Effective query with multiple conditions
Website Payments Pro (Paypal) Iframe
How can I prompt the user for a folder using a FolderBrowserDialog or something like it?
How to prevent adding same data from textField to database?
REST service with Spring 3 on JDK6 HTTP Server
Can I use Uri.Builder from Android SDK in Google App Engine (Java Project)
Create a href url with php variable + javascript variable
How to get a more declarative string for VBScript errors
Facebook SSO in ios5
How to get the longest string in a QStringList?
How to stop allowing same Primary Key
jQuery scroll show hidden content
Android NDK makefile: Add recursive header search path
ImportError: No module named mbtiapp.models
Serialization/deserialization ClassCastException: x cannot be cast to java.io.ObjectStreamClass
Artificially populate HttpContext object in a Console application
Rails 3.2 - Query
Autocomplete searchbar stops working after adding Google Maps Weather layer
return a single string value from a Stored procedure without using the Output parameters
Python CSV homework program
interpolate Vim function arguments and shell commands
I need help partitioning arrays and Deques of Strings using the partition step of the Quicksort algorithm
Retrieving images from MySQL DB and saving to server directory using PHP
wpf combobox key/value dictionary
get function name inside it
Possible to Unpickle class instances after being converted from old to new style?
UILabel won't display in app
Validation: Excluding Regexps
Zend Studio 9 tabbing with new line
C++ Members fail to update
How to check if a table exists and return a value (0/1) if it doesn't without using a stored procedure?
rails app deploy error - 'blueprint/screen.css isn't precompiled'
Android Verifier failure due to class length?
Simulating WM_GESTURE events
How to stop/playback the video
Comparing a Boolean object to a boolean primitive [closed]
Use another form datatable
App Crashes on Startup with iOS 5 - Cannot Reproduce
Read embedded object in Jackson
Render Buffer on Screen in Windows
CALayer Position Contents to Bottom Left
Tabs-like behaviour in iPhone app
Validate field is unique compared to another field in same form
How can my IOS app know when the multitask bar is shown?
Table overflow working in Chrome and IE but not Firefox
Rails - displaying loader while the AJAX request is in progress
JavaScript; Asynchronous actions, callbacks and too much recursion
OpenCL - how to spawn a separate math process on each core
Trouble binding a checkable MenuItem to parent Window's Topmost (always on top) property
How can my IOS app know when the multitask bar is shown?
Table overflow working in Chrome and IE but not Firefox
Rails - displaying loader while the AJAX request is in progress
JavaScript; Asynchronous actions, callbacks and too much recursion
OpenCL - how to spawn a separate math process on each core
Trouble binding a checkable MenuItem to parent Window's Topmost (always on top) property
iOS: Parsing a xml from HTTP using NSXMLParser for
Umbraco on Azure
How do I stop audio from continuing to play after removing video tag with jQuery?
Copy a file to a new location and increment filename, python
Transaction speeding up processing
Simple Value / Index for Static ComboBox in WPF
Getting a dict of all the blocks in a Jinja2 template
Clear div content
Folder Action to resize images in Leopard 10.5.8
Django form validation using MaxValueValidator with dynamic values
Android TableLayout does not scroll vertically
table of contents in ssrs
jQuery Spinner Control Appears Below Text Box
Deploying VB.NET program can't find dlls in same folder
Ignored silent flag in a test run
Python: Setting an alarm outside of the main thread
VMWare virtual machine will not boot [closed]
IE Not Applying Styles
Plot fitted line within certain range R
Wrapping multiple statements in braces
How to get game center achievements description
LINQ Query to mimic IS IN
How does one correctly implement a MediaTypeFormatter to handle requests of type 'multipart/mixed'?
Javascript pass object to function issue
don't return null 鈥�what to return for search function
Non-fatal IronPython NumPy Exceptions
sorting a table in lua based on an inner tables value
Error using intermediate variable to access Spreadsheet::Read sheets
Make input of type field send data in base64 rather than binary
Exact string match with javascript regex
Custom icon for IE9 Toolbar buttons
How to select all fields plus some new fields in LINQ?
C# - add 1 week to current date
jscript play button works in iphone but not ipad
HTML: Float inside of a float
Gradle provided dependencies present in war
iAd device rotation causes 'may be obscured' warning
How to exclude weekends data in a whole month?
How does intellij's Maven filtering support work?
Client-Server TCP communication
Prevent Observer method called twice
Using PHP with Windows
JButton unresponsive to actionListener
Arrow Operator vs. Dot Operator [closed]
PageMethods.Method not being called from javascript
Apply velocity to only one axis (X or Y) in Box2d?
PhoneGap FileTransfer to Java Servlet
iOS Over The Air installation fails when plist file is secured by Forms Authentication
Error with sequence argument when using QtConcurrent map
How to include PEAR packages by only including the PEAR.php file?
Themes for Dart Editor
Best utility Rails gem to help you code / debug [closed]
How do update an attribute when any of the attributes of an entity changes in CoreData?
Android NFC both ways
Visual Studio 2010: Close All But Selected
How to authenticate in an ASP.NET MVC application from a console application
Using substr() in a MySQL query
constructor with non essential vars
What is the best way to create a pentadiagonal sparse matrix for finite difference method in c/c++?
Binding can only be set on a DependencyProperty of a DependencyObject - when property is overriden with new
How to change an array with a function?
SQL query to count entries in multiple columns
UIView doesn't become First Responder when parent UIViewController is set as RootViewController
Sql query using database function
How do I display raw SOAP messages from an asmx web service using SoapExtension
Python xlutils copies over incorrect year
MongoDB print sub-array image
Using keywords in asp.net mvc3 views
ffmpeg use on iOS
Content Script cross domain or message passing
Python Balanced sports schedule generation
Jvm native code compilation crazyness - I seem to suffer odd performance penalties for some time even after the code is compiled. Why?
How to detect slow web page load and nofity user
Why is this MySQL procedure syntax incorrect? Works on test server
jQuery Plugin Stored Values
Why do collapsed elements still get marked as a dirty region, and rendered?
How to convert parameter type into a diferent object type
Checkbox Deleting - If statement inside For loop deletes wrong entries
Design customer table in a relationship with tables Contact and Legal Entity
How to get parameter from hash url?
How is it possible to stop part of the system and leave the user interface still running?
Is there a good way to replace home directory with tilde in bash?
Creating a Non Clustered Index with a DateTime column as key
turn on echo temporarily
OpenCL, simple vector addition but wrong output for large input
How do I convert these embedded elements into attributes of the parent element?
API call fails on my webhost
How to target a specific <img> element of a div in CSS?
Image saving in Windows Store App
Deploying Go web applications with Apache
splitting text files based column wise
Python invalid syntax in print
Using Python telnet lib w/o logout command
Does g++ compilation time depend on array size?
Axis2 issue with version of Axis Kernel - how to reference another project from your java project
Building an android project referencing android library project using ant / teamcity
How to get a reference to a tag's parent?
How do I have multiple actions performed with an ActionListener in java?
draw line in actionscript 3 without using the draw API?
Why can't a variable typed as id<someProtocol> receive a parameter of id<otherProtocol> even if 'otherProtocol' conforms to 'someProtocol'?
computed observable is not being executed
Java servlet - Session cleanup (HttpServletRequest)
sort elements in jQuery object
Find all square grids with fewer crashes in 2007 than in 1989?
How to avoid Diffie-Hellman for SSL connections with Java/Netty?
How to debug two processes in Android?
Detect when mouse actually moves, not just when the page moves
Replace of existing database in ravendb / proof of concept
Best practices for static pages in rails app
'browser.goto()' generates UnhandledAlertError
C# Get xml site over SSL/TLS - https://
How To : Write a File with FileOutputStream?
jQuery how to remove # from url
How to navigate from one page to another on android?(Total:3 pages)
What's the difference between CSS classes .foo.bar (without space) and .foo .bar (with space) [duplicate]
Fatal error: Call to undefined function geoip_open()
jQuery UI: How can I have more than one 鈥渟electable鈥�element if the element has to have id=鈥渟electable鈥�
Automatically Including OpenCV Libraries of Different Versions
changing activities of android using phonegap
SQLITE3 strings in where clauses seem confused
Retrieving Images from Blob Storage to set set them in view
Get the id of element focus is moving to in jQuery.blur event?
[ UPDATED ]require / include a php and pass through values to another required / included php
Mac OS X: How to force a Field Editor to scroll instead of wrap text?
Google Maps HTML5 don't work on my phone (Safari browser)
Issue with using svnant
Sequence of Form_Activate() and Form_Load() in VB6
Can I limit native-style scrolling to one axis in Mobile Safari?
set datepicker at a specific time
How do I download the code for a Gem?
how to create jar using maven pom.xml
Parsing xml files in android
date range - up to a range, but not over - in PHP
how to check if object of a class already exists in PHP?
mysql_error doesn't generate error message
Standard streams and vfork
sorting values in combobox by typing
Select, count and delete records from table simplify
Html agility pack/ xpath select child node by [index] help, please?
How to name the blank value in select?
how can i store values to a href link multiple values in asp.net c#
Issue with click-drag-select in text input field also scrolls parent element, webkit bug or feature?
Update a table from a join with another query?
How does a streaming operator differ from deferred execution?
Why Haskell alloc huge amounts of memory when working with strings?
Tracking object retain calls
MVC2.0 read textbox and add value to text area on same view
Static Data Access Methods
Binding an interface that implements another interface in Monotouch
Load an embeded js into a page using php to hide it in the source?
New to git - trouble understanding why a directory is null
How easy is it for a user/browser to manipulate Javascript?
Image load rendering flashes in Firefox.
Bootstrap grid spacing
Pong game - add timer to the ball animation
Binding image lazy loading to new images inserted after ajax request
Google Pie Chart Covers jQuery Menus
KeyListeners vs Keybindings? [duplicate]
Oracle PL/SQL - Generate Invoice
What is the best way to port the data back and forth from our client鈥檚 local database to/from our webserver database?
JPA: How to get Id after persist in standalone java app
PHP - Input hidden fields with variables that contain quotes
If file doesn't exist, program fails in C
Charging other Stripe Merchants
'The private attribute may be used only on class property definitions.' Flash CS5 error?
php get all the images from url which width and height >=200 more quicker
Regex Jquery Skip/Count + 3 Characters
Merge UnTyped DataSets to Typed DataSet
Foursquare OAuth Request from Rails Console
iOS: NSURLConnection makes other TCP connections not possible
Persisting the state of an object that has many boolean attributes
Binding multidimensional knockoutjs observableArray
C# oledbexception
Simple Layout Issue - Aligning menu button to far right, center
Internal Vrs External Path to Sub-repository
Sencha Touch 2: How to create History feature?
HTML to Excel formatting conversion - break and li in the same cell
jqGrid inline delete: selected row 鈥渟elrow鈥�is incorrect
windows programming in C
jQuery Smooth Scroll Current/Active
Eco template renders integer when using 'end' statement
WUI (Web GUI) framework for use with C++
How to know if a point is inside of a polygon in android
How to replace u by u in Java String
Java Legal Forward Referencing
can't get MVC3 DDL SelectedValue to work
Find record by index in array?
how to get a link coupled with an img to change background color on hover
adding a second for statement to function
Create folder and upload images in php/codeigniter
Is there any easy way (wrapper/dictionary) to convert from Keys enum to SenKeys string?
refreshing just a div on http post
Oracle: WITH statement performing slowly
CSS maintain div's height when changing content dynamically
Appending JavaScript
How to debug unresponsive page in Google Chrome?
Duplicate Names in CoreData?
CakePHP in Big Site (1000 users/hour - 84 tables) - Why so slow?
jQuery UI autocomplete update hidden field with value but display label in UI, in conjunction with ASMX
Securing a JavaScript-only client to access remote API
How can I list DataMapper errors that aren't tied to one property?
Disabling Sandbox for app not working
Joomla 2.5 new registered user php script with dbl opt-in java
Getting a TransientObjectException when creating my initial index
Phonegap NativeControls not working
Apache no longer working on localhost
Android run Activity with WebView loading url in the background
How to make an ajax request to an API using CORS and backbonejs
How can I receive unknown fields in a WCF Data Contract?
What does this typechecking error mean?
DebugIds in GWT application hosted mode
C# refactor if-else statement code
get the right position with PasteSpecial() in c++ using ole
ggplot2 y axis label decimal precision
RMI Remote Exception : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
Rails3/jQuery UI Datepicker - Month and day are reversed on save
JS Window Global Object
Query to Select Between Two Times of Day
Complex SQL Query returning unwanted results
How to get product count for anchor category?
How do you display stdout on a web page generated by Python?
PHP recursive array copy
Elegant python code for Integer Partitioning
Cakephp, Twitter oauth and callback
Java Regex to see if a String contains %s, %d, %n
Doctrine and Symfony2 multiple manytomany references
delegate method is being ignored
Task Parallel Library thread abort / interrupt
Any Danger of Unjoined Threads in Android?
Using Exec() on Apache on window platform
Android: Getting a reference to an inflated view/ Setting a unique id to the inflated view
How to prevent webconfig from being automatically generated on build/ & run
Make a wordpress change password page? on a template not on admin
How To Hide Edit Page
How are you using CFThread in ColdFusion Applications? [closed]
C++ map::find char * vs. char []
Cannot be resolved or is not a field error android
Replace Google maps map?
Set a version to a SQLite database file
Where do I find an icon of a mouse pointer?
Error in Android projects (in Eclipse) without a reason
Container of shared_ptr's but iterate with raw pointers
Creating a link to subscribe to a product?
Inheritance and Friendship access. C++
what is the best way to connect my application with kernel? [closed]
Antlr syntactic predicate - mismatched character
jquery how to do a flip effect?
.NET - Custom Types Possible?
鈥淣o supported translation to SQL鈥�after deserializing IQueryable expression
How to watch variables when tracing over JRE in Eclipse?
A file storage format for file sharing site
Django: Reading Array of JSON objects from QueryDict
events on arrayproxy emberjs
rails deploy - database not uploading
Find a string in an ArrayList
What does a XAML app workflow look like
Cant load any google CDN and jquery, websites stopped working and cant reference cdn in code [closed]
Protect a page with php sessions
Display json data from Ajax and display on JQuery Dialog with in MVC3 View
C# WinForms need to automatically align a set of labels inside a control in a simple topleft fashion
How can I launch an external process from within TFS 2010 Team Build to compile Visual Basic projects
Creating another instance of a singleton class in Objective C
Error in automatically generated XSD scheme: global element 'configuration' has already been declared
Pass Value from View to Controller
How do different SQL vendors approach partitioning? [closed]
modify the MyApp-Info.plist
MySQL selecting multiple fields with IS NOT NULL isn't working
Adding an application to the kernel build
Liferay + Struts2 There is no Action mapped for action name default.
how to use jquery .html() for fancybox content
Logic loaded in memory vs in the database in Android
TFS Custom Build Template - TfsBuild reference
Is there a cross-browser solution for monitoring when the document.activeElement changes?
Show different view on navigation controller when data is empty using storyboard
Is it wise to throw exceptions in a constructor?
Is there a better way to hide a menu when a user clicks off it?
How to (re-) arrange this python code without breaking sqlalchemy relevant dependencies?
Ordering of multiple legends/guides (what is the automatic logic & how to change it?)
Buffered uploading via HTTP Proxy
Export CSV with Javascript and display progress bar
Change Grid Coordinate System
What causes a Python segmentation fault?
Uploading file with content and metadata to Google Docs returns 400 Invalid/Bad Request
Mongoid + Cucumber
Rails 3: Working with Heavily Nested Routes
JQuery object expected error in an ASP.net usercontrol
Unable to use datatables date sorter jquery plugin
javacript post data to new window
Unsupervised classification - feature vectors are obtained
How to access / query a database partition in mysql?
Hadoop Hbase workflow
C++ Object as return value;
Make Watir move on after waiting so long
Escaping whitespace Android strings.xml [duplicate]
Starting httpd - Error retrieving pid file (null)
Django: detect whether checkbox is submitted or disabled
tracing a netconnection error in as3
Issue with spock and grails 2.0.1 when testing controller
Does partitioning in mysql create tables or merely virtual tables?
MySQL-Linux error when attempting to stop its service [closed]
Strange Excel VBA Error 鈥淓xpression Too Complex鈥�-1.#IND
Trying to dynamically TRUNCATE and reload SQL tables with FKs
TCPDF - 脝脴脜 from language file doesnt work
Gitlab git push failing with Vagrant-managed Virtualbox
What are the different properties available in System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher.PropertiesToLoad
Perl add Hash to Hash of Hashes at the end
IF-Else loop use in android to compare a string with EditText?
Twitter API - Load Hash Tag from certain users
Get output from scans in hbase shell
Long Polling, Apache Stuck when sleep() due to usage of sessions
Global Javascript vars in jQuery selector callback function
SQL Anywhere 11 - table size
Is there a JQuery(mobile plugin) for Eclipse? [closed]
how validate NTP time synchronization
I can not get the syntax of this php code to work
First Byte Slow - Php Fasr and on dedicated server
appengine TaskQueue count
how to place all jar files in one jar file?
How to sort a two-dimension ArrayList
How can I make a blank subplot in matplotlib?
Android Media Player service freezes Samsung galaxy S
How to programmatically create a 鈥渢rue鈥�Excel file [duplicate]
GAE and common servlet controller
map with red dots
Maven Jetty server plugin password protection
Some devices running new Android (4.0 and 3.0) see keyboard when my application starts. Why?
How Countdowntimer continue Running in the background when i press back button from my application?
Subtract two strings in javascript
How to programmatically get all the modules included in Play
Annotation on a var in Trait gets not inherited in subclass
Setting the environment for ProcessBuilder
Closing a stream in function, a bad idea?
solution explorer's scroll works instead of editor's
Derive password for database from (multiple) user input (application password)
Approach for Watir-Webdriver coverage on site with many clients
Using the DotNet.HighCharts Library To Create Chart Based on DataTable Result From Webservice
Why code goes to infinite loop? (
TreeView with EnableViewState=False cannot be selected
Unknown error on C++, error: expected primary expression before ';' token
PipedInputStream.read() returns -1
ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX deprecation and using static files in Django 1.4
How do I set up onClickListener for ListView binded to custom adapter?
How do I write a SQLite query that pulls information from two tables while cross referencing a third?
in grails gsp tags, how can i display a list of object A where they all belong to object B?
in grails gsp tags, how can i display a list of object A where they all belong to object B?
Php Shopping Cart Update quantity using Sessions
PHP Function Overloading - How to?
Space-aligned date cell format
Is it possible to build jquery like stand-alone widgets (like sliders or date selectors etc.) with GWT?
How to change transparency of last few charachters on a trimmed string
Option Prop Changing Default Selected Value - Jquery
Python 3.0.1 collections.Counter
How to pause 'if collision' in Flash CS5?
How to run program in background in android?
XamlParseExceptions in Design mode - making design mode useless
UITabBar selectionIndicatorImage padding
PHP POST Rest Service, save image sent via $_FILES
Compiling code that uses socket function bind() with libcxx fails
SQL Exception while connecting to SQL server
iPhone is there a way to produce the .app file by using the command line?
Reading, writing and searching through text files with Qt
Postgres monitoring with Intermapper
How to build string for opening new activity
Graph API: Retrieve all posts shared by a user
How to tell if two web contents are similar?
Pyjamas event handling
xcode - phonegap
Obj C - Useable Window Area
How Many Parameters Allowed in VBA Regex .Replace Method?
How to make rails-ckeditor to show already existing files in public folders?
Does it make sense to use Codeigniter form helper?
Include using Lambda expression
didReceiveData not getting called in Xcode
WCF/REST Something is up with my POST?
How to prevent facebook actions from appearing in newsfeed during testing?
Reload Spring MVC response page in jQuery Dialog
Query in a geometry column (created by kml file)?
Google Maps with Fusion Tables: Custom table shows only once
Eclipse not recognizing breakpoints
TFS - how to create branches
Maximum resident set size does not make sense
Automatically remove bounced email addresses from database?
Adding encryption *at rest* to a CloudPageBlob?(not transport encryption)
Why this code works for SQL Server Express but *not* SQL Server CE?
Input to MySql, refresh values, and run a formula without refreshing page on php. AJAX?
Attempting to add facebook like button to sencha toolbar
Reinstalling Xcode
jQuery tabs and form fields
What method is a delegate assigned to
login and security system with Mysql
How to debug user entry issues in JavaScript with WebKit developer tools?
Python list gives error in one instant but is okay in the other
Running ANT Programmatically Through Java
How can I rewrite a single file in a .zip archive using AS3/Air?
With PHP include can you define the including page in the included page? [duplicate]
Why is concurrency level not as high as expected when load testing Apache2 with 鈥渁b鈥�?
How can I use BitmapRegionDecoder code in android 2.2.2 (Froyo)?
IOException: Read end dead
Django: save a OneToOneField automatically from *related* model?
How can I print a list of sets to a file, with python, in a format that is easily put into excel, eliminating all the unwanted characters?
how to get checkbox bulk value in javascript
Restore Purchases button for In App Purchases stored on website?
Windows API leads to different results based on name of unused variable?
Use Apicontrollers in MVC3 Project
UJS not working with XMLHttpRequest upload in Rails 3
Does DOM API provide HTMLTitle Object that implements Node interface?
HTML5 Canvas - Wireframe Sphere in 2d
Eclipse, java and dotCMS logging issue
Add DependencyObject to control from code-behind
Monitor an area of the screen for a certain color in Visual Basic
New(relatively) to code igniter : some basic questions
NDB Decimal Property
Sending SQLite database table to SQL server database
Android: Bug when changing the default activity
HTTP 400 error when server fires a long http request to another server
Is it possible to track a variable back to its extract() function?
Howcome an Instance variable @variable defined in the controller's action can be called from its views?
What ColdFusion forum applications were designed to be embedded into existing applications?
c, how do i detect if another process is writing to a file
RVM won't install on Ubuntu 11.10
Connecting SQL Azure to Windows Phone 7 using WCF
Can I do an INSERT IGNORE using multiple fields as the IGNORE qualifier in MySQL?
Git: Is it possible to add files located in an external directory to a git repository?
Edit Primary Key
how to view data stored in sdcard in emulator itself?
java lwuit port to C++
How can I change the color of a font with function text( ) in Matlab?
How to move models in Xna as a whole?
ASP.net ViewState
NSData size and NSUserDefaults
Django-admin-tools media/CSS styles not loading
What version is my VS 2005 Web Site project?
how to add additional name-value pair in an existing flex object
How to add registry value containing executable path in visual studio deployment project at installation
jQueryUI dialog bug?
Debugging properties in XCode
dictionary ContainsKey method
Error: unknown argument: '-nostdsysteminc' in Emscripten
how to change background color of table cell of ppt using c# code?
SVN With Two-Factor Authentication
How can I tell if eager loading is working?
Using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip Subfolder in zip when its not suppose to be
No resource found error in layout xml file android
Use macbook keyboard on pc with java
Use macbook keyboard on pc with java
Using SASS to extend selectors with elements
How can I make a LDAP query that returns only groups having OU=Groups from all levels?
Same page on two browser and different session - ASHX
Ruby if syntax (Two Expressions)
鈥渢o SearchPage鈥�call from the 鈥渢hen鈥�block
my custom MKOverlayView not being called
T SQL - How can I get some data from a field or column in SQL table
Java Serialization not working how I expected
Ajax avatar preview with jQuery In django
Creating a basic UDP chat Program in C++
Putting media into an Access Database using Java
FParsec styles; can someone demonstrate differences?
SSRS - How to get subtotals for a set of 12 records in a column
Spring store object in session
jQuery and prototype.js conflict, how to keep jQuery as $?
how to get the sub class property notsuper and sub together
Is the PC/SC API accessible for the windows-phone-7 platform?
I want to link xampp 1.7.7 to the php CLI
Any Java plugin/code to manage uploaded files?
how to grant android mediaserver file write permission?
Why i should keep stream opened while using Bitmap
Getting a unknown modifier error when using a RegEx
HTTP OPTIONS verb handling with LIFT
Get value into text field using combobox
Empty permissions array not getting the right auth callback under iOS
Unit Testing basic Controllers
Opening connection to SQLITE database on iPhone too slow
removing trailing empty elements in Python
Freetype .net wrapper problems (attempted to write protected memory exception)
Strange usage of std::map constructor
fgets() crashs after a number of executions
how to get attribute of given node?
UITextView Tabulator, fix positions of NSStrings (iOS)
Appengine DevMode : access denied (鈥渏ava.lang.RuntimePermission鈥�鈥渁ccessClassInPackage.sun.security.util鈥�
Do Rx Extensions give me functionality similar to jQuery.Deferred?
How do I make a plot in gnuplot with the lowest value automatically subtracted from the y data?
Synchronized block and monitor objects
PHP - count frequency of array values
Read EXIF data from img in JavaScript (cross-domain friendly)
Efficient XML parsing for 25GB data
jQuery: add() performance; is there a better way?
n-gram name analysis in non-english languages (CJK, etc)
Symfony authentication on oAuth with FOSUserBundle
JQuery Click On Appended Elements Not Working For Dropdown
Verify file digital signature from kernel
Deploying BrowserQuest on Heroku
Find the module name of a 64 bits process from a 32 bits app
C# Linq merge two dictionaries [duplicate]
Java Create Out of Memory Instance
XSLT: How to output localized data only?
How to get username from openSSO/openAM system?
C++ buffer pool?
java error String not applicable for the arguments (List<String>)
Backbone + Jasmine testing AJAX success callback in router
How do I build a static library and executable with Qt?
django converting old datetime field to new 1.4 datetime with time zone aware in SQLite
can't uninstall rake 0.9 on rails 2.3.8
CakePHP: Auth error, even with allowed actions
Most reliable way to get fully-qualified domain name of local machine when IPv4 & 6 are configured
Spring MVC , requestDispatcher & sendRedirect
Compiling error - sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S and undefined reference to main
How to read a table in R with columns separated by unequal spac
jQuery Datepicker not updating date after dateFormat switch?
鈥淎n unknown error occurred鈥�when fetching user via Graph API
Vista Exception in .NET Application 鈥淓xception Processing Message鈥�
How to access the values of the cells of calculated columns in RadGridView
Can a C/C++ linux shared library auto-update by overwriting its own file on disk to a newer version?
How to do prototypal inheritance in this case?
How to restrict access to admin panel in ravendb?
getting rid of timestamp in returned string
PHP Filter (Multiple Dropdown list)
Why does VC++ 2010 allow this to compile?
How to find connections between users so I can create a closed friend circle?
java storing information into an object
ArrayList stores only two values
Sorting arrays within an array in PHP by datetime
Android makefile: build all sources in a directory tree instead of listing files one by one
Python issue using xml.dom.minidom Document. Extra empty lines between child elements using toprettyxml()
Cannot add a Primary Key to AS400 table because of foreign key that doesn't exist
how to decide to which appdomain the input is going when providing input to a process in .Net?
Rake aborted! Can't convert Hash into String?
Automate PowerPoint VBA Add-In From External C# Application
Using PropertyOverrideConfigurer with Annotated Classes in Spring 3
How to move an ASP.net web service project to another computer
Yii relations issue
Simple jQuery Pagination
CSS and embed video resizing
Sencha Touch 2: Add tabs to a form panel
Reducing dom elements, can I use span instead of div?
Using a method with generic parameters as a callback
C# WinForms highlight treenode when treeview doesnt have focus
Fancybox iframe working in compiler but not browser
Run git command from teamcity buildstep
Custom ListPreference with dynamic entries
How do I determine if a HTTP request came from a browser or something else like a web service?
Null answer from JSONArray in Android
Create a SVN Repository from the client.
delete multiple rows in datagridview and access table
javascript post form.submit();
Skip the last element in an array and return all other elements C#
android browser and socket io
default values for property tags (struts2)
robust bookmarking system in bash
Ruby - how can I delete one element from an array by value
CSS Navigation Bar not Lining Up In IE and FF Correctly
Issue with facebook login in my android application if facebook application is installed in device
Using Executor instead of new Thread for Server socket clients
How to generate data in MySQL?
How can I create an RFC 3339 timestamp in TCL?
How to show css notifications only once (best method) [closed]
Flash Builder: How to refresh datagrid data?
How to maintain order when parsing JSON from Javascript?
PHP include_once or require_once in a loop
set marker (tag) in vim command
Autoscrollable title in Android Actionbar (Marquee)
Symfony 2: Disable Monolog
.NET Logging Framework Design
postgres longitude longitude query
Integrating with nservicebus
Dreamweaver displays divs with extra vertical space
Update a XML file
xpath choose first table
Accessing an ArrayList after clicking in android application
Need to manually refresh Admob ads in a PhoneGap (Cordova) project
Unable to connect to ftp: (407) Proxy Authentication Required
Pass Iterable C++ class to Python using swig
Displacing one view with another with a custom segue animation?
Why isn't there an entry in LocalVariableTable for outer class object in an inner class constructor(Java Bytecode)
Why does 鈥� n鈥�give a new line on Windows?
Wix - getting info from a Browse dialog for display in an Edit (not PathEdit) box?
Exposing Database IDs to the UI
Assigning variables causes SFTP to fail
Can I add the required attribute to an input field using css?
Is it possible to run a controller method after rendering a JSON response?
Acrobat Javascript problems - trying to create catering menu [closed]
Immutablity of Node-based data structures
Check client connections on server architecture design?
why would Collection.IMongo.Save() not return?
MySQL - Is it wise?
persistent vs immutable data structure
What does Windows 7 use to render Desktop Gadgets, and why would I ever use 鈥済:鈥�tags?
PHP' if' spanning in different code blocks
How to keep text in textfield even after focus and remove on key press?
Selected SelectListItem to model
PHP combine arrays into one big array
Archiving Production DB Insert/Update with SQL Server 2008
Solaris 10 64bit 鈥淏roken Pipe鈥�on TCP connection
public webserver trying to query sqlserver on internal network with private IP
C++ LNK 2019 from different project but in the same solution
public webserver trying to query sqlserver on internal network with private IP
C++ LNK 2019 from different project but in the same solution
TSQL: Which real number type results in faster comparisons
Structuring a MonoTouch.Dialog application
Why does Tomcat 'Out of Memory' right when I attempt to start server in Eclipse?
MySQL one to many relationship: GROUP_CONCAT or JOIN or both?
jQuery/Javascript will chaining be the solution?
In SQL, what does using parentheses with an OR mean?
How does Java web-app with @SessionScoped Bean know if browser is re-started?
Realtime options (Websockets, flash, polling) for Django?
AS3 - Get Google Analytics status
while (*next != NULL) loop not exiting when pointer is NULL
I need help clearing my user canvas drawing ASAP
Conditional Statement using Bitwise operators
Multi-Processing browser?
Android expansion apk problems
When i send a sms to a person how do i get the other users location in return?
How do I run a maven/eclipse/GWT/playN app in production mode?
Monospaced TextBlock using Segoe WP font
Propagation of NaN through calculations
Multiplying multiple columns in SQL [duplicate]
How to fit equal height for two columns, witch are in centered container?
DataGrid bound to ReadOnly only editable on a new row object
How do I load jar resources into META-INF resources in a derivative project?
JNLP load a jar from a relative address
Linq query equivalent to sql
Editing AD accounts with PHP/ASP.net AND having seamless auth
Visual basic / sql - Unable to cast types
SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18 when applying document.domain on both sites. How do I resolve this?
Android: using LayoutInflater.inflate to pass custom parameters to a constructor
How do I change the name from the collection from following C# code?
Android app not showing in 鈥淎ll Apps鈥�
Using natural keys with entity code first
Disable screen resize on windows with touchscreen
How to find special values in large file using C++ or C
Osmdroid offline mode update tiles after zoom
Reading Entire Cells in excel sheet by checking for EOF
GWT dygraph not showing(collapses on top left corner)
Does a full table scan read through all columns (for every row)?
efficient paging with PetaPoco MVC3
What is the need of reference in C++ [closed]
Truncating a string in python
Django admin inline-model customization
Why are my checkboxes not checking?
Column will only take certain values and other update weirdness
How to call the https get method on a self signed server and client certificate
google charts with interpolated line charts
Threads / Timers Troubles While Creating System Service Under VB.NET 4
iOS: How to produce ultrasonic sound? [closed]
Sorting Algorithm For Array with Integers of at most n spots away
Hashcode for objects with only integers
Is it possible run DBCC CHECKDB on a single partition?
Can python distutils compile CUDA code?
Newline in Google spreadsheet not outputting in Google chart table
How to replace lambda delegate
Override site specific JavaScript right click context menu with browser specific right click context menu
Line height (leading) possible in Interface Builder for labels
How numbers are being treated in c#? [duplicate]
Python Sphinx referencing long names
Object stored in the app delegate doesn't seem to persist
Stored procedure to parse a string
ASP.NET Session variable not getting set on pages with Ajax extentions
A gem for saving report filters
Is it possible to explicitly access instance members of a nested class's containing class?
How should I increment a number for a round robin threading scenario with least contention?
Should FakesAssemblies files be added to source control?
Tomcat/7.0.22 - Unable to load class [com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl] Error in Eclipse Maven Build
Are warnings generated by referencing multiple versions of the same assembly ignorable?
Why I can't add this 鈥渃ustom control鈥�in a .ascx?
How can I fetch the data from the SYS_REFCURSOR from one stored proc and use it in another?
C++ - contiguous memory and polymorphism
JavaScript switch statement and applying return to a function parameter
How to read an image with PHP?
PHP difference between @header() and header() function [duplicate]
How to hide .php file extenstion without using .htaccess?
jQuery slider redirect the image
'require' gem error in Jruby
Where is com.ibm.xsp.component.UIIncludeComposite documented?
What is the difference between Task<> and IAsyncOperation<>
Why does it take longer to install RDOCSs and RIs than the actual gem?
Check where is located flash file sending request to PHP
Ruby/EventMachine Packet Parser
Using .click function to show element, in a table. How do i differentiate between elements inside a table that is populated using a loop?
RoR - Private Messages Reply Algorithm
CKeditor stopped working after drush up (6.22 -> 6.25)
Issues with isotope appending
Does C++ have less functions than PHP? [closed]
Simple replacement for the jQuery UI dialog box?
LDAP Authentication with memberOf
JS Clock - Is there a more elegant way to write this code? [closed]
How to keep local file date and time when pushing to GitHub
DOCTYPE not working in Firefox
FireFox & IE Jquery not working
Entity Framework 4.3.1 DBContext Connection
python diamond inheritance and the use of super() in the parents of the derived class
car doesn't move correctly in my game c++
Fama MacBeth standard errors in R
Setting terminal Vim color scheme on Mac Lion
Chrome link bug, adding styles that are not even defined (I think)
Android Game on javascript
parse text file [closed]
openjpa not caching foreign key relationship objects ( for link tables)
htaccess how to redirect subdirectory to external URL
JQuery WildCard replace URL
Entity Framework code-first + WCF DataService - can't make it work
Why is NaN not equal to NaN? [duplicate]
Create a list of objects
Replace numbers without change number in style or everything else by jQuery
Why XmlTextReader is skipping nodes when WhitespaceHandling is set to None or Significant
How can one run gdb or valgrind on an irb process?
Form submission troubleshooting/database management in Django?
Find out which method called me
Fuzzystringmatch gem error
Forwarding traffic fromIPsec tunnel
declare a variable with array and also a range of dates
arraylist display in rows and columns dynamically
Html 5 data-attributes into jquery plugin options format
How do I return information to javascript function in Objective-C?
Variable has value in one function, and is 0 when passed to another?
How to overload `float()` for a custom class in Python?
Stretching an ellipse in an image to form a circle
鈥淚mprecise faults鈥�and SIMD
How to add back button to Android Web App
Creating a Jar of test binaries - Gradle
iframe design mode on cursor movement issue
Behavior when raise PropertyChanged to its own property in Getter?
SEO - DirectoryIndex duplicate content [closed]
how to the carrier of mobile number usa
Text to HTML string parsing a la Reddit Comments
why it is not calling a.html
Can I create an application which monitors a user's activity on Facebook?
Ruby Model ID changes when deploying on Heroku
H.264 parameter adaptation [closed]
ffprobe shows bitrate of 0.0 or N/A for h264 stream
How to use stored proc inside log4net configuration for SQL Server for logging
New to Java. Problems reading from file using Context and openFileInput
PHP Conditional > how to know what didn't match?
Seting TextCodepage property of WorkbookSaveAsArgs (Workbook) object
UI does not update when main thread is blocked in Cocoa app
How to add a column in result set and set values in that field?
jquery Confirm plugin not work when merge/compress with jquery
(TSQL) INSERT doubling time of the query
Android: IF statement with radio buttons not working
range.toString() truncates last char in javascript keypress event
Why is Mage_Persistent breaking /api/wsdl?soap
How to incorporate JButtons into graphics?
Index Change event for Combobox of gridtemplateColumn in Telerik
tracking user interaction Android
Call a servlet from a JSP and return back to the same line in a JSP
What is an alternative to flash config constants?
Index Change event for Combobox of gridtemplateColumn in Telerik
tracking user interaction Android
Call a servlet from a JSP and return back to the same line in a JSP
What is an alternative to flash config constants?
Ruby gem: how to run initialization on startup?
How to setText from a JTextField to a JLabel upon clicking a JButton 鈥渆nter鈥�
Big array, problems echoing it out
jQuery AFTER click event
Base Method Invocation on enum
scale image only width with minimagick in ruby on rails 3
Issue with tags in Xcode
Smarty web site inner pages are not working
tastypie: save_m2m
Backbone.js separate templates from html file
Access JSON array values?
TFS 2010 - The path E: SSIS is already mapped in workspace PC-mypc01
Localize the range of common block variables in Fortran 77
setting value for cookie
update query for increase value of a field not work properly
Debugging page allocation failure on Coldfire uCLinux
C#/XNA/HLSL - Depth map screwing up
IIS 7.5 URL Rewrite Module & Redirects
ASP.NET Trying to find if a ID I have is one the child controls of a CheckBoxList control
how to do a singleton in a java cluster without Java EE app server
Could this be a bug?
Constructing and validating a Gigya signature
GNU regex in grep working different on redhat vs Windows
How to send list via sockets java
Is there any good back-end independent HTML/CSS/JS widget for many-to-many/has_many relations with XHR filtering?
Duck typing: how to avoid name collisions?
How to select an option in multiple select box and load data from selected option
RichTextBox text is disappearing in VisualBrush after detaching from control on screen
How do I support streaming in WSFederationHttpBinding?
Is there a way to resize video?
What username/password/signature should I be using for the PayPal Sandbox?
Configure custom converters using Dozer Java API
Shiro always redirects me to login.jsp
Set text in QTextBrowser with a QString that includes QProcess enums
git add ./*.java doesn't work?
How to run a process in the background inside Gvim?
emacs equivalent of ct
How do I reference a Windows Phone ApplicationBar from another XAML page?
terminating further execution of jquery
How to call a base class method without changing all derived classes
Error python datetime/time imports鈥closed]
when will be best time to pull Facebook friends?
Trying to send data between PHP pages; Post/cURL not working and Sessions getting messy
Local branch lost remote tracking branch
Image generated by PHP not cached
Run Main.class from JAR, show results in application Frame
SSL connection failure between java server and android client
date format function
NoClassDefFoundError When Debug Android Engine Connected Android Project
Is it possible to send an aspx page in email body?
Enum internationalization exception
How to pass arguments to ant.java() method in Groovy
Moodle Paypal_enrolment plugin not working with Paypal Sanbox?
What is 鈥渧al$title鈥�(dollar sign in expression) in Java?
Sunspot::Rails - how to not commit after saving on certain requests
Strange Behavior Serializing Objects and Caching Them
How to adding special html chars without using innerHTML
Starting qsub in parent folder with Python fails
Way to combine filtered results using LIKE
log out a user on session expiration
FactoryGirl Rspec and SQLite3::ConstraintException
Writing a Procedure in PostgreSQL 9.1
Communication from Web based Application to Desktop based Application
How do I get a String from XML by name reference?
How to support authorization when roles keep changing based on the information requested?
The specified object is not recognized as a fake object. Issue
CAShapeLayer: Animate the filling of color
Multiply value in N columns by N columns in a second table?
matching property in agenda view
WPF double animation , how to specify origin
Standard c macros to indicate length of MAC address?
Safe to use Numeric.Complex with PInvoke? (It does not have LayoutKind.Sequential)
Why am I getting the error 鈥渋nteger number too large鈥� I'm including an 鈥淟鈥�at the end
Switching video source on iPad with jQuery
Zend - combobox value depending on another combobox value
Plot X-Y graph in Simulink by 2 arrays derived from Matlab workspace
create sql table programmatically
How to turn off Wifi via ADB?
Getting rid of Metro interface [closed]
Dependency Injection into a AuthorizationFilterAttribute
Qt: Can mouse event handlers block one another?
Low-level difference: non-static class with static method vs. static class with static method
How can I redirect all http traffic to https
xml to listbox from webservice
Building good-designed database for a simple webapp with NoSQL
How would you create unit tests for a data intensive application wich could run an endless amoutn of db queries?
web server on top of app server
Create a directory dynamically inside the 鈥渨eb pages鈥�folder of a java web application
Ellipsize not working in this table layout
Accessing class variables with for loop
Pass a string into a Javascript function all in PHP - How to escape correctly?
What are the difference between: sequence id using JPA @TableGenerator, @GeneratedValue vs database Auto_Increment
jQuery .each() or other method. Which should I use for this?
Can' static method in java, it returns null
PHP encoding issues with quotes (鈥溾�) and other special characters
How can I validate a field of a object on my domain object in Spring MVC?
jQuery .each() or other method. Which should I use for this?
Can' static method in java, it returns null
PHP encoding issues with quotes (鈥溾�) and other special characters
How can I validate a field of a object on my domain object in Spring MVC?
Receive USB serial data in arduino in combination with RFID reader
Mysql searching with commaseparated POST
Should I use Threads or Tasks - Multiple Client Simulation
xCode 4.3.2 - Understanding Add to Target
jQuery to pull text from list of links
Change Textbox Background When it Receives Focus (asp.net)
R identifying a row prior to a change in sign
soundmanager2 IE playback issue
Open sourced alternative to airbrake? [closed]
expression is of wrong type from a weak reference cursor
Writing to Serial Port (C++/Windows)
How to avoid execution delays in Task Queues
Javascript object created from objectss always references last element
jQuery returns height of 0 for div element immediately after appending element
Page_ClientValidate is Undefined (ASP.NET MVC)
GWT - Issue with property change member variable being raised while loading the data first time
T-SQL Compare 2 Usernames
JSX - Copy a folder to target - ExtendScript
Implement WCF in VB.NET
jplayer full screen
How To Produce Colored Map Based On Some Values
Magento mysql-install script possibilities
How to choose the optimal bing maps route?
firefox extension - write to json file
Prevent Json.NET 4.5 from appending timezone offset when using MicrosoftDateFormat
DataGridView.CellClick method doesn't work
Android - Getting value from another method
Best iOS design pattern for basic one view showing/hiding
Dereference operator gives different results than array offset operator with void*
Unable to connect to mysql via php but works fine from command line
What is the difference between Calling a method by one of the three methods?
Convert Decimal to Binary using Recursion Java
How to talk with a service in android
Qt Creator, call a function
How do I stop my application from zombifying after I handle an uncaught Excepition?
WebClient.DownloadData() returning 0 bytes
Changing an application core built in Java to Scala - An error and other doubts
cannot load dynamically generated xml using XMLHttpRequest on google chrome
Prepended input label (simple_form + bootstrap-sass) off by a few pixels
Jaming message in BlueoothChat program on android
C++ set iterator removal
Positioning an element w.r.t the window using jquery
Where can I find a reference for the AMD FMA 4 intrinsics?
in NS2 . How to use a modified node (with node-config) and a duplex-link?
Ruby on Rails - print output to buffer
Pass a JSP variable as parameter to javascript function
Php sql timestamp for Iphone app
Calculating the total of a calculated column using XSLT
PHP memory unsetting array with objects
Double type casting a token
How to improve execution speed on a select operation
Visual Studio - managing different projects versions
how to close a class into another file
System.Data.UpdateException on SaveChanges() with SQL Server CE
Changing iframe src with effect?
Capifony: parse error on build_bootstrap.php
Umbraco 4.6: Get Node by Version
How to apply the output of python's difflib.unified_diff to the original string?
reading a file in win32
Verilog, FPGA, use of an unitialized register
How to bind uploaded file to form object property?
how to render template value depending on model param value passed?
Given a string, how to append a carriage return followed by another string?
Anonymous class implements interface, cannot have arguments
Change Link After Action via Jquery
Facebook JavaScript SDK does not set access token cookie in chrome after FB.login call
Part `<` and part `&lt;` in one NSData
Flex 4.6 Increasing Socket Receive Buffer Size
How to test a new app on old hardware? (Xcode 4.3.2 with base SDK iOS 5.1; test-device is iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1)
Paperclip exception : Paperclip::AdapterRegistry::NoHandlerError
Interview practice on array size i.e. I can't use arraylist, linked list, or any standard list class
Can't display DateField on form with auto_now = True
WPF binding to a function?
Run a function using Octave from terminal
Hash Table v/s Trees
ruby regex is using last match to seperate string but should use first
How to change route of omniauth from /auth/:provider to /myapp/auth/:provider
Which OAuth providers are widely used over the world?
setSubmitMode method behaving differently between users
How to share one AJAX call between two stores?
.swf not loading in internet explorer, chrome does in safari, firefox?
iterating multidim array of locations
Cast IFRAME into Bitmap
Incorrect syntax near '@starttimestamp'. Expecting SELECT or (
Is it good design to store 500 mb of data in jvm cache which can be searched like a sql query?
NHibernate ISession: Nothing can be persisted after an Exception
Multiple values in one ArrayList key
Eclipse JAR export not working
Pull only one photo from each album in Facebook JavaScript SDK?
How to auto re-route other country traffic except USA to a default web page?
C++ Error 'nullptr was not declared in this scope' in Eclipse IDE
Problems getting the id from the result
GSON to deserialise array of name/value pairs
MVC3 partial view for edit pop-up
Iphone application gets stuck after unlocking screen
ASP.NET Password Strength Regular Expression
GSON to deserialise array of name/value pairs