How to get all results from solr query?
setting multiple notifications at different times- android
Here is a new type of ad javascript by change 鈥渨indow.opener.location鈥� how can i block it?
How to read SendReplyToReceive parameter
How to speed up iPhone DTMF signal dialing
Obtaining visible text on a page from an IHTMLDocument2*
how to implement text search functionality like report viewer control search in gridview?
MySQL timespan between two times calculation [closed]
jQuery mobile swipe to move divs on same screen
Error : Spinner cannot be cast to EditText
Can get id from clicked class, but not class from clicked id
Git: How to view file diff before commit
Efficient cross domain web API like Twitter Facebook Google etc
Difference between skbuff frags and frag_list
Class diagram from a java code
Displaying the contents of a Map over iterator
Restriction in Data Contract Serialization in WP7
jquery ajax call: multiple links load data into one div
Trying to modify Google's search textbox with Greasemonkey
How to hide a control from the form while designing in visual studio?
How can I add more values to a Picklist in Salesforce?
Android: Is there a method equivalent to XML android:digits?
associate flow of lyrics with song
Regex Pattern to avoid : and , in the strings
open setting screen to update location service in iphone
spriteBatch returning null in XNA 4.0
a-Hover Menu keeps disappearing on mouse over
Instagraph PHP photo editing exec() function does not execute function, but works on command line?
Positioning absolute div inside relative parent - webkit browsers
SQLite.NET Installer Project
How to convert a string to a byte array which is compiled with a given charset in Go?
Is the Singleton Class NetworkManager in Apple's Sample MVCNetworking correct?
Umbraco 5 implementing Ajax by adding new MVC Area
django.utils.timezone returning naive date?
Can we configure SharePoint with Windows Azure? [closed]
how to start an activity after my login Activity
How can I calculate the area of a bezier curve?
Java PrimeFaces - DualListModel iteration
HTML5 meter in mobile Safari
Is there any way to get cookie response quickly?
STAF automation framework
Android : How to read file in bytes?
pickerview and its selected value should be trimmed if comes 0
Populating data in appengine database from a csv file or spreadsheet from google docs
Magento CCAvenue Payment Integration [closed]
Strange Error in using template<class InputIterator> string (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end);
How come sql is slower straight after the DB has been created?
How to remove Gap between textbox and Keyboard in windows phone
running a script from another script
Usage of subprocess class in Python
Usage of subprocess class in Python
incompatible pointer type - why?
ArrayList rangecheck error
Table Associations with multiple id's in one field in CakePHP
Which opensource NoSQL DB/DataStore has a good Visualization tool also?
How to set default Xcode company identifier?
iOS - color on xcode simulator is different from the color on device
How I can create a button using javascript to delete an action (Facebook Open Graph)
Form not submitting files
How to associate deeply nested forms properly in Rails 3?
Jquery clone children
Subset sum recursion with c++
how to use html templates in CouchDB
How to make a page invisible for a period of time using jquery mobile
How to parse JSON into HighCharts line graph?
How do you create or find a 鈥渦serdata.img鈥�file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder
Query Regarding Maven Aspectj
CMD Line - Passing arguments to Command Line from C code
URL GET variable has a necessary hash symbol
Performance/technical issue with Google Chrome Frame? (for IE 8 and lower)
hop to hop communication
Creating Dictionary Application for mobile
autofill username and password in an HTML page opening in UIWebView
Where does the Transport Layer operate?
Android: Alarm to be play every 30 minutes and it start from 12:30
how to use netbeans ide and wamp server together for php project
IE9 strange black border
is there a cross-platform framework for c?
Why Nodejs serves a file with 80x more CPU usage than Nginx?
In what order does Python resolve functions? (why does string.join(lst.append('a')) fail?)
fusion tables limitation
MouseDragScrolling in Java
check what checkboxes are checked and then send an ajax request
jasypt with Hibernate
Codeigniter -> Select Menu Form Validation
Zoom image with effect ontouch android
SQL Server 2008 Configuration For Client Server VB.NET (Windows Form) Application
Java: Waiting for mouse input (click)
Error in rmagick installation in ruby and rails
Import from excel using c#
Mysql relating two tables with functions
Can I instantiate my Activity鈥nd should I?
Some string comes along with URL
An error with in the execution of an ajax
Displaying picture in Reminder notification for WP7
In jquery, what is the best selector to capture change event of a input with a class but also inside a ul with a certain Id?
Mule ESB 3.2 Splitter destroys Enricher results
Confirm box when browser/Tag close button clicks
Java multidimensional array and scanner novice Q
Java multidimensional array and scanner novice Q
Difference in string definition: 鈥溾� (empty string literal) vs String.Empty? [duplicate]
Getting 鈥渟tack level too deep鈥�error when deploying with Capistrano, Rails 3.1 ruby 1.9.2
ASP .Net MVC 3: Child Action and Redirect
If i run Mobile Flex app 鈥淥n Device鈥�mode.Does the device access the database from my computer
New Python Programmer Looking for Help to Avoid Recursion with tkinter
Correct and Incorrect Answer Count
Query to transform table in SQL
Whether a csv file present in a particular directory or not
How do you disable copy, paste, and print like Amazon's Kindle web e-reader?
Java: Guaranteed garbage collection using jlibs
Installing android SDK in eclipse offline
Adding custom handlers with AppleScript to command bar controls in MS powerpoint 2011
How to track traffic and page navigation for Rails app in Heroku
Related to usage of dll in java
Link appears in browser, but the test says it's not there
GWT 2.4 app can't find my CSS file whose classes are being used in code via UIObject.addStyleName
Open sitecore media library progmatically Issue
How to make home page as default page in
How to achieve phonegap application in android using senchatouch 2
How to count characters in array after while loop
Google Map key in Android?
How can I use SUM() OVER()
Android Airplane mode continuous toggling
How to find how an element is currently displayed?
How to determine if a customAttribute from a class is equals to another?
Refer to class variable in another class variable definition
Accessing localized error message from ASIHTTPrequest calls
CSS: How to center a bottom-fixed menu
Use quickCheck tests with Cabal?
SVG Path Element
How to program to solve Schrodinger Equation in 1D
Good Emulators/Simulators (Android, iOS) [closed]
align li tags with an auto width vs hard coding
Multiple sessions or one?
images changing the position of other elements on being zoomed
Use 32bit shared library from 64bit application?
Recursive function in PHP to walk through array
mysql insert query variable issues
Creating OAuth connection for Google Calendar API
Unable to pdf Search Contents While Zoom-in or Zoom-out
How to find an element within an element using the id of the element to be fetched and passed as parameters?
How do I use getline and stringstream to parse formatted date and time input?
Another malloc/free dilemma
Blackberry - Device SDK Version Information
iOS Xcode keyboard done button function
How to display text in top-down languages (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) on iOS and Android?
Link with Cocoa Framework from C++ and Objective-C++
Spotify Apps API Memory Leak
C: How to conditionally compile certain parts of code based on Compiler Type?
How to trigger custom cursor change on mousedown without mousemove event (jQuery)
layer-4 firewall functionalities
Ruby Thread with 鈥渨atchdog鈥�
Get the supported screen resolutions in XNA?
Textbox with decimal input improvement
get route direction between two location
How to set Background image in GLKViewController iPhone OpenGLES?
how to wait for user-interaction in a jquery-plugin (imagemapster)?
How use the filter of django Admin in my apps on my Projects
gzip compression using varnish cache
How do i generate release notes based on revisions in AnkhSVN?
How to compare two strings which having (谩,铆,盲) like characters in c#?
OpenGl ES 2D Android redraw
Easiest way to initialize a large number of variables
merge a tuple in python
How to load data in two section of table view iPhone
Applescript-able Cocoa : Reference to NSArray of objects?
Use JavaScript string as function name?
passing parameter using a click binding knockout.js
Best way to avoid out of memory exception in application
jQuery Accordion - Don't want the entire parent li to be clikcable, just the link text
Pop up while re-subscribing for product in sandbox environment
<a> inside <h2> or <h2> inside <a>? [duplicate]
Merging data SQL Query
Error when install ioncube on wampserver
How to read IPv6 address stored as a varbinary in MySQL?
Extjs 3.4 default zoom in value
Java thread goes to sleep when not in focus on OSX
Pass Types as arguments to a function in Haskell?
pivot table in mysql
GCD going back to main thread
radio buttons not working and application force closes
Why is a picture appearing blurry on the iphone (no scaling)
Are 鈥渟trings.xml鈥�string arrays always parsed/deserialized in the same order?
Why i can not get current_user while writing test case with Rspec and Capybara
iOS: MDM Check-in samples
Updating a JAR file with DotNetZip results in corrupt archive?
Abnormal behaviour of Visual Studio and Blend
Java EE - Getting InvocationTargetException while calling Remote Facade?
iOS Copy and Paste
Apex Test case for Email Class
Invoking Astyle on a string or a file via C#
Using HTML5 Audio with forms authentication in SAFARI
Random number generator method for linked list assignment
C++ refactoring to add a namespace to all classes and functions?
Where can I find the detail specifications of android virtual device or android emulator?
JQUERY + Find all <img> with an empty src tag
Why Facebook Send button not displaying?
Changing table type to InnoDB
Add to cart functionality with cookies is erasing all contents?
jQuery Hover image change animation
start a new R session in knitr
Error with crypto in Libjingle compile
Quickly returning to RootViewController
Does mongoose allow for multiple database requests concurrently?
Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=64 鈥淭he operation couldn鈥檛 be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 64.)鈥�
How to display Facebook friends profile images?
loadNibNamed:owner:options crashing app after conversion to ARC
How to create a pause menu for a simple side-scroller game in Java
File object not being modified by function
How to disable a linkbutton to prevent multiple submits
jQuery iterating over outputted Ci/Sql data
Domain .htaccess Redirect KEEPING LINKS
Website allows horizontal scroll for some reason
Play 2.0/Java - Is there a way to get the validation done post request data binding?
I have function but in firebug console it says its not a function where I am calling it?
how to send <!--more--> for blogger API?
Android: Keeping Image Visible Throughout Animation
iOS Tab Bar Interface
VS 2010 - I need extension for editing LESS stylesheets
Spring Batch Admin: Schedule new jobs through web GUI
Copy/Pasted Wordpress comment spam [closed]
Best way to read write to file when it is being used across multiple app domains
Crawling all wikipedia pages for phrases in python
Is there any way to use the information returned from tomcat server in Java EE in an applet / any java application?
Is there any way to use StaticResource in a WPF control library and be able to view at design-time?
How to manage a million records?
Knowing when DataBinding is completed
Why is this function/loop O(log n) and not O(n)?
arrays and listview for android (java)
How to use Typesafe Stack deb repo with Oracle Java 6 instead of OpenJDK?
How to set forecolor in TemplateField?
Get page_access_token
Unit test: assert not work?
Passing values from servlet to jsp
How to remove MISRA C errors/warnings on bitwise operations in firmware?
adding global objects to wpf application
Pass a parameter inside <f:event listener=鈥�{myBean.retrieveData(#{})鈥�gt;
Page layout changes slightly, no style changes
as3 youtube api screen going grey
What is the best method to read a folder sub directory and files in those sub directory?
Django {% url %} reverse not working
Mapping (x,y) co-ordinates to bits in a byte array - as quickly and efficiently as possible
Silverlight ToolKit Chart: Hide xaxis labels
CSS Sibling Elements Increased Spacing
How are virtual addresses translated?
Why 'self' method of module cannot become a singleton method of class?
testing session variables and db storage in cherrypy app
Azure Training Kit
can not route packets from one interface to another [closed]
Sorting with a list iterator
Is there a way to disable the xml warnings?
Does auto-sharding in MongoDB work on shards with many small collections/small databases
MVC DropDownList SelectedValue not displaying correctly
What HTML5 chart tool can I use to present change over time with different x values?
Jquery .one is not working on ajax loaded element
HTML - What kind of layout tags should I use to do a layout
Unable to send APN notifications with pyapns
PHP - using operators to compare array values
Android:how to send a message using bluetooth to multiple devices?
Rails and forms: drop down with range of numbers and Unlimited
How do I create a array of LinkedLists and initialize all of them to an empty string?
Resque: worker status is not right
Remove a key from a C++ map
Create multiple nodes inside Nokogiri::XML::Builder code block using a loop
Need floating point precision, GUI gui uses int
Can I stop a service synchronously?
NSFetchedResultsController section grouping by dynamic condition?
Synchronize time/events between game (MMORPG) client and server?
Why does gcc allow extern declarations of type void (non-pointer)?
PHP max DB connections reached - using Kohana/ORM to initiate connections
Algorithm for the each item
Whenever I scope the routes.rb I get an error in my rails app
Fade effect on display=鈥渂lock鈥�action in Javascript
Why won't this datamapper object save?
Jquery RegEx Validation
Importing data into Excel using XML and Excel Templates
Change touch input into mouse/keyboard input
shared prefrence stored value not working with in android onCreate()
How to use https?
How can I list the current users audiences in sharepoint 2010?
how does the iphone app Cardiographdetect heartbeat? [closed]
How to figure out what's slowing down the loading of the page
MYSQL SQL statement. Is this conditional query possible?
How to set default file encoding of source file in qt creator?
.getJson is not filling the array
show tooltip in galleria
Smashing Stack on Ubuntu 11.10
twitter bootstrap tabs access via external link
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of null error when onmouseover
Objective C - SecItemAdd has error:EXC_BAD_ACCESS (first time) and errSecDuplicateItem (second time)
ASP.NET Web API - Multiple POST methods on one controller?
How to recieve all uploaded files in the controller in single post e.g. at once in a List<>?
Best way to gather data from a website for an Android application
C# pinvoking CredWrite issue on Windows XP Pro
Initialize properties in Singletons in objective-c
Including assets in subdirectories with config.assets.precompile in Rails
Action method is :id with link_to?
iPhone application Icon not registering
Using Regex VS jQuery Replace
How to Detect Wrong Write
Program doesn't run, just restarts
Using malloc to create a 2d C style array of my class
Add to favourite
RSA finding the inverse of the public exponent
How to declare an array of pointers to int arrays?
iOS 5 - Camera Overlay Clone
is DCPU-16 assembler 'dat' with a string supposed to generate a byte or word per character?
Java Script simple function call (function not in scope)
Small assembly code sequence optimization (intel x86)
something wrong with my rails app deploy to heroku
Inserting a record into Access Database
Adding and removing dom sections with javascript
How do I use a CouchDB username in a URL rewrite?
CCSprite in cocos2d v2.0 rc0
Unable to access content in Apache /var/www
what is the correct way of uploading image to a specific url when i am downloading a image from a another url?
Kill all processes in a directory in Java (Windows)
How to automatically preselect (not just set the value) billing_state dropdown list to be the same as shipping_state dropdown list
Subscribe to remote queue using RabbitMQ
Replacing single character or multiples of character
TextMate for iOS development
Get total days in a list of dates C#
using mdls command to generate a metadata report
javascript focus() isn't focusing
How to insert multiple rows into a SQLite 3 table?
NSView failing to respond in a very simple program
How to import framework sources into an IDE
How to make a multi-user file server system with PHP?
Java, extract just the fractional part of a BigDecimal?
Processing CDATA from XML via DOM parser
Why are iterators causing very slow debugging in VS2010 even with _HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING, _SECURE_SCL, _SECURE_SCL_THROWS set to 0
An efficient integer one dimensional dithering function?
ANR errors --鈥�ANR keyDispatchingTimedOut
SOLVED: nginx caching $scheme? some keepalive setting?
Filtering between two datefield on django
Python/iptables: Capturing all UDP packets and their original destination
Using C#, how do I close malformed XML tags?
Can a windows driver access the page table of a process?
Should I use session variables to prevent infinite web form popups?
Branching options menu
Python C-API PyUnicode_FromString
JUnit Database Testing and Ordering of Tests
Cross-domain request with jQuery and JSON not working in Internet Explorer (security issue?)
CSS font looks weird in opera
Execute multiple Powershell commands from C# containing variable
On the phone task_for_pid() rights are marshalled done by the kernel?
Using Eclipse with Play Framework 2.0
This c# code smells..seems like there should be a cleaner way to write this
CSS/JS for Circular cropping of an image
CSS/JS for Circular cropping of an image
How do I turn off tinyint boolean emulation in Rails 3.2.2?
Sorting a List by two variables
Changing background-color on hover not working properly using jquery
Treelike structure stored in a database
Adding a image view in Android
Reading a file in java by a delimeter
How to exclude something from being replaced by gsub()
Diverting gpu output via c/c++ libraries
Regarding two lines of java code
HTML5 Canvas rendering oddly
Ambiguous Overloaded Functions - How and Why?
how to remove the gap between the inline-block elements
Error when serializing EF Code First 5.0 data in WebAPI Controller
Set maximum bar width in ExtJS 4 column chart?
Point sub domain to folder in root directory
Application.Shutdown() fails from ContextMenu
receive a segmentation error when printing out words of array
HTML/CSS Icons as fonts usage - Hover change of color
Syntax error on token(s), misplaced construct(s) ***Android error***
[picker dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; not working
Authentication in a mobile app
5000px+ Wide Horizontal Scrolling?
Sqlite - default timestamp to be `now + a few days`
setContentView not recognizing .xml page
For a multi platform client end, do I NEED WCF or can I get by with MVC 3?
permutations of lists python [duplicate]
Printing Out a String Stored in an Array of DWORDS
In Eclipse, Eclemma coverage view not being shown
Delphi Programming Manual
Assign this keyword in C# [closed]
Grails Spring Security Plugin Image Access Control
how to add single item to observablecollection
A recursive check for a winner in TicTacToe using a two-dimensional array? [closed]
Get all possible unique combinations of values from multiple lists in ColdFusion
Query builder join on many to many relationship
Dojo query descendants?
Setup a test environment on my local machine using Visual Studio
strange rotation values
Location of socket() function implementation in linux
How to inpect the registers value on a specific call stack frame in windbg
what could be the correct regex for reading first few bytes in fixed size fron file and reading remaining bytes from first regex's (.*) part in ruby?
Implementing 鈥渟elect on focus鈥�behavior for an Eclipse Text control
JSP imported class implementation not resloving type
Creating PDF file using byte array c#/
Android: How to record keystroke?
Where can I find a multicore (more than one *physical* processor) to test my library?
C# and interet explorer automation
Tracking down the assumptions made by SciPy's `ttest_ind()` function
Return error: not all code paths return a value
Clojure : Documentation syntax, regarding when-let and if-let
read text from textarea, modify text with ruby, and output modified text
CD command not working as supposed to
How to delete an object from its pointer?
iPhone - Poor Performance of a UITableView with a UIScrollView of UIImageViews in each cell
Insert XML from Nokogiri xml builder block into another using a method call
Where is texture tool located in Xcode 4.3.1?
Porting Mono to .Net
How do a specify get_absolute_url() on a view when the model isn't clear?
How can I emulate SMS and Telephony on Android-x86?
where is the address that a function pointer stores
network map drive not accessible
Objective-C - Read-only variable is not assignable?
open vi with passed file name
Eclipse doesn't recognize already existent projects I'm attempting to import and improperly imports projects?
Why do child elements cause 'dropleave' to be called (drag-n-drop file upload)?
VIM syntax folding : disable folding multi-line comments
Unable to run XCode 3 app on Lion 10.7.3
eclipse plugin dev: how to open a custom editor from a cnf (on double click).
Pointer to local variable in C++ [duplicate]
Choosing between mobile app platform (i.e. phonegap) and native code for 2D game [closed]
How can I cancel the selected cell highlighted backgroundcolor when UITableView is editting
Xcode Code Sign error: Provisioning profile 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX' can't be found
How to get the permission in NDK
Change The Value of a Field in a Multidimensional Array in PHP
In-App Purchase Programming - iPhone - Can this unlock content on my web site community too?
c# how to add contextMenuStrip item at runtime?
Setting a custom variable in Google Analytics after _trackPageview is called
Playing random sound with Xcode
Python script dies when I paste multiline text into input prompt
Backbone.js fetch callback
Facebook developer want application to be visible in Application and Games
Kohana module restify URL
Authorisation issues with app
Do I need to convert my swc libs to spark components to create a mobile app?
InvalidProgramException using Entity
Cannot read property of undefined
jqueryui dialog not able to `select()` input in firefox 11
Passing parameters to class that implements LazyDataModel
Selecting TableView cell returns incorrect object
How do I prevent a continuous loop from ending
Database design for tracking progress over time
add element to predefined xml document
IE 9 Like Button Error
what type of array of CFBundleIconFiles
How to fill enclosed area in the Bitmap object with a color
For loop to seperate a string with spaces (Java)
What do the nodes, groups, and values mean in the JSON for a d3 force-directed graph?
Form as HMVC widget
How to terminate a qt programming if initialization failed?
How to realloc the words of array?
Doctrine query in Symfony 1.4, not sure what I am doing wrong here
Perl Modules For Google Search And Fetching? [closed]
num2hex vs dec2hex in MATLAB
CouchDB view is accessible, but won't run query
C Program: how can result of 1st few lines of code change based on what happens much later in program?
When should I user before_filter vs helper_method?
Savingg a String using SharedPreferences
Mobile page automatically scaling everything when I change to landscape
Which video encoding algorithm should I use for a video with just one static image and sound?
understanding caching js file on server side using php
Multiple solvers in Excel Macro
How to adapt my web page to different browser and different resolution?
YouTrack Connector for different clients
C# IDisposable correct usage and call
Android streaming sound
AzureXplorer - local blob storage - unexpected hidden fies when manually creating folders
Inheritance: method getting its doc string from the parent class
How do you set the Customvalidation in Metadata file, If the Metadata is in different Model project
PHP DOM: Get all text values
Objective C - Custom setter with ARC?
facelet dataTable: method not found in backing bean, trying to send instance back to bean
How to manage assets for modern/ancient browsers
Xcode: viewDidUnload bracket notation instead of dot-notation
How do I add a title attribute to the nodes of my force-directed graph generated by d3?
How can I set VideoView size?
android: can get location with LocationManager with Samsung Galaxy S2 in 30 seconds
how many images can I cache in my iPhone app?
How do I do a QR decomposition on an object of class 鈥渟parseMatrix鈥�in the Matrix package?
creating special data objects in r
how to display posts in a single file like 鈥渁rticle.php?id=鈥�after link clicked in another file [closed]
How should I debug Android ksoap2 errors?
How do I resolve this <unresolved overloaded function type> error when using std::function?
My XML file is not being by Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
Perl: Using Algorithm::Loops
pixel to pixel transformation
Defining path directions on D*Lite
PHP htmlentities allow <b> and <i> only
unknown column xxx in where clause using joins, group by and fulltext
got EndpointNotFoundException when consuming WCFService in A webrole from B webrole
Too many parallel nested transactions
prefix notation string to int conversion
CSS Image hover works horizontally but not vertically
Qt physics scene multithreading
error editext it cannot focus perticular thing in customized layout(from mysql database) in base adapter
How to 'un-cache' ajax-loaded html when user leaves page
php file to pdf
API management of 鈥渕emorialized鈥�profiles [closed]
Node.js + Express + simpledb; 鈥淭ypeError: Cannot read property 'Errors' of null鈥�when trying to list domains
How to pass an entire object to a controller with Javasctipt / AJAX in MVC?
Using DLL references of WCF service in another WCF service
Initial Value with Form not working
Why is my XML reader reading every other element?
Searching tabs with grep
atof changing values of global array
showing sum in last row of table using mysql
Java Else If Block Not Working Correctly
Why python multi-threading and Queue does not help accelerate reading a big number of files?
OpenCV Cascade Classification with Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOGs) feature type
Add external extension by using registry
Getting Context of 鈥渢his鈥�inside a class and assigning to a class pointer TheClass*
Delphi XE2 VCL styles, updating caption blocks other controls invalidation
Flip, Grow, and Translate Animation
How to detect .NET WPF memory leak or GC long run?
Hiding variables passed on php GET?
Show part of Image (sub-image in image strip) without squishing it?
What is meant by the term 鈥渓ocal object variable鈥�
Tower Git GUI says working directory is clean but can't switch branches - 鈥淵our working tree contains changes鈥�error
Get the 鈥渕aximum value entered by user鈥�
(ASP.NET ) multiple buttons in a single form and want to access the clicked button id
null pointer exception when trying to access class
MySQL: Many writes to table intended to fail. Bad idea?
CSS Hover and Javascript works on one page and not the other?
Javascript: is leveraging a local reference to yourself acceptable coding practice?
Any idea why my usercontrol isn't centering in my tabcontrol?
Solr Spatial Distances Wrong
Able to Upload Binary to iTunes Connect from China?
Attaching third party thread to vm when using jni
Why does OracleAQ Leave Dead Subscribers in the Queue?
How to combine the data from two CSV files in BASH?
Open all links with jQuery .load
onOptionsItemSelected issue
Seg fault when saving data using boost::serialization
I currently have a accelerometer action that displays a image but won't clear/reset
What is the difference between onSelectionChanged, onActiveChanged and onActivated?
Jquery Selector
How to change video from private to public YouTube API with Gdata for iOS App
Structured way to organize CSS code
In android, how do I call myself programmatically?
PHP mail() using a variable
What can I do if Google Maps v3 autocomplete for one location does not work?
Designing a user interface in Canvas using HTML5
Changing Facebook Oauth redirect url
iOS - Observer to observe tableView dequeue Reusable Cell
How can I change the Django Admin Static Files url?
Not getting field_with_errors for some reason
How Do I Resolve 鈥淎 specified Include path is not valid鈥�
How do you get the initial scale ratio of an UIView contained within a UIScrollView?
how and where can i place my header() so that my if else condition can run a number of times?
Iphone lock screen application
How do you get the initial scale ratio of an UIView contained within a UIScrollView?
how and where can i place my header() so that my if else condition can run a number of times?
Iphone lock screen application
Is it possible to make a bit map image transparent in libreoffice? [closed]
InstallShield 2012: Trying to run an InstallScript custom action during uninstall but getting error
Controlling @font-face Browser Download
How to extend Twitter Bootstrap image carousel for dynamically sized, centered images
How to specify tags when uploading video to Facebook using the Graph API
jQuery switch class after animation not working
how to display text and bind to primary key in MVC 3 comboboxfor
how create a series of keys
Eclipse: svn:externals in cross-platform Phonegap folder structure?
Layout setup with fragments
LINQ to select items in collections with differing types
Permanent HTTP Redirection for Browsers
LAN based app - How to connect without static IP?
How much time should be spent doing garbage collection
Ternary Numbers, regex
Flash builder:Strange behavior on Datagrid
Python urllib simple login script
How to bind multiple textbox with ViewModel array string property?
Convert html element to dojo Node?
How do I properly use .NET Data Annotations for data validation in WPF with a WCF backend?
Filter django queryset including a specific object in manytomany field
Rendering a new view when a button is clicked
Understanding and Implementing a Force based graph layout algorithm
鈥渉ide keyboard鈥�button not hiding the keyboard on iPad simulator
Closing a QDialog launched from a mouseReleaseEvent RightClick causes a blank context menu to appear
static instance variable for multiple objects - c++
Chrome webkitRequestFileSystem and the file:// protocol
Retrieve IMAP headers for select list of emails?
Need Help Deciding Between Delphi XE2 Enterprise or Delphi XE2 Professional [closed]
how to store a file link not only in a file input, but also in the hidden input?
Start programs in the background and kill them as soon as one of them dies with an exit code
Methods of sharing Information on Windows 8 Applications
What is an example scenario in which you would 'need' prototyped functions vs internal functions?
Browser Feature Detection with NGINX
java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError in Struts with hibernate
LKM: Last block written to device
Access Facebook event photos
Node.js with Handlebars.js on server and client
slideUp related UI design
HTML Box Model Not Right
How do I iterate this JSON view model using Knockout.js foreach binding?
Using Arrays in Singleton Class to Pass Data Between View Controllers IOS?
Can I rotate a UIView without the black bars?
Haskell QuickCheck best practices (especially when testing type classes)
how java thead pool executor deals with interrupted thread
MS Access and auto-compete
XCode breaks managedObjectModel?
Haskell QuickCheck best practices (especially when testing type classes)
how java thead pool executor deals with interrupted thread
MS Access and auto-compete
XCode breaks managedObjectModel?
Firebug request with double 鈥�鈥�after FTP transfer
browser game map
Thrift as a Public API replacement for REST?
Sorting months in sql
How can I put titles in ViewPager using fragments?
Using Google App Engine with GoDaddy Domain
How to remove data- elements from html
eclipse checkstyle custom checks with maven
Make TimeWithZone objects lazy in Rails
Piping filenames from grep to function
Is it possible to use Microsoft.Web.Administration to manipulate IIS 7 on cloud-based Appharbor or Azure?
Make sure that the class defined in this code file matches the 'inherits' attribute
Java - Statically defined character lists
Constructing a complicated rails query (or simple, i might just be dumb)
How do I create a Python pypi package with a C library?
How to show one of the many divs with the same id using jquery?
ASP.NET MVC book/tutorial for a Non-EF/LINQ/ORM Developer
How can I force a component on a TFrame to have it's own event handler?
Python introspection: access function name and docstring inside function definition
How to group by sum of measurement variables without explicitly naming them?
Python cgi script inserts only integers into mysql database
SQL LocalDB Open in SQL Mgmt Studio Run Script
Send email with Sendgrid WebAPI and Cron PHP
Rails3-autocomplete-jquery multiple autocomplete method in one controller rails3
How to increment values on .clone() in jquery
Can using a IP-address-sensitive view counter carry too much workload for MYSQL/PHP?
PHP Strip numbers
find all descendants of a parent using recursive merge function or something else?
How to find 'masked' assertions in MS Code Contracts
cakephp puts the checkbox on separate lines
Passing objects to other objects - via methods or constructor?
Position li elements to cover their parent ul border to make tabs?
Calling a segue in one class from another class
Maintaining a Linked List in File
Securing php to database comms
RapidJSON library getting a value inside an array by its index
Send dbMail from SQL Server 2000 with Tabular structured data?
Cannot cast HTMLInputElementClass to HTMLButtonElementClass with IE automation?
How to handle a single 鈥�鈥�(dash) in OptionParser? [duplicate]
Jquery drag drop z-index
Split a String into Two Variables By Seperator
Select source from photo
jquery ui autocomplete: how to match 鈥渨hitespace鈥�seperated query with accurate 鈥渃omma鈥�seperated record
Android classes not working
Giant Char or multiple Chars for console game map?
How to put List in to the comboBox AddRange?
Losing Class information when I use apply in R
Replace part of a string in Python? [duplicate]
Running a jQuery from a different page
Bootstrap collapsed header flickers on first click
Mediawiki Multilevel Transclusion
Assistance with error using OAuth2 to login to google for iPhone
Analyze/visualize GC usage patterns between two versions of a program?
XPathNavigator.Select (鈥渟elf::node()/../..[@numberOfLocationsAdded!='0']鈥�
Complete Class at Cursor Not Working
Invoke a subclass method from arraylist
How to write a test case for a method returning object
Point of Sale and Inventory database schema
Carrierwave + RSpec testing
What's the right way to put lists within a paragraph in HTML5?
Asynchrony poisoning 鈥�I can't be the only sufferer
Urgent- Issues in specifying tracks while updating a playlist on soundcloud
Eclipse: How to prompt user to choose an application to open a file with?
How to map inheritance discriminator as composite key in Entity Framework?
Android SDK & AVD Managers in Eclipse on Fedora 16 - no close window button
FourSquare venue search limit parameter capping out at 20?
BlueCove Bluetooth Device Discovery
How to detect someone tapping outside of a UIImageView
Rails::Engine routes not being loaded in production environment
Add variable into (specify text field) on the previous page
Flex binds to embeded Arial font variable called private var arial:String?
Can I use PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer to perform replacement of properties on String at runtime?
Commit to Tortoise SVN after Hudson build?
preg_replace exclude 鈥渟tarts with鈥�
Silverlight, EF4, WCF RIA: An object with a null EntityKey value cannot be attached to an object context?
Sql - How to make this query
How can a Windows service application be written in Haskell?
How to achieve multiple relations per database column in a RDBMS
Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Chapter 8.3 - website form showing twice
How can I stack two same-sized canvas on top of each other?
Sqlite error code 1, msg syntax error
Opening a URL from a JButton in simple Java Program?
Why is not named parameters more used in C++?
How do i change the value of an object from an inner method?
Resize all elements including draggable images on a screen upon window resize in javascript or jquery accessing a unix box via ssh
PHP CMS Overload [closed]
How to increase Azure ACS login timeout
new find view is being processed as new create request
Binary string to byte[] in C++?
How to replace the space between two words with a hyphen if the first and last letter of the two words matches a particular pattern?
How to detect duplicate entries in a boost::property_tree
Custom Table Cell Loading Data Objective C iOS -
In an ExtJS Grid, how do I get access to the data store fields that are part of the sort set
Simple Ruby Program鈥elp Needed
strnlen not declared in this scope on iOS 4.2.1
'alt' inside span
Android - Force close when no sd card is present
street view and googlemaps
Ruby OptionParser empty switch 鈥�鈥�behavior
How to write Makefile where target and source files have the same extension?
While loop returning data
How to return object of private inner class object java
Can't figure out the reason for this segmentation fault
Ranking rows using SQL Server Rank function without skipping a rank number
Under MongoDB java driver Mapreduce command scope; add functions to Scope
iOS - UITableView Non-Static background image
Distributed DNS system with API
objective-c beginner: getter setter prob and EXC_BAD_ACCESS error
Node.js Base64 Image decoding and writing to file
need to use hadoop native
GAE: How to redirect?
isBluetoothA2dpOn not working correctly
Using Mac OS X (Xcode 4.1) for FreeBSD development
How do I change the APXS environment variable?
Custom delegate in PySide
C# IDisposable Class, proper usage of Dispose, getting error 'dispose' takes 1 argument
Placing a text over an image
iPhone Cannot get Xcode to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.3
Android app permissions in
Using redirect_to and passing extra params
-initWithContentsOfFile: for an NSMutableArray
class not found exception Class.forName(鈥渃om.mysql.jdbc.Driver鈥� in webservice
sencha touch - hide titlebar of an Ext.navigation.View
lambda to expression tree
Seuqentially FadeIn and FadeOut Elements Nested in DIVs
List of verticies from OpenGL program to something importable
Commit file to github and then unstage because it contains sensitive data
Segmentation Fault in Binary Tree
wireless connection between mobile device and pc
Why should I use Entity Framework codefirst if it can't be used in production safely and things like indexes can't be described
Android ListView pass data to another listview
Scrape website to retrieve certain li elements
What is the appropriate Racket/Scheme idiom for this code?
php login form without database just a text file
How to get the result of a subprocess operation in node.js
Java: How to promptly stop HttpURLConnection.getInputStream?
Does ActiveRecord find_all_by_X preserve order? If not, what should be used instead?
Allow multiple directory trees to be layered on top of each other. Is this possible?
PDF Rendering issues in IE 8 & above using ASP.Net
No current context
c# Entity Framework - linq to entity query with subquery
What is the difference between spring-context and spring-core dependencies?
Passing Credentials From Desktop Application to Django App
How to make video view go off screen?
Check xml tags for certain values and transform - Best practice
Check xml tags for certain values and transform - Best practice
A better way to fill a hash with values
How to bind a Canvas element in XAML to a Canvas property in code behind?
Quad-port ram from single or double port ram? [closed]
How to bind enter key to callback in Javascript without slowing down the typing?
Send email using php and html forms
fancybox image sometimes renders outside box
writing into csv file
Adding an unknown number of JComponents to a JPanel
folder deleting not working
Identifying the parts of this typedef struct in C?
PHP & AJAX SEO - For users with javascript and non javascript
How can I install ruby on rails with rvm?
importing pywiiuse to test out
Accessing memory buffer after fread()
How to subscribe for child event only in YUI3 widget-parent/child?
Quartz.Net Job Creation on the fly
Passing data between android ListActivities in Java
ThreadPool of CLI Processes
Loop through Map in Groovy?
Working with dynamic prepared statements in PDO
digital signature on android
EF Code First - How to Model This?
Setting the encoding on an inputstream
Running a script from a script in android
How to merge branches in Git by 鈥渉unk鈥�
Is there a way in Java to detemine if a method is called in a static initializer (or not)?
Htaccess - Redirect by referrer meta name=鈥渄escription鈥�with apostrophe
DOM parsing Android
How do I keep users from spoofing data through a form?
EasyMock 2.5 doesn't work for more than one argument capture
PCRE is compiled without UTF support
Slow page load in wordpress sidebar
Event system with use of function<void (boost::any)> good idea?
When trying to run unittest, djutils complains it cannot import Highlighter.highlight
Why won't this CSS sheet render?
How do I supply the login to a wordpress site through a url?
How do I tell if Python's Multiprocessing module is using all of my cores for calculations?
Making Glow effect to font
c# delegate not working as it should?
Proper and secure way to symmetrically encrypt strings in iOS 3+
Where do I find the keymap for linux?
鈥淎n internal error occurred鈥�when trying to commit to git from eGit in Eclipse
Jquery building multiple timers and .each(function() {
Backbone events not firing & general feedback on use of the framework
gawk to read last bit of binary data over a pipe without timeout?
Is there a reason not to use <=> (null safe equals operator) in mysql instead of =?
Securing Controller Actions by User in Grails
Ambiguous conversion in dynamic_cast
Securing Controller Actions by User in Grails
Ambiguous conversion in dynamic_cast
Combining ASP.NET controls with CSS
Regex: Matching character set specific number of times
Remove class attribute from HTML using Python and lxml
Is there a way to stop cruise control from processing during specific times?
Extracting a number from a 1-word string
If tuples are described as sequence types, why is a tuple of length 1 treated as a scalar?
How do I make a overflow:scroll div have the same height of its container? Details inside
Changing the name of an html download [duplicate]
Django low-level cache api is not working in specific case
Noob help; setting up Android environment
android tablet emulator not starting with 1024 ram size
building small GUI engine: visible vs. addChild/removeChild
Android BroadcastReceiver makes app crash when app is not working
Reference control from datamethod in generated design
How to determine the opengl version under windows?
SQL Server ORDER BY [aggregation] DESC/ASC
Combine two MYSQL queries
How can I tell the difference between a post from a browser, and someone trying to post programmatically
Random forest on a big dataset
Audio Spectrum Effect iOS/Android
If I set up a Heroku custom domain, will it still be accessible under its address? [closed]
How can I catch errors thrown by my jsdom.jqueryify callback?
replace value of variable in another class
gallery script only functioning on certain pages
Django get url path without using 鈥渞equest.path鈥�
Route subdomain-rich requests to area view in MVC 3 application
Why is android trying to read an xml layout file from the /res/layout when I have created the layout in code?
Send Dynamic PHP HTML With Sendgrid Web API
X11 : How to Render Continuously
Use chrome with Selenium 2.0 with C#
How do I get my thumbnails to scroll left and right on click with jquery?
Uploading multiple/large files
How to inherit events between objects
Binding autocomplete to a dynamically added form field
Adsense flexibility for holy grail fluid layout?
Recursive replace from a table of characters
Example for NSAttributedString with NSStrikethroughColorAttributeName
Application posts are invisible in iPhone
Java vector<object> class method access
Dynamically create new textbox when another is filled in
Is there way to check in iOS was application downloaded before or not?
how to connect ( pull data ) from one server to ( insert into - create table ) another server using pdo in php-mysql , possibly fetch ?
Some Help Understanding Window Object [duplicate]
Why is the success message not working in this jquery ajax?
How can you detect the time zone in Silverlight?
how to pick records an hour apart from one another in sql server
ActionBarSherlock + Maps + Loaders = java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
What is this cast code doing?
Comparing a float and an int in Python
totaling hours by month for split weeks using linq
Mysql query syntax failing
Google Earth Plugin Crash on Click
Proper Facebook Canvas Redirect
Tools to convert multipage PDF to multipage TIFF
JQuery: Unwanted animation slowdown
Custom List view (checkbox issue) 鈥etOnCheckedChangeListener
nomore UDID - how to store settings for push notification per device?
SO_PEERCRED vs SCM_CREDENTIALS - why there are both of them?
How to receive sms from our android app?
Qt: Listing file aliases in the directory
Mapping RestKit Post Response
Custom WCF Service for SharePoint 2010
How do you find variable and function definitions in Anjuta?
Properway to dispose of class in Parallel.Foreach
Standards for a well-separated PHP application
Saving an image from HTML form in MVC 3 C#
fetching ordered pair of values
passing a variable from user form into class
Trying to use CSS class Together with Nth- child selector
Delayed_job in rails raising 'nil object' error
Using class << self, when to use classes or modules?
Communication Exception with my WCF Service SL4 app
How to unobtrusively bind a function to an element's click when the element was created with AJAX
Height:100% not working despite being applied to html, body, and all wrap elements
What's Squeryl syntax for exclusion (i.e. != )?
Running Activity Not Brought to Front From Widget
Is it possible to save changes to a list, dictionary etc without creating output file?
How to declare a Class<?> object such that is is an Enum AND an Interface in Java
RelativeLayout's attribute alignWithParentIfMissing not giving expected result
Create a Campaign landing page for first visit
how to get a value in a list on a checkboxlist control and use it to validate
Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial (3.2) - Chapter 5 Rspec issue
xpath count function
linq list string like
Finding missing Maven artifacts
Cannot access Map inside a Map using JSTL
Python rpyc can not run a psutil command remotely
Best way to include CSS? Why use @import?
Printing from Vim colors too bright
Regular expression in python to capture multiple forms of badly formatted addresses
Comments that belong_to Post and belong_to User
How to verify that serialized JSON is correct in Python/C# in a unit test?
MKOverlay sometimes disappears
iOS 5 Trying to pushViewController from modal view
The easiest way to remove the bidirectional recursive relationships?
Excel to SQL Code: Cannot find Column 8 Error
How can I get implicit type conversions from string members of anonymous types to strongly-typed controller actions?
In Vim, is it possible to open a file in specify opened split window?
How can I get implicit type conversions from string members of anonymous types to strongly-typed controller actions?
In Vim, is it possible to open a file in specify opened split window?
Dependant menus in php using java script method?
internal compiler error using iOS block format
Run javascript one time
I can't get my search form and result views to render - using Thinking-sphinx along side existing search
Haskell: Parsing a file with Parsec and IO
hash function that works identically on ColdFusion MX7 and PHP 5.x?
JSF 2.0 and Primefaces with Facelets
some troubles with nio
Integrating Java with Scala: Extending from Scala classes
How to mark mails as read using ImapX lib? C#
Selecting a random row that hasnt been selected much before?
Can't Deserialize a Json String to an object containing an object containing an array of objects
Measuring time of process and its children
Looking for Django any() and all() on querysets
Shopify. Collecting all variants but only displaying one of each same variant
Traversal of an n-dimensional space
Is it better to use embedded javascript or a separate .js file in an MVC3 view?
format in ZXing?
Stopping JUnit suite if particular test fails
Hiding offset in pagination
Fastest Way to compare if a value is in Range
Validates presence of each other in two associated models
primitive accessors in this example
How can I save a tab thumbnail to local storage?
Show a paneloverlay when ever a checkbox is checked
How do I successfully interpolate Ruby inside the CSS attribute of a HAML %li HTML tag?
MySQL Database Design - Specific Case, Columns or additional table?
Homebutton overwritten, but still finishing when optionmenu is open
Big-O notation for a pairing operation
Change ToolStripDropDownButton Text by Selecting Item
Accessing website from server on internet
Allocating Memory In A Function To Return to User
EntityManger flushmode in JDBC
Connect to web-service
UITabBars and UITableViews. Keeping the Tab bar on screen when a table cell is clicked
Filtering request in Zend Router
Set a range of bits in a circular bit field
How to get a data.frame into a multidimensional array in R?
Where does this SSMS context menu option to script data come from?
SeverSocket stops accepting
How to update a model's 鈥渦pdated_at鈥�field only for a subset of column updates?
How to read two strings from the same line in Pascal?
Uploading automatically Wordpress?
Checking a function input is supplied in R
C# AsEnumerable Function
How I can remove new lines only inside the HTML tags
Eclipse opening files with full path when debugging PHP
Apache server module installation: How do I resolve an apxs error?
How to create $_FILES array from url
Java isRollover() method does not produce an event in my swing application
call php function from image onclick?
PyTables said missing, preveting VITables to be installed
TSQL - multiple Count from DOB in single query
MVC ListBox not passing data to Action
tmux run command - 鈥渞eturned 126鈥� what does that mean?
C++ Template Class with Static Members - Same for all types of the class
How do you embed resource files in C?
Android: Toggle Accelerometer Rotation State Setting
Dynamic-memory-allocation of an array within a struct,
Android ViewAnimator Expand Height
Scheme quicksort - Exception: attempt to apply non-procedure (1 2 3 4 5 7 鈥�
MS-Access 2003: how to combine query criteria that depend on different tables
How to visualize an algorithm without changing the code of that algorithm?
Storing big numbers over 9,000 digits in Python
Batch process parameters
Cannot Detect Orientation on Load 鈥�iPad
Global variable can't be assigned in Python
how to create linked server to .dbf in sql 2008?
capture user experience upon exception
Line of C code causes a segmentation fault on a completely irrelevant line of code
Tutorials on Dojo events
Is there any way to emit attachment data in a couchdb view
SQL: How to delete row meeting criteria from another table
Modifying a Compiled Static Library
Transpose values and key in python dictionary when values are not unique
How can I log HTTP::Async communication in Perl?
Post to a Facebook page (not user page) using Koala
Open File Dialogs - setting the InitialDirectory location?
SimpleModal Popup for posts not working with posts called by ajax
How to return a list of objects in Amazon S3 using PHP in a particular order + magento + quickbooks
Converting a string representation of a constant into a constant?
unique validation not working, how do I..?
how to automate a series of search and replace operation in Notepad++
How do I make a local site on IIS 7? I'm missing a step and it's killing me
Download file from AppHarbor
Return String value from Activity to a Fragment
Handlebars.js not replacing tags
Combining two Iterables using standard library 鈥�or 鈥�map with multiple Iterables
XNA 4.0 Finding Room Algorithm issue
Is it possible to cast the Elapsed Time function to Integer?
Alternative for CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION on shared server with open_basedir ON
Does Canvas.getClipBounds allocate a Rect object?
How could I outline Text font?
Make index.php catch all URLs while inside a directory?
Error: node.js not compiled with openssl crypto support
Prevent or Predict Out of memory exception
Datetime subtract, datespan divide