Iphone application gets stuck after unlocking screen
ASP.NET Password Strength Regular Expression
HTML5 and huge local storage of downloaded files
Locating element by id fails in Selenium 2.0 Webdriver
Android Froyo: Connection to https using trusting all socket factory results in target server failed to respond
Open Multiple Windows via PHP
Generic view inheritance in Django
Safari rendering issue when layout changes
Writing Custom Commands for Aptana Studio
HashMap with key and value equal the values of two other hashmaps using Java
C++ Expose Already Existing Instance of Objects to a Scripting Language
Read several html sources from a domain using one connection [closed]
Image caching loop goes wrong for my recipe searching program (daemon)
Fill Entire Cell With Two Components Using MigLayout
JavaScript/jQuery google style website preview
Destroy Pages on ViewPager and FragmentStatePagerAdapter
Android (Google Play) Referral Tracking Limitations
std::sort is slow with small amounts of data
Rich iPad application using motion charts with flexible playback capabilities
Best Place to Filter Inputs?
Redis and ServiceStack.Net Redis losing data
Get the rotated image from uiimageview
Displaying Records in Ascending order - Logic issue
Is there any way to specify a CSS shorthand for 鈥渁ll elements except the first/last鈥�
Basic user input
iReports 4.5.1 Sub Reports Display only in the last page with not page numbers in the footer鈥�RESOLVED and CLOSED
Explicit Package Error in Perl
how implement a folder, subfolder in a Database
Maven proxy settings not working
How to change a packet data with scapy?
prepareForSegue after UISearchDisplayController
Verify case-sensitive Password in asp.net using sql server during login
OnRestart Activity, bad item is highlighted in a listview
Prevent LogCat Session Filter from stealing focus
calculate azimuth and elevation using the PSA algorithm
How to create a XmlRepository using XmlSerializer?
Invoke jQuery EasyTooltips on Dynamically Created Anchors
Use jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 with jQuery 1.7.2 [closed]
Segment audio file into segments of 10s each using Java [closed]
Define image max and min width height on upload
Loop through an image with a mask in openCV
Symfony - configure existing project on localhost
stopping hover once clicked?
Jasmine spies on nonexistent objects
Dynamically adding menuStrip items
Create Android application for ASP.NET MVC 3 application
keep jqueryui overlay in same DOM position
Objective-C reentrant function
Objective-C reentrant function
NSDate from NSString - dateFromString returns nil
gdb - debugging kernel with physical memory dump file
Add to favorites button
Using XPathEvaluate to get text node value in Linq-to-Xml query
Use generic .NET classes with Cucumber in ruby
Any advantages to using Liquibase for database migrations?
ldap schema in development
What is the meaning of the below sentence in c++ [duplicate]
Manipulating scanned pdf files php
Preview activerecord queries in rails console?
JSF duplicate value in datatable not detected through list.contains method
Can't create connection pool and datasource in Glassfish for h2 database
How can I find a specific node in my XML?
Retrieving an entity from CRM 4.0 and i do not have guid for that
Dynamic ACL for Grails or Play Framework?
jQuery conflict issues between jScrollPane and NivoSlider WP plugin
Compatibility of the 鈥淥rigin鈥�http header for enforcing restrictions
Find if Duplicates Exist SML NJ
ASP.Net Stream I/O - via file upload
RXTX two way serial communication doesn't send data after first run
cannot convert method group or convert array to list as its a method
Adding JLabels to a JList?
Create a plugin to add my website functionalities on another website
ASP.NET should I use a 鈥渃heckUser鈥�function in pre_init or page_load
C++11 Lambda Expressions as Callback Functions
C# Reflection Lists: Object does not match target type
codeigniter cron job with http access
Best practices for displaying large number of images as thumbnails in c#
String generation with regex like criteria
ORDER BY job failed in the Pig script while running EmbeddedPig using Java
Missing IUSR account on Windows Server 2008 R2 / IIS7.5
importing mysql workbench 'create tables' to phpmyadmin
how to limit the amount of comments or replies to comments a user can post per day
Select a substring from a string in C#
c# eventhandling error
Best solution for centralised identity management
Inflating a file (more size)
Good JS **Dropdown** Checkbox Node Tree? [closed]
Massive multiplayer in xna
Why does the program keep going, when I tell it to stop?
Why does accessing a member of a malloced array of structs seg fault?
Paginate child models Kaminari on rails 3.1
How to verify Local language in UI using Selenium
Hibernate 4.1.2 HHH000342: Could not obtain connection to query metadata : No suitable driver found for jdbc:hsqldb:mem:test
Matlab: implementing what CTRL+C does, but in the code
Enum and Dictionary<Enum, Action>
Placing MVC Content folder into Area
Python. Unchroot directory
How would I extend the bb-ruby gem to work with spoiler tags?
How would I extend the bb-ruby gem to work with spoiler tags?
Syntax error from JSON.parse()
Zoom Layer centered on a Sprite
Custom ImageViews disappearing when changing from SDK 8 to 7
Rails test with triggers
Authenticate with sudo on a crontab job
Lossless compressed JPEG gstreamer element?
Targetting Android app on Phone and Kindle-Fire
learning python regular expressions [duplicate]
ASP.NET MS11-100: how can I change the limit on the maximum number of posted form values? Current Soultions found not Working
How to select the records from a table1 where table1.id exists in id column of table2?
How to make * = '*' in bash?
How to give a value of 1 to a textbox with a class
Crash when trying to remove object from ArrayList
How to switch activity with item specific data sent
Replace a element instead another element by jQuery
How to display a post attachment in Wordpress depending on the caption value
Using INNER JOIN twice in the same query
Saving/updating a model with nested attributes and single table inheritance
get and performing function + parameters from HTML5 data- element with jquery
How can I find the controller and action from rails 3 route
Benchmark the performance of file systems
I would like to implement a half UITableView half MapView UIView with a button in the middle
RegEx to match numbers in whole words only
image display in block <a> - CSS
Android change Tab image (not backgound)
Regular Expression Matching in SAS
jQuery / js - Calculate tax, subtotal and total based on state and quantity select options
Convert query from microsoft sql2005 to mysql
jquery variable in function
Loading a page into a dialog Multiple Links
Google AppEngine Failed to compile jsp files. mac os
git push >> fatal: no configured push destination
0x80005000 AD Bind error after installing .NET 4.0 patches
With SQL Server format date as '%Y-%m-%d %I:%M%P' / '2012-04-05 11:56am'
Spring Transaction Manager Scheduler
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol with DLL
Correct way to deal with application-wide data needed on every pageview
Retrieve JSON from a website (Windows phone 7)
Are annotation class files needed in the runtime class path?
Listen to incoming multipart SMS message
How to sign a ruby gem?
Iterative connected components algorithm
Lazyload external JS/CSS files based on controller namespace convention?
getting null pointer exception on camera set parameters
alias_method, alias_method_chain, and self.included
C# saving state of the form with all controls
Which OCR Engine is better: Tesseract or OCRopus? [closed]
Ruby On Rails: Accessing Array?
Simple Site Search With PHP and MySQL
Concatenate Message In RAISERROR
Liking multiple properties with one Like button
Why does the division of two BigDecimal numbers in Java throws the ArithmeticException?
SAS: return the same value as the first value
Preventing inserting same value twice in an oracle database
Tomcat Sesison Scheduler Existence
How to pass a model to a Razor view from Nancy
Cast array beyond the first level
hadoop-ec2 in Hadoop package: how to specify a region?
Movements of bitmaps jerky [closed]
sending request with json to php server in android
C# Entity Framework - Handling destructive autogen DB scripts with model first design
How to delete old packages from repository?
Programmatic access to 鈥淪ystem Bar鈥�in Android?
Python - Continue Code Execution After Popping Up MsgBox?
Ubuntu Amazon EC2 Date with daylight savings
QtConcurrent with static member function
publishing Grails plugins
Jquery (input/textarea).val(): how is it adding content without changing the DOM?
WebClient.DownloadString(url) does not work with 2nd parameter
Currency variable equals dollar sign, how do I print it? Jquery issue
Increase Speed of Rails View Generation When Multiple Tables Are Involved
Trouble with cicle, one result, but it does not goes trought it
Illegal Access extending javax.swing.text.html.HTMLDocument
How to run one JSF WAR file in second JSF project?
Storing an enum property inside CoreData and making it convenient
VMware Fusion 3 - Dual Monitors in Linux (non-Ubuntu)
Trying to use Entity Framework with asp.net MVC3
Google Mailhide onclick event doesn't open link in popup window
Is there something wrong with this htaccess
Matlab checkbox gui
Lucene 3.5.0 QueryParser doesn't find any results while programmatically generated query does
HTML default text field which is gone by click
Using PHP's array_reverse() on an array of arrays, getting odd behaviour. Why?
generate a list widgets in JSF using 鈥渂inding鈥�
change model fields automatically when view changed in backbone.js
How can I find the files that will be included by a cq:includeClientLib tag?
How to build a python package into an exe
postgres on heroku sql statement fails
Is there a name for this pattern with closures?
How to make a numpy recarray with datatypes (datetime,float)?
How to prevent Type.GetProperties() from accessing properties in object
String.Join performance issue in C#
How do I get a variable back from a flow?
Relation in Yii
How to get a function called when picker view list updates?
Color doesn't change in UITableViewCells
Partial Regex matching in Python 3.2
Silverlight DataGrid BeginEdit method causes CellEditEnded event
How to get column ordered by average of difference of a field from some table in SQL
Hosting a dynamic site on S3 via async cross-origin request
Hibernate Many-to-one lazy loading is not working
how can i have batch read a list of user names and use those in an sql statement?
How Do I Launch an Activity with Home Widget [duplicate]
force close of aplication when passing more parameters for Async
qTip/css formatting issue
Fetching from the Results of Table Functions
c# events: how variables are accessed
How to localize months and week days in Drupal 7 through the API?
How to define an array / hash in Factory Girl?
how can I change the color of my Piechart3D sections
How to create ellipse shapes in box2d?
Efficiency of Using PNG's vs. BMP's With Large Files
What is the proper syntax in SQL Server for addressing tables?
Validating order of XML elements using XMLUnit
Twitter Bootstrap - Full width background (image)
CSS/ HTML Use website and website <div>'s as / like a scrollbar
Thread.Join(int) not killing thread after specified timeout in C#
adding a numericup down in a syncfusion grid control
Rails 3, HAML - how to set just a year and month for date_select?
content provider & sqlite : sqlite error code=1 msg=column does not exist
CakePHP datasources in Django
using svmpredict in libsvm
Activity Feeds 鈥淟eads I follow鈥�view breaking CRM 2011 Solution Import
Netbeans missing File Type , Category , Other
Compound control in other package
presentModalViewController: Differences
Using MongoDB as a persistent Hashtable
Iframe v/s external js (to show my website's content on other websites)
How do I overload an operator for a derived type which extends an abstract type?
How do you change the output of mocked methods, using the Mock framework?
Having an HTML5 MP3 player persist across page loads
MongoDb/C# poor concurrent read performance
1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type Class to an unrelated type flash.display:DisplayObject
Spring's Jaxb2Marshaller fails without network connectivity
Has anyone went from PHP templating to XSLT templating and not regretted it?
Android app with 2 activities - different actions on key code back?
play raw PCM wave audio in Win8 (consumer preview)
iOS delegates from Java Developers POV
ArgumentError: message representative out of range when using the rsa gem
Is it possible to loop a list of videos?
Get the size in KB of Marshal.dump output
jqueryui dialog to gray out screen
assign image to category and it's posts on WordPress
Implement User Activity Tracking
How do I calculate the absolute position of a relatively positioned element *without* using jQuery?
what do I need to change in my CSS here
php video and photo uploading: storing in database vs. uploading
How to disable validation before calling UpdateModel in MVC3 Controller
Concatenating a variable with a regex group match in regex.replace
QTableView float precision
Facebook app request dialog box keep on loading/busy
Ordering advertisements/offers to increase revenue (confidence algorithm?)
Cannot Find Image
GNU LD: How to override a symbol value (an address) defined by the linker script specified using -T
Batch Script to query Printer network name and change to another server
Multiple requests single response synchronization
SQL Server Compact 4.0 Provider is not in list for EF
Updating url prefix with mysql query
how to save RSS to xml file java
How to evaluate a dataset for class overlapping
Erase and un erase a image in UIImageVIew with touch using coregraphics
ATL VS C++ 2010
jQuery GET html as traversable jQuery object
How would you implement a Workflow system?
Encoding Methods for Wireless Networks [closed]
鈥淐ould not obtain DTE from host鈥�During T4 Transformation
Generate Google Cloud Storage Policy Document and Signature
Linq-To-Sql lambda chain sporadically causing 'Item has already been added' exception originating from System.RuntimeTypeCache.GetGenericMethodInfo
Binding - JAXB : XJC Doesn't generate Enum class for an attribute
Signal to Noise Ratio for images
how to get last 4 records without auto-increment ID
when doing a 'like' on one of our page,the 'like' is posted twice
Track a phone call duration
Placing two divs at same horizontal level
Accurately track the play count of SoundCloud songs played through custom SoundManager2 player
Can AutoFixture execute a delegate at object creation time?
DataImportHandler can't add/update
SVN post-commit hook won't run after a commit
graph - How to avoid reprocessing same edge twice in Depth First Search?
Where to define custom schema using RailwayJS
Doesn't the script terminate when user aborts in PHP?
Is there a way to navigate to other views using a UIActionSheet?
How to Switch Views at Runtime?
ggplot2 legend to bottom and horizontal
python named arguments auto-naming
null pointer exception adapter
SocketIO groups
My android application won't run on 2 devices but works on emulator
php mysql query - output value of variable in the query
mechanize how to get current url
Outlook VBScript Expected Statement Error
The regex characters ?, $, ,
How to support only portrait mode on an iPhone app
How to use LiteIDE for a Go project?
best approach for setting hibernate/spring project
C#: WMP, time stamp in milliseconds / tenth of a second
How to pass data to BroadcastReceiver?
What is the best way to provide analytics data to users of an application? [closed]
xCode 4.3.2 - build for profiling, how do you run the app?
How to pass data to BroadcastReceiver?
What is the best way to provide analytics data to users of an application? [closed]
xCode 4.3.2 - build for profiling, how do you run the app?
SortedMap of SortedMaps from Map of List of objects, keyed on object member
Git keeps to ask me for ssh key passphrase
rsync progress doesn't work as expected
Can anyone identify this Visual Studio 2010 extension?
How to get next seven days from X and format in JS
jQuery Animation, Chaining, .each() and .animate() (or fadeIn() and fadeOut())
Match regex pattern when not inside a set of quotes (text spans multiple lines)
Is there a C library for WEP, WPA, and WPA2
PHP accessing cookies from other domain with user explicit authorization
Adobe AIR 3.2 Glitch
Comparing Pre-declared and Self-invoked Anonymous Functions
Conditional Statement Checking Null
How to specify username and password for Hgsubversion
How to disallow the British pound (拢) sign on a site?
Passing in func via where clause
Printing name of #define by its value?
Results reduced when adding fourth table join
how to change the color of the route on google map
android Map image
Problems with the N queen homework exercice in Java
Initialization method for slice type fails to initialize
solving dynamic number of non-linear equations in python
How to call function of one Activity from other Activity or service?
Change background color with a variable iOS
Symfony2: Persist roles as an array or object?
Writing to specific schemas with RPostgreSQL
How to use base workspace variables while initializing the masked block in MATLAB?
Displaying YUV420 data using Opengles shader is too slow
Pagination PHP, htaccess
How to calculate 鈥淧itch鈥�and 鈥淩oll鈥�using SensorManager.getOrientation()
Different fragment wasn`t loaded when orientation changed (android)
Facebook Insights API to asp.net (not an App)
Saving Image To Custom Library
Google Maps - openInfoWindowHtml not popping up
Global Datatypes disappears from treeview data after renaming namespace
p:datatable loses sort column and order after ajax refresh
how to use groovyUtils.getXmlHolder() to modify the XML using XPath?
Authenticated Network share as ActiveMQ producer
Better for loading speed: large JSON file, or small CSV file that requires processing?
SSRS vs Crystal Reports Performance
How to use open graph in facebook APP page
R's text mining package鈥�adding a new function to getTransformation
Linked image in HTML does not download in Outlook 2010
How can i convert an uploaded image of RGB format to CMYK format in .Net?
How to attach an error to a FormItem (not errorString)
Searching an array of XML Nodes
MGSplitViewController won't dismiss itself when master button is clicked a second time
Playing HLS without Android OS support for .ts files
Accessing the current HttpContext from a workflow Activity?
Excel 2007 VBA Converting Accented Characters to Regular
((Dialog issue ))android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException:
unit testing with objects from 3rd party assemblies
Crystal reports database connection issues
How can I include hidden directories with find?
file.get() returning random numbers after a loop C++
jQuery AJAX Post doesn't work
UINavigationBar with two rounded corners
Properties in a common interface
embed swf with swfobject and external interface calls
iOS Restore from backup retain CoreData application data?
regexp: tw- prefixed words with optional quotation marks
How do I forward declare a class derived from a forward declared template base class?
VB6 ADO Disconnected recordset returns no records
Objective C - Calculate the last host in a network
How do I make git automatically open the mergetool if there is a merge conflict?
Example of situation that needs declaring a method inside the constructor function instead of declaring it as a prototype method
Precise rules to determine what Verilog tool is synthesisable
Solution naming convention at Microsoft [closed]
Implementing GreenDroid afterwards
mysql COUNT with UNION php
Should I iterate a Java collection to get a subset, or should I convert it to array first then iterate to get it?
Omniauth and open_id with Google broken when running behind nginx in SSL mode
Can some one provide a link to create a simple http server and client using node js [closed]
Incomplete types/ forward declaration / compilation understanding needed
Translating a CGI/Perl script into multiple human languages [duplicate]
Pluggable MVC view return null
itemtemplate in inner nested repeater can not be fired properly
rand changes value without changing seed
Web service as an extra security layer
Why does my .NET 4 application know .NET 4 is not installed
How to optimize ZeroMQ Performance On Windows (XP SP3)
I need to call a method from another class
jaxws client get https wsdl errors
Trouble with file input [C++]
Making SSDT just generate a SQL script (and not deploy a database)
Update the gridview
how to add a roll over state to the overlays
Difference between Turing-Decidable and Co-Turing-Decidable
how to get length of javascript 鈥渁rray鈥�
jquery scroll stops scrolling in 90% of the scrolling area (only) on IE8
Display a desktop notification every day at specific time
Ajax bound select (combo box) error (or list is empty depending on browser)
Use threads when traversing a tree
Treating hexadecimal as an integer in Ruby
Using JavaScript to Build Remotely-Hosted Application
How to create a batch-file for URL link on computer desktop (windows)?
How to check whether a method parameter is Nullable<> using reflection if it's also an 鈥渙ut鈥�parameter?
Vector iterator not dereferencable (vector inside vector)
Strange situation mod_rewrite and PHP
performSelector:withObject:afterDelay not working inside viewDidLoad method
DirectShow and openCV. Read video file and process
joomla Jfactory does not instantiate itselft in a joomla webapp ( joomla 2.5 )
jQuery change value of select list
Can someone explain this query
LINQ dont want display in ASP.NET MVC
Sencha Touch 2 - Changing Views after an Ajax.Request
Why is net.tcp IIS port configured under 鈥淏inding Information鈥�instead of under 鈥淧ort鈥�
Error on PUT request (NetworkError: 415 Unsupported Media Type)
Edit table in mvc view using jquery dialog
Castle Windsor Generic Typed Factory
Why does MATLAB slow down when printing lots of (.png) figures?
Why does BitmapData.Stride ignore the size of the rectangle passed to LockBits?
jQuery-appended <select>, usually hidden, reappears after modal window use
XML validation: 'No matching global declaration available for the validation root' error
Maven, CDI, JUnit, JPA. Would like to run tests against HSQLDB
references to SystemProperties in web.xml and jboss-web.xml works in JBoss5 but not in JBoss7
Why do PHP logins scripts use GET ID to logout?
Android Back End Technology - Language (Java, Python) & IDE (CoderBuddy, exo Cloud, Cloud 9)
How to configure load-time weaving with AspectJ and Tomcat?
mySQL Restrict Cascade No Action settings
Saving Automatically in NSStrings
HttpPostedFileBase returns null
Java soap webservice XML document over http apache axis
Non-static parameter inside a static function
Is Hibernate Search a clean abstraction for Lucene?
What does '$?' mean in bash scripts? [duplicate]
reproduce unicode error in django
Trying to get the version number but application crashes
How to get UUID generated by MySQL into a C# variable
How could I lock a directory?
Symfony2 custom minimum age validator - no error message displayed in twig?
What format is this date?
Java - EnumSet.add(enum), throws NullPointerException
How do I set the address of an Outlook internet calendar folder?
Efficiency of HashTable and Collections.synchronized(HashMap)
How do I read multiple binary files in R?
xpages and time zone
Querying a pre-existing in-memory ADODB recordset, using filtering and aggregate functions (advanced ADODB library?)
Facebook tab app. Hello %username message
iPhone - OpenGL ES 1.1 - Alpha Blend make texture wrong color
JAXB issues under Java 7 it says it can't find RI 2.1.0
Sending email with Javamail via imap
.htaccess rewrite not working on localhost (mac os x apache) 鈥�FIXED
How to SVN Commit all files, except one, using command-line only?
How to remove leading and trailing white spaces from a given html string?
extending the functionality of the functools.wraps decorator
Workflow for Cypress, Pharo and Amber
Service Layers: Should it hide the domain models' API?
How to improve drawRect performance to merge different UIImages together?
Use PowerShell to update a SharePoint list choice column with a random choice
Dynamically added input fields with javascript, what are these fields' param names?
How to make a countdown Timer in android?
Redis .StoreAll An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in mscorlib.dll
Check whether an event is within a timeframe
Take a string from inside an object
Why is this regexp in .htaccess not matching?
error C2016: C requires that a struct or union has at least one member from struct
MySQl cheapest color printer
Multiple UDP Sockets to listen for specific source on the same port
How do you get the ID of a control in ASP.NET
Browserswitch and then use meta http-equiv=鈥淴-UA-Compatible鈥�- Documentmodus is already done
How to set the global variable in a function for cmake?
Showing dialog on top of another running activity (Android)?
Delphi: How to find and fix an EOutOfMemory Error?
Microsoft Word Hangs During A Find Using Styles
Trouble using django.template Context in unittest
Re offline_access deprecation: When to do the fb_exchange_token thing?
Redrawing UITableViewCells on rotation
How to draw parabolas in C#?
What are the pros and cons of writing C#/Xaml vs. C++/Xaml WinRT applications in Windows8? [closed]
Accessing IIS hosted site on other computers via lan
R maps plotting longitude and latitude points
wrap a mysql query in a php function and print results
LINQ from a sql join
Google Protocol Buffers, backward reposition IO head in the stream objects provided
Data retrieval - Database VS Programming language
Is there an API for iOS's Assistive Touch Feature?
<a: in front of xml elements in when returning WCF REST service in browser
Facebook Graph API does not return the event picture
Use of constant in Canvas.drawLine()
Slow loading App_LocalResources symbols if .svn folder present
Can you disable apache logs for a single site using htaccess or in the Virtual Host settings?
when to use mongodb's aggregate framework?
Multiple asynchronous Google Maps onclick
communicating with SAS datasets from R
Where shall I put the assemblies related to tools I use in all my Visual Studio projects?
Best way to implement a pictures table in my database
How to use crond instead of atd?
Validating the input data in a view from a popup window and close the popup window only when there is no validation error-message in MVC3 ASP.NET
CSS3 transition bottom up
Cant import dll in C++ application
True Type fonts. Problems with glyf table
jquery drag drop - reverting current
Is it possible to mount a remote storage to local file system of iOS?
How to deal with unsuccessful iframe loading?
Javascript replace( ) function running more than once on the same image
Is it possible to mount a remote storage to local file system of iOS?
How to deal with unsuccessful iframe loading?
Javascript replace( ) function running more than once on the same image
ImageSourceConverter.ConvertFromString slows down in long running application
PHP imagecreatefromjpeg works, so why doesn't png/bmp/gif work?
My View disappears鈥�tableViewController load viewController, but the View shows black. Why?
Compare specific value to an value in a text file
TypeError: 'int' object is unsubscriptable - python
Weird serialisation behavior with HashMap
HTTP request node.js using mikeal's 'request'
Microseconds timer with Carbon framework
Obtaining a specific string from a line written in file
Real Time Facebook and Twitter Update Tutorials
How not to resize a datagrid or a wrappanel item?
Multi-Level Routing in ASP.NET web API without Areas
The best way of selecting div
C# - Korean Encoding
how to start a background image 20px down?
how do i make an api call in python (GAE)?
Generic Array Creation
What happens when I delete a file being used through input redirection?
How do I properly import jQuery plugins to Node.JS?
Performance overhead for frequent (5Hz) Core Data saves
how i create/open database in android?
xlsx issue: create excel sheet with large number of rows
Converting strings to floats
css shadows on on all sides but top
get_iplayer RTMP failure
How do you add a field to an rfcTable using SAP Nco 3.0?
EXIF metadata removal in python
SSRS 2008 R2 - Distribution Slow
Loop and Undefined index php
Send a php object and variable in NSData
Change Assembly Resolver search order
How to determine scaling factor so that covariance matrix has a first element of 1?
Forwarding signal to remote child from local parent over ssh
Magento admin page completely blank, no errors to be found anywhere
SQL Server table with dynamic columns?
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ' some commands '
what the diffence beetween forward and redirect or setRenderView in Zend framework? [duplicate]
Must every activity has own model?
TSQL Functions used in stored procedure force column to readonly
Is there a way to find only part of the key value in a dictionary object?
Can't use JSTL in JSP page, with project that includes juel-impl jar because of ClassCastException with ExpressionFactoryImpl
Stopping hotlinking from a directory using web.config
Google Analytics API: problems extracting some data
Using macros in C to define data structures
Get Tumblr posts with certain tags
Replace String Literals If/elseIf block with Enum
Comma separated list in SQL
Reading framebuffer at lowest level possible under X
htaccess generic Rewrite Rule
Prevent a cell from expanding table height
Android + Zip4j-1.3.1 jar throws VerifyError
IsNumeric throw FormatException while evaluating an object
Launch timeout has expired, giving up wake lock! Activity idle timeout for HistoryRecord. Is this something to worry about?
CBS_DROPDOWNLIST combo fails to respond to WM_CTLCOLOR鈥�under Windows UX theming
Select next row
HSQL: Error when attempting to create foreign key constraint
How to make a div fixed while scrolling
interrupting a thread after fixed time, does it have to throw InterruptedException?
Optimizing WebSQL Local Database Population
To Know the Number Of days between two dates using cursor
Read value from Combobox in winform application
How do I embed Bing maps in my website pointing to a office location?
Purpose & Tutorial for how we make customized usage of `std::iterator`
JQuery datepicker issue with IE8
Java regular expressions precedence when using alternations
Tangent Space Normal Mapping - shader sanity check
is there a standard in namespace capitalization for Javascript
How to write simple geometric shapes into numpy arrays
Is Dispatcher not required in MVVM patern with WPF?
How to keep objects generated in PHP when using XMLHttpRequest
Connect to HTTPS web service from Azure
Java: Using IndentingXMLStreamwriter results in large file size
How to make WPF Datagrid Column non-focusable?
What's a C# equivalent of hexdigest in Python 3.2?
Scrapy spider doesn't release items memory
How does GDB determine the bottom of the stack?
Do I need to upload my APK for LVL testing?
SQL JOB to Update all tables
Need some assistance in Paypal Mass Payment
How to check a url or webpage exists in ajax or jquery
WPF Designer Never Loads Properly
indexdb for google chrome extension
Passing varying variables through geometry shader
jquery popup in salesforce standard detail page
Can I use MySQL interactively from an SQL block in org-mode?
BaseAdapter.notifyDatasetChanged() not updating the ListView
Sql Server - how to get last server restart (DMV reset date/time)
How to save html, javascript and css files in html5 local storage?
switch UIViewController In iOS
Serializing queryset to JSON is taking a lot of time. How can I debug this?
Python: how do I match the string - only if the next line has a given string?
GlassFish JSF : IndexOutOfBoundsException no personalized classes in trace
General URL routing
average and confidence interval with gnuplot
How to disable access logs in apache via htaccess?
MySQL - Collate
Python Frequency Distribution (FreqDist / NLTK) Issue
Python Frequency Distribution (FreqDist / NLTK) Issue
How to make MSI return failed value after a reboot?
Querying MongoDB Subset Two Levels Deep Using PHP Driver
Autorenewable subscription in-app purchases in iphone?
Updating PostgreSQL schema with schema dump
MySQL Find the model number of the highest priced product.
showing PDF with videos and links [closed]
Perl - using my with parentheses and only one variable
Android sample ActionBarCompat
PostGIS SQL to generate separate line segments from a set of points, with varying IDs
When you split a node from a B-Tree and it's of an odd order, how do you evenly distribute the keys?
Android: can't see all files with listsFiles()
Can a python IDLE be used for iterative/in-memory development?
Inject reference to async service - drawbacks
Makefile doesn't work
How can I constrain a type (kind?) to product types only
What is the simplest way to create a vertically scrolling div in the Android Browser?
Is this C# action method code actually firing a 301 redirect?
Dynamically changing ImageButton PostBackURL property
Hover on element where attribute is set
Insert one css class to select on Rails date_select
Change variable scope of function in Javascript
Is there a way to see the information contained within [object][object] using firebug?
Rules for implicit conversion of template arguments
Rails Optimizing Complicated Query
Valid use of the conditional operator?
jQuery .one(鈥渃lick鈥� on anchor wrapper leads to href not followed
Where are my WP7 objects?
Stylesheet to verify if one any test failed for any of an xml document's node
sbt 0.11.2: use only corporate nexus repository for dependencies
Screen element skipping a line for no observable reason
Sending HTML email with PHP
Setting the manager property in AD without knowing the manager's URL
Spotify App Playlists, events not fired
process never ends with processBuilder
TypeInitializationException was unhandled
NSMutableArray load from another class into pickerview
Raphael div opacity not working on IE
Rails merge two ActiveRecord::Relation's
jQuery UI Datepicker - Dynamic date formats on front end but static date format on back end?
Why is this pipe terminated?
Dynamically added form field not showing up in POSTed data
Advise on pattern choice object state based on components
Container won't centre鈥an't work it out
Shift-reduce conflicts in a simple(?) grammar
Separate INSERT and UPDATE queries in doctrine
Visual Studio install project launch condition to check for StyleCop
How do I pass a method through another method without it being called, and pass a variable object into it?
Parsing JSON with Dart
Looking for an Excel type of experience on the web (ASP.NET MVC)
How can we see what objects are in specific generations in JVM?
PHP API - Friends by date
Run a function in timeout looping
Safari Rendering image background black on load
SQL Server 2008 - Does a trigger run with the same permissions as the login/user?
VBA Outlook SaveAsFile method creates empty file
Trying to cut off time in datetime
JSF : Issues with File Upload using Icefaces component
active admin destroy action
mysql_fetch_array returns an array with a value for the numeric index, but blank for the corresponding associative index
Refreshing Single Cell in Base Adapter in android
Datagridview horizontal scroll does not go all the way across data
Ember-Data callback when findAll finished loading all records
$_POST to receive dynamic amount of fields to update
Jquery infinite scroll - scroll bar on div not body
Can a report's filename contain special symbols such as 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�鈥�
Can you write to [PC]?
How can I set the transparancy to image for particular background color in image - using PHP - GD
How can I insert multiple records with a single INSERT statement in Sybase ASE
Redirect unauthenticated user to different page via ajax/jQuery $.post
fgets works then returns access violation
Mobile and desktop screen size statistics
iOS: Transfer ownership of UIView while touches happening?
Some value to callback function
NetUserGetInfo doesn't work for trusted domain
how can i get the value of a td
deleterow() ReadOnly Statement error
Xcode warning of 鈥淯nable to read symbols鈥�points to non-existent path under DerivedData
mybatis - how to get rid of mapping file and just use annotations
Checking for duplicate of two columns with MySQL on Insert, but neither are unique
Change variable until it's right (if, else)
Getting values of all important exchanges around the world
saving embedded documents mongoid
Getting sum of duplicated date entries from last month, week, day
running a javascript code within an <iframe> that have been received from submitting a from in the page itself
Is there something like .selector:not:nth-child(formula)?
br or newline in XUL
Convert anonymous function in PHP 5.3 into PHP 5.2 equivalent
How to publish new post in automatically in wordpress
PHP/Mysql/jQuery - Long Polling - Best delay between 2 database checks
How many mappers/reducers should be set when configuring Hadoop cluster?
A fluid adaptive unordered horizontal list
How to send a parameter by cookie using js
Is there a way to check if a build is in Adhoc, release, distribution programmatically?
How do I show webgrid content and insert data form in one view in mvc3?
Will this make the use of StringBuilder redundant?
Taskbar programming
How to know Shift key status when a key is pressed in C?
VbScript MSMQManagement - get message count
getActionBar returns null
getActionBar returns null
Testing a Rest Web Service in salesforce.com
Examples of the use for the factory design pattern in C# [closed]
WPF and Grouped data performance in .NET framework 4.5: Is there a test?
Jquery .on and .off is not working with mouseenter and mouseleave events
filter data that i loaded with core data with NSSearchField
How to Run sencha touch program in android avd?
How to rerender part of page with form in JSF 2.0?
Linux sort doesn't work with minus float numbers
How to turn off locking in Fluent NHibernate?
Deploying rails with Passenger
Flex Column Color
Flex ComboBox - Refresh dataprovider
CCCrypt encryption result issue
Using 鈥淵ear鈥�and 鈥淢onth鈥�fields of a collection as shards keys in MongDB
How to measure Android WebView inbound/outbound traffic
Refresh page using page id in JQM
My C 鈥淗ello, world!鈥�program isn't compiling
Moving a Flash object within the DOM tree
Add few days to minDate in datepicker
Prevent QTable from selecting all text on edit
Loading memory dumps in C (similar to PHP serialize)
Why does Javascript only count carriage returns are one character when it is two?
How to link templates to views and URLs in PyroCMS?
Regex String Doesn't Start or End With Special Character
iPad - Showing a custom UIViewController from a ShareKit sharer
Animate svg in list-style-image
Bind XML to autocomplete box windows phone
is it possible to put input data from user into one thread and input data from server into another(UDP)?
instances acting like classes in rails on heroku
Fastest way to check if a number has the 'digit' zero anywhere in it?
XtraGridView Custom Filter on AutoFilterRow
code editor for asp.net mvc razor
Using generics in an Expression<Func<MyType, TOrderBy>> in a Constructor
How to override columns number and their width limitation in a tabular layout?
Linq optional parameters
Google+ share with custom text and thumbnail
How to encode multibyte filenames in PHP and decode them in javascript?
How to merge two column which are already exist in one datatable?
Unmodifiable List Wrapper Which Exposes A Different Generic Type
How to link two Actionscript files to a .fla file?
Changing Textcolor and Background of a TextView
How to add history to jQuery UI tabs using a back button
Method to install multiple Firefox extensions or addons in with least user intervention?
WP7 get to know if user has rated or reviewed an app
creating clones of input fields in jquery and updating field ids
Where is the 鈥渃ustom tool鈥�field in Visual Studio?
Storyboards and custom container view controllers
Android Asset Studio: Creating icons with an image does not work
jQuery UI dialog - wait until close animation is completed
Telerik MVC Chart: How to change databinding mode at client side using javascript?
How to get variables in function name and getElementById
Resolving LNK2005 with a C, C++, and C++/CLI project
How to check what is the reason of session lost in php?
While loop in Java using UNIX commands and variables
Adding some JPanels (one below another) in JPanel
login_required decorator on ajax views to return 401 instead of 302
regsvr32 causes CDatabase destrucor to hang when using SQL Native Client (v2005)
Ajax/PHP form getting serialized select value
Which different ways are there to get an app on the users phone (Android, iPhone)? [closed]
struct assignment operator on arrays
NHibernate subquery when relation key is NULL, Count subquery
How to set two pseudo classes on an element?
Is it possible to make audio vizualisation only from peak information?
HighCharts remove stack totals
change background color through onkeyup of input text box
PHP Script on timer, can't get file to cache
How to get value of a domain constraint in Grails?
Windows short path format to long path format
Add license agreement to setup project as embeded resource?
Sprite Sheet animation fails after upgrading from Cocos2d 1.0.1 to 2.0
how to add ProgressMonitorInputStream to ftp upload?
Ways to post query data to URL without a form?
AS3 - LocalConnection Error #3691: Resource limit for this resource type exceeded
Adding attributes to an anchor in Wordpress
Center JDialog over parent
NServiceBus IHandleTimeouts throws SagaNotFoundHandlers
Comparing Grouped Select Options using jQuery
Cucumber: How to get a list of tags in an After block?
Dynamic dispatch for third-party type
Chrome counts characters wrong in textarea with maxlength attribute
Gem Install Bundler via batch script in Windows - process gets killed?
Find hidden elements and store them in an array
WP7 mp3 file read and write concurrently
jQuery slider not working in FireFox
webgrid show the paging even if there is only one page
What is the relation between OCR and Artificial Neural Network?
Eclipse doesn't recognise @Inject?
Render mime typed templates in Rails that are in a subfolder without explicitly providing the whole path in a render call
How to limit the output of a Ruby `pp` call?
Defining variables' classes at runtime via polymorphism
VB.NET LINQ - Count of collection within collection?
How to load javascript contents using php?
Asset file size overview after compiling an app?
expression issue in SSIS
How to read or parse .mobi file on iOS
How to test session timeout?
Scripting VLC to capture first frame of a video - can't get command line to work
Visual Studio 2010 call stack window stripping template parameter types
Play Framework 2.0 - views.render throws exception
Writing an integer as hex into a File using ofstream
UITableViewCell disable cell, then re-enable and update without reloading view
JSF 2: sharing scope among specific users
Are context.startService() calls guaranteed to be aquired by the service in the same order they were sent?
XML bindings for Microsoft XMLLite
Save XLS Using Interop Excel
Client Credential Grant fails on AuthorizeRequest due to lack of Refresh Token
javascript. Get the javascript function location or get function code
Siebel EIM error
Mechanism to read flags from command line arguments in Tcl
Rails : Given that my database is in UTC, and my Time.zone US Eastern, how do I save a time in US Pacific?
Core Data Migration using Mapping Model
Need to retrieve records where field is between two numeric values - field is varchar and has number with a comma
How can I connect one of my View with UIView class?
Tomcat Maven plugin throwing exception at webapp deployment
Push new history after rebase?
req.body returning 鈥淔orbidden鈥�
Making Callable Threads as Daemon
Could use a little explanation of this aspect of threads
Replacing a line in a file without rewriting the entire file (in PHP)
Merge two NSArrays consisting of dictionaries, based on a parameter in dictionaries
PDF to JPG local conversion [closed]
Can newsletter content be generated with PHP?
How do I get a rewritten URL in JSP?
Can Eclipse format comma-seperated statements (var a = 1, b=2;) on different lines?
Using ORDER BY and GROUP BY together
Profiler shows OpenCL not uses all registers available
Postback javascript
how to retrieve the id of the album profile facebook
jquery-ui-map fit bounds with a polyline?
Changing a Windows Phone Application's WritableBitmap Object
Control Piecemaker 2 using javascript / JQuery
How to combine two dataTextFields for SelectList Description in asp.net MVC 3 using @Html.DropDownListFor
Symfony2 form and Doctrine OneToOne relationship
How to resolve page navigation issue with jquery-mobile
NoSuchElementException with unknown cause using Selenium
How to display all numbers rather than just 1 number?
Whitespace in an identifier used from an handlebars template
Examples where the auto/static keywords is useful? [duplicate]
RewriteCond to skip rule if file or directory exists
does padding a file change its content?
Reconciling Law of Demeter with Models
Moving and vanishing lines of code; trouble with Eclipse's XML Editor
Orchard CMS Data Import
Social Network data sets that contains a community structure
Transform two strings in such a way that the distance between the input strings is 'reflected' in the distance between the output strings?
Sharepoint: access subsite page contact from workflow
Code generation issue, override existing method implementation
Struts2 FTL Tags with Map
Raven DB DocumentStore - throws out of memory exception
ASP Buttons not working after changing ActiveViewIndex
How to secure a XML file in Windows Phone 7
Unicorn Rails stack + Vagrant not serving some assets
Building view hierarchy using relative paths
Is it safe to change to the HTML5 DOCTYPE?
Adding to to-many / many-to-many core data relationship
Handlers of elements of WrapPanel
Android: bitmap size exceeds VM budget (frame by frame)
JQuery Error on Calculation: 鈥淯ncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'value'鈥�
How to detect changes in children from parent object in WPF?
AdWords quality score 1/10 - Why?
name of upload files
foreach array values into a single string
#define directive with multiple replacements?
Can I make the h:outputStylesheet to load css file that is being retrieved from servlet? (not resources folder)
Apache2 serving multiple sites on one IP
Regular Expression - Select only one character if it's followed by another char
the function clone() does not work in Internet Explorer ( works in firefox)
How to parse tumblr JSON feed
Jquery Fancybox height / scroll down
socket.io - 'connect' event does not fire on the client
Sorting on DataGridTemplateColumn with converter
Magento - Checkout not redirecting to success page
spring 3.1 annotated autowiring on standalone application
What is the best Core Image filter to produce black and white effects?
Replace char in string with some string inplace
PHP: preg replace date time
iPhone: Drawing on a UIButton
Factory for DAO in Linq to SQL
Missing schema when inserting image to .xlsx file through OpenXML
WHERE parameter equals ANY column (Entity attribute) value
PHP session is present 鈥�requested page loads yet briefly 鈥�and goes back to index
HTML5/PHP/jQuery: Defining Blocks of HTML (Template Toolkit Style)
LinkedIn menu iPhone app
Problems writing up WebBrowser COM events
Implementing jQuery plugin
Dynamic Render in Yii
Writing tests for stochastic functions
Multiple ip-camera streams on the same activity in android
Shrink space in string to single delimiter
$_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT] on local Apache web server
Accessing global variable accross methods confusion in Codeigniter?
Cancelling from Facebook Permissions dialog redirects and does not close
How to authenticate using cross domain query
illegal blobKey error in unit test google app engine 1.6.4
jQuery Searching an Array of Arrays?
JSON. Parsing array of arrays. How?
Script to randomly generate pictures and text from an array
Show regions on a map
JSON. Parsing array of arrays. How?
Script to randomly generate pictures and text from an array
Show regions on a map
Remove a node from the following XML.
Haskell partial application of functions, deriving types
Data transfer from mysql to DynamoDB
Frequency and cumulative frequency curve on the same graph in R
how to focus edittext in customized listview from server mysql database in android
Query with EXISTS for Doctrine Symfony2
Calling a Dialog from a Dialog
calling class from webservice
presentViewController - view solid black, viewDid___ methods not called
Can a BNF handle forward consumption?
No Latency time with xmpp (smack - openfire)?
.NET Exceptions: Does each exception type have its own message text?
Is it possible to get AMD APP Profiler working with C#/Cloo?
Wicket, how to lazy-load DropDown choices on click?
renderView fails when using Symfony2 with SwiftMail
Format a BigDecimal so that 100 shows up as 100 instead of 1.0E+2
c++: how to optimize IO?
How can I click on a specific email at Gmail using Selenium IDE?
sql server data insertion, first row closing balance should be next row opening balance
android radiobutton check after clearing check issue
Transcoding & displaying user-uploaded videos for cross-browser/platform compatibility
Unit testing highly coupled code in .net; reflection to inject mocks?
Spring Framework鈥�wat is difference between form:errors path and form:lable path鈥�
HighCharts: stacked bar shows percentages of stack
SQL Server 2008 SELECT * FROM @variable?
How do I refactor a class with lots of operations which all require its internal data?
Make parts of a JTextArea non editable (not the whole JTextArea!)
asp.net mvc razor vb.net for loop syntax
How to use @DbLookups in different database
empty response when trying to curl an SSLv3 url [closed]
R lattice set default arguments
How can I avoid double submissions with pushState and $.ajax(hash) in non-IE browsers?
how to increase 鈥渢ouch-active of thumb鈥�area of custom UISlider?
How & through which file new product is get saved in Magento Database?
Error when trying to create an object DateTime in PHP
Zend routes and translation
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer doesn't working with ClassPathXmlApplicationContext
add custom data to POST
explaining/documenting an intricate mechanism
Convert A Union Query To LINQ To Entity Query
How to convert (inherit) parent to child class?
Alternative of System.Web.HttpContext.Current when using ProgressBox
can't find a control inside my gridview
Small JavaScript Hover Slider Image Gallery Not Working in Firefox
php i have included a file but cant call functions which are inside class
Kill Horizontal Scroll On Absolute Image with Body as Parent
EntityFramework 4.1 Code First incorrectly names complex type column names
Unable to fix: 'java.lang.String' to required type 'java.util.Collection'
Hiding div behind its parent?
Statement for Query [duplicate]
How to export FTP-data from several packages
Library to compress a file as a.qzip
Normalize numbers from 1-.0000X to 1 - 0.0X?
App is behaving different on iPhone 5.1 simulator and real iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1
Amp Library Error
Keeping a UITabbarController visible in every view
Can I call methods with variables?
PHP forum database optimisation
WebHost failed to process a request on IIS 7 windows 2008 when using Windows Mobile
What happens after a viewController is pushed into another viewController
Investigating Memory Leak
Difference between List<string> lst = new List() and List<> lst = new List()
PHP Codeigniter form submit using JQuery
sql to list services by the number of ratings the service owners have
Exiting the SharpDX RenderLoop
Horizontal to vertical WrapPanel in WPF
Automatically generate build number based on timestamp with WiX 3.6
how to get the return code of the binary sftp when i'am Use expect in bash script to provide password to SFTP Command
How to set DataTemplate width to the width of the Listbox?
Google Docs API with zend
Continuing with the drop down boxes problems
Importing data from spreadsheet into wordpress DB, along with custom taxonomies and their terms
Proper order syntax for MySQL INNER JOIN ON (Basic Q)
Clearing the contents of a File Upload
Script warning in WPF WebBrowser
Reinitialise jQuery booklet plugin after page load
Using Openssl To Read Multiple Certificates
Any bad side effects to window.onbeforeunload returning no value?
Dapper.Rainbow VS Dapper.Contrib
How to associate a data to a node in jstree?
Creatinga multivalue custom field model in django
Prevent duplicate values into mysql database - if certain colums are similar to the last inserted row
How to connect to a nib from within StoryBoard?
Multimedia timer? <mmsystem.h>
.net Computer sleep and Disposed is not called
Find out if application has been scheduled to run using CeRunAppAtTime
Pure HTML WebDAV client
File upload error in Django
i cannot make it work , autcomplete from jquery ui
Obj-C: UIView from Nib being released between willAppear and didAppear
DOM onUnload doesn't fire until response begins
input hidden don't run onChange event [closed]
How do I recurse child navigation objects in Entity Framework Code First for audit in DbContext SaveChanges
WTAI does not work from WebView (Android)
best query to update a big mysql database (rows) against a badword list
Validation of a List of an Annotated Model
Exception while using ksoap2-android
qTip show/hide tooltip on click
Facebook Oauth/Login fails