Error when trying to deploy webpart
Use the locally stored version of the page instead of another request
Converting timestamps to human readable in MS Access
Cookie problems on Android tablets
HTML5 Video with Fullscreen Mode in IE9 and Firefox
Comet with ASP.NET AsyncHttpHandlers
Lync CMS replication is failing for all Domain Computers
Define a list or a set of variables in ant
How can I add an image as a characteristic of another image?
Hibernate second level cache and RR transaction isolation
nHibernate Proxy Load using Natural Key
Java Custom tag containing generated JSTL : not interpreted
How to call Search Dialog by click on a common button
WP7/XNA/Silverlight: How can I draw a spriteBatch after I draw a TriangleStrip?
Use CPAN BerkeleyDB module on Windows 7 (64 bit)
Translate curl exit codes to verbose errors in php or Unix
How do I output a config value in a Sphinx .rst file?
How to return the array points from a polygon?
Changing absolute URI to relative in HTTP POST header
In Backbone.js, why do silent changes trigger change events eventually?
Get two elements from a sequence each time
Wordpress custom plugin not shown in roles except admin
Linked-in Once Authenticated : while calling Url of user Profile again ask for authentication
MySQL Find laptops with a speed slower than that of any pc
Emberjs - actions get triggered 3 times on a single click
NSArray. How do I implement the Map function?
Multiple definition and first defined in my C program
How do I limit Rails 3 view to items in a specific relationship category?
How can a backbone model trigger an event from an Ajax Result?
How to change a webpage's css with Google Chrome Extension [duplicate]
C/C++ code 2nd = sign in operation
Displaying NSAlert sheet modals one after the other
upgrade completed IOS 4.3 iphone app for Ipad
jQuery UI slider jumps
Why this DFB example gives 2 鈥減ress鈥�or 2 鈥渞elease鈥�events when there's only one?
how to count rows of select count using hibernate criteria
EF 4.1 / Repository / UnitOfWork / MySQL : There is already an open DataReader associated with this Connection which must be closed first
Boost::Python Forward Declaration of boost::python::object throwing python TypeError
How I can write the following stored procedure? [closed]
monodroid Sample GLCube build error
Selenuim webdriver trying to automate a click linkbutton?
IsFinite() equivalent
Post animation link switch
My mobile website is getting vertical scroll
FusionCharts 3.2.1 - FusionCharts._fallbackJSChartWhenNoFlash() not working
scrollbar appears => body movements
Efficient collection maintenance in a multi-threaded WCF service
rpy + matplotlib + arcpy
How to auto refresh the page only one time?
Appharbor JustOneDB https request from C# getting 400 errors
C++ overloading + operator not working
How to generate Javadoc with ADT r17
Visual Studio Post Build Event - xcopy to different relative directory
Cross-server SQL query to read from one table (shared) and write to another (local)
How can I add 24 hours in CURRENT_TIMESTAMP MySQL?
border image unknown property? [duplicate]
Set previous page for browser back button
Magento: Remove JavaScript from checkout page
Application crashes on load browser
Set name of check_box_tag
Java Swing accordion in Nimbus look and feel
MySQL PHP: Geting 0000-00-00 00:00:00 when using NOW() in a datetime column
Measured frequency switching time different from cpuinfo_transition_latency
Store PGP (public) keys in java keystore - Bouncycastle
C# and libharu: using TTF-Fonts
ShowDialog() gets no DialogResult
Call a C# function from a button clicked on an HTML page
How to check if SQL Server Tables are System Tables
Good tutorial on I/O in Java [closed]
How a JEE6 enterprise application that offers REST web services should be organized?
validating numeric values in text box
Url Mapping, Url redirection / rewriting
how to auto number ( auto increment ) guid field in mysql database
Javascript Object properties in a separate file
In Maven how can I recursively build -SNAPSHOT dependencies present in the filesystem but outside the reactor?
Wrong image Y when customizing a tab bar in iOS 5.
Calculating a density from the characteristic function using fft in R
SQL query SELECT FROM 2 tables - equals returns correct results, but need not equals
Eclipse CDT syntax error on class declaration
iOS Route-Me: Add User Location Marker
Subsetting data frame in R after reading in data with scan
PHP get timestamp for a specific day last month [closed]
Need clarification on using Django 1.4 Form Wizards, specifically pre-filling and saving
swfobject undefined ie when embedding youtube videos
Compilation failed for data model at path after upgrading Xcode
how to check whether port is open at client's pc?
Need RegExp help for Linux Bash grep command to filter out lines containing square brackets
App Access Token can't retrive Test Users?
JQuery multiple selectors
jQuery datatables: I want to put a datatable on the left and a div on the right
Google maps direction service sends different response formats
Power cycle micro sd card in android
Converting Python Programs into Assembly IEEE 694
How to replace some characters and EOF in file
Drupal 7 - Blog Module - Adding title to single blog post
Use 鈥渃ontains鈥�and 鈥渋exact鈥�at the same query in DJANGO
Struts 2 - Type conversion problems with Map and generics
ASPNET MVC2 ActionFilter Order attribute not accessible due to procetion level
ASP.Net MVC 3 AutoMapper
How to install rails 3.2.2 with Ruby 1.9.3, passenger, nginx and rvm?
getting split weeks in method to get list of months
How to convert the object back to an array?
Is it possible to write a 鈥渇oreach鈥�function in Java?
PHP - accepting multiple payment gateways
What is the closest way to pass string arguments from bash script to matlab file?
Is there a Visual Studio Tool to show the assembly's object model?
Solr query having Frange with complex custom function performance issue
how to save ui state of an activity
Call C++ Dll in using dllImport
d2: default package module (like, but for D)
C++ pass by reference - can this be done?
Upload project success but in iTunes connect still shows 鈥渨aiting for upload鈥�
Stopping JPopupMenu stealing the focus
Get image from web and save it to phones memory ?
Efficiently combine CSS Selectors for multiple types in child element
Image resize with php
fancyBox and aspx c# integration
How do you use a TimerTask to run a thread?
Network Drive Not Available On Startup
Determine a JDK install directory through Python
why is my mail form not working? [closed]
Facebook Comments Plugin Disappeared
Loading swf into another swf - child swf stage problems
tel in openURL not working properly
Persistent references in Python
Image not appearing in domDocument
Exctract FlateDecode images using iTextSharp
How to select a part of a string from a beginning index to the very end in Ruby?
MongoDB update many documents with different timestamps in one update
How to get Map data using JDBCTemplate.queryForMap
Avoid repeated items on child collection when using join
Chrome not applying style sheet css rules to certain elements with jquery hiding and showing divs (SCREEN SHOTS)
How can I omit controllers for two models in rails 3 routes?
Toolbar Sort By Price High to Low Magento
List manipulation logic help needed
IE gets hanged while executing selenium RC xpath
How to transform an English Gmail imap date to a French date format
Pass EntityModel to view in mvc?
Benchmark for cache-to-cache latency
chrome - equivalent of Visual Studio's F5 in debugging scripts
How to write a filtered IObservableList
How to scroll in HorizontallistView programmaticaly?
Embedding javascript tag in child page
SQL Server 2008 - Execute sp_start_job from Insert Trigger - Does the job run asynchronously?
Shell script can not pass file data to shell input
why create framesetter with chinese text was extremly slow in iOS5
MySQL find tuples with the largest value in a specif row, where there are multiple tuples that meet the creiteria
why create framesetter with chinese text was extremly slow in iOS5
MySQL find tuples with the largest value in a specif row, where there are multiple tuples that meet the creiteria
odd behaviour of eclipse can't load some classes
SQL Server 2008 - moving data from SQL Server 2000
textbox change event - jquery
Push secret changesets
Jenkins Enable Security doesnt work
What is the opposite query to Model.where(field: nil)
Not all tests are run in parameterised NUnit TestFixture containing arrays
Adding New Child Object Whilst Modifying Existing Children Entity Framework
explode string into variables
File descriptors redirecting is stuck
Union Activerecord codeigniter framework
How do I switch two ID [PK] on postgres database?
Apache Sling sql uery via json for lastModified
Insert MBean interceptor
How to know if an XML property was defined?
C++ Builder XE - publishing array property
Create apps in VB.NET without .net framework
Query returning 0 rows
.svn/entries: No such file or directory
How to expose class functionality in GWT
How to create external table for hbase
How we code attributes in json with java
XNA Screen Management
Joining two columns on a table in SQL
ApplicationSettings not binding to properties when type is StringCollection
VSTO Starting EXCEL in code
how to read formulas with xlrd
Java shapes sharing borders
Does Google Chrome support body onunload() function?
changing directory stops %~dp0 from working
Why do SSMS scripts include the server name?
Mono-LibreOffice System.TypeLoadException
Where does SQL Server 2008 store the installation logs?
How can I sum an interval of elements on an array in python / numpy?
Subtract (mask away?) a path by a circle shape
d2: importing function from external library under different name it was originally exported
How to Draw Draggable and Resizable rectangle in google map api v3
Onclick Listener is not working in Device? [closed]
SerialPort.Write method hanging, timeout not fired in C#
Zend Framework - In oop principle, how can the method '$this->getRequest()->getPost()' to work?
C++ Template limited to a base class and its derived classes
I cannot understand the query
Python implementation of the Wilson Score Interval?
Uitable editing mode make my cell button displays outside the cell
Access Mac 鈥淪ite鈥�folder as local host from Android Emulator
Android MapView trying to add view, but already has parent
Is it safe to use HTTPS without SSL certificates for my own domains?
NSString truncated automatically
Android MapView trying to add view, but already has parent
Is it safe to use HTTPS without SSL certificates for my own domains?
NSString truncated automatically
Informix 11.50 Connection Error ERROR [08001] [IBM] SQL30081N using Informix client sdk 3.5
鈥淐S1026: ) expected鈥�
Difference between apple-mobile-web-app-capable and apple-touch-fullscreen , iPhone / iOS meta tags
Not able to use the library in Android intent
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jnotify in java.library.path
What are the practical uses of the new methods ES5 provides?
Aligning more than 3 ChartAreas vertically
send mail via php to microsoft exchange
How can I add a picklist to a case form for custom entities (note: replace the normal lookup field)?
mvc3 how do I clear the submitted form values
Layout on website white space right side tablets
How to configure Hessian on Spring MVC with xml config?
How can I insert multiple row in Database?
Adobe Air - Unrestricted access warning
Magento Change order status to complete without invoicing
Writing a better game loop
Filtering a model by its children
Conversion from WebSQL to IndexedDB
Is there a way to force the iOS Simulator to start in landscape mode, when launching the simulator outside of XCode?
PHP define() unsafe to use for mysql database varibles?
output xml file with namespaces
opengl es: drawing a texture with fading gradient
Login error with iPhone and CakePHP 2.0
MySql query returned array not ordered like input array
PHP Possible combinations 3 arrays of 2 values [duplicate]
Deducing the value of a template's non-typename argument
jQuery draggable position values
setEnabled(true) for qaction does not work
Customize android DatePicker to contain only month & year selection fields [duplicate]
Why can't I use an int from a spinner in the same class?
expression issue for derived column in ssis package
How to call multiple backing bean methods in JSF 1.2?
PHP, How to make: [closed]
How to cleanly superpose ScrollableViews in Android
JQuery gradient header with column sorting arrows
Python Challenge Level 2 [closed]
Alternatives to showing usernames in TFS
Which gcc and g++ version support which standard of c and c++?
libmemcached fail over of a cluster's node
alfresco - get noderef of uploaded file
How to use server database?
Mysql date and rails dates with utc
Schema Spy unable to find postgresql driver
Login from Facebook plugins without popup window
Time zone selections/defaults - how to keep hidden in Ruby on Rails
Button/DIV toggle
Detecting if client's browser has Cookies Turned Off
UISearchBar and segues
jQuery Mobile - CSS Retina Image Replacement
escaping/stripping html tags in internet explorer
JAX-WS trouble at handling the response message on the client side
UIWebViewNavigationTypeOther Vs UIWebViewNavigationTypeLinkClicked
Consume webservices in Blackberry
SSRS - show row total in column
It is not display correct numbers in the echo
Javascript or jQuery is caching my javascript variable. How do I reset this?
Video Sharing on Facebook using the Android share Intent
How can i find the index of parent clicking child [duplicate]
How to test if a file is 鈥渃omplete鈥�with Java
Using PHP APC cache in CLI mode using dumpfiles
Javascript-like syntax in php [duplicate]
Facebook sharer not sharing if user session is not alive
Python - How to get the Firefox's URL bar content in GNU/Linux?
Php Login issue [closed]
How do I convert/cast a string into a bool in Tcl?
Display datatables values from databse using spring injection in a ManagedBean
How to select the last column of numbers from a table created by FoldList in Mathematica
Creating a 'basket' for a stock management program?
Jasmine loadFixtures is not defined?
Ruby Rspec. Get list of all Test
Create single .xib for Universal app in Interface Builder? (iOS)
Store flash 'check box' data to a local text file
wpf ListBox Binding ObservableCollection show datas all messed up
Android fast switch to known wifi network
Transparent div in IE
Google App Engine HRD query without ancestor
MySQL IFNULL 鈥淣/A鈥�yields 鈥渋tem cannot be found in the collection鈥�Error
What are the trade-offs of using reset_session vs session[:user_id] = nil?
Decimal numbers only textbox using jQuery
Add to home screen - no Reflective shine on icon [duplicate]
how to make my variable safe for database insertion?
How to change DropDownList Selected value in Javascript?
Retrieving Common Access Card (CAC) information from a client
Install Xcode 4.2 for Snow Leopard fails
how to make it like jquery? [closed]
Order of the lines on makefile
Is it good to use a formbuilder?
custom View for universal application
Organizing rspec 2 tests into 'unit' and 'integration' categories in rails
Database for Crossword puzzle
Customizing UITextField for Currency format works well with iOS 4.x but in iOS 5 gives null
Configuring a Silex-Application with paths using Symfony Component DependencyInjection
Cumulative count in R
C# TPL - Isolated? [closed]
Images randomly doing a bungee jump upon resize of browser window
Using JAXB with an XML file with many of the same elements
XML sax parser - ignore unbound prefix exception
Cumulative count in R
C# TPL - Isolated? [closed]
Images randomly doing a bungee jump upon resize of browser window
Using JAXB with an XML file with many of the same elements
XML sax parser - ignore unbound prefix exception
HTML5 p2p communication
Prevent countdown going into negatives
opencv assertion (general)
Chef and Knife - Knife hangs on one when booting an instance on ec2 with three knife jobs
Special chars between Android and PHP
django multiple sites wsgi is enough?
Sqlite DB with Android some basic questions
How to revert Android SDK Tools to an earlier revision?
iphone dev changing tab bar item views programmatically
iPhone push notification sounds,'voice notification
C++ : Meaning of const char*const*
XNA Basic Paint program
Screen scrape HTML head content?
Generating linq Query
Twitter Bootstrap form: Make label column wider
WCF service support both data contract serializer and xml serializer
Are erlang refs unique between nodes/VM restarts?
Can I develop commercial application with GPL programming language?
how to replace the part of string from NSMutablestring
How to determine whether a polygon is inside other one?
ANTLR How to use lexer rules having same starting?
*** glibc detected *** python: free(): invalid next size (fast): [duplicate]
Why does the Visual Studio Conversion Wizard run when trying to open a Visual Studio 2010 solution in Visual Studio 2010?
Is it valid to define a pure virtual signal in C++/Qt?
Objective-C property/inheritance/design advice
Use function with simple tooltip jquery plugin
Running a WPF control in another thread
What is the best method to get page load time for a SharePoint site through a console application
Save stored procedure in XSD file
host service configuration for post?
How can I easily format the date fields of my GQLQuery to another Timezone?
What is the difference between these two SQL queries
DateTime.Parse(鈥�012-09-30T23:00:00.0000000Z鈥� always converts to DateTimeKind.Local
Recognizing ffmpeg's rtsp disconnecting
Can I use Gin and Guice in an EJB 3.1 project?
Alternative to a million IF statements
Running a Selenium WebDriver test with a running instance aof Firefox
MVC3 Auto Generated code error
Permanently disabling Android Lock
How to compare two patterns efficiently in C++
how heavy is a java array?
Dangling Threads in Java
Backbone Relational not setting reverse relations properly?
JXL and Android i/o permission denied
IOS dealloc never gets called
How to remove a linestring which is added part by part to GE in one go?
Are there any TeamCity plugins that'll allow me to use Hyper-V for cloud agents?
group by like structure using java maps/lists
All facebook widgets suddenly stopped working [closed]
IE8 bug : script innerhtml load
Catch uiimageviewe touch in uitableviewcell
How to use data from google docs to show markers on google maps?
Android SQLite equivalent of the given update query
RSS feed parse from html file
Can I get TeamCity agents to make registry settings available as agent properties?
ASP.NET DropDownList not getting correct SelectedItem
How to highlight the entire map using svg in HTML file?
Excel VBA Combo Box returning index not value
Using Apple's coding examples in XCode 4.3.2 - Base SDK Missing
How to write integration tests for the views?
In my Django application i want to print one reciept, for that i am fallowing xhtml2pdf
JBoss AS 7.1.1 database erasing after restart
android acitivitygroup button onClick make applicatoin crash
How to wrap application in Virtualization Application for deployment?
Symfony2 multi FosUserBundle
Isolated Storage to store recent lists, windows phone
Dynamic menu contribution with key bindings
iPad UIPopover presented over UIBarButtomItem covers BarButtomItem?
VS2010 Connection Dialog GAC Error in Windows XP
Getting UILocalNotification.m file?
Which Rails' documentation is most up to date? multiple updatepanel usercontrol
Order by a field containing Numbers and Letters
Http URL protection works in localhost but fails on the server
Using NCrawler to crawl password protected sites
Full Calendar agenda view with many all-day events
How to show Google Search results embedded in my website?
Java Annotation Processing - creating new classes
How can i customize the html output of a widget in Django?
How can I make Rails 3.1 work on Debian squeeze with MySQL Server 5.1?
Call a program via shell_exec with utf-8 text input
Android + Silverlight
Can we use the Clip library in java to play the song at a different frequency
Changing the order ofradiobuttons from radiobuttongroup
Blob-detection in multiple ROI's in a single image / frame, using OpenCV - is it possible?
regular expression to remove ID=1234 from a string (PHP)
MVC 3 Fall-through routing
Python 3: Using a multiprocessing queue for logging
Android: Alert dialoge not showing
BackgroundTransferRequest with ASP.NET WIF authentication, HttpOnly cookies
Sessions for PHP
Java MultiMap Not Recognizing Key
Moving String and Image between Activity Android Application
Moving String and Image between Activity Android Application
Android - I'm using countdown, If Else is not executing up to the end
Netty ObjectDecoder throws unexpected end of block data - Revisited
Cuda kernel functions in multiple files
Getting all rows' li elements in a table
makefile: how to compile fast
Kohana 3.2 Using Auth Module on multiple databases
Check for cmake before running a make target
How to Populate ListBoxFor in Mvc3?
looping problems in c++
Safari Scrollbars & SVG
Getting Unbound Solution from TFS
Flickr Image retrieval in json format with Javascript
Executing a jar inside shell script
ASP Time formatting - Change default formatting?
Region based local notification (geofencing)
Method called when optionmenu closes
IE7 1 pixel above text
How to push UIViewController with replaced UINavigationController
clearing activity stack android
Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Trying to validate this XML instance
Dig XML with Java (dont close it please) [duplicate]
Curl not returning data
Add repo to Pharo smalltalk without specifying package
EventStore with NServiceBus causes deadlocks when more than 1 thread is used
Android String Resources Reference
Make XML in c# with namespaces
How to test mass email script
Bash: wait with timeout
More link always open the first one
How do I make a horizontal bar with multiple sections in it?
about vb2010 connect .mdb file
Maximum size for multiprocessing.Queue item?
Transfer data from one database to another database
Creating a command in linux
MySQL: Insert only if
How to compile Red Hat Linux 6
How to find out more about Application Hang event?
Accessing Route helpers in rails 3.2
Center Align Text with Select Option
Replace all click events with tap in jquery mobile to speed up
Does the Native VBA Compiler Optimize?
Improve Red5 RC1 quality in recording
Insert Data Into My DB trouble
HTML5 WebSocket vs Long Polling vs AJAX vs WebRTC
Integrating fonts
Accessing a network folder with ASP.NET
How to write UTF-8 file with fprintf in C++
Does MongoDB::execute uses mongos eval() internally?
How get a current position of textBox
Twitter Search Widget over SSL
Retrieve Handle to Windows Explorer's Address bar Edit Control
Awk - saving variable with getline <鈥渇ile鈥�to an array?
Problems to run Jquery code on button click on my Wizard-step Jquery code
.htaccess Mod Rewrite code?
facebook app on heroku, shared and free database where is getting started guide for free database?
app engine ndb - how to load entity by key using id?
OCMock - trying to mock NSEntityDescription
Create a copy of a postgres database while other users are connected to it
AppEngine + CloudSQL + Hibernate: @Transactional is forbidden
How to create a custom function properly in PHP?
Getting error on clicking on link on website
Arabic character base64 encoding issue
EC2 python file not showing html
How can I use OVER and ORDER BY
Opening files in a directory with python, trouble with encoding
Where does Visual studio 2010 Checked-in items in Registry Editor?
Visual Studio Refactoring: Changing the workspace hierarchy
Error Unable to add window 鈥�token null is not for an application
Team Foundation Server 2010 - Activity Reports
Print value in console (po) of a instance variable autoreleased
how to make more expressive python iterators? just like c++ iterator
How can I 鈥渄eserialize鈥�an HTML table data into a bi-dimensional array?
Can I run Powershell commands as admin in PSSession when logged in as other user?
Make Label Displayed Inside a Vertex Box (jgraphx library)
User affinity matching SQL query?
Npgsql: Timeout while getting a connection from the pool
How to speed up the page with lots of table cells?
How can I close an element created by document.createElement?
Add active state to first item in jCarousel Lite
Find events that occured x-times during given period
display multiple images in jasper sub report dynamically using looping
Finish all activities when back button is pressed
Modifying variables in a closure
Calling a jquery function on row click of Asp.Net Gridview
Put controller variable to href attribute
Select specific database in mongorc.js
C# Overloaded method error
How to understand the first line of the DCPU-16 specs assembly example?
PHP Session Data Not Being Stored simply
LC_LOAD_DYLINKER and custom linker on IOS
Expandable columns in a datagrid
How to obtain more information from Ajax call to PHP file failure?
Change jQuery icon color to white instead of gray
how to use both Cdetailview and grid view in yii view and to export that page to pdf and excel
Is it possible to set the select columns through custom ransacker?
linq average count syntax
Unable to read from file name in java which contains internationalized characters in its path
Where should I locate my baseActivity class?
QMessageBox with link inside , unable to click
iOS Recognize that a touch was made but don't intercept it
XSD + regex. Incorrect rule?
C# Product Calculation Tool
Using Cobertura Sonar plugin with CXF 2.5.x
How do I schedule a task to run at very long periodic intervals
How to declare array as a data member of a class in JavaScript
WiX CustomAction ExeCommand failing?
Bind a side key on Intermec CN50 PDA to specific action
Looping through data in JMeter and storing data to use in other sampler
Change the background of all the activities in the app
Calling derived class function from base class function
public static void main(String arg[ ] ) in java is it fixed?
How to position a button (or any gui element) in javafx scene
How to sync changes between various markup files generated by Pandoc?
IBAction in UIScrollview > Subview
How to identify request sent via Html.RenderAction()
share webview cookie with phonegap local resource
How to render JFreeChart in Play framework
how to make a property bold while displaying in textarea in jquery?
Erlang Processes Reduction count
indexing Class objects into solr
How to Hyperlink a Single word in a string to another area of the Android App
Air native extension admob.adView null instance
How would I get string a certain part of string using regular expression? [closed]
How to draw a PNG transparently on a TMetaFileCanvas
accessing dictionary with classes
Order Generic List <T> in certain order .NET
Hangman Two Words Regex
Values not getting passed from javascript to codebehind
jQuery href left click not working
Traversing a hash in order
How to convert Latitud and Longitud to Google GeoPoint?
How to resolve 鈥淭ridion is undefined鈥�error in a Tridion popup page?
How to get the X & Y on pinchopen and pinclose events in jgesture jquery library?
How to develop amazon like Search inside this book by jquery
Does ZeroMQ Poll function use excessive CPU on .NET?
Can I do this with customErrors?
How can I intersect a Line2D with a Area in Java?
Can I choose photo quality when uploading to Facebook with php Grpah api
Hibernate SQLQuery, how to get arrays and rows objects?
zend_auth identity on wake
Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http utf-8
How to query a list in LINQ
Eclipse using Android emulator
EXEC Select Statement With Dynamic Column stores value into a Variable
How to add CalendarColumn 'col' in my datagridview?
Efficient way to determine whether two IPath's point to the same resource
Error saving UIImage to Core Data
Using javascript scoped variable inside rails helper
Python tarfile size
how to select Count of Ranges from mysql table?
using core php mail() to send via gmail SMTP
How to make page Carousel by fetching images from XML, using actionscript3.0???
Selenium 2.20: how to handle User Identification Request dialog
How to fetch feed of FB page?
Where clause in sql
Lots of LNK2005 errors
Remove p tag using jquery without deleting content
Content-Length being set incorrectly
What is the ruby Regex or String #=== method/operator? [duplicate]
How to use Prime Faces tags
Best way to set up a NSViewController initialized with initWithNibName:bundle:?
DataTypeAttribute is showing the wrong message
Get first frame of an flv video into a jpg image
Connecting C to mysql
Different google maps custom marker images using XML
how to add new fonts to pyfpdf
Non editable text inside editable NSTextview cocoa
JavaScript keyDown Does Not Fire
Unexpected 鈥淸鈥�in line of code
Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 鈥榙ate鈥�in 鈥榝ield list鈥�
jQuery - best way to toggle classes in span button
Mercurial & Text mode in Asset Serialization in Unity3D
Synchronizing artifact versions across platforms with maven release process
ajax and php(or other server language), which is better?
getting nullpointer exception when click on button
string comparison in php
how can i test if internet explorer version is version 7 or version 8?
How to do 鈥渁ndroid drawing pattern to unlock鈥�using COCOS2D API
badges / achievements [closed]
Programmatically turn off the screen partially in android
Calculating viewBox parameters based on path elements in SVG
Border is outside the button in IE but not in FF, Chrome, Safari
Groovy read values from xml
Delete/Insert UITableViewCell not in Editing mode
jquery ajax rest call - Unsupported Media Type
Animate/scroll text
Creating EasyMock mock throws NoSuchMethodError exception
Error installing rmagick: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension
What could cause a socket to close quickly after every HTTP transaction?
Google Analytics Custom Reporting
Use SHA-512 and salt to hash an MD5 hashed password?
boost asio: How to monitor that a tcp connection is alive
css3 webkit transition trasform translate: invalid property value?
XML pass parameter into UserControl
Same Page Navigation Using Previous and Next Link using Javascript
making a ticker in android
PHP script executes, outputs HTML to browser, but the browser won't display it
User Logging with Session_End Event
rails connector for ckfinder or
make a near, relative call with NASM
Reverse array in php
Advanced Spring @Qualifier
Incrementing values of more than one rows of SQLite table in Android
Java reflection - Where is the method inherited from?
convert strings to datetime
Javadoc multiple packages
How create admin login on php website?
Expandable menu items with CSS3
Set up a matlab eclipse interface
AS3 - Why do i get IO error on a valid link?
How to implement relationship in Domain Driven Design using mappers?
How to change the default divider color for all ListViews
Cocoa : Objects allocated but not properly accessible?
Unity not resolving repository
Vim clears tags after failed omnicompletion
Python code to send command through command line
How to declare field inside Enum in Java?
PHP SDK / Facebook graph API Location based events
Ways to improve XML merging process time
Protect Android application on rooted phone
Which Where condition on Datetime will be faster?
Copying the database through the code
Twitter Bootstrap Popovers - multiple widths and other CSS properties
Reading input of hardware keyboard within application
CPU usage goes to 100% while reading from excel file?
Add Foreign Key to existing table
Converting number base
How can i get the date from the EditText and then store it in database in Android
fancybox callbacks
how can i share my comments in googleplus by using addthis
Programmatically start DialogPreference
How to show only some fields on web service result?
should i upgrade this model to inheritance?
Fill DataGrid with stored procedure (Silverlight business application)
def fn[String] seems to break Scala / java.lang.String compatibility
Android permanent storage
Java unit test for different input data
How can I offer options to save data to a user from an rpm?
Calibrate single camera using OpenCV 2.3.1 and C++
how to make a Pie chart in css 3?
How to align an element to the bottom of a layout and avoid it 鈥渃overing鈥�previous elements
how to handle $updates array in Facebook real time update callback.php page
AndEngine GLES2 , Making Font resizable?
How to data bind to a HTML selectbox
How to bound a google map between two location
Converting remote Image to dataURL, client-side [duplicate]
Interruptible sleep in Qt?
SQL Server 2008 R2 does CONVERT_IMPLICIT tinyint to bit
AlarmManager does not wake tablet device from sleep
How to upload a file from PC to AS400 machine using FTP Command
Jquery comparing elements
How can I progressively enhance country and state select fields?
Can the static keyword in C be used to improve performance?
Plotting bar plot below xyplot with same x-axis?
Android: Is not showing ProgressDialog
UITableView to detail UITableView drill down using storyboard
unable to fetch all values from ajax GET method
HTML5 Like button not showing
django fastcgi can't run
How to get counts from various joins to the same table in SQL?
Reading and understanding MCU datasheet and codes
zxing barcode scanning library for blackberry
Hibernate Mapping many-to-many
Map Object with String array
CodeIgniter cache clearing
Can we use ? operator in sql
Init connection without sync using Bluetooth Low Energy in Android
Adding a New Column to a Postgres Partition Master Table
Does garbage collector reclaim value type memory
qooxdoo generator file name does not show up on errors
Create dynamic <div> and use edit jQuery
Billions rows mysql table / cassandra model - (and a bit of biology :))
handling Zend_Http_Client Invalid URI supplied
How to improve load performance of icons and application names?
What language is used to develop Java language? [duplicate]
Is there a possibility to use mysqlimport for timestamps-column?
How can i make this center bar on android?
Input string was not in a correct format, Drop down list Selected Value
how to simulate keyboard input for a program in C
What is the minimum structure required for a Java POJO to be marshalled as a JSON?
Associating images with questions for a randomized test
Jersey 1.1.4 Errors
How does su work on android? And what are the pre-requisites for it to work? What is rooting on Android?
How to count lists inside another list List<List<KeyValuePair<string, double>>>
How to style the current submenu item in Umbraco with razor script
JPA mapping a Java Double to a SQL Number column
How can I use .htaccess to hide .php URL extensions?
Error #2032 in Xcelsius When 鈥淓nable Send鈥�
htaccess: redirect images to a page that shows the images
Fixed top nav bar changes font weight when text is over html5 video - Issue in Chrome
Why doesn't the shorthand escape_javascript actually work?
Sorting Anagrams
The VT is 0,but !dumpobj <Address> doesn.t work.I am a newer in using Visual Studio 2010+sos.dll.Who can help me?
OSGi console commands to list all bundles with unsatisfied constraints?
Get value from hidden boundfield? ASP.NET
Assign calculated value to variable within generator expression? [closed]
Integrate Google Docs into web site for content creation
Postgres fulltext index
How to pass variable value to stored procedure for fulltext statement in mysql?
Display Page Header In Specific Sections - Crystal Report
Git - having some files in my development directory which will not get uploaded to the git repository [duplicate]
Using white spaces in xaml [closed]
Regular expression for a table with class name tn_result
Removing focus to MenuItem in android
Get currently logged in Typo3 User (fe-user)
MVC 3 trying to send JSON object from view to model
Visual Studio 2010 Designer File Not Updating
Express JS install
abstract class defining the observer interface
Going to another Activity in Robotium
can multiple couninitialize calls crash an application ?
How do I close/flush deleted registry subkeys so they can be readded? Illegal Operation error thrown
using @property in ARC
Clearing contents of fileUpload control through javascript
How to get client real ip-address and port using IOCP?
Cakephp 2.1 Plugin not detect Model Package
Display loading icon at the beginning in OpenGL ES app for Android
Task scheduler Application and Focus
Is there any way to build URL in JSP using <spring:url> tag by appending/substitute query parameter in current page URL?
HTML 5 canvas: detect, if mouse button is pressed while moving mouse over canvas
Default document not working on IIS7 when using port number
Is there any Opensource application like vmware thinapp to wrap php application alongwith server and db?
Android: A class that exist and Logcat log that it could not be found
UnZip Dissambler Pipeline
ClassCastException in android.widget.AutoTextComplete
Does NSSet *children = [parent children]; perform a fetch request?
Javascript used to fill dropdowns works in everything but IE9
Dynamically Create an Editable Table
how can replace old menu names to new menunames in mysql database in android
How to find out SSL certificate is installed on a server? (Using PHP)
Method for converting double price value into text [duplicate]
Find and Replace to track URLs in Notepad++
Website transferred in need of redirect
Sharing data between deskop application and web application using azure
Control native browser scaling through JavaScript?
Fingerprint matching/recognition algorithms/implementations
Sandbox mode disabled, but app not visible to all
Change iPhone user agent?
Hierarhical navigational model with Caliburn.Micro
opensuse 12.1 64bit - Android - error while loading shared libraries:
primefaces tabView tabIndex access
Is there any project/set of libraries that make it easy to comunicate between various programming languages/platforms? [closed]
number variable won't addition by 1 and display in a label everytime the timer counts 1000ms. -
How to make two different functions from this php class?
Simple PHP script using 290Mb memory - why?
write html page to the pdf file in [closed]
Why high-level programing language is not as fast as C? [closed]
Slow performance on Rally Rest api request and response
Getting the current iframe's body reference in JavaScript
How to see/get all wall posts of a specific Facebook page
Is there a way to get mobile phone account in iOS app?
Does two activerecord queries return one record as the same object?
CSS - Popup Layer (with overlay and close button)
Using selenium with Dynamic values
how to avoid UIView touch gestures overlapping
Admob ads in Emulator
Bad conversion from TDateTime to Variant value
Java vs C# Multithreading performance, why is Java getting slower? (graphs and full code included)
Matching vertical layout in different ItemsControls
Executing SQL Stored Procedure
How to add wysiwyg editor in pyrocms module
export chain with openssl_pkcs12_export in PHP
How to get a byte[] object from another class object in J2ME?
A circular reference was detected while serializing an object of type in and sql
Primefaces : Ajax Call Inside p:dialog is not working
dereference a pointer -vs- &-operator
Object that is not yet saved term
get specific parent in jQuery
xquery should give me proper closed tags for empty node (sql server 2008)
phpDocumentor produces invalid filenames
Optix sample without Cmake
XSD. Incorrect type definition
Installing Pandas with Python 2.5 on Windows
jquery not adding the values to database, readystate=0, and status=0
Applescript-able application & Cocoa issue
Nested Tables in SQL Server
Android:open default audio player
Simple array mapping in Knockout
cmd /q not working as expected
Altering multiple databases with NHibernate
PHP/jQuery Pagination Refer System
Cause of 鈥渘o rule to make target鈥�with make?
different brainpoolP521r1 parameters for flexiProvider. Why?
jquery ajax result with a wrong format
update progress for ASP:Button
Download page html and css in C# [closed]
how to recognise the generic declaring type?
Get large artist image from xml (api artist.getinfo)
Android: Running applications
How do I set one or more of my coefficients to a specific integer in r?
Can not start new activity from alertdialog onclicklistener when activitygroup is used
C# multithreading issue
How to remove all spaces from a variable which do not appear next to a particular symbol?
wp7 How can i send with email a google or bing hyperlink with my current location
ExtJS Accordion event on unrendered components
issue with JSONP getting a cached response from a WCF service
Primefaces Right to Left support
Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 when adding CocoaAsyncSocket
ajax rating control with facebook login
Lighttpd mystery, 鈥渓ighttpd dead but pid file exists鈥� What's the solution?
inner html should displace by the grid
What does 鈥渙ut鈥漨ean before a Generic type parameter?
big tableview scrolling lags
Howto merge two arrays with values from array2 that are in 1?
TabActivity with Custom Title giving NullPointerException
executing a batch file into a new command window using windows task schedular
How to get a android ListView item selector to use state_pressed
Not getting any response from Android simulator using phoneGap while accessing a SOAP service
OpenCV, Nokia and Qt - Will it work?
Lexical or preprocessor Issue: 'MyViewController.h' file not Found
Java Fx scene change
Correct Way of Updating a Perl Global Variable
Force GORM to treat one-to-one relationships as independent
Express JS reverse URL route (Django style)
How to find out whether installing directory has write permission or not
Rails Admin modify list/show view to add new/customized column
iOS Persistent store issue
linq query for dictionary obj
How to use 鈥渢his鈥�of jQuery.each() in a selector?
How to send an email containing greek characters using rJython?
pthread_exit() with address of local variable sometimes works?
Check if application is suitable for the ms ui automation framework
redirect HTACCESS
Database design for a blog with separate tables for users, comments and posts in cakephp
How to read Images from Excel Sheets using OpenXMLSDK and C#?
How to sort a list in Scala by two fields?
Why am I sending duplicates of one file in email?
Is it necessary to mysql real escape when using alter table?
MYSQL: Field in 鈥渢op level query鈥�unknown in subquery
Explanation on how the sqlite DB is set up in phonegap
android.os.networkonmainthreadexception Http Request
MySQL - Fastest way to select relational data avoiding left join
Google marker placement
subtraction frames opencv
Spotify - Waiting animation stutters
jQuery bind method
jQuery: passing argument to a function not working
Idea: Conditional Chrome theme based on environment
Rails, get the data returned from command line
jQuery UI slider: Overlaying the range image
C++ Constructor Understanding
Can someone please help me in setting up OAuth server and client implementation in PHP?
powershell: Changing start type of services on a windows 7 machine
Use javascript to redirect to UK or Irish version of the site
Unable to retrieve particular JSON objects using jQuery
EntityFramework Code First - Check if Entity is attached
i have one encrypted txt file and the below encryption code. how to decrypt it?
AES Encryption/Decryption for Symbian and JAVA
AES Encryption/Decryption for Symbian and JAVA
Can a Google App Engine App get blocked from accessing the Google Docs API
What is the sense of permiting the user to use no passwords longer than xx chars?
Creating any entity record with mvc 3
Golang fork process
How to force Java compiler to error if @Override is unnecessary
How can I update table by using select statement in SQLite
DB2 IBM everytime I create a view in my database the permissions are limited to the user that created, I want to be for everyone
Are there Fedora drivers for Point Grey Flycapture SDK?
how to remove '-' symbol after using sef_title()
SQLDescribeCol giving different column size on two different machine?
Create COM-object on server in C#: ERROR: 80070776
MySQL 鈥渨ait_timeout鈥�not being honored for long query?
Rotating an Image flipssuddenly
How to show custom rss feeds in administration panel?
Fullscreen overlay click anywhere to close conflicts with text links within overlay
Jquery Mobile Hyperlink-button Animation Not Firing
MySQL - min_word_length 2 or 3 - need a count
Creating New Foreign Key (SQL Server)
JDK API location on OSX Lion
Django: what approaches are there to 'parametising' the display and editability of form fields.
PHP search multidimensional array for value, then place that element at start of array
Mysql can't join two tables columns into one show
How to handle Empty Uri's for Path Binding to an Image Source
Show popup/alert if account has related entity records
Need one animated DIV to move another
how to Position ad-view between two views
Polymorphism and nested attributes
SAGE returning wrong minimal polynomial?
How to get the Facebook iFrame Tab url (including parameters) from within the app?
Regex in sed to replace parts of an url given a specific format
jQuery fadeIn/fadeOut causes page to jump
Using SNMP to get Server Information
Iterate over ArrayList in Java? [closed]
How can I append a dynamic text with a static text in html? [closed]
MySQL: does 鈥淣OT IN()鈥�function not allow 'NULL' values in the results set?
Need confirmation on BoneCP
Complex predicate with to-many relationship not working correctly
Scroll bar in WP7
NerdDinner MVC and Html.Encode
Adding Kml Layer to google map
p:editor not shown inside p:fieldset
pasting string content as parameter name
How to get entities from context before saving the unitofwork Pattern to calculate a field via previously added entities?
C# Get used memory in %
No permissions writing to file
Converting Xml To String.New Line per tag?
XCode Passing NSMutableArray from Different Classes
How to resolve Autofac InstancePerHttpRequest
How do you mock a subclass of a built-in type (e.g. TextBox)?
Hyperlink in email body does not working in iphone
Similar functionality in SSJS equalent to textContent?
Windows Service doesn't execute OnStart()
jQuery slideshow smooth transition with setInterval and trigger
.Net Framework 4 Full and Net Framework 4 Client Profile Targeting
php variable equality comparison short way
Django DetailView Template show display values of all fields
Logging module name/line of one stack level higher in Python
Multiple simultaneous requests to MYSQL table
Counting number of taps on a button using C# for WP7
eclipse rcp standalone view--how to show hidden titles at runtime
How to set replace command if target will dynamic href is comming
OpenGL: Implementing transformation matrix stack
batch file to take the latest from tfs, include the excluded files,and publish the ASP.NET project
gwt - calling a static java method from outside javascript works but doesn't affect the gwt code
How to serialize a java.util.List<E> to Json using Gson Library?
Git, Tower, and SourceTree
Google AdWords Conversion Services Issue - Asynchronous Conversion Code
Not sending mails (phpmailer), on windows, with attachements
python argparse to handle arbitrary numeric options (like HEAD(1))
iptables forward and nat ruls
Count number of occurences of a character in SQL string value?
Make MediaElement.js fill its container and fullscreen
How to overwrite a imported python class for all calls
Check if UIimageview is populated, then unhide button
Uninitialized string offset: 0 codeigniter index.php
Umbraco CMS on 1and1 shared server - Could not save the web.config file
How update ListView in ListFragment from FragmentActivity?
change layout and template in zend dynamically according to the device(android tab,iphone,ipad) which the user use for browsing
SQL: use WHERE clause in OVER()?
Facebook PHP SDK 3.1.1 infinite loop
How to set the layout gravity for a layout, for example a FrameLayout?
How to find out server response code using java [closed]
How to set an evenHandler in WPF to all windows (entire application)?
jQuery Cross-site Call To ASMX service Return value null
Both trailing and leading zeros string format
How to highlight 鈥渋ni files鈥�in Eclipse
setting hidden overflow on a table within a table
How to get slice of string?
Compare markdown or org mode
PostgreSQL check constraint
Where is memory footprint increase in following function?
How to Import system modules automatically?
Font size is changed in VS2010 editor
AsynFileUpload UploadedComplete function can't enable a Button control
Newsstand icon AND standalone icon?
best practice to use scala immutable Queue
iPhone4 supports Bluetooth HealthDeviceProfile HDP?
Does the Play! Framework have a built in (basic) web management console?
Passing JSON Object from JS to Code Behind
iPhone4 supports Bluetooth HealthDeviceProfile HDP?
Does the Play! Framework have a built in (basic) web management console?
Passing JSON Object from JS to Code Behind
How to tell htmlunit to ignore certain errors
Using ARC on iOS 4, do I need to nil my IBOutlet properties when using unsafe_unretained instead of weak?
how to display all type of files inline of aspx pages?
How to avoid label text reloading in uitableview in iPhone sdk?
Insert on CommitEditingStyle Monotouch
change printing text size in CSS
Using methods without returning results is a good thing?
Prestashop shipping cost by state
How to write Producer-Consumer solution using Message passing?
How to derive the profile page URL from a username for a number of social networks
Multiple table join with condition on second table
jQuery Validate - Success event?
Reading a file one int at a time in C++
My h2 memory database process crash, and how can i find the crash log
Holes in a Polygon
Run PHP every 15 seconds and notify user when database changes
How can i get alias value from the where clause with mysql query?
Quicksort Algorithm (Recursion)
Cocos2d: Create Sprite without content
How to display image/Video thumbnail in android
CodeIgniter Upload image and then resize it
Simple animation conflict in android
Inserting data from qt to postgres database error
JQuery Ajax Firefox Error
How to calculate weekly permonth in aqua data studio
Options for storing thousands of records (available offline) with iOS/Phonegap
How to display a super-long field in an ExtJS GridPanel
Pulling a post from a category every third post
How to add a callback for setAttribute?
Saving cart details into database
Bar Graph Issue (using JFreechart)
h:inputTextarea doesn't work in rich faces
Grails + Tomcat + Apache error when switching to HTTPS
Virtual Inheritance and dreaded diamond
PhoneGap BlackBerry not working with remote site
Extra characters at PHP output when CloudFlare used
how to move div with the scrollbar in jQuery
Deployement server Jboss
Wordpress: loop for changing query with ajax?
Specifying attributes in the <applet> tag
Struts 2 checkbox : What's the use of the value attribute when the fieldValue can only be true or false?
memoize continuation passing style function
.NET Task Parallel Library
CDN yes or no in this case
Transform a vector<vector<Point> > X into a IplImage* or cv::Mat*
Write to text file from multiple threads? [duplicate]
UIScrollView lags on iPhone
Separate Layers like feature on QGraphicsView
Does .NET transliteration library exists?
SQL Union failing