours:minutes:seconds
Test list of URLs with linter/debugger
how to grant user permissions
Creating Thumbnails of different sized images
Why django admin is not opening correctly?
can strstr() be used to look for 2 separate key words within a sentence?
How to set variables in LESS from a dynamic website?
Javascript in a user control doesnt fire when partial postback occurs in .NET
What is a viable replacement for Searchlogic?
Before Insert in many-to-many table hibernate selects to many columns
detecting escape keypress in console mfc program
How to use verify in ruby test unit
constructor inheriting self python
Does defining variables as 鈥渓ocally鈥�as possible make the implementation faster?
What is the best way to 鈥渙verload鈥�a field in a Rails model?
Wordpress Automatic Update Plugin / Software
Why is this static java method not thread safe?
What is wrong with this code [PHP Cookies] [closed]
Scrolling Text View
Some help interpreting a GlowCode profile of my game
Dev C++ Access Violation (Segmentation Fault) error
Doctrine Entity is missing an assigned ID
Error when sending email system.web.httpexceptions: the message could not be sent to the smtp server
change jquery popup from onload to a click function
ActionBar items not showing up using FragmentTabs example
How to handle 404 error with jQuery $.ajax()
How to exchange RSA keys on Blackberry
Ways for retrieving GET variables to a php page
Can you have Radio Buttons that are not beside each other but still work in one radio group?
How to call setinterval in jQuery?
Start of NKAssetdownload delayed with iOS5.1 update for newstand app
Obtaining list of ProximityAlerts from LocationManager
SQL query convert to array Android
SAS - how to preserve actual numbers when importing from a csv file with numbers in scientific notation
How to model logical/boolean expressions in XML efficiently?
In SQL Server does execution moves to next statement if the first statement throws the error?
Inconsistent behaviour with Ruby array sorting with negative integers
Hibernate Many to Many results are not as expected - only last record is fetching
CakePHP 2.1 .po files / translation not working
How to Varnish a second cache to specific IP
Establishing a TCP connection with CakeSocket
.NET MVC 3 C# Accessing a single list<model> item
JspellCheck Error
Parallel Partition Algorithm in C#: How to Maximize Parallelism
How to reload or refresh data in tab bars in tab bar controllers with new data?
Linking a static library to my project on Visual Studio 2010
Editing 100's of ImageViews - Objective C iOS
How would I know which ViewController is currently active
Wrapper for getter methods
How to change a div class on click (tap) for iPhone mobile web
saving zip comment with rubyzip
Slow performance with a javaScript + jQuery function to check table row redundancy
How to style epub table of contents with DocBook/Oxygen
jQuery append only happens once
PHP/SQL assign sql result to session
Must Delegates Conform To The NSObject Protocol?
What's the benefit of using extend.js?
SIGABRT error with the following code
Does Anyone Know Of A Basic Java Socket Upload Script For Images? [closed]
Reshaping several variables wide with cast
Saving raw data (AD 25 D9鈥� as a binary file
Language-agnostic Robotium tests
How to control parameters accuracy of a function in Python
WPF and Thread Marshalling
How do I assign the result of eval to variable in bash script?
HAProxy Access Stats Remotely
Avoid 鈥渄estroying upgrade鈥�error
TG68 core clk,reset,dtack
Mapping a function over a multidimensional array in scala
Jon Bentleys beautiful quicksort - how does it even work?
What can I put in _schema Model field to build a custom tableless Model?
Is it possible to upload a video to Youtube without a redirect?
How to get player SteamID from Valve server queries?
Reading all files in a directory, store them in objects, and send the object
Grails Database connection pooling - load testing
local variable in object initializers
Correcting floating point numbers
AS3: Round a number to a specific number of digits, without toFix method?
How to make mercurial (hg) outer repositories ignore the existence of inner (non-sub) repositories
Passing parameters to methods in CakePHP
In App Purchases Sandbox Testing - Old sandbox users keep prompting
send tidy json data of a database model from server(python) to client
Change bundle directory structure possible?
boost multi_array resize won't compile in VS2008
Measuring coredump time
I can't get search working on a UITableView with UISearchBar control
Creating an equivalent of google doc spreadsheet function importxml() function for excel2010
NSAutoreleasePool in loops
HTML: <ul> tag laysover edge of div area
PHP session variables gone when clearing cookies
DJANGO: blank select option missing in form
Gif Animation Opens up div box background on hover [closed]
code generating error while using gotoxy() in low level file copy program
Custom Sorting of List<T>
Stored Procedure create Pivot Table using a Temp Table
python 3.2 how to pass data in variables between functions
How to convert damaged cyrilic to normal
Simpler invariant using md5sum
鈥渁utoreconf鈥� include/ not found
Signal Handlers vs Virtual Functions & Inheritance (Event Handling)
Area of self-intersecting polygon
php preg_match_all syntax/regex
jQuery: Multiple Values - Dropdown Menus
root finding for scalar multivariable function
magento customer/customer returns wrong values
Visual Studio 11 and WebDAV?
Specifying multiple cultures in the AdRotator control
Deep Hash Inspection
How to access contact groups in Excel VBA?
Oracle.DataAccess.Client.BulkCopy - trying to cast varchar2 as number when it shouldn't
Android Custom Scrollbar Icon
Check if an object exists in JSON
Reindent() in timeit module, help('timeit') does not show functionname. Why?
Android app widget that will reboot phone - widget isn't doing anything?
Buffer carrying stored statement using Ctrl+C
In R, how could I loop through columns in a table and perform calculations based on the column name?
Does the new iPad support Core Bluetooth, or is this limited to the iPhone 4S?
Android App to launch all the installed apps on the device
Calculating weighted mean and standard deviation
What's wrong with this mysql create trigger statement
How would I clear a linked list?
I keep getting blank value and an invalid file [duplicate]
C/C++ Value Assignment to std::queue<char*>
Adding animations at specific time intervals
Admin only access php
Eclipse error installing update Indigo 3.7.2 w/ ADK
Is there any implicit-ish memoization in Haskell?
Xcode - how to pass the value of 1 variable from first view controller to another view controller [duplicate]
Why can't I draw a smaller bitmap into a larger canvas?
Libraries for WebSockets in Lisp and Scheme?
How to functionalize countdown?
What other alternatives are there to Wordpress query_posts()?
Cloudfront cache-control headers missing
how to read a hadoop file containing ints written to it
send mail with SNDDST
Issues with service layers and domain models
Sounds plays in simulator (iPhone & iPad) and on an actual iPhone but not an actual iPad
<link> with custom rel value or maybe a better way?
change qTip tool tip in elements in multiple TDs on toggle
d2: Parameter storage class interoperability with functions implemented outside of D
Common Lisp: Launch subprocess with different working directory than lisp process
extra letter appears behind heading, very weird
Javascript v3 Fusion Table Layer - ROWID in where clause
subtracting and dividing all the elements of the list in python
Simulating incoming call in regression test (robotium)?
Does Apple/Google provide specifications for iCal field support in iOS or Android?
PHP database getting variables
How do you run Vim in Windows?
Modifying SharedPreferences after install (restored through BackupManager)
Post status on Facebook fan page using API (Java?)
logback-smtpAppender mailing logs to gmail
fill datagridview column with images from image path column
Slow video-capturing with opencv 2.3.1
is there any way to make DIV automatically adjust its size to wrap text?
In a pickle with obfuscating a java library
.Net WebClient Fails Silently when Lacking Permissions
Regex Not Catching Quote in IE
How to get a string from one class to another
Dynamically Cast Page.LoadControl in C#
javascript IFrame permissions
Binary operator overloading and polymorpism
How can I apply this to my theme's functions.php file, rather than a core WordPress file?
Drop down position
Are STL predicates allowed to use their argument's address?
Delete from SQL Server database
Creating a sorted Singly Linked List in C (Insert function) [closed]
Is ASP Membership Provider password and salt machine or OS specific?
How much does Core Data store?
Trigger windows Task Scheduler proccess few times a day between certain hours
Building a body signed oauth xml request for LTI Outcomes service using pecl oauth
How to better rasterize a plot without blurring the labels in matplotlib?
CSS *:not selector in userscript under Google Chrome
writeToFile how to tell when it is completed
How can I add folder icon to my listview
SQL Server Aggregates giving unusual values
Rails/delayed job: not able to save model from within delayed job
Using a curly brace in preg_replace
P/Invoke wrong parameters being passed to C library function
Specified JDBC Driver class not found
C Program: regular versus ragged character-string arrays
Android. Positioning of 3 blocks in the layout
How to addTarget with more properties?
jQuery toggle keeps repeating
Primefaces how to update specific cell in dataTable in celleditor on dropdown value change?
pinterest bookmarklet doesn't work on website
Sencha Touch 2: Trying to add a list to a panel
Login cookies security
In R and ggplot2 package, How to Add Lines?
android debug environment variables
Creating Multidimensional Nested Array from MySQL Result with Duplicate Values (PHP)
extjs 4.0 inconsistent behavior when called within Ext.Ajax.request() [duplicate]
Change name of download in javascript
Why wouldn't a global object's property accept a new assignment?
PHP Sort multidimensional array by two criterias
Use a variable DataFormatString in ascx
Complex matrix exponential in C++
Check/count if file array is empty in php
Regex Assistance for a url filepath
Java: how do icheck if a certain character is within a string, then print out the position it is in relative to the string?
Create custom exception class for codeigniter
Printing Error with sqlplus
Why is the ListBox returning nil or no Object right after adding an object into the list?
Raphael.js - How to programmatically generate element name?
SAS: assign serial number based on the group
PropertyInfo.GetValue(obj, null) truncating strings
Grails: Eliminating ConfigurationHolder from custom validator in domain class
What is Tycho in Eclipse and do I have to learn to love it?
HTML5 Mobile Safari DatePicker - Initial Value
git 鈥渆rror: corrupt loose object鈥�after moving a directory
Set Title of UIButton from Selected Row of UIPickerView
how to accelerate scp2
animate div moving from one place to another
Nested ajax UpdatePanels wont clear texbox content after postback?
Javascript string manipulation, combining numbers with strings
Flex setting visibility based on slider
how to set security to allow anonymous users add ploneboard 3 conversation
AVFoundation: Adding silence pause between playback loops
Clojure: Attaching annotations to AOT-compiled methods
How to kill all windowed processes in OS X
Calculating html element (div) width with javascript/dojo?
Why does the following short script in Python disregard the condition in 鈥渋f鈥�
Clearing setTimeout issues
How to display a gallery and text with fancybox?
Is it possible to use PECL extensions in HipHop?
Rails - Validate uniqueness based on another table
A countdown timer in OpenGL [closed]
how to return a cursor or a result set from a oracle stored function
What types of XCode provisioning profiles should be created?
How do I mark myself as Online in Skype with AppleScript?
Number of games a particular user has played today where there is no data
How should I handle Spiders/Web Crawlers using HTTP/0.9 if I am using Apache 2?
jQuery append script not fully working
In a JSP MVC design is it possible to automatically invoke a Command upon page load?
Is this a case for empty try catch blocks?
PHP/MYSQL array storing and retrieval issue
How to pass arguments from Controller to a Model method in Ruby on Rails?
Retrieve HTTP POST request containing XML
Not sure how to do this regex
SQL varchar to bit error
Why heightForHeaderInSection doesn't work in iOS 4.3?
Sharing Graphics between WPF and Winforms
Sending messages from PHP to Node.js
admingenerator symfony2 CSS not found
Twitter Bootstrap2 100% height responsive
Delay loading google font types
Android calling AsyncTask right after an another finished
MYSQL query to sum multiple columns in different tables
Proper Way to Retrieve More than 128 Documents with RavenDB
What magical thing could be killing my Drupal session and anywhere from 15-45 minutes of activity?
How to use HTTP GET with Android? [duplicate]
How do you cancel a drop command with Drag & Drop
Appropriate usage of C# event handlers
Hive quering on existing table in HBase
MySQL Update Statement Not Working Correctly
Function for calling a function repeatedly?
How to change the tabs in another window Titanium
How to create multiple scroll-able sections within a twitter-bootstrap fluid layout
jquery/javascript enabling and disabling select menus. What am I doing wrong?
NameValueCollection from Form.Post show FIELDS and VALUES
String to char array Java
Object representation in Python
Filtering Diagnostics Performance Counters
# Error: IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level # On First Line of Code
Wordpress: single.php shows the newest post only
WCF Direct Authentication using BasicHttpBinding
An own class for everything [closed]
PyErr_Set* twice
Pulling Text From a Memo Box Line by Line
jQuery animate() pulse() not working
customize css of links within php block?
Django filter to include all tags for which a certain type of item exists
phpunit and yii - (PHPUnit/Autoload.php): failed to open stream:
Why doesn't If Not IsEmpty filter out empty strings?
Input popup window for input into interactive python game [closed]
Make Div appear after scrolling past the bend
AdaBoost Input and Output?
Array returning [Object object] instead of value? [duplicate]
Bouncing a ball off a wall with arbitrary angle?
New Window not Opening when using target=鈥淿blank鈥�with onclick
Why does the C# compiler allow a cast to be performed with Linq but not with parentheses?
CSS 鈥淪uggestions search box鈥�out of position
boost::ptr_map<> and _BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse) assertion failures
Android onActivityResult called early
File upload returns null
Show the user the requirements for a CanCan ability
How to distribute a Python package that adds an executable to the path?
Nowjs vs
add a row to a model
Class links wcf
CSS: background-color only inside the margin
Threading in Netty ZlibEncoder
Read whole line using re.findall [closed]
vim autoindent stop from removing indents
How to add a foreign key in MySQL on WAMPserver?
IIS 7 Welcome Page not showing
git submodule add fatal: Not a Git Repository
Is Pushing Feature Branches to Origin Good Practice?
Cocos2D: EXC_BAD_ACCESS when using NSMutableString in CCCallFuncND action
How do I make a drop down menu close as another from the same class opens in jquery / javascript?
How to find elements in array2 that are not in array1?
Match the start of the file or a newline (Ragel)
Gstreamer: Link a bin with two sinks to playbin2
how to catch Ctrl+S key in tinyMCE in jqgrid edit form
msxsl:node-set() and position() are not working together
Ajax.BeginForm using ASP.NET MVC 3 - Nothing Happens
How do I decode a png image encoded in Base64 and see it on an ImageView?
Stop browser to make HTTP requests for images that should stay cached - mod_expires
Why do I get NULL values in this array?
Render WebGL in Xfvb
UK Zip/Postal Code Range Calculation
Memory Leak using GetPixel/GetDC in Visual Basic
How to use Twitter rest api with Backbone?
php array convert to string
Javascript onbeforeunload to open popup
Can't sort queue items in CRM 2011?
PHP passing a variable with header redirect(should be simple)
how to replace group in php using regex?
鈥渘ew String()鈥�causes GC_CONCURRENT statements?
How should I fix this error involving an unreported LWJGLException?
How to use an instance variable throughout an Example Group, even if it is outside a Example?
Java nimbus Look and feel view is always different
Headless testing Ember application with guard and jasmine
how to generate and display a moon image in android?
passing values in a function that returns a struct - const errors
how to read and decode QR code image from SD card with zxing library? [duplicate]
PHP email suffix using CONCAT()
.gitignore style fnmatch()
How to Convert DateTime to String?
Java HashMap find best matching key
Programmatically applying a shader to Windows desktop?
magento custom CMS page add javascript
javascript multi-touch on win 7
How to keep/protect a file from being modified?
path of STATICFILES_DIRS in django
Disabling a button element on page load in jQuery Mobile
How can i apply jquery to this web form?
Cron job from cpanel.. no success
Prestashop database Schema
adding a .where to check items
statement not compiling
How do I run phpdoc when it says class not found
Facebook Icon/Button Glowing in iOS App
Can I return List<MyModel> to my View from my Controller? (MVC3)
Capturing video with opencv
Flash AS3 Dyanmic Text keeps giving an error 1119
KML lat/lon to SVG or canvas?
how to keep selections highlighted in a tkinter Listbox
Fill SVG shape with another SVG shape
Why doesn't click event fire after mouseDown event on same element fires?
KML lat/lon to SVG or canvas?
how to keep selections highlighted in a tkinter Listbox
Fill SVG shape with another SVG shape
Why doesn't click event fire after mouseDown event on same element fires?
UI::MainWindow cannot find member
Region as button sencha
Add EventListener to Scrollable Div
SignalR persistence between pages and speed?
Python: Finding a trend in a set of numbers
setInterval() not repeating. Works only 1 time
wxPython: TextCtrl doesn't ever receive focus when inside a panel inside another panel inside a frame
KnockoutJS - Observable Array of Observable objects
How do I check the Currently Visible Activity and fire one of its Methods from Anywhere?
How can I avoid repetition of the same number?
Accessing values from json in Pylons
How do I use jQuery to read a file from JSON?
R: Centering heatmap.2 key (gplots package)
Multiple Icons From One Install?
What does Format$ with argument 鈥�0鈥�do in VB6?
How to integrate project Expressjs with jQuery-File-Upload?
android camera preview
commons collections Buffer capacity
how to make UI items such as buttons and radio buttons resizable depending on size of the window?
How to drop inner shadow in NSTextField?
malsup jquery form submit on select change
Google doesn't like my WAMP server. Anyone have any ideas?
Enforce Type Alias in VB.NET
Need the small activity indicator in the status bar, similiar to WhatsApp
Cassandra (Pycassa/CQL) Return Partial Match
Cydia SBSettings 鈥淔ree Up Memory鈥�
Clear Var or Callback in Javascript
conditional generation of random numbers using matlab
Post XML in Java and Get the response code
ajax jquery form validation always validating false
Small issue in RDLC report Windows application (VB.NET)
Property Injection with Autofac 2.5
Codeigniter 2.1 switch_uri() and i18n language library
How to clear/remove observable bindings in Knockout.js?
How do I use Multiple controls using the same ObjectDataSource, but with different filters
Add property to ExpandoObject with the same name as a string
Append image to rich text editor dosen't work in IE
calling mvc with jQuery Load from webforms
How do I invoke a command when loading the URL in JSP MVC?
process can not stop in python multiprocessing pool
Codesign assorted problems
Patterns of inventory instocks
touchmove prevent default/signature capture doesnt work on a windows tablet
WP7 - access to sample data from code
urllib: get utf-8 encoded site source code
C++ - Map iterator access results in segfault
Option-izing Java getters
Overriding WebSettings leads to errors in PhoneGap
Building HTTP REST web server with SQL Server database
Singleton DbContext derived objects in MVC3 scaffolded repositories
SQL Query to get IDs of rows based on another column
Convert specific symbols to normal utf-8 from json
html5 local storage value
Download headers somehow inserting 18 lines of whitespace
Template for classes with various signatures of constructors
Go: Benchmarking code with a StopWatch or similar
Phonegap/Iphone issue with Iframes
Javascript will not throw a new Error
Rails generate controller boilerplate for existing resource?
UNION to specific field
jQuery: Clean handling for bad status code from ajax
Map a value to an array of callbacks (reverse of array_map)
reading from file and storing as integer
Capture visual output of a DirectX application - even in background?
C# getting pixels in picturebox with cursor? [closed]
Convert a webm video to avi one using python and gstreamer
Trying to change string values to check if they're empty on my Android app
How can StringTemplate import directory be used?
How to test if current browser supports a given tagName
Result null in async.parallel
Autocomplete multiple textfields using jquery, php and mysql
date try parse with dateformat as dmy
Retrieving only a fixed number of rows in MySQL
Error in MySQL Connection when accessing a remote server
Sharing state in a Glassfish cluster
jQuery Chosen plugin without search field
replace string value and boundry spaces if they exist
Pattern match on /xxx/xxx/xxx
NoSQL - How to mock database for unit testing?
Info box for Bing Maps
How can I use Scala's MurmurHash implementation: scala.util.MurmurHash3?
boost shared_ptr operator =
sharing methods across 2 service layers
How do I determine if current time is within a specified range using Python's datetime module?
Disable normal scrollwheel functionality in jQuery?
SQL SELECT Statement max id
Finding each page's relative location in a website directory structure using a master page?
more efficient database structure across multiple tables
Column Sorting Dojo Enhanced Grid with JsonRestStore and ClientFilter
mysql select as alias from multiple tables
Any was to position buttons easier
Links on SharePoint 2010 Master Page not changed based on Alternate Access Mappings
What entropy sources are available on heroku?
Per-Data store inheritance strategies in DataNucleus JDO?
Will preparing and executing the QSqlQuery change the logical constness of the method that does it?
Multiple HTML Elements on jQuery UI Tab
What entropy sources are available on heroku?
Per-Data store inheritance strategies in DataNucleus JDO?
Will preparing and executing the QSqlQuery change the logical constness of the method that does it?
Multiple HTML Elements on jQuery UI Tab
String Fails to pass between two activities
Can't get FB authorization to work correctly
Compare date and datetime in Django
Error on runtime: stringWithCString is deprecated
Managing state - chapter 3 of SICP
ostream deferencing operator <<
node-mongodb findOne behavior
How to properly use recursion in this (simple) python procedure?
Connectivity issues with SSL Socket Server
Unexpected moving-styling behavior while on hover with jquery ui buttons in IE
Check characters inside string for their Unicode value
RVO for complex user-defined types in C++
HOw does the x86 ROR instruction works?
Inserting all records from DataTable into a remote database
php getElementsByTagName with nodeValue returns evil characters
Upload local file contents without page refresh
Why is it bad style to `rescue Exception => e` in Ruby?
Show system settings fragment/activity inside your own app datalist select all checkboxes per category
what exactly reference counting in c++ means?,
When an error is presented, how can I set the style?
Javascript/Chrome: Is it possible to access what's typed in the address bar?
Qt, QFile write on specific line
How to load a CSV with two columns in Ruby and save it in 2 arrays
How to validate a regex with PHP
Titanium TabGroup
How to show code errors while running
jQuery get the 鈥渆vent invoking鈥�element
multiple animation blocks not working
sorting in SSRS
What happens if you pass an int to a byte parameter in C?
Fill all grid cells with a control template
Preview image on page before uploading it works in all browsers but IE
InRequestScope disposes entitycontext for DelegatingHandlers
Application non responsive
Date does not appear in UILabel
Ubuntu Upstart event when network is up and when the system is about to shutdown
Java: Calc x in sin(x)
Safari Input Text Ignores Padding Top
Setup wizard for C# project
PHP - Adding similar keys when using (un)serialize
R code execution using : system time()
How to decide whether to use a RDBMS, Doc/Obj ODBMS or Graph?
android scrollHorizontally
WebSocket connection creates IOException
KML trying to reference I gif file that is inside of a jar
WebSocket connection creates IOException
KML trying to reference I gif file that is inside of a jar
facebox 1.3 not to close the dialog when you click outside of the modal?
What is the most pythonic way to pop a random element from a list?
Yet another .net custom cms
How to pickle a python function with its dependencies?
How to open file/directory Get Info window?
bip geom graph attempt in python
Find the real column name of an alias used in a view?
ldap Novell authentication in asp .net
how to get each column as data.frame (instead of a vector) from a data.frame?
C left shift on 64 bits fail
How can I place a 'favorites' icon on a tab using Infragistics XamTabControl?
Draw path is not closing the shape
Hibernate enableFetchProfile -> unknow
Web crawler text formatting
Get other attributes of first image in a wordpress post [closed]
document.getElementByID external or inline?
OpenGL camera rotation
Python split by regular expression?
JPA Query - sql injection in positional parameters jpa native query
Create trigger on SQL Server table
Issue with getting list of events in 9700 device
Integrating Jetty with JAX-RS-Jersey
Change url by htaccess file
Knowing the number of parameters of a passed function (erlang)
How to verify the assertion returned by in node.js?
How to manipulate a non-DOM jQuery object
Creating an Auto Downloader/Updater getting an error opening the downloaded files
Getcontext() apply to the elements of the array with structs
Custom JQuery plugin - how to get/maintain user defined options?
Why are there such differnces in performance between a LINQ query vs. Advanced.LuceneQuery?
Get Columns Returned from SQL Statement
Forcing keydown event to fire (Windows)
File upload - returns null
IIS 7.5 Handler Mappings for svc (wcf) with .multiple dot net frameworks (aspnet_regiis.exe)
Modifying object(s) from Raphael.js
paging in php to show 123鈥� instead of 1234567?
How to enable .NET roles section in IIS?
C: uint16_t subtraction behavior in gcc
Magento - Add Hidden Field to Contact Form
Unable to read data from a large Berkeley DB file
Selecting count in LINQ
Instruct XmlWriterSettings to use self-closing tags
Can I have multiple levels of nested cloned forms using SheepIt JQuery plugin?
Checking cookie in root of website
refreshing knockout model after committing changes to upshot datasource
GWT RequestFactory authentication functions
how to set global environment variable for Play 2.0 Framework?
GWT - DialogBox glass and GoogleChrome - glass doesn't repaint
How to make https request and encrypt POST parameters?
UL and floating DIV: list text wraps but background color doesn't
MySql Query to get friend list from Friends table
Removing multiple Div Elements at once 鈥�JavaScript
Common Lisp has a some function. How can I write some or any in elisp?
InstallShield 2012: What is the proper way to connect to an Oracle database
Red5 RTMPClient playback sample starts to drop messages if full stream played
Changing black pixels to be transparent in matlab
Consuming one Axis2 webservice from another Axis2 running on the same WSo2 ESB server
How to Prevent Chrome fetching the last 128 bytes of an MP3 file
How can I create PFX certificate signed by some CA from scratch?
Jquery script behaving differently when unobtrusive than when inside the rails view
count items that satisfy having query
Repeat footer background image horizontally to fill browser window
In VB6, is there an autogenerated code for the Validate Event?
ExpanderView, Customizing the nonExpanded header (Windows Phone)
Plotting interpolated data on map
Signed app not working on phone
Want to shorten run time of query
passing data between forms and continue in Form1
Java Generics and Annotations: Type-Safe
SQL Server : Select into same table?
javascript - HTML5 local storage sort order [duplicate]
Android - make thread wait for notification or timeout *in real time*
Android: How to check if an Activity has an options menu?
c++ win32 : adding values to ComboBox
map json to property on knockout view model
Form dropdown function
Replace old div content with new content [closed]
Android - exception from an AsynchTask call
Android, access System private/public certificates
What is a token in perl?
Wordpress' Contact Form 7 returns 404 but works on homepage
Is there a more efficient way to regex match/replace dates in an HTML table?
Determining currently playing spotify playlist?
Parsing log lines using awk
how to print IP_ADDRESS:port # before sed command
WCF Access Denied exception
How to use bit-addressable in java?
'public static final' or 'private static final' with getter?
ASP.NET Impersonation To Open a File Share
jQuery Mobile vs regular jQuery
Mouse not working in WINE applications under Ubuntu 11.10
specialize template<typename T, template<typename> class U>
Error when I try to upload a much smaller file than the upload limit on drupal 7
Is it possible to save previous activity?
Multiple urls to single host with port mapping?
Overriding the view of a DataGrid scrollbar
PHP: What are these underscores? [duplicate]
Using dynamic id's or name's to change text of a label
Controllers within controllers?
Is it possible for my application to show a time irrespective of if systime has been modified
JavaScript regex with back reference
Divide lists and increment every element of list by its depth in Prolog
Is it possible to expose S3 storage via standard mechanism (i.e. a filesystem path)?
ASP.NET MVC3 Html.Raw changing absolute URLs?
Excel 2007 enable macros for a single excel document
Right button in the UI navigation controller is not getting displayed in Monotouch
Create browser back button when JavaScript disabled?
Unable to insert integer when using PDO named placeholders
Select 50 previous rows
Ruby on Rails 鈥�CanCan ability to only let an admin view published blog posts
Ability to enter the same info into multiple PO lines
Hiding the STL container implementation by returning an iterator
Printing in the console objects of an array
java + threaded discussion forum + iphone app
iOS thread error when reading from a text file
CoreData Test Data?
Can I use PUT with an HttpUrlConnection to send a image to my shared host account?
python and mechanize to login into university webpage
Why does a JSF required validation error replace input field with its original value
Java Servlet: How can I retrieve selected radio button values?
warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast [enabled by default] [closed]
Custom view doesn't appear?
How do I size a Google Search Results Window?
How to create dict with childrens from dict with parent_id
AVAudio Player stop working on Device
Finding a property in a JSON Object
How to disable jNiceIt select tag?
Date calculations by quarter-year
JSF Conversion Error with selectOneRadio
Pattern matching for swedish character
What Character Encoding is this? [Example Character to Int value provided]
php var isset, ?data=menu
Windows Phone - PhotoChooserTask not showing
With Firefox/Firebug, Why do You Only Get Stacktraces With Some Errors
Why int plus uint returns uint?
RESTEasy on JBoss 5 - jars needed
Is it possible to use the GPU to accelerate hashing in Python?
trying to persist a map with compound key and basic value with JPA annotations
Using LDAP or ADSI with Delphi for user account management
showing callout after moving mapview
What is the 鈥渂est鈥�way to fluidly reorder a JList?
Objective-c UIImage storage in MSMutableArray alternative, potential memory-leaks?
sql db2 select records from either table
Rearrange fields in crystal report (in bulk)
Browser doesn't follow redirect from an AJAX response (PHP-generated response is using CAS authentication)
Code First Fluent API validation not working
Proper Approach for Temporarily Suspending a Worker Thread
SVN on Domain: How to release the trunk into a folder on the domain
sql db2 select records from either table
Rearrange fields in crystal report (in bulk)
Browser doesn't follow redirect from an AJAX response (PHP-generated response is using CAS authentication)
Code First Fluent API validation not working
Proper Approach for Temporarily Suspending a Worker Thread
SVN on Domain: How to release the trunk into a folder on the domain
MySQL fulltext search Boolean mode confusion
errors when exporting database to other computers
Wrap int pointer member variable in boost.python/pyplusplus
Why media player is still playing when I press back button
Convert PST to GMT Irrespective of Server Timezone with .Net DateTime
Pause/Suspend Process object
Prolog - How do you distinguish between just a string, and a variable?
Suggested SQL formatting [closed]
Android : How to implement longpress manually in touch event?
Converting String to Float ->
algorithm is exponential, is there a way to make it not so?
how to copy directory with all file from c: xxx yyy to c: zzz in python
NSUserDefaults performance comparison
What is the recommended document structure for front end development? [closed]
dtd elements and attributes
CakePHP doesn't unescape 鈥�鈥�to 鈥�鈥�in a URL
Rails - how to display value through associations in form_for?
execute (magic) method when existing method is called
Android app RelativeLayout not showing
Use Prolog to get data model paths from language rules?
Google Analytics API: What is the 麓YOUR_OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN麓?
Appengine memcache expiration with Objectify
Cannot set property '3' of undefined in 2 dimensional array
Trigger 鈥渃lick鈥�on Span 鈥淎dd Cc:鈥�in Gmail
Stick Version Control Situation, How to see differences between two git separate git repos
preserving order of function implementation
How should I handle going back to the initial page loaded when using History API
How to search column_names in Vertica?
WPF WrapPanel In a ViewBox maximum size
SQL Server: wait for new row
Backbone collection.create() does not return the updated model
How to update a webpage (only) when something changed on the server side
Photo Gallery Association of Models
Django EmailMessage.send() returns 0. What does that mean?
Printing forms on Play Framework
Why will my text not align properly inside my <li> element?
PHP - How to read a private XML file?
Why gcc can't inline function pointers that can be determined?
Binding to a nested model in Ember.js
How to use node-formidable with express.bodyParser() and response.write()
My Arduino + Ethernet shield WebServer sketch sometimes fails to connect to the client. Causes?
FB.ui callback not called / FB.ui stream publish loading forever
Javascript MIME
Validate URL information in javascript
Streaming Music from iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to PC (AirTunes) in .NET
Nservicebus Sagas and Subscribing to Events
SSIS get emails from database and send individual emails
Symfony2 custom annotations for objects
Add a movieclip on a 3d cube and have interaction with it
Skip feature when classifying, but show feature in output
curl error: 鈥渟slv3 alert unexpected message鈥�
Binary file transfer Ok Win7 to Linux, not Ok Linux to Win7
JQuery selector for DOM object [closed]
Is there a java View class to do this?
Django: Denying model saves based on particular criteria
Invoke/Call an even in a different thread
Can a vector allocated on the 鈥渟tack鈥�be passed from function to function?
Chef - Installing zenoss but HTTP Request Returned 500 Internal Server Error: Connection refused - connect(2)
Java System Time after changing computer clock
Hector/Cassandra: How do I add a Column to an existing SuperColumn?
Java program blocking ports?
Using the same dbcontext for different models
jquery toggleClass() - access selected element
How do I get a desktop notification from a web app?
Wordpress foreach error
Qt: using one widget in several layouts
Including C++ 11 headers with Clang / LLVM
Calculating the signal to noise ratio of an audio file automatically?
App Engine local datastore content does not persist
What is 'Draw Something' Built with? [closed]
How to Sign a message in J2ME
Mocha with Node: Only show logging for tests that fail
Grails - 'in' node in Criteria query - groovy.lang.IntRange cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
Rails 3 Filter Dates by Month or Year of Fiscal Year
Hide second and third row of table
Extending class with generic types AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result>
Php Apache2 Insert Large Binary MSSQL error: Changed database context to 'database'
HTML5 localstorage sort order
Inno-setup install wont allow one exe to run when another is running already. How do I change this behavior?
Apache wave behind company proxy; or jetty doesn't respect proxy properties
Android - SQLite create table error
counting sql rows
database syncing in appengine
SMStextmesage background service async
Can't view Rails app on Windows7 via mac local address
Submenu disappears in Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Mac OS 10.6
Adding custom image to background of tabbar in xcode
Why can't class relationships in Salesforce managed packages be changed?
SSRS line chart. How to stop numbers from repeating in vertical axis
Starting new activity from a non activity class in a constructor
SQL Server 2005, Windows Authentication, Connection String giving error 鈥淟ogin Failed鈥�
Windows Azure deployment keeps a old version of the Silverlight application
jQuery json from PHP result
Shifting first indexes
Adding custom image to background of tabbar in xcode
Why can't class relationships in Salesforce managed packages be changed?
SSRS line chart. How to stop numbers from repeating in vertical axis
Starting new activity from a non activity class in a constructor
SQL Server 2005, Windows Authentication, Connection String giving error 鈥淟ogin Failed鈥�
Windows Azure deployment keeps a old version of the Silverlight application
jQuery json from PHP result
Shifting first indexes
how to check digit is even or not in linux shell?
How do you open an MS Word file with php? [duplicate]
Uniform random number generator in c++
RESTful web server library for iOS
Keychain ARC Errors
How to convert human-readable date string back into time
Making datasource in Glassfish
How to call a custom web service in SharePoint 2010 protected by Site Minder?
how to get insert_id in a variable before insert query
MVC Mini-Profiler throws LockRecursionException when modifying RouteCollection
Mysql Add a new value to a column of data type enum
Change wishlist url in magento [closed]
PeriodFormatter - How to prepend 0s if the hours or minutes happens to be a single digit number?
A SQL query that used to work does not work anymore
How to use Thread.Sleep to animate a Binary Tree?
DataGridView equivalent to DataGrid.NavigateTo()
javascript, current html
Incomplete type compilation error with malloc memory allocation within setTimeout doesn't perform the action
SQLite concatenate
2D array of dictionaries - copying
Grails project corrupted in STS?
CVOpenGLESTextureCacheCreateTextureFromImage return -6683(kCVReturnPixelBufferNotOpenGLCompatible)
php images change
M3U playlists鈥hy redundant files?
When is it acceptable to use a FRAMESET
Eagerly fetch lazy relation
Android : handle touch event in nonTouchAble PopupWindow
html select tag to apply css
pageDown(true) always returning false in WebView Android
OSGi NoClassDefFoundError when running outside of Eclipse with my Bundle
How to make the VJET plugin fully working in eclipse for my node.js project
UTF-8 charset issues from MySQL in PHP
Setting environment variables for an IOS application running outside of debugger
Setting a value for composite data when property is in a group
Do something when a date stored in db passes
Grouping ecological data in R
jMonkey SimpleApplication settings
Is it possible to pass arguments to a python made exe at runtime?
How to find out if scrollView is about to be scrolled up or down
Refreshing object on separate form
UIImagePickerViewController memory warning in iphone while getting image from photolibrary
Making the dropdown unique to user
Changing winform app for specific clients
Optimizing a code (which checks for the mod ==0 for a large no 10^18)
Java Tile Game Zooming
Is it possible to modify item in Map without removing?
Inserting into to listview from another thread
Text to Speech (TTS) software for Scripts WAV or MP3 ouput
lFacebook JS SDK - Event subscribe not working
Uploading multiple files to FTP server using jquery.MultiFile
Check if a point is in the viewport
Prolog. Fill out lists
Android Camera 鈥淓rror -1鈥�wenn calling camera.takePicture
Image retrieval - edge histogram
Oh Notify, padaBoom
How to call a method in Ruby?
Android emulator infinite loading and errors when GPU emulation is enabled
SQL query to select percentage of total
ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock registering scripts twice
2-legged OAuth vs 3-legged OAuth for Youtube API
Using ReactiveOAuth with Windows Phone 7, to access Dropbox
How does GPL define linking?
Changing Text Using jQuery
How to build dynamic collection of objects with parameters stored in database
How to use VC++ to save data into an excel file?
Doctrine 2 / PHP - getDocComment() always returns false - AnnotationReader / DocParser fails
Creating and destroying threads
How to close the doc reading part of the IPython notebook?
How to rotate matrix of button
Shell -e command
ASP.NET MVC 3: Purpose of IgnoreRoute(鈥渰resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}鈥�; ? deprecated?
Delete app from page callback
NSMutableArray Crashing App
Issue With LINQ and Reference List
Ironpython questions
right justify delphi stringgrid column but keep themed drawingstyle
How to apply Morgan's law to parsed string? (transforming the string or with parseactions)
What software to use to generate formatted packing slips from MySQL DB?
Count two different columns
Write metadata to mp3 file in python without using external module
Just trying to call a function of a library
QKeyPress event in PyQt
In html,how to make a variable,how to check if something exists in a variable
jQuery Progress Bar Not Working
RootViewController need to resort/reload data array xcode 4.3
google custom search with two radio buttons
Form validation with javascript in coldfusion
Where is _NFILE defined
How do I change the theme of my jQuery Mobile application using javascript?
Mysql Best way to store an arbitrary number of value in a table
Return View From Controller in Area Not Working
Is it possible to ignore all signals?
does gzip and deflate compression give the same payload
How to check with PHP does a SQL database already have
How do you convert a java.util.Collections.unmodifiableMap to an immutable Scala Map?
Creating a trend line from data set SQL
Android SQLite Database Setup error?
Issue with dynamic fields in MongoDB
Execute a function to affect different template class instances
CustomValidator on server control rendering inside tags of parent element
How to maintain in an enum a list of enums [duplicate]
Using LINQ on observable with GroupBy and Sum aggregate
UI design challenge for this situation
Issue in if/else statement iPhone
Animating (moving) ImageView works one way but not the other
preg_replace() [function.preg-replace]: Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash in
Accessing Radgrid items on parent page from a usercontol file in folder FOO part of a larger project. Is there special significance of *.tab.cpp?
MVC3 Url.Abs returns domain at Azure, not the CNAME record at domain registrar
Unable to properly call sqlcmd from powershell
WTForms: I can't seem to dynamically give a QuerySelectField a default value
Hot Key for Eclipse 'Run As'
How to use slim templates with backbone?
How to query for all records created today (midnight UTC..Now)
Does SharePoint Online (Office 365 Cloud) support inline code blocks? SharePoint Designer code view?
php - Replacing content inside double quotes, including double quotes
Long Polling set_time_limit() to the max possible
Logical right shift in binary search preventing arithmetic overflow
How to change locale in SWT app using new Eclipse string externalization mechanism?
Backbone.js model with validation for creating user and logging in user
Remove key listener from panel
Are there any special characters in Windmill? How do I override?
Time zone aware website for events: UTC vs local datetime
Write xml utf-8 file with utf-8 data with ElementTree
Change CSS of Dynamic List Item
Is what I am trying to do with sql even possible?
How should decent_exposure be used to expose related items that may not exist?
Searching full name or first or last name in MySQL database with first and last name in separate columns
Error 鈥淪erver failed to start鈥�while running JBoss 7.1 in Eclipse IDE
Add .html to a string Javascript?
Simple nested setTimeout() only runs once (JavaScript)
Best way to record sound on App Engine
Are 鈥渂egin鈥�and 鈥渆nd鈥�reserved words or not?
Display whole ViewController within another ViewController's view
How to Set Enviornmental Variables that have - (dash) options
Has anyone successfully integrated Ember.js - Phonegap (and jQuery Mobile)?
500 internal server error when I try to push my app onto Heroku
Android - Drawable language
Project visualization in Lisp
Can't update Java Servlet when using Dynamic DNS url
How to get the json data from this link
How do you convert a hash of things to params to be sent to a method in ruby?
MySql- Incorrect query results while checking for null values
Is re-use of commands from the WPF command library a bad idea?
Minimum iOS version that supports c++ 0x
Eclipse svn move/rename doesn't work on all-lowercase filenames?
Pyramid Direct User to DIfferent Domain
ASP.NET configuration using cassini instead of IISExpress
Wrapper stored procedure to create publication for transactional replication
What should I know about Python to identify comments in different source files?
How do I load a Sitecore sublayout automatically so that permissions are respected?
Headers without cpp files and include ordering
Maven + Spring + Dynamic Web Module ( Eclipse ) = java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener
Is it possible to host a WebService in an ASPX page using ASP.Net 2.0?
Using Devise in RoR - How to have only a few pages not require login - Override authenticate_user
Node.js express framework serve static swf file
Templated pimpl forwarding
Regular expression doesn't know where to stop
Objective-C NSPredicate Chaining
I am getting a comile time error when installing the pcaPP package from CRAN, any ideas what this may be due to?
Could setting a Core Data attribute cause a fault to fire?
How to make the height of a dynamically-sized <div> the same as the width
jQuery function unresponsive after changing html
Conditional Builder Method Chaining Fluent Interface
is it possible to count how many words are matched for every row with MATCH AGAINST
How to write Case Sensitive Query for MS Access?
Why dollar variable has no ancestors even in Ruby?
What major software had Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland delivered using SCRUM? [closed]
The method nanoTime() is undefined for the type System in GWT
Track iPhone Application Usage
Multilingual PHP site
SetupDiChangeState throws Access Denied
Working with self.view after refactoring code
feed single .jpg file true carrierwave?
jQuery Validation Plugin and Checkbox Array
Change custom attribute's parameter at runtime
Android SQLite Journal - how to disable
JNI method static resolution verification
Qt: hiding border for selected tab in QTabBar url generation
How to setVisible a JinternalFrame in the center of the JdesktopPane?
Android Iptables: Can麓t drop port
Emacs: How to improve ido performance?
PHP Save Session when using session_write_close();
How to merge ranges from different tables
Customise UITableView Subclass Cell?
Delphi Unicode and Console on FF 11 and Chrome 18.0?
CakePHP: Reporting Failed Downloads with the Media View
Deleting with GROUP BY
Phonegap iPhone/Android Template that only loads a website
TSQL: Selecting rows within group based on field that can have a value or is null?
How to delete duplicate phrases in a text file?
iPad User Interface Design Suggestions [closed]
Class Constructor Interfering With Another Class
Adding key to IPad keyboard
I can not parse xml from URL on objective c
Is there a way to listen for cookies being set in an Internet Explorer extension?
Verilog reg assigment to part of another reg
How to put twitter widget script to script file
JRuby JDBC-mysql error
copy values from sqlite3 db to a global array in node.js
SELECT COUNT Based on another row in the same table
Convert IEnumerable<dynamic> to JsonArray
When should I use RESTful?
using ggplot's 鈥渁nnotation_raster鈥�and reached R's 鈥渕emory ceiling鈥�
Updated Spring MVC Framework Tutorial
In Celery how to update the state of a main task until all his subtasks are done?
error LNK2005, already defined?
instantiate all items in view pager android
Hide anchor tag from url [duplicate]
Android src: Why is it shown as folder in some projects and package in other?
Spring MVC and Hibernate - ClassNotFound DispatcherServlet
Transform Logical Data model to SQL Table design
Rails, Heroku and invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 error
Differences with BinaryFormatter
How to use arrays in my custom adapter?
NHibernate multi query / futures with Oracle
jQuery attr(); with iframe?
iOS - NSURLConnection - Check for URL
Algorithm to match natural text in mail
How to read POST data with node.js without using express or connect
send data and events from pthread to a QT QApplication with QLabel and QImage
Creating WP template from HTML
INSERT text from one table into another
What is the 'char' keyword used for?
how can write program with java for check statement's SQL database [duplicate]
How to manage Tomcat via Java
CUFON is not working with supersized slider
MonoDroid 4.0.6+ on GoogleTV?
Toggle and the jQuery UI button
Maven Eclipse Tomcat ClassNotFoundException
Jquery dialog and Ajax trouble
Using conditionals in VB.NET to count
Using RMAIL to send an e-mail
How do I save the html output of a query to a text file, using a variable?
Logical fallacy detection and/or identification with natural-language-processing