OpenGL 3.x Assimp trouble implementing phong shading (normals?)
Yii - Query Manipulation for Custom CGridView with Advanced Search
.net MVC 3 multiple columns
Image preview feature like Google and Lightbox + Iframe
Can I use the emacs keyboard macro counter as a command prefix?
how do I increase the number of parameters in this javascript?
Sluggish refreshing of jQuery Mobile radio button?
Why aren't variables retained outside Asset-Library block?
Do browsers encode in punycode only domain or whole url?
how to pass parameter to WebService in Spring DSL
if there is any technique to insert values into multiple tables in sql Server 2008 Database?
How to exclude unwanted items from Azure Diagnostics Trace
dataType: 鈥渏son鈥�won't work
JFrame + contents not being displayed while waiting for button click
Hide Div with dynamic radio button using jQuery?
Can't change dconf-entry with GSettings
linked list sort function only loops once
What is the relationship between an entity_id and a product_id
In Rx, how to group latest items after a period of time?
Could not create the view: 鈥avadocHover$PresenterControlCreator: method <init>()V not found
How should one debug a SIGABRT in iOS?
NHibernate: Persist Reference to Interface with Multiple Contrete Classes
Whats Wrong With This? [closed]
Loading a textfile into a JtextArea
use cat and grep to look for a bunch of files and give me info while retaining file name
jQuery .on does not work but .live does
IIS 7 authentication for Flash related files
Do almost same action (for different images) for 鈥渢ouch鈥�event?
PNG to Monochrome Bitmap for Thermal Printer in PHP?
passing arguments to my lua dll function
JSONKit with Key-Value Coding and BOOLs
php read CSV with various amount of delimiters
C++: fread() returns non-zero, but only inserts zeros in to buffer
Lag in R dataframe
Android OpenGL es 鈥済lDrawTexfOES鈥�draws upside down
How to get a windows azure table entity on Windows Phone?
make or declare ObservableCollection<a> variable global where a=anonymous type
XCode 4.1 XML file reader and writer
SQL server limit resources for a stored procedure
How to link a textbox value to a database row and then insert it
argparse coding issue
Apply the comments (insert 鈥�鈥�as the first char) to the 2nd file
rec2csv exporting with a blank line between rows
Accessing Master Page property
Why doesn't OS X lock files like windows does when copying to a Samba share?
VBScript: Reading through a dictionary in a Session variable
How can i rebuild my Info.plist?
Weld (CDI) and Datanucleus (JPA) don't play nice, is there an elegant workaround?
How does the garbage collector work in PHP
ASIFormDataRequest in AFNetworking?
Post Form data with also some input files to Web Api
Recent change in jQuery attr return type? [closed]
Sleekxmpp Managing Stanzas
how to add an external library to Visual Studio project RELATIVE to solution?
CURL to submit form with rotating key
How do you draw a line across a multiple-figure environment in R?
Intent new Instance private variable
Getting a widget's width
how to do pretty url in zend framework?
Trouble getting Gmaps4rails callbacks working
Using JSON in amcharts - How to modify a JSON output (Ruby on Rails)
Error as music is about to play in iPhone app
How to avoid a redirect?
Drupal 7, Get PDO Connection Handle?
build mobile version for subset of website pages?
how do I get cat total - shipping in checkout page?
OmniAuth + Identity Forgot Password
Linking helpfile to an Delphi XE2 Application - everything works except main form
Jni + Unsatisfied Link Error + Can't find dependent Libraries
Other ways to 鈥渆mbed鈥�or make variable 鈥渟tatic鈥�in new method?
How to make a <img> tile vertically?
Proper query or proper normalization: MySQL
IIS and SQL on same machine best performance
Submit button, MVC3, VB
ASP.NET allowable Actions naming?
Changing size of a dynamically allocated matrix
Why java asking me to block potentially unsafe components - all jars are signed
EntityUtils reports NoApplicableCode exception for Android request
How do I get the highest number in a column?
as performed query SQL in linq or lambda expression?
Getting a SIGABRT when loading .storyboard
Disable orientation change when user want to [closed]
Getting a SIGABRT when loading .storyboard
Disable orientation change when user want to [closed]
CSS overflow boxes
Refresh Game Score TextView using AsyncTask
Looping through all items of the JSON with text index on JsonCPP
Cannot find weblogic maven plugin
Accessing properties of objects in an NSSet
Install SynEdit into Delphi 2010 - SynEdit_R2010.bpl is missing
Would you make this method Static or not? [closed]
netbeans, EJB, glassfish, e-commerce tutorial issues
Reference field in GridView OnClientClick tag
Why do my icons get splattered over if used more than once in Twitter Bootstrap 2.0?
Name a list in Scheme
Parsing document received from NSURLConnection
Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program when 鈥淥ptimize code鈥�is checked
Using jQuery to generate wrapping DIVs once page is loaded
Do current browsers accept cookies from an ajax response?
How do you use paths in 鈥渏son_spec鈥�gem if you have no arrays?
Can you please identify this type of jQuery Slider?
Backbone JS: can one view trigger updates in other views?
Why is this inserting a string into my table?
Multiselect Box with Optgroups: Select one per group
how to create plist file in xcode 4.3.2
Using cherrypy in two modules but with only one cherrypy instance
MySQL query - optimized
Default argument v templates priority in overload resolution
How to make app compatible running Ice Cream Sandwich devices
Tool to check popular pages of a site [closed]
How to store references in a mark and sweep garbage collector?
andengine position a body
Why is XDebug ignoring breakpoints from NetBeans 6.8?
Chrome won't print custom Google Map (that is inside a div)
Process each row and copy it to new table using C#
Python shelve; unexpected RAM usage when loading/saving
MarkLogic privilege setting
Core Data NSPredicate filter by entity class?
Rounded power of 2 divider done with bitwise operations fails for some inputs
Matlab passing in single quotations
flash_as3_facebook_api: how to iterate over FacebookSession object that is returned by FacebookDesktop.login
GSON - Ignore parsing exception
Writing key:value pairs to a tab-delimited file with variable #s of values
iPhone card like flipping animation
Nested glob directory listings not returning properly
Calling different implementation of function based on SSE features
Process an array to always contain keys (and order) from values of another array
Calling coffeescipt method defined in another file form within an erb template
nsdate give null value
Is AES-256 secure if parts of solution is known?
Using file_get_contents() on a domain with non-Latin characters
CSS IE7 Issue div not wrapping around the content
Javascript 鈥渃onfirm鈥�in IE6 and IE7
Using SendMessage to enter text into an edit control belonging to another process
php header function not redirecting as needed
Add onLongClickListener to tab on TabHost android
How do I get sed to read from standard input?
using static member of a class in .cpp file
Scope variable inside if [duplicate]
log4javascript - obtain history of messages programmatically?
socket io cross domain security
git rename many files and folders
Python multi-threading: Need advice to synchronize 2 threads using conditional variable
datagridview using a datatable with a column href link
Dojo equivalent to jQuery.text function?
Python M2Crypto.SSL.Checker.NoCertificate Exception
I can't figure out why my java inheritance isn't working
Toast in an AlertDialog in a try/catch
extracting text from html file
HTA writing to a <span> from a text file
django render_to_response mimetypes
What causes 鈥淢icrosoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method鈥�
innerHTML on DOM?
Is bilinear filtering reversible?
Include Crypto++ Library in Android Project via NDK
improving conversions to binary and back in C#
Consuming messages from Topic using Spring?
Why is the text disappearing?
jconsole memory tab
Core Data: Synchronizing the ManagedObjectContext on the Main thread with a newly spawned thread
WMQFTE agent status explanation? [closed]
preg_replace not working when add <a href
Cocos2d Using the same
External API GET() request using jQuery
more efficient way of writing functions for buttons
$.ajax to call post rest service
Menu opens up even mouse is away
ssrs ReportParameter constructor string array limit?
How to move all content down by 10px (Android in eclipse)
Javascript RegExp : How to detect space character?
Compare value of int
jQuery - Add only new divs, leave old ones alone
Querying OLAP server
Drawing the major and minor axis of an elliptical object in MATLAB
Sax Parsing strange element with nokogiri
ActiveAdmin - generate link to index, with filter preset?
Have Rails 3.1 model belong_to and still act as standalone without parents?
Can a WCF NetTcpBinding duplex channel endpoint be on port 80?
Using 鈥渢emplate鈥�and 鈥渢ypename鈥�disambiguators when they are not needed
Does a stream close when you return it in a WebOperationContext?
WordPress: Sort custom taxonomy by Megabyte / Gigabyte name value
iPhone Facebook request Error
Servlet-mapping / Struts collision
How to Find App Pool Recycles in Event Log
How to change value of array element to 5 if it's equal to 4 and inform number of changes?
In a backbonejs view, do keypress/keyup/keydown events work only with input and not other elements?
Assign a block of memory to a multidimensional array in C++
Proper class construction in javascript
IQueryable<a> to ObservableCollection<a> where a = anonymous type
Getters and Setters for Generics over WCF
Ext JS 4 - how to change content of an item which can't be referenced by an ID
Mod_Rewrite Query with Root Domain
Apache redirecting URLs for some reason
web svn and safe_mod off conflicts
how to install gdcm from sources in linux?
Does you know how to validate an exception in WPF 4.5 using INotifyDataErrorInfo
Is there a way in Java to find the name of the variable that was passed to a function?
Create CVPixelBufferRef from CIImage for Writing to File
Using existence of an object in an if statement in haXe
Unit test annotation based Spring MVC Portlet controller
Page freezes for seconds when ajax post working
What's the best way to organize my MySQL data tables for this data?
SignalR: Cross-domain connections (CORS - Access Control Allow Origin) issues
return django HttpResponse as file rather than plain response body inside $.ajax() post
Apply multiple ncover coverage filters
How to connect a storyboard to a .h and .m
What are good ways of organizing directed graph data?
Python Recursion through objects and child objects, Print child depth numbers
PHP - enforce user wait before using server resources
COM object from php
Scalable background images that change on click
Python nose test example
What do the vim script installation instructions 鈥渦ncomment the option鈥�refer to (in this circumstance)
How to update a file in java? [duplicate]
What is the difference between activity visible liftime and foreground lifetime?
Enum variable as a dynamic template argument
Sort multiple selected items with jQueryUI
Bundling a JRE with an application?
argparse code problems [closed]
saving recent searches to cookie
How much and for how long can I read from channels once selector returns?
getResultSet() 鈥渟hould be called only once per result鈥�
How to bind List Data to combobox
EmguCV Attempted to read or write protected memory
How to free memory on youtube flash player/swfobject?
Convert a Character Array to an Object Array in java? Is it possible?
SWT TabFolder vertical orientation
regex script to write data from a table to a spreadsheet
How to access Nintex managed holidays in SharePoint 2010
replace empty space with dash only if trailing string
Erlang binary strings by default
Does Segue Exist?
Does Segue Exist?
MAC Terminal - MySQL query with argument toward the end?
Django-crispy upload forms
Redirect from subdomains to pages in global.asax
It is not inserting these numbers correctly in database
Rails not rendering assets over SSL (404 Not Found error)
How do I copy a file onto a separate server using Net::FTP?
Server Environment
httpclient interacting with ncbo annotator, parameters not being set correctly
iOS OpenGL Game, two GLKViews / GLKViewControllers
Most efficient way to remove an item from array?
ViewAnimator's OnDraw throws NullPointerException if you remove child on onAnimationEnd
Cherrypy returning NotFound: (404, 鈥淭he path '/' was not found.鈥�
LabView is overwriting captured images in a queue
Calculate two coupled equation with Numpy
Magento: Observer not getting form
jQuery plugin events
Error while changing variable
How to set ImageView drawable Size based on Its parent view size?
How Do I Force A DataSource Location In Crystal Reports?
Fast 32-bit array -> 24-bit array conversion in SSE3? (RGB32 -> RGB24)
Can I Import products from Magento to my Amazon Store
LimitException: Too many query rows: 50001 from with count() aggregate function
RoR tinymce-rails-imageupload get URL
Why is the frame always the same when using dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier? (Cocoa Touch)
how can I increase accuracy without floats C
How to access a method/field of a constructor from a nested function
JSON.NET Selecting items in array with linq
Java: Common Annotation for 鈥淣ot Yet Implemented鈥�
Straight Through Processing in Apache Camel
Merging a website's likes into a Facebook page [closed]
Apply JQueryUI Theme to MVC Rendered Controls
CGI which runs a shell script (which itself runs a shell/command on another server) does not return the output
MySQL Select Distinct one Column from Many
Two way SSL with NSURLConnection on iOS 5
ipad viewport moves
gwt something other than an int was returned from jsni method
Random behavior of 鈥渃ommand not found鈥�in bash script that takes only part of the command
Ping a server with Rails and showing the status
Do classes serialized as Object lose their type information?
Windows Phone Upload Image To WCF with Rest
Telerik WinForm Controls not showing Design-Time
Could threading or multiprocessing improve performance when analyzing a single string with multiple regular expressions?
鈥済it pull --rebase鈥�leads to 鈥淐annot rebase onto multiple branches鈥�
maximum size of a matrix in R
Which type of placeholder should I use for PDO for faster performance? [closed]
IIS7 - Windows Authentication failure - duplicate requests
Using for and array_flip to simulate multiple foreach. Is there a better way?
How do I update an ObservableCollection item's property from change in a WPF DataGrid?
Send midi signal from c# to ableton
How to target iPad and iPhone, but exclude Android
Multiple Model and Table Schema Advice
C++ Link error unresolved external symbol in MyProject_p.obj
Quickly copy and paste buttons in Flash CS5
Android issue only first TextView displaying text inside ScrollView
How can I bind a javascript dialog using Knockout?
Find eigenvalues of boost matrix with LAPACK
Rails: Accessing instance variable from not inline JS
What happens to git commits created in a detached HEAD state?
How to use Validation template without the Validation mechanism?
Programmatically get field values of term reference (Drupal 7)
How to reorder a ul li list by clicking on an link or button?
How to encode arbitrary string for request in Node.js?
Where is 鈥渢extwidget鈥�class in wordpress stylesheet?
time formats to keyword replacement using python [closed]
Oracle error - ORA-00936: missing expression
What is wrong with this for loop - trying to fill array with Tweet object?
Need some help for planning class model
C++ tree output error
Rails - Postgres does not re-use deleted ids but MySql does?
Read from multiple similar unknown databases
Do not show console window in release but show in debug
Jquery click event - requires two clicks to fire
C#/XNA - RenderTarget2D.GetData(), RenderTarget2D.SetData(): is it efficient for cloning textures per frame?
Getting access to NSPopover window to set level?
publish apk while keeping source code
Saving contents of figure to a matrix in Matlab ( whithout using getframe, nor with saving to file)
Is there a way to format the output of Select-String to include newlines between the results?
ResolveEventHandler after Assembly.LoadFrom
Dynamic TreeView user Control
Coldfusion to PHP
Draw on an image in iPhone app
slicing to reverse string confusion [duplicate]
Rx Intersect operator
Collating phrase spellcheck results in Solr
Using flash inside a native iOS app
MYSQL TotalValue when another collum has a set value
validating the range of dates
What is the correct way to register FluentValidation with SimpleInjector?
Django: copy data from one database to another
Use Closure Library along with Traceur
Package xxx requires unavailable shared library - Maps API
SetText on an editText in a pageadapter
how to import contacts from phone to gmail account
Javascript classes and variable references
RSpec+Capybara request specs w/ JS not working
Original Java Stack Trace from GWT?
Eliminating dropdown menu from JMenu set by setJMenuBar
What technology to use for aggregating information from the internet?
Convert seconds to minutes and seconds in Actionscript 3
Memory issues - fragments
copying and assignment
After the initial setup, I need help figuring out setting up using different classes based on incoming url
Show black preview screen in task manager on ICS
How can I get the runtime or progress of my php script? [duplicate]
CALayer and UITableViewCell conundrum
What's the difference between using t.integer and t.reference to define foreign keys in a rails migration
How do you replace a Mercurial subrepo with a folder?
How do I associate multiple tables with elements from one table using hibernate?
Can't Add JMenuItem to JMenu in JPopupMenu
Cannot resolve environment variables in Powershell with periods 鈥�鈥�in them - 6.11 - rspec failing, is postgresql the issue?
drupal 7 how to add a variable to a node
FDT5 doesn't like s:RemoteObject
Facebook API retrieve 鈥淎ll activity鈥�
Populating Drop down on the basis of User Group
jPlayer does not cache the media while playing, if output is provided by PHP script
IE9 HTML/CSS comptability Issue
Unexpected flow of control (compiler-bug?) using errno as argument for exception in C++ (g++)
After a :windo, how do I get the cursor back where it was?
All applications requests are dispatched by the same front controller in symfony 1.4
Algorithm to compare similarity of ideas (as strings)
html focus inputs with BOTH tabbing and focus()
paginate text and adjust its size
Postgres FK referencing composite PK
How to translate this list-based code into using mutable arrays?
How to store uploaded files with non-ASCII filename?
Why we call adding a listener to button directly as inner class?
execute javascript onload rather than onchange
Method to refer to MSDN and not have to correct the links every few months?
check array against each other, to determine response
Java graphics JApplet
Using delete in JavaScript getter / setter to delete the getter / setter
Matching alphanumeric characters separated by spaces
xml foreach skipping over if statement in php [solved]
Huge file in Clojure and Java heap space error
Custom width and height of a custom view-Android
Why does C# allow multiple inheritance though interface extension methods but not classes? [closed]
When I terminate a dying Perl test run using prove -v , why are results not saved to a text file via STDOUT?
jQuery action detected without action
vTables and function pointers pointing to different addresses
svn change source respository
How to have Visual Studio 2010 automatically create collapsable regions
Some questions about shared_ptr, scoped_ptr and shared_array
How to use API key with Yahoo's YQL?
JQuery UI not detecting CSS styles when loading via php
Django query disappearing in postgres
Reduce Datastore Write Operations
C++ Calling function pointers
How to stop In-App Billing client from losing EGL Context?
How to stop In-App Billing client from losing EGL Context?
ckWebServicePlugin gives empty result
.Net 4.0 Parallel foreach loop fails to spawn new threads in 鈥減roduction鈥�application
Updating ASP.NET Label Upon Completion of Task
Choosing whether to add or not a templating library to an existent Codeigniter app
Calling Java functions from C using JNA
Is there a way to call a method upon leaving a page with jsf or primefaces?
Can anyone explain why what I am returning is not being picked up in later code?
Binding a dropdownlist in mvc3 to a dictionary?
Comparing Group Means with Chi-Squared
GAE image feature not working despite successful PIL installation
Why does deploying to one app pool affect CPU usage of other?
2D Array with Grid
Nightmare java leak鈥�with loop and jdbc
looping through a column and deleting rows that do not belong
How to get data in MVC
contenteditable div: IE8 not happy with backspace remove of HTML element
Clear dynamic UserControl container
saving values to a plist
How to return text to the client as html page?
Mac OSX Development - Show/Hide Buttons
Replacing certain <a href..certain.domain.com鈥�with php preg_replace
integer input check in C
What are the pros and cons of Enumerators vs. Conduits vs. Pipes?
Detect if user has scrolled to the bottom of a div [duplicate]
Dynamic model with Telerik ASP MVC
Is it possible to display a form before a component/form is destroyed?
Qt Creator + gdcm (Grassroots DICOM): can't link libraries
AndroidRuntime: Unable to instantiate activity: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
How can I decrypt a Kerberos ticket in perl
jQuery/CSS animation - original state flickering over transitioned state
Group of elements in Rapha毛l
Trouble playing a song in Google Music player
What does a typical developer do before publishing an app?
Program exceeds a time limit, which seems impossible - buggy code
AlarmClock for Beginners - Android
Using mysql query or equivalent in Django
Triple level associations in phpactiverecord
Does it matter what size is nvarchar?
C++ Template constructor, why is copy constructor being called?
Use Chrome engine in WebBrowser control WinForms
A* PathFinding Poor Performance
how do you make the ArcGIS combobox editable?
ASP.NET MVC 4 asyncronous database call: never returns the HTTP response
Add - select from list to a dropdownlist
Java Applet for File Download without Save-As
What is the difference between FUTEX_WAIT and FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE?
Why does the Facebook Graph API for albums return images with height & width of 0?
How to disable warnings in only one project?
CFDIV and CFCHART, Using frames for a Dynamic Chart
Why does the Facebook Graph API for albums return images with height & width of 0?
How to disable warnings in only one project?
CFDIV and CFCHART, Using frames for a Dynamic Chart
Jquery carousel append new image
Sql server date processing issue
ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError in 鈥�Controller#index
Java: Producer = Consumer, how to know when to stop?
Limiting SQL Join to only first 3 items in joined table
Using PIL on multiple systems
Looking up an array of keys on an array of hashes in ruby like excel vlookup
php socket connections
Does setting a has_one or belongs_to association automatically set the inverse association?
In android , how to save content of an arraylist
Change font of text in richtextbox
Emacs and ansi-term: Elisp iterate through a list of buffers
Animating the height and width of an object in C#
Filter ListBox with TextBox in realtime
translate bidirectional connect by prior Oracle query to SQL server
Asymptotic ratio
Deleting property from object in javascript
How to make specific changes to a closed source DLL
What JVM is running ant?
using * on pointer in an objective-c function? (2 examples)
Transferring a NSString to a UILabel using storyboard segues
User input stored in an array of char's (C++)
Using CoreData for two types of data
How efficient is it to get integer from standardUserDefaults directly?
Performance issues with skeletal animation vertex shader
Scheme Creating list
Can Flash objects detect the page they are embedded in?
making difflib's SequenceMatcher ignore 鈥渏unk鈥�characters
Java memory model - what exactly is flushed to memory on crossing memory barrier?
why isn't my file uploading from the iPad to the MySQL DB?
Floated elements in IE7 acting weirdly
How to find at most two items in MySQL without aggregations and groupings
how to use scipy.integrate.quadpack (or other c/fortran in scipy) directly as c from cython
XML validation issue
Weird getopt =s handling?
SDL Tridion Schema Field 鈥淟ist of Links鈥�Options
Preferred method to use two names to call the same function in C
Sed substitute recursively
If i declare an object inside a for, does it's memory get released after that for?
Code for app that constantly generates network traffic
Jquery : Hide() and Show() elements after generating them with load()
changing label's text by using tags
jQuery - Get element where id not like search string
Store username password in browser's localstorage using c#
How to access configuration flag (set from config/environments/development.rb) from a controller?
Showing input parameters on design surface
Size limit on savedOnInstanceState [duplicate]
problems displaying my array via JSON object
What operations are atomic operations
Hide items in Access 2007 combo box without also clearing the text for records that refer to the hidden items
UIImagePickerController does not work correctly with uipagecontrol and uitabbar
How do I wrap EJBAccessException for webservice consumers?
how to define a signal and catch it in the linux kernel code
Remove blank spaces with comma in a string in bash shell
MVC View Display
how can I $_POST this below
WPF Chart Custom Tooltip Binding
Comparing two generators in Python
Django Haystack - Searching for foreign key
iOS: Multiple language / Mulitple apps, will they be rejected in app store?
UIView Animation with duration causing Bad Access Issue [duplicate]
How create basic authentication?
How can I keep colorbox linked html content inside the same box?
Which middle-tier framework has better integration with Flex? [closed]
Extracting a JsonArray from inside a string
Webkit animation is leaving junk pixels behind on the screen
Default the page focus to address bar
is 鈥渃alling functions in data structure鈥�possible in haskell?
Datapower client error sending responses to WCF service
in a MVC 2 how Separate the Main DLL?
How to cancel out reading input from console?
OracleDataAdapter is not filling DataTable from Query
Need help determining why rails 3 app mailer is sending 2 emails instead of 1
MySQL: is a comparison with an integer faster than with a varchar field?
Sharing/feed link to app, that works on mobile?
Problems with Bluetooh Android Application. Beginner
Problems with selecting/enabling simulators in Xcode 4 schemes
TeamCity NuGet installer build step fails
MySQL DATE_FORMAT using BETWEEN doesn't work
GTK3 ComboBox shows parent items from a TreeStore
Android preferences show value and unit
When is the layoutSubviews method called?
Bitmap not appearing in ListView
Why would you ever use 鈥淥n Error Goto 0鈥�
Having a jQuery .click() event only fire once when inside another .click() event
Creating a class for my game (Slick)
How to show all results except the first one?
A convinient way to create a large view for UIScrollView? [duplicate]
Text being ignored when searching - datatable
What's wrong with the form_validation?
Printing 1 to 1,000,000 in Word Form Recursively, stackoverflowexception
How to display data from a nested ICollection within a webform
Nesting :json include in Rails
Hibernate - 2 open windows record overwrites other
Trying to use cydia libraries: NSTask on Jailbroken iphone crashes with Segmentation fault: 11
Loading Properties File In JUnit @BeforeClass
disable dates using an object
Java 鈥淔ailed to load Main-Class manifest attribute鈥�On a any .jar file, even those that I have succeed in opening before
find out if url is compressed
SimpleXMLElement unset() not working
Cocoa: Can NSArrayController be subclassed to provide custom 鈥淐ontroller Key鈥漵?
Apple Push Notifications Service RSS Feed
How do you create local branches without getting the uncommited changes of other local branches?
change color for each area
Sql joins Displaying only available times [closed]
Want to get CakePHP 1.1 working on PHP 5.3
Perl script to make last 4 characters of file name all caps [closed]
Steganography using video and audio stream in java or C++
How do I use iexact to check if an item matches case-insensitively in Django?
Error while deploying Symfony2 project with capifony
Can I have elements inside a pre?
Application compatibility with Android 2.3.6
MonoDevelop - Convert line ending dialog
Issue Loading MapView Anotations from a plist array - Xcode 4.2
Jquery offset function making the top style a negative number in Firefox
Forward to JSp file in liferay processAction method
Failed to install the ADT (Android Development Toolkit) in Titanium Studio (Appcelerator)?
Running CouchDB with SSL stops working
Tooltips wanted [pure javascript]
Convert filename in NSString to UIImage for photo stored in asset library
How to make a bootable program?
Enabling and disabling button based on whether frame is open
Using iomanip to format data output to a text file with Qt
How do I disable the dialog box I get when my application errors on exit? 鈥淯nknown software exception 0xc0020001鈥�
When I sign out with the OpenId Provider, I remain authenticated with the RP
Is it possible to put a variable only for the next request?
Disallowing login for 鈥渋nactive鈥�users in Symfony2
Rails complex views
Write unencoded File file using C#
Android db onUpgrade doesn't work in release mode
Handle validation failures myself in ASP.NET MVC
forward declaration error when converting OCMock class to ARC
Manual Diff Alignment in KDiff3
Pumping lemma in PDA and CFL
Google Chrome - cannot submit few times same form using javascript
Difference between CSS selector and jQuery filter?
How can I use the Facebook Javascript API to automatically make a user like a page?
Mvc3 razor posting multiple models to single controller action
Disabling Strict Standards in PHP 5.4
Magento: Splitting one bundled product into multiple in the cart
Get date when MPMediaItem was added to iTunes library
GAE and DataNucleus - is it right that each new instance has to validate Entity Kinds?
Declaring methods of parent and child classes to ensure they run together
ASP.Net mobile web page is not working in android
The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure
Are user-hierarchies used by analysis services to determine what to aggregate?
Declaring methods of parent and child classes to ensure they run together
ASP.Net mobile web page is not working in android
The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure
Are user-hierarchies used by analysis services to determine what to aggregate?
Crop the image using PIL in python
Java Enums: Implementing methods After Declaration?
Lucene: Query at least
Iterate over key values in a Restkit Model
Python LIST functions not returning new lists
CSS issues with wordpress
Can an HTML email body reference a file sent as an attachment (in the same email)?
how to execute client script before LoginStatus onloggedout event
iPhone UINavigationBar
Cocos2d doesn't display retina images
How to generate Zipf distributed numbers efficiently?
make an unorderd list fill 2 columns
IE9 WebBrowser control does not render animations like in IE9
Best pattern to namespacing a property with jQuery
emacs ruby-mode key bindings not working (mac osx)
Ninject Factory Custom Instance Provider
How to display active directory RTL in Outlook
Can I have different private config files in different git branches?
Default property set being called mysteriously called in VB.NET
Prolog: where to begin solving Minesweeper-like puzzel?
Individual volume controls to differents sounds
Canny edge detector in MATLAB
Weird error message in Xcode 4.3 with LLDB
Java STS mechanism exception
Difference between JavaScript functions? [duplicate]
Dapper ORM and Paging and Sorting Extension
using ONLY ActiveMQ get file from network folder to queue
JQuery Validate - DropDown
Oracle SQL ORA-00937: not a single-group group function [duplicate]
function in visual studio to create documentation similar to javadocs?
how to input in the debug window while debugging Xcode 4 iPhone app
SQL Server stored procedure with subquery Optimization
Major issue with space from 鈥減osition: relative;鈥�and Jquery Slider
Does any web site test framework facilitate fine-grained concurrent testing
vertically stack MySQL results in single query
Changing thread priority on WCF RIA Service
List<T>.Find throwing System.IndexOutOfRangeException
Alter GORM database column
Issues related to plots in pattern recognition(Part1)
How should I decide the quotas for the Tridion core service binding?
setting viewbox coordinates to extents of svg drawing
Searching for numerical algorithm realization [closed]
Backbone.js View Event Not Firing
Sharing a core codebase between multiple projects
jQuery add class based on page URL
activeElement property of document object usage and behavior?
Asynchronous threading on android
How to define javascript event handlers dynamically with a function
Flash AS3 : Error #1014 : When loading remotely but not locally
Sieve of Eratosthenes thinks all numbers are prime after 127
c++ compiler that supports all c++11 concurrency features? [duplicate]
Is there a way of specifying a selector without the @selector syntax / what is going on behind the scenes with @selector
Indexing nested documents in Solr
How to write a file that is being read?
Poor performance for OR condition involving multiple tables
Sitecore third party form inside the sitecore form
Where does notepad++ store style configurator settings?
Syndication Feeds in Joomla 1.6 not displaying link to XML
Call code behind c# function from javascript
Showing a box below an image when mouse over moves also elements on item right
Expressjs not recognizing static files
Wordpress says .htaccess file is unwriteable, but it's definitely writeable
How can I get the actual inherited CSS of an element using JavaScript?
How do I implement Google 鈥淥ff the Record鈥�with Smack API
Double-tap to zoom in PDF UIScrollView?
How to draw the points( with floating value) over a bitmap picture?
OpenLayers - KML Vector Layer zIndexing reversed but switches on zoom in/out
CKeditor in Chrome Extension popup issued: 鈥淩efused to load frame from 'about:blank' because of Content-Security-Policy.鈥�
Node.js why Jade-lang?
Nothing happen inside my Clojure loop
point ip to a virtual path
Paypal Buy Now Button: No variables on success page
how to create static line in coreplot
Import excel data into models via django admin
Ajax.ActionLink in MVC3 Razor and loading gifs not working as expected
Dynamically generated css
Will this malloc the second structure?
Close window after Response.End()?
GLSL geometry shader using lines_adjacency
Can I put Data Access layer as JAR file in the tomcat/shared lib directory?
SQL-Escaping and bulk-insert in Java
Get zip codes in a radius of a zip code using YQL
Best place to initialize default values in a pimpl class?
Central authentication system for external access
How to create a new instance of same type from existing instance?
CodeIgniter with Active Records and or_like
Can I limit the data elements received from the FB Comments Plugin?
unknown web method using ajax/jquery
iOs / Blackberry CSS z-index
Springframework application context resource resolver
Links will not open from within a UIWebView
ASP.NET MVC SQL Command Error
Writing a helper function for a binary search tree copy constructor
IIS 7.5 Handling 500 Errors Differently Than IIS 6.0
Flex: How to listen to event in ItemRenderer
How to do a dataTable containing a subtable with Primefaces in the same row? What's doing with mine?
Android MediaStore.EXTRA_DURATION_LIMIT ignored
Syntax for creating a Object implementing Parcelable from getParcelableExtra(intent_name)
Oracle Form FRM-40735: ON-ERROR trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-06502
JavaScript charting library to handle shading area between two lines
Return a list of values using Json
ARM instruction counting?
returning multiple stored procedure result sets from a cfc
Form validation play framework 2.0
Does R have an equivalent of Python's 鈥渞epr鈥�(or Lisp's 鈥減rin1-to-string鈥�?
Ant build producing 0-byte jar file
PhoneGap - Downloading File From Computer
appharbor JustOneDB - 鈥渆rror鈥� Table creation needs a table name
Detect mobile devices - and tablet devices
TSQL: Update if any but 2 columns changes without enumerating columns
Can't run XNA APP
Show UINavigationBar
Multiple channels and clients architecture
Play! Framework Payment Handling (eCommerce/PayPal)
cannot create jquery ui tabs in foreach loop
'Appending' to Expression<TDelegate> to get a member of a MemberExpression
PL/SQL referencing another cursor in a cursor?
cost of if check vs sse operation?
Obtain unique list entries and their multiplicities in R
Error #3002 in writing to application storage directory
How can I know if a dialog form from a DLL is launched and is open?
distributed alpha beta pruning
SSLStream example - how do I get certificates that work?
get application name from NDK
FB.Canvas.setSize stopped working (today?)
How to print seconds since epoch in log4j log
affine translation prevents CGPoint relocation
cmd.exe doesn't close on exit command when *.bat is run from C# application (that has been closed)
ExclusiveTouch per UIView
Delete multiple occurrences of the same ID # and code in a junction table
WiX 3.6 patch file XML
Set an empty DateTime variable
Automatic SPARQL Query Generation for DBpedia
changing of https port
Ruby on Rails rspec bug?
Change the default height of collabsible elements
How to find the x-intercept of a plot in Matlab gridview showheaderwhenempty works only in postback
renaming the files using matlab
Hibernate: Criteria with collections
Algorithm: Making an Optimal Kids Baseball Team That Satisfies Requests
In 鈥淢odern C++ Design鈥�why does PrototypeFactoryUnit::GetPrototype have to call DoGetPrototype?
Populating elements data from the DB?
Limitations of using the semantic grid system? [closed]
Mock EntityEntry NHibernate
Can't get c3p0 to work with Spring/Hibernate/JPA
macro definitions in gSoap
Why can't I push duplicate records using has_many in Mongoid?
Filter the Jenkins executor list to only the active ones
JQuery & PHP Star Rating simplified
Smooth choppy imageline for PHP GD graphs
What is the best way to do java coding for these type of byte level operations?
Code Sign error: No unexpired provisioning profiles found that contain any of the keychain's signing certificates
Dynamically create a function pointer that calls a method on a given instance
Getting Microsoft Virtual PC to Work on VirtualBOX
When extending a backbone view, is there a way to not render a tagname?
Mozilla Extension error
Any special comments on this variation of the subset sum prob?
Data stacking in SAS WCF heavy traffic site breaks databinding
Empy / unload rectangles in XNA 4.0
How to display a custom message to user when another module logs them out as a result of module_invoke_all?
The meaning of the version attribute in the xsl:stylesheet tag
Is this a good practice to validate menus?
reimp.exe does not create .a
List Item not launching Activity when reloaded by Shared Preferences
Authentication Hash for OmniAuth
Like button stuck at 1k on our homepage
How do I determine what option is underneath the mouse in a select dropdown menu?
jQuery BBQ Plugin Confusion
OS X/Linux audio playback with an event-based interface?
Different links in MediaWiki
Flash always on top in Android browser workaround?
How to validate a calculated column on an ADO.NET DataTable
How do I get an in-memory chart (or image) into an in-memory OpenXML document?
How does htmlcompass work?
Expect: use output of remote command
How would Azure storage be billed?
counting the number of digits in using only scanf in c
AdMob Force Close ( Android )
Ajax.Updater output garbled only on iPhone first load
Visual Studio Team system 2008 Database Edition GDR - ENU Compatibility with VS2010
How can I get an ICollection property out of a IRecord?
Using delegate with tabBarController on Storyboard
Draw component in a grid cell - extjs 4
SSRS -> Report header changes after uploading to the server鈥ow can this be fixed?
TabHost without TabActivity, ActivityGroup, or LocalActivityManager
Using PowerShell and TFS.exe to update and delete files from projects
Accessing XPath query results when all that is returned is a LibXML object in Ruby
How to create array of functions dynamically?
Database class conflicts with other classess
Hide main MFC window while modal dialog is active?
#primary div disabling #secondary div in Chrome
MVC3 DropDown List
jpa criteria query duplicate values in fetched list
Installing gtk2hs
MVC3 DropDown List
jpa criteria query duplicate values in fetched list
Installing gtk2hs
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt
Ternary operator + C++11 constructor from initializer_list
php: remove empty values from array--or equivalent
Excel: Template for every Cell in one column
Facebook iframe shows up, empty, in middle of page
2 XIB and 1 viewcontroller but functions don't work in the ipad XIB
WCF Sign With Certificate using UserNameOverTransport security
Display a VisualBrush from a hidden control
Card layout not working with forms - Sencha Touch 2
My function vs Mysql_real_escape_string
singleton, public, or global variable use
using operators inside class or struct?
Passing an internal procedure as argument
Random Numbers with JavaScript
local variable not used when declaring an editText java
Enterprise Library Configuration Tool : How to stop showing application and database settings every time
primefaces, lazy loading datatable and jsf @conversation scope bean
Declaring delegates when using ARC
Executable files [closed]
can't get subquery inside CONCAT to work
Display Notifications
What does Kernel.Inject(instance); actually do?
Speech Recognition in Flash
issues updating cocos2d
Limiting performance factors of WebSocket in ASP.NET 4.5?
Why won't this map with a poly area work in FF and IE?
html 5 canvas shadow just one border
Clicking link within accordian opens next section
How do you read date from a text file [closed]
CLLocationManager strange behavior
Java programming packets per second for stress tester
Printing image with PrintDocument. how to adjust the image to fit paper size
Porting 鈥淪QL鈥�export to T-SQL
Creating Nested Lists from Arrays - Codeigniter, PHP, MySQL
PRIxPtr not recognized
Pass shell-escaped string of arguments to a subcommand in Bourne shell
Recycle Application Pool via WiX
Issue with JPanel as scrollable
using tornado with bottle
jQuery mobile disable page content vertical scroll
how to display ascii bytes in xcode/objective-c?
python 2.7 : Tkinter ERROR: #TclError may be raised here
Prototype for private sub-methods
Serial port not reading
OpenCV C++ how to make dwell click?
SQLAlchemy Caching Objects Beyond Transaction
How do I read and store string of arbitrary length using malloc and realloc in C?
How do I add the new currency code to Java?
MYSQL Weighing Results
ffmpeg won't ./configure in iOS5.1
鈥淟oading鈥�animation priority
Detect Textbox Field Change jQuery
can't get length of string in vc++
Webview Landscape
Override color derived from <span> tag
How do I create a multidimensional http-post array in JSP?
WSDL generated code not deserializing long in XML properly
How to have a c++ object with a method that takes argument the enclosing class?
Dynamic routing in flask & order of operations when processing routes
Snapshot Dependency - don't run pending changes on dependencies
'clientEvents' decreases start time automatically
How to move CDC tables to a new file group?
Application for Live video streaming using red5 server
Regex: how to stop match a url if it fits one pattern
Django: sending email x days later
Here's a challenge: I can display a long .txt file just fine in the emulator, but the text gets cut off when I read it on my phone
Interfaces in Lazarus/FPC: Multiple inheritance
Locking iPad to Safari and one webpage
Ternary relationships in Entity Framework
Text of anchor tag does not change using javascript
Hypens in domain name of .htaccess rewrite
two different ways of defining virtual inheritance in C++
Is it possible to have a dynamic method call for default parameter values in Ruby?
How do you pass a variable to a class extension?
Executing a Stored Procedure with pdo_sqlsrv
Creating a sphere packing nearest neighbor list from integers
Smooth lines drawing graph with Quartz
Make UITextView react to tap event. (iphone)
How do I make this code work for each click?
configuration error when installing rJava package
how to Retrieve date from xml file [closed]
combining the arrays
Yii 302 redirects all requests to localhost to remote server
Android accelerometer not working when screen is turned off
conditional header source based on server url path
Chrome Extension which is supposed to run on all Facebook pages only runs when I hit refresh
OpenAndActivateDocument for Revit 2011
.htaccess file - forward everything, but not?
Java consume JSON list from Rest service GET
Asc files and Matlab: How to read the coordinates
SQL Server Timezone Change
How can I automatically assign categories for my custom posts in wordpress?
Converting Datatable to ienumerable<anonymous>?
AX 2009: Report Range on enums parsing enum value commas?
In TFS is it possible to make a query that returns all work items where all predecessors are in the closed or resolved state?
How to automatically convert a text file into a Graphviz DOT file?
Using Hebrew in django user name
Is there a way to assure FIFO (first in, first out) behavior with Task Queues on GAE?
same user with different social network in WordPress
ASP .Net MVC 3 Html.DropDown not binding to variable
MATLAB context menu for a list box not showing (in GUIDE)
What is a 鈥淭oggle Transcript鈥�
WPF contextMenu click issue
Callback from chooser
jQuery UI and loading data into a tab
How to write individual bytes to filein C++
On what factor the Cost is decided in Explain Plan
Skew transformation HTML5 canvas
Why does validation break in this ViewModel
How to 鈥渄raw鈥�a geometric shape on a 2-D meshgrid?
adding up a total using jade template engine
How to get sockfd from kernel space?
NSSearchField as first responder
Link table(s) or redundant columns, SQL optimisation
Is it good to call a manager/service class from within an object method?
What's the correct way to connect pages of my website?
using c# to sort a column in excel
Cocoa: Auto-Install .pkg
jQuery CSS changes lost after ASP.NET AJAX asynchronous postback
Heroku - how to start job worker (delayed job)?
How can I retrieve the defined namespace declarations after unmarshalling with JAX-B
How many postions are there?
Replace encoded 拢 signs
All timers created in loop (with setTimeout) fire at same time?
Opening files within an application instead of default file viewer
WCF private member reference in DataContract class becomes NULL
MethodInvokingFactoryBean- method not getting invoked
applying R script prepared for single file to multiple files in the directory
Android application lifecycle confusion
Chrome Uncaught Error: SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18 when trying to XHR a file in a chrome extension
What is the difference/relationship between extent and allocation unit?
Using socialoauth to get twitter/facebook data
How to avoid The maximum number of rows permitted on a worksheet been exceeded Exception in jxl
Error correlating fields
Django-Userena: How to create django download view?
Programmatically setting Dublin Core metatags
How to convert multibyte UTF-8 std::string to NSString?
How to read file using paths relative to context root in Jersey?
Android Clickable TextView How To Make Multiple Click Regions on Text And Catch Region Selection [closed] GridView IF empty show message
AjaxControlToolkit requires ASP.NET Ajax 4.0 scripts. Ensure the correct version of the scripts are referenced
PyWin32 using MakePy utility and win32com to get Network Statistics
Entity Framework Child Delete - but still I can see the row in parent
FolderBrowserDialog hangs in .Net installer project
jQuery Why i cannot change the radio button value once set
PEAR mail_queue sending duplicate emails with qmail
How to access Magento customer's session from outside Magento?
PROLOG File Stream Manipulation; term extraction for processing
Real time updates on web using PHP?
Convert a alpha-numeric string into a gibberish barcode?
`render partial: 'foo', collection: @foos` without a line break `%br` between each `foo`
temporarily store remote images to server
Is it possible to Feature Detect Click to Call in Android and iOS devices?
Using QT in my /MTd project
Using selector to change TextView text color
How can I create an absurdly simple 'find nearest' zip code app without using maps?
Facebook JS SDK - 鈥済a is undefined鈥�
Sharepoint list and external data source
Is there a recent CPTableView tutorial using IB?
java.sql.SQLException: The result set is closed
Play 2.0 - authorization
JavaScript regex needed [duplicate]
How do I use a plist in android?
How to delete file temp.jpg with process A if locked by process B
settimeout jquery [closed]
iOS Unknown Signal crash: Where to start?
External Pagination - DisplayTag or JMessa
Setting active link dynamically on static navigation
Visual Studio 2010 C++ native debug mode resources
How do I 鈥渟top鈥�a gradient from flowing further down the page?
unable to connect to chromedriver (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::WebDriverError)
C# - Dynamically created controls overlapping
Building an eShop 'Latest Products'
ASP.NET MVC 4 - 2 Areas With Segments, 1 Area Without
Color Gradient (ColdFusion)
Path routing in Flask
IValueConverter with Bound Dependency Properties
Using timer to pause a thread without interupting UI events enacted by other threads
How can I log into Facebook without user intervention?
Alternative to SetLength
SQL join help? Only show results where a child table contains 1 or more records
Compiling Groovy Code in my Java EE application
Correct use casting float to int for percentage?
How to stop socat from quitting?
PropertyChanged event not changing UI for binding using converter
JSON + Jquery. What am I doing wrong? Simple output of JSON not working
SQL Statement that orders selected IDs first with condition
Disabling a button is causing my form to malfuntion
Collapsible FieldSet removes components
Interfacing Twisted to other applications
How to show a location in SQL Server in Google maps
Wordpress: Saving the Page URL as a variable
create a better way to filter data based on user role
Client persistent socket
How to fill input field calculating it on the basis of previous fields, Fields are created dynamically
Strange Guid.NewGuid() behaviour
prePersist to check null object
How to fill input field calculating it on the basis of previous fields, Fields are created dynamically
Strange Guid.NewGuid() behaviour
prePersist to check null object
How to limit string length of multiple elements with jquery?
one-to-many IPC
fullcalendar - resize calendar on window resize
bootstrap 2.0 tab with data-toggle=鈥渢ab鈥�doesnt appear on navigation bar
unable to use the reachability functionality of objective C
MySQL finding the most expensive in each zip code
How can I create one common client class, connect, and share that connection
What is the header file called to create generic classes using bloodshed dev-c++?
Mapping Java classes using Hibernate: How can I map a list of its own objects inside the class
How to prevent VS to set to 32ARGB the Bitmap from a 8 bpp original image
git installation on freebsd 5
XSLT nested lookup
setting reference c++
Scripts load as default document, but not when referenced directly