Trouble with java snippets
jquery ui Drag&drop effect
vba programming for visio
Why can't I reach methods of inner class in java?
Jquery Validator and Mask Plugin
Assign Key Field Value Only If Corresponding Lookup Result value Exist
Maven could not find artifact that already exists in repository
conversion rate, what should I count as a 'visitor'?
How to hide previous button while navigating to first one in review?
writing sql without using aggregation
Set metadata while using s3cmd to upload static website to Amazon S3
Bubble Sort to gap sort modification
'Alt' keyup event don't work on Firefox
How to map JSON to C# Objects
Cocos2D - Layers' backgrounds turn to white for no reason
I would like cost saving and performance options for my e-com site, moving to AWS, that uses XSLT, PHP, and SQL Server 2008r2
How create username not unique in memberships?
Windows Service doesn't start based on the interval time
How do use the LayoutInflater inflater properly
How to grep a text file which contains some binary data?
how to use IN operator in LINQ
When to use Application context in Springs.
Issue with getting control id when tabcontainer is used
extjs grid filter example not loading data
undefined method `home' for Dir:Class
Android - Bind to a service from an other app
override Makefile goal
building android-ndk?
How to search document by oid in mongoengine
Global context menu listener or else How to register context menu for all views registered
can netty reliably detect channel close/disconnect?
How to make a constant correct read only model/view architecture in Qt?
Why I couldnt find Settings Alert part in TFS 2010 by using the administration console?
Custom Search Engine Which Searches a Private Database
autocomplete selected items into div tag
Preventing a new row from appearing in a DataGridView before current row is filled in?
Everytime my mail goes to spam in phpmailer
Error in playing multichannel audio at different instances?
config file transformation on setup installation
Magento Configurable products don't go out of stock
Datasets in other but root folder of the project not visible in VS2010 reporting
Entity Framework Creates New Record in Table I Didn't Reference when Inserting Into Other Table
How to customize tab bar controller so that tabs appear on the top of the screen?
In firefox I am not able to open video tag
Tortoise SVN property substitution - fails for more than one property 鈥済roup鈥�
Passing a variable number of generic type parameters
Push Data Into TabbedViewNavigator in View
Issue submitting wysiwyg data through Ajax
How to smooth a curve cookies are getting overwritten
Test if it is JSONObject or JSONArray
Given an unsorted Array find maximum value of A[j] - A[i] where j> O(n) time
python-twitter get image from status
Trouble with friend in C++
Is it possible to have inlined models in associations or in fields?
Javascript Function Onclick change div hight and add hide button replace the more button
Alternative for ViewData and QueryString
Bitmap density causing problems
get window title from pid
remove special character for a string using javascript? [duplicate]
Check if multiple records match a set of values
How to get Date only of TextBoxFor in MVC 3.0
obj-C, Json + Coredata from remote server - without a local database / databastore, best approach?
updating all column values by adding a char with MySQL query
how to detect OS at run time using java class? [closed]
Maven - why maven won't download the dependency pom in addition to the jar file
Creating ExcelAddin in Visual Studio 2010
Converting readable time to unix time with Python
How to get length string json in js or jQuery
CSS Zebra stripping not working properly
Error in displaying correct values form the previous screens
List<Object> and List<?>
How to by pass the 鈥淎ccess to path 'F:/System File Volume' is denied鈥�exception?
AsyncTask is not working properly in android 4.0
New registration on openfire with Strophe.js
Can't get Ninject.Extensions.Interception working
Split Android app in two parts
Avoiding server security certificate in google chrome with selenium
Vertical Bar Graphs in C++
Having trouble in ZBar integration for QR code reader in installing app on device
OData Referencing Requests in a Change Set
php.ini configuration items under centos
Browse file in visual c++ windows form application
Check if only one element exist using Guava
JQUERY Mobile form jumps on inputting values
Renaming windows with python Xlib
Chrome Extension - Channels Not Working
Update partial XML mapping to bean
nodejs buffers vs typed arrays
Hide UIPickerview On Done Button in UITableView [Solved]
Select or free text
Deallocate Popover in Safari Extension
Perl formatted output xml
Dokan (DokanNet.dll) on Android/Monodroid - Code Migration Issue
Is there a default ID assigned to any object instance in .NET? [duplicate]
what are solutions to ensure the security of server-side and mobile client communication?
How to switch to previous version of mozila using developer tools?
How to get rid off html tags in JSF to return only JSON?
Rails and thinking_sphinx when I should do reindex?
I'm interested in developing a website from the ground up. Where do I start? What should I learn? What should I use?
On restart mysql flush mysql-relay-bin log files
iPhone, how do I specify which territories my in app purchases are available?
Shebang pointing to script (also having shebang) is effectively ignored
is This Data Abstration Example right or not?
How to use Distinct for multiple columns?
Android: keep bitmap in application class
Unit testing C# refactoring static methods
Make minimum price in shopping cart Magento
Making a validator work from the back end code
iPhone cross-domain ajax request fails
Add HTML tag inside the variable deceleration
checking in code to Visual SVN server using Tortoise svn client
How can (1 +) be ever a function?
Fundamental issue in connection pooling of Tomcat
What is the range of 鈥渟cript execution鈥�time for dom.max_script_run_time
How to use cv haarclassifier cascade
Sending object via socket, but different language client, how to make the object serialize?
Should I wrap a C++ object that is contained entirely inside a node.js function
jQuery function not able to get values unless an alert is written
How to connect to Tridion using core service from client machine
Weird jsp behaviour
Magento cluster/load balance set up
Java generating random objects [Homework]
How to avoid IndexError
Shell script to use my login environment
how to achieve Marathi or Hindi text in textbox while typing through keyboard [closed]
taking screenshots without knowing to the user in android application
changing the location of C# code files along with db
Convert from String to date
solving logarithms in objective c
How to save an array of simple objects in my android app?
Servlet is getting executed without time intervel
generating a string with specific rules
Weird python key error
EXTJS tree panel drag and drop Exception
How can i read NFC tag in android?
Parse svg:path d attribute
iOS - database sqlite class/plug-in/library
How to change jqgrid font size dynamically
IPhone application removal from the appstore? [closed]
Hive vs SQL Server performance
Can I run Smarty plugin to Display method?
Can MongoDB mess up data once it's in the DB
Authorization and Authentication mechanism in CakePHP
Howto understand first run of application
Backbone.js route using regex - Matching a URL that does not end with a given string
Android: Performance and memory used when loading icon from resources
Updating the value of a TextBlock on the basis of value of another TextBock in WPF using Dependency property
Is x++ more efficient than x = x + 1 and x += 1 in assembly?
Does primefaces work with facelets?
How to get desired json formatted data in c#
Can another app register my custom url scheme
How to find the correct path for a external javascript file when using servlets?
how to find records from another table in rails?
How to cancel a dialog when its theme is transparent?
Is there a way to place compilator in a program?
How to change the font-size on resize to fit its parent box?
How to design a custom chat control in android?
How do Isend crash report to Web service when application gets crashed?
C++ LoadLibrary throws First-Chance Exception, yet works?
CakePHP search plugin
What Python regex matches all alphabet characters but no numbers? [unicode aware]
popover init error in 5.1
Facebook Graph API - upload photo using JavaScript with base64 image URL
Logging large messages with Log4Net AdoNetAppender
Parsing text inside brackets using regexp
Vimrc: When backupdir is set, every save prompts 鈥減ress enter to continue鈥�
Implement first last in Nhibernate
Mysql: What are fragmented tables and why should we run OPTIMIZE on them?
How to dismiss camera and navigating to the root view controller?
how to get the list of xml files from document directory
mod_rewrite; subdomain & subdir
Function CreateDC For Visual Basic 6.0
How to parse keyword IPTC from image using PHP?
Return DecodeJpeg from Image in WP7
Dictionary Problems [closed]
how to add a custom attribute x509 certificates
Apple InAppPurchase
Java Non-static array
SDWebImage success load handler returns a wrong UIImage
Android ImageSwitcher example
IllegalStateException: getInputStream() has already been called for this request
Redis with Resque and Rails: ERR command not allowed when used memory > 'maxmemory'
Use Google analytics to track open rates of email?
How to record Application in ipad IOS5 [closed]
Android: Can someone help me understand how switching between multiple views and layouts within one activity works?
How do I correct this javascript if i want to deselect checkbox?
Chrome Extension: multiple extensions acting on the same element
Logic Help needed for list manipulation in java
In python, how to check if a date is valid?
ProgressBar not updating on screen despite NotifyPropertyChanged working correctly
Bitmap Detection
Javascript Function Onclick change div high [closed]
jQueryUI's draggable clash with dragToSelect plugin
change sequence of datagridview columns window C#
How to disable Rails sessions for web crawlers?
鈥淣o XML content. Please add a root view or layout to your document鈥�
Commit code to a specific branch _after_ writing all the code (git)?
How to make launching screen to second tab
What NoSQL DB to use for an SVN like DVCS implementation?
How to protect content in a webpage to avoid being copied like [duplicate]
DXL script for Doors 9.2
VisualPHPUnit - Trying to get property of non-object when getting a property of object
Changing password in Django using AJAX
FM Recording on Windows Mobile (Not Windows Phone)
Undo git stash pop on dirty working tree
how to convert datetime to short date?
Page redirection causing request bean creation twice
Can not parse json
Format and Indent HTML in Vim
Client-side Validation fails for DropDownList on int field, IE browser
What is the best way to test and interact with inner functions defined inside a toplevel function?
xmlSignature or normal digital Signature?
Windows Service writing to windows TEMP folder
can't add two decimal numbers using jQuery
Does issuing a new Github OAUTH token expire all previous ones?
Should I use native Interbase components to read an Interbase database from Delphi
how to define xsd element with multiple option?
How to show tree lines in second column in a TreeTable
Unable to call Excel Interop multiple times to convert to PDF in sharepoint
Java help needed
Executable jar running slower than Eclipse
In PlayN, how can I get the HTML version of my project using Google's Guava libraries to compile?
how to make the incompatible plugin into compatible plugin? [closed]
MVVM Binding with exposed property
UTF32 and C# problems
How to let JSF skip getter method call after clicking of button on that page?
cocoa tabView Name
How to insert controls at the top of the panel dynamically
SWIG TCL Static Linking
ML based domain specific named enitty recognition (NER)?
How to read complete data from the device using Netty?
Django's comments framework and CSRF
Restricting character input on iPhone UITextField [duplicate]
activity as dialog in android
How can I write an MVC3/4 application that can both function as a web API and a UI onto that API?
Event to create a Page when a user creates one Page in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1
How do I use setValue:forKeyPath and valueForKeyPath
Category/Product Pageviews Magento
Adding variable amount of elements(text boxs, drop down) dynamically MVC
generate form dynamically from xml file in Dotnet
Not allow any other application to open except a browser
.jar file is not install on the samsung mobiles but install on the nokia
Android LVL device specific licensing
How to extract the text from a sql column
Spinner OnItemSelectedListener double select issue
executing pages built in 1.1 and 2.0 framework in same website
How Get RoleID in ASP.NET MVC
Error while posting a message on wall
Disappearing ProgressBar in Android ListView
Subtract a mysql array of rows ORDER BY price, date from a number entered by a form using php
How to close a tkinter window by pressing a button custom validator doesn't has attribute controltovalidate on postback
What is the proper approach to refreshing jQuery bindings in an Ember.js view?
Opengl es 2.0 3d
execution time of insert and retrieval operation in mysql
How to write a generic ISort interface?
search record using year criteria in hibernate
Syntax Highlighter for Twig
editing value in sql server 2005 using vb6 causing the program to hang
Invalidate the Java session for new tab
How to rotate my application 180 degree upside down upon rotating device 180 degree upside down?
why does my page scroll to the bottom when is loaded and google maps is being loaded
Removing UITextField
Refresh a Block content when the page refreshes using javascript
SwingWorker causing errors in subclasses
synchronous to asynchronus using jms queue
Determining the difference between dates
Comparing Sum Methods in C#
Detect if flash is enabled in the browser
Pass Linq Expression to a function
How to open Google Maps using address?
jquery changing select dropdown values
Difference between `<%#` and `<%=` and an ascx file?
TLFTextfield broken after upgrading from CS5 to CS5.5
Set cursor position in a UITextField (Monotouch)
transfer/transform data from XML/XSD to database using XSLT
DbContext vs Complied Queries
H2 driver not found when try to connect
virtualmin - hostname, nameserver (bind) and DNS records Query Timed out
FreeRadius PEAP authorizaton issues
Getting errrors while using weak symbol in C++?
Core-plot - plotting very small numbers on scatter plot
Android Open 3GLES running error
Which is the best way to modify CodeIgniter Cart?
Is there harm in calling reboot from a sh file running under su from an android app?
Jdialog not getting focused in IE9
JQuery Cross-slide
Can't reference Microsoft.Pex.Framework.dll in Visual Studio 2010 SP1
how to refresh a portion of a page in intervals
`elif` in list comprehension conditionals
Reading text and numeric data from .dat file in matlab
Multiple rows insert in a table in MySQL database using XML file
Dialog box if there is no internet connection
counter part of __getattr__
Invalid table view update with insertRowsAtIndexPaths:
What is template handling for custom post type in wordpress 3.3.1
Retrieve user input value from keydown [closed]
Why can't I used data attr in my site but I can on other sites?
How to get the IP address which sent a command to a TIdCommand?
Zend Framework - Zend_Auth::getInstance() causes 500 error
How to handle Lightbox with Capybara, Selenium and Cucumber framework?
How to design the content of a UIScrollView in a nib easily
Simple Javascript date conversion
pythonw.exe is not responding
Need to set value=1 when checked
Want to know what is ipv4 and ipv6? [closed]
Is it possible to make a ListView populate from the bottom?
ERROR! Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not on FX application thread; currentThread = AWT-EventQueue-0
Median calculation in ActionScript 3
Hide Drupal Primary Menu Items Before Login
PHP Module for Apache on Amazon EC2
Change UIImageView Image path
How to make this recursive function iterative in python?
Magento - default values at productcreation
Access is denied after adding STS reference to ASP.NET 4.0 Web Application
How do I stop System.Uri from unencoding a URL?
How to save an array of objects to mongoose DB with only one call?
Displaying polygons on Google Maps from SQL Server geography data type
Just want to redirect all know address of my site to specific file using htaccess?
Get xml node using c#
Android upload image to server using base64
Why is TempData backed by Session
How to open emacs-nav buffer in the right-hand window?
How to write testcase for testing things like 鈥�0 days expire鈥�
Mysql get top 5 results per group on inner join
When should i validate in-app purchase transaction receipt?
Web service without apache, jetty, 鈥�or another server [closed]
date comparison in where condition in c# with oledb database
Custom cursor image with javascript
ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'auto_ptr' with no type
the best approaches for logging localization using c++
php preg_replace expression
Validating a Phone Number [closed]
php preg_replace expression
Validating a Phone Number [closed]
Java fx fxml generation
Changing the imageView object in android after loading the activity
Grid view Edit issue
Reloading code on a production ring-clojure server
Move semantics and primitive types
Login to another application based on Yii Session
Xcode linker Directory not found for option
Removing SurfaceView from the application stack
When a mouse over the link ,create a preview of a website?
cocos2d frame rate lag on dictionary creation and search
plist controller class
Possible to create a calculated field in a doctrine query you can then retrieve as an object attribute?
Select from multiple tables, remove duplicates
Sencha Touch 2.0 鈥�How can I hide my list item?
SWT/JFace : How to setFont on StatusLine? Windowbuilder broken?
Command Link Without page redirect
convert Sql query to LINQ query
Python and SQLite: Check if an item exists in a database?
active admin collection_select and passing to controller overide create method
Listing the html contents of a directory error
How to compare date and year?
What is javascript injection? and how it could be use in Software testing?
Where to configure 鈥淪erverTokens鈥�and 鈥淪erverSignature鈥�for Apache2 on Ubuntu 11.10 server? [closed]
How do I set a property on a Storyboard UIViewController between segues on iOS 5?
Calculate mail attachment size in iOS
MOSS file upload size limit for a specific site/library
Checkbox must be checked for particular id
Divide single value into an array
How to delete new objects from NSManagedObjectContext
Soft Keyboard will not show in graphical view
loading google charts in jade
How to find a control in a separate user control in the same page where it is registed
bytea in postgres storing and retrieving bytes
Return value syntax in java
How do i create functionality for allowing website users to add a page to my website?
if svn update messes up my local environment how to rollback?
Can Application.terminate lead to memory leak?
Android EditText box
How to save dynamic enum value in the database in mvc3
ora-12528: TNS:Listener: All Appropriate instances are blocking new connections
Xcode will run app on simulator but not on device
facebook post image to user wall and image store in my fan page album
how can I access SVN from an Android device
How to call a method to load class variable in Ruby?
Load info from xml, save related (changed) info using c#
Script is failing to acknowledge folders even though they exist
Rails 3.2, FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user (PG::Error)
How to add digital signature image to pdf in ios?
Android: Update app from another app in background without user intervention
Set User Control Dependency Property value to a lable control
How to configure the virtual host in apache tomcat server? [closed]
Visual Studio UML designer - data types
Why IPhone Phonegap application renders css differently than native browser?
Java: BigInteger floor and ceil functions [closed]
Java Serialization Pains (
Codeigniter mobile redirect with caching
Identity matrix confusion
How to call action from ajax
How to disable and enable cells selection in uitableview on button click [duplicate]
about pointer array add itself(++)
How to hide the mouse cursor in java applet?
How to disconnect a outgoing call programatically
Upgraded Eclipse. Every app force closes
Handling a 401 response with sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler:
Implementing MVVM into an existing project
JavaScript file cannot find a variable
iPhone Share Button
PHP - Problems creating an image containg text
Why does the method I have to reload the row in a table only reload once?
Do you use quotes in jQuery when searching for attribute values?
RESTEasy Response vs. W3C spec
Python 3.2 Grammar Specification - Function Call
javascript edit: add fade-in feature to this script
PostgreSQL: Arrays Data Type with PHP
Entity Framework, Entity Model creation clarification
IIS Rewrite Input Types
How to get hash in a server side language?
virtual keyboard hiding edit text, setting from fragment
How can I use SQL Server CE for my MVC membership/authorization project?
VideoView onResume loses buffered portion of the video
Bitwise Operator is it useful? [closed]
iOS : How to implement a bookmark for ePub reader?
How to resolve 'file could only be replicated to 0 nodes, instead of 1' in hadoop?
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-08103: object no longer exists in java
How to know when a CompletionService is finished delivering results?
Why does 鈥渟elf鈥�outside a function's parameters give a 鈥渘ot defined鈥�error?
checkbox and radio button is not showing perfect in IE7?
how to create a deinterlacer in xinimin.c (xine)
Saving information from nested forms in rails controllers
how to read arabic in json object
code optimisation in python
Windows 7 cleans up C++ memory leaks?
image stacking rendering different on chrome and ie9
c++: Schedule function call in the future?
Amortized Analysis: Find the Rate of Travel
Simultaneous assignment to a numpy array
Position independant code, shared libraries and code veneers - getting them to work together
Data structure for roguelike map
Accessing titles of Biographies in Wikipedia
When my program reads CTRL-D from standard input on Linux, why does it not convert to EOF?
How to play H.264 video in a win32 window?
Java: Null Pointer Exception using replaceAll
iPad storyBoard not working
Callback function in waveOutOpen() API
Converting a hexadecimal digest to base64 in Ruby
To show the route by clicking between two points on Google map in Blackberry
Having trouble accessing an attribute of a private type
How to parse selected expressions until an end keyword in pyparsing
How to get the max of an arbitrary function in Ruby?
How can I update multi select in android dialog window
Android show input keyboard only when user press a button
Writing a custom Android OS
Async.js - Deferring execution while still accessing the correct array index
Is it possible to show a swt wizard page on the click of finish of the same wizard?
SELECT value AS (desc) not working in subquery
Eclipse not Opening
Checkbox list in Orchard CMS
Create custom 鈥渁uto-increment鈥�Compound Primary Key?
Handle BACK key event in child view, rather than in activity
issue customizing UITableViewCell
Force SSL only on certain pages with .htacces
How to create a folder in c# windows forms [closed]
How to create an NSInvocation object using a method that takes a pointer to an object as an argument
max comma's on one line, using bash script
Reading iPhones call, SMS and data usage
HTML to jQuery to PHP, then from PHP to jQuery to HTML
Didn't pass parameter
Accessing Eclipse's call hierarchy programmatically
Force the icons on the desktop to refresh after deleting items, or stop an item from being added in the first place
div doesn't display 100% width when the content width in other div is greater than 100%
Couldn't load data back after serializing onto disk using boost
Are the offsets on MIPS branch instructions sign-extended?
WCF Beginner Tutorial - Unable to debug (step into)
How can I deploy two different versions of the same managed dll to production? Or鈥�how better do I get around this?
Setting Organizer name with ri_cal
Span not showing in IE7
Java - best way to create a table of data, and how to initialize it?
referencing objects from other modules
HTTPS Login from Different Domain
KeyBinding incrementing its command calls
Conversion fails (SQL Server 2008) [closed]
Is Yi buildable on Windows?
How to create a category and subcategory with rake db:seed
javascript multiple checkbox validation
how to choose which heroku app to deploy to
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mssql_connect()
redirect after j_spring_security_check
CSS Selector for a TD in a Table with an ID
Android WebView click open within WebView not a default browser
best_in_place :collection
Get python-markdown extension to output html tags with a specific class attribute in Django?
What's the return value of this function?
I am getting undefined index on all of my $_POST after submitting
With SQLite, how do i read from a list into a database?
EmberJS: unable to observe
Scanf_s warning? Skips User Inputs (topics: Runge-Kutta, Epidemic Simulation)
How to access protected variable in Zend forms?
Generate Menu from the database using asp:Menu control programatically not working
How to get the URL value
Prefix length with a value 0
Logic of name_to_handle_at()
Which computer vision library & algorithm(s), for human behaviour analysis?
getting Black Screen while while changing Activity
using kendo ui grid and backbone.js
isset() function is returning true even when item is not set
why display website different layout in different computer and same browser?
JPA persistence.xml is not loaded
How to initialize SQLite file for Firefox add-on?
Which Android Data Storage Technique to use?
How do I specify the default install path of an msi in cx_freeze and distutils?
ToggleButton/CheckBox content depending on its checked state?
SQLite selecting two columns (with spaces) as one
SURF OpenCV - SURF descriptors for pre-defined points
Receiving request timeout even though connect timeout and read timeout is set to default (infinite)?
Zend + Doctrine Error on Table relationship
Initializing an array of _C++_ objects with index designators
Accessing elements of a User Control
it's possible using javascript socket client in unity js script..?
Guava: How do I convert Collection<T> to Collection<Optional<T>>?
jQuery hoverIntent 鈥渉overOut鈥�function not being applied
How to implement the statistical facet together with the histogram facet or the date histogram facet in ElasticSearch?
JSON data not in proper format : fetching from mysql
Searching more than 1 column
StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header:
Scheme - How to use 鈥�鈥�as a symbol
setting primary key for a database not named 鈥�id鈥�
Replace WebBrowser browser = new WebBrowser(); with Chrome instance instead of using ie
eclipse helios won't start [duplicate]
wpf canvas background image dynamically
Many to Many DataMapper CodeIgniter
format uidatepicker to another nsdate
Can't wrap my head around Android Fragments
Detecting memory leaks using _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks
nginx rewrite/location collision
Is there any technology that enables TurboTax to manage its complex rules
MYSQL selecting elements that contains everything in another query
How to concatenate this below:
MYSQL selecting elements that contains everything in another query
How to concatenate this below:
retrieve output from session array in button click php
.js.erb Ruby on Rails
Create Error Picture in Picture box1
Align image left in jQuery Mobile collapsible div
Boost serialization error
OleDbConnection connection string Data Source error
Ruby Curb (Curl) issue with setting parameters and cookies
About persisting DotNetOpenAuth 4.0 client tokens
Android, how to close progress bar in onPageFinished() method of setWebViewClient()?
How do I make a simplified version of boost::variant?
Vectors in Arduino
Checking a panel unit root test in R done manually
How do you set the current GPS navigator location as a variable for destinationA to find distance and time
Dealing with non-ascii string as array and 锟�character
Reading from database with SQLite and Python: Incorrect number of binding supplied
Arraylist of subclasses in java
loop through each pixel in java android
if I write a https program with libcurl, which CA cert should I download?
Hibernate Triple Many-To-Many Join
Multiple Constructors with same arguments
Source code for javax jws package
Full Text Search for django using MySQL
jQuery ID selector returns blank array when I'm staring at the element
Best practices of making object converter [closed]
Improve this Jquery code
how is the decision taken at run time whether to call derived class function or base class function?
Getting a querystring guid value into my controller's create without the weirdness
Stashing private methods in a hidden class
catching server response
sending parameters from a server written in server to another java runtime library
Airplay Mirroring + External UIScreen = fullscreen UIWebView video playback? [closed]
Solr: I know solr is written in java, how do I create and control a running instance from within java, rather than running it as a separate process?
Why does ImageResizer always resize my image to 900 width?
鈥淲hat鈥�does oauth_signature sign?
EclipseLink: Problems with cascade delete doing update instead
Excel VBA: Use Lookup to locate and place phone # based on Name Selected
Python Decoding/Encoding Problems
How to detect a change in html element in jQuery
MySQL Stored Procedure, Multiple SELECTs only return one row?
How to get url of an image via drag and drop
How to call codeigniter controller function from view
Android setting alarm to do a certain part of an activity
Executing a child script with multiple stdin stdout
what is the difference between 'sort -k1 file.txt' and 'sort -k1,1 file.txt'?
Can I get warnings about overly-restrictive type signatures?
Convert definitions from C to Delphi
How to control the number of column size for autogenerated fields gridview
how to make a chrome extension to copy selection to clipboard
Automated Maintainence/鈥淲e will be back鈥�page
searching through database fails
What is an Interface? [duplicate]
Optimizing removal of SQL duplicates using ROW_NUMBER
Imagemagick auto create duplicate file
RSpec gives ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error
How to optimize generic SQL to retrieve DDL information
Debugging inline PTX in Parallel Nsight
clojure/lein/ring: I have two ring handlers doing different things, how do I wrap this into a servlet?
Rails Tutorial Chapter 7, Exercise 4 [closed]
PhoneGap html5 in iPhone
Expand tabs to spaces in vim only in python files?
I'm using Authlogic with multiple sessions - how should I expire just one type of session?
Ajax.BeginForm doesnt work when deployed to WebServer
Ocaml - How do I convert int to string?
Hibernate - map a row to either of two subclasses
Any robust method to sort file columns?
On Render Callback For G+ Button
Email 鈥�what is the correct to wrap the 鈥渁 href鈥�link in email message?
Invite Facebook Friends only if they are not already members of application
WP7 NullReferenceException deserializing JSON array
Unable to use Heroku from the commandline
How should I use Google APIs in this scenario?
Adding Jar files to Maven
Java Awt Robot changes Windows Mouse Speed
Displaying only free time slots which haven't been booked for any date
Is it possible to get audio data from the users audio device using NAudio to pass to Unity3D for visualization
rewriting issue with $_GET
Using two listViews in one activity
Eclipse: Java Build Path is missing
How can I do an HTTPS request in Haskell?
In C++ which is more 鈥淓FFICIENT鈥�on non primitive types, A pre increment (++i) or a post increment (i++) [duplicate]
Writing files to a hidden location in WPF
Syntax error: insert 鈥渆num Identifier鈥� insert 鈥淓numBody鈥� inset 鈥渳鈥�
how to write a procedure to multiply two matrices using maple
Access array in native code (NDK) from Java (SDK) via JNI
Removing spam from a MySQL db table
How can I gracefully degrade my performance, given limited memory?
How to import maxmind database using php
replacing eval in privately scoped variables
How to hide the topmost divider of ListView?
Storing multiple results from JSON
complex join in scope in Rails ActiveRecord
Labelling and circle a specific point in zedgraph
Numberguessing class and client
<bean:message key='keyvalue'> does not work in js file while work perfectly in jsp file
What method does Pinterest use for Facebook login? Registration plugin?
How to programatically extract TCP/IP counters per TCP Connection?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Windows
Converting C 鈥淔OR鈥�loop to Delphi
ios AppDelegate property declarations
Modifying .txt from Python
wordpress and hardcoded domain names in URL
Data and Form validation in MVC architecture
Any smart method to get exp/html back after Go1?
Ruby grep binary files?
SML: Creating Abstract Data Types
Bool in IQueryable
How to get the coordinates in html using .hover event in jquery?
What should i use for a local database in a windows 8 metro app [closed]
Concatenate strings in ocaml with newline between them
Create NSPopUpButton Programmatically
How to use jquery noConflict()?
regarding data( ) function in R
Anyway to protect JSON webservice on 2 domains that are using SSO?
RefineryCMS routes for Home page doesn't work
iOS document thumbnails with threads
Windows Service or Web Service?
How to force validation errors update on View from ViewModel using IDataErrorInfo?
Cannot create table with underscore in table name MySQL v5.5.14
Animating a Rectangle in Java
simple understanding of 'for' loop in polymorphism
In chef server, how to determine when a node is fully bootstraped
Updating flash website, when does the browser download the new version
Compiling VS.NET *web site* (not web app) that references x64 assemblies?
Use functions in Telerik MVC Grid filter? (鈥淓xpected token鈥�exception)
GridView to Insert a Row of records in ASP.NET C#
error on multi select
Mouse Enter/Exit events on partially hidden NSViews
How do I get a ListPopupWindow to work with a custom adapter?
SWI-Prolog. Check correctness of mathematical expression
Can't get Flash Builder 4.6 debugger to run
Cannot get variables to interpolate in underscore.js template while jasmine.js testing
Force SSL Everywhere
Design for memory allocators scope
How to access 鈥渞equired鈥�value in view file using Kohana Formo
Rails , Formtastic : Three 鈥渟ubmit鈥�button, each sets the value of a particular attribute differently
Little issue connecting to SQL Server 2008 with C# 2010
Zooming in/out logic with RapaelJS
Getting a QTreeWidgetItem List again from QTreeWidget
I can't access a public variable within a sub class in main?
A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment. EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
when scaling an element with css3 scale, it becomes pixelated until just after the animation is complete. I'm animating an element with a border
java specific web browser and robot class
Bind expressjs to a specific IP address
Can you help me convert this route to rails 3?
Very fast allocation for objects in scoped_ptr?
Javascript form validation not working
What is canonicalization in xml signature?
Save Downloading File on Phone
What is canonicalization in xml signature?
Save Downloading File on Phone
JSF ManagedBean - injected properties not working correctly on STATE_SAVING_METHOD=client
Notepad++ Automatic Detection of Python Tabs or Spaces
How to use functions from different classes in Action Script 3
What is the Pythonic way to iterate over a dict of dicts and lists?
Android Multiple Spinner Updates
How do I keep trying a web page that throws a 鈥渦rllib2.HTTPError鈥�error (python)?
Assigning to nested struct members in Ruby FFI
Good iPad SplitViewController tutorial?
calculating 'timeIntervalSinceNow' with a negative value (CLLocation example)?
Link to navigate to an anchor point in another browser window
How does one populate an NSMutable array of NSMutableSets?
Creating SQLite Table in Android
Cross-platform SSO - where to start?
NoClassDefFoundError requestfactory with Android connected app engine project
how to apply this to all of my pages in jquerymobile
Python 2.7 libxml2, XPath, extract xml attributes
How can I divide the screen to these divs in css?
Unable to disable a required field in CRM 2011 online
Timer to check activity on socket connection?
Does OS reclaim memory on application exit in C? [duplicate]
Assembly language scanning long string for count of vowels
UITableView selected rows after editing
PHP: A quick login function?
C++ seekg to ignore a part of a file?
How do I retrieve the value from a textbox in this example below
Android - MySQL Login (Auto Fill)
Reading data from a file using awk
how to creating sturucture in vb 2008
Missing Get Method in V6.0.10.0
Reading text and assigning a class to data in Python
IN Clause return only 1 row
How do you convert a string into an array of floats?
Remove # from URL on Redirect JavaScript
Is there a better way to assign the biggest of two values to a property?
How to use JSON-RPC (web service) in windows phone 7 application?
MIPS .data floating point
RUBY ON RAILS-Get user input to insert into database,process it, insert new variable into database
PHP on EC2 is just printing out my PHP file and not executing
jquery iPhone slide that moves background image but red bar stays in middle
Securely passing credentials to a program via plaintext file or command line
Trying to make a csv, output keeps putting data on a new line
@Transactional and entityManager.persist(o);
How to modify wp_nav_menu() html display
Should HiddenFor respect DisplayFormat?
Why this code output 3 [duplicate]
Custom Tags in IE8
overriding certificate verification in windows8
Windows TCP: Diagnosing TCP network bottlenecks
Trying to get a delete database statement return a boolean if works or not
python list concatenation
default parameters and overriding
Issue with Facebook OG / Game
Add converted svg obj to Raphael canvas
Undefined method MongoCollection::command() when trying to get unique records from DB
Is it possible to do some sound analysis on iOS?
Using TSQL, how to find words and grouping before and after a given term?
C# Regex for changing occurrences of [ into [[] and ] into []]
AMQP, SQL Server and XA
PHP how to replace the exact words in a string
jQuery Buttons With Same Class, Getting Value From Button
Trigonometric fit in Mathematica not working?
Learning MySql from a Microsoft SQL background [closed]
Ant script to find a file in a path and add the full path to a property
EntityFramework not creating tables
insert into MySQL server real time and date
Invalid operands to binary expresion ('float *' and 'float *')
How to ignore fields when fetching results using Propel?
What is -moz-border-radius used for?
Repository pattern + unit of work pattern + MVC3 + EF4 - Trouble defining model data to work with everything
get click event on subview on main uiview
Issue with getting image width and height
Not able to get currently focused element
How to detect bad video streams
win form webBrowser menu
How do I choose grid and block dimensions for CUDA kernels?
jQuery - Change Image When Tab is Clicked
Why does my awk command print an extra line?
How to configure Windows Group Policy using c++?
Compass will not create or compile in new Ruby version
Unwanted css injected into posts
find similar points in two matrices of different sizes
RESTlet appears to be doubly decoding my form parameters
lambda to delete all elements in collection which comply with Predict
How to call a NBObject's class with a different name [closed]
how to protect the filename extension in inc file?
OpenCV filtering part of an image
Calculating lines of best fit for an ellipse
Type punning, char[] and dereferencing
Adwhirl not showing ads in released version on app store
Unresponsive Django app
JMenuItem to load a file
Function to toggle visibility of tableLayout in android not working
Foreach loop seems to have a syntax error?
perform calculations on multiple users-own records in mysql
Dynamically populate drop-down menu with JSON array name
warning : implicit declaration of function ' crypt_r'
Why does adding count() to my sql query stop it from working?
When installing gcc4.7 on 12.04, GCC doesn't switch from 4.6 to 4.7
Why does adding count() to my sql query stop it from working?
When installing gcc4.7 on 12.04, GCC doesn't switch from 4.6 to 4.7
Creating CMakeLists file from existing Makefile
Error: '.class' expected or cannot find symbol method
Sending data from an iPhone app to a Node.js web server
MVC 3 ASP.NET and Connecting 2 Databases
How do I find how similar two lists are in Java?
Android ListView issues. Will not show views added
Why am I getting core dumped? [closed]
set cursor at the end of text area on button click in using java script
Custom Rails 3 routes
How Can I Add Time Format from an awk statement
Can anyone help me out with using CLLocationManager?
Facebook Registration login display and routing issue on rails
Sencha Touch 2 FieldSet field values
How to retrieve every file in the Internal Storage?
Twitter Bootstrap Carousel Slide Doesn't Work
Parse JSON from Google Spreadsheet
Adding custom UI behavior to controls via a Component
Game trees and data structures to implement them in java?
Delphi - Can't get HMAC-SHA256 to pass RFC 4231 test vectors
symfony2 twig render, exception thrown
How come reading from a plist fails in my iOS application?
Templated objects within templates in c++
Internalise strings in eclipse
Convert a declaration in C to Delphi
installing perl module Class-Load-XS
Html code for a 鈥渇ull-page鈥�applet (no javascript)?
Can bytecode produced by luac be used on computers with no Lua library?
Changing iPhone app icon through Cocoa Touch [duplicate]
Trouble sending a POST with Java
Messed up recursion code for a board game
There was an error parsing the query. [ Token line number = 1,Token line offset = 52,Token in error = ) ]
What is considered good practice for coding in 鈥渞eal world鈥�situations?
OpenCv Image From RGB Array
Redirect IP to domain
Open image via url on another page inside a div with php
Codeigniter session timeout message
jQuery change value of html input onClick
How do you target particular UIViews when styling its UIAppearance?
In android, how do you modify this code to populate two textviews instead of one?
How would I 鈥渟tick鈥�text to the bottom of an element without using position:absolute?
Licence for android API demos?
How to skip a matched result of a subquery?
Bresenham algorithm failure 鈥�continually going out of bounds
Preventing onbeforeunload dialogs in IE9
Populate combo box with table values
Uneditable JTextField with cursor selection enabled
Licensing: Selling proprietary software bundled in a Linux Distro? [closed]
Ajax and WAMP Server dont mix?
Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in
Can't select dom element with jQuery from rendered template in Backbone.js in an Android app with Phonegap
Run-time error - Vector iterator not dereferencable?
Adding 2 simple aspx pages to Sharepoint Site Definition
How do I archive multiple files into a .zip file using scala?
iOS - Recording audio with AVAudioRecorder fail with no error
Everything works perfectly but I get the warning: Number of variables doesn't match number of parameters in prepared statement [closed]
wire framing program for mockup
groovy method to check if password field contains at least 1 capital character, 1 numeric character and 1 special character
Facebook C# SDK v6 - How to post graph action?
Spring-wired EhCache disk store create collision in multi-threaded app
SQL Sum with Sub Query?
Android wallpaper program layouts
Periodically checking if the bluetooth device is in range or not - .NET Compact Framework
Draw on a UIImage
windows phone image overlay
Php and javascript array - skipping blank values and adding to new array?
IE frameBorder alternative
Using UIPageViewController and making the view look like it's flapping
ajax post with a list value
Java Regex Pattern Syntax Exception
Insert/update/delete on data table
HttpListener not receiving remote requests, even with the firewall down and all prefixes registered
What does 0x0 indicate in the instruction
Can execute when attempting to create static, ARC-compliant facebook libraries
How to restrict the allowable permission-set for the OAuth 'scope' parameter (restricting scope)
CSS / HTML compatability issues with Internet Explorer (IE)
How to change the entry of a spinner in code (Android)
Installing Boost To Work With CodeBlocks
Is logging out going ok?
loggin in with curl
why does wxPython file not run from Aptana Workspace directory, but will run from any other directory?
More Webkit Fail
testflightapp and iOS 5.1
Get Ruby class name without class method
iphone button text color changes by itself when clicked?
Large a XML data in jQuery
Change backcolor of selected row in datagridview on mouseover
How to SELECT product and sort by discount DESC (PHP,Mysql)
C++: std::vector::reserve not reserving when containing pointers
How is my string potentially unsecure? [duplicate]
Font-Face is not smooth in WebKit
PHP Cookie will not set
ViewModel Delete Concurrency Excecption Not Working
XNA Model being drawn in a random place
Programatically retrieve list of installed apps that support a given file type
How to get jquery File Upload to post back specified action other than [httpPost] index.cshtml()?
PHP Lithium: Filtering an existent DocumentSet and get first Match
Anyway to get jthread tid through JVMTI?
Organizing a multiple-file Go project
Anyway to get jthread tid through JVMTI?
Organizing a multiple-file Go project
How to loop through JSON encoded info in a database and print out
Is it possible to do pagerank without the entire dataset?
Named Parameters PDO UPDATE
What are the first steps in building a Node.js development
Is it possible to cancel an RPC Call?
Is it possible to log from a servlet filter on AppEngine? [closed]
How Polymorphic Association with TPC Inheritance Mapping is Treated in Professional Projects?
api app checking user permissions via a unique identifier passed from client facing app
symfony2 doctrine allow null values?
How can I trim white space from a variable in awk?
FireFox and IE convert original color values to RGB
CodeIgniter and DataMapper
Attaching an intent to a list item restored from SharedPreferences
Excel RTD server in Python not updating data
Using the mongo C# driver, how to serialize an array of custom object in order to store it?
How to pass a multidimentional array as an argument in AS2?
jQuery / Javascript String replace
how to create charts and end user front end navigation from php and mysql db
Access 2007 If Statement in a Validation Rule
Creating connection pool with tns alias
How does SQL Server session state persistence work?
Firing segues failing
Channel connected event is being fired on connect failure
How do Java methods using who passed them in them
Using Knockout mapping for complex JSON
Large data downloads from a Web app to Android client getting Out of memory error
PHP Validate WKT values
Specs2 on OSX - error: object specs2 is not a member of package org
Java: Rotate Point around another by specified degree value
Multitouch in MonoTouch on iOS
How efficient is Apache Tomcat for Long Polling?
Backbone.js and Rails routing
is it possible to call built-in Membership.CreateUser() function in a transaction in
Mono, ASP.NET MVC 3, Ninject and a default constructor required
jquery show hide not working in mobile
Which is faster, using iteration or a simple loop counter? [duplicate]
Why might a team opt for local capistrano scripts over an online deployment utility like beanstalk's?
The field JsonHttpParser.jsonFactory is not visible
Socket.IO Websocket server Maximum call stack size exceeded
container class for gnu.mail.providers.nntp.NNTPMessage
Struct that contains arrays
Chmod on Git Post-Receive
Fading Image Background with Stretched BG in IE8 (Javascript and CSS)
Setting Xbox Dashboard Images in XNA
Is it possible to use the show/hide javascript to show 2 elements with the same onclick command?
adding item to observablecollection not working
executing wrapped binary
Linker doesn't see function inside .lib
Add trailing space to list of strings
Is there a way to change the URL of a page while sending it?
silverlight report vs pdf
using make build/minimize JS files that have changed
Hibernate Query Count
Class Extension for Core Data Methods
How to list all files in all weekly directories in a tree?
CSS Double border with h1 and span
Issue with releasing Interfaced Objects when held in an Array
Password 鈥渟alts鈥�鈥�Am I doing it right?
鈥渦n鈥漷oggling a div with jQuery
fbdidLogin never called
implementing password rules in grails
Is Gmail Lab API open?
how do I DRY out these jquery functions into one general function?
dynamic pages with php according to a var? [closed]
Declaring char array in Ruby FFI
How to read STDOUT from another app in Java without buffering
Recurring UIAlertView when no internet
post-commit hook timeout
Vim plugin for adding external links
UIButton click by default going to right bar button item click on nav bar
How to use FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()
How to connect html5 mobile web app to an iis server to get info from the sql server database?
How can I parse ffprobe output and run ffmpeg depending on the result?
Headphone Jack Listener Android
sync core data with web server
How to render combined unicode characters in freetype?
How do I run python code from Maven where python may or may not be in the path
JAVAH can't find class( android ndk)
custom validation messages in grails
how to extract previous tag text
How can I get awk to print without white space?
ASP.NET Web Api HttpResponseException 400 (Bad Request) Hijacked by IIS
Code signing Error: Application failed codesign verification
simple_form_for rails radio button inline
How to paste to Emacs from clipboard?
cmake including h files from other directories
get SVG child element attributes from markup
copy files with folders
sorting featured image through backend
Strange Compiler error with header file on Arduino
Mac nodejs public directory permissions 'Forbidden'
How do I use Jconsole to connect to EC2?
Why is my callback function for jQuery slow() not working?
inserting image into a webpage using firefox and jquery
PHP - DI container in a REST client
What is the technical difference between the shown time statements
Office Automation and Process Affinity
AQGridView not linking
Trouble with aligning the div's
Save ArrayList to file - FC when creating ObjectOutputStream
Rooted Android - create and read files in root owned directories
Finding the distance between 2 points using Google Maps API
Including more than one js file in cache.manifest?
XML Parsing Error in Window Phone
JSF 2.0 & Cassandra - How to get started
How would I listen for a LongClick on an overlay item in a Google MapView?
use javascript to print textfiled value to page
Displaying a hierarchy(tree) using knockoutjs
Is SSL for Hosting or Domains?
Use Button to Open Contacts to Retrieve Phone Number and Print to String
jquery works on jsfiddle, but not on my website [closed]
Building a C++ project using rake in Eclipse
client/server, encrypted comms