limit keyword on MySQL with prepared statement, maybe still a bug?
Cron fails when running through Drush, and calling node_load()
How can I make a validating TextBox with Binding in WPF that switches back to the last valid value after invalid entry?
Decoding URLEncoded non standard characters
Real time Traffic on Map View in Android
Why not use only one HttpServlet for all request to an Rest API
Twitter type load data from database
using timer within windows service
hg automatic merges with diff3
Uploadify IO Error 2038 for large images
Divide a sequence into continuous sets of size at most K
Full-Text Searching with WCF Data Services
Creating a ActionLink that works with a javascript function
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: [duplicate]
Cocos2d CCSprite animation with multiple children
Centre Table In PHPDOCX
How to get highlighting from interactive regex search in emac to remain highlight until deactivated? [duplicate]
Why ConnectionString fails for SqlConnection using MSN example in C#?
how do i write and read a three dimensional dynamic char array to a file?
records with same first and Last names
Is there a way in a shell script to figure out where its output is redirected?
Login page in Ajax popup box on home page load Magento
Validating DOM Elements
Make pure css collapsible menu triggered by down arrow for mobile browsers
SenchaTouch 2 how to set different color on each list row
android countdown force to close error
Magento - Get 2 column Product Landing page (Grid View)
Validator.RenderControl returns an empty string
how do i parse a array list of errors and display it as validation errors
bundle exec rake db:migrate >> ROUTING ERROR
Git-2-SVN migration?
How to sort date numerically
Aligning image in jQuery Mobile li element
Apple developer statistic [closed]
Libary compatibility between C++11 and C++03
Visual Studio c# Telerik Reporting
adding force directed algorithm to Raphael SVG objects
jQuery Mouseover / Mouseout will not work with Live
Can a single schema.ini definition cover multiple files
UITableViewCell with an image on the right side
performSelector on a category class method
Phonegap: how to remove files from the apk file during/after build?
Java Jtree populated by SQL query
Reportviewer Report Filter - Check Date If Null
How do I merge two Mercurial repos into a single one
Enable/disable vibration function in android?
Fetch from one git server and push to another server using Jenkins
TableAdapter.GetData(@Param) returns no records using LIKE, Query Builder does though, a bug?
Fastest way to parse a YYYYMMdd date in Java [closed]
Referencing Spring Security configuration within Spring 3.1 Java Config
Python 3.1 server-side can't output Unicode string to client
How to copy row from one data.frame in to another [R]
Creating a Checkbox, coping it, and making new checkbox report to new spot
Reorder columns with EF 4.3 Code-First Migrations
Function not supported from hibernate
Fancybox examples: Where is Fancybox initialized?
Generating dictionary from elements of XML through LINQ
Simple jQuery Animation Replace Text from Array
GLSL 4.1 with gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix
typo3 migration to new server not working
How Bugzilla will be working on local PC?
Can you make one model hold different types of subscriptions?
getting exception while loding JSF page which is using managed beans
Posting to Facebook Graph Api is slow
Entity Framework: Can't use 鈥淐ontains鈥�with property on another object
Comparing two dictionaries and adding dictionary value to another dictionary C#
conversion to proper postfix notation in minimum number of steps
has the Compass in Android API-Demos a bug?
StreamReader system.stackoverlow Exception
RNGCryptoServiceProvider does not produce same hash for same PWD,Salt,Iteration combination
Do you use JSON for logging?
check for last error in LXSOCKET (iphone)
Get the direction (up/down) in which the user is scrolling on an IPad (touchmove event)
Android - zoom in/out RelativeLayout with spread/pinch
Using web-server to substitute for GUI in python
Efficient ranking algorithm (in PHP)
C# List All Permutation
Send key to inactive window of process
Image map control (ocx)
Unable to connect to host on port 7055
How do you add an UIImage to a MSMutableArray in Objective-C?
partial postbacks and jquery
Returning custom item in JQueryUI Autocomplete
Visual Studio VBA Macro
Invalid AssignmentOperator while converting from C++ to Java
Insert a logo next to any DOM element
how to update database records using form
Simple random generator script not working
Solr 3.5 not indexing
Idiomatic form of dealing with un-initialized var
Are there any large projects which use Python 2/3 compatible source as a porting strategy? [closed]
CSS a:hover not working as hoped
IOS Button style
Excel Macro for Selected Area Concatenation
Java OpenGL GL_TEXTURE_2D darkens other colours
MySQL Interval - bring in users that have not logged in for 6 months
WPF ToggleButton incorrect render behavior
Facebook likes reset to zero after 50 likes
Slow data load with conversion from nvarchar to varchar
Character NULL (ASCII 0) not processed from Javascript on Internet Explorer 9
Log-Likelihood Ratio statistic by PyLucene
How to prevent jQuery ajax from following a redirect after a post?
case insensitive comparing in PHP
wordpress post/page content in code
Do search engines have trouble with urls like
Magento checking if product is available in multiple sites
WinRT image handling
Filter with Google Maps and checkbox
Open link either in existing iframe or run code, depending on if iframe exists
using insert() method to insert DateTime value with PHP Doctrine DBAL 2
Trying to make a C++ (MFC) code snippet easy to reuse . What are the options?
Castle Windsor - Registering and Resolving Cached and Uncached Implementation of same Interface
Why are my has_many :through associations not working correctly on delete?
Only load the background-image when it has been fully loaded?
c++ Algorithm to convert an integer into an array of bool
iterate mysql query results in jade [node-mysql]
Constraints in interface implementation in java [duplicate]
IDT done in C is not working
Switching NodeJs application to debug mode from within it's process
How to group generalization in UML?
How to see if venue is closed via the Foursquare API?
Is it possible to display a read only field on a work time that references a field from a parent work item?
How can I avoid google mail server asking me to log in via browser?
Wordpress upload folder
remove smallest k elements from hashmap in JAVA
stylesheet based on case sensitive url
Solr query: stop words, OR and AND weirdness
Passing GPS coordinate data to web based form fields
Create an enumeration of URLs - Error: Identifer expected
Reading and parsing Java exceptions [closed]
JavaObjectModel. What is it?
How to get city from lat/lng with Google Maps V3?
jQuery animations/slideUp/slideDown on multiple elements
How to display a display a dialog box on clicking the button of another dialog box?
Min-Width Table
Barracuda not delivering external email
Model Validation - Check if Value posted is less than the original value
WCF - Inspect an MTOM encoded message BeforeSendRequest
Possible to set the parameters of a bound query in vba before form load?
ExcelLibrary and EPPlus throwing exceptions when opening network file
Retrieving a row in Linq to SQL whose ID is dynamic
Is there a directed version of the Earth movers distance
Sencha Touch 2 - Complex JSON to populate two drop-downs
Collapsing a data.frame to a data.frame 鈥�problems with by() and aggregate()
VBA Code 鈥淨uery input must contain at least one table or query鈥�
Window size is different to mockup
SQL Server database architecture (design) + reporting for deleted objects
How can I detect when shift key is pressed in C? [closed]
NSLog with 2 digits display
Fragments not shown when using Navigation Tabs with ActionBarSherlock
Set default line ending in Java
How do I store the span tag next to the textbox?
How can I access the width attribute of the embed object from within my application swf?
Searching for a Responsive Dropdown
How to specify target table for update in FROM clause for MYSQL?
jquery : popup window doesn't appear whole page
WPF MultiBinding TextBlock.Text
Load files from base folder through a shortcut folder?
Programmatically access jira issues according to task board columns
Mootools: how fired a function (or more functions) after the end of a tween or morph FX or other event?
How to force map to panTo with animation?
Excel VBA - Clicking on the workbook to unload a userform
WinRT and missing Web API models for Amazon API access
Find the errors in the BankMenu method
How do I carry over previous 鈥渓ikes鈥�to new, upgraded domain address? How do I link website with the FB page?
customAdapter how to print out content of array in TextView.setText() of getview
MATLAB sound generation with increased dB-value
Correct usage of microformat
when c++ standard introduces the suppose of the syntax `vector<vector<int>>` (i.e. `>>` in the end?
Undo / Reset AllowSetForegroundWindow() calls
301 Redirect - Can I maintain links to pages
Basic jQuery contact form issue
How can I convert from Oracle SQL to DB2?
Converting animated .gif file into a .bmp strip
netbeans connection to postgresql looks like working only for some users
Why setContentView(Layout); doesn't work in new thread in android
The declared package 鈥渃鈥�does not match the expected package 鈥測鈥�
GreenDroid and MapActivity
AS3 TextField doesn't show new text at all even though it's there
Delphi - TDataSet determine if it was modified when is in insert/edit state
Firefox 3.6 and html5, jQuery
insert 鈥渳鈥�to complete ClassBody in R.class
newbie: how to get some database columns with data on production server database?
eBook Publishing Formats? [closed]
count(*) in mysql returning only one record
Apply a shadow to an array of UIImageView
how can i refer to the current reference when using jquery After()
Macro to format strings inside notepad++
Building an SSIS 2008 solution using TFS 2008
MongoDB GeoSpatial Querying without embedded latitude longitude fields
Deserializing json tweet in java
How do I output content that can shared via embed or iframe?
NSArray elements from parsed .xml file not accessible on iPhone, using TouchXML
Create Active/Archive Models in a DRY way (Django)
Spring's EntityManager not persisting
Does Apple AS assembler replace certain NEON instructions with equivalent ones on iOS?
SIP and EC2 elastic IPs
Are there any official naming conventions for R?
Object.getPrototypeOf() confusion
Inline implemented interface indentation
Get image file name from Div and copy into text field on button hover
Creating Tabs in Ruby Command Line Programs
SerializableAttribute or IXmlSerializable when serializing objects with large byte arrays
Scene graphs: recursion or iteration?
Normal Bayes implementation in OpenCV
Blackberry SQLite optimal performance
gdb attaching process causes mach_msg_trap ()
Facebook-like image scraping
the function and use of cell(m,n) in matlab
Java GUI (SWING/AWT) - Empty Frame - Components not showing
jQuery UI - Draggable element looses constraint when rotated
What is the simplest way to protect communication between an iOS application and a Rails application?
Failed to CoCreate Profiler error - but not using a profiler
visual studio multiple project location
Weird behaviour on solr while using a custom indexing plugin on multivalued field
Loading indicator not in motion
Change letter spacing in PostScript
How to detect a locked sql table in Qt?
Strcpy does not copy an allocated character array
Initializing objects and building CoreData relationships
SELECT that returns list of values not occurring in any row
Can I update a Joomla module without uninstalling?
How to center text?
how to capture change event in input with jquery?
How do I know if there's a hardware keyboard? [duplicate]
Can I set the label of a url in a vcard with ruby gem vpim?
Multiple views on top of an ImageView
HTML5 local storage offline cache is not working in Google AppEngine app
How to hide categories from certain users
Android requires compiler compliance level 5.0 or 6.0. Found '1.4'
Paypal custom data
UITableView Load Cell and ObjectForKey
Why does xCode 4.3 syntax highlighting break on some 64-bit projects?
iPhone - Cover Flow
Error C2668 ambiguous call to overloaded function code from site
iPhone orientation issue with views that only support landscape
Cancelling upload with WebClient?
CSV generation Through Class giving result in just one Column
Creating NSData from a file reading it in chunks
how to fetch an alias
Why is my Objective-C class instance variable not being set?
Handling an empty string - Python
User settings in django admin
Do redirect pages need meta tags?
Using Rx to execute delayed action once with cancellation for each window
amCharts doesn't display chart for initially-hidden divs
IE7 Stacking left floated divs in jQuery Slider
immutable collections implementation
Android Phonegap screen rotation lock kills my app
HTML5 drag and drop for inputs
How to search a specific field in a database
Is it safe to assign a _bstr_t com property a LPCTSTR?
Getting First digit in double and storing it in an int C++
Get friendly urls to work in Liferay
Fast Multithreaded Online Processing Application Framework Suggestions
Viewing Win32 messages
has anybody an idea or actually experience how to write JS Files with clearly representation?
Difference between Element::textContent and NodeList::item::getNodeValue
Calculations between input boxes
How to pass a parameter through another bean's object inside a method called from <f:event listener=鈥溾�鈥�gt;
Inserting table into Trirand JQGrid Edit Dialog that was creating with JQuery
How to escape special regex characters in a string?
Where to put in a GWT web app
Devise is sending e-mails with blank bodies when I override it's mailer
Display Image From Database in .rdlc report
AnimationListener functions(Eg: onAnimationEnd) not working for Fragment Transition Animations
Speech recognition with PhoneGap or Sencha
Android - Simplifying Radicals
Send date to wcf rest service
Why is SQL server throwing this error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'id'?
Smooth menu appearing
When using CAKeyframeAnimation, is it possible not to load all keyframes upfront?
PHP Nested Pagination / Paging
JavaScript if statement test for one or the other but not both
open-uri is not redirecing http to https
How to extend the client area of NSWindow?
How do I successfully install windmill?
Another unnamed CacheManager already exists in the same VM (ehCache 2.5)
form submitting twice with :remote => true Rails 3.2
struct in header compilation error
VBA code to show Message Box popup if the formula in the target cell exceeds a certain value
What programming language is used for mail servers? [closed]
jquery sortable cancel remove based on confirmation
JAXB : Is the annotation @XmlAccessorType is only for Serialization and nothing to do with Binding of data?
strcpy crashes on larger sizes (iPhone using rapidXML)
Sql error with query #1064
populate a selection box (mysql) based on dropdown selection [spring, java, javascript]
Google maps user-editable polygon with fixed number of points?
android: how to make a page navgation bar
Example of buffer usage
JSAPI documentation: where did it go?
How to instruct Ninject hide a Type from its implicit binding list
Jquery Autocomplete + ASP.NET MVC 3 not displaying the results
Image map - firefox issues
soap:address location from http to https
How can i construct BSTR with embedded NULL character in c++?
Android - play mp3 from byte[] array
Threading Volume #9000
When did MySQL start supporting XML functions?
Creating a branch in git, but nervous about harming existing stable master
php -results should come in same page
How to include the App.config info in a reference executable in .NET?
iOS handleOpenURL isn't called when becoming active??? iOS 5.1 (this is not a 3.2 issue)
C# user control crashing VS11
comparison between pointers
How to display half or a quarter of an ImageView in Android?
Sharepoint: get number of sites in a collection
C# Casting types from Interfaces
Is there a better design option?
What is an immediately executed factory function in the context of JS module loading?
Sort objects in List by properties on the object
How to know if wpf app is in terminal services session?
How to load dynamically KML file to google maps and further to polyline?
WPF default window style override
.NET regex engine returns no matches but I am expecting 8
Identify repeating value with jquery
std::vector vs normal array
Communication Exception and do reconnect automatic?
Efficiently replacing a string or character from file-input for the ANTLRInputStream (ANTLRStringStream)
Google Map API 3 creating different colors for markers from code of API 2
My code to open a new window is having no effect. can anyone spot my mistake?
Getting Useful Error Messages from MS Dynamics CRM Plugins through WCF
Safety of sharing Lua scripts
MongoDB SetDefaultValue is not working - why?
Can't nest TFS branches, so branching to share code doesn't work?
how to use threads in javascript
Deleting files in a server using shell script
php set client side new path
Convert rows to column in oracle 10g
int.TryParse() returns false for 鈥�.##鈥�
Derived class forcing property to be written into initializecomponent
How to access the property/ value of an array which has been converted into an object?
Ruby: how to get all available years in a rails 3 model
ASP MVC FileStreamResult OutOfMemoryException
What is the regexp for removing characters between two 鈥�鈥�in javascript
How to map an array to multiple properties using AutoMapper?
Appearance of closed projects in Eclipse
Django Caching - How do I set up my code to avoid duplicating cache logic?
What is a XACML profile?
IE8 Clearing JQuery-UI Autocomplete Input Field After Selection
DOM prototype chain traversal in FireFox
Invoking Text Transformation in VS Extension
Redirect all url's with htaccess
Capture wrapped content in BeginForm style disposable html helper
Does the Qt event listener occupy a file handle?
For website animation effects, which has better execution performance: CSS3 or jQuery?
What is the cleanest way to implement if/not in ERB in Rails? [closed]
Django Class Based View - unexpected decorator behaviour
T-Sql Declare and set
Problems trying to calculate a destination Latitude and Longitude on a globe
Javascript inheritance with super() call
Save UIImage to documents - need two files?
jquery accessing label of input
Getting Result from a Prolog Query in C# using SWI-Prolog C#
android wifi failed to load driver [duplicate]
Kohana Log - write error
Synchronous submit not firing outside IE
GACUtil vs. manually editing C: Windows assembly
Request a certificate from the certificate authority
C# Properties - Need Sub Properties
How to import or create a page template programmatically
HTTPClient::ReceiveTimeoutError in Ruby on Rails
Is it possible to override boot complete constructor?
Stuck with porting from activity to fragment
Facebook JavaScript SDK gets user name without authentication
css menu styling in zencart
How to convert wchar_t[] to basic_string<_Elem>?
How to order by a group of data?
How do I see the XML when using XMPPFramework in XCode?
Table position (table goes down when it shouldn't)
how to display the database name and change the database properties in java (spring framework)
GTK2 and Perl Manual
Possible to override 鈥淧in鈥�functionality of Windows 7 Jump List Item? Or multiple commands on a single line
Why does OpenGL use float rather than double? [closed]
openssl get certificate extensions
Android:How to Avoid Activity being killed by System,ActivityManager: Process my package name (pid 935) has died
array of size 1 MB
Fastest way to process large files in Python
membase - memcache - windows - change the maximum item size limit
Change url with bookmarklet
Recursive SQL Query with order tree
Is it possible to keep track of record of user interaction from background in android?
Is it possible to have modular AsciiDoc book (that consists of few files)?
How to download a Byte Array?
JQGrid Time reservation鈥electing multiple columns
Pattern for implementing async http handlers in F#?
read all SMS from Inbox at a time in blackberry
PBE: Verify password before attempting to decrypt
how to have full text search within a text without using RDBMS?
Attach file from the server into email
How Can I show the date in HTML?
SQL Server sort column based on the same column itself
PHP 5.3.10: var_dump does not print readable results as it used to be
Is there a way to replace an already defined preprocessor identifier?
SQL - Counts not returning zeros
cygwin permission denied
How to replace the button positions by dragging one button on to another button in iphone sdk
How do I pass a parameter to an <ant ../> call?
Type Conversion in Informix 4GL
Number of arguments to constructor error
What is difference in join with join keyword or join with = [duplicate]
jQuery Traversing .next() .show()
ASP.NET_SessionId is missing
two-level authentication with Spring Security
How can I convert this INSERT INTO statement into an UPDATE SET statement
html/css box model structure, centering and stuff
TCL obtain the proc name in which I am
How to use maven build script files to compile the jrxml files on runtime?
Custom UIViewController viewDidUnload never gets called
Connect android emulator to the host LAN network
Deleting folders and subdirectories when a file extension is found in it
Storing time in database
Can I use xcarchive to send my app to a client to be updated on their Apple developer account?
PHP get previous link ID
What combination of BDD and mocking frameworks will work with Team Build gated check-in?
Datepicker displayed incorrectly
Certificates - When are they installed in certificate store?
Returning IEnumerable<> from WCF service causes exception: The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly
Showing a UIWebView modally on top of whole application through UIWindow from class inherited from NSObject?
How to print Time stamps through out the program in iOS
Paypal URLs not working properly
Python find min & max of two lists
How to remove a part of the string
Adding Cookies to a simple function
format JSON response with
Symfony2 Doctrine MongoDB rollback
Why aren't my routes working in CodeIgniter?
Items in the images array of the facebook photo object does not contain a source anymore
AFHTTPRequestOperation progress is uneven
Including ExtJS in my Visual Studio project gives Too Many Characters error message [closed]
How to iterate over the keys in a stringmap?
Cannot run 'dd' command in Visual Studio 2010 immediate window
save the list when processing more than one files python
Making JFrame transparent breaks scrolling on Mac
JPA EntityManager big memory problems
tell if a given element is in a list of doubles
Preserve my character encoding
sql select statement using patterns instead of like
Automated way to switch from epydoc's docstring formatting to sphinx docstring formatting?
Blocking direct access to index.php with CodeIgniter
Send feedback to the user for a long running operation in Grails?
body parameter 'width'. GET operations cannot have a body?
body parameter 'width'. GET operations cannot have a body?
How to serialize an interface such as IList<T> [duplicate]
Facebook Like button does not register likes correctly
can Google c2dm server send empty registration Id in any case?
Activiti Forms, initial value for form property
Building Boost on OpenVMs
SELECT WHERE OleDbException thrown
Quantifiers and patterns (QBF formula)
perforce progress bar
Capture image from BinaryMessage
What is a good 鈥渄esign pattern鈥�if you want to constantly access a file?
SQL Statement using Where clause with multiple values
magento custom payment module not showing in live site. but showing in development site
jquery (mobile): use flip switch to change theme of collapsible cotent
C# windows desktop application
Linq to SQL - Add Intellisense to Generated Classes
Inconsistent JavaScript behavior on same browser versions across machines
HTML Agility Pack - Get Text From DIV with Align=left style
Why the sql query can not run?
Remember chatwindow state by cookie in jquery or javascript?
Can I develop for iPad without paying to join an Apple developer program?
Reducing Android Alternative Drawable Resources
Google map Draggable PolyLines
I'm looking for a LINQ solution to create a sub-list where items w/ duplicate property values are skipped
How to dynamically add an HTML array element[]
DotNet.Highcharts not working with Visual Studio 2010
Optimum Python Environment setup on Windows鈥�Any better Advice?
new maven POM file in eclipse java project
ExtJS4 MVC: How to select button by class
Passing a List from Action class to jsp and From JSP to action class in struts2
Placing Breakpoints and debugging other projects
How to iterate over each item in a computed Ember array in a handlebar view
Efficiently listening on multiple sockets even when file descriptors are not available
How to create a count down time with Qt?
How do I change a DOM element?
Ninject rebinding a method
jqGrid autoencode=true not used when addJSONData is called
Apache unable to startup, ScriptAlias on Windows
Connection Pooling with Access database
C test generator for load
Listview in nested linear layout not showing in runtime
Sitecore 6.5 with MVC3
Passing touchesMoved events to superview only passes first event
How do I use synchronization primitives to help Waiters service Tables in java?
pagination is not working in codeigniter :(
How to write custom event which gets fired when user click three times
how do i enforce precision on a string containing a double value in c++
Set an incrementing default for a work item field
Creating Slider Through jQuery
Corona SDK - Pop Up Window (with Director Class)
MVC3 action method parameter with dot character in the end
How to position MDIChild form in bottom right corner of MDIParent?
Overlapping dependencies between libraries in CMake
PowerBuilder DataWindow using insert when update is needed
How to creating custom QR code reader?
How to check the string whether it was arabic language or not in SQL Server 2008
C# - Group Results by Value after Split
How to read and write integers with a SeekableByteChannel in little endian format?
How does jQuery Mobile animate the page when you navigate back?
How To Assign nil Instead of Exception String
View Paging with lots of images, can it even work?
ucwords and french accented lettres encoding
MOXy JAXB: how to exclude elements from marshalling
How to download APK from android market
How to generate a 鈥渂ig鈥�random number in Python?
Android Facebook updating UI
Background threading copying a collection and re-initializing original, possible?
Are the I and J registers special in DCPU-16?
Error get image on WP7 fast
icu4 anc freetype
magento tier pricing buy x - x
Expose class in Excel XLA add-in
Linear Interpolation from acceleration data
Google App Engine User Login causing a redirect loop
byte array in groovy
Flex - VideoDisplay FLV
Loading an external html-file which includes an external javascript-file to a div
json_encode with PHP 5.1.6 and jQuery
鈥淏adValueError: Property category is required鈥�on GAE LinkButton in javascript not getting called when trying to send mail
Changed my page tab app to 810 width, only changed on app page, not users'
Login different to Login Name
How to call function from another specific workbook in VBA?
Inconsistent JFrame layout
HBase batch put operation
change Content in TabActivity
Which button pressed in flowlayoutpanel?
devise overrule devise SessionController broke login
php object operator -> without instance?
Unable to run rinari-web-server
How to make cyrillic chars upper case?
MPMoviePlayerController doesn't play newly saved video file
How to update azure application
Associating existing Annotation to more than one entity
Positioning multiple AJAX forms in a single DIV
OperaDriver getting timed out waiting for opera launcher
Joining 4 queries [closed]
Matlab database connection: Undefined function or method 'fetch' for input arguments of type 'struct'
How to integrate current locatioon in android project mapview balloons
Free Web Layout Designer?
how does AudioUnitRender Callback get called in iphone
How to set a UIView's origin reference?
How to access multiple databases in rails 3.1.0 app?
How to POST Data into website using Jsoup
Are there any reputable hosted/cloud-based Jenkins services available?
Access to Akka actor outside
How to get a large amount of data in wcf without setting max buffer size
How to catch parameters ajax in Codeigniter?
Computed column in group by clause
Implement page scrolling (like hand tool in Acrobato Reader) in my Eclipse Plugin Editor
Ajax CAPTCHA validation
Xpath: robust path for a locator of an element with 1 sibling and one鈥ousin?
unwanted multiple template class instantiate throug multiple DLLs
Cannot connect to virtual machine console
Get UITableView headers/footers
Recreate Facebook comment box or Live Stream with Graph API?
OAuth package for Django-nonrel
how to differentiate database datasource properties in project structure for DIT UAT SIT and PROD in General (Spring framework)
How to get data from a WCF data contract object into the message headers
android: trying to create multiple buttons and then remove them
Easier way to find missing references in VS2010 C# solution
FileSize through javascript
Can I load a picture into mySQL server-side?
How to close a popup window after sending ajax request to rails controller without reloading parent
How JSF and JSP differs client-side? [duplicate]
std::make_shared number of parameters in the constructor
Specific layout for Windows Phone 7
Building an array where each element depends on the previous
How to transfer an ArrayList of objects from one Activity to another
Why should you recompose Unicode (NFC) on the way out?
Where exactly are the default js files in magento are used?
PHP form entry steps, looping error occuring
Determining if a printer can handle a print job without look-up
SelectedItem event fire before LostFocus to update source
Why can't I send a mail to myself using python smtplib?
What is the C++ equivalent of this Perl code that uses sprintf?
push_back issue std::vector
How to create an array with reference member in C++?
Find ID and add animation class
one-to-one-or-zero relation with OneWay CascadeOnDelete
Want to get enter key to trigger search using jqgrid
Is a redirect absolutely necessary upon a successful transaction?
Custom-control not showing
jQuery-Galleriffic, set facebook like-button on every photo
getting boost::program_options to treat input as const char* instead of std::string
Custom UIView which handles touches, above UIWebview does not pass on touches to UIWebview
Python 2.7 encoding and feedparser
jquery mouseover find() swap divs
/venue/id endpoint returns different venue id
Perl with array formation [closed]
Perl with array formation [closed]
Run PHP script using Mac Terminal
How to implement Depth of Field in Ray Tracer?
Crop an image in using c#
Ruby Zlib 鈥淪ymbol Not Found鈥�
Linq query with OrderBy word count
How to create content from XML using rules in drupal?
VBA won't close workbooks opened programatically
Why is skipping visibility checks only allowed for dynamic methods?
Creating xml from MySQL query with Python and lxml
What can bottle neck cURL's mult functions in PHP?
jQuery Slideshow won't Loop
Jaxb : Binding of data from XML to java is not happening with this structure
bundle install >> Could not locate Gemfile
JackRabbit: textFilterClasses deprecated. How to specify extractors?
Creating Zip Files from Memory Stream C#
Find in mysql within 2 variable (mybe unique value ) i dont find better title
Difference between iterating over a file-like and calling readline
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MOUSE_OUT outside of a movieclip?
How to assert that a method is decorated with python unittest?
Perl Inheritance - Who's the caller of the Parent Class
login with dojo post request to extern server
How to create GPO programatically?
Flow player and supported file formats
Can I compare two files: local and remote on http server without downloading?
Check the memory location of a multi-dimensional array C++
html for mobile, page resizes and scroll appears after page loads
How to convert a regular string to an ASCII hexadecimal string in C#?
Rails Facebook Custom login button
Generic action result with Bind
Monkey patching a library until the OSS project releases a patch
CXF JAXRS - http-conf:client ReceiveTimeout does not work?
Example Needed of Phonegap Sqlite Insert record and then insert other records into a different table
Creating IFRAME with JS and show anywhere on the page
How to parse a 7GB file, with Data.ByteString?
Batch: Renaming files that start with
How to keep a block of code alive in background?
Missing Template PDFkit
Where are the OpenERP XML Schemas published?
GridView/RadGrid - Extract original typed object from datasource
ProgressDialog in an AsyncTask, NullPointerException
How to gather personal information (age,gender..) of all the authors of the comments on a specific video, with Python YouTube API
Log4Net: Log with UTC times
Unabled to connect samsung mobile phone (bluetooth/usb) both to my linux box
Using unit as Type Parameter and overriding methods
C++ passage by pointer and modification of values
Missing a using directive or an assembly reference error when I'm not missing anything
HttpListenerResponse, C# , Proxy
ssl page not securing not sure why
Simple C Program Approximating The Constant e
@Html.RenderAction and CSS
Get best records of each name using mysql
C#.NET create WMV file from JPEG images [closed]
Windows Phone - Pushpin + Context Menu + multiple items per Pushpin
Reference a variable inside expression in Twig
Undefine PHP defines?
Linq Take and Ria Services
How to write a decorator for a class based view 鈥�permision based on object from view
XSD syntax for nesting an element in another
I can setup LINQ to SQL in VC2010 fine, so why is SQLMetal relevant?
how to get eclipse show a folder from file system
Understanding the stack trace
dynamic associative array creation whith jquery and xml
How to avoid implicit adding of 鈥淚f-Modified-Since鈥�and 鈥淚f-None-Match鈥�HTTP headers to NSURLRequest
How can I play sound when device receive incoming call in android?
How to properly link Visual Studio project with OpenCV (superpack) using CMake
Jpeg, png, gif format images are not displaying in any browser
Quotes not in the right place for array
android image upload to quick base db
InvalidCastException was unhandled?
Catch the from javascript
How do I locate an Internet Explorer script error?
jQuery reset form values + invalid errors
Add a checkbox for the innerHTML in javascript
simple_form renders radio buttons incorrectly
PHP foreach() is amending the array
How to find pinch in or pinch out using Gestures events in IOS safari in jquery?
Cannot edit main window jEdit
Use C# properties in unmanaged C++ code
If Jquery .is(鈥�hover鈥� not working in IE8
Mapping a widget template to a user control in SiteFinity 5
Find most significant bit of a BigInteger
How to get datetime in 24hour format from oracle database?
Does storage usage increase with long class names?
How to automatically adjust the size of listboxitem?
can not read png file with libpng
How to call key of object inside of callback?
How can z/OS call a web service?
Code working on Simulator, but not on iPhone?
is jquery .find always useful?
How to distinguish data from CSV files
Django: AttributeError when calling own model method
Join/merge two tables, improvise/make up 鈥渕issing鈥�entries
Is there a better way to write this jQuery?
Including libraries while avoiding conflicts for code that uses your code
Loading multiple series into a chart
efficiently subtract item in list from its sibling [duplicate]
Node-inspector in node.js: I can't see my source file in the scripts list, but I can see them in the call stack
Loading multiple series into a chart
efficiently subtract item in list from its sibling [duplicate]
Node-inspector in node.js: I can't see my source file in the scripts list, but I can see them in the call stack
Fail to return a derived class pointer when overriding a virtual method
Recreating a query using OpenJPA
RingtonePreference not firing OnPreferenceChangeListener
Can not get the distinct NULL from database
How to install and use JFreeChart in Play Framework
java.lang.SecurityException: JSR 177 access for this connection is not permitted
Trouble with using boost::bind & boost::function
select only not empty set on many-to-one relation
PostgreSQL IF-THEN-ELSE control structure
Alert Dialog don't close
State Pattern and Domain Driven Design
how to find lowest common ancestor of a nary tree?
Playframework jpa pagination skips every second page
Minifying and Including js and css files on Azure Project
how to send an additional parameter for Telerik MVC [JQuery] event handlers
Entity Framework Code First 4.3 + Sql Log
Application icon corrupted in Vista/Win7 Explorer shortcuts after upgrade installation [duplicate]
jQuery-File-Upload by blueimp - additional headers
encoding a field within a gridview
Losing namespace information in a rails namespaced model
Object caching - is it more efficient to store cloned objects or serialized data?
HTTP.post_form in Ruby with custom headers
How to delete a JFrame when another is called
Unknown piece of code, what's it called? [closed]
How to get $(this) selected option in jQuery?
OpenCV 2.1: where is ostream operator<< for cv::Mat?
MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK is undefined at runtime?
Hardcode password into powershells 鈥淣ew-PSSession鈥�
Sort a gtk.TreeColumn by date value
extjs load records into form
Formatting from Mysql Database into iPhone App
Prevent Caching in ASP.NET MVC for specific actions using an attribute
How to copy a local folder to Subclipse / Eclipse folder structure?
Can I perform concurrent request and modificatio using PDO
Getting error while importing workflow into QA environment from DEV
Jquery Tabs and navigationz-index positioned
jqPlot hangs up on DateAxisRenderer
Typhoeus Hydra run out of memory
Zooming out with RMMapView constrained to coordinates
Troubleshooting 鈥淭he type parameter T is hiding the type T鈥�warning
Resume Crawling on big sites in PHPCrawl
How to set TemplateBinding to resolve WPF error 鈥淐annot set a TemplateBinding if not in a template.鈥�
How to display jquery popup window with a text area and several radio buttons?
Multiple ClientBootstrap issue
Amazon s3 put bucket with bucket policy
Simplest way to create a threadpool in C++?
Horizontal scrollable images row without list
how to get the Keyusage value from the X509 certificate?
find strings that are alnum and can contain _ or #
MySQL multiple updates on the same table time out
WPF usercontrol command binding to window viewmodel
Display images as Thumbnail
i:nil=鈥渢rue鈥�WCF REST request
How to get NaN when I divide by zero
Need help creating XML file from XSD schema
BizTalk Map Name Value Pair to Hierarchical Schema
Table structure for storing communities in MySQL
Hessian deserializes java.lang.Character as a String
J2ME TextField in a Vector?
What tool exists to compile C++2011 code for Windows target?
Client compatibility check management
Roboguice Assisted annotation
C# Normalize (like a vector)
How to edit input file properties by using an android app?
How to create single table by extracting certain cells from multiple CSV files
3rd party api/tool for Spell suggestion in android
How to avoid if else or switch case whe dealing with enums?
extjs 3.4 how to dynamically add checkbox to toolbar
Calculating system requirements for long-polling app
How to draw graph in java script?
jquery load() doesnot work with isotope plugin
Issues with str_replace
Validate input from bash
Pass selected ViewModel from WPF datagrid to new TabItem MVVM
How to get Implicit parameter into an anonymous function
Importing a project from clearcase source control to RTC source control
Push UIViewController without link to the previous one on the UINavigationBar
While loop and Python with NAO
An error occurred uploading to the iTunes Store - Please upgrade Java
linq to entity update records to database
recursive query with peer relations
Exploring a maze (using python 2.7)
Random Quotes Script on a timer?
Where Can I Find Delphi Resources For Creating IPad Applications?
python curl urllib2 source interface address
authenticate only from a certain ip possible?
Different Test Settings per project in same solution Visual Studio
Serving files from within a Tomcat context
How to recognize the active child form and fire a common method (which exist in each child forms)?
RegExpr confusion with negated character classes?
PHP array variables being assigned values
Parse/Syntax Error in PHP File Full Code
Spring, showing an error occurred view on exception or 404
What does these stats tell me?
Extend Log4JLogger and invoke subclass during runtime
Arrange text in the ComboBox
Query to copy data from a table in SQL Server database to SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 in my desktop application.
C++ Compile-Time Conditional Run-Time Statements
number of inserted documents using bulk insert
How to make two JPanels listen to the same event?
VB.NET How to detect a collision in a maze
Cannot get the red rectangles around required input elements when validation fails
Can I edit a binary (hex) file with PHP, replace a string and save without corrupting the binary?
Wcf time out exception, occurs irregularly on one server
Set notification from resource by contextmenu on listview
solve In Matlab a quadratic equation with very small coefficients
how to set advanced settings of android wifihotspot
App Store can accept this flow or not
How can I list only one language from a collection in a Rails form?
paypal is not working under firewall
django contenttype and string comparison
UI BLL communication using interfaces
llvm optimizations
MediaPlayer how to stop multiple sounds from playback
TextBox maximum amount of characters (it's not MaxLength)
Generic Repository and Transaction
DateTimePicker Should only show Current Date [duplicate]
method doesn't close
Parts of the image disappear and rotation doesn't work using matrix operations
Order of events firing between Mouseover and Mouseout
jQuery post on window.unload(window or browser close)
How splitting a file in two with regex
Why is getPointerCount() always returning 1?
Using OWdotNET.dll in pythonnet (python for .NET)
How to inject EasyMock mock into tested class private field
Quantifier Vs Non-Quantifier
Can a set have duplicate elements?
Encode Method for games packages?
WPF showdialog Textbox with var content
Serialize items in Paper.js
popup facebook feed dialog (for wall posting) in ios xcode 4.3 (storyboard)
Defer all file replacements until a reboot in Inno Setup
Java: receive different type of file from InputStream in socket programming
Link error LNK2005 several CUDA files
Deleting an Ember.Object created within an Ember.View
Dynamics CRM 2011 Entities [closed]
Cron Job on 1and1
Enable submit when all form items are valid
CodeIgniter trying to use parent
To print the list of user_id from the string list
getview not called in CustomAdapter
3d projection from a perspective
Web based application for comparasion of 2 pdf documents
Vectorize function to avoid loop
NSTimer does't work in CMD Project in xCode
Print content of multidimensional array
Drupal 7- Passing contextual filters from external form
Set focus to field using SSJS in Xpages?
Android ICS widgets (switch) and older versions
Disable slickgrid horizontal scrollbar
Set Video height in HTML5
'rescue in rbuf_fill': Timeout::Error (Timeout::Error)
JQuery search in static HTML page with highlighting of found word
C# Timer counter in xx.xx.xx format
Font-face, messes up autocomplete drop down list in Opera browser
Yii Get oldest object from db - findByAttributes
C++ underflow and overflow
aspnet_regiis does not exist
Is it possible to install multiple remote agents for Atlassian Bamboo on a single computer?
Reactive Extension (Rx) tutorial that is up to date
Overlapped JLabel in Frame
Twitter Gem and Rails issue saving user
Drag & drop directly via application name in sidebar
Edit Excel file on fileserver from gridview
SQL Azure MVC3 Primary Key Violation Using INSTEAD OF trigger
activating Autosuggest plugin after user typed @ [closed]
exit ios application in air
Xcode 4.3.2 10.7.3 app crash on launch
selenium 2 unable to connect to host
Refreshing page resets inputs - is it possible to avoid this?
Can I define multiple static blocks?
How to design a database table to enforce non-duplicate Unique Key records
Oversized image is blurry when reduced
Howto correct reference a .dll to show up in the modules for debugging in vs2008?
Android: Update UI periodically from a thread
Trust a self-signed certificate to authenticate a server (.NET client on Windows)
FileSystemObject 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�on DeleteFile and CreateTextFile
EXC_BAD_ACCESS while releasing object of UIPopoverController
Programmatically discard changes in DataForm
why #include directive doesn't have a semi-colon at the end of statement?
How to track a website via Android App
How to use hbm2ddl tool with Maven?
Emacs stop responding on ssh after long wait
how to install manually pydev plugin 2.4.0 in eclipse on linux
how to give setOnItemClickListener of customized list from mysqldatabase in android
Sending an array from masterview to detailview in a splitviewcontroller
After remove app, can I use same bundle ID?
python numpy arange unexpected results
Simple backbone example not updating view
Make a callback for a service
White circle on SQL Server 2008 standard edition db in Management Studio?
How can I monitor a specific file for changes in Mercurial?
javascript or jquery get background-position properties of a given element and then +/- to that dynamically
Google Map HTML example from internet won't open on my computer but I can open on Internet URL
Vertically center layer within the user's viewable area on a long page
overwriting in javascript
javascript or jquery get background-position properties of a given element and then +/- to that dynamically
Google Map HTML example from internet won't open on my computer but I can open on Internet URL
Vertically center layer within the user's viewable area on a long page
overwriting in javascript
Movement from 2D to 3D
How can I find tables, having a defined column?
How to connect iphone/ipad with a remote MSSQLSERVER database?
How to lowercase the text in the EditText of the searchable item?
MySQL desktop client [duplicate]
What's the advantage of using epoll_create1() instead of epoll_create()
Conversion between BGR to YCrCb and back to BGR
treating command-line args as integers in x86 AT&T Assembly
What's the keystroke?
Rails namespace routes with 'as' parameter
Actionscript 3 - Is there a way to save objects into array?
many iterations on a hash: doesn't it reduces entropy?
Loop In Updating Table Data With Php And MySQL
What is the equivalent of a timer tick of 30 minutes?
How to set TabItem's Header Foreground?
Posting to twitter with url parameters
gcov not generating gcda files
Initializing an array of bools - returning null
How to remove one NSArray's objects from another NSMutableArray?
How to delete all files saved in DDMS data in android?
How do i call my mapper method who returns a List<>
How do I run shell commands on a remote server with Ruby?
Ninject crashes on application start on appharbor
httpget request with auth
best practices of writing an array of strings in a file for android devices
How to recursively build a <select> with unknown tree depth
Do I need to add a gloss effect to an iTunesArtwork file?
How can I insert a video to a website with only one format? [closed]
How to pass the textbox value in jquery autocomplete
How to set :hover state for a DOM element using inIDOMUtils::setContentState?
Amazon AWS Access to Feeds.SubmitFeed is denied
WiX checking for .NET Framework 4
Javascript events in Firefox and IE9
Modifying a spark.components.DropDownList to act like mx.controls.PopUpButton
I am trying to retrieve the news feed for a particular type using the Graph API
Namespace Aware XML Parsing - Mapping not in root tag
YQL Reliability - Example using Google Weather API
Iterating an array collection in Javascript
How to write a non-english character cookie using javascript and let php reads it properly
the number of blocks can be scheduled at the same time
Choice of a local WAMP server - possibility to add php extensions
Custom spinner animation not smooth enough: framesCount and frameDuration error
Moving DIV when form expands (transition CSS)
Getting a list of documents in specific directory on a MOSS Server using C#
Android sqlite update row
Hbase HMaster not running
Zend JSON server not returning content
Good Java Formatted Text Field Library
How to get consistent AJAX response in all .NET Frameworks?
Switching to a language and reload the ViewController in IOS
J2ME - Display Alert from a background thread
how to receive the large data using recv()?
Why static library cause alignment problems if the same shared library works ok?
Simplest Blogger Template. (BlogSpot) [closed]
Are there any good OpenGL ES 2.0 Debuggers like gDebugger used to be?
Android ratingbar size (cant use Widget.RatingBar.Small)
C++ Framework for creating servers?
Round double to top - C#
Array to where statement
Download button in yii code
How to query for direct childs of entity in GAE Datastore(HRD)?
Create a <noscript> element with content fails on IE7 and IE8 (jQuery)
How to make a generic/template function in Delphi
How to call an external windows application with UI by a c# application?
Dropdownlist objectdatasource
How to link inside a specific jquery tab?
Alternative of JSTL tags in JSF
Initialization order of static data inside class template
Understanding parameter handling in a python memoization decorator
How to control whether a thread is stopped or not, or runs for too long?
how to catch the value of dialpads pressed button?
Capture from camera, from stream, merge and broadcast on a webpage
How to get file + line info debug info in Linux mono's assembly
How to Delete Contact details from addressbook
VS development server serving WCF services as plain text
Re Create Cross Domain Issue in Local
How can I dial secret code for Service Menu from my activity?
How to call specific PHP function using Ajax and result from JQuery
Using Node.JS, how do I read a JSON object into (server) memory?
schedule event time showing issue
Action approved - publish_actions still not working
Android Shake Event
Cannot test JPA + Spring
UnicodeDecodeError when using pymssql with freetds
Database Design for ECommerce project (Should I use EAV Approach)
mysql group_concat issue
Java is scaling much worse than C# over many cores?
How to save JPasswordField char in MYSQL datable
Why does changing/making errors in codebase sometimes destroy a session in Codeigniter/PHP?
travel distance table design
How to write a middle-tier http API endpoint that can stream results as they arrive to the client?
how to call struts 1.3 action from java script
Change JQuery Raty ReadOnly value after user click [closed]
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error鈥�why?
Google webfonts acting crazy on PC
Check if an error is present with error provider
Post a comment on a page/link true FB.api
Submit a form from code behind
Partial declarations must not specify different base classes?
How do I Force User friendly URLs In sharepoint for a My Site Collection
call custom controller in magento in java script
Differentiate Between UITableView Editing States?
undefined method `artist' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)