Mysql query鈥HERE (comma separated string)IN(Comma separated string)
Eazfuscator.NET Embedding NLog
Oracle homework - I'm stumped
Msbuild WebDirectorySetting doesn't set enabledProtocols setting
Drop down lists in ColdFusion 9
TableView snap to bottom of last cell instead of TableFooterView
Some issue with bufferedReader [closed]
Choosing HTTP Status code
In Flex / AIR: Is it possible to detect the size of a removable volume?
Don't apply highlighting on cursor
Calling infoWindow w/ Google Map V3 API
PostgreSQL Install on Linux error - edb does not exist
How to write a generic web service client
Java - retrieve object of certain class
Delay binding of an expander until it is expanded
Java - making a textbox not lose focus
Why am I getting an error while running Selenium Grid through eclipse?
Android - Pulling SQlite database android device
WScript.Sleep() ~ WSScript is undefined
CALayer - Shadow causes a huge performance hit?
Library for python/perl to get chess eco code based on PGN format
making a ProgressDialog with Asych task
TKCalendar - Custom image for day?
Trace your runtime process as any method calling?
Selector requires drawable attribute?
Thread - synchronizing and sleeping thread refuses to wake up (LINUX)
How to run a function after the canvas has changed in ActionScript 3.0?
Apache mod_rewrite, RewriteCond issue
Python IMAP search using a subject encoded with utf-8
Order a string by considering it as an integer
Adding item to ModelArray without causing it to be saved on DS.Store#commit
Google and Dynamic javascript Drop Down menus
how to create a video upload form in zend framework?
How to enable ctrl + A (check all option ) in a table (inside jsp page ) that has a list of checkbox using jQuery
How do I retrieve and display html/asp/aspx page on different host using jQuery ajax?
How to create broken vertical bar graphs in matpltolib?
fit movies on dvd, working but style/code questions
NServiceBus: NhibernateMessageModule Implementation
RVM: Why my Ruby on Rails project is still running with the Ruby version 1.9.3 even if I am using the 1.9.2?
Semicolon after Function
Adding data from my database to infowindow in Google API V3
How to improve Canvas rendering performance?
Method of system/file/directory/application backup - Linux
how to send warning when run script using Start-Job
Detecting the AirPlay latency
Check In Check Out Work Items in TFS 2010 API
Controller logic to show/skip a view based on selection in a prior view (using a Wizard)
Multiple Forms in same page MVC
How to change the text of a textField from another view
Interactive plot based on Tkinter and matplotlib
Postgres partition pruning
How frequent are network partitions on cloud services? [closed]
Using GWT as portlets for google sites?
Getting Pony or Mail gems to work with Sinatra / Heroku
Highcharts Tooltip - Access 鈥渮鈥�value in series data array
DDoS monitoring and alert
Ckeditor custom plugin is not working
JavaFX 2.0 subwindow
meaning of 鈥淎pplication does not run in background鈥�
List of Acronyms for Text Mining
jQuery - changing image source dynamically flashes original image first then changes it
Is this considered a memory leak?
if/else statement in a function: using onclick as a switch
background color not showing in Internet Explorer and Opera
OCaml Module : include AND open?
Terminate loopless thread instantly without Abort or Suspend
Setting processor affinity within a Linux kernel module
jQuery - smart hovering plugin
facebook send dialog callback not working
Storing data in a map of vectors
Issue with class-cast parsing Java source-code from a plugin project
creating a subscription form for individual objects
鈥淎ccessViolationException was unhandled鈥�error in C# Managed Code
Force full calculation of entire workbook in Coldfusion / Apache POI
Django: Model-dependent Apps to Choose From Based on User
Reference/link to object in javascript using xml
Excel SIN not working with this simple syntax
PHP, database issue
What is this pattern called, and how should it be tested?
Redmine: rake error when installing
How to add inline schema in java with xml
Use Sed to replace a string with another string obtained from a regex
RenderPartial not redering inside of div
how to log http request body and headers while handle error in System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.IErrorHandler
Applying aspects depending on advised object invocation place
IIS 7.5 Custom 404 Error Page Not Working for Web Root Index/Default
A Daemon on the Rocks
Android RelativeLayout make Edit Texts take all space
Change the default padding character in Java printf?
Load Balancing Sort Algorithm
how to create custom stackview for android 2.2 or 2.3
Accessing a Service from within an XNA Content Pipeline Extension
Apache Mina Idle Monitor
Navigation between Silverlight pages with MVVM
Is it possible to get the history of tracks played by XnaMediaPlayer on WP 7
Facebook custom actions wording鈥�Is it possible to add words before the `on`, `via` etc
How do you test Facebook apps that have been released when the auth only calls back to one URL?
Homebrew / TinyTDS / FreeTDS bundle error
How can I replace an existing ImageField object in Django if it is the same as the new image?
How to register a custom speech recognition service?
WPF ListBox Scrolling and Button Visibility
Asset Precompile Error: uninitialized constant Mongo::Logging
Winforms - Execute a function when any form is loaded into the designer
How to detect ajax cross domain request in php
JqueryMobile Loading spinner for a function call
make_hash() function? hash codes?
Best 2D collision detection
Photobucket IOS integration
Are cherry pick merges appropriate in this scheme?
Ionic zip throws exception when saving more than one time
Unexpected performance curve from CPython merge sort
Scaffolding in Wicket
How to store few kbytes of initial data for WP7?
Bare minimum for a Sitecore content delivery set-up
MongoDB sorted geo bounding box
Best way to search and replace a group of strings in another string in java
Unique ID from nginx to node.js app?
Internet Explorer truncating flashVars containing JSON
Can JavaScript be used to push a file to another machine or web service
Hook into django field assignment
How to install Web Dynamic Module in Eclipse?
Adding item to filtered result from ember-data
Permission to save a file to disk with python script, sql server new table connection
posix sem_post can't wake sem_wait where the sem init in thread. linux
PHP PDO::DBLIB, sending query to MS SQL server (wrong encoding?)
PHP Native Function to Filter Common Text Fields
How to avoid label translation when using inline assembly in XLC compiler?
Spring List Binding
What is the best way to get a callback from an instance of a native C++ class to a C++/CX ref class?
How to open and edit a *.gz file within vim (with auto unzip/zip)
Value from Form2 not updating in Form2
url shortening algorithm in c/c++ - interview
Assets are not properly assembled when testing with cucumber
too many open files while using JAX-WS client
API Output Styling
鈥淣ame The Template Parameter鈥�Odd Definition
鈥淣ame The Template Parameter鈥�Odd Definition
Crystal Reports putting a group in different columns
how to use separated encoded polylines in a map using google maps api v3
parsing 鈥渁rguments鈥�in C++
CarouFredSel will load in Firefox but not in Safari or Chrome
What is the best way to use jsduck to document event handlers?
Ajax generated form not sending updated values after initial request
Why can't I make a proper SQL/PHP query using javascript?
QRCode which contains an image and text?
RegistryTools in C#
How do I plot data labels alongside my data in a bar graph
Libs for complex animation of groups of objects in as3
Java Swing - how to add image in north of Jpanel
C# split results of a query based on Date(Month) and Group
How to pass data from database to JSF page?
Is there a (legal) way to capture the ENTIRE screen under iOS?
Fast way to convert a string to a struct
(SOLVED)Deleting from Android SQLite Database
Service dying, seeing 鈥淎ctivityManager: Timeout executing service鈥︹� in logs. Cause?
Make Android jenkins build fail if tests fail
jQuery Deep linking, load content from div in other page issues
android wait asynctask to finish
Overlay smaller image in a larger image in OpenCV
Openflow controller in java? [closed]
How to validate image width and height on upload with carrierwave, mini magick and mongoid?
Getting NZEC in Java Code
Jquery toggle span text in trigger
Controller.User is Null During Unit Test
Unit testing private members using *_Accessor
Android WebView/WebViewClient crash using emulator after browsing using loadUrl
user is logged out from facebook, but website still gets his data
How to handle URL differences from DEV to LIVE environments?
Using OPENXML in SQL Server 2008 stored proc - INSERT order differs from XML document
Why can't I pass a variable as format string to System.out.printf (鈥� in java?
Designing a splash screen (java)
Referenced Assembly Not Found - How to get all DLLs included in solution
How does GuitarToolkit show a persistent active banner when in background?
How to distinguish Windows driver from dll
RSS reader error while formatting Date
Why doesn't the text change color when I edit the css page?
How can I update contents on an HTML5 web application
Highlight points with different colors using opengl
How to change int value in block?
Replace CSS url()'s?
ob_start(); in php?
Creating associations for subscription-based model?
What is the purpose of and java.awt.Color.BLUE
NuGet package restore *without* changing every project in the solution to import the NuGet.targets MsBuild task
std::mutex performance compared to win32 CRITICAL_SECTION
Cannot access inner class in bean
Making multiple SSL requests fast in Python 2.x
mq_open: Invalid argument
Randomly get a emtpy message in networkstream Read
Error when executing a JAR file
jQuery Tag-It - using a value and label object list
Control Windows App with Python
鈥�[__NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: mutating method sent to immutable object鈥�when calling selectRowIndexes:byExtendingSelection:
Andengine Demo Nullpointer
what's the best practice for pooling Hive JDBC connections
How to avoid having to use @SupressWarnings?
Change User Agent in php.ini
Ruby on Rails - Delayed job in model
Retaining NSMutableArray values [closed]
rails flexible authorization
MVC 3 Routing and Action Links not following expected contextual Route
Call to EnvDTE.TextSelection.FindPattern from PowerShell fails with type mismatch
Get the Current Temperature in iOS
running transactions in db.Model subclassed put
ResXResourceWriter deletes another entries in resource file
CSS clip corners?
Android accounts restriction
PHP Get name of current directory
Create a configuration available in the hooks
how can i send image via activities in android
Implementing OAuth 2.0 Provider using Coldfusion
Wrong distance returned by ElasticSearch distanceInKm Unable to validate data
Matlab openfig on headless display
std::map works on Windows 32bit but crashes on 64bit
jquery togglefunction
Using onpause() method when opening an wireless settings activity
SQL Server 2008 Adds Namespace prefixes p1, p2, p3 etc
Can I display contents of Application or Cache objects using Glimpse in an MVC project?
Creating a post by sending HTTP request to Facebook API
Why is my Perl regex removing the . before the file extension?
JAXB : Please verify the structure for the XML to java in JAXB
jquery change() not accepting selectors
update in database in JDO using google app engine didn't work?
I tried to change all links to nofollow etc. before they are posted to the db
Issues in caching internal SQLITE rowid in Android
path of local file
The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache
How to fasten the While Loop
htaccess ignores wordpress folders and directories
Java applet can't find JavaPOS configuration files
Make Connect Fail If the server is not waiting in accept call
MonoDroid onClick From XML No Such Method Error
C# performance varying due to memory
Android Fragments and findFragmentByTag()
jQuery-Galleriffic, get title of current image
getting the orientation(Roll, Pitch, Yaw) angles of the mobilePhone using Sensor Manager?
Call external site webmethod using jsonp?
External link is not opening
ExtJS 4 Chart Axis Display Issue in Chrome
How to pass class member functions to a method in a 3rd party library?
How to read environment variables in Scala
How to check user's perms in a logical way?
How to find out the max / latest multi dimensional arrays
Converting for loop to do while loop in C++
Set up foreign key without InnoDB
Creating a hashmap of array list not working as expected
Can you access defined cascaded styles individually that are associated with an html tag?
Can Selenium be used to test something created in Lively Kernel? Is there any tool that would work to test Lively Kernel?
Soundpool onloadcomplete notification
Using Rx to execute delayed action with cancellation
Android and time
fastest way to sort list of strings
How does Xuggler's IPacket corresponds with FLV tags or tag part?
add a vertical 50% line to a ggplot2 point chart
Caliburn.Micro getting it to bind UserControls in a MainView to their ViewModels
I want to freeze header part (Header, logo etc) in wordpress
How do I resolve this Weblogic intermittent java.lang.LinkageError? What are the steps to understanding what it means and fix it?
What tools are best suited to create a web page with a visual display updating in real time?
How to run MonoTouch unit tests in MonoDevelop?
Force save files all browsers - not open in browser window
How to fix these 2 notices I recieve
Twitter bootstrap - Fixed layout with scrollable sidebar
Windows 7 Delphi5 FormPaint and TopMost not working
Missing dates program
Generic object/class type to pass back to httppost?
Immutable dictionary, only use as a key for another dictionary
using regular expressions to pull information from a file
Visual Studios C# - Adding, reading, removing data from Database
Formatting localtime() in perl script
Pushing update events without flooding the client. Clean way to do this?
Is it possible to instantiate a WebServiceHost via an instance of the sevice type, without a parameterless constructor?
spinner in dialog with invalid statement in fillwindow()
how do i work with ListView.Item.CurrentItem
Java Servlet - Logger and configuration file
Static member in C++ programming
Using environment variable (get its value from awk command) as a condition in while
C# (Mono) - HttpWebResponse won't scale for concurrent outbound requests
rails 3.2 ruby 1.8.7 iconv (LoadError)
cannot use RemoteObject with BlazeDS in actionscript project
Learning Construct 2 [closed]
鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.InternalError: fillbuf
What's the most efficient way of inserting dynamically loaded JavaScript and CSS into a page?
How to convert a tab-separated 鈥�txt鈥�file into Excel 鈥�xls鈥�format using java?
Trying to apply image fade in on click event to each image in an array in jquery
Twitter Bootstrap Caurosel.js and Rails
How to declare Java Array and insert data into it
Initializing Nested strongly typed objects in LINQ to Entities
What is and isn't available to class methods in python?
unique rows with COUNT and a BLOB column - DB2
Jframe dispose and mySQL connection relation
Installing perftools.rb via proxy
Maven start TestNG tests from jar
ActiveX Can't Create Object
3D maps library for android
Memory leaks on dynamically added Text View on Android
Java Illegal start of type error
How do I telnet to a specific port on a Windows 8 Consumer Preview machine?
File writing conflicts : file_get_contents() & fputs()
Multiple Facebook Comments Instances
Microsoft CRM 2011 Online Fetchxml Report Error when loading into CRM
Concatentate values for each id [duplicate]
comparison of Date with nil failed - ruby
jQuery JSONP request of image gets 403 error
SSAS Cube Grouping
ToolTip for own drawings
Batch tab on a form
css margins issue
Best way to define a range table with range of data
Issue on start-up with Hazelcast (CONCURRENT_MAP_PUT)
Splitting an array into further arrays based on values
Squeak: Testing and using streams
styles and theme
Python subprocess wildcard usage
Hide 鈥淟oad More鈥�link when no more posts to load
Can't a durable subscription consumer consume more than 1 message at the same time?
Ajax Chosen fails to receive response from server
Autocentering picture in a control
Thread.Join in UI thread also blocking child thread
Entity Framework is padding out my text fields although they are not Fixed Length
Letting :hover transition complete even when not hovering on element
Can't run my Android application on my phone
Locating specific item css in joomla 2.5
Slick2D and JBox2D. How to draw
Problems loading .class file with getResourceAsStream()
Linq Group on Multiple Fields - VB.NET, Anonymous, Key
snmpwalk can't walk table with 鈥渁ccessible-for-notify鈥�item
renderRequest is not accessible in liferay portlet
A route from vector drawing -> c# windows application
Determine whether field in MySql indexed column is numeric using index semantics
How to make mouse navigation?
ColorFunction and Blend with respect to ListDensityPlot in Mathematica
reading/writing preferences
Populate a Select box in HTML using AJAX
Change map colors in iOS MapView?
Fastest way to find any point in triangle 2D
Change map colors in iOS MapView?
Fastest way to find any point in triangle 2D
Dragging desktop images in a swf
How to add Cancel button between two other buttons (stacked) in UIAlertView (iOS)
Hide Android keyboard key preview
Getting Port/URL data from Delphi TISAPIApplication:
How do i display sql an sql query by groups depending on their category?
Hex parsing Engine - Does something already exist?
preg_match username validation regex allows > and < despite those characters not being whitelisted
Using JSF to render images
How to get the response headers from a suds request
How to call WMI using MinGW
How to consume a complex object from a sproc using WCF Data Services / OData?
Convert Name/Value Pair XML to Elements using XSLT
com_users login format view?
How To Use Timing events using JavaScript to Show Then Hide a Message?
Spring BlazeDS Integration configuration error
No Persistence provider for EntityManager when trying to execute query in JPAQL console (IntelliJ Idea 11)
Is it possible to pass a class as a parameter to a function in c++?
Does using leading underscores actually cause trouble?
Prevent trailing spaces during insert
Android shell script to remove all files and folders in a directory except one
Jersey - data validation before sending entity object to REST api
Enumerating DataPoints in view
Obtain social networking information from HTML content
Is it necessary to do Core Data reads within performBlock when using NSMainQueueConcurrencyType?
How to use XmlSimple to produce an XML element with attribute and text node?
Switching control backColor fast
UIImagePicker custom name Images
Writing the logic function for circuits
Dynamically change Telerik Grid formatting
OAuthException when posting to FaceBook wall using PHP?
Animation not starting on element when height=0
Using a variable before it has been assigned a value?
algorithm - How would you determine the minimum number of multiplications to evaluate X to the power 30?
Redirect from Facebook Pinterest app/canvas page
What's 鈥淴-KeepSent鈥�header in email?
How use NTP server when scheduling tasks in Java app?
How to populate flex combo box with xml data
Sync Framework: conflicts not being handled in SimpleSyncProvider
How can a view fill a model?
A Shortest Path Algorithm With Minimum Number Of Nodes Traversed
How can I determine how much of modal VC is covered by the keyboard on iPad?
Including a package in android source code
Is there a gsub alternative for ruby that can run a method everytime a match is made?
Oracle SQL 鈥�find the values NOT in a table
Jquery Timer Slide funciton
Huge HTML Table with fixed header, alignment between header cells and row cells
How can I stop the js response from being executed?
How to cache a mailer view when sending massive email
Rails 3 Object.try Syntax
Showing custom 404 error page with standard http package
Sorting list items of an unordered list in Chrome
jQuery UI dialog() fadeIn issue
Stream multiple files in a simple request with node.js
Sending mass email in ASP.NET
Bug in drawInRect in iOS 5.1
How to update certain column in a table based on duplication of other columns?
Email confirmation on FOSUserBundle Profile Edit
EXC_BAD_ACCESS error when accessing Lua user data in iOS
What does ':..' mean in Haskell?
Android NDK find dynamic link : unable to debug library
How to create a new instance of an object by dynamic lambda and IL?
Unix/C++: Open new terminal and redirect output to it
FileObserver not catching events
Count instances of string in an array
AuthorizeAttribute Reuse
Using regular expressions in Python
It's only displaying option correctly in database
Getting a list of people who liked a URL with Facebook like button
C'tor in c++ class
Windows Forms Elements - Swap Spots
sys.stdout.encoding is None, how can I fix it without changing the script?
Read Console Process Output
JMS Transactions - overhead - how to avoid it, if possible?
C program to copy a file to a location [closed]
Individual video watermark for user
Instanciate a list VS proxy list VS check null reference?
Can EntityUtils.toString() cause a NetworkOnMainThreadException?
Invalid nib registered for identifier ((null)) - nib must contain exactly one top level
Android KSoap2 Response from server array is empty
Why a layer was incorrectly reloaded?
How to use Python OpenCV functions in Sikuli
Which listview event can be used after a ListViewItem.Add?
Trying to simplify the steps for Conditional Compilation in C#
Generics issue - inferred type does not conform to declared bound(s)
Redirect despite remote_form?
Relevant C++ programming books for Real time applications (Games, Simulators and the likes)
CursorAdapter strange behaviour
How can I guarantee an object's lifespan matches the duration of a member function?
Rails: How Does csrf_meta_tag Work?
replace a fragment without onDestroy
Fastest way to loop through SQL table and execute multiple queries [closed]
File redirection from Program data to AppData Local VirtualStore ProgramData
Powershell - copy folders w/o files; files w/o folders; or everything
How can you cast a nested HashMap in an ArrayList
SQL Server ON DELETE Trigger
Scroller Event Issue
Spotify localStorage to file/database?
MVP - Does Presenter load Data from Data Layer and translate to Model?
Azure independent users store and Access Control Service service identities
Get a bad request when try to use .getJSON to call ASP.Net MVC 3 json method
Unable to Sign-out using Devise
PreparedStatement and 'null' value in WHERE clause
Symfony2 : dependency between validation asserts
Shell Script with wget to get date minus 1-day
Adding pages to an OSGI webapp using bundles
Symfony2 access Doctrine Entity Manager in custom class
Streaming htm file with an image into sp_send_dbmail
Accessing camera and placing a button - Beginner
tkinter's .pack_propagate() method
Strange Issue with Video File Upload in CodeIgniter
Can't access canvas element in iframe
Disabling the radio button or score increment after first click
jquery validate add rules for an array input
Using Jquery .toggle() to open a dropdown menu, need the link to change color when clicked
Crash when rotating device - lifecycle issues
Changing MySQL WHERE params
OCUnit tests fail from the command line but work in Xcode when using Keychain Services
EF Migration migrate to 0 call initial creates down
How to set conditional variables in capistrano's deploy.rb
AS3 Dynamic box I should know this
Bean to PreparedStatement
Open Graph Aggregation not previewing or posting
json_encode, json.parse dropping a '+' character?
Content div won't expand to 100% of its container
cudaMemset fails on __device__ variable
getting data from php variable
Working with PHP Echos and mySQL Count queries amongst others
Get all a href links using SimpleHTMLDom library & change these on the 'fly'
Grails installation
Button causing entries in the table to be repeated again and again
recognize multple lines on info.selectionText from Context Menu
Is there an R function that implements the finite element method?
Text is displayed in the background of a indeterminate progress bar in an AutoCompleteTextView
Symfony 1.4: not bringing info from DB or rendering the template
How can I subset the negation of a key value using R's data.table package?
xmlhttprequest to get encryption key + html form - what am I doing wrong
Require help understand design 鈥淣amed Template Arguments鈥�
Ant-TestNG classpath issue: getResource can't find the file
CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls .NET Compact Framework
Error creating a socket in android
How to fix 鈥渕apped entity is required鈥�error?
DataGridView Format Decimal Values with AutoGenerateColumns
Can I use using statement with RHV (right hand value)?
Haskell get a filtered List of integers
jQuery ajax request causes 'not well-formed' error in Firefox
Avoid the execution of a command binded to a button from the Button_Click event if a condition is not satisfied
Dynamic Resize Iframe in Fullcalander
SQL - How to find all linked ids from a table
Dynamic Resize Iframe in Fullcalander
SQL - How to find all linked ids from a table
validation with json - ajax
Undefined symbol 鈥渟tart鈥�while linking D program through LD
Using linq to remove a href tag inside cdata in xml file
php stream any mp4
Passing Value of Text Field Between Views iphone
R: Find and add missing (/non existing) rows in time related data frame
Creating multidimensional array byt merging values
How to use the selected item of a spinner in an if statement (Android in eclipse)
git fetch 鈥渦nable to find鈥�鈥渙bject鈥�not found鈥�errors for stash
Python script to control GUI?
OracleDataAdapter.Fill 鈥淐onnection must be open鈥�error
Django templates: overriding blocks of included children templates through an extended template
Getting a list of children from an array with Parents, without recursion in PHP
Fail to write to file when I force quit
What do time fields in CounterSample mean?
Why getjson return only 1 row
Search in all objects of a NSArray of dictionaries
applet not working in chrome
Play! Framework Historical Data Changes
Is it possible to skin a movie player in iOS 5?
How do you remove repeating events in reactive-banana
Excel if statement with multiple if statements
Android POST without using NameValuePair
how to use google login information to login into my application
Jquery Fade effect on Windows XP & Firefox 11
Exit hook for Java process
htaccess with wildcard SSL
Drawing a checkmark NSString with UIKit doesn't respect fill color
How do I get the attributes of a tag?
Passing a class as a ref parameter in C# does not always work as expected. Can anyone explain?
Fix a variable to a register in LLVM IR
Internet Explorer error using Asp MVC 4.0 FileResult
How to read rows from Lucene.Net's index files
Wi-Fi tethering - how to get list of connected clients
POST values available to all the PHP pages that are INCLUDED in the POST TO page?
(C++) is it unefficient to use a std::vector when it only contains two elements?
appendChild not working properly, shall I find an alternative?
openOptionsMenu function not working in ICS?
Webservice request: Mismatched parameter count
Using a Naive Bayes Classifier to classify tweets: some problems
How to access session from struts form object
jQuery-UI Position not work when the scrollbar
Jenkins Packages on Groovy Classpath?
How do I cherry-pick files to copy in msbuild and preserve the directory structure?
Reading variables out XML to move mouse
Getting mouse coordinates relative to jQuery dialog window and not viewport?
Monitoring/debugging memory usage C
how to judge a page is in a iframe use javascript?
Flash Player plugin inside WebView draws on top of views that should have been on top of the Flash Player
finding _id in Android illegal state exception row 0 col -1
C# Multiple threads (Parallel) accessing static MySQL Connection {get;set;} with locks
ws2007FederationHttpBinding and WIF delegation
Powershell: How to copy a file from TFS to a different destination
Match.Regex syntax
C# How can I capture undo history excel to place it back after event
Why is DBHelper not closed in the Android notepad tutorial?
How do you fix missing 鈥渂locks鈥�of data when taking screenshots on an iOS device?
Simple c# WPF TreeView
Is there an C# equivalent to the PHP function `parse_str`?
R: Reorganize List Into Matrix
Passing a Query String via .HTACCESS
QtConcurrent with member function
Mysql select double constant
Change Phonegap layout in android
MySQL: how can I replace only first char into a record if it contains a determinate char?
Will_paginate in Dynamic pages as 鈥渟earch鈥�
How do I redraw my form after clicking on the Maximize button?
CakePHP find with LEFT JOIN and generate_series
Display all posts from latest taxonomy in wordpress
Why isn't possible to serialize into a Xml File an interface like IList<T>?
using :after and content: in Internet Explorer 8
Profile ninject in mvc3 web application
Why is IE 8 Crashing when loading wordpress website?
Objective-C: Problems accessing objects in other UIViewControllers
RPATH must exist at compile time
Linkedin login advertisment page
JQuery Mobile Collapsible Text Orientation (Position)
What will be the accurate Regular Expression for my String?
spinner in Alert Dialog
SNMP - Getting information from a process
How to transform XML while combining old nodes and generating new UUID elements
How to customize Android Views(like Buttons, scrollbars ect.)?
How to get max Y value from StackedBarChart (jFreeChart)
Firebug showing a failed attempt at loading .swd
What is the right design pattern for custom template types in ASP.NET MVC?
Getting difference in seconds from two dates in JavaScript
regular expression
Finding differences in two lists
Devise: Routes & after_sign_in
Is there any unique identifier for wpf UIElement?
Why can't my jQuery.Widgets namespace be accessed?
C++ what is 鈥渋nstantiated from here鈥�error?
JFormattedTextFiled limit only to 0 or 1
Exclude a config file from the merge process
JavaScript templating
DotNetOpenAuth 4 Sample MVC provider throws exception
Calculate the duration of a Flash animation from an SWF?
How do I intercept the event when the user clicks the 鈥渃lose鈥�button in a toplevel window?
Command Line args in C program using Netbeans
printf showing error while compiling [closed]
Camera in opengl not working
error when calling function with 2 integer args
Test spring batch do nothing
Can I / How can I force JBoss & Eclipse to use only one core?
Birthday Data Is Removed After Updating
Create a View for my list
Accessing PIL image data from C extension
Does Debug.Assert generate IL in release mode?
Get rid of extra commas from excel file with python
How to compile CUDA C files and Nvidia OptiX files inside the same Visual Studio project
Jetty HttpServletResponse can't be modified
Using an if-else statement to conditionally define a function in `R`
Can C++ libraries compiled with VC10 (sp1) be linked by code compiled with VC11?
how to test if all the markers have been loaded in google map?
Stored procedure to duplicate master detail data
extjs 3.4 use combo store to create checkbox group items
RJS : Retrieve the value of a text_field
Edit a file from terminal by Openoffice
How to enable features for php-curl
Read/write imag files by lines or by pixels using Java
TinyMCE and jQuery - attr() is returning an Object
Parent affect Child style in common selector using css
Maintaining popover across multiple detailviews in UISplitView
jQuery Show and Hide based on dropdown option - initial value issues
LIst of all region format
HTML 5 validation error for tables > td width when assigned as width=鈥�%鈥�
call cherrypy function after session expiration
Python: Parsing Word document Table and Save CSV file
Does ready() execute asynchronously?
Use jQuery masonry with Absolutely Positioned Parent?
How do I add padding with Container?
In Android EditText how to get the cursor position in an OnTouchListener after it is set
Countdown goes faster at every click
Rails 3.1 - Accessing Parent Application Models from Mountable Engine
How do I model a many-to-many relationship over 3 tables in SQLAlchemy (ORM)?
Save UIImage in application path
Java : Automatically set array dimensions based on number of columns in CSV file
Taking page layout screenshot in Arquillian Graphene
access semi-global variable from required function in PHP
The Gwt Designer CSS viewer can not find the css file when using CLientBundle
How to order a result set by a field with multiple values?
C# Graphics for large image and large drawable objects
nested foreach loops and WCF RIA domain service
How To Find div in Master from ascx?
How can I display a website in Python aplication
Loading all Neo4J db to RAM
SQL Substituting an expression in a query
Where is the LocalResources saved when running in Azure?
How to tell if a program uses dynamic dispatch by looking at the assembly
Dozer mapping of java.lang.Date (as a Map field) to XMLGregorianCalendar
execution time in C language
How to open a PDF from an Android app (in a separate PDF viewer app)
Click one button to close a modal, and open another. (simplemodal)
Jaxb combine xmls
JConsole isn't recognized as a command
Functional testing framework for Installers?
Keep getting access denied for root at localhost password yes even though I supply correct login info
Best way to update an object with another object of the same type in .Net?
Testingwhitespace using Regex withLOCALE and UNICODE flags in Python
Who is Noah Richards, and what is his relation to VS2010 crashing?
Export DataGrid Data to PDF
What does char* do or mean as a return type for a function?
Spine.js relation, get next and previous of current lated item
Jump to last cursor position after command in vim
email validation function not working with element[x] in javascript form validation
Android database across several activities
how to add a ProgressDialog to this code
IDisposable on an injected repository
Saving data for an Android application using Eclipse
use @ in script code in MVC [duplicate]
Datetime.tryparse with no year value
Can't read the plist
Modifying array in subroutine
Django reverse using Querydict kwargs
Chef will not checkout development branch from git
Load multiple-martrix file into Matlab
How to make random string of numbers and letters with a length of 5? [duplicate]
How would be this design about access data?
How to convert bitmasked values to an options object?
Search PHP Session for a value
Creating a cookie on localhost
What template should I use in SimpleDateFormat?
Why does' PHP's str_replace() cause encoding issues?
Spring MVC unit tests - can I pass URL (with params) to controller?
C# populating combo boxes with 2 columns
access to member var in class don't work
Can you write a trigger on a view that utilizes data from the insert and delete tables after a change to its base tables?
Dumping contents of SQLite database that can be opened in perl?
How to plot regression line with rpy2
How to hide an element to be toggled with jquery while maintaining progressive enhancement
@RemoteServiceRelativePath URL-pattern issue
XML Parsing error getting extra node comes <br/> in iPhone?
Want to display n number of google map in one page
Typedef redefinition error when trying to build XCode project for release
using GMaps4JSF with JSF [closed]
select child tag by value and double click
Is WSUnit dead? What's the alternative?
Typedef redefinition error when trying to build XCode project for release
using GMaps4JSF with JSF [closed]
select child tag by value and double click
Is WSUnit dead? What's the alternative?
AsyncTask with Dialog to internet unavailable then end entire app
Give multiple-stage plan exclusive access until completed
How to set the height of a listboxitem to default in WP7?
Liquibase checksum validation error without any changes
access cleverbot with java
TincyMCE is not defined within Django admin
javascript context with Math.max
which is the better place to initialize the base class member variables?
UITableView's reloadData for all rows
jQuery, javascript unload
JSF 2 support in IntelliJ Idea 11
Binding a click event with a element which has onClick attribute values
NetworkStream missing data
removing a href tag from cdata
formatting form data / iterating through dynamically created fieldsets
Dynamically writing up to 5 select items, but want to limit to 5 using javascript
Adding values of Edit boxes?
writing multiple lines in a for loop
JSON output format for Hive Query results
Query Nested XML Elements using Linq-to-XML ASP.Net C#
Selecting SQL XML element between Dates
ObjectiveC blocks Java equivalent
ASP.NET MVC ajax server side validation without use of model
NHibernate automapping with spatial datatypes
Regular expression needed to remove custom markup tags
move_uploaded_file is failing
Refresh Webclient to get new data
Converting double to hexadecimal - Code review
How to compare values from different tables in Mysql?
Apache ColdFusion cannot log into admin
MVC ModelBinding to a List - Losing Items
Is there a way to tell if an element has completed a CSS3 transition?
SQL query without aggregates
Close to 3000 locks in SQL Server database
What is best way to perform jQuery .change()
streaming data to Adobe pdf reader in android
coding to an interface, in a list - syntax
Fastest way to append two or more Text files together (Windows 7)
Low-level time series driver for SQL Server 2008?
Is it possible to make an Ajax request to a method in a Class Library?
linq to sql Cannot implicitly convert type鈥�error
Can't get pyparsing Dict() to return nested dictionary
NSNumberFormatter not adding comma after decimal point
Double segue from auth view
how to set timestamp in the future
Kinect Format for ColorImageFrame
Is it possible to use Bootstrap without it taking over the entire style?
Need Help to 鈥渟etup鈥�a RESTful webservice
Resque caching active record call
Best way to add/remove to an NSMutableArray managed by an NSArrayController
Wraping one div id around another
PHP is reading file instead of downloading
PHP: Form submission asnwer as a part of the email subject
CSS/JavaScript glider
Trying (but failing) to add and trigger an onlick event on an image object in mobile safari on iphone
How to Show Game Center's Player Profile View?
How to htaccess redirect urls to .html
Function with return type array in C
Using jquery easyui, how to create a tab by a link which is in a tab?
Why does allowing pthread_cond_wait() to sometimes get a spurious wakeup improve performance?
Is there an easy way to make a dataframe with different value lengths in rpy2?
Set alignment of a toolstriptextbox
Postback not firing with Safari 5.1.5
Running project through Tomcat server [duplicate]
Is it possible to maintain 鈥渂oundness鈥�of a method when passing it as an object outside its class
How to add tooltip to a non hyperlink HTML tag
Discovery endpoint not found, Timeout exception
Qt Object instantiation query
jQuery image swap on nav hover
Optical Flow vs. Haar Cascade
Java heap dump analysis tools keep crashing
Can't understand the error
Json not mapping subarray of elements to my object
How to check if an object contains a value?
Derby/JavaDB char encoding - size on disk
Why do the customer's shipping options not match the database or module settings in Zen Cart 1.5?
Save jOrgChart State
Scan a image with emgu cv
How to set onBackButton listener to an activity
Google Maps API Java Default Zoom
Div's not properly aligning horizontally
Recursion with names
How to update only 鈥渉our鈥�part in a datetime field in oracle?
How to increase/decrease brightness of an image with the use of JSlider slider or JScrollBar
Django save auto-generated form from DB
How do I construct a Network.HTTP.Conduit.Request object?
Objective-C, JSON and object mapping
Native HTML 5 drag and drop that actually drags?
Read Hibernate properties from outside war using ServletContext
Click edit button twice in gridview c# issue
Cassandra data model to store 1.000.000 photos
How to select SQL Server 2008 uniqueidentifier and put it in a .net Guid variable?
Maproute not working on prefix?
Where is this code wrong [closed]
Reverse Array Order
Formatting errors while transferring files over multiple clients using Sockets in C
Get company field of organization?
How to build a dynamic URL in javascript based on an Orbeon Xforms control value
Xpath get distinct child nodes name that the name count is mor then one
Amazon RDS - GUI for DB Parameter Groups
gcc Woverloaded-virtual warnings
Sokoban game: move boxes automatically
How to select paragraphs with no dot at the end and remove - with jQuery/javascript?
Nimbus Look And Feel JAVA - change global size of components
Order of finding correct bucket in java hashmap
Is possible to run a query with linq to search for a period of time?
Applet life cycle in IE
debug php use vim and xdebug , time setting
PDF 鈥淐anonicalization鈥�
Finding a class belonging to parent in jQuery
Image tag not updating inside the UpdatePannel
Find source_location of a method when you have the Class
Problems with selection jquery
jQuery - plugin options default extend()
Parallel Python - create objects into another class in parallel execution
custom overlay on google map
How to display a mask in jtextfield?
Emacs hangs when using tramp with su [closed]
Phonegap combined with native code for screen scraping app
Jquery : how to use tooltip with JQuery?
MongoDB indexing large text field doesn't seem to make query faster?
text document clustering using ant colony algorithms
IE 9 Clears Form Fields
Array size blows up
Best book for learning sensor fusion, specifically regarding IMU and GPS integration
CSS: 3 row (header,footer,content) liquid layout, trying to make middle one expand on window.resize
WCF service works on local computer but not works remote
SLF4J / Log4J not initialized in jetty-maven-plugin
Sphinxsearch index min_stemming_len
I want to make my frame close when the X(close button) is clicked
Apache Solr Not Query with braces
Making sure my extended lists always show 鈥渃urrent鈥�data?
Products.SQLAlchemyPAS woks as foreground but not as service
Makefile - Make a executable for each .c in the folder
How to avoid multiple definition of PANTHEIOS_FE_PROCESS_IDENTITY?
<base href=鈥溾�> breaks the layout
Difference Between Crystal Report & Rdlc Report
copying folders and preserving permissions
Hot to get Visual Studio 2010 to ignore files with a .java extension
How load an image from current window in the openGL code
DataGridView NoOfVisibleRowsChanged event or any other idea?
WCF with PerCall, SessionMode.NotAllowed, callback?
xPage application - using document.removeFromFolder and document.putInFolder throws error
this is not waiting form, but completion notification of thread is required
mpirun is not working with two nodes
Positioning 鈥渞egistration form鈥�example widget in ExtJS4
Positioning 鈥渞egistration form鈥�example widget in ExtJS4
Xcode Instruments CL multiple devices
How to phrase filter using DataTables jQuery plugin and regex?
Connection to SQL Anywhere 10 *.db file
PHP best way to call method by string with arguments?
Additional actions when NSManagedObject is deleted
Can levenshtein be used on portion of a column in mysql?
How can I Json (or Gson) a class like 鈥渙bjects to string鈥�and after 鈥渟tring to objects鈥�
Cant toggle between two jquery/ajax forms without page reloading after first ajax call
Bean-Injection failed at Hazelcast map-store class
How to use a web.config variable in an HTML header?
Passing parameters to DAO to get filtered result in wicket model
How to Create a Thread-Safe Generic List?
Google Application Engine For Sending Emails
how to write Mysql query [duplicate]
Context menu is creating scrollbars on display
MSHTML: CreateDocumentFromString instead of CreateDocumentFromUrl
Cron job in ruby on rails not work
Oracle statement to get data in ascending order by month
Assign default values while creating new Item
Is there Uninstall a program batch for windows? VB Delete Multiple Rows in EF4
OrchardCMS - Can't find correct alternative to render widget
query doesn't return expected results
A tool to browse/extract data from the Google App Engine Datastore?
How to validate username from MySql with JSP
How to position a div to stay above footer on a specific page through jQuery?
Non-destructive updates, versioning finance data in SQL Server 2008
Ajax call (using jquery) gets no more responses after 5 minutes
When checking for missing row, should use 'IS NULL' or '= NULL' [duplicate]
鈥淐ontinue鈥�alternative that doesn't skip but repeats the loop
How to generate all available permutations of NSArray elements
How to read and store bits within sequence of bytes ( array of Short ) in C for sending data over network
Exception while generating AST using Eclipse JDT SDK in a non-eclipse environment
UITableView separators drawn incorrectly through cell reuse?
webpage to excel: extracting data from a ranking across many pages
Enabling and Disabling Annotation Dragging (On The Fly) (iOS Mapkit)
android: Images as buttons with transparency on SurfaceView with MediaPlayer
Facebook linking issues with iOS project
Putting the same key to all element of an array
鈥渃lass TADOConnection not found.鈥�in fresh install of delphi xe2
C - strcpy pointer
Remove server tag from http response header
How do I access the project's preferences from my Xtext validator?
Finding memory leaks in a managed Win8 metro app?
Delete Entities in EventListener
Rendering large amounts of ActiveRecord objects in Rails
Excel formula query
Calling Java methods asynchronously using JNI
Android camera saving images both in portrait and landscape mode
Is there an efficient way to create android ListAdapter with each line item having a custom view?
Get the SRID of a geometry field
Redirect after GET http request in python
how to go back to previous state of an activity?
Updating Existing Class From UML Diagram in Visual Studio
Mongo {$ne : null} not working as expected
setting up a tunnel for rsync with jsch
Register as a thread local variable
I get notices for all of the $_POST's I have
鈥渦ndefined method鈥�error when running delayed_jobs in multiple queues with ./script/delayed_job -n
database: where to put the foreign keys in a 鈥渉as a鈥�relatioship?
unable to install mysql-python on mac lions
RedLaser Sdk UnsatisfiedLinkError
how to make browsers to offer password and email store after log in [duplicate]
Tests with JMS and Spring
Eclipse: Track changes in a java source
Eventhandler model change in knockout.js
Javascript object creation using literals vs custom constructor functions
Does PHP know when a connection has been closed?
Direct and reliable access to framebuffer under X
how to make holes in file to rease data by c in linux
Browsers Autofill feature doesnt trigger any JS events
variables in javascript
Delphi XE2 VCL styles, remove a style or disable a class skinning from a TLabel
Powershell Script to return binary type of an executable?
Text file containing empty spaces in c++!
iOS 5.1 and Safari Mobile restriction
How can I change field values to be inserted in the membership creation
AFNetworking setUploadProgressBlock not behaving goes straight to 100%
Cast an object dynamically from a string
How to set Live Wallpaper automatically everyday in android
How to structure complex Django project?
Quickfix is slow
Hide some of the field in GridEditMode.PopUp mode
How to find files in directories with certain name using Get-ChildItem?
kendo ui cancel treeview drop
Getting all data in a database row to show Android SQLite
how to clear memory of previous ViewController
Best way to populate select list with JQuery / Json?
Embedding OSMF (2.0) into a Flex App
my jquery image slider isnt smooth in chrome but is fine in firefox and IE
how to make the viewcontroller rotate when added through appdelegate window
Having trouble declaring/initializing array of CGPoints
Need help on importing data into a MySQL table
check if checkbox is checked in php
Iteration of an object, that may have parent, or child of it's own same type
Passing variables back from a function?
How do I align a button to be inline with the bottom of an adjacent text area?
When and why to use performSelector - iOS
Dll does not work properly on th another computer
Dll does not work properly on th another computer
Find a font by specified characteristics in OSX
ASP.NET Getting a blank page after submitting a form (beginner)
Transform List(Of DerivedObject) to List(Of BaseObject)
alternatives to jquery animate?
Counting in Hadoop Hive
Android - how to make a button display on a condition?
Using a different service contract for DotNetOpenAuth
Generate event when variable changes to send from a code class to form class c#
C++ operator << print object address
vaadin how to selectivly put checkbox on treetable
Redirecting TCP NetworkStream traffic in a .NET socket server
Profile activation on both release:prepare and release:perform
android mapping to resource layouts when a library project is added
Android: Chronometer save state
WPF c# webbrowser scrolls over top menu
Methodological tutorials for jQuery
Sencha Touch Customize Navigation Bar in navigation view
Error starting UCMA TrustedApplication
How to access a Style that exists in a UserControl?
Qt implicitly-shared container of explicitly-shared item
Uploading large files with AFNetworking?
Setting a custom root URL in Play 2.0
How do I stop MATLAB from displaying the entire contents of a .m file when it runs?
PacMan: what kinds of heuristics are mainly used?
Weird behavior using IF statement in PHP
Java SMS gateway can connect with the comm port but doesn't send message
Can MvcMiniProfiler display SQL parameter values?
Android: Sharing downloaded files
Issue with Hector API and Cassandra database: Undocumented exception
extending 'incomplete' types (SWIG)
Any restrictions when hosting WCF as a Windows Service?
Replace segue creating new instance
cannot trigger submit from javascript
Java - Simple plane of inclusion/exclusion
How do I list my Heroku apps along with their domain names?
Android viewpager glass background
Use Isotope library in a fixed-height container?
Date Difference between consecutive rows
Can we use RadRibbonBar in wpf without RadWindow
Spring and Open JPA
Merge different PHP array values into each other and sort by time
Edit button doesn't show up
iOS: issues with UIGestureRecognisers vs Subviews
Unable to change registry value
Value Type Duration is not allowed on property Duration in XAML
How to build Mesa 3D 8 for Windows using Microsoft toolchain?
How to hide the filter popup on ListView in Android?
FTS sqlite phrase search for single column not possible
How to compile a .sh before android project on eclipse in linux
Check a whole table for a single value
Call a function within a thread and publish intermediate results: how to it using SwingWorker?
How to sort list view data which is backed with API Response and containing more then one field in each row
NHibernate - Get parent with paged child collection
MySQL library database Stored Procedure
Improving speed of checkout from git (from github)
c++ shared_ptr error with intel 12.1.3
how to fill from oracle.dataacess.client.oracledataadapter?
play decoded raw audio data in iPhone
Cucumber: When to use tags/hooks vs backgrounds
MySql INSERT statement is inserting a '0' rather than variable contents
flash click and drag sametime doesnt work
Disable all except selected checkbox