Best comparison operator when using COUNT in mysqli query
Arduino: Inexplicable behavior with buttons
Launch datepicker code on page load
Adding buttons to the titleview of NavigationBar without having to repeat code
NAnt vbc build error loading custom DLL reference
java sockets - measuring time taken for send & response
Regex for path name
Why are string literals l-value while all other literals are r-value?
How do you use Git to retrieve just one (or a few) files from a repo? [duplicate]
Interactive Brokers automated trading
Python-Need to turn this into a loop so it look like my picture?
Setting Bool in different classes
How to get OWL file from opencyc?
Erorr: no operator 鈥�gt;>鈥�matches these arguments
Why is my included file executed again when isset(POST['submit'])?
Possible issue with running selenium tests on one machine concurrently
Multi column forms in Adobe Flex
Android: Custom Tab Icon Size
<code> inside <p> with automatic element clearing
EXCEL: How do I ignore several header rows while looping through columns to change number format?
Template matrix expression with known matrices
Limit access to pdf page with php package
Get Timeline Button Disabled?
How to set green screen in Ubuntu? [closed]
How to tell Eclipse to validate .htm files as php
What is the best practice for doing work after receiving a C2DM message?
How to get the starting time of a mousemove event in javascript/jquery?
Error while installing R package: package built for universal-apple-darwin
C++ : Functors and std::function for a noob
SubClassing UILabel
How to pass javascript string variable as a real setting?
CSS 404 error using Django
Is Jquery $(this) broken by jqgrid gridunload method?
x86_64 Assembly Command Line Arguments
IntelliJ IDEA + Maven what is the need for dependency entries in an iml file?
How do you call functions dynamically with Haskell
Error: Connection refused issue when trying to connect to a mqtt enabled node server hosted on heroku
Numpy and Python
Subcategories of wikipedia pages
Concatenating Two FASTA Files in C++
fancybox+youtube blank page
Wpf toggle button content on click
Wrap span to text within div
Include file in sub-directory that accesses file in same direcrory
Query datastore for the set of property values present
Alternative / Similar to tag in UIView
How to create a web page with 4 rectangurlar splits?
MonoMac Create Mac Installer results in Merging Mono Failed. FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION
Sending Simple HTML email
Don't retain hidden field values from previous postback
How to detect key pressed in Javascript inside textarea input?
native unit test, debugger performing a remote operation that is taking longer than expected
Kinect Not Showing Color Image
Getting a substring of a `std::string` between two iterators
Wordpress mobile integration?
Unable to access Ssl error list from QNetworkAccessManager
Unstable execution of ajax calls/ Javascript, code-flow / logic issues.?
Can no longer login to SQL Server 2008 R2
Trouble making parts of a bitmap transparent
Xcode Phonegap build errors: No such file or directory
Clear the cache from the Rails asset pipeline
Plot with gridline on top of XYDifferenceRenderer
respond_with/to rendering wrong view
Nested Contenteditable won't focus in Opera
Using a UISegmentedControl to switch UIViewControllers while using the same toolbar
Layout in Win32 GUI program
Updating GUI form Separate Class
PHP script not running when aliased to an email address in Postfix
Return rows of the latest 'streak' of data from using postgresql
How to get the Design time height/width of a wpf usercontrol
UML objects, classes, collison detection.
Mails from sendmail marked as SPAM
Detecting camera and using alert view
trying to understand underscore.js
File system encryption for IOS?
What does (char)0 mean in c++?
Making border with QuartzCore is slow?
ASP.NET Download Handler Works in IE but not Chrome
PHP IF Statment Based On Geo Location?
How to add Login/Logout link (Django)
Editor with support for mixed spaces and tabs?
Lost a private key and disabled root SSH login on Rackspace cloud. How do I SSH to the server now? [closed]
How do I construct my RavenDb where clause for this document, given these requirements?
How Vector and Hashtable are thread-safe in collection?
kaminari - redirect to last page
JSON goes into a dictionary nicely, but objectForKey errors
strange trailing slash issue
Error: The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address. (E-mail address with postfix for outgoing mails)
strange trailing slash issue
Error: The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address. (E-mail address with postfix for outgoing mails)
Programmatically importing works on Windows, but not on Linux
Sort a dictionary according to the lists size and then alphabetically by their key in Python?
What is the interpretation of 鈥減[z] <鈥�y鈥�pseudocode in java?
PHP MYSQL - Returning values that are not the same
Easiest way to output an entire database table into an Excel file?
Shell scan for variables in 鈥淐鈥�source program
Opengl Camera and multiplying matrixes
Can I make an NSInteger an optional parameter on a method?
Ext js: how to move element in DOM
Jackson ObjectMapper with UTF-8 encoding?
Something other than INotifyPropertyChanged?
Paperclip: PDF thumbnail preview image from second page of source PDF
Sort Array by Element
Paint and repaint and JFrame/JPanel creation
no provisional ios devices are available
youtube onStateChange event is not working
Listing by alphabet, groups letters with few entries together (PHP or JS)
Can't get rows in TableLayout to center horizontally
All incoming channels must have the same format Parameter name: inputStreams.WaveFormat
Is it pointless to encrypt an IP address?
How do I force Disqus to use HTTPS on all requests?
Storytelling Scrolling
@interface multiple inheritance?
Repeating Images HTML and CSS fileupload control hasfile always false for docx files
javascript regular expression for atleast one number and one uppercase letter
PHP running java jar files with parameters as php variables
Searching a string and returning only things I specify
How do I attach an instance-specific queryset to a model in Django?
Trouble installing archive ADT 1.7.0 Eclipse Plugin on Eclipse Classic 3.7.2 and Windows 7-64Bit
Is there an easy way to convert a gedit plugin from the gnome2 version to the gnome3 version?
Django form query
Looking for a draggable checkbox list control for HTML/JQuery
Str Function in VBA for Excel adds a character to the string
Drag image within it's parent
check if variable is null - incorrect validation
how to pass an arraylist from a class extending arryadapter to an activity
How do I set up a has_one through association through a has_many through association?
Using async/await with Live SDK
Simulate an incoming call from a private number
Backbone JS - Set model attribute node object with value
Is Hash Rocket deprecated?
Spring MVC Framwork easy?
Why are Tracking Areas Not Respected
Python GTK Issue
Trying to pull properties from another class in iOS
Stop different Manipulate Panels from triggering each other
java try to convert planarimage to bufferedimage but colormodel is incompatible
cmake: add dependency not in subdirectory
How to dynamic assign a global 2d array in C++
Open Source cloud search engine
How to create a TwoWay data-binding proxy?
Some text on the left, some text on the right, on a single line, with BASH
Android Twitter4j giving error NoClassDefFoundError: twitter4j.TwitterFactory
How can I read this XML file in WP7?
select query to wait for insertion of other record
How can I wait for set of asynchronous callback functions?
Using variables to open output files in FORTRAN
Update data in isolated storage
Is there any way to determine which function called myFunction in javascript? [duplicate]
Ruby, Errno::EACCES, Permissions Denied, sprockets
validating email address fails
iOS - Animation CGAffineTransformTranslate - Hides under Navigation Bar
Create dynamic for loop PHP function for all potential combinations
Jade template engine - Each Iteration Offset
PreparedStatement Logging
How to install libiconv for android ndk?
Normal Distribution Best Approach
CakePHP: Send current model ID to another controller via AJAX
Splitting a input file by colons? Java
Need Deadlock in web application
Java's Jersey, RESTful API, and JSONP
Can I get the phone number of an SMS message to a skype number using the skype4py?
PHP using prefix tags to linkify text
Metaprogramming Ruby: defining inheritance in class_eval
CSS Float filling gaps between divs
Rails 3.2.2 Facebook app using Devise and Omniauth redirecting out of iframe on user permissions confirmation
Using jQuery and nodeType to select untagged text
MVC3 and JQuery AJAX change event not captured on first click
GAMBAS - Exit Sub in IF statement
Redis backed Rails model
C++ explicit conversion and implicit conversion
How to use password hashing with salt in security.yml
Jboss 6: Triggering GC via JMX
How to display image stored on the network in (c#)
Side by Side manifest issue with VS2005 & VS2008
Do sitemaps need to cover the entire site?
net.rim.device.api.smartcad.SmartCardNoCardPresentException when calling SmartCardReader.openSession()
how to set user name/password in httpget
Use adb forward instead of redir
URL Parsing with Java server using Runnable class
if conditional each condition works on own but not together [closed]
I keep getting a NullPointerException but can't find where I made the mistake
ASP.Net Change ImageButton.ImageUrl on mouseOver
search functionality with an ObjectDataSource that returns a List [closed]
PHP-FPM and Nginx: 502 Bad Gateway
Editable Autocomplete Datatables
Paste link in vba
In depth graphics for mobile development
FTP Client not accepting welcome message
Java app/JVM running extremely slow when pinned to a single core
runtime.exec sending EOF immediately to input?
How to target only youtube iframe urls?
I need a version of iOS Simulator that includes iPad retina display
Is there a way to make images inside display:none not get downloaded by the browser?
What's the proper way to run some Python code asynchronously?
How to tell if two arrays are permutations of each other (without the ability to sort them)
Dynamically called web service using Reflection not working with .svc types
In Dojo I can't get a nested ContentPane in a StackContainer to resize when new content is added to it
Show an image alt in a paragraph with Javascript
Getting segmentation error
Fade / Change Background on a Single Webpage
How to change reactor build order of Maven built projects
Regex to match start of line and end of line for quick find and replace
Jquery/Javascript Skipping lines?
Android 鈥淗ost is Unknown鈥�Error
What's the wrong when Zend route don't work on Ubuntu 11.10
UIImage Buttons (Rounded Rect Button)
PHPExcel - How to round up value?
jquery validation plugin inline
missing required source folder .link_to_grails_plugins/jquery-1.7.1/grails-app/i18n
Text Input Disappearing on Form Submit
Error monad in Python - did I do it right?
Select IDs not in database
Using Windows Authentication with ASP.NET 3.5 Website
How do I setup a page to contiunually update as results are coming in from my java servlet?
HTTP server hangs while accepting packets
How to pass data back from Winform to tabpage
Twitter Bootstrap and CodeIgniter's Validation_Errors
ManualFloat not using the specified Rect
how to add values to a dictionary inside a dictionary of a property list
EMACS - fixed tab width
MATLAB Integration Situation
Given multiplicity constraints, a corresponding 'xxx_yyy_Source' must also in the 'Added' state
How do I only show a certain about of a bitmap in an ImageView?
can't remove white margins for logo image
Rotating and Caching in canvas bug
Visual C# Error: The type or namespace name 'Compression' does not exist in the namespace 'System.IO'
Converting AJAX call to avoid cross-domain problems
How does Python distinguish callback function which is a member of a class?
Inline images with Text in android
Cocoa Mac Sheet Rounded Corners (Like Xcode 4)
custom header in multitenant application
How do I make a script that converts a Comma Separated text file .csv to mysql database field? [closed]
Access collection on two views in backbone.js
TestNG - Custom reporter listener issue with failsafe plugin
How to update child object in a nested form in Rails
Haskell functions left-to-right
NHibernate Relations
non-thread safe libraries and threads
call a method after the object is released?
Linked list segfaults when adding elements
Deploying Interbase ToGo on Mac OS X
JSF 2. h:selectBooleanCheckbox. Unexpected behavior
Dictionary that has lists in keys, how to print so that the KEY with the least values in the list gets printed first?
How to get ride of console box of a GUI program compile by MinGW + Code::Block
Storing All Loaded Data Onto One Javascript Object
Best way to rename MainWindow
ClojureScript extern 'on' event
Python procedure to populate dictionary from data in 2 separate lists
How to make a regex to match all internet domains regardless of the extention
How to use enums with codes in Spring MVC?
Use Value of Selected Item in List to Redirect Browser Accordingly [HTML]
Greedy algorithm to pair numbers that minimizes the maximum sum
add control to style wpf
Jquery clicktracking mousedown vs click
php decrypt an encrypted function and run it?
Error installing gem sqlite3 - centos5.6
Optionally run code if package exists
convert string array representation back to an array
A Service determining whether a user is logged on
How to find if a generic type is List<>
Ruby on Windows using Ruby irb, and how to set up RoR
I git-subtree add'ed to the same prefix multiple times from unrelated repos and now I can't subtree push
How to expose global variables in JavaScript
TFS Command-line Crashing
Bootstrap .pull-right doesn't affect .navbar-search
JavaScript get number from string
Does C# compiler /optimize command line option affect JITter?
Retrieve all <a href=鈥pg > tags in PHP
Android AsyncTask downloads files as directories
FONT not displaying certain characters
Creating a JSONObject in iOS5
Updating a value for every cell in a grid every turn takes too much time. (Ants,
Object values undefined and NaN
How do i install the cakephp forum plugin by Miles J?
Generate a file from a string and send to the user C#
How to port C#Console application to Windows Phone
Change row height in SWT Table/Tree
Javascript onclick cancels out CSS Rollover
Why does the following code not change the property in my object in Node.js
Read Rss from xml-url
Getting an unknown tag warning for f:ajax while using jsf 2
excel web query with javascript web source
Create style BasedOn StandardStyles.xaml in Metro App
Downloading files with java, how to optimize bandwidth
Project Settings in Release vs. Debug mode?
How to use PJAX? (PJAX With PHP?)
The strangest error ever in Unix
How do I fork a subset of a git repository without history?
GridLayout Removing Padding between JPanels
seeking guidance for structuring e-commerce rails application
Can multiple buttons have one outlet?
Projecting 3D Points to 2D Points
Display range_field value in Rails
Nested ViewModel Dependent Methods don't work
How to get the extension alone in a file in shell script?
Contract details in JAXRS/Spring/CXF Endpoint Configuration 鈥�Namespace, PublishedUrl, etc
jQuery width change (animation) causes vertical shift in Firefox/IE Any clues?
Paging through Koala::GraphCollection
read a file from both float and double?
How to calculate appropriate google maps zoom level
UITableView cell: selectedBackgroundView without showing backgroundView
search for name of form field
(iOS) How to segue back to a UIViewController that's already loaded?
PHP How to get a random value from array
javascript passing into a function a string containing whitespace is truncated at first whitespace?
ASP.NET requery DropDownList after filter?
How to force external gems to be loaded from vendor folder
Rails Showing Has_Many Linked Objects Photos
Application crashes upon opening
Orchard - How to create a new product page?
Windows script for automation [closed]
how do you find the latest row for each user in rails?
Firefox form analyzer plugin
XSLT Pivot Table with Blanks
MySQLd InnoDB tuning
Linking lists in Orchard CMS
Init an NSMutableArray with integers & an unwanted type conversion of some sort
Displaying custom image for UIBarButtonItem in NavBar (image being covered)
How can I embed a MovieClip from a SWF into a Flex app without looping it?
Ajax.ActionLink loading image positioning with background opacity
Scheduling background execution
Getting full sentences from index of word
populate a selectbox ASP+JQUERY
Using Apple's Reachability legal? [closed]
ANDROID OverlayItem - Pass Values
Windows Phone UDP receiving issues
cmd full screen
Wrapper ping timeout and mule trapped
Why is this AWS call picking only the first element of the array (PHP/AWS)
How long does it take Facebook to propagate its DNS?
Connection Status with reachability
HTML5, canvas, and strokeRect: lines narrower?
Web project rename, csproj lost TFS binding
calculating a function in matlab with very small values
Extracting specific value from JSON string with PHP
JAVA_OPTS for increasing heap size
Extracting specific value from JSON string with PHP
JAVA_OPTS for increasing heap size
get smarty array value in php {php}
__init__(self, list=[]) only makes one list rather than a new one for every instantiation? [duplicate]
How to control the line separator in a powershell pipeline?
How to check which radiogroup button is selected?
c# Directory.GetDirectories excluding folders
bootstrap popover add esc keypress check and close
image with nivo slider jquery
Using partial to create slots for signals with return values in PyQt
array<System::Object^>^ temp0 = {鈥淭est鈥�鈥淭est2鈥潁; how to create a new instance to populate it later
c++ exception handling pass by reference : thrown address is different from caught address?
Vertically center text - div dimensions unknown
Deploying Sencha Touch Application
KnockoutJS postJSON method escapes my string why?
Blank line in XML document
Positioning some buttons on the top and bottom of a big div
CABasic Animation Rotation
rails sphinx reindex using a delayed_job rake task
How to get an array in asp (Server side) to javascript?
Loading a 32-bit dll into a 32 bit process.on a 64-bit system
unit testing a Delete controller method
Java Picture Color Area Distinguishing
Text/Link alignment inconsistent between Chrome and Firefox
Show another option when checkbox is selected
delay hover effect on navigation dropdown panel
What mobile platforms could I reliably expect this application concept to work on?
IOS CS193p - Why was the IBAction connection dragged to .m file and not to .h?
How to load an XML/HTML resource in Play Framework 2.0
How to construct a proper WHERE clause with RavenDb
Toggle menu - keep the menu open on the current page
Using PHP, how do you show text entered from a form to the bottom of the same PHP page?
.trace file xcode instruments
in VS2010: how can i make [tab] [tab] snippet shortcut work on .CPP files?
C program using printf & scanf crashes on input
Is it possible to include NodeJS as a scripting engine inside an executable?
Configuring server side Datatables for an unknown number of tables
My install of RVM on a Ubuntu 8.04.4 machine fails. Should I install it as multi-user instead?
What is actually applying a filter?
Is there such thing as File name or handle to write to console?
Array setting length and storing information
Good Way to verify RavenDB imported large amounts of data from SQL Server?
compare 2 strings (that are numbers) [duplicate]
Create a SQLite view where a row depends on the previous row
re-format code in tinymce when I use this to create template
Parallel Filter Algorithm in C#
Handling COM Callbacks in C# Client
Multiple gems from same jRuby project
WMI Associators of DiskDrive Where Result Class is MSStorageDriver
Android onResume displays black screen sometimes, other times it doesn't detect user interaction
Why does my IL generated Assembly, ilasm.exe called by C#, need UAC?
jquery how can i change only link class when this link ic clicked
getJdbcTemplate().queryForObject with Spring JDBC
How to output < in JSPX without it being interpreted by the browser
VS2010 Projects with Common Files
Ninject Interception at Namespace level?
Linq To SQL equivalent group by with multiple table columns in the output
MySQL update via Click of a image button PHP
How do I include files with spaces in their names when using rpm-maven-plugin?
JPA ManyToMany in case of users and groups?
Chrome <td> border-top bleeds across row
GCC: array type has incomplete element type
Fastest way to hold and parse through a collection of Enums?
Questions to Ask Existing Vendors of Desktop Applications that we would like to Interface with our Web Application
Spring form binding directly to fields
How to use a singleton for storing the RedisConnection with Booksleeve?
Vector Iterators Incompatible (Segmentation Fault)
Displaying bitmaps rapidly
Perl Regex 鈥淣ot鈥�(negative lookahead)
CMake building targets conditionally based on library existence
trouble rendering equations on
pagination content
transpose column and rows using gawk
Python determinant calculation(without the use of external libraries)
Google Maps display KML data
Rails database.yml configuration with different sockets on dev, test and production
iOS CGImageRef Pixel Shader
PHP Regenerating session ID on login / out not working
Replace using regular expression
inserting data into google app engine datastore
Having problems using Android SDK on Netbeans on a mac
Select rows from column with same value
Rails: Segmentation fault at Rjb when in background process, works fine when not in background?
Can't declare custom event in custom component in Flash Builder
PHP DOM removing the tag (not content)
File or directory not found by include despite -I
Associating ULRs with items in a string array
What is an efficient way in pandas to do summaryBy(鈥�full.dimension=T)
Thread.CurrentPrincipal List on POST requests, but not GET requests
multiple locations on map
What is the correct way to read this Objective-C statement?
mixing jpa inheritance strategies - inheritanceType.JOINED with inheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE
callback within a timed loop
Python 鈥渞un鈥�and 鈥渞eload鈥�not showing the changes to my code
Dynamically adding views to RelativeLayout inside ScrollView
How to slice a deque?
Facebook Page Tab not posting signed_request
What is the difference between xterm-color & xterm-256color?
Generating random unsigned char values in C++
OOO javascript: object self reference returns undefined but console shows it exists
Any way to get the sender phone number from a received sms on Iphone?
grabbing links in safari's address bar
Pressing the 鈥済o back鈥�button closes the application
Is there an inbuilt way to use JQuery's .each() in reverse? [duplicate]
How are low level device drivers written for Linux?
How to better handle a class member type that depends on template parameters?
Pattern And Matcher: How to 鈥�concatenate a pattern and a string for file search
What does GetItemIdAtPosition in MonoDroid return?
JSON parser for Talend
Knockout From and To datepicker scenario
Closure Design Patterns
has no valid entitlement AD HOC iCloud
MACRO expansion to block of preprocessors
iOS: Image Will Not Delete From Array
Closing HTML Tags Automatically
how to execute a query like this one?
hql find an entity by collection
How do I get the tag of a button from an inflated Android table?
Get info of authenticated user (not computer name)
Check if Excel file is empty in C#
Calculating round trip distance in python
Creating A TableVIew Programmatically With Objective-C iOS
Prevent page content from being out of line when page size is decreased
How do I name these PHP arrays?
DllNotFoundException in unity3d plugin for c++ dll
What is the default transaction isolation level for SQL Server with ADO.NET?
C++ Operator Overload Error
IE7 margin auto not functioning correctly
Changing .css in jQuery using static values
Dynamically create new field search group with multiple filter fields
access graph data without forcing user to login
WCF Sign only the body
Installing XCode 4.2, 4.3 and 3.2
check if the view is loaded at run time
Best way to go about making 鈥渟imple鈥�line graphs with a very light footprint? jquery? canvas?
Backbone.js, collections: add handler is fired only one time ( i use this.collection.bind('add',鈥� )
g++ won't work on Lion
Java- how do I increment a variable whenever a file selected in JList?
Need to automate de creation of a html Family Tree
Not a valid entity or mapped super class error from Doctrine
while loop and array causes echo to not work
Authentication Server
Can't refresh reCaptcha on JQuery Ajax return
Lazy dictionary properties in C#
Is the whole Map copied when a new binding is inserted?
How is this type miss match?
C - Manage call stack in recursive methods
XCode 4.2 and ipod 2nd generation
Releasing or Autoreleasing objects
How to determine the 'posts on my behalf' setting for a facebook application via the API?
find and replace versions in a specific block
Creating/deploying a multipart artifact in maven
How I can I pan and zoom JComponents?
Switch:case for redirecting to other activity from the gridview menu
Use if statements to micromanage stack
i can't pass from 1.6 to 2.3.3 for Andengine
What is the need for normalizing a vector?
jquery offset incorrect on floating elements
Save/Load jFreechart TimeSeriesCollection chart from XML
Is it possible to specify Jquery File Upload to post back only once (for multiple files)?
tuProlog unknow behavior
Search and replace with sed
Action Item shown only in Landscape?
Ged data from TextEdit in a QML ListView
Catch exception in Rails and POST to a separate Rails app
Replace string with image
Can a Spring BeanFactoryPostProcessor find nested beans with no name?
Defining a dict with a tuple singleton key
Two column, parallel text, epub, Is it possible?
grep for PHP functions, while excluding class methods and pasted-in javascript
How to find parsing error with ParseKit framework
php - display email variable in body of message
How to convert a regular expression from OR to XOR
Getting the SqlCommand Type from Generic T in .net
Using Loops for prompts with If/Else/Esif
Structure Initialization Unmatched variables
Howto display save confirmation message on my Web form when user saves new form by clicking Save button
What value of backlog should I use?
What improvements should be made to this JDialog snippet?
find string using grep
Parallel computing: Distributed systems vs multicore processors?
none recursive dynamic binary tree with php
Backbone collection's URL depends on initialize function
Check data against informationschema.columns
Inputting a Equation in Textfield and Processing it? [actionscript 3.0]
NSUrl from NSString?
Android ListView: how to select an item?
Ruby: Sorting 2 arrays using values from one of them
SSRS 2008 Hidden property for TextBox evaluates to true, exports to CSV anyway
Doctest's output different from shell's output
Insert paragraph between text of richtextbox and change font and color of added paragraph
Javascript run function on <option> click
Play! - Expecting a stack map frame in method controllers
How do I POST an array with multipart/form-data encoding?
XPages more fields at the click on a button issue with partial refresh
Simple Array in java
how to dynamically create binding proxies?
Simulating multiple HTTP Clients from single machine c#
Thumbnail plugin in wordpress
C# Insert ArrayList in DataRow
C# Insert ArrayList in DataRow
parse_str on an object instead of global namespace
How semantic versioning fits into the git workflow
Overriding the maximum value of a bigint datatype in SQL Server
Grails named query for NOT IN
How to abbreviate the long Selenium CSS code for table elements?
tfsbuild 鈥�how to output to 2 different sources
I need to display the entire Text of my ListViewItems (not truncated)
Neural Networks for opponent prediction in AI
TFS 2010: WorkItem.Save triggers WorkItemChangedEvent again
Moving a UIManagedDocument from the sandbox to iCloud
Hosted Continuous Integration for iOS Apps? [closed]
How to scroll a TextBox horizontally just like the WP7 Browser's address
need to ssh to remote machine from web page with python/django
Need help working with AJAX
WM_GESTURE: retrieve all fingers?
Using LESS: compile minified and non-minified versions of CSS
Strings variations in python - what do they mean?
jQuery image fade not working for unknown reason鈥�
Apache ModRewrite pattern not stored
Filling in a data set using three 鈥減uzzle pieces鈥�
How to avoid resetting the java Scanner position
How can I have the user change options of the jQuery UI Slider?
Java/Serializable - Overwrite only changed objects
svg clone only shape of a scaled group
Using Structure Map to replace an abstract type in generic type parameter
Custom Input View (Split Keyboard)
emberjs: when I try to use the action helper, i get - Handlebars error: Could not find property 'action' on object
Reusing images in same layout
How do I ignore all files apart from one or two directories?
Tortoise SVN - Keyword for Date/Author of File Addition to Repo
How to work with a model with slightly different forms in Rails?
Tracking list overlaps in knockoutjs
Understanding Apache Camel Dynamic Routing
Error change CCScene
How do I make bootstrap table rows clickable?
Why does a null date cause crosstab function to fail?
Data Saving Methods for iOS (With text/numbers/simple things) [closed]
How can you capture a subset of a screenshot in iOS using objective-c?
Programatically adding Static IP's
Rearranging array with O(1) extra memory in faster than O(n^2) time
A couple of questions regarding using jQuery to manipulate video HTML5 video
shell script syntax: variable name to reference array
rsync files as user using ssh key
Can Unity and Flash communicate between eachother if they coexists in the browser?
Android. Require user to prompt password to mount sdcard
Making an MVC controller [actionresults] more modular?
Setting IP addresses on Windows machine during startup
twitter bootstrap input append dropdown button appears on wrong side of input when in a table
get information about users erros with an android app
Ruby (rails) Open Emails from Google Apps and get attached picture
list item positioning as it is in the picture
Subscript out of range
Pointer one linked list to another linked list
What are some popular DSLs?
In PHP, How to call function in string?
Property title Copy attribute does not match property inherited from MKAnnotation
MySQL compare each tuple to each other tuple in the same relation
What is the difference between these two javascript functions? [duplicate]
replace substring None with 'None'
Accessing objects position from another script in Unity
wxPython application completely invisible in OSX
ggplot2 0.9.0 automatically dropping unused factor levels from plot legend?
Add multiple data series to excel chart with VBA
How to postback from an anchor tag
Zend MVC Page Structure & Layout Link's Paths
Kohana 3.2 - i want to get distinct dates
How do I use netsnmp_query_walk() or netsnmp_query_get()?
how use animated gif as JFrame title bar icon
Inspecting c++ libraries for different stl linkage to track down std::vector destructor crash on gcc/osx?
Is there a better way to sentinel against empty lists in Python 3?
I can't get npm modules to work with require?
mod_rewrite /p/about => ?p=about [duplicate]
Do applescript repeat loops reflect changes instantly?
Microsoft Speech Recognition - what reference do I have to add?
Validating date (both format and value)
How to handle android child activity not finishing
After website migration, index.html no longer automatically loaded
Simple XML Framework and Android - strange class attribute
Retrieve Last n rows from mysql within a loop
ASP.NET webforms maintain List<string> across postbacks
SlikSvn: 'svn' is not recognized as an internal or external command in cmd.exe
Organization of iPhone app source code before submission to Apple
Win32 API call - help translating c++ to c# (failed)
Components are with the same id inside ui:repeat
Browse .jdb output?
IE8 Compatibility Mode Menu Padding issue
Missing Source Files in Code::Blocks?
Selecting rows where column value is the same
how to sort subarray in ruby
NSInvocation & NSError - __autoreleasing & memory crasher
how do I replace numeric codes with value labels from a lookup table?
ASP.NET SlideShowExtender retrieving images from web service, but doing nothing when executed
How does UIImage get constructed when created from an XIB?
Firefox 11.0 hangs with antiforgerytoken
Nginx fails to send full file from Node/Express app
Image Rotation + horizontal or vertical flip
Smart GWT purchasing license.
Should you avoid jQuery and/or jQueryUI? [closed]
Replace character with another character in regex PHP
How to jQuery an XML file over a PHP-script and parse it right?
Having trouble passing text from MySQL to a Javascript function using PHP
debugging swf locally with remote data
Trouble installing PHP-Payments
Using the results from 2 tables to get info from a 3rd one
What version of jQuery to use with jQuery Mobile?
Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning [closed]
Measure size of .NET objects
Distance matrix for mysql, based on previous solution for haversine distance calculation
Push from a clone to original in gitorious
jQuery UI show using slide animation jumps to full height before animation starts
iOS - Access Navigation Controller in AppDelegate
Issue with passing JSON to a view in Web2py
PHP: absolute paths within includes with localhost
How do I save and change the value of a variable in OCaml?
tying button onclick event to Backbone View
create a modal that is animated via jquery plugin
add property to .jks with keytool
Variable and expressions in ruby
Bubble pop game Actionscript: defining ToString() method through a reference with a static type class
event.preventDefault() not working in the keypress event on Android
C libcurl print webpage contents
Div scrolling to top after contents are refreshed/reloaded
How best to identify that no chars appear in a given page? (In Word.)
Make index.html default, but allow index.php to be visited if typed in
JDO, unowned relationship and persisting multiple objects at once
Installing openCSV for Java. What do I do with a .gz file?
Wrapping div to new line causing funny behavior
Binding multiple fields to the same property of an MVC 3 view model
howto count occurances of text within text file in c# [closed]
Rails 3.1 - Thumbs_up gem missing from github.com鈥�Where did it go?
Getting a movie to play seamlessly on my site (without controls or a frame)
Column Visibility when Exporting to CSV
Simple loop, which one I would get more performance and which one is recommended? defining a variable inside a loop or outside of it?
Column Names Across Multiple Rows?
How to install which programs requires 鈥渟udo鈥�in virtualenv?
Load only what classes are being used in Ruby?
Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string
Loading symbol file for debugging cross-compiled VLC (mingw in Linux) project under windows environment (Cygwin)
Reversing a commit in svn 1.7.4
Instaling XCode 3.2.5 on OSX 10.6.8 produces the error - 鈥淭he operation couldn鈥檛 be completed. CSSMERR_TP_CERT_EXPIRED鈥�
Create file on SkyDrive
Making a custom message box using tinter
Make ZVAL persistent across the SAPI?
Why won't my textfield save to my singleton? [closed]
Create classes and compile it from c#
Soft keyboard causes view to bounce in flex mobile app
Counting 1s in the two's complement representations of integers in range[x,y]
What does 鈥渟et keymap vi鈥�do?
harmonic series with x86-64 assembly
Unable Response.Redirect(url); with many query arguments
Print File With .Net
Websocket> Handshake is ok, but sending is not ok
My SQL. Finding multiples in a single column
how to design threading for many short tasks
How to run a task in Python after 60 second but only one time
How to create a root node in a linked list?
adding elements in an array day-wise from mysql database
jQuery Uniform Radios/Checkboxes beneath in IE
MobiLink synchronization scripts generation
Min-height hack with floats
Computing min and max values of a matrix
Not inserting new records
Getting 2 SQLite records for every email received
鈥渦ninitialized constant Users (NameError)鈥�w/ Heroku deploy
How to upload a file to ASP.NET MVC from a console application
Cordova (1.5) to PhoneGap (1.4.1) downgrade
Macroized Parameters
manipulating webpages using javascript
How to run a Python script portably without specifying its full path
Split sentence in words with most weight
Prevent (stop) Apache from logging specific AJAX / XmlHttpRequests?
Error in Android Manifest (sdk version)
Could not load file or assembly 'EntityFramework' error
boost::signals2 slot as a non-static function member?
Get automatic date in iOS
Convert a file full of 鈥淚NSERT INTO xxx VALUES鈥�in to something Bulk Insert can parse
C++ makefile multiple headers one cpp
Kullback-Leibler divergence as histogram distance function
Volatile variable in class: 鈥渆xpected unqualified-id before 'volatile'鈥�
jQuery using 'this' in an if statement
LoadingElementDuration doesn't fully animate
Cocoa (OS X) small font - kerning looks awful
RowAdapter deletes random rows that are added dynamically to ListView?
Codeigniter overwriting default validation messages
Latest Rally release - portfolio attributes not able to be queried
Parsing something similar to C++ [closed]
Difference between git checkout --track origin/branch and git checkout -b branch origin/branch
Jar File For All Java Versions?
Why aren't all my index values being displayed in this indexed table View?
unsure how to remove objet from stage & it's arrays after collision detected
org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists: Single table query
Linkify Regex Function PHP Daring Fireball Method
nginx magic sub domains - help for yoda needed
Reason for a mysterious padding breaking my design?
return an obj of checkbox values
Which data binding option for large static list of objects?
tinymce not working on firefox
Localization for new Files in older Project breaks App
Generating a unique data store key from a federated identity
terminating process requires WQL 鈥淪ELECT *鈥︹�?
Dynamic Facebook Open Graph Meta tags - How add prefix to <Head> tag?
Changing the text in a GKTurnBasedMatch's 'your turn' and 'game over' notifications?
div#name vs #name
Is it possible to keep social share counts when changing permalink structure?
How to clear an inputstream in java
Calculating plots Y axis label values
Trying to draw the edges of a rectangular cube in WPF but not successful
What python's Pandas data struts used for?
Array input/output problems? [closed]
Antlr greedy-option
php Escape all characters before comparing
JQuery UI Slider - 'value' not setting starting position of handle
Centering a position: fixed div When Viewport Reaches a Designated Width
C++ MFC - Sharing data between MFC DLL and WTL exe?
Need help implementing Command Handlers/Bus using Unity DI
How to access the parent of a parent of a partial view's viewmodel?
WIX Patch Update XML Configuration File
looking for a very well documented nodejs framework - for a total beginner
Use 鈥渆rror_messages鈥�in Rails 3.2? (raises 鈥渦ndefined method鈥�error)
Possible to have a UINavigationController for a UITableView that doesn't fill the entire super UIView
Detecting when a method is chained
Clean up a remote machine's temporary directory: How do I identify files that are in use? (Powershell)
How do I find the error code in iOS when I use AVFoundation class
ability to capture on what user was doing on the web page
Best approach to create an image morphing app?
What is the Windows registered class of a Java window?
Does glUniformMatrix4fv instantly copy data pointed to by the passed in pointer?
Using the Metro-Style GridView without Grouping
Changing Android SDK version causes crashes
HTML5 canvas slide show issue
Repeat an action as long button is pressed
shell array loop stops after 1
MDX - Top X Sales People by Total Sales for Each Date
typecasting with virtual functions
Definitive way to use 鈥渢his鈥�in Javascript
Getting a field from an STL map iterator
print and count the number of permutation (without using stl next_permutation)
PHP Check Array with Post
Android Gallery always returns RESULT_CANCELED to onActivityResult
jquery - prevent this race condition
Django: Duck typing-friendly way of accepting record or slug of record for input
Adding table from another database to ASP.NET Dynamic Data + Entity Framework
Jquery Country/State Json and more
jQuery ajax success event Strangely not working on ajaxSetup. I read all other questions
Need assistance matching an exact string in PHP array
Comparing Integer values in Java, strange behavior
Internet Explorer content link does not work (links with # character)
How to check which repository a specific folder corresponds to
Removing Image From Parent View
split dataframe into multiple output files in r
page array missing from signed_request
How can I limit the number of records inserted on an INSERT INTO at one time
How to specify a particular JAXB implementation?
Captcha IMG/Numbers Combination
iOS w/ storyboards & ARC: Controller property not initialized
xsl:when not working as expected
libxml - Load xmlDoc from raw data
How to access to an element in a PHP multidimensional array with a string?
is there an existing php cache library based on shm with management of key expiration?
鈥淭he language attribute on the script element is obsolete. You can safely omit it.鈥�
php session variable not working in new subfolers
Google Maps API version 3 causing images to be blurry / fuzzy
Can Netty efficiently handle scores of outgoing connections as a client?
How do I create an automatic field in Mongoose?
Twitter Bootstrap Dropdown with Tags Selector
clear inputbox onclick image
Get value of an element without parse all xml file in ios
Action Bar Checkable Icons?
SQL joins trouble
Jquery, move dropdown position
EXT JS store not loading data correctly from getJson call
Becareful with css em units when taking advantage of rules of specificity?
How to register DOM id when writing objects dynamically in javascript?
MySQL Triggers. Need example answers
CSS arrow to the right of a rounded rectangle 鈥渘ext鈥�button
Check if IP is in subnet
pgrep prints a different pid than expected
Dynamically loaded content with jQuery load clears the existing html
HTML: Set table width when pictures are too big
Different images for highlighted UIButton state
Suggestion for a large hash table (2^25 elements)
Java Component Maximum Size
iOS: Tagging Errors
Multiple notification icons on one bar?
My content in a mysql database duplicates when I edit articles
Linux recursive chmod only on sub-directories
Diagnostics Trace data disappears after exception
Eclipse Maven build failing on including xpp3 in
mongoDB - stale values in map reduce output Collection
Using foreach to modify arrays starting with whitespace in php
Web API + MVC 4 regarding model binding of complex types
Disable auto refresh on div if user is scrolling (JQuery)
what's best practice for serving multiple configuration property files for many applications over HTTP?
Cocoa: Animated path (moving dotted line)
How to reset a form that uses 鈥渟ticky鈥�values
Share data between services
CakePHP How do I display all table field names
How would you make emacs write out line numbers into a file?
Include not available in inherited repostory
Type(3,) returns an integer instead of a tuple in python, why?
php access to mongodb master/slave access
How to know if a file has 'access' monitor in linux
Missing Namespace in Doctrine Generated Entities?
Yii -CExistValidator for external key
How to silence the 鈥渧ideo capture device鈥�popup?
How do I access the database created in python testserver?
Counting objects in an array (Javascript) [closed]
Creating forms from models
Conventional way of copying files in Gradle - use Copy task or copy method?
how to validate a single attribute from a nested object
WinRT metro app still blocks the UI thread when called via an async method
Wrapping a parent div around floated elements
Where can I find comprehensive image manipulation library information?
How to determine at runtime if I am connected to production database?
XPathSelectElement is very slow; is there a better way to get a value given an XPath?
How to compute k largest eigen values on GPU?
What does <Something> in ClassName<Something > in java indicate?
How to kick user to Login Screen Activity passing all other app Activities in the stack?
JavaScript variable name and HTML input name attribute: namespace collision?
std::thread with movable, non-copyable argument
simplify appending domain to filenames in python
Windows: only the first 1000 characters of my PATH environment variable can be used
SQL Server 2005 Case Sensitive when queried via C#
Drop sequence and cascade
How to tell if the mouse is moving in c# [duplicate]
Does GameObject.GetComponent() find sub classes?
How to flip image horizontaly and vertically with php
How to prohibit system calls, GNU/Linux
Access GET variables using jQuery/Javascript
extracting values from an aovp object in Lmperm
Kohana 3.2 set router for a controller which has a prefix URI belongs to another controller
sqlite db called from flask only returns variables, not values
cordinates to placename using google maps api v3
jquery random colours
Getting error: external allocation too large for this process
Verification: combining correctness statements
Building a large complex viewmodel dynamically
WPF timer countdown
How do I override javascript's cloneNode?
php symfony2 login_check captcha
Dependency property does not work within a geometry in a controltemplate
Idea on content passing. Help needed
Exporting Excel data using MVC 3
Group jobs together in Jenkins or Serialize them or run them in Sequence
About the implementation of Java HashMap
Unique ID Generation on the Cloud
How to set the parent attribute of one spring bean to a property of another bean?
I can't keep track of my super DRY'd up code anymore. What are good ways to organize or retrieve partials I'm looking for?
What is the equivalent of ruby script/about in Rails 3?
How to set the parent attribute of one spring bean to a property of another bean?
I can't keep track of my super DRY'd up code anymore. What are good ways to organize or retrieve partials I'm looking for?
What is the equivalent of ruby script/about in Rails 3?
鈥淐onnecting鈥�SDL_Surface to shared_ptr
how to compile this logic in visual C++ express 2010
How do you control an OverlayItem's size on the Google Android map?
Importing CSV and commas in string values
Document expired when click on back button
Runtime error '91' on macro execution
cloning svg group
Disable user profile edit?
How to read SMS using AT on an embedded system with limited memory?
how does Salesforce charge for non-employee users, like customers? [closed]
Launch MapMouseEvent in FLEX via alt + mouse click
C++ Vector Arrays in Copy Constructors
Error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException, PathClassLoader.findClass() android
How do I keep all of the data in a has_many :through ActiveRecord relationship?
Database Design: Default Address
How to refresh all ExplorerViews showing the same data?
Execution time and big O
UIImage to NSDate to NSString to JSON String is giving null value
Reset button acting like the submit button
Shortened namespace alias in aspx
How to update a NSManagedObject
youtube video in Android native player
How can I call a layout after clicking a button?
Passing variable of type var - unknown type
how to check the database name that ActiveRecord uses
Using SqlDataSource to retreive database data in ASP.NET
Convert characters string to Unsigned int
How does Twitter Bootstrap's icon <i 鈥�gt; work? [duplicate]
Applied duck-typing in plain C
Is it possible to transfer or change an existing fan page to become an app's fan page?
Where are ProfilingActionFilter and ProfilingViewEngine in mvc-mini-profiler?
Parsing text in python issue
How can i put a column of results into an array and compare then with another column with PHP?
Javascript access parameters outside of a given function
Insert ASP Tags and UserControls into CMS Content
How to oraganise Android XML Layout files into folders [duplicate]
Why is the responsiveness getting lost even when the two tables are same?
Saving HTML Table as xml or json
python pdf line by line
Handling Browser authentication when parsing
Enabling payments on the mobile web breaks our app in native iOS
C# Ping crashes entire program
how to force base class constructors to be called in derived classes?
Wordpress - List a specific page and sub pages from a page template or make a new menu?
What about this OpenCL kernel is causing the error CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE
Trying to define a static constant variable in a class
CSS: Simple Gradients in Internet Explorer <= 8
get part with regex
Get the selected date from a dropdown using JavaScript
Android - Carousel like widget which displays a portion of the left and right elements
how to 'bake' parameters into click() call jquery?
.htacess with variables for user friendly urls
Different ways of importing [closed]
How can I use '>' to redirect output within Node.js?
wget Failing in php exec
VBA code import
How does WorkItem.Save() work?
Does ADPCM has some sample rate?
Eclipse unable to connect to TFS Server
How does kAudioUnitSubType_NBandEQ work? Or equalizing using DSP formulas with Novocaine?
GWT RPC XsrfToken Serialization exception
Why is Rails 3.2.2 Generating URLs prefixed with /assets when using redirect_to?
Getting the new records from changes table when referring to one value with union and subquery
Using onClick to call a JavaScript Function - using form element values鈥�
dc.LineTo not drawing on OnPaint() unless I move the use the mouse and move the window out of view? mvc shared Class Library
How to delete full object with javascript?
won't replace connectionstring for release in msbuild
Getting a field value from a custom control when there are multiple instances of the custom control
RTMP_Write function use
Subversion Server Source Code
The right approach to loading dynamic content into a UITableView in iOS
Utilizing Javascript to change multiple dynamicially named drop downs to one value
Javascript - JQuery on() clearTimeout scope issue
Remove anchor underline email signature
How to change jQuery default context?
How to properly compare lists [duplicate]
XSL max value from a group of sample values not working
Running a script if form field validates as email
Django template not showing database contents
My program crashes when the button is clicked.. why?
Partition Lucene Index by ID across multiple indexes
is there any way to putting my custom buttons in one XML file in android?
What is the `edit` attr in a meta tag
CXF/Spring Injecting Top-Level Service Name and Namespace into JAX-WS Interface
MySql Joining three relations and performing query on that result
Rails Route Error Nested Routes (link_to user_post_path)
ASP.NET Form View IF on Updating
Saving data using local storage on an iPhone - which way to go?
android launch camera app (NOT for result)
Select most recent (top 1) from table grouped by another ID
How to solve this puzzle in Prolog?
How can Watir consistently deal with a javascript dropdown menu?
Unable to add a secure web reference in VS.Net 2010
What is an example program that realizes a performance gain by calling _mm_stream_si64x()? [closed]
Increment parameter in rake task
Could not load file or assembly CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ClientDoc
What is an example program that realizes a performance gain by calling _mm_stream_si64x()? [closed]
Increment parameter in rake task
Could not load file or assembly CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ClientDoc
IProblem installing R XML package on windows
Can I configure PHP to automatically format the HTML it generates?
List Slicing python
XNA Sprite Rotation Point
jQuery Datepicker previous complete months
How to position image next to text with padding?
Duplicate protocol definition warning, but I need multiples of this protocol
Aligning text and select boxes to the same width in CSS?