making a QToolButton checked with a QMenu
Change fields order in Mysql
How to uninstall VS2008 hotfix KB971092 and KB2465361 [closed]
How To Determine if Pheanstalk Jobs Are Finished
text-chat xmpp message stanzas never make it to the network - iphone project using libjingle
Java - Swing - JTable - Set Color for Selected Row, but not Cell
using java script to check if string is numbers only
Stored procedures eating CPU SQL Server 2005
cakephp 2.1 signup and login
Using the same JQuery tokeninput box multiple times on a page
Android: ringing on an outgoing call
Universal Master-Detail Storyboard help on segue
Why won't OpenGL-backed UIView display after memory warning while another view is over it in UINavigationController Stack
Adding custom internal method to a controller
onload and onunload JavaScript events with GA time tracker
Passing structure through Pointer param in JNA(Found solution by myself) [closed]
Cannot Serialize datas of format Json from a Jquery Dialog to MVC 3 controller
Perl: Simple INI file info retrieval
Access voice stream before sending it through the network
Video streaming from one client to another
How to change ListView background image layout?
Inserting into an Associative array?
What's the android preferable way of spawning a new thread?
Python __name__ class explanation [duplicate]
Error 鈥淭he parameter is incorrect鈥�while signing C# VSTO manifest
Postgresql wildcards to search functions
Drupal Front Page Markup
How can you limit RAM consumption in a process?
Memory scanner always returning the same results
<a href=鈥溾�></a> not working
How to save the data on different tables?
Wordpress filter user_row_actions
Js not working after Ajax call
Enable autoDeploy on context Tomcat 7
Change secure storage directory in Eclipse - user.home path issue on Windows
Is there a way to programmatically set the connection string for ASP.NET Universal Providers?
Any reason to not do a 301 on favicon.ico, apple-touch-icon, and robots.txt?
compareTo method java
Override __set magic function in php
Understanding sample code for adding a row to a table view
Thread-safe initialization of atomic variable in C++
When trying to 鈥渟tart鈥�a Windows service I get an error
C# download file with progress indicator and then install file
How to create both-directed arrow with graphviz in C?
C# download file with progress indicator and then install file
Issue with HTML2PDF, not rendering PDF
How to determine if an app is native or html5? [closed]
android live wallpaper to home launcher
Client side id generation strategy for REST web service
What parameters for an NTLM authentication can be automatized , and how to do it with java?
Context URL cannot be empty - Artifactory Gradle Plugin
jquery - open links in the current tab instead of leaving the page
Error installing GlassFish Server (invalid SwiXML Descriptor)
Architecture ideas for Rails 3 application
Unicode stored in C char
Can you programmatically determine if a user is licensed for a package?
not listing users when using innerjoin with max in php mysql
C# get Windows CD Key
Varchar NULL not working in mysql? PHP database query
UITableView reloadData don`t word
Prevent invalid textbox input from being bound to business object property?
Model with ListView
viewWillAppear is not called in my view controller when the app becomes active
how do you programmatically tell whether a mysql connection is present?
Get files into the DOM with Javascript
mpi: blocking vs non-blocking
read .yml files in matlab
Exposing an endpoint as a sub of another endpoint?
How do I get the values and id's of multiple select lists and pass it to AJAX?
Is anyone using zeromq to coordinate multiple Python interpreters in the same process?
Control VisualSVN Server from C#
passing the context to another method
What are good/established database backing strategies for logic programming in clojure
DivideByZeroException with SQL Server CE 4 when deleting large numbers of rows
C# Percent encode 氓 to %C3%A5 based on RFC 5849 OAuth 1.0
Programming with verbose option in C
Resizing text to fit inside a static div
How do I make an arraylist public
Factorials Challenge.(Beginner's Challenge)
Detecting reply tweets [duplicate]
Jquery validation is not working. Jquery - Javascript
Tips for adopting an STL frame of mind [closed]
How to emulate Lisp's let function in R?
How to make sure the partial rederend by @Html.Action will be complete before $(document).ready(function () {})?
android open PackageManager as a dialog
Saving Glassfish JDBC Configuration
How do I create a Wiki using Ruby on Rails? [closed]
Rewrite URL using Apache for redirecting root domain
EditText displays text slightly off?
Jquery Animated Height
JSON to Map[String,JsObject] with Play 2.0?
Visual Studio adding 鈥淢ixedPlatform鈥�solution configuration by itself
iOS NewsStand SDK/Framework
How to tell in a Query I don't want duplicates?
Run vbscript on serverside using
Print a variable in status toolbar
Why does an inline conditional in Java auto-cast numbers?
How can I prevent a QTextArea from being erased?
Hibernate Criteria fetches duplicates - one to many association
Matching an empty path only in a Chrome Extension match pattern
Can Mercurial create its own symbolic link format from Windows?
Use libCurl with Bluecoat cookie proxy
sudo: command not found Issue in Debian Linux [closed]
jQuery not reacting to focus
Is there a way to *prevent* ReSharper from running an assembly's unit tests in parallel?
Python: replace characters in string
Gridview Row Events not firing in UserControl
How to create a XSD scheme from a class?
Searching in Array using jQuery
I wish to update an empty field using data from another table
Does MacRuby support static compilation?
Scrape image from YouTube video page
Assigning a local variable from a table using a join statement
ArrayList and IEnumerable query
Visual Studio Installer order of component uninstallation
Decoding AirPlay Mirroring Protocol
SOLR ignores 'NOT' clause in query
How to handle server errors using mvc in add or edit dialog
Control HTML rendered by CompositeControl Templated Server Controls
User inactivity with MVC3
fetch a result of an alias in a query
readregistry issue
iOS app that will get voicemails [closed]
Android displaying text when ListView is empty
Save Naive Bayes Trained Classifier in NLTK
SQL to return results for the following regex
SQL SELECT with multiple tables and SUM
creating charts with pchart and mysql - correct syntax from example provided
Create an iframe with an empty src that's a standards compliant alternative to 鈥�鈥�
Entire web page source code appended to end of XML document
Read Tab Delimited file into ArrayList<ArrayList> in Java
Is there a way to automate split-screens in GNU Screen?
Endless loading of an ajax store with 2 comboboxes
Is there a way to open the JFace ElementTreeSelectionDialog unfolded?
updating a model while in before_update
鈥淥R鈥�on-demand with Linq to Entities, how can i do it?
jQM - How to create image button?
SQL Server 2008 IN ALL Query
Trying to match two images using sift in OpenCv, but too many matches
Declaring array twice (C99)
jQuery - get the width of an image
SQL to delete the duplicates in a table
No speedup in multithread program
Qt creator, error message
Briefly change colors in a UILabel
ColdFusion Illudium PU-36 Code Generator
Android: Sliding Drawer
How do you stop echo of multiple values with 'foreach' in PHP?
Secure Canvas URL of Facebook App with free hosting
Why HTMLDivElement.constructor.prototype == HTMLDivElement ? it should be prototype object
CakePHP - JsHelper::event returns null
Is there a simple IDE with intellisense for Java Development? [closed]
Issue with Excel in IIS
How to remove a pair in hashtable knowing the hash.value
jqGrid and thickbox when using reloadGrid
Rails application-wide events/hooks for plugin architecture
New Managed Path before a site collection
PHP uploading files php.ini configuration
How to get out of infinite loop in tomcat for MySQLNonTransientConnectionException No operations allowed after connection closed
Rails modules and routing
CX0030: Error: Expression cannot be evaluated
Scripting Bridge for Mail and ARC
CCMenuitem Multi Line?
Minimizing and Maximizing Windows With VBscript or Batch files
In jquery fullcalendar, can I add a new event without refreshing the whole month?
ASP .NET MVC 3 - Handle errors that occur in ActionResult DeleteConfirmed
Posting multiple FormDataParams with the same name to java Jersey REST service
How can I find all of the labels for a particular TFS project sub-folder?
How to add PHP code inside PHP code?
Is google app engine 1.6.4 slower in local?
How to know the keymap,font,etc. variables' values used by my current linux system?
鈥淭hread 1: stopped at breakpoint鈥�error when initializing an NSURL object
ORDER BY RAND() seems to be less than random
inheritance, scope, and template constructors in c++
Cannot access child value on Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JProperty
Normalized Iteration Count does not work. What am I doing wrong?
How to set different orientation to iPhone and iPad [duplicate]
Java Swing: JScrollPane not working
How to store a SyndicationFeed into an XDocument?
how to programmatically determine the Word application freeze
Android having problems displaying data
Join MySQL Table then filter result as column name
Creating a database connection for every database insert - High SQL server memory usage
Seeking LinkedList variant of fixed length, sort of
VB Macro to ftp file
allow clicking of child element in div with overlaying link
Why am I getting to stream closed?
MVC Page Template Configuration in the View file itself?
Why do I have to declare <?php
Can I import a single column from a SQL dump file since hunders of new rows have been added since.?
Using 鈥淯ser Credentials鈥�flow to get an authentication token via libcurl
Regex: matching up to the first occurrence of a word
Remove decimal places without rounding
Regex: matching up to the first occurrence of a word
Remove decimal places without rounding
parent div inheriting child divs margin
alternative for Jquery scrollto [closed]
What methods are there for querying a database from a webpage?
HTTPS checksum or payload checksum confusion
python group a list of integer, with nearest values
High CPU load when changing background image of Canvas containing overlay elements
Sql Bulk Insert 鈥�File does not exist
FluentNhibernate many-to-many and Inverse()
Font family automatically changes to 鈥渦ndefined,sans-serif!important鈥�in Chrome
Test routing contstraints via TestHelper
Why doesn't qplot plot lines in multiple series for this data file?
Why are Func<> and Expression<Func<>> Interchangeable? Why does one work in my case?
check whether any number in one array is less than some number in the other array
delete oldest object from S3
How to replace one blockquote tag with span tag php
Is there a reason to use abstract or interface except for coordination between developers? [duplicate]
Desktop capture in png format
HTML5 Video Missing in IE9 from ThickBox (iFrame)
encapsulating H.264 streams variable framerate in MPEG2 transport stream
PreventDefault not working on second click
Saving Checkbox states
Hashset equivalent in SQL Server
Ruby vs. File.gets
Arrange 2 List<string> to list box
LDAP: can an organizational unit be a member of a group?
How to compare two access databases to compare database records
Access/VBA and SQL WHERE clause format issue
Connecting SpecFlow features to steps. The link keeps on breaking
Div container and Load time
Recompiling a library from VS 2008 to VS 2010
INSERT query in sqlite working in browser,but not in android
Keep Interop Form to Top of VB6 Application
How to search entire domain for a user in AD using VB.NET
Jquery mobile with phonegap is not styling properly for mobile app
measureit alternative in firefox?
Possible to expire the contents of an entire objects in Ohm for Ruby?
Point-in-Delaunay Test from Unmeshed Point Cloud
Update Query Single Column Multiple Rows But Not All
Load user control from another user control in a RadTabStrip
Git rebase branch with merged children
Best way to display high-speed data from a telnet interface on a web view?
DataRow and the protected internal constructor
glVertexAttribPointer but for index data? [duplicate]
PHP Created file , SSH Can't delete (permission denied)
How do I prepare my files for deployment on BES?
Installing and enabling APC Cache under Mac OS X 10.7.3 (default php)
Handle drag events on a Map
Allow only letters and spaces - jquery validation plugin
Allow only letters and spaces - jquery validation plugin
How to write Greasemonkey scripts for Chrome so that you can unit-test it?
NSURL urlWithSpotifyLink: unrecognized selector sent to class Spotify iPhone error
In initWithCoder: what are the keys in the NSCoder (a UINibDecoder)? (for UIImageView)
Pass chart title as parameter to drill through report
Video upload to rackspace fails with image cannot be displayed
Lift error value to ErrorT monad transformer
Get Dictation Input on iOS 5.1 without pulling up keyboard
Cannot run php script with the good configuration on Mac OS Lion
What is the semantics for choosing the reason when stopping a gen_server?
mysql transfer query
Regular Expressions in js .replace()
Does allocating a large NSMutableArray cause low memory warnings?
barcode scanner sample cannot be killed
Mustache nested templates
PHP script to create domain
No certificate was found for subject Name CN=IdentityTKStsCert
Referencing a custom defined View within an XML by its relative path?
How to set up the frame of UITextView in a UIScrollview
RSNNS package: Recurring Neural network
Why do I have to choose a device in phonegap when it's supposed to be one code base for many platforms?
Game: Algorithm for spawning enermies at game/window egdes
Save Sheet as CSV
Html.ValidationSummary(true) does not display Ivalidatable errors
PostgreSQL single vs. multi-column indexing for optimal SELECT performance
IE9 not recognizing border-radius
prevent back button after logout page
XSLT and XPath something wrong
Object doesn麓t support this action
Usage of dollar and tilde
Change focus to the editor in Eclipse while searching
Wordpress custom field - search-results sorted by value
CakePHP: Security Testing
Backbone.js: Elegant way to check if data ready and if the dataset is empty
Cascading Dropdown lists MVC 3 C#
Appharbor JustOneDb MVC sample link broken
Java best practices when throwing exceptions: throwing core Java exceptions
Chrome Image slider issue
UINavigationBar title like Music app
Garbage Collection not happening even when needed
UIWebView loadHTMLString for playing video file
MATLAB error when running the program 鈥渢ry.m鈥�
Google map API with jQuery
jQuery Ajax form submit disregards 'success' function, reloads page
Force git to recognize that a file has moved when merging
Spring security Filters and Authentication in Spring Web Services
can ehcache allow searching with diskstore?
Java Sorting Objects with Multiple Paramters
nginx with flask and memcached returns some garbled characters
Magento: Admin form action not correct
Why would GetHostByAddress fail only for Windows 7 clients?
MVC 3, prevent people browsng on server through URL
double encode php multidimensional array to send to javascript
Vagrant File Chef Attributes
Create NSScrollView Programatically in an NSView - Cocoa
Rows to comma separated list in SQL
How to Delete Multiple Blank 鈥淢icrosoft Excel Objects鈥�
ScaleRaphael Raphael scale bug in Google Chrome
MD5ing words from file
How to detect the sctp connection is lost [closed]
How to animate item in ListView when being clicked?
LINQ to SQL Server 2000: 鈥淢ust declare variable '@p0'鈥�
should static methods have same result for every object? [closed]
.htaccess rewriting certain word in url
The type 'NS.Type1<NS.Type2>' is not compatible with the type 'NS.Type1<NS.Type2>' in f#
s.split('').?.? Ruby syntax
Why I am getting deadlock
How can I mute incoming iPhone text messages programmatically?
How to programmatically enable Windows Search component in Windows 7?
How to draw a tree in java language
Fixedheader jquery
Is there a way to do an accessible modal?
Cumulative monthly reporting
Large screens layout not as expected
X509 Certificate Purpose Setting
jquery links inside child div
How to search int or string in all fields
Late Loading of remote Data (RestKit and CoreData)
Need help turning Perl regex into Javascript regex
Transform variable into a %H:%M time format in R
Xcode Unrecognized Selector Error
AVPlayer crashes after multiple playbacks-
Mutexes inside interrupt service routine
XSLT 2.0 Testing element names that start with a certain value
Generate a website screen capture in ios
Managing Dynamic Website Settings Persisted in a Database
What's the speediest web hosting choices out there that are scalable to large traffic spikes and can handle fast page loads?
Is there a way to speed up a recursion with many loops?
Basic java calculation issue
Passing data object between XAML pages
Showing an alert view after a couple of seconds
how to call link_to from javascript
MVC3 Url Routing to create member area
how to pass parameters to an .onPress() in AS2?
Yii, use one textbox to update multiple models
Efficient mysql queries
Problems compiling PHP5.4 OS X Lion with GD
Convert numpy array to tuple
How to Code a Sparrow-like Side Navigation Menu with jQuery?
How do i go from one activity to another activity?
How do i go from one activity to another activity?
Is there a data annotation equivalent to Entity Framework's fluent API's WillCascadeOnDelete()?
How to highlight text within & out of tags?
GridLayout (not GridView) how to stretch all children evenly
Why am I getting an InvalidOperationException when trying to re-attach an object
InventDim from ItemId
Stop thread using return statement
How do I create a CSS drop down menu with boundaries on the left and right?
backbone.js application wide functions that are not tied to a specific controller/model
Setting ScreenTip in Excel Hyperlinks using Apache-POI
Ext.js 4 window with form cals servlet which returns JSON but unable to populate gridpanel
What is the best location for storing data across applications
Error while inserting data in MySQL
How to manually fill colors in a ggplot2 histogram
Very basic PDO method using bindParam()
Using Perl to remove n characters from the end of multiple lines
javascript function provides file size of only the first FileUpload, not the others
C# MDI - Hide MDI Scrollbars after MDI resize when MDIChild is out of bounds
Parametrized ADODB PHP Oracle query times out while non-parametrized works fine
How to mapp an array to a complex type using Dozer
Git: Pulling from remote
Stuck In Infinite Loop Using Cursors
C++ Creating & Using Class
How can I change the color of a disabled tab control
Many to many SQL generation statements in Django 1.4
xcode loading view
WIA error 鈥淢essage=Could not load file or assembly 'Interop.WIA鈥�
DatePicker on android
Any special assertion to test if the resulting integer lies within a range
Precision problems of real numbers in Fortran
Deferred binding failed error when adding presenter with GWT Platform
PHP Form multiple buttons
How can I pass an array from perl to inline C++?
condition ,, raise(鈥渆rror鈥�
Dynamic Relational operator in a where clause is Invalid (PL/SQL Oracle)
Clear all elements from Backbone Collection and remove them from the associated Lawnchair
order by created_at plus another value
C# equivalent of php mysql_real_escape_string function
Replace the same string several times with different strings in a file using bash
Inserting html codes in Wordpress custom meta Fields
Python Multiprocessing: How to add or change number of processes in a pool
MVC Return List of Columns Other Than Full Model
AlertDialog restarted each time I return to MainActivity
When I save a document from an extension library dialog box some values are blank
Java Process Crash - Java Finalizer
Displaying errors when a Twitter Bootstrap modal window contains a Rails form helper [closed]
DatetimeField validator
Detecting touch area on Android
Screen capture without main window
php email script show all html tags
Screen capture without main window
php email script show all html tags
Prepend table names on MySQL database export
鈥渋s not a function鈥�Error from Period Updater's Stop function
Update specific field of table regardless of other fields in hibernate
MSSMS 2008 rs error
Jquery & CSS position absolute center
Does using only plugins from twitter bootstrap make sense?
Prevent accidental update of host database WebMatrix
Why would my commit of a file be missing from the git history
jQuery div autoscroller solution
Django DetailView Template default field value not working
Decode video using CoreMedia.framework on iOS
Complex number support in OpenCL
Javascript Loading Image
How to position AdSense on site with CSS position: absolute
sql query not grouping properly
My HTML tags gets tampered with
Programmatically creating nodes with audiofield in Drupal 6
Data and class design for custom card deck app
Passing class in Hashmap and how to get the value using key
Implement progress bar on SQLite database read C#
Silverlight and an online MySQL database
How to plot the graph between w and phi with given a equation using MATLAB?
String comparisions in java [duplicate]
Fallback to the default if source is invalid in AUDIO tag
does GetPropertyNames() preserve property order
Value from DataTable into gridview as combobox
jQuery script to get only checkboxes with a given prefix
Devise User Inheritance and user_signed_in? and current_user
How to pass value in a link_to inside a mail of Rails 3.1?
Scalar functions with UniVerse ODBC driver
HTML5 Canvas algorithm to generate random symmetrical at vertical axis
Is a static object the same object in multiple running applications?
JSF 2.0 <h:selectOneRadio/> and <f:selectItem/> How can I pass the selected radio button in the session scoped?
filtering rows in a gridview
Visual studio development server very slow on IE, normal on chrome or firefox
Remove blue border from printed link images in IE8
AJAX REQUEST in request
Order definition in XML Schema
how does compiler treat for loop checks
How to use options when writing vimscript?
Right CellIdentifier for the cell in UITableView
Embedded Jetty doGet called, expected doPost
How comes a TCP packet doesn't contains the source and destination IPs?
What happens when you add another method as property to a function in Javascript?
jQuery: how to detect form by name
Objective C - Parsing xml with namespaces using path
Creating a JPanel with multiple images
Bresenham 3d Ellipsoid problems
How to draw an outline around text in AWT?
XML - how to use namespace prefixes
Regex Split String at particular word pattern differant value in match group
How to move this ColorPicker from iPhone to a portion of iPad scene?
Old code gives 鈥淯nused parameter鈥�error but never has before now
total user count monthwise
How to update a column from database , but just to add something to the current value
Will Facebook SDK 3.1.x display authentication page?
Lowpass FIR Filter with FFT Convolution - Overlap add, why and how
Random numbers on unsigned chars keeps being '?'
UIManagedDocument - How to deal with UIDocumentStateSavingError?
MySQL scale up or scale out?
DevExpress, GridControl: Sorting and Grouping are disabled by default
How to serialize (to comma separated list) SQL rows
Append video frames to mp4 while playing
Set SelectedItem on a combobox bound to datasource
How to create file association in WPF application with ClickOnce?
Passing application state between viewmodels in MVVM WPF application
Access to the database file is not allowed.
Test for existence of perl mod inside script
Animate a ImageView so it starts sliding in from the opposite side it slided out
Handling non existent grouping values in sql query for ssrs chart
How do I create div that can be dragged up to reveal content?
Cloning Ruby on rails application on a second box - no internet connection producing errors on my shared hosting environment
Jquery CSS Psuedo Element :ui-dialog
Time based event handling
Codeigniter Database Insert Failure
Update IE Doc Mode to latest version using script/ Tag
Cannot have typeof(std::endl) as template parameter?
Empty XElement in Descendants loop
jQuery selector .not() NOT working
Assigning data from a variable output argument list
threading.Event wait function not signaled when subclassing Process class
node.js fs.readFile not working in Windows
how does linux execute a file
Jquery cloning and radio buttons : strange behavior
Attatch elements to bottom of screen without using RelativeLayout
App is crashing after load images
Android: Getting the proper pointerId for multiTouch applications on android
Changing a select list dynamically
find edge in image
Combine rows of data into one cell, separated by quotes and comma
Android Content Provider SelectionArgs
sort list by keywords
deploying changes after initial Grails project launch
HTML DOM string copy, Canvas element not redrawn
Why does my Paperclip validates_attachment_presence test fail?
How to remove page element from search results / keywords?
Running Satchmo Store
How to pass data from controller to front end in spring
Cassandra Deletes giving timeout Exception
DataGridView with relation(Show name, not id)
using difftime for loop parameter
Confused as to how to validate spring mvc form, what are my options?
Compare and fetch objects stored in two NSDictionary
cout a boost::range of elements
Getting individual pixels from touch point
datatype exception in simple GAE form using datastore
What do I set the working directory of a MacOS app bundle launched from my Java app?
FFmpeg AVPacket control
jQuery how show div over overflow hidden box
memory corruption inside glutMainLoop()?
9patch causing weird layout_height issue
URL for jQuery Page State
Perform SVN log without update
A tree query language for in-memory trees of objects?
hide second row of table jquery
ORA-14450: attempt to access a transactional temp table already in use
Devise, Omniauth and 'new with session'
Update TrimTrialingBlanks in sql server
Java Web Start Unable to load db2jcc.jar
Operator not applicable to this operand type When filtering a table
Is it required to download something extra, like a DLL, to use VB.Net to get the default device? [duplicate]
group by month and year parts using queryover
C++ encrypting ascii value printing return key from array
Best way to store directions data in MySQL
Programing a search button with Google Earth API
Java Script in Rails 3.1 works only in certain parts. Any idea why?
C++ - the fastest integer type?
Terminating an Executor Service and extremely fast Java code?
Processing e-mails that are word wrapped (Content-Type: text/plain)
should I use an exception here?
grocery crud upload field 鈥渦nclickable鈥�in iphone browser
Getting a grip on iOS and Android soft keyboard from HTML or Javascript
Ports of the Parrot VM
add javascript function to parent
What is the reference source for a standard XUnit report XML
Dynamic Accordion Menu using Jquery 1.4.2
Silverlight application needs mouse click to activate keyboard
store a HttpServletRequst in a HttpSession
jQuery - Find element with rel attribute
Cannot implement dynamic height jQuery Wookmark
PHP Make a multidimensional array from object properties
How does mmap'ed data work with object allocation?
How to disable page's title in wp-admin from being edited?
Installing Issue in the Debian-Linux Server
not a GROUP BY expression error in Oracle
Type inference for templatefunctions with templated parameters
Simulate back pressure in TCP send
How can you figure out a discrepancy between two queries returning different results
Why isn't Firebug stepping into my script when I say 鈥淪tep In鈥�
Unity3d and CityEngine
ListAdapter Filter other than using Strings?
Calling Function In Separate Clojure Namespace
css reset please don't reset contents style
How to make 'not contains' regular expression
Adding anything to Section String breaks the android SQLite DB query?
How to show a two color area?
How do you change the Repository link on Alfresco Share?
hibernate insert one to many
Google Identity Toolkit federated login and OAuth access tokens
VBS how can I change the DateLastModified property on a Folder
Memory scanner with a slow scan
display fields based on selection on a picklist selection
index python dictionary by value [duplicate]
How to copy a report in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008
C Dynamic Memory Allocation - Read Data from File
Error in Internet-explorer, when retrieving data from mysql database (but works in firefox)
How to exclude a field within a [vanilla django] form?
Homework - Differences in accessing values
Tmux vs. iTerm2 split panes [closed]
Launch Storyboard from within Nib?
How do I access my viewController from my appDelegate? iOS
Set a datetime for next or previous sunday at specific time
How much disk space do I need for Windows 7/8 and XBox game development with XNA?
How to synchronize messages stored in a database, but processed by multiple services
Java. Swing. JScrollPane's JViewport size changed
Why is curl storing my cookie in c:
Improving performance of updating contents of large data frame using contents of similar data frame
Abnormal Behaviour with MySql Query in PHP [duplicate]
sql statement error: 鈥渃olumn .. does not exist鈥�
Inconsistent behaviour with with regard to displaying properties using: svn log --with-all-revprops --xml [URL]
Namespace confusion using C++/CLI in Windows Forms Application
Where Gravity Forms (Wordpress plugin) save the temporal data?
Ontology applications and inference rules [closed]
For loops in Crystal Reports 2008
Telerik Combobox - with image and string
Can you use blastn to check for exact matches?
How can I get a HTML data value as a string with jQuery?
Offloading coordinate transformations to GPU
How can I use 鈥渙bjects to string鈥�and after 鈥渟tring to objects鈥�using Json (or Gson) in Android?
Simple arithmetic in PHP
Git error: Cannot Spawn ~ .ssh
Calling javascript function from jquery with parameter
How can I make a web form with drop down boxes to insert data into a relational database
How to resize UIViews to fit within a smaller parent view
Default security policy for applets
How to print collection mysql query in magento
Can't get list of contacts phone book
Language packs for an MVC3 website
Logic issue, adding Buttons to UI based on database entries [closed]
LDAP authentication with JBoss 7
Removing tabs from tabhost causes app to crash
which data structure is most suitable?
HTML5 slider input - have range?
Filter csv file by array of hashtables
UIGesture recognition on different areas of a UIImageView
Is there a better way to find a user's Start Menu?
Cache thousands of images
execl do not leave from child
How to register keypress?
IoS Cocoa fill area with given color
Maven: copy file from workspace to folder which is outside of target
why can't I change self.filename?
Mysql multiplication query
How to include external source files in maven-jar-plugin
What's the best way to debug a crash that's tableview related for adhoc/release build?
Anonymous Email from Android
How to remove these pesky extra spaces
Can JaaS be used for Rest?
How to: add a class docstring with Eclipse/Pydev via keyboard shortcut?
Aborted errors in Firebug when loading a Drupal 7 page via https
Multi FQL query with limit
Showing scrollbars only when mouseover div
Gerrit revision workflow: merge conflicts and re-approval
NetBeans: should nbactions.xml, nb-configuration.xml and catalog.xml go into source control?
find null values in multidimensional associative array
OpenRasta DI issues using StructureMap
running a console application with arguments using exec()
mkdir, pathname with symbol
Running a cron to query if a user account has redeemed so many points within a week
Actionscript 3.0: Accessing Dynamic text from AS3 class to Game
Simple Jquery Fold Down
pagination sql query syntax
Translating string to another lang using array
How to make a UITextview and a UIImageView scrollable
C++ QueryPerformanceCounter more accurate than sleep?
How can I list all labels using the TFS command line tool 'tf.exe'?
Delay and animate background
Unit testing an ASP.NET MVC 3 application
Trouble with Rectangles overlapping instead of touching XNA 4.0
rollover images
Multiple projects or VOBs?
Size of a directory [duplicate]
Testing which element has focus when one lost it
Issue with 鈥渋Batis鈥� error setting null parameter
鈥済em install rspec鈥�fails due to Type Error in Ruby 1.9.3
(Part2) SharePoint 2010, Powershell - Loop through all Document Libraries, create view and set it as default.
SignalR ASPNetHost does not exist in the current context
Programmatic (as opposed to link-based) navigation in jQueryMobile
Refer to build number or version number in code
WP7 conditional start page
JSF 2.0 Setting a variable in the session scoped before a view is shown?
Why is Google Maps Library for android so out of date?
How to get another function's returned value?
Introduce delay in libgdx Animation
How you create a datetime index in pandas
Handling NaN in a Postgresql database
How to get access to google analytics data API using Pentaho PDI (Kettle version 4.2.1)
hadoop mapred job - Error initializing attempt mapred task
Hibernate mapping
Rails how to get records based on info in belongs_to record
Jqueryui - Datepicker - Date range offset
add identical data to one column for ALL rows (mySQL) via phpMyAdmin
How do you pass the keystroke event in a $.bind method?
J2me ticker not displayed correctly. Help me to try to solve it
Hibernate throws NullPointerException from HqlSqlWalker
XAML Databinding in Control templates via a dynamic Xpath expression
How to validate the input boxes in multi-tabs
When using an NAudio MMDevice, how do I get the brand name of the device?
Is it safe to merge between feature branches in SVN?
JTabbedPane not switching tab contents
Converting MVC Ajax to Jquery
Computing the bottom of table view content
php check file name exist, rename the file
force download of msi file
How to access additional UI element in Interface Builder (Storyboard)?
PHP - 鈥渋f鈥�in 鈥渨hile鈥�problems to alternate html table rows colour
How to Insert a date field with format (鈥淢M/dd/yyyy鈥� in Detailview?
How to access the info known by matplotlib.backends.backend_qt4agg.NavigationToolbar2QTAgg
Strange Behavior with Query Designed with SSMS
Mapping whole database to view Crystal Reports
When should I call glEnableClientState() and glDisableClientState() in android
Android app won't start noClassDefFoundError
OpenMP to Distributed Memory Code
How do I refresh files available to CommandT in vim
In a multithreaded Java program, does each thread have its own copy of System.out?
Problems converting collection types from scala to java
jquery : how to build multiple lightbox with the same jquery code?
Removing an entry from an Bundle (i.e. extras) doesn't seem to work in combination with the back button
What logic should go in the domain class and what should go in a service in Grails?
How to implement JQuery.ajax(dataType:json) to spring mvc 2.5
How to render data into a jquery mobile page dynamically
How to place components at specific positions?
What might cause an ArgumentException when updating a PictureBox?
Store Html.Raw() in a string in Javascript, ASP.NET MVC 3
passing multiple parameter in jsp
ChildWindow width/height not binding correctly
Unsure how to query this data
Slider CSS, jQuery and layout - my slider handle likes to fly away
Error:26 Cannot connect to SQL 2008 database instance
Finding date of particular day between two dates PHP [closed]
How to resolve a git-svn rebase with moved files?
ORACLE/ASP.NET: ORA-2020 - Too many database links鈥�what's causing this?
Lock a set of DB operations in Java
Relaunch application when its coming to foreground
Zend_Form setAttrib title not translating with Zend_Translate
How to create an own struct and constants for this struct?
C++ Win32 : Attach a child window to main window
How to connect mysql(based on EC2 instance) in Visual studio?
Web Service - Windows Authentication
C# Fire Webbrowser inside a method
Cached Query plans?
Styling the text with bold and linked text, doesn't work
SignalR - Sending a Message from a WCF Project
Suggestions for ASP.NET Website [closed]
time complexity of following recurrence?
htaccess doesn't work - always wrong password
Algorithm: find connections between towns with a limit of train changes
WCF Certificate Encoded Value - Certain values always work
Creating a file that is passed as an argument in C
Facebook IE9 Javascript error
Using GNU C++ built library in VS C++ project
QSem doesn't seem to block threads
How to save and get values from an Xml without cast?
Is Core Data Migration necessary if I change the type of an attribute in the model from NSString to NSDate
ASP.NET MVC 3 routing: prevent ~/home access?
setState not updating a checkbox's view
Pass an variable to javascript failed
Javascript toFixed Not Rounding
null at my answer
JQuery UI Autocomplete - Unable to load object
Does s:url (in Struts2) not do url-rewriting like c:url does in case cookies are disabled?
Python: Why does list import using quotation marks, how can I avoid this/get rid of them?
ItemUpdating called twice after ItemAdded in event receiver
Fun with types! Resolving multiple instance declarations
Modal dialog that disables its parent's menu bar in Racket/GUI?
CRM 2011 Get GUID For An Entity Record (Contract Renewel)
getting images to show side by side in matlab
How to create a semantic search box and engines
Check Cookies using Chrome
Select Fields with JOIN where column exists in distinct subquery with less fields
Deserialize on the fly, or LINQ to XML
Collection of objects in classic ASP using VBScript?
readonly class design when a non-readonly class is already in place
Can memory pressure on Solaris lead to SIGSEGVs in JVM?
Using drand48_r as random number generator in C
How do I remove many different parenthesis [] () {} and content from a string using REGEX with a single preg_replace?
Handling iPad touch events for draggables/droppables (undefined changedTouches)
Simulating an Iscsi disk in a laptop( studying for VCP)
How often are the scripts registered with RegisterStartupScript, RegisterScriptBlock etc. executed?
Running aWordpress, Drupal or Joomla as root user [closed]
including android library not working for ant inside eclipse
How to get values[] in php?
How Keep session on Primefaces DataTable Filter
How to i select div id onClick event in iframe?
PHP Take a Variable in an If statement literally
DbContext - Ignore DbUpdateException and continue
missing ';' before '<'
Unity.Mvc - UnityDependencyResolver issue
Maven - turn off warnings for specific pom
CakePHP 2.0 Auth Login not working
Response.Write and UpdatePanel
Apex - SalesForce - Writing Test case for a Trigger
How to work with the jButton grid as a two dimensional array in NetBeans
How many times an element is repeated in a table
Using MAC address as a machine ID: will this change if the user installs vmware?
F# functional interface
Does TextView's onDraw supports graphical drawing?
Salesforce/Apex parameter passing in report loop
how to write an xml schema that allows part of the sequence not in place
Read file with progress bar in Cocoa
Fancybox Forms in Rails don't work properly
Scrollbar scrolling in steps (html/css/jquery)
TSQL indexes on search fields, should I include Id
Using 'limit' parameter in CouchDB View Map function
OpenGL ES 2.0 - Drawing Parallels
ReUse a validator
Linq to SQL C# Get Products in all child/sub child Categories too slow when trying to parse document with 鈥渉ttp://鈥�entity
Android EditText title (header) like in android guidelines
Running HTTP and HTTPS side-by-side in Rails (local) Development environment
PHP IOS Push Notification ( Permission Denied )
Get notification for changed documents in mongodb
What code is throwing the Null Pointer Exception?
In R, How to create another variable whose values are based on FAVECTOR
Checking entries in a database issue with a while loop
Getting account type of contacts table for accessing phone contact
Button Works Only for One Time
record audio in the iphone/ipad speaker
Guice proxying to support circular dependency
C++ DLL does not unload with AppDomain
CakePHP named paramaters in FireFox Causing issues
Android TextView text won't center
Sharing DB Access Methods between Client and Server in Entity Framework (C#.Net)
JSF2: Using commandLink is not reloading page as commandButton
Can a Delphi 4 and/or Delphi 5 executable be integrated into a C# application?
Batch convert Mac iWork files to PDF on the command line
Pass batch file ECHO into PUSHD command prompt command
Pass batch file ECHO into PUSHD command prompt command
Deleting an image from the UI
Android - how to check activity has loaded?
Distribution database compatibility level
WCF/REST Get image into picturebox?
Find a table name in Xcode, Objective-C with Sqlite3
Delphi custom TTreeNode
Has anyone created a vertical UIToolBar? Or some sort of vertical menu with UIButtons?
Score - Showing the score
Excel - countif()
Reducing .Net code using Inline Object creation
Add Button on custom View in Android
how should I use the velX,velY information to get the displacement in X and Y between current frame and previous frame?
Why can't I center my menubar?
CSS - Make outer <div> background to expand to inner <div> width
SQL2008 Express Edition: two instances on same computer?
Where do you find the JDBCProvider Interface?
jQuery arrange li order by clicking on a link
The correct way to use FileVisitor in java
How to run Jprofiler from Windows machine to Remote Linux JVM
Unexpected Error in content staging DNN6 Enterprise
Pass dynamic datamember of type array in WCF
generating key for AVL tree
Qt negative button not working
Matlab/simulink udp channel
Sql Project Publish replaces Deploy - how to supress versioning and hook into tfs build
How to horizontally distribute an array of objects in WPF?
Suppress 鈥淭he resource name is not a valid identifier鈥�
build tuple using variadic templates
How to make the script rerun?
How to completely format a Hard Drive? [closed]
ExpandableListView collapses all group items every time I come back from another Activity
jquery set image to cell on mouseover
Mono for Android: ListView Delete Items NotifyDataSet Changed
Transact-SQL and PHP issue
instantiate/Call other Views(WPF forms) with their ViewModels using MVVM and Unity
How to convert result set row into columnn
listview itemcommand not firing after back button
Validate time since a date using XPath 2
Objective-C - Disadvantages to Bridging With C++?
How to wrap class in java and save interface?
can not connect to SQL database on amazon EC2 - microsoft project server database
Cloning an element with jquery
loop logic, encrypting array C++
How can I restrict my app for iPhone's only, excluding iPod touch?
How would you create a clothing size db structure?
How to rewrite the magento core-cache-model (Mage_Core_Model_Cache)
ImpersonateLoggedOnUser fails on shared folder on the same machine
How to establish validation dependency between two viewmodels?
FB Request output not working in iOS
Seeking deeper understanding of Visual Studio C-runtime library link behavior
At what point should NLP processing occur?
Change an image for a second
Rails route not working - not sure why
Calculating every cartesian point in a moving cicrle
Finding the average of a matrix
I want some null result with the help of this Query
How do I detect the Google+ 鈥渟hare task complete鈥�in Javascript and close Chrome Bookmarklet?
What would be causing this error in Expressjs?
Scribe - don't ask for permission when the application has already been accepted
ZXing start BarcodeScanner portrait layout with IntentIntegrator
When upgrading my cake core from 1.3 to 2.1 via the shell script, what else needs to be done to my core paths?
deploy with glassfish an updated .ear project
Calling a Function in Javascript
How to stop JQM from styling a page?
Why my @MappedSuperClass doesn't work?
can't set value for cookie
Assembly.GetTypes() - Get the types which fail to load
Are there any benefits to using a specific method to get value from IDataReader?
Persisting Class Literals in Objectify
System.out.println(鈥淐onsole message鈥� does not work [closed]
Need only date in field in a table, not full datetime
Java exec jar - strange freezing ouput only on windows XP
Grails log4j version clash with a third party java API
how to modify my server to easly invoke remote commands in Powershell
Python - open pdf file to specific page/section
iphone - image loading
Eclipse remote debug to a glassfish server running on a VM on the same host
javascript: prototypes with callbacks and 'this'
Dojo 1.7.2 not working with local file
xcode deleted files upon project name change
BEX error on Windows Web Server 2008 R2 x64
Desktop icon file path
How to creating a user profile (properties) for real estate recommendations engine
Ember.Select not setting default value correctly
Can record sound using Microphone once, but cannot start microphone second time
Nancy: HttpBasic Authentication - After a successful registration can the user can be logged in immediately?
loading.gif is not animated when using loadmask jquery plugin
Is there an efficient way to determine what percentage of an image falls within a specified colour range? (In OpenCV for Android)
Detect if a String Contains A String in Jquery / Javascript when the string is delimited unusually [duplicate]
How to make my model as DRY as possible (identical table joins and field selections)
Error: PLS-00801: internal error [*** ASSERT at file pdw4.c
Android P2P (direct-connection) over the Internet (behind NAT)
PHP Unique Situation. Remove Duplicates From Array Before Sent to Function Inside Loop
Hour calculation in php
How do I escape double-brackets [[ in-line in org-mode
How can i get a specific provider from Django social-auth in a template?
How to list the running processes in C?
counting selected items in a list box
asp:HyperLink run-time modification
How do I fix this build error the on QuickDialog project?
ajax call works fine on my machine but not on server
Can't make spinner's scrollbar always visible (Android)
Apache Solr with Hibernate-Java or with Ms SQL Server
Python Threads Hang
Execute BizUnit 4.0 XML Test Case
DirectX Rendering
Why does enabling hardware-acceleration in CSS3 slow down performance?
ASP.NET MVC 3 Custom sorting a WebGrid with ascending, descending options
hoverPause on thumbnails
Can you run execcommand on an element besides document?
Exact difference between self::__construct() and new self()
How to set a cookie in WCF and read it in the calling Ajax's success function (or elsewhere)
Need to click the page before i am able to click any links
Using HTML5 Geolocation with PHP and MySql
Where is the best place to put rails functions that will be used by many controllers and views
ant gwt compiler task fails
MySQL connection problems when supplying password
How to sort array of strings by their lengths
Add a program that requires Adminstrator to STARTUP [duplicate]
JTable from TableModel - add Buttons to each row
Entity Framework 4, TPH (Table Per Hierarchy) and annotation
Position of jQuery Dialoag box on long page
(SQL) How can I add values into a table based on the IDs of another table?
AS3 math: nearest neighbour in array
How do I define a generic constraint so that I can use the ?? coalesing operator
Reset UIKeyboard State
Determine if a string is English
Have a FK relationship and a Navigation property at the same
How to run non blocking command from Ruby?
How do I change the port used for livetribe SLP?
Screen density same resolution
Autofac: resolve generic interface with optional parameters, using factory delegates
Chrome extension jump to URL
Dynamically set dynamic finder in rails
What are we extending when creating a generic extension method?
Unclosed Cursor detected
How to add controls on dialog which has predefind WPF theme?
(Beginner)Trying to pass an array from ViewController to DetailController
Emacs: gethash doesn't see key in hashtable
NullPointerException in swing at actionPerformed
Force SQLite 3.7 to run in legacy mode?
How to print a webgrid in Landscape in MVC 3
Symfony 2 - multiple server configuration
Any ideas of what could cause System.Timers.Timer.set_Enabled property to throw a System.NullReferenceException?
performance of copying directories
Updating the expiriring access_tokens using cron
code after Gwt rpc AsyncCallbak will not be executed?
Using ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC applications within the same solution
PHP DOMXpath not picking anything up
Compass smart sprite layouts
How to determine end of call stack?
how to judge a text file or binary file using Java language in Windows environment?
Android FileNotFoundException, why?
Paypal url is displaying funny looking character
Lower continuously my media volume with a button
Gzip/zlib compression on GAE for iOS: Is the CPU vs. Bandwidth cost favorable?
Jquery click not registering first time
Xcode 4 'QuartzCore/CIColor.h' file not found
what does null function pointer in C mean?
Overriding function from another class
LINQ Intersect but add the result to a New List
DB2 Control Center: Show SQL for Existing Table
How to increase size of sip qwerty keyboard on windows mobile 6.53? (VC++)
Ninject/.NET MVC3 - Scope?
Generate Random Color distinguishable to Humans
How do i continue this if else statement do open a alert() function in the middle of a PHP code?
Bool always evaluating as true
Removing the jquery/zepto dependency on backbone.router and views
SQLite - select expression is very slow
How do you run a function that pull data in a loop and have the data by the end of the loop?
Jenkins CI: How to trigger builds on SVN commit
Delete everything in a directory except for one hidden directory in MSBuild
Multiple settings files in .NET
CSS Style Element if it does not contain another specific type of Element
iOS Provisioning Portal: How to create an enterprise distribution cert using Xcode?
C# Count registry keys existing using a partial value
Has anyone integrated NUnit with Visual Studio 2010?
How to create another db connection with codeigniter
jQuery easeIn/Out for infinite loop?
How to Move a Sprite in Pygame
Convert a cell to TimeStamp w Time zone as parameter for SQL Query in Excel 2007
How to create left/right divs with text that varies in content length?
how to best structure application in symfony 2
seam i18n properties file from external jar
Know if the record has been displayed 3 records and if so then put the another 3 records in a new line
jQuery.draggable() - Revert on button click
Maven exec-plugin pom.xml definition: activate shell interpretation for characters
Simple javascript issue
Displaying text below the plot generated by ggplot2
Qt signal/slot connection does not work
CSS and image files not found after routing in ASP.NET MVC
How to delete documents by query efficiently in mongo?
firebug alternative in internet explorer
X++ passing current selected records in a form for your report
OrderBy Linq.Expression as parameter = (Of Func(Of T,IComparable)) to perform LinqToEntity is not working
Checkboxes checked when value IN comma separated string (or array) Javascript
how does filesystem benchmark tools measure time?
Sublime Text 2 Code Formatting
Android ksoap2 nullable type
Google Custom Search Element: Styling Ads
What's the RESTful way of attaching one resource to another?
Python type as a string
How can I test my DNS and site configuration
shell_exec() statement to pdftotext entire directory?
Is it possible for a process to change it's own threads stack size?
mysqldump error when running from powershell