connection piles up on each refresh
XNA Finding mouse position with 2D camera
no error message when custom constraint gets violated
PHP/AJAX multi-user app - Data is being lost somehow
Error in RemoteConnect.Connect() err=WNetAddConnection2 returned: 1203
WebView not working with INTERNET permission set
Simple graphical editor on Windows Phone 7
Tooltips stop working after an ajax call
Ant: Iterating through an XML file's nodes
EXC_BAD_ACCESS When Trying To Delete TableView Section
Implementation of crawler4j
Attribute error what do these codes mean?
How do I make maven-eclipse-plugin 2.9 compile classes to the eclipseClasses directory
How do I Set an Executable's Search Path?
Will local variables still be in scope on an Ajax call back?
after rotating image on matlab..then results go on bad:(
Application directory path
Return Bool From Event Listener
closing a database handle
epylint in emacs using virtualenv
Is modification of string literals undefined behaviour according to the C89 standard?
Is there any security risk that has to be managed in text being stored for later viewing?
Entity Framework: A referential integrity constraint violation on many to many relationship
Dynamic URLs + SEO
Lottery match exercise
struts2 <s:doubleselect>
How to switch from PIO to DMA modes on a SATA Controller in code?
PHP $_GET verification
getText crowdfounded translation
SQL Server 2008 - Create a table dynamically from another table
Registering javascript on asynchronous postback
date : group by month from day 2 to day 1 next month
windows VC9 ffmpeg and magick wand
Prepend all links that are not intra-site with a string in JS鈥�Can you just proofread this quick little script I hacked together?
Swing: restrict keyboard focus traversal to specific widgets
Eclipse RCP Target Platform: Bundle '' cannot be resolved
Count Number of Elements in JSON string with Json.NET in C#
Use cell text to build Excel formula
JSON.parse: unexpected character error
how to automatically markup plaintext and preserve formatting
Does requiring a gem load everything, including things I don't use?
Workaround possible for cURL and Javascript?
How to print each <td>..</td> on a new line in PHP?
Dealing with env specific files using WIX
Getting an error in update statement when accessing mysql from java
I need to create a query using MySQL and PHP to get a result of two tables
symfony2 sessions takes 2 refreshes to update
Generate XmlWriter c# code from XML
How do I search the contents of all fields in a query result set?
Combine JQuery/PHP to log clicks into database?
VSTO - Best place to store Excel workbook settings
What is the rationale behind 鈥�xHHHHHHHH鈥�formatted Microsoft error codes?
Is wmode=鈥渢ransparent鈥�attribute required in both the <object tag as well as the <embed tag?
Sharepoint 2010 Client OM - How to get the Last approved document version?
Don't know the final frame size of UIView until after drawRect?
Dynamic Include statements for eager loading in a query - EF 4.3.1
C - effect of a write() to a closed tcp connection when using signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);
Will two programs using SqlAlchemy conflict when trying to access the same table (SQLite)?
Menu Bar Appears 50% of the Time, wxPython, Ubuntu 11.10, Python 2.7, wxPython 2.8 GTK2
Working With JSON
sudo apt-get install xvfb
arrays and date in php
Can't get newlines in Notes document created in C#
Magento Encoding Scripts on the Fly and Generating Download Link
How can I prevent a method from mutating its arguments?
How do I access this Javascript array (JSON object?)?
Lightweight migration of a NSPersistentDocument
Changing MySQL checks from 'programside' to the MySQL server itself
hg shelve equivalent of git stash drop
Textarea list via jquery .ajax to php
Update shared libraries without restarting processes
Write EXIF into JPG with PHP
Fluent NHibernate automapping table per hierarchy: can I split a hierarchy?
鈥淓dit and Continue鈥�doesn't work - VS2010 with TFS - Locked files in the Solution
Why doesn't this throw a SyntaxError instead of silently interpreting it wrong?
How do I use rank() with an inner join?
SignalR not broadcasting
Android vertical center
Java for Android - how to create event listener for boolean variable
What's the best way of implementation QProcess, which reading stdout and stderr in 鈥渞eal time鈥�
expression after group by has same result
Access WCF service from machine other than localhost
Trying to set symfony locale to something else than fr and en_US
How can I run this query for each id in a table
Making Submit and Reset have a different border from the input tag border
Running apschduler in Python script as a daemon?
How to set initial data for Django admin model add instance form?
PHP Memory limit not taking effect in normal php scripts
Centering an image with CSS position absolute
jQuery MultiSelect Widget
How can I overlay timeseries models for exponential decay into ggplot2 graphics?
Opengl linux undefined reference to basic functions
Passing Multiple Parameter in crystal reports from VB.Net
Json/Gson issue - Why am I getting null?
GWT Canvas2D draw Image
Why do I get uninitialized-value warnings from Valgrind when I use Boost UUID?
Two classes in a larger class share data
New to python Creating two Dictionaries from a file need specific lines
How to prevent 鈥淎 potentially dangerous Request.Form鈥�in a request
Rails executing if and else statements
How to slow down posting using fb app?
Hibernate: reuse persisted class in a persistent collection
Applying strsplit function for multiple files
Rails: search by SQL with different models
Check if char exists in java
does heroku support jruby for Rails 3.2.3?
How to display the current title from a json request
Javascript not running from address bar
Google Map Geocode API returns only top 6 results鈥ow do I get more?
click() does not work with links
Appending file results in overwrite (Java)
Group DateTime rows in datatable by DateTime - C#
To sort date(which is in the form 'january 2001') starting from January to December
How to separate date and time from a datetime?
nodejs ExpressJS routes only working for index
Ajax callback function causes me to pass too many parameters that are not used
Application that zooms to a specific part of the desktop
Neo4j for front end HTML
Android Media.insertImage and retrieve image from sd card
MySQL error 1248, Creating proper query. x3 Natural Joins
Hiding the soft keyboard in MonoDroid
css divs align in Chrome (18) and Firefox (11) but not in Safari (5.1). cannot figure out why
How can I cancel the selecting Event for a TabControl
How can I dynamically switch div id's
Facebook PHP: After user logs out of facebook, they can't login to my app with another user
Can't get mac address with ioctl on Linux when disconnected from Wifi
Update part text value within href in div
Popup window in pylab
OpenGL 3: glBindVertexArray invalidates GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER
javascript mouse event compatibility issue between browsers
iPhone App, server-side component, parse integration
PHP-FPM + nginx 1.1.15 Custom error pages
Symfony2 Swiftmailer Not Sending
Drupal 7: How do I import a RSS feed?
How do I know when an Amazon EC2 operation is complete?
ShareKit2.0 opens Facebook mobile but fails to redirect. Safari says page is invalid
logical error using eof(), begginer level need advice with debugging [duplicate]
Keep value state in apex page
Keep value state in apex page
BCrypt very slow in app engine application
What in-app advertising framework should I use? [closed]
MySQL why does my auto increment not start at 1 when doing inserts?
Array driving me loop(y)
Learn python the hard way exercise 43, nothing happens [closed]
Facebook Auth Dialog - Adjusting the text displayed
Calling MySQL functions in Lithium
visual studio swprintf is making all my %s formatters want wchar_t * instead of char *
Deleting from a small table referenced by a large table
How do I delete a bad commit, while keeping later commits?
Will else-is resolve if the if statement above it is chosen?
Read whole file in blocks in c#
Mapping extension content types in Apache CXF JAX-RS
Enabling MMU in Linux
MySQL Sub Query join query to exisiting query
Is it possible to use the Microsoft Kinect SDK with Metro Style applications?
Save rake background task to log? (Using Resque)
Converting regression equation to regular equation
Make an <a> tag move onto a new line, without using 鈥渄isplay:block鈥�
Xcode image/pixel manipulation realtime
Google Chrome - context.canvas.width/context.canvas.width causes 鈥淏lue layer鈥�
+= operator within .css method in jQuery
Querying a variable from a MATLAB struct array
ivy - how to download all sources with just adding one line
Making an iPad nib load in a universal app
How to easily create a parser for custom formatted data in Python
mySQL hierarchical grouping sort
EOFError when running subprocess with fabric
Redirecting domain names to the same domain?
Writing a function to allocate an upper triangular matrix
Creating a grid array of co ordinates
What are the downsides to rebasing topic branches instead of merging?
how do I split a string into array of string?
Show keybinding with yasnippet
Writing a small C program to shutdown windows in entered time
My dynamically created ListViewItems are not displaying in my ListView
Get selected words from Rich-Text box from Add-in
batch delete records in database table
C++ linked-list traversal
Designing a DAO model for an existing project
Magento - module conventions mysql4 or resource
Build error on Zapp when running iPhone app (with KIF testsuites)
If Both Checkboxes flag false do?
Which construct is better suited for this situation, an if-else or a switch?
C# print labels in Zebra - Server side/Client Side
Strange DB2 Scopes
How to load yml files instead xliff for translating a Symfony application
Detect 鈥淜inks鈥�in Parallel Lines to Bezier Curves
(Un)setting a cookie in mod_rewrite
sql select statement in vb returning value when its supposed to be null
iOS sine wave generation - audible clicking
Backbone + Rails collection fetching
tcl use variable in namespace name
WMB ESQL passing constants to passthru
Extra blue section in popover between the navigation bar title and the view controller's view
Hiding the layout of a select box
Workaround for .NET NetworkStream.Length lack of suppport
Command Line Interface Ruby
PHP 鈥淓xception not found鈥�
Conjugate gradient 2D image reconstruction Matlab
How does Google Docs manage to get paste on click to work?
run function when click a button
Is there a 'one-shot' way to pull data from MySql using Perl?
Do I need to escape text/plain or text/javascript?
javascript - fetch additional fields from mysql and display in table
Running two python scripts parallel with boost::python
IE position of centred text on A tag
Field 'Invoice_Date' cannot be modified
How to use sorl-thumbnail without django?
Bad behavior with printf and multiple strings
Java - Connect to RDP server in Windows
process hanging on java process builder start
How come non-globals from included files are usable in relative urls and unusable in full urls of included php files?
iframes and IE8 emulation
Remove protocol and result with full base_url from html input string
Try to select an option in a spinner from the db
How to turn off/on memcache in Code Igniter
git repository not recognized during rails deploy with capistrano
Clear buffers for C# performance test?
Good programming habits with return statements [closed]
How can I convert an Apple IMA4 CAF file recorded with AVAudioRecorder to a WAV file using Core Audio Converter Services?
Lazy loading of Twitter profile images not working
Locking rows in in innoDB for multiple queries
How can I import specific blueprint components into Compass?
How to check for end of tag in Python using minidom?
Ruby on Rails fb_graph failing with undefined method bytesize when executed from delayed_job
Flask-Login package is broken by importing Google App Engine's testbed
Mixing TCP and UDP
Is there a Python method to calculate lognormal mean and variance?
jquery 鈥渙nload鈥�click link
C# equivalent of C++/CLI data types
How does one include the server hostname in a django error email?
Mongoid foreign key in embedded document
Console scripts execution from Java program
Smart pointers & destructor
LDAP Connector stops working when using INI config instead of PHP array
Set up Bundles for TextMate: Location for run command
VB.NET IDE Debugger exits on 鈥淓xit Sub鈥�
eclipse indigo cannot create new server jboss 5.1
python database location [closed]
MediaPlayer, ProgressBar
Visual studio does not load class into editor if you check it out while debugging the solution
.off not unbinding animationend event
Theming using resources without Blend vomitting
VB.NET Cannot connect to Oracle Server
Can I get these curved corners with CSS?
problems using simple modal in chrome when zoom is applied
How to index wikipedia files in .xml format into solr
CORS in grails - All requests fail?
How to prevent errors during include if file not exist (without @)
MySQL error 1248, Creating proper query. Beginner Q
jquery append truncate
Java android client communication with C# server
Java - TCP Server can't read from TCP Client [closed]
strcat and malloc
Determine which function was called
Oracle query with multiple tables
Revert (or undo saved changes) a WorkItem to an older version in TFS API
Ajax queue Backbone js
Using node parameters in named templates using XSLT 2.0
Capturing a sql paramter and display it in the report
php urlencode encodes wrong?
C++ WriteProcessMemory Without Variables
Using DateTime?.Value.TimeOfDay in LINQ Query
ignore the joomla tag or consider them as valid tag in netbeans
How to use debug version of libc
is it possible to configure content in the html file when using requirejs optimizer?
How to send Request.Form
codeigniter controller not recognizing passed variable
Prevent HTML5 video changing Chrome's icon and title
PHP remove similar arrays based on several associations in an associative array
Unknown GDB Error
Facebook Page URL Typo (thought we could change at 25 likes) [closed]
Jquery grow effect like spray
ARM MMU operation in various operating modes
UIControlledApplication does not work
WriteInt-RandomAccessFile - java
jquery asp load content
How do I loop through every object in a class (like VB For Each X in Y) in MATLAB?
I want to display on children categories name of a particular category
How to change fontsize in direct.label?
How can I add a virtual 鈥渃ount鈥�column to a select query in rails?
How to use unicode chars in a web with a reliable rendering
How can detect text file line breaks in php?
How to find properties are not modified or change?
How to get text from 'td' tags from 'table' tag on html page using Mechanize
stream connection using httpwebrequest
Failed to Login as 'Domain ComputerName' pyodbc with py2exe
WCF 1 Sesssion = 1 Thread?
How can detect text file line breaks in php?
How to find properties are not modified or change?
How to get text from 'td' tags from 'table' tag on html page using Mechanize
stream connection using httpwebrequest
Failed to Login as 'Domain ComputerName' pyodbc with py2exe
WCF 1 Sesssion = 1 Thread?
How does resharper recognise what files to include for its intellisense?
Entitymodifiers runs but show no change
Run multiple string replaces with fewer calls to .replace()
What is best practice for coding an email contact button on your site
Does the Facebook Comments Social Plugin have an API where comments can be added?
How to select text from a multiline textbox with the line breaks in Jquery?
assembly hex representation from two bytes
how to repeat group section in one page with using crystal reports? [closed]
Square Subsequence
Remotely Executing an Independent .exe on an Apache Server [CGI]
Python Input validation
Binding a TextBlock to a field in Local Database in Wp7
MIPS code acting funny - simple case regarding print statements
how to find distance between two markers in openlayers?
Dapper Oracle Number(10,0) is returned as Decimal Parser error
Is there a way to check if all the elements in an array are null in php
How to get a webpage to fit to the iPhone screen in Xcode
How to I get the UTF-8 data into a QString
changing title of page doesn't work with facebook meta tags
Changing from arrays TO struct containing arrays
Display products of similar category RoR
What are the different ways to use directories in Windows?
Data URI for CSV file in firefox not putting .csv extension
Jquery toggle the visibility of a UI element, but make it invisible if no part of that div is clicked
Using Batch Script connect to oracle db run a select command and output all data to a flat file
I am getting an error when calling obliqueRF from the obliqueRF package in CRAN, what could it be or how can I look into it more?
What would happen if the decider is not running
Modify columns in a data frame in R more cleanly - maybe using with() or apply()?
Popover UI in Snow Leopard
Could not load file or assembly 'ConsoleApplication1'
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/
Regarding creating a data set in accordance with a given data format
Example of MVC in java/jdk
Handling back and home button differently
Why does this simple query take forever?
Running app with custom cmd options
Is there an existing iOS component to type in a UITextView? [duplicate]
wierd js / canvas issue - code example doesn't work locally
jQuery Droppable - Make an Update Statement after an element gets dropped
Re-using Java generic collections in Scala without trait Object
Creating a custom toggle with UIButton in Interface Builder
How to use key and values from a hashmap in ArrayAdapter?
How to use zend mail to manipulate the mail message?
how to store a uint32_t in a plist
how to store a uint32_t in a plist
Minimization with constraint on all parameters in R
WPF TabControl vs. Pages
Javascript event handler with parameters
HTML parsing returns no data although they are read
Which FRP package to choose?
how to handle android request of username & password in jax-ws
Extending javascript function scope
Error with antlr grammer
Is there a java library to bind XML (LOM) to XML+RDF?
.htaccess treats .js files as php
How to close a tab when a form embedded in it closed?
Slide table right/left with jQuery
How to perform 500 identical assignments in Visual Studio鈥檚 Immediate window?
Is there a way to set a MKMapView map to an alpha lower to 1 and its markers to 1?
Handlebars EACH iterator error
Are these LAMP permissions secure?
AJAX post to google spreadsheet
Are arrays in MongoDB documents always kept in order?
How to De-Authenticate a Windows Auth user with PHP
RESTful servlet URLs - servlet-mapping in web.xml
Arrays in PHP seems to drop elements
PHP Sort array by field? [duplicate]
'live' responses on time consuming php scripts?
Unwanted second activity launched
Jquery infinite scroll doesn't call action method - probably routing issue
Android. Shared Preferences. Corrupted data retrieved in case of crash
MySQL Huge table select performance
linuxfromscratch: Can't do make menuconfig for linux installing
Can't change final variable inside AlertDialog
Filtering epics from Kanban board
Silverlight access Resource by Key from a CustomControl backend code
powershell: test admin rights within powershell script?
Song plays first time but does not play once stopped : Clip in Java
wp-admin hangs after trying to update a file via the editor
php replace links
Flex WebService invokeAllPending never called
set const member value from subclass
ASP.NET MVC - Upload a file with SignalR
SQL Server - use columns from the main query in the subquery
UIButton in table footer view not responding to touches when keyboard shown
mobile drag when overflow = hidden - jquery
Has the Java language maintained source-code backward compatibility throughout its history?
Issue with my Space Invaders Clone
jQuery UI not loading
How get value in parent element? (JQuery)
how to define special characters in array implementing java Application?
sed: joining lines depending on the second one
Go through a checked listbox and check all items C#
Calculating Points for Users in Rails 3
Issues Overloading CTOR's in Scala
How can you harvest files for Inno Setup
Get GMT String from current Date
PHP mail function randomly adds a space to message text
making different views in silverlight
Attempting to use SQL-Developer to analyze a system table dump created with 'exp'
How to kill /re-start a long running task
how to avoid averageifs #DIV/0! using VBA
supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource [duplicate]
Listview, onItemClickListener and EditText
Caching until data changes in ASP.NET MVC & Entity Framework 4.1
generate .mht file programmatically
Fancybox 2 breaking in PhoneGap
chooseCancelOnNextConfirmation alternative in Selenium RC
Python watch long running process, alert after so many minutes?
Why would a keyframe in Flash fail to update an object's position as defined in the keyframe when the play head is sent to that frame?
How to find out if/when a github merge request had been released as a gem
How create dynamic view page and css file in mvc3
How to access android MMS resources such as video/audio etc?
click handler is not working on image
WPF ListBox Scroll to the bottom
Building Spring & Spring Security 3.1 With Maven
Extract onclick location.href from jquery object as a string
way to allocate more than 1000 achievement points?
How to regex scrape HTML and ignore whitespace and newlines in code?
Control the way form validation errors are displayed in Symfony2
How can make a device phone call by android using phoneGap and Sencha Touch 2?
Adding a dictionary to Aspell/Pspell
execution of JAVA application with System.load(dll)
How to specify multiple author(s) / email(s) in
How to create a 鈥渇avorites bar鈥�by dragging table elements into a dropdown menu
Routing in ASP.NET Web Forms with Forms Authentication
matplotlib draw() freezes window
Launching same script (as parent script) in jQuery UI Dialog fails
Symfony 2 - Where should I put a utility class?
How to link Id from one table with another
Does RTTI work with final?
How to focus on JS popups in Firefox & IE?
add/remove socket descriptors from poll()
How to change a cell's code after it's been moved in Excel using VBA
Force image style to overwrite existing css?
Test Regex in the new version of Google Analyitcs
how to render a rabl view in a rake task?
IE hidden input value always blank
Reverse projecting screenspace coordinate to modelspace coordinates
How to make UITableView footer for section not sticky [duplicate]
how to match index values in XPath Java
How to turn off AxisAngleRotation3D animation in code behind? wpf
AttributeError in Python when creating FileCookieJar (cookielib Py 2.6)
When I use Fixture with SqlAlchemy in my unit tests, why am I unable to confirm changes to the database during test?
Reverse projecting screenspace coordinate to modelspace coordinates
How to make UITableView footer for section not sticky [duplicate]
how to match index values in XPath Java
How to turn off AxisAngleRotation3D animation in code behind? wpf
AttributeError in Python when creating FileCookieJar (cookielib Py 2.6)
When I use Fixture with SqlAlchemy in my unit tests, why am I unable to confirm changes to the database during test?
Preventing object from getting stuck on walls and rapidly bouncing between two points
Binding TabItem Header to Textblock in Style?
Node inspector - debug-brk not breaking on first line
MVC [Autorize] plus Roles from string
Difference between Parameters.Add and Parameters.AddWithValue
Date Ranges in jqGrid Searches
How to Create and manage Footer Menu in Drupal?
Fastest way to build hierarchical structure
IE9 and AJAX - List Not Refreshing (ASP.NET and MVC3)
How to write path such that you first go up a directory up and then down into other directories?
Posting data with curl - actually refreshing to the next page
How to get the Advantage Database data in MVC3?
How to retrieve LASTEST emails from a POP3 Server?
Faceted time series with mean profile in ggplot2
What's the standard way to set up a dev environment on a Mac?
How to save BitmapData to Bitmap *.bmp file, or much faster JPE Encoding method
Capturing telnet session - pexpect and telnetlib too slow
StringBuilder is working abnormally while using it in Recursion
Struts2: Changing the starting iterator value
Using two different structs for the same data
python regular expression matching either all uppercase letter and number or just numbers
oracle query error: exact fetch return more than requested no of rows
Can't instantiate Path() class on Javafx 2.0
HTML Text with tags to formatted text in an Excel cell
How to make a condition on multi-valued field in solr
TabHost and call the same activity
How to enable compile-time aspectj weaving for Eclipse embedded Tomcat
Ajax post in MVC 3 with multiple-form View
Change background color of GridView row in a ListView
Is there a way to view who viewed/accessed a file in linux? [closed]
WPF display message instead of menu items in menu when bound menus list is empty
FDT, Compile css to swf
C#/ Html Agility pack error 鈥淰alue cannot be null. Parameter name: Source.鈥�
JQuery Dialog Load Page Containing Javascript Code
MySQL query using filesort and temporary
Associating Contacts with a User
How to examine implicit/rich conversions and implemented traits in the REPL
What is a standard way to display errors in jQuery Mobile
wampserver doesn't go green - stays orange
How to maintain lists of 'currently most popular' items for each item category, in a web application?
Gecoder Installation
Good Address/String parsing libraries in java?
UIImageView image not crisp with UIViewContentModeAspectFit
I added class directory via Flex Build Path/Source Path, and now 'building workspace' takes forever
I added class directory via Flex Build Path/Source Path, and now 'building workspace' takes forever
Incorrect result in LLVM Alias Analysis
jQuery .animate() background image conditional statement
Project structure for python projects
Ubuntu - List folder in a partition
Django: Most efficient Many-To-Many-Relationship addition without through-model?
Reading LogEntries configuration from the environment
Pretty key names in C# (Forms)
How does a lexer generator identify the keywords of a grammar?
Adding to the session number
AWS Customizing single ELB to serve 2 kind of services
AutoMapper comma delimited string
How can I tell programatically if a filename I am asking for exists on a webserver?
Android stand alone and service in different apks
configure xserver warning - unrecognized options: --with-fontdir, --with-dri-driver-path
JavaScript: file input onclick prevent change if user cancels confirm()
Android - adding AppWidgets to an Activity
How do I fire a custom event in SWT?
How to get the current value of the title attribute in a select?
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: ArgumentError: negative string size (or size too big): SELECT * FROM [shop]
JS Runtime bug in OS X Safari?
Storyboard buttons wont push Seque
Regex: only allow a single slash at the end?
How do I set the number of nodes visible on the front page?
How do I have the scala compiler infer one type from another?
Is there a way to evaluate the Jacobian in Matlab?
how to stop timers when leaving a 鈥渟creen鈥�
Is an application-wide 鈥渟ettings table鈥�a good idea?
Regex to select a pattern of SubString
can't require ruby aws-s3
How to improve SQLAlchemy performance?
How is the whole thing working?
How can I setup reverse proxy on IIS, allowing cross-host communciation between and
Knockoutjs array.length is makes the whole javascript stop working
Why should our eventhandler or member variables are declared protected in codebehind
Adding textures to a three.js shape after it has gone throught a CSG.js process
Creating multiple FileWriter objects in a loop
Why does the decider get invoked multiple times
how to convert BGR byte array to image
Simple way to have button open blank screen
Make @Html.Checkboxfor fire JQuery click event
forward declaration of a struct in C?
Responsive MATLAB GUI without calling drawnow() directly
tools to get a list of all the subroutines(methods, functions)
jQuery equivalent of querySelector
Firefox Extension Error (chrome.manifest)
Regex match base64 encoding in email subject
XNA set key to released?
Under what conditions will winsock blocking send() return 0?
IOS Video Player
Can i call tableView cellForRowAtIndexPathtableView in heightForRowAtIndexPath to find cell's size if I have a custom cell?
Download content from UITableView Cell
How do I do a Complex Model Binding with helper functions in MVC3?
WatiN BrowserNotFoundException after upgrading to IE9
how do i detect the output of failed files using requirejs optimizer
Finding where command line output is created in a complex program
64 bit integers or UUID V5 or 64 characters long UID(sha 256) for User Id (uid) generation?
Queens exercise in java using stacks
Suppress the date, time and file name in tail output
Passing TextBox value from jquery dialog to variable in a function
awk and grep for existence
Clear ComboBox selected text
changing active control using fontdialog and RichEdit
.orig file structure changing after doing ftp from windows to unix
Java Graphics Font - How to make sure the text is kept in one line?
How do I require a password for access to a folder in php
Is it possible to place a map marker with a highscore on a Google map in Android by pressing a button?
C#: Could not load file or assembly 'OpenPop, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies
Swing/AWT - Creating GUI programatically
Should everything really be a bundle in Symfony 2.x?
Is there a way to view poller information in the decider or activity workflow worker
Android onConfigurationChanged: how to save and restore fragment back stack?
OpenId4Java not working for me
if command in python
GPU acceleration crashes website
XCode Build and Archive for Enterprise Distribution builds old archive
How to force control content redraw within event handler
django access field across multiple models
grabbing a google map link
Is it possible to migrate all forum post and user data from Simple:Press wordpress plugin to Vanilla Forums?
What is the hokey to switch from XAML tab to Design tab in Visual Studio 2010
Adding a Reference to System.Web
Devise: Authentication after Registration without Confirmable
Hidden field becomes null when binding it in stripes actionbean
Rails 3.1: Jbuilder rendering empty views
Latest possible FILETIME
Qt, windows and _POSIX_
Programmatically create map from google map tiles?
UTF-8 encoding does not work properly with Internet Explorer but works perfectly with Mozilla Firefox
X509 Certificate with Subject UID
How to find connecting routes between 2 points/nodes?
how to delete cookies set from a site which viewed from a php script?
How can I initalize WPF content without selection events triggering?
No such column error in sqlite in Android
Trying to solve the 鈥渦ndefined method 'xxx' for class Syck::DomainType鈥�error
Create a grid of 3d positions
Python3 Add 鈥溾� to a variable print(value) that is a simple name
Faking TCP requests in C#
c# Excel Interop - Borders lost on multiple Range.Insert()s
How to get the value from a dynamic variable in windows batch file
How to run long running report in the background
How to check if a function (e.g. server-running-p) is available under Emacs?
SWT Tree on Mac - 'Source list'
Version control and Visual Studio Solutions
make a com reference local
Calling fnStandingRedraw to retain the current pagination settings in Datatables using javaScriptSupport.addInitializerCall
Controller in other package ( CakePHP 2.1 )
AS3 gotoAndPlay after video finishes playing
Write a function GeneratePassword which accepts two arguments, an integer and a character string consisting of letters (a-z) and digits (0-9) [closed]
Order by on a group sum criteria
adding inline style to last li using jquery
Ampersand & with const in constructor
Pointers to objects in C++
How to improve performance of this control?
No console output when running LuaJava Hello, World program
DropDownListFor in MVC3
ZendFramework Log Errors
bad file descriptor in raw socket
how to run a php file from another server?
Can I Create Two Entity Framework Contexts That Have The Exact Same Model For Both Contexts?
Why do I have a slow initial response using by the Active Directory server?
Why when i add an item in bag collection nhibernate automatically insert in database?
simple database query for mysql
TFS WebAccess API - attaching file and details
Set background color with text from url?
timezone aware vs. timezone naive in python
Double precision - decimal places
How to transform a SoapObject in a legible data?
How to display information taken from text area in netbeans (for a GUI)?
play framework 2.0 support memcached锛�
Error creating OpenShift application in Eclipse
How can I prevent R from loading a package?
Setting Up Rails 3.2.2 App on Heroku with sqlite3 locally
Running Selenium Server standalone 2 as a service in windows XP
Application_Error doesn't triggers at Server
how to use more element in listview?
How to walk if-else block in ANTLR?
Wrong method signature when creating web service in Axis2 in JAVA
TimeInterval calculation issue
Qt: what happens if you send out signals too quickly?
downcasting in Qt
UpdatePanel doesn't update
Delphi image canvas鈥�paint an area (triangle, rectangle, polygons)
Can I assign a id to a drawable, which I construct programmatically?
iPad App - how to change UITableViewCell style?
How to display a message when a selectbox value is select?
ASP.NET MVC: GET params not properly deserialized
about method predict in treebagger class in matlab
How to construct Manager object in http-conduit?
Look in direction of 2d Vector
How to construct Manager object in http-conduit?
Look in direction of 2d Vector
RavenDB - Fastest Insert Performance - What is the benchmark?
Spring, JPA 鈥�integration test of CRUD of entity which has many transitive dependencies of other entities
Special characters between Android application and PHP script
How can a JQuery plugin be reloaded/redrawn/updated to refresh it's values?
Loading Nested UserControls not nesting properly
MonoDroid - Draw Ellipse in runtime
Shell: How to delete mercurial files using an automated script?
JPA @ElementCollection Error on Play Framework
Can't place a spry menu bar on top of an image in HTML, DW CS5
Html elements with same 鈥渢op鈥�value appearing in different locations
what type of database I should use for my code? [closed]
How can I record voice from microphone in wave format in windows RT?
Save Backbone.js Model and update entire Collection
glViewport different result in Android and iOS
Where do I place the startup code in NetBeans Platform
Datastores for multiple platforms. Should I be using CoreData for our environment?
Javascript auto update page?
Styles Code Wrong [closed]
C Programming - Changing chars of a string array element [duplicate]
Heroku App (play) working fine locally, then not saving to database on server
Why doesn't ArrayList print correctly?
iOS Storyboard designed apps
Uploadify button text
Temporarily forcing LazyInitializationExceptions
if checkbox 1 checked select all checkboxes 2 where value in checkbox 2 IN checkbox 1 value array
CSS background image not loading, being overridden?
conditional test if integer is equivalent to a set of known integer constants C#
Jboss 4.2.2 Generated WSDL does not contain info about static variables
ember.js - select view template by model type/object value
point iframe to webserivce to downlaod file
Fast Connected Component Identification in Undirected Graphs in R
Are event handlers guaranteed to complete before AJAX callbacks are invoked?
Better way to avoid casting?
combining strings using recursion
How to make a scrolling background?
how to instantiate android service with an constructor?
How do I stop the monkey madness?
Serialize HashMap as root element with Simple
Pointer Address gives a 1 instead of hexadecimal adress
Why do MVC frameworks in PHP not persist between requests?
Break after so many divs
SSRS 2008 Sorting Not working
Return form after JQuery Form Submit
LINQ Intersection of two different types
Errors when using 4 yaxis
How to test 鈥淩eset field spec鈥�using capybara?
Is there a way to sandbox parts of a java process on Android?
Can i put a color changer in a loop?
Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 - but column count is correct [duplicate]
How to load a page in background?
Creating an in memory constant when django starts
git hooks: Detect which system is running
UIToolbar Items are not showing in popover
Why does anonymous user still construct a controller marked [Authorize]?
How to use JSF datatable in Struts2?
How can I use a html link in UIWebView to push a view on to the stack?
photo striped / scratched (the thumbnail view perfect)
Wrong Assembly Version Loaded
How to set the default button for a TextBox in ASP.Net?
Reading STL files in Flash
Merging two lists with no dups
Error copying data into iplimage
Avoiding eval in assigning data to struct array
HTML5 Canvas - Scalable section with a preview and the different dimensions of the image
How to format a column in DataGridView with C#
Flickering on fullscreen
Are utm_source and utm_medium always required for link tagging in Google Analytics?
onTouchEvent() only works in empty spaces?
Is this the correct way to resolve conflicts from a git pull/merge?
PHP function to scrape first image
Why are my Jinja tracebacks meaningless?
Bind custom data to a user?
How to use Distinct, Sort, limit with mongodb
Number of Processors in Clojure? Java interop
notserializableexception for an object whose class implements Serializable
db table or text files for stream content
ImageView resizes when I addView
Grails Config.groovy file read from a file
Table borders not drawn in HTML4+
Maintain PHP Session in web app on iPhone
Ajax Partial View - Updates entire page
Speeding up System.Collection.Generic.Queue() possible?
MySQL using a index_merge and intersect instead of a ref and where
How to run a Ruby project on localhost and web simultaneously?
Local instance of a base enum or passing enum collection?
Adding a Unique Constraint over multiple columns with violating rows
Writing a ParseKit grammar with a varying number of fields (in order)
Where is the most recent version of the Kundera tutorial?
How do I use a JSON file with weka
Track position of a Zaber device as it moves
insert query is giving no error but is not inserting in the database
Doctrine innerjoin
SQL Network Interfaces error: 26, but not connection string, is it Entity Framework?
How to add a detailed if condition in a sproc?
how can i develop a blogging application in mvc? [closed]
Simple login/auth that works out of the box?
how to avoid clear notifications when activity finishes
CSS percentage widths and heights and resolution problems
ASP.NET MVC Redirecting to PDF but getting 404 on Development server
Cannot get output volume from any audio devices from cocoa objective-c
Dereferencing a pointer to out-of-scope static data in C
Navigation Controller 鈥渂ack button鈥�text: Presented Modally
Access to Path Denied when writing from WCF Service to a network share
How can I echo a COUNT query
Can we do Parallel EF LINQ Queries?
BuildAgent access to xcopy and attrib when run as a service
Compile ruby script into exe?
Appending to a Python list without making list of lists
Loading PHP variable in Javascript function
What happens when a connection pool is exhausted?
stuck at the basic - get the launch up and running
Visual Studio - Cursor offset?
VWD 2010 Express won't use default browser
Disable tabs when the data not pass the validation
Unable to find a generated key in Java using PreparedStatement's getGeneratedKeys()
How do I delete space between two tables in HTML email?
Combine md5 sums of parts to get md5 sum of full string
Multpile stdin using in python (for bowtie)
Check validation directly on the model
Can not upload images to face book
Converting File to String
Width of DIV dependent on width of window [closed]
Django/Python convert float during list comprehension
Firefox use the 鈥渞estore last session鈥�function on web aplication
How can I read with SQL AS generic_name the Text of entries
Basic Pointer Arithmetic that has me stumped
ElasticSearch issue with querying a multi-valued property
What's the relation between WinAPI and .NET?
Cal functions of same name from different files
display leading zero in a gtk.SpinButton
Can it possible to send mails by bash script via smtp?
Reading from two files and taking cross product
Ajax return var with server response
mule - how to map components in xml to backing source code
WPF adorner with controls inside
wpf combobox style
Is it possible to add post-install commands to top level Makefile generated by cmake?
Cannot get android MediaPlayer onCompletion to fire
how i'm i suppose to unit test this
Winforms - how to show/hide elements in designer?
Sublime vintage mode (vim) delete, yank, change to regex
Ruby, DB2/400, ibm_db causing 鈥渟egmentation fault鈥�
R syntax for selecting all but two first rows
jquery populate select list
MVC3 <authentication> and <authorization> inside a <location> attribute
Installing Visual C# 2008 Express on Vista Business and UAC issue
Group objects with matching properties into Lists
Django ORM query for friends of a user
Allow users to manualy overide geolocation
Replace function calls in external javascript file from WebView android
Beans validation mutli lang message fail
is it possible to add manipulations e.g. mouse event to 3d primitives in drawingsurface in silverlight 5?
How to integrate ASP.NET MVC-3 with existing ASP.NET-4 Website
Numpy/Python performing vs. Matlab
Delphi and WMI Networking
failure of installing RTextTools
Quartz Scheduler Cluster Time Sync
Absolute positioned ul stratch parent div
Combining SQL queries
Create mysql table directly from CSV file using the CSV Storage engine?
XCode - QR Code Detection change to specific view
generating images at runtime or not?
An error with a recursive function in a maze generating algorithm in Java using Eclipse
time calculating in a variable
CSS Grid System for 1003px Width base [closed]
Changing filling in QProgressBar
From my Rails form, I'm getting a 404 Error. Anyone know how to properly set up this AJAX form?
Is there a way to recognize if I'm running app from XCode
how to change openlayers marker icon?
How to keep response body on non-200 responses in Oracle UTL_HTTP?
XSLT: Make paths resolve in the template/relative to the template
Passing a variable to the i18n translations in simple_form
Customised email alerts through MailChimp API
C++ multidimensional array of struct
LINQ: Use .Except() on collections of different types by making them convertible/comparable?
When and why I should use NamedNativeQuery or NamedQuery annotation
SVN Not a working directory
File path issues
Delegate to 'Parent' ViewController best practice
how to save the order of levels in a data frame?
how to send an id value from a gridView to the database?
Images won't center
iOS - How to know when NSOperationQueue finish processing a few operations?
Problems rendering to texture - scaling issues(?)
Pros & Cons, keeping static references to Typeface for reuse across layouts?
Correct object not passing to remote form
migrating to facelets 2.0 from facelets 1.x
How to syncronize Data with a ServerDatabase?
Ruby Backticks - break command into multiple lines?
JVM option to output finalized objects
attached property within control style definition
Excel XLSX XML manipulation: Avoiding 鈥渘umber stored as text鈥�and non-calculating formulas when modifying XLSX guts directly?
How to put your android application on Android Market for free? [closed]
PhoneGap 1.5 ChildBrowser can't show local file
In the MVC paradigm, Is the View init in the Controller or is the Controller init in the View?
When checking for a type, is it better to use 鈥渋s鈥�with 鈥渁s鈥�or just 鈥渁s鈥�and a null check? [duplicate]
Pass `List<List<Bitmap>>` as ref
Why is this greasemonkey/javascript code operating on colons?
Tab completion only exists for ls but not for other commands on some linux boxes
How to use SynonymFilterFactory in Solr?
ActionBarSherlock getMenuInflater issues
how to load xml from this code please
Unkown error in uploadify
CSS Cleanup--is body h2 redundant?
How to create a Facebook-like tool tip layout using Twitter Bootstrap?
Don't know how to access property from class method in Xcode
Tips to increase performance of the .NET client data context in WCF data services?
Alias in bash not working [closed]
How secure this signature based authentication for mobile devices is
jQuery.ajax() charset error only in Internet Explorer 9
How to upload data using chunked encoding?
Determination of SMS Gateway to use for phone numbers?
jQuery append after into an element before
Proguard stack
And difference between FirstOrDefault(func) & Where(func).FirstOrDefault()?
Helper class cannot be found by autoloader in my Zend Framework application
Do JS use Non blocking I/O at OS level to support AJAX?
Connecting Buttons which are added using interface Builder using code - Beginner
on Android, embedded html5 video tag would stretch the video playback
Generate stored procedures for SQL Server
How can I create an Action<T> in F#?
Magento - How to change the font throughout the site using typekit?
Specifying timeout while fetching/putting data in memcache (django)
In Composite C1, How to apply same blog application/module to multiple pages
Can AJAX or PHP 鈥渆cho鈥�too much?
jQuery+ajax form validation and submission with a twist
Powershell: Using Copy-Item to copy a file from TFS Server to another destination
Recorded audio won't play in Android Media player?
How do you auto generate SDF in Code First approach
Which mouse button was clicked onmouseup in javascript?
C++11 does not deduce type when std::function or lambda functions are involved
How to prevent ungraceful shutdown of applications ran in my batchfile
Order loop by value of variable PHP
Array of All Images on the device - Android
Devise - send confirmation mail manually
Please change my regex patterns
How to install gcc in Mac OS X Lion
jQuery autocomplete multiples w/remote data through Rails
Retrieve CMS Pages Dynamically and Add Active State Based on Current Page Identifier in Magento
saveAll doesn't save associated data in cakephp 2.0 after processing the form with multiple select
JNI return type
Refresh page after AJAX request in jQuery Mobile
REST Service returning object aborts
Twitter Bootstrap does not resize(well) on mobiles
Python lists vs C arrays : 100x slower? [closed]
Showing a warning message for blackberry users with a OS older than v6.0
Where do I put META-INF in Eclipse?
Error - can't add new key into hash during iteration
Print db content into multiple textboxes without using dataset
How to disable method interceptor at runtime
using same authentication credentials between ios apps
Python leading underscore _variables
Ways of filling 10 places with number from [1..10] such that digit at ith place has value atmost 1 more than the largest value at ith place
How to remove a previously added decorator on a resource?
Show total number of pages in an RDLC report toolbar
How to print from GitHub
dragdrop save div/img position on page
How to remap CSS shortcut key in Mac Bluefish text editor
Getting javascript error with a for loop even though it's working
using RavenDB for Bulk inserts of data
How do CRC algorithms work for CCITT16 and how to get one for CCITT8
Login Page using ASP.Net & Ajax
Jenkins slave jobs failing on 鈥淯nexpected termination of channel鈥�
How to use access arrays dynamically?
Solving a postfix notation expression in c#
Php/Wordpress: Storing post content into variable?
Race condition and unlocked write
XPath to verify every parent node has required child node
flex PopUpManager.createPopUp ignores PopUpManagerChildList.PARENT
tkinter keyboard interrupt isn't handled until tkinter frame is raised
Java lib between ajax and database
Highlight text defined by pattern
Serialize Document
Nonstandard django multi-select widget?
Opening Binary Files in Fortran: Status, Form, Access
css absolute position won't work with margin-left:auto margin-right: auto
ScrollView in text from url
Handling Charset (User input -> Php -> Mysql and back again)
Automatically update php loop with data pulled from database
Pros/Cons of Stream[Reader/Writer]
Entity Framework Update Navigation Entity
How are most people using MDX queries? Should I be using MDX results to drive a web UI?
Moving data from Oracle to SQL Server 2008
Dynamic size of subviews of UITableViewCell with storyboard prototypes
QPID C++ Client Multi-threaded optimizations
How to pass double value to a textview in Android
Count the total records containing specific values
Transpose php datetime+timezone function into js function
How to disable updates during initialization time?
First steps after activating ECB first time
How to set Mozilla preferences from Java when using the SWT browser widget?
How to find the differences between frames using OpenCV?
Need code in C# .net to read rfid tag values in windows mobile emulator
Thread safe public string
DataTable.Select as DataSource of DataList
silverlight business application - mysql/net 6.5.4 connector - object reference not set
Fatal Error: Using $this when not in object context
Arrays with C++ CLR
Need code in C# .net to read rfid tag values in windows mobile emulator
Thread safe public string
DataTable.Select as DataSource of DataList
silverlight business application - mysql/net 6.5.4 connector - object reference not set
Fatal Error: Using $this when not in object context
Arrays with C++ CLR
Waypoints - Sticky Header Navigation. Links Are Highlighted Upon Scrolling Down But Not Scrolling Up
Return SQL MAX, with other data in table
Listview has transparent space between its views - how to remove it?
How can I find the size of a struct from a System.Type? [duplicate]
Jquery DataTable auto scroll to bottom on load
GWT:How to access java variable from JSNI
CodeIgniter Active Record Queries W/ Sub Queries
node.js modules pass object to singleton
Dynamic C# object to session variable?
How to change footer Powered by Drupal and its link?
Does anyone know of a good SEAM 3 example in production?
hl-line-mode + scroll-step + highlight-parentheses -> emacs goes crazy
Automatically print a PDF (as a byte[])
fsx script referencing a dll referencing many dll
How can i output a process id in a bash script using jps command?
Validate XML against schema on Android using Xerces
Subversion says my file 鈥渞emains in conflict鈥�
PHP, XML, DOM 鈥�how to make sure that final xml file encoding=utf-8?
CMD compare variable with list item
jqGrid - Grouping fields in edit form
SQL Server INSERT trigger to set initial dates syntax
OpenXML SpreadsheetML Sideways text
Distinguishing POST from GET with window.location?
jQuery UI slider - Can it look like this?
Is it good practice to use this NSManagedObjectContext throughout the all app
What is the meaning of 'idx_categories_desc_categories_name' in osCommerce
OpenAllWhitelistURLsInWebView for Android in Cordova/Phonegap
Exception writing an ArrayList to File
How can I make the JQuery addon 鈥淩ounded Corners鈥�work? (or suggest a better option)
Jquery ID Attribute Contains With Selector and Variable
Deadbolt issue in Play view
Suitable static DataStructure that is required to be thread safe in an Application for concurrent access from various web clients
State Size on Windows Phone
Crystal Report with Object Dataset
How to add / into the preg_replace pattern
HTML5 Shiv not parsing quick enough
how to get view id using outcome in navigation case in faces-config.xml in jsf
How to limit access to grappelli filebrowser using django auth permissions?
Agilefant wont start [closed]
sql count function
Codeigniter: Passing databa from helper from two database tables
Convert custom string to xml
wxpython filecopy progress bar
iPad book pages--Text or Images?
android : TabHost Gravity isn't work
Creating array for use in CodeIgniter Activerecord input_batch
How validate on save supposed to work
invalid file name in matlab when using file split
Plain Text Java Api Parser? [closed]
How to avoid an opened Comport if it is already opened
Using oracle auto increment trigger with hibernate
How to pass the ids of all the checkboxes to a javascript function
Getting Data from my Web-Service using proxy:Rest from Sencha Touch 2
Exited event handler forcing application to close
Can i use Rails 3 generators when i'm developing gem?
Change the font of whole Android application through preference of the application