How to avoid explicitly declaring ivars in Mac app releases?
Updating html text within tabpanel in ExtJS
rails 3: clarification needed on which controllers are needed for HABTM relationships
PHP Exec Permission Denied
Displaying all the attributes of first UserData element of each Occurence corresponding to occurenceRefs?
Removing link from second span
Serializing AuthenticationRequest in DotNetOpenAuth
Troubles marshaling dates
regression test for command line program in C/C++
File read from a site's response doesn't completely match the actual file
SQL Server 2008 Database-driven Form and INSERT using SharePoint 2010
Property access problems
Eclipse C Project Override Make Command with Command Chain
Axesdrawer Stanford cs193p Pixels and Points
Ruby sort based on predefined list
Inset box-shadow not working in IE9
PHP MSSQL Trying to pass binary file to stored proc - unable to bind
Multiple .NET apps within tabbed app
MySQL to display earliest duplicate based on given parameters
views_slideshow controls modification Drupal 7
debugging eclipse plugin - empty explorer view
Where can i find cybervillansCA certificate file to bypass SSL certification?
How to access ExtensionBar's DOM from GlobalPage, in Safari Extenision?
Facebook iOS SDK - redundant 鈥淥K鈥�click during second login?
iOS Testing: Issues with UITextField testing with KIF
How to find source of non-AJAX HTTP request to the server
cpu idle for multi processor stabilizing at certain point
Better Approach for Passing 25 search fields to aspx page
Silverlight-5 Toolkit Drag and Drop in System Window
Focus window created by PowerShell script
Better Approach for Passing 25 search fields to aspx page
Silverlight-5 Toolkit Drag and Drop in System Window
Focus window created by PowerShell script
Passing a variable to javascript function from codebehind
Primefaces inplace editor always updates backing bean
how can I get to show the form in drupal and get the wildcard variable as well
Create table statement has an error in syntax for SQLite
groovy - xml - preserve attribute order
SQL - updating a field
common name space in git
How to get the fullpath/name of the java file that i selected from the package explorer? [duplicate]
How can I replace one objectType article with another on a Google+ post?
Share same data across two different WordPress websites
facebook->getUser() give back always 0
How to detect the number of ongoing calls on Android
Virtualization: Is there a way to recycle generated containers from nested ItemsControl too?
How to Call Class on page load in Html [closed]
HTTPS request returning 2032 Stream Error only for Android with Flex 4.6 Mobile
Jquery - Displaying the value selected from datepicker into another textbox
JavaScript OR jQuery functions to show a result after 20 sec
android- restart application on force close
Tomcat or axis mangling a file?
django-notification emit_notices extra sql queries?
How to invalidate particular field in blackberry?
Does onApplicationStart execute after a timeout?
Filter result using linq to return a count of entries by remove duplicates using specific parameter
Highcharts How To Select Column From Stack
Visualforce: how to create multiple sObjects from the single table
Android sqlite select withour duplicate ids
Can I package Flash built Android application with Air runtime environment?
Website works fine in all browsers, except IE8
Failed opening required 'redirect:/index.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib64/php:/usr/lib/php') in Unknown on line 0
PHP: Open a file on the server for download?
How to view sharding keys in mongodb shell?
Why are some SoundCloud tracks causing their HTML5 widget to fail?
Extended BNF to BNF translation
Changing the indexes oftwo dimensional array
JS: Empty an input field on click with Prototype
Callable class giving error: doPing is not abstract and does not override abstract method call()?
Best way to show HTML content in Mail.Body in WPF
CSS: chaining effects from one element to another
git pull - fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
Navigate 'over' a page with jQuery mobile?
is DBus what I'm looking for?
jquery slider optimize 鈥aybe a CSS trick?
JQuery Ajax call adding adding callback method within returned JSON string
Can't figure out how to write this query
Fixed Height and Changing Width for Header (HTML Table)
When registering drag destinations for file types, what types are available?
constraining Page flow
MVC validation with autocomplete field
Win Server 2008 add new domain
How to make the panorama infinite (Windows Phone)
Determining monotonic behavior of a number in C
Lambda expression and InvokeOperation
Xbee API mode issues in C
Silverlight PDF Form Editor
MVC3 pass the parameter using beginForm
fatal error C1004: unexpected end-of-file found
How to ensure that the popUp always displays above the PopUpButton? With test case and screenshot
Reinterpreting UInt64 as structure
iOS remove notification from notification center [duplicate]
match dates using python regular expressions
Interop between MSXML and .Net using COM+
Tuples from string by regular expressions in Scala
Offering a fallback on Applet Security Exception
How to check if a javascript object has a certain property
Error Submitting App to Appstore
How to remove 鈥淓dit鈥�button in 鈥淢ore鈥�view in a tab based iphone application
Installing rmagick on osx 10.7.3 crashed
onscroll top once
ActiveMQ Consumers created from unknown source
iCloud NSFileManager API - game score storage
StreamWriter and IsolatedStorageFile
VB.NET (WebRequest Authentication Issue)
Symfony bhLDAPAuthPlugin redirect issue
jquery : how to show the next div and hide the present one
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError after integrating project to windows 7
List from SQLite in a preferences.xml
datepicker not populating dates properly
Difference between object adapter pattern and class adapter pattern
font-variant: small-caps; shows different sizes on Windows and Linux
Showing fields with errors for nested forms in Rails 3.2 + SimpleForm
Drag&Drop is not enabled for a NSOutlineView although I've implemented delegate methods
Naming buttons components AS3
Can someone explain what is happening behind the scenes?
java - can we do our own memory management?
update javascript variable with ajax in real-time
Parsing a table with rowspan and colspan
How can I style the border and title bar of a window in WPF?
Dynamically instanciating class using reflection in java fails
Fourier transform of simple sin wave in matlab
biff exception: unrecognizedOLE
Best approach for writing a Linux Server in C (phtreads, select or fork ? )
How do I write a simple SSH client?
php preg_replace: unicode modifier for ascii strings
XNA disable draw method
CCScrollLayer issues in cocos2d
Request user input based on an unknown number of mac addresses in bash
Why IAR throw error on void*
CCScrollLayer issues in cocos2d
Request user input based on an unknown number of mac addresses in bash
Why IAR throw error on void*
JavaScript comma separation not working with switch case
toggle all divs except a div
Git: auto pull from repository?
C# Webclient downloading multiple files
Android: get/retrieve progressDialog title's ID and DialegError title's ID
Change Color of Asterisk inside of a div required field validator disables enter button form submission
Pro-rated SaaS billing service
Querying Open Graph objects and actions
Extra space being added to array
Can't get ember bindings to work as documented
Why does TryParseExact requires CultureInfo if Im telling him the excact structure?
performing submit(postback) and redirect with MVC
How secure directories? And how to create new directories when a user registers? [closed]
git add/commit deleting and not just ignoring .gitignore ignored file
Merge 2 RTF texts with images
Why is this simple text analysis program so slow?
IOS NSString return statement
Specify hairline thickness in CSS for printing
ASP.NET MVC application throwing OutOfMemoryException after publish
C# - backgroundworker wait for file to be created
Form occaisionally generating 404 page on submission
paste parts of picture - python, PIL module
where can i install files for MatchTemplare import
is cakephp 2.0 faster than 1.3?
UIScrollView contents not allowing user interaction
Javascript: Timed href change
How to represent this operator C# code into java?
Couldn't change the telerik radgrid cell background color
Calling a hadoop job from java code without a jar
Ios run time memory limitation
implicit header includes in C
MongoDB global lock: reading and inserting lots of data at the same time
ways to get the path of specific file in ios
How does DataGridViewCell.Datagridview property get set?
Second zurb Reveal Modal window - possible?
How to subclass UIScrollView and make the delegate property private
border radius in ie 8 using RoundRect
What is the ideal Language for Socket programming (Network Programming) and GUI technologies? [closed]
Typemock Isolator: Mock a dependency that's not injected?
Superfish Menu: Keep subs visible when on pages in parent section?
Getting selected value from, dropdown list placed inside table cell
The operation couldn鈥檛 be completed. Operation not permitted while archiving app
Enlive templates 鈥�add to head section
Get EntityManager in normal Java Class
MVC 3 - JSON serializer
How to send @ character to Kannel using HTTP Client?
Avoiding overlapping image and text in a custom TextBox?
Fragments Intercommunication
What's wrong with this multiline PCRE capture?
Rendering fonts in Java: java.awt.Font doesn't behave correctly
ANT task looping external file and copy some file to each server listed in external file
Can I specify a .zip format for a .sql file created from Windows At.exe?
android : when i put setcurrenttab() for TabHost it loads the first added tab activity?
XML parsing, get 'rel' value from link using PHP DOMDocument
copying a file in c++ with variable directories
Accidentally Deleted ODBC Driver in the Registry
Can I still use StringIO when the containing Writer() closes it?
Android Notifications: how to post setSmallIcon using custom Bitmap
Why is style.left not returning a value in Javascript? [closed]
Get the value of a hidden input in server side Php which was set by javascript
Under SelectionChanged read out the underlying data from a List
How return the total entries in our JSON API if we use pagination by Link Header
Format double values using a maximum of five total digits, rounding decimal digits if necessary
annotation & regex
CSS attribute selector in IE7 - Contains substring on the style attribute
How to edit the registry keys of a specific user programatically?
How to setup deployments in Azure so that they use different databases depending on the environment?
I'm scraping Amazon using perl, but the images are not being captured, do I have the correct parameters?
How to change the text of 鈥淢ore鈥�bar item in a tab bar base iphone application
Jquery validation in MVC causing problems
Django 1.4 wizard and tables2 navigation don't mix
HTML5 Video incorrect size when display in Chrome?
Conditional Binding Silverlight
Register add-ins, project templates and item templates for Visual Studio 11
Can't enter text on a Mac in a Silverlight text box
Spring 3 registering a propertyeditor once for whole application
saving website contacts on iCloud
How to check if file size on iPhone is different from file size on website?
if(scanner.nextInt){} is ignored (java)
Scalable way to set up a product subscription?
floating layouts spilling over
Try MongoDB or stick to MySQL
Loop that adds childs in Actionscript 3
win task scheduler fails to run an exe
Changing ControlRenderingCompatibilityVersion to version 4.0 loses the src attribute on an ImageButton
Java - varargs causes NullPointerException
Jettisoned Tasks Still In Multitasking Bar
Select DataGridCell from DataGrid
How to compile and run a file from another java program [duplicate]
What is the difference between controllers in MVC pattern and commands in Command pattern?
Jquery can not load in Phonegap
VCL-Styles menu hotkey inconsistency project structure in svn
PHP Depend code metrics analysis
problems while deploying to ec2 with rubber
URL pattern matching in PHP
How to model a (Java) Enum in a Database (with SQL92)
add text to nivo control nav thumb
Show/hide issue - shown divs are moving place
Select a text and perform a click action
Can I insert HtmlPartial in a ActionLInk
Confused regarding Data flow in Spring MVC
Ivy target hangs [closed]
Basic C++ multithreaded example on VS2010
Django copying sqlite table columns
Implementing Filtering (Text and Combobox) in DataGrid
How can I quickly create a class in the right place when following TDD using Visual Studio/ReSharper?
Android Build/Progard logs under Eclipse
Very Simple RE: New Lines in PHP when sourcing mySQL in a form
passing current_user to model via callback
Change underline-color of child-elements in FF and Opera (works in IE, Safari and Chrome)
Retrieving the size or modification time of contacts database in Android
Jquery get image path different results IE and Firefox
Using SQL variable twice throws error. 鈥淢ust Be Unique Witin Query Batch or Stored Procedure鈥�
Alogrithm to getting all combines of x-letters [duplicate]
I need to create a complex SQLite statement
SQL - Delete updated row in update trigger
Blackberry - Interrupt outgoing call
Server Client application
import numpy does load shared blas libraries to other modules
MySQL doesn't use the index when i perform a JOIN
Stop treating blanks as zeros
CakePHP 1.3: Cache Enabled. Cake not clearing cache at article post
Android ICS : JNI error attempt to use stale local reference 0x1
ZXing Phonegap Plugin doesn't return to application after successful scan
NullReferenceException was unhandled.
How to offset a 'back to top' link to account for a fixed header?
Two-Column (fluid-static) Within a Three-Column (static-fluid-static) Layout
Refactor this code for ARC compliance
Rails 3.2 with Passenger & Nginx: Umlaute not working in paths on production server
How to get current user's name in smack
Is there a way to use Linq to SQL Stored Procedures to be called asynchronously
Zend_Form_Decorator_File how to
EF: updating a sql view or adding custom properties
Map moves when I doubleclick a marker
Is it possible to link a control to multiple gestures in iOS?
WWW::Scripter JE - MouseEvent' is not supported
MySQL Left join AND second select for count
Div elements with vertical only scroll bar and auto adjusting width
ExtAudioFileSeek followed by ExtAudioFileRead returning many sequential 0 samples (impossible)
Adding a new system call in Linux kernel 3.3
c# fast sort and retrieve for small amount of key value pairs
Converting from 4 digit hexadecimal code point
Javascript add an ID to an element inside of a string
UIImageView DROP (with Jerk) animation
serialize 2d form element into object
MySQL Connector - removes polish characters
XGrabButton doesn't capture clicks when another button is held down
Android IntentService - prevent multiple instances of the same request
Palindrome Service Class and Client Class
Project to create a book search website [closed]
Simulating Mobile Web Browser from java program
how to increase disk partition size , for dual booting systems
How do vertex position triplets map to vec4 in shader?
tablview with holdgesture in cells un-highlighting
Get data in batches & store it in NSMutableArray to display it in UITableView in iphone
Android - JSON connection with different IP
Dynamic JavaScript Obfuscation
convert from vb to c#
Session Timeout in php not working fine, Like to know what is my mistake?
how to maintain data in text box when page reloads in codeigniter
Change a color in a UIImage
C# visual control for editing statements / equations / conditions?
405 - Method Not Allowed HttpWebRequest
How to stop scrolling on some part of table
How to include license file in script?
How to link a file to a database?
Edit NSManagedObject in a UITextField inside a UITableViewCell
Generate new menus at timed intervals
Cross Platform programming on C++
RegAsm dll .net2.0 to .net4.0
Finish Activity() from a separate
Wordpress: how to get all menus to which a page is assigned
Android PhoneGap www folder in sdcard
Two-fingered scroll js on touchpad
store Hierarchical data in mysql
Android: Data list scrolling along with other components
Grails: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum const
JQuery : how to hide div after animation?
setChangeListener method is not invoked
Jquery mobile ajax request not working after 4-5 request is made in Android
OSGi BundleTracker: order of tracked bundles
Suggest customizable ICAP server implementation [closed]
MKPointAnnotation animation from fixed position on the screen
Escaped asterisk/query mark do not escape when using leading wildcard in Edismax
Internal array representation in v8/node.js
Adding a Android Library from a project into the workspace generate a Android Dependencies.Eclipse
running a simple code Mapreduce
How to use SharedSizeScope between 2 wpf controls with parent child relation?
multiple javascript onchange events, same script fetching different mysql results
Actionscript 3 Facebook integration
Converting PDFs to PNGs with Dragonfly
Android - memory/CPU usage [closed]
Matlab Arrays of 2x2 matrices and element by element matrix/vector multiplication
NSArray from MySQL to NSTableView
zepto js - simple toggle not working
zepto js - simple toggle not working
Memory considerations for long-running php scripts
Django. Serving cached content only for anonymous
GAE,JDO How to query primary key by Long/long type
Return data from 2 tables with Entity Framework
C# UDP - possible to tell windows to drop packets after a certain amount of time?
matching records in awk
How do I know if the selected node is a leaf in a tree ? (ExtJS 4)
How to migrate SQL Server DB to CouchDB
PHP JPGraphs - Tightening up the image
Jquery mobile hide 鈥渟pinner鈥�by default in loadingmessage
Mutually self-referencing type parameters compiling under JDK6 but not 7?
realpath dirname confusion
warning: value computed is not used
json formatting, removing tags and new line
xmpp file share
Web Accessibility and qTip
Controlling how test data is generated in QuickCheck
BizTalk 2010 Inbound 997 Routing Errors
viewWillDisappear, viewWillUnload viewDidUnload never called
Flash running extremely slowly
how to set width which is equal to another widget on android
Invoke a method with optional params via reflection
How to use CSS to stop an HTML element scrolling off the top of the screen
Ruby on Rails - embed additional HTML inside of link_to call that includes I18n
parse rows and conditionally delete a delimiter or token
Any online tool for converting sql statements to string format?
Need help in creating spinning a disc sample for android
CreateSymbolicLinkProc fails for ordinary users
How to check directory exists in remote machine using Net::SSH2
Rails 3.2.2 Simple Form Nested Model (has_many through) works but want to improve
How to find the scaffold views in Cakephp
Fastest Display Function for Android
XSLT list top 50
Cannot fetch a value from a SELECT query inside a trigger
How to remove rows with a Zero value in R?
Refer to common structure from other structures
User registration via OOP and Mysql
What is the Criteria I should set while choosing a web development framework?
the difference between bundle and resource in ios
how to make jQuery intellisense plugin
Android Custom EditText not showing cursor in ICS
Append(html) delete?
Is it possible JIDs with only different resources joining same multi-user chat room
xcode iPhone app to universal app (ipad-iphone)
ConcurrentModificationException help in iterator
Maven - package web.xml generated by Configuration Processor Plugin
jquery $.ajax get will fetch a file via http but fails when talking to server direct, X-Requested-With not being set correctly?
ASP site root url
assign empty 'var' global variable in controller codeigniter php
Mousewheel scrolling inside container - catching events
Dynamic view page with jQuery unobtrusive validation in mvc3
Crashlog links to which .dSYM
Trying to select an option with jQuery
Can't figure out an error with stringWithFormat
How to Create a Storybook App for Multiple Platform [closed]
ExtJS:: Grid's event after data show?
Can i use Thread isAlive method to change a state in my runnable to execute code?
Faces messages not shown until the page is refreshed
protecting image filenames for a custom image-click CAPTCHA
How to inherit a package or a class in R?
How to get total no of pages in TCPDF?
How to handle conditions when using mustache.js
How to count great grandchild objects in a Rails app?
Table header JavaScript
what is the range of octal escape sequence in c?
Select all data from multiple tables non-relationally
Access Appointment System
Movable Type: Category relationships
PostgresQL: Statement help needed
Creating iOS & Android app from a simple html5 + javascript game?
Working with Microsoft SQL server 2005
git: use 鈥渃ommit --cleanup=whitespace鈥�with 鈥渞ebase --interactive鈥�
Visual Studio 2010 To Blend 4 Not Working Right
Create Zip in c#
Loop through XML attributes and elements with jQuery
StreamReader from remote server
Java display components after intervals [closed]
Same uri http and https
How to pass JSF variable to jQuery
How to invoke an android application that runs on top of all application without intervening any touch event key press
Is `timescale a preprocessor instruction?
How to debug a crash in a process containing anti-debugger measures
How can I get this return data into dynamic arrays?
What happens in multiple APK support when a user updates it's OS?
retrieve data from dynamic text boxes created with jquery
Intercept http event with Jquery or any Javascript library
Default parameters and reflection: if ParameterInfo.IsOptional then is DefaultValue always reliable?
Signals not being detected for QTabWidget
.NET humble object example
Set child element attr using an attribute of the parent using jquery
Undefined reference when building Metakit
Loading UITableViewController from code
PageNotFound - No mapping found for HTTP request with URI
how to create a fast scroll over an alphabetic textviews and print the first character?
Audio Output level metering in cocos2d iphone
$all parameter in mongodb does not work with ObjectId list
PHP and (too) many input fields
Can't set properties for Annotation Processing for RequestFactory Validation
Groovy - XmlNodePrinter prints blank file
Android Facebook SDK keystore not asking or password
$.event.trigger not firing in non-DOM object
ksh scripting, For loop
Jscript error: Object doesn't support property or method 'ToggleImage'
Reading the server time instead of the users time
Taking a DateTime value and only accepting time and vice versa
Fire onTabChanged() programatically
Group array by nested array
Updating Entity Framework model throws DirectoryNotFoundException?
Need info regarding Web UI testing tool
Bitmap not drawing in CFrameWnd's OnPaint
How do I insert a space in a word using a MySQL string function?
Getting the changed/new items out of a List
Novice XML Parsing
Connecting to a remote IPython instance
PHP ob_start vs opcode APC, explain differences and real world usage?
mixing c# functions with Linq-To-SQL conditions
Reflect all changes in the ObjectContext without persisting to the database
When to throw an exception and when to handle issue elegantly
Sending hotkeys to program in background
How to convert object to query string with spring (or anything else)?
How to set the background to transparent on a DialogViewController
How to obfuscate a certain class on android?
what happens to likes in facebook if i change page title
Parsing (very) large XML files with XmlSlurper
way to get rough user location without browser pop-up permission
Reserving a package name on Google Play
mx.charts.chartClasses::ChartElement could not be found
Classify and populate object from untyped or difficult to typed Rest Response
What is magic used in proxifier?
What architectural pattern(s) should I use for my RIA? [closed]
Convert ListBox template into Button Template
how to merge 3 datatables?
How do I pass an object into a timer event?
copy part of a redirected URL as text
When UIGestureRecognizerStateEnded active ,How to implimentUIView rotation with UIRotartiongesture fit to a specified angle
Submit form to new window only when specific submit button is pressed?
Fork callback in ruby using trap
Unix command line : How to get the total size of modified files in the last 30 days
application:didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken: never called
Group by values that are in sequence
Button width - wrap content (Sencha touch 2)
Implementaion of ACS for WCF Service Application
Error while publishing the web application
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How to disable horizontal scroll bars in the swt table?
RegAsm dll no types registered
How to serve cached pages to first time visitors?
grid column with sharedsizegroup does not 'reclaim' the size when it is collapsed or invisible
Unable to load activity on Android Emulator?
RegAsm dll no types registered
How to serve cached pages to first time visitors?
grid column with sharedsizegroup does not 'reclaim' the size when it is collapsed or invisible
Unable to load activity on Android Emulator?
How to load MediaWiki's WikiEditor?
Paypal cURL request - ERRORCODE0=81002
Paging in child grid view not working
Draw Bitmap instead of Rect
upload media files to remote server with wordpress media uploader?
Ken Burns plugin 100% width
Attendance calculator program
actionscript 3 filereference 'save' throws error
Async ctp MVC4 and workflows
C# - How can I sort the fields returned by Type.GetFields() by their declaration order?
jqGrid getCell method returning undefined in IE8
Accepting bids with custom controller action
live validation javascript not running in Internet Explorer
How to use Group By and Having together
SQL calculating average for rating with different types
Error trapping for a missing data source in a Spring MVC / Spring JDBC web app
How to pass NSData as NSString and get it back?
i18n translation with a different domain in .py files
Jquery nth-child that is not 3n+6
Silverlight Wait for Multiple Objects to Trigger Loaded Event
Facebook: can't post image to feed
Escape special characters in different languages
What's the recommended Bcrypt C implementation?
How to configure repository for use with Ivy?
Windows 8 - Fancy Progress Bars API?
Passing complexe object reference through Activities
having a centered div with width range on window resize
Faster way to pull data from Heroku not using Taps鈥�part II
Looks like binder for date works incorrect in mvc
How to check for value equality?
Oracle PLS-00363: expression '' cannot be used as an assignment target
jquery conflict in Ruby on rails project
Regex for date between start- and end-date
Refresh DIV with Javascript and limit time
Driving a build process to build .net code via ruby
Open URL in Java to get the content
State of the Scala development in terms of tooling [closed]
how to make Apache proxy http requests to https
Identical code behaving differently from different sources
Bing Maps SDK For Blackberry 6.0
How to set background color of an UIStepper instance?
Using a vector of structs to populate a DirectX D3D10_SUBRESOURCE_DATA
How to Map the method having interface and class -flow- from action to delegate
Manipulating audio files with
Can a browser on the client side add JavaScript on our website?
How to integrate dovecot version 2 with gnus emacs
How to set 鈥淟ink to page鈥�layout programmatically in Liferay 6.1?
Moving a path based shape in Raphael is not fluid
Any good tool to rapidly jump to programming documentation
Failed automated Android UI-Tests on Jenkins-Server due to complex lib-project dependencies of the main project(s)
Speed of change Data network mode
How to catch google search parameters for chrome extension - evernote-like simultaneous search
Update xml element value in Oracle
how to fix into two decimal places - php
Not able to get value of clicked spinner item, instead I get the cursor value
android - How to fix the position of view in Linear Layout programmatically
How do I direct logging output to exclusively to different loggers with Log4J
Java - String Memory Leaks
ARC dealloc called on thread other than mainthread
Php, get the referer from an ajax request
Audio File Encryption in Xcode
applyTransformation method not invoked in custom animation
Wordpress custom posts and custom taxonomy logics
Why removing the overflow property changes the background color in this example?
Is it possible to get a different header.php on language switch with qtranslate (Wordpress)?
Facebook: people you may know
LINQ to SQL - CASE statement with subquery
Image not found cross sign over jQuery Slideshow in IE
jQuery: Need to know which option that has been selected/de-selected on change event
ajax passing parameter to javascript/php
Identify the physical keyboard button pressed in Javascript, irrespective of the current locale ?
Grails Rendering Plugin error when trying to render PDF?
Dynamically draw arc
How to specify the class selector in web scraping using nodejs
How discover if a DLL runs in the context of a windows service?
MySQL left join does not work correctly
How to calculate the area of polygon overlap in R?
Call another php file
How to share a variable in MEF
Licensing Software Products on Azure
How to do HTTP get in silverlight (Winphone)
Sorting an Alphanumeric value mysql
create output via speaker even with headphone plugged in?
Change number input to characters
JQuery element + class + selector syntax
Getting an image from an XMLHttpRequest and displaying it
Evaluate Mathematical Function from String
Connect orbeon 3.8 to external exist database v. 1.4.1
jqGrid random param number persisting even when set Null
jQuery div animation
Multiple instances of custom View with onClickListeners, general feedback
Async call to WCF rest service with session variables access
Compile one Objective C iOS class before share code with others
NullPointer Exception when setting the adapter for a ListView
Using loop in fsolve and plugging the result to a function
IDE for javascript [closed]
How to set scope in CXF?
How to detect if an element is visible within an iframe that is on a cross domain parent
Write .kml files in iOS
Implementing push notifications with UrbanAirship and Google App Engine
Using TFS build definitions on a local machine
Force LF eol in git repo and working copy
How can we pass arguments for Hadoop Streaming from AWS SDK for PHP?
Is there a more readable way to express javascript closures?
UIImage setImage: memory leaking
How to sort number from min to max number - Java?
Float left causes my input label to be on top instead v-align middle
How to get nested Foreign Key attribute using Entity Framework
Multiple iScroll elements on same page
AutoMapper mapping model list
One user database, two applications at different servers
different number format in iReport and Jasper Server
How to put GIF inside QMainWindow
Decreasing for loop in Scala?
Resolve what resource+method a URI would match in Jersey
Ruby on Rails: CanCan and static pages
Small size screen and no custom application icon
GWT Locale change
BlackBerry - use own JAR file in own project
validate and submit form when enter is pressed in input(textbox) field but does not select history when enter pressed
Moving animation not smooth in android
JQuery Mobile - Number of Rows in ListView [closed]
How to disable firefox rendering for a program? [closed]
How to update a combobox bound in a listbox in WPF?
Parsing data from ifconfig with awk or sed?
When to use the brace-enclosed initializer?
How can I decide the orders of auto-loading fixture into test database
Can a shortcut button be added to a VS11 toolbar to point at a powershell script/command?
code for putting the clicked element at the first position in a list of elements using jquery
Variable inside grep in Perl
query with group by
IDictionary<string, string> into string[,] by LINQ
Load external url /count /highlight
Python - Any Library to create mp3 files?
Error while calling RestKit classes from a Core Data completion handler
Querying/Storing external data sets in Windows Phone application
Javascript MVC - separate logic
How to move screen from left to right through animation?
Automatically create a SharePoint survey on a regular basis
Is better to detect for exceptions and throw them or just let runtime throw them?
Timeouts in Rails/Nginx 鈥�Best Practices
changing the jquery countdown plugin
Using different Jquery versions without conflicts
Need help for Css issues [closed]
treat object as entity or value object?
Convert all html links to another URL with PHP & Regex
How to set UITabBarController to View?
System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient does not exist on windowsphone,how to fix this?
fill patterns svg doesn't display in epub?
What are the best approaches to localizing images with text for the iPhone?
How to send a file to the server using eclipse plugins?
ExtJS 4 drag and drop wait for asynchronous action before deciding to complete the drop (or not)
Java: Keep track of files that are touched in the OS
Object Reference Not Set to the Instance of the Object in
Take picture with camera intent and save to file [duplicate]
How do I share a database between an Activity and a ContentProvider?
Differing URL between submit button value and reality
package variable scope in module subroutine
initializing char * with an expression of type const char
Markup language for humans
Using in Ajax success
SSLHandshakeException when multiple ssl connections
Erlang Wx : how to add new widgets
RockMongo shows <Mongo Binary Data> instead of content
MFMailComposeViewController : gives EXC-BAD-EXCESS when dismiss it from parent view
Accents 鈥溍� 猫 鈥�etc鈥�not displayed properly
Save data into database with a multiuploader
property marked with new keyword empty at runtime but base property is correct
Exception treated as user-unhandled even though it's handled
Removing .svc help screen
open external browser window from swt browser
Verilog: Difference between `always` and `always @*`
Unity and lifetime management configuration - always transient lifetime manager
MGTwitterEngine + OAuth Load Users Tweets
What am I doing wrong in this date formatter
combolistbox.Item.Add(FileInfo) inconsistent?
Background subtraction in opencv2
iOS: What can cause the Xcode compiler to throw errors when I include my AppDelegate.h into another header file?
Converting javascript functions to jQuery
Can鈥檛 display images in a table view
Hesitating between git and fossil
The maximium number of tables for sqlite3
Android does't execute create statement
Example Project For How to use MKNetworkKit
how to close all the open form in WPF
Route planning in gwt
how to run netbeans pltform App without installing the netbeans IDE?
Optmising Active Record in CodeIgniter
wx Import Error
Define a concurrent hash set spring bean?
Automatically execute some code after the UserForm is drawn
android eclipse adding folder to project
can't get MySQL query to work
Character set in JDBC
android marquee scroll vertically
Petapoco + Stored Procedure + ViewModel + MVC3 - pull data using multitable queries in a stored procedure and fetch in front end using VIEWMODEL
Does List.retainAll() use HashMap internally?
How to pass parameters to login action?
Tabs displayed differently depending on if Theme.NoTitleBar is set or not in the manifest
Implementing Geometric Median
Java Runtime error when trying to install sunspot
How does this site (allaboutrajni) works only when you go offline? (disconnect from internet) : What is the interest of <asp:?
maven platform encoding
Twitter Bootstrap 320andup Implementation
Using LooseVersion to sort a list of objects that have a version string
How to initiate a keyboard key click event in Javascript?
Voting or rating post and member ranking in phpbb3
External jar Files in Java
How can I create an array of array in cocos2d?
Tesseract does not recognize Russian
How to get good results from DB
NuGet Update Error?
C address of an address of a variable
Linear search to get the position to insert an item in the array
Extract fields from ODT document using Java library
Recording from radio streaming xcode 4
Change Value of a dojo tree node
Enable App's market updates programmatically [duplicate]
Java - how post event to UI thread or call a function of UI thread?
Apache CXF - http-centric approach and PUT from client to server
filtering only n elements in django model
re-adding a view to the view controller from another class
Best way to make start and end segments of an *.mp3 have no sound? [closed]
WSDL service for plain XML-not SOAP
HTML5 video duration issue
Loading XML in Actionscript 3
Hide application icon from dock, but keep icon in task switcher?
XBOX and Windows PC communication over LAN with XNA.Net namespace
Text Manipulation - Add / Remove Spaces
Unable to connect to the Report Server - Can't find service
configChanges not recognized by TabHost?
App Engine Datastore: entity design and query optimization
Thread termination with http get request termination
What is the mime-type of a wsdl file?
Detecting if a button was clicked from another class
Why loading a font in an iPhone application only work for iOS >= 5.0
Joomla and WCAG 2.0
responding to Done button UIKeyboard for A LOT of different UITextFields
Grant GAE-app access to a Google API with google-api-python-client
Java - Android can't send data with httpPost [closed]
Joomla 1.6 textarea extended custom field not working and appearing as a text(input instead of textarea)
Parlaying an Event URL into an Event ID for use with the API
How are the attribute names on objects stored in Javascript?
Unexpected session time out on windows for air and cakephp application
Time zone and BST woes in Europe/London
Time zone and BST woes in Europe/London
Convert date formate in .xls file, while exporting the file using c#
application canvas page is not loading ,displaying an error message
Windows Azure TableServiceContext UndoChanges
Get ActionName, ControllerName and AreaName and pass it in ActionFilter Attribute
UIAlertViewDelegate:clickedButtonAtIndex and two buttons
JAXB : Doesn't there is need of XMl attribute names to be matched with java Annotations in JAXB
how best to programatically iWork pages doc in rails
Uninstall and install grows the reported size of the application
Detaching an handler the first time you call it
CGPathRef from string
Android soundboard crash / MediaPlayer.stop()
Get count on a joined tables
how to create request in Json format in VC++
Using jqGrid getChangedCells, and then marking the changes as not dirty
Why is ICopyHook handler useful on shared folders?
WP7 location tools doesn't fire positionChanged event
Terminating zombie child processes forked from socket server
Unable to Connect to SQL Server Database using ASP.NET Webservice
How to convert a TextView to EditText in android?
join with MULTIPLE rows for fulltext search
How to Run my playN game in production mode locally?
How to inbuild a package to Nk.bin?
When is the number of bytes written by HashAlgorithm.TransformBlock different from the input size?
How to access the cell in tableview?
me/accounts object not returning pages data
Need third party JavaScript for image manipulation using Canvas HTML5 in Windows 8 Metro Style app?
Changing Twitter bootstraps table color for a single column?
how to set reminder?
Symfony2 vendors update blocked on Receiving objects - git pull
Javascript replace parts of string to variables
Hiding radio button list items based on selection of a item in other radiobutton list using jquery
OllyDbg color palette
how can convert BDC database to sql
Why are commas not allowed in a username when using the SqlMembershipProvider?
Haskell Text.Parsec.Combinator choice doesn't backtrack
Android cache Web response
Codeigniter 2.1 send data from one controller to another
How to pass a dynamic value to another view page
Android's Mediaplayer not working properly in 2.1 and 2.2?
Parsing datime in [closed]
unable to install Google Play License Library鈥�and 鈥滸oogle Play Downloader Library
Reading input string from a text file in progress4gl
Link styles not working on all links, only some
CRM 2011 Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception while creating new Acount
Smooth natural motion when page scroll
Jquery Mobile .click does not work
Load testing is possible in ipad or iOS?
Select a text before a character
searching 鈥�鈥�in websolr
searching 鈥�鈥�in websolr
How to release subviews
how can I hide and unhide the menues in menupath with
Could not find artifact hibernate
AppleScript to paste text from clipboard into a file
iPhone - Retrieving an image from a PACS server
recursive sql mathematics in sql?
PHP: preg_match_all() '/(( d{9}) .html)/s'
SUMIFS source code for excel 2003 AND the ability to calculate on columns
Creating listview items programmatically in Android
c pipe: Program just stop before wait(NULL);
How to add subview of some view in xml layout
Heap issue using 鈥渕aximize speed鈥�but not with 鈥渕inimize size鈥�
Server caching IIS6
phpQuery - Get data from table with no class or id
Android layout, stretch certain parts of the layout
Shared library, makefile. Library path
Long click on a list item in GWT
calculate amount of time intersection when all sequences fullfill certain criteria?
Setting Cookie in WordPress on localhost
HashMap vs ArrayList (160 entrys) [duplicate]
The absolute uri: cannot be resolved in either web.xml or the jar files deployed with this application
How to programmatically add a simple default loading(progress) bar in iphone app
Output wrong Project Euler 7
Silent redirect https: www.domain to https: domain via htaccess?
Caliburn MVVM WPF dialog with OK action
Merging vs Reintergration [duplicate]
SQL query to obtain result from multiple unlinked tables in database
Android native sip based voip client with ssl/tls security? [duplicate]
Get object value with Ajax request
Using multiple behaviors with Java 3D - losing 鈥渇ocus鈥�
WPF 2 Windows and 1 Sub
LoadCompleted() method called before LoadAsync(query) completes loading data from server. Null data inner exception arises in the LoadCompleted()?
Cant compile Netbeans generated .java files into .class on command line
Convert string to array in php
C# Generic Dictionary TryGetValue doesn't find keys
Flex / Actionscript drag and drop / swipe effect (simulate android / ios interface)
Generate all real combinations in VB .NET
Adding Data to SQLite database
alter regex to accept phone number with or without spaces
How to fetch email from contact list of Android phone?
Best way to store form values in PHP Cookie?
Internal design of event in C#
Find programmatically if under C++ or C++/CLI
hashCode implementation strategies
Vim - Emphasis words or lines permanently
With and without LINQ - complex sample [closed]
Spring Web MVC 3.1.1 argument resolver called before interceptor
How do I make a spawned process timeout when called from Django?
Clear css :after declaration with jquery
Changing the model's attributes - adding or removing attributes
variable scope for UILayout
Java difference in key detection between Windows and Mac
My Greasemonkey script won't install
XYChart draw text and lines
Print a mySQL query in a form
downloading images at the background with j2me and lwuit
Adding MoPub AdView (UIView) over a EAGLView in A Game cause EAGLView touch to be ignored?
Webview layout on Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)
How to divide up a JavaScript codebase into modules?
MySQL query nested/sub?
Mongodb how to map-reduce group, sort and count sort values
How to change the value of two hidden fields with the same id and name jquery?
opencsv error with 鈥溾� 鈥溾� in the file
Writing the value entered in a prompt box to textbox in
Re-implement reliable sessions
How to create DirectoryEntry for specific group
redirecting stderr influences output of 鈥渙pen FH, '-,', $command鈥� Why and how to prevent?
iPad - Show viewcontroller as subview from displayed modal view controller
Does Apple publish in app purchase system status anywhere? Is it possible to determine if/when their systems are down?
Mongoid replacement for MySQL's DateTime field tools like select * from posts where HOUR(posted) = 01
how to do Json Parsing in android [duplicate]
Is there a setting to show me when an exception is caught?
Window Startup Location from resource dictionary
ClearCase UCM hierarchy
Give name to image when used intent camera
Twisted alternative in C++
Network connection from PC to Android Device
Can't find /Developer folder for ios in Dreamweaver?
OnClientClick and AJAX in RadControls for ASP.NET (telerik) not working
onPurchaseStateChange never called
How to send files to all the connected devices in android using bluetooth?
Eclipse + Maven + Dynamic Web Project -> Maven overwrites Deployment Assembly
Rails ActiveRecord - Select user with most comments
online text paste service with fixed URL?
jqGrid(?) triggers dropdown of datepicker
php file_get_contents sending wrong content-type to a Bugzilla install
dynamically select value from drop down list
Setting the thumb size of scrollbar in wpf based on the Zooming
once the info is submited, the table not appearing and info not sent
How to consume Oracle API in android
Combine custom user provider with hashed passwords with http basic to backend api
How Do I Get Android Crash Logs?
Turn a SQL case statement into stored procedure?
Parsing Multidimensional JSON Array with Newtonsoft Json.NET
what is the flow when starting an activity
Box2D / OpenGL : one texture mapped on many vertices
AJAX Request from jQuery is missing params in Rails processing
Java I/O operating on every file in a path
Java I/O operating on every file in a path
Foursquare venue check-in authorization error
How to control paste behaviour in data.frame for integer type columns?
Pointer seems to re-set for no apparent reason
Setting Row Height on the Matrix Control in SSRS 2005
DropDown Menu Using Jquery
Java-Scanner locale of Germany returns 0 while summing up double values
How to use Substitute command to change something in the middle of the pattern?
HTML Layout, CSS align divs
editing .oni file
powershell and batch file combination?
Are there any free tools available to practice SQL coding and/or ERD modeling? [closed]
Generate Menus programatically in c# web form
Trying to limit max requests for Facebook App
Linq to SQL Unable to cast object
disabling mouse events on a wpf window and the user controls placed on it
How to configure CDB in Qt Creator?
std::for_each working on more than one range of iterators
ASP.NET - Copy files to mapped network drive
Deleting Dynamic Textarea control using flex
How to return status messages in JSF?
Ignore base href on preg_match using PHP
Django comments redirect from posted/preview
Add files to xcode project from git repository
Trying to create a Blob Object for a (txt) file to insert into a database
Android native Code crashes in thumb mode but but not in arm mode
Path error In Including file from AmazonProductsAPI Folder
Stretchdraw on TPNGImage
Can we use existing build script in Teamcity?
Thumbnail Generation not working on server - PHP Gallery
How to take parameters from a web page/url using eclipse BIRT?
NSMutableArray alloc and init not working properly
MySQL Regex in Where
How to load the page as popup dialog without specifying 鈥渄ata-rel鈥�in the caller link
Return from static initializer [duplicate]
Logback: Using different output files for different input files
Finding StartDate,EndDate from overriding StartDates
iPhone: UITableView reorder rows
Reading Double data from .txt files into arrays in Delphi
Show only left and right borders of a rectangle [duplicate]
WCF WorkFlow Service
Silverlight - First time going to Full Screen opens in background (FF, Chrome, not IE)
How to share different objects between some classes
m_pMainWnd changed to NULL in MFC [closed]
LibHaru for iOS adding custom annotation
iPhone server-client application
Is this code correct (Number plus number, then print the result)
Box2D/Cocos2D: Errors in CreateFixture
Button changes title every time pressed
鈥淧rogramming鈥�a Batch file, IF statements inside IF statements?
Howto simulate Haskell's 鈥淓ither a b鈥�in Java
Singleton implementation for VSTO/COM
Conversion error in template class
How to recognize voice for a specific sentence and raise proper action if voice recognized? [duplicate]
Php mysql for desktop applications [closed]
jQuery UI TABS + AJAX + PHP Dynamic Content Loading
Make iframe automatically adjust height according to the contents without using scrollbar?
UIGestureRecognizer handle touches in UITableView
In-app purchase and clear data
How can one clone elements and preserve the event listeners?
How to find reference of an Activity from a library and close(finish()) the activity?
Has_many through and path helper - accessing resources through the application
How to avoid the session sharing between the tabs in IE8
Create a dynamic accordion menu. More info below
Azure ACS + Custom STS, possible for hybrid scenario?
Multiple boxplots in one in R
Algorithm to count the time that occured on the same period
Facebook C# SDK Canvas Authorization
Do anyone have implemented unlimited paging CViewGrid?
Show default image in case ADF image source is not found
Sharing Google Calendar with PHP + Zend Framework
XMLReader won't read large file
rails 3 model relation with has_and_belongs_to_many
Automating android application which is using Roboguice with Robotium?
joomla blog layout
how to keep the toggle button in preferences for the settings page in android?
How do I rebind the dialog after it is being rewritten by AJAX?
Showing unconstant number of columns in Reporting Services
SecurityNegotiationException: A Call to SSPI Failed
Rename Visual Studio Solution Configurations?
Extracting Method Names from an unmanaged DLL(VB Dll) through c# Code
How to save instance of an activity?
jquery .not first or last
Android create table error
Input string was not in correct format. Handle exception
References in Visual Studio 2010
How to get the value of selected row using radiobutton in gridview in a button click
SharePoint 2010 site templates and list customizations
Use jQuery select() to select contents of a div
how to extract data from a JSON response
Macro to prompt user to select CSV files for import into existing sheet in workbook
Add text prompts when app is first invoked on each day?
Type parameter with multiple bounds
Python/NumPy: implementing a running sum (but not quite)
Mirroring the image in blackberry
Android - which settings control the picture and text seen when browsing my phone's apps
What is the simplest way to parse this table:
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR)
c++ automatic factory registration of derived types
How to access object property when property name contains - (hyphen)
c++ automatic factory registration of derived types
How to access object property when property name contains - (hyphen)
Default assignment operator for template class with different template parameters
Rest - Jersey.Client pass @SecurityContext to Server
Reading PDF in windows phone
How to access properties T of closed generic class
check if char isletter
row in generation in ssis
how to display variable value in which is set in Page_Load function
nsIAlertsService from Firefox extension
Adding new rows to an existing table
Open in Twitter App Bookmarklet
Improving software metrics?
Canvas, createPattern bug in chrome 18
ajax php file upload without iFrame or flash engine
Add namespaced attribute in modular way
Rails: How to implement find* for an abstract class?
Python TimedRotatingFileHandler - logs are missing
Run Selenium tests on Android 4.0 in Chrome beta browser rather than the default one