Two different colors inside an UITextField
Hook a custom function for label's click event
How to make layout of an image and text left and under it?
Postgresql add rule to column to transform data on select
Add images from web to table
search an array in mysql table
VS2010 Project doesnt build but doesnt show any errors or warnings
determine which files received (multiple uploading files zendframwork)
Do I still need to release any memory when using ARC? [duplicate]
How to solve 0.9+ Cross domain
Locating ASP Sitemap tree structures child nodes using Selenium webdriver
Multiple type array
Quartz CronTrigger executing jobs on wrong date/time
Javascript time function
how to separate BGR components of a pixel in color image using openCV
Post Array as JSON to MVC Controller
Struts2 JMS request processing long running process
Document width calculated via Javascript is different in Firefox compared to other browsers
What's wrong with this jQuery AJAX request?
CSS text overflow bug? in Google Chrome
Python libmysqlclient segfault (MySQLdb)
two ways to read from datastore
I'm puzzled here about awk, sed, etc
Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'int' because it is not a delegate type
kohana: Remove need for default controller route
should free the thread object? C#
sql have function
Drawing a line by angle on An Image/Matrix in Matlab
Is it ok to assign this to a static pointer in constructor as in example here
TypeError: Error #1010: web service as3 + wcf
GWT callbacks in ASP.NET 3.5
T-Sql count string sequences over multiple rows
Selenium Grid does not run Chrome on another computer
Limit 10 firends in Facebook Send Dialog
How do i build an iphone app that installs on a jailbreaked Iphone?
how to make a shadow box with gradient color ?
Unsupported image type with fpdf
Testing in-app puchase managed product
Compare two UIImages with CC_MD5 in iOS ,but the hash code will be changed after reboot the device
How to get text between td tags using regular expressions
Saving return value of a Expectation
How to create a webpage similar to Google's online spreadsheet?
All the members of my array are at the same memory location when they were created using new()
Java , Maven - Plugins , Is it suggested to use cargo maven plugin in production environment ?
Write a method to replace all spaces in a string with '%20'
How to get skype status as number or text? doesnt work
How to read float array from binary file in android?
Get link to original image with Picasa API
Batch script to delete all records from a SQL Server CE database table
How to sort list which comprised chinese characters too
import multiple table data into mysql using single csv file
How to find whether a class is applied?
How to find id of element over which is popup
Design pattern appropriate for a modular feature matching application?
Oracle: take advantage of using two index
type_info doesn't account for cv qualifiers: is this right?
Changing 鈥渟rc鈥�attribute of <script>
setting up classic asp site on iis7, site runs but can see server tags
Which Java GUI framework to start with? [closed]
Events fired from a GWT Frame
Sublime Text 2 HTML5 syntax highlight
How can I send commands to an .exe from another .exe en c++?
How to get the physical address of the associated data from a struct page?
Using Try-catch structure in PHP
Jquery date picker restrict dates like 2222222/33333/444444
Is it possible to create new ASP.NET directives?
log messages get lost in simple while(i<n){Log(i++)}
Div is empty. With jQuery鈥alse?
on PHP how do I get the value from a variable in a parent class?
Implementing GeocodableBehavior in Symfony 1.4 (using Propel)
how to add one more item to already exist arraylist in android
Symfony2 ScopeCrossingInjectionException when you use prototype scope
TPL Task in WCF service fails to use correct IIS security Credentials (SQL Connection)
How to make different theme for some portlets
setting up Eclim to support PHP
android canvas ontouchevent dont work
using SquishIt with web resources
To retrieve the id of selected value fom dropdown in mvc3
Model validation errors not appearing for nested model in simple_form
Room-saving alternative for QR-Codes?
How to write JavaScript and asp code on the same line?
When I use NSRunLoop Instruments gave a leak
Why my emacs does not display shell's output?
jqGrid: Update advanced search dialog, column dropdown 鈥�after adding column with columnchooser
Haskell: Yesod and state
Is there any way to copy diagrams into different projects?
Best way to structure a multiple page application in Javascript
Qt: How to make window icon bigger (SVG)?
Lost connection to MySQL server at 'waiting for initial communication packet', system error: 2
While uploading Application to Apple store I have got this Error?
Lost connection to MySQL server at 'waiting for initial communication packet', system error: 2
While uploading Application to Apple store I have got this Error?
Adding options to a selectfield ExtJS
Listview with autogenerate columns
Nginx or Lighttpd? [duplicate]
Team Foundation Build Activitie 鈥淒ownloadFiles鈥�is giving error
error of IIS after changing some permission settins
Error in installing/ running serialport in node.js
鈥淓RROR: Only one expression can be specified in the select list鈥�Linq To Sql
Sorting in Sparse Matrix
PHPExcel - combining multiple cells from another sheet
Migrating from QuickReport to FastReport, Rave Reports or what?
How to validate hook block configure form in Drupal 7
WCF with SQL table - exposing metadata
Android ASyncTask not displaying dialog in onPreExecute() when using get() to return value
How can I display ValidatorException and required=鈥渢rue鈥�of same input field in different messages elements
Running a C# from win32 C++ with /clr support
Regex to match three words seperated by two commas
Setting variables in jquery function
regex for creating pritty urls in htaccess
using threads per user to access a common service
Is implementing an OnAction() handler on a right-click action even possible?
JSF preRenderComponent event won't trigger
Excesive process
Java: get results from anonymous class operation
replace line break with 2 spans in php
is it possible to update a mongo collection from the finalize method of the map reduce engine?
unusual callback calling
symbol could not be resolve on makefile project with eclipse CDT
Aptana: How can you link files with include(), require() etc like you can in Dreamweaver?
am i using dependency incection with unity the right way?
Return selected fields within a cakePHP model find
C#/.Net JIT on difference versions of Windows
How to avoid touch in certain regions of a custom view?
Entity Framework Code First AddOrUpdate method insert Duplicate values
fetch data from URL in ASP.NET
SQLlite for 鈥淪ave as鈥�and Auto-save feature for a LARGE file
Send keys not working in selenium with python
File size doesn't change on Windows Server 2008
How to increase number of serial data assigned to variable?
Find the longest ascending sub set in an un-ordered set
100% height -dynamic height footer at the bottom
Tools for measuring empirical computational complexity of Java codes?
Ruby on Rails: routes and resources
How can the physical RAM size be determined from kernel module?
Renderscript Carousel Example
SQL server Performance Issue
OpenJpa - Incomprehensible exception creating a named-native-query
Magento find deepest category for each product
Android - open ZIP as folder
How to set max width of block element inside table to 100% of viewable area?
Understanding ActiveMQ dynamicallyIncludedDestinations
What is the best choice for a simple cms system used for php websites [closed]
Catching HTTP request
why model triggers missing_method (rails 2.2)
How to display hindi font in Android webview
Javascript textContent returns undefined
Why doesn't printf format unicode parameters?
Facebook Javascript SDK localhost error message
Making iOS Applications on Windows using virtual machine [duplicate]
c cast in c++, compile time or run time?
How to create a upload/reference widget/field for dexterity
C code loop performance [continued]
Can ASP.NET MVC3 Applications Host in cloud without specific code changes?
Disable buttons onclick in asp wizard
Why is my custom SimpleCursorAdapter returning different reults when ListView is scrolling
html page max-width by knowing the size of inside divs
MySQL - the sequence that columns are updated in a single query
How do I mock a method which uses elementree methods for parsing xml
How can we read the barcode details in iphone [closed]
Detect iOS Version for Twitter?
Twitter bootstrap progress bar animation on page load
Change SystemTray Progress Indicator Color
overlaping CAShapeLayer outline
Converting time between Timezones
Error while parsing the Tag Library Descriptor - Connect reset
How to programmatically create a CDialog window?
Accessing a custom defined db table in Sonar
Url login on Moodle
Grouping customers during registration (in Magento)
How do I save the origin html file with Apache Nutch
What decryption should i use between my Android app and ASP.NET Webservice?
SQL Random query
lucene 3.5.0 stack overflow error on indexing
UITableView -> How to load additional entry on scroll down?
Is this using of dictionary thread-safe or not?
playing video in ASP.NET page
barrowing function across c++ libraries (newbie)
How to change the background of datalist item using VB.NET code?
getting a IllegalBlockSizeException: Data must not be longer than 256 bytes when using rsa
NServiceBus Transport is NULL when using a custom ServiceHostFactory, WAS
Window id in xul
Monthly count of objects with start and end date using TSQL
Operator precedence and ternary operator
div jump after it slide down
Log to database with LogBack
How can I send an exception manually with Crittercism?
issues with javascript escape function in django with ajax
How to create a large 2-dimensional array with C
Jquery Date Picker with some dates in bold format
How to create a large 2-dimensional array with C
Jquery Date Picker with some dates in bold format
Random number generation and parallelization c++/Qt
Eclipse + android SDK: error when launching apps for test
Check ip when getting request from flash file in php
The best way to wait for a UI control?
package existing egg into other egg using setup tools
Redirect IE7 browser BUT NOT windows phone 7
Facebook: FQL for fetching all posts on a managed page throws one of two exceptions
WCF NetMSMQBinding With non WCF Client
How to fix up Xcode function 鈥淔illing the gap鈥�
Returning web page abstract with Solr
java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent
What's the difference between CSS3 translate method and CSS2 relative positioning?
My App works on android 2.3.3 to android 3.1 but stops with error on 4.0 +
On button click, validate that atleast a row must be moved to a custom table with Jquery
Call a function onClick and passing it a value from the element's data-* attribute
postgresql last insert id concurrency
WCF via Windows phone doesn't work at the first time
Google Calendar ACL rule with PHP
How do I start another activity when a button defined in main.xml is clicked
Disallow window creation in process
Android How to get Last Focused Activity after 鈥淔orce Stop鈥�the Application
Setting or reading the recovery email address in Gmail programmatically
Changing disabled textbox fontcolor without using readonly
What is the best way to record the edit history in a database
Phonegap InsertID indefined
DataTable to string array
MySQL store playlist for different timezones
Init a NSMutableArray in a singelton that saves as a state
IRepository concept, where to create specified repositories
Collection doesn't work in template
Compiling ICS source code for specific board + conflict resolution
how to pass city name in parmalink structure of wordpress
Error running ensime-source-buffer-loaded-hook - OSX with ENSIME and Emacs
Steps needed to use MySQL database with Play framework 2.0
dealing with utf8 encoded characters in html input tag
How to combine XML elements using XSLT
How to check if a string is one of the known values?
ASP.NET Web App Relative Paths
matplotlib: Creating two (stacked) subplots with SHARED X axis but SEPARATE Y axis values
tornado.options.Error: Option already defined in
Ember.js - creating dynamic filterProperty values for goal app
Call Windows Service from Browser
Best approach To include 3rd party files with Symfony2
javascript regex for validating for alphanumeric characters,all international characters(Japanese ,chinese,russian etc)
How to change css attribute of a class
Active Reports filterd data in subreport
Android: SmartFox Server: check room is created or not?
How to have 2 domains on the same website?
Non-proprietary directory encryption
how linux kernel detects power over ethernet (PoE)
Issue in kaminari ajax pagination
Test server capacity
CListView in Yii Framework
read css file specific property
Representing a tree in C++
Open an .html file with default browser using Bash on Mac
Join two queries into one in order to join the results
IIS reverse proxy to phpBB configuration not rewriting outbound URLs
Prevent full table scan simple query
How can I scroll a repeating background using JQuery?
Python string comparison similarity
print Index with each line in awk
Flex ComboBox - Removing Borders
Call a function from a function pointer without assigning?
can rails active-record's methods accept a parameter in an array format?
Why should one make his/her software product open-source? [on hold]
Can I provide several defaults for a template member function?
native action bar is Not supported on my Android 4.0.x platform device
Closest matching(recognition) line graph plot method or algorithm
NSPredicate and sql-replace-function
change textview value in a particular intervel
How to append multiple Google Maps areas to divs using Handlebars
Retina icons with jQTouch
How to destroy activity from view? or how to destroy both of them?
How to close already open browser from application in Qt
How to connect radioButton ( <input type radio .. /> ) to call function when is checked?
std::string::c_str() and temporaries
is it possible to tell NSIS to setof files listed in a config file?
How to get attributes that were defined through attr_reader or attr_accessor
PHP : mailto function gets breaking when populating text having lines and url
jsf - validate date with expression language
Symfony2 forms embed mongodb document into sql entity
WordCount with custom word delimiters in Pig?
How to get common vertex of a group of triangles with igraph [duplicate]
join between table and sum function ==> return wrong value
DataTrigger in ControlTemplate does not work
MVC3 Model Binding with Castle
How to Add progress bar to ViewPager in Android
Sum of values associated to the same keys in nested associative array
How to query for only a certain attribute
JButtons disappear after the popup menu shows
AjaxControlToolKit autocompleteextender not rendering
Modify Database connection string of web.config..?
primefaces p:gmap in composite component, the OverlaySelectEvent is null
find the class name of the link under a 'li' using jquery
django how to handel big file (image) uploads > 400MB
Set Android live wallpaper by code, without user interaction
Cloud Formation in auto scaling using aws sdk command line
AjaxControlToolKit autocompleteextender not rendering
Modify Database connection string of web.config..?
primefaces p:gmap in composite component, the OverlaySelectEvent is null
find the class name of the link under a 'li' using jquery
django how to handel big file (image) uploads > 400MB
Set Android live wallpaper by code, without user interaction
Cloud Formation in auto scaling using aws sdk command line
how to uninstall xcode and install another version? [duplicate]
Dojo Dropdownbutton/TooltipDialog alternative
Using JavaScript for RPC (Remote Procedure Calls)
Fluent Validation not working for Complex Properties Asp.Net
Creating a custom hashmapadapter
Create UIActionsheet with custom size
Including dynamic images in a PDF with BIRT
Add an entry to a tar file without overwriting its existing contents
Object Hierarchy
Time series data
Primefaces: set page on datatable
unsupported/disabled operation EI on apche solr indexing
heap corruption when leaving scope with unique_ptr
Split html string into multiple pages
didSelectRowAtIndexPath is not called on uiWebView
Convert date into specific format
Retrieving parameter of a function using regular expressions in javascript
How to use jdt core instead of ecj for batch compilation
Undefined table data
Migrate users from Google App Engine to Google OpenID
xyplot and inter-panel spacing when setting different scalings
how to overcome ConcurrentModificationException error [duplicate]
Using age in postgresql
WCF Service (dll) host application
SQL and PHP need to get query working
Xcode error: Command /Developer/usr/bin/clang++ failed with exit code 1 due to duplicate symbol
Pause and Resume Translate Animation
What event is this(drag the scroll box with the mouse)?
Smarty Static Path?
Delayed Indexing in SunSpot solr still make Delete request on record save
What's the difference between app_data folder in web application and in web site?
Overdrawing on the toolbar? Alternative idea?
Duplicate time in jQuery DateTimePicker (ajax content)
Eclipse C++ project not building: Constructor Destructor Issue
Getting FB Page data from facebook using C#
XML validator (checks whether given xml is correct or broken)
Does defining enum type has a heavy memory imprint?
Android:Does it possible to block google sync service only for contacts synchronization?
Using Lightbox for the whole web site
i would like to know password from pfx file in store
javascript which reads file stops setTimeout function
Use AJAX to display php generated image
Working on a 鈥渨all鈥�feature where users can share site-content with their friends
How to check two radio buttons with the same groupname
Pros and con of $.ajax, $.load, $.getscript and object tag
C# using WebClient to download chunked encoded content
How to store a big set of data into an array in C
Difference between SaaS App & Web App
cocos2d how to combine sprites
Strange return in MySQL queries
avoid loading jquery multiple times
HBase: do I need jobtracker/tasktracker
java concurrency: multi-producer one-consumer
running custom target only when the compilation was made
PHP Japanese echo string becomes question marks
mysql two unique columns, values in one col to be considered duplicate if inserted in the other col
Do you have to deploy plugins to the Notes Client?
synchronized block in ejb2 stateless session bean
Android - 9 patch
How to get content of selected file by jQuery + Ajax
How to delete item from listbox at particular location in C#
Working FAT16 Bootloader Generates Read Error on Actual Hardware?
PyDev: not seeing module within project
NAnt resource linking / building
Tomcat logging catalina.out is continiously increasing
My google maps is cut off, I'm wondering why? Javascript, V
Jcr (JackRabbit) Repository Tools
Online Help implementation in java Web Project
read text file column wise c++
Sending stucture containing mutable string to C from Python thru ctypes
combo box not working after load/use iscroll in page
Implement Pixel tracking to track open rates in Google analytics
check if page is already opened and Send parameter to it
Alternative to jQuery Lint?
playing sounds on samsung smart tv
Update column in SQL Server 2008 - SSIS
Dojo to jQuery conversion
how to put index variable in for 鈥�in loop in local scope?
AudioUnit is not working in 10.6
is Decorator Pattern same as Calling super method?
Embed Internet Explorer window inside Inno Setup (web browser control)
How to execute c# console application from batch file
Command not found after installing jRuby gem
blocking home button without root
Calculate view measure before display it
Regular expression help in PHP
error c2668 ambiguous call to overloaded function
Spring transaction management records are not inserted into db table after transaction is commited
File upload php with file array
extracting pixel color from png image
Python (Windows XP) - wx.FileDialog partially remains after Destroy()
Push notification on android: IBM MQTT
How can I change the colors of my highcharts piechart?
C# smtp response
django-model-utils: does InheritanceManager work if the parent model/class is abstract?
How to Validate the coordinates from .net web-services with my device?
How to create xml from a template-c#
how to add and edit 2 views in one view controller in xcode 4.2 from Interface Builder in iphone?
How to rename the folder name in xcode projectwith out corrupting the files
Why MVC and not MVP [closed]
Fetching Contact image from SugarCRM
dynamically created img tag with jQuery?
How to call key of object inside of object without 鈥渢his鈥�
Creating a corpus from data in a custom format
Passing and Storing objects between Pages
SmartGwt drag and drop on tree component
UDP C# connection
Refresh staged files
Regular expression for IP Address Validation
Insert data into Hbase using Stargate Rest
Master/application layouts with Erlydtl
Changing the first letter of every line in a file to uppercase
Why does regular expression not match without boundary matcher 鈥淏eginning of line鈥�
Query ManyToMany relations without a named through field
Threads and pointers C
Limiting the maximum text length of ListViewItem?
WP7 Datepicker page - custom background
How to set the selecteditem of a listbox in WP7?
Binding extern NSString in Monotouch
Python MySQL: Not showing inserted records
Ad-hoc OTA distribution install error
Applying a filter on toolbox of Visual Studio?
Linq query against a collection property with a collection parameter
how to access user entered information in html which is showing through web view in android? [closed]
'NSInternalInconsistencyException' while inserting rows in uitableview iphone
Exported telerik report has different pdf formats in different machines?
Why ValidateRequest exist on .NET if data is encoded by the framework?
MySQL query to retrieve newly added products from magento database category wise
Manifest references file 'Bing.Maps.dll' which is not part of the payload
Why can't I push sqlite into Android using adb command?
SSRS 2005 vs ADFS vs IIS 7.5
Search a string in multiple fields of a table
TLSIOException connecting over Https on Blackberry Torch 9810 and 9860
Reading an array from a file
Open New tab from code behind in MVC
googlemap api code on dropdown and text box
Trying to login to a website clicking a button
Query taking too long time
A user ranking model
checkboxes from code behind
Incrementally rotate a curve using or C#
js doesn't work if I don't refresh the page after first load,why?
Query taking too long time
A user ranking model
checkboxes from code behind
Incrementally rotate a curve using or C#
js doesn't work if I don't refresh the page after first load,why?
Any Advice with Mysql Count
How to create quick controls like one in Android 4.04 browser
is there a quota for accessing a public Google calendar RSS feed?
android webview or browser not deleting session cookies on device reboot
鈥淕CC could not be found鈥�while installing Fontforge on os x
Why doesn't `{}.toString.apply(array)` work?
Skip if value exist on SQL table
sql where condition for int but column type is Varchar
Given a start date , how to calculate number of years till current date in javascript
ggplot2: Quick Heatmap Plotting, reshape?
How to access videos from Photo Album and play them?
how to get data with tag name & their values inside parent tag in xml
How to parse XML from another server using JavaScript or jQuery?
Can inherited class change type of elements in base class
How can I get Dto name for the database table?
Simplify an Postgres SQL query for listing table and index sizes?
Why some java methods in core libraries end with numbers?
Visifire/WPF databinding issues (Visifire v3.6.8)
Select the preceding sibling of an element in CSS using selectors [duplicate]
Get locations using Graph Api of Facebook for Php
Dll Debugging fails to show outputdebugstring
Reliability of 100% height image + maintaining ratio with CSS
binding observable list to listbox with templete listbox items
Webview showing 鈥渘ull鈥�as content
SWIG C++ TCL : Handling pre-existing objects in memory
Migrating C# to Python - Random class
How to make this algorithm of pattern finding?
how can I show my scriptlet value inside the tabpannel of Struts2 jQuery
Method invocation count Assertion
converting sequence file to matrix
Doubles that are *exactly* equal are returning 0 for (a==b) [duplicate]
Grouping in regular expressions in javascript
Combining three repositories into fourth in svn
Div block width not taking entire block in nested div tags with absolute position
How to retrieve fixed upper limit on message size SMTP server [closed]
MapView: Couldn't get connection factory client
NullPointerException in 鈥淒riverManager.getConnection鈥�method
Which SchemaType in Mongoose is Best for Timestamp?
How do i use a codeplex project in my app. How can i comply with it's license?
Column names and apostrophes
graph plotting api ( supporting editing/clipping at runtime) in java
How can I make a link load a random php ID on the page?
Directory 'uploads/' for the site filebrowser.filebrowser does not exist
can the default binder deserialize complex JSON obj?
Resetting iPhone to factory settings programmatically
can the default binder deserialize complex JSON obj?
Resetting iPhone to factory settings programmatically
Crash while using memcpy?
Trying to draw a button
What is the difference between data-dojo-type and dojotype?
How can I save a Microsoft Access database as .sqlite database?
mysql show processlist query shows state = null
Display Two <div>s Side-by-Side
Undefined private variables
Error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
NullPointerException after going back in a NavigationWindow
Mysql query for messaging system. A small bug I can't figure out
How to check type of param class?
Converting String to 鈥淐haracter鈥�array in Java
Split string array
how to display the texts inside the piechat each slices
Is there any need to create my own buffer for file I/O operations in C/C++?
IFrame on Silverllight
SQL Server lots of overhead from network communication?
RavenDB - slow write/save performance?
Detecting lines in a hand drawn canvas stroke
string formatting for python 2.5
Updating Divs when observable collection changes
Manipulation of strings in vim
how to delete a particular file from the paticular folder in sdcard when click on check boxes in list view
Is there anyway for netbean users get connected to clearcase remote client server?
HTML Agility Pack - Get Text From 1st STRONG Tag Inside SPAN Tag
replace some code with blank space in php
Is there any PHP Plug in for uploading an image in ckeditor?
ClassCastException Adventure
How to match until get specific pattern in Regex
unable to read a text file from another machine
Initialize DataRow object with DataGridView Selected row
VOIP using XMPP Framework in iPhone [closed]
Android MediaPlayer bytecounter
How to remove the boundary effects arising due to zero padding in scipy/numpy fft?
Use of : Construction of objects at predetermined location in C++
iOS function to be called once (when application is initialized)
Windows forms application in VS2010 WITHOUT .NET?
Is there an equvalent for perror in the kernel?
Loading programs to RAM and executing them NASM 16b
SSLPeerUnverifiedException without client's cert in server
Android: Get Intent despite calling finish() on the previous Activity
How to prevent http requests forgery if the content is private? (basically allow only requests from my interface , not browser)
Is it possible to use SVN diff to determine which manual QA test-cases got affected?
When reading a string line by line, how to know the actual start of each line
JavaScript Anonymous Function With Parameters From Call()
For friends on Facebook, should they automatically be friends on Facebook based apps?
how to restore file in dropbox programmatically
SQL Server passing tables Netezza
delete rows based on checkbox selection in slickgrid
Tridion 2009 SP1 TcmUploadAssembly not able to overwrite existing TBBs
StackOverflowException was unhandled warning
How python logging get it's configuration
how to post tweet using twitter4j in java?
How to convert this code to coffeescript
How to get rid of msbuild warning MSB3644
How to use custom UINavigationBar
Safe way to consume REST Oauth 2.0 API from javascript
UTF8 doesn't get parsed by php, server related ? not file related
how to store Tmail object in resque
How can i upload file from sdcard to SFTP server in Android?
Parallel.for in c# is not working
SWIG TCL : Renaming the class constructor name from new_* to create_*
Starting a new repository. I just want Git to keep track of changes applied to a common workspace
change the color in sprintf
Deleting a row from the mysql database in a web application
How do you set GDB debug flag with cmake?
How to Display Best Sellers dynamic specific category?
Duplicate an Android project for eclipse in windows
'The account is disabled' in sql2005
Android: How can I know the District from Lon&Lat that checked the shapefile in the Database?
ActionScript 2, htmlText, img-tag and center-tag
redirect with post after session expire
stop chronometer with a condition
java attempt to mutate in notification
VS 2010 reporting services grouping
Difference between log methods
Android Activity with Listview keeps throwing NullPointerException
What are Expression Trees and how do you use them and why would you use them?
cannot check a checkbox input via jquery in ie9
Maven Android Configurator for Eclipse won't resolve Google Maps dependency
Display pdf file on web with search text functionality
How to consume JSON POST data in an Express application
url autofill in the browsers
Set String with quotes to label in objective C programming?
Show/hide .asp controller with C#
WPF TextBlock StringFormat Binding To Parent
Match Three or More Nearest Numbers from arrays
How to build Opera unite like functionality using .NET?
XmlSerializer serializes float as 1E+07
IE and css via use of jquery
facebook integration in my blackerry app
password protection to URL
Approximate count in PHP
django-model-utils, inheritance and templates
How to programmatically create/build up a CTabCtrl?
Eclipse Android Plugin 鈥�
Hide a CDialogImpl dialog when user cancels
Posting JSON from Android to php page
Eclipse Android Plugin 鈥�
Hide a CDialogImpl dialog when user cancels
Posting JSON from Android to php page
RSS feed link doesn't open up reader or just dumps out raw XML
Android OCR Application Using Tesseract
No architectures to compile for (ARCHS=arm6 arm7, VALID_ARCHS=armv7)
Google Calendar API - how to add a calendar gadget along with event?
Call stored procedure within select statement
CSV encoding specification
Yii framework async request
How to do custom search functionality in job manager plugin?
Should i re-draw SurfaceLayer on every frame?
How to use Hindi(Indian Mother Tongue) language in Text-To-Speech?
GAE , Some Exception after upgrade datanucleus jar packages
Managing quotas on CATI software - workaround
Prevent caching on exception in Ruby on Rails
Server Client Communication Python
Strange positioning of ZoomedOutView in SemanticZoom in Metro-style WinRT XAML Apps
Make 1 dropdown, change 2 other dropdown values
JavaMail - Sender Address rejected: Access Denied
How to wrap HTML around a text node with jQuery?
display alert dialog in broatcastReceiver
鈥淪ELECT鈥S鈥︹� with related model data in Django
Working Copies (Iterate) permissions and workflow
Objective-C pointers as booleans
Linq query with curly braces for anonymous action/function body
How can I open a file in wp7?
PhoneGap iOS + DOM Exception 18
How to read query string in ExtJS 4?
How to Return Distinct Records Based on Two Different Values
Fixed topbar vs named anchors
json_decode + ajax + private properties = DISASTER [error: JSON_ERROR_CTRL_CHAR] namespace not found
Getting value from flash to javascript?
Add row number to outer group in t-sql or ssrs
PHP dreamweaver recordset table into grid view
Is this a reliable way to access options from a select element in PHP?
Wcf Client: Passing XML string in the WCF REST service using WebInvoke
Javascript Get data-type tag value
Dropdown validation
Controlling LocalNotification volume?
Deploying Play 2.0 app on Heroku
How can i do a simple curl call with post fiel in ojective c?
JSON to DOM or innerHTML?
How to join twice from same table. Group by same column
have python process run similar to how redis process does (in the background)
How to update a datatable column value depending on another DataTabe column values?
Replace a Fragment in a ViewPager using FragmentPagerAdapter
How Can i Call an application which is on Desktop? [closed]
Is there an equivalent to HTML.DropDownList that creates an unordered list in MVC3?
Can I get NSString from other class?
Why does my program crash at the return statement?
checking condition onclick event of a button
MVC ignore request for controller
Helper method throws 'can't convert nil into String' in do loop on Heroku only
Does Mongo DB have an In-Memory mode? [duplicate]
Board Support Library link error in ARM project
github, is it possible for public or google account users to report issues?
Learning Apache POI
Securing Webservices : Asmx or WCF
Yii framework real time form validation with different scenario
SqlCommand CommandTimeout property
Garbage Collector in .NET
Jquery Date Picker with different links
How do I get xjc?
jQuery's ajaxStart
In ASP.NET can I schedule an .ashx page to run at a certain time of the day?
differences in using equality operator in php
How to remove url and date text from web page print?
Convert OpenGL 1.1 code to OpenGL 2.0
How to set-up Paas with on windows server
Recursive call to in Javascript.
CSS styling on Input File type
HOw run the android application on physical device [closed]
Smart print of complex arrays
Should csrf tokens be included for each request?
Regex - sentence starting with
Using__utm.gif for google analytic to track the open rate
How to encode an array as URL parameter, extract in in PHP and pass to Postgres as function parameter
Transferring Django project from Mac to Ubuntu EC2 Instance
SubClassing in iPhone objective c to share the common class files
java - caching solution which supports indexes/query cache
AOP with MonoTouch [closed]
jQuery toggle 'slide' and margin: 0 auto;
Dalvik memory allocation
If statement if variable for string does not exist鈥�
How to write JSON using Javascript
SQLite Add Space After Commands
Save recorded file as mp4 audio
Android : get the value of edittext in the tablerow
Difficulty Entering Array Data Into a Database Table
Creating Tab Bar using fragments from support package
Store images in ICloud
How Magento creates & saves product? Need File & Function name for the same..?
Interview qu械stion - data structure to set all values in O(1)
Creating cx_Freeze exe with Numpy for Python
To convert a cv::Mat to CvArr*
adb logcat hangs with 鈥渨aiting for device鈥�message
NSTextView : contents are gone when scrolling, and shown when on mouseover
Using NSScanner to scan up to and include the separator character?
how to extract variable name and its values from xml file using vbscript
Pick first and last name from contact list
Convert byte back to int in ANdroid NDK?
How to make a lightbox 'breakout' of an iframe?
Can you perform code indirection in .NET?
Share a high score on Facebook or Twitter [closed]
Scanning a barcode with an ASCII control character into an input field
Migrating to Django 1.4
How can I execute a batch file with two parameters?
change drupal 7 cck body title
Malloc Allocation Schemes
How to retrieve email from Gmail
Ensure a component takes up all available space within a SplitPane
Providing reference of facebook sdk in my application
C++ does list.unique() resize the list?
Start standalone server in JBoss 7.1.1 with Maven 2
How to use gradient in following code
Confused about resolving of classname
Why am I getting an IndexError: string index out of range?
Finding Week, using current date ? In C#?
How to log JDBC/Hibernate Transactions Duration?
Disable facebook connect button in jquery dialog form popup
Assign a synthesizable initial value to a reg in Verilog
Compilation error in declaration of method which accepts input as block with variable number of arguments
server side events (for dummies:) )
Why can't Code Igniter detect that my form is being submitted via POST?
Problems with RelativeLayout
How to draw on UIView [duplicate]
Object released too soon using ARC on iOS 5?
Create divs dynamically
getting error undefined method `exitstatus' for nil:NilClass
ECMAScript 5 Date.parse results for ISO 8601 test cases
Only Execute Code on Certain Requests Java
Change certain values within method
Retaining order while using Python's set difference
How to deliver a baseline from one project to another project in UCM?
gevent urllib is slow
How do I use a variable within an extended class public variable
getting Please install the Appropriate CrRedisrtibutable(CRRedist*.msi)鈥rror when I run the aplication
Can OnPostExcecute method in AsyncTask RETURN values?
Make a reference to another string in C#
How to display page count in PDF?
Counter variable for class
Java - BufferedWriter not writing (after flush())
javascript unable to locate a form using the ID tag
How does position of parameters in a Query string affect the page?
XNA 3.0 to 4.0 conversion causes a viewport 'merging' to go awry
GWT gen name of class field [closed]
Why is my Scala function returning type Unit and not whatever is the last line?
Working with flash flex strategy and problems
how to parse json data from a string instead of a URL
Why Text_Changed event of TextBox does not fire when we change its text programmatically?
IE Kills Session After Exporting CSV [CakePHP]
How to signout from windows live using signin button inWindows Phone7?
How to Build Composit Condition in CodeDOM to execute Rules
how to calculate how much data can be embeded into an image
How to tell Eclipse to stop moving my curly brace backwards
how to map a row in temp table in (
Pre select a <s:radio> button in struts 2
PersistentBag exception in Orchard
Kanban view in OpenERP
Sine to radians Objective-C
Can't Access Admin Control Panel or Deploy App Engine App
how to disply the webpage using phonegap
How to add css to a single mvc Helper method when validation fails - from within the model
Where is the error in my code? [closed]
Working with Umbraco Node factory in ajax webservice
Pull a specific string from an HTTP request in node.js
In Python 3.2, is 鈥渓ambda鈥�considered a 鈥渒eyword,鈥�an 鈥渙perator鈥�or both?
Changing number open files on ec2 instance
Custom ASP.Net Membership Provider and Certain Properties
Weird try/catch behaviour with Scala + Akka
VBO and glTranslatef does gl_vertex in GLSL shader need to be multiplied with something?
Default key event handler in an Android Application
Magento - Accessing a customer's wishlist
Video thumbnail arrayadopter is slow on scroll
Escaping quotes for sqlite3
how replace server repo file by my local repo in Git..?
How to see the changes of a local DB against Server DB, if they are in sync? And how to sync them from time to time? no 3rd party tools
Queries related to beans and application Context.
generating schema.rb file for two databases
Map keys in lynx to run shell-command
Can't get ServiceStack to work in IIS6 with HTTPS
How can I control max-age for particular files with Rails?
how about an installer to setup complicated developer environment?
Eliminating vertical/horizontal gaps in a seamless grid of images
Can we use kaminari gem for pagination functionality in render (partial) view
Informatica : Not able to connect to Integration Service
twitter4j => AndroidRuntime(446): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: twitter4j.http.AccessToken
MVC3 Authentication with SSRS
how to grouping result by domain in solr?
How to use NSPredicate for fetching property having NSDate type?
AS#3 target ignoring parent movieClip
Parse/Syntax Error in PHP File - Help Site is down
How to reference a generic type in the DataType attribute of a DataTemplate?
Replace string separated with comma
Side effects of changing filter and requirements of an existing app in Android Play/Market
How to delete the aging APP from ios?
Face boundaries Point Detection in face Detection
Apache mod_rewrite query string before page and remove extention
Index creation in multiple tablespaces in db2
Correlation in R
Need help regarding building logic, adding properties to object
Why isn't the contentwraphere div fully showing?
Trying to get a list of Facebook IDs for those who have checked into a place
How to get lists of X and Y from a list of points using a single linq query?
Best way to install interrupt handler for port 0x60
Dynamically auto-capitalize, auto-correct, or password field in an EditText
What is the easiest way to create a survey with Rails 3?
Using BlockInput to block keyboard and mouse input
load html in browser view in Blackberry4.6 os version [duplicate]
Public Private Key Encryption Tutorials
How to access an object's declarations with actionscript?
OpenGL direction of a vector in degrees (X, Y, Z)
How to hide the tab bar item?
How can i make my javascript hide past months and days if it is current year?
How to pass GridView row to TemplateField function?
dynamically change the size of an array c++
How to override println behavior for reference types
C/Java/etc. style arrays in Objective-C
In is there a way to hash strings into long [closed]
How to compare text data values that are in a sqlite database?
Sencha Touch 2 xtype not working as expected
Launching a file using ACTION_VIEW Intent Action
Cannot undeploy application on Tomcat
Sudden 鈥淎rithmetic operation resulted in an overflow鈥�in ASP 2.0 with no code touched
php error in mysql execution
Why are two different users able to login with one session?
Any sample of simple data management app ? WPF+ C#
Dont hide SplitViewController in portrait mode
Good tutorial for Split-View controller that doesent use the default template?
Key for maximum value in Hashtable
<div> within another of the same size and position:absolute;
Can a child div have a higher opacity than parent with css?
Automated Synchronisation of server files and local files
Some time post data return null , Jquery , PHP
qwidget names not showing in autocomplete mode in code window
How to solve Window leaked Exception in Android while changing the from landscape to portrait or vice versa?
Reference validation in xml signatures
How to set a cursor for Header of JTable?
How to copy database file to sdcard in android [duplicate]
C# Strings - Why does null give me a different result as opposed to 鈥溾�?
Public Service Announcement: IE9 rendering oddity when FORMs tags improperly laid out
Shuttling requests from a posted ASP.NET query string to a local Windows process and returning results
Extracting links using preg_match_all
HBase unit tests throw InstanceAlreadyExistsException with HBaseTestingUtility
how to get editable changed value from edittext in android
How to resolve the multiple icons occurrence of one App after installing it on real Android Device/Emulator?
How to include variables such as references to arrays within a string in C#
Accessing $_SESSION from android
a simple jquery snippet to validate a user's email address
How to get a line from a large file if you know the offset
Open Twitter app from my iOS 5 app
GWT CellTable sorting
Core data database deletes itself
OpenJDK in Ubuntu or Android Eclipse
Setting php development server with subversion
crop image php deformed, warped
The Python 鈥渋s鈥�statement and tuples
Pattern for modifying knockout observable on parent from child view model
Dynamically load in script/code and tie it to bindings
How to access message center using Tom .NET
How to ensure that a file has unique line in if the size of the file is very big
BASH, autorun script on directory update?
Weird error with setsockopt, 鈥淧rotocol not available鈥�
Read Client URL request from server socket
NSURLConnection hangs with invalid URL
Context processors vs middleware in django
Issue on including dependencies in jRuby gem
How do I setup pyramid_beaker for a sessions & login system?
FB.login using display as iframe
Parsing javascript function elements with nokogiri
New to Javascript. Attempting to make an onClick gallery for a personal site
Add the index of the column with the maximum value as a new column
How can I add dependency to Eclipse
1 Web Service for 11 databases
Facebook Graph API not returning JSON object. It is returning TRUE !! Why?
paste variable names inside R function
LAN messaging with HTML5?
How to orphan delete/update JPA entities?
validate a rails activerecord field by a callback method?
How to remove attributes of a node (MSXML)
How to use ScriptingBridge to tell Safari to open a URL in a new window?
How to implement two way communication between child and parent processes using pipes which involves multiple read and writes
force close of application
How to display the array values in random manner [duplicate]
web.xml in struts and how it is configured with struts-config.xml
What is the concept behind
pydev incorrectly formats multi-line keyword arguments while code formatting
How to store Web Service result in Array?
open form in fancybox iframe
C - Reading from stdin as characters are typed
How can I add ZXingWidget as a dependency of my Xcode project
Galaxy Nexus density issues
Setting a 1 or 2-character text on a JButton 32x32
How do you make the selected segment of a UISegmentedControl darker?
Ruby on Rails - Retrieve array of elements from DB with expansion
ArgumentOutOfRangeException running HtmlAgilityPack
Setting/Saving UISwitch State using NSUserDefaults Proofread
BSD License: How to manage attribution and project name in a fork
ArgumentOutOfRangeException running HtmlAgilityPack
Setting/Saving UISwitch State using NSUserDefaults Proofread
BSD License: How to manage attribution and project name in a fork
how to update the subquery fields ? salesforce, soql, apex
Setting auto-height/width for converted Jpeg from PDF using GhostScript
Just wondering System.out.println()
Appropriate use of git subtree/submodule/subproject/slave
'Error calling method on NPObject!' issue with removing a KML added through a network link
Python - Classes and OOP Basics
Error in auto PPT save macro using VBA
Making plot functions with ggplot and aes_string
How to display Checkbox list based on Dropdown selection?
How to label to restrict build to slave nodes to use by using parameterized build
How to use pause method in pyglet package
Get Value from Dialog
How to send emails in java [duplicate]
How can I delete a new line in Vim? [duplicate]
How can I find config.m4 file on GoDaddy? [closed]
Crystal Report - Hide specific pages
Data Annotations with Decimal not working
can't expand (and keep expanded), the detail table for my radgrid.
date format in R
Can't attach northwind database to sql server 2008 R2
Create vista glass effect on wpf with custom color
How do I access jQuery Mobile <select> elements in PHP?
How do I move div after its next div
Jasper Reports: How to compile subreports
Automatically removing duplicates or just not creating them in uitableview from passed data
Missing basic JavaDoc in Eclipse
How to transfer paid android apps from one google account to another google account
Anybody know how to transform this Build GeoJSON PHP (SQL) to Javascript / jQuery routine?
Memory leak c++ program
encodeWithCoder is not called in derived class of the NSMutableDictionary
IE9 Not CSS'ing a FIELDSET correctly until a border is applied
How do I rewrite the UIDatePicker component?
Trying to store JSON separately
ipad split view dimension parts
plotting jpg file on the lowest layer of spplot
Choosing One table among two tables on the basis of some attribute value in MVC3 and EF
How to Route URLs in Play 2.0 so They're Indifferent to an Ending Slash
Needs to Test Website in California- Does any tool exist [closed]
Retrieve the latitude and longitude data from the local database and search it in the google map
Write Image to SQL Server using Blob Literal String in C#
weird behavior using f# class with redis service stack lib
Entity Framework: Get Model with Linked Models in Many to Many Relationship
How to convert 3d image to 2d image
Why isn't the 鈥渕essage鈥�field being pulled from my MYSQL database?
How do I build my project with ANT when it depends on a non-library project with an Android library project dependency?
HTML5 input type range show range value
turn ringer on/off/vibrate based on location _ANDROID ECLIPSE
Multi-User server in perl?
jQuery Mobile multi-select box
Recursive sum in query
Parse string into double
The right way to create subdomains for different user and seo friendly subdomains
Calling ConfigureAwait from an ASP.NET MVC Action
Trouble getting .gitignore files to work on OSX and Tower git GUI
MonoTouch UISplitViewController - Device and Simulator different
how to get data from a sharepoint list using java script and jquery? [closed]
Possible binding loss in Expressjs?
populating div from external file div with javascript and jquery
How do I select which project under a solution to debug or run in visual studios 2010?
external CSS is being stripped on IE when rendered using Javascript
Get Most Recent Employer using Facebook Graph API
Banning a model
How can I change the mapping info of a Doctrine entity dynamically?
include json value in embed tag
jQuery fcbkselection
add progress bar when one activity loads other activity
i want to get the name of the checkboxes clicked and store the names of these checkboxes in a database(sqlite)
How do I use my own loop with pyhook instead of pumpMessages()?
Possible to extract Embedded image to a file?
Uploading XML file to the Google App Engine DataStore
How can we properly render Indic text in Java?
How to know the number of recipient have open the emailthrough google analytic?
How do you copy individual files (or many at once) from your Git repository to your home machine? [duplicate]
Rendering stylesheets from ASHX handler
plot multiple shp file on a graph using spplot in R
c++ programming
C equivalent to python pickle (object serialization)?
Has anyone successfully implemented a dynamic namespace in node/
What's the cost of converting a sequential collection into a parallel one, against creating it from scratch
How to update a list box by an asynchronous call?
Using com.sun.crypto.provider.SunJCE in OSGi Bundle
Open XML extracting text from .docx files works locally but not on web server
Saving data in CakePHP, and posting JSON via AJAX simultaneously?
Bash script with multiple string arguments
MonoTouch Rotated Button when Added in Code
Seeing the source code instead of a website
Setting the scope of a MACRO
Android WebView scrolling within ScrollView
How jQuery data() breaks circular reference
CSS: Position absolute with XHTML Transitional Doctype
lxml module cannot be found
awakeFromInsert never called
jQuery Input Event does not Fire if Input is Empty
SSL connection getting closed
Can a UIView 鈥渋gnore鈥�interface orientation?
Method accessing another method's local variables
Override function of instance of function defined in mxml component script block
How do I use the selected item in a drop down list to pupulate on items in php?
Redis 10x more memory usage than data
Getting the result from struts.xml by using javascript
Generic inherited type restriction in C#
Sending an email through app; any way will do
c# asynchronous logic to synchronous call
Prevent click event from propagating/bubbling onto Google Maps
No html displayed in dojo mobile contentpane using href parameter
How to import a non-eclipse project from clear case remote client sever?
Recursion never ends even with return statement