Points that do not fall into Polygons
cocos2d tab view for multi player
Conditionally precompiling assets on Rails
Illegal method called
Pointer to object and its destructor
incrementing notification.number in android
Facebook iOS api sets permissions to optional?
mini-tweeter project using xml and php
how to fetch url domain from HtmlDocument?
Delegate of tableView is null [closed]
Data persistance with Entity Framework
Get method calls of IMethod through eclipse CallHierarchy
Why is JBuilder not returning a response body in JSON when testing RSPEC
ga() extremely slow when called from within a function(?)
How do Executables work on the bit/byte level?
Where/how to implement SQLiteDatabase and AsyncTask in TabActivity
Scala/Lift error on jetty:run - maven - eclipse
jQuery menu using <a> tags
Preventing Page Review after Logout
Facebook FQL: Difference between status table and stream table?
How to limit HttpClient response length
Disable direct access to php page but allow the access if reached from specific page
can't select the YES option
Is that possible to get view from absolute x and y coordinated in android?
Saving multiple element properties into array with jQuery
How do I shut down wsgiserver with flask ontop
iCloud data sharing to all app users
iCloud data sharing to all app users
erlang dialyzer and extended modules
html export different branch
Take all input in Python (like UAC)
Google maps with android? [closed]
Java file.createNewFile file not created and no exceptions thrown
Facebook SDK : Sending Request from Page Tab App
contact exists in contacts
Extract inner JSON object for separate parsing
UITableView cell sometimes fails to update image, but displays fine after scroll
Under which circumstances can GCD have a negative performance impact on old devices?
ASP.NET C# Webcam Integration
Combining Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption
Echoing out an array and insert blank strings if the key doesn't exist in another array
Ruby CSV.parse very picky when encountering quotes
Linq Select with inner method error - LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method
Does a stack state in the visitor break the visitor pattern?
Git: how can git/linux maintainers maintain so many branches
Wordpress post querying returns links
Map PostgreSql money data type to ORMLite
Passing command to erl?
Python String Literal Inside Popen command
List view item layout in Android
Rails Heroku Paperclip Files disapperad
Custom model not working in rails 3.2.2
Getting 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�in classic ASP using CopyFile
How to deeply understand the signal-flow diagram described in SICP?
cross domain ajax post request
Validating a password in Symfony2
bind a radiobuttonlist with dropdownlist postback
datalist items need to float
No picture uploaded in codeigniter
How to List MasterPage Under Look and Feel MasterPage section in Sharepoint
How to obtain list of thread handles from a win32 process?
My code doesn't properly change the TextView
In Python, is there a way to validate a user input in a certain format?
Using second menu?
encoding U00d8 U00aa NSString
How do I send GWT JavaScriptObjects through RPC?
hadoop mongodb connector - output data not as mongodb but hdfs
Mysql help needed to optimize group by sub query
how to improve this trim-half-string algorithm
Java Mail API, any way to get sure if mail is delivered or not? [closed]
how do I generate list items whose (text) content correspond to another list's list item ID attribute?
Nonblocking Winsockets c++ strange delays
Same JSF + CSS leads to different results
how do I efficiently send multiple values to c# for further insertion to mysql?
How can I instruct buildr to download all javadocs?
Is is possible to sniff POLL / NULL packets for bluetooth protocol with tcpdump?
I received memory warning and my app crashed. Does it kill autorelease objects?
Is there anyway of reliably inferring facebook 鈥渓ike button鈥�property og:description within the body?
maximum flow algorithm in less than O(n^3)
Java Keyword Average Position [duplicate]
Efficient way of counting repetitions on a PHP int array [duplicate]
Java get Border color and size
Validate radio button on server side using servlets
-[Countries retain]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x6829280
CFSchedule Does Not Work Twice, Looking for ColdFusion Downtime Checking Script
Is it possible to have shared python library in GAE?
debian rules file make a symlink
How to provide a Data.Vector.Unbox instance for StablePtr's in Haskell?
For backbone models with one-to-many relationships, does it make a performance-difference to store the 鈥渕any鈥�models in array rather than Collection?
Shuffle the content in a NSMutableArray [duplicate]
How to change text and background color?
Why won't this server accept HEAD requests? [closed]
How to handle authentication/authorization with users in a database?
phpmailer dont send Multiple Attachments
Liferay how to call a new view
How can I call a function defined in a form from another form?
How to distinguish between move and click in onTouchEvent()?
How do I make a sprite 鈥渏ump鈥� in a simple Mario-like game?
MEF - Composition Error in Release mode but not in Debug mode
OpenFeint Achievement and Leaderboards buttons not displayed (always)
What is the best way to implement authorization/access control in a Spring 3 MVC web application?
I specified my database name in database.php of my cakephp. However, I still cant seem to insert data in any table of my database
High Charts: Change each individual plot size, is it possible?
Replace a string and keep the replaces string with coffeeScript
Register ASP.NET
How to get the parent directory of a searched folder in Obj-c?
Is this possible using a rewrite rule, and if it is how?
Resolve Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMHTMLUnknownElement.appendChild]
Facebook Graph C# SDK Ver 6.0: Unable to create event on App's Page
Why do I get the error while doing GridView? Eclipse fails to recognize the resource images
Stack overflow with Fortran
Updating a ListView with SimpeExpandableListAdapter
How to change two variables value in PHP from a JavaScript onChange event
PHP & MySQL secure web application - Whole web site as single index.php file yes or no?
NIB Name Unchanged Using xcode refactor
Scheme List Structure
Position element in ordered list in logarithmic time Python
Expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '*' token in function definition
Changing float to double
SQLite3 statement SELECT, WHERE and ORDER BY on Obj-C
How can I find which activities or services I can use from another program
Using PHP SDK, how do you get the time that a facebook access token expires?
GWT StackLayoutPanel with dynamically sized children
Reuse the same DataSet without memory issues
Metro JS API - Get current media player track?
Update CCTextureCache texture data
Storing result of recursive T/SQL query back in table
Storing result of recursive T/SQL query back in table
Is there any good way of SELF-updating running web application?
Combine bar chart and line chart in excel using C#
Clojure : 'lein repl' history grepping?
Equalize height of Div-Colums in YAML
Mathjax display issue
What is the lifetime of an AppDomain in WCF?
How to rebuild all projects in solution? [closed]
Grails 2.0.1 Hibernate exception in foreign worker thread
R: copy/move one environment to another
Difference between jsRender and jsViews
IE7 CSS issue with a ul in a container
How to iterate through a large SQL result set with multiple related tables
Overwriting Update to either Update or Archive in rails
When I open this activity in the emulator, I get a NumberFormatException and a NullPointerException. Why?
Very bad performance when navigating back to page that has databound listbox
how to use date() in hibernate criteria
C++, very unexpected -1#INF
noexec gem, where to add the 鈥淩UBYOPT=鈥�r`noexec`鈥溾� line
How to create a reuseable template with header/footer/navigation?
Can someone shed some light on this ANR log?
MYSQL Color Coded HTML Table
Mongoose / MongoDB User notifications scheme suggestions
BroadcastReceiver works properly(Android)
how to choose an input variable while it is wrapped in a div
Optimize Linq Contains method
Measuring page load time in the footer
How can I pass back extra parameters in my events call when using jquery fullcalendar and asp.net-mvc?
Password policy for free online services [closed]
Change value of hidden_field_tag with JS (prototype & Rails 3)
WHERE clause causes error 鈥�s: invalid identifier鈥�
MySql pattern matching
What does double square brackets [[]] mean in a regex?
updating a record throws 'Multiplicity constraint violated.' in asp.net mvc
How come I don't have to increment an array pointer whilst allocating values to it
Using Perl to iterate through a string 3 positions at a time
phpExcel column size issues
How can I calculate NSString max length which UILabel can contain without truncate the text?
Extracting the first formatted line from some RTF/HTML text
Paypal IPN needed?
AOSP ICS build error
overide GetHashCode when input is two Int16
In what scenarios should I expect to explicitly need to implement a move constructor and move assignment operator?
Actionscript 3: User input events not firing from children blit sprite objects
301 redirect from htaccess
Difference between service and using alarm manager in android
adding values into an array using a while loop
Visual Studio - Changing DEBUG port on Solution not WebSite
How can I open google maps in a popover in my ipad app?
How to search in a plist to retrieve a value for a specific key
fsock: Unable to find the socket transport 鈥渉ttp鈥�
Is it possible to read MongoDB data, process it with Hadoop, and output it into a RDBS(MySQL)?
Using Moustache as a templating languange in Symfony 2
MySQL Result Check Is Off鈥�What Is Best Method?
program that checks if any even number greater than 4 is a sum of two prime numbers
Move Panel around Panel with Background Image
Are ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta editor templates safe against CSRF?
How to drag and drop views in Android tablet app?
How do you send free SMS & mail by passing query parameter in URL [closed]
Get RestEasy / Jackson to return longs wrapped in quotation marks
Cruisecontrol not seeing a failed batch job
how to take variable name with mathematical sign as input in python?
LINQ to SQL works only in debug mode?
Enabling viewport pinch-zoom in Phonegap Android application has no effect
Magento 1.5 How to programmaticaly change custom order status after creating an invoice
Point slope form in C#
How to call .NET code in HTML5?
Android - Hyper link display
How to ensure that file paths in database share the same file separator?
Parse iTunes RSS Atom feed with PHP?
scrape data from 鈥渢d鈥漜lass within another 鈥渢d鈥�class
scope of the mouse adapter
android vibrator turn on and turn off
Async execution of shell command not working properly
Converting from Expression<Func<TypeIn, TypeOut1>> to Expression<Func<TypeIn, TypeOut2>>
Sony TV web application development (Google TV or Yahoo Connected TV widgets?)
hi.using super in extending
android check row visibility in scrolled tablelayout
PHP - Get list of databases names [closed]
Facebook flash hiding not working on IE
How to protect against CSRF by default in ASP.NET MVC 4?
Collecting disjoint like terms in polynomial expressions
FragmentManager.popBackStack() does not simply loads the previous Fragment
jquery hover firing mouseout when moving to subnav
How to show information of specific beer inside a beercase
View that hides/shows controls
menu in android but without menu button
Why do Recursive CTEs run analytic functions (ROW_NUMBER) procedurally?
Swapping two elements x and y positions
call change() event handler if I select radio button programatically
Want to make db layer generic and not tied to spring's JdbcDaoSupport
OpenGL 2D polygonal shape drawing and manipulation?
Groovy: XmlSlurper, Failed to replace the node first and try to append the same node again. any one faced this issue
Can the constructor abort instantiation?
Understanding Transactions in databases
How to get info from table in a gov website (tax fees) and put it into a label? IOS Xcode
Placement issues in adding input rows dynamically using jQuery
verifying login with norwegian letters
SQL Server CE timestamp handing
How to dismiss ProgressDialog after finish all threads?
How to use an On Click Listener to go to a different xml layout?
C# - RichTextBox change color of certain words [duplicate]
Stop storyboard at exact keyFrame
second y-axis on pcolor plot
KnockoutJS best practice to populate multiple view models using Ajax
A collection of custom structures (a wrapper) with a single member (also a custom structure), to a collection of the single members
Css errors in div [closed]
Combining Lucene Results with Entity Framework Results?
cocoa - why the application support directory changes?
Inconsistent ParseExeption with Data Format in Java
Prepared Statement Error
Why does my program give an error when reading from file?
httprequest call Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
algorithm - How to sort a 0/1 array with 2n/3 comparisons?
jquery: select all siblings with css left:position greater than left:position of an element
Disable QDialogs default close button (upper left 鈥渃ross button鈥�?
on button click reload adapter
Find out the system frequency in wince 7
how to generate TFS 2010 detailed build steps report
GAE Development - Development Environment Setup (HotSwap)
Google-app-engine NDB iter keys_only
MySQL Performance - Number of Tables Vs. Number of Rows
Is there a formalism for this data structure?
Rails Tutorial 3.2 Ch11 SQL syntax
Beaker as session middleware
scatter plot for sorted data in R
CoCreateInstance C++/CLI class from Native C++
How to define g++ or clang++ in xcode 4?
underline part of innerHTML
nginx + uwsgi custom 502 will not work
How to check if the Dalvik Cache was modified
how to block access to include(x_file) from a file in a certain folder?
How to optimize Dojo loading time?
OPA: command line parameters documentation
BinaryTree in the standard API
JTabbed pane repaint on hover
Reference is not a valid visual DependencyObject
Is it possible to write a self-destructive program in C?
PHP Access same class from a file included inside the class
Leaving a function empty on purpose?
NSString seems to kill unicode characters
ListView become black in color whenuser scrolls [duplicate]
Responding to server response
finding longest similar subsequence in a string
sql server change notification and SqlDependency
Text Based Graphs in R
SQL how do do this without LIMIT in subquery
Results of jQuery .serialize on textarea include odd characters
how to open multiple files at once with an executable
Reverse engineering tool for Java (Android) Class Diagrams
Results of jQuery .serialize on textarea include odd characters
how to open multiple files at once with an executable
Reverse engineering tool for Java (Android) Class Diagrams
How to get data from LINQ to SQL - first steps
How to realize the 30-day trial? [closed]
How to rewrite the index.php of Codeigniter on Windows Azure
CSS static width side columns, min-max width center content column
My height attribute is showing different results in firefox than all the other browsers (safari,chrome act). Why?
Check if a specific function is inlined - Intel compiler
iOS NSInvocation setArgument: atIndex: does not work with struct on ARM builds
Returning an lvalue from a function in python
Python: call methods on default object
Xml from sql table
rspec shared_context and include_context for all specs
Should i develop for ios 4 or ios 5? [closed]
what is the correct way to define a string in C?
Implemeting a File Character Analysis
MySQL is not allowed to connect remotely [duplicate]
Added class using javascript not working
Rails options_for_select data from model plus additional array
Will the alert show this message in flex or flash builder?
How should I validate different sections of MVC3 page
Attach SQLlite database to IPA file
Minimal netty jar for applet client
Why is this Dojo code not communicating with its' PHP file?
Image upload to filesystem in Grails
Android + Jsoup - Having problems parsing HTML [closed]
how to set up windows phone develop environment and using F# to develop application?
Custom BroadcastReceiver won't receive the broadcast
Read a char and add to a buffer string java
Measuring body temperature through touchscreen [closed]
Building a tree in a web app using Python
How to access sqlite database from a service in an android application
jplayer+Ajax inserted content
Why include prevents a php page to load?
Passing text box values in an event handler
Common patterns in a database
How to use SyncTeX with Org-mode?
read XML nodes in java
onkeyup event for checkbox
Database click issue
word automation table of content
C# .net i need to record the output of the file.?
NSScrollView within NSTableView encapsulated by another NSScrollView
Driver's uninstall button is disabled
I want to know theoretical thing about programming
How to modify the priority of a custom GCD queue?
Passing string value to site to be authenticated iOS
Set an object property to the negative value of a property in the same object (Javascript/jQuery)
Adding dependency from local repository - m2e
try catch in finally section
JUnit - some of my class methods don't appear Eclipse JUnit wizard?
Resist User to go back after Login
Java how do you detect tab key press within a non-GUI application?
Centered div with images left and right which should go beyond browser window
How to echo a hyperlink in php
How do I get the pivot of a RotateDrawable programmatically?
YII framework form ajax validation only part of input
Hibernate count, sum etc
C++:storing constant multi dimensional arrays in a pointer
Java - User input threadin with timer
Reading from file (by bit) and then writing again to file
activating a different <div> with a partial view in my Layout.html by getting the name of controller action or view
Riddle cannot detect Sphinx on your machine, and so can't determine whichversion of Sphinx you are planning on using
How to check a thread's state programmatically in Java 1.4
extending in Generics
Using model constants in config file (CodeIgniter)
What image generation libraries for PHP should I use?
Get specific text selection with position in the dom
Why i need to use the const function in the Less Traits
Java Class to Database Table Structure
How to hot deploy maven project to glassfish?
C++: std::map sorting
Dynamically change property getters and setters in iOS
How to add a row to an ODS sheet by PHP?
Wordcounts line breaks in python
How to loop a video on flash for air ? [duplicate]
Design with multiple Expanders
PDFlib is broken on Mac OS X if Perl > 5.10
Why are OS threads considered expensive?
Configure Redis slave to stop saving data to file
Entity Framework Code Generation
Javascript malfunction
How to read UTF8 encoded file using RandomAccessFile?
How to get the stdout from Ghostscript and use it with PHP to present a PDF from a HTML page?
Legend hides chart created using JFreeChart
Complex searching for tags
sorting integers fast in haskell
Histogram using Chart2D
hadoop mongodb connector read data but outputting as mysql data
mysql stored procedure (with 2 insert) error
Eclipse, Maven and Spring
After 'git clone <some_repo>' inside <my_repo>, I want to make <some_repo> part of <my_repo>
C++ system() not working when there are spaces in two different parameters
Require model field in admin site only if another model field is true
MPMoviePlayerController 鈥淟oading Movie from server
Change image and background colour when hover on either element
Backtracing when uncaught exception on Mac OSX
Looking for more than the regular visual studio 鈥渃all stack鈥�
jQuery - Changing value of input
How to check if a file is empty in bash shell?
creating dynamic input fields using jquery in not working for select type inputs
How to save data entry to MySQL database
wicket : how to know the current value of checkbox before submission
Query regarding Switch Content Script
How does a debugger like gdb work to set a breakpoint through JTAG?
NumPy vs. multiprocessing and mmap
How to test Zentasks sample app from Play 2.0
Is it possible to pass a javascript function in the scope parameter of the Collection.map_reduce in pymongo?
Load data from Database using Javascript
Downloading a file via ftp using php
iOS Sdk: UIImage Hue Cycle
Dynamically change text on Twitter Bootstrap button whilst preserving icon?
Xdebug stopped working, where do I look for errors?
std::call_once and memory reordering
Good distributed general purpose filesystem in my case?
SoundCloud HTML5 player converted by JQuery: player instantly ready in Chrome?
Using CMake's include_directories command with white spaces
Sending Email using MVC 3
Prevent SASS parsing block of code but still output it to final css file
Google Data Api returning an invalid access token
Get previous year from the current one in a JSP page
Is it possible to turn off Hot Deployment in TomCat?
Array sort in PHP
How to update the label of p:selectCheckboxMenu without the component being closed after ajax call in primefaces?
Handling multiple user in android application?
weird calculation result
Get all the file names from supporting folder
JNI code works fine in windows xp but crashes in windows 7
PHP: Obtaining Image Size
Android: how to filter logcat trace files?
Create a plist file per item
Firefox claims that the add-on isn't compatible
Grizzly / Glassfish - Cant establish websockets handshake
mysql_query returns nothing when called with special characters (The danish characters: 忙酶氓)
How to use ProgressMonitorInputStream while copying a file?
Scale a svg text to fit an exact width or the parent container width [duplicate]
ifstream in C++ not accepting a variable
move the text after the cursor to a new line
Play 2.0 framework - persistent threads for the main app cycle?
Listbox text not updating
Build is producing a .momd in the bundle that is missing the .mom file
Rewrite rule in htaccess is not working properly
Codeigniter preg_replace
Scheme if structure
Javascript Confirm method Kills my session data on Safari 5.0.2
Why the syntax for open() and .read() is different?
Build string as in printf function
Rails heroku app help crashing to many redirects
Group results by headings from other table
Why the syntax for open() and .read() is different?
Build string as in printf function
Rails heroku app help crashing to many redirects
Group results by headings from other table
How to make a child element of a Viewbox not scalable
How do I properly capture an onchange or onkeyup event for a dynamically inserted 'input' text element?
.splice() method not working in Javascript?
JavaFX 2.0 - create action handler for custom component in FXML
Rails 3 + Devise - How to get nested resources / routes to work?
jquery hover not working as expected
How do I solve Twitter oAuth followersIds error
php how to test if file has been uploaded completely
Undefined symbols for architecture i386 arises when building Xcode4.3.2 project
select/unselect all elements in one go in primefaces <p:selectCheckboxMenu>?
System.Threading.ThreadAbortException caused by Response.Redirect
Flash Air video help needed [closed]
Creating portable Matlab
how to process large file without stack overflow error in haskell?
In FireFox webm don't support but in Chrome the same webm support
Get name of file from filechooser
jquery can't call javascript object function at the end of animate
How to fetch attribute values of android widget in java?
How to replace text inside span inside anchor inside div in jquery
Online Exam Web Application in PHP-MySql [closed]
ANDROID -insert data into database, report Unable to start activity ComponentInfo: java.lang.NullPointerException
MPMusicPlayerController kills RemoteIO on iPhone Speaker route
The import com.liferay.util.bridges cannot be resolved
JavaFX: setWrapText(true) (WordWrap) doesn't work in ListView
Objective C - Two synthesized properties using the same Instance Variable?
MySQL Date Query Optimization
CFFILEUPLOAD not shows up when called with AJAX (CF9)
iOS5.1: synchronising tasks (wait for a completion)
How to move Joomla accounts to my Rails app?
Boost.Bind non-static member
ServerCertificateValidationCallback - multiple callbacks
Given a CloudTableQuery / DataServiceQuery, return associated TableServiceContext
specifying optional library for gcc linker
Execute script only for newly added HTML
Conflict between -webkit transform and jQuery .animate()
How can I update the value of a Label control periodically?
SQL command not properly ended oracle 10g function
put the logical decision in the controller or in the view
Why is the responseText variable returning undefined, and not accessing the PHP as it should?
Remove visual studio 2010 totally
JMS producer in Session bean on JBoss AS 6 throws exception
Load ad after page loaded
Error message when I try adblocker build
Getting the text and sender of an sms using smslib
How do you set traceflags in dbexpress SQL Monitor
Navigation in mvvm
Xcode failed to install
Error C3861 in Visual with std::transform
Static (and nested!) class
Images Not Displaying in GridView from LocalHost on Machine
SQL: Dynamic renaming of columns based on row values
The row to add a new one appears populated after filtering the grid
The use of a modular folder structure?
Can I write a bullet point list in a gemspec's description and have it formatted on rubygems.org?
Can i create MOTION_EVENT programaticaly?
Summation over one dimension of a three dimensional array using shared memory
What does 鈥淥bject.call鈥�mean?
var_dump, print_r produces 'Content Encoding Error'
How to 鈥渋nstall鈥�Directx (or other graphic SDK) in C#?
Alpha-beta move ordering
Delphi select object by unknown class type
Html.Dropdownlistfor does not set values
How to display login screen only one time?
Cocoa - changing the provisioning will change the appid?
The correct usage of c# forms?
jQuery load doesn't work as I expected [closed]
Draw/create vector images from app
Flot tooltip hovering
How to view the file difference?
Create Space Between Capital Letters and Skip Space Between Consecutive
ReportViewer WPF - Set Images Dynamically
Django comments framework issues
conditional Mysql event with two tables
jQuery - Increase/Decrease value of span
Which is better: an additional mobile site or a fluid website optimized for both desktop and mobile?
SignalR returns 'HubName' is undefined
How to display all records from the table ASP.NET MVC 3
android BroadCastReceiver for location
Updating 2D string array in VB.NET
Dynamic StringFormat in WPF
Android layout mis-stretched on a small device
Qt - proper design of application code
uilocalnotification without didReceiveLocalNotification, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions
persist dropdownlist selection located in a control located in a masterpage
strict aliasing and alignment
Safe application in Haskell
Get System.Web.HttpResponse from a class which does not extend System.Web.UI.Page
Using Jquery to get JSON data to build a table showing undefined
Create database file (.sdf) if doesn't exists?
C# Error In Console
Stuck on a Spring performance issue
Best way to re-build index using Lucene.NET in ASP.NET?
Understanding MySQL password
customizing infobox with getInnerHtml
Python - check if a system is 32 or 64 bit to determine whether to run the function or not? [duplicate]
count no of rows in cake php base on email id
Confusion Encountered When Self-learning AJAX
Rails flash message not showing in redirect_to
Android: TileMode transparent instead of CLAMP or REPEAT
Ideas with processing OSM data graph for output simple city/village nodes with edges between them
Unable to migrate stored procedure from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Azure
How to detect first time app launch on an iPhone
Display GL.POINTS and GL.LINES using SAME Vertex array-Android OpenGL ES1.0
mysql full-text search not working for 3 characters
Performance of algorithm suddenly increases by a factor of ~10
is it possible to get the public facebook wall feeds when not logged in?
Google Spreadsheet ImportXML to RSS all in one field
Rails AB testing with 鈥渟plit鈥�gem: Negative numbers on non-finished鈥�
How to stop running services?
Unable to put href links to expand results in xml using xslt file
Identifying web workers environment?
Why is this code not correct for PySchools Topic 2 Q uestion 7?
Creating Timestamp KML from php
How to extract Numerical gradient matrix from the image matrix in Opencv
Hibernate generates multiple SQL queries even when I use Left join fetch
Random sequence of colors
Using the Proguard tool with imported jars
Should two-way relations be avoided?
What is the best way to run UPDATE with INNER JOIN on large tables in mysql?
Define a module inside a module
Integrating extjs 3.4 and google chart api
Store hexdecimal value as byte results in missing
PHP create jpg image of part of page
Clarification regarding Strings in PHP
Interface change between versions - how to manage?
When constructor is called and when operator function
Android layout and bring to top
Rails 3.1 + Heroku = Workers crashing
how to set Assembly version to the web application?
Finding shortest combinations in array/sequence that equals sum
change base function behaveiour
GTKmm - unable to set fixed size to Gtk::Scale widget
fontforge python bindings with macports
Hows does one prevent passwords and other sensitive information from appearing in an ASP.NET dump?
How to enable DDL generation in Playframework 2.0
WWW::Mechanize::Firefox runs well: some attempts to make the script a bit more robust
can css animation get a shorthand of -moz-animation?
How to handle a multi panel layout
Extremely simple test library
Delete core data object instance - must relations really be set to nil?
NSPredicate using any search algorithm internally?
algorithm - Sort an array with LogLogN distinct elements
Need 6 tabs in tab bar
Twitter PHP post friendship create 鈥�stumped
TIB access in Win32
dhtml calendar not triggering in asp.net
Downloading Embedded Videos
Extending the ServerPartT Monad with a Reader
Dynamically Created Div is getting invisible
Is there a libnfc android loadable kernel module?
How to monitor root directory with glib/gio?
Should I make interfaces for my entities?
texture transparency
Check if a script has any ajax call?
how to get x-gm-labels for email
HTML/Javascript system for many different popups and widgets in the same page
Passing parameters to stored procedure and then using it as data source in SSRS report
How to get rid of this message form the alert?
convert to string in Maple 15
filter detection
Retrieving user's tweet and inserting into db
Alphabetically ordered string arrays [closed]
p:fileUpload prime faces
any way to combine background-size classes?
How to write a mysql query to meet below requirements?
Popen does not give output immediately when available
Goback-button hidden on first page in UIWebViews
Adding a QSizeGrip to the corner of a QLabel
RabbitMQ with EventMachine and Rails
I need Help To Delete a Directory using DeleteDirectory and DeleteFile API function
How to delete/erase a specific polygon in openGL?
AOP Vs Meta-Programming
When I using copyPixelsFromBuffer and copyPixelsToBuffer, the bitmap did not display as the same one
JPA bidirectional relations
populating List<> using Array get wrong numbers
SSIS breaks Oracle Privileges
Visual Studio: some projects in solution don't generate .exe files
Same domain Policy exceptions?
Reading a text file line by line, using char* and not string c++
rake db:migrate failed
Google-app-engine NDB
Go, init custom type
How to put java application in Systemtray when user clicks on close windows
Accessing user via C#
Copy nodes in DOM using Javascript
context.drawImage(bufferContext,0,0) returning Type error?
how to read a int[] chunk by chunk
config.fog_host does not works fine for me with cdn's in rails 3.1
Haskell custom isordered function to check a list of integers
Android - GridView's onResume
Poperty fb:app_id could not be parsed
NSPredicate with keypath on the right side
Android Edit text and Button widget appears blurry in tablet
facebook like-button for blog's header & facebook share-buttons for each post
Parse Indian currency from string in ruby
Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed
How to find currently active downloads in javascript?
Bash: How can I move all the content in the folder up to one level?
Sencha Touch 2 - setActiveItem animation doesnt work
How to load classes from jar file in-memory stream
How to access map in velocity template file
Android MyView (FingerPaint Demo) Reset Canvas
connecting check box to query as a filter criteria for values
How to copy column from one table to another using JOIN
Scala Implicit Conversion Gotchas
How can I handle a Knockout.js mapper bastard-child?
Opencart basics - Is it possible to write a custom controller to use in a view or do I have to use modules?
Replace duplicate elements from vector with 0 (Matlab/Octave)
Android TableLayout Format
ROW_NUMBER() doesn't return good number of items first time
How set Flex server location for BlazeDS maven build
鈥淭he supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller鈥�error
Country Specific Shopping Cart
The SoundCloud SC.Connect mobile friendly pop-up - iOS bug
Java template-engine code snippet. Is it some genius thing or simple just bad code?
Previewing users text with jquery
Missing error requests in the tomcat's localhost_access log, while IOException during the Jackson invocation appears in the application log
Image quality loss while resizing image in C# for asp.net webform
Eclipse - Obfuscate .java files and export them as .jar file automatically
Using GET Request submit form to the Page Itself
Taking a snapshot, scaling it and repeating
GridView_RowDataBound (If e.Row.RowType = DataControlRowType.DataRow)鈥nclude 2 IF's?
Is there a drag and drop compnent in android UI [closed]
What are Arrays in PHP
highcharts - remove 鈥渕argin鈥�and change the gitter
Java - Eclipse packages
ZXing on WP7 with preview - mark QR on screen?
Super Linear Speedup - Python - Cluster - Multiple Processes
overload the $() function
How to get this jsfiddle example to work?
How can I leave a link in history by assigning window.location?
ASP.NET MVC Using view models in different views
Android: Dialog themed activity not visible
Are returned locals automatically xvalues
鈥淒atabase access鈥�when not connected to the database
Is Eclipse SSH Remote System Explorer broken on Windows?
Segmentation fault, shared library
Wait to finish before doing the next task
Add progressbar to BZip2CompressorInputStream
How much memory I would need for something like this? [closed]
C# mysql one return last_insert_id
Open external links from flash player hosted on QWebKit
C++ MySQL error in libmysql.dll
Accessing arbitrary 16-bit elements packed in a 128-bit register
configure memchaced in codeigniter 2.1.0
An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager. The ObjectStateManager cannot track multiple objects with the same key
C++ MySQL error in libmysql.dll
Accessing arbitrary 16-bit elements packed in a 128-bit register
configure memchaced in codeigniter 2.1.0
An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager. The ObjectStateManager cannot track multiple objects with the same key
How to implement leadbolt App Icon, Notification or unlocker with phonegap
C# WinForms populating TreeView from List<myObj>
How many Ip addresses does a router need in the following scenario
Relative Time with GetText
Solely COUNT(*) from Zend_DB Select Statement (Subquery)
Fetching and Storing third-party site via PHP and curl on server-side
How to submit the n-th form in iMacros for Firefox
Apache POI rows number
Reading key pressing from a keyboard in Ruby
Customizing the colors of individual series in HighCharts
trying to build secure login with php
Creating FullText Index on Docx files in a FileTable
How to find following who is also following me with Gremlin
Visual Studio: Include .h or .cpp in two-project solution
SystemState in WP7.1 C#
How to configure .sln Visual Studio Project file to be stored in the project folder?
Invalid JSON primitive: error when get the post values in asp.net from jquery ajax method
JAVA UML Interface multi inheritance bug or mistake?
spring .net nhibernate session management for console application
NSData returning 0 bytes
How to make join select of two tables according to table1.id=table2.uid and at the same time table2.active='1'' in PHP/MySQL? [closed]
How to specify a specific day and time when adding calendar event programmatically
VB.NET How to add a child node to a specific node in treeview
Compare excel sheets in C#
how to make the files in multiple server synchronous when updae my application
Running inkscape without X server
How to make sure a system is connected through LAN?
How to make list items wrap content?
Polling dir for new file in linux with C - Once it appears, do i need to wait until it is ready to be used?
Beautifier for sql strings in php code
Fixedwidthflextable header resizing
gnuplot data interpolation method for smoothing of data
How to call the resque-cleaner methods automatically whenever a job fails?
Find the most Overlapped days?
Inseting asynchronous messages into JSF2 facelet
Z-index, blocks superimposed on each other, the references in those blocks above all
Get Facebook access token for my own public photo album
Using Machine.Fakes and WithSubject<TSubject> how do you tell the framework to use a specific constructor argument value when creating the subject
Android, native app can't start when I use std::vector::push_back()
what is the the difference between #{path} and 鈥�{RAILS_ROOT}鈥�
Solving nonalgebraic equations
fancybox input inside of <a>
buildnumber-maven-plugin got svn: Authentication required for 'Subversion Repository' error
value changed eventhandler
Pygame using TKinter to make a popup menu?
Android OpenGL - glTranslatef is retained after glPopMatrix
RSpec 2 doesn't seem to load any fixtures?
ExtJS4 MVC. What to put into Viewport: controllers, views or both?
Ajax/jQuery - Load webpage content into a div on page load?
Passing std::vector to constructor and move semantics
DatePicker plugin is not working in PhoneGap 1.5
Reusing elements and DataContext
Standard dialog does not popup
Facebook graph api request
android: the display is abnormal when adding a listview as the head view of another listview
CMake coloring errors and warnings
how random is Math.random() in java across different jvms or different machines
Testing Ember.js and the runloop
Make radio label active on touch mobile devices
How to enumerate the sorted records in XSL 1.0?
Full text index and set a column as an attribute in sphinx?
Hover issue for Menu Item with padding
Alphabetically Order chars in LINQ?
Getting force close error in android in json parsing of google detect translate api
Image resize - maintain aspect ratio
Show an advert within loop CakePHP
client ends connection or server?
Fix CSS and other issues in IE
Check for key in array php
Read data in a specific position in a std::vector<unsigned char>
How to use Guice bindings in Gin module for PlayN?
setting initial value in combobox in vb
how to determine space in a post method while form processing?
Div horizontal scroll issues when the width of the div is increased
route issue menu.29 instead of menu/29
Having trouble getting callbacks to work with module mixins
Array address subtraction in C [duplicate]
adding multiple bitmap values for one key in dictionary with C#
path resolution in jinja2 templates
hex string to signed int conversion in Ruby
Rails rewrite how to rewrite this code to ruby code?
Mongo/Mongoid erratic behavior
android asynctask sending callbacks to ui
UITableView crash during animation, fixing solution found but doesn't locate root cause, wonder why?
I need Help To print an Attribute belong to a WIN32_FIND_DATA struct
Zend: ViewScript Decorator Does not Render Form Elements
Why is it mandatory to have private Constructor inside a Singleton class
User interface for messaging app for WP7
How to model multiple sections per page
Inheriting XML files and modifying values
How to use Lucene library to extract n-grams?
Center marker in Google Maps
Want to use * condition in Xquery
How to terminate a regex match in Java?
How to read data out of a SQLite database, into a dictionary before encoding it in JSON?
Colorbox doesn't work after injection of ajax page using scrolling down method
Colorbox doesn't work after injection of ajax page using scrolling down method
type error for rule in yacc
CakePHP 2.0 magic find functions with unconventional table column names
Getting undefined reference to `floor' on running make in PintOS
Invalid datatype when adding constraint in Oracle
.htaccess Remove URL Extension, Add Trailing Slash
why facebook api post to users and not on the page itself?
Form Field Data to span/div
Python - SSL - wrong version number
PayPal Error - Please make sure all fields have been entered
Function for conditional for loop
C# nurar library (extracting password protected rar files without password)
Where do I find the property names I can use in JPA?
All these text editors and other tools [closed]
Html-helper postLink in CakePHP
MONGODB [DEBUG] cursor.refresh() for cursor 7078636577051629992
Accessing to a ListView at runtime to update an item
Can I add an atomic operation to MemoryCache?
having trouble returning a best possible interface from a set of routing entries
Android SharedPreference in custom listview
App Crashes at startup on Device but is fine on Simulator
How to add favicon.ico in ASP.NET site
Are there any wp plugins to join css files into one file?
start doesn't invoke run
CEP: source for real-time events or data feeds?
OK or ACCEPTED symbol in HTML?
Where/how should the database code go in a class/application?
Pushing a UIViewController from a UIView
Track IP of ssh login attempts with twisted.conch
How do I turn off Direct3D output filtering
clarification about use of response.seeother in jersey
PHP scraping dynamically loaded content
Check denominator
Is this LINQ statement correct in use?
Error trying to query SQLite3 database in C#
Best method using regex for this script?
Best way to get resultset and calculation from activerecord grouped by total, page or date?
PHP/MYSQL datetime ranges overlapping for users
Replicating Blender bezier curves in a C++ program
UIScrollView - recognize bounce, expand contentSize instead
Crystal Report: Merge multiples rows in 1
API for accessing MSDN social data like points, badges, questions
Connecting Multiple Android VMs via Bluetooth
Parsing user input with reads in Haskell
making a combox uneditable in vb [duplicate]
Giving an object multiple parents with Ancestry gem
manage excel with c# [closed]
App crashes when using __bridge for CoreGraphics gradient on ARC
dynamic listview columns with checkboxes
Pagination. Select from x number of tables
RegExp: how to exclude matched groups from $N?
What is a subtraction function that is similar to sum() for subtracting items in list?
Editing a datagridview on a windows forms from behind a WCF layer using Entity Framework 4.0
Android CirclePageIndicator not working
Accessing JSP session from servlet
Simulate file form submission with XMLHttpRequest Level 2
Corona SDK - change a variable for the duration of a drag event
Filter ListView throught Adapter
Primefaces: Select same row in p:dataTable multiple times
Is there a way to have one Rails 3.x app use two different cache stores?
storing shell output into GDB variable in gdbinit?
Composite Binding to property and inner viewmodel property not firing
Setting Div Content to property of JSON Object results in html tags showing on screen
How to set owner for directory in the %files?
Passing parameter to explicit ruby block
Android custom TabWidget
How do you use [RequireHttps] in a Rackspace Cloud Site
Google Map Version
ListView black onScroll [duplicate]
NullPointerException deserializing with gson
java JScrollPane issue
C++ pointer to vector
rails state_machine with after_create callback and validation on_update
Make a <pre> tag look correctly indented with jQuery/JavaScript
Custom route with parameters
rails passing object to partials, then to another partial
Corona SDK - Call an instance method or class method from an eventListener
Decrease month by one in strtotime?
How do I parse this PHP stdClass Object?
Sort categories by name with array in PHP
DataGridView is blank after Changing DataSource at Runtime
istream and ostream with shared streambuf mutually thread-safe for duplex I/O?
How to use GetForeGroundWindow() to get newly launched application window handle in C#?
Finding iPad generation in Monotouch
How to access SharePoint site through Java
Why are standard iterator ranges [begin, end) instead of [begin, end]?
How do i use an asp.net variable value in javascript
Data Structures similar to Bundle in Android?
How do use paramiko.RSAKey.from_private_key()?
How to increase row size in SQL Server CE
Adding dynamic content to list breaks JQuery Mobile styles
serialize / unserialize php object
Android activity lifecycle: state order when new activity starts
SQL insert into table not working
Message: Undefined index: signed_request facebook registration plugin
Convert SQL query to LINQ to Entities
JavaScript behavior explanation regarding a var declaration
read .properties file in static code of a JSF web application
Good examples of implementing forms with client/server side validation in Django
SQL syntax error while using MySQL and PHP
SQL syntax error while using MySQL and PHP
Redirect to after successful ajax form
Data won't add into SQL Database
Refactor Objective C property access from . syntax to [ ] syntax
How do I use the data from the Twitter API in jQuery?
simple jquery animate not working in firefox
Doctrine2 repository, Many-to-Many associations and Twig templates: best practices
Google Chrome Extension - Help needed
java resizing methods
How to know how many threads have been created and running?
PHP if date equals then
UI Thread both running message pump AND executing code?
shortening type names in java
Javascript on tick or on untick events for a checkbox?
Android how to set captured video to .mp4 instead of .3gp
Call Asp.Net MVC action to load store in sencha touch
Handling Interrupt in my Android application
Rails 3 Authentication solution update?
Turn event into a async call
maximum number of threads running in a pc [closed]
Separate strings into different cells in excel using VBA
why my django flatpages cannot show in heroku
Python code not writing to file unless run in interpreter
Why UIWebView's loading can not work correctly?
Canvas - DrawImage Method
restrict access to image files for logged in users only in php
error in mysql statement
Setting JSON object name in WCF REST
Combine two line charts into one. (access 2010)
How to detect access control machine in or out?
Webservice+consumer c# error Server was unable to process request. ---> The connection is already open
Upload image with soundcloud track API
HttpRequestHandler in LWUIT
Fibonacci function with floats in x86 assembler
Can't make og:determiner work on Open graph object
Open Graph for iframe app (game)
C++ File input/output strange behavior of the variable
Adding A Custom Search Engine To Firefox
JSF: why is empty test in rendered invoked during apply request values phase during form submission under request scoped POST REDIRECT GET
CSS Transitions code organisation
Getting Statistics::R to work with PerlApp (or PAR)
Javascript sleep 鈥etTimeout from within setInterval javascript
Sound not playing with AVAudioPlayer
Give the new status of a file transfert and add it to a jtable
Declare a variable inside onclick?
Is there a good html editor for forums [closed]
How to fmap the first element of a tuple in haskell
Floating div on scroll WITH START&END POINT (!)
In Django filter statement what's the difference between __exact and equal sign (=)?
Android HorizontalScrolling laggy
Android HorizontalScrolling laggy
JMeter Console : Summary of the Test Plan
Can we develop Apple Application using C/C++? [closed]
Justify single word in html/css
Rails exception handling using Aspect Oriented Programming
Strrep not working in Matlab to make String into function
jTextfield and progressbar not working
Threading in Eclipse
pdf-reader gem on Mongoid
replace linebreaks to get them working with jquery
Adding a button or link breaks form
Developing a heuristic to test simple anonymous Python functions for equivalency
Get the number of weeks between two Dates.
Passing variable through link_to
Facebook Android SSO weird Error
How to implement such UI with TableView
Checking for new lines in a string
Precision of floats with printf
Right justify FB like button in wordpress header
is ft_min_word_len outdated now?
Error when making UITextField subView a first responder in UITableView
How to enable webbrowser context menu over combobox
How to change direction of div like table in html
Django tabular inline display
Factory Pattern vs FactoryMethod Pattern
How to create a code block on website
use AJAX in ASP.NET Web Forms, but leave the URLs
Is an array argument passed to a function not a constant pointer?
Parse JSON object in C#
Management of Unix Shared Memory
iphone dev How to find nspathstore2 memory leak from crash report?
Adobe Cirrus in Flash app without Flex
understanding fputc
Vimeo vid in fancybox - playing only the first time
Sending a file using TCPClient and NetworkStream in C#
Standard way of joining two Data.Texts without `mappend`
Zend Framework Controller set by default according to application directory while ignoring code
How does SoundCloud make the favicon dynamically change when the play button is pressed?
on click show Iframe
Simplifying use of lambda expressions and memoizing a Map in the State Monad
Allocating an array of an unkown size
Remove time from <pubDate> PHP RSS feed
base64 encode image blob not showing in IE
Create a standalone jar with JRuby
Multiple, combined OR conditions in ORMLite
Why doesn't fill_parent apply to Dialogs?
What does the SQL standard say about 鈥渄ependent鈥�conditionals in UPDATE?
in iOS 5, How to use AudioSession to make sure audio is played through speaker although earphone is plugged in?
Jquery Quoting String
Taking address of temporary - workaround needed
OnCompletion listener with MediaPlayer
What is a monospace font in iOS?
php: setting cookies and retrieving them?
Android emulator error
Delete last line in a RichTextBox in VB .NET
Objective C, rounded corner custom window?
Javascript, Jquery, Cross browser issues, Frustration
Use asgXmpp to connect to my openfire server failure
SQL - Select invalid column
How to UPDATE a column using an array
How is authentication done in Rest?
map point filtering by distance
yahoo pipes truncating results鈥ny alternative aggregators? [closed]
Android Application in Gujarati font
which dll's are used by an episerver project?
Get the id of an element by position using javascript?
Copy Row with Formula to Main Sheet
鈥渞ead鈥�action is pending for more than a month
Multiple Jquery ui autocomplete on one page
JQGrid: Sort subgrid values based on some key
Rails active record query, serialized array
jQuery animate on image
CriticalFinalizerObject usages misunderstanding?