Change default facebook text on stream.publish
Sending PDF with Fast Web View in ASP.NET
Progress bar in jQuery when loading background-image from script
Button function not working correctly on dynamic content
Paging scroll view with child view controllers
oblique thumbnail or picture
hashCode() method for related entities
Customizing first listbox item
video only play in Internet Explorer not in other browser
Unit Testing and Coding Design
EWS java api for programmatic access to Exhcange - opinions?
Task.Factory.StartNew thowing exception
What can cause the compiler not to produce a console output
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError ( PermGen space) and java.lang.ClassNotFoundException at the opening the jsp page
How to Pause/Play NSTimer?
Resize jQuery dialog content on dialogresize event
How to make a custom checkbox and radio button in pure css?
ajax call success function never called
c++ networking issue- my OS does not send ack
android custom map marker bounds
how to access jquery internal data?
Clear the content of panel
why do the source code located on app/resources/tmp/cache folder ?
How to programmatically perform fastest 'trans-wrap' of mov to mp4 on iPhone/iPad application?
Graceful restart of Apache on Lion Server
Using SIFT descriptors to compare similarity between two images
User defined validation
PHP Array of items [closed]
How to correctly set / get departmentNumber property in Active Directory using C#?
File truncated, when opened in Perl
jQuery/JavaScript Tabs not working for IE9
Fragments and Orientation change
Error connecting to WCF service with Windows security
Android layout placeholder for dynamically added view
Select xml element value in Oracle
javascript implementation on web browser [closed]
FormsAuthentication.Decrypt method returns null value in Server
ExtJS4: Columns hiding. Too slow
Rewrite login_check functionality in Symfony
jQuery UI Tabs + AJAX content Flash (not FOUC)
How to add your own programming language to IDE?
Java SOAP Client JAX-WS: How to use a certificate
Error: The conversion of a nvarchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value
Can we use same jquery plugin twice in a single page?
How enabling and disabling tableview cell selection on button click [duplicate]
how to refresh data in JTabbedPane?
Android - get content of certain array-field to a String
form fill and submit without waiting for an event?
Accessing variable by string name
Display a specific existing widget in a WordPress theme, bypassing sidebars
PHP, Top search keywords ranking system
I have a set of random variables in matlab, with that how to find the discrete rv Z having pdf P(Z = 1) = p, P(Z = 0) = 1 鈥�p, p = 0.3
Is it possible to use custom JSF converter for UISelectOne, depending on value of Bean property or UIInputText value?
ExtJS cannot decode JSON message
What should be the type of variable?
How do i retrieve a div`s top value in pixels if it is set in percentage in css?
how to change data sent to the when swf is closed
How to execute a javaScript function only when using an IPhone / IPad
How to change 鈥渇ilebrowserBrowseUrl鈥�and 鈥渇ilebrowserImageUploadUrl鈥�in CKFinder using Java
Background img not center in IE8
Why isn't my CollectionChanged event handler getting called?
Oracle JDBC Datasource - ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
Named/user locks on informix
How can I determine the system requirements of my APP?
Set MSDTC properties using COMadmin
While using streams, why is it echoing the previous output?
Event consumption in WPF
What does 鈥渘et鈥�stand for in Verilog?
Creating a log file with the name as 鈥淟ogging_20120402.log鈥�where 20120402 is current date
Import Email from AD Mailbox
TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'vService.CheckService' threw an exception
how to maintain user statistic in PHP?
Join in sqlite Android
Windows Phone XNA MediaPlayer/MediaQueue do not show the correct state for paused local media when a silverlight application is booted
Bundle Id format
How to convert from utf8 to unicode in actionscript?
Wordpress is importing my linked stylesheet in-page
how to configure Content Porter and its usage in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1
Adding space between columns of a TableLayout
Time taken for memcpy decreases after certain point
White flash between pages with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile for mobile app
UsernameToken and BinarySecurityToken in the same services
Loading Page Content Only
Jquery form serialize issue
Can i use Sqlite database in my WP7 applicaton
building MUPDF for Android
javascript + html5 canvas: drawing instead of dragging/scrolling on mobile devices?
EXC_BAD_ACCESS Arises when using Tesseract with OpenCv
ms sql query on count occurence of words in text column
location aware Android, comparing distance in java or database?
Changing the content of a node dynamically in XSL with jQuery or Javascript
Please help me to allow my `JTable` to search the text even the table is in editable mode on key-press
mysqli stored procedure and update statement
How can I display an XML feed without any template code in Joomla?
How to refresh picasa album after deleting a photo from a album
Data structure best practice regarding unique id's
CASE Statement in Where clause? Incorrect syntax near '>'
Push C2DM notification Did not work
Moving form resource files to a resource dll
How do I chase down the cause of this TFS Automated Build Error?
jsf commandlink and commandbutton with rendered attribute does not fire actionlistener
JMeter is not able to record and play 鈥淐heckbox鈥�in webpage properly
Redirect loop when liferay integrated with OpenSSO
Typo3 v. 4.3.3 language files
JQuery UI Datepicker IE position issue
cache.set('my_key', 'hello, world!', 60) is not working in python shell
Ambiguous when two superclasses have amember function with the same name, but different signatures
pass Enumeration to function in c++
Open a file in c# [closed]
What is the proper way to use string::find to look for a word?
ContentScaleFactor on UIKit elements broken?
Error when sending email using Outlook API
Rails get dump of rendered view
Scriptmethod responseformat set to JSON returning XML
Pushing detail view controller from master view controller drill through
Problems accessing and updating data within serialized array
NSTextView and highlighting links
User Interaction Enable in a UIImageView under another UIImage View
changing default source IP for udp server bind with INADDR_ANY
for each loop exception
Phonegap Build (config.xml) and iPad splashscreen
Object attribute name same as function name [closed]
JavaScript to add dynamic rows for submission returns only first row of data
Best scripting language for Windows GUI EXE [closed]
Add to mysql with checkbox and AJAX
db file not found in file explorer(DDMS)
How to move rectangle on canvas
Is it a good idea to filter inside a JSF template?
QSortFilterProxyModel filterAcceptsColumn cant set new index data
CGRectIntegral what is the usage of it?
Groovy: delegate property in enum
How do I put several elements on the second row in a div
query last logged on date for multiple users
How do i pop up a window when a user taps on the particular row in my application?
preg_match_all to get all occurrences of a string
How to load css into html dynamically?
Concatenate two columns in an Access table
New to Rails Caching
Is it possible to reveal the contents of a div from right to left
Python can not get links from web page
Facebook sharer iPhone integration
I want to retrieve the path/filename of the selected java file from the package explorer
Connection string doesnt work for PostgreSQL
I have php 5 configured on apache 2.4, yet simple echo hangs the response
PHP script not getting executed
Maven Transitive Dependency issue
How do I prevent grails' default main.css being linked on a specific page
Need Help for grouping in Report
Very easy htaccess redirect works in the opposite way
Issue in installing ADB drivers for nook 1.4.2 in windows 7
Write a better switch-case function?
Reading Audio and Video from epub book in android
Difference Firefox - Chrome when encoding umlauts
How to implement Autocomplete Textbox using sql server 2008 in MVC3 [closed]
search string in a text file
Connecting to Openfire server using XMPP in iOS
Is it allowed to change the values given to the mongo reduce function?
Django star rating: mark some stars at load
Method for Generalising XPath selectors
How feasible is it to heavily rely on UIWebView in a iPad application?
How to check password in bash
One pixel extra with a width of 100%
Right way to get username and password from connection string? [duplicate]
Writing XML Files in C#?
Android application with some c code and cross-platform issue
How can i pass my tests directly to nunit
Java inheritance and super() isn't working as expected
ListView is not getting populated
No Database Selected Error - Don't know why
Persistent Storage to store class objects
Regular Expression to match file name
User can only login through their own pc in php
Is there a way to check 3G speed connection on Linux?
Access 2007 selected value on combobox not displaying on more than one record
Application Package installer has stopped unexpectedly on installation
WMI with WCF service
Show/hide issue
Winforms licensing specific to machine
When I execute my Android Application, Is there any possible to know How much memory occupy to run programme
Connect to a wifispot using Android
Application Package installer has stopped unexpectedly on installation
WMI with WCF service
Show/hide issue
Winforms licensing specific to machine
When I execute my Android Application, Is there any possible to know How much memory occupy to run programme
Connect to a wifispot using Android
How to print shapes on A4 paper in a certain co-ordinates in c#?
Taking a screenshot C++ cli
activemq message visibility
last_insert_rowid in sqlite - two tables
Stop promotion rules being applied in Magento
Implementing correct inter-module synchronization in Linux kernel
Invalid Cast Exception, json, windows phone
Simplest way to convert all html links in a string using PHP
Xcode UITableView Row not highlighted when selected
Extract all text with string positions from a PDF
Is any way to detect when any activity of my app are displaying and when all activities are closing?
While adding a row to the table, how can I return the auto increment value of the row which is added currently in sql server 2008 c#?
Include text file in Report
Show left to right
drupal 6 radios button group checked attribute
php preg_replace two or more spaces
Are there any possible ways to implement typeahead or name picker capability in an XPages mobile app?
Appending a table inside a div tag
SQL Server with left join/having sum/group by
PyCharm. /usr/bin/python^M: bad interpreter
Reading .Doc File using DocumentFormat.OpenXml dll
invocation of hibernate session.get method
Inheritance in JPA- How to access subclass values?
Android browser cache and javascript
Devise, omniauth, ao-oauth automatic random login when switch to ruby 1.9.3
jquery get api using jquery get
How to send an email with a file attachment in Android
How to remove multiple tabs while reading file (cmd)
How to convert unpacked array to single value using Ruby?
Web chart for 鈥渢ons鈥�of points?
Need audio web player plays all audio formats
Mails not being sent to people in CC
How can a refresh a UITableView to apply new sorting using an NSFetchedResultsController?
Magento - Free shipping over a time period
Placing App::Import on CakePHP2.0
what is the after element used for in JHBuild?
I have a iframe inside a modal dialog box. Can I close the Modal box by clicking on a button inside the filed called in a Iframe..?
iOS : Refresh application from internet
How to edit/read pixel values in OpenCv from Mat variable?
error: 鈥減ointer being freed was not allocated鈥�in c
gsoap undefined reference after successfully generating c++ code
parse C header file to determine all defined macros
Run program at specific intervals
Passing Bundle into an AsyncTask
How to enable and disable cells in uitableviews [duplicate]
Formatting date params before create?
Context.CurrentMiningModel returns null in UDF
how to add listview data
MySQL query builder PHP class
Array fetch or default function
Getting post variables in zend rest controller
Java Queue Timers
View keeps returning null to my controller in mvc 3
what is correct internal structure of JAR file
Animating UITableView resize
How to pass a view model in custom event args
add identifier to each row of dataframe before/after use ldpy to combine list of dataframes into one
Logback SyslogAppender stacktrace logging prefix
C++ Call derived function from base class instance
Techniques for mitigating viewstate control tree changes on when deploying to high traffic site
Variable length arrays depending on length of file C++
Converting a [0-255] integer range to a [0.0-1.0] float range
Extjs jsonstore(with hasMany) Association Chart issue
Perl Expect with FreezeThaw
Access mobile telephone number / Network data via jquery?
jquery and ajax page refreshing issue
Make onclick function to auto rotate
Detecting the appearance of the options menu (onPrepareOptionsMenu not the answer?)
Jquery .parent() to get an ID
pass a function as a parameter and then execute it in a jquery function
Add webparts to sitedefinition
Does python have something like php java bridge?
Css of primefaces tab view
Getting error 鈥淭he owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn't exist 鈥�in DXVA2 but not in DXVAHD while calling ConnectDirect() MSFT API.
ClassFormatError with Jsoup on Google App Engine 1.6.4 only on localhost
Symfony2: custom HTML inside label
How to swap UIImage RGB channels
Overwrite font-weight in @font-face
Xcode 4.1 Add and View TabBarController with existing ViewController
System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)
Read specific column from .mat file in matlab
Java versioning
String that is initialized lazily in Python
What is $this keyword meant for?
Android Button's background as shape with Shadow
Error in setup script during Fortran extension compilation: 鈥淣o such file or directory鈥�
the onclick of a table row is also working on a textfield inside that row?
How to close an android application?
Using easySlider1.7, Hindering another JavaScript Function
Error when re-projecting spatial points using spTransform in rgdal R
separate multiple jpg files from a single file
Using Unicode characters for file names inside a zip archive
delete items at the same position (index) from two synchronized lists?
Java scheduled trigger - able to check eTag response?
Java scheduled trigger - able to check eTag response?
How to find out a contact request is accepted or rejected in XMPP?
send parameter from controller to view zend
Free memory for multiprocessing pickled methods
UIButton and Appearance API - supported or not?
Create new project in visual studio without creating project directory on the disk
Render data into headers with RoR
about updating android sdk [closed]
phonegap sqlite returned: error code = 14, msg = cannot open file at line 27206 of [42537b6056]
images are not showing in jsp
Simple substitution cipher
SOAP HTTP Parameter Cookie Java
Find which range does the value lie in a dictionary
php preg_replace and the character [duplicate]
Jsonresult / request returning json wrapped in XML
Listbox scrollbars not visible in Wp7
Git rebase and moving directory in submodule
How to append the query in sp?
C# DataGridView- How show horizontal scroll
cross-platform money_format (Linux and Windows)
Interface implementation by client
Total all counts foreach count in php array
Write Mail content on an image and send image as a body in EMAIL
Eclipse / Tomcat Java EE Workingdir
Enable a ASP hidden label in Javascript
Checks for update when launch Java web start
PHP, Facebook like button user verification
secure websites running on the same webserver
Keep Alive control don't work first time
Google App Engine os.environ changes require module reload
Slow down android accelerometer updated
Issue in Dynamic loading ActiveX in VB6.0
Check for updates on every startup
create iframe to parse html from another html page using just Javascript? [closed]
adding listbox values dynamically based on other listbox value
NSArray to stay valid always
Compare Excel spreadsheet values with each line of text file & return output based on the result
How to check for authenticated user in Pyramid templates?
How a wrapper with img can take all the screen?
Put iframe in popup window
How to use non standard ASCII charactors
Android WebView text zoom for different screens and os version
Autocomplete in rails format data and display in a beatiful way
What is most common way of shell scripting in Clojure?
Python pipe and command line arguments
How to code a graph drawing utility in linux
its saying 1 record added but data base table empt.any solution for that?
Android add dividers for a multiple line textView
python import error when importing zmq
Why can't I use pushViewController with UIButton?
String replace or replaceAll not working with a XML String
PHP File Upload without refreshing the page
Custom ListView with Switch and TextView in each item
Authorization through Google+ in Android App
how to check whether two pointers point to the same object or not?
I2C_SLAVE ioctl purpose
How to set the UILabel's UIColor from a Plist
Selecting an control using jquery
On click trigger radio button is not responding
Load before DOM is already loaded
Google Chrome/Windows/FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow issue
Java RMI, how should server manage abnormal client shutdown, when it doesn't call any client method?
How to start a new activity class in AlertDialog popup by choosing ok button
Save java Bitset Object in mongoDB
Setting hibernate 'default-cascade' property globally
What should I use to build RTSP server, should it be vlcj or xuggler?
Dependency Injection in PHP using pimple
Transfer Image (*.jpeg, *.png etc) file from client to server
php returning innerHTML
Add a CSS Class alternating every 2 rows
Connecting a module output to a register
Sound still running after releasing UIWebView
Where to put my custom system-specific exceptions in Zend Framework
Magento - add media gallery attribute to product flat table
Cron : Setting alternative seconds
Storing large file of 100 MB in Mongodb
vi replacing with two question mark instead of one question mark
How to get free space on a disk volume without letter assigned?
objective-c loading data from excel
Possible to create a Blackberry portal app to a website?
What ways are available to develop application for Sharepoint?
passing ruby variable in observe_field method
How to get thumbnail from a wordpress database into an external page
How to enable and disable cells in uitableview [closed]
how to make google pie chart api background transperent
how to prevent applications to be installed in Android phone
how to read .doc, .docx, .xls files in android [duplicate]
Running WSGI application with a different version of Django to what's installed in python site-packages?
Resize Image as Nine-Patch
WCF client authentication on server side
Why does delete keep Array elements?
using jQuery Glow in Intervals
Android touch in predefined position
how to use wxStringAfterLast() method for a frontslash (/)
I have a certain script for Feed back.
Find word and return whole line
How to crop image on django admin side?
Installing multiple copies of library on Unix
Open Type/Resource in Eclipse restricted to particular directory
Open Type/Resource in Eclipse restricted to particular directory
Can I skip step in Bonita workflow?
301 Redirect original URL request to routed URL
WP7- Is it possible to add a Shortcut to the Home Page of the Phone?
AMF ActionResult for mvc
jetty, war deploy
Find longest range of free ids in mysql, using a query?
C# Imaginary Math Issue
Is it possible to arrange github download files in folders?
Second Algorithm Solution to Readers-Writer
How to retrieve Celery tasks that have not yet started, using Django?
OpenCV 2.3 SURF keypoint octave is never equal to 0
Same table NHibernate mapping
cocos2d: sprite offset
PHP write to included file
Android layout, how to position two images and an seekbar
How to get the size of browsing window in width and height using ruby code
How to send data to my website using objective C?
Simulate multiple keypresses in javascript
Trasform two ULs in one
Refresh a ListView with a cursor with new data from DB
Arrays in a Backbone.js Model are essentially static?
How to load Html in Browser field for Blackberry Os version i
Accessing authenticated servlet
Is it a one-many relationship in Core data?
Is there a C# API or Web Service to get the quotes from NSE or BSE? [closed]
how to download mails attachment to a specific folder using IMAP and php
Difference between virtual void funcFoo() const = 0 and virtual void funcFoo() = 0;
MySQL : transaction within a stored procedure
append values to data frame using cbind
php - How safe am I using capthas?
partial display of button in AlertDialog
CCRC: Synchronize view with stream from command-line
Graph Post Image Not Being Updated
Is it possible to speed up maven artifacts downloading?
Elegant way of absolutely centering a div?
Telerik Grid MVC Razor : auto select a row and fire select event
Change proxy from android app
validation on a textarea so it doesnt contain a specific special character with Jquery
Error while installing OSDE package in Eclipse helios
Javascript getMonth() and getDate transions issuse
Java Netty 3.3.1.Final,, infinite loop, a bug?
Objective-C NSString malloc error.
24/7 packet capture in Android using tcpdump
Copying timecode into output file ffmpeg or ffmbc
Display 2 different MySQL results in different form fields using javascript
Lifetime of a sugar session
Which language to learn for starting Windows phone 8 development? [closed]
SQL query for search criteria
Which items are sensitive to MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE?
Rewrite URLS using global.asax
how to sent gmail mail with CSV file attachment over google app engine
Interviewstreet- Permutation Game
Logging in an application with different social networks
GDB attaching to a process where executable is deleted
How to know when a command isn't responding in powershell
Access query to excel 2010 to create a graph via vba
Spring: how to do transparent runtime changeable property configuration
android widget text view marquee scroll
How to grant a regular user shell access to a specific folder
OpenCV RGB to gray
How to update settings in web.config File []?
inserting values from textbox created dynamic with javascript
ScriptIgnore atribute do not work in Linq to SQL
Android stream rtmp
broadcast receiver for app uninstall without activity that always run
Unzip a string on Windows Phone
OpenGLES2 iOS: How best to stream vertex animation for dynamic terrain?
Unit Testing a c# project which uses unmanaged C++
Splitting comma separated string (with some of ' { [ chars)
bash scripting. Pattern matching
How to use NSArray of NSArray object in objective c?
SUBINACL getting access denied
Error on menu navigator routing
Using chmod for giving access to users [closed]
find out friendly page URL
groupBy in data.table: Use first value
wp_remote_post does not give the expected behavior when posting data
Android LinkedIn Integration issue
Data Annotation Validators with the Entity Framework MVC4
Is there a new version of RDL Schema for SQL Server 2012 (denali)?
SQL server select query with NOLOCK not working
Magento prevent PayPal Exporess altering my customers' shipping address
How to show eclipse menu
linux cat command executed via phpseclib exec function returns empty result
Paypal: email a payment link & callback
Change Datafield of Telerik RadGrid GridBoundColumn using C#
Office 64 Bit & IE 32 Bit & VBScript
Android media player unable to play RTSP stream throwing error (100, 0)
Hide keyboard in Webview QML
Using class template and overloading / operators
Joomla 1.7: wysiwyg editor doesn't work
serializing a tree map after every one minute using threads
How to have many markers in a fusion tables layer?
How to vertically align div containers with CSS?
Unit testing whether an exception has been caught
WebClient - sync response with large data
adaptative threshold opencv
Serializing Object With Invalid Enum Value
Rotating the iphone obscures ad
Access and manage native Eth0 without socket
Can't detect UIAlertView closing
setting focus on input element created programmatically
WCF server/client count of clients
How to get Chinese year from date time in Windows Phone 7?
How can I determine the Java EE 6 application server type?
SAS Macro Variable and file extensions
How do i compare if my variable holds a newline character in shell Script
Does my app have some sort of wall I can post to?
Moq multi interfaces
Restricting shown products to those not deleted in Spree
Mysql varchar comparing
Android Testing - create shortcut on home screen
Unexplained CSS property on sub menu in Wordpress
A way to get all the actions made in your app, by all users
How to run xdebug on win xp
In Lisp, how many inputs can the + function actually have?
How to 鈥渁dd鈥�concurrency for existing JavaScript programming game
how to change array format
Max post array size in MVC?
eclipse crash on startup
SAX parsing with Nokogiri element error?
add item to my stringarray
Rails 3 standard notifications list
drag target in as3
bundleAtPath gives me the wrong path
c# interact html maybe php and javascript with wpf applications
Transfering Data b/w 3 Tables
Combining UILabel declarations on one line
CodeIgnitor validation of variables / input not coming from form?
UIBezierPath to UIImage
java regex for a string
How do I control the lifecycle of a Fragment and a FragmentPagerAdapter
hash string size
Want to Transmit a live feed from Cellphone to Custom Application over bluetooth
Loading audio files and playing them at specific positions in java
How to add component presentations to a page during creation using Core Service in Tridion 2011 SP1
iPhone OpenCV face detection
PHP preg_match bible scripture format
Google maps get array of polylines
Changing root variables from withing a function in AS 3
Detect swing movement like dumbell bicep curl with android accelerometer
Deleting characters written by Console.Write method
Multiple forms in MVC3
How to stop node form validation after AHAH
WebSphere 8, web.xml version=鈥�.0鈥� default servlet-mapping?
Dynamically read record of XML file in PHP
WordPress - Adding widgets programmatically
Chrome Prerender feature gets canceled every time
Python cmd dynamic docstrings for do_help() function
Some OpenSSL source that mysteriously doesn't work
channel api GAE channel closed immediately after open
GetAllNetworkInterfaces() throws exception
Pointer to CCLayer from UIView
ASP.Net MVC 3 Retrieve Checkbox List Values
How to detect when user is navigating away to another ajax partial page
Length of App ID, Registration ID, Device ID of C2DM
TLS Handshake process by InitializeSecurityContext (Schannel)
Executing an asynchronous code when 鈥渆xit鈥�event is emitted
Ruby version >= 1.9.2 error but using ruby 1.9.3
Formatting the phone number
How to hide an application and make it invisible in the task switcher?
Named anchor navigation
Struts 2 url building urls with beans
Reuse results from SQL Server common table expression
send data to server using https using CURL
How to add a horizontal line in a WordPress heading
How to save to 2 tables of a database at the same time using Entity Framework
Cross-platform C++: Use the native string encoding or standardise across platforms?
Filter words belonging to a broad category
An application consuming almost 100% CPU on A SYSTEM
Want to prompt browser to save csv
Transaction being promoted to distributed in Entity Framework
list header not showing
Android: use animation outside the view area
HTML website - browser compatibility
potential leak of an object allocated on line 82 and stored in data
Jqgrid Change values on inline edit
Netbeans: possibility to change the behaviour of getter/setter generation in php module
Cakephp multiple applications in root folder
Python doctest for shell scripts that test argument parsing without polluting docstring with os.popen()
Create another mouse cursor
How can I edit entitlements for xcp-services in X-Code 4 for App-Sandboxing
Why Push notifications sample_push.php file is not running in Ubuntu?
Validate an XML against a specific XSD schema
Why some git commands are not allowed in the .git directory?
blue and white AlertDialog in honeycomb
How should I code this function to rotate?
How to save RichText to Word with Aspose.Words for .NET?
Request.Url when in an iFrame?
Use cases for ithreads (interpreter threads) in Perl and rationale for using or not using them?
default parameters in c++
how to save page source in a php variable?
C# Directory of windows
how to make this algorithm parallel with OpenMP?
Forcing local extension into Chromium
Access shared resources on a remote machine on LAN
can it possible calling inner repeater in nested-repeter, if possible then how?
for each loop in Objective-C for NSMutableArray
How to detect a string's hash algorithm?
How to detect a string's hash algorithm?
css jquery + lightbox work only one of them
Writing Hex data to a file
Populating ScrollView with TextViews, Android Eclipse
fd_domain, equation doesn't work
Why is jQuery unload not working in chrome and safari?
Python to show special characters
Error while using opencv_train cascade
Cocoa NSView: overlapping view's doesn't block controls underneath
How can I use Flexslider with Wordpress using Ajax?
Why is the base class of `plugin` between Play 1 and Play 2 so different?
Tomcat - Access properties from JSP
How can i change color of Saturdays and Sundays in Calender dates?
htaccess rule rewrite .htacces
Accordion menu with parent link also referring to some content
ASP.NET MVC Update View data according to current model values
Handle the number of threads in an api
Custom Android TextView with a border, and create multiple using for-loop?
Use Javascript string as selector in jQuery?
Word-wrap is not working
Progress bar only work on loading page?
struts 2 assigning value of property tag to hidden field
Android TextView format multiple words
Use projection to fill not mapped types in EF
WebImage returning as PNG when source file is JPG
How to get the crash info from ApplicationErrorReport class?
displaying data related to a contact
Simple chat application signal r
Hibernate criteria for get records which have year 2012
UITableViewCell with Lazy XML Parsing
System.File.Info and string[]
How to do CVS coparision across two systems
PHP do-while loop not working
Java: Inserting into LinkedList efficiently
Print Header and Footer with XPage or HTML
GridView Custom Paging - First, Last, Next, Previous,Numeric
`dynamic_cast` from Base to Derived
How to cumulate time durations
How to undo changes to a model?
ext js 4 column chart bug? series remain visible when I hide them
Oracle: Select from table (1;2)
How to enable keep alive in ios CFSocket? [closed]
Paging works Sorting fails ASP.NET Gridview control bould to IList
default language metro style bug
How to distinguish multiple view/view model pairs using unity container
JQuery - How to use the return value of an ajax call outside that ajax call [duplicate]
CheckStyle, FindBugs, and PMD configurations without overlap
jQuery Combobox unsafe HTML insertion
Team Foundation Server - TF Get with changeset number
c# 2 event handlers control the same radio button
How to write a Column of a Datatable to XML with few tweaks?
Trying to implement a div with scrollbar
spring sample webapp connecting with twitter
How do you open a remote sqlite database over http?
Error with Curl_Setopt()
My Oracle query alters between very short and very long execution times. What can cause this?
How to avoid a pmd CloseResource error
how to merge a query result by datetime in same table mysql?
Get operation name in Message Inspector?
Updating relational database in PHP/MySQL
Flex SOAP Collection decoding
Symfony2: setting 鈥渟et鈥�value for expanded multiple choice field (checkbox)
Maven deploy error
Multilevel Users in the Database table
Using the animation package
Is Gridview Control a complete solution for Web based SQL Server Database Table Editor?
Can a TCP client that send / receives byte[] be created using WCF?
How can I pass in multiple data sources into an XSLT mediator in WSO2 ESB
select by nearest date
Eclipse + Maven + JavaServer Faces -> ClassNotFoundException: StartupServletContextListener
ArrayList as key in Hashmap
Can someone spot the error with this array?
File downloader for update system is crashing
Increasing or Clearing memory after memory exhaustion error in PHP
When an intent is fired to start a new activity, does the previous activity still use the heap memory on the Dalvik VM?
django-admin makemessages => translate all django package with mine
Issue with binding itemsource using MVVM in WP7
Error occurred while buffering incoming SOAP message using Metro client
How to insert the SQL Error message into table
I got the error C2440:
Can one easily stub methods on all instances of a specific Activerecord?
DropDown menu with ClickEvent
Run a jar file as a linux service
select status of user within a month and within 24hrs MySQL
Android 9-patch images don't stretch correctly
setting max_input_vars PHP.ini directive using ini_set
replace a character in a string in c# based on position with a string
How to get a relational entity-object by Linq-to-Entity?
Generate test code from cucumber feature file
load Prism modules from dll files (at startup)
Access the event object in a mxml property bound onEvent code
How to make latitude and longitude global variables?
How to call function within a view
What project type and approach is recommended for reusable windows?
Detecting Browser/OS Info using a Browscap File
Jquery UI Autocomplete, select next input after get respone
Add lines to visual selection via Ex-Mode
JavaCompiler from inside a jar
getting youtube video id the PHP
Fade Div out and fade next div and animate child element within
android: adb pull file path limitation for windows?
Fragments are not running perfectly in real device
Python random.sample not working properly?
Why do I lose type information when using boost::copy_exception?
Thick slow recorded sound using android recorder
How to access properties of a Tridion component like schema name based on which it is created in aspx page?
How do I use the version information from manifest
Jquery UI Accordion issue - automatically expanding next list item if one has been deleted
MVC Grid Custom Binding(Ajax) GroupBy Issue
iPhone: get UILabel width in cellForRowAtIndexPath
get browser requests in clientside
Unwanted (meta?) data in Ruby/Rails
Getting output from remote hudson builds
Temp table doesn't exist error using nested aggregation
Design pattern for entity synchronization
GLSL mixing base texture with decal texture at needed place
Does a Javascript function have to be defined before calling it?
how to assign a value to text box when we are select a value from the dropdown
Android List does not refresh after save button clicked
SSRS-2008 Editing Tablix Control
Sending email with Swift Mailer, GMail and PHP, Permission Denied Error
Adding file extension via htaccess
correlation between vectors of different lengths
how to find slashes in a XML file with regex?
jquery click event calls 2 times
Different behaviour in Eclipse than in NetBeans
Signal Processing: Windowing signal improves stopband rejection, why?
Issue with a jQuery email obfuscation script i'm using
generics or object-based?
Subtract two MKCircle or how can I draw a ring on my map in MapKit?
Showing the progress dialog during searching google map with AsyncTask
jquery .load() avoid cross domain issue without YQL
How to make the keyboard disappear after clicking return button [duplicate] serialized enum does not deserialize to enum in python client
cost of Async.Start
Android Scrollview and RelativeLayout Buttons with onTouch
How can I convert a datetime into number of months in t-sql?
Shading an area between geom_line and the x-axis
why not play youtube video in android 3.0 vresion and above?
how to set default location to open dialog path in html?
creating a log file using windows api C++ [closed]
Failed to passing InputStream object to Java Sound API
ExtJS 4: Deactivate all tabs in tab panel
Aptana Studio 3 - Eclipse plugin installation error
How to create table with Unique Identifier field in MYSQL
Set DisplayMemberPath of a TabControl in C#
SQL Server : how to join this?
pass values from one component to another - flex
serializing custom objects
How to enable keyboard keys for 鈥減lease select row message鈥�alert box in jqgrid
Overriding XML deserialization to use base deserialization and adding functionality
Using Jquery Highlight
How to disable IDEA auto-closing curvy braces?
Weird result after assigning 2^31 to a signed and unsigned 32-bit integer variable
WSServletContextLi stener contextDestroyed while deploying war using cobertura
iPhone : how to push a new version not compatible with previously supported OSv3.2
Calling an application from a web server asynchronously
share picture via Intent (Facebook and co)
accepting only character input in text box
Using specific class type reference in Delphi attribute-constructor
Fetch from CoreData and Group By categories is extremely slow
Javascript compare 3 values
ASP.NET Composite control with Image control
Google App Engine Conversion
Disabled (always-checked) checkbox values not being passed to next page
How can detect number of joystick connected with my mac using c++?
System.nullreferenceexception: object reference not set to an instance of an object in vb
Custom routing for forms action
Wrap all non-child HTML into a DOM-element
Difficulty While setting Secondary Progress in Customized SeekBar
Scrape hyperlinks from an html page
How to secure a link to be downloaded only by specific users?
currency number format using spreadsheet gem
Hide Address bar in android webview for phonegap
How can I run my code after Activity is made visible?
Silent Facebook app request to specific facebook user
Flex RSL Vs Modules
Migrating my HTML Google MAP API version 2 to version 3
regex replace: how to indent a variable number of lines in the middle of the rest of the match
How to disable the DataGridViewComboBox in DataGridview?
how to set multiple pattern for one method in spring mvc controller
Cannot get base controllers to work for Codeigniter on remote server
Send HTTP Post Request
Order when floating elements seems to be reversed
shell scripting, run in parallel processes
FLASH AS3 - Dynamicly Loaded Slideshow From Txt File
Customize CSH prompt for Git repo
Throwing a Javascript error on button click event
What is the correct way to clear sensitive data from memory in iOS?
What is the correct way to import & save Photos from iPhone Album?
How to dispatch container type (sequence or associative) from iterator? [closed]
how to make css curve box with gradient & shadow
Calling methods which might throw inside catch
How can I create multistyled cell with EPPlus library for Excel
Convert MySQL database from MyISAM to InnoDB
What is your Health Check Settings for Elastic Load Balancer
When i call ajax function its working first time only in first ajax call i reload the same div from which i m calling ajax request
How to resolve Microsoft SQL geography type dependency on AppHarbor
how to filter by author in tortoisehg
VS c++ Additional Include directories
Couldn't generate mvn site with profile
Copying an existing table data from read only database into read-write database MySQL
鈥淚nvalid use of Null鈥�error on DoEvents statement in MsAccess
How make sql query 鈥渘ot in鈥�more simply use only 鈥渏oin鈥�
my font size is 0 byte after launching the app
Can anyone provide me any resource to learn OpenGL for android? [closed]
getting inherited object from EF4 class
KeyAdapter listener works in Windows, not on Mac
How to develop NavigationController in Xcode 4.2 without using storyboard and and tableView?
Strange Error with Devel::DProf
FlowDocument - Prevent breaks between paragraphs
Playback buffer of audio values - iOS
Getting my own data from facebook using C# WITHOUT an application
Building a Eclipse project using ANT build scripts
Web Application design - Dealing with complex data
Android sharedpref ringtone giving address instead of name
FOSUserBundle : get repository from inside FormHandler
Memory Leak Detection in DLLs
Dual audio output from browser?
MySQL Left join WHERE table2.field = 鈥淴鈥�
fast scroll list - problems with the alphabetic list in the right
Size of bitmaps in android
solutions to overcome 鈥渟ite goes offline due to mysql 'max_user_connections' error.鈥�
Does git smartly handle a zip archive in which only one of the files changes regularly?
Hacked htaccess file in WordPress
jquery text animate position issue
Uploading file to sharepoint server
Disabling all execution for a period of time
*** Assertion failure in -[AppDelegate createDatabaseExecutableFile]
how to get Binary data to string in mysql data base using Preparestatement or any
Assertion Error In iPhone for Universal Game(Cocos2d + Objective-C), ONLY For iPad Simulator
I can't access a css style with my javascript code. what is wrong with my code?
File Access in Windows Service
Getting Titanium Mobile label properties inside a function
Java JMS Persist message properties over transactions
Bizarre FolderBrowserDialog behaviour
How do I display the contents of a Linked List in Java?
Using foreach over an object implementing ArrayAccess and Iterator
trying to send e-mail addreses to two recipient
ImageIO.write slow?
If my textarea is empty do this with jquery
Best Practices : JSON for data exchange for RESTful web services using apache CXF
How Can I draw Google Chart using jQuery ajax()?
Get html content between two elements
cURL: How to display progress information while uploading?
css not working, one class not loading
How do I call this javascript function?
Convert text to image file on Android
Function to split data while retrieving from database to Order By for VAR CHAR column
Function to split data while retrieving from database to Order By for VAR CHAR column
Using the jsfiddle echo api with jquery
Struts Jquery plugin dialog will only open once (Solved)
can you do an ALTER VIEW and an ALTER WHERE
difference in query result while using Model.find_by_query in Rails
Send file without MultipartPostHandler (Python)
iphone : message sent to deallocated instance
How do I connect to a SQL Server database in CodeIgniter?
Checking for types of controls in a list
How to show html page with 鈥渆mbedded鈥�images on Android?
Simpler way to transform a DOMSource into a StreamSource
C# ASP.NET EF Database first : The type was not mapped
Run some javascript on page load
Coffee Script ,backbone - - escape '@' character , instead of reading it as 'this' [closed]
Search and paging, but when searching it still dysplay the wrong total of pages
SMS Sending Using Java Without GSM Modem
How to set max date for jquery ui datepicker
XPath - Compare values from different documents
Drag and drop Android 2.2
using proxy instead of redirection with htaccess rewriteRule
how to generate Cron expression for special day?
No previous prototype for function BOOL areIntsDifferent (int thing1, int thing2 ) and NSString * boolString (BOOL yesNo)
C++ function does not accept concrete implementation
How to update CSS to values that were chosen in a form? (jQuery)
Reusing same JPanel in Java swing
Rspec stubbing method for only specific arguments
Datagrid that is bound to DataTable does not display any rows that are added dynamically to DataTable
jquery bind event depends on situation
How to store connection string in WinForms application?
Rows as dictionaries - pymssql
Absolute positioned elements inside a float
Integrating LogiXML reports in own Java EE web application
About autorelease/release and [pool release]
500 error post from another web site
Is it possible to use 鈥渁dd service reference鈥�option to add a self-hosted service in WCF?
SQL return default value for join where attributes not exist
scroll gradient
How to retrieve google search results legitimately, can you do this with custom search engine?
what's the difference between jquery lazyload and JAIL?
How to perform Java or Qt Like MultiThread Programming in C#
Jquery child element links
Why zooming in/out doesn't affect the font size (some sites only)
To CouchDB or not to?
Fusion Charts show no flash player warning message
ASP.NET internationalization falls back to English instead of default language file
Reading Tiled Images with PyLibtiff
How to remove ANSI-Code (鈥�amp;#13;鈥� from string in PHP
JSF 2.0; escape=鈥渇alse鈥�alternative to prevent XSS?
dxt4 texture compression
how to find tangent at time t in natural cubic spline
which template to use in image slider application in xcode 4.2
Invoke java program at specific intervals
Powershell ISE utf8 input different than Ruby's
Java datastructures/ C++ STL equivalents?
May I use Strawberry Perl and ActiveState Perl simultaneously in one computer?
Screen.AllScreens does not change when connecting by RDP
Excel percentage of NaN values in a column
Is there an easy way in java to find out the autor who and/or the computer that produced a certain file ( e.g. image)?
I get errors from code copied from internet
MaxLength attribute is not working in Firefox
2 different mx namespaces?
How to find the log of a number?
Different Font-Color in GWT-Label
How can i read only third line from a file into a variable in shell script
How can I allocate different ID or class to my list item?
Can I change the color of the Index in the right of a TableView?
h2 Padding and Div Positioning
python - unescape in django template
PHP MSSQL using Apache on Windows and Linux
HTTP GET on Android
How to simulate touch events in Windows 7?
What happens to the JFilechooser object when open/cancel is pressed
Get the real-size images from multiple CALayers
Raphael.js Chrome throws a wobbly trying to draw paths using gps coords
jQuery.closest() gives 鈥渘ull鈥�value
Activity Indicator in J2ME
Android - How to display a spinner with value but display a different one
Start Broadcast Receiver from an activity in android
export data to excel file in an application
setContentView not executed after onRestoreInstanceState
SQL - UPPER function in DB2 not working
Good books about Java-Rest-Webservices? [closed]
Implementing RAII in C#
how to mark an interface as DataContract in WCF
How merge the data of 2 table order by Date in Sqlite Database?
Openfire database settings issue in mac
Logic to display the correct selected thumbnails?
custom login with form authentication
Sort on the basis of new added data in solr?
$m->comp is returning infinite recursive call error
Rotate multi-dimension pointer
How delete collection?
Java Crossplatform vlcj/libvlc Mac/Windows
why my data is not shown?
Creating a FORTRAN interface to a C function that returns a char*
Browser Mode in Internet Explorer
Replace carousel with static image
SQL if statement to fix issue
If SOAP is HTTP independant and REST is HTTP Based then Why?
Remove incomming links from duplicate website
Routing from controller to Custome route
How to create JPEG image on iOS from scratch
somewhat complex mysqli query that suppose to allow db efficiency
Custom gauge in J2ME
Find direction of the shadow given latitude / longitude, date and time
Webapp on iPad 3 retina display slow screen painting
Can not insert into a table using JDBC
divide the image into 3*3 blocks
Covert Time Returned by Facebook Graph API to readable Time Format
How to detect position of last pressed key in a string in C#?
Good books for porting android/java to ios/objective c
extjs validator scope
windows8 - _dup,_dup2
Resizing layouts with fragments
File cannot be deleted .file is open in java tm SE library
Unsure as to how certain sections of this function work
Retrieve XML file name using XSLT
jQuery animation - making an image visible from left to right
ggplot2 stacked bar chart - object y not found
flush tables - access denied
Multi hierarchical Level XML to Flat XML using XSLT
Need to keep some columns editable and non-editable and allow cell editing on only double click on the cell
I want to get the row value from the gridview into another gridview and use it for calculation
Multiple index with multiple value in single index
MediaElement.js flash player and setCurrentTime()
Check all Checkboxes checked in jQuery
A simple WPF explorer tree
Changing colour of a particular index in a table
how to find command-mode equivalent of normal-mode command?
not able to install mysql on ubuntu 11
mongo slow query, cursor.refresh?
How to set td height to 0px in a table?
Using AJAX with the warp HTTP server
Is it possible to gain performance in vm-based languages by hand-writing code in their assembly?
How to prevent the class to compile?
Retrieving data from file using AJAX
Which version of Interbase or Firebird was a database created under?
My visual c# 2010 express without start external program
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/faces/FacesWrapper error though the required classes been added to the project classpath in RichFaces
Does Dojo supports Ajax Pull mechanism?
Allowed types using the contacts api in android
where to put to have a method for relationship for has_many?
Session variables disappear for some users (drupal)
Manipulating DateTime and TimeDelta objects in python
C# - comparing values in 2 arrays
MySQL : SELECT results from four different tables in one query
Restore DB from MDF file, lost LDF and DB was not cleanly shutdown
Threads and file writing
Do I have to commit a merge to make git-rerere record my conflict resolution?
Do I have to commit a merge to make git-rerere record my conflict resolution?
Overriding the distance metric in Clustering Algorithms
How to retrieve 20 or more twitter status with PHP?
Copypaste not working in Visual Studio Solution Explorer
How to add title to ActionBarSherlock
how to unwrap a std::reference_wrapper like boost::unwrap_reference
UITableView with matrix view
Emacs buffer groups / tabs
Logarithm Chart Is WPF ToolKit Graph
Dired - open files in the other buffer
how does designated initializers work
Initializing a class using a static constructor?
wchar_t and POSIX library
Reference highlighting in Visual Studio 2008
Java data access for programming interviews
ravendb long-running sessions
Haskell Snap: Application deployment and run-time dependencies
dojo: How to create two or more than two radio buttons in contentpane?
Multiple controls with the same ID were found
BO Reports: have a formula produce a null