Slow Light.exe - AV issue
How can one handle the debug and release versions of the web config file in sharepoint?
Can MVC Views access all projects even though they aren't referenced by the project where the views are?
when to use properties file and when to look out for database?
Manipulate JavaScript using Java
SQL Server query to find parent names of child
Composite-primary key issue in entity framework code first
Building Zimbra
Xcode stopped running/testing my app
Printing to File - Java beginner
update multi table simultaneously in MySQL
Why can't I have an auto_ptr in an Exception class
eclipse adt 17 and the libs folder
jquery get elements attibute value and create variable from it
MySql query combine results from 2 tables
Controlling WPF Animations in Xaml
File download PHP script doesn't work because of server delay
Improving productivity in debugging IntelliJ Idea
Extracting specific links using PHP from html page
How to quicky create array frombig file?
Grails: running test-app grails uninstall lesscss plugin
How to rotate an image about a point that is not the image's center point using MATLAB?
Logging on SD-card in Android
Javadoc link unformatted
Is it possible to navigate to App.xaml from Mainpage.xaml page
XMLHTTPREQUEST response with JSON in Javascript?
Populate repeated dropdown box in DataGrid
How to put multiple layers in one frame using R?
FB.api('/me') always giving error code:2500 in phonegap android
Google ads in iPhone app login control - remember me
Programmatically change the uid and gid of a running external process using c
Does RegisterStartupScript increase page size
How to make UI elements load without freezing? (WPF)
Parsing JSON and save them on SQLite Database
Programmatically reading callable dll functions
MySql - bigints, php and auto string/int casting flip-flopping
setBound width and height
Gallery view is not starting from left
Need to show id in href tag but not navigate into other page
Application '' exited abnormally with signal 11: Segmentation fault: 11
AJAX call and modal progress bar
Windows Server 2008 - Give my ASP.NET website write permission to a folder
Why after delete some lines by sed, Postfix can't write maillog [closed]
Which database does Youtube use at the moment?
java - system.nanoTime() runs too slow
Why after delete some lines by sed, Postfix can't write maillog [closed]
Which database does Youtube use at the moment?
java - system.nanoTime() runs too slow
MYSQL ORDER BY 2 columns
customizing cd command
how to update old itemnames into new itemnames to mysql database in android
using JSON keys as python attributes in nested JSON
ILMerge error: SQLite.Interop.dll [Could not load assembly from the location]
Lost .svn/format, what to do?
Resource Handling Practice
Handling B64 encoded data in Python
Serializing strings in C
Avoiding CopyFilesToOutputDirectory build step
jQuery - scrollTop() after an anchor jump
Linq to select latest records
Table in android
not able to run 鈥済roup by鈥�query in dbvisualizer 6.5
How to escape in windows command shell?
Adding and subtracting within a range of numbers and looping round
Confusion with a type that has members char *ptr; size_t used; size_t size?
NoSuchElementException in nested for each loop
Getting transformed vertices back from the GPU in DirectX 10/11
Where to insert revert 'invalid'
Recommended widths for responsive layouts
Facebook javascript-sdk Permission Dialog Error
Callback function after javascript print dialogue?
Deploying and setup for windows applications project in visual studio 2010
Defining and declaring the functions/methods in the c++ .h file
calling constructor from other file
c2dm remove record from mysql when unregister
How JQuery assign function name to $?
Should a C library offer ability to use custom memory allocators?
iOS - converting a date received from a mySQL server into users local time
HighCharts Display Marker Value
How to get the list of scheduled tasks using c#?
what's those line meaning in magento?
Python robotparser module won't load 'robots.txt'
how to give continuous number for a Serial No. column within a table using jquery
ActionBarSherlock (ABS): how to customize the text of action mode close item?
Download resource resx file of a visible aspx page from internet browser
How to execute Startup script before response.redirect?
Oracle 11g backward compatiblity with
Build project multiple times
Find out if UNC path is pointing to local machine
Silverlight website sometimes showing a blank window while navigating
Bing maps, to display a dot + zoom into the location of the user, windows phone
Is there a @visibility package concept in PHPDoc / PHPStorm?
Why do I not get back my Last Name properly from Facebook iOS SDK?
android:Strange behavior on dialogbox
Custom back button UINavigationController across my entire app
Custom back button UINavigationController across my entire app
How to write resizable page with iframe?
I want to import XML data to sqlite database and save it in table . After saving i want to use it in my application
Extracting data passed with jQuery post Ajax
Can't connect arduino mega ADK board using USB host
Websphere 6.1 editor window in Eclipse/MyEclipse
spring junit test with two hibernate transactions
WPF Performance Issues
How to call overloading functions from the base class (not abstract)?
Jquery Validation with Email
Android ANR SurfaceView
Database Model Best practices - i.e Survey
Define rectangle as two points or origin / size?
What is the maximum value that an HTML form element can store
Check if HTML snippet is valid with Javascript
Basic SQL query help needed
mysql error Resource id #3?
Format a string with a C# code before putting it into a webgrid
Display Notifications periodically to each user
Is it possible to have a JDBC pool that route read-only queries to a slave sql server?
How to correctly install ffmpeg on windows XP?
WP7: Black screen when pressing back button when on browser
process url from rss feed as new items come in
Type errors when using same name
Can Checkstyle return lines of code for a project
JFreechart tick units
Retrieving table column names in SQLite
auto fit image in div / jquery
I am trying this script which converts excel to sql have added necessary jars but something is missing Syntax or Java setting IN LINUX
NHibernate Query with <any> mapping
Sort after an array value that is child of the array
Is there any way to find out when will network goes to disconnected in Android?
How do I reload the current page in windows phone 7.5?
Handling JavaScript exceptions from Silverlight
validate a textbox on textchanged but not on keypress
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Main in Eclipse on OSX 10.6
Java EE web application - Tomcat 7 server hangs unnecessarily
Validate the user name in Unix/Solaris
Is there any library available to iterate xml documents as dynamic objects
Syntax error using jQuery validate plugin
Calculate percentage of up votes
php image save to dir and save to pdf
error with swiftmailer
Which field has better scope in future either sofware development or software testing? [closed]
PHP parser for cachegrind files?
Doctrine 1.2 + Zend 11.11: Define where generated classes will be saved
Plesk php api exception thrown
Form_AfterUpdate is lost during a SubForm.Recordset change
JavaFX get browser width and height
Database security in NoSQL environments
MVC (Model View Controller); Please explain me this method
jquery-function doesn't show anything
Java Layout for unknown number of elements
WCF: doubts about async vs threading in the client
Update hours in 24 hour datetime field in oracle database
Android ProGuard 鈥渏ava.lang.nosuchfielderror: Toast鈥漞xception
tool tip not showing for button in custom menu item
XSLT Adding node in the correct place
Using Event listener to measure the time on a page
鈥淏undle Identifier differs from prior bundle identifier鈥�Error while uploading .app of New Version of iPhone App
CakePHP password doesn't get hash
HTTPS affecting multiple http sites on IIS7
fb frame height stuck at 800px
how to display the ouput of table to XML function in PSQL using JSP
Can not set background image for table cell in GROUPED TABLE VIEW iOS 4
Full-Text Search for SQLite Engine. Where can I fifnd it?
JQuery TR Verticle Scroller?
How to start new activity from onTap method in google map within Tab?
Android : always force close
Proper way of handling flash messages within filters
PhoneGap + JQM App breaks in Android 4.0.3
PHP jQuery mySQL Populating DROPDOWN Fields error
How to display the more than one image in another image.
open file with default application on iOs
D3D9 Alpha Blending on the surfaces
what is the wrong in this LinQ? [closed]
Error with my Javascript code
Secured (over https) IP address lookup API services
Trying out Squeel but symbols don't seem to work
GWT add Widget to iFrame
Numeric CAPTCHA validation in windows forms
which is better in terms of parsing performance in Android, XML or JSON? [closed]
How to separate Text and HTML with CSS
Why would using hdfs:// prefix for a path to a file allow a file to be opened?
what's the memory location way while using a value type as a paramter
Internet Explorer preloading (500+ Images)
Alachisoft.NCache.Runtime.Exceptions.OperationFailedException: Cache is not initialized
HttpListener.IsSupported is false on XP SP3
How to stop this thread in android?
How to improve image quality once uploaded to Facebook? [closed]
CakePHP Auth Component Not logging in when using $this->Auth->login();
Redoing loop whenever a duplicate is found (Lotto program C#)
Copy not null and not empty fields from one object to another object of the same type(Objects are same type) in java
how to activate the ios notification settings programmatically?
PHP BB installation
which the best way for integrating linkedin to ROR application?
Android, how to load image from server?
copy file from windows to android using batch
Issue in viewscope
Efficient way to perform xml parsing in python
Razor View displayed incorrectly, un-readable content in VS2010 Sp1
iOS: UITextField keyboard and inputview appears at wrong position
Ordering Strings in Prolog
open other android applications
Xcode data model problems with appearance in editor
Open email and dial phone number in sencha touch 2
Python: How to flood-fill part of a bitmap enclosed by a black border with my chosen color?
storing a json file from twitter's api in mongoDB
Login and redirect to user home page
QFuture throwing unhandled exception in result()
PHP using urldecode with regex
Push deployment with of node.js application with mercurial
Is That Possible multiple Radio Button select in android?
HTML5 multiselect dropdown with checkboxes plugin. Designed as standard <select> dropdown
Why we do not have Map.get(K key) [duplicate]
Can't read mahout output of PFPGrowth
how to calculate the float reminder for the two float values
Problems loading django media
android: how to restart an ativity which was previously full
Can I use Unicodes in regex engine dk.brics.automaton?
programatically turn on/off gps in android versions 4.x & onwards
how to avoid refresh shared prefrences default values in segment control
struts 2 field error values not displaying
Doctrine - Recursive save dont work with doctrine
Getting 鈥榤_Mutex鈥�declared as reference but not initialized error
Android: How to block incoming connections?
How to Inset textbox into Buttons Dialog Area
Regarding USB hosting on android to a DSLR
tableview cell selection in iPhone
Strange association error with a has_many :through association
How to show text in UILabel as secured in iphone [closed]
FragmentActivity vs managing Fragment using FragmentTransaction?
Post to data: url 鈥�Are there any use cases?
how to access message inbox in android
Submit Application not possible
how to automatically format table in Word 2010
cocos2d custom localization system for iphone games
Guides when moving jquery-ui-draggable boxes
Is there are a way to automatically delete a photo taken via an iOS application?
png() function in R fail to create png file with dimension larger than 3000x3000px
Change i18n_domain for Products.Five registered pages
Removing hash from URL
Enable all disabled commands permanently
Is it possible to call derived class functions from Base class
How to use classes defined with qxoo with nodejs?
Removing .asmx extension from web service URL
How to update Text file through internet? VB.Net
Generating PDF using xhtml2pdf in landscape mode
JasperServer Default Role Permissions
Dialog box if there is no internet connection using jquery or ajax
Passed arrays lose all but first element
nested class definition without creating additional global objects
How to bind elements of a list to labels
Could not find rake-0.8.7 in any of the sources (Bundler::GemNotFound)
iOS development certificate and provisioning profile, possible without internet on the Mac?
how to display the items in the combobox in any given manner?
Why are Log.d() messages showing on device when they shouldn't?
jQuery UI Select in combination with the Validation Plugin
Displaying Malayalam Unicode fonts in android webview
How to improve speed when drawing over 50k sphere with Opengl
Rollback doesn't work in java
Unable to install boto in python3
what c++ norme i'm currently using?
asihttp post multi files
Replicating Twitter Sign up form
Maven Multi Module Project- jars not getting inherited from a module into another
How to find files in website directory?
Get column name for a table
Topendialog not displaying file extensions
texture projection + perspective correction, getting the math right
SQL Server 2008 - Different ways of sending an email and dependencies
How to translate a webpage from java?
view state property of text box false then will the data from text box will send to server
Memory allocation test in C - How to write a CUnit-Test for malloc and free?
How to make header panel that open or hidden panels's content on click
Rails, PHP and parameters
How to prevent Google forming url's from JavaScript in ascx control
collection.exists? lies to me
How to restrict access to HTTP API for mobile applications?
Perl syntax is not highlighted
Displaying messages when the answer is right and wrong
Application of Shared Read Locks
SplitView how to change the min-width before split
Include doxygen documentation in SVN repository
Application on tomcat5 fails to start
echo plus sign php
Placeholder in sencha
Access to office 2003 files
added a css background, how to entirely remove it
customizing the Antisamy policy xml to allow more html and grails tags
strategy for WCF Mobile contract
Memorize random pick from Table
ASP.Net C# How to make a page on website accessible after authenticating via logon
Unity lazy resolve
Using to get element
SQL Server get progress
Zend Framework 11.1: Form_Customer not found in
Binding multiple text boxes with multiple submitt buttons in same form
Installing Software in Linux Ubuntu - shotdetect for detecting video shots
jQuery add CSS class
Magento login page on home page load
android remote python scripting in vim
Adding a third step to my Wizard-step Jquery code
Silverlight webapplication white screen of death
Cant seem to set onPause() and onResume() when using tabs
Windows XP SP3 MySQL automatic backup error
How to watch private members of a huge Dictionary<> in VS 2010
iPhone gap issue when switching between landscape and orientation
How to display 鈥淢ore games鈥�page via ChartBoost in iOS?
how can I get edittextchanged values in a string array in customize listview in android
Apache solr configuration with tomcat 6.0
updating a log file online and perform some actions
Linq coding style: inline if
Windsor IOC in a non-Http WCF application - error initialising IOC kernel
svmlight warning: Relaxing epsilon on KT-Conditions
Selecting different condition based on presence of association?
How to get Left outer join in Linq?
Google Visulisation scatter graph only showing last series tooltips
Validate XML against XSD in a single method
wp7 dark theme, white background, keyboard causes flickering black
WQL syntax: DiskDriveToDiskPartition with a LIKE operator
Autostart on top
change url hash value on a link
Extend the ContentFlow plugin : Click event, customize css and use Ul li instead of divs
How to terminate using getline()
load pages in UIWebview
How to get the MAC address of machine on local network in java
How to run a java class from the command line on linux [duplicate]
What code should NOT be written as a real time one?
How to load a single model in Sencha Touch 2?
Java app with embedded DERBY DB
Xcode 4.1 Dismiss Two ModalViewController at same time
Entity framework activates trigger to other database: error
doctrine 1.2 generate-migrations-diff generates only foreign keys migration
Web application with automatic 鈥渟ervice鈥�- which options?
Autocomplete TextBox on Tab
Facebook like button and page image not showing up correctly
Is there a way to dis/enable assertions inline?
How to pivot text columns in SQL Server?
XSLT1.0+Schematron: translate instance text XPath values so they can be dynamically evaluated during an XSLT transformation
Export Firebug Net Tab request?
DataBase issue in nokia devices S40 J2ME
How can I make this code more efficient?
Real max_execution_time for PHP on linux
Plupload - Show a warning when using Flash Runtime and the Browser has no Flash
Why does my code leak and how to use autorelease properly..? [cocoa / xcode]
What's the 鈥渃orrect鈥�way to pass an empty vector to an object?
Enable port 8443 on remote machine for https access
WPF Add a png image from resources with C# at runtime
regular expression for remove duplicate slashes
event based socket programming in C
How to do regex replace in Python using dictionary values, where key is another matched object from the same string
Calculate Ratio
Symfony2: How to ressource a routing file in xml
Slow Responsiveness MySql [closed]
Parallel linear algebra for multicore system
Loading previous version workflows with new version assembly
os.path.abspath('file1.txt') doesn't return the correct path
Adding a new name and score to an existing 2D array + I/O streams?
Simple Stylesheet switcher using jQuery and a dropdown menu
What is x-tmpl?
Clearcase: Does rebasing a stream in your snapshot view affect other users views on that stream
How to create virtual Environment for users on server
Getting error while putting more than 2 images inside one canvas?
EXTJS Combobox tooltip
JSP connection with DB2 backend
Maximum Profit- Memoization,DP,optimality
ASP.NET Razor: routing, tabel for loop bug
UrlEncode is not encoding the + symbol and while decrypting Format Exception is coming up
Views not displaying correctly in iOS 4.3 simulator
How to record audio/voice in background contineously in android?
Use Sockets with Windows phone 7 - DNS resolve?
Is it compulsory to restart IIS WebApp when Oracle 11g stored procedure are updated?
How to define case classes with members with unbound type parameters?
How to make a valid p12 file to be correctly imported by SecPKCS12Import
How to custom delete text from UITextField with UIButton in iOS?
Place UIImage on percentage of CGPath to create it's starting point
How to remove element from ChartArea
Sharepoint Books [closed]
Sorting parameters not passed correctly to a lazy loading Icefaces ace:dataTable
Object instantiation via GUI in Java
App is not taking images from ldpi mdpi hdpi folder
What is a textViewResourceId?
FolderBrowserDialog C# SelectedPath always displayed at bottom
Why doesn't this singleton pattern work?
How to prevent duplicate delivery in HornetQ
iPhone light sensor vs camera to measure the light intensity
Jboss - Too many open files
Import XML dictionary in Python
eclipse on mac: replace dialog - shortcut for replace all action
Can't find variable: FB?
Need some advices to learn OCR related techniques [closed]
Drupal uploads path in multi language site
PDF App Engine Conversion
Visual Studio 2010: CopyDirectory or xcopy to copy Whole Directory
XSLT transformation through javascript Only for IE
Jsonp with parameters
NSFileManager Cant create file
Google Map strange behaviour- marker info Window displays info always from the same marker
Problems with netTCP Binding and Self hosting
Way to display those nodes in a view that are related to any other node of a different type
pylint reports _ as not callable
SAS macros: Strange behavior of quotes
JSON RPC and Windows 7 Phones (Mango), How can I make it work?
WebServices Calculator Example using Java
css code not working because of firefox latest version
HTA value update freezes when file copy starts
Authentication on google: OAuth2 keeps returning 'invalid_grant'
Javascript security, calling functions after action
How to use Smack API voice/video chat
Tombstone a usercontrol in wp7
Hibernate JPA Error
Mac apps SandBox:using NSOpenPanel has a error about NSRemoteOpenPanel
Is it possible to extract metadata from fetched url instead of canonical url?
How to rewrite POSIX C code to use datagram socket instead of file
How can I denote unused function arguments?
Recommended server specs? [closed]
CDO Corrupt PDF Attachment
create table of 2dim array in javascript/knockout.js
Image in google maps v3 infowWindow loading twice
@Asynchronous with JMS
Override home and back button is case a boolean is true
How to communicate with frame page.xaml
GWT - should it really only be used for the dynamic parts?
null value returned from the connection between android and MYSQL database
Why does Regex Group is being returned?
How to bind in WPF with other Types?
Order results in 2 columns
How to hide extjs grid columns names?
Curved sail shape using HTML and CSS only?
How to set image as wallpaper using Android Phonegap?
Javascript Function always returns wrong value, although variable had correct values before
Export AsciiMathML equations to Excel Format
Scheduling, Greedy algorithm
Get selected value of multiple (more than one) select boxes
Xcode 4.3.2 adhoc signing entitlements (0xE8008016)
How to style Form elements using any UI Kit?
Cannot post pictures from Facebook on a wall
Build Failed Error: Undefined Symbols
Pass through touches to portion of UIWebView
How to find out which feature contains a needed plug-in on an Eclipse download site
C# WebBrowser control page back to Windows.Form function
Send custom intent from desktop application to android phone
Find a number not in a set
Making a contiguous matrix variable using STL container
How to identify that the user is not logged off without having clicked the logout button?
jqm thumbs list not displaying correctly
Deleting / Updating x out of x+1 duplicate rows in a database
modify stack item count & display listview/gridview inside stackview
Deleting / Updating x out of x+1 duplicate rows in a database
symfony2 fileupload (Fatal Error: Allowed memory size exhausted)
Improve SQL Server query performance on large tables
Find the number of nearest neighbour cluster
Scala web :: lazy val scope/lifetime
Video streaming on android phone
Find out various layouts used in website
Open response on new window
Why tab menu image has to be bigger the menu size?
What does the @ sign mean in GDB?
How can I summon the touch keyboard from a Windows 7 tablet, through winforms?
1+2+4 in Binary bits
Accessing TFS API from machines without Team Explorer
Java Single Process with Multiple Threads
NullPointerException into a servlet-filter
Django template syntax error on Heroku, not in Dev
Centered Divs Re-Align on Server [closed]
How to cast properly? (Or should I even do it?)
Synchronizing NSMutable Array for threading
How is memory allocated for empty list, tuple, dictionary?
full page-browser html5 video without jquery
ARC in Objective-C
Can anyone please explain the output of C program?
wpf color the cells in DataGrid Based on value
not in clause of same table takes time in oracle
Javascript - callback function
Read/write to database from quartz jobs - transactions not working
Matlab Query builder: Define ODBC Data Source
JS/JQuery - Remove space from input field if it is the first and/or last character
webGL ThreeJs THREE.Mesh.position issue
Regular Expression to get content between two line
Automapper complex mapping
Acces denied - obtain properties of file?
which is better to work with openvg?? Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio?
Jquery-Mobile: Changepage does not work if I specify pageid also I cannot pass data to another page
Linear Search in Linked List [Language: C++ Compiler: Dev-Cpp]
CCLabelBMFont memory usage
refresh datepicker after onselect
Best database design for storing a high number columns?
Using JQuery.Ajax to change content in other file
Center a row element in a table
Empty module and/or action after parsing the URL
Multiple sessions are created in oracle db by dotnet web application in visual studio 2008 in live server
Creating dnxhd mov with ffmpeg giving errors
How to download Data set from repository to WEKA
Selecting children of an object
Get object in i18n form
iOS check server connection and successful download
Adding files via the build server to TFS in a deployment area which is in another location on TFS
android - updating ListView in other activity (tab)
Get IHTMLElement.body.innerHTML as ansi string
How to Perform Segue With Delay
Unable to generate call to cell phone using asterisk
Why is some content on MSDN versioned by both framework version and Visual Studio version? [closed]
how can i add a restriction to a complextype in xml schema?
Asynchronous web server in java [closed]
executing order, didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken vs didFinishLaunchingWithOptions
Interceptors with StructureMap and Fluent NHibernate
Javascript disabled on my app all of a sudden [closed]
How can i render all html elements in a view
When POST'ing Dropdowns values, only first value gets posted, second is null (using JSCRIPT, PHP)
How check an email address is valid Lync User?
Install other apps with our setup - vs2010 Desktop App Deployment
Localization by Location or Region?
gdb returns <error type> on certain variable when debugging
Java text file I/O
check if a line exists in DB before displaying 鈥渁dd鈥�button
xsl document test failing in IE8 and 9?
Where i can find ipseccmd.exe?
Page title not working
Flex Mobile - TileLayout performance issues
How many XMM registers are available on an x86 processor supporting SSE?
Create 4 bytes from 16 bits
Client requested protocol SSLv3 not enabled or not supported (IBM JDK 6.0SR10)
Performance of REST frameworks (Java vs PHP vs other)
How to read entire sqlite database in android
Google Maps - Moving marker to location based on map div size?
Eclipse jump to next/previous marked occurrence
Inline PHP (command line)
Fragment popBackStack() (or go back) fails
How can I store a value (string) in a web page
formatting powershell Get-Date inside string
complexity of the insertion sort using Doubly Linked List?
Persisting data in multiple tables in a single transaction
How to set up OpenGL environment in Windows 7? [closed]
Spring 3 Hibernate JPA 2.0 Maven and value '2.0' error
Object Builder Exception while using Enterprise Liabrary
why the last read() takes a long time to return
how to getting the string to a specified url?
NSPredicate perfomance, very Slow
Combined UITableView with other elements - how to create and use the view?
Update table in SQL Server 2005 [closed]
Android Facebook Unsupported post request error
Whitelist tags exempt from escaping using Go's html/template
Android tablet booting issue (Sanei n80)
Good book on drawing algorithms, preferably in C or C++ [closed]
JFreeChart: Is there a way to draw long tick labels in two lines in XYPlot
how to remove attribute from link using jquery
404 not found for website
Process remote authentification with Spring security
play m4a streaming(itune songs link) on embeded player in website?
Android: vertical 3d listview
How can I bind event for html markup variable using jquery?
How to simplify matlab programming for while loops
make list android
How a save figure as an eps file with Chinese characters inside in matlab
Android how send command
Why is the Android example SoftKeyboard layouted like this?
How to resize a website which appears in an iFrame?
Anyone have the algorithm for determine if a hand of Mahjong game wins or not? [closed]
libxml error handler with OOP
WBXML Parser/decoder
$Include #include equivalent in Java?
Tweaking bundle config only for particular bundle in application
鈥淐annot open include file: 'ofstream'鈥�error in Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition?
writing to a file (?isolated storage wp7)
how can i get file data on ajax page in magento?
How to access Android Phone DRAM and other memory instead of sd
xpath get element by index
thread stops unwantingly
Ext.application and data doesnt get displayed
chrome extension:I am doing a contextMenu.How can I send the selection to background.html when I click on the contextmenu?
Which NoSQL Database for Mostly Writing
How to make application keyboard same as safari keyboard in iPhone?
鈥淟ist iterators incompatible鈥�when trying to erase an element from the list
Android Mixing Audio Input
Redis init from Clojure
Clicking tab not showing Home activity
Best way of global registering ClientScript?
Event fired when any child inside a form changes (is painted)?
python calling external programs without opening console (dos prompt) [duplicate]
Date in the form: 20120405
How does one analyze a heap dump on Android?
How to achieve pagination in Android using jQuery mobile
How to navigate in fragments?
How to unit test smartfoxserver
Custom LDAP search with Grails SPRING/LDAP Plugin
ajax show 2 data request with onclick
Postgresql copy data within the tree table
Capture Screen But Not Current Form In C#?
Response.Redirect to next preceding sibling with umbraco.NodeFactory GetNodeByXpath from .net Usercontrol
Create after insert trigger which updates record by getting value from other table : Oracle 11g
Removing red eye from an Image on the client side using Jquery
mysql_fetch_row() function show me warning
A scheduling algorithm
How to embed dll from 鈥渃lass project鈥�into my project in
How to change the background color of an image in Xcode?
C# Using directive - is there an overhead? [duplicate]
How many actions should Django view process?
How does a JavaScript parser work?
How to append more text into UILabel in iOS?
How to save HTML element ID and its hierarchy in Database column?
First Listview get updated with notifyDataSetChanged() Second ListView wont update
I want to display a table of metrics but unable to do so
How to Design/Figure out the Required Path in Ruby Programming?
The present of FileOutputStream cause the error
Doing partial match on name fields in SQL Server
Linkedin/Facebook Api to get users comment on users out of network update
Learning Android SDK using only Android API examples
Background Location not working
Hibernate cascade operation not working
open('output1.txt', 'w').write(鈥淗ello guys鈥� versus openvar.write(鈥淗ello guys鈥�
New FB Canvas (810px) is cut off
CSS: how to make a list item containing a form 鈥渟ubmittable鈥�
Javascript preg_match-like example for price
Django Server Structure and Conventions
CSS-3 'target-new' and html5 target='_blank' for opening in new tab
Cocoa: Global Shortcuts in Lion
Crop NSURL / NSString
UITableView Stacked/Shadow Background
Replacing or Deleteing a page in History
using constant to declare an array of item
Unable to stop the recursion at certain condition
What is the meaning of the prefix N in T-SQL statements?
what is DAO and Service layer exactly in Spring framework?
How to reach struct sk_buff members?
Invoke built-in Configure Error Output dialog
How to get a DatePeriod with 鈥渆very first thursday in month鈥�
pass property as argument in javascript
Android : forwarding of packets to an IP address
extern variable linking failure inside a static library
Loading files during run time in XNA 4.0
Best practices in database changes in web applications already deployed
Trees: Calculate the cost of 2 paths and determine which is more expensive
java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in a TreeMap
How to get filled rows length of 2D int array in c#
Reducing commits and inserting bulk records at a time in jdbc call?
prevent windows from opening (windowless application)
Open an Eclipse plugin editor
How to write 3g Application in Linux
jquery ui error for ui.draggable(鈥渄estroy鈥�
XSLT Namespace Change
Loading HTML5 video on iPad via onclick event tied to a div
Distributed & Cached MP4 PseudoStreaming (seeking) with Nginx
Java generics: instantiating A with a single constructor argument B
Get numbers only from a text file using c
Is this php script safe? fwrite and get
Snapshot for custom DevExpress grid
How to determine if an activity was opened by AlarmManager?
ZF2: Get url parameters in controller
Generating spring xml files runtime
How to control Hue and saturation in Blackberry
php merge two or more ArrayIterators by one of their values
Android ViewPager performance issues when using background
Scrolling/Scrollbar Locks After Scrolltop Animation
Validate WPF textbox data through XAML [duplicate]
Build netbeans project using maven commands
Setting a default title for bookmarks on the home screen of iOS devices? [duplicate]
Database design - Do I need to set user id as one of the fields in all the tables of a to-do list app?
Windows XP SP3 TCP/IP No buffer space available
Test facebook/javascript with local host?
fb:comments disappeared on all my sites
Which is a better way to check size of array?
How to extract FlateDecoded Images from PDF with PDFSharp
How to use Single WCF Proxy in PRISM for all modules (projects)?
Call PostgreSQL function with multiple composite output parameters
Python on different computers report failed assertion differently
Show email on webView?
Can we shrink Android as an OS to use only 70-80% of the actual screen?
Ajax Instant Messenger Using PHP
Why is the Eclipse jar file generating compile errors when the application does not have errors?
Database choices for big data
WEB : Reading in a file and editing its fields
GLSL - Wrong data in vertex attribute
Calculation in Play 2.0 Framework template engine
assemblies not resolving while creating instance from AppDomain
Varnish Client IP not logging in Apache Logs
Remove Object from Array using JavaScript
Android - What's the best way to create a Slideshow?
SSO - CAS Protocol - renew parameter
If I omit a particular line as commented in code , the code blocks, no input is taken and it freezes
JTable in JTable - getTableCellEditorComponent
Spring batch trying to create persistant Batch Job Respository again
Sphinx Search Multiple Tables and Aggregate Results Using PHP API
Server-generated keys and server-generated values are not supported by SQL Server Compact
Singleton Synchronization C++
Jquery get fails in Opera/IE
How to trap ftp success/failure in
What frameworks/solutions exist for scheduling and executing custom jobs
Yahoo openid check_authentication returning is_valid: false
Need to pass user input from 1 form to another on the same page
Sharepoint 2010 adding multiple values to a Managed Metadata column
C++ 鈥淰irtual functions but no virtual destructors鈥�
Oracle 11gr2 failed check of kernel parameters on hp-ux
Customization of items in listview based on templates
Keeping price-by-day statistics in a Redis DB
Restart Sharepoint Management Shell
Which JS file to be included to use the function of dialog
edit user after press submit show error
Calling a stored procedure in Oracle with IN and OUT parameters
Calling a stored procedure in Oracle with IN and OUT parameters
viewWillAppear method is not executing code
Is there a way to programmatically configure the notification display setting for an ios app?
Resolve real path in NSString, without 鈥�.鈥�(previous directory references)
connect mysql database to Easy Query Builder
MVC3 - dropdown list to show stored value
Total up Subtotal in gridview
Change gen_fsm state to a function in a different module
Advice on JDBC ResultSet
jqChart from trirand - webforms
android.database.Cursor registerContentObserver
LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'Boolean CheckMeetingSettings(Int64, Int64)' method
How to determine when Fragment becomes visible in ViewPager
Is it possible to use jpa1 @notnull annotation?
Why both IF and ELSE case been excuted?
Windows Mobile Upgrade from 6.1 to 7, is it possible?
font-family (CSS)
How to write the content of a 鈥�const char * 鈥�in a textfile?
Justify single line of text not working
Loading XML with AJAX but it is not showingresults
Dropdownlist-hierarchy with SQLdatasource
How to check if the current user can do something in view?
ODBC Connection string for php
How to set commandTimeout for an ObjectDataSource
Unity3d - help, this code is too slow on iPhone
How to create toggle buttons using JQuery?
MySQL Joins - Placement of the ON clause
Magento: Login fails due to session or memory limit
GUI That displays each image of an Array one at a time
How to suppress words in a DIV
how to rearrange tableview after i get min location from current location in iphone sdk?
XML instead of JSON with Grape, Rails 3 and Heroku
Can we write iphone program in C?
SVN checkout issue - SASL authentication error
UI Mode and switchType attributes in UI Components
How to get unique list using a key word :Python
Is database updated at the time of updating an App
Find out the animation duration of the current animation block
Automatically Insert file-modification-time after @date command
sql - conversion failed when converting date from character string
GetManifestStream in silverlight to load xml file
Convert string to date in a specific format without time
Using Web.Config to redirect from one page on a domain to a page on another
Date Time Error in Sql
Javascript countdown settimeout
Why to use FindControl鈥�
Entity Framework best practice with webforms application
Is it possible to watch for changes in Config.groovy with watchedResources?
How can I trigger :dependent=> destroy
django - adding attributes to fields of a MultiValueField / MultiWidget
table view cell selected state changes when goes to another viewcontroller?
Does the iPhone simulator in Xcode support Bluetooth Low Energy?
Python search filenames in subfolders using regex and append to list for further use
Should I use Repository Pattern to retreive data in a WPF application in the context of MVVM?
Create and view Flash Log
Maps APIs: is it possible to geocode premise or building name in Malaysia
Can we make facebook application that allows our users to make new facebook application inside our app?
How can I get a window handle of the CWnd object in Delphi?
pass parameter in flex NativeProcess
Storing application wide instances
Better way to get data of row from data grid?
Get variable from iframe after form is submit to it?
Quartz cron expression of 0/0
remove file from url with urlrewritefilter
JSP capture data and return
run function in ajax loaded page?
Detect UILocalNotification close button pressed?
ASP grab two parameters from referral url
wordpress database (wp_post_meta) structure efficiency
How to get files from multiple directories and displaying it in a datagridview?
Issue with the lifecyle of Hibernate3 Maven plugin
@ManagedProperty returns null value
The process cannot access the file .NET
Resizing 'iframe' after inside content is loaded
Winphone7 programming ToggleSwitch space
Where to define security roles?
Draw lines with Glow effect in iPad App
Unversioned file lost on git hard reset
How do I get curent value of text element via jQuery
How to post JSON String from Android
Open a new link in new tab in chrome
Background color of widgets in JFace PopupDialog
HowTo draw correct CSS border in header?
Sharepoint 2010 client object model with camlQuery - file download but no content / 0 byte
Button ClientID inside asp:repeater
How to find COM object given only server.create instance?
Linking servlet-struts2.0
paypal integration in php
A new form for each dialog in c++?
MVC 3.0 : Create a URL for handler
Video Plugin for Elgg 1.8
Python 2.5 interpreter is throwing a PyNoAppError when I run >>>> help('modules')
Portable make clean rule
Amazon Elastic MapReduce Bootstrap Actions not working
How do I capture the inbox items of microsoft outlook
MySQL Sample for Visual Basic 6.0 - read/write
Minimizing DB hits in Django: .values_list() dependent on previous .filter() clause
What's the best way to retry an AJAX request on failure using jQuery?
Imagick and rmagick blocking rails server to start
apply pagination dynamically to jqgrid
What's the best way to retry an AJAX request on failure using jQuery?
Imagick and rmagick blocking rails server to start
apply pagination dynamically to jqgrid
how could i forbid a tableviewcell to be selected
How to preprocess steps on Apache before sending a page to the User
How can I avoid writing boilerplate code for functions performing pattern matching?
vector not access from vc++2010 App same code works fine in Qt App
JQuery Accordion how to open particular header using script
Encoding to be used for ANSI -
Storing a java object as a field in Solr
ANDROID : Iptables blocking of incomming connections
fstream , Read write operation works neither good nor bad , Read write to big files
some page in my website didn't load doctype, so it display in quirks mode, can anyone help me?
SQL Update query 鈥�Merchandise Detail - 001 鈥�to 鈥�Product ID - 001 鈥�
Jquery cycle slides overlap on page-load on Wordpress Blog
Alternative to Firebug
Rsync for Windows cannot run on Task Scheduler
Changing Slider Bar button with the custom button in html5
How to use labels of new Renderer(createed with GUI) in code (LWUIT v1.5)
Microphone capture in HTML5
jQuery: trigger an event when user clicks on a divs horizontal scrollbar arrow
How to Remove Line Break in String
xcode 4.2 with ios5.1
text display inside block <a> with image - CSS
Mod Rewrite Rule re-writing incorrectly
Reducing number of comparisons in an SQL stored procedure
How to Loop Through a JavaScript Object
Copying content of a webpage without executing
Liferay CMS capabilities
How could I create a tiled photo gallery of different widths and heights?
Ninject Several constructors have the same priority
c malloc in other function and structs
Why is a message in WCF seemingly always in SOAP format?
WP-Calendar Saturday will not show
Purpose of Remote Service + android
User interaction through view issue
Web application to sync data with Android phone application
Undefined variable error on a variable inside an included file
JQuery mobile add collapsible content dynamically php
c++ simple program error
Dumping data reported by client to server to a Log file
Run ServiceOperation with generics?
Maven include parent classes
Get View Not binding all the child elements
Infinite setStatus() loop when requesting a JSF page
Why not filter by part of entity key?
Facebook JS SDK : Alternatives to popup box of FB.Login
Primefaces tooltip positioning in datatable
Displaying Managed Property in Search Results - FAST Search for Sharepoint 2010
SQL query for Inner Join with Select
How to Get the Column Value in Newline in Oracle 10g
Restkit Many-To-Many Relation causes duplicated objects
Dojo hiding and showing div using Attach points
Singleton in web service
Mixing inheritance strategies with hibernate
How to substract dates in SQL stored procedure?
How to use shell commands in Makefile
How to get the value of textbox which is in side an Anchor Tag using Javascript?
Crystal report with HTML content formatting
Server path of VHD drive
How to put in Jquery file while using Cloud9 IDE?
How to print stack trace in Spring MVC Error handler
Why does this code works on Xcode simulator, but does not work on device?
jQueryMobile with MVC framework in Java EE context
SVN and Apache - are there any advantages?
Creating a new wordpress user with webservice
Inspecting jQuery usage
Android: Keyboard not displaying the edit area on Device
Error while running mysql2 in Ruby
ASP Filter function -> C# equivalent function
RangeError: bignum too big to convert into `long' (Ruby)
how to get back existing msg queue id
Debugging asm in Visual Studio 2010: Can we take multiple steps like in GDB?
VideoView onErrorListener
How can I make every KKLayout click show different graphics with JUNG?
What is wrong with following javascript string/ escaping quotes in rails
Excel file corrupt when copied from src to target in Eclipse IDE
BlackBerry - App on store already; can I change code signing keys
Creating Calendar With Task Scheduling Using PHP
Sending keyboard input over UDP in network game
Exposed DependencyProperty in UserControl but cannot bind
WatiN support for HTML5 tags
Using MSXML 2.0 to perform XSLT Transformation
HTML Checkbox validation
ANT: Get all folders matching a specific regular expression name
solution to make a open source web application in limited to be redistributed
how to change axis color in google chart api?
how to add the chart/graph to worksheet/excelsheet using python
Autofill username and password in an HTML page opening in UIWebView
How to find the Device Type,whether it a ip camera or pc with IP address in android
how to use different tabhosts for different layouts in android
sql query difficulty with mutiple left joins
Convert TabActivity to Fragments
Possible to test if user blocked his wall
xCode - beginBackgrounTaskWithExpirationHandler without limit (10 mins)
Best practice - data submission GWT MVP
Ajax.BeginForm with OnBegin prevent action to be called
Android - Why are multiple instances of this service running
How to convert html view to a pdf document in mvc3
Need to ID a chart software
Ajax.BeginForm with OnBegin prevent action to be called
Android - Why are multiple instances of this service running
How to convert html view to a pdf document in mvc3
Need to ID a chart software
MYSQL select query with two tables - never giving result
Nodejs and TypeError method 'trim' undefined when processing data from streaming
Tweaking Bash 'cd' and TAB completion to recognize spelling mistakes
Xcode 4.3.2 error when run app on iPhone 4s
Evolving strategies for prisoners dilemma
How to check whether a file exists at user defined path?
How can I layout components like this?
How to add categories/sub categories in Magento using MySql
Java: does Serialization also write method code to stream for Hibernate entities?
How to make Visual Studio check if file content changed before building?
assets prefixed to url action path?
Sharepoint Calculated Data
WP7 Noise detection - record audio
An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in .dll
How to remove part of the string in java? [duplicate]
Is there any reason not to store api keys in cleartext?
How do i inbuild a vb macro into C#?
How to improve this query. Sending data is too slow
Retrieve data from another table upon form submit
File Download issue in FireFox only
How to calculate absolute height of my dropdown
Uploading UImage to facebook
Convert Swf logo and Brun to dvd player
how to add parantheses in a table JOIN , Active Records Codeigniter
Upload all camera photos into a skydrive folder in windows phone 7
Automatically translate (non-English) comments to English?
Getting crash in Base64 encodeData on capturing image from camera and not scaling the image
Can i validate user in my application by using google login?
How do i bind data into xrRichTextbox in Devexpress
Placing Check Box Before Input Field
how to keep a control disabled till a thread ends
Moving several UIImages over a UIBezierPath evenly spread
Edit and Add New in joomla custom component conflict
Does I18n in iPhone app require all these steps?
Connect fandjango (Facebook django) user to Django User to add attributes
Android- Save checkbox state in listview
Changing brightness/contrast of image file in Java based on sound.
Not able to read sms inbox
How to get editable changed value from edittext customized list view and stored in array in android
Grid view footer template ? In
javascript refresh prevents cgi execution
[Java]Null value in String Array when int inserted
Error during Xcode installation
Latency Time in Load Testing
How to parse Json from Jquery that includes array in c#
PHP, checking values from My-Sql data
result not set in onPause() using setResult() when pressing the Back button
Why can i download a file that it secured with htaccess file ?
Want to find Cell Tower Location using Google Maps [closed]
SQLITE3: Union of two unrelated tables with multilines
Authentication on every action in struts2
How to use Cocoa framework in Apple iOS applicaiton [closed]
My 鈥渆lse if鈥�command is not working.
Getting error <type 'exceptions.ImportError'> No module named modules.facebook
How to get videos from photo album and play
How to detect localNotification close button pressed
Selenium Test to recursively locate elements very slow
How to give color for particular td with its cell and alternate cell within a table?
Mongodb position operator only first matched workaround
SSME doesn't load from cache
Double precision - MS visual C++ 2005 Vs Matlab
Take videos present inside the videos icon in iphone
ASP.Net C# file download window stops a postback, and error messages stay in the repeater
PHP or Jquery to populate form fields?
salesforce - overriding a standard object detail page
Maintaining highlight for selected item in fragment?
Google Visualization Bar Chart in
input type checkbox design issue
Rating control in windows 8
using static declaring in ilog jrules java xom model
How to (use or save) several entity in core data?
What are the requirements and use cases to have an eclipse headless application?
C++ IOStream Operator Overload Error
Jquery grid,not working properly
Does GNU Global/gtags support taglist vim plugin?
Is it common to have period as a separate model/table
entity framework code first inverse property generated column name
Regex in Javascript for validating decimal number
express-subdomain-handler in railway tell me subdomain param (in route) is controller why?
How to get `thumbnails document` like google doc?
How can I open port in iptables for SVN?
How to remove Sprite from scene using Andengine in android
Convert Custom JSON Object to a VB.NET Object
Why would you need unsigned types in Java?
OnInfoListener never fires. Ever
Shift character in Alphabet [duplicate]
Android AlertDialog issue
Need to restart server for the sake of mailing
Efficient way of finding index of row?
Using stock fish engine with an chess app
Error in OAuth dialog
Cpp - Check if key exist in boost bimap
I am not able to view video in HTML5 [closed]
CSS grid with 1px border
MySQL 鈥渋n鈥�command
Trigger on attached property of DataGridTextColumn
Display the images in gridview+iphone
Accented characters and MySQL searching
What is the context being passed to a onBootComplete broadcast receiver?
querying for a string'ed number in lucene finds nothing