Executing a process in windows server 2003 and ii6 from code - permissions error
Rails: Using ruby-gmail gem causes problems
My game plays itself?
PostgreSQL: performance impact of extra columns
Socket.IO integration with Apache2 for live update calendar
Obscure NHibernate 3.2 Bulk Insert/HQL issue
sending xml file to web service using sendfile method and php
Wordpress Plugin about count posts
How can i use custom fonts on ViewPager?
Using __builtin_ia32_shufps to shift a vector by 32 bits?
importing a RationalTeamConcert SCM to Clearcase
Django Model use of keyword IN
Why am I receiving http error 403.14 when using ISAPI redirect in IIS 7.5
Can tests be written for selenium rc with VB.Net?
RewriteRule without flag R
Using Forever; how can I find out the pid of a child process?
C# List as Dictionary key
Checking for maximum length of consecutive days which satisfy specific condition
Does Google App Engine use any hypervisor?
Flickr API - Photos Search, excluding tags: Am I doing this wrong?
MVC multiple forms on single view not working
Telerik MVC 3 (Razor) Q1 2012 Editor EditorFor() Binding Returns Null Value and Unobtrusive Validation Doesn't Work
How to merge similar rows in access/excel
Display large dataset from Sqlite database in Python wx
Path.transform is being applied multiple times
Error: cant find main class
Defined variables and arrays vs functions in php
How to include code in different places during compilations in Haskell?
c# windows service with filewatcher
Avoiding having to go back twice after writing html with an onload=document.form.submit() to HttpContext.Current.Response
Same function is not working with Matlab .Net Assembly
Reading state of input pins on a PIC18
How to override JLabel importData
pygame is not working
Retrieve links from XMLNodeList
libconfig not static linkage. how to compile into program
html5 boilerplate doesn't include reset.css?
How to generate an array with a counter in Perl?
iOS5: UITableView poor scrolling performance
Correct naming convention for C library code [closed]
Using RelativeLayout inside ScrollView doesn't yield in scrolling
Three table join issue with count
Android 4.0 Sub-Title (section) Label Styling
VS2010 Web Deployment Package - Prevent App_Data from Being Deleted
bitfields not working as expected in an union
Error deploying Primefaces application on JBoss 7.1.0
is there a way to inject privileged methods after an object is constructed?
Java with FTP and threads
Converting unix timestamp before sending it by json
Adding values into my plist
In python, detect type, then cast to that type
How to obscure the parameter of a url
How can I directly insert JSON using Mongoose/MongoDB?
Can I exclude part of code from Format Document in Visual Studio
deleting row from JSON array leaves 'null'
Detecting Visual Studio license type / distribution channel
ImportError: no module named templates on Google App Engine with Web.py DESPITE having compiled templates
CSV Columns to Arrays in Python
Getting a button to disappear when a text field is done editing, but switches to another text field
Best/Fastest way to iterate through all sub-matrices of a NxN matrix
apache pig Java UDF - changing values in attributes doesn't seem to stick
Completely locking down Windows 7 using Python 3.2?
How long does jquery data assigned with data() live for?
MDM - APNS not working
How to get mod_python site to allow clients to cache selected image content?
Creating multiple instances of a google API on an HTML page
need GSON to return a Java JSONArray
Http Post Request in Android won't return appropriate data?
Writing an SQL query to SELECT item from the following table
Animate UIButton becoming hidden and unhidden
Where do you put the dotcloud.yml file?
GLSurfaceView and EGL_BAD_ALLOC
Generating random sequences of bits
Does it matter what audio stream I use?
can not read some string from struts.properties
Python 鈥渃lassobj鈥�error
Need checking of Produser/consumer task solving
What's wrong with this multipart form? Android-Java
Find out whether users uses the contextmenu to open a link
Cache table with Entity Framework 4
Make Python stop emitting a carriage return when writing newlines to sys.stdout
Lock screen panning in the webOS browser on the TouchPad
Hiding body of stored procedure?
How to prevent previous Clipping current row using UITableViews?
excel vba to CRUD drupal nodes
nodejs express application won't return json array
Like Cannot get FB Like button to work in Dreamweaver
ANSI Escape Sequences Fail in Cygwin
Printing text to row and column coordinates in Python?
xml parser with android
PHP - How to access a deep array's contents, building the path to it dynamically
Finally found a Jquery scroll to div(!)鈥�now to add easing..?
Android - What does a dismissed call look like?
Prevent ASPX form from being renamed
Concat strings in SQL Server and Oracle with the same unmodified query
Variable assign don't work within function (Ajax, JS)
Sort a text file, a (possible) leading 鈥�鈥�should be ignored, but retained in the output
ProgressDialog wheel not spinning
Is Ruby's Marshall format architecture and Ruby-version independent?
C# Application crashes on method call to COM Class
C#/XNA/HLSL - How to create depth of field?
Condition to choose which getConstructor method
jQuery .load inside .each
From wstring to SQLCHAR
InnoDB: ALTER TABLE performance related to NULLability?
H/SC Meaning Assembly
Silent printing + specify non-default printer
C Program: how to parse csv string using a loop?
It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level.
Class Diagram from mxml - flex file
Extending types in third-party library for serialization
Why does my BASIC project get an 鈥渦nexpected <鈥�error?
How to get the event to use event.stopPropagation()?
How do I get the vendor name for each installed App/package?
How to know when an apparently pure Haskell interface hides unsafe operations?
url templatetag in django and direct_to_template
Trouble linking libusb using Cmake
Anomalous behavior while comparing a unicode character to a unicode character range
Rails app starts very slowly in Heroku
Illegal characters in JSON response
Handling file upload from HTML form in ASP.net MVC 3 c#
Draw on JPanel and then save to a file, but saved file is all white
any advice on how I can do the loop to remove the nth element?
Convert javascript to flash
why does the ProgressBar in my DialogFragment stop spinning?
What can I return in this if statement?
jQuery image upload plugin - multiple instances on single page - ASP.net
c# programmatically rebuild windows index
VisualStateManager.GoToState for FrameworkElement
WiX major upgrade doesn't complete installation until spawned
Matlab regex if statement
Aspect Oriented Programming in Objective-C for iPhone
Compilation fail in Boost librairies (program_options)
Jquery validator - form being saved with error
Inner Shadow Effect for line drawn to screen?
Anyone have a link/download to old version of AS3 & Flex API docs? [closed]
how to add an image and item to a imageComboxBoxEdit
Django mysql error
Variable initialization past Xstream
Bash: Delete items present in one array from another
Helicopter trajectory formula for Actionscript three?
What does EOFD mean?
Magento Adminhtml Package/Theme (No) Fallback
Cross correlation of medium sized arrays
Magento Adminhtml Package/Theme (No) Fallback
Cross correlation of medium sized arrays
Keeping track of visitors in my shopping cart application?
C# SVG (using device-cmyk() or icc-color()) to PDF Conversion
Triggering the click event using dojo/javascript?
calling setTimeout with a for loop
Objective C How to add to an integer through multiple views
Backbone.js Fetching a more complex data and using as a collection
C# deposit/withdraw button in windows application?
xib control for line height in multiple line label/text view
Why 鈥渉as no segue with identifier 'MySegue'鈥�
Receive NMEA0183 data from COM PORT C++
Objective C, Where to put mouse event methods?
Enable users of my iOS app to post to Craigslist
How to use message queueing in a real-life scenario?
What is the absolute fastest way to implement a concurrent queue with ONLY one consumer and one producer?
Express.js routing: optional spat param?
No records for given month in SQL COUNT and GROUP BY Month
Can I get Mercurial to point out loudly that there are files I forgot to 鈥渉g add鈥�
Rally kanban board with only leaf stories
Installing Python c-extensions with buildout
Using monkeyrunner: How can I call intents during the execution of an application?
Best way to do something with root permissions inside a sandboxed app?
Accessing a property in a class method? [closed]
How can we get unicode of given characters from list of unicodes using python
User login overwrites user fields
How do I add products with custom PHP script?
AIX loadquery() return value interpretation (was also SEGV in 64-bit mode)
No default member found for type 'MyType'
Pass in JSON input to DataTables
UITableview dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier duplicate rows
jQuery event performance: Bind a single event on parent or individual events on each child?
Unable to specify relative filepaths when program is launched with Visual C++ 2010
Threading in winform - Compact .NET Framework 3.5
Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string using PHP and PDO with MS SQL
How can I make 鈥渃ommit鈥�abort if there are uncommitted subrepo changes in Mercurial?
Full-justify for li elements
findwindow text
Obtaining JSON object using params in Grails REST
Spring @ContextConfiguration annotation, TestNG and IDEA
Using setuptools with install parameters
Iphone Upload String to FTP server
How to change version of existing rails app
Use Graph API Explorer to post a photo
Producer/Consumer using Semaphore; getting deadlock
How to export and import mysql database with its data using php script?
Best way to share hibernate configuration across projects
Check if user is using IE with compatibility mode
403 error when deploying Rails app with forked formtastic-bootstrap gem
Deactivating pythonbrew from a bash script
HTML5 Audio: Music does not stop even after navigating away from the website
is it possible to start a Fragment hidden by defining it's state in the XML?
MapKit zoom questions
decimal.parse(鈥渧alue鈥� seems odd
Why do I get an unchecked cast warning on this generic type?
What's the best way to defer a query managed by a Loader?
XDebug not loading on Windows 7 64 bit PHP 5.4
8-puzzle: hamming and manahttan heuristic consider 鈥渂lank space鈥�
UITextView with bottom padding
Objective-C:@class Directive before @interface?
Update GUI from background worker or event
Does the Facebook Graph API support audio file uploads?
Extracting a specific string out an HTML document
Solr faceted search running out of memory
Speed up dialog/page transitions in jQuery Mobile on iPhone?
iPhone detect that user moved up there device
Any solution for Samsung Galaxy ICS 4.0.3 LPQ firmware sending two text messages?
IDE Exception when trying to create a new controller in ASP.NET MVC3
Close socket when finishing application
Upload image path-name reads 鈥淪ystem.Web.HttpPostedFileWrapper鈥�
Assigning a custom workflow to a work item type in Rational Team Concert
SOLR : joining from separate indices
Can I get a list of users who have authorized my Twitter app?
Default dir to store a file that my app makes
std::string Array Element Access
php function arguments with a variable
spring mybatis transaction getting committed
Flex 4.5: Custom component doesn't get visible in custom ItemRenderer
For loop get items from redis delay
Inline editing function causing multiple ajax requests from single click
Javascript regular expression alternation
ALTER TABLE with PDO and parameters?
Getting output for every line of input file. Only need output once
android:onClick doesn't find method inside a clickable element of a listview
R: how to extract list of covariate p-values from a regression results of an lmer() model?
Is it possible to put multiple versions of Oracle.DataAccess.dll on the same machine?
Equivalent in MySQL to MS SQL Jobs?
Alt Key Changes Scene?
Custom panel layout doesn't work as expected when animating (WPF)
php login form multiple table
automatic git merge
Removing a checkmark accessory that is placed by default in my TableView
Use grep -A1 to return a value in the second line as long as a numeric value in the first line is met
Selective/Partial Inheritance (EF Code First)
Is there a way to default a scale for TouchImageView in Android?
Sqlite 3 add foreign key error php yii
Block Linux from sending usb barcode scanner chars to the console
delete file and record
How do I specify a row key in hbase shell that has a tab in it?
What is the use of models attribute in South SchemaMigration class?
What is the use of models attribute in South SchemaMigration class?
Magento and PayPal Website Payments Pro errors
For loop with multiplication step in MATLAB
What happens if I remove all files from Compile Sources in Build Phases for the project?
Image Processing in Java
fun with sequence
Switch & IIF Conditional Formatting in SSRS 2008
Windows C++ nanosecond timing?
ActionMailer works on localhost but doesn't in a public server
Most effective way to get value if select count(*) = 1 with grouping
Modifying Google OAuth2 login page
HTACCESS Redirect For Ecommerce Site
How can I turn off headless graphics environment on windows7
Why most `new` programming languages ignores value objects? [closed]
How i can replace the images of a Treeview used to expand and collapse a node?
Pure css close button
Cocos2d: dividing screen into 2 scenes
How can I conditionally create splunk field aliases?
Show Facebook and Twitter feeds of registered users of a website to the public
Efficiently organizing data into a readable .csv format
Why don't generated Managed classes have dealloc/release?
Using LIMIT in a joined derived table query
How To build MySql Query to Get Call History from Database
web page link that can be opened in activity
DESC and ASC as a parameter in stored procedure
jToggleButton.setText() not changing text on button
unexpected side effect of map and for loop in scala
Trigger a php file with an exec command: how to see when process has stopped
Method that returns string containing multiple variables
SQL JOIN two tables with one-to-many associative array?
HTML: Display indicators/images at specific coordinates on a web page
VB 6 data access affected by MsgBox
Automatic updating of a Chrome extension doesn't work
Bash for - variable in condition
Codeigniter HMVC controller doesn't print when called from another controller
When to use SqlConnection.ClearAllPools() in c#
Search HTML line by line with regex in Python
Javascript getElementByID and Form Handling
Sitecore enforcing pages to one language
Enabling Apple Remote Desktop shell script conditionally
How do I call a web service from Java? (I have a perl script that does it)
Google Maps Fusion Tables Query
Why does this loop in C not work?
MySQL: Cannot create user account after given root a password
MySQL - bigints and php
Trying to push Rails 3.2 app to Heroku sqlite3 error
Nokogiri Xpath to retrieve text after <BR> within <TD> and <SPAN>
Facebook is not allowing me to post to user's offline friend's walls
IE8 alt / title tags in the images
Exclude packages from Eclipse's organize imports
creating specific sessions for specific users
iOS - multiple animation blocks?
Calling Async Task
Modify Twitter Bootstrap collapse plugin to keep accordions open
PHP/jQuery: Count total clicks through paginated results
AIR 3.2 upgrade broke my application
How to preprocess a local CSV file before uploading to a server?
Stretch OpenGL texture to window dimensions
How can I make a C# UI remove Panel Controls using a button listener (basically)?
JBoss AS 7 Datasource to SQL Server using Windows Integrated authentication
Exception in HttpResponseMessage for async POST method in .NET4.5
using variables in threading
Replace whole data in MySQL table
a map of member function pointers鈥 little help here?
How to do same as PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials but with LdapConnection (non AD-specific)
How to get only a piece of an URL? (php)
What is the difference between type and a ref to a type in SQL3
How to select custom compiler 鈥淭ool chain鈥�in Qt Creator
generic timer high-order function in OCaml
How best to rewrite a lwuit application from using RMS to use lwuit.io library?
Objective-c collision detection
How I can load a Png image from file which have another extension?
鈥渋f (MouseEvent.CLICK = true) 鈥�error in Actionscript 3?
XAML event for background image rendered off screen
How do you bind a RichTextBox's Rtf property to a RTF resource at design time?
I want to create a versioned folder as a result of mercurial 鈥渉g clone <repo url>鈥�
How to align an image of any size from the centre, rather than the top/bottom/sides, using css
Parsing JSON into JSONArray
Drupal 6 Views - Get & Set remembered filter values
Binary serialization of variable length data and zero length arrays, is it safe?
Force MySQL field to lowercase with PHP
getting - error with jsf2 鈥溾�backup for factory javax.faces.context.FacesContextFactory鈥� in grails plugin project
Offsetting an inter-page link
Exchanging an short-term Access Token a second time?
Need to count checkboxes on a button click on it does not work
define a variable inside a jsrender template
Confidence interval scoring with programming languages [closed]
SharePoint 2010 - Picture Library SlideShow Web Part
toggle button visibility not working
Mocking RouteData to test HtmlHelper RouteLink
IIS freezes when using MassTransit
Javascript: Using variables from current URL to create and open new URL
Modules in rails lib directory
Join SQL Server tables on a like statement
How to encode video matrix using shortest clip?
Spring security: remember-me doesn't work with custom AuthenticationProvider
How To: Eclipse Maven install build jar with dependencies
Mysql commaseparated column matching from another table
Combining attribute groupings on Dynamics CRM 2011 Charts
How to choose which constructor to use and what class does the Class<?> type belongs to
internet explorer is showing a pink strip
How to merge paragraphs into parent link with jquery / Javascript?
Kinect and OpenNI sample code in C (aka not C++)
Need to diagnose routes.rb for app to add english/spanish to Rails 3 app
Memory-wise, is it better to store a long non-dynamic string as a single string object or to have the program build it out of it's repetitive parts?
no ABI error , when creating an Android virtual device
Function which generically takes a type and returns the same type
Query to output content of AllXml column of ELMAH_Error sql server table
Entity Exception : the underlying provider failed to open with Timeout expired
TFS: Query for builds containing a specific changeset
Sort comboboxes of a gridpanel column
Custom SMS text through web app
right-align an inline-block element in ie7
setting a c++ application to use maximum CPU usage, in the code
Xcode 4.3.2 Default Launch Image Corrupted Bottom Pixel
Adding Class current_page_item
Javascript transitional page scroll
Android: Display a Toast in OnSeekBarChangeListener?
Why are variable values in closures getting lost after repeatedly calling lapply?
CSS - looking for a good way to display <LI> options with posotion:absolute
Keyboard Column Selection for Sublime Text 2 on Windows
how do you search for a particular keyword within a php file?
Facebook Registering Achievement access_token issue
C++ - extremely strange machine code behaviour
How can I specify ENTER_FRAME so that the object enters on every 4th frame?
Usage of sys.stdout.flush() method
Removing entry(s) from JSON array based on key/value
PHP encryption with wordpress
Uislider in uitableviewcell is no more auto-updated when I scroll
Context parameter not working in Tapestry 5.3.2 for Submit
Python: is the 鈥渙ld鈥�memory free'd when a variable is assigned new content?
What is the size of a image field content in SQL Server?
QListWidget: More icons on one row
adding a list view Item from another activity [Solved]
Spring @transactional not working
match any or all parts of an array to mysql
Passing Values Between Master and Detail in UISplitViewController Using Storyboards
Play Framework - Redirect with params
PhoneGap session (cookies) on iOS
Load a page's control collection via code
Wait for Process
Certificates: OID reference for extended key usages
Marshal.Copy/UnlockBits hangs
How do I display a full 360 degrees using Actionscript 2 and Trigonometry?
How to convert Array Objects into another using LINQ?
Access current request within routes.rb?
x.509 certificate - can't read CN when subject starts with Email
Django: app with label XYZ could not be found. Are you sure your INSTALLED_APPS setting is correct?
Google-esque Pagination with Razor
Telerik MVC Grid, can't display the count of objects.
time not converting into proper int to store in db
How can make several different screen configurations map to a small set of layouts without having to duplicate portions of my layout XML?
could you tell me why does this code crash?
pausing and playing multiple HTML5 videos using jQuery get(0) indexing?
The Columns in table <table> do not match an existing primary key or unique constraint
Getting a 500 internal server error for wordpress?
T-Sql (Complex?) query
What fonts do browsers download when using @font-face
Pressed android button state
Multithreading - Not working simultaneous
how can I put disable validation on running app asp.net?
What are some good postgresql admin interfaces?
Attr object indexing issue inside NamedNodeMap object
NHibernate Discrimator
jQuery loop Animation in Safari
provide URL without the unique parameter names
nested model properties dont work with @Html.EditorFor?
IntegrityError when rendering and won't take the Autocomplete value
Detect Hardware Volume Button Clicks When Screen Is Off
Using Google Maps Directions in Android App
GraphML Node Coloring Prefuse
Parse at 鈥�鈥�- Not even sure how to ask.. so here is an EX [closed]
Segue is not performed in delegate method Zbar
Comparing result of one JUnit @Test with another @Test in same class
PHP recognizing a full stop before a word
Add Validation for Registration Name Field
jQuery AJAX Calls - Is it possible to cancel unwanted calls?
Android Compatibility package with 3.0
How to use combobox in devexpress aspxgridview
character separator for newline textarea
JAX-RS generic response and interface proxy
How can I help a user subscribe to an external calendar to Google calendar on an android device?
How do I add to the jquerymobile dynamically generated menu content when using nested listviews?
php oncouch won't search with empty object
C#- using System.Windows.Forms
SSRS Display Either Embedded or Database Image
Tried everything still getting鈥annot send session cache limiter - headers already sent [duplicate]
Error 鈥淯nable to load requested types鈥�when uploading DD4T.Templates.dll using TcmUploadAssembly
Decode base64 string in python 3 (with lxml or not)
Is there a generic TimeZoneInfo For Central Europe?
Does Guice make my code less readable? [closed]
鈥淓lement is already the child of another element.鈥�
linq query not working
See if lat / long falls within a polygon using mysql, there is any function now?
How to fetch a Subversion external without fetching all other directories and subdirectories
JQuery .click function not working for contained <a> tags
Qt socket write segmentation fault
How do you set up an object oriented jsonrpc Mojolicious application?
,, usage in Matlab
JQuery .click function not working for contained <a> tags
Qt socket write segmentation fault
How do you set up an object oriented jsonrpc Mojolicious application?
,, usage in Matlab
Compare and contrast theHTTP to HTML journey in ASP.NET Web Forms & ASP.NET MVC
The future of C++ alignment: passing by value?
Recursive Ajax Upon Success
UIButton Image not changing/updating
Get a single field from multi-column ListView using SimpleAdapter
How would I pass in various types of data via AJAX .post()?
Reading URLs Asynchronously in Google App Engine
CSS layout to distribute images on rows depending on images width?
Generating a remapped numpy array as a view.
ASP.NET MVC 3 use C# code in cshtml file
How do I persist checked rows on a grid that is populated from Cache instead of Session?
Trouble figuring out how to close tags using foreach loop
Visual Studio 2010/Resharper Plugin development
MySQL & concurrent updates showing for users in simultaneous connections w/o disconnect
Changing zoom level of d3 SVG canvas?
How to make button expand Java
Run 64 bit assembly code on a 32 bit operating system
http://www.engadget.com/rss.xml is not responding to my XMLHttpRequest. No error code in console
Parameterized Strings in Java
Test Json does not work
ANSI C Program: How to initialize numeric array when length is determined when program runs?
deallocation and memory allocation problems in FORTRAN [closed]
icon for iphone app on ipad3
Play Framework [1.2.4]:Escape HTML in view layer
iOS - Performance of hard-coded data vs XML parsing
Automatic generation of database tables from Spring Roo
Lapack undefined reference
How to preserve the ModelMap between form submits?
UIView bringSubviewToFront: does *not* bring view to front
Garbage bits in the floating point representation of numbers in C/C++ program [duplicate]
Periods in the name of c# dynamic ExpandoObjects?
Turning on/off stemming
C# Datatable query
iOS streaming video error
Use of `ofstream` appears not to create nor write to file
Storing an array in a MySQL database
Instantianting a SunPKCS11 with a config from a ByteArrayInputStream
Adding and removing multiple references across projects in Visual Studio
Can I put a MAX value for the database table primary key?
multiple processes stuck on same cpu after multiple 'fork's (Linux/C)
Adding a field to a form (jQuery)
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
Android and Facebook tutorial mygreatapp example [closed]
Storing XML data for use with an addin
Google Query from Java
Why doesn't my script change the text within my HTML?
How to add album as playlist?
Couldn't translate Date to spanish with Locale(鈥渆s_ES鈥�
What does =~ do in Perl? [closed]
Returning multiple objects with a JSON result
Python assert statement and code reusability
Emacs auto-complete mode for Groovy?
My PHP is returning the wrong information?
Mobile server implementations for tournament-style game? Access via REST services/wcf
Update the location of pushpins on Silverlight bing maps control
How to create a multiple-row section with auto-sized columns
Why is RLIMIT_NOFILE rlim_max of -1 on BSD?
Stericson's root tools library not working - makes force close?
How-to make a SOAP web service call to a .NET web service w/o 鈥渦nable to deserialize request鈥�error?
OCI_NO_DATA oci8 oracle error
zend framework automatically alter queries
Automatically deleted project in Netbeans
HTML5 how to draw transparent pixel image in canvas
How do you underline a text in android xml?
Is casting long to int cheaper than autoboxing long to Long?
RavenDb Config and DocumentStore abstraction?
When are @InjectView fields injected?
What's the purpose of the Facebook OAUTH2 redirect URL?
When to use image and when to use background-image while webdesigning?
Design interfaces with/without specific classes implementation
Why do jQuery icons not get aligned with text-align CSS property?
SP as computed column specification?
Use dom_id to remove table row with jquery .remove()
Heroku create image
Google Closure munging efficiency
How to find out if bluetooth is connected?
c# remove item from list
How to access my localhost from another PC in LAN?
HTML5 / JavaScript: open text file, load into textarea / save textarea content to text file
Efficient integral function in Matlab
Determining if a number evenly divides by 25, Python
preg_match UTF-8 issue
How to transform json data to a comma separated php string?
Folder is locked and I can't unlock it
calculating from a timestamp
Doctrine2 and database-side triggers for denormalized fields
Notice a view is loaded from outside of a viewController
glsl & perspective correction of varying values
php loop output
How does defining [square bracket] method in Ruby work?
Insert space after semi-colon, unless it's part of an HTML entity
How can i keep many clients-versions of a project up-to-date with a master 鈥渂oilerplate鈥�
c++ output log file not appearing as wanted
Page layout API for C++
How to access IQueryable in Razor?
Slideshow in jquery with images taking all wiidth of the page
How can i keep many clients-versions of a project up-to-date with a master 鈥渂oilerplate鈥�
c++ output log file not appearing as wanted
Page layout API for C++
How to access IQueryable in Razor?
Slideshow in jquery with images taking all wiidth of the page
bounce check function for HTML5 canvas fails at corners
How to enable remote communication in a C# Windows Service without IIS?
Drag Drop Div deletion
How to create extendible xml
Groovy - remove class field transient modifier using metaClass
using require_once() with files outside of the site root
How to limit the number of elements in multifield in CQ5?
Why doesn't my $('id').css('property: value'); apply its style?
Memory Address Alignment
Downloading Word Document in Browser
Supporting for old versions of Flash?
TabView primefaces 3.1 Reload a page inside a tab and call again the ManagedBean
Autofac Module Scanning for Various Applications
Manual model binding with .Net Mvc
getting error message 鈥淭his app is incompatible with all of your devices鈥�when uploading app
Use path of source in a scala script file
Multilayer perceptron - backpropagation
Registering click events for emacs lisp
Client side script email notification
Spring MVC 3.1 Using Profiles for environment specific Hibernate settings
Oracle - Validate user and password without opening another connection?
Email HTML: tel:// <a> color
Choosing a platform and library for 3D plot of math expression with matrix transformation
Using exec() in PHP to run a PSEXEC command
Sending JSONObject through HTTPpost in a defined format?
Creating a simple DOJO Line chart from JSON data
Is it possible to integrate play framework 2.0 with an existing web application?
On trigger (of an Observer) pop a dialog box (rails)
Emulate Samsung Galaxy Apollo
Google Earth is ignoring the point coordinates from my KML file
web scraping with XML, turn td node into val
JavaScript to display hidden layers depending on selection from JQuery Flexbox
How do I remove the default value upon submission in an unrequired input field if the value isn't changed?
Rewrite URL in .htaccess
my custom theme
How do I create a canvas selection tool?
C2DM and Titanium Appcelerator Integration
building Linux kernel on Mac OS X
jquery ajax: read value from CGI
How can I format a date from yyymmdd to mm/dd/yyyy using vbscript?
How does the order of mixins affect the derived class?
How to update Jre and Jdk [closed]
To Rails from Django
Keep value after postback
Optimal way of storing XML data in Marlogic
Issue with SQL Server Stored Procedure
How to search an array of bytes for 鈥淪tringA鈥�
Newly appended elements don't become draggable
Disable windows file caching
Wanted to update JTextArea before send and after receive on JButton click in applet, advice
How use sql 鈥渓ike鈥�in PyMongo?
spring mvc interceptor: access to ResponseEntity in postHandle
Custom cell label wont wordwrap
Winforms application hanging, but only for specific user on specific machine?
Microsoft Access VB: Using a Variable as part of field name
design pattern to use for complicated form
What on earth is CSS3 perspective property?
DevExpress Horizontal GridControl
How to get android:layout_gravity=鈥渂ottom鈥�to work in LinearLayout
Reading Mysql database in groups of 10 [duplicate]
How should I avoid 404 errors when scraping with R
dynamically alter html tables to display on mobile
Swing Windowless Component?
Package does not exist in Java EE project
Is it possible to unlock the sim and let the software put in the pincode
WP7 IsolatedStorage XML file empty after app update
PHP, possible to call the function from within the same function without specifying function name?
Python: find closest string (from a list) to another string
Can't post onto the activity stream of a Facebook page
Ember custom(own) protocol into UDP
Find out what the width of an image is using jQuery
C++ cli Check if file can be created here, FolderBrowseDialog
Equivalent Mongodb idiom for batch queries
Windows Azure - Caching - How to get all cache items
Sanitize HTML::Mason arguments in the handler?
The datalist doesn't display all in window phone?
powershell: how do i retreive the computer name in dns format
I need help converting between the let form and unnamed procedure form
PHP File Upload - Ensure both file is uploaded AND database updated
Is this a good approach for using lock tables in SQL Server?
Unable to start webbrick - TCPServer Error: Address already in use
i need to create a autocomplet combobox using php mysql and jqwey [closed]
hyperlink button
Selenium Element Location
Why conversions between string to int not working as expected for numbers divisible by 10?
Facebook Graph API Explorer URL parameters
Creating a horizontal menu - inline vs inline-block, vs. floats?
jQuery Mobile Form Not Validating
How to use OAuth 2 in Play Framework 2.0
facebook->getUser() always returns 0
Primary key as foreign key throws duplicate definition exception
Custom jQuery accordion and hiding the next div
JNI compiling on different platforms
How to pass parameter from code to ValueConverter
operator keyword in Xcode
How to use dynamic edit view to update/edit different tables
JavaScript / HTML highlighting / debugging in Eclipse using PhoneGap
How to import only non existing documents?
jQuery Plugin for a Scalable Background Image on DIV
Moment.js diff between UTC dates
django ORM Foreign Key Data in Database not populated to the Model
Can I setup my own SMS WEBSITE. How?
how to access object inside static block
How to unescape HTML characters when encoding JSON with Python
Prolog User Identification
General Architecture for Offline sync Android apps
Dynamically generate property getter/setter through reflection or similar
Ulatencyd - writing rule that creates cgroup for compilation process (gcc,make..)
Build Configuration in Visual Studio from Qmake
How do I slow down the generation of Threads in java?
invoking qForm validation on dynamically generated field (client side)
How to Copy/Paste Sheet Data Without Including ActiveXButtons
CSS fixed div. Avoid unwanted overlapping
is it possible to `git status` only modified files?
Which design pattern - calculations based on many input parameters?
Ascending List Permutation
Accurate binary image classification
Using Progress 10.2b how do i get the scroll bar to work correctly
Join Where Rows Don't Exist or Where Criteria Matches鈥�
can't create a record in php yii framework
MAMP PRO: Access virtual host via different PC/device
counting with Jess
Getting Control level (view) validation errors back to the View Model
How to refresh part of the page with AJAX or JSF?
Run tests in Jenkins automatically after each commit (change)
vfp query much faster in command window than compiled
Responsive layout: best ways to keep a sidebar reachable
Is it okay to have multiple Dispatcher.BeginInvoke?
Javascript history.pushState
Image Preview in Rails View with JS
Function (File) Name Collision Warning
MVC3 Web App - IIS7 Windows Server 2008 R2 - CSS issues
Template loading and rendering outside of Django
Displaying multiple pieces of information from a combobox selection?
Wrapping unknown exceptions into custom exception using throws advice
makePSOCKCluster useXDR parameter details - R 2.15
Taskpool system for .NET
Using AndEngine with older build targets?
Date Validation using ASP.NET Validator
Unable to iterate over list
How can I set the shipping address, and collect shipping rates on Magento's add to cart action?
Using accepts_nested_attributes_for, has_many and creating just one entry
android start camera activity on application launch or while brought to frontr
C# Remove padding from TabPages in Windows Forms
Is it possible to 鈥渃oncatenate鈥�results of a query?
form button automatically disabling with specific characters in a textbox
Assigning datetime to models.DateTimeField seems to drop the time
JQuery Ajax autosave for textareas
How does google app engine manipulate image data? How can you manipulate pixel data?
Linux Permissions for Wordpress (LAMP)
UIWebView not freeing all live bytes using ARC
Test for errors in Wordpress `update_option()`
'uncaughtException' in http.createServer
Autoplay HTML on CD for Windows & Mac
Kohana 3.2: Calling model with underscore in name
how to quickly analyze a postgres database
Trying to run android app from eclipse: stuck between 鈥渙ut of heap space鈥�and 鈥渇ailed to create jvm鈥�
Can I return a parsed XML path with XML::Simple?
send GET http request from Android to local web server [closed]
How to get all friends from a user that likes a give page?
Simulate heavy usage
Linq to Entities and Custom properties
How to design a web crawler in Java?
Java - Cannot encrypt Windows Remote Desktop password in RDP file
Generate asynchronous interface for service side?
Perform action on service while bundle registration in app
An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred
Python : helper function confusion
End to end tests WCF/.Net 4
OpenCL struct argument invalid address space
relations for web services? [closed]
Get paid to like on facebook legal or illegal? (.. and Google+ ?) [closed]
Find a printer's default duplexing option
Link and Style tag get XHTML warning in cshtml
Ajax file upload script fails in Safari-Mac
How to prevent duplicates in online anonymous surveys?
why does sql server's datalength function double the length of my field?
Parsing JSON response from PHP by array index. How?
SQL SELECT --> csv file
c++ std::bind keeping object alive
Execute code when a WPF closes
Comparing int and String from LinkedList
How Do You Render a Portion of an SVG in Canvas?
form authorization for asp.net web api using javascript
turn sql rows into links on a vb.net page?
c# Iterate array of parent type to invoke non-polymorphic method on derived type
Overflow scroll on y axis with fixed height
Trying to create a vector of objects
Javascript: Adding days to any date
Merge multiple PreparedStatements together
Crop (Get as Image) Visible Webpage Content by Javascript
why query working on phpmyadmin but not in php page
How can I pull the most recent city/country from a specific Foursquare account?
2 JMenu Questions [closed]
Unicode error when outputting python script output to file
WinXPe NDIS 5.1 Multiport
How to redirect an exception in backend to a error page in GWT defined into gwt.xml
Colors in app different than the image they're based on
Monkey Patching Time.strftime not being picked up by Time class
Why cant I override theme_form_element_label in drupal 7?
Finding maximum values from several rows with NAs
Titanium mobile parse json response
mustache/hogan i18n and taking word-order into account
Android rawQuery - Is there a way to use parametrized 鈥淚N鈥�for a collection of data
What kind of software shows one what files are beeing installed on the HDD during .exe or .msi install process?
Class 'Doctrine_Record' not found
python basics - I am trying to write a function which takes a string(a month) as an input and returns the amount of days in the month
Java Arraylist printing every other number in a list
CSS help needed to make the Image go to the top
Unable to execute project after adding it to a larger solution
Multisampling and Direct3D10 / D3DImage interop
PHP executing script in subfolder
JNI task using an array
Branch only on specific extensions in clearcase
FORTRAN77 function returns an array
Updating First and Last Name During Registration - Django CMS
Hide div at mouse inactiv set to one div
How do you access HttpContext.Items from ApiController
How can I force a Snapshot Isolation failure of 3960
WPF UserControl or ControlTemplate鈥�(not sure)
How to increase stack size in Bloodshed Dev-C++?
Setting up Websolr with Django on Heroku
Showing latest tweet using Twitter Stream API
Firefox and chrome behavior difference between constructor.prototype?
Android memory leak with static final
How to change webcam format in JavaCV?
Rolling Mean with Plyr
'send' button error 401
jquery position and overflow
Using Jquery Mobile in Blackberry Application
Get tags around text in HTML document using C#
Setting the thrust position on a moving and rotating object
Change Ringtone in Android
Modifying a ruby class doesn't work as expected when running Spork
JavaScript for HTTP post XML with authentication
Error Deploying Java App on OpenShift Express
Replacing two characters with one character in a char array
Mod_rewrite getting 500 server error, ubuntu server [closed]
Tray Application that runs for a long time [duplicate]
How to allow users to Login to my web application using their google account in ASP.NET
Build documentation for Go 1 on Windows
Android application crashes when trying to get string length
Best approach for bringing 180K records into an app: core data: yes? csv vs xml?
iOS 5 Splash Page Transition
How do you cause com.actionbarsherlock to be in the gen folder of an Android project?
How do you cause com.actionbarsherlock to be in the gen folder of an Android project?
How might I rank terms by their frequency of use on Twitter over a period of time?
Using ApplicationContext in Spring MVC.
Multiple Bar plot legend
GTK 3 transparent label with text placed over image
How to use 'Last attribute on multidimensional arrays in Ada?
How do I speed up iOS transitions and segues?
build prototype for road detection system using fuzzy logic [closed]
How to access Content from a pop up in google chrome extension
Identify item by either an ID or a slug in a RESTful API
sed - behaviour of holdspace
Map raw data and mean data based on the shapefile
Why do we put MY_Model in the core folder?
How to get all posts from facebook user news feed for specific day
Rails/Memcached - MemCacheError (end of file reached): end of file reached
Why do both of these line return the same results
mailto doesn't work with AS3
How to create a train schedule in SQLite3? [closed]
Soap between Yii and Android
define error pages location jsf 2
symfony2 doctrine join
jQgrid tableToGrid() is ignoring colModel and ColNames in options
How do I export grades from Desire2Learn?
Update panel not working, Not sure why
How can I detect total MySQL server death from Python?
What order are objects placed into a Model in MVC3 and how can I control it
How do I iterate over a list in Jasper?
Index method in Django's Template
Post swf with parameters to facebook via application
simulate twitter boostrap form control using UITextfield
Passing current location ( longitude and latitude ) in the Google Places API
bootstrap modal delegate eventype syntax
asp.net multiple updatepanel
Removing the eventual trailing ' n' in a string in OCaml
Which segment of a polyline was clicked?
IPhone Automation
Server Side OAuth Facebook Token Refresh
Disable Macvim scrolloff when selecting with the mouse
Sending data across websites using from HTTP and receiving in HTTPS
Using getter/setter other than public field for binary compatibility?
Verifying CRC using airpcap and pcap
Multiple Autocomplete Calls - jQuery
How to deserialize with RestSharp when I have an attribute named 鈥渧alue鈥�
How to parse a Json String which I m getting as a response to get the data separated and stored in different variable?
JQuery and Ajax.BeginForm() posting same data twice
Clojure STM Out of Memory
Programming an Arduino for RF transmission
Android get license for application after trial period
Content Manager configuration snap-in 鈥淐ould not read configuration item鈥�
Wpf change application variable
What's the Difference between Session.Add(鈥渒ey鈥�value) and Session[鈥渒ey鈥漖 = value?
Define object defaults for JavaScript function parameters
Failed to write to file but generates no Error
jqGrid Dynamic dropdownlist
JSTL Tomcat 6.0 Cannot find the taglib descriptor Error
Why won't this code allocate a subView?
AlertDialog vs AlertDialog.Builder
Restyling AvalonDock for high contrast themes?
ControlParameter can't find control which is in a UserControl
Best practice for parsing 鈥渙bjects鈥�with AJAX
how to calculate time taken by a method in nanoseconds in j2me platform?
How to use Capybara Rspec Matchers to test a presenter?
jqGrid hide a field
How to index with a list of values with only one label in a Pandas MultiIndex
Drop Down Box not working in JSP
Passing NSString argument to SOAP WS yields 鈥淚llegal processing instruction target (鈥漻ml鈥�鈥�
WPF ListBox ItemsSource bindings does not find Path referenced
Define unique constraint in Fluent Migrator
How do you understand mlockall man page?
Currency Mask jqgrid
How to create code signing and IPA-file in xcode4.3?
JList in JScrollPane messes up JPanel height
Haskell monad: IO [Double] to [IO Double]
permute function in matlab/octave
Rails mailer views in separated directory
Spring data repository @Autowiring is null when using @Transactional annotation on service bean
General Routing to Active Admin - Rails 3.1
CSS Make a hovered-over div 鈥済row鈥�
Why does Git insist that a file has been modified even after a `git checkout --`?
How to override an async NDB method and write your own tasklet
Matplotlib markers disappear when edgecolor = 'none'
How to dynamically add a new customized button?
note pad/ leave comment widget
Calling SQL Stored Procedure with Output Parameter in VBScript
Eclipse, Tomcat, m2e and War Overlay from artifact
How to do a loop with update query - Access
Taking exactly 29px off of the top of my div without moving it down?
Android: Eclipse gdb error when debugging native code
fitting movie clip to 4 coordinates
How to build a simple HTTP POST server?
Generating a random number between 0 and x (Java)
How to create directory shortcut using windows shell32.dll in Java?
How to produce non-standard plot type with ggplot?
Daily File maintenance Job in C/C++
How to scroll to row in table which is using overflow for scrollbars?
FogBugz XML API (Cases:)
building iOS project after git push (using gitolite hooks) and getting fatal: Not a git repository: '.'
IIS WebDeploy Export Server Package via Powershell
I cannot export user settings to release version in winForms App
WCF best practice for client/server with notifications
I cannot export user settings to release version in winForms App
WCF best practice for client/server with notifications
Best data structure for dictionary implementation
Do C# winforms have HtmlDecode() equivalent like Asp.net?
How to create view page dynamically in asp.net mvc3
Need some HTML regex help (and yes, I know it's not supposed to be done)
Static constructor with inner function creates a closure?
Work with keys in redis
Preg_replace overwrite
Modifying list from another thread while iterating (C#)
What is $data in _view.php of blog (demos folder) of yii framework is?
T-SQL code is extremely slow when saved as an Inline Table-valued Function
Simple algorithm/method to generate the sequence
Redirect using jQuery on specific days, at specific times?
Google Maps api v3 polygon edit event not fired on all handles
Wix - how to publish a 'bad input' dialog and then return to the original dialog?
Where can I find proper examples of the PEP 257 Docstring Conventions?
WCF Service Authentication from MVC App sharing same Membership Provider
Box border with padding
Replay a .swf after 20 seconds
Trouble making connections with storyboard
VB Stored Procedure into a Data Grid View
Custom Views in the application (Android)
Preserving form data when using paginator::sort?
Can you make an Objective-C++ subclass of a C++ class
Add another ip on the same network card in Objective-c
Android client jax-ws webservices with complex type
Variables cannot be resolved or is not a field in Java/Eclipse?
PrintJob sent to the printer although I never called send()
google fonts css overflow behaviour chrome vs firefox
How does PHP avoid infinite recursion here?
What is the purpose of jquery.mobile.structure?
Which is best - PHP + Mysql query OR Javascript + JSON - to replace wrote numbers by names?
Class not found
Multiple Enum Classes in one Java File
how to create dynamic pages using PHP, JSON and JQuery
Ckeditor sends default content
Umbraco - showing nodes when not all medias are picked
ActiveMQ Consumer Hangs
This WebKit bug is fixed in Chrome 18, right?
MySQL table as a FIFO/Queue
Connecting to Oracle database with Node.js Windows
CSS3 Transitions/Animations not working
does java sortedhashset type collection exist?
Avoiding use of 'instanceof'
R CMD check options for 鈥渕ore rigorous testing鈥�- 2.15.0
jQuery 1.7 moving rows back/forth between tables
Posting an android game to market/Google play
Street view inside infowindow
Preferred Equals() Method Implementation
How can I add pop-up (tooltip) definitions to words on a webpage when hovered?
How to invoke a 32bit COM interop dll from VS 2010 Solution which is targetting 64 bit machines
Server upgrading from PHP 5.2 to 5.3 and Wordpress
Specialize template based on positivity of argument
jQuery hover gets stuck when I mouse quickly
Is there a more automatic way to wrap those interfaces
Getting access to an ArrayList within an ArrayList
WCF data serialization : can it go faster?
JavaScript for鈥n loop is having weird results
IDE for redmine/rails and configuring the project
Android-Esque Time Entry Widget doesn't work when minutes section is below ten
Maximizing apache server instances with large mod_wsgi application
SecKeychainItemImport, SecIdentitySearchCreate, SecIdentitySearchCopyNext
deserializing json with arrays
Why do I get a floating point exception?
What are the options for migrating a networked Java desktop app to a web app
Self-host (No IIS or WAS) WCF with a service that requires parameters
Sharepoint: how to use web services method
My Android-App crashes when it's coming to read a XML File
Buffering videos with VideoView
how to TRIM a block on SSD disk?
passing parameters to a matlab function from php
change the background color of all the viewcontrollers iphone
mysql stored procedure recieving cannot be null errors from valid query
How to port libnfc to Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?
XSD syntax for declaring element that cannot have a child element or other content
Explicitly initializing vector of pointers results in conversion error?
Fixing the position of a div on webpage
How to prevent Google from crawling UserDir URLs (but not the real domain)?
Integrating Chosen JQuery plugin with Symfony2 SonataAdminBundle
Python Tkinter Unhandled Exception In Thread Started by <function main_thread at 鈥�gt;
Highlighting a section of a web page the way SO does with inbox links
Javascript - Pass variable parameters to Function
Passing vb6 object type parameter byref from .NET interop causes Type Mismatch
What is the definition of this tag in Maven: <exclude.bootstrap>
Regex returning all occurences, I only need the first
Optimally iterating in Haskell with termination conditions and differing iteration steps
HTML5 audio cross browser comtability
Why so many WM_INPUTLANGCHANGEREQUEST in my message loop?
HTML Canvas: How to address latency between user interaction and draw events?
Can you compress AMF objects with LZMA?
jQuery div animated with scrollTop() pushes content down
Possible to change order of Django signals?
How do I get the value of nth Edit box in a repeat control?
URL mapping with C# HttpListener
Server-client connection; what I'm missing?
changing address of a pointer array's data
CSS Framework that automatically handles vendor prefixes?
Check if a tree is a mirror image?
鈥渋nstanceof鈥�of a String object vs that of 鈥渟tring鈥�literals [duplicate]
鈥渋nstanceof鈥�of a String object vs that of 鈥渟tring鈥�literals [duplicate]
Algorithm for grouping friends at the cinema
Can I put a horizontal line in a combo box or list control?
stylize css button in extjs4 issues with IE
Android touch direction northwest, northeast for UP direction
jQuery tabs not activating on hover