Cassandra running out of memory (heap space)
Edit Popup Dialog from AutoComplete SWT Combo Widget
SQL insert multiple rows into a second/sub table
background transitioning / changing with fade
Azure Storage CloudBlob.Properties are not initialized when using GetBlobReference()
SignalR - How do I disable WebSockets
How would you replace text within a table cell with the text the exact same length?
Grab xml attribute with xpath and php
Initializing objects using configuration file at runtime
How to get a DatePicker value in razor?
map Jboss to url instead of ip
how to correctly reload fusion tables layer?
Java to XML castor mapping
Expose properties of a nested user control
How can I define a List to add results of a query in a loop?
LAN Application
.NET: Message Queue vs directly inserting into MongoDB
Want to Convert Integer to String without itoa function
Hiding and showing markers won't appear after being dragged in google maps
C++ MsgPack unable to compile
Codeigniter Session Outside the application folder
Java regex split on whitespace not preceded or followed by single or double quotes
hadoop-streaming: automate post-processing once job is completed?
Disable directrory listing
blackberry push sdk service
multi threading - add more threads and continue the operation
Solving Cross Site Scripting Resource Sharing
Facebook should I keep a user's friends list in my own database?
Solr - Reindex recommended batch size
Thread 1 received signal SIGABART error
Cargo deploy uses proxy settings when it shouldn't
Internationalizing my standalone application
is it possible to change packet ip with PcapSharp? [closed]
jQuery.css('top') and IE8
How to pass Parameters to Partials and Components?
how to unregister an object in a managedObjectcontext?
how to unregister an object in a managedObjectcontext?
How to get JSON data from an url in Java?
IIS 7.5 how to verify if Auto-Start actually works?
2D array representation using Arraylist
Descending into XML Attributes
Admob - Redirected to when creating a new Site/App
Expected Unqualified-Id in Header C++
Database gets stuck on SELECT operation
PHP how to restrict folder and website content to different users?
Validate Google Analytics ID
Java Swing interface issue
hyperlink styling
Windows Mobile 7 MAP Control ZoomBarVisibility
Legalities of issuing beta app to client
by month unix timestamp issue
SSIS 2005 truncating XML data on import?
Eclipse->New Android Projects always compile java 1.4
How to determine the number of SIM cards on a device?
Mails sent from my domain goes into Spam
Lag Time With WCF Request (small rate of my internet connection is Used)
Joining two tables where more than X rows in table
How to pass a value from anadapter class to activity
Why does this powershell snippet produce extra blank lines?
HTML hyperlink to call exe with parameters
C++ handling common parameters for several executables [closed]
Correlate string with array of strings
Analyzing core dump generated by multiple applications with gdb
What does the exclamation point mean in PHP? [duplicate]
String comparison in PHP with general start and general end
Java - How to add new JLabel and JTextPane to JPanel when button is pressed
php login verification [closed]
Which external Audio Processing technology can Flash Player interact with in realtime?
Taglib import in a JSP, how?
How to retrieve a list of distinct values from a list within a list
How to implement Drag and Drop
Multiprocessing vs gevent
Android Mapview MyLocationOverlay Always drawn on top
Getting raw results from Django Haystack
how to add separators in a listview at specific positions?
Partial classes lost through a webservice reference
Javascript causes slow 4 site on ipad 3
MS BI Warehouse project
NSArrayController - add: & remove: programmatically [closed]
Google App Engine - Federated ID (OpenID) cannot run in SSL
NGINX - Mapping html files to php
BT arise Joomla Template
Having difficulties extending Zend_Form
How to get the mysql data in MVC3?
Copy a file with the variables substituted
warning: implicit declaration of function 'kill'
How to get the mysql data in MVC3?
Copy a file with the variables substituted
warning: implicit declaration of function 'kill'
jQuery pre -loader ie-6/7 issue
Count number of specific characters or strings in a txt file
How to write handler for Error queues in NServiceBus Saga?
Writing MySQL query with several table joins or multiple select
.htaccess redirect, exclude subdomain
drupal give permission to access a content to authenticated user only
How to use Windows Explorer File Browser on PowerBuilder?
antlr lexer rule matching a prefix of another rule
How to solve this Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: twitter4j.Twitter.getId()I?
Scale image to fit a bounding box
Google Maps API + Jquery
C++ File Operations
Javascript image preloader doesn't show status
Is it possible to debug Javascript running in an iFrame in IE9
Mediawiki interwiki link not updating?
Sphinx mac osx Lion with zendServer
Make Meyers' Singleton thread safe and fast with lazy evaluation
Granting DBA privileges to user in Oracle
error in sqlite select statement
Buttons in new GWT App
preAuthorize annotation doesn't seem to work
Umbraco 301 redirect with a twist
How can I read out the data from the dictionary?
How to use Django messaging to alert other users?
Inserting files into DB
copy dropdown field selection into a hidden text field
Merge Ruby Scripts
iOS Hover effect on UIButton
ViewExpiredException in landing page of a JSF application
Padding problems in Linux & Mac browsers comparing to Windows with @font-face
running a loop on a comma delimited list of items progress 4GL
jQuery StickyPanel issue with WordPress
CSS automatically adding padding and margin to unordered lists
Check if innerHTML is empty
Preferred standard use: range based for or std::for_each
Python: Get Folder containing specific files extension
iOs UIView Background Image
How to implement optical items in Java
Updating ImageView Frequently in android
Reload iframe from pop-up window opened from iframe
pass data between Actions
Sorted Array or Map in Objective C?
pyDev-Eclipse: how to delay the hints
How to match IP address by using 'findstr'? Or any other method of batch in windows
Unique TimeUUID in cluster environment vs. Cassandra
Nancy: Why do xUnit tests depend on the Razor view engine?
delete images from sd card as well as from gallery
System.InvalidOperationException: Object is currently in use elsewhere
Abstracting web service events with my own
Populating PDF with XDP
How do I learn how to get quoting right in bash?
With mongo_session_store-rails3, session doesn't seem to work
Using JavaHelp for end user documentation on NetBeans based application, tools or plugins to make it easier?
OutOfMemoryException when calling SetSource for BitmapImage in WP7
How developers share xcode ios project?
JQuery validation - is .validate() needed when using .valid()?
error in creating an alert when delete button/link clicked in the gridview
CSS3 Flexible Box Layout and overflow: auto;
How is IObservable's Where() extension method implemented?
When iterating through a FileSystemInfo[] my C# application crashes without an exception
mysql update from array. what do i miss?
Sticky table headers in overflow container
Push values into hidden field array using Jquery in rails 3
Unit tests to catch InvalidDataContractException in WCF
Multiple results in my query?
Should I translate first or rotate first?
Javascript call a c function at the server side [closed]
WebLogic 10.3 JPA 1.0 Missing descriptor for class
Supporting a device with different dpi across x and y axis
Convert Struct type to vect int
c++ FIFO implementation for VERY LARGE 10G buffer
Warning: Unimplemented Selector localizedCaseInsensitiveCompare
Sorting list of lists by a third list of specified non-sorted order
JAXB : Added a Extra tag in XML , the unmarshalling process is not working
ColdFusion Builder 2 and ColdBox on a Remote Server
Visual Studio 2010 - View Changes To Files From Previous Labels
Count interactions with screen in Android phone
Devise sign-up form on home-page?
Android SDK setting proxy with ubuntu
MyActivity implements Custom Listener from but Listener is always NULL
What does $@ mean in a shell script?
Simple regex that matches x or x+y
Mysql weighting unique fields by external values
Chrome 18, ExtJS 4.0 charts issue
How can I draw the stream of a camera on a Silverlight control - Metro & Windows 8
Custom query for Wordpress Custom Post Type
anything specific about the addresses (0x40000000, 0x80000000 and 0xBF000000)
Add A Background
create a rails dropdown search by category
How to find median of medians in java for quicksort implementation
How to bind the jquery grid using KO in jquery?
Jsoup parse error (tag table within tag p)
Multiple AJAXed tabs
MVVM binding command to contextmenu item
Transparent background with GD in PHP
Recognise all touches in interface
Set event on my own view
Using SQL Server authentication with ASP.NET forms authentication
Media pauses because of slow buffering, and then never recovers from it. How to handle this situation?
how i get width and heigt of window on listeners extjs 4?
Windows phone page styling
Programmatically create a new object
Onclick not working under Div tag
Android Class crashes, not sure why
My php controller can't include css files
how to get editable text value from database in android
== for pointer comparison
Proper Login using servlets redirect to url
phpExcel does not render borders
mvc how to use annotation with input tag
Count occurence of a word by ID in python
keycode center button samsung galaxy s
git multiple remotes: what to do with ignored/private files
Why is My ASP Web Application Attempting to Write to C: Windows Microsoft.NET Framework64 v4.0.30319 Temporary ASP.NET Files?
Decompose a String into Array of Long or List of Long without Loop in JAVA
Swing: GUI doesnt show my components
C - Protect Persistent Settings
Retrieve image from my sql in GWT
Private Demos and Betas in Apple App Store [closed]
Cannot access a cookie from a Virtual Directory configures as application
Missing command line output from Java process in Windows
Dollar sign in text when passing variable
objective-c : How to move from AppDelegate in Universal app?
Managed to lock myself out of an SSRS folder
on_exit and CTRL+C
ADFS 2.0 token expiration time
Password-protected build for TFS2010
Label/Literal control with formatted text field
Cannot Combine Custom Title With Other Title Features
Programmatically sending email using a different Id
how to transfer user from one MIDLET to another MIDLET
Added Apple's code KeychainItemWrapper.h &.m files into my app and can not run with an error
CSS3: rotate a image in different axis
What's the best way to store different images in the database?
What is the best way to serialize an image (compatible with Swing) from Java to Android?
Strategies to detect and delete cluttering aggregations of GPS points?
Android JSONReader no class found
SQL Server, stored procedure ADO fill method
javascript - pass selected value from popup window to parent window input box
Android: Unexpectedly Quit When Trying to Switch Activity
ASP Controls are differing sizes
FORTRAN .and. and .or. issues :(
what is prefered way to define functions for each platform in c++
How to determine the buffer size for BufferedOutputStream's write method
Executing shell script on wamp
Select the opposite row of a WHERE clause in a joined jquery result
Prevent Scala from escaping double quotes in XML unnecessarily
ProgressDialog in Android not appearing (incorrect thread handling?)
Using SerialDataReceivedEventHandler is it possible to know when a timeout occurs?
Windowbuilder does not start. Always ClassCastException
how can I use the title of an element as an id selector in jquery?
Printing a listing鈥�No cross-browser solution?
Have to click twice Like button to like page
Automatic merge of pull requests on Github without the merge bubble
Getting error while running EIM job
Simple change of an ImageView in Android
Parsing apache2 config using nokogiri
Time SQL data type generating Invalid Variant Exception
How do I get Godaddy website thumbnail picture to display correct thumbnail picture when sharing on Facebook?
Water particle model [closed]
Find user with specific value in employeeID attribute
i have created a .htaccess file and want to be able two redirect users to another directory on the server
AIR for iOS: download a file (from remote server) and open it with default app
How to free vspace in the Android emulator
SQL Server 2008 R2: How do I 鈥減ause鈥�a clustered index while the server is being written to?
Copy target file to another location in a post build step in CMake
Debugging in VS - Autos section?
Export XML from filemaker, encoding problems
WebSphere Email Adapter 6.1.x (any known memory leaks)
Using RingoJS EventEmitter鈥�or how to use coffeescript compiler with RingoJS
C++ - Why don't const functions force const-ness on member-pointers?
Provide value on 'System.Windows.Markup.StaticResourceHolder' threw an exception
Why does this color comparison fail?
GWT (Jetty) + Hibernate 4.1.1 (JPA) + c3p0 throws ClassCastException
How is computed a ssh (rsa or dsa key) and why it changed?
JBoss 6 error deploying Axis2
PHP debuging a preg-replace callback function
Stopping session hijacking
iPad UISplitView UIDetailView playing a MPMoviePlayerController no video. sort of
using jquery/ajax/webmethod to update a listbox
Display pictures from an arraylist<String> (path name of picture)
Setup of Joli.js in Appcelerator App
Array declaration in C
Affable Bean Java EJB Glassfish tutorial issues
how to receive bluetooth A2DP packets on windows x64?
How can I send UIEventTypeRemoteControl events?
Timespan division by a number
Sending mail from the struts 1.2 application
Populating an array from ResultSet SQL results
TCP connection not working on service
Visual Studio Item Template using T4 Templates
Crafted libraries: The right way of arranging, by means of namespace and header files
XMonad confirmation when restarting
sql: delete date passed with GATEDATE()
Get reference number using lapply [duplicate]
Is there a callback for THE Facebook fan page like button?
Backbone - how our model knows if server sends 鈥淓rror Message鈥�using PHP
Django: Display values of the selected multiple choice field in a template
Creating controls on surfaceview
Magento category tree is not shoing in category edit and product edit
copy_from_user warning on size not being provably correct?
Unknown Error (0x80005000) with LDAPS Connection
decompose a string into array of int without loop java
Downloading image as byte array through WCF fails
System.NullReferenceException when reading Work Items from Changeset
PHP replace mcrypt with openssl
Passing FieldName as Parameter in MySQL Stored Procedure
Can someone recommend a pythonic approach to loading adhoc code?
Searching in list not working in Android
Is it possible to publish a node.js app to Azure from linux?
Dictionary as thread-safe variable
CodeIgniter and validation of multi-dimensional form element names
Convert milliseconds to human readable time lapse
Large HTML Table with jQuery Mobile
How can I know the red, blue and red component value of a pixel in a color image using openCV?
java executing linux command
Facebook integration using an existing Facebook application in iPhone [closed]
Sending user current location to the company? [closed]
How do I get a Web-view to switch sites when pressing different side of UISegmentedControl (iOS Objective-C)
using django tags with javascript function during hyperlinking
SQL Server - How to make an INTERSECT select optional?
Injection to the mail command when only $text is user input
Generic way to handle numbers without explicit conversion
TweetStream Setup on Rails?
Accelerate for three seconds on TouchLocationState.Pressed and then cool down?
Javascript / jQuery return false does not stop execution
Moving mod_rewrite from httpd.conf to .htaccess doesn't work
Catch enter press in flash block on webpage
Where to find practical well-designed database schema examples to learn from? [closed]
What is the most efficient way to store / retrieve items in httpContext.Cache
as3 save to root folder
Not enough storage to complete this operation in SQL Server CE
Why not just use HttpContext.Current in ASP.NET Parameter Evaluate method?
PHP , class inside class , bug?
How I have to connect datasource of a UITableView in a xib?
How to change cursor image size in JavaFX 2.1?
css position trouble
Rails: form_for routes won't display a good form
MyBatis configuration
How can I send a variable from an embedded SVG to the HTML document?
Spring MVC - How to get list of @RequestMethod method parameters (possibly by @RequestParam attribute)
how to remove div in a div and rebind it at same position
java servlet url mapping doesn't work
Equal height fluid columns with min height
Trying to read the contents of a device pipe into a buffer causes errors
Why to use 3DES and Blowfish instead of AES
Python command line arguments ignored for standard user (Win 7)
Make only one of many controls visible based on value of another control
Giving List the same type as the class which contains it
How to find the image name using jquery?
How to display arabic correctly in Spring JSF MySQL application?
How does the program wait for incoming connections once it goes past listen()
Postgresql and BLOBs - maximum size of bytea?
How do I load a text file to Database in PHP?
How long should a query that returns 5 million records take?
Convert fraction to float in C#
what rights should be given for my live sql server?
NullPointerException while accessing method in an object in 2 dimensional array
adapter for listview
Custom ArrayAdapter + ListView, some rows are not correctly handled
Why doesn't opencv report width and height of a IplImage* correctly?
Spawn Perl script as a process with particular name
generate_series() function missing PostgreSQL
Using @Consume with GET request in Jersey Rest
System.IO.File.Exists(@鈥淐: Windows System32 SnippingTool.exe鈥� returns false
How to save a paperclip attachement from the params hash?
Draw text around circle with C++ MFC functions [closed]
ConcurrentModificationException on Richfaces Tree
Iterators for circular structures
Encrypt in C# and decrypt in Flex
Wikitude SDK - range
Cannot store Euro-sign into LOB String property with Hibernate/PostgreSQL
cakephp update modified time on another table or model
Best way of passing XML in MVC1 to a xslt
Set Android SDK behind server proxy? MVC Model for view and Layout
export RDLC in HTML format
IMSI on the Windows Phone 7 platform?
WPF WCF Prism and MVVM - correct way to expose entities
Group click related to expandable list view
ResultSet Query
Table cell as top to bottom rather than left to right
Storyboard static cells: dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier returns nil
Best way to change domain names
How can I redirect to the correct url using stringex and acts_as_url?
Finding same objects in Java
Google Maps is not coming when I transit the page from main page by link
Stop Resharper from spamming output window
Sql Query Taking longer to execute than expected time
Conditional Inner Join based on Content of primary Table
Apache SOLR 3.5 hangs when indexing
How do I add an entity to an array controller whose contents are set by the selection of another array controller?
Symfony 404 error is shown after trying to login to Backend app
Alloy UI problems with javascript function
myInterface.GetGenericTypeDefinition() not equals to myType but myInterface.GetGenericTypeDefinition().FullName equals to myType.FullName
SQL group messages by recipient id and sender id to one like Facebook
What do i have to change on the server side to enable chunkedMode = true?
How to decode/inflate a chunked gzip string?
How to deserialize xml response to objects
How to remove multiple newlines ( n) from json string?
Pentaho kettle: how to set up tests for transformations/jobs?
Using ZXing natively to get information of product using barcode number
Can't create Excel anymore after use of IIS
Php advanced include different pages with the same variables
How can i auto generate text fields
Creating a product grid/list with certain number of products
Get user's profile using DotNetOpenAuth
How do I prevent returning to my site without login after closing tab with x?
redirect from html frames in whole page
Lucene mutli-language analyzer/index approach
Select Without Special Character In Mysql
c# open file, path starting with %userprofile%
Change format of date with PHP
JSON file conflict in IOS Project
List View in TabHost Not working
visualizing objects in 2D or 3D ( z axis = 0 )
how to use oracle dbms_utility in c#
disk I/O error with SQLite
fetch file contents from form with javascript/jquery
a dom node's coordinate
jQuery Image Animation not working properly in IE 9
SQLite selecting two columns as one with Null
NSString drawInRect : text is not clipped to the given height
History.js fallback not working properly
restricting the process started by System.Diagnostics.Process
Select a link in a table row based on cell content
Remote JVM Robot Invocation
How to apply Header Image in itextsharp Html to pdf convertor
Get system ip code not working in server
Pausing on a line of code for a few seconds(delay) before moving to next code in C#?
An internal error occurred while linting the URL - What is this error?
Compile MFC program in VC11 with support for Windows XP?
How do I set default variables for bound forms?
POST method getting converted to GET on SpringSource tc Server
Creating Popup box for MarkerClusterer
Magento - Get Custom Option Value details from Option Value ID
Using Sessions throughout a website
ADBannerView is empty in Landscape mode
Change the content of a button using an event handler
Bind value to complex Type
how to import multiple custom modules in our own perl script?
ASP.NET 4.0 worker process consumes 5x more memory in 64bit in comparison to 32bit
Token interceptor in struts 1.2
A form with jQuery UI tabs, PHP and a back function
How to obtain values from a multilevel HashMap stored in an ArrayList?
Handling Session timeout on Client side
Excel Macro to create different font and add hyperlinks to part of text in single cell in word document
creating Web service from Outlook 2010 to Domino8.5.2 database
Extract HTML with javascript
How to rearrange objects in UITableViewCell after rotating?
Math.round MAX returnable value
Two ways to use Spring 3 validation?
abrupt changes in values of x and y
File input change event not working in IE
Hide the spinner list programatically
How to add images in JTextPane?
Use Index in ORDER BY with two columns from different tables
Another Recursive JavaScript function
convert (long mantissa) and (sbyte exponent) to decimal
how to make background image full-appear
comparison of two images
Linkbutton in windows installer dialog
Why won't this small change to my YouTube API call work?
Is there any benchmark tool for FUSE file systems?
Java Security with KeyStore and public certificates aliases
How to Toggle UIWebView Text when scalespagetofit = NO?
Python Literal r' ' Not Accepted
How to check a sentence is meaning full or not using LEX & YACC
How to recall a list using Shared Preferences
wants to play pcm packets getting form Windows Phone
Erlang-C port not working on some unix machines
get response from aspx page in json format instead of plain html
Convert UTC to Eastern Prevailing Time (EDT or EST)
Hiding/Locking bottom bar on android 3.2
Preg replace issue
rowcommand in dynamically created gridviews
WPF DataGrid ColumnHeader Style: Can't make text bold in ControlTemplate
Sending data through header method PHP
email picture with animation
Symfony 1 not autoloading model classes
File reading in Java
Given doubles can't be used in volatile fields, is this a safe alternative?
c# Instance of T
how can i find out where all my memory has gone in PHP?
JDBC on Android
Error message running APK file
Validation in domain model?
Why am I not getting newer files for a custom control in Sitefinity?
TYPO3 URL processing order
Using NuGet with TFS across multiple development machines (DLLs not copied across) [duplicate]
How to implement authentification in JSF in glassfish?
Visio Page Find Shape by Name without exceptions
Using regexp to get all href links except the base href
How to know when your GUI is ready XCode / Interface Builder
How to swap between two different pages in my DIV?
JavaScript multiply not precise
How to write all the System output to a file in JAVA?
Observer pattern liabilities: Why would observer change its subject?
string = string.trim(); bad practice?
How to debug host functions in CUDA programs and watch the program output in Visual Studio with Nsight?
Flex- weird highlighting for custom search component
Managing file column names and positions when parsing CSV with Java
Django : Post counts per user in user's list
GWT PlaceHistoryGenerator ignore Interfaces of Superclass
sql query repeat
How to know the cause of UnknownHostException?
how to add html code dynamicaly on page load
how to use sql join in mysql
Issue with IE8- Rendering is too slow and shows page not responding
Issue while redirecting from a filter
is it possible to develop live Streaming tv in Android?
LevelDB Download Issues
Android IDE: Eclipse or Motodev or Tegra Android Development Pack?
Windows CE Internet Explorer won't load ocx control
Wildcard in the middle of an expression?
Progress Bar (Download) Using HTML 5
What is the correct way to copy an object from an NSMutableArray
Matlab shorthand for `for` with nested `if` (like Python's list comprehension)
setting cookie.domain server side
Want to use 鈥渁cts-as-taggable-on鈥�for mongoid
background image stretch and crop
Android: Notify Scrollview that it's child's size has changed: how?
Is there a nice way to simulate a 鈥淢aybe鈥�or 鈥渙ption鈥�type in Go?
How it's called the java overriding functions after a new
load xml content from external xml file to php
Remove objects with a duplicate property from List
Remove item from array if item value contains searched string character
JSON data won't be displayed via jQuerys getJSON()
Why does a java.util.Date object satisfy one Specs test but fail another?
Android - Issue with custom Spinner background
Cross compiling Apache Axis 2 C for ARM (Symbian/Meego)
In every website I make, I have some page width problems [closed]
The Best Way To Realize Sound Capturing From Clients Speaker Output Channel From Within A Web-App
Bulk data upload in Cassandra using Pelops
Sencha Touch 2 - Populate a TitleBar using a store
How to compile javadoc from sources in simplest way?
JSF displays EL expressions as plain text instead of evaluated value
Why does setting a table's RecNo property not move to that record?
PHP MySQL - Can't echo a 'TEXT' value
Center element without knowing its width
A sql query to find out duplicate records
PHP Imagick memory leak
Java Regex Range for ASCII
Suggestions for tooltip link plugin
jqGrid on .NET MVC C# project open/edit button issue on Android web browser
jQuery flot dates of the last days
Best way to get keys and its values from an array which are not existent in another array compared only by its keys
How to detect hidden characters in string (for example zero width space) during debugging
Generating Array-based Graph With Java
Python: Connecting to a private page using urllib
Youtube JSAPI, examples not working
Restore Deleted folder from SVN
iphone sdk how to add uitableview cell image dynamically?
Twitter integration in blackberry using twitter_api_me-1.8.1 showing invalid characters on 9700
How do I determine if a connected USB device is a USB flash drive?
How to make PHP header location redirect use PHP generated URL
Simple Regular Expression (Regex) issue (.net)
Insert null values into date column
Is it good practise to remove Id tags from Controls that I don't reference in Code Behind
Bezier curve and canvas
How to get the features in the kind of vector layer which is created by using protocol?
Difference between partition metadata and COUNT(*) in a partitioned table
Getting root ViewGroup in PreferenceActivity
Apache rewrite rule for a destination containing a hash mark
Disable scroll in console in eclipse when i'm not at the bottom
Plesk api String could not be parsed as XML
How do I select a jstree node by id and pathid?
How do I compare two numbers for equality in Delphi?
Appending to NSTextView
How to play a video streamed through a socket
Calling Powershell script via SQL Server agent job - start-transcript doesn't get output
Get model values in separate Javascript file
Is there a way to take an argument in a callable method?
CSS - border adding a second thick white line in Chrome
Read database from Android phone
Is there any value in using core data for iPhone apps?
using ffmpeg with xcode [duplicate]
How to use TextBox.Watermark in Silverlight 4?
Using -XautoNameResolution in weblogic clientgen ant task
Android google Map is showing old location
Eclipse Faces Config Editor not working
WP7 application crashes when being frequently activated / deactivated
Colorize matched text with jQuery
Which one is best practice for database table having two columns鈥ne for Item1 and second for Item2?
UIBarButtonItem image/glyph in Standard UIButton
Efficient storage & retrieval of category to tags data
Web Applications and Disabling DEP
How to set Thunderbird as default mail client
Is there a PHP equivalent to the C# summary tag?
hashmap<String,ArrayList<T>> - how to oder it alphabetical>
Printing the array through each pass (Bubble Sort)
$_SESSION data gets destroyed after Facebook Login
SharePoint postback issue
Yet another 鈥渋nstalling pg gem鈥�issue on Mac
Create (and save) an image with a photo and some labels
How to show the the values on the regions of the jqplot chart instead of percentage
Java RegExp can't get the result ater evaluating pattern
Does anybody knows the way to access Disk IO queue length in Java?
Is it possible to implement distributed caching using of Ehcache without Terracotta Enterprise Suite?
Get Offset Bing API for pagination
Convert date field into text in Excel [duplicate]
Fluent NHibernate index creation
AjaxSubmit overwrite form field before send
Referencing/Embedding Documents
DataTables in YUI3 refreshing on every update/change of data
How do I fetch a single branch using Git SVN fetch?
NHibernate interceptor / hook for Lazy-Loaded collections / Cascade
Goto pageid if cookie is set?
Can somebody explain this odd behavior when working with ThreadPool?
Custom UIToolbar resize with animation
Why does the webservice return data even if the IP address in the wsdl is wrong?
What happens on SetBinding() in Silverlight
Numerical Methods tutorials/books/videos for non math knowers [closed]
Ninject and MonoDroid
How to call a WebView activity multiple times from an IntentService via handlers?
run trigger without writing to binary log
change parent file (for including)
Map virtual drive from a folder with custom icon and limited storage size C#
Using image directory to show image
Remove trailing slash from String in Java
How to avoid one or more elements in option array of select box in cake php
Plugin JARs are missing in an application built with Tycho
Pathfinding in platform game in C++
Android - Different colors in different devices
Linq to Objects and Bind result to gridview
JQuery - Set checkbox inside a td to disabled?
Start process if dead
How to change the text encoding when read from a text file [duplicate]
How to avoid the duplicate count
expandable list view with different child
correlation coefficient between cells
svn2git script error need reference for that
Outputting missing dates read from a text file in c#
Getting an 鈥淐annot open database 鈥︹� error while debugging
connection string with EntityClient in MVC 3
onFragmentResult and RingtoneManager a bad romance
CI active record, escapes & order_by datetime column
Click through JTextArea?
Declaring variable in FOR loop
Rails / Passenger: The backend application did not send a valid HTTP response
rank leaderboard in mongo with surrounding players
Nested Button + Position on Screen
JSF 2.0 commandLink: how to pass a the page number as a parameter in the browser?
How to block incoming phone calls, text messages and email in Objective C
Video playing automatically in UIWebView
Retaining the pattern characters while splitting via Regex, Ruby
How to cache a HTML page with must-revalidate?
How to stop a bezier spline from going beyond the coordinate axes?
C++ Template Formal Ordering Rules
How do we get App Engine to email an invite to be a developer?
how to creare a custom Action Bar with dropdown childs
mysql server has gone away in result of storing API response in php
void and return type
Multithreading on Hibernate's 'session.flush'
Python pickle converts to unicode between versions
What is the difference between track and route in a GPX file
Listing all subdirectories with a specified name
FMDatabase dateForColumn, does it work?
Is there a limitation of how much code can be inserted into Excel or is it a bug? [closed]
In app purchase - Storing/fetching user purchase history , iOS
Create download link for my apk file
Reading registers or thread local variables of another thread
Escaping piped output between commands
Query returns SQL error message 537
Adding a folder to a pst file from outlook in c#
Blocking user in XMPP Framework iOS
JBoss 4.2 - multiple applications in debug mode on same JBoss?
CakePHP: Session is lost after calling an action from a plugin
create temporarty non persistent object in Ember-Data
How can implement powerpoint presentation in ipad through objective c codes [duplicate]
Android: How to build tabs like the ones show on Android UI Page
Trigger PHP process from display:block
How to manage multiple repositories in TortoiseSVN
What is wrong with RewriteRule?
How to insert the percentage sign into a local URL
Can I hardcode user credentials for TwitterAPI oauth?
php echo page title in foreign characters
CoffeeScript Existential Operator and this
Every derived table must have its own alias (
Get value of textfield from the Alertview n reload that value in Tableview
Nested foreach loops c#
How to display time that is stored in database on Timseries Chart
*.svb files stored in Git as binary. How to store they as plain text?
Issue in displaying users on google map using php-xml-sql
Dropdown menu in multiple pages using jquery
After partial page load using ajax how to initialise/attach all javascript events
How can I make a clickable link in my output to a terminal? [closed]
How to approach desktop application development with web and mobile apps in mind?
What is the difference between uptime and uptime_since_flush_status
How to create a three a simple custom progress View?
Preferred approach for conditional compilation for 32-bit versus 64-bit versions of types
activating custom class button dynamically
Get text in textview by coordinates
jQuery Ui dialog is not showing
User Defined Dynamic Workflow for web based application C#
Filter XML / HTML Code tags with RegEx
Transfer the ImageButton clicked and display in a css popup
Android piracy prevention with server requests
SSRS Map setting color property to a ARGB value using an expression
Adapt an existing database to WordPress format
Hadoop map-reduce operation is failing on writing output
Why is visual web developer working the way it is (hiding text)?
Display database dynamic content using php mysql and jquery
is it to possible to get data from png with fopen?
How to edit the file located in C: program files using C# in windows 7?
Drag an image from one scrollview to another
WCF self hosted gzip content without IIS
Retrieve body of mails with JavaMail Api
Azure: MongoDB replica sets initialization error ( is not empty)
Complete lock-up of a Java process
What are these warnings in catalina.out? [duplicate]
Correct way to declare and use static lists in NxBRE
Object field Contains arrayElements
Making MVC handle urls containing dots (.page)
oauth.signpost.exception.OAuthNotAuthorizedException: Authorization failed twitter connection failed
Javascript- external library/ file reference
Labeling the scatterplot point in boxplot And the summary of the boxplot in the graph in R
Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html
How to change HTML class attribute on a tag on page load ASP .NET C#
How to set property values during testing for CamelSpringTestSupport based tests
What is the standard way to generate XML RPC NETCONF requests from YANG data model
Which is the best way to get the logged user with spring security?
How to get Visual Studio 'Publish' option to delete file from bin directory?
Renaming a File[closed]
What actually use of ISession in nhibernate [closed]
How to show 鈥渁nything鈥�buffers always in new window
DataContract backward compatibility of serialization
CakePHP Differentiate parent and sub category
How can I get a Modal rather than a pop up when using http to access my facebook iframe page?
Identify spoken language in the audio files
Search for in a delimited string column
Code first one to Many relationship
Disable intensity rescale in scipy.imsave
Do I need to lock the DB table or just synchronize the method that writes to the DB when called from different threads?
Overriding the same function for different sub classes is polymorphism?
Record Level security
Select child nodes using XSLT
MVC check validation client side in the jquery dialog when load partial view
python find all common patterns in an array [closed]
JQuery Mobile ASP.NET Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'prop'
Granting Execute Permission on SQL Azure
Phonegap 1.4.1 WebIntent plugin Error 鈥淐lass not found鈥�Android
Haskell guards and Co
Android: Launching gallery app, picking multiple images, returning URIs
jquery sidebar tutorial
Constant-size period.apply with irregularly spaced endpoints in R
moxy: what is the equivalent of RuntimeTypeInfoSet
moxy: what is the equivalent of RuntimeTypeInfoSet
JNI multiple variables
Will multiple Android apps all have the same Facebook keyhash?
AD Query, Server is not operational
How to get my post types in the menu in wordpress
Div that contains jQuery won't center behind another div
Multiple WS call in one action, how to handle Promise objects?
How to push my app into global share/send context menu in Android?
how to define html tag after each 5 iteration in foreach loop
Need to copy to multiples line_items.order_id after create order
PHP Multilingual site & URL rewriting
How can I round a column value with a JPA query?
Are there any difference between s++ and *s++?
Python Popen failing to use proper encoding in Windows PowerShell
In-app purchase crashes in monotouch ios
Zimbra - How to extend ui and core functionality
DB2: [Error Code: -802, SQL State: 22023] [SQL0802]
Detect Background and Accent colour in Windows Phone 7 web
Increment count in a table while inserting value in another table
Customising Blackberry Treefield
$('html').click()鈥�anywhere except one element
Magento: catalog in /catalog url path
ABBYY OCR SDK: I am trying a sample script for recognizing business cards but not getting any output
Xpages @PreDestroy
How detect user came from Web or from Android,iPhone,iPad,iPod
Is this a good way to cache data in PHP?
Add ActionListener to column header of JTable
java : how to get the related value of stored index in arrayList
extend linq to entities to recognize custom methods
how to create KMZ file programmatically?
F# interactive fails to load with 鈥渆rror FS0078: Unable to find the file 'System' in any of鈥︹�
Installing rmagick 2.13.1 with graphicsmagick on Ubuntu 10.04
How to load a page dynamically depending upon some flag using jquerymobile
Cannot reset face lock programmatically
How to replace pattern text to other text contains elements of basic text
prevent a propery from being serialized using a datacontractjsonserializer C#
Unable to install ADT 17.0.0 on genuitec MyEclipse 8.6 IDE
binding data to longlistselector listheadertemplate using wp7
Avoiding accidental removal of duplicates when mapping a Set
Dragged component does not work
APK file in Mac machine
How to point one structure to another
How do you create a progress bar class that loads different types of files from both the /res and /assets folder in Android?
Android ICS not receiving data sms
Cannot close popup after cloning div. Bind()? JQUERY
How to switch .net runtime?
Rally Rest .NET API throws KeyNotFoundException when posting a new defect without required field value
Extracting script tags from webpage using user script
ggplot2 pdf import in Adobe Illustrator missing font AdobePiStd
update table with information from IDirectory
update table with information from IDirectory
mysql left join
How can I get my business objects layer to use the management layer in their methods?
Object class comes twice in prototype chain of DOMWindow?
Rotating groups of images in AS3
Order query results by two key/value pairs, where the fields for the key/value pairs are the same
Saving files doesn't work always android
How to add watermark to the append jquery script?
innerJoin query show error
Replacing DOM element slow in IE compared to FV or GoogleChrome
from import MonkeyRunner, MonkeyDevice java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/base/Predicate
In rails, jQuery token input is not allowing custom entry
Sending JSON to WCF Rest Service - object fileds are null [closed]
File.GetLastWriteTime seems to be returning 'out of date' value
How to convert Array<T?>? into Array<T> in Kotlin
Linux: Join two lines with an equal value in the SAME file
Function atof() rounds its result to integer part
Efficiently store multiple keys in one category
Cannot link portaudio library as a static library
How can I use innerHTML without delete the before innerHTML? [duplicate]
Adding animation between splashScreen And home screen
Speed of object[property]
Java: how to make fireTableStructureChanged change an AbstractTableModel?
How to get a value from a combobox in javascript
Getting the InnerXML of an Element using REXML Document and Ruby
Recursive functions in JavaScript
jQuery radio buttons not responding [closed]
ImageMagick command to convert and save with same name
zc.recipe.cmmi problems with plone on centos6
MailChimp Sync Module vs PerceptiveMCAPI
Date module in Drupal accepting 00 for Date and Month values
UIImagePickerController through model popup in iphone
ANTLR IDE for Eclipse, grammar not compiled
Mapping between T --> IHandler<T>
Mod rewrite - remap site root
how to map root to a resource in rails?
url rewriting issues on button click in
cocoa lost animation [closed]
Performance issue with joda-time DateTime.with*()
Devise public user page only if user is pro
Get the Server Access Information [duplicate]
How to change the array source of a spinner (Android in eclipse)
HTTP Pseudo Streaming from Windows Azure
How convert PST Unix timestamp to UTC? [closed]
troubles creating regex expression
WPF App Doesn't Shut Down When Closing Main Window
linq distinct and select new query
Python-Disabling Action
Show a selectList by javascript/JQuery event
Other than white space what else can trigger 鈥渉eaders already sent鈥�errors in PHP
How to connect app Android with amf web services?
Create a list of tuples based on what a given element of another list is
How to remove junk characters while reading a word document stored in 'OLE Object' field in an access database through C#?
Google chrome frame messes up printing MathML
Handle Application-Level Errors
Converting a UIImage black'n white and not grayscale for using tesseract
how to display values of an arraylist defined in servlet using ajax call
runOnUiThread Undefined for Class
slideup slidedown issues
How to convert string into Array
C code loop performance
Show annotation view after load map(not after click)
I need to retrieve current date with help of TSQL query
JS How to getElementById on an HTML snippet
Positioning a Sheet after using beginSheet:modalForWindow:?
dired backward/forward function
Play framework 2.0 Java - Defining model error and initial-data.yml
Hiding Layers on click observer
Android - load data from email - works on one device, not another
Dismiss Alert - Global setting
Empty array after properly filled
is there a COM API available for Excel Viewer (XLView)?
How can create a webservices which will connect to a database then reterive data and respond back in XML format?
Eclipse hangs when attaching debugger
Composite Web Client Guidance
Equals operator for zeros (BigDecimal / Double) in Java
How to create Combobox with multiselection?
Android thread handler not receiving message
Android: How can I retrieve ListView height and set ListView Items (cells) height depending on ListView Height?
how to get after editing text from database in listview
How to pass query parameter and class attribute to Html.BeginForm in MVC3?
get id of focused element using javascript
PDO PHP & MYSQL SELECT FOUND_ROWS() always returns 0
Why log4net used in nhibernate?
CodeIgniter MVC and updating two different tables in one function
cassandra reads across multiple read requests
Liferay + glassfish 3.1.1 + CAS + SSL, SSL error in liferay
MVC2 html dropdownlist is invisible
How to dump an entire structure in a textfile using winapi
Caching system outside the network
Nested Carousel Control not working - click
a sql query from oracle database
Find dual Euler
Delete UITableViewCell using custom UIButton
How to create color custom scrollbar in pure css? [closed]
Linq query parent child grouping issue
Fatal error from phpmailer class
Match single quotes from python re
MVC and Export to Excel
Search pattern in string using regex in obj-c
Dynamic AJAX list not posting
How to update Table Rows in a Table?
MVC3 Custom ActionResult
Kannel and receive SMS from other SMPP to my system
How to create SVG animation tag using javascript
Show Partial video in MediaElement
Hibernate join takes too long to work
loading UITableView in tab based iPhone application?
Session losing its state after javascript function call
could drools reason over data stored in a relational database (using HIbernate for example)
Can you save recorded video to isolated storage on WP7
How to create new syntax block for try with finally?
Select row which atleast contains the search query
How to fix a JButton in JTable? Because After pressing the button is suspended in its last position in the table
Talend Open-Studio Supported I/O Formats
$stmt->execute() : How to know if db insert was successful?
EntityType 'MembershipUser' has no key defined. Inherited class [closed]
How call an event when click on part of text in text block?
Android - Facebook login dialog and progress indicatior keeps popping out upon logging in
Rescanning the configuration file in groovy
jQuery Mobile Filtered List slow with 150 items on iPhone 3GS
Experiences on EWSMA and Exchange Online Office 365
Read contents from Google docs using php
How to run a .awk file?
How to pass value to another tab without starting Activity?
How to convert a stringbyte(raw html string) to sqlite3 TEXT supporting unicode in Python
Howto split a string into character groups in actionscript?
dom/css: inclose multiple 100% container into a container larger then the viewport(100%)
matlab serial communication
Shared 64bit python installation
MultiPOCO queries firing error message
Linux - Linebreak in IPython
Protect a word document programatically using java
Hibernate Caching Causes Performance Drop on Low Percentage of @Cacheable Entities?
CCLayerColor Problems
resizing iframe during jQuery animations
How can I iterate through all items of my NSOutlineView?
defining a simple implicit Arbitary
Is WinForms DataGridView SelectionChanging event possible
Coldfusion IIS 7 custom 404 blank page
execute function of openERP in jmeter
Xml deserialization with nested tags not working
Google TV + Mail(Gmail)
How to access VBScript's Err object in C# code
Java class copying and arrays
FullCalendar jquery json source parameters
Javascript how to parse JSON array
Infinite scroll for mobile phone using Javascript and Ajax
Android openGL object translation and rotation in the same time
How do I subdivide a Java curve into an odd number of segments?
Android openGL object translation and rotation in the same time
How do I subdivide a Java curve into an odd number of segments?
Beginner Java programmer: avoid printing the last comma
SwfUpload flash uploader not visible and not working in IOS
setVisible(false) removes marker but not setMap(null)
鈥渨ebView shouldStartLoadWithRequest鈥�returns NO. Good. But how can I redirect user to another view
Aligning form fields for responsive layout
Can you use ascii codes in SELECT statements? Specifically the SOH character
Flex/Air replacement for desktop [closed]
Making animation work on a disabled control
How can I run my Python code on other system which doesn't have the required external library module?
Search all numbers
Kyoto Cabinet Installation Issue
how to convert PDF file to swf programmatically using C#
SHA256 digest in perl
In-browser XML transformations not working
Setup/change RDP's default Output Queue?
Is there any Ebay APi available for listing an item, inventory update Etc PHP
How to execute powershell script in 64 bit machine?
How to split a decimal number from a String in JAVA
Delete created uncommited record?
How to get a proper value from the FQL Message table's Attachment Field?
Design by Contract, and generic exceptions
Customizing the columns in a bound grid control?
How do I produce a cursor with NDB map
how to convert date format in aqua data studio
Transition from Fluent Mongo to Mongo C# 1.4 Driver
Jquery Vert Scoller - only moves body,html - not #div?
Run function after Jcrop has finished loading (solution)
django south migration, doesnt set default
Deploying rails app on heroku
How to integrate solr full text search engine in
Is a String literal stored on the stack? Is a new String stired on the stack? [duplicate]
How to build dependent tests for regression testing
What are all built-in abstract classes in .net framework? [closed] parsing html to make it safe. Is this ok?
Migration doesn't add column to database
How to add new PropertyGroup to csproj from powershell
Devise scrubbing Sessions on Post?
UIActivityIndicatorView not spinning
Removing an object in Hibernate/JPA and nullify children automatic
Odd object interaction with buttons, focusable property doing something strange
optimizing select query on has_many :through attributes association
why using a template as a parameter in the STL map template is refused?
ADF Invoke operation manually from code
How can I check browser smooth scrolling support via Javascript?
crash with AVCapture based viewController
While condition not getting terminated
SendMessage to Edit controI C++ [duplicate]
JavaScript grabbing Image from the wrong Location
While condition not getting terminated
SendMessage to Edit controI C++ [duplicate]
JavaScript grabbing Image from the wrong Location
Error creating web service in a Model
Play video online
How can I place a non-scrolling UIView underneath the scroll indicators on a UIScrollView?
How to detect if AVAudioRecorder is paused?
How to append a dom element inside another dom element but in first position in jquery
Exception in Hibernate 'Cannot Release Connection'?
HTTP Headers Information to show XML file
How to Adjust jqGrid height based on screen resolutions?
Alternative to java webapp for project for building Facebook
What is the best type to hold an ordered pair of values of the same type in C#?
Detect WP7 phone like Zune software