JPA Hibernate Spring - no transaction opened
Remove copyright in Xcode generated source code
Data seems to stay saved even after closing and re-opening Android app. I don't want it to
How to display String variables recieved from a servlet into a form text field of JSP
pop up on safari is not closing on first mouse click on the document while working fine on IE & Mozilla
How do Adobes AS3-鈥淐ore-Libraries鈥�function?
How to set replace command if dynamic target in anchor tag
Retrieve xml-data from text-column
position AdMob to bottom when navigation bar is hidden
Device debugging Defy Eclipse Windows 7 64 bit
Text formatting not working with qTranslate plugin
Read custom config setting from config file of application deployed on Azure
Xcode Passing NSMutableArray from one class to another
How do you get lat long info using navigator.geolocation when connecting to 192.168.x.x
ios - iphone notes application
NoClassDefFoundError when project imported to Eclipse?
VB.Net: Convert SQL (Pseudocode) to Dymanic LINQ Query from List<Custom> Parameters
Why don't count the elements of array? [duplicate]
Client Disabled Push Notifications on iPhone
How to pass value of one TextView to another TextView in different Activity [duplicate]
To make an android application that can show number of hits of any website
Wordpress plugin that allows tagging of pictures - Tomcat fails to start
strange behavior of Property functions
clicking on dots on UIPageControl doesn't change page
c++ iostream - output file is not created
Button background color in sencha
pass parameter in g:remoteLink as result of javascript function
Cant update password with devise?
About shell and subshell
Getting Entity Malformed Exception error while adding a taxonomy term in drupal7
Qt4.7 鈥�鈥淨tCore/QFile: No such file or directory鈥�
How to run the application from the other system
QComboBox EventFilter to popup
How to reposition chrome developer tools
displaying records from a php file via jquery;
HTTP Spec: Proxy-Authorization and Authorization headers
adding url to the hyperlink field in gridview
Posting a photo without metadata for Picasa Web Album (result 403 Forbidden)
C++: Reference to dynamic memory
Are the boost socket read and write functions thread safe?
How to play embedded you tube video in iOS5
Circular Reference with mongoose
C# Keydown/Keyevents if no key is pressed
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid location 1, size is 1
Hide & Show Right Sidebar
Want to make jar,war,ear files using apache ANT and use hudson for automated build process
Transfer SQL job to another machine
Test if the current directory is inside a Rails project (bash)
Closest match in a select
Testing strings for numbers and percents using NSNumberFormatter
how can i play two video on one screen?
Is it possible to watch the value of a memory location using the Visual Studio Debugger's Watch window?
Notifying user of Access Violation like Exceptions
Compile xcode project into a library file
PKCS15 certificates
Can i put this into a class function? (counter)
Jbuttons transparent look needed
USB device is not detected properly
Dynamic WPF DatagridComboBoxColumn
LINQ and C# summary
Creating a lottery game of some sort [closed]
not able to pinch zoom on emulator
How to reinitialize native code in managed dll
SmsManager.sendDataMessage() gives Nullpointer Exception
Manipulating blobs in C++
How can i convert my html view to pdf document
Unable to connect to ZooKeeper from C# application using apache .NET library
Cannot connect to mysql from grails
How can I get one property name in a javascript object? [duplicate]
Testing an app on device; Installing Xcode
I don't understand the ordering of the file array returned by listFiles()
Getting Name/ID of mouse-hovered Items/buttons/folders globally for Windows
Which FormsAuthentication method to use?
Want to trigger an event when panorama item reaches its initial position
mongoe's findOne method nether executes nor fails
Unobstructive client side validation for dynamically added input fields
Is it possible to do Coverage for a Windows Sevice for DevPartner Studio Professional Edition?
wcf Username and password security with basichttpBinding--Message Based
How to connect MySQL database through two SSH hosts
App crashes when not connected to mac, runs fine through Xcode
Regex to match the string with another string Patten in URL or i can use some string class method?
Global Class not changing my value
Immediate address transfer inconsistently SPLINT
How we can change the background color of different events in dhtmlx scheduler
How to implement Shape class above Circle class?
Is the html5 widget styleable?
php 5.2.5 on Centos 5.4
Doing multiple SQL queries in one query (aka saving doing two network round trips)
Export jTable selection to excel and open excel
Testing for string equality isn't matching correctly
DateTime conversion to support mysql datetime datetype
Implementing an event aggregator in windows phone application
Hibernate, session, lazyloading
Why can鈥檛 I change the styles of my HTML element using JavaScript?
Asterisk(wild card match) and url-pattern
signed division in C
Searching in lucene indexes is bit slow when using azure library for
WinSock closesocket() call takes one second on some computers
conversion from Date ojbect to Date object
Move to next tab
Analytics for tastypie
How do I retrieve an image from a database and show it in an image control?
Python File Download
Error in in facebook sdk
Javascript/jQuery Scoping and Context Issue when trying to manipulate the 鈥渞eference鈥�of an object
Reducing the size of a playbook app that is using QT
Client/server tutorials
Why are these JSTL c:tests not stopping the content from being rendered?
Resolving connection string using Ninject
Is it possible to use CollectionView with LongListSelector for grouping?
ViewPagerIndicator with different menu for each page?
Available screen size on Linux in Qt 3
The order in which system Broadcast INTENTS are triggered from Power on to Shutdown of the phone? Androids boot process(intent order)
How do i map dynamic tables with diffrent schema names
Android: Building with ant doen't reflect change without ant clean
Trouble with GTKTreeModel
How to delay the speed of uploading files for local development
How can I select data from multiple mysql tables in this scenario?
How can I add a gloss effect to an image?
How to replace a string in the table in sql server
Ruby rails - undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class
wcf service and asp .net presentation layer
Date picker examples for mvc3 using jquery
The app references non-public selectors in Payload
Pure Client-Sided Markitup
Incredibly strange empty space appearing below element with image inside
Flex Bindsetter on XML object tag?
Google calendar API OAUTH
Window phone Application run time error
Orientation change event implementation by jquery mobile in phone gap
How to lookup mib-table in pysnmp?
FaceBook logging out when getting error on a request
iOS CALayerInvalidGeometry
Cannot open a new window from inside update panel on linkbutton click
uibutton selector send string as parameter
Any better way to pass values from page 1 to page 3?
Grouping text into sections algorithm
how to convert a ASN1_object to readable format using openssl library .?
Apply Emboss and Sketch effect to Bitmap in Blackberry
Transferring values from popup page to parent page
Ruby http-post with blank path
Comparing same build products
C fgets - simple way to catch overflow?
jQuery Cycle: Multiple slide shows, count individual children
issue with drawing polygons on a Google maps View on Android
Overriding a method with polymorphic arguments
Merging data in 2 or more TCP/IP Packets
Screen elements blocked out by map?
x64 with Crystal Reports and Delphi XE2
Implementation of own LinkedList
set user status offline when someone colse browser or leave my website in php and javascript
How to split up remaining height between two elements?
Application.Exit not work on startup with window
Is the FB Recommendations Bar still in Beta?
How to align div into the bottow on another div
Making A Turn-Based RPG game, some questions about structure. Actionscript 3
Problems with redirecting traffic from one domain to another, using .htaccess in both domains
Union DataTables C#
Facebook share button with meta tags
What is the url for Facebook Open id endpoint?
Get Selected String from the ListView
Disable javascript of an iframe
PDF Text Font size Increase-decrease
Make BooleanField display a larger checkbox in Django
Strange MKMapKit errror: MKMapPointsPerMeterAtLatitude EXC_BAD_ACCESS
python input being read wrong?
mysql_fetch_assoc inside if then statement
To Delete Records using query
Confused about this javascript pattern
Animation is not working in IE but working in firefox
How to get Not Licensed when testing LVL with android before publishing
Extracting items out of a QueryDict
Any alternative to ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED? I need an Intent/Action(/workaround) as soon as possible once the phone is powered on
how can i make a javascript based form checkbox validate with javascript before sending my form
Input Text In InternetExplorer Causes Wrapping
Adding task dependencies in .sbt file
WinForms ProgressBar memory leak
url name for application
WPF MVVM pattern ObservableCollection
How does character representation in array index work in this case?
Retrieve all the comments posted using FQL?
Hiding DateTimePicker's text and Usercontrol resize
Is there a way to automatically trigger submit without pressing the submit button?
Getting JSON file from Google Places API
as3 Adobe device TouchEvent Test
Active directory and Windows Integrated Security
How to use NSRange or NSMax X with NSRect
URL Rewrite Module Questions / Problems
Performance of 鈥渆nhanced鈥�for loop vs 鈥渢raditional鈥�for loop? [duplicate]
Rounded corners not working properly in IE while using CSS3Pie with jquery dialog
How to update the record from another table
Disable particluar level in log4net
Setting variable to @mixin in Sass?
Package xml file with silverlight xap output
How to get Wikia links into a listview in Android, maybe MediaWiki API would help but I am not sure on where to go with this
Solr wildcard query with whitespace
Application Error in heroku
SELECT WHERE IN (subquery) slow
Application crashes even when using a try..catch block [closed]
Trying to get Ajax Form to Submit Only After jQuery Validation
Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.MSmerge_contents' with unique index
Refreshing a wicket Panel in browser refresh
direct connectivity between html5 and mysql
how to create a array of labelfields
photo and video sharing on facebook in
How to initialize picture 鈥渂lob鈥�type in PHP constructor [closed]
Allocating 32-bit integer arrays in 64-bit machines
Disable Specific Column in telerik Grid in XAML Using MVVM
Can I set arbitrary attributes to file in iOS?
Need video to work for 3 style sheets - at the moment video is overflowing out of smaller divs
Inversion Of Control: Is it more than Interfacing?
how do I findviewbyid of a view inside a tabhost from an activity thats inside the tabhost?
Write two span tags or two elements inside an cake php link
Write an automated web-page screen-shotter
Link properties between nested classes to have same values when changing the property from the nested/base class
Enable scroll bars in windows forms
Concatenation in smarty
Get 'N' number of records in marklogic
How to figure out this GREP regex pattern?
SVN Working copy merge without server
Image is not detected if taken from camera Using UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera
DCT implementation for H.264
In case of ANT, How to pass Classpath to child build.xml
Can I switch around this function vanilla.count()
Reading the month part in the date in c++
How to get notification when any process(.exe) ex. notepad exits in C#?
Binding times in C++ & Ruby
vim: highlight pbs scripts
CMake: build cross-platform distribution
Bullet body collision is missing contact listener
Implementing trial period for local PHP application
sending base64 string using HttpWebRequest in c# convert 鈥�鈥�to white space issue
Nodejs node-sqlite3 run callback not working
Bounded wildcards in the class definition not working?
OpenFeint Android : unable to initialise OF sample. 鈥渇eint requires an active network connection鈥�appear on the screen
An error occurred uploading to the iTunes store
Finding the mouse position from a mouse wheel event
force printing to only 1 page
Page Flip Effect in UIScrollview
c++ arrays vs pointers
Toolbar disappears when hiding keyboard
Fail to read file in Android Service
How to generate Dynamic Template field in with c#? [closed]
if a in list (I want to add something to the element in list) Python
Bind to a ListBox of UserControl Elements?
How to notify Activity about changes in global variable in Application?
How to execute SQL Server Stored Procedure for INSERT from Hibernate?
jquery function for textbox validation
How to know which element was clicked
Can't install BeautifulSoup in Eclipse on Mac
check for ascii plain text
Find position of mouse outside of JFrame? [duplicate]
Which languages have a primitive operation for swapping variables?
Securely UPDATE or INSERT row 'owned' by currently logged in User
Flex Mobile: Can't position the component properly in titlecontent area of ActionBar
android graphics and views
Kendo UI vs jQuery UI - size and javascript framework [closed]
Is there a Sybase equivalent to the SQL Server / Oracle WITH keyword?
Z-index issues in IE7
Server refuses to accept requests from clients
Access Query - correct Format for a statement in the MS Access query
Move from tablet to phone
Java Run batch file issue on windows server 2003 versus windows server 2008
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request
Fixing Footer to Bottom 10% of the Browser using CSS or Javascript?
non-graphics benchmarks for gpu
Android, Catching error in parsing JSON
Make changes persistent in Boto
CPOpenPanel not working in Cappuccino
Database count column
How to use jQuery overlay to get radio buttons to the popup window?
Rendering footer in abcpdf on different orientated pages
Closing info windows in google maps by clicking the map?
Reuse percent sign in Makefile prerequesite as subdirectory name
Android Google maps api vs JavaScript Google maps api
Determine if invoked from webserver
Create a Chrome instance in WatiN
Can't remove Glassfish in windows 7 64bit
How to make a selection PyMongo only unique records?
How can I write a database like query in excel using just functions?
A proxy that bridges simultaneous clients to a single connection
What are the difference between TAG_DISCOVERED, NDEF_DISCOVERED and TECH_DISCOVERED with discovering NFC devices or tag in android?
How to send information to a newly instantiated Backbone collection?
Best Approach for migrating data from Access to SQL Server in SSIS
how to parse json string and store the object in an array in iphone
Hibernate is erroneously looking for setter of property in subclass not superclass?
Problems while deploying the MVC website
Check Constraint in Oracle
Android Application - Best Way To Display Calculated Result
Why am I getting this error Premature end of file?
How can I use RegisterDeviceNotification without a window handle?
std::function with non-static member functions
Rounded corners for buttons using three images and css
iphone objective-c table view scrolling slow
Generate search links for comma separated words
Prolog - unusual cons syntax for lists
PHP tools for realtime execution analysis?
How to set selected value of dynamic drop down using jquery?
I want to use a large background image in an game, where the background moves and character remains constant, what file format to use for the image?
How to style html <option> tag like google does? [closed]
Getting Null pointer exception while capturing and saving an image using android emulator
Events in CALayer
Selenium IDE - Error: Permission denied for <> to get property Location.href
Returning a specific value from a database ASP.NET/C#
Playing audio after Activity transition is complete
Validation failed because of a single character in Facebook Connect code
How to run my web2py application from facebook?
Reading JSON and XML from Rails on C#
Calls to the FreeSid() function crashes my MFC application on Windows 7
Difference between git-log and git-whatchanged?
Compass Sass Framework Sprite Path and Layout setting (SASS/CSS)
How to create an error loop that will restrict the user to only input a number and a decimal point.
mongodb database with Java play 2.0 api
set a filter of packet length in wireshark
Direct admin cron job, am I doing this right?
Having issue in configuring boost with codeblocks
response.sendRedirect not working
Math operation in PHP & MySQL
Executing math equation in Android
Core data fetching entity1 and limiting it from a variable
Remove object from iterating NSMutableArray
Using Git to create an archive of changed files
Facebook like button: hide text
rails, how to write a callback function after ajax request is finished
Cannot import qgis.core to python
App Store submission of two related apps that work as a pair
Changing ONE div background to several images when links on page are hovered
When does compile queries of LINQ to SQL improve performance
mysql get records greater than 10 hours
Date picker in mvc3 with razor view engine without using jquery
Passing XML as in HttpWebRequest object in WCF Rest Service
How to add inline xml schema using jaxb
error while exporting datagrid to excel
Unregister a test case in Google Test
How to customize the DataGrid headers in Silverlight?
Creating a PHP extension extending another PHP extension?
trouble detatching terminal sessions with PHP shell_exec()
which one is better architecture for the WF4.0? [closed]
compareTo and Strings using a Scanner
Does it harm anything to include an Entity in a transaction twice?
Client application update
GWT: debug events capturing/bubbling
How do I remove the 鈥淧lease Reconnect Controller鈥�Dialog on XBOX using XNA?
Don't make the application start once again after pressing 鈥淐lose鈥�
Effective way to avoid caching during Jquery Get (AJAX)
PHP Exec with parameters and mysql insert
PHP $_SESSION undefined offset
Dragable control in WPF?
Exceptions in php, please explain [closed]
how to select a certain clone of lists using jquery?
How to change jQuery inputmask mask based on dropdown context?
how to round corner of an image
Execute packageBin task for sub modules in a multi module SBT project
Android emulator shows nothing except black screen and adb devices shows 鈥渄evice offline鈥�
Need to convert Image file back to X Y co-ordinate format
AES decrypt in php
OpenCV 2.3 camera calibration
Powershell access lists in Active Directory
Startup redmine 1.2 fail
Is there a difference between datatypes on different bit-size OSes?
Inserting into database
Java access protected variable from subclass
Post Request to Parse Mobile data management
History of contentEditable alternatives
Open modal with # in url
What is node.js based on, under the hood?
Berkeley Database - Duplicate Entries Segmentation Fault
Java Method Refactoring Using Enum
CGImage of UIImage return NULL
Version numbers for CakePHP
Move an NSRect with mouse
MySql Select, Count(*) and SubQueries in Users<>Comments relations
What does 鈥�=鈥�(plus equals) mean in Ruby? [closed]
mysqli::error Vs. mysqli_stmt:error
Can you get a users screen size/resolution using javascript?
primefaces schedule time not showing on week
Skype API help and acting very weird
is there a way to workaround closing of file descriptor cretaed using pipe function
Date field from php to mysql returning error 0000-00-00
Creating a candlestickgraph in android
Setting up email settings in appsettings web.config
regular expression phone number [duplicate]
Wrap String with For Loop or If Statement
Using GET parameters in Play Web Service?
C++: Reference counting values in a std::map; is std::multimap a better choice?
jQuery if($(element).find(selector)) stops script on failure to find
audio files does not play properly depending on timer in iphone
How do I filter a dojo grid on an xpage?
PHP [Array Keys] : Convert 鈥�鈥�Into 鈥淎鈥� 鈥�鈥�Into 鈥淏鈥濃� (and so 鈥�9鈥�will be 鈥淚J鈥� Function
rails, passing in helper into action mailer
Android WebView - Form Data Persistence
MultiJson::DecodeError 743: unexpected token while send json data to put request url in poster add on firefox
FancyBox not appearing
Eclipse: Don't give Error/warning at left side panel in Android XML Editor
In WPF, how can you load a menu from resource?
bind_param difficulties
Display blank item in grid view
How do I test a Facebook page tab app without creating a public page for it?
Sencha Panel Object
a need to parse file names to cli
Initial guess for Newton Raphson
creating a random (Gantt-ish) chart
How to move contents of one ArrayList to another?
Why does my Python inheritance/super example not work?
AppleScript to Javascript in combination with 鈥�:鈥�
I am getting a blank value and undefined index [duplicate]
How to take string from a file name and use it as an argument
Wrap certain values when serializing JSON with Gson
Ninject manual initialization with constructor injection
Is everything a function or expression or object in scala?
overload += in python for a mapping type
QT5-alpha build errors in Ubuntu-Linux 11.10
Repeatable Custom Schedule in Rails
How do I set the WINDOWCLASSX hbrBackground alpha channel? (C++)
Variables losing their values before I can save them to plist
Doubts on char* list[] with return length C and C++
Convert unknown boxed simple value types (char, int, ulong, etc.) to UInt64
C# hybird Winforms / console app returns to cmd prompt
Having eruby-nxhtml-mumamo-mode be set every time I open a .html.erb file
JavaScript converting an array to array of functions
File Access issue in Load balanced IIS application server
Can one read an XML response as a stream in Ext JS
CEDET overriding color theme
CSS: how to make label appear right of the radio?
Can't expose REST XML, REST JSON and SOAP properly via configuration only for WCF
internal linkage for const in C++?
fetching mulitple branches from the Origin in a different directory structure
How can I style ul li in css? [duplicate]
html button and select box not aligning
Convert SQL Server database to SQL Server CE?
Android get resource / Buffer reader problems
Saving Strings like UITextFields, UILabels and UITextView
How to find application that can handle incoming calls in android?
MYSQL use 'LIKE' in 'WHERE' clause to search in subquery
How to provide flags to ruby script like -v , -o and place code accordingly?
Binding button IsEnabled to a property
How does ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy work? What does queueBrowserPrefetch mean?
static instance, constructor and GC, rinse, repeat
GAE caching objectify queries
Construct superclass Provider from subclass's provider
check isatty in bash
Context sensitive grammar for this language
Given the square grid coordinates, how to calculate the data from a different table that falls under that range?
Homebrew keeps telling me to update but it does not let me update
R httpd issue - help pages fail to load using local IP
Remove posts from a specific category from homepages
How to access variables set in res.render() from within a dynamic helper function in Express.js?
Error storing a return value from the Stored procedure in Execute SQL task
How can I validate multiple different form fields, I have searched and searched for a week
Java graph library [duplicate]
simple error log message in django
sed script won't work with some entries
Strange invalid characters error while pushing changes to remote branch
It is normal to an infinite loop within the OnPaint event of a DataGridView?
Can't recreate postgres db in rails app
Set Start Program in Visual Studio Express
32 byte empty buffer
an advise to fix the error illegalStateException inside if statement
.bat %server% wildcard access a server share
Delete the folder named 鈥減ublic鈥�in dropbox [closed]
Need help styling this list
Extend forms authentication to use a custom http header for ticket
Android File Transfer over USB
Neo4j with C# in production
Why does (void)0 stop 鈥渟tatement has no effect鈥�warnings?
best way to download multiiple small images
NSFetchedResultsController returning objects with null attributes
Database localization (multilingual) design for Python/Django
Maven Build different to Dependency Tree
Copy data from one gridview to another slightly different one
reference to android.R.drawable.ic_menu_preferences in xml
Using PHP and google Maps Api to work out distance between 2 latitude and longitude
solr dataimport handler jndi websphere
django admin login not redirecting
Error While Opening .pyc Files
Is it possible for me to control the iPhone calls?
How to write searchable method for belongs_to assocication using sunspot_rails gem
Creating a gui element in java
URL gets decoded after creating webrequest object
SharePoint 2010 FAST Search: Displaying records a user does not have access to
What is the fastest way to round to three decimal places?
Processing a CSV file in parallel using ruby
The first letter of each <h3> into a hyperlink
MySQL insert query cannot finish
Facepy unable to upload image to Facebook
How do I copy certain File elements in an array to a new File array?
Openfeint: Batch requests to openfeint servers (get achievements, unlock achievements, submit scores)
How to build boost required modules only?
FragmentPagerAdapter with ViewPager and two Fragments. Go to the first from the second and update first's text
INSERT multiple records using ruby on rails active record
Rails won't create new project because it thinks it's inside of one
shopify does not supprt paypal website payment standard
How to test passing of time in jUnit test without accessing private variables?
Creating and using .exe in JAR
BATCH Iterate FOR /F variables
open programs with applescript
Java: Maze icons: what to do?
Underscore.js groupBy multiple values
Is there any JavaScript framework supporting IndexDB? [closed]
After downloading the apk file from android market touch functionality is not working
standard way to communicate with a running process via shell script in linux
Control a subprocess (specifically gdb) in multiple ways
Is there a way to set the character that represents 'n/a' in MySQL?
Converting javascript string to object method and calling it?
Find real height of any DOM element when browser zoomed
All possible permutations of all possible sizes in java
Why should one use std::string over c-style strings in C++?
Why does memory_get_usage() get so much memory used with a single line of code?
What does sun.awt.geom.Crossings do?
How to eliminate this type of recursion?
How would I do this?(Android Whack-A-Mole)
PHP Login Form Requirements to Code [closed]
Cakephp Upgrade from 1.3 to 2.1
No Graph is Being Displayed in IGraph
Do I need ARC keywords for properties that I don't synthesize?
Redirect traffic to CDN page
Starting to use ActiveRecord - I want to store an HTML table and convert it to a Hash
configuring php.ini for mysql
Basic Linux dmesg questions
Passing a Dictionary through Encrypted Querystring
trying to make a PHP interface to monitor outgoing emails using EXIM
Will default arguments at an arbitrary point in the argument list ever be possible?
Can I use Mojo.Controller.showAlertDialog within PhoneGap?
Find the year that has the maximum crash rates?
How to debug a Spring webflow submit that does nothing and throws no exceptions
Given a list of search terms, how can I tell which ones my string contains?
Bing Map Ajax 7.0 pushpin text not showing
In-App Billing Broadcasts from Google Play in incorrect order? (static testing)
What is the difference between get() and invoke() in Java 7's ForkJoinTask?
How does Timestamp helps in preventing Replay Attacks in webservices
limit the number of records produced by all reducers collectively
Making use of side swipe gesture in emacs lisp
When does guice inject?
Executing raw SQL against SQLite with Django results in `DatabaseError: near 鈥�鈥� syntax error`
C++ Template Copy Constructor Deep Copy
About android query contentprovider
JQuery Avoid Null in URL? [closed]
MYSQL sum the total up and down votes by all users for the items bought by a single user
Local variables set to nil? (Objective-C)
what is the best way to push a review for 2 consecutive merge commits?
Is it possible to freeze all threads when one thread encounters an exception
Smack library and PHP
How to debug indentation errors in python
Loading resident programs and executing them
Finding third party licenses with Nuget
Submit information to url, but also open PDF
How to convert u_char* to char[] in C
Classes Inside Modules
PrePopulate formset_factory with data from db
Xcode copy/paste an element and losing storyboard view
Assign values to arrays on structs using a comfortable code
Submit form to iframe?
How to use HorizontalScrollView?
JPG Image not appearing in JSP of dynamic web project
How can I reach an ALAsset object from an temporary image url?
Exclude commits from Git hooks?
Using .live('click') inside a .click() function triggers itself
How can I add avatar and hidden field to django idios
What is the difference between using 鈥�鈥�and 鈥淍鈥�in fields_for
Image to server not uploading, PHP issue?
Pointer to a Pointer to a Structure and malloc memory for array
Java: How to continuously update JLabel which uses atomicInteger to countdown after ActionListener
Internet Explorer 9 Keeps using the wrong CAB file
Using JSF 2, XHTML. Eclipse 3.7 won't throw any warnings.. No validation seems to be happening
Using CSS, is there any way to display different characters using different font?
Toggle div through multiple <a> tag- Jquery/Javascript
Shorten string to just a product name
EventClick function in jquery-ui dialogbox not working when button is bound to a function
Print unique lines of a 10GB file
API image request returned weird characters. How do I display image?
It is inserting wrong numbers while using INSERT VALUES
Rails 3: Database column won't update through active record
Flex numeric spinner, want to add preceeding 0
Can I add a Scrollview to this Xml?
Referencing const objects/pointers in C++
Is there a better way to insert values to MySQL query than just VALUES($var1, $var2, $var3)?
What is a generative method?
Google Maps: update markers with mysql query doesn't work
Could someone please tell me why this apache config results in 404s?
How to renew/extend facebook access tokens with PHP?
Using Eigen Library in Netbeans
how do I make randint threadsafe in python?
Android dialog not showing
How to define a method to be called from the configure block of a modular sinatra application?
Is it possible to evaluate only some of the variables? [closed]
Msg: (Activity#onCreateDialog did not create a dialog for id xxxxx)
android - parse byte[] from json using jackson/gson
Orderby in IQueryable Lambda Expressions
Apache equivalent of runserver view
How to detect a certain HREF for every hyperlink
Trouble writing a SELECT query for the following table [duplicate]
Solving integer constrained optimization problems
ask for a faster and more secure webservice using php and vfp
Enable/Disable submit button if checkbox is checked/unchecked?
For loop in multidimensional javascript array
Interpreting session activity
Silverlight client doesn't connect to server
Displaying image using jQuery and Json
MySQL sorting: why is 鈥�x鈥�after 鈥�1x鈥�
Passing all parameters of one function to another? (javascript)
Protecting paypal payment info variables?
Automatically adjust UIScrollView Height
How to generate a sequence of n random positive integers which add up to some value?
Aggregating multiple queries into one with EF like this?
How to increase the performance for inserting data to an table in SSIS
Using a non-static method without referring it to an object?
My dll code works from an exe file, but fails to load from Java loadLibrary
Rails asset pipeline and digest values
How do we process records in a large table using paging, where the state of the records keep changing, thereby affecting the contents in a given page?
iPad retina resources not displayed after ipa install
Draw CoreGraphics offscreen to prevent animation stuttering during transitions?
Getting Parent of Parent Using JQuery
truncating a field value in a SQL select
Convert special letters (谩,芒 etc.) to UTF 8 (hex) in PHP
Bazaar behavior of css positioning. Works in jsfiddle, not in any other browser. Might be related to inline vs block
Avoiding Branching - but need to maintain code for multiple countries
complex sql query with jpa jpql
In objective-c (xcode), how to know a view's focus changed
Loading Google Custom Search results without page refresh
What conditions result in an opened, nonblocking named pipe (fifo) being 鈥渦navailable鈥�for reads?
How can I map a polynomial to a polynomial?
Java - What Causes ClassFormatError?
Django Tastypie Advanced Filtering: How to do complex lookups with Q objects
How do I show/hide a UIBarButtonItem?
How to bind event to hide menu
htaccess - rule explanation
Edit for uploading images to a database
Visual Basic - IndexOutOfRangeException Error
Hibernate and cassandra db connections and transactions
What is the difference Between 'ACTION_CALL' and ACTION_CALL_PRIVILEGED'
Optimizing memory usage
How to list the number of automobile crashes associated with each weather type in the descending order?
Principal Component Analysis and determinant of the total scatter matrix
ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess on Embedded Form Update
ASP.Net Developement Server Deadlocking
weird behavior when loading jar inside a jar in Java Web Start
Determining Location of A Long Press Gesture Recognizer
Summing a total from different functions - Javascript
Code Synthesis XSD parsing/data binding xml string instead of xml file
How do I use hook_form to create a frontend node form?
onmouseout conflicting with onclick
Code Synthesis XSD parsing/data binding xml string instead of xml file
How do I use hook_form to create a frontend node form?
onmouseout conflicting with onclick
UIInterfaceOrientaion not following app rules
which JSON framework with ios SDK?
Convert sRGB to Lab in R with convertColor
SOLR - Match range query only if all dates in range are matched
python django subtract timedelta object from datetime object?
Java Robot Code does not work when remote desktop window is not active
ffmpeg keyframe extraction in Windows
Best way to store Sql Scripts in a database table
Length of 'char* numberlist[]' in C and C++
Backbone JS reset collection of view from within function of view
how can i remove appendet text from a div?
File system libraries that allow mounting on an application level
Powershell to set GPO
PHP mail() function will not send to gmail but will send to my non-gmail account
Gomoku (5-In-a-row) Computer Logic
Why cant I see the 'UIViewController subclass' under Cocoa touch for ios/macos?
May i save multiple records at a time in Hibernate?
Displaying Data From Database
Runtime.getRuntime().exec() issue with Windows NFS in Java
is there a way to pause (and later unpause) all running js scripts on a 3rd party site using greasemonkey?
Moving data in SQL Server using where table1.jobid = table 2.jobid
JSF: when disable component, its value does not make into the request map parameter. Is there a workaround?
Mailgun & CI / PHP
Iterating through a column in a database
Perl OpenOffice::OODoc - accessing header/footer elements
delete all docs in Solr cause 400 bad request
Calling a subclass method from superclass
How to install a mod_ftp module on a MAMP server
Click on list object and display other multiple list objects in another listbox C#
Java 2d array, test for square
implicit conversion of objective c type pointer 'CFDataRef' is disallowed with ARC?
Character Set Special Characters
Counting Unicode string length without combining marks
How do I know how much of a video is loaded by a NetStream in AS3?
Does using an implicate type caste change the type of the variable?
Can I have a textfield inside a label?
Bash Scripting Run from rc.local
I have 3 databases, live, test and dev. Could I easily swap the links between these in a DBML?
removing elements from xml with php
Writing a SELECT query for the following table [duplicate]
concordance file in python
LuaJava: Importing a whole Lua-Table into Java-like array with LuaJava
How to show only date after the date of today in JCalendar
How is ++$a + $a++ ambiguous in PHP?
How to account for a circular buffer size of 1 when using pthreads / cond_signal / cond_wait?
Splash screen completely white?
C++/CLI LoadLibrary Failing on Converting System::String to LPCWSTR and const char *
Observing changes on any field in bound model in Controller
Increasing Optimization Level g++
A trailing slash has appeared at the end of my URLs for no apparent reason
Open file from Uri, independent of location in android
NullPointerException after disabling Wifi state and trying to enable again
How do I add extra fields (and process them) to a YouTube API Browser Upload form?
Should popViewController be called from the parent or child ViewController?
How to read blocks from a floppy with sectors?
Casting to base class throws InvalidCastException
upload image using filedrop jquery html5
How to create dbus service from console?
Controlling the ordering of XML Nodes when using TXMLTransformProvider
Java How To Check If Node In Tree Is Selected?
How to Integrate Wufoo form and Google Analytics
Saving tinymce editor with AJAX and Jquery Forms Authentication - Principal changes?
swf extremely intense on CPU [closed]
CodeIgniter the way to validate form data without callbacks
Delete alpha chanel on bitmap c# (Slicing image of solid color only)
Can one call a method from another model in a model in Code Igniter?
Getting back to master to push changes to Heroku
Why is my app crashing when I allocate NSError userInfo to set a NSDictionary?
Android emulator sd card image already in use
How to combine text with video using AVFoundation.framework
Why is the view count for videos at YouTube clearly wrong, and is this always the case?
Batch file to add characters to beginning and end of each line in txt file
reCAPTCHA on Android?
Sorting directory files by creation date in php
Can't get Google Maps API to zoom out after loading GeoRSS file
Efficient design structure for iterating over many arrays
What is Heap Sorting and Priority Queue? [closed]
How to set permissions on MSMQ Cluster queues?
Checking if the array in foreach loop is empty or not
Returning the result of multiple shell commands in node.js
JSexception in webview of java fx?
ruby on rails dynamic attribute fields from DB using method_missing issues
Missing sgen.exe
MacOS 鈥�how to link a dynamic library with a relative path using gcc/ld
Selenium IDE - Radio button error
How to loop through a clone list using jquery
How does one return a C pointer reference from an Objective-C method?
Debug only your Android source in Eclipse
AS3 Facebook app - app reloads in Facebook login window upon login on IE8-9
Screen And Upload Java Class Works Locally But Not Online. No Errors Whatsoever. What's Wrong?
I wish to take reference a JPanel I created
not sure why I'm getting this Null Pointer Exception error
Rewriting this working Java array to make it easier, better or more efficient, without ArrayList
Android: background listview
how to keep Java GUI totally separate from Core
Algorithm for dividing a set of strings into a minimum set of mutually exclusive groups roughly the same size
Algorithm for dividing a set of strings into a minimum set of mutually exclusive groups roughly the same size
Is it possible to animate changes to data represented in CorePlot?
using an attribute from a foreignkey in an auotslugfield populatefrom() in django
GWT RPC SerializationException
Cocoa: Key down event on NSView not firing
using jQuery to load php files into a div not working
SQL Server computed column is slowing down performance on a simple select statement
Grails GORM events being called multiple times
What is the Windows equivalent of process.on('SIGINT') in node.js?
Verbose logging on Android
php easy sudoku solver using backtracking
Rails routes for an API documentation
Proper way to get the Token Key for Facebook Graph API
Use ObjectOutputStream to insert into a MySQL database
HTML email formatting [duplicate]
Filter external list fields from client
App -> Camera -> Photo -> low resolution
Which is faster a testing a boolean or an enum trampoline
Is it possible to colorize output piped to more?
Move elements to top of container using only css
Validating a existence of a beta code before creating a User
How to update jQuery Cycle pager after finish of animation?
Share data among rules using a Map
Locating Core Data鈥檚 sqlite database on Mac OS X app
Where do I get pymssql for a python script
How to apply an opacity without affecting a child element with html/css?
Response.Write to label
Javascript chart inside a jQuery togglable tab
Android: Arabic XML Parsing?
why setcookie doesnt work in live website but it works in localhost?
Rails: Nested Namespace'd Controller in Rails 3.2 fails to load (fine in 3.0)
Binary Search Tree issue
Ruby On Rails Basic Variable
How to extracts the characters from data object and return the new one
Including content in index file by using php or ajax for search optimization
Dialog Class doesn't let me interact with CButton on the dialog? [closed]
Calling a method using dynamic with an out parameter
Odd behavior with large double in PHP MySQL
Cannot find System.Drawing.dll in reference
The background color I'm setting in main.xml isn't showing when the app runs
Passing an Enum as an argument
while a user is downloading, why cant they load another page?
Schedulling algorithm cpu time
significance of read_un/lock(&tasklist_lock)
Persisting flot legend label checkbox on un-check
How to select list of keyvaluepairs in List<List<keyvaluepair<string,double>>> and modify their values ? C#
How to target The First Div Within a Series of Divs in JQuery
How to manage DOM elements
Why is one variable greater than the other in this code?
How to obtain refresh token in OAuth 2.0?
How do I set the relative position of a button?
iOS: UISplitViewController cannot be pushed to UINavigationController
Connection Failed: HY000 MySQL ODBC driver access denied
Akka remoting and Heroku
Simple code is displaying absurdly large numbers鈥�
Using unset on $_SESSION to remove an item from a cart
Is there a way to reset any and all sessions based on a root level domain?
displaying a div inline with the 1st div of a list of block divs
random products in list.phtml template in magento
PHP complex multi level search
In Nhibernate, can I further restrict what goes in a one to many using other criteria in the mapping besides the foreign key column?
check if UIButton is selected
passing a list argument to llply
NSComboBoxCell isn't showing it's values. .
How to get complex C pre-processor behavior to simplify dynamic program assembly
Ruby rails - session management
Bank Account Program Deposit Button is not working
how to pass parameters to perl script from batch file
Zombie compartments in Firefox extension
Any web development applications that retains colour formatting when copying to word?
Possible to specify two DIFFERENT layouts for portrait and landscape?
Using LINQ to filter XML file
SQLite Database structure for image library
multiple ids affected when i only want to change one (javascript & jquery)
Android ListView Scroll Position in Pixel Detect
Dowloading apk file into internal storage
C++ Link Error with namespaces and include files
Run commands as administrator from cygwin / mintty [SOLVED]
Prove the following language is context-free:
Why put two different position rules in one css selector
Enter purchase order received quantity by code
Parsing Arguments
Which Data access technology to use for Monotouch
How can I swipe between Activities with ViewPager?
Does anyone know how to make a softkeyboard?
Encrypt image with php to prevent download in HTML Email?
DllImport for C# (original is in C++/CLI) Need to output arrays
OpenGL matrix transformation for a revolution
how does this algorithm work?
UIControl and setImage Issues
jQuery tooltips stop working after AJAX form submission
Float right and width of inline-block element
How can I created a fetched property to get the entity with a minimum field?
Cannot stop background worker
mysql client 鈥渦se database name鈥�taking too long to execute
How to create a Agile burn-up chart in Excel [closed]
How to call codeigniter functions in helper? [closed]
Bazaar - effect of pushing, pulling, or merging with different releases and operating systems?
JOIN very slow when using RIGHT JOIN on this query
mysql/php timezone issues
Array of 10000 having 16bit elements, find bits set (unlimited RAM) - Google interview
Seeking very simple TIdCommandHandler conditional response example
summation in assembly language [duplicate]
nullPointerException in android prepopulated database program
member function pointers and inheritance
Trying to Assign a Large Number at Compile Time
char array in MIPS
What's the best way to combine 2 tables in MYSQL and remove duplicates?
how to remove all instances of a specific character from a string + c# tips to edit docx inside my app [duplicate]
Python/Cherrypy processing file upload from Kwargs. Instance type not indexable. Trying to dump FieldStorage data
Cartesian/combination algorithm (while maintaining order)
check certain url in javascript?
Markdown to LaTeX in Python
Is there a way to strip annotations when using the cxf-codegen-plugin for generating sources?
C# Multiple projects reference the same dll - Whats the easy way to update the dll?
sqlalchemy query from SQL with multiple where conditions
C: Ampersand in front of a number
Google Earth API - drawing lines that curve?
External Links in CodeIgniter
php how to insert query result from server 1 to server 2 table in mySQL php
ArrowIndicator Event Handling in Dojo
CNAME and cookies
javascript / jquery - finding the closest value in an array
Legend doesn't float left on IE7
C# ArrayList Combinations
Flash builder: How to get selected Cell value in datagrid?
Strip ruby string of a specific control character
Initializing std::auto_ptr: 鈥渆rror: no match for call to 鈥�std::auto_ptr<int>) (int*)鈥欌�
why is it possible using 鈥�=鈥�when comparing string, java 1.6.0_29, osx?
Converting a string of digits to an integer, storing the result
Gift wrapping algorithm
jQuery UI, snap to grid example, create gridlines?
Changing branches in Xcode 4 messes with scheme
SharePoint 2010 with PerformancePoint, Excel Services and Reporting Services References
How to create an Object from a Generic class in C++?
ivars allowed in Cocoa Touch-based anonymous category but not in 鈥渞egular鈥�Cocoa?
Check current responder?
Android HTTP Post Request doesn't work, but stock Java does?
What's the point of the C preprocessor's Null directive?
coldfusion - rounding to nearest 5 cents
how to change the 'read more' text across all pages in wordpress
Is that possible to divide all elements in C# double list to that double list elements sum (which makes total = 1)
Integrating scientific python into an existing Rails webapp
jQuery Mobile Login script
How to find out if 'svn up' finished successfully?
MySQL : Returning empty field instead of no row
Load/refresh new data in view controller after init
Way to ensure writing a file works on as many servers as possible in PHP
Fmod include errors
Accessing JSON values in an express web server
Order Divs Based on an attribute value in Jquery
How do I instantiate a StandardAnalyzer in pylucene 3.5? Where is the Version object?
What's wrong with this apache setup?
Speed and memory benefit from declaring variable outside JavaScript loop?
Android Networking Problems with AsyncTask
Dynamically create a c# generic type with self referenced constraints
How to remove specific subelements in XSLT?
Using LinqToXSD, how to get the objects in a xml without casting?
PHP - Expect Paramenter
MySQL How do I complete this select concat?
file upload in edit item template
Group_concat and then Exploding it into an Array
Am I missing a variable?
Access Columns of Join Table Rails
Crash/Segfault in calling virtual member of subclass
Comparing 2 .XLS files and outputting the result in a new .xls file?
How to Convert an SVN import to an Android project
鈥淏uy All鈥�In-App Purchase Causing Unnecessary Purchases If App Re-Installed
sql function how to return a string based on the condition of a value in the table
How can I update a seesaw tree model?
Howto create a grammar to the following data using Pyparsing
Current trade profit/loss sql query
Wordpress URL rewrite if current page is using a single.php
What does the number mean in 鈥渏ava.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1鈥�in Scala?
MissingMethodException w/ Method present -> nerve-racking VS2010 bug?
Positioning of classes in UML diagram
JQuery UI sortable list on fluid grid snapping to left while dragging
Invalid Write of Size 8 at first line in class constructor
String.Join doesn't accept IEnumerable<string>
PHP functions and SQL access layering
Initializing instance variable for use outside of the method
Converting strings that contain Uppercase letters to lower case letters
How to post an object from the view model?
Jumping back to a different Tcl stack frame
Excel VBA: get value of cell, independent of cell's formatting
grails findAll with conditions or executeQuery
Boost strange error with Firebreath
How can I construct this list from this function in R?
Can't return Data
check date difference with php [duplicate]
Building an AlertDialog from within a View
How to restrict signup to admin using Devise
time.clock and time.strftime Give Totally Different Results
php non-english character using $echo
Which operations in node are thread safe?
Breaking TLS security by fully recording the handshake
MongoMapper near with maxDistance - Mongo::OperationFailure: geo values have to be numbers:
WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS Plugin - Updated, now nothing works [closed]
Return Merged Rows In Select with Un-Selected Values
InnerHTML solution needed - Should be easy to answer
Is there a way to get imagemap-style behavior in text?
How to use re.compile to search for strings with common areas in the middle
Android: What's the better practice, using a global string or intents with extra data?
How do I import jars in an android project?
Video Conference - using SilverLight
timestamp query doesnt work
Python: IMAP connect to gmail returns errors
getting from android to Google app engine
Using custom embedded fonts for a TextView
How to present a tabview controller?
UIImageView -> UIScrollview, crop and clip scroll view cooridantes
What is the correct casing convention for C# local and instance variables?
Java: Scanner terminates abruptly mid-file when encountering the apostrophe (') character
JMX Exception 鈥淐aused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: [Lbyte;鈥�
How to make a PreferenceActivity launch a Dialog to set a custom preference
DropdownList With Data Entity Framework
How do you get a method to be called anytime a DBGrid is displayed?
jQueryMobile Data Binding options
Python NLTK Maximum Entropy Classifier Error
What is a Binary Literal?
How does glGetUniformBlockIndex know whether to look in the vertex shader or the fragment shader?
Passing Commands To Python From PHP
How do you replace CSS/toggle a large amount of elements?
PHP Twitter API 鈥淕ET users/lookup鈥� Grabbing screen_name from id
Browser specific adobe PDF plugin download page
Using function results in 鈥渇unction source code鈥�and not evaluated function value?
Why does EF Code First [InverseProperty] attribute fail to work when used with [ForeignKey] attribute?
How to invoke a java method
how do websites make their URL's clean (without any file names/extensions) and what benefit comes from it (excluding sexiness)?
Warning: all apps should include an armv7 architecture (current ARCHS = 鈥溾�).
Is there any way of stopping _popen opening a dos window?
Center Vert. & Horiz. a ProgressBar inside a TableLayout?
Very different font sizes across browsers
MySql Error on adding a category from admin area
Assembly Resolver ignores PrivateBinPath
JavaScript return method
git squash and preserve last commit's timestamp
Is there a work around for invalid octal digit in an array?
What is the purpose .parent in this Mtd?
Which Java thread is responsible for a PostgreSQL database process?
Why functionToCallOnOk I pass to my function does not get called when I attach it to callback via jQuery?
MS DTC required for executing triggers and stored procedures on same server
Drawing sum of values across multiple overlapping dynamic intervals
Trouble Floating Divs Correctly
MySQL Paging and Return Total
Change in scalatra filter behavior
Using StringEntity to send POST Request in Android?
In Lua, how can I know if a table contains a class function?
Selecting a div without a .Class or #Id
In Lua, how can I know if a table contains a class function?
Selecting a div without a .Class or #Id
Can I copy one git repositories commit log to an (almost) identical repo with no history?
undefined method `simple_form_for' in RoR application
How to resample a dataframe with different functions applied to each column?