Postgres Object-relation database doesn't seem to function properly
Java Tile Based Game Performance
Postgres Object-relation database doesn't seem to function properly
Java Tile Based Game Performance
Django 1.4 form posting forcing method to GET
Set global environment variables inside Xcode build phase run script
Trying to get Cucumber working with OmniAuth
Storing data in the tree map input during a whole minute before serializing it
Using Javascript Regular Expression to Extract a Comment From Within a Function
Copying certain levels from an unordered list?
Losing 'MediaPlayer' (& other Variables) when Device is Rotated
jruby adding a java library
I cannot save xml format response into variable to parse the xml data
post save operation if a filed is null or blank in django models?
Change the values in a column
error running code with a realloc'ed array when reading int from file
Javascript: Validate field (on a form) so that it can only have Letters, 1 hyphen allowed, and 1 apostrophe allowed
How to bind Emacs key for delete whole word backword as the same in a shell?
Best Viewer for SQLite? [closed]
RSS to XHTML using XSLT - How to remove strange characters?
Android - ExpandableListView implements Filterable
AJAX Form submission with CRUD
How to factor out main method of Scala objects into a shared location?
Trying to create fields based on a case statement
Image.jpg processing using MATLAB [closed]
'Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.' in Flash CS5?
Powershell: Checking if today's backup exists
Updating gems on my mac - two versions of bundler installed
How can I bind a simple Javascript array to an MVC3 controller action method?
Making an email label a hyperlink
Accessing widgets from Window*
AdventureWorks SQL conflicting results issue
Reverse a string through string class itself [closed]
How does Citrix support SHAppBarMessage?
GreenDroid Actionbar Text
Android update 17 seems incompatible with external Jars
Using grep to search for instances of a string in all files within a directory, using PHP bash script
Resorting a TreeMap in Java
How to read an array in a binary file in C++
bit arithmetic - concatenate two results in one bit
CouchDB Views: How much processing is acceptable in map reduce?
inject behaviour on manual created objects
Will c# application run on linux OS
Visual Studio toolchain plugin in Eclipse Indigo
Increased Speed while using NSTimer
Spring form backing object issue
How to shade region under the curve in matplotlib
How can I make the A* algorithm give me the shortest path? (see picture enclosed)
C# Speech recognition error - The language for the grammar does not match the language of the speech recognizer
Handle iglob error when path to search doesn't exist
Dynamically creating CustomValidator in server control
Read contacts with mail
Sieve optimization
CodeIgniter ActiveRecord field names in JOIN statement
select multiple files in upload dialog and save it to an array
Run controllers via command-line. Issue connecting to the database
Counting the number min records within groups
How to create small window (32x32) on Windows?
Display an Index of Admin Users in Ruby on Rails
TFS Custom Build Template - Get the team project collection without the Uri
SqlConnection and the Pool, is keeping an open connection kung-foo or foo-bar?
change file names using bash
Bind UIPickerView with key and value
SignalR in MVC3, timing and start/connect issues?
How can I make jQuery style my elements earlier?
Unix: What happens when a read file descriptor closes while calling select()
relationships in rest?
Integrating live video streaming in .Net application
TypeError: not enough arguments for format string
Getting local IP address
Pattern Matching for URL classification
mysql query, selecting distinct / max
How to disable MS IMEin google chrome?
Android udp port
Is there a better way to do type checking when a message is recived over a tcp socket?
What am I doing wrong here if(isset($_GET['Confirm']))?
how to make my active tab unclickable in jquery
mediaelement.js (wordpress 3.2.1 plugin) - volume slider in IE9 misplaced
Combine multiple shell commands to create temporary table in sqlite3
Linking multiple buttons to one method with different jobs
I am looking for steps to update a game to SDL 2.0
TypeError connecting to tweetstream 鈥�Python 3.2
How to get a list of the unique keys for a table in SQL Server with PowerShell?
Error while playing some MP3s using JavaZOOM BasicPlayer classes
AndroidRuntime(883):at android.database.DatabaseUtils.readExceptionFromParcel(
dataframe does not work inside of a function
Using python to Extract data from lines in file [closed]
How to convert a macromedia projector exe to an web app?
In cmake, how can I test if the compiler is Clang?
erorr in My Code
XSL. Evaluate expression
jQuery preload only works with ie on refresh
Installing and starting MongoDB for PHP on Ubuntu 12.04
Trigonometry - Rotating an object to face away from a line
update database by text box based on the checked box's
Add cookie to Request.Cookies collection
Creating a key/pair object using jQuery and some inputs
tinymce file browsers multiple file source
Rails 3.0, RVM: still getting 鈥淐ould not find 鈥�in any of the sources (Bundler::GemNotFound)鈥�
How to resize Javascript images?
Can I deserialize to a read-only property of an interface in protobuf-net?
How to control access to Image file path without an extra query for authorization
httpd.conf rewriterule
how to judge the abstract class with ICompilationUnit
iOS:How to get current application language
How do I add a panel to a BaseFrame from a second class
Does deleting copied pointers to differing pointer types cause a memory leak?
How can I load the @user resource through current_user using CanCan
SSIS Flat File Destination prevent text quoting in fields with no data
How can I align a background image in a table row in html?
Java: Extending Class At Runtime
Can't make delete/update/edit unique to the users post
How to improve region boundary crossing accuracy (simulation) (geofencing)
UIViewController within a UIViewController
refinerycms 2.0.3, specify stylesheets for page
Increment/Decrement/Print using multiple threads(Code review) [closed]
Pip/easy_install ignoring ARCHFLAGS in SciPy installation?
Add additional information to joined rows
Nodejs send file in response
java String鈥� [closed]
recursive lambda via reference
Tool for socket visualisation
(Mono) Mod-mono's versus custom server's limit on number of concurrent requests
Having trouble downloading Git archive tarballs from Private Repo
Compiling libogg using Xcode 4
update the sqlite database in resource folder
Authorize, AuthorizeCallback undefined for the type Facebook
jquery 鈥渁sync = true鈥�call to .net web service not working asynchronously
$.jquery ajax returned data (json) displays as 'undefined'
CUDA 3D array allocation and copy
Static index.html file - is servlet container being hit first?
Capturing network activity in android emulator
BackgroundWorker, can't send other variable other than numeric values to the function callback
Lowest cost path of a graph
Listening for List updates using the SharePoint Client Object Model
Display different images from an action in a JSP
Logic issue - displaying numbers on labels as title
Codeigniter Pagination - multiple tables
Why do I get question marks when I print a PChar to the console?
Vertical gridlines in a ListView mvc TextAreaFor is not getting validated as a required field
interactive planar straight line graph in swing
How can you pass a nested object property as an option, without passing a callback function?
getJSON callback not called when requesting a Facebook user
Algorithm to find maximum sum of elements in an array such that not more than k elements are adjacent
form submit button returns null if value contains non-latin words
PHP SimpleXML Syntax Error
Windows Phone sound play
Installing OSGi dependencies with maven-bundle-plugin
C# application using SQL Server database
Calculating Arc Angle In Java
VS2010 crashes when loading specific project, should I stop doing unit tests?
I need to wrap long text within a container
Unit testing ASP.NET MVC 3 Restful Service without a webserver
Android Access Another App's Database
How put likes in some pages of a web. I do it but have troubles
jQuery .animate() jumps in Chrome
[[ -n $VAR ]] vs [[ -n ${VAR:-} ]]
Troubles with JPA Query using Timestamp
Perl+Selenium: chomp() fails
Rails compiles assets both with and without md5 hash, why?
Multiple log files with Winston?
How to set the root path for application
Calculating witnesses for upper and lower bound
JavaPNS - works fine from laptop, not from server?
How does Dozer Java API perform?
Xcode: an error occurred uploading to the itunes store
Why is my MySQL Query returning only 7 of 28 records?
How to use font-weight with font-face fonts?
How to serialize IEnumerable of Anonymous Type in C# to JavaScript Object?
Windows Phone app background image
Why does this C program compile without an error?
Is it acceptable to have an unobfuscated password if it requires a PW with higher authority to see it? [closed]
Is there a way to output variables as Java sees them so I can isolate methods for testing or asking for assistance?
Physics based animations for NON Game developer
Passing array into function in c
Inheritance and templates in C++
BBM integration , when checking BBM version checker
Listview with detailview in android
How get record for this specific case?
php interactive chart dynamic form
Error on getting gps location
javascript null value in string
How to use variable in RDLC
StructureMap instance factory method
Add team members to individual developer account
Socket.IO Server-Server Communication
Cx_Freeze executable doesn't work with pygame
Rails - ActsAsTaggableOn gem - tagging for more models?
How does jQuery.load() Affect Page Loads in Google Analytics?
iOS Share Dialog?
What is the best way to create one per time session? (ASP.NET, MVC)
Proper way to create friend properties
iPhone app crashing on device but not on emulator
Render simple array using Mustache.Js
Android: adding a birthday event to an android contact programmatically
C# - Dynamically creating MenuStrip
XNA: Scaling down Texture 2D antialias?
Internet Explorer : how to detect the plugin is being updated
How to get current location on google maps using map view
jQuery Tools: Date Input / Validator Not Working Together
Use jQuery to get a class from a DIV and add another class to all DIVs with the first class
Facebook open-graph - publish action reliability
Confusion concerning OleDbCommand
Relational database structure design
A cocos2d program with low frame
Dynamically create NSString from NSArray - NSXMLParser
Unknown Index.dat and Storage.dat files in Visual Studio 2010 solution folder
InDirect Download Link From
How do I send an email with an attachment in CakePHP 2.0?
Flex - status bar while javascript function is running
How can I embed private youtube video in my site?
ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding + associations
CodeIgniter reCaptcha and Form_validation class
xml parsing using ElementTree
SQL Server Execute Impersonation
How to communicate with threads in Ruby?
Exporting trac tickets to MS Project
T-SQL get root node in hierarchy
Updating MySQL Workbench OS X Lion
Erlang gproc compilation failed
How do I do a bitwise and on numbers greater than 2^32 in Javascript?
App is crashing after loading images
Storing bank account in vCard file
Radio Button value retrieval using servlets
Scrape Today's 鈥淥n this day in History鈥�into Array in PHP
OGLES 2 Native Android: eglCreateWindowSurface Arguments
When I click the Facebook Send button, the div is not displayed
How use Safari with Selenium 2.0?
WebService Security between DMZ - Protected Network
Varchar to Varbinary not allowed
Is this good practice? Storing objects accessed by a constant鈥�
Use no-X11 tkinter with python (installed through macports)
Different Default Document for IIS Sub Application
CakePHP Foreign Key Display Value
YoutubeService class error in android
Controller Strategy / Garbage Collection (destroy)
Applying filters when explicitly loading related entities
removing duplicate strings from a massive array in java efficiently?
Alternative to jQuery when just requiring DOM traversal, $.ajax & Deferred
Oracle PL/SQL Trigger to update another column
What is the fastest way to update sql table?
moving pictures in circular way
sed statement syntax wrong?
How to make a checkerboard of JButtons
MySQL dynamic columns - column_create does not exist
Android Program design
Creating JavaScript Variables
Custom Event Design in Java
How to measure CPU and memory usage of F# code?
JQuery Form Wizard Plugin - Chrome does not hide previous steps
Which one is better jquery mobile or phonegap [closed]
How to measure CPU and memory usage of F# code?
JQuery Form Wizard Plugin - Chrome does not hide previous steps
Which one is better jquery mobile or phonegap [closed]
A tool to make the division of C++ code into .h and .cpp files transparent to the programmer
MYSQL Trigger to update table that is based on two other tables
XML Deserializing 鈥淓lement was not expected鈥�error
Expressjs/node.js equivalent to exit() in php
Hashing an immutable dictionary in Python
Accessing the Thunderbird message when closing a message tab / window
How do ParseKit's Assembler Callbacks work? Where should I store the work I do in them?
Pygmentize: No formatter found for name 'javascript'
How to Reading hyperlinks with AnchorText from pdf file 鈥淐#鈥�
How can I have a powershell loop that echos echo on the same line?
Distance of wgs point from a wgs defined line segment
Global Loader (LoaderManager) for reuse in multiple Activities / Fragments
How to clip text and right align (NOT float) element using CSS2?
History.pushState(data,title,url) concatenates (instead of replacing) url to address bar if there is a trailing slash
N-Queens exercice the iterative way with a stack is quite a mess. Java
How to add items to an entity in the ADO.NET Entity Framework
Selenium IDE regex gives error 鈥淭hrew an exception: missing ) after argument list鈥�
Objective-C: How to check if a variable is an object, a struct or another primitive
Change latin numbers to arabic number by javascript
Android Download With Progress Bar
Can't get any results using query/rawquery #SQLite#
What's wrong with this CALayer setup code
After turning string to array some characters become this 锟�
Embedding images inside a GitHub wiki (gollum) repository?
How do I get the search to use the attr_accessor?
Mongoid giving error while saving field with particular name
Will VS 2010 allow me to use the new async and await keywords in C#?
10 concurrent request threads limit - total number of threads or just running simultaneously?
Too many Activities in Android?
Counting occurrences of attributes in a sequence in XQuery
Making use of a fall-through switch
CreateDirectory reports that if failed but the error code is ERROR_SUCCESS
getting Fatal Exception caused by admob
Xcode 4.2 IOS 5, No keyboard showing up for uitextview
Can eclipse do auto-complete using external libraries like cocos2d?
Camera snapshot in J2ME Null Pointer Exception
Is there anything wrong with sending in an OPTIONAL parameter to a javascript function - testing for undefined
Is there something like go-eldoc-mode for Emacs?
Dir() function not working in Mac Excel 2011 VBA
SOLR - Tika - Store binary version of file
How to fake InitialContext with default constructor
Why COM classes need constructor? How to use COM class without registration?
mongoid where on has_many association
Getting ClassNotFoundException while trying to connect mysql with jsp
How to stop rendering invisible faces
Asterisk : originate call doesn't set the CALLERID in the dialplan
R issue on optim() with a function depending on a loop
Efficient implementation of immutable (double) LinkedList
$.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg() does not spin
How can I send a chain of characters to a cmd.exe from c++?
How can I add strings to my custom map marker in Android?
Running a VBA function by clicking an Excel cell
Calling tftp get command from c source code
Why isn't Google Chrome reloading my scripts?
Determine whether user clicking scrollbar or content (onclick for native scroll bar)
validate asp fileupload control client side
how to set maximum width for splitview?
Adding multiple records for one thing in php
How to synchronize breakpoints between 2 visual studios?
How to change the height of UIScrollView using Interfacebuilder
Ruby: splitting a string without removing separators
Overloading comparator of priority queue in Python
Oracle Report taking forever, but the query runs fast
Data Entity Framework and LINQ - Get giant data set and execute a command one at a time on each object
Ruby on Rails 3.1 : unexpected to_json behaviour with arrays
Time-of-day range in Ruby?
Using liquibase, how to handle an object model that is a subset of database table
How to make iPhone app smaller on iPad?
How can I write my own plugin for Webstorm?
How to get this slideshow to automatically rotate
Reset position when using position:fixed
Implement Background Music with Pause/Play Icon in JQuery/Javascript
Example of saving audio from RemoteIO?
Pickling cv2.KeyPoint causes PicklingError
Getting ClassCastException when trying to insert RelativeLayout dyanmically?
WCF/REST return group associated with tags, fix datacontracts & datamembers
EF4 : How to include related objects when the relation is only defined on a subtype of a hierarchy
PHP app console wont work trying to create bundle for Symphony2
Event.ClientX is not working in firefox and chrome
is it safe to add UIView to another so that child view's frame is much larger than parent's frame
Converting a mysql query to a JSON object using php?
c# compiler: get intermediate output
search with php on my site probelm
How can I get the string value from input field?
PDF Generation hangs using PDFKit and wkhtmotopdf
Action Mode tab bug in ActionBarSherlock 4.0.1
JQuery find not working as expected on iOS 4.2.1
make an entire div clickable
Error installing the glade library for Haskell via cabal
Python: How to program an IDE Code collapsing? [closed]
Programmatically add view into a LinearLayout
CodeIgniter and ORM (datamapper)
Observe NSURL iCloud Property
How to hide anchor tag from URL
How to increase ActiveRecord thread pool size on heroku
Proguard returned with error code 127. See console
powershell: comment based help
Converting Cognos reports to SSRS , what does XSUM command does?
Can't set variable length with variable
Using cereal to send data through a handle
IRC bot make loop sleep without interrup the main loop
WINAPI's message loops drives me crazy
Pseudocode for accessing class variables
how to show images in RDLC report?
Posting photo from Android app directly to Facebook Page timeline
deleting entire row while providing only one input variable
preceding-sibling [1] is not last
Lockbits stride on 1bpp Indexed image byte boundaries
HttpContext.User.Identity.Name in a deployed application
With TortoiseSVN, can a team use both .svn and _svn for local files?
Serverside save standalone SWF with parameters
How do I tell ColdFusion 9.0.1 to use a directory besides /tmp?
How to let 3 divs displayed in line, won't wrap if I resize the browser?
UIImage does not showing
Ordering collection within group partitions using LINQ
Null pointer exception in TextView
Cloning Fossil with self-hosted cgi script yields 鈥渦nknown repository鈥�
Doctrine 2 - One-To-One Automatically generate empty rows
IOException while calling createNewGSFile() in servlet
Creating dynamic docstrings in Python descriptor
How to determine if user is an Administrator, even if non-elevated
LocationManager GetBestProvider Criteria
Terminating a running while loop at run-time
UIImage initWithContentsOfFile:鈥�- need to get only dimensions
Android::menu cannot be resolved or is not a field
Cannot find referenced MovieClip in this.parent.insertMovieClip();
Handling server-side sync with Codeigniter for Backbone.js
How to link a folder with an existing Heroku app with mercurial
In VB6, do declared fields have default values?
JSF 2 and file download with command button - problems with final redirect?
DotNetOpenAuth 鈥淚nheritance security rules violated鈥�
Extracting individual digits from a long in C
Serialization .txt vs .xml
How many objects are being created? [duplicate]
How to prevent loading of a page in the original frame?
One-vs-one SVM in MATLAB
how to get image id
Android: button with custom layout and day/night themes
Magento modify configurable color dropdown
Accuracy of maximum likelihood estimators
Extend data frame for plotting heat map in ggplot2
javascript 鈥淧roperty Tax鈥�calculation formulas
Audio Recording with Appcelerator on Android
Cannot initialize shared_ptr
Mac iOS Development on Windows - Flash / Flex [duplicate]
Replace many values in a string based on search/replace pairs
Custom UITableViewCell Height
how to move in a closed rectangular way around the Apple in Snake Game
X11 hangs while plotting in R
Using in And Between
MonoDroid Convert Location Latitude Longitude Double to Coordinates
Memoizing AR objects to avoid selects
How to count number of JCheckboxes checked?
How to get UITextField Tap Event?
AndEngine and Background size
Getting an image from an RSS feed, using syndication?
ActiveMQ/Camel send file for further processing
How to setup this rewrite for nginx?
Password protected pages (without username) in ruby on rails
plot dirac function in matlab
How write characters to TelnetOutputStream one at a time?
Can Getopt::Long GetOptions generate an error if the same option occurs multiple times?
Trying to open Android SD card using HTML, Javascript and Phonegap
Django admin inline
Modifying or replacing column values reading from the DataTable
reversing a string two char by two char
Removing buttons from a UIScrollView
Storing downloaded data on sdcard
Best Practices for Lookup Tables in EF Code-First
how to select something from the drop down already saved in a database using php?
Updating Fragment UI from within the parent activity
change dateformat in sql
How to execute an sql script file against an SQLite 3 database file?
Pointing canvas at my site always goes to /view [closed]
Sum and subtract chars in Java and always get result within the ASCII range
Invalid Default Value for MYSQL Column
Installing Leiningen for Clojure on Linux Mint 12
why is there no poll/select like mechanism for message queue?
Microsoft Kinect + Telldus Tellstick
Binding fails for new SOAP request in existing project
Attached Behaviours or Interaction.Triggers?
Using a background image on h3 class (WordPress)
How Stop JWPlayer embedded within a Modal Dialog upon closing that Dialog
Proguard custom naming for classes, members and parameters obfuscation
MVC3 can't create new game
Runtime error when using nVIDIA compiler to generate a shared library for my GNU compiler to link
Multipart Form POST Causes Firefox To Prompt JSON Save
Proper way to handle complex querystrings in MVC3
strange behaviour in [array] Calling Address method
How do you use the Android Debugger? [closed]
Cannot access or update atom from within a seesaw listener function
How to force a WebImageView to reload?
Load 鈥渟ymbols鈥�(art assets) from fla (Adobe Flash Professional 5.5) with FlashDevelop?
Not rendering a PHP page to IE
rm -i inside a loop
Is iPad Simulator on this version of XCode 4 buggy?
Trying to install Speakker HTML5 audio player
Trying to install Speakker HTML5 audio player
Microsoft SQL Server with Oracle SQL Developer on Mac
Finding a specific, simple string with regexes
I want to save UISegmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex in Core Data - but how
Node Comparison and replacement in Java
CommandBarButton click event for several buttons
How can I access AsyncFileUpload class/object outside its events ,in c#?
Publish a Hosted Photo with Graph API and PHP
Android: Color a bitmap
_func() , any functional use of underscore? (Python)
Powershell: How do i create a function for the output of system.object?
jQuery :odd and :nth-child CSS3 different
FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init() error
Saving checkbox/radiobutton bool to global var
How to stop subprocess from terminating my script?
Android :: Settings Layout
Not to redirect using when clicked on submit button
Consistent FTP timeout in a scheduled windows service MVC Sending Mail
Move/reorder columns in a spark DataGrid (Adobe Flex)
How to Refresh Android's Home Launcher?
In a curve, how do I calculate the Y position of a point for a given X?
UNIX TCP/IP :read: Transport endpoint is not connected read: Transport endpoint is not connected
Regex to find all words that start with @ but ignore email addresses
Google analytics show different visits count than Blogger stats count
Any Python solution for having distributed processes interact with relational databases in the most decoupled way possible?
Rails radio button to mark one item of list of associated items?
django loaddata will be overwritten by manually inserted data from the admin page?
Insight data from API for a page: Where do I get page Id?
Force browser update if IE8 or older
MSIE Returns status code of 1223 for Ajax Request
How to QFileSystemWatcher
Django 1.4 datefield and sqlite problems
Bug: perform a diff in Tortoise CVS after a file rename (using CVSNT)?
View/Modify SQL Server CE 2.0?
How to update Listbox after deletion from isolated storage
How Can I Format Money in a DataGrid with $?
Rails 3: route.rb : how can i write match for /chart/demo/home
Adding 5th table to join
Get rectangle within 鈥渟pider net鈥�
slow sql query execution
chrome browser print option not showing
it inserts a blank value for ImageId
is RSA_sign thread safe
Are NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate methods fired with iCloud
How to open a popup on click of anchor tag among multiple anchor tags and display database info related to it?
How do you convert 2 dates one in BST(Current date) and the other in GMT so that the can be compared date before and after methods?
Axis2 in Felix 1.4.0 OSGi
Servlet/JSP web application design
PHP preg_match always returns false
Axis2 in Felix 1.4.0 OSGi
Servlet/JSP web application design
PHP preg_match always returns false
objective-c Unable to load nib file: RoosterView.xib
Accessing Application Properties in Spring-MVC
Create a simple python object and send it back to Mako.template.render()
jQuery Mobile Change page not loading page already in DOM
Putting button into the table column more elegantly
Contents of the file is empty when stop button is clicked
Please help in completely converting raw sql to SQLAlchemy code(I tried but not there yet)
Wait on window close AND catch window events
Create JSF table with pagination and sorting
How to create 鈥渃hannel.html鈥�file for Facebook SDK
How to filter number from specified label format?
testing task queues and pipeline api during functional tests
JQuery UI Flipping Text like in [closed]
Filling a path with a gradient on iOS
how to create span exactly like an input textbox
C: Pointer to struct element inside the struct
TryUpdateModel does not empty a collection of items when all items are removed on screen
Can this be accomplished with an JOIN statement?
Jasper Login Page style custom changes
Justify html text with Chinese/Japanese characters
NServiceBus error queues in Azure
Android App Crashing, when passing strings
where/how does Apples GCC store DWARF inside an executable
How to create 'object' containing a polygon and variables and other data elements
what does a semicolon before a function mean?
Finding out the sum amount from fields that are associated with dates before a given date
Function doesn't work after jQuery ajax html injection
Passing dictionary between view controllers
Javascript - missing ] after element list
How to access a file which is stored on a unknown folder name?
twitter bootstrap tabs link
Null or zero primary key encountered in unit of work clone
datagridview delete rows in C#?
Optimizing DCPU-16 FizzBuzz
java serialization and inheritance
Two TThreads successfully constructed, but only the first is executed
OpenGL Es 2.0 GLKit Draw Pixel
HTML-Icons in DIV not in a row
PHP library for Xliff
How can I get a Range incorporating X rows and Y rows given a starting point in Excel with VSTO & C#?
exporting data entered into textboxes to excel in the form of table
I'm leaking memory when creating a DirectX 10 buffer
Conditional binding?
HTML/CSS: pseudo-class selector not behaving expectedly
Retrieve the values between two dates stored in dd/mm/yyy format (varchar)
jQuery scroll jumps to embedded videos in horizontal scrolling website on Firefox
Rails / activerecords - group by and order by
MySQL: selecting row's id which has minimum in some field
What is the difference between RadGrid.Rebind() and RadGrid.MasterTableView.Rebind()?
Int to Decimal Conversion - Insert decimal point at specified location
How to add g729 codec in SipDroid project? [closed]
python json custom decode for LONG
Using jQuery 1.4.4 This simple method fails for some reason
How to pass a delimeted string of id's to tsql and process each
How does Magento translate works?
Deploying PHP website from Git repository
AIR iOS app much slower when published from command-line
error Unable to cast object of type 'ASP.cp_adminsmaster_master' to type 'System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlControl'
Implementing beep sounds into android application
CSS font-weight options
Timing cuda program - weird results
WordPress Custom Image Slider to use pages not posts?
Using continue/break inside boolean statement [V8]
EntityFramework and FluentAPI working with ComplexTypes
Is catching a global exception a good way to handle reconnecting?
Ajax & PHP issue
Emacs lisp 鈥�how to submit `&&` to shell?
Get extra parameter from JSON array from autocomplete plugin
Why does scrollWidth only include the left padding?
How to create a gradient over an img tag
installing pear package gives 鈥渃ould not download鈥�message
quercus and PHP hmac 256 implementation
Indexed Views and Left Joins once and for all
There is no Action mapped for namespace / and action name userfiles/images/ in Struts2
dynamically change font size to accomodate content amount
How to separate managed and unmanaged DLLs in another directory
Disabling a Magento Product via code
Saxon transformation failure - which line is at fault?
Something is wrong with Qt docs
Boost timer doesn't compile
unix statement runs fine manually but not via launchd or cron unexpected keyword argument 'amt'
Upload photos to Facebook wall/album from Android
How do I read a 2D array as it is from a .txt file?
Sending email from localhost in php in windows
zebra table with ajax call
Is there a object-change-tracking/versioning Java API out there?
Find 1st and last 20 character after particular keyword from database?
A function with variable number of arguments with known types, the c++11 way
PHP reference mess, bad optimisation or intended behaviour?
Multiple Buttons call same function.Can figure out which button called the function?
cakephp select options attributes
RavenDb backup using HTTP API returns 401 [closed]
Disable the bookmarks in chrome settings
Issue posting variables to combo box control text value
Using a make file to compile files in separate directories
updatedb to whitelist a branch of a blacklisted directory tree
Is it possible to know if a WP7 application is pinned?
Php If multiple variables
pandoc-ruby errors
unity 3.3, create local gravity on object
Should uploading a file code and mysql code be stored in one page or seperate pages?
python console, better than raw_input(), how to offer editable default values?
Fade in animation image in Android giving black screeen
IIS Compression with in code GZipping?
How could you implement a staggered row layout in Android?
Possible to use regex in SQL statement to filter numbers from strings?
PYTHONPATH as agrument to python interpreter
show div while input is selected using css without javascipt
How to use google font
php comment with a an anchor <a> tag, http:// or url and the rest of the html tags are plain text
@ExceptionHandler only working with Exception.class
allocating for array and then using constructor
Selenium concern with Coding Practices
MVC3 Partial Views and Google Analytics
How yahoo fetches the facebook friends of logged in user who are also shared/read article with/on yahoo?
How can you find out what operating system the user is running?
zerrorlines in Gnuplot's splot
What is wrong with this if statement logic in JavaScript?
Convert an Angular function to service
can't get datatables work with a django generated table
How improve SELECT about TimeStamp?
How to Bind to a list of objects
Solr Config File. When Import Data Give Me Error
XML parser handles string value 1 as boolean
SQL View vs Derived Table
MacPort ports not overriding pre-installed older versions
How to prevent mobile devices to play video outside the browser?
xslt copy-of select IF condition is true
Hiding the Logout Link for a User on the Jasper Server UI Home Page
random number generation of doubles between two intervals [a,b]
Minimum characters to enter - regex non character issue
gksu -u user2 does not ask for user2's password
class Classname(object), what sort of word is 'object' in Python?
storing output of history command in a text file
Error related to shft+enter and enter with Jquery
Parsing SOAP Response from Java Webserver (No XMLNS Provided)
Actionbarsherlock - change actionbar line colour
C: parse char array of digits separated by characters and turn digits into integers
MySQL conditional INSERT with parameters
jQuery lightbox acting like dropdown? too complicated? is there an easy way?
Joomla 2.5 add parent alias as body class
Create a record with custom class and simple_form
A faster algorithm
Using lambdaj with String.matches method
Preventing a fixed header from hiding text with CSS
TVirtualStringTree and vertical Scroll is not working properly
Convert base64string to UIImage
Scraping simple javascript page
Is there a reverse-map function?
DataComboBox SelectedValue property
CMake GUI on Mac
Where can I have a client edit JSON files? [closed]
Start a process : difference between Console Application and WebService
Unhandled Error with CreateProcess
boost dataflow_exception when forked from program
Custom UIPopoverBackgroundView: no drop shadow
SilverStripe forms not sending all data?
Scala abstract classes translation into Java
ios app build for version 5.0.1uploaded to app store can be run on ios 5.1?
How to inject dependencies into a WPF Window class with StructureMap?
Reusing same component in ExtJs
How to use QtMultimedia to play a wav file?
Robotium from command line on Mac
how can I show the thumbnails from an avi file like Explorer does
Sometimes my project works fine, sometimes it shows following error in the line mentioned in the code below
perl regular expressions substitution/replacement using variables with special characters
Center Button horizontally doesn't work
How to get QThreads to work in a console PySide program?
Apple Emoji / iterate through NSString
SWF Full screen error on Android ICS 4.0.3 - Tested on SGS2
Getting value by row number and column number
Mysql query and conditional where clause
Can a Knockout observable be data bound to the value of a radio button?
c# - concatenation and properties of TextBox
Is there a way to make a property runtime-only in .NET?
OpenGLES 2.0: gl_VertexID equivalent?
Void-pointers in generic stack implementation (Plain C)
Flash Update - XML Crash
Android jUnit:screen shot
Use of getlogin function in Linux
Android: Sensors
Linear size increase ends up increasing by 1 more sometimes
Outputting string to console - ASM 8086
How to generate a temporary url to upload file to Amazon S3 with boto library?
Blackberry BitmapField from SD card
Dialog Save at android, startup
Jquerytools Tabs taking a second or so to organise themselves on pageload
How can I Return an array from a function without using malloc?
jQuery Sortable Lists with CodeIgniter
Fusion Charts setCurrentRenderer('javascript') issue
custom fonts with differrent vertical metrics between OS's
ASIO data format
CMake; 386:x86-64 architecture of input file (.. ) is incompatible with i386 output
interactive software for creating webpages [closed]
Java xpath, select most deep children
interactive software for creating webpages [closed]
Java xpath, select most deep children
Grails dependencies 'empty' in java build path STS
Change Pin Place in Google Maps
Upload photo to facebook using Rest API
Subtract & get difference of two images(touchpaint) and get an integer value in Android
Add a comma to the end of each line using php
Scroll View content size in ipad Universal app?
Appending HTML to Javascript Fireunit Tests
Is there a generic Task.WaitAll?
convert PDF magazines to TV viewable dual image format
MongoDB Query - is this possible?
Display messesge wait鈥s background processing happening
How to shows a surfaceview in android service?
form values, I don't want to reset them
Search, Threading and MySQL on android
jQuery datePicker does not work [closed]
UITextField in UITableViewCell throws -[UITextInputTraits length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
Updating a MySQL column using values from other columns from the same table
regex to remove html markup
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '1922-1' for key 'IDX_STOCK_PRODUCT'
country_select gem not working with fields_for nested form in Rails 3
Netfilter in Kernel Module causes my system to crash
Loading bar in PHP [closed]
Swiffy, flash to HTML5 works locally but not on a server
Is SQLite 3.7.11 100% backward-compatible with 3.7.7?
How to upload a file first then submit to insertQuestion.php?
Windows sendTo Context Menu for Adobe AIR?
Why is memory section nomenclature prefixed with a '.'
Formatting output data into tables based on results
Why my Close function isn't called?
Why isn't this true/false implication function working in SML?
Can you set up a wordpress (multi-site) network to work across multiple hosting accounts?
Shortcut to a constructor call
How can we automate Flash element Click action in Selenium?
TFS Custom Build Template - Value Description
CodeIgniter - Present view depending upon screen size
Reopen database connection in Java
How can I show XML graphically?
Open Search Server at Production level?
SQL changing select from column orientation to row
Insert data into table and update another table with that data.
How to run my CUDA application on ATI or Intel card in software mode?
Perl XML::Writer prints bad character
Image processing using MATLABR2010a
Create new file in user directory (with InstalledFileLocator on NB Platform)
How to get a specific embedded document inside a MongoDB collection?
class Classname versus class Classname(object)
Wix: Cannot list out properties created using C# custom action
Update android application programmatically [duplicate]
Ember.js init behaviour
How do I get XML data from a web service using PHP?
Storing date when MM and YY are optional
loading ggplot2 does not also load required packages plyr and reshape
jQuery UI: How to set toggle('blind') animation speed? (As in 鈥減ixels per second鈥�
Synchronizing files from remote to local directory
Controlling VLC via c#
Enlarging pictures programmatically in Android
How to protect files created by FileConnection from being manually deleted and modified?
Customized UITableView
Pygame - Store surface as image
How does one update or delete users in Jackrabbit?
Scheduling emails with data from MySQL database or text file
Retrieve coordinates from MySQL Geometry column
Rspec matching ActiveRecord result sets
Git - move branch to master
SQL INSERT INTO multiple tables
fade with next and prev buton jquery
difference between String.valueOf(int) , `+` string operator and Integer.toString(int)
SetTimer IDEvent return Value Problems
inheritance in C# with new keyword
VS 2003 fails to regsvr32 during post build. No issues from command prompt
C++ source structure/organization
Which relationship line to use in a UML class diagram?
SMSManager and Country code prefix [closed]
Algorithms/How-to for simple algebraic simplification [duplicate]
C - error: ignoring return value of scanf?
Why is this condition not working? Div with class
IEEE 754 double-precision numbers from MIPS C to Java conversion
What is SaltKey in t-sql?
ExtJS4 XTemplates in view;
SQL Server Express 2008 Connection Error (26)
Unable to POST xml string to webservice with PHP
how to make a circular line of sight in cocos2d tile map
Why is this crashing鈥�
Find commit that broke a test without running every test on every commit
Objective-c SIGABRT after changing xib
Parallel sorting two different lists using jquery sortable
Solr returns HTTP Error 400 or 500
Loop through an array of objects and add only the value to another array. Knockout
Adding Client-Side Validation to Partial View with AjaxOptions.OnSuccess
Trying to get crossbrowser videos to play, but apparent conflict with jQuery(?)
Why does Hibernate throw a ClassCastException when calling
CakePHP 2.1 $this->Session->write is not working
How to update mysql database changes on database server automatically?
How to get value from ListBoxItem 's control?
How to render form field inside list item in sencha touch 2
Javascript: Count number of columns in a table row
jquery list all div elements in view after animated scroll
Android NDK - try catch with NoMemoryError
Autokill select myql queries perl script
couchbase bucket select
Trouble with jquery ajax and datatables
How to play & pause video using selenium?
How to send a form to a javascript function
Eclipse: possible to SVN commit to the master project while committing a sub-project?
Execute .py during Azure package MSBuild process
std::unordered_set<T>::insert(T&&): is argument moved if it exists
Accessing files under .jar in a swing application?
Get selected Datagrid row index or column index
How to take json response in an array
iPhone - Need to replay background sound when it comes to forground from background
storing the RDBMS table data through lucene in text file on hard disk
Default IIS 7 Logon Domain
wpf notsupportedexception
Is it possible to limit a choicefield in a form instance in Django
rails active_link_to gem functioning on params
belongs_to with condition to find master parent doesn't work
How to design chat based application with nodejs, redis and mongodb?
C++ parser for a grammar like Python
#VALUE error when trying to multiply a field range
Batch Insert with generated keys deals duplicate entry on unique
How to get tags parameters with NSXMLParser in Objective-C?
Any reason not to use + to concatenate two strings?
C# - Assigning an empty dropdown list to a full one does not work
Testing collection equality with ordering
getUser() return 0 on the first page load
Entity not being added to Azure Table but row key and partition key are beind added correctly
How to replicate and copy the contents of watch window in Visual studio into a file (With the branching info being present in it)
Property declaration w/o explicit ivar naming
Submit multiple forms with jQuery php mysql
Unable to solve: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: 鈥溾�
Programmatically set the default homepage for Mozilla Firefox?
MVC4: Include object name in Json
issue with lwuit right-to-left label ticker
How performance can change using greedy LINQ operators?
Java: turn-based battle system (with gui)
Uglify-JS won't run using shell_exec()
Jquery looping issues, complete task before next loop
Encode in webclient unexpected result
Doctrine 2 Pagination with Association Mapping
How do I edit the background color of backBarButtonItem (UINavigationItem) ? iOS 4.3 issue
Template in Objective C?
Dynamically add parameter to a 'IN' clause in a query?
Getting Product information like name, price etc using barcode number
iPhone App login Data or Session
Java class to objective-C class
AS3 library for handling Apple HTTP Live Streaming
Text-template library in c++ for formatting mails, reports
maven-in-5-min-not-working, error with non parseable POM
Text-template library in c++ for formatting mails, reports
maven-in-5-min-not-working, error with non parseable POM
Spring @Transactional and PROPAGATION_REQUIRES_NEW with sql server 2012
JPA: Multiple many-to-many relations between two entities?
MySQL: why varchar(254) and not varchar(255)?
Increment autoincrement id field by one
Can't send SMS from J2ME using JAD+JAR
What is the correct syntax for save as active document in Word using Applescript?
Efficient Data Structure for Insertion
Accesing local filesystem and extracting file metadata using web app
Align the cells' content in a Grid in gwt
what does the () stands for in the property definition?
fullscreen ImageSwitcher without gallery in Android
Local loading of images in actionscript fails in a browser works in flash player
How to solve NSKeyedArchiver warning: replacing existing value
press home, then back to app and press back button,it exits the app
Adding unknown number of rows to 'Static Cells' UITableView
How to maintain the a single log file for the multiple exceptions
Run mocha tests individually
Defining a logger in environment.rb does not work
InfoPath handling via browser but without Sharepoint or Office Forms Sever
Issue while testing a function(which is initializing resource ID) from android Instrumentation Test case : NullPointer Exception
openX targeting channel setup (鈥淥R鈥�functionality)
core graphics, how to draw lines at runtime?
Mapping of Page allocated to user process in Kernel virtual address space
Application crashes when using SQLiteHelper and Google Maps
Values not getting passed from ascx codebehind to javascript?
jquery ajax ie8
Record website's load time
Python: import every module from a folder?
List all objects that implements Node interface
The safe methods and convention standards of datasets, datatables, datarows
RavenDb backup using HTTP API and multi-tenancy
exact steps to display bootstrap modal in rails application
Strange split method
NoSuchMethod exception while creating and formatting .doc file using Apache poi-3.8 beta hwpf
Phonegap on BlackBerry don't write a negative number on html5 input type=number
Ember.ArrayProxy changes not triggering handlebars #each update
IOT vs Heap in Oracle. Help me make choice
How to preload some part of google maps?
Oracle CONNECT BY clause after GROUP BY clause
How to make callbacks using AsyncTask android
Fixing deadlocks in messy code
ActionListener in expandableListView
How to Add Folder in X-Code Project by using Drag and drop?
android how to stop mHandler.postDelayed
get image from address book and stored it to NSmutablearray but while showing it gives `EXCBAD Error` in iphone sdk?
Use constants in objective-c. Duplicate symbol issues
How to define a specific number in xsd?
Accessing query string/parameter from html page
Accessing query string/parameter from html page
What are the other options for storing data?
Questions regarding JavaScript, WebSockets, WebGL
How to Pass Variables to SqlCommand
mimetic - can't find shared object
doesn't check for me?
How to get data from multiple URL's and store it into a simple array?
Leaflet JS Markers do not fire 'tap/click' events in Android WebView.
why elements disappeared when page is scrolling in IE6?
How can I detect video file duration in minutes with PHP?
Java X509 Certificate parsing and validating
How to know if an atom is starting with a pattern?
Android emulator crashes while running libgdx app
Iterate over the data to show Autocomplete suggestions
Rectify the input at client side using RemoteValidation
Access device messages in application
Positioning Balloon ToolTips over TreeNodes
Trouble creating Security-Scoped Bookmark
Anomalous behaviour of printf() in C?
How to update user on effective date?
creating an object from JSON
ASP.NET MVC Areas routing not working with default route
jqTransform disappears in radajax after postback
Using single versus double pointers in Linked lists implemented in C
SAXParseException when trying to print data in table
is MDBG (Managed debugger) for .NET free to use for commercial purposes?
XSLT: Chopping up mixed-content node
Response entity in Spring MVC 3.1.1
Refresh page repeat database transaction?
Toolbar items dynamically
IIS 7 Cors Ajax Soap request
Focused Named Entity Recognition (NER)?
jQuery sequentially render items fetched from ajax requests
current_action not returning actions
What is the best way to define test specs in JSON using a Ruby harness?
Android - Is it possible to fire a native intent from an application wrapped in PhoneGap
SIGTRAP when freeing a three dimensional array in C
Using standard validation for read only edit boxes?
Tourist Advisor API [closed]
How to decrease the UINavigation Bar size and how to separate the back button from navigation bar
How to fix System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
How can I rewrite image path via htaccess?
How to keep word width after hover (font changes from light to bold on hover)?
How to add a css class on a 鈥渇orm_row鈥�in twig template
Ignore first loop result
exo-open in a terminal script - program closes with the terminal
Retrieving the navigation history for the current running application
Impacts of including too many jar files in classpath
Using Threading, Runnable and Message in Android
JQuery Modal Dialog doubles height in Chrome, IE, Safari. Ignores maxHeight
How can I get a URL from relative path under a jar?
How to center an image in a table td?
Prompting the user to send an application request to a friend
Autocomplete multiple text fields with jQuery using AJAX from MySQL database values
sqlite rand() unique _id return sqlite
Unable to cast object of type 'ServiceReference1.EmployeeModel' to type 'System.IConvertible'.In order to avoid that error,What can v do?
View content of an Azure Service Bus queue
UITableViewCell disorder when reloading rows to expand and shrink
Getting 鈥淐annot set readonly property: value for class: java.lang.String鈥�while modifying the XML
How to get TOP 10 in MySQL with combined data rows?
Convert ArrayList into 2D array containing varying lengths of arrays
Postorder traversal on a ast.nodevisitor in Python
Delete last dynamically created html row created jquery
C# start thread with function having delegate parameter
Hide Coolbar/Toolbar items/Preference pages in Eclipse RCP application (Eclipse e4)
Error while playing Audio in browser
Several errors in Objective-c
Lift - Autocomplete with Ajax Submission
Error creating directory on linux server using PHP Code
Node.js Cygwin not supported
Simulatin vfork with clone
Start new activity broken by AdMob?
Editing an item in a dialog and next refreshing the current page showed (and not jump back to page 1)
XPath-REXML-Ruby: Selecting multiple siblings/ancestors/descendants
why the result that returned from the MYSQL to android application is null?
How to make Custom Application to persist reboot of WinCE 6.0 OS?
How to define context path of application in Tomcat 6?
How do I create and use a symbol server?
How to check whether our web service is on or not in android?
erlang lists:dropwhile weird result
MySQL query for mutual friends [duplicate]
Need guidance on ASPX website automation
Automatically activate users' timeline on login
wso2, wsf-php segmentation fault on script shut down
how can i do motion geo point on android?
Wix installer - cannot uninstall perUser package
MAMP pro PHP Error handling grief
How to catch the decompress IOError?
How to know which Facebook friends of the user have my application installed?
How to close hide from popup form window in javascript? [closed]
foreach in method to return value
Accesing an IIS hosted website in Ubuntu under VMWare
Checkbox in List View ABAP
JavaScript code when closing/logging out via browser
IOS: Using A Pattern Image As A Background -Memory Leak
OpenCL kernel argument struct has zero values
Better way to write this request spec?
php glob() if empty returns array on windows, none on linux