Android: Overflow icon event listener
how to get parse url in google map to get the details about location and neighbourhood in android
zoom image slider
If exists then update else insert not working properly in SQL Server Enterprise Edition
Animating an image's perspective using jQuery?
The method Notify Vs several threads waiting
java http authentication reuse between servlets
Add a locale in Mac OSX
How to using Evernote to open Evernote note link in Emacs org mode?
Ubuntu 11.10 + Bash + Python error + Invalid python installation
How to change an existing property of a MSI using MSI transformation in ORCA
storing listview position in android
Core Plot- Filling Particular Area between a coordinates with color
how I can display the names of columns in a JTable with builder editor window eclipse?
how to send string from/To C++ (6.0) to C++ DLL?
Why is grep perl-regex mode treating UTF-8 stream/file as binary?
Plone: How to check when was a user created and by whom?
Visibility converter binding in XAML
SWT: computeSize() has no effect
How do I define routes in play framework2.0 such as {controller}.{action}
Are two equal jQuery .on events binded twice?
Get time as a string from PHP does not work
How do I unit test openWithCompletionHandler
HTMLresponse when passing an Object in Zend Controller using end_Json_Encoder::encode
breadcrumb.phtml file path?
Dynamically update iframe content in jquery
Viewdata not showing in partial view
Changing <img> src attribute when container <a> class changes
Tomcat JNDI resource for Datanucleus (JDO)
Table cells with overflow: hidden and absolutely positioned elements
Plugins in Jquery
Saving camera picture in a file, file not created
Hide div after CSS3 Animation
Chef and git sync - how to notify the runit service to reload given a update?
Spring MVC 3.1 without annotations?
AX 2012 ContractFilter mismatch
Android, extract javascript variable from webview using javascript interface
JAXB : 2 counts of IllegalAnnotationExceptions
.Net 4.0 web application publish - unable to locate resources
Keyboard pushes the whole view up in WP7
Object Parameters in a Constructor
HighCharts: Is it possible to remove every other value on the x-axis?
NSMatrix access from code; initial layout done in IB
Orkut Get Public Posts
Is it possible to get the error code returned by the operating system to the JVM when a FileNotFoundException is thrown? [duplicate]
Poor performance on song playback start in WP7
The file is not under version control
Sitemesh3 properties
load html on Blackberry4.6 os version
SQL table merge algorithm
Is there any difference between integer and bit(n) data types for a bitmask?
Add text to website when RSS feed number equals zero
Trigger a drop when a draggable is moved outside a droppable
How to merge 2 queries into my while loop in wordpress
log4j warning issue - apache commons
What can I do to be able to use Getter and Setter meths with ArrayList
Multiple Django applications using virtualenv on apache2 on ubutnu 11
Chrome html5 canvas shadowBlur
line break issues with sending phpmail
Safari and php sessions not working in facebook iframe
Can't get touch event detected on a view and click event detected on a parent view
How do I iterate through json message's nested array with jquery?
a4j:commandButton is not working. No action is taking place on click
Java3D: How to avoid OutOfMemoryError while using textures
changing directory access using ICACLS.exe at runtime
In Magento's Test Automation Framework (TAF), what is the MCA part of a page URL?
Grails cascade delete up the inheritance tree
Parse List of Entities using Json In Javascript + MVC3
How to adjust form values sent to iframe without showing changes to a user?
How to postgres search with two search text parameter, Search FIlter text 1 && search filter text 2
Term order for complex Abstract Syntax Tree
Adding a new field or adding a new value?
Is copy_to_user necessary with procfs?
how to do in hibernate like order by to_date(ADD_DATE_CREATED,'DD-MM-YY') desc
increase expiration time of item in Cache
reconstructing characters from vector-based fonts
I can't get exist-Db to work in Windows 7 64-bit
Command Prompt input
Django App Labels and User Rights
APPBAR space allocation issue in Windows XP
How to print the structure of an R object to the console jqGrid dropdown multiselect
Access Denied? Wrong user / pass
Visual Studio and .net, any way to perform an action in code - only if debugging?
Stored procedure MVC3 Entity Framework - Varbinary
Binary Image Extension?
displaying a hidden div with a scroll down effect using jquery on hover
What happens to my test classes after EJB 3.1 Migration
Reading xml with partial whitespace
Android menu forward-compatibility
Re-Authenitcating a facebook user once logged in
Use of undeclared identifier errors
Consistent error accessing Soundcloud API with PHP on bluehost server
Grails hello world, Error executing bootstraps java linkage error
can we show checkbox for selection in RDLC?
Adding Web Refrence to Visual Studio while Connected to VPN
How do I export data to a CSV file in C# making sure that Excel can work with it?
Embed server side code in style property (.Net)
How to hide a Navigation Bar?
Chrome and IE not showing ajax loaderr gif
Reading 鈥渃hunked鈥�POST data in PHP
Is there any git web gateway which crossreferences Python source code
How to create JSF table with select buttons
What does the term data classes only mean?
Add 鈥渘ext鈥�button to display next table entity
Convert .csv into .txt with a specific length
Ajax / js on refresh, limit content shown/gotten from php/sql
Does standard ASP.NET dropdownlist allow selected item to be copied/CTRL-C
POST json via StringEntity
How to save recorded video into photo album?
Displaying local time with a UTC datetime input using Date Object
Webview doesn't start from 0dp on left
Phonegap ChildBrowser - minimize child until load
Mercurial(TurtoiseHG) .hgrc file error
Simulation an href in chrome to open a new tab, not window. Not using onclick
Very simple 3D plot in vtk
HyperTable - Why we can't use the * in Select Clause?
How to install OS through Pendrive
Routing Error during 鈥淩uby on Rails-Tutorial鈥�
how to print editable text , orginal text into string array
Network MIDI Protocol using iOS
How to set file name in response
SQL node path reconstruction
iphone app distribution over the air with IIS 6.0
geo location with safari
Counting payment from date range in MySQL
can't perform a for loop with iteration in c++
autohotkeysc.bin sourcecode?
How to give image element a 鈥渟elected鈥�look using Raphael.js
Finding all classes implementing a specific interface
What will be the database structure of following?
Obtaining a string from a JSON GET Request
Spotify puzzle Best Before
iOS app capable trick for external link doesn't work after jQuery update
Running a Python service on ubuntu using upstart
duplicate rows in reporting services using sql [duplicate]
Google maps - get country, region and city name from longitude and latitude (PHP)
rails mongoid criteria find by association
Huge Data in Listbox(Table)
MATLAB: Stopping a sound playing
Get default background color of swing component
find base href of a given url
Issue in deploying facebook integrated application on android device
modernizr 2.5.3 media query testing breaks page in IE and Opera
KeyDown Event on a C# WPF Window Not Working
HTML5 Validation Errors
Maximize a box using jquery
Changing Sharepoint render controls to use custom edit screen instead of Sharepoints edit scream- Custom Lookup Field
Search the position of the item which has to be inserted in the array
Viewing/Dumping Encrypt Android SMS Database
How to round a value in Twig
how to read the keyusage of a X509 V3 certificate?
android unable to use hdmi in creative tab and need to be notified in all(maximum) devices as soon as hdmi is pluged
Xcode warns about missing protocol definition, even though @protocol is used
Virtual functions overriding and hiding
How to use public asmx service
Regular expression pattern with ? character and characterSequense contains unicode character
Why define the getter before the setter (coding convention)
How to AUTO-EMPTY fields in a form AFTER submission
Getting all suggestions from the SuggestBox in GWT
How can one name the array of a return?
Importing a CSV File into Java
ADF ActionListener for operation
Salat Error: class file needed by SalatDAO is missing. reference type MongoCollection of com.mongodb.casbah.TypeImports refers to nonexisting symbol
Cannot post to page as app
changing BASH parent shell
How can i setup socks proxy for ASIHTTPRequest in xcode ios?
VIdeo Recording like talking tom app
Red5 and Android. Stream Audio
moving car on the road with javascript [closed]
Does perforce SCC plugin support Visual Studio 2010 Express?
GWT MVP History back
SignalR - Sending a Message to a subset of users
How to add footer like view to a listview in android?
How to captuare an IP packet, change its content and resend it on Linux?
Check the form has saved or not in CRM 2011 Javascript
Detect CSS Matrix support
W3C geolocation, Error:position unavailable
How to select rows from another table if not enough rows in the first? With SQL
Uploading a csv and importing the data in MySQL
How to set button invisible android
Object subclassing approaches
ARC, bridged cast and GHUnit
htaccess redirect from subdirectory to subdirectory
Setting custom data for the QStringListModel item
How can I test if a column exists in a table using an SQL statement
looping in java for a certain duration and certain task
Mapping Orders With JPA and Play Framework
Checking a background image that is specified in a class style in rspec
Securing SignalR Calls
jQuery loading items via ajax and while remove it getting notification from all previous deletion as well
border property of <option> in google chrome
How to solve lck_m_x Lock in sql
C# - Creating controls dynamically and accessing them
how to create, insert and update database table using web2py? [closed]
different objects between my server and locally for maven deployment
linq to sql show only two of the three columns in datagrid
Very simple RhinoMocks test failing - Whats wrong here?
Retrieving object from NSMutableArray based on key value of child NSMutableDictonary
Java delay method run
Python String format width wrong when characters like 茅 or 枚 in the string
how to set lwuit textarea scrolling false
Alternative to GetWindowRect() for multi-monitor usage?
After extending an access token, does that make it valid for another 60 days?
Where is the table/view script generated and how to get it?
How do I get a list of bundles in symfony2?
Reading HTML with session from httpcomponents
SharePoint 2010 - RichImageField not displaying in display mode
Error when trying to use XML::Parser under modperl2 - Could not load module
Wrong mpi number of processors
Behat user login in separate features
How to send SMS messages from a server
JFreeChart's plot doesn't intersect with the axes
Can DBContext Generator generate mappings from the edmx file?
How to create a page that's split diagonally and the two halves are clickable links
XCode - Images and XML Deployment
WPF Popup has a black border instead of a transparent one
Android database CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException only on device
removeFromSuperview and addSubview relation with reference count?
VS2010 Load Testing: How can I perform custom action that is run once prior to each load test
TagToTip() in jquery
Is it better to order a view than the query calling it?
What could be Regex for reading first line of file with first few bytes and then rest of file content except last 8 bytes of last line of file?
How does bandiwdth detection work in Flash/FMS
Implementing dynamic typing in C [duplicate]
firebug 1.9.1 in Firefox 11 debugger not working
c++ video compression library that supports many different compression algorithms?
Server templating versus Javascript client-side templating
Javascript strToLower(), uft8 and (german) special characters
Strange assert fail on logical and of bool variables
AssemblyName in Visual Studio error when i publish it
Exception when i tried to run struts 2 application in eclipse galileo IDE
Use stdin along with ncurses
Why my i phone say Cannot Determine Location?
changing the texture affecting other materials
Strange assert fail on logical and of bool variables
AssemblyName in Visual Studio error when i publish it
Exception when i tried to run struts 2 application in eclipse galileo IDE
Use stdin along with ncurses
Why my i phone say Cannot Determine Location?
changing the texture affecting other materials
Android Activity being recreate when the starting next activity with different screen orientation
storing a key in unmaned devices in a secure way
How to cancel Rx Based Web Request in Windows Phone 7
Create an data.frame in R with dynamically assigned column names
In Swing, Enter Key not working in selecting an element from a combobox
Selecting Data from mysql using IN parameters
substringing on a character in db2
Adding a jar in WEB-INF lib in POM
Errors running CutyCapt on Centos 5.7 without X Server
How to know the size of image in UIImageView
how to replace a dom node with new node?
How can I verify that a file exists on another domain using Javascript
How to possible page curl with textView in android?
Traversal direction and performance
ImageMagick Runs from Terminal but not in PHP
Getting data from a column of a dataset to populate items of a combo box
Sending intents from an Android-NDK application
error in xml file while writing it?
Can I set a default namespace route in a controller
wall post to facebook page differ than user wall post
Difficulties in column chooser functionality of jqgrid
Is there a way to truncate (hide) a wide table-cell?
How to connect to MongoDB from another PHP class?
Selenium waitforpopup
How to change the path of just a single routes resource?
How to force zero interception in linear regression?
Start or stop mysql database using java programming
Adding own content to tabs UI on event
Cannot send an email with ICS (THtmlSmtpCli) from a Thread in Delphi
Client side console application to get all site collections inside a particular SharePoint 2007 web application
java.lang.Boolean cannot be cast to javax.faces.model.SelectItem
Jquery - Change textbox to text on click
C# Minimize if statement
how to load html on Blackberry4.6 os version
Starting a new activity after 2 hours
Live file upload
jQuery accordion multiple elements to align
pass an array to json format in rails for autocomplete jquery
Web.config allow location access for specific user
Scope of a variable in c#
No OutputCache for UserControl
Calling Function in a forloop
Android Webview caching works in version 4.0.x but not in 2.3.3
how to load static page on blackberry Application
Java/Hibernate - Add extra fields into an array table?
Set color of text in a Textbox/Label to Red and make it bold in C#
Specifying locationURI for new eclipse toolbar?
how to receive the image from url and how it post?
Hexadecimal code points from string in php
Getting a folder ID in as few SQL statements as possible
Am I building my SQL cursor the correct way?
How to Like a Page-App?
C# Pass event from class C through class B to class A
update query in Zend Framework
simple graph modelling / drawing software for efficient everyday use
WCF client does not assert that message is serializable
Why do I get System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception when using a FolderBrowserDialog from a child window?
Javascript, MVC Controller caling and return parameters
How To drag and drop files/images out of Plone site to Linux desktop
Proper way to do clean up in servlet
How to create own method of atan(arc tangent)?
MySQL on JBoss7: DriverManager says caller does not have permission to load driver
DoubleClickHandler and mapwidget - gwt
mass .js to .coffee conversion using js2coffe and bash
How can I typecast a string to a structure which has char array members of different sizes?
TestFlight Leak
How can i get values from checkbox in android
Calling Java code from MATLAB, synchonizing
SQL Scalar Valued Function Return Null
Substracting two SUM from the same table
Step Complexity of thrust sort and thrust unique by key
Select group of columns
Why does cron fail?
Are Posix I/O operations on filenames sequentially coherent?
issue with dynamically loading of javascript code
blackberry use url from browser in my application
How to Customize the tabbarcontroller
SQL Query - Improvement Needed
does javascript load() method cache the resource after it is loaded the first time?
Return the selected value from a dropdown list. Knockout
Run WCF Web Service automatically
Symfony2: Inject current user in Service
While debugging VC++ 6.0 application getting unhandled exception error
Custom listview with image in android
how can i arrange gui and thread synchronization of gui component's state reading?
wsdl2java using Apache Axis2 for WSDL without service
Word VBA - Deleting a shape inside a specific paragraph
String present in Data Table or not in c# [closed]
Android: Split Screen
More than one time encoding and script protection
How to log exceptions with network targets in NLog
EkSource class is not supporting in ios 4.3.3
Does running many IO threads impact performance of a few CPU-intensive threads?
How do I get debug messages out of a Qt Plugin?
RelayCommand commandParameter is null
Routing Error - custom controller
How to do class type inside class type?
Later-inserted tags not seen by JQuery
Products in Magento stores homepage won't line up horizontally in grid
SQL Server: complex operation unique code for groups of rows
Create list html from selected text in Textarea
Simple gui to launch a powershell script and pass parameters
Somehow creating a 64bit DLL with Borland C++ Builder
How can I catch and change the thrown exception message from facebook sdk?
Porting QT Android app to iOS
htaccess query. 2 rewrites rules for 2 home pages
Disable Postsharp in debug builds for entire solution
Render @object and locals vs render :partial
How to pass click events from one div to another?
Visual Studio - debug web app (running local IIS) without starting browser
MVC 4 Portable Areas CSS/JS minification
C# Serial Communication with multiple devices on one port
Post login data webview
removeclass doesnt work
Another OpenGL SuperBible 5th edition set-up problems
Why does a integer, after put into an array, change values?
Select element by class with two identifiers
How to write an SQL script that needs to be executed on many databases?
t-sql INSERT statement. What do I edit
iOS, openURL opens odd webpage鈥�(welcome to
setAutoresizeMask does not work when Orientation changes on iPad
How to solve Linear Diophantine equations in programming?
Match date using python regular expression
specify proxy authentication with savonrb
web service json mssql kendo ui connection鈥�how to
perl mySQL procedure with insert and select fails when in transaction
How can I reach a private variable within the object
McAfee Update download script
How to restrict a spatial search by a field value
Android: Epub file not showing images in emulator/android device
Using Windows Visual Themes with Code::Blocks?
Rotating a sprite on a Bezier curve in cocos2d
jQuery Mobile orientation change switch page
Resize effect of iOS launch images (and AIR?)
How to connect my client computer to a CVS server
dynamically populate div from js array in html form
Java mail sending error? [closed]
Add VS project that belongs to a different TFS Team project as a 鈥渓ink鈥�
Rounding up to next significant figure
asterisk agi (php) file debugging
What is this PHP code in [closed]
$_POST Empty with .htaccess
Codeigniter 2 and codeception [closed]
Video's abort loading on internet explorer
Implementation of .mp4 format and H.264 encoder in android
android spell checking
Memory Leaks when we are using NSXmlParser in auto Release pool
combining c-code files into on c-code file
how to cast string to generic type
Can a .NET web application be host on dedicated linux server with static IP and run this web app as a web site?
Converting a list to an array with ToArray()
Can I copy Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 workflow descriptions between assemblies?
LoadLibrary function return null in Vista and XP
Get Attachment ContentID
how to disable hl-line feature in specified mode
Resize search bar in search display controller when section index titles are removed
how to get post from same name textboxes in php
How to add more Items in Scrollview in Android?
Thread IDs with PPL and Parallel Memory Allocation
Multiple problems with Eclipse and Android SDK [duplicate]
dll in a different directory than c: windows system32
newline issues in PHP email
Drag and drop the shape of graphs
Django json strategy?
eval `ssh-agent` for cap deploy
Spring, JPA 鈥�testing abstract class
Date picker in mvc3 with razor view engine
Date localization
ActiveMQ-CPP and Visual Studio 2003
How to find out what class is referenced the most?
Javascript on Pocket PC Internet Explorer
Mongo Db records retrieval very slow using c# api
ASP.NET MVC3: Adding Textboxes with Jquery and binding to Model
Oracle: transpose table
How to use DataProtectionProvider?
listening incoming sms on android
How do you convert a struct into a char array?
How to exit from chroot
Installing IIS on Windows 7
Error when accessing Core Service from a client machine
Jquery: setting div hide / show with checkbox checking initial state
PHP preg_match_all to get PHP code
How to sort a very-2 huge file when total RAM is very low
Tableview loading slow
Content-Length doesn't add up, how to calculate it?
Application sometimes crashes after language resource change
Read in an XML Block
How to reduce the height of objects except middle object in carousel in iPhone application
How to assign console output as value to some variable in Ruby?
Passing parameter to controller via jquery
How to do 301 redirects with folders & subfolders?
Good FTP control?
Set value in model when dynamically creating object of model
Alert Dialog from Thread - Android
Jquery Selectors - substitution variables
DropDown Menu Changing OnChange
Using javascript in ASP.NET Composite control
vfr reader 2 page landscape [closed]
How do you get your eBay reviews and ratings to show in Google's Product Search
transform a vector<vector<Point> > x in a vector<Point> y
Vim: What's the difference between let and set?
Why am I getting 'URI has an authority component' error running Selenium server from Java
Get Environment Variables using C code
Comparing values in Data Table in c#
Can't mark while showing the current location in 'mapview'
how to add rotate to my 2D object
Picasa - Automatically create profile
jQuery load content return no more than current + next page. I want more pages to load
Entity framework mapping enum : The specified value is not an instance of type 'Edm.Int32' Parameter name: value
Just need to understand a PHP Syntax used to set POSTed var [duplicate]
Unable to find jsoup jar in repository based on its sha-1
Breaking words into syllables
Type Error: Format Requires Mapping
Can you make IE 9 (or earlier) lay out table elements as if they were regular display:block elements?
how to use db.query() when i have many conditions in where clause?? #android
converting a String into a String array in Java
img tag not working in wordpress post
Aggregate list of users and values into a table with list of users and counts of values
Java replace string with increasing number
rich:extendedDataTable in rich:panel is compressed
Working with XCode 4.3 installation
SQL bring back highest sum of rows
How to change the editor size of CKEditor?
building custome dojo
Invalid domain in google search despite rule in webmaster tool
Django. Thread safe update or create.
Serializing derived class from BindingList and ISerializable interface
Large arrays &javascript comparison
Unknown error caused by DataTemplate
IllegalArgumentException thrown by requestLocationUpdate()
Error while altering table in SQL Server
Streaming video files users have uploaded
Sharepoint refinement xml to json
ASP.NET MVC EF Code first: Relation can not be modified
How do I use ant dirset with the ear task?
How do I use the CoffeeScript existential operator to check some object properties for undefined?
URL for facebook app goes to 鈥淧age not found鈥�- has this changed?
Serving static files with dynamic URLs using nginx
Get line numbers in exception when module name is renamed
Providing DTD file to StAX parser
open file and remove first tag
indexOf does not work properly in Titanium mobile
Automatically managing license/author/version header in source files
Automatically managing license/author/version header in source files
If more than one result, rank values from one field in db and return only the highest/lowest ranked value
Renaming vector instead of copying it
resize using fractional step in numpy
BASH - weird characters comming out from a pipe
Cross compiling portaudio for ARM architecture
onClick Listener for CursorAdapter
How can I ignore non-matching preceding text when using Scala's parser combinators?
C++ function scopes [closed]
Code Blocks won't recognize the header for the class it wrote?
Blackberry: Not able to get facebook login screen
HEX representation of byte array
How can I display a ASP.NET server control that is declared on a base master page?
Azure Servicebus relay performance
A regex to get string out of the brackets?
Calculating/Detecting sizes in LESS
Putting a GWT widget into an expanded row
PHP Decrease count between dates
I need the background image of separate <li> to be different
How to get Server Configuration in C#
VBScript DateDiff on XP and Win7
Modbus Tcp For silverlight
Access Android device from Remote computer
about the sqlite query
Haskell Reading File from stdin
What??? PHP can't echo a variable 鈥�
How to use extends in accesing the value super class
how to replace entered character to filter combobox with '?' in extjs
Php array splice
SolrNet with Castle Windsor and basic authentication
How do I search string for a pattern?
$.validator.unobtrusive.parse - jquery in rails
limit size of chat log
Selenium WebDriver 2.20 - IE 8.0 - SeleniumTests.Test.TheTest:System.InvalidOperationException : Could not find Cancel button
make file source file limit(android ndk)
Access Javascript variable in Razor code
How are PRISM V4 Views loaded without parameterised contructor?
Linq to Sql has no supported translation to SQL
System.Data.SQLite 鈥淣o such Table鈥�error occures when executing Query
NuGet scripts to different directory
Reloading the TableView Section on NSTimer
JAXB unmarshalling not working
Sitecore - How to import content?
Panel appearing before SwingWorker execute method completes its task
html font size max value
Confused with the format - sqlite
Calling ViewController's method from its view's subview?
Query-ing memory in use crashes the app?
JS: Remove leading slashes, dots from relative path
android replace multiple characters from a string
LINQ query to parse content from XML to class
Upload big files
ScrollView memory problems
Arrays of ValueTypes don't like object.Equals?
OpenLayers container position from lat/long
Latest upto date Selenium guides
URLConnection.setUseCaches(true) - when will cache expire?
AFJSONRequestOperation delay in response
need help in servlet [closed]
add custom code folding in vim without losing current folding functionalities
VHDL: How to use CLK and RESET in process
jQuery SlideUp doesn't work well in Chrome
How to specify element without specific name
Convert Device context logical coordinates to screen coordinates
CheckBox Accessing a Database in MVC3
Adding multiple files to wordpress svn
What exceptions should I handle
.NET Framework 4.5 operating system requirements (no Vista and XP) [closed]
Make a directory for a category Wordpress
Cannot enable a disabled a control in the same block
Ignore other inputs while code is being executed
Browser is buffering the response and displaying it all together although it is supposed to be in chunks
How to transform a DateTime to Daylight Saving Time based on the date (not the current locale) in Python
Websphere Shared Libraries 鈥淧riority鈥�
C# - Title Capitalisation - Detect a Title in Text
HttpTunnelingServlet on JBoss AS 7
Getting just new mail from Exchange, ignore Meeting Requests
why does StrutsJunit4TestCase invoke the execute() method in a struts rest configured web application?
`assert_index': No such middleware to insert before: 鈥淩ack::Sendfile鈥�
JNLP file always downloaded from cache even if the file is changed in the server
In Alfresco: Fastest way to get NodeRef from a node path
Redmine in Japanese
stream partial views in Ruby on Rails 3.2+
javascript to run onload and onchange
python: a case for 鈥渇rom module import *鈥�
How to sync two planning entities to a value
Symfony2 beginner - suggest small application idea to cover more complicated aspects of framework?
Format number with leading zeros and thousand separator
How to set up a bi-directional fast file sync?
MVC fool proof validation error inside the JS files
Clojure recur's strange behavior
Active Admin keep ask me to login after redirect to some Show page
running .net console applications programatically
Searching an element in 2d sorted array in O(log m+log n) time? [closed]
Debugging macro definition in cross-platform project
jQuery AJAX request returns JSON string and does not redirect on Windows Azure
Facebook getLoginUrl for canvas
Disabling Prompt While reading .doc file
Typo3: How to insert data into database in a hook with powermail
How to get the number of the current image in javascript
How to get the number of the current image in javascript
select xml from one table with updated data(values) from another table in sql server
cx_Freeze error: 'str' object has no attribute '__cause__'
secure MY rest services which are consumed in MY Android and iPhone App
change default close button in jquery mobile dialog header?
Technique for carrying metadata to View Models with AutoMapper
C++ Windows Thread pool (non-boost/c++11)
Can not add method OnModelCreating
Sql to get all records from yesterday's turn
git clone gets gh-pages, I want it to clone master (from Github)
LINQ query including an array of long type data
Merge SQL script files (in order)
Webview loading local html page slow in Android
WPF: Focus is not transfered properly in Usercontrol
Double polymorphic associations
Multithreading: Wrong behaviour of synchronized method
how can I make iphone views layout auto resized and arranged
JPA and DAO implementation under GlassFish 3.1
How to use mongoose update, and update a embed document?
adding row in datagridview programmatically on checkedlistbox.check and delete same on uncheck
<algorithm> function for finding last item less-than-or-equal to, like lower_bound
freebase api for sorting by city relevance
Export ui:repeat list as CSV file
Change wording in payment popup for Paypal Digital Goods
PHP sibling classes static binding
Duplicate header 鈥淢ime-Version鈥�error, sending e-mail with Plone Mail adapter [closed]
Encoding ASCII character 0 terminate query string in classic ASP
Registering a JAR while running
How to remove the specific file buffer from vim?
Where is the main method after converting a form to c#?
Repeating Javascript Code
File handling in JavaScript
How to get back storyboard in xcode 4.2
How to read LSB bits using C#
Maven Dependencies Eclipse
Optimization of mathematical function in openCL
Getting Started with Playframework 2.0 and Selenium
How to sort by within a Django list
Conditional selection in LINQ (select instead if empty)
Error retrieving data from SQL Server with GROUP BY
What is a good File Manager for a .NET Web Application?
How to create 2 action bars in one app?
GCC: Is it possible to extract compiler options from an object file? [duplicate]
How does Queue work in python
curl_exec and file_get_html
selected one from a few layouts(as themes) and use in remoteview
HTML email align text
Iterating over Mongo Cursors more than once using ruby
Hiding uiimage when Pushed to other view controller
Propagation Delay in OPNET Modeler 14.5
javax.validation how to target different locale?
Substring and reverse index with awk
Reading Openoffice Calc (.ods) programmatically using c#?
Instantiation of ALAssetsLibrary inside block throws bad access
Myspace app fails to publish with 鈥渁pp does not have valid icons鈥�even though it does
Serializing a tree map of JMS messages per minute
iPhone/iPad App updates within App itself
Encrypting/decrypting large files with PyCrypto - strategies
Azure blob storage gives 500 internal error
鈥淣othing fetched鈥�returned when running PHP SimpleTest on my localhost
What Doctype should I use for the marquee tag?
Remove Text Box in slider control in jQuery Mobile
Connecting using SSL Certificate and private Key- Push notifications
Invalid assignment left hand side
Rails Generate throwing Minitest error? Read timed out Error
Interval in Hibernate syntax
Calculating sum of N powers
NASM x86_64 assembly in 32-bit mode: Why does this instuction produce RIP-Relative Addressing code?
Dynamically generated images in
How to build a program with 2 different values of a variable in CMake
Android in-app purchase - managed product
python for android development without emulator
Speed issue with huge C array using 64bit Visual C
OS X Sandboxing: LSOpenFromURLSpec() returned -10827
mongodb 鈥渄istinct鈥�query?
html or xml parser as an external library (dll)
How to load CSV data into Oracle table that has more columns than the csv file?
Delete user.config on uninstall through msiexec /x command line option
LDAP Constraint Violation When Changing Password in AD through ldapmodify
Function resembling the work of Explode in MySQL
Is there a more intelligent sql-preprocessor for Oracle than Pro*C/C++?
Line between plots matlab
What does this batch command mean?
Conversion error in numpy.loadtxt()
Configuring Applications that use the same domain to use different ports
MapActivity 鈥渃ouldn't get connection factory client鈥�
How to use a dictionary of dictionaries as output from Python?
Product Offering In Auto Renewable Subscription
Connecting Database with edmx
Windows phone 7 - no post data for jQuery ajax calls
Creating random polygons within a set shapefiles boundary in R
Disabling context menu without disabling text selection
how to Authenticate login using Login, password and OpenSSL certificate?
output encoding in jsp
textShouldEndEditing does not get called in NSTableView
malloc and freeing memory between threads in C
Too many UILabels with unicode text
First page link issue in Codeigniter pagination library
Make python http server route to different ports
Make python http server route to different ports
Governance Registry Database Cleaning
Accessing the trigger of the colorpicker
What is causing 鈥淭emplate parse error near `.', in stanza #2 of /var/lib/dpkg/鈥�error message?
Upload Event photo using Facebook-C#-SDK
How To Draw Semi Logarithm Chart Y-Axis in WPF?
How to remove MySQL Workbench 5.2 in ubuntu unity?
Select stream to input
Send mail when admin accepts
WebView in ViewFlipper doesn't get swipe gestures
NSDateFormatter not working properly?
python multiprocessing with 2 gtk windows
CSS. How to make box wrap it's inner text [closed]
Spring MVC & Velocity : Template structure
How to set up an internal website?
Unresolved Dependencies for a new play 2.0 scala project
Stock list table - minimum amount - if else
How to build my project for multiple client by replacing res depending on Client Name
How to create a custom 404 page handler with Play 2.0?
Javascript (jQuery) effect waits for images to load
Javascript onclick event not firing in Firefox
An applet is working on local but not in a server
form->select('group_id') only shows id and not the group in Cakephp
How to create a String with carriage returns?
Proceeding to build a template with Fireworks [closed]
Creating a signal from within a class to call an external function?
鈥�resize鈥�event don't work with 鈥渙ffset鈥�together
Call a user-defined function inside a CTE for every row returned from another CTE
how to convert french charcaters into English charcaters in java script
Installing Apache on a mac (Lion) : 鈥淒id not find prce-config script at鈥�error
How to find child gridview in user defined function
Is possible for a customer to change payment method?
How to obtain PKCS8 RSA Private Key from string / obtain RSA key pair from XML
How to specify port for PostgreSQL?
Add +1 to current date
Batch File to delete files from the folder whose filenames not mentioned in the XML file
Linq to Sql join two tables
can default model binder generate IEnumerable<FormItem>?
sql show all dates on count query
PayPal DoDirectPayment PHP Email that you payed money
How to generate a WPF form that allows editing of any object
What does the size element in $_FILE represent?
pywinauto coordinates
NSIS - msiexec /i fails with code 1619 if I call SetOutPath
Reading in from a plist, but accepting only certain strings
Why can't NSFileManager open file?
Java Application using Https Connection:鈥淐onnection refused error鈥�
generate sub website in mvc
Create nice column output in python
Grails Ajax Timer
Change DefaultValue of DependencyProperty in Silverlight
Building Luabind in Windows
Slide to Image Based on URL Hash or Tab Selection
arraystore list sencha touch 2
Ext associations
C# Windows Forms, do not show a form in taskbar, but make it go on front when a form that is shown there is focused
First DllNotFoundException then EntryPointNotFoundException while calling pure C function from C#
Make Folder in WiX Output on Build Drop Path
What is the difference between dynamic linker and dynamic loader?
<summary> tag in xml documentation displayed in chm file?
Hibernate ThreadLocal Session management compatible with ForkJoinPool?
php generate json array then javascript display it out
Jquery - Assigning the position of one div with another when elements are hidden
Javascript, countdown timer and display text
What security issues might SendBroadcast cause and what is a better approach?
ADB Composite Interface Issue on windows 7 x64
Eclipse android ADT installation issue
How to set type face from xml
xor linked list implementation
Show live screens of other applications in one application window
OSError in os.wait in python
how to capture graphics primitives from Graphics2D into SVG
Jquery Focusout not triggering
HTML5 widget ERROR event
tangible intelligence [closed]
what is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/regexp/RESyntaxException in grails?
selenium webdriver opens two pages, but tests on the empty page
System.Data.Sqlite and FTS4
Single login window for administrator as well as users
how i use jquery internal in phonegap index.html?
Vaadin: databinding to Treetable
Does test-driven development consider a part of behavior-driven development?
How to adjust rowheight as per the contents in NPOI
Hiding Imageview
How to convert an UTC timestamp to system date and time in ABAP
Trouble Getting z-index Working
ESB Toolkit. Itinerary Endpoint Outbound Location not set
NSString *path: The first path in the code is always loaded, even when the if-else condition is false
Google Analytics tracking custom data
Windows Azure ACS Live ID Email Claim Type (Closed) [duplicate]
read QTableview selected row QSQLITE database
Eigen types typedef failing with C4430
Resolving references at link time or run time?
Maven - can't activate profiles in multi-module project
Looking for technogy stack suggestion enterprise mobile telecommunication solution [closed]
Extracting images from webpage and comparing
Dynamically property .Not.Insert().Not.Update() Mapping Fluent NHibernate
Clickable area after Scaling with respect to positions of touch event? [duplicate]
ASP grab parameter from referral url
Optimizing memory layout of class instances in C++
How to Speed up Comparison of two tables in MySQL
Redirect back to previous page after logged in (Django)
Weird behavior using keyEquivalent on NSMenuItem
C++: references and factories
How to configure eclipse to keep this code format?
How do I handle remote data source errors with YUI3 Autocomplete widget?
When in my REST API should I use an envelope? If I use it in one place, should I always use it?
Application Storage Size in iOS application [duplicate]
Automatic tests using multiple slaves in Hudson
Page scroll when soft keyboard poped up
.htaccess to combine files
How does ASP.NET know which event to fire during a postback?
onClick, view not responding
Measuring avaliable free space on screen in Android
Wait() is missed by shell
.htaccess Multiple Language Site
Error Deserializing Xml to Object - same entity name
Android dynamic image loading
What is the logic behind left side navigation in msdn page [closed]
Some UILabel return null for fontName
attach the red title to the top of the border
TootlTip When mouse over the image
url rewriting by .htaccess files in php
Modify JPA schema at runtime with EclipseLink running on JBoss
Sorting JSON with values from database in Rails
HTML5 Canvas: How to know the limit for the size?
Codeigniter CSRF Jquery Issue
Haskell Snap: Session example
$_POST and submit button
Controls re-initialization using WatiN
Use lambda to check if an string value is in string array or List in C#
how to read current value in sql
Resetting users password in forms authentication C#
How to know which language the user is writing in Javascript?
Excel, extract variable word from cells
Issue in starting the bundle in Felix.missing requirement [5.0] osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=com.sun.jersey.api.core)
Subscribing to Application_BeginRequest
mysql cell values with dates as new columns with years
Biztalk mapper to work with Master Data Service Web Service
store ip ranges in Redis
Microsoft Report Builder 3.0
Mathematica combinatorica package: avoid graphs rendering
Showing ListVew SelectedItems on Top
How to return a dataset from handler?
communcation between racket program and python program
How to find out the folders information in the the document directory
Where is Activity.InvalidateOptionsMenu() in Mono for Android?
Checkbox is not checked without Alert()
Open a new terminal window using bash, and change its colours
XSLT1.0 Check if a descendant exists whose ancestors don't have a specific attribute but if they do it's value must be in a RTF variable
XSLT1.0 Check if a descendant exists whose ancestors don't have a specific attribute but if they do it's value must be in a RTF variable
How to solve HTML5 Validation error on fb-like box?
Relaunching an already launched application
Yammer support in Scribe
nHibernate ForeignKey Id not being inserted but collection is created in database
Android - Spinner Tree
Text folding in richtextbox c#
Not showing private key under certificate with disclosure arrow
Updating label in main form from user control
ORA-02085: database link DBLINK_NAME connects to ORACLE
android: cannot post on my Facebook wall, E/IOEX(6326):
Is it possible to make fluid borders in CSS? I'm drawing a triangle and I want it to cover 50% width and 50% height of the page.
2 Tables - Query them with one another and store pk's from each table into a new table
Replace operators with variables in javascript
Any way to use grouped_collection_select for a single model
sort string-numbers [duplicate]
Post to wall as Facebook Application
JasperReports API: calling JasperCompileManager.compileReport (String) method raised the MalformedByteSequenceException exception
HTML5 - Canvas Event Handling
Most elegant solution to chain asynchronous calls in java?
prevent ios simulator from asking 鈥渪 Would like to use your current location鈥�
How to prevent my iOS app to install on a device running the latest iOS?
Incorrect GPS location on Samsung Galaxy2
JQuery How do I add an id to the parent div of an iframe with the value of iframes id + 鈥渨hatever鈥�
python memory leak using wxPython
How to get IP/MAC Address of any blackberry device?
What ios method references 鈥渓ogin through UIWebview and redirects me to another view controller鈥�
Create strong key for AES-256 from big keyfile
Working with Tab Control in Mono for Android
Javascript Objects in IE8
Quartz scheduler job migration
How can i animate Barbutton in Navigation bar
backward elimination in logistic regression using R
Which is more efficient : using removeAll() or using the following HashMap technique to retain only changed records in an ArrayList
Understanding crash log 鈥渢his may be a leak鈥�
Why the 鈥渃ursor.lastrowid鈥�return 3?
Doctrine2 using setParameters
Browser support for askerisk ( * ) wild card in CSS?
How to write the sql command in magento?
ZKOSS - creating new css theme
how to manipulate records?
How to access Windows on_screen keyboard accessory through Python
jQuery usage of delegate causes events to fire for each element (2 4 8 16 32)
SIGABRT after setting an object to NSMutableDictionary
How to pass in password using Net::SSH in Perl?
is it possible to write an app that is invoked by the phone ringing?
EKEventStore getting events returns empty list
With multiple select how can we know that user selected or un-selected some value?
where is a static variable inside a struct located?
WinRT API in .Net 4.5
Learning bash: Append a line to list of files
WP7 Mango ResouceDictionary MergedDictionaries
Special characters remove?
How do I write a filter program in C?
regular expression for substitue python
How do I find out which settings.xml file maven is using
Android setVisibility issue with android 2.3.3
Command in FOR loop (How to get data I requested)
add Authentication to new session
What is a suitable font for coding with SQL Developer
ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException in QuickSort Implementation
Date.getTime() giving a time of 2000 1st Jan
Tab index of dynamic textboxes
fill text box when select a value form drop down
How to referesh one view UI from other view UI
What to do if R.Java file is not generated in android code ? [duplicate]
How to provide FLOATING_POINT support in android-ndk-r7b-linux while compiling Speex?
Javascript change value inside class
script in php cli stops working silently when I set memory_limit to 128M
Bundle ID issues when adding Push notifications
Getting Upload Image mime type is application/octet-stream
Task queue in Django
Security of Database passwords (and other important private strings ) in a java application
Navigation between pages in Sencha MVC approach
How to bind events to DOM after initialize function in backbone?
Has MySQL caught up to SQL Server Express ( Specifically Stored Procedures) for a small e-commerce site running on AWS?
Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 550
how to read checked/unchecked state of a checkbox from view in controller in MVC 3
Json RPC error 32600
Share LocationListener with another Activity Android
CALayer border get fuzzy on rotation
Google map customizations
How to increase scroll speed of UIWebView?
I need to capture a notification
jQuery autocomplete: How to separate the url of the javascript?
Hibernate: No session after save of new entity
Cannot append the code to the other page of mvc using jquery
Metro Style Apps: WinJS a must?
Change nameserver in DNS to different hosting
How do I submitting any form with one function jQuery/Ajax? Not sure how
special characters to 'normal' equivalents
Resizing the textView according to text set
android.R.color.transparent not fully transparent
How to check if XML has value in SQL?
business card reader for php
C word size and standard size
Javascript and Fusion Table
Excel VLOOKUP for similarities in format
When to use
Is the liftbook on version 2.4?
In Jquery is not firing without alert
entering diffirent date time formats
How to read and modify latitude and longitude data of jpg file in vc++
Where on the disk does WebClient's cache reside?
Why isn't parallel programming used more often? [closed]
Ajax call Into MVC Controller- Url Issue
Run official Kinect SDK on iMac
viewpager + webview, how tostop webview loading
create listview with alphabetic separators android - how?
Mootools/moocheck not updating the style if checkbox is programatically checked
Java - looping in 1 class & adding element to array in another
How to display clicked image from a set of images from a linear layout?
Bind 'touchstart' event in jQuery not working with android phonegap and backbone
Symfony2: How do i validate start and end dates of an entity?
Pass BackgroundWorker to class called by doWork?
How to update destination table in ssis?
Windows Phone 7 read and parse XML data from web service
Regex to exclude word (XML Schema flavor)
C program crashes after strcpy
Cache ParitalView on IE8&9
Get containing python class from element
Android: Layout Issue for HTC EVO 3d
Android - strange Checkbox behaviour
PHP - echo do other client
View and Domain model, where to perform calculation
Slide Toggle nested ordered list
What does '&.' in '&.sub-title' indicates in scss?
Getting an empty result when trying to get JSON twitter timeline but it works when I copy and paste it into a browser
Asynchronous call in javascript
Create a FILESTREAM-Enabled Database? url routers conflict with ajax webservice path
PHP replace text with image
How could I generate Java CFG(Control Flow Graph) using antlr?
load .emacs from url
Video not getting download . Started to play
How to fetch single row/data from Mysql_fetch_array?
Where do I get the Certificate?
Moving items from one Grid to another
how to add text to radiobutton/checkbox at display in jquery?
Resize GIF animation, pil/imagemagick, python
How to print a parse tree using Bison?
Distance calculation which is faster mongodb or mysql
splashscreen during startup of Phonegap app
Implementing unit of work in a WCF service with Autofac
ZXingWidgetController does not Scan QR after built for App Store Provisioning
POM Dependency for org.jboss.seam-jboss.seam-2.2.2.GA.jar
aptana report python type error
automatically authenticate user using c# membership provider
Load Url without launching android browser
Error installing VS2010 Ultimate on Windows7
Error installing VS2010 Ultimate on Windows7
SimSun Regular font problems
Which Data Source
No such element in iterator
Storing variable in Jersey web application
How to get rows of a specific type matching a specific value?
Can't turn XML response into an simplexml object
A basic crawler/scraper that can provide all URLs under a parent URL
How to make custom tracker of horizontal progessbar of listview?
android adjustresize adjustpan famous issue
ASmack Multiuser Chat room
INotifyProperyChanged - why the extra assignment?
How do I set up a listener to a switch in my Custom listview?
When to release dynamically created objects
why all variable names and values are not displayed When using method=鈥減ost鈥�in HTML forms